Werewolves of the Third Reich (2017) Movie Script

What the fuck
are you guys doing?
What's it look like?
You don't have permission
to leave the base, Mad Dog.
Don't call me Mad Dog.
I'd sit your ass down.
I'm under orders to find you
and bring you back to base.
What the fuck were
you thinking Mad Dog?
That's fucking twice you
called me Mad Dog, boy.
There won't be a third
time you understand?
This is so fucked up.
Do you realize
what could happen
if your cover is blown?
Aye, relax.
Do you see any Nazis in here?
Thank you.
Do you speak English, boy?
Because if I'm going
down for the dirt nap,
I'd rather not be speaking
in Nazi tongue now.
Looks like we got
ourselves a situation here.
but as you will see,
I'm the one
holding the pistol.
So it's clear who has
the upper hand here.
What's so funny?
What he means is,
I've had a knife
pointed at your ass
since you sat down.
That is funny.
It's funny that you brought
a knife to a gunfight.
You can squeeze off a round,
but you could still end up
with two assholes.
And you will end up dead,
at this range I can't miss.
It looks like our choices
are pretty limited
now doesn't it?
The choice is simple,
either you concede to arrest,
or you die.
So it doesn't bother
you that my friend here
is gonna carve you up like
a Thanksgiving turkey?
I consider it a small price
to pay for serving my country.
That's where you and I differ.
you came here
to fight for your country,
but I don't give
a fuck about mine.
I fly the American flag,
I wear the American uniform,
but the real reason I came
here is for one reason
and one reason only.
To kill Nazis.
I'm going to count to three.
When I get to three,
your friend here will put away
the knife and you will
all surrender to me.
Otherwise I will put a bullet
right between your eyes.
Yo, what do you think, Murph?
We gotta go get him.
No one's asking you, dipshit.
But he's out of bullets.
Oh, yeah?
How do you figure?
He fired seven times,
chamber on a pistol like that
only takes seven bullets.
Well if you're so sure,
why don't you go and get him?
This is more your field,
you go get him Mad Dog.
Hey barkeep,
you speak English?
I'll take that as a no.
Suck my dick.
You wanna say that as we
haul your ass off to prison,
you'll be real popular.
Fuck you.
You know, you really
do speak good English.
But let me tell you...
let me tell you
and make this
in good ol' fashioned American,
I don't care one tiny bit
what happens to you.
Now you can live,
or you can die.
Now I came here to kill Nazis,
not German civilians.
So you just go ahead now
and hand me over that weapon.
Otherwise I'm just gonna
blow you so full of holes,
your body is gonna be whistling
as they wheel you through
to the morgue.
Come on now.
That's right.
Fuck's sake.
See, I told you
he was out of bullets,
I was right.
This gun
carries seven rounds,
you were right about that,
but you forgot about
the extra bullet in the chamber.
considering that bullet's
deep inside your leg, boy,
I bet you won't
forget that again.
Why the fuck
did you shoot me?
Because I told you.
Don't call me Mad Dog.
You are here for the advancement
of modern medicine.
Over the next week you will be
subject to a number of tests,
conducted by the esteemed
Dr. Josef Mengele.
My name...
is Ilsa Koch.
Prior to your arrival
at Camp 7,
were any of you aware
of my existence?
Come now.
I'm sure at least some of you
are aware of the nickname,
your kind has bestowed on me.
Repeating it would not
lead to punishment.
Well don't be shy.
Speak up!
"Bitch von Buchenwald."
Many would consider such
a nickname to be insulting,
I on the other hand,
consider it an honorable title.
You see, one must
earn a reputation.
And I certainly earned mine.
This is why I advise
you to cooperate fully.
Failure to do so will be
dealt with very severely.
Those who do not comply,
need only look over there,
to see the result
of non-compliance.
In other camps,
you'd be subject
to strict work schedules
and cramped living conditions
with hundreds of others.
Here we hold
only a select few.
Considered to be
the finest physical specimens.
There will be no work schedule
and you will be provided
with adequate rest,
but you will be required
to submit
to all forms
of medical testing.
And cooperate fully with
our doctor's experiments.
We are all here
to serve the Third Reich.
Now report to Senior SS
Officer Hess in building two.
Come here.
- I like this tattoo.
You know the eagle, it's...
it's quite beautiful.
Don't go over to building two.
I want you to head
to building three.
Yes, madam.
Come in.
Ah, Mengele.
Mein fuhrer.
Sit down.
So Mengele...
I am told
you have a breakthrough
in your research at Camp 7?
Yes, a most exciting
We have been able
to create a chimera,
an organism which contains
cells for two different species.
But how did you
accomplish such a thing?
Ah, let us get
straight to the point,
you have been discussing
the sale of your serum
to the Americans.
We know this,
Apparently there's
a princely sum involved.
I cannot blame you.
A man has to provide
for his family.
Your wife and daughter?
- Yes.
- Huh.
Beautiful creatures.
This sale to the Americans
could make you a rich man.
considering your
current predicament,
I suggest you give serious
consideration to my offer.
In the days
of the Roman Empire,
when someone would betray
the emperor,
the traitor
would often be executed.
if the traitor did the honorable
thing when caught,
his family would be allowed
to keep his fortune.
H-Honorable thing?
Hm, ah.
He would go home,
open up his wrist with a knife
and bleed to death.
Of course, since then
we made advances,
but who am I to say?
What exactly
are you suggesting?
In that gun,
there is one bullet.
You have many choices.
You could put
the bullet between my eyes,
but then my colleague would
put a bullet between yours
and then put one
into the heads
of your wife and daughter.
I'm sure that you
know about that.
We are left with
the noble option.
Pick up the gun,
put it in your mouth,
and pull the trigger.
But the serum is right there.
Take it with you.
My files are in those drawers.
They will give you all
the information you need
to create more.
Y-You don't have to do this.
Pick up the gun,
Dr. Hammerstein.
I can't.
This is not a negotiation.
Pick up the gun.
Please, d-don't do this.
Pick up the gun.
Why-why are you doing this?
Put the barrel in your mouth.
How I can be sure
you'll keep your word,
how do I know
y-you'll leave my family alone?
You are going to die tonight.
That can be by your
hand or by ours.
You take the noble option,
I assure you,
your family will not
be harassed again.
On the contrary, Dr. Mengele
will speak to the Fuhrer
and your wife and daughter
will be provided for.
So for the last time...
put the barrel in your mouth.
No, no, no.
Inside the mouth,
that makes the difference
when it reaches the destination
it won't slow down.
When you put
the barrel under your chin
your simply blow
your jaw off and die in agony,
No, no, put it inside, press it
into the roof of your mouth
and I assure you,
it's quick and painless.
You must die because
they need to live.
You're doing this for them, ya?
That, Josef,
is good news.
As you know,
we are in the midst of more
and in desperate need
for reinforcements.
But I am confident
we will be able to create
a fully compliant
animal-human hybrid
within a matter of weeks.
I will select one
of the soldiers from Camp 7,
someone totally dedicated
to our cause to be the first.
Your work Josef, your work,
can create soldiers
who are quicker,
faster and stronger
than the Allied Forces.
That is my hope, mein Fuhrer.
But tell me, Josef,
what animal...
are you going
to combine with humans,
to create our hybrid
hero soldiers?
The wolf!
Private Kane, what the
fuck is this I hear about
you wanting to desert your unit?
That is correct, sir.
Are you a queer as well
as a coward, Private Kane?
- No, sir.
- Horseshit!
Any man that doesn't wanna
fight for God and country
is a goddamn rope-wrangler.
Do you like to suck
dick, Private Kane?
No, sir.
Don't give me that.
You look like a man
who'd suck a guy's dick
but wouldn't bother
to cradle the balls
as he worked the shaft,
now why the fuck
do you wanna desert
your unit, Private?
Because war is
bullshit, Sarge.
Oh, it is huh?
Well do enlighten me.
I was drafted,
I don't wanna be here,
I'm sick of putting
my neck on the line
for politicians
who start wars to take money.
They say we're fighting
for freedom and democracy,
but we're not, sir.
Where are you from, Private?
You go to Harvard, son?
No, sir,
Philadelphia Community College.
- You running for office?
- No.
Then what the fuck
are you talking about?
Don't poison my ears with that
high-minded liberal dog shit.
You came to this unit as
a no-good puss bucket from
a shitty neighborhood.
We're trying to turn you
into a weapon,
a minister of death.
You should be fucking
praying for war.
Without war you
have nothing to offer,
you're puke, you're scum,
you're note even human,
do you understand that?
So my request
to be sent home...
that's a no, then, huh?
You goddamn right it's a no,
you maggot-dicked
piece of shit.
You may not wanna be here
but we're gonna keep you here,
do you hear me,
you ball streak of camel piss?
You're government property.
You need motivation
and I'm gonna give it to you,
even if I have to bend
you over and ram it
straight up your ass!
You know Sarge,
I can't help but notice.
You mention dick and ass a lot.
What the fuck did you say?
Oh, hey, don't mind me.
What a man does in
the privacy of his own bedroom,
that's none of my business.
Don't ask, don't tell.
- Know what I'm sayin'?
Don't worry Sarge,
it's just a minor injury,
you'll be back
on your knees in no time.
I guess I'll be
going home now huh?
I wanted freedom
I wanted freedom
No one told me
I wanted freedom
I wanted freedom
No one told me
I wanted freedom
I wanted...
Nice limp you got there, Hyde.
Go fuck yourself, Murphy.
I wanted...
Wilder, are you ready to go?
When I finish this.
Hey, look, don't get
pissed with me just 'cause
you caught some friendly fire
in your pinky toe.
It wasn't my fucking pinky toe,
it was my fucking shin.
And fuck you.
I wanted freedom
No one told me
I wanted freedom
I wanted...
So how'd you end up in here?
Me and Sergeant Peck had
ourselves a little disagreement.
Is that right?
Yeah, how 'bout you?
See the limp on the MP?
Courtesy of my buddy here.
I went along for the ride.
Are you two girls
done gossiping?
I guess so.
Good, well perhaps now
one of you can do something
useful and spot me
a cigarette.
I don't smoke.
I'm all out Murph.
What about you?
What about me?
You got a cigarette?
What you in for?
Writing a book.
Ashamed to tell 'em, Reggie?
Have we met before, friend?
But your legend has spread far
throughout the Corps.
Reckless Reggie Brown.
The meanest, baddest man
in the whole damn town.
Damn, you crackers are
real imaginative with that
nickname shit, ain't you?
When you live with
the reality of war, boy,
there ain't no time
for imagination.
You should put
that on a greeting card.
So are you gonna tell Sergeant
Whisper here what you did,
we sure have got
a long journey ahead.
[MOCKINGLY] Okay, master.
Whatever you say, sir, master.
You sure do have
a hard-on for white folk now.
The only hard-on
I got for white folks
is when I'm sticking one
down your mother's throat.
Well you excuse my momma if she
wasn't enthusiastic 'bout that,
she's been dead five years.
Well, seeing as you
got stage fright,
let me regal these
two Mary's here with
a story about
Reckless Reggie Brown.
By all means.
Reggie here was
one of 17 men sent down
to take out
a .45 machine gun encampment,
guarding a German railroad.
As they approached,
the German gunner spotted them.
He ripped nine of
the men to pieces.
The rest of the men just...
just ran away,
leaving Reggie, here,
taking fire
from 32 heavy machine gunners.
Reggie got down on his belly
and he faced
those Germans all on his own.
He took out his
Colt .45 and he popped 10
of those Nazi fucks
with just eight bullets.
At that point,
one of the Krauts yelled out
and asked Reggie here
if he was English.
You see, those Nazi fucks,
they don't respect us Americans,
they just figure us
a bunch of rookies.
The Kraut thought old
Reckless here was some kind of
English superman,
sent to show the pussy Americans
how it's done.
When Reggie
told him he was American,
the Kraut replied,
"If you stop killing my men,
I will make them surrender."
Ten minutes later,
30 Germans
came walking towards
Reggie's battalion with their
hands held high in the air.
My story as accurate as
yours with that Colt .45?
I wasn't on my belly,
I was on my knees.
Shouldn't you be getting
the Medal of Honor
for shit like that?
What the fuck
are you doing here with us?
Lemme ask you a question, boy.
Do you know how many black
soldiers are fighting
on the front line
of the U.S. Army?
That's not because
us black folks are cowards,
there's thousands of us
who wanna serve.
But the Air Force
and Marines won't take us.
The Navy only employ us
to cook your slop.
The Army let in five of us,
and still they pulled
that segregation shit.
The last straw was when
we were traveling back
from the railroad with all those
Nazi fucks who surrendered.
They chartered a military bus
to pick us up
but there wasn't enough room
for the Germans
and their officers,
so the staff sergeant told me
to give up my seat
and walk back to base.
Can you believe that shit?
I just fought
the battle of my life.
And they're telling me
to give up my seat
for a fucking Nazi?
So what'd you do?
I made the staff sergeant
see the error of his ways.
No one told me
I wanted freedom
I wanted...
You called for me doctor?
This is a human brain.
This is the cerebral cortex.
It is divided into
four sections called lobes,
the frontal lobe,
the parietal lobe,
the occipital lobe,
and the temporal lobe.
Do you know
what these lobes do?
I suppose you are going
to tell me.
The frontal lobe
is associated with reasoning,
speech, planning, emotions
and problem-solving.
The parietal lobe controls
movement, orientation
and the processing
and recognition of stimuli.
The occipital lobe is associated
with visual processing,
while the temporal lobe
is where we get the recognition
and processing of auditory
stimuli and memory.
Now this is a brain of a wolf.
There's an area near
the primary auditory cortex
which shows there
are striking similarities
between the way the canine brain
and the human brain respond
to emotionally loaded sounds.
It is clear there is
a common response to emotion
in both species.
Is this why you called
me here, to tell me this?
No, I simply wanted to tell you
that I shall be needing
one male specimen and one
female specimen this evening.
Could you and Hess bring
them around to the lab
- at around six?
- Of course.
That will be all.
What the fuck is this shit?
Pull over.
Damn it.
You comin' to help or what?
My leg's fucked.
You're gonna have to do it.
I can't move that shit
on my own.
You're gonna have to.
You're a lazy piece
of shit you know that?
Fuck you.
Hey, gimme the keys for them.
I gotta move this shit.
If you're not gonna move
your ass,
I'll get them to do it.
What are you crazy?
You can't uncuff
those prisoners.
Look, they're unarmed.
I'll have my gun on them
the whole time,
Where the fuck
are they gonna go?
Any shit goes down,
it's on you.
Piss stop?
I need a couple of y'all
to move some shit out the road.
Any volunteers?
Thought not.
Brown, Murphy, you're up.
There's a surprise.
Fuck you.
All right, move the shit
out of the road.
Come on,
we ain't got all day.
Are you blind?
He asked if you're blind.
No, I ain't blind.
MURPHY: Well you must be
if you can't see
we're being ambushed.
What ambush.
This ambush, drop the gun.
Drop the gun now!
Make my day,
do you feel lucky?
All of you in a line, now.
SS MAN 1: Stand next to this
sniveling shite.
Put your hands on your head.
SS MAN 1: How many prisoners are
in the back of the truck?
How many prisoners?
You wouldn't be lying
to me now would you?
I'm not lying, I swear.
Go and check the truck.
Wait, wait.
I have important
information for you.
You want any information?
Nope, I'm good.
Heil Hitler!
Do you know much
about trucks?
Enough to know
this one's fucked.
Looks like we're on foot.
How many guns we got?
Nazi fuck had Hyde's piece
plus some extra ammo,
that's four pistols
all together.
We got any cigarettes?
Well they had these.
What's your name, Private?
Joe Kane.
So watcha wanna do, Joe Kane?
You sticking with us
or are you going your own ways?
I'll stick.
What do you wanna do?
Those smokes for sharing?
They can be.
Let's go.
Late again.
A busy evening I'm afraid.
Dinner is cold.
We are on the verge
of the greatest breakthrough
in modern medicine.
I'm afraid the chicken
will have to wait.
It was beef.
What the hell is this?
A new piece.
You've been using
my subjects again!
You have plenty of subjects.
We only have
a select few here.
Then order more in
from the other camps.
That takes time Ilsa!
The work we are doing here
is of the utmost urgency.
We are going to lose
this war unless we
get urgent reinforcements.
I understand.
You know I work
for the cause too.
And yet I still find time
to cook dinner for my husband.
You never make time for us.
You may not want to hear
this but our marital concerns
are of little importance.
Our country stands at a
pivotal moment in its history
that is of greater
importance right now.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I'm sorry you don't.
Officer Becker.
May I speak with
you for a moment.
Of course.
We have to stop doing this,
the doctor will find out.
He's too busy with his work.
He doesn't suspect a thing.
Still, we gotta
keep things low-key.
Men of my rank have
been killed for less.
You know this is not
just a physical thing.
I care about you.
I care about you too.
Good morning, Dr. Mengele
would like to see you
in his laboratory at 9 a.m.
Could you give me
a moment to get dressed?
Of course.
Could you wait outside.
Of course.
Perhaps you should get
a real lock for this door, ya?
Perhaps I should.
Officer Becker, sir.
Thank you, Hess.
Officer Becker,
please take a seat.
Do you read the Bible,
Not recently, sir.
But you have
in the past, yes?
You recall
the passage in Judges 16?
Allow me to
refresh your memory.
There was a man called Samson.
Who had been given
great strength by God.
He met a woman called Delilah
and became infatuated by her.
But Delilah
had been approached
by the lords
of the Philistines
as they offered her money
to discover the secret
of Samson's strength,
Three times she asked him
the secret of his strength,
and three times he gave her
a false answer.
But on the fourth occasion,
he gave her the true reason.
He did not cut his hair in
fulfillment of a vow to God.
Delilah, while Samson
was sleeping on her knee,
shaved his head and
betrayed him to her enemies.
Forgive me, sir.
But I'm not sure what
the relevance is.
I think we both
know the relevance.
The Bible
is a fascinating read,
contains many stories
about redemption.
I like that concept.
People make mistakes,
they should be given
the opportunity
to atone for them,
don't you agree?
As you know we are seeking
to create hybrid soldiers
to serve the Third Reich.
I need a soldier.
Someone who is totally
dedicated to the Fuhrer.
A man who is willing to put
his country above all else.
That is why I have chosen you,
you will be the very first
werewolf of the Third Reich.
Wait a minute, I have...
I have already informed
the Fuhrer
that you are to be
the first.
He is most grateful for
your service to your country.
But I haven't
volunteered, I...
You can't do this.
We already have.
You must understand
Officer Becker...
if you follow the serpent
to forbidden fruit
and take a bite,
can you really complain
if you face the wrath of God?
You have to get out of here.
Why what's happened?
Your husband,
he knows about us.
- What are you talking about?
- He knows!
He actually told you this?
He's ordered me
to become the first
of his hybrid soldiers.
The Fuhrer has been informed,
I have no choice.
What are you going to do?
I'm going
to leave the camp here,
I will never come back.
You're going
to leave me behind too?
That is why I came here.
I want you to come with me.
If they find us,
they will kill us.
Going somewhere?
Let us stop dancing around,
shall we?.
Why the hell do you keep
breaking into my room?
Am I not entitled to privacy?
Not when you're fucking
the doctor's wife, no.
I don't know what
he has told you,
but he's lying.
You are such a fool.
I took you under my wing,
you could've worked your way
through the ranks,
work directly
with the Fuhrer himself.
Instead you throw it
all away for a woman.
Haven't you ever cared about
anyone more than yourself?
Emotional vulnerability has
always been your weakness.
Your attempt to assert
yourself is admirable.
But a little clumsy.
All you have succeeded in
doing is wasting my time.
Diplomacy is at an end.
Now the war begins.
The Fuhrer said the first
essential for success
is a perpetually,
constant and regular
implement of violence.
I can't say I agree
with that myself.
But I know Officer Hess
is a staunch advocate it.
Needless to say it is far
from helpful to be presented
with a concussed patient,
so we have both
been inconvenienced
by Hess' conduct.
My heart bleeds
for you doctor.
Now, now, let's keep it
cordial I know you have been
through considerable
pain already, but,
if you allow me,
I will be able
to ease you into this transition
without further stress.
[SOBBING] Do whatever you want,
you sick bastard.
But I promise you,
the moment I change,
I'm coming for you,
you hear that?
Please save your energy.
You will need it
for what's ahead.
Time to make history.
No, no, no...
Looking for someone?
What have you done to him?
Officer Becker?
Then where is he?
He's with the doctor.
Take me to him.
Of course, follow me.
Ilsa, let me introduce you
to the first
of the Third Reich.
Let him rest,
he is still fragile
after the transformation.
You son of a bitch!
How, how could you?
You should be happy.
Tonight we have made history.
All of my work
has finally come to fruition.
You did this
out of spite you bastard.
Was it not spite
that motivated you
to betray me?
You neglected me.
You made me feel like
all those years were wasted.
Believe that if it helps
you to sleep at night,
we both know the truth.
You are nothing
but a common whore.
Oh, fuck you!
Now listen,
work must continue.
Either we put this matter
aside for now and continue
our daily routines
as they were, or...
Or what?
Or Officer Hess will
snap your neck and leave
your rotting carcass in
the street for the stray dogs
to feast on, your choice.
When this war is over,
so is our marriage.
As you wish.
Take her back
to my quarters.
I know you don't want
to live like this.
I can't stand
to see you in pain.
You're still...
you're still human.
KANE: What is that,
a German military base?
I don't think so.
I know what it is.
What is it?
One of those
concentration camps.
I remember back in '42,
people talking about that shit.
Now I hear they were executing
Jewish POWs in the hundreds.
I heard it's worse than that.
Some of the stories floating
around these places, crazy.
So what are we gonna do?
You know...
we could
go on our merry way,
forget all that shit,
plan an escape.
But I gotta tell you boys...
I'm a real pleasure seeker,
but you know what I take
pleasure in
most of all in this world?
What's that, Murph?
Killing Nazis.
What makes you think
she's still here?
She has had time to escape.
No, no, I know exactly
where she is.
Hey, asshole!
What the hell was that?
It's coming from outside.
Go check it out.
I'll go to my quarters.
Of course.
BILLY: Fucker, show me
what they teach you
in that Third Reich.
Come on, come on.
Motherfucker probably alerted
those Nazi fucks inside.
Just stay cool.
Reggie and I,
we'll go through the front,
Billy and Joe,
- you take the rear.
- Got it.
You turn around real slow boy.
Now get on the floor.
Lie on your belly, boy.
Are you going to kill me?
You could say that's
a pretty safe assumption doc.
Then why are you hesitating?
Why, I could just blow a
hole in you from this distance
and be done with that shit.
But where would be the
fun in that, doctor, hm?
Let me tell you something.
When I kill a Nazi,
I like to see the whites
of his eyes real close up,
I gotta...
I gotta smell that fear,
see that fear.
I bet you've seen a lot
of that fear, ain't you doc?
Bearing down on those
innocent civilians now?
How's it feel to have the shoe
on the other foot, pussy?
I am not in charge
of the extermination unit,
I am a doctor...
I don't give a fuck
who you say
or you think you are boy.
You are part of
an industrial killing machine,
and me and my men,
we're gonna burn that
to the fucking ground.
Now on your belly boy.
Thank you sir, huh?
got machine guns.
- Cover me.
- 'Kay.
- Ugh!
You Nazi fuck.
I wanna see just
how tough this guy is
without his machine gun.
On your feet motherfucker.
Come on!
What do you say gunner?
You wanna go a couple
rounds with me, huh?
Let's do it.
Let me frisk this
piece of shit first.
He's all yours.
All right.
Come on,
let's see what you got.
Come on, come on!
Come on!
What are you doing?
Be much quicker
if you just let me do that
in the first place.
What the fuck?
You ugly motherfucker.
Holy smokes.
It's okay.
Joe, we gotta get
these people outta here.
One, two!
Oh fuck, oh fuck.
Oh yeah.
Any of those hairy
fuckers back there?
Nope just some
Nazi fuck doctor.
And that motherfucker,
he's gonna be in there.
Hell yeah.
Oh shit.
Job done.
Not quite.
It's burning,
what else can we do?
I didn't see that Nazi
fuck doctor in the lab.
Ah, I bet he's barbecue now.
I'm not so sure.
Good afternoon, Dr. Mengele.
What the hell are you
doing in here?
You remember me?
Should I?
The name's Murphy.
We shared a few moments
in Camp 7,
back in World War II.
The night that hellhole
burned to the ground.
I remember,
what do you want?
What I've wanted for
the past 30 long years, doc.
To watch you die.
If you just wanted me dead,
you could've done it by now.
But obviously there is
something else on your mind.
I'm just curious.
About what?
How does it feel to go
from being a high-ranking
Nazi officer
to a shit-shoveling farmer
in the South American
I always have my memories.
I guess you must be
feeling pretty pleased
with yourself right about now?
Why, you evaded our grasp,
you escaped the Allies,
shit, boy,
the West German government
have been looking for you
for years now.
You actually
got away with that.
But as you say, now I am
just a shit-shoveling farmer.
That you are.
A shit-shoveling farmer
who has been on your mind
for 30 years,
I can only begin to imagine
how troubling
that must have been for you.
I just don't like
loose ends now.
And you're hoping
to finally tie this one up?
You're looking for this?
Yeah, I also got
the one in your shit house,
I got the one
from under your bed too.
You know I, I figure you
quite a paranoid guy, doc.
But I guess looking over
your shoulder for the past
30 years is gonna
do that to a man.
I can only imagine just
how troubling that must be.
I got the one from under
your pillow too, shitface.
You can kill me,
but I will still be alive
inside your head.
You can't wipe away 30 years
with one pull of the trigger.
Guess I'm gonna have to
pull it more than once then.
You boys know what pleasures me
most of all in this world?
What's that, Murph?
Killing Nazis.