Westerland (2012) Movie Script

No thanks, I don't smoke.
Shit, it's cold.
We could go in.
- Too many people.
Do you know them all?
- Yes.
They're sort of my family.
I've still got your bag.
- Keep it for me.
Well, fine... I'd better go inside.
I'm meeting friends later at my place.
Have fun.
This one needs one, too.
- This one?
Yes, please.
- That one is okay.
I guess that's the lot.
Let's knock off.
Sort of like...
Rupert, come on!
Well, then I'll go ahead.
Great song. What does it mean?
I drank raki...
Raki? Oh, right.
- ... I drank wine,
and I partied.
Like it!
- Yes.
What do you do?
My mother thinks
I'm at drama college.
But I'm not.
She'll find out sooner or later.
I'm scared about that.
And what do you want to do?
Don't know yet.
And you?
I like what I do.
Shovelling rubbish?
I'm doing a school- leaving certificate
in the evenings.
Then I want to study landscape design
as a correspondence course.
Landscape design, yeah?
It would suit you.
The mess doesn't bother me.
Yes, but you don't live here.
Want to get us something to eat?
If you're paying. I'm broke.
You still have 20 euros.
- I do?
Didn't you borrow them this morning?
- I've no idea what you mean.
What should I get you?
Shall we watch a film?
What film?
- You know Roland Klick's "Supermarket"?
- Legenda no traduzida -
Never heard of it.
You don't know "Supermarket"?
So what if I don't?
You want that?
No, help yourself.
- Yes.
Do you always turn the sound off?
What's with the weird colours?
I've no idea what you mean.
The colours are weird.
It's a 70s film.
Maybe that's why.
Can we watch something else?
You work nights or what?
You can come up with me.
I was just returning your things.
what things?
The ones harmed.
What did you borrow?
- Things I'm wearing.
You can keep them.
- Yes.
I'm off to bed.
- Okay.
You can stay over if you want.
- I have to go home.
Whatever you say.
Okay, then I'm coming along.
What are you drinking, Jesus?
The table's set.
I'll go ahead, then.
Yes, help yourselves.
Is Jesus your real name?
It was a real cross to me as a child.
And the job creation scheme
made me study carpentry.
It was all they had on offer.
But I'd rather be an actor
or a stuntman an.
Tuncay used to act.
- Dearest...
Do you know "The Robbers"?
- Who?
You do know Schiller?
- Know who?
Tell him to do some reading, Cem!
Tuncay was cast as Schufterle,
the youngest and least competent robber.
- Legenda no traduzida -
When his line finally came up,
he got a fit of the giggles on stage.
- It was funny.
Do you know, Schufterle,
how many lives have been lost?
Eighty- three, they say.
The powder- magazine alone
blew 60 to smithereens.
As I chanced to
pass by a dwelling,
I heard a great
clamour within.
I looked in and what did
I see by the light within?
A child.
Fresh and ruddy it was.
It was lying on the
oor under a table.
Poor little wretch! said
I, you'll catch your death,
and threw it
into the ames!
Take a seat. Go
on, take a seat.
A child.
Fresh and ruddy it was.
It was lying
on the oor...
under a table.
Nice evening.
Where's the blow- up
mattress? - It's punctured.
No problem, I'll
take the oor.
I think I drank
too much. - Yeah?
You have to chuck?
We'll see.
Don't you have work?
- Weekend?
What do you want to do?
- I've no idea.
You bit me,
look at my hand!
You've torn it to shreds.
I'll kill you, you
witch! I'll kill you!
Halim, Halim, Halim. Please,
please. Don't do it!
Take the knife away.
Why are you doing that?
Because I'm nauseous.
I don't believe you.
Don't touch me!
Not being fat is
definitely advantageous.
But you aren't fat.
I'm not?
You're not, no.
Pay attention,
I'll start over.
Our memories
still hold tight
All we loved
from childhood on
Our village, where
we attended school,
Our high- lying fields, meadows,
cliff- side paths,
Each way...
we ran along,
Each route leading
through the meadow
And here it comes:
The dolmens
where we burnt
our bonfires
Everything is as it
should be. Now you're up.
memories... still
hold tight
Come on.
It's kind of eerie.
It looks nice, but
it's kind of eerie.
Are you guys hungry?
Let me have a try!
No,just some of that.
I just want a try.
Try it. Doesn't
taste bad.
- No, thanks.
You sure? And you?
Are you afraid of Aegir?
I've no idea
who you mean.
You don't know Aegir?
- So what if I don't?
Aegir is a sea giant.
He hunts all who
go out to sea,
makes ships
and eats the whole crew.
But you want
to sail anyway?
Shall we watch a film?
What do you
want to watch?
I like what you like.
How about a silent film?
Well, feeling better now?
Yes. I'm feeling great.
Where is it,
where's your fat?
Where's your fat?
- Quit it!
Fine, no problem... but
where's your fat? Where?
Where? Show me. Well?
Where's your
fat? You're all bone.
All bone.
Can you tell me?
Don't squash, chop!
I am.
I'll show you.
In the bowl.
- The onions go in the bowl.
And now?
- Tomatoes.
- Dice them.
Know what I don't get?
I think you're putting me on.
- I don't follow you.
- Legenda no traduzida -
No? I hate it when
people take the piss.
What's your problem?
- I didn't mean to, honest.
Why my brother has anything
to do with you... Tania!
Hold this.
Coming boozing?
You're not your self.
Hey, Jesus.
Stoned again, yeah?
Hello, Erol.
I'm splitting.
No need.
Your brother's
really terrifying.
He almost chopped
my finger off.
I swear it.
You're stoned.
- No, I'm not.
Why are you lying?
- I'm not.
Just admit it. - what?
I can't stand it
when you're stoned.
I'm not!
Do you visit the
mainland much?
Why bother?
This is my home.
You can't do landscape
design if this is all you know.
- Legenda no traduzida -
Maybe we'll go over
together some time.
Yes. - 200 euros
are missing.
Did you take them?
- Why would I?
Morning. -
Hello. - Morning.
- Legenda no traduzida -
Tania, help him.
What's on the menu?
Hey, Jesus.
- Hey.
You well?
- Fine, I love the job.
Don't you like the job?
I like it fine.
- You sure?
Here, Tuncay.
Been near the till, Jesus?
- Tuncay!
- Legenda no traduzida -
No, why? - 200
euros are missing.
I probably just miscounted.
- Not by 200 euros.
You've no proof.
- Keep out of it!
But I didn't do it!
Will you let him be?
I don't want him
working here. That's it.
We could sort this out.
- I already have.
But I didn't do it!
You're such an asshole.
- Watch it! - Cem, please.
- Legenda no traduzida -
Hold it.
I tried to cut your
name into my skin.
You scare me.
- Don't worry.
I'll look after you.
Look after yourself.
What's this then?
Sorry but it's inedible.
- What's that?
Eat what's on your plate!
It's not fair,
you're stronger.
Can you see it yet?
- See what?
- Cem, it's me.
What's up, Erol?
- What's wrong, mate?
I'm ill.
- So what, open up.
No, I feel shit,
I sleep all day.
- I don't believe you.
I'll call you.
Training's over?
Hey, Cem.
Will you let me in?
I don't know...
Oh, yeah, sure. Come in.
Don't worry, I
won't stay long.
I just wanted to
see how you're doing.
Hello Jesus.
- Hello.
Want some tea?
I can get it myself and
you can go back to bed.
Don't worry, I've got it.
Did Cem infect you, too?
You seem to be
feeling better.
Sit down, throw the
things on the oor.
School's started
again, right?
I hope you don't
miss too much.
Is someone helping
you keep up?
It's fine...
Jesus, get up now.
Leave him be.
- I don't like it.
You're not sick, right?
No. You won't tell?
Hey, do you have
a bit of grass?
Don't give him any.
I don't have any.
Doesn't matter.
I'm in training.
He's doing push- ups
and sit- ups.
All fighters do.
I can teach
you taekwondo.
Is it an offensive weapon?
- Depends on you.
I certainly need
an offensive weapon.
I'm off again.
You can stay.
- No.
I just wanted to see
if you two need help.
Take care. Let me know...
about the taekwondo.
- Sure.
You shouldn't
lie to Rupert.
Yes, I know.
We're doing an outing this
weekend. You two should join us.
We'll see.
Do me the favour. It's time
you made up with Tuncay.
- Legenda no traduzida -
I promise.
Will you ask Erol, too?
- Yes.
Take care.
How did the other one go?
You mean "seni
How was it again?
- Seni seviyorum.
And the other one?
You all right?
And Jesus?
We're doing fine.
- Honest?
About what I said, I...
You know. - what
do I know?
apologising to you both.
No trouble.
You don't hold
it against me?
It's fine.
Jesus can work with
us again if he likes.
No, it's all right.
I mean it, it'd be fine.
Yeah, I heard you.
Nice cup of coffee.
Warm up ab.
With a nice shot.
Nice and hot.
Help yourself.
Who made them?
I made them, enjoy.
Then they're bound to be bad.
- Erol!
How's your friend?
He has a problem with
food. Amongst other things.
I don't know
what you mean.
You don't want to talk about him?
- No.
Cem, I can't cover you for
missing so much work.
You're risking
everything you moron.
Jesus, look, we live in a dump.
- Clean the shit up if it bugs you.
You can help.
You know it's
against the rules.
It's great to break
rules together.
Why don't you trust me?
I do trust you.
No, you don't.
Yes I do.
Will you give
me a blowback?
What did you dream?
Tell me.
You were swimming
in the sea.
How could I have been?
Let's go, Jesus!
Don't watch me.
Are you a believer?
I like the rituals.
I mean, do you believe in
anything that's above all else?
I don't know. I
don't think so.
What's wrong?
Tell me what's wrong.
I thought you
believed in us.
I thought you
meant, you know,
religion or...
It won't work out if
only one of us believes.
Where are you going?
I have to shop.
I have to visit Tuncay
and help him out.
I'll hurry, don't worry.
Well? What's new in
the realm of darkness?
What are you on about?
Can't party no more?
Is partying all you
have in your mind?
Sorry, I didn't mean it.
No trouble, mate.
You're allowed
out tonight?
Open the door!
Open the door, damn it!
Jesus, open the door!
Why do you lock the door?
You weren't here.
I cooked us something.
The bathroom looks great.
It can be cleaned up.
The knife!
- Chill out.
I'll do that
for you, okay?
Give me the knife.
What are you scared of?
- I'm not scared.
Know what?
You think you're
my saviour or what?