Wet Sand (2021) Movie Script

What took you so long?
Dinner is already cold.
Amnon, what the hell is wrong with you?
A Georgian man shouldn't dare
to serve piss-poor beer.
Roll the dice before I fuck you.
- 6-3.
- You've been watching us for 20 years.
Have I ever lost against him?
- What did I roll?
- 6-3.
Not that I remember.
And as for the beer...
It is what it is.
What's wrong with him?
He got old, my dear.
Who is "your dear"?
Fleshka, you're late again.
Did I miss anything?
It's enough.
They want another piss-poor beer?
Maybe we should actually piss in it.
You're in a good mood today.
What happened?
A prospective buyer
will visit my house today.
The Family Day
will be celebrated differently
due to the pandemic
and the restrictions imposed this year.
Unlike previous years,
when people could march in the streets,
the church, respecting the restrictions
imposed by the Health Ministry,
drove around with the Madonna icon
and blessed the streets of Tbilisi.
In 2014, the Patriarch of Georgia
created the Family Day
to replace the International Day
Against Homophobia.
Today, during the mass,
the Patriarch blessed families and spoke
about the importance of this day.
We pray that our families
remain solid,
Christian and faithful.
What if I'm never able to sell the house?
What will I do?
You know, I was in my forties
before I fulfilled my dream.
You mean this caf?
Hey girl, are you still
as lonely as an old maid?
What a savage you are!
Who'd want a woman like her at home?
If her father were alive,
he'd die a second time.
He's dead!
He's dead! He's dead!
Stop shouting!
- What happened?
- Garrincha died!
Who died?
Eliko Baidauri.
He's dead! He's dead! He's dead!
Did they upset you again?
Eliko died.
He hung himself in the kitchen.
Neliko, didn't you hear anything?
What would I have heard? Gasping?
Sooner or later,
he would've died anyway.
Sooner or later we all die.
No need to philosophize about it.
He had cancer.
That's what she meant.
Pain ate him alive.
Amnon, didn't you notice anything?
How could I notice anything?
He was coming to the caf less and less.
I don't even remember
the last time I saw him.
Shouldn't we let his family know?
It's been 20 years, and nobody cared.
Why would they be bothered now?
Does he even have a family?
A daughter and granddaughter.
Go home now.
Don't worry, if there's any news,
you'll hear about it before me.
It's a pity I'm not young anymore.
Hey, Amnon.
Alex, they say he committed suicide.
Is that right?
You know they always exaggerate.
What happened?
Sometimes they're even right.
He committed suicide.
Let's wait for the autopsy.
If something shows up, I'll let you know.
There's nothing to hide.
He was a lonely man.
No need to play Sherlock Holmes.
Alright. See you later.
Why do you always have to be everywhere?
Go home.
Hello there.
Just don't forget
that we aren't savages.
We're Christians, after all.
I have my own life to worry about.
I don't plan on burying Eliko.
Why would you need to bury him?
Have you ever buried anyone?
Gravediggers do that.
Tell me, Dato. Who died?
Our neighbour Eliko.
He used to sit over there.
He only drank expensive wine.
Had a limp.
Ah, that really soft guy?
He killed himself,
but he can't jump in the grave.
Neli is right. We have to bury him.
Otherwise he'll make the village stink.
I didn't say that we have to bury him.
Then let's throw him in the garbage
or feed him to the dogs.
It'll keep them fed for a year.
What do you think?
Where should we bury him?
- In the cemetery.
- Where? In our cemetery?
Yes. In our cemetery.
Or shall we build a mausoleum for him?
Have you gone mad?
Who leaves a deadman rotting outside?
It doesn't matter
whether we liked Eliko or not.
He lived by our side for a long time.
He was a kind man.
He never meant to upset anyone.
And he was my loyal customer.
I can organize everything.
You're welcome to help me.
Otherwise, I'll do it myself.
I have his granddaughter's
number somewhere.
Eliko gave it to me.
I don't remember why.
You're a great person, Amnon.
But how can you talk about
respecting the dead?
Where was Eliko when my parents died?
He thought we were all
brainless and uneducated.
Including you, by the way.
So, let's cut the bullshit.
Do you need me?
Did they like the house?
No one showed up.
Eliko's granddaughter might come.
Did you know her?
Moe? Yes, of course.
What kind of name is that?
You're Amnon, right?
Yes, I am.
Have you been here since the morning?
How was the journey?
Missed my bus
and my taxi driver was a dickhead.
Yes, it's a long way from Tbilisi.
Don't be scared, they don't bite.
People from other villages
dump the dogs here.
And in the summer,
tourists feed them.
Do you recognize anything?
How long haven't you been here?
Since my mother told me Eliko died.
How is your mother?
Do you know her?
We crossed paths once or twice.
My mother is dead.
Don't worry, I didn't lose much really.
Was he a sailor till the end?
He had an accident on a ship
that left him crippled.
What did you say was wrong with him?
For the last couple of years.
It seems you knew Eliko well.
In this village,
people know each other well.
I have to go.
Eliko would be pleased to see you here.
Amnon sent me to take Eliko's clothes.
I cleaned for him,
so I have his keys.
Are you the cleaning lady?
I'm Moe.
I know who you are.
I'm Fleshka.
- Fleshka?
- Yes. I was a fast kid.
- Do you have a cigarette?
- No.
Do you like it?
Anyway, it doesn't matter what he wears.
What's that?
Moe selected it.
I never saw him dressed like that.
I've only seen Michael Jackson
dressed like that.
Go and get some rest.
I'll close the bar tonight.
What did Moe tell you?
You know the type.
She's just like Eliko.
You feel uncomfortable around her.
Can you give me something to drink?
Amnon has a nice caf.
I found it here in the caf.
Amnon won't be back tonight.
Of course you don't remember me.
You used to play
with Redith all the time.
Who's Redith?
Hey, Spero.
Redith is Spero's son.
Then introduce me to him.
Seems I have a childhood friend here.
Redith isn't here.
He hasn't come home in ten years.
He hasn't come home yet.
Did you know his son?
I can't remember.
I was a child
when he disappeared in the sea.
What is this?
- Weren't they bringing him at noon?
- Got their times wrong.
- Why is he outside?
- We didn't have the keys.
Will someone help me
or are we leaving him here?
Go to the caf.
I'll take care of this.
What's wrong with it?
Someone broke it again.
Good thing you noticed it here.
Have you seen Fleshka?
Okay. See you later.
The reason is that the canal system
is not working,
so the sewage flows back
into the Black Sea.
Climate change increases
the level of bacteria in the water...
You're Eliko's granddaughter, yes?
I wasn't able to greet you
properly before.
Do you remember me?
Not really.
I'm Aunt Neli.
A good friend of your mother's.
I'll bring Amnon some coffee,
then invite you in for cake.
Amnon already left.
Where did he go?
To the caf. He got bored sitting here.
Then come with me.
Your grandfather isn't running anywhere.
Your mother has the same one.
We bought them together.
We had so much in common.
And had so much fun.
I smashed hers.
She must be devastated.
Yes, very much.
This kid is dumb.
He went outside barefoot again.
Dato, we have a guest.
God says to welcome every guest.
Aka, my love.
Come eat some cake.
Welcome back.
Unfortunately, you're too late.
But better late than never.
Make yourself comfortable.
Tell us how busy you are in the city.
Thank you, Neli.
Stay. What's the hurry?
She should be in a hurry.
She's the only one
grieving her grandfather.
- Give my greetings to your mother.
- Definitely. She'll be very happy.
If that's the family, then fuck them.
Special firemen are risking their lives
to fight the fires.
But the storms are too fierce
and the fires are raging out of control.
Were you here the whole time?
My condolences.
I'm Alex.
Do you often leave dead bodies
on the street?
I apologize
for the inappropriate situation.
It's never happened before.
Can I have a cigarette?
I smoked a lot
before I was assigned to the village.
Aren't you from here?
I'm from Tbilisi.
I'll move away soon.
I'm already tired of these people.
Don't you like it here?
It's too small.
I think she likes me.
And you?
I don't like women like her.
They say Fleshka
was born in the wrong body.
Know what I mean?
No, I don't.
How can you talk to that guy?
I think you turn him on.
Then let him jerk off.
He's a good catch!
You can have him.
They didn't love Eliko here, did they?
I loved him.
Can you bury me?
Bury me, as if I were dead.
Cover me with sand completely.
You know, they say that people
who live close to the sea are happier.
Then move here.
You have a house.
Where is Moe?
Have you swallowed your tongue?
So nice you're here.
Where should I put it?
Anything new, Spero?
Give our guest a drink.
Can I come in?
Can't you sleep?
I saw you today with Eliko.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't know how to tell you.
Does anyone else know?
About me and Eliko?
Are you insane?
- May I?
- You can smoke by the window.
Did you love each other?
The first time I saw him
was at the harbour pub.
I was a bartender there.
He used to come in a lot.
I noticed him right away.
Elegant clients like Eliko were rare.
It was mainly a place
for calloused, stinky sailors.
Later I found this place.
I moved in. It was cheap.
Once I saw Eliko walking on the beach.
I knew he was living nearby,
but he would never come to my caf.
There was heavy hail one day.
It was so heavy
that he had no choice but to come in.
He greeted me coldly
and sat down in the corner.
People here drink chacha, beer...
Eliko asked for wine.
I poured him the best I had.
He asked for more,
and finally, we were both drunk.
20 years have passed since then.
Did you meet here?
Anywhere we could hide.
At Eliko's place.
In the forest, canyons...
wherever the hell we could.
We were very careful,
but one person saw us anyway.
My mother, right?
She told me he drowned.
Why didn't he call me even once?
How could a deadman call you?
If my mother were alive,
I'd love to punch her in the face.
Did you have many partners?
Eliko was the only one.
What happened to your mother?
Heart attack.
Were you jealous?
People like us don't have the privilege
of being jealous.
I loved him the way he was.
- Hello, Alex.
- Hello.
The usual?
I'll drink chacha.
What did you want to tell me?
I don't know how to tell you.
I saw the results of Eliko's autopsy.
He wasn't ill.
No throat cancer or any other illnesses.
He was healthy.
Are you sure?
We've never made a mistake.
You're getting ready
for the funeral, right?
Why don't you thank me?
I've been digging
your grandfather's grave all day.
Where's the priest?
People who commit suicide
don't get prayers.
Then I'll say them.
Moe, women aren't allowed to do that.
Our father,
who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive those
who trespass against us...
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
You can bury him now.
Go now people. It's time to leave.
Slowly, slowly, slowly...
What's this?
It wasn't us who dug the grave.
Pour me some.
Let's make a toast in Eliko's memory.
Even though he was a godless man,
you shouldn't
have dumped him like that.
Knock your drink back
and get the fuck out of here.
You have a big mouth, just like your mum
and your grandfather.
You aren't a family.
You're a plague.
Dato, you're going too far.
Leave me alone, dammit!
Have you lost the fucking plot?
And what the fuck are you wearing?
Really, Amnon,
what the hell is this costume for?
Leave her alone.
Mind your own business.
Every city should have a sea.
Or the sound of the sea
should be heard everywhere.
Don't pay attention to them.
They'll drive you crazy.
How can you live here?
I would kill myself.
Will you come back sometimes?
For what?
Have you ever wished
you were another person?
I have.
You can come back for me.
Where were you?
I was worried about you.
I'm fine, don't worry.
I'm taking the night train.
Thanks for coming.
I know about Eliko.
I know he didn't have cancer.
I don't understand.
What do you mean?
Alex told me today.
Told you what?
The results of the autopsy.
He was healthy.
He wasn't sick.
What do you mean he was healthy?
You didn't know?
What was there to know?
Fleshka, tell her what Eliko had.
Why are you shrugging?
Don't you know?
I only told you what Alex said.
But you know better, right?
Amnon, it's okay.
They must have made a mistake.
It's not okay.
He made me promise.
Promise to kill him before the pain did.
And what did I do?
I killed a healthy man.
What are you jabbering about?
Don't you understand?
I was with him when he hung himself.
He lied to me.
Like he lied to you
and everyone else in the village.
You are all fucking sick.
If you're reading this letter,
it means that I'm dead and free.
If it weren't for you,
I'd be sitting in my room.
Useless and bitter.
With this freedom, I'm taking with me
the most beautiful memory.
You, standing behind the bar
in that harbour pub,
wearing that funny cream suit.
You were talking to that sailor
as if his smell didn't bother you.
Forgive me that I lied to you
and left you alone.
But you were always stronger
and more courageous than me.
Enjoy this wine,
I prepared it specially for you.
Drink it.
And we'll meet again
in heaven, hell
or somewhere
we'll never need to hide.
I love you very much.
Yours always, Eliko.
I shouldn't have left him alone.
Did you know for a long time?
Don't tell anyone.
I'm doing my job, not gossiping.
Stop blaming yourself.
Those kind of people have no future here,
you know that.
Then why did you let me stay?
I never told you
how much I like your boots, did I?
We'll bury Amnon next to Eliko, right?
Do you really like my boots?
My father gave them to me.
Take Amnon and leave.
Leave now with Amnon.
What's going on?
Get lost.
And take him
and your grandfather with you.
That arse-fucker lied
to the whole village.
All this time he lived among us
and was secretly fucking men.
This place is a sin.
It shouldn't exist here.
Here, the people make the rules.
What rules?
People die because of their rules.
You bastards ruined people's lives.
Get the fuck out of here!
Don't hit her.
What's going on here?
We don't want a trace of those paedos
in this village. It's a disgrace!
Take your bats and leave now.
This is none of your business.
I don't think you can make
any decisions here.
You know that people like them
have no place in this village.
Dato, tell these people
to take their bats and go home.
Please go now or I'll arrest all of you.
Wait for me in the car.
Moe, listen to me.
Amnon's wine was poisoned.
I thought you were a better policeman.
All you got from that letter
was "faggots", right?
It's a small village.
Information spreads quickly.
Everybody knows everything. Everything.
I want to buy a coffin.
Take care of her.
- I want to buy a coffin.
- At your service.
This is oak.
It's the best and most expensive one.
After oak, there is beech.
This lasts longer in the ground.
This is alder, it's the cheapest one.
It's good for men or women.
Plus it has a cross.
This is pine.
Beech is better than pine.
I'll take this one.
Will you deliver it as well?
Where to?
Wet Sand Caf.
I'd like to see Alex.
Is he expecting you?
No. Just tell him it's Moe.
Alex, Moe is asking for you.
Wait here, he's coming.
I need your help.
Let's go.
We don't smoke in here.
Alex, you should help Neli.
There are so many like her.
Did you find a place in the cemetery?
They've dug up Eliko's corpse.
They threw him in the swamp.
What are you saying, Spero?
They tidied the spot up
as if the grave never existed.
Let's bring Eliko here.
Bring him here
and put him next to Amnon.
At least they'll be together.
But what shall we do with the two bodies?
Burn them.
Wait for me here.
Today was the first time in ten years
I couldn't catch a fish.
What happened to your son?
How beautiful.
He looked like his mother.
Cheers to love.