Westworld (1973) Movie Script

Hi. Ed Ramsey from Delos.
If there's anyone who doesn't know
what Delos is, well, as we've always said...
...Delos is the vacation
of the future, today.
At Delos you get your choice
of the vacation you want.
There's Medieval World, Roman World
and, of course, Westworld.
Let's talk to some people
who've been there.
Pardon me, sir. What is your name?
Gardner Lewis.
Just got back from Westworld.
Tell us how you liked it, Mr. Lewis.
When you played cowboys and Indians
as a kid, you'd point...
...go "bang, bang" and the other kid
would lie down and play dead.
Well, Westworld is the same thing, only...
only it's for real!
I shot six people!
Well, they weren't real people!
What Mr. Lewis means is
he shot six robots...
...scientifically programmed to look, act,
talk and even bleed just like humans do.
Isn't that right?
Well, they may have been robots.
I mean, I think they were robots.
I mean, I know they were robots!
Yes, the robots of Westworld are there
to serve you...
...and to give you the most unique
vacation experience of your life.
Thank you, sir.
And you, madam?
What is your name?
My name is Janet Lane,
and I was in Roman World.
What is the one thing that stands out
in your mind about Roman World?
Oh, well, I think it would be...
...the men!
I just feel marvelous! I mean...
...it's just a warm,
glowing place to be!
Thank you very much.
Oh, thank you very much!
- And you, sir?
- Yeah?
What is your name, sir?
Oh, I'm Ted Mann.
I'm a stockbroker from St. Louis.
And, which world did you
just come from, sir?
Oh, you're not going to believe this!
I've just been the sheriff of Westworld
for the last two weeks!
Did it seem real to you, sir?
It's the realest thing I've ever done!
I mean that!
- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.
And you, sir?
My name's Arthur Caine.
I've been in the castle.
I've had a couple of sword fights
and three jousts.
And I...
I married a beautiful princess.
Is that something you've
always dreamed of doing, sir?
All my life!
There were some of the comments
of people who've just returned from Delos.
Why don't you arrange...
...to take our Hovercraft to Medieval World,
Roman World and Westworld?
Was it worth $1,000 a day?
Contact us today, or see your travel agent.
Boy, have we got a vacation for you!
This is Delos Control to Station 3.
You are cleared on Vector 79, on 195...
We anticipate scanning
in about four and a half minutes.
I'm not worried at all. I'm just...
I'm just curious.
How much do they weigh?
Three or four pounds.
That heavy.
Do they have much of a kick?
A Colt.45?
Well, I never fired one before.
What about that thing
where you go like this over the gun?
- Fanning?
- Yeah.
- What about it?
- Is that hard to do?
The gunbelt, does it have those strings
to tie around your leg?
If that's the kind you want.
That's the kind I want. I think it's
probably better for quick draws, you know.
It all depends.
What kind of gunbelt did you have
the last time?
I had the one without the strings.
And you could draw fast?
Then maybe it doesn't matter after all.
The guns they give you are real guns?
Real guns.
That's incredible.
Give us a shift to 197...
...and take it down to Port 43.
Negative acceleration at 22.
So long as you maintain
passenger comfort.
Sigma-sigma was transferred
according to the log at 041.
The orientation on the resort
will now begin.
Please put on your earphones.
Don't you want to listen?
I heard it the last time.
...consists of three separate resort areas,
each with its own special appeal.
Whichever resort you have chosen...
...we are sure you will have
a fascinating and rewarding stay here.
Western World is a complete re-creation
of the American frontier of 1880.
Here it is possible to relive the excitement
and stresses of pioneer life to the fullest.
Western World is a life of lawless violence,
a society of guns and action.
This is Medieval World, where we have
reconstructed 13th-century Europe.
A world of chivalry and combat,
romance and excitement.
Our teams of engineers have spared
no expense in this re-creation...
...precise to the smallest detail.
Then we have Roman World:
A lusty treat for the senses in the setting
of delightful, decadent Pompeii.
Here the traveler experiences the sensual,
relaxed morality that existed at the peak...
...of the Imperial Roman Empire.
All together,
these resorts comprise Delos...
...the most exciting vacation spot
in the history of man.
This is Delos Control to Station 3.
Your negative deceleration
should be 25...
...and your ground speed should be
The whole spectrum of technology
has been employed in Delos...
...for the vacationer's pleasure.
Expensive and unusual,
Delos is not for everyone.
But for those who choose it, it is truly
a unique and rewarding experience.
We have you on Grid 5.
Notify ground crews.
Stand by. Locking in now.
Shut down 2, shut down 3.
Shut down 2, shut down 3.
Nice job, everybody.
Welcome to Delos.
Please go to your color-coded tram...
...which will take you
to the world of your choice.
Give your name to the attendant.
Welcome to Delos.
Please go to your color-coded tram...
...which will take you
to the world of your choice.
May I have your name, please?
John Blane.
- Peter Martin.
- Thank you.
Please go to your color-coded tram
which will take you...
...to the world of your choice.
We are sure you will enjoy your stay
in Western World.
Was she a...?
That's amazing!
Supposedly, you really can't tell...
except by looking at the hands.
They haven't perfected the hands yet.
Nothing can go wrong.
You will enjoy your stay
in Roman World.
While you are there, please feel free
to indulge your every whim.
Medieval World exists for you, the guest.
Nothing can go wrong.
I have a quick fade on the CRT and my
balance controls don't seem to help me.
I'm keeping this in real time.
Switch me over to an on-line status
and I'll do it manually.
You've got a three-millisecond cycle delay
which should be computed in.
I don't know what to do
if the stagecoach is late.
Oh! It's fantastic!
I reckon that's everything.
Bath's down the hall.
Bath'll cost you
two bits for hot water.
Dinner at 7:00, breakfast at 6:30.
Get lunch on your own.
Couple of places in town to eat.
Don't look like much here,
but we have everything.
Just a minute.
You mean to tell me he's a robot?
That's what I mean to tell you.
We're paying $1,000 a day for this?
It's authentic.
The West of the 1880s.
Well, at least they could've made it
a little more comfortable.
But that's the point.
This is really the way it was.
If you wanted comfort,
you should have stayed in Chicago.
Julie would have loved all this!
Poking around for hours
in all those funny shops, looking for silly...
What the hell is wrong with you?
You're a lawyer!
You know better than anybody else
what a ride she took you for.
Well, the kids...
Fine, the kids!
But you're here, six months later,
still thinking about her.
No, not really.
She just came to mind, is all.
There's a lot to do here.
- What'll it be?
- Whiskey.
What about you?
Vodka martini on the rocks
with a twist of lemon. Very dry, please.
Just give him whiskey.
He's new in town.
You've got to get
into the feel of the thing.
I feel silly.
It's like a joke.
It's not a joke, it's an amusement park.
It's the best amusement park in the world.
All you have to do is have fun.
There's some pretty
rough-looking customers here.
How many of them are...?
Guests like us?
Who knows?
That's the beauty of this place.
It doesn't matter.
It may look rough,
but it's still just a resort.
There's no way to get hurt here.
Just enjoy yourself.
What is this stuff?
It doesn't say.
God! Give me this!
Puts hair on your chest.
Sloppy with your drink.
Get this boy a bib.
Go on!
He needs his momma.
Kill him.
You talk too much.
You say something, boy?
I said, you talk too much.
Why don't you make me shut up?
Your move.
Pretty realistic, huh?
Listen, are you sure he was a...?
Of course. You don't really think
you shot anybody, do you?
Hey, John...
How do I know I'm not going to kill
another guest with this thing?
Try it.
Shoot me.
Go on, shoot.
The gun has a sensing device.
It won't fire at anything
with a high body temperature.
Only something cold, like a machine.
They thought of everything.
The Black Knight won't be repaired
till tomorrow afternoon.
Yeah, I have the banquet scheduled
for 5:30, if that conforms.
What do folks do for companionly
entertainment in this town?
I wouldn't know about such things.
I'm just runnin' this hotel.
Miss Carrie has a real nice saloon
down at the end of the street.
Now, I won't have talk of that woman
in this house.
Not over my dinner.
The food's real good, ma'am.
Thank you, stranger.
You're a gentleman of some breedin'.
Isn't she terrific?
Who's Miss Carrie?
You fellas new in town?
Just passin' through?
Lookin' for some fun?
Well, you've come to the right place.
There's plenty of fun here.
That's Cindy and Arlette.
Arlette's from Paris.
Perhaps you gentlemen
are taking a likin' to 'em.
They're real accommodatin'.
- They look it.
- Listen...
Why don't you just go on upstairs
and we'll reckon accounts later?
- Sounds good to me.
- Are those two girls machines?
Now, how can you say a thing like that?
Come on.
What's goin' on?
They're robbin' the bank.
Robbin' the bank?
Hey, maybe we oughta go help out.
You don't know.
It might be fun to play bank robbers.
Look, Pete, this is better.
There is something I have to tell you.
I don't know if it matters...
...but it matters to me.
I haven't ever had a...
Well, I hardly know you,
if you know what I mean. I mean...
We just met a few minutes ago.
You're probably very nice.
I feel funny.
I think you're very nice.
How was it? Wasn't it terrific?
Boy, machines are the servant of man!
Wasn't that great?
Not bad.
Not bad. Now you're the big lover!
Well, you know how it is.
Some guys have a way with women.
Shooting stopped.
I guess we missed the robbery.
You can't have everything.
...this place is really fun!
I think it's the jugular unit.
- What do you think?
- Should we try and rewire her?
No, I'd replace the whole unit
rather than try and repair it.
With a 10?
Use an XX-50 if we have any in stock.
The double X's have a longer lifespan.
A 50 may not fit in here.
Maybe you can shift the integrator unit
further up into the cavity.
I'll try it.
Balance servo again?
Yeah, she fell over this afternoon.
I think it's the sensor.
If it's the central unit
we'll open her up.
You get a confirmation
before you do that.
What's he in for?
Central malfunction.
Another one?
Since we opened the resort,
we had a failure and breakdown rate...
...conforming to computer predictions.
That is 0.3 malfunctions
for each 24-hour activation period...
...concurrent or not.
Now, this was an anticipated operations
aspect of the resort...
...and we were fully able to handle it.
The majority of the breakdowns
were minor or peripheral...
...until about six weeks ago.
Then Roman World had a rise
in breakdown rate...
...which doubled in a week.
In addition,
we saw a disproportionate rise...
...in central as opposed to
peripheral breakdowns.
Now, we identified some problems
with humidity control...
...and regained homeostasis.
Despite our corrections,
the breakdown rate continued to climb.
Then Medieval World began
to have trouble.
Now we're seeing
more Western World breakdowns.
And there's a clear pattern here
which suggests an analogy...
...to an infectious disease process
spreading from one resort area to the next.
Perhaps there are
superficial similarities to disease.
It's only a theoretical concept.
There are many ways to order that data.
I must confess,
I find it difficult to believe in...
...a disease of machinery.
We aren't dealing
with ordinary machines here.
These are highly complicated
pieces of equipment...
...almost as complicated
as living organisms.
In some cases, they've been designed
by other computers.
We don't know exactly how they work.
Okay, up gain 437...
I'm not getting sound pickup
from the tenth quadrant.
Okay, my telemetry is good.
Repeat, I have good telemetry.
We have sunrise at 0.43.
Ready on all quadrants.
Energize grid.
Grid energized.
All right, then give me a 436,
if you can patch that in.
If not, 435.
I have sound now. Thank you very much.
Yes, I want scrambled eggs and bacon
and cinnamon toast.
Do you have cinnamon toast? You do?
Okay, send it down
to Central Control Room, Console 3.
Wait a minute.
What was that? No grounding on Unit 5?
Try a bypass.
I have readings on all units, 5 included.
Hold on a minute.
All right, let's stand by
for resort activation.
You ready on Phase 443?
Okay, we're going to activate at 59...
Lower gain Alpha 2...
Ready on six, on five, on four...
...on three, on two. Activate now.
"Oh, give me a home
"Where the buffalo roam
"And the deer and the antelope play
"Where seldom is heard
"A discouraging word
"And the skies are not cloudy all day"
What do you want?
"Home, home on the range"
Not one word.
Do you mind if I finish shaving?
Have you no sense of...
Was he bothering you?
He isn't gonna bother you again.
I'm here to tell you
that things have changed.
There's law here now.
You can't go around plugging
whoever you please.
But, Sheriff, it was self-defense.
That's what they all say.
He shot a man.
He'll have to stand trial.
Judge'll be here next week.
If I were you,
I wouldn't trouble over your friend here.
Judge Benson likes to hang 'em.
Hang 'em high.
Look, Sheriff...
Beat it.
I said, beat it!
I've never been in jail before.
First time for everything.
But I haven't done anything wrong.
You shot a man. That's something.
- Where are you from?
- Chicago.
Well, Chicago's a long
way from here, fella.
A thousand miles and more.
Hold it!
I guess that sort of
makes us desperados.
Yeah, I guess.
Well, what do we do now?
The way I figure it, anything we want.
- There's no law in that town now.
- I'll say.
We go in there,
and we do anything we want!
You know what?
I almost believe all this.
Why shouldn't you believe it?
It's as real as anything else.
I reckon.
What can you give me in Grid 7?
We have that on SM-514.
Transfer, now.
She wants to meet the king.
We have to restructure for that.
Can't disappoint a guest.
Yeah, listen, this is the third day in a row
that I've called you about my laundry.
You've got all my shirts...
We're rechecking the tapes
on the mechanism now.
We have programmed infidelity
in the queen...
...as of two minutes ago.
All right,
coming up on the castle, zero...
It also conforms with your five-year history
at this time of the year.
Leave me now.
My queen!
If the king should hear of this,
we would both be put to death!
I would be more than happy
to die for you, my lady.
Let us pray it shall not be so.
I have news.
The Black Knight has returned,
and seeks a match with you.
The Black Knight...?
None other.
Is he pretty tough?
He has the strength of ten,
and cunning besides.
...his sight is weak in his left eye.
Stay to his left and you will prevail
and win the day.
Confirmation of the reprogramming
of that Black Knight...
...for left lateral weakness and instability
for tomorrow.
I shall see you on the morrow?
My lady.
Schedule for tomorrow a.m.
It's his last day in the resort.
Let's make it a lulu.
Tomorrow a.m. Broadswords.
Schedule locked.
We have a problem
with the air conditioning in Beta section.
Send a crew out.
Yes! He can be sheriff
any time he wants.
That is correct.
Just give him the badge.
Now, I'm the new law around here.
You think you can handle things?
You wanna try me?
A thousand pardons, my lord.
What is your name, child?
Oh, I love this place.
I love my horse.
I love my horse and I love Julie.
Oh, shut up, will you?
I like the spots on my horse.
- Did you see the spots on my horse?
- Your horse is beautiful.
- Thank you very much. I like yours, too.
- Thank you.
Look out!
Let me handle this!
Goddamn it!
- Do you suppose it's real?
- Hell, no!
That's not supposed to happen!
Maybe it is!
Maybe it's part of the thing!
The hell! Goddamn machines, anyway!
That's not supposed to happen!
A rattlesnake struck a guest?
He was shooting at it and he missed.
The snakes are programmed
never to hit on a strike.
- Was the guest injured?
- Minor puncture wounds.
It's inexcusable to injure a guest.
Pick up that snake
for a total post at once.
Check all the snake's central mechanisms
tonight during the repair period.
Doesn't anything work around here?
Logic circuits on the snake
simply failed to respond.
There was no sign
of mechanical damage or tampering...
...and no clue to the malfunction.
Central mechanism psychosis?
I feel we should shut down
the resort for a month.
Oh, that seems rash.
A snake injured a guest.
We can't allow that to happen.
Many elements of the Delos Resort
are potentially dangerous.
That's part of the appeal.
But if they become truly dangerous...
I agree.
We can announce
that the resort is overbooked...
...and not allow any further
new guests to arrive.
We can take care of
the ones already here.
If we can't insure the safety of the guests,
we'll be in desperate trouble.
But we can insure their safety.
Everything's fine.
All right, let's start that bar fight.
John, what do you say?
Hit me.
Now, that's just rude!
Hey, Sheriff! Come on!
What's his problem?
Nothing. He got shot up today,
so we're taking the opportunity...
...to replace the visual cortex.
Using the new infrared units.
And we're increasing audio sensitivity.
You called for me, my lord?
How long have you been
in the palace, Daphne?
Since I was three, my lord.
I think we ought to get
to know each other better, Daphne.
Better, my lord?
I can reward you well.
My lord...
My lord!
My lord forgets himself!
Problem with the girl.
Program breakdown.
What's the trouble?
One of the castle machines
isn't responding.
Refusing a guest seduction.
Get her out of there,
and report it to central repair.
- Did you find the trouble?
- No apparent trouble.
But she wasn't following programming.
She refused a guest seduction
and she is a sex model.
Certainly is.
Will they shut down?
No, the directors feel that to close down
now would hurt tourist confidence.
I don't like it.
I'm never gonna drink again.
Okay, 437...
I'm not getting sound pickup
in the tenth quadrant.
Please set numbers to console...
Hold, varlet!
Are you speaking to me?
None other, sire.
Look, I'm hungry and I...
Prepare for thy doom,
thy scurrilous knave! Huh!
Wait a minute! Can't we talk this over?
What, have you no spine, varlet?
Well, I...
The queen!
Full monitor.
Let him go.
Oh, what a hangover.
All right, varlet!
We're losing a little tolerance.
Bring me up.
Shut down! Shut down immediately!
Circuits don't respond, sir!
Then cut the robot power!
Power cut!
Oh, my head!
I'm freezing!
Gotta get to the hotel.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
- They're not responding!
- Shall we cut the main power grid, sir?
Shut it all down! Shut it all down!
Hold it!
Come on, not now.
Not you again.
It's too early.
Let me do it this time.
Your move.
I'm shot.
I'm shot!
Oh, my God!
Sir, we have no control
over the robots at all!
- They're running on stored charge!
- How long can they go?
Some will begin to run down in an hour.
Others can go a full 12!
- Turn the main grid back on!
- The relays must be frozen.
We can't get back our power!
Hello? Hello?
Now, how are we going to get out of here?
All these doors are electrically powered.
Now, get these doors open in here
before we all suffocate!
Temperature elevated, 98 degrees.
Oxygen, 17 percent and dropping.
Get that power on
so we can open these doors.
Don't shoot me!
Hey, wait a minute!
What's the matter with you?
Hold out your hands.
Let me see your hands!
You're a guest!
You really gave me a scare.
Look, everything's broken down.
The machines have gone crazy.
You know about the machines?
Yeah, I repair 'em.
There's one chasing me now.
A gunslinger.
Must be a model 404, maybe a 406.
If he's a 406,
he's got all the sensory equipment.
It's a beautiful machine!
He's after me!
I don't doubt it.
What can I do?
There's nothing you can do.
He'll get you.
You haven't got a chance.
There must be something!
Fella, don't kid yourself.
There are things you could try:
Acid for his visual system,
noise for his hearing...
No matter what,
he'll always be one jump ahead of you!
You haven't got a chance!
Yes, I do.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
All right. It's all right.
- It's okay.
- Help me!
All right, all right.
- Help me!
- You're gonna be all right.
Help me!
No water...
- Go ahead. Go ahead and drink.
- No water...
- I'm trying to help you.
- No water. No. No!
Why don't you make arrangements
to take our Hovercraft...
...to Medieval World, Roman World
and Westworld.
Contact us today,
or see your travel agent.
Boy, have we got a vacation for you,
vacation for you...
...for you, for you, for you...