Wesele (2021) Movie Script

The death factory is well-organized.
The gassed victims get burned.
Five furnaces are made
from hardened brick.
Fire-resistant grates and cast-iron doors.
The modern German architecture.
Burning takes 25 minutes.
6 corpses fit into one furnace.
Do you love him?
I do, Grandpa.
Indestructible monument of
the time of contempt.
That's good.
He is a Jew, you know?
What are you talking about?
Lie down now.
Majdanek is not only an extermination camp.
That is what's left of human.
Lie down and go to sleep.
You need to be in shape tomorrow.
I love you too, Grandpa.
Good night.
He is a Jew!
Okay, calm down.
The Germans will transfer the money
tomorrow and we will pay it back.
Now, roll the egg along pant leg.
6 at once.
The gassing takes 100 seconds.
After 10 minutes you have 30 pigs.
After one hour 180.
To kill this amount,
your Ukrainians have to fuck
with the electrode the whole day.
How much is it?
The facility and installation?
In Munich it costs 150 thousand Euro.
Mine is not original
but costs half the prize.
75 thousand Euro.
In cash.
MAIN CAS What is it?
Rysiek, you need to come to the plant.
Your pigs fled.
Wait, what?
We've got a report.
Apparently it's from the embassy.
Okay, I am coming.
- Hi!
- Any corpses?
Only your pig.
The car went into field and
then landed in the ditch.
What was the pig doing on the street?
The Jews drove too quickly, right?
It is under procedure.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Fucking procedures.
Put the pig into the police car.
Report it was a boar.
I don't have anything to wrap it...
Mietek, you want half a pig?
Hello boss.
- Were police here?
- No.
Seventy five.
None is missing.
It must have been from
transport or slaughter.
And where is Leon?
We isolated him, because
Zajdel drugged his food again
and his pecker is so hard that
the sows can't keep up with him.
How many are on paper?
Sixty eight.
All that came and all here.
It must have fled from pigsty.
Can I ask you something?
I'll pay for everything
within a few days.
The overtime too.
- What did they paint?
- A monument.
But because of the surveillance
there is a fucking fuss.
My brother got busted.
So, I thought... If Mr Bogdan,
I mean if Boss could talk with him...
The fucker fled this way.
Who was on duty then?
You or Jurczak?
Tell him I'll dock his pay.
For sleeping on the job.
I don't see a fuck.
I need to go.
Write down:
Repair the fence.
I'm sorry.
My daughter is getting married today.
A lot going on.
That is why we made an early
Unfortunately, we don't have good news.
We must refrain from
signing the contract today.
They won't sign the contract today.
How am I supposed to understand this?
Please, explain.
These are the zoning plans.
From our independent evaluation it appears
that the plot 66/7
is an active water intake zone.
And the plots 88/4 and 88/9,
they're near the river.
We are going to open a restaurant here.
And live here.
And your room is going to be there.
I'll pay for your tickets.
For an English course. For everything.
We'll find you a job.
Kaka, Igor is graduating.
There is Grandpa.
I'm going to die soon.
You'll help me with the child.
Take a break from father and...
I don't drink anymore.
They've come.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Nice to meet you. I'm Yamir.
I'm Ela.
You know Inka.
Nice to meet you.
And Yamir is going to be our cook.
Come inside.
You got it done?
I told you, after the wedding.
I told you it is going to leak out.
If you don't start
the production in spring,
you won't have money
to pay off your debts.
The banks will auction the plant
and your ass is grass.
If you 'sprechensidouche', ask them which
hotel they are staying and how long.
With a feeling.
Independent evaluation. Fuck!
These 5 hectares belong to my father.
He is almost 100 years old, and
he would rather not build anything.
This plot, 5 hectares big,
belongs to Mr Wilk's father.
We have to follow procedure, Mr Wilk.
Mr Wilk,
today is an important day
in the life of your family.
What is he saying?
Let's take a week's break
from the negotiations.
During this time calmly and
without unnecessary emotions
you may perhaps be able to amend the offer.
You have this wedding today.
So, we need to present them
corrected offer in a week.
I agree.
Good. Good.
But under one condition.
Come to the wedding, please.
You have to come to the wedding.
- This is surprising. Actually...
- Thank you, we have other plans.
- They have other plans.
- No, no, no!
We won't speak about business. I promise.
Only fun.
We will sit and talk.
I'm not taking 'no' for answer.
It is inappropriate to say no, gentlemen.
Ruta will translate.
We get to know each other.
The secretary will translate.
Okay we will think about it.
Thank you for your invitation.
- Danke.
- Mr Wilk.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
They leave oma today. They have a
three-night reservation in Bocianowski.
Biaystok is trying to screw us.
But you told...
You said that we're going to
finish earlier today, boss.
You are at work.
I'll pay you double.
But we are full so leave
your boyfriend at home.
It's from the court and bank.
Came in yesterday.
What about... my brother?
S-class, black print, and German plates.
- But Rysiek...
- You can do it.
I will buy you some police cars
as soon as I stop draggin' my ass.
But you must stand on your dick
to keep them in oma.
- I can't promise it.
- Okay, bye.
Where should I leave your shoes?
The destruction of the monument is indeed
an exhausting hallmark of a crime, but...
it is not because insignificance
and maybe even a lack of social
harmfulness of the act.
Janek, there is Kaka.
Show me direction.
Keep the Lord Jesus before your eyes.
In the turmoil of life keep the peace
with your souls.
Despite the hardships,
hypocrisy and lost dreams,
the world is beautiful.
Bless you in the name of Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
We are sorry. The door was opened.
Good Afternoon.
Does Antoni Wilk live here?
What is going on?
This is Lewi Zuckerman.
And I am Saul Sztern.
I work for Israel embassy.
And I have the honour
of informing Mr. Antoni Wilk
that he has been awarded the title
'Righteous Among the Nations'.
Grandpa. You didn't say anything.
It's not a good time.
Not good timing.
We are having a celebration today.
The shit will start again.
And it will happen over and over again
until they finish the exhumation.
Do you know why Moses
led the Jews across the sea?
Because he was too ashamed
to lead them across the town.
Are we going or not?
We will tell them to
get the fuck out of here.
Mr Wilk.
I'm the grandson of Lea Fish.
I have a letter she wrote
you shortly before her death.
Because she did pass away.
The one speaking
is grandson of Lea Fish.
She died, but before she did,
she wrote you a letter.
I came here, hoping that you may know
where the rest of my family are buried.
I found that in her belongings.
He asks if you know where
her family is buried.
He found that picture among her things.
Is that you?
He asks whether it was you.
When you go to the priest,
visit Szmul and ask him
to mend the dress for me.
But don't tell your father.
Bless you!
How much did you pay for the goat?
There is not going to be a war.
Unconfirmed rumors...
- Bless you!
- Bless you!
My father told me to
bring you the black sausage.
Thank Jozef, please.
God reward you.
God bless.
Where are you going?
To the Jew?
Can you read?
Bless you!
Get back to playing.
I'm here to...
I've brought...
a dress.
Dad, a goy came to see you.
My dear mother.
Crown, Kitten.
Be silent, shhh...
Be silent, shhh...
Put out the hellish fire in me
And give me the one I desire.
You must not sing!
Stop it!
If you don't learn kids you
will be stupid like goys.
What is your name?
Enjoy, Antek.
I fell in love with him,
and I desired him...
We have a celebration in here.
I do not know how about your rabbi,
but our priest won't wait.
Thank you.
- I'll be here...
- Bye, bye.
Please, do not mention
about the award for now.
So, let us go to the church.
Or we are too late.
Girls! Finish! Now!
Get out of the water!
Get out!
Nice! Where do you have it from?
From a boy?
My mother gave it to me.
Let us pray
for the life of unborn children.
Respect the right to life
of every human being.
The right to life is not only
a matter of belief or worldview.
Only one force nourishes the Jewry.
It is the hatred towards Jesus.
Tomorrow, I want to see
the bloom of Polish youth boycotting.
For it is a sin to take
the money to the Jews.
The enemies of the Catholic church
and propagators of communism.
Not so long ago,
30 years ago
red menace was spreading in Poland.
Today our country is clear of it.
But there is a new one
that is willing to possess our souls,
hearts and minds.
Not bolshy,
or Marxist,
or red one.
I am talking of the rainbow menace
We know the spirit of Jewish nation
and their eternal thirst
for world domination
their desire for vengeance
on the Catholic church.
For this reason, I ask you:
When do we -
Polish people
and Catholics
will accede to the final solution
of the Jewish question?
Only one force nourishes the Jewry.
It is the hatred towards the Christ.
The church does not prohibit
homosexual people the right to love.
They can love.
But not persons of the same sex.
Being a Christian
doesn't mean being a weak man
that allows the evil to spread.
The Jews, the Jewry
are treacherous blood.
There is a Christian bakery at the corner.
Are you not ashamed to buy from the Jew?
They are the most immoral and
depraved layer of population.
And they have been spreading
the gangrene's gems
in the Polish society for years.
How should a wife show
her obedience to her husband?
By fighting,
manifesting resentments
and reluctance?
With joy.
To preserve a nation's unity,
we need to preserve religious homogeneity.
To make Poland great
we must learn to crush other nations.
I fell in love with a girl,
beautiful like a gold.
For a girl
beautiful like a gold.
I, Katarzyna,
take thee, Jan, to my wedded husband
take thee, Jan, to my wedded husband
And I promise: I will love you,
And I promise: I will love you,
What a pretty bride!
Her father is a tailor.
And the groom? What a noble man.
His wife has just died and
he's marrying again.
Blessed are You, Eternal our God,
Sovereign of the universe.
Creator of the fruit of the vine.
She is not happy at all.
She doesn't cherish it.
you are
you are
consecrated to me
consecrated to me
with this ring
with this ring
according to the laws of Moses and Israel.
according to the laws of Moses and Israel.
Love and respect each other.
Dear daughter...
If you cheat on her,
I'm going to fucking bury you.
What a country!
Someone reported to the police
that we drive a stolen car,
and it has been confiscated.
Police took their car.
They think it is stolen.
Because it is a stolen one.
How? They have no right to do it!
They are not allowed to do it.
What headquarters was it?
In oma.
I know the chief officer.
When the wedding starts for good,
I will call him and take care of it.
Mr Wilk knows the chief officer
and he will explain everything.
I'm happy to have you here.
Take the Germans and Ruta into your car.
What about Halinka?
Put her into Kazik's car.
Kids can sit on the laps.
Janek Szczuczynski!
Janek Szczuczynski!
Widzew, Widzew!
Polish Jew. I hate that...
The Union GGKS!
The Union is an old bitch!
smells like fish!
Pera - white
is faggot's sign!
Screw the nigger,
we are the white team!
Screw the nigger...
Come on. Do like this.
Everybody look at me and smile happily.
Rise Comrade Stalin high!
Smile! Wonderful, and look at me!
Bravo, bravo comrades!
Smile, smile, please!
Watch out!
Once more!
June 23, 1940, Komielno
What was then?
When Russians came here,
it was the priests who organized
the resistance movement.
My grandfather and his brother
were in the resistance movement.
A partisan base was established
in the marshes, but one prick betrayed them.
If we don't start now
then Yamir will take another job.
Advance payment has been paid,
you have to squeeze the rest from your father.
- But you said the prices would go down.
- Come on, for fake sake,
they didn't fall off.
You talk about the war like you can't
wait for the next one. It is sick.
Part of our family was deported
a few days before the Germans entered.
Who cares now for fake sake?
Don't move!
Hold the dog!
Three kids.
Jadwiga Wilk, Jozef Wilk.
Get out!
Antoni Wilk.
And Roman Wilk.
Shut your face!
Leave them alone!
He pooped.
Nails done, hair done.
But putting him in a diaper was too much.
I'm sorry.
You keep complaining about the Jews.
And you are a Jew yourself.
Bread for prosperity.
Salt for hardships.
Vodka for joy and fun.
Look at the rocks kid,
The nigger is shitting.
Look at his black ass
To the shit fitting.
Let your first night be nice
Look each other in the eyes
Be brave Mr groom,
Storks are coming soon.
Safe the love's mixture
Till silver wedding
We wish you strong health
Till golden wedding
You wanted Poland without Jews,
now you have Jews without Poland.
A quarter pound of trust,
Three drops of annoyance.
There was no room for us.
No wonder we greeted the Russkies.
Polish bourgeois authority
engaged you in this silly war.
The Powerful Soviet Union reaches out
to you in this tough time.
Can you wipe your ass,
or should I help you, Grandpa?
Do not resist.
The red army formed from
the working-classes
came here not as invader,
but as brothers and saviors from
the capitalistic oppression.
Long live the Soviet Union
Long live Comrade Stalin.
Three times!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Dear Newlyweds!
Give birth to many children
That will raise the glory
of our Great Soviet Fatherland.
No business of course. Only fun.
Move to the next table
I need to sit the Germans here.
You're welcome.
Make some space for the Grandfather.
- What's happening?
- I will explain it later.
- Sit down, Ruta.
- What is going on?
Find a place over there.
- Sit down.
- Hello.
1226. Konrad the I of Mazovia brings
the Teutonic Order to Poland.
It's my son's idea.
He wants to study history,
so he is cramming for exams.
It's Igor's idea.
And a microwave for ten people
is German's idea.
I dealt with the Mercedes.
They will bring it tomorrow morning.
You can stay here. The Mercedes
will be brought here tomorrow.
Look each other in the eyes,
when you please each other boldly.
Even if the bed breaks
Let the son be the first...
I fucked it up.
Can I do it again?
You fucking cunt!
Pay 100 thousand before midnight
or the film from your factory
will go viral.
Russkies escaped.
Arresting happened to my family.
It happened to my wife's family,
whose name was Gowacki.
It happened to many families
from our land.
Many of you carry these
dramatic events in hearts.
Let me go back to my father's story
who bravely fought the Germans...
I mean the fascists, Nazis during the war
And after the war he fought communists.
He did not break.
Can we cross the river?
Yes, water.
We, Germans, came here,
to free your country
from the Bolsheviks and the Jews.
Translate, please.
The officer says that the Jews
are the ones responsible
for deporting our families, our wives,
and children to Siberia.
Are there any communists?
He asks about Jews - communists.
The one there.
After a dozen years spent
in UB prison he came out.
It took many years before
he started a family.
Unfortunately, my mother, Wielsawa Wilk,
from Gajewski family,
was summoned by the Lord early.
It was father who raised me.
Thank you, Dad.
Give it up for Antoni Wilk.
I thank God for meeting Ela.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
But it was over 20 years ago!
I got hot, now.
I'm grateful that she gave birth to
my two amazing children.
Amazing, smart children.
Igor, who wins all the school competitions
in history.
And Katarzyna.
My Kasia...
You know that this wedding
was supposed to be earlier.
However, the virus disrupted our plans.
But today is the day...
the most beautiful day
in the life of my daughter.
My grand kid is going to be born soon.
A kid conceived in love.
I don't want to keep
the young couple waiting.
Kasia, I'm sorry.
I forgot to tell you.
I want to spare them
the fear of the future.
That is why yesterday
I promoted my son-in-law to the director
of marketing in our company.
Janek Szczuczyski.
And today...
I'm giving the young couple
a key as a gift.
A key to a new, German car.
So that the director can drive
to work and training.
Because we still have a chance
for the third League.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Don't worry, Kasia.
Dear guests,
you can see the car in front of the palace.
Let's go.
Check it out.
Congratulations to the groom.
You acted like a dick!
Tell me. How fucking long
would we be breaking
our backs to afford an apartment
or a car like this.
100 thousand means
that it is rather a sucker.
But we can check whose number
is it or not?
If you report it, they will transfer it
to Regional Police Headquarters.
They will secure the films first and
you don't want it to happen.
It's a non-Shengen number.
They will fuck with it for weeks
and find shit.
Here you are.
My Halinka went mad
and wants to go back home.
- Who has filmed it?
- You tell me.
Who is in the film?
The biggest value have things
you can't buy for money.
Do you have a family?
I'm getting divorced.
I won't sit at the table with a nigger.
What was the deal?
I give a birth in Ireland, open
a vege-bar there and you help me.
He promoted me yesterday and I thought...
I don't give a shit about what you
thought! It should be a mutual decision.
I have to go and change dad's clothes.
And you?
You know...
Be careful..
I wish you a happy marriage.
Just like I'm happily married to Ela.
The patrimony is for Kasia.
After she gets married.
What are you talking about, Dad?
She got married today.
Don't you remember?
You were in the church, where it happened.
And when it comes to patrimony...
I'm building a pigsty there.
Hello, boss.
Check where Bana,
who worked for us, lives.
Number 6.
It's the wooden house at the corner.
Okay, thanks.
966. Christianization of Poland.
I could have married far better.
There is this one guy.
Who is still in love with me...
Do you recognize it?
Who filmed it?
Okay, okay...
I don't know who filmed it.
I know why they're calling you a Jew!
You care only about money!
That's why we're broke.
Because you hire Ukrainians. Not Poles!
Get the fuck out of here!
You motherfucker!
Come here!
You faggot!
Fucking Jew, come on!
Maybe I don't want my son
to be living in Ireland.
I don't give a shit about
the social profits
if he doesn't speak Polish
or think in Polish!
Kasia, let me in!
We will go to Ireland.
You will have your bar.
I promise.
Ladies and gentlemen. Our next game
is called Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
I'd like to mention that
the bride's team drinks Deluge 1655.
The groom's team drinks
Battle of Grunwald 1410
Go, go go!
The groom's team is leading.
The bride's team is catching up.
One, two, three, four!
...but it was by the river.
I'll bring you a suit.
What is it?
They arrived today, boss...
Right now, They're here.
I'm coming.
Let's go, Dad.
What is it?
Rysio. When he was young.
In an orphanage?
Orphanage of the Daughters of
the Divine Mercy Congregation in Biaystok.
Which one is me?
Little Jewish girl Kajka
sold eggs.
You were supposed to come
in two weeks here.
The trip long.
No adventures. No problems.
There is a problem.
I don't have work for you.
You came too early!
Where would you live? In the bus?
No problem.
Do they eat meat?
Chicken yes. Pork no.
Let them park.
Jurczak would like to apologize
for sleeping at work, boss.
How long do you keep surveillance films
from the pigsty, slaughterhouse, transport?
Three months. Then we delete is.
To meet the regulations.
I'll handle the thing with your brother.
And forget that you slept at work.
But I need your help too.
The media, private TV
and film industry, of course.
It all belongs to the Jews.
Not only the commerce.
Under the sign of rainbow flag,
they try to steel our inner values,
like truth, love, human life and family.
When it comes to abortion...
Little Jewish girl Hajka
sold eggs.
How much an egg?
The Polish - Jewish relationships
changed radically overnight.
Thank you!
Be careful!
This one is for me.
Looks really good!
Be careful!
Take Grandpa inside.
Baruch Moszkowicz 1968
- Mr Ryszard!
- What?
Look at your watch.
What time is it?
Give me half an hour.
Half an hour? Give me the money!
She was the one who convinced
us to start a business together.
Excuse me.
A vegan bar...
Father, the banks are closed.
And tonight I need to borrow 55...
65 thousand zloty from you.
Till Monday.
You took many loans.
Mortgaged land, mortgaged plant.
The house too.
Who else would know if not a Priest?
Ryszard doesn't have money
to pay me back.
She convinced us to start a business
together. Vegan bar for pregnant women.
I give the Porsche as collateral.
But it belongs to Janek.
If I don't give the money back till
Monday, the car belongs to you, Father.
But it needs to stay here tonight.
You know, the wedding.
Maybe you'd like to take a ride
to the vicarage?
To check it out?
Maybe I saved similar amount of money
to renovate the church's roof?
But there must be paper.
Let's go for a ride.
If the Jew didn't be fool the Pole,
he didn't have a breakfast.
I forgot... again.
The Jews turn kinds into matzo.
One more thing, Father.
Call the Congregation
of the Daughters of Divine Mercy
and ask if Wiesawa and Antoni Wilk
adopted a boy.
It was in 1968 or 1969.
It's late.
There are procedures, too.
The state and the law help. But Ryszard
needs to go through the procedures.
And if you support the orphanage...
But it is one call for you, Father.
I'll sponsor the altar renovation,
as soon as I turn everything around.
What is happening in here?
There is a lady without male pants.
What is your name?
Give it up to Maja
without pants.
I'll go to Ireland with you.
It's time for the second task, ladies.
Which one of you will bring... a bra!
What is happening in here?
We still have one more place.
Who doesn't have a bra?
The priest is driving my car.
Can you fucking believe it?
Who will bring a glass full of vodka?
We're taking another chair away.
What a fight!
What a wrestling!
We have a loser.
- What is your name?
- Inka.
You didn't make it, Inka.
But please, applaud Inka!
Maybe you win the next game.
But now let's go to the next task.
Who will bring...
...a male's shirt?
Give me your shirt!
Well done!
The orders are clear:
We should not obstruct the efforts to purge
the land from communists and Jews.
Beat the Jew! Beat the Jew!
No! That's crap.
Put the Jew to the gas.
Hit it up...
And now... bring...
an inflated condom!
And we have the winner! Bravo!
Here is the prize. Enjoy!
Play the music!
You said I'll get it after the wedding.
That is paternity money for me.
I'll help you Kasia,
but here, in Poland.
What the fuck do you mean?
Sell the car.
I can't.
It is leased.
By your father.
Mr Ryszard.
We had a deal. You were supposed
to pay 12 thousand.
And you paid only 5!
Shut the fuck up.
We should not obstruct the efforts
to purge the land...
Heat it up and burn him!
We should not obstruct the efforts to purge
the land from communists and Jews.
Put the Jew to the gas!
On the contrary,
we should intensify them
and direct them...
Scream now!
This is mine!
No no no no!
It took them two days to
clean up the pavement.
There was so much blood.
You cannot drown them in pond.
- You need to do what we did?
- What?
Toss them into the ditch.
Maecki says we must do the same.
And cover it up with slaked lime.
Feldsher would know.
How about the Jewish girl?
Did she have it crosswise?
I will feed the swine.
...but it was by the river.
Don't go back home.
Our community collected money.
Everything will be all right.
Have you seen my husband?
Your husband is dead.
Pogroms happened everywhere.
In Lithuania.
In Latvia.
Here too.
800 years of jewishing Poland.
Five hectares of land can fit two people
from live stock, 25 from wheat cultivation
Dear newlyweds I wish,
especially you Kasia,
that you live happily in foreign lands.
Let them never be arguing.
And wish them so many children
as stars in the sky.
In Ukraine and Romania.
What's the big deal?
They came to help us with empty wagons.
But our boys
showed them that they can handle our Jews.
To the happy couple!
First, we set things straight
with the communists.
Not the Jews only.
We hanged a Pole too.
What is the punishment for killing a Jew?
They have no rights.
You can do with them whatever
you want.
We can tease the Jews.
How is it?
But you have to select one
craftsman from every trade.
We need to leave one
from each profession.
Tell him we have our own craftsmen.
230 Palestinian were killed
in Israeli attacks.
65 of them were children.
It is the highest death toll since...
Did you really save those Jews?
Think what to do with the corpses.
He wants to know what we are going
to do with the corpses.
Burn them in a barn.
The German will give you
the paper for the new wood.
But our barn is far from the market.
The house is so close.
The entire homestead would burn.
I'll feed the pigs.
They're hiding in rye, by the river,
behind the barns.
We'll release the guys on horses.
Jews will be getting to fuck out
and you will chase them back to town,
where we'll take them down.
Move! Move!
Go Jew!
You hold him!
Help me, please!
They say that you are a hell
of a slutty whore.
Who says that? Janek?
What are you doing here dad?
Go to the ball room.
Pigs are going to be served now.
Do you know the way?
Two grands.
What about
the second case?
Ryszard was born in 1968.
One year later he was taken
to the orphanage and was baptised.
The state closed the facility
and Ryszard was adopted by Antoni Wilk.
is there anything...
I mean
Only mother is mentioned in the papers.
Olga Moszkowicz.
Olga Moszkowicz. Information.
Olga Moszkowicz sentenced
Polish patriots to death.
Jewish judge Olga Moszkowicz
interrogates national heros.
Bring the money to the monument
and don't play any tricks you Jew.
Rysiek, I need to tell you something.
He is some kike.
Shut up.
Fuck the bitches from Ukraine!
In August 1941, the fascists
killed over 800 Jewish people.
500 of them were burned alive in a barn.
Honor their memory.
Little Jewish girl Hajka
Sold eggs.
How much for an egg?
One zloty.
She sold threads...
Be quiet!
Be quiet!
Little Jewish girl...
Hear, o Israel!
I like Wagner.
And literature?
No, only Wagner.
Only Wagner.
Give me another one.
Faster Jews, faster!
Stand up!
And down, Jews!
Stand up!
Sit down!
Faster Jews, faster!
Sit down!
Faster Jews!
To the ground!
Hey, Jew!
I can pay!
Move! Faster!
Bring kerosene!
Hold it!
Esther! My sister, where are you? Esther!
Give it!
Pour it!
What will they do to us?
Do it, Robson!
Gunther, god damn it!
Get it together!
What the fuck!
Get the fuck out of here, you scum!
Get the fuck out of my country!
Where is Igor?
I love you, Igor.
These shoes are from you.
You owe me 120 zloty.
I have no feeling for her.
I didn't ask what you were doing in Dublin.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Have you arranged the money?
I don't know if I love him.
I don't give a shit about it.
Have you arranged the money?
You are leaving me?
- You?
- Yes.
I'm filling the divorce papers on Monday.
I'll take everything from you.
You don't own a thing.
What are you going to do for a living?
Where are you going to live?
You can't do a thing.
You are old and ugly.
Are you going to help me
with the divorce?
Drive towards Szczucin.
How did it go at the bank?
You didn't have to wait?
Turn. Do you see the bus station?
Put the money into the trash can.
What guarantee do I have, that...?
Take the shovels.
We have work to do.
The Germans ordered.
Come on
You can still find some things
around the houses.
I'm doing this for Poland.
They killed the last one.
Come on.
There were two barns.
In the first one the Jews were burned.
In the second one Poles hid them.
I was in the second one.
The Ukrainians left, Uncle.
We need to carry the food ourselves.
Do you have it?
People don't understand each other
in this world.
Look, honey.
What is this?
So called, "U-boat".
For our exes.
Either, you sign the contract on Monday,
Sign on Monday
or I send this film to all email addresses
in Mller Corporation.
- Understood?
- Yes
Love to your wife.
I'll talk with the Ukrainians
and ask them to come back.
You did not pay them.
I did. But they doubled the price.
I've been ashamed of you my entire life.
Today I'm ashamed of you too.
Mietek is a pervert.
He slapped my ass.
We've got the fucker, boss.
I can't now.
There are some burns.
Three Ukrainians are in the hospital.
It doesn't matter that they were drunk
and didn't manage to escape.
The thing is: Either your son
rats on his friends
or he'll go down.
Igor, tell them and they'll let you free.
He did not break and left
the UB-prison after years.
Grandpa didn't snitch.
And neither will I.
You would...
Igor, it's not a joke, god damn it!
Do you understand?
It's not a fucking joke!
This why you are alone.
I don't give a fuck.
What are the procedures?
Bogdan, call me back when...
Just give me call, it is an emergency.
I'm doing this for my brother.
Give me the PIN code.
Go fuck yourself.
That's an idea.
Do you want to bang me?
If you fuckers don't let me go,
all films will hit the web
and will be sent to the Germans!
If Mr Jarosaw wasn't in Leon's taste..
spirnkle some blue stuff
and Leon will love him immediately.
Start with the PIN code.
Copy the data.
Get rid of them.
- Or they will murder us too.
- I'm not hiding the Jews.
on the Jesus Christ.
I swear.
Tomorrow they are going to get
on with the Jews in Jedwabne.
Are you coming with me?
The corridor...
And the basement?
Rewind, please.
The corridor.
What room is it?
Where is the spare key?
Hard dick has no conscience.
- I want to know why?
- You better go and dance...
This is the best wedding I've ever been to.
They drink, they are loud...
But even if I say a fucking word
it would be anti-Semitism.
Does this bird defile the nest
that defiles it,
Does he who does not allow
talking about it?
I am a Pole, so
I have Polish duties.
A nation that doesn't respect own past,
Does not deserve the respect
of the present
and has no right to a future.
The fucking stone doesn't burn well.
The barn must be made from wood.
Memory is a horrible thing.
But without memory the man is gone.
The little Jewish girl Hajka
Sold eggs.
How much for an egg?
One zloty.
She sold threads
and was a broke ass.
Look. This is an aqua-camera.
Great device.
You put an 8 mm cassette inside.
And you can film for 3 minutes.
German technology.
What is it?
A microphone.
Do you have sound?
The card lasts 9 hours.
9 hours?
Yes. Until the battery is fucking dead.
Fucking dead. Right.
Kasia, why are you crying?
He is saying that he works alone.
There are no copies either.
I would believe him.
They cut the fence to find
some Jewish treasures.
You are building the pigsty
on the skeletons.
Here is some water.
Some food.
Romek won't come back today.
What, Grandpa?
Bring me my photos and the letter.
Where was the synagogue?
Were you in love with her?
Was she in love with you?
Now we are even, Antek.
Bring them outside.
There is some work to do.
Come on!
No problem.
You've never told how your brother died.
There is no God!
I curse you, God!
I hate you!
I hate you!
I hate you!
I beg you!
Pack the pigs into the truck.
You told me once that when
a Jew survived the pogrom,
they would go to the ghetto.
They didn't have to hide in the pigsty.
The Shmul tailor,
and kids,
Mordechaj. I don't remember any more.
They all lie there.
That is how I call you every day.
When you read this letter,
I won't be here anymore.
if a man destroys a soul,
it's like he destroys the entire world.
but if he saves a life,
it's like he saves the entire world.
That is what Talmud says.
Rachela and her daughter Sara
died in the ghetto in oma.
I survived Auschwitz.
After the war I moved to Sweden.
I was ill
and I got married.
I never loved my husband.
I haven't
because there has been not a single day
that I wouldn't be thinking about you.
But every single day,
with all my strength
I have been trying to forget.
Your Lea.
We found something like this, boss.
Tell them to get the fuck out of here.
Hey! Get the fuck out of here!
No problem.
Kasia, I'm begging you!