Western World (2017) Movie Script

I'll see you ladies later.
Now when I get to be mayor
next election,
I'm going to get better
accommodations for you ladies.
Get on outta here,
you old drunk.
But I will.
Why don't you watch
where you're going, buddy?
-Hello, mayor.
-Mr. lawler! How are you?
All right, I guess.
Looks like you're doing
a lot better than I am.
Hello, mayor.
Play you a tune?
It's a little early to be getting
a face full, isn't it, Caleb?
I was just playing
a game of cards, ambrose.
I'm as sober
as a proverbial judge.
Well, I've yet to meet
a sober judge.
Where are you off to now?
I thought I'd go down to
barrell top for a cup of coffee.
Well, I sure hope
it's coffee.
Your breath smells like
the inside of a bottle.
Don't leave too quickly
there, doctor.
You almost forgot
to pay the house
for that unfortunate run
of cards you just had.
Well, Mr. Pritz,
I, well,
I assumed my good credit
would stand today.
I'll make good tomorrow.
You know this good credit
you keep talking of?
It's getting less and less
by the hour, doctor.
I suggest you don't
let it run out.
You remember that discussion
we had just the other day?
How are we doing today,
Just passing the time, sheriff,
just passing the time.
I could see that, Mr. Pritz.
You okay, doc?
Of course I am.
If you'll both excuse me.
Damn it, Harlan, why you gotta
call him out in public like that?
And in front of mayor Taylor,
for god's sakes?
Does the where and the when
really matter, Tom?
It just don't look right. I mean, you
know, doc moss might not be much,
but, you know,
he is a council member.
Which is the only reason why he's ain't
walking around on sticks right now.
He owes me plenty, Tom,
and my Patience is wearing thin.
So cut him off
from the table.
That cash cow? Not a chance.
Sooner or later,
I'm gonna get my due.
Remember, sheriff,
the more money I make,
the more money you make.
Afternoon, ambrose.
Sheriff, sorry I didn't speak
to you back there.
I was,
in a bit of a hurry.
Yeah, so I saw.
Glad to see you finally made it
here to keep Pete company.
So business that slow, Pete?
You're looking pretty
comfortable in that chair.
Claire can take care
of business.
-Now ambrose and I are...
-Ahem! Mayor Taylor.
Pardon me, mayor Taylor and I
were discussing the agenda
of the next
town council meeting.
I think that's just
about as important
as selling candy and dresses.
Almost anyways.
You got it all figured out,
do you?
Yeah, well, Pete's making it more
complicated than need be as usual.
I was just saying it's about time
we appoint a real treasurer.
For goodness sakes, ambrose,
you got enough to do
without trying to balance
the town books, too.
And about them books.
Pete, I agree.
We should have a treasurer.
But until we do, I am more
than capable of doing it my...
Sheriff Ramey! Sheriff!
What is it, Henry?
There's been a shooting
at my hotel.
-What? Who's shot?
-Just come quick.
I have to get back.
Camille's room.
Camille? Who?
Camille Tammery. Danny holt's
done shot her husband.
go get doc moss, quick.
Cards, doc?
Give me three.
Doc, in our out?
I'm out, damn it.
Doc, maybe you ought
to quit betting for a while.
At least until you get
some money to bet with.
I assure you...
You've assured me
for the last time, Caleb moss.
Take your business
down to Harlan Pritz.
He doesn't seem
to give a damn,
but I don't want you
getting any deeper...
Doc, someone's been shot
at Henry's hotel.
I don't know what
I'm gonna do with you.
Check on that man, Caleb.
Hand me the mirror
off that table there, Henry.
-Is he dead?
-Who is he?
According to Mrs. Tammery there,
his name is George.
He's my husband.
Well, my condolences,
Mrs. Tammery.
He's a dead husband now.
What the hell were you thinking,
boy, being in that woman's room?
We love each other.
-And then her husband...
You stay quiet, you hear me?
Don't say a word to anyone.
Let me figure this out.
I'm the only hope
you got, Danny.
I'll get you out of this
if I can.
Well, good morning.
How'd you sleep?
Like a rock as always, al.
You got anything for me?
Yes, sir.
Just came in from laramie.
So we're here one night,
and gone again this morning?
Well, it appears so.
Thank you.
Is there a reply?
Yeah. Tell 'em I'm
headed to dogwood pass.
-I'll get this right out.
-All right, thank you.
-See you next time.
-I expect so.
Can I stable my horse here
for the night?
Sure. Just for tonight?
-More than likely.
-Name's Jeremy Carver.
This is my place.
Your name?
Moses white.
Take this man's horse inside
and bed him down.
Yes, sir. Would you like him brushed
down? It's only for a penny extra.
Sure. I'll tell you what.
You do a good job,
I'll give you two pennies.
Quite the little businesslady
you got there.
Well, she did learn
from the best.
Now, you'll be staying
at Mr. Mannors' hotel tonight?
Well, if that's Mr. Mannors'
place, I guess I will.
I'll see you in the morning
around breakfast time.
-I'll be here.
-What do I owe you?
We can settle up
in the morning.
Well, you're a trusting soul,
Mr. Carver.
Well, somebody in this town
has to be.
All right, then.
We'll see you in the morning.
You don't have to go
no further, mister.
We got bed and bath for you
right up here.
Whiskey, too, and the prettiest
damn girls in the whole territory.
I guess we didn't tickle
his fancy.
I'm to tired for a fancy
tickling tonight anyway.
All right, sir.
Have you got this?
I can slow it down
if you want.
Now, don't you worry
about me.
I'm quick as a snake
and I got eyes like a hawk.
All righty, then.
Which is it?
I got you this time.
Care to try again?
Hell, no. I'm done.
Would you care to try, sir?
Are you as quick as a snake
with eyes like a hawk?
All righty, then.
It's a very simple thing really.
Just follow it as closely
as you possibly can.
No trickery here,
just some old peas
and a little old pebble.
It's the middle one.
This one?
That's it.
Would you care to add
to your bet and try again?
You want to try?
Come on.
How about you?
What more evidence
do you need?
Everyone just be quiet
for a minute.
I just don't understand.
I said quiet, damn it!
Well? We're waiting.
Well, look,
now I understand
everyone's upset
by all that's happened.
After all,
it's not every day
a fella gets himself shot
in Henry Mannors' hotel.
But we've gotta keep
cool heads,
see things the way they are.
Tom, we've gone over this.
There's nothing more
to consider.
Ambrose, would it kill
you to call me sheriff Ramey
during official proceedings?
Are these official
Well, we're in my jail
discussing a murder,
so I would say yes,
these are official proceedings.
Fine, then call me mayor Taylor
and not ambrose.
Sweet Jesus.
Must you men argue
about names?
My husband is dead,
after all,
and I would like to see
some sort of resolution
before old age dictates
that I join him.
My apologies, Mrs. Tammery.
Both ambrose and I,
we're determined to...
Both mayor Taylor and I,
we're determined to resolve
this matter
with the utmost urgency.
We've got young Danny holt locked
up in that cell right there.
He's just 19 years old, and he's
waiting for a U.S. Marshall
to come and take him
to laramie to stand trial,
so I'd like to
make reasonably sure
I've got the right suspect
in custody.
And, well, that demands closer
examination of the facts.
You and I both saw him
in the room with Mrs. Tammery,
her unfortunate husband
dead on the floor.
What more proof do you need?
And besides, we've already
sent for the Marshall
to take him
to laramie for a trial.
You did that, ambrose?
After I asked you not to?
I told you I wanted
to look into it more.
Look into what?
The boy is guilty.
You just have to accept it.
He's the one...
-Can I help you?
-You the town sheriff?
I'm sheriff Ramey, yes.
Well, I suppose you can help me.
I'm Moses white.
Now hold on a moment, sheriff.
Whatever business this man
may have, it can wait.
No offense, stranger.
We've got more important issues
here we need to discuss.
We need to continue
to discuss them.
Henry has a point. We shan't
be interrupted in this.
Look, I'll handle this.
Mr. White, is your business
urgent in nature?
Well, I supposed that depends
on your notion of urgent.
Well, by urgent,
I mean severely urgent.
Has there been an immediate
killing or robbery, for instance?
'Cause that's about the only thing
that could possibly take precedence
over the business
we're presently discussing.
Well, no, not immediate
as in just this second.
Okay, well, would you mind
having a seat then
till I can talk to you?
Or you can leave and come
back later, your choice.
Shouldn't be long.
-Chair's fine, I suppose.
-All right, then.
Now look,
let's recount what happened.
I just need to hear it again,
'cause I need to put my finger
on what's bothering me about it,
what I'm missing.
So, Mrs. Tammery, you were in your
room conversing with Danny holt?
That is correct.
I had hired Danny
to drive my buggy for me
so that I could look
at a plot of land
that I was considering
for purchase.
When we returned, I asked Danny
to come up to my room
so that I could pay him
for his time.
And that's when Mr. Tammery
arrived at the hotel?
Yes, Tammery came in and
introduced himself as Camille's...
Mrs. Tammery's husband,
who then inquired as to whether
or not she was at the hotel,
so I of course
directed him on to her room.
And he went directly
to your door?
Yes. He came right in
and he grabbed me.
Took me rather by surprise.
George and I had separated,
as I had told you earlier.
He followed me here
from rawlins
with the intent
on reconciling.
-And you argued?
Like I said, George wanted me
to return with him to rawlins.
But I had told him,
and in no uncertain terms,
that I was no longer
in love with him.
And the two of you discussed this
right there in front of Danny holt?
George was so intent
on his purpose
that I do not think he even saw
Danny standing there in the corner.
I admit, I almost forgot
about him myself.
And when I did think of him,
I decided that it was probably a
very good idea that he was there.
-As a witness.
-A witness?
Yes. George was excitable.
He had been physical with me
before when his temper was high,
something that I had told you
before in confidence, Henry,
and yet you saw fit
to send him to my room.
I'm very disappointed
in you.
Very disappointed.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think.
No, you did not.
What happened then,
Mrs. Tammery?
I have told you this.
Must I go through
this questioning again?
Well, once more,
if you don't mind.
George became enraged,
as he was wont to do.
Danny shouted for him to stop
and grabbed at his arm.
George was much larger than
Danny and easily threw him off.
He grabbed me
and threw me to the floor.
He advanced on Danny and...
Danny shot him.
I screamed, and I think
I may have swooned.
No, once.
Who swoons twice?
No, I mean,
Danny holt shot him twice.
I suppose he must have.
Camille Tammery saw Danny holt
shoot her husband dead.
You and I found Danny
at the scene ourselves,
his gun in his hand.
I know, but something doesn't
feel quite right about it.
What'd he shoot him with?
-Excuse me?
-The weapon, what was it?
It was a Colt .45
.45 caliber?
Yeah, so?
Where were you at this time?
Down at the desk
in the lobby.
Just downstairs from where
Mrs. Tammery lost her husband?
That would be correct, yeah.
And you,
you heard the shots?
-I beg your pardon?
-Help yourself.
You'll have to forgive me,
Mr. Mannors.
The smell of fresh coffee
got the better of me.
I wondered if you'd,
heard the shots from where
you were down in the lobby.
I heard the commotion.
There were screams.
But you did not hear the reports
from the young man's pistol?
I don't know. I...
The, Colt .45
is very a powerful handgun,
yet you didn't hear
the reports
just a floor below
Mrs. Tammery's room.
Well, I might have.
I'm not sure.
Why are you so interested
in this anyway?
As far as I'm concerned, this
affair is none of your business.
Who was the first person in the
room after the shots were fired?
-Would that be you also?
-Yes. I own the hotel.
I went up immediately. -When you
heard the commotion, not the shots.
I don't remember hearing
the damn shots!
What the hell?
Who is this man?
Well, I'm the Marshall
y'all are waiting for.
Well, that can't be.
We just wired the Marshall's
office in laramie yesterday.
I didn't come here from laramie.
I came from rawlins.
-It's much closer.
-Excuse me?
Well, you all wired the
Marshall's office in laramie,
and they wired me in rawlins
knowing I'd be there,
and, well, I came here.
My apologies.
I just didn't expect...
Look here, you could have identified
yourself as soon as you got here.
Well, you told me to take a seat
and wait my turn,
so I... I did.
Besides, I wanted to hear
the story.
Well, you have.
I wonder what your
prisoner has to say.
I hardly heard him breathe
since I've been here.
Well, so far Danny holt
hadn't said a word about it.
Not a single word.
Ain't that odd.
You know the boy, sheriff?
He been much trouble before?
No, just the usual
boy mischief.
You surprised
he killed a man?
Very. I mean, he's had a
hard life by some standards,
having no folks and all,
but, you know,
he does odd jobs,
stays out of trouble.
Odd jobs?
What sort of odd jobs?
Well, he runs errands, deliveries,
you know, that type of thing.
Does more around here to help
the sheriff than anyone.
Sweeps up, looks after the place
when Tom's on his rounds.
Even brings meals to the sheriff
and any prisoners.
You've taken him
under your wing?
The sheriff is to be commended,
Danny holt never knew
his father.
As his mother, Molly holt,
never put a name to him
before she died
in childbirth.
Molly herself, well,
she was one of Harlan Pritz's,
working ladies.
She was one of his whores.
Just say it, ambrose.
That's enough of that, Caleb.
Harlan Pritz?
The owner
of the dogwood saloon.
There's a half dozen men
could have been Danny's father.
A dozen more
she never knew the names of.
Look, I believe
the Marshall understands.
Danny holt isn't saying
what's happened,
and that's the long
and short of it.
Well, let me ask you this,
where were you
when the killing took place?
I was, across the road
from the hotel making my rounds
when I... I saw ambrose here.
Mayor Taylor...
At your service.
As I was saying,
I was making my rounds
when I saw mayor Taylor
sitting out in front
of the mercantile,
so I just stopped to pass
a few words with him.
You heard the shots?
No, come to think of it...
Mr. Mannors ran out from the door
of his hotel to us and shouted.
we rushed over there.
-You and the mayor?
-That's right.
And you were in,
Mrs. Tammery's room
within moments
and nobody could come or go
without you
seeing them first.
Right again.
And, well, you sent
for the doctor, of course.
Well, yeah, we sent Pete, the owner of
the mercantile, to fetch doctor moss.
Yes, doctor moss
at your service.
So, doctor,
Pete found you in your office
and brought you back
to the hotel?
We found the good doctor
at the barrell top saloon,
in the middle of the day,
I might add.
For the love of...
Just stating the facts.
In any case, doctor moss,
you were on the scene
in short order
and examined the deceased.
I was, and I did,
and he was dead. Dead as hell.
-With two bullet wounds?
-To the chest.
-From a. 45 Colt?
The bullet wounds, they were from
that particular model of Colt pistol?
Well, yes, I assume.
Danny holt was standing there
with a pistol in his hand.
Which was missing two rounds.
I checked.
So, what you're saying is,
you didn't see the need
to examine the bullet wounds,
what with the boy standing there
with a fired weapon and all?
it seemed pretty obvious.
It does, doesn't it?
I don't suppose you examined
the slugs either?
I mean, isn't that what
you'd normally do, though?
Examine the...
What the hell for?
I mean, good god, man.
Yes, I would normally
examine those slugs,
but in this case, we had
a eyewitness to the shooting,
a dead guy on the ground with
two bullet wounds in his chest,
and Danny holt standing there with a
pistol that had been fired twice,
meaning it was
pretty obvious.
I mean, normal procedure
be damned.
To examine those slugs would
have been a waste of my time
and taxpayer money.
All right, very good, very good.
I'll ju... I'll...
The body's at Roman's.
Give me 15 minutes
and you'll have
your damn slugs.
-Roman Pearl, the undertaker.
There's a great immediacy
to this, Caleb.
Don't stop at the saloon
along the way.
You don't need any more
to drink today.
And lord knows, you could use some
time away from them gaming tables.
I heard how your luck's
been running lately.
Mayor, why don't you
accompany the good doctor
just to make sure everything's
done all proper like?
No, I want to do this myself,
damn you all.
Come on, Caleb.
You had me and the sheriff witness
your postmortem examinations before.
-I'd rather you didn't.
-Let's just go.
The sooner we end
this nonsense,
the sooner we get the whole
matter behind us.
Do resolve this matter
quickly, doctor.
We wouldn't want any
unnecessary investigations
holding things up,
now would we?
So what do you think of
this here, Marshall white?
He's becoming a damn
nuisance, if you ask me.
This whole examination
is pointless.
Danny holt shot that man
and with that Colt .45
of his.
I agree with you,
I certainly do.
But I suppose
this can't hurt.
Just as an assurance,
you understand?
For the courts, you know.
what can I do for you?
I was about to close down
services for the evening.
Well, Roman, we're here about
the unfortunate Mr. Tammery.
By unfortunate,
you mean deceased?
He means the dead guy
on this pine door here.
What about him?
Well, as unlikely
as it seems,
Caleb here has to take
a look at the deceased.
Really? To what ends?
I promise you,
your healing powers,
however formidable
you may hold them,
will do Mr. Tammery
no good tonight.
Just let me look
at the damn body, Roman.
He's all yours.
He's not going anywhere tonight.
I see you don't have him
boxed up yet.
I'm saving that boxing up
for in the morning.
He's being shipped back
to rawlins, I suppose?
That is the plan.
And how's the lovely widow?
Grievous in her mourning,
I suppose?
Um, well, I suppose.
She is a striking lady.
I should visit her at the hotel
and express my condolences.
Well, she's not in the hotel
just now...
May I use your instruments,
Of course.
Whatever is he up to?
Well, we need the slugs out of the
body for evidence against Danny holt.
I assumed his guilt
had already been established.
Well, not to the satisfaction
of the U.S. Marshall
that's come to remand him
to the court in laramie.
You should find whatever you
want to work with there, Caleb.
I doubt if your patient
will have any complaint
over precision or technique.
Are you two gonna get out
of my way
or are you planning to dig
around in his chest yourselves?
Well, get in there.
While we're here, ambrose,
I wonder if we might
discuss finances.
Whose finances?
Mine, specifically.
Well, what about yours,
The town normally pays me
for my services.
Well, if there's
no next of kin,
I naturally assume
that Camille Tammery
had made arrangements
for her husband.
Naturally, and in this case,
you are correct.
Mrs. Tammery has provided
for the arrangements
for her husband.
Quite stingily,
I might add.
Well then, what?
Well, there's the teamster who
tumbled from the wagon a week ago.
The young man found dead behind the
dogwood saloon two weeks prior.
I provided services
for both.
Well, the bare minimum...
The bare minimum is all
that the town provides,
and I have yet to be paid.
Well, yes,
there are some circumstances
that, may defer payment,
just for a short time,
you understand.
Is there a shortage
in the tax coffers, ambrose?
Well, not a shortage exactly.
It's, simply,
money is tight, you know?
Should I approach
the town treasurer?
That's exactly
what I would do.
That's a great idea.
Take it up with him, and...
Aren't you the acting town
treasurer until one is appointed?
Yes, well, I'll look into it.
Damn it, Caleb!
How long does it take to remove
two slugs out of a dead man?
Well, I'll be damned.
Those aren't from
a Colt .45 pistol.
Should they be?
Well, that's what Danny holt
was holding.
I'd say there's a problem.
My, but it has grown
stuffy in here.
I should like some air.
Of course.
Just a minute, please.
I prefer we all stay put
until the doctor returns.
Well, I should think that I would be
allowed to come and go as I please.
Some special consideration should
be given, don't you think?
You do remember that I am
a grieving widow?
Well, a widow anyway.
Now just what in the hell
do you mean by that?
Easy now, Henry.
See? Here's what's been
eating at you, sheriff.
The fact that nobody can
remember hearing them shots.
If that .45 caliber had been
fired up in Mrs. Tammery's room,
twice in fact,
well, you and the mayor probably would
have heard it across the street.
And Mr. Mannors here, well, he certainly
would have heard it down in the lobby.
Well, by god.
Yeah, see,
your instincts were good.
Your guts are just bothering you
about the detail,
but you couldn't put
your finger on why.
So what are you saying?
What he's saying, Henry, is that a
different gun killed George Tammery.
That's why we need to see
those slugs.
That is correct.
But Danny holt's gun
had been fired twice,
and we have
Camille's testimony.
Well, that gun's important
for another reason.
If Danny had shot Mr. Tammery
because the man
was advancing on him,
a single slug
from that Colt .45
in the chest from a foot away
would have sufficed.
It'd have thrown Tammery
back across the room
and put him down quick.
So why the second shot?
Well, yeah.
I mean, one shot from a gun like
that would have been self defense.
Yeah, but two shots
from that gun?
Well, that's just
plain murder.
So, what does all this mean?
I am sure that
I do not understand
anything this Marshall says.
You're a beautiful woman,
and that's a fact.
She ain't pretty enough
to hang for, boy.
Tell me, Danny,
how'd you come to fire them
two shots from your pistol?
You own your hotel outright,
Mr. Mannors?
I do.
I assume Mrs. Tammery
knows that.
Now, Marshall,
I certainly understand what you're
saying about the gun and all,
no questions there,
but you're losing me again.
Exactly what is it
you're implying now?
Yeah, help us out here,
It seems to me from what I've seen in
the short time that I've been here,
that, Mr. Mannors
and Mrs. Tammery
have become, quite
familiar with one another.
What with him taking her hand and
calling her Camille and all.
Hell, he's become
downright protective even.
Well, yes,
we have become close.
-What of it?
-Become close how fast?
Just how long have you been
here in town, Mrs. Tammery?
Well, just a little
over a week.
Is this important somehow?
Maybe. Maybe.
Seems awful short time for you two
to become sweet on one another.
I do love the way you express
yourself, Marshall white.
It makes you seem so...
You know, now that
I think of it, maybe...
Maybe a week's not too short a
time for cupid's arrow to strike,
not when one party's intentionally
trying to make that happen.
Your point, sir?
My point, Mr. Mannors, is that I did
not just happen to be in rawlins
when I got the telegram
telling me to come here
to look into a lady's husband
being murdered.
In fact, I was on the trail of a young
woman by the name of Lucy silver.
-Lucy silver.
She's an ex-saloon girl who's made
a short but colorful career of,
marrying or sometimes
just romancing
men of financial substance
and absconding
with their money.
Now, generally speaking,
she just leaves 'em.
But occasionally,
-she leaves 'em dead.
-The hell you say.
Even before she left the saloon,
she was no one to be crossed.
She once shot a fella during
an argument in medicine bow
in a saloon
she was working in then.
Shot him right in the leg,
right in front
of the medicine bow mayor.
-Lucy, don't.
-Don't what?
Damn it, Lucy.
But she does sound
like a handful.
She is.
One man has already met his maker
under suspicious circumstances,
and at least three more
have been robbed blind.
So when I heard that a woman
meeting her general description
had fleeced a fella in rawlins
and let out for parts unknown,
well, I hurried there
right quick.
But by the time I got there,
the fella had already
left town
in pursuit
of the aforementioned lady.
-And you missed 'em both.
-Yeah, yeah.
But then, by god,
I got a wire from laramie
telling me a stranger
had been killed
right here in dogwood pass
in his estranged wife's
hotel room.
Marshall, what was the name
of that fella from rawlins,
the one that got fleeced?
I think you already figured
that out, sheriff Ramey.
George Tammery.
George Tammery did not
come here
to reconcile with you, Lucy.
He came here to get
his money back.
Things got rough.
You killed him.
And you'd already started
working on Mr. Mannors here
for his money and property.
Yes, I left George
in rawlins.
I had already
admitted that.
And of course I took
a little money with me.
Now, I wouldn't run out
into the wild
with nothing but the clothes
on my back and an old buggy,
now would I?
And as for this
"Lucy silver,"
I have never heard of her.
Well, let me educate you
on her.
She's about your height
and weight,
got your same beautiful
auburn hair,
and she's smart enough
and pretty enough
to win men over
in short order.
And since leaving the saloons
and going out
on her love 'em
and leave 'em games,
she's been accused
of killing one man
with a Pearl-handled
silver-plated .32 derringer.
She's carried it in a box
since her saloon days.
They say she never goes
anywhere without it,
hence the moniker
"Lucy silver."
Now that is a charming story,
Marshall white.
Almost as charming
as worrying a poor,
defenseless young widow
who only just lost
her husband.
My, but the Marshall service
must be proud of you.
I think I'll be going
to my hotel room now, sheriff.
Henry, I left my buggy
out front.
Would you be a dear
and put it in the livery for me?
Of course, Camille.
Good god, look what
we have here, Marshall.
Show him, Caleb.
Here's your damn slugs,
-Damn sure not a .45 slug.
-Damn sure not.
It's more like .32 caliber
I'd say, wouldn't you?
Well, what does it all mean?
Well, the Marshall here,
he believes our Camille Tammery
is actually an ex-saloon girl
named Lucy silver
who's been getting men
to fall in love with her
and taking off
with their money.
She's also been known to carry
a silver-plated derringer,
one she's used more than once.
I'll be damned.
Did you hear that, Caleb?
Yeah, yeah.
Ma'am, I'm gonna
have to ask you
to reach in your bodice
and if anything's there,
-please produce it.
-I will do no such thing.
And you certainly will not
go in there yourself, sheriff.
No. No, I won't.
But doc moss will.
It's all right, ma'am.
I'm a physician.
Well, I'll be.
Sheriff, I'm ready to talk.
Finally got something to say,
She told part of the truth.
He did push his way in, and he
was talking awful mean to her.
-George Tammery?
-Yes, sir.
Did he strike her
or shove her to the floor?
No, I guess not.
He was just talking mean.
He didn't want her back, did he?
He just wanted his money.
-That's what he said.
-And then what happened?
He yelled.
She pulled her piece.
She shot him.
Why didn't you tell me?
She'd been talking to me a lot
since she came to dogwood,
saying she liked me a lot more
than she did Mr. Mannors there.
She said she'd have his money as soon
as she could get her hands on it
and that her and me
would go away together.
Well, I guess I can see
how you'd fall for it.
I did.
I guess I love her.
So when Tammery came after her
and she'd killed him,
she convinced you
to take the blame.
Told you to trust her and keep your
mouth shut, something like that?
Yes, sir.
Just like that.
She said her plan would make it
sound like I had to shoot him
to protect both of us.
She said even if I did
go to jail,
it wouldn't be for long.
And she'd wait for me
as long as it took.
And I suppose she quickly
told you this
while Mr. Mannors ran out
of the hotel room for help.
Yes, sir.
And you believed her?
Still do believe she meant it,
even just a little bit.
Well, don't you believe it.
She's smart, and she's fooled
older and wiser men than you.
She wanted us to believe
you did it with your gun.
That way her fancy little
derringer wouldn't enter into it,
nor the possibility
that she did it herself.
Pretty much
the way you figured it.
Just one thing
I can't figure, though.
What's that?
Well, Danny's gun
had been fired twice.
Why and how,
without being heard?
Well, we were out
for a buggy ride.
She asked to shoot my Colt,
saying that she never
shot one before
and wanted to see
what it was like.
And you figured you'd just
reload it later.
You know George Tammery's
on his way into town
when you shot that pistol,
Hell no.
That was just good luck.
Marshall, I'm about to
let Danny out of that cage.
Should I put her in it or do you want
to take her to laramie right now?
-Well, I gu...
Get your goddamn hands off me,
you lecherous bastard!
We're going to take a little
buggy ride, you and me.
If you're real good and these boys
here don't do anything stupid,
you might just live
through the night.
Marshall white,
you knew so damn much
all about me and my pretty
silver little toy.
Too bad nobody told you
about the pistol I keep
strapped to my leg
under my skirts.
It sure is.
That a new practice, Lucy?
New enough it seems.
Don't forget
you owe me money, Caleb.
Hurry it up.
Take the reins, old man.
You're gonna drive and I'll
keep this pistol in your ribs.
Don't you men even think
about following us.
If I see you behind us,
I'll kill him.
I believe you, Lucy.
You can't let her get away. She'll
kill him as soon as she's clear.
What the hell?
You pulled the king bolts
out of the buggy.
Did you rig my buggy,
Marshall white?
-Yes I did, Lucy.
-God, I hate you.
I imagine so.
So, you could only have
done it
before you went into
Ramey's office.
Right again.
So you knew all along?
Well, I suspected, but I figured
I'd better play it safe.
So why let all of that
go on in the office?
Why not just call me out
right away?
Well, like I said, I only suspected
that you were Lucy silver.
And if it turned out
to be the case, which it did,
I couldn't be sure
that you did the shooting.
I had to let things
play out.
As it turned out, it was you
and with another fella's money
on the run again.
And a damn fine buggy.
And a damn fine buggy, which I'm gonna
have to ask you to step down out of now.
My! Marshall white!
Are you trying to see how far
I'll go to negotiate my freedom?
Pardon me, Lucy,
my hand slipped.
Sure it did,
Marshall white.
Or should I call you Moses,
now that we're becoming
somewhat intimate?
You know, Lucy, they told me you had a sense
of humor. I guess they weren't lying.
I'm just a laugh
a minute, Moses.
You should keep me around
and find out.
You all right, doc moss?
You ain't hurt, are you?
No, I'm not hurt.
I'm startled, certainly.
Damn woman scared the wits
out of me.
-Not hurt, though?
-No. No, thank god.
Good. Sheriff,
I suggest you lock up Lucy here
and the good doctor.
Did you say lock up doc moss?
What the hell are you
talking about now, Marshall?
Well, it bothered me a little
when Lucy hiked up her skirts
and produced that weapon
without any of us seeing it,
like it just appeared
in her hand.
So just now when I was
helping her out of the wagon,
I made sure to get
a real good feel of her leg.
Yes, you did, Marshall white.
Maybe you ought to be
arrested for that.
And I found that she is not
wearing a holster on her leg.
She lied to us about that.
Well, then where'd she get
the pistol?
She probably pulled it off
of doc moss here
when she fainted
into his arms,
which was planned
for our benefit.
She probably pulled it out
from underneath his vest.
Henry Mannors could have
given her that gun.
I mean, he was beside her
the entire time.
And he is, after all,
her lover.
I did no such thing!
Well, somebody gave her
that gun.
My gun, to be exact.
That's right, ambrose.
After you and Caleb
left my office,
I noticed my pistol was missing
from my desk drawer.
So you see, Marshall, either
mayor Taylor or doctor moss
could have passed her
that gun.
Well, that's a damn lie,
and a crazy one at that.
Why, Henry Mannors had more reason
to help her than any of us,
being he's in love with her.
I certainly would,
if I was he.
Just look at her.
My god.
Not you, too.
-She's so lovely.
You probably don't see
much of that.
Marshall, why do you say
doc moss passed her that gun?
-I mean, why would he do it?
-Money, sheriff.
Money to pay off them gambling
debts I heard y'all mention.
The same reason he didn't want
to produce those two bullets
that killed George Tammery
after he'd been asked.
He wanted us to believe that Danny
had done the shooting with his gun.
See, if we all believed
that he killed her husband,
well, then Lucy would appear
to be a grieving widow
who stood to acquire all
of George Tammery's holdings.
And not just the money she took
when she left town,
but all his property
and business,
and she could afford
to pay the doc
a pretty penny
to keep her in the clear.
Mayor Taylor needs money
just as much as doctor moss.
To replace the funds he skimmed
from the town's tax coffer.
That's a lie!
Then where's the money
gone to, ambrose,
if not into your pockets?
Stop it, men!
I said stop it,
before you hurt each other!
Not much chance of that,
I've seen better catfights
between tired old whores.
Councilman, all of you, you've
let this woman's influence
reduce you to fighting
in the street.
You can't blame me
for all of this.
It seems as though your town
has had its share
of dirty little
secrets before,
starting with these
little councilmen of yours.
Marshall, I understand
your reasoning,
but when would Lucy silver
and doctor moss
-have arranged such a deal?
-Think about it.
There must have been some time
when they were alone.
Yeah, after the shooting.
I was questioning Danny
and looking through her room
and doctor moss went in the
other room to examine her
'cause George Tammery
had roughed her up,
and she had swooned,
after all.
Yes. Yes, she did.
Just like she did
in your office this evening.
Of course, the doctor didn't
find any injuries,
but it did give her an opportunity
to make an offer of money.
So why'd she lie about the gun
being holstered to her leg?
To protect doctor moss?
Well, she had to have us believe
that he was her hostage
so that we wouldn't try
and stop her escape.
Other than that,
she don't give a damn about him.
Damn right about that.
Did doctor moss know
you had that pistol
in your drawer, Mr. Pearl?
Yes, he did.
I showed it to him the other day
in hopes of him buying it.
I'm that short of cash.
The doctor couldn't afford to pay
you for that pistol, could he?
No, he could not.
How am I supposed to have
any money?
You know how the people in this
dirt town pay me for my services?
They pay me with pies
and fabric and grain.
Mrs. potts paid me
for treating
her husband's broken foot
with a chicken.
What the hell am I supposed
to do with a damn chicken?
Ended up selling it
to Annie's eatery
for a few pennies,
that's what I did.
What money you do get,
you drink and gamble away.
Yeah, I owe the saloons
in this town.
But the barrell top won't let me
in the main door anymore
and the owner of the dogwood
threatened me.
Threatened you how?
With bodily harm, damn it!
He promised to break
one of my fingers
if I didn't give him any money
this very week.
And then continue
to break bones
until my debt's paid
or I'm dead.
Well, there you have it,
It's probably about time
you take Danny holt out
and put Lucy and the doctor in,
don't you think?
I suppose so.
Let's go.
And what about my gun?
Well, I suppose it's evidence,
isn't it?
I mean, we have to
hold on to it.
I suppose we got enough
witnesses here
for depositions
about what's happened.
It hasn't been fired.
I don't seen any reason why we
can't give him his piece back.
Well, that's that, then.
Lucy, what should I do?
Go home, you damn fool.
Thank you for everything.
I know you didn't want them
to take me.
Go on, now.
We'll talk later.
About time we did.
I guess I know why
you were set on
Danny holt not going
to laramie to stand trial,
and it had nothing to do with
what gun had been used, did it?
I mean, if you'd thought of
that, you'd have said so.
Truth is...
You really thought Danny holt
had done it.
You had me fooled
on that one, sheriff.
You're right,
I thought he had done it.
I was so sure,
I told him to stay quiet
and I'd get him
out of it somehow,
but damn fool I am,
I almost got him hung.
Well, you didn't know
about Lucy silver.
You gonna arrest me, too,
After all,
I was protecting a suspect
I thought
was guilty as hell.
No, I don't suppose I will.
I don't expect I can arrest
the whole damn town
on one night now, can I?
Well, that's a relief
to hear that.
I don't know if you're
a bad man, sheriff.
Probably not.
A better man might have
acknowledged the boy, though.
I got a wife, Marshall white,
and standing in the community.
I just couldn't lose
all that.
I just couldn't, so I just tried
to help him in little ways.
What the hell are you two
talking about?
Well, I'll be damned.
The high and mighty sheriff
is Danny holt's
shameful daddy.
-Come on.
-Well, ain't that a laugh?
Don't put me in there with her.
She's already put a gun to my head.
it's just for the night.
I won't bite...
Well, you don't seem too concerned
with the fix you're in.
I've gotten out of worse
than this, Moses,
and you have me now,
and, yes,
you'll take me
to laramie tomorrow.
But you'll see me again.
You put up a good front, Lucy,
I'll give you that.
But if you weren't scared,
you wouldn't have risked
everything to try and escape.
And you and I
both know that,
well, you're facing
either prison
or the noose in laramie.
I hate to say it,
but that's the truth.
You can go straight to hell,
Marshall white.
So can you.
Why me?
I'll be at Henry Mannors' hotel
if anybody needs me.
Marshall, thank you.
Danny'd still be in that cell
if it wasn't for you.
All right.
what can you tell me
about the dogwood pass saloon?
Nice place.
Liquor, games, music.
-Got two pianos.
-What about the owner?
Harlan Pritz,
he's a hardcase,
but, you know...
Do you believe
he threatened doctor moss?
I don't know about that.
You don't?
Would you know if he ran
a crooked game?
I've heard rumors of such,
but I haven't seen any evidence.
Afraid that's all
I can tell you.
All right, then.
-See you in the morning.
-Good night, Marshall.
Good night.
You have a good evening,
Decided to give it
another try, I see.
Smart man.
You know, the more you do it,
the better your chances.
Place your bet, my friend.
All right.
Now you just focus on the one with the
little pea in the middle right here.
Shouldn't be too hard.
All right.
We have a winner.
And that goes for everybody
out there.
Y'all can win this game.
I thought you were
in Sheridan.
I was. Now I'm here in dogwood
pass looking for you.
Doesn't look like
you're looking for me.
It looks like you're
drinking your dinner.
Checked the hotel.
You weren't there.
Figured you'd make your way
here sooner or later.
Well, you were wrong.
I was on my way past
to the hotel.
But now you're here,
so I was right.
You look tired.
Have a seat.
Wade, you don't know
the half of it.
I got into town
this evening...
After running all the way
from rawlins.
Come here to pick up
a murder suspect
to take to laramie.
Damn if I didn't walk
into a hornet's nest.
Yeah, first off,
there's this mayor
that I'm pretty sure is skimming
off the town coffers.
Then there's a doctor that's so
desperate to pay off his gambling debts
that he's willing to help
a murderess escape.
And then there's
the sheriff himself,
who got a shameful secret,
and he's trying
to protect someone
he's pretty sure
is a killer.
Sounds like the pillars
of the community
have their feet
anchored in the sand.
Well, they surely do.
They surely do.
And it was brought about
by one devious woman
who's trying to keep her neck
out of the noose as well.
My god, Wade,
I don't think I've seen
a more desperate group
of people in my entire life.
Been a long time since
I've seen you so frustrated.
Have a drink.
All right, just one,
and then I'm wanting
some bed.
You had a glass
waiting for me.
Told you
I was expecting you.
Seems like I know you
better than you do.
Yeah, they did this earlier.
Both are good.
Watch the girl.
How does she do that?
Don't know,
but she does it.
I couldn't do that
right side up.
Me neither,
which would explain why
they're not
applauding for us.
That is a hell of an act.
It is.
This is quite a saloon.
Gaming, liquor, whores.
It's about everything
some fellas would want.
I heard the owner's
a real hardcase.
Strong-arm type.
Been threatening people.
I suppose you want
to get into that.
-I wouldn't mind.
-He got a name?
Harlan Pritz.
You boys need anything else?
Harlan Pritz,
he here tonight?
He's in the office.
You know him?
I'd like a word with him
if possible.
Well, I'll see.
So, before
Mr. Pritz gets here
and you ruin his night,
mind telling me about this
prisoner you gotta transport?
Well, the prisoner is
this young fella,
only it turns out
he didn't do the killing.
See, I was on the trail
of Lucy silver
when I was in rawlins.
I knew that, too.
Wade loveless, U.S. Marshall
and fortuneteller.
Well, why don't you tell me
what I'm gonna do?
You're touchy tonight.
Tell your story.
Well, long story short...
Boy, that would be nice
for a change.
Well, it turns out
Lucy's in town.
She's here under the name
of Mrs. Camille Tammery.
There a Mr. Tammery?
Well, there was.
He'd be the dead husband
over in the undertaker's place.
Lucy killed him?
I'm Harlan Pritz,
the owner here.
You asked to see me?
Mr. Pritz, it's a mighty fine
saloon you got here.
I know.
What can I do for you?
You can start by running
straight games,
and you can stop threatening
people that owe you.
And if somebody's losing
and can't afford to pay,
then you throw them out.
You don't keep
stringing them along
and running up their debt.
What the hell are you guys?
Name's Moses white.
This is my partner,
Wade loveless.
Yeah, I heard about you guys.
You got quite a reputation
throughout the territory.
We've heard a bit
about you, too.
Now here's what's what.
We're going to start sending
ringers in here to try your games.
And if everything pans out
to be straight,
well, then all will be well.
But if it doesn't,
Marshall loveless and I
will come back and clean house.
And you'll be
the first to go.
You savvy?
That's simple enough,
I guess.
Well, we made it simple
just for you.
People don't normally talk to me
the way you fellas are
because most people
know better.
Well, I guess we don't.
Why don't you just
go on now?
You send the boy down to the
sheriff's office right away
and bring Tom Ramey up here
on the double.
Where'd I leave off?
Lucy silver.
Where's she at now?
She's over locked up.
I'm going to take her
to laramie in the morning,
her and her accomplice.
Lucy and her accomplice will have
to sit for a couple of days.
Marshall bird's coming through
to transport 'em.
Well, he's coming through
to transport one prisoner,
but I figure
he can take two, right?
Why is that?
Because you and I
have to hightail it to donner.
You going to tell me
why we need to go to donner?
Well, some fellas,
they robbed a bank there.
A good sum of money.
Shootout ensued.
Sheriff Bixby and a deputy
got killed.
Lucas Bixby's dead?
Afraid so.
That's a damn shame.
He was a good man.
Damn fine lawman, too.
Yeah, he was.
Anyway, the boys that,
killed 'em,
they got killed themselves.
A few of 'em got away.
We are supposed to go
post haste
to see if we can pick up
their trail.
Post haste?
That means right away.
I know what it means.
Then why'd you ask?
What's the emergency,
They are, Tom.
-Moses white?
-You know that bastard?
He's the Marshall that came
to pick up the prisoner.
I don't know the other fella.
The other fella's
a Marshall, too, Tom.
His name's Wade loveless.
They've got quite the reputation
in the territory.
So what's the problem?
So the problem is, they just
threatened to close me down.
Apparently someone's been
saying bad things about me.
Have any idea
who that might be?
Marshall white was asking
some questions,
but I put him off
as best I could.
Your best
ain't good enough, Tom.
Well, they're leaving
in the morning.
They're taking Lucy silver
to laramie to stand trial.
Lucy silver? Who's that? What
trial are you talking about?
It's Camille Tammery's
real name.
Turns out she killed
her husband herself.
So, you end up getting
your son off after all.
He didn't do it.
Tom, what the hell
is going on here?
I heard about the council members
having a fight out in the street.
And what,
now doc moss is in jail?
Well, he tried to help
Lucy escape.
And it turns out
he's so scared of you
he was gonna take money
from her to pay you off.
Well, how can he pay me
if he's in prison?
What? You want me to just write
off that debt? Is that it?
Harlan, you need to slow down.
You know how you get
when you're drunk.
with the marshalls here,
we don't need any trouble
right now.
You don't tell me
what we need, Tom!
You don't have the first
goddamn idea!
You've lost control
of this town.
We got a murder in the hotel,
we got councilmen fighting
in the street.
We got doc locked up in jail
with my money in his pocket,
and now these goddamn marshalls
coming here threatening me?
Me, Tom!
And everything I've built!
Well, let me
tell you this, Tom.
I'm not gonna go down alone.
If I go down,
you're going down.
Don't think I ain't
gonna blab about
how you've been padding
your pockets
while I'm running my game.
You can't do that.
It'll ruin me.
-My wife...
-It's what you deserve, Tom.
Ever since
this dead husband business,
this whole town's gone to shit,
and you've let it.
Harlan, I've got things
under control.
Like hell you have!
But don't worry, Tom,
I'll get us back to square.
Give me that six-shooter.
Them marshalls
is getting ready to leave.
You grab that ten-Gauge and you
follow me out back, all right?
those are U.S. marshalls.
Are you crazy as well as drunk?
You just can't...
Tom, we do not have
any choice.
They are gonna tear down
everything we've built here,
if not now, then later.
They are gonna come back, Tom.
Marshall white as much
as told me so.
You are the sheriff
in this town.
You can cover up
anything that we do tonight
and no one in this town
is gonna dare oppose me.
We could do this
and we can get away with it.
-Now come on.
-Harlan, just listen to me.
No, Tom, you listen to me.
You're in this as deep as I am.
Now it is time for you to man up
and show me what you got.
Or not.
Come on, let's go.
I'd have a word with you!
Harlan, don't.
Sheriff Ramey!
I don't know what your part
in all this has been,
but you do not have
to die tonight.
-Don't go out like this.
-Better listen to him, friend.
No matter what you've been,
you're still a lawman,
damn it.
Make the right choice.
They sure are dead.
Yeah, well, I just happen
to know the undertaker.
You weren't lying.
This is one hell of a town.
Thank you, Mr. Carver,
for your excellent service.
You're more than
welcome, sir.
You come back anytime.
No offense, Mr. Carver,
but I sincerely hope not.
That was a mighty fine
Mr. Carver sure runs
a pretty tight business.
That's about all I could say
for dogwood pass.
I am not sorry
to be quit of it.
No need to check
on the prisoners, I guess?
Hell no.
No, they can stay in that cell
till Marshall bird gets here
to take 'em to laramie.
I want nothing more to do
with that lot.
What about sheriff Ramey?
Well, I'm not sure
what to do about him.
He's been up to mischief,
that's for sure.
But I'm not sure
exactly what.
We could just let him be and let
the chips fall where they do.
I don't things are gonna turn
out too nice for him anyhow.
I can't believe you,
you son of a bitch!
Tell you one thing,
he ain't a happy man right now.
So you don't want to deal
with him either?
I'm leaving you!
Yep, unfortunate situations
in this town,
that's for sure.
Yeah, it's probably been
that way
since the first two boards
were nailed together.
Just took Lucy silver's
husband to bring it out.
Go home, Henry, you're drunk.
Hello, Henry.
It's Lucy, you damn fool.
Now, where's my buggy?