What Happens in Miami (2024) Movie Script

24-7 365 steady climbing
Yeah I cut the cake bread
roast steady grinding
Hustle never stop lighting
up the silver lining
Mouth full of gold
shining blinding
Got you wet on my
wrist foreign chicks
Walkin' in skip the line
I ain't even on the list
Know the face know the name
Oh I'm in I got the chips
Go now home, money foam
Taking all away
shots I'm calling in
You have to be really careful
about what you
say to the police.
They're not going
to treat you fairly.
All they want is to find someone
who looks the most guilty,
and right now...
right now that someone is you.
People become obsessive
over cases like this.
Everyone is going to
have a different idea
about what happened to her.
Baby, I, I know it's hard,
but I really need you
to listen to me, okay?
Listen, I've been
working cases like this
over the past 20 years.
And when something like this
happens to girls like her,
no one is safe.
Especially not...
Especially not girls like you.
we can prove that
you didn't do this.
Honey, please.
I cannot believe we're only,
like, two hours away from home.
This literally feels
like another world.
We're only here for a week.
- Let's have some fun.
- So, what should we do first?
Let's go into town,
I want to go shopping
before it gets too busy.
The sun is shining,
the water looks so cool.
Come on, We have to
work on our tans.
Our tans? Speak for yourself.
The water's so beautiful.
C-could you take some
pics of me by the ocean?
Yeah, sure, what're
you thinking?
Ooh, uh...
Okay, shoot from, like,
a wide little angle
'cause I don't want
my stomach to look
-bloated or anything.
-What do you mean?
I don't know, I've been
feeling kinda shitty lately.
-But it's not a big deal. -Shay.
Shut the fuck up,
you are gorgeous.
Come on.
Here, take my phone.
Here, let me take one.
Oh, no, no, no.
Let me take one
for once, please.
And look,
perfect spot to set up camp.
No, can you, like, move
it down a little bit more?
Look at the water.
Oh, my God, I'm
longing for the water
over in Miami.
Thanks, I'll be back.
Hey, girl.
Hey, girl.
So, on a scale of one to ten
why would you rate me a ten?
Whoa, come on now.
You wanna ignore me?
I mean, you gotta
be at least a...
six to ignore me.
One sec.
Come on.
-No, I've not... -Taylor.
Are these idiots bothering you?
Autumn, don't.
What makes you think you have
the right to talk to her?
It's just a prank,
yo. Relax, all right?
I'm shooting a Reel.
Come on, check it out.
Please, she clearly doesn't
want to talk to you.
You're shootin' a Reel?
'Cause to me it looks like
you're getting off
harassing a girl
you've never met before
so that you can feel
better about the fact
that you've never
slept with a girl
in your entire shitty life.
You're a small, weak loser
who's desperate to feel powerful
that you're gonna try to
make anyone feel small.
It's fucking pathetic!
Now fuck off!
And take pizza pants with you.
Let's go.
You okay?
Yeah, it's just sad.
We don't have that much
time left together.
Don't say that. I don't
wanna think about that.
Okay, we're on vacation.
You're all moving
pretty far away.
The only social
media marketing job
I got was in New York.
Every influencer moves
to LA when they can.
Stanford was the best
option I had for law school.
But you only have a year left
and you can go
wherever you want!
this summer will
be the first time
we all haven't been
together since...
like, what, freshman
year of high school?
Isn't that weird?
Have you and Brandon
talked any more about
what you're gonna do next year?
Uh, yeah.
He's thinking about
taking that job in
Spain after graduation.
He has to know that could
destroy your relationship.
You've been long
distance for, like,
four years now,
do you think you
could do a few more?
The past four years we've
been on the same coast.
Stanford is nine
hours behind Spain.
It was different when we thought
we both would be back
in the same city
after college, but...
I don't know if I can do
long distance indefinitely.
You've been saying
that for months.
I know, and maybe
that means something.
maybe you need to meet a...
sexy Miami man to get
it out of your system.
Oh, my God.
Autumn, no.
Don't think so. Thanks, though.
Come on, it'd be fun!
I'm sure it's been a
minute since you've got
your back blown out.
Yeah, but, um...
even though things
aren't looking good,
Brandon still means
the world to me.
then I'm glad you
went through it.
-Photoshoot time? -Yes.
-Could you please? -Yes.
All right, we're
going. We're going.
Um, mind being
my camera woman?
I want to try some
like sitting first.
Do it to him do it to him
Do it to him do it to him
He gonna love it
when I do it to him
Do it to him do it to him
Do it to him do it to him
Here's a secret...
One more, here we go.
Wait, wait, wait.
I want five.
And then, yeah.
Come on...
Show me something good...
I'm your... coming kissing
Hair long nails did
I've been that bitch
Artificial looking likes
Yeah they're so average
Tell the coach
tell me in the game
Make him wanna say my name
Think he starstruck every
time he see a bad bitch
Money coming fast
I'mma spend that shit
Body like a
hourglass super fit
If I catch you creeping
I'mma cut a bitch...
Autumn Ryan, a 21-year-old
college student
on the verge of graduation,
vanished two weeks ago
during a Spring Break vacation
to Miami, Florida.
Her growing social
media presence
has led to more
attention on her case,
with everyday citizens
taking to social media
to express their sorrow
and theories on what
might've happened.
Listen, Shay and
Taylor are almost here.
You should get changed.
I'm fine like this, thanks.
Honey, you have to
look presentable
to talk to the police.
They will use anything
and everything they
can against you.
Think about what you could lose,
think about Stanford.
I know, I know.
Look, honey, it's not going
to be easy, all right?
Yeah mirror mirror
you looking at the...
Looking this fly
Oh my it's a habit
Mirror mirror you're
looking at the...
Call me love is gonna
show me what bad is
I'll be right back.
I'll play, I'll play.
That girl is totally
checking you out.
What? What girl?
Go talk to her.
What? No.
No, I-I can't do that.
Taylor, she's practically
undressing you with her eyes.
There's no better time than now.
Autumn, but...
I don't know if I'm
ready to come out yet.
I didn't even mean
for you to find out.
No one will know
until you're ready.
Okay? I'm not gonna tell anyone.
What's up, bro?
Could you guys be more obvious?
God damn.
Spread out.
Jesus Christ.
What's up, bro?
You've been good?
Family's good?
Who is that?
-Hey. -Hey.
I'll let you guys catch up.
Don't do that. Come here.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Sorry, I haven't been
able to see you guys.
It's okay, there's...
a lot going on right now.
Hey, Zion.
What do we need to do?
It's going to be difficult.
I mean, your only
alibis are each other,
so the cops are going to
have a lot of questions.
You need to get your
story straight now,
before we drive down to
Miami to see the detective.
What story? We have
nothing to hide.
I know you don't.
You guys are bound
to make mistakes.
I see it all the time with
my most innocent clients.
They get nervous, okay?
And, and they go in to
talk to law enforcement
and they get manipulated
into twisting their words.
Just decide what you're
going to tell them.
I can't. Um...
Shay, where's my
eye shadow powder?
I want to keep my
stuff together.
I'm sorry, this is...
This is literally impossible.
How do you do this?
It's not impossible.
Just takes a little practice.
Close your eyes.
-Baby. -I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just really exhausted.
Have you, uh...
eaten today?
But it's not like I
was trying not to.
We were just on the beach
and we were having
such a good time
and I wasn't really
thinking about food.
I was just like...
trying to be in the moment.
Yeah, I get that.
But be careful, okay?
You pass out again, the
others are gonna find out.
Close your eyes.
Take a look.
You're beautiful.
Thank you.
We can do this.
We can prove that
we're innocent.
But as soon as our
names are publicized,
everyone is going to have
something to say about us.
It doesn't matter what
everyone says about us.
The only people we
need to convince
that we didn't do this
are the ones in the
power to send us to jail.
Of course it matters what
everyone says about us.
I'm sure that detective
has seen all this shit
people are saying
about us online.
Well, if Autumn's followers
think that we're guilty
because we went on
a trip with her...
doesn't matter.
They don't have any
evidence against us.
We can prove it.
We can prove that
we're innocent.
You can get that, it's okay.
It's just my mom.
She's like really freaked out
and doesn't know what to do.
My dad's really scared, too.
He knows the media's
gonna rip us apart.
With the way Autumn looks
and the way we look...
Which is ridiculous.
Because we all know that
Cameron's the one they
should be looking at.
After everything
he did to her...
he deserves everything
that's coming to him.
Ooh, the water's
gonna be freezing!
Oh. What do you guys think?
Should we support
a small business?
Autumn, coke didn't
agree with you last time.
You were miserable
the whole day.
You were literally
encouraging her.
Yes, you were.
-Hey. -Do I know you?
Do you want to?
You look mad familiar
to me for some reason.
You that girl from 8THAT, huh?
That was lucky guess.
Yeah, I've seen you before,
I've seen your little dance,
moves are pretty good.
You're not from Miami,
what're you doing around here?
I'm just here to have some fun.
Oh, really?
Yeah, do you know
anything about that?
I know all about that actually.
Sorry, sorry, sorry
to bother you. Um...
We were just leaving.
-I'm Cameron.
-Hi, Cameron, I'm Maika.
Nice to meet you, Maika.
I'm gonna borrow your
friend for like two minutes.
I'll give her back in
one piece, I promise.
Swear to God, Holy
Bible and all that shit.
So, now, you were saying.
Telling me about some fun.
-So, if he ever asks us...
-Oh, my God.
Taylor Reese, Shay
Miller, and Maika Zane
are supposedly Autumn
Ryan's best friends.
But what if love
turned into hate
on this ill-fated
Spring Break trip?
What do you know about the night
Autumn Ryan disappeared?
What aren't you
telling the public?
Can we please get a word?
Please state your
name for the record.
I'm Maika Zane.
Shay Miller.
Taylor Reese.
So, Maika, your
friend, Autumn Ryan...
Can you tell me about the days
leading up to her disappearance?
Did you guys meet anyone else
on this trip or anything?
Yes, actually.
She became involved with
this guy that she met.
-Cameron Crouse.
-Cameron Crouse.
They really hit it off.
Do you think she's gonna
sleep at our Airbnb once
this entire trip?
It's only been,
like, three days.
Just calm down.
Yeah, but he seems really...
He was a train wreck.
Well, I thought he was
cool at first, but...
he was bad news.
He's a drug dealer.
She shouldn't have
been anywhere near him.
I don't know what
she was thinking.
Did you just criticize
your missing friend's
dating habits?
Did you miss the
part where I said
she was dating a drug dealer?
You're trouble.
Yes, I am.
I don't know about you,
I gotta watch my
back around you.
Isn't everything
trouble in Miami?
I guess. Hold on, one second.
-Shit. -What?
It's work. Give me
one second, okay?
What did he say?
Oh, my God.
Oh, yikes.
Somethin' came up with
work, so I gotta go.
Come over later.
-Deal. -All right.
Do you think he
could be involved
in Autumn's disappearance?
I know he is.
I'm sure he is.
The night she disappeared,
she went off to see him.
And that was the last
time we ever saw her.
You have to question him.
If anyone knows what
happened to Autumn,
it's him.
I thought we were
going bar hopping.
We are!
We're just gonna do a little
pregame at Cam's first.
He knows the best bars in town.
We just don't wanna hang around
and watch you make out
with some guy all night.
It's not gonna be
like that. I promise.
Okay, but we better
go somewhere fun.
I wanna dance!
What do you see in him?
He doesn't seem
like the kind of guy
you usually go for.
All the guys we
go to school with
are dumb as shit.
If they like you,
they dance around it
to seem cool.
He's confident.
And I love
that he is so direct
that feels about me.
God, it's exhilarating
to be wanted.
Yeah, I get that.
Plus, it's exciting
how dangerous he is.
I kinda love that he's
like, all high stakes.
This is it.
Yo, let me call you back,
I got company right now.
Yeah, I'll call you back.
-There he is.
-What's up? What's up?
-How you doin'? -You look good.
You want to check
out Casa de Cameron?
-Mm-hmm. -Let's do it.
Welcome to my humble abode.
This is it.
Make yourselves at home.
Nice decor.
Oh, thanks. I, uh...
source everything myself.
Little hobby I got
going on, so...
Wow. Very thorough
with security.
Yeah, you can never be too
careful in Miami, you know.
We actually all have
to go to the bathroom.
-It was a long walk.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll, uh, I'll be out back.
Cool, cool, cool.
What are you doing?
You guys have to see this.
What the hell is this?
He told me the other night
that he keeps all
his security footage.
Like, every single
thing that's happened
in this house for
the past five years.
Every single day.
Some are clips of parties,
some are of him alone,
some are just of empty rooms,
but he goes back
and he watches them.
That sounds obsessive.
God, Shay, as if you don't
know all about being obsessive.
He can't stop doing it either.
It's, like, this OCD thing.
But it's not the
only one, either.
He also told me he keeps
every piece of clothing
he's ever worn,
even if it's worn out.
And he has this
weird thing about
doing things in three's,
like, did you see how
he opened the door?
I thought he was exaggerating,
but he keeps everything.
It's kind of funny.
I only hung out with Autumn,
like, one or two times.
You know, we were just...
hooking up, so...
I barely even knew her.
Is it true that
you were with her
the night that she
disappeared, though?
Yes, unfortunately, I, uh...
She came over just to vent
about something, yeah.
- She seemed really upset.
- Really? About what?
She got into a fight
with her friend, uh...
-Maika... -Maika? Maika Zane?
Yes, yes. She had got in some
type of argument with her.
She came to talk to you
because she got in a
fight with Maika Zane?
She just needed to
talk to somebody, so...
I was there for her.
Really nice girl from
what I can remember.
Finally, it took
y'all long enough.
We all had to pee.
Baby, you know I got like
six bathrooms, right?
No cameras back here?
No, no, no. No
cameras back here.
Too many, uh,
extra curricular activities
going on, you know.
You don't want everything
on tape, right?
Let's go back here, come on.
Don't fall in the pool now.
Look at you, chopping it up.
I'm learning.
Look like a pro to me.
Uh, I gotta do a little
quality control over here.
Some product testing,
anybody wants to?
It's the good shit.
Anybody want to go
on a little ski trip?
You look frisky.
Huh, girl?
Why not? Ahem.
See, there we go.
Yeah, be my product tester.
There we go.
How's it feel? Good? Good?
That's good shit.
Little pro.
Can I have another?
Hell, yeah.
It's a buffet.
You guys are too
cool for school, huh?
That's a shame.
You're just fun.
You guys play any
music or anything?
No music.
I'll, uh...
I'll be right back, all right?
Everybody be cool.
Be cool. It's all good.
He's been having
trouble at the office.
Yeah, we need to go.
No, we're, we're good.
We need to go.
Your pants. Put
your pants on, Shay.
Come on, Shay, let's go.
-Go. -No, we're stay...
We're staying.
Shay, come on.
-Shay, stay.
-I'm sorry, I gotta go.
No, I gotta go. I'm
sorry, I'm sorry.
That's incredible.
There you go.
Yeah. Part two.
Why not?
- Mm. Another.
- That's a lot.
Three of the prime suspects
in the Autumn Ryan
This is unbelievable.
You are not "prime suspects."
That was routine questioning.
Dad, it's okay.
A lot of people think that
we had something
to do with this.
And that one account
that was harassing Maika
posted that photo of her
and Julian on the beach.
Trying to make her look
bad. Here, look at this.
No, it's literally
all over media, look.
I'm gonna report them.
See if we can get the
account taken down.
I can't believe someone
would message you like that.
We knew there would
be scrutiny on you.
But that doesn't
change the truth, okay?
People can say what they want.
It's okay. Really.
I was thinking Cameron's
probably behind that account.
You think he's putting
the focus off of himself
by putting it on you?
He has to know we're on to him.
But he doesn't have anything
substantive against us.
We're gonna be okay.
Miami Florida
That's not what I said.
It is!
He was hitting on you.
And you were so drunk
that you called
him a filthy whore.
Well, he was a filthy whore.
Was he not? He was.
She saw. He was.
So sorry, my friend
has terrible aim.
-Oh, little too much to drink?
We've got one of those.
Not nearly enough.
Our fakes got confiscated
at some dive bar
last night, so...
we're relying on the
kindness of strangers.
We could help with that.
Oh, good catch.
Come sit.
So you're, like, an influencer?
Yeah, you could say that.
Cool, cool, cool, cool. Yeah.
Uh, very cool, cool.
You should get into it,
you'd be good at it.
I don't know.
It's cool when a
hot girl posts it,
but when guys do that
shit, it's just...
You think I'm a hot girl?
No, I mean, yes, you are. Uh...
You are so blushing!
You're full of shit.
I'm not, but you might be.
You'd have to be looking
at my cheeks real hard.
See them getting red?
Well, maybe I am.
Oh, we should take a photo.
Guys, take a group
photo, come on.
Get together, get together,
get together. Come on.
Get in, get in. Let's
take a picture. Come on.
Okay. Ready? Together.
Get together.
Cute smile.
Ready? Three, two, one.
Hey, why do my friends
keep texting me
this photo of you with
some guy on vacation?
It was nothing.
Shay came around with a
camera and we just posed.
Have you seen these comments?
There are hundreds of
people accusing of cheating.
One of my best
friends is missing
and this is all
you can focus on?
You have nothing to
say about Autumn?
God, I would never
do that to you.
Why should I even trust you?
Why weren't you answering
my texts messages?
I sent you like a hundred.
It's like you were
avoiding talking to me.
I was enjoying my vacation,
I, I'm sorry I wasn't
glued to my phone.
They were just some random guys
we hung out with on
the beach one night.
Nothing happened.
Sure you can handle another one?
I look like a
lightweight to you?
Just want to make sure I don't
have to carry you home later.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
With her?
Do you know what I do?
Yeah, I recognized
you from 8THAT.
But I prefer girls
who are less into appearances.
Beautiful... Beautiful...
Have you eaten anything today?
Yeah, yeah, I have.
Celery doesn't count.
I'm gonna go grab another pack.
- Need a hand?
- Yeah, sure.
Hard slushies?
Yeah, I think the hardest thing
we're gonna get here
is beer, so I mean,
if you like Corona Cherry...
Sounds good.
Can I make you one?
No, no. I like my
drinks in liquid form.
- Boring. -
Come on.
Hey, hey.
Is my tongue blue yet?
You know, I think
you're supposed to
pay for that first.
Yeah, we're not letting
Shay near any of these.
Yeah, no, she's cut off.
You know, she's been that
way since high school.
Easier to manage.
So you guys have known
each other for a long time.
Especially Autumn.
That makes you
guys really close.
Yeah, it's like...
no matter how different
we became over time
she's still the person
who knew me first.
Who knew me best.
Hey, you.
I need to talk to you.
-Okay, um.. -Uh...
-Cool, I'll just wait here.
I can't believe you would cheat
on your boyfriend with
some guy you just met.
What are you talking about?
Come on, Maika, I just
saw you two making out
through the window!
Oh, no, no, no. He
tried to kiss me,
but I pushed him away.
Nothing happened.
Really? You said
that last time, too.
That was years ago.
It didn't mean anything,
You know, I only did that
to get back at Brandon
for cheating on me first.
And you promised me
you wouldn't tell
anyone about that.
And I didn't.
Just feel like you're toxic.
And maybe this time,
I should tell someone.
Maybe I should tell Brandon
your boyfriend of five years.
Weren't you the
one encouraging me
to cheat on him when
I first got here?
Why are you so upset?
What? Uh...
Why are you all
upon me right now?
God, Maika, that was
obviously a joke.
I'd never actually
tell you to cheat.
So, the idea of me hooking
up with someone on vacation
is fine in theory, except, what?
I saw you talking to Julian.
He's just a boy.
His mom probably still
does his laundry.
Why don't you want
me to call Brandon?
Are you scare to lose him
or are you scared to admit
that you want to lose him?
-Autumn, nothing happened. -Mm.
You have to promise me
that you won't tell
anyone about this.
Three days ago you said
you wanted to break-up with him.
Yeah, because he's moving
halfway across the world.
Not because I'm not
still in love with him.
Autumn, please, please.
We've been going through
a rough patch lately
and this would ruin
everything for me.
Of course.
Of course I won't tell anyone.
Just, I'm worried about you.
Come here.
You're my best friend.
I would never do
anything to hurt you.
The body of Autumn Ryan,
missing for the past two weeks
was found Tuesday
morning in Miami, Florida
after washing up on the shore.
The autopsy has not
been completed yet,
but preliminary reports
say there is evidence
she suffered blunt force
trauma to the head.
Whether she was dead or alive
before entering the water
remains to be seen.
Yo, they know now,
it's on the news.
Stop! stop, stop, stop.
You're not listening,
you're not listening,
you're not listening to me.
Look, the cops are
gonna figure out.
They'll put two
and two together.
They're gonna put
it on me, okay?
I'm not doing jail time
for this, okay, man?
You know I hate action movies.
Why the fuck would you take me
to an action movie for a date?
You don't fucking
understand who I am!
Like, you're such
a fucking prick.
Just relax, relax, okay?
Do not tell a girl
to fucking relax.
I don't get how they keep
getting worse all this.
Just a few more days, baby.
Then we can spend
the next two months
watching gross
college wasted on her
instead of drug lords.
Fuck you.
Keep it.
No, you...
Don't scratch my shit.
-Just leave. -Okay.
Don't forget your
sunscreen, bitch.
I'm headed to drink.
Come on.
No. You're underage,
if they ID you,
none of us will be
able to buy shit.
You can't be alone
for five minutes?
Hey, hey, it's not worth
talking to her like that.
Relax. I'll wait
out here with you.
I mean, how many hands
could they really need
for a bottle of Tito's?
No problem.
You guys don't have to worry.
Seriously, he's just a dumb boy.
I can handle him. All right.
Since when do you vape?
It's just something
I'm trying it out.
Oh, my God, that boy yesterday
so desperate and gross.
Who, Bash? He was sweet.
He had a little crush on you.
God, he was so shy,
it was pathetic.
He's not who I'm into at all.
Well, you were definitely
letting him think
that he had a chance.
Maybe you should ease up a bit.
That's rich coming
from you after Julian.
What happened?
Did, did you cheat on Brandon?
It sure looks like she did.
Check your phones.
Oh, my God.
Maika, what were you thinking?
No, I...
Autumn got the
wrong idea, it's...
It's, it's the angle,
we're not actually kissing.
I would never do that.
I mean,
you can't really
tell from this photo.
Thank you.
I can't believe
you'd take a photo.
I mean, I was shocked, Maika.
You would do the
exact same thing
in my position.
I wanted to make sure
I was seeing clearly.
I need you to delete
that photo now.
Now, I know @iknowwhokilledme
is accusing all of us.
And the comments
are full of people
believing this shit.
It doesn't matter.
All these people
want is attention.
They're profiting off
a missing white girl
by posting all about her and
making empty accusations,
it's sick.
What if it really is Cameron
trying to do this shit, though?
What if he's really
getting through to people?
Well, if it is Cameron,
it only shows how
desperate he's getting.
He doesn't have
anything real on us.
This is getting too dangerous.
We have to tell the police
that we do have an alibi.
Taylor's right.
We can't keep lying.
I'm sorry, Maika.
Brandon's already
getting weirded out
by this whole thing.
The more important thing is
keeping us out of jail, Maika!
No one's going to jail.
The police are gonna figure
out that we've been lying.
We have to tell them the truth.
Am I even?
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
they-they look great.
You almost done, Shay?
I think I've almost got it.
You're copying my makeup.
Do you want my life, too?
You okay?
Maika, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. Yes. Um...
I'm happy for you. Is
it all set up or...
Yeah, I, um, I just
signed the papers today.
Well, um...
When I visit you,
we're gonna have
some fun vacations.
I mean, Spain, God.
I just, um...
I've been meaning to talk to you
about this, about us.
I really,
I really need to think
about whether or not
we should keep doing
this long distance.
I, I, I'm just...
I'm just thinking about what's
best for the both of us, so...
Actually, the girls are
actually just coming in.
-Can I call you back? -Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. You
guys do your thing.
Okay, bye.
-Hey. -Hm.
How's the makeup, be honest?
-Yeah, looks great. -Really?
Are you looking at
it? Like, don't lie.
I'm looking at it with
my eyes, it looks great.
Really? - Yes.
-Thank you. -Yeah.
Um, I just talked to Bash,
him and Julian are coming over.
-You okay? -Yeah.
I just had a really hard
conversation with Brandon.
I'm sorry. What happened?
I'm not ready to talk
about it right now.
We can talk all about
it in the morning.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
Maika! Did you murder
your best friend?
Maika, can we
please have a word?
Guys. Give us some space.
Did you kill Autumn Ryan?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I see you brought a lawyer.
Well, the case has changed
since you last spoke.
I'm sure you understand.
Now that Miss Ryan's
body has been found,
I wanted to speak with
you about everything
that happened that night.
Can you walk me through it?
We spent most of the day
at the beach with Cameron.
He and Autumn had
gotten into some fight.
Then that night she
went out to go see him
and, and then we came back.
He mentioned that she
stopped by that night.
But he said it was
because she needed someone
to confide in after getting
into a fight with you.
That's funny?
We fought about him.
I told her I was worried, but
she didn't want to hear it.
Look, if you go to this guy's
house and search his computer,
you'll find his
security footage.
This guy records everything
that happens in his house.
If something went down
between him and Autumn,
you'll find it.
I'll follow up with him.
Now, I want to talk
more about this.
What happened between the
six of you that night?
Wait, wait, wait, ten
figures, ten figures.
Thank you so much
for inviting me.
I'm having a really good time.
Yeah, me too.
I want it I want
it I want it back
I want it I want
it I want it back
I want it I want
it I want it back
I want it I want
it I want it back
We gonna run it out the back
This would mean nothing
we're moving too fast
When I see going
and coming in last
I want it I want
it I want it back
I want it I want it
I want it back...
So, how did Julian
and Sebastian come by?
Her heart was in
the right place.
It was nice, inviting
the guys over.
She didn't mean to
hurt anyone's feelings.
Yeah, of course
Bash fell in love with
Autumn right away.
Who wouldn't?
She just didn't
like him like that.
And he completely lost it.
You think what
happened between
the two of them was her fault?
You should be looking into
this boy as a suspect.
His behavior was erratic
and uncalled for.
You said that she was
flirting with him all night.
All week. Yes.
Do you think she
led that boy on?
She would never do that.
Why are you posting
photos on your story
of some little boo
fast college fuck boy?
Are you trying to piss me off?
Which boo fast
college fuck boy?
I know a lot of those.
Yeah, he's very nice.
He wouldn't scream
at me like you do.
All right, look, I messed
up, okay? I'm sorry.
Lost my cool. It
won't happen again.
Look, I want to
make it up to you.
Won't you and your little
friends come over tonight?
You can have some fun.
Take a little ski trip.
What if one of your bosses
show up at your door?
Look, I got it
under control, okay?
You don't have to
worry about that.
Okay, bet.
What was the nature of your
relationship with Julian Myers?
We, we were friends.
Barely friends.
I only ever met him like twice.
Barely friends?
Have you seen the way that
people are speculating
about the two of you online?
I don't understand
the relevance here.
We need to be discussing
that other boy.
Nothing happened between us.
Maika... I'm gonna give
you one last chance
to change your story.
There isn't any story to change.
This was posted...
right after you came in today.
I know that you're lying
about your relationship
with that boy.
What else are you lying about?
What do you think
of this photo?
Oh, let me see.
Oh, yeah. You look so cute.
No, I'm fat.
We got to wrap this up.
We're gonna Cameron's.
And he probably
doesn't want you guys
at his house, strangers,
so you should leave.
We're gonna Cameron's?
Yeah, we made-up.
He's got a lot more
shit at his place.
So we'll just go out after.
I'm sorry.
-Come on, let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
Hey, hey. Cameron?
It's just some guy that
I've been hanging out with.
I just... I missed.
If you've been hanging
out with this guy,
why have you been hitting on me?
I didn't mean to give
you the wrong idea,
but I definitely
wasn't hitting on you.
Autumn, you were all over me.
I don't know what
you're talking about,
but I'm not interested.
I'm sorry.
Did you just invite me over here
to make this guy jealous?
You sound insane right now.
Can you just go?
Bash. Hey, man, it's...
No. No, man. No.
She's making it sound like
I'm the crazy one
and I'm not crazy.
She's just being a
fucking bitch, man.
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on. Come on, come on.
You're a psychopath.
What the fuck?
-Oh, my God. My heart. No.
-You okay?
Oh, come on.
No, dude. No.
She doesn't get to make
me feel like this, man.
Let's just go. Sleep it off.
Sleep it off.
Come on, man.
God. Bash.
I just want to
fucking kill her, man.
I don't understand
what the relevance
is to Autumn's death.
-It's okay, all right?
-I'm not okay.
I'm tired of having to
repeatedly defend myself.
a video of the three of you
admitting to lying about
your alibi that night is going
to air on Jess Brower tonight.
I spoke with Mr. Myers
earlier today.
I know that you were with him
when Miss Ryan went missing.
Detective, I-I need a moment
to speak with my client.
I get why you didn't want
to come forward with this,
but you need to let us help you.
Where were you the night
Autumn Ryan was murdered?
So you're telling me that
you believe Maika
Zane is innocent?
She had nothing to do with this.
She had nothing but
love for Autumn.
Now, the girls previously
told law enforcement that
they had been at
their Airbnb in Miami
all night together.
But we recently received
exclusive footage of the girls
admitting on camera that
they were lying
about their alibis.
So how certain can you be that
Maika wasn't off killing her?
I know for a fact
Maika wasn't with
Autumn that night.
How can you be so sure?
Because she was with me.
The whole time?
You'd have to ask her.
Maika, if you want them to think
you didn't do this, you
can't allow yourself
to get upset like that.
They'll just use it against you.
What does my likability
have to do with
whether or not I killed her?
It is different for
us, you know that.
I wish it wasn't that
way, but that's what...
I'm done holding back
how I really feel to make
other people more comfortable.
Autumn's dead and I'm
angry all the time,
but I'm just supposed to
keep that bottled up inside
in a place where no
one else can see it?
It doesn't matter
what the evidence is.
It doesn't matter how bad
things look for Cameron.
What matters is whether
or not I raise my voice?
That's not what I'm
saying, what I'm saying...
I'm tired of swallowing
how I really feel to make
other people like me.
I had gotten in this
huge fight with Autumn.
I was so upset and stressed out
and... I wanted to
blow off some steam.
And you told me that you
might want to break up
and I didn't know
what was happening
in our relationship.
I wish it hadn't
happened this way,
but I wanted this relationship
to end for a long time.
And that's it?
Yeah... that's it.
Can I talk to you?
What's up? -Um...
Well, I-I-I was just thinking...
Bash was talking about
how he felt like there
was something going on
between the two of you
and, but there there
wasn't anything going on.
And I-I-I was, I was
just wondering...
Well, I was, I was,
I was thinking...
Taylor... what are
you trying to say?
You sound like you're
having a stroke right now.
I just want to make sure
that I haven't been
imagining things.
What the hell.
Is it the way that I talk?
Am I flirting with
everyone or something?
I'm sorry.
I don't like girls... Taylor.
I'm not interested in you.
Why would you think that I was?
I'm sorry.
It's-it's-it's-it's my fault.
-I... -Uh-huh.
I-I don't know why.
So stupid...
Wait, Autumn, um,
please don't tell anyone
what just happened.
Not even Shay and Maika.
I-I-I have, like,
this whole plan for
how I want to come out, okay?
I'm, I'm not ready.
Please don't tell anyone.
I won't.
God, you're so exhausting.
Afraid of everything.
Obsessed with what
people think of you.
Who would ever
love you like that?
So, what did you
need to tell us?
Brandon and I broke up.
If I'm being
completely honest...
it didn't look like you were
happy with him for a long time.
I just need to speak to you.
Yeah, it's gonna
be okay right now.
Let's just try to get
our mind out of...
Maika Zane?
You're under arrest for
the murder of Autumn Ryan.
What the hell are you doing?
Maika, why did you
kill Autumn Ryan?
Shay, get my dad.
You know my dad's a lawyer.
I know my rights.
You can't arrest someone
under speculation.
I have an alibi.
An alibi from the night
Miss Ryan disappeared
it's not the same thing
as an alibi from the night
she was killed.
And we had physical
evidence against you.
A vape pen belonging
to Miss Ryan was
found in the Airbnb
you girls shared.
It contained Maika's
fingerprints in Autumn's blood.
Looks like someone
tried to wipe it clean
but they didn't do a great job.
But her vape wasn't
at the Airbnb
when we checked out.
She, she took it with
her when she left.
Cameron is setting us up.
You have to check
that security footage.
He filmed everything that
happened in that house.
Security footage found
in Mr. Crouse's computer
didn't contain any
evidence that Miss Ryan
was even there the
day she disappeared.
What are you talking about?
She left us to go
there. She was there.
Maika. Maika, I'm
gonna figure this out.
If you're ready, I want
to tell your story.
Cameron's friend brought up
a table at a club in town,
going there for free drinks.
Are you kidding?
We're worried about
you, with him.
We're gonna be home
in like two days.
What's the big deal?
Cameron just seems
like he could be...
Look, and I know you feel like
you have something to prove.
Don't make me sorry for
including you, Shay.
You've built your whole
personality around
trying to look like me.
Talk like me.
Be me.
You jealous we're not sleeping
with the same guy too?
Autumn, stop it!
What the hell is wrong with you?
If you're so desperate
to copy someone,
maybe try someone
who looks a little
more like you.
You might have
more luck that way.
Back off.
That is way over the line.
Autumn was way out of
line for what she said.
I can't even be mad.
Everything she said was true.
All I've ever wanted
was to be just like her.
She's being cruel.
She's not worth it.
She's not worth any of this.
But this isn't new.
Sometimes she loves you...
and then sometimes she doesn't.
But you stick around,
because no matter
how bad it feels
when she's against you...
it feels so good...
when she's on your side.
But I'll never be good enough.
You're more than enough.
Oh, here she comes.
Maika. Maika.
Honey, I am so sorry
we got you out on bail
as soon as we could.
It's okay. I'm okay.
Listen, this is all just
circumstantial evidence, okay?
They can't prove anything.
They're just trying to get
you to confess to something
you didn't do.
Don't talk to them
unless I'm in the room,
they know that.
And I'm glad you're okay.
I'm gonna go talk
to the detective
for a moment, okay?
Just put that photo on her show.
If the public thinks
you're innocent,
maybe the police will, too.
Look, we're gonna prove
they're innocent, okay?
And we're gonna
talk to Stanford,
and we're gonna
get your spot back.
-Do not worry... -Guys.
I'm okay. Really.
We're gonna prove
Cameron did this,
and I know exactly how to do it.
Come on.
We need to talk about Shay.
If you guys aren't gonna
come, I'll just go by myself.
It-it's not about that.
She's really hurt.
You need to talk to her.
I'm not gonna say I'm
sorry if she's not sorry.
If she wants to talk it out
so bad, where is she now?
Where is she now?
You humiliated her.
She's your friend.
She's done nothing
but support you.
And this is how you repay her?
By torturing her to
boost your own ego?
If that's your
definition of torture,
you need to grow up.
Maybe I should help
you out with that.
Nothing makes you grow
up like a good breakup.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Why do you care so much
about convincing the people
I'm closest to that I
cheated on my boyfriend?
I need you to admit that
you're not any better than I am.
What? What do you mean?
Hey, what's going on?
She just tried to
send that photo of me
and Julian kissing to Brandon.
Mean it, Maika. You wanted
to break up with him,
so you cheated on
him to get out of it.
There's nothing wrong
with doing what you want
for once.
-Own it. -Autumn.
You're fucked up for
trying to send that photo
out to Brandon.
Maybe I am,
and you're fucked up
for trying to kiss me.
And Shay's fucked up
for starving herself
to look like me.
Maika's fucked up for
cheating on her boyfriend,
Fuck you.
I'm gonna go to Cameron's.
Since Autumn left her
Airbnb to go to your house,
Miss Zane and her
friends are adamant that
we would find evidence
of your wrongdoing
on the security tapes
on inside your home.
Do you have any idea
what they thought we would find?
You know, I have no idea.
It's a shame they said that,
but they probably just assumed
because of all the cameras.
They just assumed?
Why do you have so many cameras?
You know...
it's kind of embarrassing,
but I used to be
really paranoid.
I thought someone would come in
and hurt me or steal my stuff,
but, uh, it's never happened.
So I guess it is
kind of pointless.
Did anything strange ever occur
that was captured on camera
while the girls were
at your apartment?
Anything that might
implicate you or anyone else?
No. No.
Nothing that I can think of.
Are you sure about this?
Cameron's bullshit.
There's no way he deleted
that footage from that night.
It has to still be there.
Hey, Jess.
We're ready to talk.
Taylor, it's okay.
We don't care if you're queer.
If she could out me so casually,
so easily to the two of you,
who else could you tell
if she felt like it?
Our school? Our friends?
My parents.
She's my friend.
I was struggling and
I went to my friend.
We don't have to
put up with Autumn.
No friend would
treat you like that.
She could send that
photo to Brandon
whenever she wants.
No, no, no. Screw her.
She doesn't get to do this.
We have to go over
there and tell her that
we're done with her, for good.
That would give her every
reason to turn around
and tell everyone
what she knows about.
Do you think she's the only one
who has shit over someone?
As if we don't have everything
we need to ruin her life too?
How well do you think her
future as an influencer
is gonna go when
it comes out that
she's been doing coke with
her drug dealing boyfriend?
What brand will sponsor
anything she touches?
She's toxic as fuck.
Wait, do you have proof of that?
She films everything.
Did you?
Oh, my God.
We're going over
there right now.
She doesn't get to
hold shit over us.
Not anymore.
Anything? -Mnh-mnh.
No, he's not here.
How do we get in?
Maika, what are you doing?
When we find the tape,
no one's gonna care we broke in.
Is he in there?
Come on, I'm gonna
go over there.
-Shay, go upstairs. -Okay.
They're not here.
They probably went out already.
We could wait for them.
Let's just go to bed.
We shouldn't have come here.
We can talk to
her in the morning
when we've calmed down.
Yeah, you're right.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Any one of these videos
can send Cam to jail.
Oh, my God.
I got him.
We're on in five.
You ready?
It's ridiculous, right?
They come at me
with all this shit
then they get mad
when I defend myself?
Like, what the fuck.
Baby, it's okay.
You don't need them.
- Not being a bitch...
- No, no, no.
Of course you're not.
I never really liked your
friends anyway, honestly.
But... you know, it might
make you feel better.
Just a little tiny bump.
Just one.
They're so uptight
about this too.
Like it's not a big deal.
They shouldn't be judging
you for that shit.
That's messed up.
They don't trust
me with you either.
They think you're dangerous.
Why do they think that?
Well, you have been
getting in a lot of trouble
at work lately.
I'm not getting in
trouble at work, okay?
-Hm. -I can handle myself.
Don't worry about me.
You can handle yourself?
So when your boss comes
pounding down your door
because you're
snorting the cocaine
that you're supposed
to sell to make money
that you owe them, that's
you handling yourself?
You think you could
ever get any of this
doing what you do?
You think this was easy?
You're just another basic bitch
from the middle
of nowhere, okay?
And you're just another addict
drug dealer who owes his boss
thousands because he can't
stop himself from getting
high off his own supply.
Yeah? At least I don't
have to sell naked photos
of myself on the Internet
to pay my fucking rent.
You should be grateful
I haven't noticed you.
Noticed you.
What's so fuckin' funny?
Oh, I see you.
You're small, weak OCD freak.
Shut the fuck up.
Hey, bro, I need you to meet...
I need you to meet me somewhere.
I'll call you back.
Just meet me there, bro.
For those who are
just tuning in,
we just received
exclusive video footage
of Cameron Crouse
assaulting Autumn Ryan
on the night of
her disappearance.
Girls, what do you have
to say about all this?
We think Cameron
tried to frame us
to frame me.
We wish Autumn had never gone
to see Cameron that night.
We wish we had a
chance to see her again
and to tell her how
much we loved her.
Thank you for sharing
such a vital piece
of evidence with us.
It's a shame that
we lost such a kind
and beloved young woman.
Thank you for giving
us the opportunity
to clear our names.
Let's go.
We need to back...
No, y'all not serious.
You know, when the detective
mentioned that footage,
I knew you guys would be here.
How stupid do you think I am?
You three know you're not
walking out of here, right?
We saw the tape. We
know what you did.
You don't know shit.
I can say, you're in
way over your head.
Okay, here. Here, here.
We won't tell
anyone what we saw.
I'm gonna bend down
and pick that up,
and you're not gonna
do fucking shit.
-Got it? -Mm-hmm.
Hey, Cam.
What would your boss do if
you lost this kilo, huh?
Hey, hey, be cool, okay?
You guys win. You
guys win. Just...
You know, I heard
this shit tastes
better with whiskey.
Just, just, just leave.
Just leave. Just let it go.
-Let it go? -Just let it go.
No, no, no, no...
No, no, no!
Okay, okay. Okay.
After Cameron Crouse's arrest,
I would like to apologize
to you girls forever
suggesting that you may
have had something to do
with this horrific crime.
And Maika, I'm so glad
that all the charges
were dropped against you.
I know it's gonna take a very
long time for you to recover
from all of this.
Thank you for saying that, Jess.
We're just grateful the truth
has finally come to the light.
Get me the latest on that
missing girl from Colorado.
- Please. - Dad.
-Are you okay? -Yeah.
Did he hurt you?
Are you guys okay?
What happened?
That night...
I slept with Julian.
I didn't check the back porch.
It's fine. We can talk
to her in the morning.
Sleep on it. Maika? Ugh.
What the hell are
you guys doing here?
Did you follow me?
You made us think that
we could trust you,
and then you turned around
and used all our
shit against us.
You're judgmental.
You think you're better
than everyone else?
Autumn, we're done with you.
Speak for yourself.
You may not care about
hiding who you really are.
Do you really think our
food challenge friend
would be stoked if
her five followers
knew how much she hated herself?
Do you really think that
your 500,000 would be excited
to find out that you snort coke
with your drug dealer boyfriend?
What are you talking about?
Oh, Autumn.
There we go.
Look at that. She's alive.
We've been friends
for a long time.
We have shit on you too.
Gotcha. You're so pathetic.
You're always so clingy,
so desperate for
attention, and so sad.
I felt bad for you, so I
let you into the group.
But I shouldn't have.
You're nothing.
Enough. Stop.
You'll hate me. Fine.
We've been friends a long time.
I know you better than anyone.
And that's how I know
that we're the same.
You can get rid of me,
but I will always
be a part of you.
A part of you who has to
let herself get angry.
Part of you that
doesn't want to worry
about being so fuck like a boy.
I hope when you look in the
mirror, you think of me.
Get off of her.
Are you okay?
No, no, no, no.
Autumn, wake up.
Autumn, wake up, please.
I-I didn't, I didn't mean to.
I was just trying to
get her off of you.
- We're all gonna be fine.
- We're all gonna be fine?
- I just. I just...
- No, no, no.
Listen, listen, listen.
I've learned a lot
from watching my dad
work over the years.
All we need to do is make
it look like someone else
is more guilty than us.
We all had problems with her.
She probably told
Cameron everything.
We can make him look
like it was Cameron.
He obviously already hit her.
We can point the
cops, and they'll see
how violent he was with her.
After everything he did to her,
he deserves everything
that's coming to him.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are you sure about this?
It was, it was an
accident. It'll be okay.
It doesn't matter if it
was an accident or not.
What about alibis?
We can go to Julian
and Sebastian's.
Julian wanted to hook up.
You all can hang out and
and we'll all have alibis.
What about Brandon?
You know, you cheat on him?
We have to.
No one would think that
I was killing someone
while I was sleeping
with someone else.
The system wasn't built for us,
and if we don't do
anything to stop this...
we'll be the ones who
will go down for this.
Are you okay?
It's just sad you don't have
that much time left together.
Don't say that. I don't
want to think about that.
Okay, we're on vacation.
I'm a bad girl
I do bad things
I'm a bad girl you
can't handle me
I'm a bad girl
I do bad things
I'm a bad girl you
can't handle me
I got a big old
trap that's Gucci
Wreck your fan
with a rat's booty
It's going anywhere
you wanna move it
Have you thought
how you wanna do it
It's all about
the money baby
This bitty gonna
drive you crazy
I deliver like a mail lady
I don't really like
to say I'm crazy
I don't know what
you're saying to me
I'm drunk and I'm
buzzing like a bumblebee
I blackout but I'm back
now I don't backdown
Better get your girl
before she gets smack down
I got a boy here
friendship thick
She can ride it like
she ridin' a stick
Gonna show you what
you're working with
She can throw
that thing on me
I'm a bad girl
I do bad things
I'm a bad girl you
can't handle me
I'm a bad girl
I do bad things
I'm a bad girl you
can't handle me
Independent bitch with
a slow chalky face
If your man keep starin'
at me he gonna get a taste
If I don't have no haters
I'm not doing my job
You chicas keep on clappin'
'Cause I'm never
gonna stop, oh!
I don't know what
you're sendin' me
I'm drunk and I wasn't
like a bumblebee
I blackout but I'm back
now I don't backdown
Better get your girl
before she gets smack down
I got a boy here
friendship thick