West of Sunshine (2017) Movie Script

Did you pay Banos?
Did you?
Has he called you?
He's tried, alright?
What are you gonna do?
Race two, Ballarat.
That's your plan?
Are you serious?
Yes, I'm serious.
Instead of going on about
it, maybe you should put
a buck or two yourself.
Shit, answer it.
Where are you?
I'm driving.
You're meant to be here.
Yeah I know, I got
stuck in traffic, alright?
It's a bloody nightmare.
I told you, I wrote it down for you.
Yeah, I know, I'll be there.
Tell Alex I'm nearby.
You forgot, didn't you?
Of course I didn't.
Jimmy, I can't let you
do this to him anymore.
That's not what's happening here, OK?
I'll see you soon.
10 minutes!
We're gonna be late for work.
We'll be five minutes late.
What's Eva doing today,
could she look after Alex?
She's working a shift,
she's got the kids booked into daycare.
It's just impossible.
She looks really pissed off, Jimmy.
What is wrong with you.
I'm sorry I'm late, OK?
I can't have it, alright Jimmy?
Yeah, I said I'm sorry.
I don't want to have to
say this in front of Alex.
Well then, don't.
He didn't want to go with you today.
What are you talking about, he's fine.
He's not fine, Jimmy.
I will get every cent
back, I promise you.
The dogs?
The casino.
If it's not that, it's
blowing it on that stupid car.
Have a good day.
Get his haircut, will you?
He refuses to let me do it.
Please, get it cut.
And don't let him play
on your phone all day.
I can't get him off it.
You wanna start it, mate?
Come on, you gotta learn some day, eh?
Come on.
There you go.
Now, you gotta pump it twice before
you turn the key, alright?
Good, turn it.
It's good, huh?
Give it some.
Give it some more.
There, good.
We'll pick up something on the way, mate.
I'm starving, you?
Steve, egg and bacon?
It's gotta be quick.
I don't like Maccas.
Why not?
It's not very good for you.
Yeah, I know mate, but it's quick.
What do want, then?
An olive bread stick.
An olive bread stick,
where the hell am I gonna get
an olive bread stick from?
There you go, mate.
Thank you.
Olive bread stick.
So Alex, do you have a girlfriend?
A boyfriend?
Are you serious?
It's OK, Jimmy, I'm just asking.
What about that Charlotte girl?
Alex, rock, paper, scissors?
No, I'm OK.
Come on, mate, you're
not too old for it.
B, I was just about to call you.
It's school holidays you
know, I'm running around
like a blue ass fly.
I've got something on
that's gonna square this,
I promise ya.
It's happening today, B.
Then what mate, what is it?
I'll bring it into you, then.
I want fifteen on my desk
by the end of business today,
do you understand that?
Do you understand what
I'm saying to you, mate?
OK, I hear you, I do.
Look, I gotta go.
Is he coming?
He will be.
Why do you stick up for that bum?
I'm pretty sure I
still make the decisions
around here or have you forgotten that?
I think we should bring him in now.
I don't pay you to
think I pay you to do.
Go do as I tell you and
finish making my coffee.
Oh come on Jimmy, not a disabled park.
Let me worry about that, will ya?
What shifty doctor
did you get that from?
One that appreciates cars.
That's so disrespectful, Jimmy.
What's disrespectful is
people scratching my car.
Stop trying to make me look bad
in front of my kid, will ya?
You shouldn't do it, Dad.
Mate, when you love something this much,
you'll understand, alright?
Come on.
Jim, where've you been.
One of those mornings.
This must be Alex.
He looks just like you.
You better get going, he's not happy.
You should have left 25 minutes ago.
Yeah that orange flavored vodka.
You have a big night, boys?
Yeah, a little bit.
Oi, you got anything on today?
Nah, nothing on today.
You always got something on today, Jim.
You have a good run, ladies.
Jump up there, don't
touch anything, alright?
What's with the kid?
What do you mean?
You can't use our van if
you're taking him with you.
His name is Alex, Bill.
We're not insured for Alex,
so you can either go
home or use your own car.
I can't use my car, my car's a classic.
I'm not using it for deliveries.
I don't care what it is, work it out.
Otherwise, I get a driver
here to replace you, ASAP.
Where are you going?
I'll be right back.
I'm docking your pay.
Fucking miserable piece of shit,
with his dumb red hair.
I can't stand redheads, mate.
It's one thing you'll learn.
I should have stayed home.
Where are we going?
Just to a friend's
Oh, I've got some biscuits.
I hope you like these,
they're my favorites.
What do you say?
Thank you.
Mate, I gotta talk to
Jenny for a second, OK?
He looks just like you.
I have to admit I'm a
little surprised to see you.
I've been so busy at work,
I haven't been doing much at all.
Hey, whatever happened with that fella?
Nothing much.
He doesn't know what he's got
in front of him.
That's a nice thing to say.
You know, I've been meaning
to ask you something.
What do you mean?
You come here and we talk about things.
You leave and then you pop back up again.
Is that a bad thing?
Just can't work you out.
I just like talking to you, you know?
I know.
But that means something, doesn't it?
Yeah, it does but...
I can't do this.
I just,
I need a favor.
What is it?
Could you look after him for the day?
What about his mum?
She can't, she's working.
Thank you.
I'm not staying here.
Mate, it's just for a few hours.
I'm not staying with your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
I'm not fucking staying here!
Come here.
Don't you ever talk to me
like that again, OK?
You're gonna hurt him, get off of him.
You apologise, apologise to her, now!
Just stop!
That was unacceptable!
I saw you kissing.
She kissed me.
I'm telling Mum.
Mate, there is nothing to
tell your mother, alright?
Don't you dare tell your mother.
I didn't do anything.
You were going to leave me with her!
Are you there, are you?
You're here with me.
Jesus, she's just a friend OK?
I love your mother very much, mate.
You got that?
How good's that.
Twelve fifteen
Just wait here, OK?
What am I gonna do?
Here, play this.
Delivery, man.
Thank you.
And just sign that.
No probs.
Al, mate.
Alex, open the door.
Alex, can you please open the door?
Alex, open the door!
Open the door, Alex!
Open the fucking door!
It's gonna be a good day, I promise.
Two secs, mate, don't touch anything.
Hey mate
Cool, have a good day mate.
You too mate
Alex, get your hands out.
Hello, mate.
How are you, good?
You like peas?
You wanna try? Here.
Thank you.
Is everything alright, dear?
Hey, boy.
You alright?
Doesn't look it.
Why didn't you come last week.
I told you, I had something on,
I couldn't get out of it.
But you promised.
I know.
I'm sorry, OK?
Now, what's going on?
come on, mate, tell me.
What's going on?
I can't sleep.
You going to bed on time?
I see a man.
I see a man.
In my room
What does he look like?
I can't see his face but it
scares me, so I can't sleep.
I used to have bad dreams.
When I was a kid.
The doctor said I had an
over active imagination.
It didn't help though.
What were you scared of?
I thought I was gonna
be taking by vampires.
I was so sure of it that I
would practice being frozen
so they'd think I was dead.
And then your grandpa, he said to me:
Vampires hated the sun.
And that in my dreams, I should
turn myself into the sun,
and they would melt away.
Did they?
Yeah, they did.
Where's Grandpa now?
I don't know, mate.
When did you last see him?
When I was about your age.
Good morning.
Oh, is that my material?
Feels soft.
Is this your son?
You know how many times I told your dad
I'd make him a shirt.
Next time, I promise.
That's what he always says.
What about me?
Yeah, I can do that.
Come on, mate, we gotta go.
Actually, I got some spare on a roll.
Can I?
Honestly, I'm probably
gonna throw it away.
Can it be quick.
Just gonna do your arm now.
Just relaxing.
Just relax your elbow.
Yep, there you go.
Twenty one.
You're done, my man.
Al, can I have my phone?
Just a second.
Come on, mate, I gotta call Steve.
Just a sec, OK, I need
to finish this level.
Hurry up, I can't keep him waiting.
Just wait, OK?
- Don't just wait, OK.
- Give me the phone!
Pick it up.
I was in the middle of a game.
Alex, can you please pick up the phone?
You made me stuff it up!
Yeah well, I asked you nicely.
Couldn't you have just waited?
Who's phone is it?
Who's car is it?
No, it's mine, now pick
up the goddamn phone!
Thank you.
Hey, where are you?
Well, hurry up or you'll miss it.
Want a drink or something?
You sure?
What are you playing?
Run Zombies.
Run Zombies, Jesus.
Don't you have something
else you can play with?
Sammy, you got the cards, mate?
Give me that.
I'm gonna show you a game, OK?
You ever heard of black jack?
- No.
- No, alright.
The aim is to get as
close to 21 as possible
without going over it.
For example:
that's fifteen, yeah?
So kings, queens, jacks, they're all ten.
Aces are either ones or elevens.
So my suggestion is,
you take another card.
Three, that's oh, that's eighteen.
That's pretty good, that's nice.
I gotta get over eighteen
but under twenty one to win.
Alright, so if I were you,
I'd sit on that because
you probably won't get a one, two or three
with the next one, you understand?
Yep, so can I have another card?
Yeah, you can, but you'll
probably go over twenty one.
How do you know?
Because the odds are against you, mate.
But can I try?
Yeah, you can try but we're not
betting against anything real, you know?
So you're not feeling the
card, you gotta feel it.
Imagine we're betting for that
soccer ball that you love,
would you take the card or leave it?
What would happen if
I went over twenty one?
You lose the ball, mate.
But I love that ball.
But what if I win?
You get another one, a brand new one.
So you want the card or not?
You sure, 100%.
You're in?
Bum buuuum
It's my ball now.
Lucky we're not playing for real, huh?
You wanna play again?
Have I missed it?
Are you sure about this?
100 percent.
How can you be so sure?
I just know.
OK well, how do you know?
I mean there's like 20 horses up there.
Jesus, are you trying to jinx me?
There's never anything good
as a dead set certainty,
but this one here, this is
as close as it gets, mate.
So, are you sure?
Are you gonna put any
money on this or what?
Yeah, seventy five, that's all I got.
Are you serious?
It's as much as I can afford to lose.
Seventy five.
Are you good?
Do you need a hand?
Big one's ours, mate.
That a boy.
Come on, eleven.
Come on, Maddalena!
Get out of there!
Come on.
Come on, Maddalena!
Go, go.
Go, you donkey, go!
Now, kick it home!
- Maddalena!
- Maddalena!
Yes, Maddalena!
Oh, oh yes.
Oh, you did it.
Look at that.
Go, Maddalena.
Look at me.
All good?
Cashed it straight away.
Fifteen to pay back my loan.
And this four, this four thousand
is for you, me and your mom.
I still can't believe it.
I told you, I told you, didn't I?
Yeah I know Jimmy, I don't
know what to say but, you know.
At your service.
I've got a few more rounds to do, right,
and you've got to make
that delivery, yeah?
Yeah, absolutely.
Come on, let's have something
to eat first though, yeah?
How about we just meet at
the depot after work, right?
And we can celebrate then, easy.
Alright, done.
Yeah alright, I'll see you later.
Alright, see ya.
And you, order anything you want, alright?
Anything at all.
I gotta make a quick call.
Where are ya?
I'm about to have a great big lunch.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
Yeah, bullshit mate.
I got it in my hands right now.
I'll send you a photo then.
Ha ha.
Ha ha.
Jimmy, you listening? No photos.
Jimmy! Jimmy.
Fucking stupid.
Well don't ever do that again.
Now, when are you coming in?
I'll be there about two.
I told B, I told you, it's
gonna be alright, mate.
Yeah well, just get here, OK?
Just fucking get here Jimmy.
She's out to twelves
you know, she's my friend.
I'm thinking of her at night and then,
I'm sitting in some shit
pub in Ballarat or wherever.
And I read that she's racing
again and I'm like fuck this!
Fuck this shit, you owe me!
You owe me, you little shit.
And then suddenly, bang!
I'm back, yes?
Hey, I need to see ya.
What did you win?
Fourteen hundred.
I need it.
Jim, that money is already spent.
I got bills, I gotta get
new beds for the kids,
I just can't do that to them.
How about this, right?
Give me a thousand, you keep the 400,
I'll fix you up next
week, I promise, mate.
We're mates, right?
I said I can't do that.
If you ask me again, I'm not gonna wanna
see you anymore.
You understand?
Do you have anything you
can sell, like anything?
I got nothing.
I'm sorry for asking but I have to.
I feel so stupid.
Don't do that.
It's how I feel.
I'm sorry.
I can't be this for you anymore.
Someone that you would use.
That's not what this is.
Then how could you ask
me something like that?
'Cause I fucked up.
I think you should leave.
It's a beauty.
How many owners?
Just two, me and my father.
You're kidding.
Bought her off the floor.
Has it been in an accident,
been re-sprayed or anything?
No, it's totally original.
No accident, not a bolt touched.
Have it checked out.
You know, this is how
they want them these days,
you know that?
I didn't know.
It's definitely one for collectors.
So, you wanna buy it?
Well, it's no good to the yard.
Why don't you, ah, sell it privately?
I gotta get rid of it today.
What do you want?
I don't know
you'd be lucky to get one
for under $35,000 now.
Yeah, that's a little rich for me.
Mate, I've serviced it myself.
I've got the books, the papers,
you will not see one like
this again, I promise ya.
I'll give you twenty.
Twenty eight.
Twenty two.
Twenty six.
Twenty five and that's my final offer.
OK, I want it in cash.
I'll need about 20 minutes to get it.
I'll get the paper work for the transfers.
My wife's gonna kill me, you know.
But my kids, will think
I'm a bloody legend.
Ha ha ha!
Hey, where are you going?
We had a deal!
No way, mate!
No way, not for him!
He was so angry!
Ha, ha, ha, too bad!
Yeah, too bad.
There's always a way, mate.
Always a way.
He's late.
I'm well aware of the time, Chris.
Go to his house, if he's
not there, go to his work.
If you find him, bring him here.
And if you don't find him straight away,
just come back.
I mean, who knows, he may just turn up.
Hey, is Mel in?
Can I ask your name?
Yeah it's Jim, she knows me.
Yeah, just one second.
Hey love.
I had no idea who she was talking about.
Come here.
I can't believe I'm looking at you.
This can't be who I think it is.
Yep, he's grown.
You know last time I saw you,
I think you were this high.
I reckon that would be about right.
That can't be good.
Kids change things, huh?
Yeah, the party certainly stops.
Yeah, they change
stuff, that's for sure.
How's that, um,
beautiful woman of yours?
[She's good.
She's OK.
You're still working on cars?
I'm a courier now.
That's different.
I had to get off the tools, you know?
What about you?
This is alright?
Yeah, apart from school
holidays kicking my ass.
Try running a business with these guys.
Hey Al, go and have a play
with them for a sec mate.
You're not a cop, are you Jimmy?
Jesus, Mel.
I haven't seen you in
years and you just pop in.
Mel, come on.
No, I'm not a bloody cop, OK?
Good, 'cause I got a family, now.
Yeah, I know.
I can see 'em,
you know. So do I,
that's why we haven't...
I've lost touch with everyone.
You know, you get caught up.
First few years are just nappies and...
Tell me about it.
Alex had gastro one time right.
It's three AM and he's spewed all over me.
There's bloody vomit everywhere,
it's all I can smell.
Two years of daycare, I
don't even wanna tell you.
I need a loan.
It's just for a couple of weeks,
I promise ya.
How much?
Jimmy, that's a lot of money.
When do you need it?
I need it now.
Today, sometime.
I can't.
I can't.
I was meant to be out today but I'm stuck
with these guys here.
If you can do some deliveries for me,
I can take care of you.
I can't, I've got Alex with me.
They're regulars, it's run of the mill.
Do you reckon I'll make it?
I reckon.
You in?
Wait a sec.
OK, it's mainly one gram, a half ounce
to an ounce bags mixed
together to cover you.
I'll text you the addresses
and everything else you need
is in the bag.
Come on, mate.
Can I get you something for the road?
No, no, we're fine, thank you.
Can I get these boys some spanakopita
to go, please?
What do you say, mate?
Thank you.
You're welcome sweetie.
Talk soon.
I told you to wait outside, come on.
Get out of my fucking life!
Fuck off!
Shut up!
Piece of fucking shit, fuck off!
Who are you?
You want it?
Dad, do you still have
my Barca soccer ball?
Yeah, it's at home.
Can we get it?
We gotta keep moving.
But you always forget it.
I'll bring it next time, alright?
I promise.
It was the one Mom got me.
I know.
Can you stop doing that?
The ball.
Just practicing.
Do you have to do it in the car?
It's not my fault that I'm stuck
in here all day.
Yeah, I'm bored.
What, with me?
Yeah, I'm bored and sick of being stuck
in this stupid car all day!
I'm sick of you too!
I'm sick of your attitude,
the way you talk to me!
I'm sick of you playing that
piss weak game for girls!
What are you doing?
I was nowhere near it.
I was on the road!
I wasn't gonna hit ya.
I was on the fucking road
and you were moving!
Fuck off!
Come on, jump in the car.
I'm not going anywhere with you!
Look, I'm sorry for what I said, OK?
It's not a game for girls!
I like soccer and I
like being around boys!
Yeah, it's OK, mate.
You do what you like,
that is all I care about.
I'm sorry, mate.
It's red and blue and says Barca on it.
I know mate.
I know.
This joint's a shit hole.
It stinks like your place.
Shut up, idiot.
Fuck it, we're not gonna find anything.
[Should we wait for him?
Nah, let's get out of here.
Yeah, he's not here.
What do you want us to do?
That place was filthy.
That was a fucking shit hole that joint.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
Did you get my ball?
I couldn't son.
Why not?
I just couldn't, alright!?
You wanna play on my phone?
Mate, I couldn't get the ball.
You lost it didn't you?
Then why couldn't you get it?
I can't explain.
You lost it.
I saw someone that I
didn't want to speak to.
Just a neighbor that I don't like.
there are gonna be times when
I can't explain everything
Can I come?
Do you want a chocolate?
No thanks.
We've always kept
chocolate in the house.
Sometimes it was hidden
but it was always here.
Is he OK?
Yeah, he'll be OK.
There's not much more the
doctors can do for him.
That's not enough.
That's how much I
was told it would cost.
I just deliver.
How much am I short?
I can't.
OK, I'm sorry.
we gotta go.
Come on mate, go. Go.
What is it she needs?
What kind of vitamins?
Just health stuff.
Vitamin C, what's in
orange juice, you know?
It helps him.
You know what, I'm hungry, you hungry?
Let's eat.
Hey, mate.
Can I get two ham and
cheese toasties and...
Here's your sandwiches.
Alex! What are you doing?
What are doing?
Open your mouth, did any go in your mouth?
No, get off!
Come here.
Open your mouth.
Hey, stop it, open your mouth.
Turn around, turn around.
What's going on?
Nothing, he's fine,
mind your own business.
Is he OK?
Yeah, he's alright.
You're alright, you're alright
Jesus, what the fuck is this?
Just give me a minute.
Mate I'm gonna call the cops,
get the fuck out of here, now!
Get out!!
Go, go!
We're not delivering vitamins, are we?
No mate, we're not.
Then what are they?
They're drugs.
How much did you lose?
Jimmy, after I take out for the loss...
It's OK.
It's OK.
Hey, how much longer are you gonna be
on the breaks?
Twenty minutes.
I need you to start on
the statesman already!
Fuck you, Jimmy.
Fuck you.
We home.
I've just gotta drop off some packages.
Hey, there they are.
Hey listen, I was about to go home but,
you want to get a drink or something?
No, it's fine.
Hey Alex, just stay here
for a minute, will ya?
I left something in the car.
Alright, cool.
I'm drowning and you
wouldn't even know you...
I almost lost him today.
Where are you?
Did you get it?
You jump in, mate, I'll drop it off.
Can I cut yours?
I gotta see some friends for a minute.
You can't come out.
Why not?
Mate, it's a bit tricky.
Are these men bad?
Promise me.
OK, I promise.
Can I play on your phone?
It's dead.
I won't be long, OK?
You're late?
What the hell did you do to your hair?
I got it cut.
Yeah, you need to get
yourself a new barber.
Where's my money?
What's this?
It's a down payment.
You showed me the
money, you sent me a pic,
where is it?
I lost it.
You lost it?
I was thinking I could win some more.
Yeah, of course you did.
Fuck, this is all my fault.
I'm responsible because I let you fucking
get away with it, I'm an idiot.
No, that's not what it is, B.
All day I've been
thinking, how many years
have I been looking out for you, huh?
You learn your trade
here, I give you a job,
take you in like family,
like a fucking brother!
I know that.
And now this!
I know.
You know what shit I've got on my head
because of you?
I'm sorry.
And what am I suppose
to do with 500 bucks?
Am I suppose to lose
everything because of you?
There's nothing I can do.
It's yours!
I said stop!
It's yours.
It'll cover the debt and more.
We square?
Yeah, we're square.
'Cause you'll never see again.
Jimmy, I said we're square.
I'm done.
Here, change.
What happened to your hair?
Dad cut it.
And yours?
Al cut it.
What are you doing with that bike?
We rode it here.
Where's the car?
I sold it.
You what?
It's gone.
How was your day?
It was the best day ever.
I've got to go inside
and put some dinner on.
You, get straight in the shower.