Westfront 1918 (1930) Movie Script

You're not nice like this!
Scratchy, isn't it?
How about us? - No!
You are all my children.
What's the matter?
Nothing but troubles
with the Prussians!
Karl, show it to him.
Thank you. - No way!
I don't mind.
I'm not that soft. Washing up
is nothing for soldiers.
Hadau, right?
Love me now! - Love...
I don't think about that.
- What did she say now?
- That you're an idiot.
- That's you?
- She thinks it's a compliment.
This lady is gonna be my bride
for the next half hour.
Watch out! You're spilling all that
coffee, you childish buggers!
Don't mess it up!
Do you want to drink
pure water?
At last some coffee.
For grandpa.
Oh, that's good, it's hot.
Give me some of that
Don't cry. Here's your coffee.
- Just in time old friend.
- That's love.
I'm hot for you.
Ouch, she is strong!
Frollein, leave him alone.
These Bavarians are no good.
Well, we'll see.
Let's have a go.
- I'm gonna give it to her.
- Well, do it if you have the guts!
OK. - Let's go.
Behave yourself, Bruno.
Bazi will make it.
I bet six points for Bruno.
Kick him in the ass.
- Grandpa...
- Celler! Get cover!
What's happening out here?
18... 20... 23...
- Pass. - 24... - Me too.
- 27... - Yes. - Pass.
Ouch, that was warm rain,
you rogue. You have a trump.
Bumbum, miss.
Impolite your fellow countryman.
Pas galant.
Oh, my God. This war...
This stupid killing.
I'm going to die for fear.
Don't shake, we're safe here.
No fear. I'm here with you.
With you...
Oh, how kind are you, Monsieur.
Good Sir...
I love you.
Christ, that's some hole.
When he falls on his head,
and can recite the last sentence.
Another one, I go.
There sure is.
Step in, great quarter.
Fire proof guaranteed.
Gentlemen, doesn't cost you
a dime.
Half price for the army
and free for girls!
Get ready for.
Kiss my arse.
So what?
- Hello, somebody here?
- What's the matter?
Here we go again with this
filthy business.
Is this mess starting up again?
Crazy, just when I have
a flush in hand!
Don't break your neck,
there's enough time to die in battle.
Where's the student?
I must be going.
Don't go away...
Stay with me.
Squad leaders report.
I'll be back.
Damn it! The student!
First selection line up!
Second selection line up!
Third selection line up!
First squad line up.
- Company line up. Ready!
- Thanks.
In sections.
Turn right - March!
- Straight ahead! Order of march!
- Smoking permitted.
Get in that filth, just sleep.
Attack! Open fire.
Wake me up
when the time has come.
Everybody out.
- God, what's happening?
- The gas-mask.
Quick, they gonna suffocate
down there.
There won't be many left.
That was a direct hit.
Are you mad?
We don't have enough oxygen
in here.
Support the ceiling,
it's coming down.
Hurry up!
Don't give in.
That must have come from
this side.
Damn it!
Our own artillery.
Fire to the front!
What's wrong?
Messenger, quick!
The artillery shoots at their
own position.
Direct hit of the artillery,
Messenger! Battle orderly over
to the flanking division!
They shoot too short.
Medical orderly.
Can't you breathe either?
I'm finished.
Hello? Karl?
Here is water.
The messenger dog.
Good boy.
Messenger, go!
My God!
I can't take this!
What's the matter?
The front ditch is lost.
Lads, are you mad?!
Voluntary messenger go to
the regimental headquarters.
Voluntary messenger!
Are you mad?
Not quite.
I go.
Over to the regimetnal battle HQ.
Children, let's go down
to the dug-outs.
- What's wrong, August?
- Nothing.
Corporal Richter. - Yes?
What's happening with the message?
It's still not ready.
All linemen are away.
There is nothing
we can do, colonel.
General, all the lines to the tunnel
are shot to pieces.
Third Company.
Divisional artillery commander.
My God, major!
They shoot my regiment
to pieces!
The firing-line's too short!
They have to lengthen the shot.
Got it? - Messenger.
A message from the dug-out.
Yes, I put you through to
the colonel.
Captain Wolzon. Yes?
What's wrong with your line?
Now, eat your fill.
- Bezincourt?
- Straight ahead.
They got him.
Oh, monsieur Georges.
Did you have an accident?
Is the student back? - No.
Terrible losses... in one night.
The men?
Repair the tunnels.
How is the morale?
The soldiers on leave are back.
Who's turn is it?
Hello, Karl should come!
You know...
I don't like sending people
on leave.
When they are back, they spoil
the spirit out here.
I know they tell them...
they've been starving back home.
Stop! Don't go.
I can't let my comrades win
this war all by themselves.
What disaster, this war!
All people are crazy.
Stay here.
Your battalion is lined up.
And you?
Is that the fifth?
The field-gerdarme.
That's the fifth, right?
That's where somebody
deserted last week.
They got him tonight.
The orderly-room is across
the road.
The guy will be handed over
this afternoon.
Get your guns ready.
Thanks a lot, mate.
All the best.
Are you leaving?
I've got leave to go home!
Lucky man.
In Brussels station you can buy
as much sausage as you like
butter and beer.
- And one liter brandy.
I'll get the lot, the gonna be
stunned back home.
Mine still locks like
a young girl...
Can't wait to have someone
to cuddle again.
Life looks quite different
in the morning.
You don't know what it means.
You don't have a girl.
Yes, I have. Since last night.
Good evening!
Dear comrades,
let me introduce you
our much beloved...
Today I wear my cutest dress.
I just feel like it.
Just take a look
The front side is simply delicate.
And even the posterior side
has something for the audience.
Fanfare! It's May and I am there
and all now shout:
Veronika, yes!
When the little daisies bloom
Violets and mignonettes
You have to kneel in front of me
and talk to me of love!
And how aroused you'll be
when I passionately
will look into your blue eyes!
When the little daisies bloom
I will be your wife!
No night can ever be so fine
as any day in May.
When he'll see me in
the light of day
no doubt, it will wet
his appetite.
And I blow, lovestruck and harsh,
already in secret the wedding march!
Fanfare! Tara! Chi-boom tara!
And all now shout:
Veronika, yes!
When the little daisies bloom
violets and mignonettes
You have to kneel in front of me
and talk to me of love!
When the little daisies bloom
You will be my bride!
- Boys, that's quite something...
- Hot stuff?
You know how to live at the Front
you got the hang of it.
Look at that.
Give me fire.
That's some... Christ!
Shut up, you!
Who are you?
Replacement battalion.
You think you're getting a bargain?
That's how it is here.
It's always the same.
So what, that's great.
Just wait...
It's not the same in the trenches.
Hello! Hey!
Stop for a moment, will you?
What is this? It's my turn now!
Have you ever seen
something like that?
I'll play alone.
A little bit...
- No, I want to play, too.
- You? - Yes.
Ah, then we'll both play.
Well, good.
He fell down!
He can't even sit on a chair!
- Can we play together?
- Play together?
Let's play it once more.
Good, let's play it once more.
- Now come on, come on, play!
- Yes, yes, I'll play.
- Come on! I was only joking!
- Joking?
Come on, now.
We'll play something else.
Let's play another piece.
Hello! What's it like out there?
We will stick it out.
When are you getting to Paris?
Why don't you drop in our
regular haunt?
What miserable existence! You can't
get anything with that money.
You have to get something on the
quiet. If not, you kick the bucket.
Can't you leave those kids at home?
They will catch a cold.
At home? Mother works all day
in the factory.
Hey, hey!
Can't you queue up
like the others?
What's the matter, silly cow?
Don't push!
- Say... Adolf? Is he dead?
- Yes, he is.
So what? Do you think mine
is alive?
That's not reason to push.
Go back. Get going!
Make way.
He stocked up.
- Surprised, eh?
- Of course, they live.
Wasn't that you son Karl?
Where? - There.
I can't leave now that...
I've been waiting here all morning.
Do you?
Go on kissing.
Go on.
Go on kissing!
Why aren't you kissing?
Take the blanket off.
Do it!
An order for line up?
Who's that?
You too?
Tomorrow morning.
Now... Get out!
I'm dog tired.
Like the pickled herring...
All gone since yesterday morning.
It's terrible what they do with us.
It's not my fault.
Forget it and make some coffee.
SOLD OU Is he really coming?
But... What's the matter?
It's really you?
That's all for you.
What's the matter with you?
It would have been better
to stay out there.
Don't say thing like that.
What's wrong?
Oh, mother...
It's not my fault.
These are hard times.
The butcher Willi from downstairs.
Sometimes he brings me
You know mother how it is.
From what should we live?
Of course, the people out there
don't have a clue.
If somebody is hungry,
the others are too.
They stick together.
All for one...
Take the coffee.
But what a woman do
all by herself
in this terrible town.
All alone.
Stay with us and have
some coffee.
How was it?
Everything's OK.
But it goes too long.
I already have some.
It tastes good.
From a place in Vaudin
for three Mark fifty.
My friend, the student,
he got himself a girl.
What did your friend do?
He'll marry her.
I've heard everything
in the corridor.
Make his bed.
You've been away from home
too long.
Exactly eighteen months
and nine days.
One shouldn't leave the women
by themselves that long.
No one shouldn't.
Is it my fault?
Is it anyone's fault, Karl?
Are you coming tomorrow to
have lunch with me?
We are all in trouble, mother.
Tell me something nice.
Leave me alone.
Why don't you make peace
out there?
Hark! What stirs in the castle now?
What do my black ears perceive?
Is it just a deer in the vale
that I hear?
And overhead the roaring waterfall.
Hush! What is approaching
the castle?
A horseman descends
from his steed.
Knocks already at the gate.
"Oh, Good God! It's my son!"
"Where then is mine mother...
The twelfth.
...who so heartily wept for me?"
"Thine mother, she was kind,
who rests now in the earth."
Thereupon the son took the sword,
and stabbed it in his father's heart.
"Oh, son... Oh, son...
Do spare me.
Your mother died for thee."
Then, once more he took the sword,
and stabbed it into his own heart.
Deserted lies now
the house and yard.
Everything rests in the graveyard.
To whom are you writing?
I'm writing to mother.
You blockhead.
Dear homeland, all hail.
In the distance, all hail you.
All hail from afar.
Dear homeland, all hail.
Next shift to the sap-trench.
Come on. Quick!
A grenade, take cover!
Watch out!
Christ, they hit Fritz.
Children, we get five of them
back. Hurry up!
The gas!
I've got to leave at 10:30
then I'll just about make it.
There's some coffee left.
I can get it refilled on the way.
You seem happy...
Yes, I really look forward
to that trench.
In three minutes.
To the student and the other
Funny, isn't it?
I guess if you are together for
so long in that ditch...
Forgive me.
Sometimes I'm surprised myself.
You have behaved just like
you were made of stone.
That I have been so damn lucky.
If you had told me off at least.
Can you fasten it?
But I can't talk to you about it.
Now, we are set again for
the trench.
Are you leaving like this
what can I do?
I'm a human being.
I'm your wife!
Leave it...
It's got to be.
You can't go like this!
There's no time.
Don't cry, it's no use.
Come, come, come.
They should be grateful to us.
If this continues,
there won't be a soul left
in two weeks.
Don't go, wait!
What's the matter with you, girl?
I don't want to leave.
I don't want to go away.
Where is my friend, the student?
Yes, I tell him. Let's go.
Tell him... I'm Bayaume.
I wait for Monsieur Otto.
He must write, tell him.
You understand?
To the depot.
Since midnight
heavy devastating fire
on the whole section.
One moment, Major.
Where are they shooting at now?
- To the back, lieuntenant.
- To the back, Major.
It's none of your business.
They are trasmitting over
the entire division quarters.
That doesn't matter if these
gentlemen get their share.
Karl is back!
Hello, you look very smart.
How was it at home?
- How should it have been?
- That's very nice of you
to have come back just when
this mess starts again.
- Is the lieutenant here?
- On the phone.
Since when are you in trouble?
Third day.
Yes, Major.
Major, I repeat.
All the information confirm
our assumption
that the enemy will assume
the offensive this morning.
Yes, Sir.
Do you hear?
That's fine with me.
We fire right to the back
let them have it.
The General himself?
At your orders, General!
If I'm alone in the dug-out?
Straight away!
Make a move.
- Hello August.
- Hi Karl.
No, no. Later.
Where's the student?
Heads down!
Where's the student?
Out there.
Since when?
Since last week.
That's him!
No, that's a Frenchman.
Listen how he screams.
He has been screaming like
that for two days.
But nobody can go there.
I go. - Don't go, it's a Frenchman.
They can get them themselves.
And what if it's the student?
But, I have seen him...
I crawled past him when
I was on patrol.
Where did he get hit?
He lies in the water.
I can't take this.
But listen...
He'll stop.
- I get him today.
- Save your skin, for God sake.
Can't you hear what's going on?
We can't let him rot away
out there.
Look out, the lieutenant.
Who's here?
Reporting back.
Oh, it's you.
Four reliable men have to go
to the front. They'll have to
entrench in front of the wire
I'll send an MG later on.
It's important to attack
the French in the flank.
Who volunteers?
Me. Lieutenant.
I already thought of you.
Now you can show
how beneficial your leave
at home has been.
Who is going with him?
Can I choose some guys?
Are you coming?
What can I do... I just have to.
I can't let you go by yourself.
The student.
Pull yourself together.
We're supposed to be heroes.
If we were heroes,
we would be at home by now.
Watch out!
They are coming.
Pull the pins, for God's sake.
Go, there's gas!
Your Majesty.
I'm blind!
I'm blind! Kill me.
Get them out first. There is no
more room down there.
I have no more legs!
But you have arms.
Think of your girl.
Start with the narcosis.
Where is the student?
Say something nice,
for God's sake.
I'm your wife.
Be quiet my child...
I come back to you.
It's not my fault.
Forgive me.
We are all in trouble.
All alone?
I know, I know, not you.
All this.
I can't go on.
I've got five children at home.
There are no more narcotics.
I wanna go home.
No enemy.
No enemy...