What Breaks the Ice (2020) Movie Script

That's really cute.
- It's fine.
- You don't? You wouldn't...
No, no, no. It's fine.
It looks good.
It'd be a cute blazer.
All right, I'll try it.
- There's nothing you want here?
- No.
Hey! Yeah,
I want to try this and this.
Also this...
Cool necklace.
Who makes it?
I don't know.
The army?
- Oh, so it's real.
- Yeah.
That's dope.
I'm so over fake shit.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hand it over.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
- I see you stealing.
- Hey! Get your hands off of me!
Jesus, Owen!
Do you know this girl?
I told her I'd spot her
on the way out.
My bad.
Say hello to your mother.
So, do you live here,
all year?
All my life.
That's crazy.
I've always wanted
to meet a real townie.
I'm sorry.
Is that rude?
No, it's cool.
It's what I am.
You know, we've names
for people like you too.
- What?
- Joyriders.
- Emily?
- Oh, shit!
That's my mom.
I better go before she thinks
I've been abducted.
- True story.
- Emily!
I'm Emily, by the way.
All right, girls,
good job today.
Okay, let's pick up the balls.
We don't want
to pick up balls.
Mommy says we don't have to.
Well, yeah...
Okay? I'll see you
at the Hart Ball tonight.
Hi, darlings.
You're a darling, Samantha.
See you Thursday.
- Thank you.
- Let's go!
Snacks at the country club,
You can't let 'em push you
around like that.
- Mm-hmm.
- You want those people to respect you,
you show 'em
you're not afraid of them.
Yeah, well,
I don't mind their money.
They'll give it
to you, anyway.
Trust me, I've been
doing this job
for a long time.
Hey, let's, uh,
head to the clubhouse.
There's somebody
I want you to meet.
Come on.
Hi. Elaine.
Hi, Emily.
Hey, so this is Sammy.
The girl I was telling you
about earlier.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So the Greenfields here
are staying for the summer,
and I thought maybe you two
would wanna hang out,
hit a couple balls
on the courts?
Do you want to meet
on the courts around three?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
take down my number.
You play well.
Who taught you?
Uh, Jerry.
I'm friends with his daughter.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Can I see your racquet?
- Yeah.
Your strings are loose.
Yeah, I've been meaning
to get it restrung.
Take this one.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I have like, four more.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Do you want to go
in the lake?
Do you want to go
in the lake, with me?
- Uh, I can't...
- Don't worry.
You're not going to get
in any trouble.
You're with me.
Suck my big fat...
So, the one
in the blue is Seth.
The one in the green
is his idiot,
fraternal twin brother, Brett.
Our parents have been
friends forever,
so they got the brilliant idea
that we should
all rent houses here
for the summer.
Which is fine. Like it's nice.
But it's not the Hamptons.
No offense.
No, it's cool.
I get it.
That's why
I already like you.
You're not sensitive,
like my idiot bitch friends
in Manhattan.
My friend Lauren
threw a hissy fit
because I didn't like
her pedicure.
Can you believe that?
But seriously, who gets
a "French" on their toes?
Just do it, dude.
Don't get scared.
So, what do think about Seth?
Um, he looks nice.
We hook up sometimes.
When we're drunk
or bored.
It's kind of
the same thing, right?
He came over last night.
Do you want to know
what happened?
If you don't care,
then I won't tell you.
Of course, I care.
We drank a 40
in my backyard,
and then he fingered me...
and then I almost had an orgasm,
but then I didn't.
Why not?
Why... didn't I have an orgasm?
They're super rare.
Like, only 5% of girls
have them before they're 25.
He's totally obsessed with me.
How do you know?
Trust me, I just do.
What do you think?
Old fart? No. This guy?
No, I'm serious.
I once went to school drunk,
just took some shots.
- Would you like anything else?
- No.
...she got her labia
stuck in her tennis skirt
- and she couldn't play...
- Oh, God.
...for the rest of the game...
- What's up? Look at this.
- Hey.
Yes, Seth, you can have
one of our mozzarella sticks.
Yeah I know,
that's why I'm eating it.
You're welcome.
You see the lifeguard's
new bikini?
It's disgusting.
- Really?
- Yes.
I mean, Brett liked it, though.
Didn't you?
Of course, he did.
I told you that
in confidence.
Well, you said it.
Um, this is Sammy.
What's up Sammy?
You guys should totally
come over later.
We have plans later.
Oh, yeah? Sure.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Well, Sammy seems like
a chill girl, so...
I think she's down.
You down, Sammy?
- Don't do this to her.
- What?
- I'm asking her if she's down.
- Don't listen to him.
Are you down, Sammy?
We're busy.
Yeah, we're busy.
All right.
Well, you guys have fun
with your plans later.
All right.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I was really scared
my first time.
I just, kind of like...
closed my eyes
and lowered my head
until it was in my mouth.
It wasn't that bad.
It was kinda fun.
So you're still a virgin?
Yeah. I mean, technically,
but I like all the other stuff.
I keep them in my wallet,
just in case.
I think it's a good idea.
So, I've been thinking about it.
I feel like
we should lose it together,
like in the same room,
at the same time.
That way, we can be there
for each other,
if it's fucking terrible.
My cousins Becky and Brooke
did that.
At some sleep-away camp
in New Hampshire.
They lost it to two
of the baseball coaches.
It was dark,
so it wasn't like lesbo or anything.
What's so great
about sex anyway?
I don't know.
I figure everyone's
so obsessed with it,
it must be worth
some of the hype.
- Hey, there.
- Hi.
I'm Emily, Sammy's friend.
I should hope so,
because I do not remember
bringing you home last night.
I won't tell.
What's going on?
Are you ready to go?
Yeah. Are you?
- Let's go.
- All right.
So, you really don't know
who lives here?
An agency found the place
for us.
Well, like where do the people
go when you're here?
I don't know.
I guess they also go
on vacation?
Well, aren't they afraid
that you'll steal their stuff?
Heh. No.
Why would we do that?
We have our own stuff.
Wait. Cheers.
I can't believe your parents
paid $200 for that stuff,
it's disgusting.
I know.
Adults are idiots.
What were you and Travis
talking about?
But you were laughing.
Was I?
So... he's your brother?
When I was ten,
he moved in
after his dad, Rick,
married my mom.
But Rick died last year,
just after Christmas.
Freak heart attack.
But Travis still lives with us.
What about your real dad?
Where's he?
he left before I was born.
He was in the military,
and after he came back
from his tour of duty,
he left for good.
Those are his?
Yeah, that's all I have of him.
It's an abomination.
When did the Senate
become a tribunal
for assessing our President's
sexual proclivities?
It's not just
about the Clintons.
Screw the Clintons!
It's about the whole
damn system.
It's a travesty!
This is not the United States
we grew up in.
So, Samantha...
is everything okay?
Yeah, it's delicious,
Mrs. Greenfield.
Thank you.
It's our pleasure.
Girls, what are
your peers saying
about this Lewinsky mess?
I don't know.
It's summer.
We don't really talk
about current events.
But you must have
some opinion about it.
Okay, yeah,
like she's gonna get
a huge book deal off of this
and never have to work again.
The end.
You see, Elaine?
Even their generation
can see that the media
has become a tabloid circus.
Heh. I mean, there used to be
honor in journalism.
Nothing is sacred anymore.
Not even sex.
But it wasn't even sex, Mom,
it was a blow job.
- Emily!
- What?
It's not like
it's a big secret.
It was splashed all over
the front page
of The New York Times,
let's be honest.
You know what I think?
I think the whole thing
is just appalling.
I cannot wrap my head around
what on earth
that Monica girl was thinking.
Maybe she thought
he loved her.
I don't know,
when she realized
that he didn't,
she had already done it
and it was too late.
Emily, Samantha.
It is a woman's job
to always know better.
Somehow, our understanding
of discretion is getting
lost along the way.
More chicken, Gary?
Of course, darling.
Thank you.
Wait, one sec.
Hold on. Hold on.
Wait, wear this.
God! Are you sure?
I mean, you haven't even
worn it yet.
- Who cares.
- Okay.
All right.
- Good?
- Yeah.
Let's go get wasted.
Hey, boys!
Samantha, Samantha,
this is what you do, okay?
You put one finger right here,
the other to your mouth...
...and then you suck in.
Wanna try it?
Do you remember
your crazy neighbor?
- What was her name?
- Sally Rubin?
- Sally-fucking-Rubin.
- She was drunk. She was wasted.
She was trying
to hook up with me and Brett
- the whole dinner.
- What?!
She put her hand on both
of our knees under the table.
She took my mom
into another room
and she told her
that the tank top
that she was buying me,
made me look like a whore.
One more, one more.
Shit, how wasted are you?
Are you okay?
Oh, my God!
Oh, God. Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
Oh, hey, come on.
Let's go home. Let's go.
She just puked
all over the lawn.
Where're you going?
I forgot that
not everyone showers together
like me and my friends.
Um, it's okay.
I feel like it's weird
that your nipples are pink
and mine are brown.
I don't know, really...
I think it has to do
with hair color.
Do you have pink hair?
I wish my nipples were pink.
I hate you.
We have nothing to drink,
only water and grape juice
and beer.
- You don't want beer?
- No.
- Why not?
- I don't like it.
I do!
You again.
Me again.
I'm Owen.
I think we've met?
Yeah, we met.
I'm your friendly,
neighborhood shoplifter.
Your friend's funny, Sammy.
- Let's go upstairs.
- Hey, I...
What are you two ladies
up to tonight?
Um... I don't know.
What are we up to?
Come out with us.
Mitch and I are spinning.
You ever been
to a rave, Emily?
That sounds like a no.
Come on.
Why don't you hang out
with us anymore, Sammy?
Is it 'cause Trav
tried dog food
when he was drunk?
You all know you're curious
what it tastes like.
Yeah, something like that.
Come on.
- This is good.
- Bye, boys!
- Bitch.
- Nice.
I'm sorry you had to meet them,
such jackasses.
I think they're funny.
I kind of think we should go
to the rave.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Why not?
It'll be fun.
We can burn off
some cheese calories.
Can I wear this?
It's cute.
You can go if you want.
- No!
- Mm-hmm.
Look, we don't have
to hang out with them.
We can just use them for a ride
and ditch when we get there.
You're my best friend.
I'm not going
without my best friend.
- I'm your best friend?
- Yes.
- Why?
- Do you think
that it's a random coincidence
that we met?
Yes, absolutely.
- I don't.
- Okay.
- I think it's fate.
- Mm-hmm.
I swear, if it sucks,
we'll leave.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Yes!
Good, because I brought booze.
Oh, no!
This is that stuff,
it's disgusting.
We were drinking
by the pool the other day.
I know, and make-up.
Uh, where're you going
at this time of night?
- Out.
- With them?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- And you are?
- Emily.
What kind of party
is this, exactly?
Oh, you know,
few friends hanging out.
Come on, it can't be
that cool of a party
if we're letting
Mitch tag along.
- Fuck you.
- Hey! Language.
We've got a parent
in the room.
Don't worry, Diane.
Don't let them
drink too much, okay?
Of course.
Nice to meet you!
- Yeah.
- Bye.
But first...
All right.
Let's go!
- Hey!
- Hey!
What's up?
You made it. Let's go.
- You ready for this?
- What is it?
- Does it matter?
- Take a couple.
I don't trust you.
- Don't chew it.
- Sammy, take some.
Sammy, come on.
- Come on.
- It's like pulling teeth.
Do you know
where Emily is?
Fuck, if I know.
This tastes weird.
It's a special cigarette.
Why are you here?
Shouldn't I be
asking you that?
No, I mean...
I mean, why are you here?
Why do you still live here?
Everyone leaves.
But sticking around
a small town,
your whole life?
That's the stuff of poetry.
I feel crazy.
Don't worry, it won't last.
You comin' in?
I'm about to go on.
What the fuck?!
Sammy! Sammy! Stop!
Sammy! Get off of him!
Oh, my God, shit!
Sammy, we've gotta
get out of here.
Sammy, help me.
- God! Is he breathing?
- I don't know, I can't tell.
- Emily! What are you doing?!
- Trying to get him to wake up!
Oh, my God. Fuck!
That car came out
of nowhere!
I want to go home.
We can't be here, Sammy.
We can't just leave him here!
An ambulance will find him.
Someone will find him.
We have to take him
to a hospital or something,
I don't know.
You can do what you want,
but I just...
Sammy, we need to get out
of here, please.
Please, please, please!
We need to get out of here!
My dog tags are gone.
We have to go back.
We can't. We can't.
I'll meet you
at your house!
What time is it?
It's almost 11.
Fuck! Oh, shit!
I'm gonna be sick.
You're just hungover.
Everything was perfect,
as usual.
Well, here we are.
We'll we see you at our...
4th of July party tomorrow,
at our house?
I don't know.
It would be our pleasure,
you'll be our guest.
Um, thank you,
Mrs. Greenfield.
And, uh,
thank you for the ride.
You're welcome.
The truck's not there.
I drove past the spot
on the way here.
Have you heard from him?
No. My mom said he was out.
I don't understand.
He was unconscious
when we left him, I don't...
He's just suddenly
fucking gone?
He probably drove
somewhere else.
I mean, Travis comes
and goes.
He's always out with
a different girl, every night.
I mean, I never know
where he is.
What? Are you jealous
or something?
I just...
I just don't know
what you're freaking out about.
I mean, if the truck is gone,
he's probably fine.
But what if he's not fine?
What if he went
to the police?
What if he's
in a hospital somewhere
or a ditch
with brain damage?
I don't know...
He can sue me and my family.
You think we set you up?
I don't know.
I don't...
That's not what I mean.
I just... don't like that
we don't know where he is.
He'll show up. He always does.
- Hey, have you seen Trav?
- No.
He promised he was going to help
me clean up the front yard today.
It's not like him to promise me
something and then disappear, you know?
I mean, is he angry
at me for some reason?
Why do you care what he thinks?
I mean, it's not like he just
sits around and thinks about us.
Where is this coming from?
Hey, whatever crap-nonsense
is going on between you and him,
it stops now, you got me?
You are going to find a way
to live under one roof.
I'm late for work.
All right, girls. Pick up time.
Where do you think you're going?
To the lake.
No, we're going to go
pick up balls right now.
But I don't want to.
You will pick up these balls,
right now, got it?
Hey, Sammy...
Oh, hey, Mitch.
Did you
have fun the other night?
Uh, yeah, sure, it was fun.
Hey, so, Trav
must have been pretty fucked up
that night, huh?
- What?
- To let you drive his pick-up, I mean.
It's hilarious, really.
He won't let Owen pump his fucking gas,
and he lets you behind
the wheel after dropping E.
Except I wasn't driving...
I was outside the rave smoking
and I saw you guys
leave with Emily,
right before the cops showed up.
Seriously, you don't have to lie to
me, I don't give a shit.
Travis drove us home
way before that...
so whatever you think you saw,
you're wrong.
God, the car moves on its own?
Oh, I am kidding.
That's why I don't let anybody
drive my truck, for that reason.
Well, I'm not just anybody.
No. You're not.
If you're old enough
to cause a car wreck,
you're old enough
to drink a beer.
Well, technically I'm not old
enough to do both, so, um...
What are you doing
for Christmas?
Not sure.
Might go visit my mom
in Michigan.
You know I've never
even been on a plane before?
If I bought you a plane ticket,
right here, right now,
where would you go?
Amarillo, Texas.
Try again.
No, listen.
There's this really cool
art installation there,
it's called the Cadillac Ranch.
Yeah, it's all these
upside down cars, um...
And people go to graffiti them,
'cause they're allowed to.
You know, it's supposed
to symbolize freedom,
and the downfall
of the American dream 'cause,
you know, they're upside down
in the ground.
I've seen pictures of it,
it looks amazing.
Let's go.
I'm serious.
Well, I don't believe you.
So, a dog walks into a bar.
Goes up to the bartender
and he says,
"You got any grapes?"
The bartender says,
"No, this is a bar.
We have beer and pretzels."
So, the dog leaves.
Goes back the next day,
he says,
"Same question."
The bartender says,
"No, you stupid dog, get the fuck out
of here, I don't have any grapes."
So, the next day,
the dog comes back, same routine.
Bartender says,
"Listen here, you fucking mutt,
"you coming back in here
asking me for grapes again
I'm gonna blow your fucking
dog brains out."
So, dog leaves.
Comes back again.
Only this time he goes up
to the bartender and he says,
"You got a gun?"
Bartender says,
"No, course not."
So, the dog says,
"All right, well,
you got any grapes?"
Is that a joke?
That's a proverb.
What does it mean?
You're the scholar, you tell me.
Be a man of your word.
Don't make a promise
if you can't keep it?
Am I right?
I hate Tupperware,
I can never find the right lid.
I don't care.
Oh, my gosh,
that is not Emily, is it?
- That's my girl!
- Oh, my goodness.
I know. She's beautiful.
You are such a little adult!
- It's good to see you.
- What a beautiful young lady.
She really is.
Is your friend coming?
- She's late.
- Okay.
Well, she could've had the decency to
say so after all we've done for her.
Sweet local girl,
but a bit clueless with social mores.
- She's not like your daughter.
- No!
His mother's in Detroit.
But they haven't...
They haven't spoken in months,
I think maybe longer.
I... I... I guess
I have to call her...
We're still determining
the cause of death,
which is why
we need to keep him overnight.
He got drunk
and drove off the road.
Isn't that
the cause of death, Steve?
There are certain procedures
that we have to follow.
Listen, I think we've all
had enough for one night.
Di, Sammy, I want you
to try and get some sleep.
We'll take care
of the rest of this tomorrow.
How're you holding up?
I'm doing fine.
Have you guys seen Sammy?
The puker?
Funny. No really.
- I know.
- Uh...
I haven't seen her.
But I have a serious question.
Was I your first BJ?
- It's a serious question.
- Don't flatter yourself.
Was I?
Shut up, Brett.
Wasn't that good, anyway.
- Hello?
- They found him.
Where are you?
I'll come meet you.
...Ashes to ashes...
Hey, Sammy.
I can finish
telling you that story.
So, um, I was in class
with Mitch...
...And he was just like,
"Well, if you don't want to
dissect the frog,
I bet Mr. Wellburne
will let you sit out."
But secretly,
I think he thought I was lame.
And now he's here
and I don't know how to act.
How should I act?
Just act like yourself.
'Cause that's worked great
so far.
You know what this party needs?
Some music.
How much did you guys drink?
Relax, we just loosened him up.
Honey, are you sure...
my dad wouldn't want us
to just sit around
and talk about why he shouldn't
be fucking dead, right?
He'd want us to have
a good fucking time.
This is one of his favorites...
Feels appropriate for today.
Hey, Owen? Where's my whiskey?
Well, let's dance.
C'mon, Sammy, dance with me.
Come on...
So, is there going to be
an investigation?
I don't know. Maybe.
I think we should
tell my parents.
Because my dad could get us
a really good lawyer...
No. Your dad'll get you
a really good lawyer.
Sammy, are you kidding me?
I might be a cunt sometimes,
but I'm not a back-stabber.
I'm not gonna fuck you over
and if I wanted
to fuck you over,
I could've done it by now.
we both know that
I'm covering up for somethin'
that you did.
You mean, when I was saving you?
Saving me?
He was raping you, Emily.
No, we were fucking.
That's not rape.
Well, then you must be happy.
What about this situation
makes you think I'm happy?
You wanted to lose your virginity
this summer and you did.
What are we gonna do?
If he drove off the road,
that means he was fine
when we left him there, right?
It was an accident, so...
It'll blow over.
And if it doesn't?
LaSALLE: So, Travis
drove with you?
- No.
- No, what?
No, ma'am. Sorry, Dad.
Uh... He drove himself,
Sammy, and...
That's Samantha Edwards?
Yeah. And her friend, Emily.
Last name?
I dunno.
She's one of those joyriders.
Sorry, yeah, it's this dumb
slang thing our friends made up.
For the rich kids
who come to town for the summer.
They like
to slum it with us,
get some small town fun.
Couple years back,
we met this chick
from Boston
who had never been joyriding.
So we took her out
in Trav's pick-up,
we told her to flash every car
that drove by.
She did.
I guess the name just stuck...
So you get to the party.
Then what?
Uh, I pop into the booth...
We're in there,
on and off, for...
I don't know,
about two hours, spinning.
Then the police, showed up.
So I went outside,
I found Mitch and we headed out.
And you never saw Travis again?
What about you, Mitch?
Did you see Travis at all,
during the party?
Yeah, I mean, right at the
beginning when we all got there.
But then we split up.
Did you see him
leaving the party?
What about the girls?
So neither one of you saw Travis
or the girls leaving the party,
or any other time during the
party after you got there?
I mean, I saw Sammy floating
around at one point,
but that's about it.
Is that typical?
To go to a party
with your friends,
not spend that much time
with them,
and have no knowledge
of when they've left?
We're DJs.
We don't go to the party
to party, we go to spin.
I think that's enough for now.
Mind your manners.
I'm sorry. I didn't do anything.
In all honesty, I didn't want
to go to the party,
but Emily did, so I went.
And we probably
stayed three hours?
Em and I got tired,
so we asked Travis
to drive us home.
He said it was too far,
so he dropped us off at Emily's house
And then he went
back to the party.
And where is that?
Emily's house?
Um, Loomis Road.
Twenty eight, I think.
And what time would you say?
So you guys weren't there
when the party
was broken up, then?
No. We'd already left by then.
I'm sorry.
I'm feeling really nauseous,
- do you mind if I just go lay down?
- I'm fine, Mom.
Okay, you sure?
Sammy, you seem
like a smart girl.
So I'm gonna need
your help with something.
Travis's truck ran off the road
on the northbound side
of Highway 20,
about half way between the
center of town and the party.
Which indicates
he was on his way home.
But if he dropped you
gals off at midnight,
he wouldn't have had enough time to get
back to the party and then leave again.
So he probably went
somewhere else.
I'm wondering, maybe you know
where that somewhere else
might be?
Maybe I got the timeline wrong?
I mean it could've
been before midnight?
I don't remember.
Do you mind
if I get a glass of water?
Sure, go ahead.
So how long have you and Emily
been friends?
Mmm, since the beginning
of the summer.
We play tennis together.
She come here a lot?
Yeah. But, I go
to her place too.
Bet it's pretty nice, huh?
It's super nice.
It's not even theirs though,
they're just renting it from
some other people.
It's weird.
Rich people are funny, right?
A lot of them came through
where I grew up, in Lakeville.
You know where that is?
One summer,
when I was your age,
I made friends
with this girl named Jackie.
Her parents were
from Providence.
They were what she liked to call
summer-ing in Lakeville.
First time I heard a season
being used like a verb...
I wondered, why's she wanted
to be friends with me, you know?
She was beautiful.
And rich.
And I was, well, me.
One night we come home,
and my mother has
this terrific black eye.
Her shit boyfriend, Ted,
beat her up over $200,
and then took off, drunk.
Of course, I'm trying
to calm everyone down,
but this Jackie,
she convinces me
that we need to get revenge.
So, we borrowed
her parents' BMW,
and drove around town
looking for this jerk.
Wasn't that hard to find him.
There's only three bars
in Lakeville,
and his beat ass Datsun was
parked right outside one of 'em.
So Jackie went in, meanwhile,
I waited by the car.
A half hour goes by
and I'm like, what the hell?
So I walk in
and see her making out with
the asshole Ted at the bar...
So I storm in,
I rip her off him...
At this point,
he's completely toasted.
But I drag her outside
and you know what I find?
The cops.
And her parents.
They had called 911 once they
found out the car was missing.
And you know what she does?
She starts to cry...
Says it was my idea to go
to the bar and find this guy.
That I had threatened her
with a knife,
and forced her
to let me drive that BMW...
So, what happened?
Well, they searched me...
Found a Swiss Army knife
that I carry around with me.
And then I got arrested.
Did you go to jail?
Spent the night.
My uncle came down
the next morning
and bailed me out.
Her parents left town
and never pressed charges,
so they dropped my case.
But had it gone the other way...
Well, who knows.
I should get going.
Am I okay to leave
these glasses in the sink?
Yeah. Thanks, it's fine.
Take care of yourself.
If you think of anything else,
you call me, okay?
You know what I think?
I think your generation
watches far too much television,
and you get all sorts
of crazy ideas about
how people spend their lives.
Most people, they have jobs
and families.
They talk about politics
and car trouble.
Try new recipes
and tolerate rude in-laws.
And that's just about it.
That's about it.
McCLAIN: Now, go on.
Tell LaSalle what you told me
this morning.
I didn't tell you the whole
truth about that night.
I said that
I didn't see Travis or...
- Mrs. Greenfield? Hi.
- Yes? Can I help you?
Good evening,
I am Detective Jessica LaSalle,
Yorktown County
Police Department.
Can I have a moment
to chat with you
and your daughter, Emily,
is it?
Detective LaSalle,
how do you know
my daughter's name?
In case
you haven't heard, ma'am,
a young man was fatally injured
in a car accident few days ago.
Multiple sources have confirmed
that your daughter was with
the deceased that evening.
We have reason to believe
she may have been
the last person
to see him alive.
It's okay,
we're still in the early stages
of investigating what happened
that night.
There must be some mistake.
We don't even live here...
What's going on here?
This detective says that
Emily is a witness
to a homicide?
Homicide? What is this,
some kind of joke?
Excuse me, sir,
if you would let me explain.
I never said homicide.
I said investigation.
Okay, no. You fucking excuse me.
If your rinky-dink
police station has any questions
for me, my wife or my daughter,
you can take it up with my firm,
Davis & Warshaw, in Manhattan.
- Gary, yelling does not help.
- Emily! Emily!
Stop it! Stop it! Gary!
Emily, open this
goddamned door right now.
- Yelling doesn't...
- I'm not just yelling.
- I just want to know...
- No.
...what the goddamned police
want with our daughter.
- Okay? Okay?
- No.
- Emily open the door!
- Please stop yelling at me!
Emily it's okay,
we're not upset.
We just want
to help you, please.
I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
The police showed up
at my house today.
There was a detective
and she was asking questions
about that night.
- What did you tell her?
- Nothing.
My parents kicked her out.
But then I had
to tell them something.
So what did you tell them?
That we did
a bunch of drugs and then...
Then Travis drove us
back home and then he went out
and that we...
And did they believe you?
So why are you so upset?
Because if I don't give them
a written statement,
they're gonna keep
the investigation open.
And we could go on trial!
Well, that's why
we have to stick to our story.
I don't think I can.
I can't lie anymore.
Oh, you lie all the time.
About bullshit.
So, just pretend that
this is bullshit.
This isn't bullshit, Sammy.
These are the police.
I can't...
I can't do that.
I'm a good person.
I just had to tell you...
before we go.
We're going home tomorrow.
After I give my statement.
You can't just
leave this all on me.
But you swore!
You swore that
we were best friends!
Please let go of me. Please.
Take me with you.
I saved some money...
Sammy! Sammy!
I can't!
I'm 15!
I'm 15 and my parents
are taking me home.
So that's just it?
You come here,
you fuck up everything,
you just fuck everything up
and then you just leave?
Your life was fucked
long before I got here.
Fuck you, Emily.
No, fuck you, Sammy.
You and this stupid town
are the worst fucking things
that ever happened to me!
I drove the truck off the road.
- What?
- I lied to you.
I didn't lose my dog tags.
When we were running away,
I realized that
I couldn't just
leave him there...
You know, I was hoping that
by the time
that I got back,
he'd be awake,
or gone, I don't know.
But he was dead.
Travis was just dead.
I heard the cops coming,
so I panicked,
and I thought that if...
That if the car
had really gone off the road
and crashed into the ditch,
that it really actually
would've made it look
like an accident...
But it was.
Maybe it wasn't.
You doing okay?
Sorry, I...
Well, I don't mean to laugh.
It's just...
People ask that question
all the time
without expecting a real answer.
Well, I'm done faking it.
Well, you don't have to fake it.
I mean, not with me at least.
We should go back outside.
I need you, Sammy.
I just think
you should go to bed.
I think you're just drunk.
Stop! Stop it!
Afterwards, he acted like
it didn't even happen...
Or like he didn't
remember it at all.
You know, I thought maybe...
I thought maybe
it just wasn't a big deal.
Like I could just
forget about it forever.
And for a while I could.
But I saw you guys
in the woods...
...and I just snapped.
And before I knew it,
there he was, on the ground.
So, that's what you meant...
when you said
you were saving me...
I didn't want
someone to die.
And you think that I did?
I don't know!
I don't know.
Maybe you're right!
Maybe it wasn't an accident.
Maybe you didn't tell me
about Travis
because you didn't want me
to know how much you hated him.
You're right! I did hate him.
But I also I loved him...
And now he's gone.
Because of me.
How do I...
How do I live with that?
Got here as fast as I could.
So Emily,
why don't you go ahead.
drove the truck when we left
the party that night.
She was paranoid,
because Travis was drunk.
Um, when we got back
to my house,
me and Sammy fell asleep.
Honestly, I wasn't
ready to home yet,
so Travis and I ended up
leaving to go back to the rave.
But then as we got closer
we heard sirens.
And we figured that the party
got busted or something.
So we ended up pulling off
to the side of the road
and hung out.
Um, we were talking
in the truck...
And then he kissed me.
And then he got on top of me
and I couldn't move...
and... I panicked
and I told him that
I wanted to stop.
And he kept going
and he started unbuttoning
his pants...
And I told him, "No."
And he put his hand
over my mouth
and I couldn't breathe.
And I've never done
anything like that before,
so I didn't know
what was going on.
And I was scared.
Um, but during, he said...
"You know that you want this...
"because a girl who keeps
condoms in her wallet
knows she wants to be fucked."
...seems they were
headed back to the party,
when they saw
authorities approaching.
Travis tried to make a U-turn,
but started spinning, the car
skidded out of control,
the girl somehow managed
to eject herself
from the vehicle
on the passenger side
just before it fell
into the precipice...
At least we can
put this all to rest...
We'll see
that our end is handled
as quickly as possible.
There must be something you want
to snack on, sweetheart.
We have a four-hour drive
ahead of us.
I'm not stopping at Roy Rodgers
despite what
your father might think.
How about the chips?
No calories
on a road trip, right?
Wait, honey. Please.
Would you just come sit with me?
Just for a minute.
We sure do appreciate your business
this summer, Mrs. Greenfield.
Ah, thank you.
Keep... Keep it.
Take the bag, baby.
You know, life's funny.
It's 17 years ago,
to the day, that...
your father walked out
that door and didn't come back.
I mean, he said he was just
going to the convenience store.
But then he looked at me
all big, fat,
and pregnant...
And then he left.
But I'm fine.
We're fine.
Am I the worst thing
that's ever happened to you?
You're the only thing
that's ever happened to me.
It's just, sometimes,
I think that...
that you wish that it was...
That it was me
that was gone and not the rest.
Oh, baby.
What would I do without you?
Sheriff, what do you think?
That story Emily told us.
Do you think it's true?
A young man is dead,
two girls are alive,
sleeping in their beds tonight.
So in this case, Jessica,
I'm willing to settle for
the fact that it's true enough.