Western (2017) Movie Script

- I wanted to get there tomorrow night.
- That wasn't going to happen.
We couldn't have known about customs.
It'd be a miracle
if they didn't question something.
Food's here.
I've lost my appetite.
Guys, come get your keys.
- Keys?
- First come, first served.
What are you doing here?
Where are you going?
- How come?
- Work.
Work? You can work in Germany.
How many cards?
I can say what I need, right?
17 and four.
I'm dead anyway!
Shit, the whole road's blocked.
It's all over the ground.
Great, more extra work.
More trees up there, Vincent?
Come on. We've got other stuff to do.
- This'll set us back again.
- Oh, well.
Hey, newbie.
Just getting the guys a drink.
You got skills or not?
What do you need?
Show me what you've got.
You been away on a job before?
Not abroad.
You a wise guy?
I'm here to earn money.
Here you go. Everyone helps themselves.
Just serve it.
- Who washed the dishes?
- Good question.
Who washed these?
- Can our Russian give us a lesson?
- You're our translator.
If I want to talk to a girl.
- A girl?
- Right, exactly.
- How so?
- Don't lick it.
How do I say "Hi" to her nicely?
How would you... I can translate...
- Just a nice "hello."
- Then you say nicely,
Can't talk to a woman like that.
Who knows when I'll get to the village?
I thought Sunday was our swim day.
Pass the ashtray, I want a smoke.
- I'd love to go shooting here.
- With a bow and arrow?
No, for real.
With a G36 or something.
I bet they've got one in the village.
What would you shoot at?
What is there left to shoot up in Bulgaria?
Everything's already busted.
This isn't the Foreign Legion.
- They wouldn't let you in anyway.
- And they'd let you in?
It's not for weaklings.
- It's sink or swim.
- And you'd be in Africa now.
War is war, life is life.
You can't just lump them together.
Brief overview.
The fish ladder's going there.
The sluices go here.
It's all marked out. Turbines there.
Problem is, the river's in the wrong place.
We'll do some leveling.
We'll extend the natural embankment.
- And the road?
- Right.
- That'll happen when the water's gone.
- I have to get my equipment in here.
- You want that river gone?
- Yeah, so we can bring it around here.
We have to block it up there.
- What materials should we use?
- Anything here.
Put your cigarette out.
On your marks, get set, mount!
I thought this could be the flagpole.
If we lengthen it.
Know what I mean?
Which corner?
The inside would be best.
If it's outside, it might tip over.
It has to go on the outside.
- I don't believe it.
- What?
- Have you gone totally nuts?
- Yeah, we have.
Or else we wouldn't be here, right?
Have you considered the locals?
We do nothing else.
We're building them a water power plant.
Looks awesome.
Muggy, right?
The heat kills you.
My jam will make you guys lick the jar clean.
What's going on here?
What are you doing?
Are you from up there?
I don't understand you.
I bet he's one of the Germans.
- This land...
- Jens?
Put the knife away.
- ...is Georgi's.
- Put it away.
Don't you know this is Georgi's land?
The nut trees...
the plums...
- I don't understand you guys!
- What are you doing here?
Man, oh man...
They were after something.
Like scouts, you know? Really!
Checking things out, seeing who we are...
I didn't understand them. Sorry.
They weren't necessarily hostile,
but we should watch out.
Marcel! We're going this way!
Why can't you listen?
I said this way!
Dumbass, get that thing out of there!
This sucks.
Jens, what's up?
Can you bring us a few beers?
You're getting on my nerves.
- Know what I'm doing?
- Bringing me a beer?
- Going for a swim.
- You forgot something.
I don't think so.
Meinhard, throw me a beer!
Can you do it?
Just what I wanted to see! You deserve it!
You shouldn't have moved.
Freshened up now?
Tommy, you should've kept drifting.
I would've fished you out at the site.
Look, a Fata Morgana.
Where did they come from?
- Take it off!
- Nice and slow!
Real slow.
Look at that.
Hot stuff.
Here's your beer.
Tommy, watch this.
Vincent, get it!
Go for it!
We've got the hat, at least.
My lady.
Come and get it.
Can I have my hat back?
What do you want?
Give her the hat.
What is this? Come here.
Give her the hat.
Come on, give me my hat!
You're right. Come and get it.
Viara, be careful!
Look at that.
Son of a bitch, give me my hat.
You pig!
Quit jerking her around and give her the hat.
Yes, Mom.
Enough. Give me my hat.
No! Viara! No!
Vincent, what are you doing?
Come back!
Sure, you're all smarter.
You went a bit too far, huh?
Isn't the heat driving you crazy?
- Not yet.
- Get a hat.
- I've got one down below.
- I'm heading up.
- Get the machine out of the sun.
- Alright.
I want to go that way, not that way.
You can't beat me.
They're mine.
- I've got...
- What?
No, no.
You. Cigarette?
I don't have any.
Where are you from?
Where's this guy from? You know him?
We're getting acquainted.
I just asked for a cigarette.
Sophisticated people, educated!
Bravo, you two.
Having a nice chat with the German.
- We're telling the guy...
- After I refused him a cigarette.
I'm telling him there used to be Germans here.
There used to be, but...
They're civilized, decent.
He's clearly not one of the decent ones.
Come on, give the man a cigarette.
During the war, they were orderly and neat.
And honest! Always honest and upright...
- One. No more.
- Thank you.
Because of them. Otherwise you'd get nothing.
It won't happen again. Let him have a smoke.
The Germans...
put homemade lamps
on the backs of donkeys
lit them and sent the donkeys along the border
between Bulgaria and Greece.
The Greeks aimed their rifles.
The donkey walked on.
The Germans came from behind.
And attacked. Bang, bang, bang. Finished.
The horse is Adrian's.
Where living?
What does he want?
He says it's his horse.
- It's your uncle's.
- What's up?
Vanko, let's take the horse and go.
Get down.
Vanko, let's take it and go.
- Why are you giving it to him?
- Maybe he spoke to my uncle.
- Get the horse.
- What do you want me to do?
- Nice.
- Maybe as a cutlet, yeah.
Where did you get him?
Unbelievable, dude!
Don't you think someone's looking for it?
It's a beast, right?
I used to braid my sister's hair.
Want us to leave you guys alone?
Is it ladies' night or something?
Come on, don't be like that.
We know you have a dick.
Hey, it's Helmut.
I'll use the rubber band from the fish bag.
- What? You washed your hands, right?
- Yes.
I wouldn't forget your birthday. You know me.
- Do you use conditioner and all?
- The whole works.
- It gets real soft.
- I know.
I'd love hair like that.
- Quit fidgeting!
- Alright.
We got cut off in the middle of the call.
- I'll try again tomorrow.
- A "snap!"
He heard something.
Something snapped again.
They see us, but we can't see them.
Two options:
Either we make lots of noise or we creep up.
- Someone coming with me?
- Yeah.
One's enough.
Two guys, up there!
They're running away!
The lights are gone, huh?
Look at that: civilization.
There are guys over there.
Party central.
There's another one.
Signs of life.
- Let's go back to the square.
- To take another look.
These villages are like time travel, right?
Going back in time.
More villagers.
Now they know we're here.
We're back!
Only took 70 years...
Man, what kind of place is this?
What's this?
Doesn't look like a bunker or a cowshed.
Come on.
Pedal to the metal!
You mean Krassi?
Yeah, call him.
Give it here.
Hi, Krassi. Sorry to call so late.
It's important, brother.
You can't say "No."
We have to do it tonight.
Tomorrow is too late.
Buddy, listen...
Isn't the camp...?
You're about to meet a German. A hitch-hiker.
Says he's from the camp.
I thought he was fleeing across the border!
We're coming over.
Greece is right there.
That's the border. Aren't you scared?
- There are refugees.
- No understand.
Machine guns.
Soldiers, soldiers!
Me too... Soldier.
Me, soldier.
- You?
- Me, soldier.
- Lgionnaire?
- Lgionnaire.
You a killer?
Have you killed anyone?
They forbade him to talk about it.
Of course.
Krassi, what's up?
What's up.
I'm worried.
Let's go.
We're going.
Where did you find him?
The flag's gone.
That's not funny.
- What?
- Did you take the flag down or what?
Very funny. Are you messing with us?
No way.
Someone must've been here.
So how did you get back here so quickly?
My inner compass told me the way.
He's the guy we picked up.
Me speak German.
You knowing girl
from our village?
What you doing with this girl?
- Flirt or what?
- Me?
Viara was in the river.
Her hat fell off.
You also in there?
Not me.
Where did you find him?
A co-worker. Find out the name.
That co-worker in this village:
big problem, my friend.
Alright, guys?
You wanted to see me.
I'm Adrian.
And you?
You like the horse?
Nice stones. Where'd you get them?
Hey, Lgionnaire!
Vanko on the horse, super!
He'll teach you to ride.
You, jockey. Learn from professional.
Hi, guys.
I'm a bit late.
Were you on guard duty?
Everything okay with the equipment?
No one was there, right?
- Who would've been there?
- Well...
we don't do it for nothing. Oh, well.
- Have a good night.
- You too.
- See you tomorrow.
- Sweet dreams.
I need to sleep, too. Early start.
Good night.
We need at least six truckloads.
Guys, can I get some help?
Because I say so.
We're busy!
- Can't you manage a little dish washing?
- Call that a little?
But that's not how it is, Jrgen.
Are you here or am I?
This isn't what we signed up for.
I don't know what to do with the guys.
We don't even have drinking water.
I know we're behind.
Let's do that.
OK, talk soon.
Hey, it's me.
It's not going so well.
Honey, we talked about this.
Your own apartment?
You found another guy or what?
Let's try one more time.
I'll be back.
Let's see.
To the left!
You're a Lgionnaire?
Trick. Show me a trick.
Your legs.
Every stone has its place, okay? Go on.
Like he understands you!
Give him a smaller stone.
You put them down and I'll choose them.
A memento of your time here.
Take it.
Face! Gulzet face, Meinhard face.
- Adrian face.
- Face.
- The stone, also face.
- Well.
- Water.
- To drink.
- Voda.
- "Voda," yes.
Hit it hard.
Don't be gentle. It can't feel.
Why here "voda,"
but not in camp?
There's no water in the camp? The system.
- It alternates.
- Water. For tobacco.
- The tobacco's being harvested.
- Ah, tobacco.
Cigarette? Break?
First work, then fun.
First work. Germans only working.
- Want a break?
- You taught him well.
Where is your co-workers?
- Camp.
- Camp?
Doing what? Sleeping? Work done?
cellphone and...
- Enjoying the sun.
- Freedom.
Another question: what do you call a truck?
Truck, yeah?
A 40-ton truck.
- How much?
- 40 tons.
40 tons?
- Water?
- You need 40 tons or...?
No, we ordered. Gravel.
- They ordered 40 tons of gravel.
- Gravel! Small stones.
- But it hasn't arrived.
- Why?
- Adrian, where can you get gravel?
- I only have big stones.
- Adrian knows everything.
- Tell him about the quarries.
- Adrian knows more...
- No gravel here.
On the road,
five kilometers away,
is his quarry.
Wait for me.
I'll be right back.
Look after him!
Do you have a napkin?
Shall I bring you one,
or will you get them yourself?
Like that.
- Stick.
- Stick.
Ask if he likes it spicy.
- If he likes what?
- Spicy peppers.
How should I?
In the salad, do you like spicy peppers?
Spicy peppers?
- He doesn't.
- But I've chopped them already.
Adrian's coming back.
With everyone else.
We'd better finish up.
This Russia?
- Russian?
- Russian.
- Remnants of communism.
- Good truck.
Good quality.
- Super!
- Good motor.
Super modern.
We'll understand each other.
That's the valve.
For the water.
Left. Right.
Adrian has water. Meinhard, no water.
Meinhard has water. Adrian, no water.
Ah, lever.
- Face.
- Face.
There's energy up there.
For fighting.
Up there, on the head.
On the face.
Wait for me here.
Some business.
- Forget it.
- There are No friends in business.
Where did he come from?
A German bodyguard falls from the sky.
Come on, go.
Come on.
I'd have thought the caretaker could fix it,
but it's just not happening.
If this goes on, our work will be a disaster.
Look who it is.
- Where'd you get that?
- Greetings from the village.
- You been making liquor all day?
- Which barn did you find it in?
Come on, serve the hooch.
What is it?
- What's it called?
- Rakia.
Rakia? Raki or what?
Have you tried it? Can you gargle with it?
Here's to your village!
What's the village like? They got water?
Water? What for? We have raki.
But we can't use rakia to mix concrete.
There's not enough water.
It's shared between three villages.
There's a lever and the water gets rationed.
What kind of lever?
Want to steal the water?
If we have to.
I wouldn't call it "stealing."
If my site needs water,
I'll make sure we get it.
They can't wait to meet you.
Good to know. I'll have to visit them.
Just show me the way.
On the way back, show me the lever.
Don't forget the flag.
How much do you want to steal? A ton?
You can do it once, but not all the time.
The problem is, there's not enough.
We got that.
If we offer them something...
Who's in charge of distribution?
We need to contact them.
Life isn't always as simple...
as you think.
Sit down.
You're either with us or against us.
Or your trip's over.
Violence isn't my thing.
Look at this.
- Fucking rude, driving right up here.
- When in Rome...
They've really settled in.
We could invite friends over,
have a bonfire and a barbecue...
See his belt?
- What's the gun for?
- Business. Gravel.
- No idea what They want.
- If you're on business, why the gun?
Is that your business?
Materials. Gravel.
- You want to do business with me.
- I'll get some from a friend.
You need gravel, right?
- Why's he so happy?
- Cause he's bamboozling us.
I guess the mafia screwed them.
You want to sell me
the gravel I already paid for?
We've got everything we need, thanks.
We don't want to buy back our own materials.
You don't have any gravel. Look.
You have no gravel.
Is he saying we need it?
It's a mafia deal. Black market.
You know him?
Who's the boss?
You or him?
In the river, you...
pushed the woman underwater.
You did it and no other.
I get what you're saying.
But what do you want?
Do you want to do business with me or what?
They're just on vacation here,
so he's not interested.
It's pretty. Fresh air.
Like a resort, right?
He thinks it's funny,
but soon you'll be crying.
Soon you'll be crying...
Let's go.
He'll come to me.
You'll come to me.
- Bye then.
- That's life.
Made new friends?
Today and tomorrow, I'm in the village.
You been flirting, Meinhard?
Who's the one dreaming of fucking?
I don't know what you dream about.
They're really going at it. Not bad.
- Want to have a go, Tommy?
- For sure.
Go on, Tommy!
Do you have sunflower seeds in Germany?
Only flower.
They're good.
You, you, you... Who?
Who's wrestling?
Germany vs. Bulgaria!
Too fast!
That doesn't count!
What's the boss up to?
Hey, look behind you!
Ask what he wants.
All I can say is "Sorry." it just happened.
Why do you do that?
Oh, German?
Money on the table.
Where are you from? Germany?
- Iljo, he has money.
- We can squeeze him dry.
A new player.
Watch out, guys.
Two lev so you can buy a coffee tomorrow.
- He gets two.
- Exactly.
That's a lot. It's getting serious.
Kosta, do you have that much?
All in.
Don't try to keep up. He's well-paid.
While you slave away.
One, two, three, four. Game over!
I'm done. Kosta is a terrible player.
Is he okay?
He must be sick. What happened to the boy?
Wake up.
Vanko? Come on!
You okay?
What happened?
Who did it?
- It was a joke. He hit me.
- Sorry.
Look what happened.
- Alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
You okay?
Father and mother are not here.
Because of money.
Working in Greece. Here in Bulgaria, no work.
In Greece, working.
- Mom, Dad.
- Greece.
Me and my wife
take care of him.
If something happened, and it was your fault...
But apparently it was his fault.
It's all good.
His aunt.
Why are you petting him? He deserved it.
He has two lumps already.
Here they are!
Paying a visit.
How's it going?
One sport after the other:
wrestling, then drinking.
I jumped onto him from the truck.
- From the truck?
- And straight to the ground.
Not me.
His fault?
I really didn't mean it.
Bravo, Vanko.
You've seen stars for the first time.
All heroes have battle scars.
He's German.
He's apologizing.
Because he's innocent.
- He's fond of Bulgaria.
- He says he's fond of Bulgaria.
He likes it here.
Bulgaria's beautiful.
But Germany's beautiful, too.
You're young. You'll live a long time.
You get along.
You get along well.
- The head of the family.
- Our mother.
She's our mother.
Do you have family?
Do you have family?
A family? A wife?
- Me? No.
- I have a wife.
- Freedom.
- Freedom.
- Free.
- Free.
That's why he doesn't have one.
My life
is sometimes complicated.
Now we need help.
Better late than never.
It's fine.
It happens.
- A drink?
- I'll have one.
Cheers, everyone.
You good?
Vanko is your friend.
I have eyes. I see everything. I watch.
- With weapons.
- No.
Don't put ideas in his head.
Or you'll have to deal with me.
There's no one else.
I take care of him.
I had some money, but it's all gone.
Look. I built a kind of terrace.
Mind the step.
I don't want you to trip over it.
I can watch the street from here.
The neighbors pass by, we chat a bit.
- Kosta?
- Oh, you've made friends?
Poker? Money?
Poker? Money?
From here,
I can see Ali Botush.
Ali Botush is a big mountain.
There might still be snow on top.
Life gives and takes away.
Kids? No.
America, England, Germany...
Tell me about the planet.
The planet.
You've traveled far.
Here and there.
What do you think of this colorful world,
this planet?
You've been everywhere.
The world is like a...
How should I put it?
Like animals.
Either you eat or you get eaten.
The stronger one always wins.
And we're strong enough for the world.
You are strong. I am strong.
For planet.
He who's strongest...
I always have family in my heart.
Including my brother.
My "bratt."
- I lost a brother.
- You're saying something sad.
Is your brother gone?
My brother is...
Looking down from up there.
I'm sorry to hear.
He's here.
Me, your brother.
Do you have a headache?
Does your head hurt?
Such a beautiful sun.
You should be working.
Go, go.
Go to work.
Is it on?
Look, dude.
The first pepper.
What a beast.
- Great, huh?
- Have you seen the horse?
No, I haven't seen it either.
Thread it on.
To dry it.
Wait, wait...
It has to dry, like this...
If only you understood me.
I don't understand German.
Later, cigarettes. Tobacco.
Is one of these for sale?
There's nothing to keep me at home.
No house.
Not pay for you, but for...
Wait, wait.
Don't run away.
Laugh, sweetie. That's it.
Are you retarded?
What was that?
Explain yourself or I'll smack you.
What's up? Want it right now?
Get lost.
I'd watch out.
- So who turned it off?
- The Water?
Boris, can you translate?
I'm asking who turned off the water.
He's saying
someone turned off the water yesterday.
There's no water in the village.
Did you do that?
I caused the problem, yes.
He did it.
To solve my own problem.
Apologize and don't do it again.
He's very, very angry.
You can't just turn off the water.
- We have to show some respect.
- Boris...
- We're here to achieve things.
- I know, but...
We're building infrastructure.
- We're helping them.
- But not with force.
- Sit down.
- Violeta, find another chair.
My friend.
Your favorite guy.
You'll remember him.
He's insisting that you translate.
You'll see when you get here.
We'll wait.
What's this about?
We're trying to fix
the water problem at the site.
If they only use our gray water,
it could be a good thing for us.
- Hi, Viara.
- Hi.
My daughter.
That's his daughter.
Her Bulgarian is better than mine, anyway.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What's going on?
You have to translate.
OK. What?
Viara, we have a solution for the village.
They can solve the problem.
We'll deepen the well
and install a bigger, longer pipe.
With a bigger pump, so the pressure is constant.
Deepen the well
and install a more powerful pump.
How long will the work take?
How long?
- A month, a month-and-a-half.
- One to One-and-a-half months.
- Too long.
- That's too long.
We could start tomorrow,
I could take your daughter out to dinner.
No, you can't.
Viara, what's so terrible
about me buying you dinner?
- Smoked food keeps better.
- And the hot stuff?
Keep playing with the fire up here
and you'll stay frustrated.
It's a blessing when you reach 40
and your testosterone diminishes.
Had a shower, boss?
Cold water?
Looks like it canceled out the Viagra.
Isn't it working?
Watch what you say, and who you say it to.
Back off or you'll see a different side of me.
I'm talking!
Keep your shit to yourself,
or we'll get real friendly.
- We are friendly.
- Quiet.
Or you'll see a different side. Shut your mouth!
The pill's backfired on him.
Tomorrow's a new day, Tommy.
There was a guy here.
Five minutes ago.
- And?
- Asked for a Lgionnaire.
I think he meant you.
Did he want anything in particular?
Not really. I didn't understand what he wanted.
I told you he's fishy.
- Who's fishy?
- I'll tell you later.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I can't wait till we've installed the drill
and are finally finished here.
It's one problem after the next.
Is the rumor true?
The great Lgionnaire!
Have you seen the horse?
who was that guy that was here earlier?
A friend.
Hey, Adrian.
It happens.
It probably fell from up there.
- Any chance?
- No, definitely not.
- It's fate.
- It won't pull through.
Shame. A beautiful animal.
That's life.
Into the motor.
Into the heart.
Go ahead.
Well done. You did well.
- It's fine.
- Don't worry about it.
- What do we do with the horse?
- Leave it here?
It's what friends do.
- Adrian!
- It's not easy.
- With the jackhammer, right?
- What?
- With the jackhammer?
- Yeah, that's better.
I'll tell him to use the jackhammer.
- It was healthy.
- Doesn't matter, it's a horse.
He'll take it.
That's the price. You have no other choice.
He'll pick it up
and pay for transport and everything.
What are you doing?
Working? We had an agreement.
When will you stop screwing me over?
Look, times have changed.
You were cozy, but now new people are in power.
I'll close your quarry,
then you'll see who's cozy.
- I'll give you 20 lev if you want.
- 20 lev, great!
- How much do you want? 100?
- Stop the equipment.
- It's legal.
- Legal?
- It's all legal.
- My ass!
I've told him 100 times up to where he can dig.
Look how much he's dug.
If you don't know the score, butt out.
I don't want to argue with you.
I'll get in trouble if I look the other way.
- You're looking the other way for me?
- Sure.
Why are you laughing?
None of your business.
- Why are you laughing?
- Don't touch me.
- None of your business.
- I warned you.
Don't touch me.
Who's he?
- Vassil, calm down.
- No, I won't.
- Get your dog off me.
- Get lost.
Get your dog off me.
Know what happens if you aim at the powerful?
Calm down.
- Take the gun off him.
- He won't listen.
- What's this about?
- Calm down.
Come on.
He understands nothing.
That's trouble.
That could've gotten ugly.
Calm down.
- I would've killed him.
- It's okay.
I don't give a damn! He shouldn't touch you!
Have a smoke.
Have a smoke.
Calm down.
I'd kill a guy like that!
Story's over.
I'm telling you, have a smoke.
The pessimist says, "Couldn't have been worse."
The optimist says, "Could've been worse."
Who would've thought we'd shoot a horse today?
And we almost shot a man, too!
The guilty are always scared.
Wanting something is one thing.
Getting it is something else.
Next time, you'll be lying here.
I didn't do it on purpose.
It was an accident.
- Next time, it'll be you.
- It just happened.
Was it your horse?
Just get over it.
Get over it.
We came here to work.
- Hey.
- Hi there.
- Is that gravel?
- Sure is: Gravel.
Howdy, ranger!
- Hi.
- Hey, guys.
- All good.
- He trusts us today.
May I?
Where's Vincent?
Is he coming?
Were you expecting him?
to translate.
I'm off.
May I join you?
What's up?
- Is there a problem?
- No, we're just chatting.
I have to go.
Such a short walk?
What does your name mean?
- Faith.
- Faith. Don't you have faith in me?
- Thanks.
- Don't you have faith in me?
How long have you been away?
Five years.
I love this village.
I always miss it.
Don't you get homesick?
What's homesick?
Have you and Vincent
known each other for long?
Lots of questions.
- Take a seat, man. Have a drink.
- Sit down.
- Check out his shirt.
- Were you at a wedding?
I doubt it.
He's all dressed up.
Hey, guys!
Sit down.
Have a drink.
Where've you been?
I had stuff to do.
- All finished?
- Chores have to be done.
Meinhard! Captain, how many?
Commander, how many...
How many years in Iraq?
One, two, three, four...
How many years in Iraq?
Did you kill? Did you kill anyone?
Killing isn't as easy as you think.
It's not easy...
...to kill someone.
You're forced to.
It's the law of the jungle. The strongest...
Maybe he's traumatized.
- Maybe he was a cook?
- Head chef.
With a chef's hat!
Going for a walk?
I don't understand.
The other night,
we were drunk.
We played cards and I lost all my money.
If you can, please give it back.
You had your chance.
I have problems at home.
Please give it back.
Problems at home because of money.
- All of it.
- Now go.
Get lost.
- Please give it back if you can.
- Get lost.
You don't want to?
You'll go back to Germany anyway.
Why waste my time on you?
Here's what you get, dude.
He's got a knife!
What's up?
Come on, get in.
From me. To you.
What's that?
- What happened there?
- Nothing.
Nothing? Oh, in Bulgarian! "Nothing."
Have you seen Adrian?
- I'm here.
- Haven't seen you in a while.
Overall, I'm satisfied.
Have they graduated yet?
Ours is a third-year student in Sofia.
You've been showing off lately.
Real strong, real brave.
Brave enough to mess with women.
- Why not mess with a Bulgarian man?
- Stop it.
How long do we have to put up with you?
- Look, he's down.
- So what?
He deserved it.
Let's get a drink.
I don't care about that dumbass.
A German Lgionnaire!
You okay?
That's how villages are.
Anything can happen.
Vanko doesn't need that.
What are you searching for here?
Translation: Katie Revell, Matthew Way