Westward Ho (1935) Movie Script

Covered wagon
Rolling westward ho
Covered wagon
O'er the plains we go
Dry and dreary
Weak and weary
Westward ho
Reelin', rockin'
Covered wagon
The prairies That's my favorite song, Jim.
We roam? Aw, it's too quiet. I like
some of them soldier battle songs.
Reelin', rockin'
Covered wagon
Over the prairies
To home Kinda tired, ain't you, Ma?
No, Mark.
Not very.
You can't fool
this old horse trader.
I've been over these trails too many times
not to know your first trip is a tough one.
But Mark, don't you think we
better be stoppin' for supper?
Those youngsters back there
are most likely starved.
Well, it won't take us so long
to get out of the desert, Ma.
Before the yonder range
we'll camp for the night.
John, this sure is
lots of fun.
I wonder why Dad never took
us on any of his other trips.
'Cause it ain't safe. It ain't safe
for older folks, much less kids.
And anyhow, schoolin'
was more important.
Aw, I don't like school none.
Anyway, I ain't seen
an injun yet.
I'd like to see one. I'd shoot
him right 'tween the eyes.
Put that gun down
'fore you get hurt.
I'd like to see some badmen. I'd
show 'em how bad a fella could be.
I hope you like it
out west, Ma.
It'll take us a little while
to get settled,
but, uh, we'll be gettin' in
on the ground floor.
We'll make a go of it, Mark.
I'll be a heap happy to see you
settling down to ranchin'...
and give up this freight haulin'
all over the west.
The boys are growing up, and they'll
be needing you a lot more now, Mark.
I guess you're right, Ma.
I've been awful lucky. I'm gonna be
glad to get out of it with a whole skin.
Ballard, the Wyatt outfit's headed
this way, across the Buckhorn trail.
- How much stock, Red?
- Oh, I'd say around 200 head.
Good beef stuff too.
Zeddie says he could use a few
hundred head at a fair price.
How big an outfit with Wyatt?
Just a few hands. Oughta be easy.
Good. Get mounted. We'll hit them
before they get across the desert.
Red, you and Chuck ride straight
for the wagons a-shootin'.
Bronc, you and Sloppy ride
out in front to head a getaway.
The rest o' ya,
ride for the cattle.
We'll burn the wagons. Heel!
They're- They're trail jumpers.
Ma, take the line.
Hyah! Hyah-yah-yah-yah!
Unharness them horses.
We got every hand, Ballard. And the
cattle's on their way to the camp.
Put up your hands
or I'll dr-
Wait a minute, Red.
He's a spunky little critter.
Let's take him along.
- Fire them wagons.
Yah! Yah! Yah!
Let's get outa here.
And as you gentlemen know,
the discovery of gold in
this state has encouraged...
every outlaw and criminal west of the
Mississippi to move in here among you.
They're growing fast-
stealing, destroying, murdering,
and living by their guns at the expense
of the decent and respectable citizens.
They outnumber law enforcement 20 to 1.
The honest people are so terrorized by
them that they're leaving the country.
Unless something is done soon, the towns
will be filled with nobodybutoutlaws.
Why are you
so interested, my boy?
Since childhood, I've lived
on the trail of bandits-
hunting the men who murdered
my parents, stole my brother.
If it takes the rest of my life,
I'll continue to hunt them down.
And at the same time,
with the proper aid,
I can do a good service
to this country.
Just what do you expect
the state to do?
Only this:
I'm asking you to provide
guns, ammunition, horses...
and the men that I'll select.
And I promise you, I'll rid this
state of every bandit that's in it...
and make your trails
safe to travel.
Young man, I speak for myself,
but I voice the opinion of all.
Your plan is splendid,
and we admire your courage,
but it takes money to provide you the men
and the necessary equipment you ask for.
The state treasury is without
funds for such a purpose.
Our tax collections at this time are not
enough to take care of our present obligations,
much less added ones.
Therefore, we are powerless
to accept your offer.
- I see.
- I only wish...
I could help you personally.
Thank you.
With money or no money...
I'll organize a band of men and drive
every bandit gang out of this country.
Good night, gentlemen.
You Carter?
That's right.
And the answer, men, is...
we must band together.
You, Carter, and you, Russell...
and every man here has suffered
from the injustice of these gangs.
And it's up to us
to clean them out.
Now, my plan is this:
Every man here will ride a white horse,
wear a black shirt and a white scarf,
and this way we'll know
each other in battle.
And I'm asking for single men
only, and men who will stick.
Now, who will join me
here? You can depend on me.
Me too. I'm with ya. You can count on me.
We'll call ourselves Vigilantes.
Looks like we're with you to
the man, Cap'. I'm glad we are.
It's about time.
Covered wagon
Rolling westward ho
Covered wagon
O'er the plains
We go
Dry and dreary
Weak and weary
Westward ho
Reelin', rockin', rollin'
Covered wagon
Over the prairies
We roam
Reelin', rockin', rollin'
Covered wagon
Over the prairies
To home
Covered wagon
Rolling westward ho
Covered wagon
O'er the plains
We go
Dry and dreary
Weak and weary
Captain looked
kinda disappointed today...
when he didn't locate
the fellow he's after...
after comin'
all the way over here.
Yeah, but that
won't stop him.
He'll rid the country of every
outlaw gang till he finds his man.
You haven't been
with us long.
Wait till you see how he works.
Who is it he's always lookin' for?
Don't know for sure.
Cap' ain't never said.
All kinds of stories, but
that's a private affair with him.
When we were recruited, he said
he wanted to make the west...
a decent and safe place
to live.
Oh, Carter.
Have the boys mount up.
We'll go into Red Bluff
and spend the evening.
Maybe some of the boys would like a little
sarsaparilla. Maybe they would. Me too.
I'll tell 'em.
Band of Vigilantes
Sons of pioneers
And we like to work up
chasing bandits down
We are sons of tribulations
to the outlaws of this nation
When we're ridin' down
that rocky road to town
Seeing we're out
like buckaroos
Let the outlaws
hear the news
That the Vigilante men
will ride them down
We are wicked to the bearer
of a midnight dream of terror
When we're ridin' down
that rocky road to town
Seeing we're out
like buckaroos
Let the outlaws
hear the news
That the Vigilante men
will ride them down
We are wicked to the bearer
of a midnight dream of terror
When we're ridin' down
that rocky road to town
Get him
to a doctor, men.
I'm goin' after them Singin' Riders.
They're camped just outside of town.
We'll get this gang.
Them fellas seem to be
in a mighty big hurry.
Let's investigate.
Black Bart's gang has just robbed
the express. That's them yonder.
We'll round the rocks,
boys, and head 'em off.
Did you ever ride the
Buckhorn Trail? No. Never.
Did you ever hear of a gang that
did ride it about 12 years ago?
No, never did.
Take these men in and turn 'em
over to the townspeople, Carter,
and see that that stolen money is
returned to the express company.
What news? The Gordon herd
is movin' up the Dalton Trail.
Crossed the Snake River
Should be in Paiute Meadows
in a few days. Well, good.
And I'll try and join up with 'em. I
can use a herd like that for outlaw bait.
Now, you'll take the men and wait for
me at the north end of Paiute Meadows.
We'll be pullin' out in
the morning. Good enough.
We just trapped
Black Bart's gang.
All right, men.
Herd 'em into town.
You Lafe Gordon?
Yes, sir.
Who be you? Well, I
might be some help to you.
I know this trail backwards. Heard
you were trailin' shorthanded.
Thought I might tie up with
you. Where y'all been workin'?
Well, the other side of the Snake,
mostly. Rand and Richard's outfit.
Trail boss over there. Well,
I can use a good trail boss.
You know this country well, huh?
Yes, sir.
What's your name?
Uh, John Allen.
You're hired, Allen.
Thirty per and a bonus if there
ain't no losses. Well, thanks, Lafe.
How's the herd holdin'
up so far? Pretty good,
considerin' the weather.
Well, I reckon I'll drop back and
tell the boys we got a new hand.
Be seein' ya.
Hey, stupid!
Where do you think
you're goin'?
Get back there with the
herd, you muttonhead!
Just who do you think you're talking
to? And who are you calling "muttonhead"?
Well, I, uh-
That is, uh-
- And just what are you doing here,
if I may ask?
- Well, I'm the new trail boss.
Well, my name's Mary Gordon,
and my father owns this outfit.
So from now on
it's "Miss Gordon" to you,
not "muttonhead," you-
you dumbbell!
Where'd you get
the new maverick, Dad?
Just dropped out
of a clear sky.
He looks like a good hand
to have around.
Good morning,
Miss Gordon.
Oh, good morning,
Mister... Muttonhead.
Can I saddle up
for you?
Oh, I've been doing it for years.
I guess once more won't hurt me.
Well, that's right.
I agree with you. A girl
that rides a trail herd...
should be made to do
her own work.
There we are.
All ready to go.
Any more orders? A good trail boss
always rides at the head of his outfit.
Yes, Miss Gordon.
Plug Lewis just rode in. Said the
Gordon herd's movin' up the Dalton Trail.
That's what I've been waitin' to
hear. Where's the kid? Outside.
Blackie, get Jim in here.
- Hey, Jim!
- Well, what is it?
Ballard wants
to see ya.
What's up?
Don't know.
All right.
Well, what is it? The Gordon
herd is out on the flat.
I've got 'em as good as sold. Bring 'em
in. Do ya understand? Sure. Don't worry.
Say, I hear that Singin' Rider outfit is making
it plenty hot for the boys down Sonora way.
Keep your eyes open.
I ain't worried none.
Don't be too sure
o' yourself.
I hear they're tough-
mighty tough.
Ah, forget 'em. I'll take the
boys and figure things out.
Come on, men.
It's funny what a great outlaw
that Wyatt kid turned out to be.
Shut up, you fool. Don't ever mention his real
name again. I don't want him to remember it.
He doesn't know yet it was us
that killed his folks.
Early start, Lafe. If it keeps cool,
we oughta cover a lot o' ground.
Yeah, we did
right well yesterday.
That's because
of our new trail boss.
Look yonder.
Come on.
Let's go.
Easy, pardner.
What happened?
Held up. They stole my
horse and left me to die.
Where'd they get ya?
About five miles backtrail.
I got this far, but couldn't
get much further without a horse.
John, have the boys bring the
chuck wagon. We'll fix him up.
Guess we'll go through Paiute Meadows
sometime tomorrow, won't we, Allen?
About noon, I judge, if it's of any
interest to you. Oh, no. Just wonderin'.
I thought you would be.
This Allen fella been
with ya long? No. Why?
Oh, nothin'.
Thought I'd seen him
someplace before.
No, he just joined up with us on
this trip. He's all right. I know.
Don't be too sure, Miss Gordon.
Of course,
I ain't accusin' Allen.
But that's an old trick
in trail jumpin'.
You put a man with an outfit so's
he steers you right into the trap.
But John isn't that kind.
You can't tell, Mary. We
don't know much about him.
Your father's right.
You don't know him.
We know him as well as we know you.
But I didn't come looking
for a job, did I?
Say, maybe
you're right.
I'm gonna keep my eye on him anyway.
You're the girl that I loved
Long ago
The girl that I held
In my dreams
When e'er castles high
I built in the sky
You were my queen
Of queens
You've the eyes?
The lips
and the hair
Of my girl in my castles
Of air
Since they've faded away
I've been longing each day
For the girl that I loved
In my dreams
Oh, please
sing it again.
All right, boss.
Anything you say, goes.
What's up, Jim?
Boys, we gotta
change our plans.
I run into a stranger with the
outfit, and I don't like his looks.
But I'll have that herd
at Paiute Meadows by sunup.
Be ready to crack down on 'em.
Well, I've gotta get back
so they don't get suspicious.
Well, if you'll excuse me, Mary,
I think I'll hit the hay.
I'm kinda tired.
Thanks so much.
I enjoyed your music.
Well, good night,
Good night, stupid.
Dad, I think you're
wrong about John.
Don't worry, Mary.
We'll know better tomorrow.
Where's John Allen? Why,
he's turned in for the night.
I thought so.
It's a trick.
Ain't he in camp?
I can't find him. And his
horse ain't here neither.
Just as I figured. Gone to get
his gang. I don't believe it.
Let's drive on tonight.
We can beat him to it.
Why, we can be
in Paiute Meadows by sunup.
It's a good idea.
Tell the boys
to roll the herd.
We're shoving out tonight. Right.
I think you're making
a mistake, Dad.
Just the same, I'm not
taking any chances.
All right, men,
go get 'em!
I got the guy
that plugged you, Lafe.
Good work, son.
Take care of 'em, boys!
Are you all right?
Yes, thanks to you.
You get 'em all?
Didn't miss a one.
Held this fellow for you
and sweated him.
Admits he rode
the Buckhorn Trail.
You used to ride
the Buckhorn Trail, eh?
What of it? Do you know who
trail-jumped the Wyatt family?
What's it worth to ya?
Plenty, if you know.
Just how much?
Your life.
I ain't tellin'.
Whit Ballard did it. Whit
Ballard? Well, where's he?
I don't know. Don't lie! Where is he?
You'll find him over
in around Grass Valley.
All right, Carter.
You can let this man go.
Our bargain is that you clear out of the
country and stay away from Grass Valley.
Now, get goin'.
Carter, you take the herd
on into Grass Valley...
and wait for us
at the south end of town.
All right, Cap.
Why didn't you tell us who
you were when you joined us?
I didn't see
any reason to tell.
I thought there might be trouble
and I'd lend you a hand.
Oh, I see.
Then you expected trouble.
Well, chasin' outlaws, a fella
can always expect trouble.
Are you in
the government service?
No. I- I organized these men
for a personal reason.
Oh, I'm sorry, John. I
didn't mean to be inquisitive.
Oh, that's all right. It's
nothing you shouldn't know.
As a matter of fact, I'd like
to have you know all about me.
For 12 years I've lived with
but one thought in my mind:
to get the men who killed my
parents and stole my younger brother.
If he's still alive,
I'm gonna find him.
Come on, boy!
Dad, you're wounded!
Just a little nip
in the shoulder.
But if it hadn't been for Jim here, they'd
have got me sure. Oh, I did the best I could.
Those Singin' Riders
really took care of things.
I'm sorry, Jim. I guess
I had you figured wrong.
That's all right. We all make mistakes.
And I sure was wrong about you.
It's lucky John's men
got here in time to save us.
-Did you find out who jumped us?
-They've all been taken care of.
I told Carter to take the herd
on into Grass Valley for you,
and I think we'd better
get you to a doctor.
Well, folks, if you don't mind,
I'll be pullin' stakes.
It's only 20 miles to Grass Valley, and
I'd like to get there as soon as possible.
That's all right, son. I want to
thank you for the help you give us.
Just keep the horse
you been usin'.
When you get to Grass Valley, leave him
in the livery stable and we'll pick him up.
Well, folks, I'll
be seein' you all later.
I told you to watch out for
that Singing Riders crowd.
But you wouldn't listen to me.
You were too sure of yourself.
No, I wasn't.
We were outnumbered five to one.
You couldn't have done
any better yourself.
They got all our boys
except you and Red.
How'd he get away?
Outfigured 'em, he said.
Well, I'm tellin' you one thing.
You ain't gonna be able to do anything with
those Singin' Riders outfit hangin' around.
They sure ruined that job.
Ah, forget it.
You can't cash
on somethin' you ain't got.
Now, listen to this. There's over
$60,000 in gold in the Commercial Bank.
Brought in last night
from that Big Creek strike.
I was waitin' for you and the boys
to come back before I pulled the job,
but I had to go get Dugan
and his gang to help us out.
Well, you'd better strike quick and clear
out. Those Singin' Riders are headed this way.
While the doctor's taking care of your
father, I'll mosey on down the street.
There's someone I want to
see. We'll wait here for you.
Is, uh, Ballard around?
No, he's not. He drops in
every once in a while.
Come in.
What's up, Hank?
There's a fellow downstairs
lookin' for you.
Yeah? Who is he?
Hisrealname is Wyatt.
You remember, Ballard.
- What do you mean?
- Oh, nothin' much.
Only when I was travelin'
with the Cummings gang,
it was Wyatt and his
Singin' Riders that broke us up.
He was lookin' for you then.
Seems that he's out to get you.
He's here now.
Jim, Hank says that Singin'
Rider fella's downstairs.
At the bar.
That's him all right.
Lucky thing I didn't go
downstairs. He thinks I'm a friend.
Wait a minute, partner.
You've forgotten something,
haven't you? What do you mean?
Our bargain was that
you stay clear of Grass Valley.
Besides bein' a thief,
you're a liar.
Listen, Hank. You go down and get the
boys and handle him any way you can.
But handle him!
Don't shoot, Jim. There's
too many townsmen there.
Besides, you might
get one of our own men.
Why, he's just like a wildcat.
Look at him go!
He's in here, Ballard!
Break that door down!
He's got out the window! You better
stop him before he gets to his men!
Come on!
He went that way!
Wait a minute, men.
Have you seen John?
Yes. Uh-
Why, he's upstairs. He's
just been hurt in a fight.
I'll take you to him.
What's the idea?
Who's the girl?
Wait a minute. That's Gordon's
daughter. I got a swell idea.
What's the girl
got to do with it?
We'll never stop Allen from getting to
his men now. But with her here, we can.
I'll show you.
Come on, boys!
This note will hold off Allen's riders
and bring him right into our hands.
Send some of the boys
to Blind Canyon.
When they finish with him, tell 'em to
come back and meet us at Wild Horse Corral.
Get the rest of the boys ready to clean
out the bank as soon as I get back.
Get the rest of the Dugan
gang ready and the wagon quick.
Let's go.
Hurry up, man.
Get that wagon.
All right, boys.
Get mounted.
You're pretty smart, Ballard. You
let him play right into your hand.
I get it.
Brother against brother.
Forget about that brother stuff.
You don't know about it, see?
Go out and get the boys.
We're movin' right away.
What about Jim? Well,
Jim's served his purpose.
When he's found out about his
brother, it'll be just too bad.
The Singin' Riders will
take care of him anyway.
Besides, it's one less cut on the gold.
Now, get goin'.
You men get ready
to cover the town.
Rode out to get you, Allen. Just learned
that Ballard's gang are holding Mary.
They sent this note.
"Allen, I'm holding Gordon's girl,
and we've got a deal to make you.
"Leave your riders and come to Blind
Canyon alone if you want us to release her.
Carter, I'm goin'
in there alone.
You keep the men here.
If I'm not back in a half
an hour, come and get me.
It was the Ballard outfit.
They got all the gold.
We oughta hang every one of 'em. Have
you sent out to the mine for help?
I'll go right now.
I'll go with you.
Let's get the gang together
and we'll all go.
Where's Ballard? I
don't know. They've gone.
And they've tricked you into
double-crossing your own brother.
What do you mean?
John Allen is your brother.
John Allen's my brother?
His real name is John Wyatt,
and you're Jim Wyatt.
I overheard Ballard tell Red
while I was in the closet.
John's been looking for you ever
since they wiped out your family.
You've got to save him.
Look out, John!
They've trapped John
in Blind Canyon.
Come on.
Thanks, Jim.
Where's Mary?
She's safe. She's gone to get
your riders. What do you mean?
I framed you, John. I sent you
in to this, and I'll get you out,
'cause... you're my brother. Brother?
Yes. Mary told me everything. She
overheard Red and Ballard's conversation.
Ballard wanted you killed
so that I'd never know.
We've gotta get
Ballard, Jim.
Their horses are in back of us. I'll
hold them off while you make a run for it.
It's your only chance.
What's your chance?
Oh, never mind me.
We'll both run for it.
That's Ballard in the wagon.
Hyah, hyah, hyah, hyah!
Did you get Ballard, John?
Everything's squared.
Guess I ain't
gonna make it, John.
You won't hold it
against me, will ya?
No, Jim.
Funny. I always wanted
to be a bad man,
even when we were kids.
Do you remember?
I, I guess I'm gettin'
what I deserve.
Over the prairies
To home?
Covered wagon
Rolling westward ho? I'm leaving
tomorrow, disbanding the men.
Where are you going?
Back to my ranch
in California.
It's gonna be
lonesome out there.
Do you think you could
ever care for a, a-
A muttonhead like you?
You guessed it, stupid.
Westward ho
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