What Doesn't Kill You (2008) Movie Script

- Hey, folks.
- It's that time again, right?
Good size?
Come on, guys. Hurry up.
You good?
- What's going on?
- We're all set.
- You guys ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready. You ready?
- Let's do this.
- All right. Let's do it. Fuck this.
Get down! Get down!
- Get down! Don't make me fucking do it.
- Oh, my God!
- Get down! Get down! Don't move.
- Get your hands up.
There you go.
Nice and easy.
Nobody gets hurt.
We don't need any heroes.
- Police! Freeze!
- Let's go!
Drop your weapon!
Now! I said now!
Let's go! Get in the car!
What are you doing?
- Oh, my God!
- Get in the car!
One thing that always stuck
with me on the streets,
never do armored trucks.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, no problem.
Over there.
Hey! Son of a bitch!
Hey! You little
bastards, get back here!
No menthols.
Why don't you guys have a couple
of Cokes? Go sit over there.
I got some stuff to do.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Where'd you get
the cigarettes?
Fell off a truck.
Twice in one week?
How'd you like to
do an errand for me?
- Sure.
- Depends.
- Did you go down to Williams yet?
- Not yet.
I want you to go down to Williams
Tavern and pick up an envelope.
- Can you handle that?
- Sure.
How much?
How much. Listen to
this kid. "How much?"
Fifty bucks. Is that enough?
- Sure.
- Sure.
Brian. Brian.
We have to be quiet.
This is nice,
Stacy. Come here.
We can't do nothing 'cause
my mother's upstairs.
Hey, hey. No hanging
around. Call it a night.
What do you think of this
coat, Jackie? A little too big?
- No, it looks good.
- It looks good.
- How'd you make out? Did you find him?
- We got him.
It's cold out.
Oh, yeah. It's
colder where he is.
Get him out. Get him
out. Come on. Come on.
- Come on. Get out. Get out.
- Come on, out! Out!
Get him in the back. Hurry up.
Get in. Get in there.
- So fuck me, huh?
- What?
Fuck me?
- No, no, it's okay. Say it. Fuck me.
- Listen, I never said...
Didn't I tell you any money made
around here, I see a piece of it?
You did.
And what have you given
me? What have you given me?
I haven't...
Don't you scream! Don't
you fucking scream!
I'll put a fucking
hole right in you again.
I always wonder why people scream
when they're in pain, Jackie.
It's like when they slurp coffee thinking
it's gonna change the temperature,
- but it doesn't.
- You're right. It doesn't change a thing.
I get a kick out of guys like you.
I see you around the neighborhood,
playing your gangster roles,
tough guys, arms folded,
talking out of the side of
your mouth. Now look at him.
I can't believe it.
Didn't you put that Sweeney kid in
the hospital for money he owed you?
So you're a fucking bully,
too, right? Oh, yeah, you are.
- What's that kid, 150 pounds, Jackie?
- Tops.
- You got my money on you?
- No.
Do you got the money
you owe me on you?
Here, cut this up.
That prick down at Williams
Tavern is ducking me again.
Go down and get some
money off him, will you?
Another slow week.
I'm sick and tired of all
this nickel-and-dime bullshit.
I'm not gonna wait all
day for this cocksucker.
Hey, guys, what's up?
Do you wanna get involved?
- Are you gonna be warm enough?
- Yeah, I'll be fine.
- You don't need a sweater?
- No.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
All right.
- Oh, good. You're just in time.
- For what?
Sean's game.
I can't. I'm running
right back out. I gotta go.
- Where are the...
- It's the playoffs.
I can't. I'm busy. I'll catch
your next game. I promise.
What's to eat?
...from behind,
duct-taped me...
- Does it sound like that?
- Yeah.
- Hey! That's them right there.
- Look who it is.
Yeah. With a scar over there.
- A thing of beauty.
- How'd that tape treat you?
It's all right. It's all right.
Almost took my mustache off.
- What'd you tell them?
- I didn't tell them nothing.
I told them they better
find the guys who did it
'cause I'm not
paying for that shit
- out of my own pocket.
- That's right.
- What are you having?
- I'll take a cold beer.
- Give him a cold beer.
- Thank you.
- Good job, good job. - Wrists almost
ripped off, mustache is gone.
I gotta hit the head.
I'll talk to you later.
Hey, come here, boys. Hey,
boys, I got you something.
Come here, shorty.
What are you doing
out in the rain?
- Come over here.
- Something for everybody.
Hey, there's your ma.
Hey, Stacy. Hey, Katie.
- Call me later. - I'll give you a call
around 8:00, all right?
- Hey, Katie.
- Hi, Brian.
- Yo, Katie, you want a ride home?
- Yeah.
- Say goodbye to your Uncle Paulie.
- Bye.
Pay some bills. Get
yourself a little something.
Thanks. Are you staying for
supper or are you running out?
Yeah, yeah. Do you mind?
- The good old days.
- Yeah.
He's upstairs.
- What's his name?
- Marius.
Marius. Yeah, Marius.
Might as well go talk to
him. See what he has to say.
$5,000 is $5,000, right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Jackie, again the soup is freezing.
- Again, cold?
- Tell Hogie, "Hogie, the soup's freezing!"
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Marius, how you doing?
- I'm not too good.
Here's what happened.
I'm 60 years old, so
I had this indiscretion
with this young manicurist
on Newbury Street,
and then this cunt and her
boyfriend called my wife!
Hold it. Indiscretion?
You're losing us.
- I was fucking her. I was fucking her.
- What?
- He was cheating on his wife.
- I want them to pay, especially her.
Wait a minute. You want
us to slap a girl around?
No, no, no. You see,
this bitch has these two poodles
that she loves like her own children.
I want you to
kidnap the female.
Now, it has to be the female. I
don't care what you do to the guy.
I'll pay you five grand.
Let me get this straight. You
want us to kidnap a poodle?
Do you think we're a couple of
jerk-offs? No, you're making fun of us.
- No, no, no! No, but you see...
- No, hey, hey!
Giving a guy a beating is one thing, all
right? But kidnapping a fucking dog...
No, no, but you
don't understand.
She's the one that has to
pay. She called my wife.
- The guy's a fucking nut.
- Five grand is five grand, Paulie.
I'm not doing it.
- Come on, we'll get some kid for
a C-note. - Hey, I'm not doing it.
Kidnap a fucking poodle. What
are you, out of your mind?
I know you don't like this,
but I think we should seriously
consider doing an armored car.
Don't start with that again.
Don't start with that again.
Everybody gets caught.
You gotta do it in broad daylight.
Everybody sees you. It's impossible.
All right? Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Brian! Brian! I got him.
- I got the motherfucker.
- Spread his legs. Let me see.
It's got balls. Go in
there and get the other one.
- They're vicious maniacs!
- Get the fuck back in there.
It's not funny. It's a
fucking poodle. It's not funny.
- It's kind of funny.
- Brian, it's not funny.
- It's not funny. It's embarrassing.
- A little funny.
- What are we gonna do?
- I got this kid, Anthony, all right?
He's making a lot of money,
and he don't answer to anybody.
What about Pat?
We gotta start
making our own money.
That rat McGill is
giving up everyone.
No wonder, with the deals
they're giving today.
I should've killed that
prick when I had the chance.
- Yeah. Definitely.
- We took care of that.
Yeah, he called.
- Hey, Jackie.
- Hey, Jackie.
Here you go.
He said $5,000.
Yeah, that's your cut. You got
a problem with that, Paulie?
- Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.
- You do?
Yeah, yeah. You know
what, Pat? Keep it.
Hey, come here.
Come here. Come here!
Who the fuck you think you're
talking to, some fucking punk?
I've been lining your
pockets since you were a kid!
If it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't have shit!
That's not the point, Pat.
The point is it's supposed
to be getting easier.
You think you're the only one with
problems? I got heat up my ass,
and you've been moping around here
for months with this fucking attitude,
and I'm tired of it.
You better work on that
because I'm telling you, we're gonna
have a fucking problem! You got that?
You got that?
You better talk to him, Brian.
You see what I'm talking about? You
see what I'm fucking talking about?
He treats us like we're a
couple of fucking assholes!
Okay, relax, Paul.
Come on. Let me in. Let me in!
What'd he say to you, huh?
Then we drive off with the truck.
That's it. It's that simple.
- Who is this guy?
- George Shea. I've known him for years.
He's solid.
He's not gonna try to
fuck us on the price?
- No?
- No.
We get paid that night,
and then we're on our way.
Does he have to
know who we are?
He doesn't care how the TVs get
there, as long as they get there.
All right, Anthony,
we'll see you tonight.
All right, cool. Call me.
Hey, Brian, why
don't you go home?
- Why don't you mind your business, Katie?
- You know, he's got a girl.
Hey, do me a favor, tell Paulie
to come over here, will you?
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, and then go home.
Why don't you buy
me a fucking drink?
- Hey, Paulie.
- Yeah, what?
Brian wants to talk to you.
Okay. All right. Two seconds.
So you got a place to...
- I gotta pay the bills.
- You gotta pay the bills?
I'll pay your bills.
You got a place to stay?
- You'll pay my bills?
- That's right, I'll pay your bills.
- All right, well, I'm on a couch right now.
- You're on a...
I'll go on the
couch, you go...
Why don't you stay at my
house? What's your name?
- How big is your couch?
- How big is my couch?
- My name is Lisa.
- My couch is big enough.
All right, Lisa, I'm
gonna go talk to my friend.
I'm gonna come back, and
I'm gonna talk to you.
We're gonna talk some more about my
couch, all right? Holy fucking shit.
Deal me out.
Yeah, no problem.
- You know that kid Jay?
- What, the kid behind me?
Yeah. He's making a lot
of money with that coke.
- Yeah? How do you know?
- I just do.
- We should get some from him.
- Who's he with?
- Nobody, that's my point.
- Let's go.
- Hey, Jay, can we talk to you for a minute?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey, cute girl.
- Yeah, I know her.
- Hey, kid. Did you see Charlie?
- How you been?
- You know Paulie, right?
- Yeah.
- How's it going?
- Good.
Hey, Jay, we want to talk to
you tomorrow. Is that all right?
- What about? Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
You want to meet us at the
Heights at 2:00 tomorrow?
- All right.
- Don't worry. Have a good time tonight.
Hey, Pat.
- How you doing?
- All right.
- Busy, huh?
- Yeah.
Hey, you two haven't heard of a truck
full of TVs disappearing, did you?
- No.
- Nothing?
- You sure?
- Yeah, we're sure.
It's funny, I
got a call from...
Well, anyway, you keep your ears open.
Let me know if you hear anything, will you?
Yeah. No problem.
All right.
Greedy prick.
Hey. Hey, guys.
- Shit.
- All right, let's go.
Sean, help your
brother. Here's your bag.
- Why don't you go wait in the kitchen?
- All right, be good. Learn a lot.
That's great. Here, Sean,
help him put on his jacket.
I can't get the zipper.
It's 8:00 in the morning.
Where the hell have you been?
- Out. Out.
- Where?
- Where?
- I don't want to hear it. Here.
Like this solves everything.
Come on.
Come on.
- Brian, this has gotta stop.
- Yeah, okay.
All right, yeah, whatever
you say. I won't do it again.
For the last time, just
let me get some sleep.
- Yeah?
- Hey, it's me.
- Jackie wants to see us.
- For what?
I don't know. He
didn't say anything.
All right. I'll be there.
Feds got Pat.
For what?
They're trying to pin some
old bullshit murder rap on him.
For when? Who?
- You know that prick, Mickey Gills?
- Yeah.
He's been flipping on
everybody from years ago,
trying to get his
sentence cut in half.
What's he looking at?
If he pleads out to
manslaughter, eight.
Hey, don't worry about it,
though. It'll be all right.
- Nothing changes.
- Yeah, sure.
- Of course.
- Nothing.
- I can't fucking believe it.
- What do you think?
I think it's time
to go see that kid.
She's not going to mind doing
it, you know, coming to tell me...
Hey, Jay.
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
No problem. Nice car.
You're making good money
with that coke, huh?
I'm doing all right.
Personally, I don't care
how you make your money.
You don't sell it
to the kids, right?
- No.
- Let's cut to the chase, all right?
You're making a lot of money
with that, and we want some.
All right. So you
got two choices.
You can either come up with
a little something each week,
or, better yet, you can set up some
dealers, we'll rob them and cut you in.
- You want me to set up my connections?
- Yeah.
I can't do that. They know me.
- They know where the fuck I live.
- Yeah, but so do we.
Brian, are you gonna
put me on the spot?
I known you how long? We're
from the same neighborhood.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Jay, fuck them.
So if this goes good, they say they
might need 50 pounds every 10 days.
- I got all you need, man.
- Yeah, I bet.
- I'll go get them.
- All right, I'll be here.
Hey, what's going on?
- Oh, God.
- Relax, Tommy, you're gonna be okay.
- Jay, what's going on?
- Bad day for you, Tommy.
Just chalk it up as a loss, Tommy.
You'll make it back in a couple of weeks.
I'll take this. Thank you.
Okay. In case you get
stupid, that look familiar?
Jay, stuff in the back?
- Trunk open, Tommy?
- Yeah.
Tommy, I'm gonna
take the keys.
I'm gonna throw them in
the alley around the corner.
Give yourself a few minutes
to pull yourself together.
When you go back to Braintree, you
don't mention any of this to anybody.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Try these out.
- They're too big. I'm a seven.
- What?
- These are big.
All right, just put another pair
of socks on. They'll be fine.
- Don't worry, I'll get you another pair.
- That won't work.
Hey, you got it on
the wrong foot, boss.
Hey, you want to help your brother
when you're done? You guys hungry?
- Yeah, I guess.
- All right.
- This is nice.
- Yeah.
You look good.
Hey, Brian. How are you doing?
- I'm okay.
- Yeah? Can I get you something to drink?
Yeah. Stacy?
- I'm all set.
- Okay. The usual?
No. Yeah, give me...
No, I'm gonna have... Give me just
whatever you got on tap. Thanks.
Friend of yours?
What do you mean
"friend"? She works here.
Are you mad now because
the waitress knows my name?
Then why are you getting
all quiet all of a sudden?
How come you
didn't introduce me?
What are you talking
about? She's the waitress.
I thought she just might be more
than that, the way you eyed her.
See? That's why
we never go out.
We never go out because you're
always too busy running around.
You want to start
this all over again?
Let's not ruin a
nice night, okay?
I would've introduced you,
but I don't even know her name.
Here you go, honey.
- I'm sorry, what's your name?
- Kim.
- Kim.
- Yeah.
- Kim, this is my wife Stacy.
- Hi.
- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- You need a few minutes?
- Just one.
Okay, I'll be back. Thanks.
- We okay now?
- Yeah.
Excuse me, can I get a
couple of menus, please?
Take your time.
- No, no, she meant it for you, I think.
- Take it, please.
Charlie, can we have
a couple of minutes?
- Sure.
- Thanks, man.
Hey, Brian.
- Hey, Jay. How'd you make out?
- Paulie.
- Not bad. $900 a pound.
- $900 a pound.
That's 45 grand.
So, what, 12.5 for you?
- That sound good to you?
- Yeah, that sounds good.
- That's good, yeah.
- All right, let's do it.
Listen, I gotta get going, but
I'm gonna see that guy Friday.
- All right. Okay.
- Okay?
I gotta run, too.
Well, don't forget we got
that guy at 1:00, 1:30.
- Forty-five grand, that's not
bad. - That's good. Good job.
Hey, Jay.
You got a little bit of that
shit on you until Friday?
Yeah, yeah.
- Thanks.
- See you Friday.
It's a good business, Paulie.
Jewelry is always in demand.
Yeah, yeah, all right, but
just so we're on the same page,
I give you 10 grand now,
then you give me 200 a week for
a year, plus my 10 grand back.
- Yeah, definitely.
- Okay, that'll work.
I'll be back in a minute.
All right.
- Who is it?
- Brian.
- Hey, Jay.
- What's up, Brian?
I was wondering if you
have any of that money yet.
I told you I wasn't gonna have it
till Friday. Hey, come in, come in.
Thanks. You having a party?
- Yeah, you want a drink?
- Sure.
Hey, Brian, what's
up? I'm Matt.
Hey. How you doing? Yeah,
I've seen you around.
- Here.
- Yeah, I'll take that.
What do you got?
- How much, Brian?
- A "G."
I don't have a
"G." I don't have...
Jay, come on. What do you got?
I don't... I could
give you like 500.
I'll take that. You
got some coke, too?
Yeah, give me a second.
Fuck them, Jay. Fuck them!
- These your girlfriends?
- No, they're strippers.
- Oh, yeah? You're a dancer?
- Yeah.
Show me some of your moves.
Nice. Let's see the backside.
Tim, how you doing?
Yeah, set me up.
I'll set you up.
- What's that you're smoking? Crack?
- Yeah.
You guys are freebasers, huh?
It's like a morgue in here.
I want to be dead like you.
Here's the five, Brian.
Plenty of coke, all right?
Come on, no more coke for you.
That's not bad.
- You gotta suck it in real hard.
- Okay.
When it fills up with
smoke, take your finger off.
All right, I
think I got it now.
Where is he?
Everything all right?
- What do you mean? He's not here?
- No, he never came home.
- Weren't you with him last night?
- Yeah, yeah, I was with him earlier.
- This is it. I've had it.
- What?
Every night he's out until
3:00, 4:00 in the morning.
- Take it easy.
- You take it easy!
- Stace. Stace.
- 15 years of this shit.
I know.
12:00 in the afternoon?
You're the biggest asshole...
I just spent the night locked
up! Leave me the fuck alone!
He just got in.
It's Paul.
- Yeah, tell him I'll call him back.
- He's gonna call you back.
I don't know, some bullshit
about being arrested. I gotta go.
So what happened?
Nothing. I was just
with some broad.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Jay! Jay! Jay!
Almost had a touchdown there.
I got your message. What's up?
Yeah. Remember that kid Matt you
met at my house the other night?
- Yeah, yeah. What about him?
- When was this?
Last week sometime.
What about him?
Well, he sells steroids to these
muscle-heads out in Stoneham.
Yeah? There's money in that?
- I guess. He says 20 to 30 grand.
- 20 to 30 grand?
Yeah! Yeah.
Well, anyways, he's
been dealing a few years.
His connection
just got busted.
These fucking clowns keep paging him
every day for more. They don't know.
- Is he for real? - I figured you guys
might want to take them.
- No bullshit.
- Yeah.
You know, it sounds good.
Sounds real good. All right, we'll
give you a call tomorrow. Thanks.
- Thanks, Jay.
- Paulie.
Be good.
You go over to his house?
What? I went to see
if he had the money.
This guy's pumping coke, man. You
don't think he's being watched?
Use your head.
- I went there for two minutes.
- Yeah, well.
- That mine?
- Yeah.
Thanks. Hey, who
won the Celtics game?
- Cavs by eight.
- Fuck me.
- You bet those bums again?
- Yeah.
Fucking Celtics.
What'd you say?
- Who is that fucking guy? - I don't know.
I never saw him before, Brian.
What the fuck's
that guy named? Dave?
Hey, it's me.
Who is this? Matt?
Do me a favor, will you?
Cook me up some of that shit.
I'm coming over right now.
- Hey, you got something to say to me?
- I didn't say nothing to you.
Keep your fucking mouth shut.
So, Jay said something
about some steroid score.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah, I got these guys, right?
- Fuck me.
- They got a lot of money.
- Yeah?
- A lot of money.
- What's the deal?
I'll set them up.
- Hey, they got a lot of money, you know.
- Okay.
- I think one of them is rich.
- Okay, dude.
What the fuck. Who's that?
- Who is it?
- Get away from me.
- Hey, how much money am I gonna get?
- Come on, man. Get off of me for a second.
You guys are gonna take care of
me with some of that money, right?
Matt, Matt, shut the fuck up.
- I just wanna know how much I'm gonna get.
- Matt, shut the fuck up!
- Matt, what the fuck's going on? Huh?
- Nothing.
How many times did
I fucking tell you?
- Brian.
- What?
This is my house. It's
3:00 in the morning.
- Come on.
- You're right. You're right. Sorry, Jay.
I'm sorry.
How many times did I
fucking tell you, Matt?
No one in the fucking house! Clean
the fuck up, you fucking clown!
Thanks, Charlie.
Look, one thing you gotta do is make sure
that he brings the money inside, all right?
Insist on that. Tell him that the steroids
are in the cellar in a cooler. All right?
Once he comes in, we'll take care
of the rest, all right? Right?
All right. What time are
you supposed to meet him?
2:00 on Thursday.
2:00. All right, at 2:30, we'll be in the
back at the sandwich counter, all right?
See you later, guys.
What happened to
you last night?
Nothing. I had to do
some stuff with Stacy.
We gotta be sharp on this.
- Hey, Matt.
- Yo, hey. Paulie.
- Hey, what's up.
- Yeah, good, good.
- How's everything going?
- Yeah, good. You want a seat?
- You want a sandwich or something?
- No, I think I'm okay.
- Well, you got the money?
- Yeah, do you have the juice?
Yeah, it's in the freezer.
Have a seat. Now, seriously...
- What, you want something?
- No, man, I'm okay. Why don't we...
- It's all right. It's all right. It's on me.
- No, believe me, I'm fine. I appreciate it.
You know what? You
guys just sit tight,
and I'll go grab the money,
all right? I'll be right back.
I told him to bring it in.
We told you to have him
bring the fucking money in!
I know, I told him, but
he was threatening me.
Get the fuck in the car!
Something's going on.
- Hurry up!
- Boston PD! Hey!
Put your hands up!
Hands on the dash!
Hey! Do not fucking move!
All right, here. Hands on
the... Give me the keys.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Put your hands on the dash!
- You selling any drugs down here?
- No, sir.
So, you're down here
making a drug deal, huh?
- I have no idea what you're talking about.
- Shut the fuck up!
Are you making drug
deals down here?
- No.
- Where's the money?
- Where's the money?
- What money?
- Where's the money?
- Shut the fuck up!
Joe, get an answer out of him!
Christ! We're not gonna get an
answer like that! Fucking prick!
- Shit! Where is the money?
- I don't know what you're talking about!
The fucking money!
Where's the money?
Oh, yeah. You don't know what I'm
talking about, huh? You lying prick.
Let's go!
What the fuck are
you looking at?
- Hey!
- Mind your fucking business!
- Somebody help us!
- Where's the key?
Hey, somebody help
us! Call a doctor!
Let me ask you something.
How old are you?
- I'll be 27 next week.
- No, you're not.
Fuck! She looks like
she's 22, don't she?
No, no, you look good.
You look really good.
- Thanks. Yeah, I gotta get back to work.
- No, sit down, sit down.
- Joe wants to talk to you.
- You're gonna get me fired.
I wanna talk to you.
I wanna talk to you.
No, you don't have to work. All right,
I'll come with you. I'll help you.
- Hey, Jay. How you doing?
- Brian, what's going on?
I want you to meet
my buddy, Josh.
Hey, Josh. How you doing?
Have a seat over here.
What, your boy run off
in the middle of a score?
- He does shit like that all the time, Brian.
- I'm sorry I took off, but you know...
What are you doing, running off on
a score? You don't have any balls?
No, I do, but it
was getting crazy.
- You were gonna kill those guys.
- I don't give a fuck!
Here. Here's a few bucks for you.
You're lucky you're getting that.
No, don't sit down
here! Get over there!
No, come on, sit down.
Man, I'm fucking with you.
Hey, can you get him a drink?
We need to talk.
- Come on, Jay.
- Listen, listen, relax.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I'm talking scores.
You just robbed two
guys up on E Street.
What are you
getting at, Jackie?
You two are out there on your
own, and we don't see a dime?
What do you want from us?
We been running around like a
couple of fucking errand boys for you
for 15 years, and what
do we have to show for it?
Nothing. All right, so we make
a few extra bucks on the side.
Errand boys? That's
how you see it?
That ain't the point, Jackie. I
got kids to feed, and I'm broke.
And we don't? Hey, Pat
is pissed about this.
You keep it up, you're
gonna have a problem.
- Are you threatening us?
- I don't threaten nobody.
All right, man, if that's the way
it is. I don't know what else to say.
That's the way it is.
- You need a ride home?
- No, I'm all set.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna be out
of here in about 15 minutes.
- I just gotta clean up.
- No, I'm fine, thanks. Here you go.
You motherfucker!
Dr. Evans, dial 283.
- Mrs. Reilly.
- Yes.
Here's the situation.
As you know, your husband has
been struck by three bullets.
One is lodged in the back of his head,
one's been removed from his right shoulder,
and one from his left forearm.
The bullet in the
back of his head,
we have decided not to go ahead
with the surgery to remove it
because we feel it would be too
dangerous at this time, okay?
It's too close to
the spinal cord,
and it would be too dangerous to
go in and retrieve that bullet.
What we want to do is we want
to keep him here and observe him,
and we want to give him a lot of
antibiotics, and he should be okay.
We're very lucky that it was a
very small caliber bullet, so...
I do think you should know
that there were large traces of
cocaine and alcohol in his system.
He says he's gonna be fine.
I couldn't tell you. This
guy had a hood over his head.
- I couldn't see his face.
- Fuck him.
I just saw him standing
there with the pistol.
- Who do you think, if you had to say?
- I don't know. I couldn't say.
- Do you think it was that prick Jackie?
- I wish I knew. I really do.
- Hi.
- I'll be back.
- Hey. How are you?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm all right. Come
on, give me a kiss.
- My God, I can't even get to you.
- Get over that thing.
Don't move your arm.
He's gonna be all right. I've got some
water right here for him if he wants.
- Stace, I'm gonna be right outside.
- Hi, Katie.
- The boys okay?
- They're fine.
- Are they okay?
- Yeah, they're good.
They're with my father. Don't worry
about anything. I gotta call work...
- No, no, no, I'm okay.
... get someone to cover for me.
- I'm just gonna go to sleep anyway.
- What, are you crazy? I can't.
You gotta get home. The
boys are gonna worry.
- Hey, Paulie.
- Hey, Hogie.
- How's Brian doing?
- I don't know. He's in the fucking hospital
with a shitload of holes in him.
How do you think he's doing, huh?
Did you see anything?
No, I was stocking the bar.
Brian was the last to go.
Ten minutes later, I
found him on the sidewalk.
Hey, Paulie, how's he doing?
Did you do it?
What are you, out of your
mind? I'm gonna shoot Brian?
Come on, I've known you
guys since you were kids.
Whatever you two were doing,
you brought this on yourselves.
So, how is he?
He's gonna live.
- I feel like I'm going fucking crazy.
- Come on, have a seat. Sit down.
Oh, no, sorry. You
had the roast beef.
This one's for him.
I can't even remember
a fucking order.
- How you doing?
- Pretty good. You?
Hey! Hey!
- Stace?
- Yeah?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Now, I know I've said this
before, but this has gotta stop.
- He's killing you with this shit.
- I know.
- You have got to get away from him.
- Katie, please, not now.
You know what? You say
this every single time,
- and every single time you go back...
- I got nowhere to go!
- Really?
- I got two kids!
- Oh, okay.
- Where am I gonna go?
You think you're the only person who's
ever been in this situation before?
- I can't hear this now.
- Stacy!
I'll call you later.
- Please push the button.
- I already pushed it.
There she is. Excuse me, nurse.
Can I please get some pain medicine?
You have an hour to go.
No, I don't have an hour to go.
I've already waited a fucking hour.
I want some pain
medicine, okay?
- You need to calm down.
- No, I don't need to calm down.
- I need to get some pain medicine.
- Brian, quiet!
- No, there's no reason...
- You just have to be patient.
There's no reason that I need to sit here
in pain. Now, can I just please have a...
Whatever you got. Just give
me a little bit of something.
- You need to just wait one more hour.
- I'm in fucking pain here, okay?
I don't know what it takes
for you to understand that!
- How long you been working here?
- This is my second week.
Right! Figures!
- Give me some fucking pain medicine!
- Brian! Brian, lower your voice.
- Now!
- I'll go get the doctor.
- Get the doctor!
- Look at you. Look at you.
- This is insane. What are you doing to us?
- Not right now, Stacy.
What about your boys? If
you're not gonna think about me,
- think about your boys.
- Not right fucking now!
Yes, now! You're a drug addict. You're
out every night doing coke, drinking.
This has gotta stop. You
promised me it was gonna stop!
- Get me the fuck...
- What are you doing?
- Brian, wait!
... out of here!
Brian, wait!
- What are you doing? No!
- Get the fuck away from me!
You can't leave.
Brian, you're gonna...
Brian, where are you going?
- Mr. Reilly, where are you going?
- Mind your own fucking business!
This is AMA, Mr...
- I don't give a fuck what you call it!
- Mr. Reilly!
You sit down!
- Brian! Brian, wait!
- Just leave me alone!
You're gonna freeze.
Hey! Somebody help.
He's barefoot!
Matt, get him some
clothes, all right?
Get him some fucking clothes
before I fucking murder you!
Brian, get the fuck up!
What the fuck is this
crazy shit? Get the fuck up!
You're better than this,
bro, all right? Get up.
After all we been through,
you're gonna do this to me?
All right. Hey, you are stronger
than this! You look like shit.
- Get some... Where are the fucking clothes?
- Here. Here.
I don't ever want to
see you again. All right?
I don't ever want
to see you again!
You're so much better than this,
all right? Leave this shit alone.
This is what you're
gonna do to us, huh?
You're supposed
to have my back.
Let's go home. Let's
go home. Let's go home.
What, you're just gonna sit there
silent? You're not gonna say a thing?
I mean, come on, Stacy.
I had a lot going on.
I haven't touched
a thing in a week.
What do you want me to do?
You're not gonna let me come home?
I want to see my kids, Stacy.
I mean, how many times do I
have to say I'm sorry? I'm sorry.
Sorry's not good
enough anymore.
I got nothing to say. I
gotta go pick up the kids.
All right.
How you doing?
Stacy coming around?
I don't know. We're talking about
maybe going out to dinner. We'll see.
Anthony called me. He's got another
one of them truck scores lined up.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- I could sure use it.
- Can you drive one of them...
- Five speeds?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- All right.
Hey, Mark. You gonna
throw that at me? Okay.
Not in the street.
Not in the street.
- Hey. How you doing?
- Doing good.
See you later, okay?
Give your dad a kiss.
I love you.
You ready?
- So, what about dinner?
- Call me tomorrow.
- How much more room?
- I don't know. Looks good to me.
Here we go.
What'd I tell
you? Piece of cake.
Nice. Nice. Yeah.
- Talk to you guys later.
- Thanks.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, turn him around.
Do you remember me?
How about now?
Get him out of here.
- Hey, you Paulie McDougan?
- Yeah. Who are you?
Ronny Dents, from Dorchester.
You know Pat Kelly, right?
- Yeah.
- He'll be out in the yard at 1:00.
He wants to see you.
Section 3 and 5, "A" block
on the yard in 15 minutes.
Section 3 and 5, "A" block
on the yard in 15 minutes.
- That's Pat.
- I'll catch up.
- Paulie.
- Hey, Pat.
- Small world.
- Yeah, yeah.
Five to seven, could be worse.
Come on. Let's walk.
- So, that's the thanks I get, huh?
- Pat...
Hey, look, I haven't lasted this
long by letting people fuck me.
The first chance you get,
you guys go out on your own.
- It wasn't like that, Pat.
- That's exactly how it was.
You don't think I know
what's going on out there?
Come on.
I give people one chance,
and you just had yours.
Don't ever fuck me again.
I was pretty good to you two.
Let's put this shit behind us.
We watch each
other's back in here.
- Fucking rat hole.
- It's good to see you, Pat.
It's good to see you, too.
I heard you two
were coming in.
Unfortunate, but I'm
just glad to see you.
Yeah, you, too, Pat.
And, you, you still fucking
everything out there, huh?
- Prospects ain't so good right now.
- You're all done for a while.
- You got enough.
- You better be all done for a while.
Hey, sign up for that
alcoholics meeting later.
Okay, yeah, all right.
Hey, I'm Ray. I'm an alcoholic.
It's good to be here tonight.
And you remember
when we first met,
I said, " Look, let's
get the cigarette book,
"everything that helps
the clock go fast. "
- Yeah, right.
- Right, it kills time.
But then when we
take the cash bets,
and they wanna bet $500
or $1,000 a game, right,
then they think they can give us
the old check-in-the-mail story.
Well, we cut them off.
Who needs the aggravation?
I'll see you back there.
...for the people in my network, I'm
able to stay sober one day at a time.
Thanks for coming.
- You look good.
- Thanks.
- How are the boys?
- They're all right.
Mark wrote you some letters,
but they confiscated them.
How are you doing?
Considering I was just
frisked, I'm doing great.
Look, you gotta help me
out a little bit here, okay?
- Give you some help?
- Yeah.
I know the situation that I put you
in. I feel bad about it, believe me.
But there's nothing I
can do about that now.
If you want to move
on, I'd understand.
Move on? Move on where?
Move on where? You
got an option for me?
I'm just telling you
it's okay. I'd understand.
I gotta raise your sons.
It's not like you
were ever there.
Not like I was ever there. What, you
gonna start taking shots at me now?
If it weren't for my
father, we'd be homeless.
So what do you wanna do?
I don't know.
Do you still love me?
Do you ever find yourself
getting tired of all this?
What, doing time? Fuck yeah.
No, the whole thing,
you know. Just the grind.
Always chasing after a buck, trying
to be one step ahead of the cops.
We're just playing
the cards we're dealt.
I suck as a father.
Brian, come on. I mean, I'm
not gonna shit you, all right.
You're not gonna win Father of the Year,
all right? You're not. It's over, you know.
But your kids
love you. They do.
They got it better than
we did, all right? They do.
They got a good mom.
They're good. They love you.
- You really think they do?
- I know they do, all right?
Someday you're gonna make all
this up to them. All right?
Hey, hey, look at this guy up here. All
right? You see who I'm talking about?
He's doing 35 for an armored car,
all right? So, things could be worse.
Yeah, things could be worse.
Prison is the most boring
waste of time you can imagine.
Yesterday is the
same as tomorrow.
A bunch of cowards hiding
behind muscles and tattoos,
the most dangerous kind,
people filled with fear.
All I ever think about is how
I let you and the kids down.
I miss you. I'm sorry.
So I got that number to them guys
when you get out. They're good guys.
I drank away my wife.
It was hell, but that's
what the booze does.
Jesus Christ, that's Danny Sullivan.
I haven't seen him in 15 years.
Oh, yeah. He was friends
with my uncle, right?
Yeah, he was. He looks great.
Twenty years ago, I was
sitting right where you are.
Anyways, what else you got?
I was able to get
a handle on it.
I was able to get a little
piece of my life back.
- Hey, you with us?
- Yeah, yeah.
Once again, my name is Dan. I'm an
alcoholic. Thanks for letting me talk.
All right, everybody
back to the block!
Hey, Sully. I'm Brian Reilly. I
met you when I was a little kid.
Bobby's nephew. Yeah, yeah,
yeah. He was a good man.
Yeah, he was. Thanks.
So, you hear anything
that made sense?
Yeah. A few things, yeah.
How much time you got left?
- Just a couple weeks and I'm out.
- Good, good.
You planning on staying sober?
- Yeah. Yeah, sure.
- You got any meetings lined up?
I've never been to a meeting
before I come in here,
and that was just
to get off the block.
If you ever want to go
to a meeting or just talk,
- give me a call. - All right, Brian,
let's go. Time to go back.
Just one minute.
- All right. Thanks, Sully.
- You bet.
Hey, Paulie.
Remember that scumbag child
molester we saw on TV last week?
- Yeah.
- I'm putting him in cell 12.
Thanks, Callahan.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
let's go! Let's do it.
What the fuck?
Come here a second. Come here.
You fucking... You take
the pain, you fucking freak.
You like fucking kids? You
fucking rape fucking kids!
What's wrong with
you? Come on, come on.
You eat like a fucking animal.
Don't start, Paulie.
Here they are.
All right, let's go.
- Enjoy yourself.
- Thanks.
Eat however you want.
How you doing?
All right, let's
get right to it.
We all know you did it.
Personally, I don't give a shit,
but Sergeant Callahan may lose his
job. He's already been suspended.
I know he's been good to you two,
newspapers, privileges, whatnot.
I got the D.A. all
over my ass on this one.
As sick as these bastards
are, they're protected.
- What are you looking for?
- Well, if somebody came forward,
we could make this go away and
save everyone a lot of aggravation.
Callahan's a good man.
So what are we looking at?
Six more months or
90 days in the hole.
It was me.
- What?
- Just you?
- Yeah, just me.
- Wait a second.
- Come on. You'd do the same for me.
- You don't have to do that.
- Say hi to the boys.
- Paul.
- Just you?
- Just me.
It's the right thing, Brian.
Come on, you'd do the same thing.
What, so the boys,
they didn't wanna come?
No, they wanted to.
Mark's still sick.
Sean'll come around. You're
gonna have to work on it though.
What do you plan on doing?
I'm not sure yet.
- You're gonna get a job, right?
- Yeah, I'm gonna get something,
but first I want to just spend
some time with you and the kids.
Stacy, take a good
look around here
'cause I will never ever put you
and the boys in this situation again.
You'll never see me like this
again, ever. I promise you.
Hey, Callahan. So this
is where they got you.
Yeah, well, it could've
been a lot worse, huh?
Yeah. I appreciate everything you did
for us. You're all right, Callahan.
- Take care out there, Brian.
- Thanks.
Hey, buddy!
I missed you. Let me
see. Let me see you.
Give me a look. Hey,
where's your brother?
- He went to go meet his girlfriend.
- He'll be home later.
He did? Do you have
any girlfriends?
- I have two, actually.
- Not bad, not bad.
- Hey, Katie.
- Hey.
- How've you been?
- Good. Welcome back.
Good to see you.
Thanks for watching
them for us.
Your brother went to
see his girlfriend, huh?
Yeah, he'll be
back later though.
What happened
to Coynes Tavern?
They made it into
condos two years ago.
All these yuppies are moving in buying
up everything. Rents are unbelievable.
Everything's changing.
So now you gotta be rich
to live in South Boston.
So we are.
Mark told me you
have a girlfriend.
- Yeah? Is she pretty?
- Very pretty.
This is pretty good.
- Pretty good?
- Yeah, pretty good.
- What's her name?
- Stephanie.
I'd like to meet her sometime.
I gotta go. I'll
see you later.
- You don't wanna finish?
- No.
Not too late, Sean. Sean?
All right, I'll
see you, buddy.
You don't have to say that.
Oh, my God.
Come on, you're gonna be late,
and your ma is gonna kill me.
- I miss you, man.
- All right. Bye.
All right. I put a
cupcake in your lunch.
All right. Thanks, Dad. Bye.
I love you, Mark.
I love you, too.
What are you banging on the
door like you're the cops for?
- Do you know you're $600 overdue?
- Yeah, I do now.
We sent you three notices, so
unless you make a payment...
Hey, you seem to be taking
this pretty personal.
What, is the money coming
out of your own pocket?
Just doing my job.
Well, some people don't have a
job that pays 52 checks a year.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Listen, you either pay the money, or
I'm gonna have to shut your gas off.
- You ain't shutting off a fucking thing.
- Relax.
Now, you get back in your
little truck, and you drive away
before I bash your
fucking head in.
- Take it easy, okay?
- No, no. Get going.
Call the cops. Do what you
have to do. I'll find you.
Hey, hey. Wait a second.
Now look what you got me
doing in front of my wife.
Now, shake my hand, and smile at
her like everything's all right.
Give her a little wave.
Now, write down on a piece of
paper where I can make a payment.
Thanks. Have a nice day.
He gave me a number where
I can make a payment.
- I can't ask my father for no more money.
- I'll see what I can do.
You mean like a job?
I only been out for two days.
I need you to give me a chance.
No, no, no. I just
meant, you know...
- What?
- Never mind.
- Hey.
- Look who it is.
- All right.
- Good to see you.
You, too, Jackie.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
- Look at you. You lost a bundle of weight.
- Yeah, I did.
How does it feel to be home?
- Different.
- Yeah, yeah, I know that feeling.
So Pat said there was
an envelope for me.
- I got it right here. Hold on.
- Thanks, Jackie.
So, you want a drink?
Maybe something to eat?
No, no, no. I'm all right.
- You've been staying in shape, huh?
- You know, hitting the bag a little.
- Attaboy.
- Thanks.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
All right.
Come on, have a seat.
Have something to eat.
- Sit down, relax.
- I'm okay, Jackie.
- Hey, listen, I got a few things to do.
- All right.
- All right. Hey, good to see you, Brian.
- I'll be seeing you soon, Jackie.
I got the pizza. Here you go.
- Yes, pizza!
- Nice.
Here you go. Dig in.
Pay the gas bill. Pay it.
- Where did you get this?
- I went down to see Jackie about a job.
He lent me a few bucks.
Come on, dig in. What
are you waiting for?
- Hey, Sean, how you doing, buddy?
- Pretty good.
All right, listen, Stace,
he gave me a two-word answer!
I'll get it.
How is that?
What's up?
Go be with the kids.
What? What's going on?
I just came by to welcome
you back to the neighborhood.
You got a warrant?
Why? You do something wrong?
Yeah, okay. Could you
step outside, please?
Don't come in my
house without a reason.
Like I said, I just
came to welcome you back.
Cute. I got it.
Hey, Jackie, did
you talk to that guy?
He says nothing's open right
now. Hey, maybe in a month or two.
All right, thanks.
Any luck?
Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna
go see him right now.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
All right.
Hey, Brian. How you doing?
- I'm all right. What's your name?
- Dave.
My little brother plays baseball with
your son, Sean. He's a good player.
Yeah, thanks.
- You work for the city?
- Yeah.
How's that?
- Not bad.
- How do you get a job like that?
- You remember Jimmy Kelly, right?
- Yeah.
He got me the job. Otherwise I'd have
to wait in line with 40,000 other people.
There's the boss. All right.
I gotta go buy him lunch
to get him off my back.
Have a good day.
And that's my story of how
I ended up at these meetings.
I'd like to thank you for
letting me speak tonight.
And I'd like to end this
meeting, as we do all of them,
with the Lord's
Prayer, please.
And in the name of the
Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
"Our Father who art in
Heaven Hallowed be thy name"
- All that praying and stuff threw me.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
I felt the same way
when I first came around.
I want you to trust me on this.
For now, you just show up with me.
If you have trouble
sitting through a meeting,
you just remember
where you were.
That always helped me. Come
on. I'll give you a ride home.
Now, I'm gonna try
to find you some work.
Excuse me. You Jerry?
- Yeah. How you doing?
- My name's Brian.
Sully might have called
you about some work.
Brian. Oh, Brian, yeah,
yeah. Sully called me.
- How are you doing? You all right?
- I'm good. Yeah.
- Yeah. You looking for a little work?
- Yeah, you got something?
Yeah, well, you know,
you see what we got here.
Not much, but, you know,
we can keep you busy.
- That'll work for me.
- All right, let me get the card.
- Here's a card. Here you go.
- Yeah.
You give me a call, we'll do
what we can. All right, brother?
- I appreciate it. I'll call you tomorrow.
- Okay. You got it.
Hut one, hut two. Hike!
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi,
three Mississippi, four
Mississippi, five Mississippi.
Hi, this is Sister Flora from Saint
Brigitte's. Is this Mr. Reilly?
Yes, Sister.
Mr. Reilly, I'm calling in
regards to Mark's tuition.
As of now, you're
three payments behind.
Yes, Sister, I realize that.
I'm just starting a new job here,
so we've just been playing catch-up.
We're well aware of your
situation, Mr. Reilly,
but we need to bring this to your
attention before the school year ends.
Okay. I realize
that, Sister, but...
I'll take care of it, okay?
Very good. God bless you.
Yeah, you, too.
- Hey, Jerry, what's up?
- Brian, I tried to catch you at home.
I got nothing for you
today. Call me tomorrow.
Okay. All right.
Hey, Freddie.
Freddie, how you doing?
- How's it going?
- Hey, good to see you. Good to see you.
- Hey, what's that? You gotta kill the ball!
- Hey!
- How you doing? Welcome back.
- Good.
- So can I step in?
- Come on in.
- Hey, who's your partner?
- Vinnie and Kevin.
Kevin. Hey, how you
doing? Can I step in?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, take a rest.
- Hey, Paulie.
- Joe Biggs. How are you?
Hey, Tony! Put $100 on us, all right?
I just got out of handball school.
It's a safe bet. All right.
All right. Serve
it up, let's go!
All right.
Can you believe that prick
Pat, huh? $500, he gives us.
I couldn't believe it, either.
What about Stacy and
the kids? They good?
They're good, yeah.
How about money,
huh? You making any?
Yeah, you know, picking up
some stuff here and there,
just spending time with the kids,
trying to do the right thing.
It's tough out here, you know?
- It's good to be out though, you know?
- Yeah.
It'd be a lot
nicer with money.
- Hey, Paulie! When'd you get out, huh?
- You forget about me?
- No. How could I forget about you, Paulie?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So you got my money then?
Well, not right now, but give
me a couple of months and...
A couple of months?
You greedy prick!
I've been down for five years, and
you haven't sent me a fucking dime!
I'm gonna go outside,
and I'm gonna count to 20,
and when I come back in, there's
gonna be two grand on this counter.
Do yourself a favor, Burt, throw
some cash up on that counter.
- How we doing?
- Here, here, here.
Yeah. Hey.
Hey, see you.
What the fuck, Paul? You haven't
even changed your clothes yet.
- Relax.
- He's a cheap prick.
What are we gonna do, starve
out here? Let's go see the kids.
- Fucking crazy.
- How do you like this car?
- What do you think?
- I don't know. I don't know.
- She didn't know that he was married.
- Hi, Stacy.
- Paulie!
- How are you doing?
- When did you get out?
- A couple hours ago.
- Oh, yeah? You look good.
- Thanks, doll.
- How you been?
- Okay. I'm okay now.
- How you doing? You look good.
- Hey, Paulie, they let you out, huh?
Nice to see you, too, Katie.
You're still single, I bet.
- Oh, yeah. Fuck you, Paulie.
- Come on, give me a kiss.
- Mark.
- Mark.
- Coming, Dad.
- Come here.
This is Mark.
- That's not Mark. That's Mark?
- Yeah, that's Mark.
- Look at the fucking size of
this kid. - Hey, wait! The F-bomb!
No, no, no!
- What a football player you're gonna be.
- Baseball.
- Baseball.
- You remember your Uncle Paul?
- Yeah. He got me my first football.
- Supper's ready.
That's right. That's right,
I got him his first football.
Oh, no. You know, we're heading right
out. I gotta get Paulie situated.
You don't want a burger?
I'll have a burger.
- You got...
- Just grab one.
- Wait.
- I can cook up another one.
- Just have him put a top on one.
- Yeah...
Can I grab this
one? Pretty good.
- Yeah, help yourself.
- Thank you.
Mark, wash your hands.
- You want to come with us, Mark?
- Okay.
I'm just kidding.
- Chivas on the rocks.
- Can I get a soda water?
- What's with the soda water?
- I'm taking it easy.
Well, what do you think?
I don't know. I don't like anything
that Jackie and Pat are behind lately.
Thanks. Me, neither, but let's
just hear them out, all right?
Hey, boys, this is Eddie.
He'll give you all the details.
Hey, there. You want a
drink? You want a drink?
- No, I'm good, thanks.
- Yeah, all right. Okay.
- Sully came by last night.
- Oh, yeah?
I'll give him a call later.
- What's this?
- I left you a few bucks.
- Where did you get it?
- Come on.
What, are you gonna question
every dollar I give you?
You're like a fucking parole
officer. Relax, will you?
I gotta go.
Tell me again, how much
money is in that safe?
- Forty grand.
- Forty grand.
- And that's definitely him?
- Yeah, that's definitely him.
- I'd know that fat fuck anywhere.
- All right, let's do it.
Get in the truck, you fat fuck,
before I put a hole in you.
Get in the fucking truck!
Open the fucking door. Get
in. We're going to your house.
We're gonna clean
out your safe. Get in!
Wave to them kids.
There you go.
Paulie, I don't know
what to tell you.
There was supposed to
be 40 grand in the box.
- Shut the fuck up!
- What's the matter?
- What happened?
- 2,700 fucking dollars.
That's it? Eddie, what
the fuck's going on here?
Jackie, I know, there was
supposed to be 40 grand in the box.
- Hey, Eddie, you
guaran-fucking-teed it! - I know.
Hey, here's your $700, all
right? We're keeping the rest.
Broad fucking
daylight, Jackie,
and, for the record, we are done
risking our asses for you and Pat.
- You can both go fuck yourselves.
- Is that right, Paulie?
- Yeah, that's right!
- Hey, what do I get, Paulie?
Here, pay the tuition.
What is this? What is this?
You just don't get it, do you?
- I am not paying any bills with that money!
- What do you want from me?
- What the fuck do you want from me?
- Do you think I'm stupid?
- When are you gonna realize...
- What? Shut up!
God damn it! Do you
think 'cause I'm sober...
- Do you think 'cause I'm...
- You just...
Do you think 'cause I'm sober, they're
gonna start sending me envelopes?
- When are you gonna listen to me?
- Get off me!
- You better listen to me!
- What do you want me to say?
When are you gonna realize
your kids need a father!
This is who I
am! It's who I am!
Yeah, go ahead, run.
That's what you do best.
- It's who I am!
- Slam the door, too!
Yeah, that's it. Go ahead.
- What? I think I'm in love.
- Oh, really?
I've known you what,
eight, nine minutes?
- So? Don't you want to...
- So?
- Nicole, don't go there. Don't go there.
- What? What's wrong? We're just talking.
You're a young girl. Do not
go falling for a guy like me.
- It's not...
- I like bad boys.
Yeah, you're too young to
know what you like, all right?
And all that bad-boy stuff,
that's great, real exciting.
You got some good stories
to tell your friends,
and then you end up curled up
in a ball when they leave you.
- Is that what you think?
- Drop it, Nicole.
We're just hanging out.
I'm having a great time,
but if that don't work for
you, then you gotta tell me.
All right?
You know what? I just remembered,
I got some place I gotta be.
I get it. I'll go.
Where were you? I waited
for you, and then I just...
I know. Yeah, I got tied up.
I know what we can do, because
I'm done with this bullshit.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
I clocked an
armored truck today.
- Brian.
- Come on.
What? Every time I mention it
to you, you say it's impossible.
Everyone gets caught.
That's 'cause they're all
high on junk, all right?
They got wet brain. We're
gonna do it different.
- Come on, will you, Paul?
- I'm not fucking around, Brian.
Okay? No, I'm done with this grind.
What are we gonna do? Get a job, huh?
It's like standing in mud. 30
years go by, and you're dead.
You wanna live like that?
All I'm asking is check it out.
If we don't like it, we walk.
How's it going, guys?
I see you're out
getting some exercise.
- Is that a crime?
- No.
Robbing someone
at gunpoint is.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yeah, I'm sure you don't.
Good thing for you two,
the fat man didn't flip.
But don't worry, they all
do eventually. Just ask Pat.
- Okay.
- Brian.
Can I ask you a question?
I'm out here, I'm trying to do the right
thing, and everywhere I go, you're all over me.
So what's it gonna take? When
are you gonna let that go?
It was five years ago.
How about you toss me a beating for an
hour or two, and then we call it even.
You see what I'm
talking about, huh?
We're gonna be dodging pricks like
that for the rest of our lives.
Alls we need is a little bit of padding,
and then we can do whatever we want.
What do you think?
- Aren't there usually three?
- Yeah, that's why it's perfect.
All we have to do is get
one of them, and we own them.
- What?
- I don't know, Paulie.
- What?
- This is some cowboy shit, man.
No. I know we
can pull this off.
Let's go.
This is the spot.
All right, we got three
exits. It's their last stop.
They'll be fully
loaded. This is it.
You all right?
Look, Brian,
if you don't wanna do it, I'll
understand. I'll get another guy.
I need the money.
Well, it's your call.
Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
- Is Ma home?
She went for a walk.
Sorry about the blow
up with Ma last week.
I just been having a...
I've just been having
a tough time adjusting.
We haven't talked much.
I been trying to give
you a little time.
You got every right to be mad.
I just don't want you to hate me.
I don't hate you.
You're my father.
Sean, I'm really proud of you
and the way you carry yourself
and what you've done in school
and with your life, and...
Sean, I guess I just wanna
know what it's gonna take
to get you to respect me
the way that I respect you.
Just stop drinking
and don't leave us.
Yeah, yeah, just...
What's up, Sean?
Anyway, so I'll pop out,
right? I get the drop on them.
- And what do you do?
- Pop the trunk.
Pop the trunk.
Boom, there it is.
What's this?
Hold on a second.
- How you doing?
- Hey, Sully.
I haven't heard from you.
Yeah, me and Stacy had a beef,
so I've been staying with Paul.
Yeah, yeah, she called me.
- She called you? For what?
- She's worried.
Sorry about that.
She's paranoid.
- You been using?
- No.
She told me you're
out making money.
I'm fucking broke.
Making money?
You wanna go back to prison
and abandon your kids again?
'Cause that's where
you're gonna go.
Keep going down the same road,
you end up in the same place.
- Yeah, well, maybe that's where I belong.
- Is that what you want?
The easy way out? Prison, three
squares a day, no responsibilities?
Funny, you didn't
strike me as a quitter.
I can't make it out here.
You know, I sit in that...
Sit in that cell with all these
hopes and dreams of my life,
and it's fucking bullshit.
Who am I kidding?
It's impossible for me.
And nobody loves their
kids more than I do. Nobody.
But I look at them, I see
nothing but victims. My victims.
I can't give them
anything, nothing,
let alone what they deserve.
It's okay. Go
ahead. Let it out.
It took me 50 years
to learn real men cry.
Today Sean asked me to stay
sober and not ever go away again.
It scared the fuck out of me because I
don't think it's anything that I can do.
A day at a time, you can.
I'll tell you something, they'd
be better off without me, really.
They would.
I just screw everything up
when I come around, anyway.
Let's do it. Fuck this.
Get down! Get down!
- Get down! Get down!
- Get your hands up.
There you go.
- Fuck!
- Nice and easy. Nobody gets hurt.
We don't need any heroes.
Police! Freeze!
- Freeze!
- Let's go!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Let's go!
- Drop your weapon! Now! I said now!
What are you doing? Get in!
- Get in the car!
- Let's go! Move!
Go, go, go, go!
Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Where you been?
- I went for a walk.
- Yeah? You hungry?
This chick I've been seeing is making
these unbelievable pancakes, all right?
You're gonna want one of
these suckers. All right.
What's up? You all right?
I don't know what, she taught
me a little something, but...
These fucking things are good.
What's up?
I can't go, Paulie.
I gotta take a
pass for my boys.
Don't worry, all
right? I seen it coming.
You know, I got a guy ready.
But I gotta tell you something.
I'm getting away with it.
There's not a doubt in my mind.
I'm retiring on this one. I'm not
going back to prison for no one.
You can bet on that.
I guess there's no chance I
could talk you out of it then.
It's not gonna be the same.
- I understand, Brian.
- Paul.
Come on, you got kids.
It's good. It's good.
Come on.
I understand, all right.
Topping today's news, a brazen
broad-daylight armored-car robbery.
A shootout erupted after three men
robbed a South Shore mall this morning,
getting away with an
undetermined amount of cash.
A wounded guard was transported
to Boston City Hospital.
His condition is unknown.
Good job.