What Happened at 625 River Road? (2023) Movie Script

- I thought
this was the end.
- I didn't
know a lot of people
or have many friends growing up.
- I'm now from
here so I sound different.
- And people judge me.
- I lost both of
my parents when I was young
and moved to the
States shortly after.
- I thought
I'd never be accepted.
- Until I met
Kelly, my best friend.
- She was everything
I wanted in a friend,
and her being my friend
attracted the same people
that used to make fun of me.
- But I didn't need
them because I had her.
- She celebrated
life whenever we can,
and when I shed a
tear, she was there.
- I know I'll
never feel alone again
because she'll be
my only friend.
- Forever.
- We have
no idea what's going on
other than we started
getting calls of gunshots.
- Affirmative.
With that information,
go ahead and-
- There
are two individuals
that are unconscious,
not breathing.
- I
came out the front.
We have a witness out
here that says he-
- 10-4.
Don't let anybody leave.
- Can you tell me
how things escalated?
- I don't know how
things got this far.
I was in the dark
the whole time.
- Did you know
this lady before the weekend?
- This has been going
on for days now.
When will they stop,
and what are they even
protesting against?
- Don't know. Don't care.
What we need to focus
on is this fucking trip.
- So, you said an Air
in Dubai, right?
- I thought we talked
about New York?
Think about it.
There's a bunch of nature
outside of the city
that people rarely explore,
and if we get bored,
we can just call an
Uber to the city,
which is maybe 45 minutes.
- Are you sure?
- Maybe a little more,
but it's not that bad.
- Okay, fine, fine.
- Okay, see, I like
that one already.
- It's not even showing
you New York yet.
Please go away.
Go to your place.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, this one has big
windows. High ceilings.
Okay, Wi-Fi, pool.
- Just book it, Laura.
- Okay, submit.
- Did we get it?
- We got it!
- No way!
- We're getting out of here.
- Laura, are you finally
excited to be leaving?
- Yeah, I'm
gonna go somewhere quiet.
I've been around madness
for the last few years,
so I really need a vacation.
- And it's well deserved.
You've improved so much from
when you first got here.
- Thank you
- I need you to do
me one favor, though.
Please stay in contact. You
know I'm always here for you.
- Okay, I'll talk
to you soon, then.
- Okay. All right, bye.
- Look, yes, we were close.
I thought it was the
right thing to do.
- The
right thing to do?
How fucking close were you?
- Oh my God.
- Hey, get a picture.
- Hey, no, we need
to go to, a picture?
- Yeah, we're gonna want one!
- Let's do it.
Let's do it.
- Okay.
- Say "big apple."
- Okay.
Big apple.
- Okay. Let me see.
- Oh, that's cute.
- Ooh, you gotta fix that.
You gotta fix that.
Look at my forehead.
Hey, Laura. We're here.
- Whoa!
- Oh, awesome.
- We're here.
- This is so cool.
- I got you. I got you.
I got it. I got it,
don't worry about it.
- Thank you. At least someone
is helping around here.
- No one told you to
pack your whole life.
You're supposed to travel light
and buy clothes on the trip.
- If I wasn't busy
unloading by myself,
I'd take out my own camera.
- Okay, maybe
you should ask Michael
to help you then.
- Someone
sounds jealous.
- Let's get a
pic. Let's get a pic.
- Yeah.
- Go!
- This is so cute.
Did you see that?
- What?
- Did you see that?
- Yes?
- Hi. Are you Ms. Johnson?
- Mhm.
- I'm Laura. I rented
the house for the week.
- I
didn't rent to anyone.
- Did I book the wrong dates?
No, I have the right dates.
What the hell is going on?
- No bars?
- One.
We should get out of here
and just book
something in the city.
- No, no. Are you kidding me?
You wanna drive back
now? I'm exhausted.
- I mean, do you
think it's safe here?
- You know, I don't
really give a shit
if it's safe or
not at this point.
We just traveled for
eight hours, right?
Why don't we at least
see if she'll let us
rest for the night?
Plus, if anything did happen
to me, I know you'd protect me,
like you always do.
- Okay. Fine.
- Okay. Come on.
- Oh my God.
- Listen, lady, I've
got an issue with-
- I'm sorry. I'm just looking
for reception out here.
- There's no reception here.
You'd have to go
up the driveway.
- Are you the owner, ma'am?
- Yes.
- You had to
get a notification
that we were coming.
You confirmed us.
- Oh, yes, of
course. I apologize.
Now I remember.
I got my days mixed up.
- Front door.
Come in, sweetie.
- Wow.
- I suppose you'd like
me to show you around.
- That's okay. It's
been a long day.
- This is the front.
My brother and I used to play
right here when we were kids.
My father made some of
these pieces himself.
Am I boring you?
- No. Not at all.
- Oh, the birds.
Don't touch that!
- Sorry.
- Oh, now, wait just a second.
Whenever you come in, leave
your shoes by the door.
You don't wanna bring
filth from the outside in.
Go on now. Leave your
shoes by the door.
Also, no parties and no guests.
I don't want any mess.
- Okay.
- Moving along, please.
This is the dining area.
Bedrooms are upstairs.
This is the kitchen. Oh,
isn't it a wonderful view?
- It's nice.
- Oh, that's my brother, Tom.
- Hey.
- He helps me take
care of the place.
Have you finished downstairs?
- Yeah. I finished.
- Don't drink the milk.
- Follow me.
This is my favorite
room, the piano room.
Do you play?
- No.
- I like a tinkle on the
keys every now and then.
Mind your step.
This is the master bedroom.
Kitchen patio door.
- You may wanna come out here
and enjoy the peace
and the quiet.
I used to do that a
lot when I was a girl.
I spent hours out here. Now,
just be careful of the animals.
Deer are fine, but
if you see a skunk,
don't bother it or
it will spray ya.
Bear come through here
once in a while, too.
- What, bears?
- Mhm, you can usually spook
'em if you make some noise,
but if they don't
spook, get back inside.
You best stay out
of the woods, too.
You know, my brother
Tom got lost in there.
He was scared out of his
mind when we found him.
Said he heard voices
and was being chased.
It was nothing like that.
He was dehydrated.
It was affecting his mind.
Oh, one last thing.
We're having some
problems in the basement.
Please don't go down there.
I wouldn't want you to get hurt.
Can I trust you?
- Yes.
- Yeah, of course.
- This house is the
only thing we have left.
Please take good care of it.
- Sure.
- We can do that.
- Oh, last thing.
When will you be out?
- Just like
I put in the website.
- And this is, remind me when?
- A couple days, yeah.
- Okay. Okay.
That's not so bad.
Let's go.
- They are a strange pair.
- Yeah. Don't say it.
- What?
- You were about to
make some gross remark
about incest or something.
What are you doing?
- I'm starving.
- Okay. I'll order food then.
- What?
- She didn't give us
the Wi-Fi password.
- Are they
still out there?
- I don't know.
- She didn't leave
give us keys either.
- What'd you say?
- She didn't.
Nevermind. We're getting
out of here tomorrow.
This is way too creepy, okay?
- What? No, no, no, no.
- Come on, please.
Don't tell me you were not
spooked out by those freaks.
- So?
- I saw it in your face.
- They're gone now,
and we're gonna have a very
interesting story to tell
when we get back.
- Okay, but I can't wait to
leave a review on this owner.
She's the worst.
- I agree with you there,
but, first, I'll need
you to make my drink.
- I'm so tired, Kelly.
- Come on. It doesn't come
out right when I do it.
I came prepared.
And, look, I'm setting
everything up for you.
So, until these drinks get made,
I don't think we can
do anything else.
- Just bring the ice down.
- Ice. Got it.
- Get a shot.
- What?
- Take a shot for that one.
- No, you need to. Oh, whatever.
We'll both take a shot.
- Woo!
- Just our luck. Just our luck.
Come on, Tom.
Come on!
We can go downstairs
and go around.
Move, move!
I mean, what are the chances?
- Relax.
- We gotta get her out of the
house before she finds out.
- Relax.
- Because we can't
stay in this hotel.
We don't even have
enough money for gas.
- Relax!
- Now, I'm not gonna lie.
Ms. Johnson got me nervous
today, but I'm happy we're here.
- Hey, I told you so.
Me too. We're gonna
have an awesome weekend.
- I know. You wanna go
inside and have more drinks?
- Yeah.
- Cheers.
- Tell me about Halle
Berry in that movie, though.
- She's the best.
I mean, one of-
- She's the best.
She does like a topless
scene in a movie.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was, God,
she was, like,
this hot assistant in a movie,
and she is having an
affair with this guy,
and the guy's wife
doesn't know it.
It becomes this
whole thing, but,
and I also just love how, like,
she has no shame, and like-
- You find that sexy?
- A hundred percent.
She has no shame in the shit
that she's done or has done,
and I'm just like, respect.
Plus, did you just
see that whole new...
that was hot, but
we've been drinking,
and we should go to sleep.
It's been a long day.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- No, no. I'll see
you in the morning.
- See you soon, then.
- Kelly.
- Why are you waking me up?
- Just listen.
- I don't hear anything.
- Listen.
- No, you drank way too much.
- I'm going back to sleep.
- What the hell was that?
- I don't know.
- Okay. Stay with me.
- Oh my God.
- Okay, okay, stay
with me, stay with me.
Where it's coming from?
- Oh my gosh!
- Front door.
Let's go.
Okay. Okay.
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God. Okay.
Power. Power.
- No, no, no,
Kelly. We're safe.
- Check there.
The power, the power.
- Good evening.
This is Erica Delrozan
of ULT11 News,
and the city is in an uproar.
A bill was recently passed
to release mentally unstable
patients back into society,
known as the Freeman
Redemption Bill.
The bill was passed
to stop the overpopulation
of mental health facilities.
Alan Page is with us live.
- When the world
can't get no crazier,
they let the crazies out.
- Where a protest is underway.
- Damn!
Oh, God.
- We have a possible
10-5A at 625 River Road.
- This is Nickles. Over.
I'm about 10 minutes
away from that address.
- Detective
Nickles, I'm gonna email you
a picture of Elise
Johnson right now.
Please confirm once you have it.
- Oh, yeah. Just got it.
- 10-4.
Her daughter called and said
she hasn't heard from
her in a few days.
Can you stop by
and do a check-up?
- A white lady, right?
- Affirmative.
- 'Course no Black people
living out here but me.
10-4. I'm on my way.
- Copy.
- Kelly!
- Oh, what
are you doing?
- I was looking around,
trying to see if I
can find anything.
- Oh my God. What is that?
- I don't know.
There's also footprints
all over here.
I'm not sure from when though.
What are you thinking then?
- Probably the
same thing you are.
- Dubai?
- Nah.
Oof. What are you looking at?
- I thought I saw
something move.
Okay, we gotta call the
police and get out of here.
- Stop. Stop.
Calm down.
This is just some teenagers in
the woods trying to prank us.
Don't be so selfish. This
isn't just about you, okay?
We can make the best of
this and clean it up,
act like nothing happened.
Please, we're in New York.
People are crazy, but
we can be crazier.
You clean this up,
I'll go make breakfast,
and do a good job.
I don't wanna hear that
you got fined or something.
- Okay. I'll
clean this up then.
I'll go up here and try to
see if I can find any bars.
- So, how'd y'all meet?
- Man, as soon as we met, I
knew something was fucked up.
- You didn't
think to share that
with the other officers?
- Honestly, not at all.
I didn't think it
was that serious.
Plus, I had something to prove.
I'm the new guy who's never
closed the case before
and everyone thinks
I'm a fuck-up,
so if I couldn't handle this,
I knew I would be discharged.
- From where I'm standing,
you're right. You are a fuck-up.
- It's a possibility.
- Oh, is it?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
The police?
May I help you?
- Hi. I'm Detective Nickles.
I'm looking for Elise Johnson.
- If you mean Ms.
Johnson, she's not here.
- Are you a friend
of Ms. Johnson?
- No. I just rent the
house for the week.
- Well, we are trying
to find Ms. Johnson.
Her daughter says she hasn't
heard from her for a few days.
So, have you seen her?
- She was here yesterday.
- All right.
- Hey!
- What made you want to come
out to this boring town?
- Kelly loves nature.
- Kelly is your?
- My friend. She's actually
cooking in the kitchen.
- What's Kelly's last name?
- Richards.
Thank you.
- My wife passed. All I
needed was some more time.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
Sometimes I just think,
God, how did we get here?
Daddy just missed a
couple of payments.
The bank turned its back on him.
Suddenly, our financial woes
are others' financial gains.
Those sharks, they're ready to
tear the meat off your bones,
and yet people will
say that we're evil.
- We're just trying to survive.
What's wrong with that?
- You know, when I walked inside
the home, I felt him there.
- Me too.
- Pull over.
- I can't.
- Oh, what now?
- Also, do you mind if I have
a contact for emergencies?
- Sure. His name is Lloyd.
What happened with Ms.
Johnson? Is anything going on?
- I'm not sure, but I got
a call about Ms. Johnson.
Her daughter wanted
to check on her.
She hasn't heard from her,
so I'm just out here
making sure you're safe.
- Okay.
If I call 911, will they
specifically send you?
- Strange question,
but dispatch will send
someone from my department.
- It sounded like someone
walking around. It was creepy.
- Okay, well, you see
this tree right here?
You see how the
green on the tree
doesn't come up
until a few feet up?
- Yeah.
- That's deer, real hungry
around this time of the year,
and that's as high up
they can reach to eat.
- Deer?
- Yeah, God's honest
truth. Mandatory training.
- Got it, officer.
- It's detective.
- Right.
Officer, what's that?
- Looks like we
found a talisman.
Folks around here are
pretty superstitious,
and the deer may have
cut itself and bled out.
- This is so weird.
- Yeah, my middle name is weird.
I meant it figuratively.
Don't you worry.
This is a safe neighborhood,
safer than the city.
Too safe.
Here's my card. Just give me
a call if you need anything.
- Okay.
- Oh, God.
- Thank you, officer.
- It's detective.
- Okay. Oh, here's
Ms. Johnson for you.
- Thank you. Well,
have a great day.
- You too.
- Be cool.
- Hey, Ms. Johnson?
- Yes?
- Hey. I'm Detective Nickles.
I'm just checking in.
Your daughter says she hasn't
heard from you in a few days.
Just making sure you were okay.
- I am. Thank you
for your concern.
This is my brother, Tom. I
just spoke with my daughter.
I explained I broke my phone
and just got a new one today.
- All righty.
Have a great day.
- What did
the police want?
- He was looking
for Ms. Johnson.
- Why?
- Her daughter hasn't
heard from her in days.
He said the noise
last night was deer.
- It didn't sound like deer.
- I told him that.
I got bars down the driveway,
so if you wanna stay somewhere
else, we can, you know.
- No, we shouldn't. This is fun.
- What kind of fun are
you talking about, Kelly?
You have a unique
definition of fun.
- You know, I am pretty unique.
- You don't have
to remind me all the time.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- What happened?
- That creepy fucking
guy is out there.
- Oh my God, your arm.
Let me have a look.
- I'm fine, I'm
fine, really. Oh, God.
- I think you need stitches.
- I'm fine.
- We need to go to a
hospital right now.
- I'm fine,
seriously. I've had worse.
- Okay. I'll get you
some first aid stuff.
Come on. It's not funny.
Everything all right?
- Yeah, your brother
was by the window,
and I just got a little scared.
- Oh, I apologize for that.
I don't see why he would be.
We just came to
refill the generator
and check and make sure
everything was okay.
I hope you don't mind.
- Were you and Tom
here late last night?
- No.
Probably just some
animals, like I told you.
I didn't feel well last night,
so Tom watched over me
until I drifted off.
Listen, we're
having an awful time
with that situation
in the basement,
and I was wondering
if you would consider
shortening your stay.
- How short?
- Well, some time today
would be best for us.
I apologize, but
I will make sure
that you get back
every penny you spent.
- Well, the first night
wasn't that great,
and I have plans to go
party in the city tonight.
- Sure, I understand.
- But do you have a phone
number? Maybe I can-
- I'll check
back with you tomorrow.
- Oh, and your daughter
is trying to get ahold of you.
- She told me.
I talked to her this morning.
- Kelly!
- Calm down. Calm down.
I was just looking for this.
- How is it?
- It's okay.
- Oh my God.
I was just talking to
Ms. Johnson out there.
- What did she want?
- She asked me to leave.
- You said you couldn't, right?
- I told her we are going
to party tonight, so.
- That's what I thought.
- I thought
you said you handled it.
- I'm gonna kill her
and dump her in the forest.
- No, Tom, don't.
She'll be gone soon enough.
We'll get our house back.
- Good evening.
This is Erica
Delrozan of ULT News,
and it's been several days
since the passing of the
Freeman Redemption Bill.
- Stay down!
- And crime
continues to escalate.
Protests continue
throughout the city-
- Kelly, we have to go!
- As people voice their
concerns over safety.
- One minute.
- There she goes.
- Thank you.
- Here's our chance.
Let's go.
- You know, I've been
watching you dance all night.
- Don't make fun of me.
- Nah, I had to. You
made it way too easy.
Hi, I'm Kevin. Nice to meet you.
- Laura. This is my, ugh,
oh my God, nevermind.
- So, you gonna give
me the first dance?
- So how often do you
go out to meet girls?
- Look, man, I don't know about
you and your bozo
partner over here,
but I like to go out
and enjoy myself.
I mean, shit, if me and the guys
see some girls that we
like, we approach them.
We see what's up. If
they bite, they bite.
Is that a crime?
- Speaking
of the guys,
where were they that night?
- I could tell. You
have a good time?
- Yeah.
Thanks to you, my
night got better.
- I'm gonna go pee.
- What about you?
- Yeah, absolutely.
This is actually one
of my favorite spots
to come to in this city.
- Hm, I could tell.
So I'm gonna go to the
bathroom. I'll be back, okay?
- Okay. Do your thing.
- Pigsty.
Oh, God.
Dad will be turning
in his grave.
Look what I found!
I knew she was on something.
I'm sure a hoe too.
- Look.
- Give me that.
- Thank you. Have a good night.
- You know, we're
breaking the rules
by bringing you home tonight.
- We?
I don't do rules.
- Yeah, if you know this lady,
she's gonna have
her asses tonight.
- Remember what I
told you in the club
that the best way
to get over somebody
is to get under somebody else?
- Shh. Stop.
- It's simple, girlfriend.
- Stop?
Look, I don't really know
what you're talking about,
but as long as you're
having fun, fuck it, right?
- Thank you for spending
the night with me.
- Of course. I appreciate
you for having me.
- Yeah.
- What's going on? What's up?
- I don't know.
I drink a lot these days.
This trip has been
the worst, you know?
I've barely seen my dad. I
lost my mom when I was young.
I can't even find a
reason to enjoy myself.
This guy dumped
me away, you know?
- Listen, listen, no disrespect,
but I don't even wanna
get into all that.
- Sorry.
- It's okay. It's all right.
- But then I met
Kelly, you know?
And she's more than a
friend. She's my sister.
She's everything for me.
- There you go.
- Yeah. God, I love her so much.
- I meant to ask you, though.
This accent, where's it from?
- I'm Spanish.
- Let me guess. Dominican?
- Dominicana, yeah.
- Ooh, Dominicano.
- Nah, you're full of surprises.
Oh my gosh.
The way you were
staring at me all night.
- I'm like, wow.
- Still asking me that.
- Wow.
The way you were screaming
my name all night.
- Oh, stop.
- Technically, you
might be the first.
- Come here.
- The brain is
also a part of your body
we need to look at.
- I apologize.
- It hurts.
My head is killing me.
- Okay.
I'll be right back.
I'll get a bandage and
something for your fever.
- Laura.
- Um, who's that?
- Oh, this? This is nothing.
Just a girl who never seen
the woods before, okay?
- Okay, weirdo.
- Nobody expected that
the detective from a small
out-of-the-city county
was onto something big.
Previously, he made local news
when he rescued a three-legged
cat from the skunk,
but little did they
know he didn't-
- Um, what the fuck?
- Oh, okay. Okay, I'm leaving.
Please don't tell
nobody about this.
- Just forgot my keys.
- Hello?
- Hi. How are you?
I'm calling for any updates
about my mother, Mrs. Johnson.
- Yes, everything is
good. No need to worry.
- I am so relieved to hear that.
It's not like her
not to respond for a
couple days, you know?
- I spoke with her.
She Air her house
to some college students
for the weekend,
so she's been staying
with your uncle Tom.
- Uncle Tom? I
don't have an uncle.
- Where are you going?
- Work came up.
I gotta get out a little
earlier then I thought.
- What's
wrong? I mean...
- Nothing. Have you see my keys?
- Say what?
My mother doesn't
have a brother,
therefore I don't
have a fucking uncle.
- Really? Your mother
5'5" with blonde hair?
- No. She's a brunette.
- Look, I had a
really good time.
It's just crazy
the next few days,
but you here for the
weekend though, right?
- Um, can you email me a
picture of your mother, please?
- Oh my God.
- Kelly?
- Hello.
- Yes, this is Detective
Nickles. Is this Lloyd?
- Yeah. This is Lloyd.
- Laura gave me
your phone number
when I asked for
her parents' contact
so they can know
her whereabouts.
- Laura's parents
died years ago.
I'm her doctor from Bellevue
Psychiatric Hospital.
- Where's Kelly?
What's she doing here?
Hey! Where's my friend?
- Kelly loves nature.
- Kelly is your?
- My friend.
She's actually cooking
in the kitchen.
- Your friend
Kelly, she hear it too?
- Yeah. It kept us up all night.
- Look, I know who you are
and I know what you did, okay?
So let's talk because we
could help each other.
- Fuck you! Fuck you!
I know she's down there.
- Stop! Tom, Tom!
- I know you
put her in the basement.
- Don't do it! I beg
you, for your own sake!
We were just trying
to protect ourselves!
I told you not to come in here!
- Thank you for the water.
- Hey, did you see
what they did to my friend?
- No, no!
I was showing them the house.
They seemed like nice people.
They took me into the closet.
- Listen, the brother-
- The closet,
and they tied me up.
- The brother is
still out there.
We have to be careful.
- We must call the police.
They tried to kill me.
They put me in the closet.
I was tied to a
chair in the dark
and I couldn't breath
and I couldn't get out.
- You killed my sister.
- Are y'all okay?
Hey, Laura.
Are you okay?
- Did you find Kelly?
- Give me your cell phone so
we can trace her down, okay?
Look, Laura.
In every photo on your
phone, it's just you.
- I'm Laura. I booked
a house for the week.
- He helps me take
care of the place.
This is the master bedroom.
Please, take good care of it.
- Ms. Johnson
got me nervous today,
but I'm happy we're here.
I'll be right back.
I'll get a bandage and
something for your fever.
Ms. Johnson's waiting
to speak to you inside.
- One second.
She died years ago at the beach.
You and her boyfriend,
Lewis, was there.
- One moment.
- All right.
- I'll be right back, okay?
- Okay.
- What are you doing over here?
Laura, don't do that. Are
you kidding me right now?
- You said it was gonna be us,
but you had to bring Lewis.
- I didn't think it
was gonna be an issue.
I mean, I know we
didn't discuss it.
- Because all you care
is about yourself.
- Come on, Laura.
- Don't touch me.
- And Lewis took his
own life a day later.
You don't remember?
My partner is gonna
take you down to the
station for a statement.
Look, you are lucky to be alive.
Any info on the two suspects?
- Yes, detective.
The Jane Doe downstairs and
the John Doe in the kitchen,
they're actually siblings.
- The bank
couldn't wait any longer.
- You knew my situation.
My wife passed.
All I needed was some more time.
- Daddy, I don't wanna go!
- Come on, Tom!
- Their father owned this
house back in the '80s,
and it seemed they may
have come to take it back.
- All right. I'll
look into that.
- Okay.
- How are you?
I'm all right.
- Look, I know people that
usually rent out their home
have some type of CCTV.
Do you have one?
- Yes, I do. I have two cameras.
- Don't know. Don't care.
What we need to focus
on is this fucking trip.
- A bill was recently passed
to release mentally unstable
patients back into society.
Protests continue
throughout the city
as people voice their
concerns over safety.
- Is this supposed to be
considered self-defense?
- That was fun. Where to next?
- I never allow
anyone to get in the way of
what Kelly and I
have, not even her.
People would kill
for the type of friendship
we have, including me.