What Death Leaves Behind (2018) Movie Script

(tense music)
- What you doing with that?
Nah, nah, right there.
- All right, can I get this
and then can I get a pack of
All right.
How much is that?
- [Attendant] 10 dollar.
- All right.
Thanks, man.
(tense music)
(intense music)
- The body count is now at a
total of four
in the past month.
The latest victim, a woman.
Authorities have said they have
been able
to identify her through her body
However, they are not
yet releasing her name.
Her body is currently
at the coroner's office
and we are awaiting the autopsy
- [Anchor] So how were the local
made aware of this?
Obviously there were real
concerns about safety
after police confirmed
they were treating this
as a homicide, so
how were they enlightened on
this case,
so to speak?
- [Reporter] Well some of them
from watching the local news.
The gates to the park are
not closed, incidentally.
It's remained open but it is
under contamination order,
meaning only people
can use the wooded area
and the grass areas.
No fishing, no.
- Hey, would you stop watching
that show?
We really need to go.
- [Jake] What's up?
- Hey, we need to go.
- [Jake] It only takes me a
- All right, then take a minute.
Jake, seriously we gotta go.
- Are you even ready?
- Yes, I'm ready, that's why I
keep asking you to get ready.
- All right, all I gotta
do is put on my shirt.
- Is your shirt on?
- [Jake] Like all the way?
- My god, it's a good thing
you're cute.
I swear to god.
- The police commissioner,
releasing a statement
earlier today saying "If nothing
"the discoveries of multiple
"found in the same area is
"And we ask that all residents,"
(light piano music)
Sunday afternoon, kayakers
what appeared to be a
body wrapped in plastic
in the Delaware river near
Chester, Pennsylvania.
After pulling the remains from
the river,
authorities confirmed
it as Meagan Gallagher.
Police maintain they cannot
yet confirm this murder
is connected to a string of
recent deaths.
Four other bodies that
washed up along the banks,
- Eight o'clock start time,
basic union rules, you get an
hour lunch.
You're responsible for all your
so if you need anything
just let us know, we'll
take care of all that.
Paperwork looks good, so,
hey, I wanna introduce
you to somebody, come on.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yo Jake.
- [Jake] What's up, man?
- Hey I wanna introduce you.
This is Andrew Blosser, new guy.
- How's it going, man, I'm Jake.
- [Andrew] Andrew.
- Jakes my nephew.
Basically runs the family
and I basically take credit for
- And basically takes a bigger
- That's all right.
You're gonna do the same thing
to Alexis
once she's old enough to work
Jake just had a baby girl,
Cutest thing you wanna see.
- Congrats.
I have a little girl too.
- Ah, what's her name?
- Jessica.
- Oh, nice.
- Four years old.
- Hey look, you wanna
show Andrew the warehouse,
give him a tour of the
You should be familiar with
everything already anyway,
your resume said you did HVAC
work, right?
- I got you, I got you.
- I actually gotta get running,
I'm a little bit late
but Uncle Henry here,
he'll show you everything
and when I get back,
I'll show you how it's
really done, all right?
- Right, well after work,
maybe we can take the
new guy out for a drink.
- Can't I got a date
with some fresh paint,
white walls and an impatient
You know Lisa.
- I love you man.
- Next time.
- All right, hey.
We can still have a drink.
- So how did it go on that date?
Oh, girl, what?
Oh I know, I've seen those
So yeah, I know.
Okay, you let him put his
hands there, seriously?
But did you shush it away?
I mean you don't want
him to think you're easy.
Oh we know better, but,
you know. (laughing)
You gotta fake at them, right?
Wait, what song?
Oh, ooh.
Oh that song.
Okay, all right, I get it.
I'm gonna blame the song.
That's sexy.
I know, oh man, seriously.
Girl, you are nasty!
You can't talk to me like that.
I'm a married woman!
All right, you know what,
I gotta finish dinner
so I'm gonna call you back
after everybody's asleep.
All right.
- Who was that?
- Bianca.
Anyway, have you taken
your pills yet today?
- [Jake] You normally call
after everybody goes to bed?
- Okay, do you want
platanos or is that like
too much potassium for you or
- You're just gonna
ignore what I asked you?
- Yes, I'm gonna ignore
the question you asked me.
When were you gonna tell
me the health insurance
didn't cover another bill?
- I'll take care of it, don't
worry about that, all right?
- Oh really?
All right, so what's your plan,
big man?
How you gonna do it?
- Don't worry about it.
I said I'll take care of it,
- Hi.
- How you doin?
Thank you.
- Where'd you say you're from?
- Oh I'm local.
How about you?
- I'm originally from Texas, but
- That's a nice area.
- Yeah.
Oh hey, look who it is.
How's it going?
- Going all right, how you
- Yeah you know, living the
- [Nurse] You doing okay, Jake?
- Yep, I'm good, how you doing?
Who's the new guy?
- [Diane] That's Greg, first
- Welcome to hell, Greg.
- Jake, that's so mean.
- Happy to have you man, I'm
- Hey Jake.
- Any plans this weekend, or,
- Maybe.
Hey Fred.
- Yeah?
- Still down for poker tomorrow,
- Oh Jake, I'm just so broke.
Somebody robbed me tonight.
Hell, they'd just be practicing.
- Hey look, if you wanna wager
your spot
on the donor's list, you know.
- That ain't gonna happen,
- Can work out a payment
plan or something.
- Yeah I've been number one
around here
for a long time, you just
have to wait your turn,
mister number two.
- Yeah Jake, don't be
getting all greedy on us.
Some of us aren't even in the
top 10 yet.
- What number are you now?
- Lucky number 13, as of
- Okay, all right, moving on up.
- You know it.
- How long have you been on the
- Me?
Ooh, it's been a while.
Maybe like four or five years.
- Four or five years?
- [Diane] Yeah.
- I'm sorry, I don't understand.
What, are we just waiting around
for somebody to commit suicide?
- Oh man, that ain't gonna
See what we need is for somebody
to drive up to an ER and
blow their brains out.
Otherwise it's a waste.
- Hey, have you guys seen
that movie with Will Smith?
You know the one where he kills
in a tub of ice?
That's how you do it.
- [Fred] That's how you do it.
- I'm sorry, what do you guys
- Would you like a moldy apple?
- Oh, here we go.
- I don't follow.
- If someone dies at
home or in their office
or out in the field somewhere,
their kidney's useless.
Unless you want some medical
student to be prodding
and poking it around.
Just a wasted organ.
- Every time, every time.
Yeah, basically with a
kidney, got a couple hours.
- And that is a moldy apple.
- Way to keep it light, Fred.
- Always.
(light somber music)
- Morning, Macy.
- Hey Jake.
- What's going on, man?
- Hey man, how'd the morning go?
You get any rest before you come
- Yeah, yeah.
- It might be a good idea
for you to work from home
on your dialysis days.
- [Jake] I'm good.
- Hey you're just like your old
Well, since I have you here,
some of the estimates on
that property on high street,
you know the old lady with all
the cats,
house smell like the part of the
you like to rush through?
Anyway look, take your time,
go over spreadsheets, correct
You should have an email
with the new numbers.
- [Jake] I got it.
- Sure you good?
- [Jake] I'm good, Uncle.
- The medical examiner
just came through here
and there's still some
dive teams searching
around the area for more
A lot of state police are here.
They even have a boat in the
Now we don't have a lot of
official communication here
other than the fact
that they have confirmed
that yes, another body was
found here this afternoon.
Earlier, we were able
to find two witnesses
that were here when the
body was brought ashore.
(rock music)
- [Andrew] She tells me I'm
really cute
and she grabs my butt.
- Okay.
- I'm bouncing on one leg,
putting the AC unit in the air,
she tells me again how cute
my butt looks in my jeans.
All right, I'm sticking to it.
I go back up, put the unit in.
I'm reaching up, you know
how heavy these things are.
I look back at her again.
She's like 50 years old.
She's like a Grilf, okay?
A Milf is 40.
50 on up is a Grilf,
okay, do you understand?
So I'm sitting there and I feel
like she's almost knocking me
off balance.
I turn around, it hits me
it's my high school guidance
Big Titty Dorothy.
Big Titty Dorothy.
Everything else changed except
for this.
Now she has arthritis of the
hands too.
So I look back at her, I take a
good look.
I go back up, I pretend to back
- That's small town shit, man.
- Right.
That's why I hate this
small town shit, man.
- I know, everybody knows
- Right.
- You know, 10 years in you find
you married your distant cousin.
- With big titties, you know.
- With big titties.
So what happened, man?
What happened with the guidance
- Huh, huh?
You mean big titty Dorothy?
Dorothy herself is a very nice
She's out of my wheelhouse.
So I said thank you very much
it's fixed, I came down the
and I went about my business and
- I call bullshit.
But I gotta hit the head, I'm
- So what really happened?
- [Andrew] What do you think?
I thanked her properly.
I got out of there.
- Well one of us had to be an
- [Andrew] Oh come on.
- Nah, I gotta go pick up
Alexis, man.
- [Andrew] Okay.
(somber music)
- So Lisa finally let you out,
- Yeah, she ain't the boss of
Now look, I do what I want when
I want,
how I wanna do it.
She knows that.
- Okay.
You will learn, grasshopper.
- She thinks I'm at the store.
- I'm sure.
Don't forget the eggs
and milk on the way home.
- I never do.
- [Nurse 1] He's in cardiac
arrest, get the code cart!
Call 911!
All right come on, pull him
I got the cord underneath.
Start compressions.
- [Nurse 2] One, two, three,
four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
- [Nurse 1] No pulse.
- [Nurse 2] One, two, three,
four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
Come on, Fred.
One, two, three, four, five.
- Change of color.
- [Nurse 2] One, two, three,
four, five.
- [Nurse 1] Come on, Fred.
- [Nurse 2] One, two, three,
four, five.
- [Nurse 1] Pull that curtain.
- Oh shit.
- [Diane] Greg.
Greg, stop.
Oh my god, Greg, stop.
- I want this off.
- [Nurse] Don't touch those
- I wanna get out of here!
Get these off me!
- I understand.
- Get them off, I wanna get out
of here.
- Okay, (mumbling)
- You can't just leave him
- I understand.
He's being taken care of.
Let's sit back, Greg, come on.
These lines have your blood in
You can't pull them out
because you'll lose blood
and you need it to be back.
Greg, these lines have
your blood in them, okay?
And if you pull them out,
you're gonna lose blood.
- Have her close the curtain.
Have her close the curtain,
I don't wanna see that.
- I'm gonna close the curtain.
I need you to sit back.
- Please.
- If these lines come out of
your arm,
- I wanna go home, I wanna go
- You're gonna go home pretty
Come on, sit back.
If these lines come out of your
you're gonna lose blood, okay?
If you lose too much blood
you're gonna bleed to death.
I don't wanna scare you
but that's what's really gonna
So you need to make sure you
stay in here.
(machine beeping)
(somber music)
- Hey.
There he is.
You okay?
Hey, Jake.
Seriously man, you okay?
This morning go all right?
- Do you fear death?
- Do I fear death?
Lost me on that one.
- I moved up.
Yeah I tried talking to my
but honestly he seems like
dude's speaking another
language, you know.
- No, it's simple.
You just have to keep
up with your screenings,
communicate with your doctors,
but never miss any
anti-rejection medication.
- Yeah, yeah, aren't there like
a bunch
of side effects or something?
- You just have to keep telling
that you're getting better.
But honestly, I never
thought I would dance again.
(light melancholy music)
(tense eerie music)
- [The Man] What, don't give
me that what, where is it?
- Hey!
- Answer me!
Did you mess with my--
- Put me half on!
- Where is it, seriously?
Did you mess with me?
Oh wait, that way.
You did it?
- Whoever did!
- No!
(intense music)
- [Nurse] Good evening, Mr.
- How you doing?
- All right, you?
My name is nurse Adams
and I will be your nurse
for this evening.
- Right.
- [Nurse Adams] All right.
- [Andrew] There he is.
There he is.
- Hey.
- You look like shit.
- Good to see you too, man.
Good to be back.
- So how you feeling?
- I feel different.
In a good way though.
- That's good, that's good.
- Is Alexis here?
- Ah, I made the phone call
but they couldn't make it.
- [Dr. Brady] Good afternoon,
Mr. Warren,
how are you feeling today?
Well everything looks good.
Just a few lifestyle
things to keep in mind
from now on.
I'll be giving you a few
to help you remember what you
and all the pills you'll be
as you'll be on long
term multi-drug therapy
which includes the
Tacrolimus, the Cyclosporine,
the antiproliferative agents
as well as the Prednisone.
Now please keep in mind
that this is long term
so you will be taking these
for the rest of your life
because the body can
reject the foreign kidney
at any time.
I cannot pinpoint as to
when the body will accept it
and when the body will not
accept it.
(pills clacking)
- So you wanna interrogate me
about my private
conversation with my sister
but you don't wanna
tell me about something
that's gonna affect both of us?
- Both of us, huh?
- Uh huh.
Oh this is rich.
You seriously don't think that
this affects anybody else?
You think it's all you?
You don't see how it affects
or how it affects me?
You think you're the
only one dealing with it
and that's reality to you?
Wow, that is grand.
Do you know what happens
when you don't feel good
and you have to lie down?
Which I get it, I get it,
you don't feel good, you need to
lie down.
In the meantime, life goes on.
So I have to get off from work
which is docking pay, and
we can't be doing that,
so I can pick up Alexis.
And I still have to take care
of everyone and everything
and be home and make dinner.
- I didn't ask for your help.
- See and that is your problem.
You don't accept help.
You want to act like you're this
big guy,
you have it all together.
In the meantime, I'm burnt out.
I'm tired!
I'm stressed out of my fricking
because I have to take care of
I have to take care of Alexis,
I take care of everyone except
for me.
So I have to be, I have to be
the wife,
I have to be the mom,
I have to be the cook,
I have to be the chauffeur,
so yes, when something like this
you tell me about it!
It's like I don't understand
You just sit there.
You sit there whether or
not you have dialysis.
And I just feel like I'm in this
like all alone.
And I have to beg, I
have to beg my husband
to talk to me?
How am I supposed to
help you and support you
if you don't let me?
You have to talk to me,
I need to know what's happening.
- I said I'll take care of it,
all right?
Can we just leave it at that?
Sound good?
- You know Bianca
offered to help us with--
(tense music)
(light music)
- I've been waiting a
long time for this, man.
Hey man, I love you.
Welcome back man, seriously.
- Thanks, man.
- I'm not ready to take
over this paperwork again
but somebody's gotta do it.
Hey but who's talking
about work right now?
Tonight's the night for
- Thank you all so much.
It means a lot, seriously.
- [Man] Everybody have
your back, that's right.
- Yeah man, so, what do you
think, man,
you ready to get back to this
- I'm ready, I'm ready.
I'll be back.
- All right well it's good to
see you
looking good, nephew.
- Thanks Unc, appreciate it.
I'm just happy to be done
with all the dialysis nonsense
Seven years, takes a toll on you
I mean I gotta deal with
this handful of horse pills
but I'll be all right.
- Dude looks like a junky, man.
- Shut up.
- Yeah you start going through
side effects, you know,
you seeing stuff, tell me.
- Really?
- You could tell him.
- Listen man, come on man.
How many you had tonight?
- [Andrew] Pills or drinks?
Come on.
- Okay, on that note, I'm out of
- All right.
- All right, nephew.
Right there.
You boys be good.
- Old man made it out, boy.
You all right?
- Yeah I'm good, I'm good.
- You're all right.
- All right man, I'll see you.
- All right.
I gotta use the bathroom
anyway. (laughing)
- Police have not yet
released an official statement
but as soon as they do,
we will post the information on
and on our website.
And if anybody has any
please call the tip line
number on your screen.
It will be very helpful to
Reporting live from Governor
Prince Park,
Jennifer Landis, WSKD news.
Back to you.
- [Anchor] We ask that all
in the Philadelphia
area use extreme caution
when traveling outside their
We are doing everything
we can in our power
to find answers that could
lead us to ensuring--
- See this shit?
- [Anchor] WSKD's Jennifer
Landis is live
from Governor Prince Park.
- [Jennifer] We spoke
to some residents, and--
- Probably deserved it.
- What the hell makes you an
- [Jennifer] Here's what one
local resident had to say.
(tense music)
- [Woman] You know sometimes
I just feel like an outsider.
- I think that is so true.
People treat you differently,
you know.
I am so sick of hearing,
"Oh, everything's gonna be just
That is meaningless to me.
I just wanna be treated like
a human being again, you know?
That's why I like coming here.
You guys get it.
- That's the point.
A lot of people, they
look at a group like this
and they think it's just
all about getting together,
getting all misty-eyed
and sharing our feelings.
But it's not.
It's a chance for all
of us to come together
and chat about what's
going on in our lives.
- It makes us feel good.
- Yeah.
- Exactly.
As a community of people that
have been
through the transplant process.
And you know what?
If a few tears fall here or
well that's okay.
I'm not gonna tell anybody.
- That's what it is.
People just don't understand.
No one wants to talk about it.
Good luck, here's your new
and good luck trying not to
piss yourself every night.
And I change my bedsheets
every night by the way.
- Well you know, Tyler, if
that's the worst side effect
that you've gotta deal with,
I think we're all gonna
be just fine, right?
- Well speaking of side effects,
did you guys hear about this
who, I don't know, after her
it sort of changed her
habits and personality?
All right, so this girl never
drank a day in her life,
then after the transplant,
all of a sudden she starts to
crave this,
I forgot the name of the beer
but this one specific beer
she starts to have this craving
Turns out, the guy who she got
the heart
or liver or kidney, whatever it
was, from,
was this raging alcoholic
but he only drank
this one particular beer,
that same beer that she was
having these cravings for.
That whole article is about
something how
she developed his memories
and his personality traits.
- Yeah I think I heard
something like that,
like somehow his memories got
inside the cells or something.
- What was her name?
The beer lady, what was her
- Oh man, I have no idea.
It's just some random stupid
I read on the internet.
I have no idea.
(tense music)
- Unfortunately, one of the
unfortunate consequences
of cellular memory theory
is that people dismiss
people's experience.
So an organ donor recipient
may be dismissed as simply a
little crazy
or having hallucinations
or maybe their meds need to be
or something like that.
One case of this is Diane
McConnell, an author
who wrote a book about this
called "The Heart's Desire."
Her book is about her
experience as a recipient
of an organ donation.
And unfortunately it was
and her husband who is
a former councilman,
he lost reelection to his
because she wasn't believed.
I believe that it's important
to listen to her story.
I believe that there is
enough evidence out there
to at least warrant more
I think we need more funding,
I think we need more research
for Diane McConnell and for
other people.
They deserve it.
Thank you very much for watching
my video.
Please don't forget to like and
and if you'd like more
about cellular memory theory
or other theories that
have to do with mind, body
and science, please link
at the website below.
- Big dog up all night, huh?
- Come here, I gotta show you
- [Andrew] Oh come on.
- No, no, no, no, come here.
- [Andrew] Jake, come on.
- Come here, come here, come
I found it.
Everything that I'm
people are experiencing
this all around the world.
- What is it?
- So look, it's this concept
cellular memory theory, right?
All right, it's this idea that
cells aren't just, that
memories aren't just stored
in the brain.
But they're also stored in the
Diane McConnell.
Politician down in DC.
She got a heart transplant.
All of a sudden things started
Look at it yourself.
- Jake, this is internet
- She got off, she wrote
a book about it, Andrew!
- I'm worried about you, okay?
I'm worried about you.
You're reading this internet
bullshit all night long.
You're up all night long
I mean, you're freaking me out.
I know you're going through some
but you're freaking me out a
little bit.
- She wrote a book about it.
Everything, her entire
personality changed.
She started drink, it's all,
it's all--
- I understand and I believe
I'm just saying this is internet
I could have wrote this.
I can write this stuff down
and say that you're having
problems with your kidney
and I'm so an so from Arkansas
and I can just post it.
Do you understand, you're
dealing with something
real right now, but this
is a different entity
for us right now.
You understand that, right?
Look man, I'm just worried about
I'm with you, I believe you.
But this is, there's no sources,
where's the sources?
- [Jake] Right.
It's just articles on the
- [Andrew] What are you doing?
Jake, what are you doing?
- Checking the sources.
- Jake.
Checking the sources.
(melancholy music)
- Grab me another beer?
Thank you.
You know when me and your dad
were kids,
we always dreamed of
running our own business.
Your grandfather would crack up
He never thought your dad would
sit still
long enough to do his own taxes,
let alone run a business.
But he did.
He did a hell of a job, man.
You hear me?
Hell of a job.
After he died, I, uh,
wasn't sure I could do it all
Then you stepped up.
Saved the day.
Couldn't have done it without
you, man.
He'd be proud of you, I'm proud
of you.
- Thanks, Unc.
- [Henry] Thank you.
So you feeling all right, Jake?
Keeping up with those pills?
- Yeah, yeah.
Haven't been sleeping too well
- Well get to reading at night,
or the TV.
You'll get some sleep.
- I read, Unc.
You ever read anything
on cell memory theory?
It says um, this theory that
memories being stored not just
in the mind
but also in like the cells
so it can be passed from person
to person
you know, doing like an organ
Like there was this one kid,
had a heart condition.
And you know, just like any
other kid,
he liked to play.
But mostly like play with his
action figures and loved it.
And so he goes get his heart
And whole time he's in the
playing with his action
figures all the time.
But after he came out,
a little bit different.
He doesn't wanna play with them
He's like scared of them or
So his mom, a little bit
she looked into it.
And he just wanted to
play in the basement now
with his new imaginary friend
Not in his room, but in the
- Yeah, yeah, I get it, the
- So he finds out, his donor
falling from a fourth story
reaching for an action figure.
Fear of falling.
- [Henry] Wow.
- Guess what the kid's name was.
- Oliver Twist?
- Come on, guess.
- Jimmy?
- Yeah, the same name
as his imaginary friend.
- That's some story.
(melancholy music)
- Diane.
- Are you from Town Hall?
- No, look, I--
- I thought it went by well.
I would like to thank you
for your continued support.
- Listen, listen, listen, no,
no, no.
I read your book, it's
- Look, I'm sorry, I'm
on a tight schedule.
- Yeah I get that, just hear me
out, look.
Everything you wrote is
happening to me.
I need your help.
- Call my office, set up an
appointment for next week.
- Not gonna have until next
- The coroner has now
arrived on the scene.
We have further reason to
that they have now recovered a
but we're still not getting
as to who the victim is.
Authorities are taking every
- Just minutes ago, it has been
by the victim's family that
11 year old Tanner Moore
of Yeadon, Pennsylvania was the
body found
in the Delaware river near
the Chester Soccer Stadium.
I'm Alex Wells.
(tense music)
- Look, I'm sorry to bother you
but I really think you're the
only one that can help me.
I read your book, and
I've been experiencing
some strange reactions ever
since I got the surgery.
- Surgery?
- Yeah.
- Transplant?
Go ahead.
Care to elaborate?
- I don't want to get into all
- Look, if you didn't
want to talk about it,
you shouldn't have come here.
- Wait, you wrote the book on
everything I'm experiencing.
I thought I was losing my mind.
- It can have that effect.
Nobody wants to think
they're walking around
with a possessed organ.
What'd you have replaced?
- My kidney.
But look, I know you did the
I need to check out this donor.
- That's what you came here for?
I'm afraid you're gonna
leave disappointed.
- You can't possibly tell
me that you don't know
how to track him down.
Look, I've read your book, all
- Keep it down.
- I read your book.
You said that you found the
family, you tracked them down,
you spoke to them.
- Stop.
I'm telling you that knowing
where the information is
and obtaining that information
are two
entirely different things.
- So point me in the right
and I can handle it.
- All right.
The records of all transplant
are maintained by the Health
and Service Administration.
Their primary office is in DC
but they've got satellite
offices throughout the country.
The east coast office is in
- [Jake] Where?
- [Diane] Right by the airport.
- So I can just go there
and get the records?
Why, what's the problem?
- [Diane] Security's extremely
They only allow access
to authorized personnel.
They check ID's at the door.
They don't allow visitors.
Short of calling in a bomb
I see no way of allowing
you access to that building.
- [Jake] How'd you get in?
- [Diane] I have my contacts.
- Who's your contact?
- Sorry, I can't.
- Look, you don't understand,
all right?
- Look, there's a mystery,
you need to solve it.
Trust me, I know.
(tense music)
- I have these dreams of a
my donor being murdered.
I see it every night.
If I can't save her,
I at least have to try
to find out who murdered her.
- You wanna know the truth?
I don't even know if what
happened to me was real.
You don't either.
Even now, I couldn't deny
that everything that happened
might have just been a
You follow this and it will
consume you.
It will destroy you from the
inside out.
All for something that
might just be in your head.
- Lisa!
Yeah come on Lisa, open up the
- You're late picking
up your daughter again.
- Can you send Lisa down here
real quick?
- She doesn't want to talk to
- Look, I don't feel like
dealing with this right,
Lisa, come down here talk--
- Go away!
- Look, you know what,
you don't have no idea
what I'm dealing with right now.
- No idea what you're dealing
How about all the shit I'm
dealing with because of you?
When you're not there for
Lisa, who's there, me.
How about your daughter, who's
there, me.
You know, I'm starting to think
that I'm a better parent than
- You know, one day when you
get your head out of your ass
and you stop trying to
live through my family
you'll be able to get
your own, now, right?
So fuck you, Bianca, and fuck
Lisa too.
- Daddy?
(tense music)
(eerie tense music)
- [Henry] I had a conversation
with Lisa.
She was telling me about.
- That's not how this
conversation's going.
What you think, this is
some sort of intervention?
You coming here?
Ain't nothing to be
concerned with, all right?
- Hey look, the way I see it is,
and I'm not just talking about
Look now, you haven't been
coming to work,
you're not answering any phone
This isn't you.
- Do not come in my house
patronizing me.
- And then Andy.
He's telling me about these
hallucinations and nightmares.
If you need help, get it.
I mean you got support here.
- You are not my father.
You hear me?
No matter how hard you
try, you're not him.
You and I both run this
It's not yours, it's ours.
So I'll come to work when I
wanna work
and I'll leave whenever I
damn well please, all right?
And you'll be satisfied with
Most importantly.
(snapping) Stand up.
Stand up.
- Jake, what are you?
- Henry.
You are never to speak to my ex
or my child ever again,
do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
- This isn't you, man.
- If you've seen the
things that I've seen,
you'd wish you were dead.
Now get the hell out of my
(tense music)
- [Andrew] So Jake?
- What's up?
- Well.
You left work, took off.
What's up, where'd you go?
- DC.
- Huh?
Oh DC, fuck were you in DC?
- I found Diane.
- You went to fucking DC to see
- Yeah.
- What are you trying to prove?
- I don't have anything to prove
to you.
- Jake.
Hey man, I'm sorry, I'm your
friend, okay?
Excuse me for caring.
Right, we're concerned,
You got a daughter.
This addiction or obsession
or whatever it is,
you're gonna lose her,
do you want that, huh?
Do you want that?
- Look, after everything
that I showed you,
you have to admit that
there has to be at least
some truth, some truth to this,
all right?
- Okay, okay, let's say
it really is a murder.
No I know it's a murder
spec, I believe you.
I know you're seeing this
- Okay.
- Did you go to the police?
- I checked every single
police report, all right?
There's no report of anything
like this.
I'm the only one who sees this.
Look, there's nothing.
There's nothing out there.
- All right.
When's the last time you slept?
- Man how am I supposed to sleep
- No, just hear me out.
- Okay.
- Go back to sleep, get
back into the dream.
Maybe we can figure out where
the body is
like a dumpster or a ditch,
- Look, the dream only
takes me to the room.
I see the same thing every time.
It just leads up to this point
and then there's nothing after
- Listen, I, I hate to ask this,
You're taking your medication,
Did you take it?
- I'll be damned if I
let some deadbeat burnout
lecture me on how to live my
you understand that?
- Yeah, yeah I do.
Come on, man.
I'm trying to help you.
Every time I help, you leave.
- [Anchor] WSKD's Jennifer
Landis is live
from Governor Prince Park.
She joins us with the
latest, now Jennifer.
- Tanner's body was found
here in the Delaware River
underneath the barriers.
We're on the western side of the
in Governor Prince Park.
Tanner's parents tell us
that they put the child
to bed last night,
and when they went to
wake him up this morning
he was no longer there.
A woman found the body washed
here this afternoon.
Philadelphia Police Marine
Unit recovered the body.
- You should wash your hands.
- Well thank you.
His parents have just
released a statement saying
"It is with great sorrow
that we share with you
"the news of our son's passing.
"We mourn this loss
among family and friends
"and appreciate all of
your prayers and support.
"We have searched for him but
now we know
"he was taken by the river on
the day of his disappearance.
"Today, we are grateful the
"has given him back to us."
Police have released a sketch
that an eyewitness described
of a suspect seen around the
at the time of the 11
year old's disappearance.
They are asking that anyone
who has seen this man,
please come forward.
If you have any information,
please contact the tip line
across the bottom of the screen.
(tense music)
Just a few minutes ago, Tanner's
confirmed on social media, it is
his son
that went missing near a
suburban mall
just several days ago.
WSKD's Jennifer Landis is live
at Governor Prince Park.
- You good?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Uh huh.
- All right.
Won't believe you anyway, right?
- Yes, I understand, sir.
We'll do our best to get someone
out there
as soon as we can to fix the
Oh, Jake, we have a no heat call
in town
and no one is available to make
the run.
Can you do it?
Come on, we really need someone.
(tense music)
- Find the heater okay?
Is everything okay?
Something wrong?
- No.
- Dude.
- Jody?
- How do you know Jody?
- I've...
What happened?
- I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
- No, no, no, listen, listen.
- Don't come near me, get away
from me.
Get away from me.
Get off me!
Get off of me!
Don't touch me, get off of me!
Get out of my house!
- Sh, sh, sh, I'm not trying to
hurt you.
Calm down, calm down.
Calm down, listen.
- Get out!
Get out!
Get out of my house!
(ominous music)
- You okay?
- Do you fear death?
- What?
- I know.
But I do fear what death leaves
- All right listen, it's gonna
be okay.
All right, it's over.
Come on.
- [Jake] I can still fix it.
- I'm getting you out of here,
come on.
Come on, I got you, I got you.
I got you.
(somber music)
It's all right, it's gonna be
all right.
Easy, easy, easy.
Easy, easy.
(tense music)
- You live alone?
- Yeah.
I mean it can get scary at times
especially at night.
It's like ever since that
I got this transplant,
I wake up at 3:33.
I get really nervous and
there's a chill in the air.
(kettle whistling)
It's really unnerving.
(humming) What kind of music do
you like?
I like everything.
Do you know what I'm
really getting into lately?
How do you say his name?
Little Uzi vert.
Drop top raindrop
Look at them flickin them
(eerie music)
(somber music)
- Hi.
I'm Henry Warren.
- [Receptionist] I'll let you
- Mr. Warren?
- Yeah.
- When you're ready,
I'll remove the curtain.
Mr. Warren, can you please
ID the body on the table?
- I uh...
I never had any children of my
So Jake is the closest thing
to a son I'll ever know.
And I loved him very much.
As I'm sure most of you here did
as well.
It's a sad day.
But it's also a day of love.
For that love brought us all
All here to pay our
final respects to a man
for some who was a friend,
some a family member.
And to one, a father.
Now Jake was special.
I watched him grow from a
little boy to a young man.
A man with tremendous
character and responsibility.
He became a father
and engrossed himself in the
love and responsibility that
only a parent could understand.
I watched him go through
a life changing tragedy.
One that would devastate and
humble the average person.
(somber music)
And while facing his
he showed courage and
strength that should be
an inspiration to everyone here.
He was a fighter and he never
gave up.
He refused to let the
cards that life dealt him
force him to be anything
less than a father,
less than a friend and a man.
Alexis, I know you don't
understand everything
that's going on here.
But you will someday.
I want you to know that
you had the best father
a little girl could ask for.
He loved you with everything he
Just know that he's gonna
be watching over you
everyday, protecting you.
You officially have a guardian
because your father's on duty.
I read a quote somewhere.
And it read, you don't
understand the meaning
of the word love until you have
Jake, what did you do this for,
And I thought about the
author of that quote
and I thought they were wrong.
When I think about it now, I
Your father had many, many
But he was a fighter.
And he took them on as they
I don't think he'd held
on as long as he did
if not for his love for you.
I have no doubt about that.
But he had challenges.
And as hard as he fought,
he had to go.
You know I see parts of him in
- What do you see?
- The good parts.
The good parts.
- It has been six months since
35 year old
Jake Warren washed up on shore
as the final victim of
the waterfront murders.
We pause for a moment to dive
into the complexities of the
of a serial killer that simply
The final victim was a
family man of Philadelphia
who had recently returned back
to his work
as a neighborhood HVAC
His loved ones say he
had recently returned
back to work after a kidney
which led investigators to the
between the killer's victims.
Each of them receiving an organ
around the same time.
Forensic psychiatrist Alan
believes the murders
are a possible vendetta
by a deranged transplant
facing their own helpless
Still, the case remains
unsolved as there are thousands
in the Philadelphia area waiting
for life-saving organ donations.
(light music)
(tense music)