Wet Bum (2014) Movie Script

Hey those are my clothes!
Good luck getting home.
Molly, come on.
Zero, one...
Nine, one.
Please, your name?
- Hello.
- Hi Mom.
You okay?
Can you come pick me up?
Judith, we're here
to clean your apartment.
Judith, can you open the door
We're going to start
your cleaning now.
This is my daughter Sam.
She's going to be cleaning
the apartments.
We're going to get at it then.
Do they stay in the room
when I clean?
They can do whatever they want,
this is their home.
It's just weird am I
suppose to clean around them?
Sam you're suppose to do whatever
I tell you to do.
- Okay.
Almost forgot.
It's the master key.
I need you to be responsible
with this. Okay?
You Okay?
What happened?
I'll be right back.
Hold the elevator.
Well have you thought about
taking him back there?
Maybe if he gets to see it again
maybe he'll stop trying to go.
No, I've thought about it
but the place is in such bad shape.
I just think going back there
would be, more harm then good.
I'm sorry. Sam?
You need something?
There's a dead bird.
I'm really sorry. Excuse me.
A bird flew into Judith's window...
...it's dead on the planter thing.
So clean it up.
Mom, I don't want to touch it.
Put some gloves on
and throw it in the garbage.
Samantha, it will take
five seconds.
Okay. Fine.
- Sorry about that.
- No problem.
One, Two, Three...
21, 22, 23...
...34, 35, 36, 37...
...51, 52, 53, 54, 55.
I'm done cleaning is there
anything else you need?
Is there something you need?
- Sam?
- I'm changing.
- You're not done yet?
- No.
Can I see?
I said I'm changing.
Really mom?
I thought it was cute.
Come on, let me see.
I'm not wearing this.
Nate could you come here
for a second please.
Mom, no.
- What?
- Just come here.
Doesn't she look cute?
Shut up.
I'm not sure I would use
the word cute.
I'm not wearing this.
Her who was now but a shadow...
...and a recollection.
Tears streamed from my eyes.
The rain had ceased for a moment...
...and I saw the fish play
in the water...
...as they had
done a few hours before...
...they had then been
observed by Elizabeth.
Nothing is so painful
to the human mind as a great...
...and sudden change.
He wouldn't hang out with us.
It turned out,
I was at his place one time...
...and he had tap shoes,
he'd being going to...
...tap lessons the whole time.
Sam, want a ride to the pool?
I'll go grab my things.
Meet you in the parking lot?
- Yeah, sure.
What are you doing?
Just getting a ride.
Are you two like best friends now?
I not allowed to talk
to your friends now?
You're not allowed to flirt
with them.
Don't you want a ride?
Guys seriously?
We went over this yesterday.
What do you scan the area for
before you jump in the water...
...to make a save?
- No wire?
Electrical wire...
But yes, that's one.
Sam's clothes.
Guys, enough.
Good one.
Fine. Laps.
Come on. Now.
Sam, are you finally going to
do front crawl for me?
Hey Sam.
Hey Sam, can I talk to you
for a minute.
Here, get in the water.
- Really?
- Yes. Really.
Come on.
Alright, so what is it about
the front crawl?
Is it the breathing?
I know how to do the breathing.
I just don't like it.
You don't like to breathe huh?
You know what I mean.
Well you know you got to be able to
do front crawl to pass this course.
I can swim.
Sam, I'm serious.
Front crawl is the fastest...
...and as a lifeguard you
have to be fast and efficient.
I can go just as fast swimming
Wanna make a bet?
Here, if you can beat me...
...to the other end of the pool
swimming underwater.
I will never ask you
to do front crawl again.
But if I win then you have
to start doing it.
- Fine.
- Yeah?
Here, backs against this edge.
I'll even give you
a head start too.
One, two...
You cheater.
You're fast.
What are you doing?
Hey man, I was just trying to help
Sam with her front crawl.
Oh, yeah?
That's front crawl?
Sam, don't you have to be
at work soon?
Okay, mom.
I expect you do be doing
front crawl next class.
You didn't win.
I'm sorry.
I'm here to clean your room.
I'm not paying for that.
You don't have to, it's included.
Well I didn't ask for it.
I was told to do clean
every room. It's my job.
Are you going to let me in?
- No.
Well are you actually going to
clean anything?
You're b..m is wet.
I was swimming.
Looks like you peed yourself.
What are you doing?
I'm throwing out your old food.
I didn't tell you to do that.
Well it's old moldy food.
I can throw out my own food.
Do you want to put them back?
Are you trying to be funny?
Not now that it's been
in the garbage.
What is that?
It's vinegar.
That's awful.
It's going to leave a
hell of a smell.
Don't touch anything!
And don't go in the bedroom.
It's recording mom.
It's recording Ed.
Then talk dear.
Hi this is Ed and Isabel.
We're not home right now
so please leave us a message.
After the beep.
Hey dad, it's Greg.
Answer the phone.
Dad, we really need
to talk about the house.
Call me back, please.
Okay, I'll try again later.
There is no one else who can
take you out.
I don't need you spying on me.
I'm not a god damn 12- year- old.
So stop acting like one.
If you do this one more time
I have to bring the police back in.
Call the police.
I'll tell them
you're holding me against my will.
Ed you made the choice
to come here.
No, we made the choice.
I'm sorry. Ed.
Get out.
Get out.
Everybody out.
Take your towels.
Okay guys, partner up.
Here Sam, you can be with me.
So guys today we're going to review
CPR and Sam...
...here is going to help me
with the demonstration.
Can you lie down?
Guys c'mon, take this seriously.
If you don't do this perfectly
by the end of the course...
...I can't pass you.
Thanks Sam.
So, first things first.
Look, listen and feel.
Which means you're checking
for breathing and a pulse.
And where is the best place
to do that?
Yeah, Rob?
Just below her b..b.
Yeah, funny Rob.
I hope you never have
to save anybody.
Seriously guys where?
The wrist.
Yeah, and the better place
to check for a pulse?
The neck?
Yeah, that's right.
Just below the jaw line.
Right there.
So then you listen for breathing.
Look for the rising of the chest.
Guys, come on.
You're going to have
to rescue people...
...of the opposite sex too.
So then next you make sure
the airway is clear.
You do that by tilting the
head back and checking.
So, once you've come to the
conclusion that your victim...
...is not breathing,
you commence mouth to mouth.
Two breaths.
It looks like Sam wants it
really badly.
Guys. Come on.
Guys, class is over.
He jumps into cars all the time.
It's a nightmare.
- What are you doing here?
Pardon me?
Hey Sam.
Sam, you're going to
get yourself sick.
It's fine. Leave it.
Is she this stubborn with you?
Only when it comes to front crawl.
What's happening with your
front crawl?
Nothing. It's fine.
Sorry is he eventually going to.
Come one Ed?
Ed, get out of the car.
Ed, come on. No.
Can I grab your keys?
- Yeah, here.
Thank you.
You're a little p..k
you know that?
Come on.
Thanks again.
- Yeah.
And I'll make sure
Sam works on her front crawl.
It's fine.
I should probably get to work.
You work here?
It's not my choice
my mom is making me.
Look I'm really sorry
about class today.
Just don't pick me again.
Okay. I won't.
Can I just ask you
why did you pick him up?
The old guy?
Yeah, Ed.
I didn't.
I was stopped at
a red light...
...and he opened my door
and got in.
Yeah, he just got in my car
and started yelling directions...
...out of town.
So why did you take him here?
He kept asking me not to.
Hey, who's that spying on us?
That's Judith.
Is she looking at us?
It's hard to tell.
She doesn't to react to anything.
Oh yeah?
Let's see.
I'm kidding.
I should probably get inside.
I am sorry.
Here we go.
And left and right.
Higher this time.
And left and right.
To the music. And left.
Sally left, very good.
And right.
Here we go.
Keep going everybody.
Would you be the
best friends do you think?
That's a good question.
She still wonders if his twins
is his best friend.
I don't know. We being a twin.
- Hello?
From birth to death
I never being alone.
Seth is my best friend.
This is a relationship that we
share that is so incredible.
And so difficult to explain.
You're so beautiful.
Stop it Robert.
There you are...
...there's another dead bird.
- I didn't do anything.
What did you do?
Another bird?
That's weird.
Can you go and clean it up please?
Yeah, sure.
I came to clean it up.
What happened to the bird?
What are you doing?
Get out.
I said get out.
- Okay.
I just go to mom to talk
the flirty session after class.
What flirty session?
What's going on with you and Lukas?
He's my swimming instructor.
Don't act dumb.
We were just talking
about something after class.
Sam, he's a creep.
Well then so are you.
I've seen you stay after class.
I wasn't hitting on a 14 year old.
Well I've seen you hit on Molly.
- I haven't hit on Molly.
- Do you guys have any laundry?
What about your uniform
and bathing suit Sam?
Stop it. Get out.
- Stop stealing my tapes.
- I didn't.
Then why are they in your room?
- Mom.
- Yeah?
Did you take my bathing suit
Why would I do that?
- C..p.
- Excuse me?
I forgot my bathing suit
at the retirement home.
Do you only have one bathing suit?
That I like. Yes.
Hey! Where are you headed?
The retirement home.
Oh, you working nights now?
No, I forgot something there.
You want a ride?
No. I'm good.
Oh, come on, Sam.
Come on I'll drive yeah.
- Fine.
So what is it you do here again?
I'm cleaning the retirement
Are they in the rooms
when you clean them?
Most of the time.
Not always.
That's weird.
I'll just be a second.
Do you have to push this around?
What's this open?
It's a master
to all the apartments.
So you can get in any room
with this key?
I think so, yeah.
I'm just going to see.
I'm just going to look.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
He's not here.
Sam come on, it's fine.
Come on.
Come on.
Who is this guy?
- Put it back.
There's nothing in there.
Let's go.
He'll know someone has been here.
I doubt it.
Come on. We should go.
Don't you want these earrings?
No. Put them back.
Alright they're going back.
Okay, let's get out of her.
Hurry up.
- I'm coming. I'm coming.
Calm down.
He's old.
I doubt he can remember where
his clothes were on the floor.
I hope not.
You alright.
What are you doing here?
She just forgot something.
What is he doing with you?
I was helping her find it.
Can you not talk?
He was helping me.
Did you find it?
- What?
- What you were looking for?
Come on.
Is she always there?
Sam I'm kidding.
Let's go.
Look, it'll be fine.
Honestly don't worry.
You can just drop me off
right here.
Hey I had fun.
See you tomorrow.
Come on guys push it.
Last laps.
Sam! Front crawl.
Do you want to go outside?
What are you always looking at?
What are you looking at?
What happened to knocking?
Are you wearing lipstick?
No I just had some red juice.
I get that you want to look nice
but don't need this.
Mom stop.
I'll do it.
- Okay. Alright.
Your brother's waiting for you
in the car.
Why can't I go on my own?
I'm not going to do anything.
What's with the red lips?
Hey, why is my bike in the back?
I'm not going to be able to drive
you back home.
I've got something else to do.
Yeah, seriously.
What's that guy doing?
I think that's Ed.
- You know him?
- Yeah, from the retirement home.
Well he's freaking out
on those people.
Maybe we should stop?
No, I'm sure someone
will pick him up.
Hey Sam.
Here you go.
Have a good time at the dance.
What are you guys doing?
Nothing, we're just hanging out.
See yeah later.
She should just come
to the party with us.
She's already all dressed up.
Shut up, man.
Get out of here.
What party?
It's ah...
You know that new subdivision.
Dude, shut up.
Just get in the truck.
- C'mon why can't she come?
Sam just go inside.
Why can't I come.
Sam, it will be fine. Okay?
Just come.
Come on.
- Hey!
- Hey!
I'm happy that you came here
You always seem so mad at me.
That's just 'cause you never ever
do what I tell you to do.
Are you okay?
Sam what the hell
are you doing here?
I told you not to come here.
You can't tell me what to do.
Samantha. Stay at the class.
You're late.
Oh, really.
Yeah, really.
Thanks, instructor Rob.
Well she is.
Just get back to your laps.
Get back to your laps.
He's right.
You're late.
No excuse?
Because I gave you the finger
and got detention.
Oh man.
You should probably catch up
with everyone.
What about front crawl?
Sam, stop looking at me.
I wasn't looking at you.
Yes you were. I saw you.
No I wasn't.
You always are.
You sit in your little corner
and watch as we change.
No I don't.
Who here has ever seen Sam
change out of her bathing suit...
...after practice?
See Sam.
No one.
Well I have.
No you haven't.
You just sit there
and watch us like a perv.
Why do you want to see me naked
so bad Molly?
Because I want to know
this is a safe place...
...where I can come and change
and not have to worry about pervs.
Are you sure it's not
because you're a lesbian?
I'm not the one watching
other girls change in the corner.
Sam. Put some clothes on.
Sam! Want a ride?
You okay?
You going to follow me
all the way there?
She finally speaks.
Come on Sam.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
So are you going to tell me?
Why it looks like
you've been crying.
It's nothing.
I should probably go.
Okay see you tomorrow!
Mom. You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- What happened?
- Sam, not now.
What are the tears about?
Is it your mom?
She can be a b..h.
Did you and that little p..k
break up?
Judith died.
I'm changing.
I said I'm changing.
You're lying in bed.
Well I'm about to get up
and change.
I didn't realize that you were
so close to Judith.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't.
Then what is this about?
It's clearly not nothing, honey.
I'm worried about you.
Is this about Molly?
What's going
on between you two?
Nate told me that you and Molly
are having some problems.
Well tell Nate,
to mind his own business.
What is going on?
You guys used to be
such good friends?
My brother is an a..e,
that's what's going on.
Just because you're upset doesn't
mean you get to use...
...that kind of language.
- S..t.
- Okay. That's enough.
Well, I guess you're going to be
staying in your room all night.
Thank god.
Remind me Molly, when did you
become such a b..h?
Around the same time
you turned into such a loser.
Remember that time
that you let Rob finger you...
...in my basement?
Remember the next morning
how you made me research...
...if you could get pregnant
from a boy fingering you.
At least boys want to touch me.
The closest you've ever come to
any action is...
...being taught mouth to mouth.
Look Molly.
I think I just found your baby.
Alright guys, what do we want
to start with?
Why don't we start
with mouth to mouth?
- You would want to start with that.
- Shut up.
Why don't we start with laps?
Are you kidding me?
You suggested laps?
You barely do them as it is.
Laps it is.
Come on guys.
You should be used to this by now.
Let' go!
I'm not doing front crawl.
Well you're the one
that suggested laps.
That was to shut them up.
What are you doing?
Molly what the hell?
Sam, you okay?
Molly out, now!
I'm fine.
What happened?
Nothing. Molly was
just joking around, I guess.
You going to tell Mom
about this too?
Hey you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Would a ride make you feel
any better?
It might help.
Just help, no guarantee?
Yeah, no guarantee.
Well, I guess I'll take
what I can get.
You coming?
You know?
I can fail them.
Hey look, there's that Ed guy.
Aren't you curious
where he wants to go?
I doubt he'd get in my car again.
Okay, fine.
We'll take you.
Wherever you want to go.
How much further?
Just keep driving.
I'll tell you when to turn.
That lady died.
The window one?
The woman you gave the finger to.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Do you think
my finger caused her death?
Not funny.
It could be.
Imagine if you could kill someone
just by giving them the finger.
It's up here on the left.
How long has he been
at the nursing home for?
I'm not sure.
Hey maybe we should go.
It looks like it's all boarded up.
Maybe we shouldn't have
brought him here.
It was your idea.
I'm kidding.
Just give him time. Okay?
Your hair's still wet
you must be freezing.
Do you think he'll be okay?
What are you so worried about?
I don't know.
Look, he's been getting
in people's cars for months...
...just to get here.
Let's just him enjoy it. Alright?
- Okay.
- Alright, so calm down.
I am.
- Really?
- Yes.
Then kiss me.
- Is that a demand?
- Yes.
Or what?
I'll fail you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Well, that seems completely unfair.
Kissing me seems unfair?
- I was kidding.
- No. No.
- Hey, come on.
- Cut deep.
- I was joking.
- No.
What are you doing?
Come on.
Stop. Hey. Come on. Stop it.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
Well, I'll see yeah later.
That's an unusual bra.
It's still wet.
- I was in a rush.
- Yeah. Apparently.
Come on.
Sam, I'm kidding.
What the f..k?
What the hell, man.
Get off my property.
I brought you back here.
What are you doing?
I said stop, you a..e.
Sam, get in the car.
Okay, fine.
What are you doing?
You're too young
to get mixed up with him.
- That's none of your business.
- He's a p..k.
He brought you back here didn't he?
Only so he could take advantage
of a young girl.
He wasn't taking advantage of me.
Well that's what it looked like.
I was fine.
I didn't need you spying on us.
Well this is my property
and I'm don't want...
...a bunch of minors screwing
around on it.
This isn't your property anymore.
Yes it is.
Then why don't you live here?
Because why?
Is it because you're too old
to take care of yourself?
I've been in your apartment.
I've seen how you live.
Your disgusting fridge and your
wife's things still everywhere.
She's not coming back
to clean them.
Only me.
She, was my wife.
She, was the love of my life...
...and I let her die in that place.
I'm sorry.
I didn't...
- You didn't what?
Mean to come in here and yell
at me about how hard your life is?
- I'm sorry.
- No you're not.
You're a little brat
who doesn't realize...
...that she isn't
the center of the world.
Every morning
she would stand here...
...staring out this window...
...telling me all the things
that needed to be done that day.
Like the barn roof needs fixing,
something like that.
She was a hot tempered,
bossy little woman.
And she never listened to reason...
...and she always thought
she was right.
Half the time I thought
she was crazy.
But she was mine...
...and this place was ours.
They're going to tear it down
any way.
Are you sure?
You okay?
I will be.
Yeah, I think so.
My mom's going to be so p..d.
Alright, guys...
...let's just get the laps
over with...
...and then we'll deal
with exam review.
I would rather review first.
Well, I'm the instructor.
I don't want to do laps
right away either.
Okay, fine, we can start
by treading water...
...if you guys prefer that.
- No.
Okay guys, laps.
Now. Let's go.
Sam, can I talk to you after class?
Sam, how many times
do I have to tell you.
Front crawl.
Back to your laps.
I should probably tell you
that I might fail...
...this life guarding course.
I guess you're stuck
working here.