What a Man Wants (2018) Movie Script

a HIVE MEDIA CORP production
KIM Woo-taek
KIM Won-kuk
Lee Byeong-heon
LEE Sung-min, SHIN Hak-yun,
SONG Ji-hyo, EL
A silver Mercedes will pull
out from the lot up ahead.
Please follow it.
Could you go unnoticed, please?
I don't do tailing.
It's my husband's car.
A female employee is with him.
Those sleazebags are going
to do it during lunch hour.
That's crazy!
At lunch?
How can they not eat?
Let's go.
Aren't Chinese food names cute?
Like Bon Bon Chicken.
Sounds like candy.
You're good at pounding.
He likes that more than eating, still?
How can he do such a thing?
Bad guys don't know what
they're doing is bad.
The only way to solve the problem
is to stop 'em from doing it.
You're married, right? I saw
you take your ring off.
I take it off often.
My husband only comes
home on weekends.
There are still 3 days
left till the weekend.
I love to play, but people
don't see me like that.
How do I look?
What matters is that you like to play.
Do you like wine?
It's not fun to play without wine.
It suits you.
Forgive me?
- Stop it.
- Come on.
You bitch!
Dear! Let go!
Calm down!
You rotten bitch!
Hit your husband, not her!
Crazy bitch!
Let go of her!
Have a nice day!
There are 2 days left till the weekend.
To spend 2 days together,
a bottle isn't enough.
I'm sure there's a way to fill
a day doing something else.
All day long?
Having wine together will
improve your marriage.
A gift for my cooking buddy.
It's popular at my resto!
It's not fun to play without wine.
Have a great weekend!
Stupid fool.
Brother-in-law! Waited long?
Yes. You're very late.
Do taxi drivers kiss the passengers now?
It's a tourist city.
Were you with her?
I was with you, of course.
Let's see.
We played pool for two hours right?
- Did you do it?
- Yup.
You really did it?
You had sex?
How could you do that
on your wife's birthday!
Or any day for that matter!
I was wrong. I won't do it again.
I think that, but I can't help it.
But I never ask to do it first.
Then what?
Ask if they want to do it.
The quiet types say, 'We should'.
The flirty ones say, 'Oh please'.
Then they say we should, so I do it.
That's it.
You know that's wrong, right?
You know, people are evil by nature.
No, people are good.
- You're so square.
- No, I'm honest.
Anyway, don't expect me to lie for you.
You don't have a choice.
Why not come tomorrow?
Can I?
My beloved Dam-deok.
I'm forever grateful.
I respect you fully.
And love you eternally!
Please! Your sister is watching.
Kids need to see this to
grow up and be happy.
I've seen enough. I'm not happy.
What does that make me?
Why are you late again?
I had a date.
It's my wife's birthday.
I said we should be moral
even if it's an affair.
A moral affair?
But she wouldn't let me go.
What would you do?
I told you to wash your
hands when you come home.
Must be her eyeshadow.
You always lose track of
time when you play pool.
I didn't know Bong-soo
was so competitive.
He wouldn't let me go till he won.
What? You played together?
Go wash your hands.
Rematch on Monday?
- What?
- It's your day off.
You said to play for $100.
See you at 6 PM.
Right. $100.
It's too loud.
You social media addict.
From a guy who's been playing
with Lego for 3 hours?
It's a hobby that gives me
a sense of achievement.
Well, I get orgasms with this.
You get orgasms with your phone?
Are you a pervert?
What sense of achievement
with Lego, are you a freak?
Are you putting down Lego maniacs?
Thousands of adults play with Lego.
Millions use social media.
Don't sleep. We're doing it.
- Sex?
- Yup.
Why do you decide when
I have to get it up?
Sex can only be done with a penis?
What the hell?
And I get it up! You don't
get it up on your own.
But we did it last month.
So what?
We're family. Why have sex so often?
Then let's have sex for other reasons.
I'm ovulating. Let's
make a bigger family.
What? Take it off!
If insemination is the goal,
I'll just stick it out.
Must you look at your
phone while we do it?
It bothers you?
You say it gives you orgasms,
so it feels like a threesome.
Does it turn you on?
Not really.
Is it a male or a female?
Ow! Cramp!
Hey, honest man!
Washed the rags?
It's my underwear.
It's embarrassing for Mi-young
if you go around in that.
Wear something like this.
Who'd look at my briefs?
What if you bump into
Mi-young's lover at a sauna?
Then it'd be embarrassing.
Think everyone has affairs like you?
People were doing it long before me.
I don't know anyone, but you.
Heard you got a leg cramp last night.
How do you know that?
If you know, I know.
What leg cramp?
It's 'cuz you weren't turned on.
We've been married for 8 years.
I've been married for 20 years,
and I still kiss her during sex.
You still deep kiss your wife?
Of course! Because we get turned on.
- Wanna know how?
- No.
It's because I'm constantly
active outside the home.
No thanks.
So I'm not caught off guard
when my wife comes on to me.
Don't wanna know.
If you stop being
active, you lose vigor!
You're telling me to have an affair?
At least imagine it.
You can feel guilty without
even spending a dime.
You mean, invest to feel guilty?
Yes! It's like drugs.
Why'd you come?
You said to play for $100.
Didn't you get the sign?
You should've said it was a sign!
If I was going to say it,
why would it be a sign?
That's true.
You shouldn't do it if
you can't talk about it!
Fine. You're right. Now go!
Let's play since I came.
No way, man!
Here's $100.
Go home!
Hi, Seok-geun! You're early.
Hi there.
This is my brother-in-law.
The one who got a leg cramp?
If you know, everyone knows.
- I'll get a cue stick.
- Okay.
By the way,
it wasn't my leg.
I had a cramp in my toes.
Right. Your toes.
Why do you blurt off about me?
I didn't blurt off. I just told her.
Why tell her about me?
- Aren't you going home?
- No.
Let's play!
What! You're killing me!
I told you I was good.
Are you any good?
I shoot 120.
No, 150!
You shoot 200, right?
- 250.
- Wow!
Let's go!
I'm wet.
I'm sorry!
You did that on purpose!
You hit me!
She's all wet now!
I'm sorry!
Don't touch her, pervert!
I'm not a pervert. I go to church!
- I got to Catholic church, so what!
- Sorry, sir!
Keep it.
It's cold.
Can I wear this home?
Oh, you said to keep it.
Could you return it later?
I bought it at an outlet mall.
You act cool, then mention an outlet?
What's wrong with an outlet?
Why are you so serious?
Is an outlet something to fight over?
Why don't you look at me?
I didn't?
Let's go!
I'm hungry. Let's go eat.
After you play, you eat!
So, what kind of a designer were you?
I designed roller coasters and
traveled around the world.
That's unique. Why'd you quit your job?
Because I lost my touch.
I made enough doing that.
I'm happy with my cab now
because it's a luxury cab.
It's a make-out cab.
I even bought my cab license.
A law-breaker!
I like your bad-boy charms.
But I have no record
of assault or violence.
Still, if I make sexy jokes or stare
slyly at you, call the cops.
Go ahead.
Hop in.
You! Go home!
Can't he join us?
No, he's gotta go home.
Why? Join us.
It's no use. He loves his wife too much.
He met my sister at age 25.
She's his first love.
My first love was in junior high
and she died of leukemia!
Just joking. Sorry.
Have fun.
Why's your joke sad?
Go home!
A sperm count in the morning?
Don't suspect me.
Doctor said I'm fine.
Who should I suspect then?
The doctor.
At least imagine it. You can feel guilty
without even spending a dime.
Let's eat.
It's unbelievable.
It's salty.
The sauce can be creamier.
This is traditional southern Italian food.
They eat this crap as traditional food?
Business is slow! Just eat ramen.
I'll get kimchi.
Is business slow because of me?
The food sucks! Who'd come here?
Didn't he study in southern Italy?
He went to Venice. It's up north.
He took a class for 3 months.
I took a Chinese cooking
class for 6 months.
Not the Chinese restaurant again!
Just send me an e-mail.
- You won't reply, right?
- Nope.
What's with the Chinks out of the blue!
How ignorant! Are you a racist?
it wasn't out of the blue!
Then what?
Whatever! Just shut up.
I'm going to the bank.
I'm not done talking!
We're not done with our loans!
I'm going home.
We're closed for today.
Can't you stay open?
It's 10 o'clock.
We close at 10 o'clock.
Is there a McDonald's around?
Would you like black bean noodles?
One more bowl?
Can you make me an entre dish?
Like sweet and sour pork?
I want to make a Chinese restaurant
distinct to Jeju Island.
A place where even Chinese
tourists will want to come.
Add something unique to
Jeju Island in the sauce.
For instance...
Canola honey!
With no one to really talk to,
I thought I was weird.
We could be weird.
The food is weird too.
Why's Chinese food so
good at an Italian resto?
You don't have to say it's good.
I mean it. It's delicious.
Many years later, when you
suddenly come to mind,
I'll try to remember your name
and think 'the Chinese food!'
Then I'll just order Chinese food
and throw the chopsticks.
And it'll say, 'Bong's
China' on the chopsticks?
That's so sad.
Now, tell me a story.
- What?
- Anything.
A man cooks something for me.
He rests his chin on his
hand and looks at me.
He tells me stories
while I enjoy the food.
I'd love that.
- Rest my chin?
- Yes.
Like this?
On second thought, maybe not.
So, how did you meet your wife?
At a cooking school in Italy.
We paid so much to study there.
But I soon realized I
don't like Italian food.
And my wife realized she can't cook.
Just good at chopping.
We felt like we wasted time and money.
We understood each other.
What can I say?
I can't really explain it.
Our sympathetic nerves
made a tacit connection.
You two beat the odds, huh?
So after school we went out for coffee.
We talked and held hands.
Then we got married.
Funny thing is we're running
an Italian restaurant.
I wanna go.
If a woman who's into you asks
about your wife, don't talk.
If you must, talk about
the bad times with her.
By the way, I want to sleep with you.
That's your picture, right?
It was part of an act.
The last of an ugly relationship.
Is this an act too?
I'm a pretty boring guy.
Why didn't you mention
it before we did it?
Struggling to find the words...
It's cute.
You can go now.
You want me to go now?
You want to go.
Really, you can go.
You're worried.
Take your jacket as you go.
It doesn't suit me.
Still awake? It's okay. Don't get up.
What? You're drunk?
A friend from college
suddenly called me.
Don't you want to have a baby or not?
You should work out, not go drinking!
I'm sorry.
I only had a few drinks.
And I made him pay!
We're not done with our loans.
What friend from college?
A guy named Sang-beom.
What is it?
I was wondering why it's up!
What's this?
I can explain.
It's mine.
I bought it to wear it.
Go! Get out now!
I don't want to see you!
Get out!
Damn it!
You can't come in here!
I just came to see you.
Is Bong-soo inside?
So you can use him again?
How could you do that?
Do you remember Mom's face?
Get lost!
Hope you're happy.
He just had dinner with her.
Why eat dinner without panties on?
Right. It sounds weird.
Goodnight, sir.
Come in.
It's okay. Come in.
She'll catch you anyway. Why try to run?
I'll get caught.
Sorry. I tried to go around it...
With the panties, what can you say?
You understand.
I don't want him catching a cold.
Please give him these.
This is his heart medicine. He needs it.
Why chase him out then?
To shock him.
How is this shocking him?
How can you be so calm?
If I got mad every
time he cheated on me,
I would've exploded long ago.
This wasn't his first time?
It's always a first time
with every woman.
I didn't get caught once in 20 years.
But because of a stupid retard...
How many?
That crazy asshole!
- Don't call your brother that.
- What?
How'd you know that?
Because of his receipts and emails.
Recording and remembering...
It's courtesy to the short affairs.
- What an asshole.
- What?
I didn't say anything.
That's what my first affair said to me.
Not first love, but first affair?
That's new.
She asked me to draw her, then
I started designing better.
I got inspired.
Artists say they were
inspired from being aroused.
Yes, I did it for that.
Then stop. You drive a cab now.
Now, I do it to give
inspiration to others.
Wow, I applaud your
sense of reasoning.
This is Mrs. Song's hip curves.
This is Olga in Russia.
I wanted to make two loops
In the shape of her breasts.
Because of overload issues,
I could only make one.
It's like I left Olga with one breast.
- How sad.
- You know,
when my roller coasters were made,
they were dying to ride it first.
But Dam-deok never asked me
about it or wanted to ride it.
I managed to forgive and forget.
Know what makes me really mad?
He never once took me to ride
a roller coaster he made.
He never talked about how he made them.
How could he do that to me?
I don't get you.
At first, it hurt a lot.
Then I kept thinking 'still',
and couldn't part with him.
Still, it's been 20 years.
Still, he's my husband.
Still, I don't want
another girl taking him.
Ah my!
Come back up and pull your left leg.
Grab the foot and stretch.
What brings you here?
My wife found out.
I'll wear men's briefs from now on.
Are you okay?
I shouldn't be. I did
something not okay.
We didn't do anything.
I already got punished, so
maybe we can do it now?
That sounds fair, but I'm
seeing someone else.
Oh no! I'm too late!
But if it doesn't work out, call me.
I'm sorry.
How can you eat?
I wont finish it.
You don't deserve to eat.
I miss Dam-deok's noodle soup.
All dressed up like that?
No, I just came to buy top shells
to make noodle soup for my husband.
You dressed up to buy top shells?
Well, you know.
You know.
Want it in there?
I gave you extra.
Think he's okay? I'm worried.
Why? You're incapable of helping him.
Sorry to hurt your
pride, but I meant it.
It's empty.
Table for two, please.
It's nice here.
Thank you.
What's good here?
Nothing's good here.
You're really honest.
Let's go.
You should've wiped off
the bathroom floor.
That had to be done.
- Eat with us from now-on.
- No, thanks.
Then hire a housekeeper.
It's a waste of money.
You're on heart medication!
Stop drinking!
I only had a few drinks.
You could die like this!
Go back to what you did before.
Meet some women.
Where did all the women go?
Bong-soo! That snitch!
Dam-deok told me.
How many affairs did you have?
She knew everything.
Don't pretend to regret it and repent.
Apologize to her after death.
Go meet someone and pick yourself up!
Forget it.
I'm embarrassed.
I'm so ashamed.
Don't mind me. Just
be good to Bong-soo.
At least he doesn't cheat on you.
Thought I'd never see you again.
I said I'm going to play tennis.
Got a tennis court here?
She forgot my birthday again.
Poor baby.
Let's eat.
I can't today. I'm beat
from playing tennis.
Then stay still. I'll
do you a favor tonight.
Leaving me alone is doing me a favor.
Your husband is normal.
Really? Then why can't I get pregnant?
This is quite common. Don't worry.
Lets just wait and see.
Is his sperm count low?
No, it's not low at all.
He has good sperm mobility.
Canola honey pork stir-fry!
It's amazing!
I knew it!
I thought about other dishes.
Black pork chili stir-fry,
Jeju orange chicken,
abalone spicy noodles,
deep-fried tile fish, cactus
stir-friend seafood...
Black pork, abalone,
deep-fried... They sound
so sexy, suddenly.
Wanna do it?
We should go on a picnic.
Making the grandpas run was a bad idea.
They must be dead.
Now, you can switch to a bigger car.
I've been waiting to tell you.
I have no money.
Why wait to tell me that?
Then just make some with
your new Chinese menu.
I can't.
Why are you scared?
Did you burn down the kitchen?
It's my wife's restaurant and
her brother owns our house.
This is me.
They won't listen to your ideas?
Then don't tell them. Just feed them.
Why make black bean noodles
instead of getting delivery?
With all the cooking shows on TV,
everyone thinks he's a chef.
Hey Italy!
You're so built!
Why you!
What! You're a horse!
Your lover must feel like
riding a horse when you do it.
When she hits my butt,
I go harder and harder!
- Go play outside, boys.
- Eat before you play.
You waited a long time.
Eat slowly. It's good even if it's cold.
One thing about you never
changed since you were a kid.
You're fickle.
Look how much you've changed since
Bong-soo started making money.
Whose sister am I?
And I'm not happy just
because of the money.
Bong-soo is so good at
everything these days.
He's good?
Suddenly? Why?
Jesus Christ!
What are you doing?
Are you having an affair?
Why ask me that from there?
You walk with a cheap swag these days.
Cheating men walk like that.
So you waited there to watch me walk?
Mi-young is different.
She cut up and ate raw
fish since she was 7.
You told me to have affairs.
You listened to a mad man?
Come on.
It costs too much to have an affair.
Even if I had the money,
I can't cheat on her.
Let's go inside.
She cut up and ate raw
fish since she was 7.
You're home? Go wash up.
Why use knives on your birthday?
I'll do it.
I'm opening it now!
Aren't you making a wish first?
I did that for 37 years.
Curious about the gift, I
made half-hearted wishes.
I'll open it first, to make a good wish.
I'm outside your house.
My wish is always for
you to be healthy.
So I'm rushing to open this
for your benefit really.
Even in getting my birthday gift,
all I think about is you!
What's with all the boxes?
A designer brand!
What do you think?
It's perfect!
Seok-geun? Like it?
Not really.
Is it a dress or negligee?
A dress if I'm alone, but
a negligee with Bong-soo.
But it's slightly big for me.
- Should I exchange it?
- No.
It'll fill up when I get pregnant.
Can you draw a picture
of me with this on?
Hell no.
Wish I could wear it outside!
It's so pretty!
Let's eat.
Is something out there?
Mi-young! Mi-young!
Think that's the last of your gifts?
Just rest.
I'll cook after I take out the garbage.
No, I'll do it.
What do you mean!
I have to take it out! It's garbage!
I mean.
I'll throw it out. Don't worry.
Then I'll go look in the mirror.
Can you add the necklace in my drawing?
Get lost!
Why, hello!
Long time no see.
We just saw each other.
Right. Why would you come here?
Where else would I go when you're here?
You're beautiful.
It's a bit tight on me.
Really? Then I'll buy a
bigger one next time.
Take care then.
You'll just go in?
Then what?
Though our relationship is vague,
I hate seeing you flustered.
This is hard.
Our relationship is not vague.
If we're careful, things
will get better for us.
Table for one?
I put up an ad for a waitress.
I found one!
She's totally hot and beautiful!
Come meet her!
Hurry! Come on!
I came from Mongolia.
Excuse me.
This is my husband. He's the head chef.
Do you have experience?
She waitressed for 2 years
when she studied abroad.
I didn't know that.
Of course you wouldn't.
So we all studied abroad.
Why waitress?
She ran a dance school till recently.
You ran a business? Why work here?
I trusted the wrong person
and lost everything.
This job won't make ends meet.
I'll do multiple jobs. I'm strong.
Moving bricks rather
than dishes pays more.
What's with you? Go back inside!
This place is so pretty.
I love the dishes too.
You have good taste.
By the way,
are you good at cooking
and cleaning too?
Of course. It's my specialty.
Look at that.
He didn't want a housekeeper,
but he hired her 'cuz she's pretty.
People don't change easily.
How can you trust her?
What if she turns out
to be a gold digger?
My brother's not one to
fall for a gold digger.
He's a sly bastard.
Yes, but he's not street-smart.
That's dangerous.
We should be thankful
that she'll work for him.
Did you tell her how bad he is?
You could face labor rights problems.
Are you worried about her being
a gold digger or her rights?
Like this.
I haven't done this in a while.
What happens if Mi-young finds
out it was her pink panties?
She'll flip.
I can't believe this. It must be fate!
You said it's a waste of money.
But not anymore.
You're right.
We need to talk.
Jenny! Are you there? Want some tea?
Is there anything you can't do?
I'm not especially good
or bad at anything.
That's just me.
You play tennis too, right?
We play too! He practices
hard these days.
How about loser pays for dinner?
Not interested.
Let's see how much you've improved!
Win or lose, let's eat out!
- Let's go out for dinner!
- Yes!
- A welcoming party.
- Exactly!
What did you learn?
I hurt my shoulder. It's not serious.
We can lose, right?
One, two, three!
Can I post this on Onstar?
- You use social media?
- Yes.
I'm on Twetter and Factbook too!
I'm totally addicted too! Post it!
#She's my Factbook friend.
#Pasta resto owner.
#Now a Chinese resto.
#But we're eating Japanese.
#That's the way to live!
What's so funny? Teach me.
Give me your phone.
Right! It's best to kill the blues.
Add your email.
Are you two dating?
Sang-beom is acting weird.
I said to stop.
Guys sending each other
emojis is weird.
Stop this!
My boyfriend is almost 40.
He uses emojis all the time.
You have a boyfriend?
He's so silly, but that makes him cute.
- What now?
- Here.
I'm curious. Bring him over sometime.
Can I, really?
I'm jealous, but sure. You can play.
You're all done.
- Let's go to Karaoke room!
- Good idea!
Why! Who knows how to sing?
Wherever you are
I can hear you
I can hear your heart
In the song of the winds
My Rebecca
Come back to me
1 sweet and sour pork.
- Wait!
- Why?
No, it's ginseng tea.
The sun will set soon.
Be careful driving.
It feels like I'm married again.
Pretend we're newlyweds.
What's wrong?
Just had a strange thought.
Drive safely.
Should I be afraid of you now?
Think I'm obsessed?
If you say it's part of
love, I'll feel awkward.
Well, let's just say it's a means.
A means?
A means for us to meet.
I think it's best that I left.
Let's just keep having sex.
What do I hear from you
after we have sex?
Where are my socks?
You want us to live together?
No reason why we can't.
This doesnt make any sense!
Then what makes sense to you?
It may be silly. But
I'll ask the question.
Depending on your answer,
it could be my last question.
Do you love me?
It's your last chance.
If you don't answer,
I'll take it as a yes.
Holy shit!
What are you doing!
Mi-young will be home soon.
That turns me on even more!
Don't get turned on!
You can't stop me.
I'll do it when I want to.
She brought him over to play?
What am I doing? It's my house.
Answer it.
Where are you?
At tennis.
I'm witnessing something
totally amusing.
I'll explain later.
When are you coming home?
What's wrong with your voice?
I'm stretching!
I'm out of breath.
Come home early, Bong-soo!
That picture on my wall,
it wasn't an act.
I got hit at the end
of a bad relationship.
I hit him more.
How could you!
Is something wrong?
What's it to you?
I saw you storming in.
Is something wrong?
No need to know!
Seok-geun! Wait!
She lied to me!
I had no clue.
She had an affair with the massage guy.
Know how many years she
went for massages?
10 years!
So? What can you do?
I'll kill him!
You were way worse!
Then I'll die too!
Where are you going?
On a stakeout!
You son of a bitch!
You bastard!
Who's there?
I'm Dam-deok's husband!
Nice to see you, though I can't see.
You asshole!
You son of a bitch!
How can you stay calm?
I could beat you to death right here!
Arent you scared?
It's not like I can run away.
I don't want to be ashamed
In front of Honey either.
What? Honey?
Why you!
Bastard! You know what I'm holding?
You're the worst cheating fool.
How can I leave her with you?
She has to be lonely in death too?
All Honey wanted was to
be loved and noticed.
You couldn't do that.
Damn son of a bitch!
Know how much Dam-deok loved me?
I do.
You do?
Maybe she needed me
because she loved you.
Her beloved husband
cheated on her for life.
So she was terribly lonely.
Loneliness is poisonous.
But she had to suck it down everyday!
Who made her suck the poison down?
She likes tulips, not roses!
Who cares how much she loved you?
You don't even know
what she likes or not.
Hit me.
I can't see.
So count to three before hitting me.
I broke the rules too,
so I should be punished.
Son of a bitch.
She hated roller coasters.
She loved your luxury cab.
You went around the world
to make roller coasters.
But the cab kept you on the island.
I always gave her roses.
She really loved flowers.
No. She liked bags.
Why didn't I see it?
I should've seen how lonely she was.
Why didn't I see her?
You were looking elsewhere.
You're right.
I didn't see her because of the flings.
Just watching.
At what?
Did you have a drink?
Yes. With your brother.
You're not meeting girls
with him, are you?
Don't worry. He always gets caught.
He got caught on everything.
Play together,
get caught together.
But stop playing now.
- What?
- I want
a husband who loves me more.
I deserve that much.
Right. Of course, you do.
I'm 5 weeks pregnant.
Please don't say you
want to turn back time.
I don't wanna hear it.
You're cold.
I want to turn time too.
Not backwards, but forward.
Then I will have moved on.
Don't eat that.
I'll make rice.
My boyfriend's surprise gift.
Jeju Grand Hotel
You crazy?
I told you it's over between us!
Come on. Why do you
think I'm still here?
I didn't ask you to stay.
I'm not some pony you ride
to take pictures with.
I never paid you.
Pay now. Let's take a picture.
Memories are to be shared.
I'm going to get groceries.
Can I come?
Don't make me mad.
Can we talk?
Who is it?
- It's Sang-beom.
- Really?
And you?
A doctor's appointment reminder.
Are they yellow tulips?
She liked them the most.
Come for a massage sometime.
I'm not going to you!
I'll give you 50% discount.
I'm not paying, jerk!
What in the world?
How could you?
Remember Mom's face?
- How could you!
- I'm sorry.
I've been meaning to tell you.
Who else do I have, but you?
Come here you!
It's bad for the baby!
I meant to send 'em to Bong...
Damn it!
I have no reason to live.
- Son of a bitch!
- What?
I'm too ashamed to see
my parents after I die.
So I'll have to rip you to shreds!
What are you doing!
Are you out of your mind!
We're going to hell!
You son of a bitch!
My only sister was violated
by a brainless asshole!
You and I should burn in hell!
Son of a bitch!
What do you want! I'll do anything!
Relax. Calm down.
I'll apologize and leave for good.
No. That won't do.
I don't care.
Let's just die.
Look up ahead!
I'll sue you!
What the hell! Not again!
Stopped to cast my blues into the sea.
May 22nd, 2017. Reservation at
Jeju Grand Hotel Restaurant.
Date with fate...
Here's the menu.
It's really expensive
here, but I'll eat a lot.
Fine. Do whatever you want.
You like that.
You can get to the point.
I was really stupid and lost in life.
But I realized a lot
after I met you, Jenny.
Like what?
How to think and communicate.
Isn't that a little lame?
How did you picture the end
of our relationship?
Didn't you picture this from the start?
I had two pictures in mind.
Now, one is gone.
The remaining picture is not surprising.
Weren't things over already?
Sorry for avoiding you.
I don't want it anymore either,
but I can't end it like this.
- Jenny...
- I gave hints for someone to come.
That someone may come or not.
If she doesn't come, it'll
end like you pictured it.
If she does, then we'll
leave it to fate.
What do you mean?
Would you like to order?
You're buying, right?
I'll have 10 of the
most expensive dishes.
Aren't you ordering?
- 1 of your cheapest dish.
- Okay.
Like I said before,
I've always...
- Do you have a reservation?
- Well...
Nice to bump into you.
Are you here alone?
I came to meet my boyfriend. And you?
I had a meeting, but I
guess it's not here.
Can I stay for a bit?
Can I meet your boyfriend?
I'm so curious.
He'll appear soon.
How did you two meet?
At a pool pub.
What's he like?
He's self-centered like most men.
But he's a good, simple-man.
He can't read my feelings,
but is still considerate.
He has a talent for making
you wonder about him.
Like saying his first
love died of an illness.
Who says that as a joke?
Bong-soo's first love
died of an illness too.
He's not someone I know, is he?
Excuse me.
I heard your food was
asked to be sent back.
By whom?
- Someone down below.
- Where?
Get away!
Stop it!
Where's my wallet?
In your hand.
My contact lens...
In your eyes.
I know everything.
I heard from Jenny.
I love Mi-young!
There was a time I didn't!
But that wasn't real! I love her!
I swear I'll be good to her
and love her for life!
I'll take any punishment, sir!
Let me stay with Mi-young?
I can't decide that.
Excuse me?
When should we bring out the cake?
Fine. I'll tell you.
My boyfriend is...
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday!
What's this?
I wanted to tell you later.
You being here was not
part of the plan.
I asked Bong-soo to make
reservations for me.
I don't believe this!
How long has it been?
Since the panties incident.
How could you?
It's complicated to explain.
We weren't like this then.
We were just friends
who met to play pool.
But then you brought her home.
When I said I couldn't hire
a friend, know what she said?
If you're old with no
money, you have no friends.
She said not to worry.
When I was sad and
wanted to turn back time
she said she wanted
to turn time forward.
Then she'll have moved on.
Right then,
I knew I didn't want to
turn time back or forward.
I knew
I just wanted to spend now with her.
Luckily, she felt the same way.
I don't know what to think.
I'm shocked.
I'll give my blessings later.
By the way,
stop telling Bong-soo's
first love story as a joke.
Were you going to tell her everything?
If I did, I could've just texted her.
I didn't want to make things worse.
It was already over,
so I should've left.
But that felt stupid.
So, I left it to fate.
How about leaving it
to fate one more time?
But to fate with me.
Really think we can be together?
I think we can be good friends
with no reason to part.
Just keep lying? All for their sakes?
It could be for their sakes or ours.
We know everything, but they don't.
But Bong-soo knows.
Think only Bong-soo had an affair?
Let's eat. I'm hungry.
Good choice.
Why's the ice cream out so soon?
It's the cheapest dish.
I see.
What's with you?
Exactly. What's with you?
Because you hugged me first.
I wanted to hug you.
I could get used to this.
You still got it, Bong-soo.
Remember when I used to kiss your butt?
I know.
When you kissed it,
I'd shake it around.
I know.
I have some crazy news.
My brother is...
Stop! Let's just talk about us.
Whatever he does isn't crazy.
People were born to be punished.
But isn't God generous?
The sentence is over
in just 70~80 years.
So, you had an affair with my wife?
So, if you live longer than
that, you're a bastard?
You rotten jackass!
Swearing at me?
I come here to swear at you!
Then keep swearing,
but please pay.
No way, shithead!
I see.
It hurts, asshole!
He looks just like his dad!
Doesn't he?
Why make me ride this
on Dam-deok's birthdays?
I just feel like it.