What Happened to My Sister? (2022) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
I'm so sick of that crap.
I've been putting up
with that for way too.
(dog barking)
(suspenseful music)
(car engine revving)
(gentle music)
(car engine revving)
(gentle music)
[vanessa] where do
you want these boxes?
Look, mom, if this
is too hard for you,
I mean, I can unpack myself.
No, no, no, no,
I wanna be here.
I know moving to colleges,
a major milestone.
(gentle music)
I know this
isn't easy for you.
And if it wasn't
for the scholarship,
I wouldn't have come.
- No, look,
Come here.
You don't have to explain
anything, drea, okay.
Benhurst is one of the top
colleges in the country
And you earned this, okay,
I don't want you letting
what happen to your sister,
Keep you from taking full
advantage of this opportunity.
(gentle music)
Just promise me one thing.
(gentle music)
That you will be extra careful.
(gentle music)
I don't wanna lose you too.
(gentle music)
I promise I'll be safe.
Of course I'm gonna
worry, I'm your mom.
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean
To interrupt your
mother daughter moment.
You must be jess.
And you're drea, or are you?
Hard to tell, looks like you
could both be in college.
Vanessa, but thank you.
Oh, by the way,
You don't mind me taking
the left side, do you?
Oh, it's all good.
I hate to run, but I'm
running late for work.
Where do you work?
Cloud 10 ice cream.
Feel free to stop by.
On such a day, we might
just take you up on that.
Freshman 15, here I come.
Oh gosh, you.
Come on, let's get you unpacked.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
Why don't you go ahead and
take up the old silks, okay?
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
(vanessa crying)
It's hard to believe
it's been a year.
(vanessa crying)
(gentle music)
[drea] it still
doesn't feel real.
(gentle music)
Oh well, here we are.
Yeah, I guess this is it.
Give me a hug.
(gentle music)
Don't worry.
I'll visit you in
a couple weeks.
Well I'm only an hour and a
half away if you need me, okay.
I know.
Drive safe.
[vanessa] I will.
Love you.
[vanessa] I love you too.
(gentle music)
Your dorm looks great, sis.
I think it looks even
cuter than mine did.
I like it too.
Feels strange doesn't it,
Being on your own
for the first time,
Mom not hovering over you?
Yeah, a little.
I'm worried about her though.
You think she'll be all right?
Give her some time,
She'll be fine.
And so will you.
That is if you can manage
to get yourself up on time
For class every morning.
Okay, no, uh, uh, no.
(both laughing)
You were the one who was
impossible to wake up for school.
(both laughing)
What's so funny?
(gentle music)
How was work?
Did you get a chance to
check out campus today?
Not really.
Just been unpacking mostly.
Well tomorrow's my day off,
Maybe we can check
it out together?
Yeah, sounds fun.
(upbeat music)
There's a club for everyone.
(upbeat music)
Hi ladies.
Have you considered
pledging a sorority?
I hadn't, no.
Isn't it kind of hard to get in?
We are very selective,
But we're always
looking for new pledges
Who are the right fit.
Yeah, we have
amazing activities
Planned throughout the year.
Charities, parties, big
camping trip in the spring.
It is a lot of fun.
And the sorority is super
supportive of our sisterhood,
Even after we graduate.
Once a delta pi,
always a delta pi.
(both laughing)
(gentle music)
My sister was delta pi.
Which chapter?
This one, you probably
knew her, gabi davrow.
(suspenseful music)
You're drea.
That's cool, maybe
she can help you get in.
Excuse me.
(suspenseful music)
What did I say?
My sister was
killed last year.
[jess] I'm so
sorry, I had no idea.
Since your sister
was delta pi,
You would be a legacy candidate.
It would give you an edge
in the selection process.
You should think about applying.
I'll definitely
think about it.
(gentle music)
So let me get this straight,
Your sister was killed
five blocks from campus
And your mother still let
you come to the school?
I mean, it wasn't
the university's fault
My sister was killed.
Plus they gave me a full ride.
It's hard to say
no to free college.
Did they ever
catch her killer?
The police believe it
was a mugging gone bad.
Is that why you're
considering pledging delta pi,
Because your sister
was a member?
I mean, there was this
whole part of gabi's life
That I didn't know
anything thing about.
And she hardly talked
about sorority life.
Probably because of
the code of silence.
Code of silence?
Oh, it's a total
thing with sororities.
I hear they do these
weird rituals and stuff.
Rituals, like what?
I don't know.
It's super secretive.
Only way to find
out is by pledging.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
Watch your step.
These sidewalks are hazardous,
especially in heels.
Can't believe that you
can talk me into this.
I don't even like tea.
What was I thinking?
Right, I mean, who would trade
Living in our musty dorm room
To live in some place like this?
[jess] okay, I see your point.
Hi, welcome to delta pi zeta.
Would you guys like
lemonade or tea?
Thank you.
- Absolutely.
All right, ladies, may I
please have your attention?
Thank you so much for
attending our leadership day
At delta pi zeta.
Our sisters are excited
to have you all here
And this is a great opportunity
To make a strong
first impression.
So don't be shy.
feel the heat
[lanie] so did you play
sports in high school?
No, but I wrote about
them in the school paper.
[lanie] oh, that's so cool.
(suspenseful music)
Oh, it was so nice
meeting you as well.
Good luck this week, okay.
I'm not sure if you remember me.
Of course I remember,
You're gabi's sister.
I'm callie thompson,
chapter president.
Drea, but you
already knew that.
I saw you and gabi's gram.
I'm glad to see you
decided to rush.
Yeah, delta pi seems to
be the sorority to pledge.
That we are.
Mindy mentioned that you
and gabi were close friends.
More like sisters, actually.
She was my first roommate.
Mine too.
(both laughing)
Listen, if you need
anything while you're here
At ben hurst, just let me know.
Any sister of gabi's
is a sister of mine.
I appreciate that.
See ya.
(suspenseful music)
Excuse me.
This area is just
restricted for the sisters.
Oh, sorry.
I was just looking
for the bathroom
And couldn't helping
them sell these photos.
Some of them go back
to like the 1940s.
Oh yes.
Delta pi zeta has a very
long distinguished history.
All the best and brightest women
That graduated from
this institution
Were part of our sisterhood.
We have some very
successful business women,
doctors and lawyers.
We even have one
gold medal winner.
I'm rebecca, ms. Rebecca,
I'm the house mother
here at delta pi zeta.
I'm also an alum.
(gentle music)
I'm andrea davrow, but
everyone calls me drea.
Oh my.
Oh you're gabrielle's sister.
Callie mentioned it.
(dramatic music)
Oh right.
That was so incredibly tragic,
What happened to your sister.
We were all just devastated.
(dramatic music)
You should know that we've
updated our safety protocols
Since her loss.
We no longer allow the sisters
To walk alone at night at all.
And if they're gonna be out
past 10, they need to check in.
We keep very close
tabs on all our girls.
We don't ever wanna lose another
delta pi sister ever again.
Well, my mother will be
very happy to hear that.
She's super worried
about my safety.
I've been known to be
A overly protective
mother at times, myself.
(dramatic music)
I should get back.
It's very nice to meet you.
And the restroom's just
right around the corner.
(gentle music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle upbeat music)
Great pitch.
(hands clapping)
Next time, son.
(gentle upbeat music)
Eddie, you're next.
Let's go, come on.
(gentle upbeat music)
See that guy up
there in the stands?
[eddie] yes, sir.
He's a scout, flew all the way down
from los angeles, just watching practice.
All right.
Why don't you give him a show.
You got it coach,
I know what to do.
Go get 'em.
(upbeat music)
All right, let's go see.
Let's see some long ball.
(upbeat music)
(eddie exhaling)
(upbeat music)
(team cheering)
(gentle music)
and I'm hoping that
everything I went through
was worth it and
made me stronger
I didn't realize joining
a sorority was so expensive.
They offer
scholarships, right?
I mean, hi, what's your flavor?
Fudge brownie.
Same for my boy, rob here.
Coming right up.
it wasn't easy but.
So what's your name?
And you better get outta here
Before you melt all
this ice cream, drea,
Because you are hot.
Yeah, you should totally
come to the kappa tau,
Wild west party, this weekend.
Can't, rush week.
Oh, it's a shame.
- What do we owe you?
- It's on the house.
See you around drea.
You know who just hit on you?
A guy with lame pickup lines.
That was eddie hale,
Two time collegiate
baseball mvp.
Expected to be the top pick
In the major league
draft next season.
Oh, sounds like he's set.
Sounds like he was
totally into you.
No, he's way too
much of a player.
Well, wouldn't you be?
He's gonna be a millionaire,
the second he graduates.
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
So how's everything going?
Are you meeting anyone new?
A few.
I was actually thinking
about joining a sorority.
Really, which one?
[drea] delta pi zeta.
Yeah, I'm here.
I'm just surprised.
I didn't think you were into
this whole greek life thing.
You're upset.
(gentle music)
No, I'm just,
I don't know, I'm conflicted.
It's all feeling very deja vu.
I spoke to the
house mother today
And she said that
they implemented
A bunch of new rules
since gabi died.
Look, I really do want
your college experience
To be as fun and as
enriching as possible.
So if you really wanna
join the sorority,
Then I'll support you.
Thank you so much, mom.
Are you sure, you'll be okay?
Don't worry about me,
all right, I'll be fine.
I'll call you
in a couple days.
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle music)
(insects chirping)
(gentle music)
(cellphone beeping)
(gentle music)
(car engines revving)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle upbeat music)
What the?
[jess] what is that?
The delta pis
decorated our door.
(gentle upbeat music)
You are cordially
invited to pref night
At delta pi zeta
sorority house tonight.
Did we both get an invite?
There's only one, I'm sorry.
It's okay, I was only
joining 'cause you were.
You know, I probably
won't even go.
I mean, I don't have a
formal dress to wear.
I have one you can borrow.
No, no, no, I couldn't.
(gentle music)
Come on.
If you don't go,
you won't get a bid.
(upbeat music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
I don't wanna be misplaced
(upbeat music)
Look at you.
Well, the invite
said dress to impress.
That's a motto.
I thought it was, "united in
service, purpose and truth?"
Wow, it looks like someone's in
doing their pledge homework.
- I'm impressed.
- What I tell you, ladies?
[lanie] So did you like the tour
of the sorority house?
It's awesome.
I mean, definitely step up
for my current accommodations.
One of the perks
of delta pi zeta,
Is you get to move in
during pledge period.
For real?
- I mean it's the only way
To know for certain
weather pledge
Is gonna fit in with
the rest of the sisters.
Makes sense.
Look, I'm not supposed
to tell you this, but,
You were voted in unanimously.
(gentle music)
Gabi was the beloved
member of this chapter.
The rest of the
sisters are so excited
That you decided
to rush as well.
Well, I'm happy to continue
the family tradition.
All right, ladies, may I
please have your attention?
Thank you all for
coming to pref night.
This is our final event of a
very lively and long rush week,
But we are so pleased
to have you all here,
And we hope come tomorrow.
You will be our new pledges.
Now continuing with typical
delta pi zeta traditions,
Our sisters wrote
you all the note
Explaining why they chose you
To be a part of this sisterhood.
You can find your notes in here.
We can start with
drea, let me see.
Here you are.
(dramatic music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(dramatic music)
(drea crying)
Drea, are you okay?
Yeah, sorry.
No, I just got a
bit overwhelmed.
- Let me get you some water okay.
- No, no, no, I'll be fine.
I just needed a minute.
(dramatic music)
This can't be easy for you.
If you ever need
someone to talk to,
You know, I'm here, right?
(gentle music)
(insects chirping)
(dramatic music)
Oh, how'd it go?
(dramatic music)
That well, huh?
It was going great,
Until this happened.
(dramatic music)
Oh my god.
Who wrote this?
It had to be one
of the sisters.
What are you gonna do?
I have to call my mom.
(dramatic music)
I don't know how
I'm gonna tell her.
(people speaking indistinctly)
(telephone ringing)
Thank you.
(telephone ringing)
(computer call beeping)
Hi mom.
What are you doing?
quarterly tax payments.
Oh, sorry to bug you at work.
You're never bugging me.
Well, unless you're
asking for money.
So is everything okay?
I just.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
I'm just homesick.
Maybe I could come home
next weekend and visit you?
I would love that.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
(dramatic music)
I couldn't tell her.
She just started her new job.
She's finally getting
her life back on track.
This will destroy her.
She's gonna find
out sooner or later.
I know.
But I need to find out
who a with the note first,
See what they know
about the murder.
(dramatic music)
I have to move into
the sorority house.
You're seriously gonna pledge
after reading that note?
I mean, it's the only
way to gain a sisters trust
So I can find out the
truth about gabi's murder.
So yeah, I'm joining
delta pi zeta.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
What really happened to you?
You know, I can't
answer that for you.
You're gonna have to find
out that answer on your own.
But why now?
I mean, mom's finally
in a stable place
With her new accounting job.
I start classes on Monday.
Truth can be a very
inconvenient thing.
But it's better out in
the open than kept hidden.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
Alrighty, this is
gonna be your room.
Come on in sweetheart.
I think you've
already met mindy.
(dramatic music)
I'm sure mindy would love
to hope you get settled in.
Welcome to delta
pi zeta, andrea.
[drea] thank you.
(gentle music)
Getting unpacked?
There's still a few boxes I
need to get from my dorm though.
Oh, well let me know
if you need any help,
I've got a car.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
What are bigs for, right?
Wait seriously, you're my big?
(both laughing)
Oh, you're gonna
be my little sis.
We are gonna be inseparable,
Hanging out all the
time, shopping, partying.
We're gonna have so much fun.
I can't wait.
There's so much, I
wanna learn from you.
Oh, well I'm just down the
hall, if you need anything,
Feel free to stop by time, 'kay.
I will.
(dramatic music)
Guess we know who
callie's new favorite is.
Is she more of a fun
president or a task master?
Callie's our captain and
she keeps a tight ship.
She's a total sweetheart
unless you her off.
Trust me, you do not
wanna be on her bad side.
Good to know.
(dramatic music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(gentle music)
Anyone sitting here?
No, it's all yours.
I'm chris.
Nice to meet you.
You delta pi?
Pledging, yeah.
(gentle upbeat music)
I'm kappa tau,
But I graduate this may.
Well, that is if I could
pass this spanish class.
Been putting it off for
like three years now.
You'll be fine.
(gentle upbeat music)
There she is.
(suspenseful music)
What, hey?
You're not supposed
to barge in here
Without knocking, callie.
Watch me.
(suspenseful music)
What the hell, eddie?
Hey babe.
Who's your friend?
Oh, my friend?
You must think I
am really stupid.
We both know she's here
to hook up with you.
Callie, chill
okay, she's with me.
She just went to the wrong room.
Oops, my bad.
(gentle music)
Get up there.
You're being way too paranoid.
I have never seen that girl
before in my life, callie.
I swear.
I saw her text message, eddie.
I don't care what you
think you saw, okay,
I am so sick of
your psycho crap.
And I am sick of you flirting
with every girl on campus.
Look, if I find out
you're cheating,
You can kiss your little
baseball career goodbye.
You know, I can do it.
So don't cross me.
(suspenseful music)
(gentle music)
Maybe we could study
together some time?
That'd be awesome.
I'll text you.
(gentle music)
Who's that?
Just some guy from
my spanish class.
He's cute.
(gentle music)
What's this?
It's a list of delta pis
That attended the
kappa tau party,
The night gabi died.
(dramatic music)
Callie, mindy, lanie.
How'd you get this?
I did some internet sleuthing.
Now all you have to do is
get handwriting samples
From each of them to
compare the pref night note.
Mindy will be easy
since we share a room.
I'll try to see if I can find
some of callie's handwriting.
The others may harder.
(dramatic music)
You're smart,
you'll figure it out.
(dramatic music)
I think I'll invite
callie to go shopping.
See if I can get her to talk
About what happened
that night at the party.
Maybe see why gabi
left early by herself.
Yeah, good plan.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
The bookstore sold out of
my western, the textbook,
So I'll have to buy it online.
Can I use your credit card
And pay you back with
the scholarship money?
Of course, yeah.
How was the rest of the
first day of your classes?
But I already have
like a thousand pages
Of reading assignments to do.
(vanessa laughing)
Well, don't get behind
on that, trust me.
I won't.
[vanessa] well, I took
half a day off on Friday
To come over and pick you up.
What time do you want me there?
I have a fundraiser
meeting at two.
Could you pick me
up around four?
Perfect, I'll see you then.
I love you.
Love you too.
(gentle music)
(keyboard keys clacking)
(suspenseful music)
(door knocking)
Come in.
Next week is mindy's birthday
And I don't have a
clue what to get her.
Thought you might
wanna go shopping
And help me pick out a gift?
I'm always down for some
shopping with my little.
How about tomorrow afternoon?
Sounds perfect, thanks.
(suspenseful music)
We'll see if I'm
crazy or not, eddie.
(suspenseful music)
We'll see.
(gentle music)
So did you find
anything for eddie
- While I was getting our lattes?
- Oh yeah, I did.
Found this super cute teddy.
Ooh, a teddy?
Not that kind of a teddy, see.
How long have you
two been together?
Coming up on three
years, this fall.
And what about you, got
anyone special in your life?
There's this guy
in my spanish class.
He's kappa tau too.
His name's chris.
Gabi would have loved
you and chris hooking up.
I feel like
there's just so much
About gabi's life in college
That I just don't
know anything about.
We had a lot of fun together.
Were you at the kappa tau
party, the night she died?
[callie] yeah, I was.
Do you remember
why she left early?
She said she
wasn't feeling good.
She asked me for a ride home,
but I was pretty wasted.
And so I couldn't
drive her home.
She ended up walking alone.
I wish more than anything,
I would've driven her.
I mean, it sounds like you
were just being responsible.
You couldn't have known
what had happened.
- True, but survivors
guilt is no joke. - Yeah.
But, about you into chris.
(both laughing)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
Hey, next week
is mindy's birthday
And I got a card for
everyone to sign.
[lanie] I love that.
(dramatic music)
I got the handwriting
samples from every sister.
You are a genius.
Oh, this could be a match.
See how the e is
written here and here.
I don't know.
I think we need a professional
handwriting analyst's help.
Any idea where to find one?
I mean, other than
at a police station.
Let me check to see if
there's anyone on campus
That teaches criminology.
They might be able to help
us find the right person.
(gentle music)
Jess, I can't tell you how
much I appreciate your help.
I mean, I'd be going insane
If I had to deal with
all this by myself.
I'm an only child,
But if I had a sister
and she was murdered,
I'd do everything I can
to find her killer too.
(dramatic music)
You waiting for someone?
Yeah, you.
I was wondering if you wanted
To grab a coffee after class.
There's something I
wanna talk to you about.
Yeah, sure.
(gentle music)
Now that I think about it, gabi
did mention having a sister.
I don't think she ever
said the name though.
She never mentioned
anything to you
About having issues with anyone,
Maybe one of her
sorority sisters?
Not that I can remember.
Just curious.
Well as far as I know gabi
Didn't have an enemy in
this world except math.
(drea laughing)
Yeah, she hated math.
Hey, I tried tutoring
her once, never again.
(both laughing)
Maybe you can come
over some time
And help me study for
next week's spanish test?
I'd love to help.
(gentle music)
It's just a little something.
No big deal.
(dramatic music)
(callie laughing)
A teddy bear.
I know, isn't he adorable?
Yeah, it's.
(eddie laughing)
I'm really sorry about
our fight the other night.
Just sucks knowing that
every girl on campus
Wants to hook up
with your boyfriend.
That's not true.
Even if that were true, you
have nothing to worry about.
You and me, we're solid.
(dramatic music)
Let's get him out of the way.
(dramatic music)
Hey jess, find anything out?
I went to the forensic
science department
And talked to a geologist.
He compared the
card and the note
And he said he couldn't
find any definitive match
In the handwriting samples.
Do you think you can
send a better sample?
Maybe something with
more words on it,
Other than happy birthday.
I can try, I guess.
I'll call you back in a bit.
(dramatic music)
(camera clicking)
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
[Jess] Did you know there were
so many types of spy cameras out there?
Alarm clocks, picture frames,
phone chargers, a teddy bear.
That's it.
That's the bear that callie
got for eddie as a gift.
(dramatic music)
It's so creepy.
Not to mention illegal.
You think she's trying to catch
eddie cheating or something?
I wouldn't be surprised.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
Mi gusta basketball?
Mi gusta el basketball.
Look, I don't
understand the difference
Between the whole masculine
and feminine thing.
Like it's a ball, why
does it need a gender?
You're overthinking it.
Try it again.
Mi gusta drea.
(gentle music)
(both laughing)
You trying to go see a movie
at campus theater this weekend?
I can't.
I'm visiting my
mom this weekend.
[eddie] my room is a mess.
Well, maybe next weekend then.
(mindy laughing)
Drea, what are you doing here?
You should be asking
yourself that question.
Please, drea, you
cannot tell callie,
She will kill me.
Mindy, you can't
go into that room.
Callie will find out.
I can't tell you.
You just have to
trust me please.
(dramatic music)
Sorry, I can't risk it.
Oh, come.
(dramatic music)
So excited to announce
that we are holding
Our big founders day
fundraiser this year
At the country club.
My mom is a member,
So we got a really
special rate at the venue.
And we only have six
weeks to pull this together.
So each of you will serve
On one of the
following committees.
We have the silent
auction committee,
The entertainment
committee and also
The sponsor committee.
- Callie.
(dramatic music)
Edward we're in the
middle of a meeting.
I don't care
about your meeting.
Here, I think this is yours.
(dramatic music)
Stay the hell away
from me, okay?
(dramatic music)
Edward joseph hale, what
the hell are you thinking?
She put a spy
camera in my room.
She's totally obsessed with me.
I can't deal with her
psycho behavior anymore.
You deal with her.
(dramatic music)
[lanie] I'm so sorry, cal,
He doesn't deserve you.
Oh he deserves a lot
more than you think.
He's gonna regret this so hard.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
What if callie
finds out it was us?
All he did was stop you from getting
caught on camera, cheating with Eddie.
Do you think that
will matter to her?
There's no telling
what she'll do
If she finds out
about me and eddie.
I could get kicked
out of delta pi,
Or worse, I could
end up like gabi.
(suspenseful music)
What do you mean, like gabi?
(suspenseful music)
I'm just freaked out is all.
No, no you can't just
say something like that.
No, if you know
anything about gabi.
(door knocking)
(dramatic music)
Hey, you ready to head out?
I wanna get on the road
before traffic gets too bad.
Is there a problem?
(car engine revving)
(gentle music)
She's crazy, especially
when it comes to eddie.
But do you really think
That callie had something
to do with gabi's murder?
Callie and gabi got in
a huge fight at the party.
Because callie refused
to take her home.
No, because of eddie.
He and callie broke up a couple of days
before the kappa tau party.
They break up and get back
together all the time.
It's like watching a soap opera.
(upbeat music)
That night, callie decided she
was gonna make eddie jealous
By flirting with every
guy at the party.
(upbeat music)
come on baby show
me what you got
break down the wall
you know we got
to live it up
(upbeat music)
Hey you okay?
Of course.
Why wouldn't I be?
You know.
(upbeat music)
I'm over that.
I already have my eyes
on someone way hotter.
Oh yeah, who?
take a chance baby 'cause
it goes by too fast
you can see me dancing in
and you're wanting to ask
Gabi, seriously?
She's callie's best friend.
take off your mask
let me take off your mask
take off your mask
(upbeat music)
break down the wall
come on baby show
me what you got
break down the wall
you know we got
to live it up
break down the wall
come on baby, show
me what you got
break down the wall
you know you got
to give it up
(upbeat music)
let's go
(upbeat music)
the way we're moving
I'm gonna kill her.
shake it to right ah
I'm not feeling well,
can you drive me back?
You're gonna ask her for
right after what you just did?
What I did?
You kissed eddie.
What, are you high?
I saw you gabi.
Are you calling mindy a liar?
I saw you two
dancing over there.
Were you gonna try
to deny that too?
Oh god, callie,
this is ridiculous.
Goodnight, I'm going home.
Admit it.
Get your hands
off of me, callie.
(dramatic music)
You have always been
jealous of me and eddie.
You know that.
Is that why you wanted
us to break up, huh?
Callie, you and eddie
deserve each other, all right.
I'm outta here, goodnight.
(dramatic music)
I can't believe
she did this to me.
She was supposed to
be my best friend.
That's so messed up.
(dramatic music)
Oh my god.
What if this wasn't
the first time?
What if they've been cheating
behind my back, all along?
I doubt that.
Eddie told me he was
only interested in gabi
To make you jealous.
He did?
That means he still loves you.
Otherwise, why would he
try to make you jealous?
You're right.
I need to find eddie.
I need to get eddie back.
I need to find him.
You guys are the best.
Thank you, thank you
for being there for me.
(dramatic music)
Such a drama queen.
So much.
(dramatic music)
She actually said the
words, "I'm going to kill her"
And the police never
questioned her?
I never told them
I was too scared.
You have to tell the police.
This gives them a
possible motive.
I can't. I could be kicked
out of delta pi or.
If you don't tell the police,
I'll tell call
about you and eddie.
(dramatic music)
This is all very interesting.
However, we did question
miss. Thompson last year,
Right after the murder.
And she has a
pretty solid alibi.
Multiple people witnessed
her, going to mr. Hale's room,
Not long after the argument
with your daughter.
And mr. Hale verified, she
was with him in his room,
The rest of the night.
Couldn't he be lying for her?
He is a very good liar.
Maybe so,
But we're missing something
very important, motive.
If the threat was
made over a boy,
That callie ended
up with that night,
Why would she kill gabi?
There's something else.
Someone at the
sorority gave me a note
Saying, "gabi wasn't
killed by a mugger."
And warning me not
to trust anyone.
When did this happen?
Last week.
Where's the note now?
A graphologist at
the university has it,
We're trying to figure
out who wrote it?
My friend jess
has been helping me.
Oh, so now the two of
you are detectives, huh?
I'll pay both miss. Thompson
and mr. Hale another visit,
See if their story checks out.
(dramatic music)
But I don't want you out there
Telling your sorority
sisters anything.
We need the element of surprise.
(dramatic music)
(car engine revving)
Why didn't you tell me
about the note sooner?
I didn't wanna upset you.
You just started to get
your life back on track.
My life will never
be back on track.
Not until gabi's killer
is put behind bars.
You cannot keep things
like this from me.
(gentle music)
I'm sorry I didn't tell
you about the notes sooner.
I won't keep anything
from you again.
(gentle music)
But I promised gabi I'd
helped find the truth.
That's why I joined
the sorority.
I have to do this.
(gentle music)
[det. Tucci] hi,
detective tucci, with hpd.
Yeah, sure, I'm.
Let me just, gimme
one sec, I just.
[rebecca] hello.
Oh, here's our house
mother, ms. Rebecca,
She'll assist you.
- Thank you.
Yes, ma'am, sorry to
drop in unannounced,
Especially so early.
I'm not sure if you remember me.
Of course, I
remember you detective.
It's good to see you again.
How can I help you?
Just following up
on a few questions
Related to the gabi davrow
murder investigation.
I see.
Oh, I'm afraid that callie
isn't feeling well today.
It's not a good time.
Sorry to hear that,
But sick or not, I really need
to talk to her if she can.
She's really in no condition
To answer questions, detective,
Perhaps you could
come back tomorrow.
Tell you what,
Here's my card,
Just have her call me when
she she's feeling better.
Certainly detective,
thank you for stopping in.
(dramatic music)
Callie is in no condition
to speak to that woman.
Do me a favor, I've
gotta run out for a bit,
Don't let anyone tell callie
the detective was here,
Let me tell her.
(dramatic music)
Hi, detective tucci with hpd,
I'd like to speak
with edward hale.
Is not here.
Any idea where he might
be or when he'll return?
I'm not his secretary, so no.
(dramatic music)
I got what I need to know.
Thank you.
(dramatic music)
(door knocking)
Callie, you have to
eat something okay.
Just a little bit.
(gentle music)
Give eddie a couple of
days, he'll come back,
He always does.
I don't think
he will this time.
(gentle music)
He was so angry.
How did he find out
about the camera?
Maybe he figured
it out on his own.
You think someone's trying
to break you guys on purpose?
Of course they are.
They have been after
him since his first mvp.
They only want him because
he's gonna be rich and famous.
But I was with him before
anyone knew who he was.
Loved him for him,
Not because of his fame or
his future money, for him.
So what are you
gonna do about it?
Are you gonna sit here and cry?
That's not the callie I know,
The callie I know would get up,
Go put on her hottest outfit,
March right into that party
and fight for her man.
And win.
There she is.
That's the callie,
we all know in love.
Let's go.
(upbeat music)
you can run, you can hide
my love moves the
speed of light
(upbeat music)
don't be scared,
don't you try
my love moves the
speed of light
(upbeat music)
(people speaking indistinctly)
banging down the doors
I don't know where to go
but baby did you notice
I see through your soul
I'll show you
Grab some drinks.
I'll find eddie.
You've got it.
yeah, I can save your life
yeah, I can make
you whole now
let this spark
something, burn up
keep your eyes on
me, speed of light
if you don't turn
your back now
baby my love will
save your life
(upbeat music)
you can run, you can hide
my love moves the
speed of light
don't be scared,
don't you try
my love moves the
speed of light
(upbeat music)
Callie, I.
You can shut up, I'll
deal with you later.
speed of light
speed of light
Can we talk
somewhere in private?
my love moves the
speed of light
Why the hell are you
in my house right now?
I told you I never
wanna see you again.
I'm fighting for you, for us.
There is no us.
There isn't, no, not
after what you did.
I just wish
things could go back
To how they were
before, you know,
Back before you were this
big superstar baseball eddie.
They can't, they
can't, nothing.
Do you know why,
do you know why?
Because I've always been great.
(dramatic music)
I've always been on a
path to something bigger.
All you have done to me
Is try to pull me down
and keep me caged in.
I am so sick of your jealousy.
I am so tired of you always
trying to control me.
I'm tired of you, callie,
do you understand?
(gentle music)
I don't need you.
I've never needed you.
Now get the hell outta my
house before I call the police.
Oh yeah.
Please do, because I'm
sure there's some things
They would love to hear, huh?
Don't you dare threaten me.
Let go of me, ouch, eddie.
You think it's that easy to
get rid of me, honey, huh?
Well think again.
(suspenseful music)
I will ruin you.
(suspenseful music)
Hey, it's me.
It's callie, she she's gone
all crazy ex-girlfriend on me,
I don't know what she's gonna
say, what she's gonna do,
She's making threats.
(suspenseful music)
Yeah, she just left.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
Callie, wait.
Cal, wait, where are you going?
(suspenseful music)
Call drea.
(suspenseful music)
Come on, pick up.
(suspenseful music)
(cellphone vibrating)
[drea voicemail] you've
reached drea, leave a message.
Hey drea, can you
call me back asap?
I need to tell you about
the night gabi died.
(suspenseful music)
Breathe callie,
Breathe callie, breathe.
(suspenseful music)
(mirror breaking)
(suspenseful music)
I hate you.
I hate you.
(callie crying)
I hate what you've done to me.
(suspenseful music)
Callie, callie.
Callie, are you in there?
Callie, are you in there?
Answer the door callie,
you're freaking me out.
(door knocking)
Callie, are you in there?
(dramatic music)
(door knocking)
(dramatic music)
What is all this commotion?
Eddie kicked callie
outta the party
And she disappeared.
And now she won't
texts and calls
And she's not opening her door.
Is she even in there?
(all screaming)
(dramatic music)
23 texts.
(dramatic music)
Oh my god.
Mom, mom come here.
What's the matter?
What's going on?
Callie's dead.
She killed herself.
Are you sure?
That's not all, I mean, look.
(suspenseful music)
Callie called me late last night
And she sent me
this text message.
Yes, we found call's phone.
It seems she was trying
to get ahold of you
Before she killed herself.
Any idea why?
Callie left a suicide
note on her laptop.
The note included a
confession to gabi's murder.
(dramatic music)
I'm very sorry things
turned out this way.
(dramatic music)
All sorority activities
will be canceled for the week.
Campus counselors will be
here today and tomorrow.
And if.
Do you mind if
I say something?
Course not,
please be my guest.
I know you all loved callie
And I never meant for
any of this to happen.
I just wanted my sister's
murder to be solved.
No one blames you.
We all loved gabi too.
And none of us
can believe callie
Could have done
something like this.
You're welcome to stay
for the meeting if you want.
(gentle music)
Okay, but what are we gonna
do about all that crazy stuff,
Being posted on social media?
What crazy stuff?
Lookup, #deltadie.
(people speaking indistinctly)
Well, apparently we're a
cult that sacrifices kittens.
Please put your phones away.
What we need to do is
be there for each other,
Hold our heads up high and
remind the school who we are.
(gentle music)
we are the sisters
of delta pi zeta
our bond is good and strong
we give each other
strength and courage
to last our whole lives long
no matter what the challenge
we'll rise above the throngs
delta pi zeta forever
forever, we belong
[jess] I have something
I need to show you,
It has to do with callie.
What is it?
You know the photos you
took of callie's notebook,
I forwarded them to
the handwriting expert
At the forensic science college.
He strongly believes
the handwriting
On the pref night
note is callie's.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why would she write the
note? If she's a killer?
[jess] that's what
I keep wondering.
Something about this
confession feels off.
I'll swing by after
I leave chris's.
Okay, later.
(suspenseful music)
Drea, you here to see chris?
Yeah, we're gonna study.
Huh, yeah, sure you are.
Listen, I was thinking if you
ever wanted to study with me,
I'm always looking for
a new study partner.
I have a lot more to
offer than he does.
(dramatic music)
Don't touch me.
(dramatic music)
Just like your sister.
(dramatic music)
He what?
Oh man, eddie about
to have a man to man.
Don't, don't, I
can handle eddie.
Yeah, I'm sure you can.
(dramatic music)
Just like gabi did when eddie
tried to make a move on her.
Are you talking about that
time they kissed by the pool?
Yeah, I was right
there when it happened.
Trust me, they didn't kiss.
He tried to force
himself on her.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm sorry.
- You sure? - Yes.
(upbeat music)
Stop, what are you doing?
Stop, get off of me.
(upbeat music)
I'm sorry did I
spill my beer on you,
Here let me help
you wash it off.
(all laughing)
(upbeat music)
I knew she would never hook
up with a guy like eddie.
What'd he do after she
pushed him in the pool?
Well, he was pissed.
I mean, he went
straight to his room.
But callie must have
joined him at some point
Because she was still
there the next morning.
I mean, we all saw her leave.
Did she seem strange at all?
I mean, she was just acting
like regular old callie.
(dramatic music)
Chris, I don't
think she killed gabi.
I think the real killer
is trying to frame her.
(dramatic music)
Who do you think it is?
I don't know yet.
But I promised gabi
that I'd find the truth.
(dramatic music)
I'm gonna make good
on that promise.
(dramatic music)
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, you were right
about the sister,
She's gonna be a problem.
Oh, of course I was right.
Can you handle this?
(suspenseful music)
Don't we always.
(suspenseful music)
(insects chirping)
(car engine revving)
(suspenseful music)
(care brakes screeching)
(door knocking)
Jess, come on.
Let me in.
(suspenseful music)
Jess, please hurry.
(suspenseful music)
What's going on?
(suspenseful music)
Someone was chasing you?
Oh gosh.
Yeah, thanks.
What if this whole
time he was lying
About being callie's alibi,
But it was callie who
was lying to protect him.
(dramatic music)
But why would eddie kill gabi?
(dramatic music)
When she publicly rejected
him and embarrassed him,
He got revenge.
(dramatic music)
We're gonna have to
get irrefutable proof,
Otherwise, no one's
gonna believe us.
It's late, why don't you
crash at my dorm tonight,
We can come up with a plan?
Yeah, okay.
(dramatic music)
(car engine revving)
(suspenseful music)
Thankfully it's
only a few blocks.
(car engine revving)
[drea] jess.
(car engine revving)
(suspenseful music)
You must be getting
close to the truth.
Why else would they
try to silence you?
(dramatic music)
I can't do this anymore.
Okay, I'm not a fighter.
Okay, I'm not like you.
Well you are drea,
you've always been.
You just have to find the
strength within yourself
To fight back.
Look again.
(dramatic music)
You see it now, don't you.
You got this, sis.
(dramatic music)
It's gonna be okay.
Have you heard
anything about jess?
Not yet.
She's with her mom and dad.
Think you can tell
me what happened?
(dramatic music)
I'm guessing you didn't
see the license plate
Or happen to see
the driver's face.
No, it happened too fast.
And the headlights were so
bright. I couldn't see anything.
But I think I know who it was.
Eddie hale.
Can you tell me why he might
wanna do something like this?
(dramatic music)
Earlier tonight, eddie
tried to hit on me,
But I rejected him.
The night gabi died,
she rejected him too.
I think he was trying to
kill me, like he killed her.
(dramatic music)
But drea, callie killed gabi.
She left a confession.
[drea] it was planted.
If I may, it seems to
me you've let yourself
Get so involved in this
murder investigation
That you're having
trouble letting it go.
Okay, what happened
tonight wasn't because
We were in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
Okay, someone tried to kill me
and nearly killed my friend.
(dramatic music)
Look, I know my daughter
And I believe she's
telling the truth.
I'll see if there's a vehicle
fitting the description,
Registered to hale.
We'll also check to see if any
of the businesses in the area
Have security cameras.
With luck, we'll be able
to get footage of the suv
With the license plate.
(gentle music)
(car engine revving)
(car brakes screeching)
(suspenseful music)
[drea voiceover]
jess, jess, jess.
(suspenseful music)
I don't know anyone
with a black suv,
But I do know it
couldn't have been eddie
Who tried to run you and
jess down last night.
I mean, he was up all night
Playing video games with
the other frat guys.
And he never left?
Then someone's
helping him out.
I mean, if only we could get
him to confess on camera.
Too bad he still doesn't have
that teddy cam in his room.
The what?
It's a long story.
But chris, you might
be onto something.
(dramatic music)
No way you're trying to get
another camera in his room.
Look, eddie's already
acting super sus
About everybody right now.
Then we just have
to put it somewhere,
He'd least suspect it.
(gentle music)
What about food and beverage?
(gentle music)
I think hors d'oeuvres
should suffice.
Just keep it, coffee,
tea, simple, elegant.
Oh, I'm just
getting some fruit.
You don't need to stop
your meeting on my account.
(gentle music)
So, speakers?
Well, I will
start off of course.
And lanie, you should
definitely say a few words.
I'd also like eddie
to speak as well.
(dramatic music)
Do you think that's wise?
I mean, eddie is the reason
callie committed suicide.
(dramatic music)
Callie killed herself
Because she couldn't
handle her guilt anymore.
My son had nothing
to do with that.
(suspenseful music)
Excuse me.
(suspenseful music)
You okay?
How come no one ever told me,
Ms. Rebecca's eddie's mother?
I thought you already knew.
- Callie never told you?
- No, no one did.
She became house mom
after eddie got recruited.
I guess she couldn't
stand to be away from him.
Like, cut the umbilical
cord already, lady.
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
(suspenseful music)
Mom, just calm down, okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
I've heard enough.
I've heard enough.
- Come on, we're.
- Mom. - No,
We're getting you
out the house today.
Mom, please just listen to me.
Okay, I have a plan.
But it just means I have to
stay at the sorority house.
No, absolutely not.
It's not safe for you there.
Mom, it's not safe
for me anywhere,
As long as eddie's walking free.
Look, we have a chance to
finally get justice for gabi.
You just have to
trust me on this.
(dramatic music)
What's the plan?
(dramatic music)
(heart machine beeping)
(dramatic music)
(heart machine beeping)
(gentle music)
Thank you so much for
volunteering to do sound, chris.
Yeah, no problem.
So what's the schedule.
Ms. Rebecca's
gonna speak first.
She'll introduce the video,
say a few words about callie.
I'll speak after that.
And then we'll open the floor
To whoever else
would like to speak.
Copy that.
Well, I'm all set up here.
Thank you.
(gentle music)
All right, ladies,
it's looking good.
Yes, make sure that
you put toothpicks
In every single one
of those meatballs.
Oh, susan.
Put the pens by the guestbook.
And ladies, will you
make sure there's tissues
All over that room all right?
Mrs. Davrow, I
wasn't expecting you.
Yes, I know.
I need to talk to drea.
But it looks like you're
having some kind of party.
Oh no, no, it's not a party.
Girls just wanted to throw
A little memorial
service for callie.
Oh well, I'm sorry to intrude.
No, of course not.
Does drea know you're here?
No, I actually have some
unfortunate news, so, I.
Oh please.
Well, I just got
word from the detective
That they're reopening
gabi's murder case.
Did they say why?
Well, it seems
they've uncovered
Some evidence that they
believe exonerates callie.
(dramatic music)
Wow, well, did they tell
you what the evidence is?
Well, of course they're
not gonna tell me that.
But they did say
that the new evidence
Points towards a male suspect.
(dramatic music)
Well, the girls were
starting to be happy to know
That callie didn't
commit a heinous crime
Against one of her own.
(dramatic music)
Well, will you
please keep me updated
On any new information
in this case?
Yeah, I'll do that.
(dramatic music)
Well, drea opted to
come to the memorial.
So she's upstairs, if you
would like to go say hello.
Well thank you.
And have a nice service.
Thank you.
(suspenseful music)
Let's pray this works.
(dramatic music)
We need to talk.
(dramatic music)
[eddie] I told you
this was gonna happen.
You two should have
never killed callie.
[rebecca] we had to.
She was about to tell
drea that you killed gabi.
She was gonna go to the police.
[eddie] tell 'em what, what?
She wasn't there that night,
she was asleep in my bed.
She knew that you
weren't lying next to her.
She lied for you.
She was a false alibi. She thought
you were gonna marry her.
When you broke her heart,
She had no reason to
protect you anymore.
People would've believed me
Over some psychotic
(dramatic music)
You are up for a multimillion
dollar baseball contract.
You don't think being
accused of murder
Is going to affect that?
We don't know what new
evidence the detectives have.
So until then, we have to
stick to our game plan.
Oh for goodness sakes,
this is not a baseball game.
This is my son's life.
All right, what are
we going to do, huh?
Any ideas?
I'll tell you what
you were going to do,
You're going out there
And you give the
performance of your life.
Convince these people you
actually cared for the girl.
Maybe shed a tear, do you
think you can do that?
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
We've got millions
riding on this.
[eddie] I just wanted to get
her back for embarrassing me.
Not kill her.
There's too much
stake riding on this
To have it all thrown away
For some drunken
frat boy mistake.
(dramatic music)
Thank you all for
coming out today.
Welcome to delta pi zeta.
We appreciate you being here
To celebrate one of our very
own, miss. Callie thompson.
(gentle music)
[callie voiceover]
drea, it's callie.
Could you call me back?
(people speaking indistinctly)
I am so sorry.
[callie voiceover] I need to tell you
about the night gabi died.
(dramatic music)
[eddie voiceover] I told
you this was gonna happen.
You two should have
never killed callie.
(crowd gasping)
[rebecca voiceover] we had to.
She was about to tell
drea that you killed gabi.
She was gonna go to the police.
[eddie voiceover]
tell him what, what?
She wasn't there that night.
She was asleep in my bed.
[rebecca] she knew that you
weren't lying next to her.
She lied for you.
Just one moment.
[rebecca voiceover]
she was a false alibi.
She thought you were
gonna marry her.
When you broke her heart,
She had no reason to
protect you anymore.
Excuse me.
[eddie voiceover] people
would've believed me
Over some psychotic
[rebecca voiceover] you are up
For a multimillion
dollar baseball contract.
You don't think being
accused of murder
Is going to effect that?
(suspenseful music)
(police sirens blaring)
(people speaking indistinctly)
(police sirens blaring)
(people speaking indistinctly)
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and used against you.
[rebecca] eddie, eddie,
momma's gonna fix this.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot record an
attorney, one will be.
I'm calling our
lawyer right now.
Baby, I'm so.
Get off me.
(police sirens blaring)
(gentle music)
You did it, you helped gabi
get the justice she deserves.
A promise is a promise.
Like you always taught us.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
Hey, drea, can we talk
to you about something?
(gentle music)
We know it's been really
messed up since you've been here
And we've talked
And we all just love
having you as a sister,
And we'd hate to see you go.
You two are gonna make me cry.
(gentle music)
I do really love living here,
But I already decided to move
back to the dorm with jess.
She was there for me
when I needed her,
And I wanna be there to help her
When she gets out
of the hospital.
Of course.
Yeah, we get that.
(gentle music)
There is one way that you
can still be a delta pi
And help jess.
(gentle music)
(heart machine beeping)
(gentle music)
(jess laughing)
Look who's sitting up.
Yeah, I even walked myself
to the restroom earlier.
Go me.
Well, how are you feeling?
I'm taking it day by day.
You'll be feeling like
you're old self in no time.
You just missed
detective tucci.
She said eddie's baseball coach
Confessed to hitting
me with his suv.
Well, he's cooperating
with the police
In both gabi and callie's
murder investigations as well.
The media's going nuts over
eddie and rebecca's arrests.
It's even made national news.
They're both gonna be
gone for a long time.
(gentle music)
That's so awesome.
Does that balloon
say congrats on it?
Yes, yes it does.
Was the gift shop out of get
well balloons or something?
It's not from me,
I'm just a delivery person.
Who are they from?
Why don't you read
the card yourself?
(gentle music)
No way.
Are you serious?
(gentle music)
So, read it out loud.
(gentle music)
"you are invited to
join the sisterhood
"of the delta pi zetas."
(vanessa laughing)
The sisters decided
to reverse their vote
And invite you to
join the sorority
Because you exemplify the
friendship and loyalty
That they seek in a
delta pi zeta sister.
I mean, what other
roommate would jump in
Between you and an oncoming car?
Yeah, worst hell week ever.
Seriously though,
I can't tell you how
grateful I am to you
For saving my baby.
(gentle music)
You're welcome.
I'm just glad it's over.
(gentle music)
[both] so are we.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
Come here.
Hi, sammy.
Can you go feed sam please?
- I gonna take a shower.
- Come on, Sammy. You hungry boy?
Come on.
(gentle music)
Feels different in here.
(gentle music)
She's a peace now.
It's thanks to you.
(gentle music)
I couldn't have
done a without you.
(gentle music)
How about we
throw on our pajamas
And have a movie night?
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
But only if it's a comedy.
(both laughing)
(gentle music)
[gabi voiceover] give her
some time, she'll be fine.
And so will you.
(gentle music)