What Happens Later (2023) Movie Script

Good afternoon
and welcome, travelers,
one and all.
BILL: Call me
when you get this.
Okay, we'll count to three,
apologize at the same time
and make believe
yesterday never happened.
They got me changing flights
in some little
regional airport.
Hey, I love you.
And I'm so sorry I'm gonna
miss tomorrow morning,
but call me back. All right?
Attention, travelers,
for information regarding
your connections,
please consult
the flight board.
Thank you
for your kind attention.
-BILL: Flight board.
Flight board.
Flight board. Flight board.
Hi. Happy Leap Day.
I'm looking
for my connection. Uh...
We were rerouted through, um,
wherever it is we are.
And then, the other thing
I could use,
I could use a little power.
I'm all out of that.
planning and preparing,
what goes into that?
What can you do in advance
of a storm like this
to really keep those roads
as safe as possible?
ANNOUNCER: A gentle reminder
from the Department
of Homeland Security.
Your safety is our priority.
Your well-being
is our priority.
-BILL: This music.
Wake up, kids
We got the dreamer's disease
Age fourteen
Due to weather conditions,
all flights
are subject to change.
Please check
updated departure times.
Man. Oh, man.
Well, if it isn't the one
and only W. Davis.
If it isn't the only other one
and only W. Davis.
What are the chances?
Of us having the same name?
-No? What then?
Of us running
into each other...
-...like this.
Those chances were
really good, actually.
-How do you figure that?
Because it is Leap Day
and it is a magical day,
and things like that happen.
Hello, Wilhelmina.
Hello, William.
Attention, travelers...
So, uh, we, uh,
we have an extra day.
An extra what?
WILLA: We got an extra day
because of
the whole Leap Year.
-How have you been?
-Oh, for the last
-twenty years you mean?
-Yeah, more even.
Twenty-five maybe.
Imposs... Oh, no,
that's impossible.
I know. We've missed,
like, six leap days.
Still good with the math.
-Yes, that's me.
You look good.
You look... You look the same.
You look like you.
More like you
than you used to.
-If that makes...
-the one and only W. Davis.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-This place, huh?
-Look at this.
-It's busy.
-It's so, just, like...
-Busy, busy, busy.
-...so busy right now.
My flight here
was packed, too.
-Was it really? It was packed?
-Yeah, yeah.
-Today... No.
-No? Empty, huh?
-Not packed. Not packed at all.
-No. Not empty either.
-Wow! Empty?
On the empty side-ish?
-Ish. Empty-ish.
-Yeah. Okay.
-Oh, God. Uh-oh.
Do you hear us right now?
I think so.
Yeah, we're making
It's small talk. I mean,
small talk is handy.
No, no, we never used
to have to do that, Bill.
-We didn't?
-What's the alternative?
-Large talk,
truthful discourse.
Saying what we really think.
-Bad idea.
-Good point.
That's a good point.
I guess, um, what I meant
was that, uh, we used to...
We used to make fun
of the small talkers.
We did? I don't remember that.
Yeah, I remember that.
It's like that's what we did.
I guess we thought
we were saying like,
super important things
to each other or something.
Like why is
Soundgarden playing
only four dates
in Green Bay, dude?
-The travesty.
-Yeah, like that.
-Just like that.
The Soundgarden travesty.
-BILL: Hmm.
And now I don't know
what to say now that I...
-The small talk.
-Hey, uh, W. Davis.
Are you on a trip
or on a journey?
Um, trip or what?
On this extra magical day,
are you on a trip
or on a journey?
You gotta remind me
of the difference again.
Okay, so a trip is,
um, when you try
to reach a destination,
and a journey is when
you're trying to reach a goal.
Like, um, serenity
or like mindful awareness.
Mine is definitely a trip.
-So, very nice to see you.
-Nice to see you.
You have a connecting flight.
I have a connecting flight.
-Have a great flight.
-You have a good flight.
-Exceptional to see you.
Bye now.
ANNOUNCER: Attention,
all travelers,
travel restrictions
have been imposed.
Please check the flight board
in the main concourse
for connecting gate changes,
expedited departures
and delays.
-Main concourse, this way.
Here we go.
Here we go. This way.
-You okay? You're limping.
Oh, it's just a, you know,
it's a little thing
with my hip.
What little thing?
Old people-ness.
Right? Arthritis.
At 49, I have to say,
I'm really surprised
-I have it.
-49, huh?
-Yeah. Uh-huh.
-Willa, we're the same age.
That's right.
And you, you've moved well
into your 50s by now, right?
-You just pulled over at 49?
-Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-Just stopped the clock.
-Yeah, sure.
I've been 49 forever,
and ever, and ever.
-Wow. Lucky you.
I feel like I've been
in my 50s
-since my 20s.
-Oh, my God. That is so true.
You don't have
to agree with me.
I never thought
of it that way.
-That's exactly right.
-I have the same complaints...
-You've been in your 50s
since you were 20.
...my dad had
when he was in his 50s.
Which are what?
My boss is half my age
and I don't understand
a word he says.
He's speaking
in a different language.
Generation gap,
blah, blah, blah.
Oh, yeah.
Techno, blah, blah, blah.
No, it's more like
a emo techno.
-Emo techno.
"though we honor your truth,
"we feel it best
to table your concerns,
"uh, at the moment,
"but please know that
we are curating
"a safe space for you."
-Fuck you.
What does that even mean?
It means no.
It means they can't say no.
All that means no.
"Young Kevin,
I invite you to say no
"because your trying not
to offend me offends me."
Ugh! Stupid Kevin.
I hate that.
Also, I was diagnosed
with anticipatory anxiety.
-Is that a real thing?
-Yeah, it's a real thing.
Oh, it sounds like
a pretend thing.
I got real meds for it.
-Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
-Uh-oh, what?
Yeah. That sounds
incredibly serious then.
It is serious.
I worry about everything.
I worry about what's
gonna happen.
I worry about what's
not gonna happen.
Oh, like, what'll happen
if your flight
doesn't get out?
-What if you're stuck here
talking to me for hours...
Worried about
that most of all.
Right now, for instance,
I'm worried that we're lost.
Yeah, probably.
So it seems like
maybe we made a big circle.
Big figure eight or something.
Attention, for updates
check the middle
of the concourse.
-Let's maybe...
-Oh, go this way.
Where's your plane headed?
Boston. My friend Ginny.
Remember Ginny?
-No. Oh, well...
She's splitting up
with her husband,
who is a divorce attorney,
and they've got three dogs.
And apparently, pets can
retain counsel now.
So, it is so messy.
Pets have lawyers now?
Yeah, yeah.
The world's kinda mad, Bill.
Well, you know
what they say about a dog
that represents
herself in court.
-She has a bitch for a client.
You know, because that's like,
they say anybody that
represent themself
in court has a fool
for a client.
-No, I don't get it.
-It's a play on it.
Nothing's funnier
than explaining a joke.
-So let me continue to go on.
-Well, it's lost on me.
Anyway, I'm going there to do
a, uh, a cleansing ceremony.
-Oh, hello.
-How about that?
I bet you missed this.
I remember that rainstick.
-A little hit of magic.
And I know
you thought or you think
it's all woo-woo bullshit,
but it still makes
a lot more sense to me
-than the stock market.
-I'm not a stockbroker.
WILLA: When the world goes
to hell, the market goes up.
-What's that?
-Tension is good for business.
That is my line.
You just said my line.
-Really? Why?
"Tension is good for business"
is my line
because I'm a masseuse.
Oh, that's what you do now?
You massage people?
I say it all the time. Yeah.
Tension's good for business.
I do sound baths,
-chakra clearing.
-Oh. Sound baths.
Yeah, I'm a wellness
in the healing arts.
I think that's really great
that you never went
like totally mainstream.
-You stayed on the outside.
-Oh, yeah. Out of the box.
-You weren't a cog.
-No cog.
ANNOUNCER: Attention,
Atlanta and Miami passengers,
please report immediately
to designated gates
for your on time departure.
All other departure times
are pending.
It sounds like they're
trying to get a few planes
-out before the storm hits.
-Yeah. I guess.
I... I... gotta get out.
I got a meeting.
Infant Kevin is just dying
for a reason to fire me.
Oh, you've got a meeting.
Well, I bet these guys
all have meetings too.
-Don't point.
-The Executive Diamond Elite.
Don't point at people.
They board right
before the Nobel Laureates
-so they have enough time...
-Don't point with
the rainstick either.
-...to get their problems...
-Please, Willa, stop.
Don't point
with the rainstick.
(CHUCKLES) ...into
the overhead bin.
See, this behavior right here,
-this behavior?
This is exactly
why I loved you.
(CHUCKLES) No, it's not.
-It is.
It's also why we broke up.
What? What?
What was that?
Well, I always wondered
why you left.
-No, you didn't.
We talked about it all
before I left Madison.
We sat in the back booth
at Morty's over our fries
and beers,
and we were very mature,
very civilized about it.
Did a whole postmortem.
Come on. You know that's true.
When people break up,
there's the thing that
they tell each other.
There's that thing
they tell their friends.
And then...
And then there's the truth.
Which you never told me.
And I never told you.
Everything's pending.
Okay. So, my behavior. Really?
-Really? My behavior.
That's the reason we broke up?
Right. Okay.
So basically, my personality.
Not the same thing.
-Basically my personality.
-Okay, yes.
Yeah. Well, that's,
this is not at all
how I imagined our reunion.
Oh, you imagined this?
Yeah. What? You think we'd go
the rest of our lives
and never see
each other again? Really?
You didn't see me earlier?
-BILL: Huh.
-No reason.
-Oh, my God.
Attention, travelers,
do not leave
your items unattended.
Those items will be
by security personnel
and destroyed.
-Oh, really, destroyed?
Do not leave
your personal items
-Hey. Hey!
We can't leave
our personal items unattended.
Rules is rules.
What, so you're just...
you're not gonna sit
-close to me?
-I didn't want to, you know...
-Get too close.
-Well, invade
your personal space.
I just wanted to...
I recommend biting off
more than you can chew
To anyone
Anyone, I certainly do
So, where in Boston
are you going?
The old part, I guess.
Ginny says
she has mature trees.
-You've never been?
Where are you going
on your trip?
-You are not.
Yeah, it's my own fault.
I demanded
a good, old-fashioned,
face-to-face with baby Kevin,
and he said, "Yes.
But remember this, Bill,
"and this is not a reference
to the extreme difference
"in our ages or should not be
interpreted as ageism.
"But you got to level up,
What is stupid Kevin
even talking about?
I don't know. And if you do
what you always do,
you get what you always get.
Well, okay, well,
that's pretty wise, actually.
It's Tony Robbins.
From Tony Robbins,
the self-help guy.
-Who was born on Leap Day.
Don't ask me how I know that.
-How do you know that?
-I took a seminar. (LAUGHS)
-It was mandatory, though.
I had to.
You ever been to Austin?
I have not.
Well, be careful
down there, Bill.
It's full of people
with my stinky personality.
-You live in Austin?
Of course, you live in Austin.
Where do you live now?
Wall Street?
-Yeah, right on the street.
Yeah, right underneath
the statue of the bull.
-Yes. Yes.
-No, nobody lives there.
I live in Boston.
North of Boston actually.
In the woods.
-In the woods, huh?
What happened
to all your poetry?
-You still writing poetry?
-Oh, yeah, poetry, right?
-That's a viable profession
for a 21st century male.
-All right, so forget...
-Raking in the bucks.
Forget poetry, no money in it.
(CHUCKLES) Well...
How about your songs?
You still writing songs?
Well, I...
You remember my songs?
Of course,
I remember your songs.
-Oh, my God. Of course, I do.
Yeah. Believe me...
(CHUCKLES) I do what I can.
I smoke a lot of pot,
but I still can't
forget anything.
Not a single thing.
I would have thought
you'd forgotten everything
-about us, Willa.
-Oh, no.
(CHUCKLES) I... I remember
everything. Everything.
All your big pronouncements.
"Trust the poets,
not the politicians."
-I didn't say that.
-Yes, you did.
-No, I didn't.
-You absolutely did. You did.
JFK said that,
and then I said it.
-Okay. JFK said it first.
-All right.
-"A man's word is his bond."
-I did say that. I said that.
-I don't think I made it up...
-You used to say that...
-...but I said it.
-...all the time.
-I did. I said that a lot.
-And I believed it.
Why are you shaking your head?
Because I thought you were
a man of your word.
-I am. How am I not?
-You left with no explanation.
-What was Morty's?
Okay. So from one thing,
you misremembered,
-you blow that up.
Now that's
my whole personality,
I'm untrustworthy,
period, with a capital "U."
Yes, exactly. I just put
two and two together.
Oh, did you? And got what, 87?
You always sucked
at math, Willa.
Attention, travelers,
please check your connections.
You left. You let go.
Why do you say it like that?
Why do you laugh like that?
What are you laughing about?
...coming up
around the bend
-Shut up.
Not you. Sorry.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, what?
Ooh! They're saying
this could be bad.
Unbelievably bad.
The storm of the century.
Yeah, we're barely
into this century.
So what, you think
we're going to blow
a whole century's worth
of snow in one night?
It's possible.
Any catastrophic weather event
is possible these days.
Where you been?
Oh, God.
Well, no. They're saying that
the full brunt might miss us,
and there could be
a window later on
where they get
a few flights out.
Guess what? I asked Ginny...
-...to throw the I Ching
for this trip,
and you want to know
the answer she got back
from the universe?
Not especially.
"Deep waters in the heavens.
"You must endure this dangling
and submit to the fates."
"Endure this dangling."
"And submit to the fates."
Now, I remember Ginny.
Oh, is that oil of newt?
You could use it.
It relaxes you.
Oh, look at that.
You need something?
-A quarter.
-A quarter?
Do they still have payphones?
I honestly don't know.
You don't have a phone?
No, of course...
Of course, you don't
have a phone.
Of course, I have a phone.
Goddamnit. Of course,
I have a phone, but it's dead
and none
of the outlets worked.
And now I can't find
my charger.
So, I'm officially
a woman with no power.
Here. Use mine.
1127. That's the passcode.
Oh, hey. 1127, huh?
-That's my birthday.
-Is it?
1127. (CHUCKLES)
That's my birthday.
It's also an IRS form.
My company liquefies
damaged assets,
so I file a lot of 1127s.
Oh, boy.
You still do that thing.
You do that thing
whenever you're, uh, worried,
or you don't know
how to talk about something.
What are you doing?
I don't do that.
-I don't know what you're...
-You do. You do.
What are you worried about?
I'm just waiting
to hear from my daughter,
that's all.
Oh. Wow. Your daughter.
Happy for you.
I've left her, like,
four messages,
and she... she hasn't
answered me yet, so.
Did you text her, too?
Yeah. Yeah, I, I just...
I just need to hear from her.
-How old?
-She's 15. She's a good kid.
But Beth-Anne, my wife, uh...
We're... We're having a...
We're going through a...
-WILLA: Yeah.
-Yeah, a thing.
I just really need to hear
from my daughter.
I bet you're a terrific dad.
No. No, not lately, I'm not.
I bet you are.
Did you apologize?
Sort of. I sent a text, so.
So you're halfway there.
-Contrition, confession...
-Halfway where?
The Sacrament
of Reconciliation
has four steps.
Willa, I can't hear
this lightweight, new-age
bullshit right now.
Oh, come on, W. Davis.
We got to do the work.
You have to do the work.
Otherwise, nothing changes.
Tony Robbins is right,
and then where are we?
Willa, it was... it was
really nice to see you,
but I've got a meeting
I got to prep for.
-I gotta send some emails.
-Oh, yeah, of course.
I really hope things work out
with your friend in Boston.
-Thank you, Bill.
-And I wish that
we could... we could
talk it all over again.
As do I. As do I.
-It'd be really nice, but...
-My deepest desire.
There's not enough time
to revisit the past.
-Not enough time.
-There's never enough time.
ANNOUNCER: Attention,
passengers holding tickets
on Boston flight 394
and Austin flight 279,
due to weather conditions,
those two flights
have been delayed
until further notice.
-Just those two flights?
-Just us?
- That's unbelievable.
-ANNOUNCER: Do not leave
the gate area.
The situation could change
at any moment.
-WILLA: Ugh!
I'm gonna grab some coffee.
I need it.
Uh, can you watch...
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-...my stuff for a minute?
Thank you.
ANNOUNCER: Please see
a gate agent
if you have
any additional questions.
I have so many questions.
BILL: Ugh!
Bill's phone.
Uh, no, he just stepped away.
Who's this?
Oh, Beth-Anne.
(CHUCKLES) Hi, it's Willa.
An old friend from Madison.
Yes, 1,000 years ago.
Um, we just bumped
into each other
changing planes.
There's snow delays, so, uh...
Should I have him... Okay.
Sure. I'll tell him.
BILL: Cream and two sugars.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you. (CHUCKLES)
-You're a good egg, W. Davis.
You're a good egg.
That's what my mother used
to always say about you.
"That William Davis
is a really, really good egg."
I always liked your mom.
Somebody had to.
BILL: Hmm.
You put cinnamon in here?
Yeah, I remembered
you liked it if they have it.
And they had it, so.
What's that?
-You hear that?
Rock and roll was church.
It was rhythm, not algorithm.
It used to have
blood running through it.
Now it's just
a fucking T-shirt.
It's a sad, sad,
bloody T-shirt.
Yeah. That happened
on our watch, Willa.
That happened while
we were not paying attention.
Oh, yeah?
Well, what other lousy things
happened on our watch?
Gun violence,
ubiquity of plastics,
the demise
of print journalism.
-Anything good?
-I'm thinking.
There have definitely been
good developments.
-Like what?
-It's undeniable.
(CHUCKLES) That's it?
That's what you got?
Deny Instacart for one second.
You can't.
What else? What else?
The many advances
in sports medicine.
-Hate speech.
-Farm to table.
-There's always been war.
Does not make it right.
-Inclusion of what?
-Exclusion. Cancel culture.
-Black Lives Matter.
-The Internet.
-The Internet?
Yeah. The Internet.
-Internet. Internet. Internet.
-Internet. The Internet.
-Are you agreeing with me?
-No, Internet bad.
-Yes, you are.
-Internet bad.
Electric cars. Vegan options.
They're all good, Bill.
(GASPS) Are you plugging
your ears about me?
-WILLA: Are you doing that?
Oh, still a music snob.
Oh, geez.
Remember you used
to hide my CDs
when our friends came over?
Hey! When our friends
came over,
you used to hide my CDs.
One CD. One time.
The Partridge Family
Christmas album.
(CHUCKLES) And I did that
to spare you the humiliation.
Oh, so my taste in music
was humiliating?
-Oh, yeah? To who?
-To you.
-No, not to me. To you.
To me. And to you.
I can't. I can't.
I can't take it.
-I'm sorry. I...
-You can't...
-I can't take it.
I got to get away
from that speaker.
-All right. Okay. Okay.
-I got to go.
Okay. Wait. Here. Here.
-Where are you going?
-I'm gonna go with you.
-Oh, okay.
-Here, hold this.
How I end up carrying
your stuff, I will never know.
Oh, more like
taking my stuff, actually.
No, no, more like
taking our stuff.
What is that supposed to mean?
You left
with our record player.
-Remember that?
-It was mine. I paid for it.
WILLA: You said you bought it
for us. That's the truth.
You know,
looking back, W. Davis,
I don't know
how good you were at sharing.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, I can't
believe you said that.
-Why? What? Why?
-I had to share you.
-What? Who?
-I had to share you.
-Man, oh, man.
-That got said.
-Yeah, it got said.
Yeah. I'm gonna
pretend it didn't.
-Remember the Pixies?
-Oh, you really are
-gonna pretend.
-Yeah, uh...
Remember the Pixies
at the Field House in Madison?
Yeah, we sat in the front row.
Yeah, same weekend
you got your tattoo.
The following, but okay.
-You were out of control.
-Was I?
Yeah. Yeah.
You were just, like,
-dancing like a wild man.
Singing at the top
of your lungs.
Man, that doesn't
seem like me.
Yeah, that was you.
Remember you?
-I miss that guy.
-Remember you, W. Davis?
Back when you weren't worried.
BILL: I see why you're
still so bad with numbers.
BILL: You keep them
in your shoe.
Just the ones
I have to remember.
-Oh! (SIGHS)
That's... fuck.
Hey, um, let's...
Do you wanna
do that wallet game?
-What? No. What?
We, uh, trade wallets.
That's the fastest way
to catch up with somebody.
-I don't remember that.
-Yeah, yeah.
-That's the fastest way.
-We have phones now.
Yeah, but it's just
so much better than a phone.
How's a wallet better
than a phone?
You can't erase
the search history.
-BILL: Hmm.
-What's the worst
that could happen?
-Oh, don't ask me
questions like that.
Come on, W. Davis. Come on.
Okay. All right.
Oh, these are. They are?
-Song lyrics.
-Uh, we can put over there.
-Okay, uh...
I don't know how you do this.
You always take
such incredible
driver's license pictures,
and I always look like
I just went camping.
(CHUCKLES) You do. Look.
-I totally do.
But you were always fun
to camp with.
You know, it's nice to see
your first name here.
You know that you're
the only one
I ever let call me that?
Yeah? Wilhelmina.
What are you looking
for in there?
Photos of the kids,
the family, the dog.
Oh, no, no. You're not
gonna find them in there.
-They're not in there.
-No? What?
-No. No, they're not. Um...
Lonestar consumer polling.
What is...
I'll just take that.
Thank you so much.
And, oh, hey.
-Is that Beth-Anne?
Really? She's, um...
She's very sensible.
-Very sensible.
-Is that your daughter?
-That's Rose. Yeah.
Wow. Wow. She is a beauty.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, she takes after you.
Well, she's my hands free,
heart open.
She's decided
she wants to be a dancer,
which worries me.
Dancing worries you?
I can't believe there are
no kids here, you know?
Yeah, well, I'm part
of a lot of families, Bill.
But your own. I know
how badly you wanted that.
Right. But it just wasn't
in the cards, so.
That's how I've imagined you
all these years.
Home schooling your kids,
-living off the grid...
-Oh, my God.
...picking up all the strays,
the dogs, the cats,
-the goats, musicians.
Not in the cards. (CHUCKLES)
-What's this?
-Oh, can I have that?
-Thank you so much.
-You know, you don't need
your birth certificate
to fly, Willa.
Wow. It really wasn't
what you said.
What's that?
That we wanted
different things,
'cause all I wanted to do
was live in the woods with you
and have babies with you.
And you said that
wasn't the life you wanted.
And here it is,
it's right here in your wallet.
Willa, you're putting
it together all wrong.
No, the truth is,
you didn't want
that life with me,
because of my personality,
it turns out.
That's the truth.
That's what you never said.
We worked, you know.
We worked so beautifully.
-We did not.
-You had the answers.
You steadied the ship.
You were ballast.
Ballast. Yeah.
The ballast keeps
the hot air balloon
from floating too high
or floating away.
-You held the compass.
That's how we were.
That's how we worked.
Well, then we remember
it differently.
We don't have
the same highlight reels.
(SIGHS) Your wife called.
While you were getting coffee.
-I answered your phone.
I'm sorry. I thought
it might be your daughter.
-What did you say?
-Not as much as I wanted.
-What did she say?
-She said she'd text you.
Does Beth-Anne know about us?
-What's there to know?
-Okay. Ouch.
She knows that
we went to school together.
That's how you described me?
I'm the girl that you went
to college with. Come on.
-That's it.
We had a life together, Bill.
We shared everything.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, we did.
We shared everything,
didn't we?
She knows about you, okay?
You happy now?
Ugh! She could have acted
-a little threatened.
-That's not her style.
All right.
What's her stupid style then?
-Threatening. Not threatened.
-I don't like her.
You don't even know her
the way I do.
-Willa, where are you going?
-I just need some water.
Watch my rainstick, please.
Willa. Willa! Willa!
Shops are this way.
And this is gate five.
Remember that, okay?
Write it in your shoe.
Write it in your shoe.
Press for questions.
Release for answers.
Hello? Hello?
I just... I, uh...
My connection's all messed up,
and, um...
I don't wanna take
my flight anymore.
I just don't want
to take my flight anymore.
I just wanna go home.
ANNOUNCER: Attention,
Boston passenger Davis,
please report
to the rebooking counter.
Okay, well, where's the...
Where's the rebooking counter?
I'm supposed
to guess, I guess.
-Caught you.
Trying to get out
any which way you can, huh?
-Who does that?
-Me. You caught me.
You can't endure the dangling?
No, I can't.
Now that you mention it.
Is there anybody here
who can help me?
Did a quick
cost-benefit analysis
about spending time with me
and my stinky personality?
If that makes you feel better,
blaming me for everything
and turning me
into a caricature, please,
by all means, do it.
"If agents are not present,
-"please press for Betty."
BETTY: How can I help you?
Hey, uh, thank goodness.
I need to get
out of here. I'm stuck.
-Hey. Hey!
-Um... what?
Where's my rainstick?
You were supposed
to watch that.
Oh. Oh, a man's word
is his bond, right?
Ha, yourself.
Because it's right here.
Because I can be trusted.
It is a hallmark
of my personality. Ha!
Oh. Right. Your sterling self.
Same old W. Davis.
Solid as a rock.
Willa, whatever you think,
whatever you've
convinced yourself of
in that fairy forest
that you live in,
you could always trust me.
I... I should have known
we were all wrong
for each other
once we opened up
the relationship.
Once you wanted
to open up the relationship.
-Why the fuck did I bring--
-Oh, really? Here we go.
-Yeah, here we go.
-Here we go.
You ever think about
what a bad idea that was?
-How stupid that was?
-Listen, it meant a lot to me.
It meant a lot to me
that you seemed okay with it.
How many times
do I have to say that, huh?
I was breaking
gender stereotypes.
You were exploring
your sexuality, right?
Yeah, well, gussy it up
all you want.
The truth as much simpler.
Oh, yeah? What's the truth?
You wanted
to fuck other people.
-I was 20.
-You were 25.
Exactly. What did I know?
And like an idiot,
I went along with it
because I... I thought
that if you could sleep
with anybody you wanted,
that you'd be happy.
But you know what?
It's my fault
because I...
I couldn't deal with it.
What? What are
you even talking about?
-You were so cool with it.
-Well, I wasn't.
You were
too cool with it, Bill.
-I wasn't.
-You lied about that too?
I lied to myself
because I was in love
with you, Willa.
And, you know, I...
(SIGHS) I just found that
I couldn't turn that
on and off like a switch.
I know.
It was unsustainable.
Anybody could have seen that.
And you can make believe
you didn't hear that, too.
Namaste, asshole.
Did you get rebooked?
No. There's nothing going out.
It's a disaster.
You mad at me?
Are you giving me
the silent treatment?
Even your silent treatment
is noisy.
Oh, "Gussy it up." Really?
Just so you know,
nobody says gussy anymore.
Nope, not gonna take
the bait, Willa.
If you had such a big problem
with it back then,
you could have
just said something.
We've already said everything
that needs to be said.
Speak it. Oh, we? You.
Hey, how about we just
get back to quiet time?
That was nice.
How about relax, man?
You're already living out
your worst case scenario.
What, being stuck here
with you?
-You make a good point.
Making memories as we speak.
Not gonna make
the highlight reel.
Nope. No. Flush this one
right down the hourglass.
Hey, just close your eyes,
and reach in there.
It'll be a surprise.
Ugh! You know,
I've been meaning
to point out that Leap Day
was invented to reconcile
the calendar every four years.
It's not magic.
It's math.
-That's mean. That's mean.
Attention, travelers.
The National Weather Service
has identified the storm
as a bomb cyclone.
-BOTH: Bomb cyclone?
BILL: We never used
to have bomb cyclones.
WILLA: No, they seem new.
We had bombs
and we had cyclones,
-but not together.
-I know.
-Also, rain trains.
-Flash droughts.
-Fire tornadoes.
-Hail hurricanes. Haili-canes.
You're making
that last one up.
-Oh, so what?
-Well, it's bad enough
as it is without
you making shit up.
You have a disturbing appetite
for chaos, W. Davis.
That was thundersnow.
Okay, I'm gonna get
some real food
because I need
to stuff my feelings.
Okay. All right. Good idea.
-Where you going?
-I'm gonna go with you.
WILLA: What? Are you trying
to lose me?
BILL: Yeah.
Can you just admit that
no one pays you to do
the chakra thing?
No. You might be surprised
to learn that wellness
has become quite a cash cow.
That is
a surprise development.
Yeah, I'm surprised
by how a lot of things
turned out.
Notice how I don't ask you
what you mean by that.
For instance,
I don't remember cats being
so universally adored.
Ah! Humanity has
always loved cats.
-Admit it, it's extreme.
-I won't admit that.
I'm thinking, like,
ancient Egypt,
statues of cats everywhere
-and pyramids.
-No, no.
Do you know what
the number one search
-on the Internet is?
-Number two is cats.
Cats. Which is
exactly my point.
No, no. You know what?
I think that's
a search engine glitch.
-I think...
-What does that mean?
...men all over the world
are sitting
in front of their computers,
typing in pussy
-and sometimes they get cats.
-I can't even look
at you right now.
-You make a good point.
Humanity has a...
What are you, the spokesperson
for humanity now?
I never said I was...
Anyway, there couldn't be
just one spokesperson anymore.
We're all so far apart.
It'd be very cool
if there could be just one.
You and I can't
even agree on everything.
WILLA: I mean, things
have really gotten
out of hand, W. Davis.
Does every generation
feel like
it's failed the next?
Admit you think
the present is a big fail.
That's not exactly...
ANNOUNCER: Attention,
This is an important
-Look up.
-Wait, what'd they say?
What if that's
important information?
-I know.
-I know.
What if we needed
to hear that?
I know. It sounds
like stupid Kevin.
ANNOUNCER: Look around.
Look around? Look around.
Look around where?
-ANNOUNCER: Look around.
-I'm looking around.
Looking around.
Looking around.
-We are looking around.
-Oh, hey, W. Davis.
Cafe. Everything's going
to be all right.
BILL: With all my might,
I ignore you.
WILLA: Come on, sir.
Let's move along.
-Uh-oh, what?
-Are you cheating?
I don't cheat, Willa.
Oh, that's right. I cheat.
Yeah. I play the hand
that I am dealt.
Hey. Hey!
You wanna know the best job
I ever had, though?
Not really. No.
Spinning World Records.
If you don't mind,
I've got a very important
Wordle streak
I'm trying to maintain.
Just one point
of clarification.
You never worked
at Spinning World Records,
-all right?
-Oh, wrong again.
After you left Madison,
I marched right in there
and I talked to Brad.
-Brad with the huge teeth?
-That's right.
That's exactly right.
And I pretended to be you.
I held forth, you know,
on Radiohead, Devo,
and I even quoted
that guy Bangs.
-You quoted Lester Bangs?
No wonder he hired you.
He's pretentious.
Was Felicia still there
when you were working there?
Oh, yeah, Felicia.
Yeah. You know what? She did.
She was. She was
still working there. Mm-hmm.
-BILL: Huh.
-WILLA: Incredible girl.
Yeah, incredible.
Got to be amazing friends.
-You did?
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
She's the one who suggested
that I do massage work
on the road.
-She did?
-Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-And you did? You did.
-Oh, I did. Mm-hmm.
That's cool.
Yeah, I did that
for a few bands.
And I did it for years.
What bands?
Well, you know,
bands that were
incredibly popular
and in my opinion,
incredibly talented.
So, probably bands
that you hated.
-Not the Dave Matthews Band.
-Oh, yeah.
Well, the whole thing
was really perfect for me
because if you ever want
to be absolutely sure,
you're not the center
of somebody's universe...
-Yes. What?
-...date a musician.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Oh, damn it. Shit.
Still not your daughter?
Just a point of clarification.
-The "uh-oh,"
it's a complete misdirect...
-...because when you're
just saying, "Oh,"
but you put the...
you're always putting
the "uh" in front of it,
-so it's "uh-oh."
-I don't do that.
-It just triggers
my anticipatory anxiety...
-I'm sorry. Okay...
...because I feel like
it's gonna to be
a very negative thing.
But you're just saying, "Oh."
-So, no "uh"? Only "oh."
-No "uh." Just "oh."
-Can you do that?
-Okay. Yes, I can do that.
No "uh." Just "oh."
It's pretty simple.
I think you should
just talk about it.
W. Davis, come on.
-It's very healthy for you.
See, it will clear up
your fifth chakra.
I don't want to hear
this fifth chakra
-bullshit right now.
-Which I think is exactly
what's wrong with your neck.
-Whatever chakra.
-Where are you going?
Fifth chakra. Fourth chakra.
Fuck you chakra.
WILLA: Fuck you chakra.
BILL: I do not want to hear
any chakra bullshit.
Oh, yes, please. Let's stop
with the bullshit right now.
How about that, okay?
I'll go first.
I admit that
I'm not exactly riding high
on the old woo-woo cash cow.
What does that even mean?
Lonestar Consumer Data,
the thing in my wallet?
Product polling. I admit
I'm a product poller, okay?
I am the phone call
that nobody wants.
Well, consumer polling
is very important
to the health of any business.
Oh, come on. No, stop that.
It's your turn.
My turn for what?
Your cards on the table.
You promised.
-What did I promise? When?
-You did just before.
I didn't promise anything.
-It's too much to get into...
-Oh, there you go.
Promise one thing, do...
You wanna suffer in silence,
-just go ahead.
-BILL: What did I promise?
-What did I say?
-You said no more bullshit.
Another gentle reminder.
Please check your connections.
Yes, I said
something like that.
Something like that.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. You're conceding
the point?
I'm saying I said
something like that.
Well, that's
an impressive thing
about you, W. Davis.
I hate to admit it.
You do know when you're wrong.
Yes, one of us does.
When Rosie was little,
we'd sometimes have
this thing she called
"A bad bye."
I'd drop her off at preschool,
and I'd say, "Goodbye, Rosie.
Say goodbye."
But she didn't
want me to leave.
So she'd say, "It's not
a goodbye, Daddy.
"It's a bad bye.
It's a bad bye."
So we had one
of those last night.
I was rushing around,
you know, packing,
trying to get ready
for this meeting
'cause stupid Kevin
at the last minute.
I'm gonna miss Rosie's
big winter dance recital.
And she's going on
and on, Rosie is,
about these new classes
she wants to take,
which are really far away,
have to drive there
at a bad time of day
and expensive,
and everything, you know?
I'm listening,
and then she goes...
Ah! She says,
"Dad, I'm gonna be
a professional dancer."
Which is nice, right?
But she's not that good.
I hate to say it.
She's not gifted.
Whatever "it" is,
she doesn't have it.
And I'm thinking, you know,
maybe it's time
for her to grow up a little.
Maybe it's a teaching moment.
She can handle the truth.
She's old enough.
So I stupidly say,
"Do you know how hard it is
"to become
a professional dancer?"
"Do you know
the odds are astronomical?"
"And even if you do make it
when you're 30,
"your body's all busted up
"and you gotta find
a new career."
Full catastrophe mode, right?
Father of the year.
And she looks at me
and she says,
"But, Dad, you told me
I can do anything."
So I went into her room
this morning
to give her a kiss goodbye,
you know?
And all her dance clothes,
her dance bag, her shoes,
in the trash.
What if she just tried?
What's the worst
that could happen?
She gets her heart broken,
doesn't leave
her room for years,
and we have to
slide her meals in
-through a flap in the door.
No. Or she's Boston Ballet's
youngest ever prima ballerina.
-No. No, no, no.
-No? No?
Okay. Maybe she, uh,
teaches preschoolers
and she loves it.
Yeah, maybe. Maybe.
I just want her to be happy.
-Are you happy?
-Of course not.
WILLA: And you handle it.
Kind of.
She'll handle it, too.
It's up to her to figure out.
She'll do it her way.
I have a good life all in all,
but I... I don't have... this.
And I have thought
about running into you,
about seeing you again.
What if we passed
right by each other
in some other city,
and we didn't even notice?
Have you, um...
Have you ever wondered
what if?
"What if" what?
What if you hadn't left?
And what if we hadn't
lost the baby?
We were just kids.
I mean, we were broke
and in school, so.
Yeah. Right. I know.
(CHUCKLES) I know.
It... It couldn't have
worked out anyway.
We were...
It was unsustainable.
Unsustainable. That's right.
But a miscarriage, though.
It was terrible.
It was really...
We were just kids.
Yeah, we were kids.
It was terrible.
But I have wondered,
you know,
all this time that
after a while, you seemed...
you seemed relieved.
And I wondered if...
Was that because
you didn't have
to commit to me?
I mean, you can just...
I remember you singing
to my big belly
and we thought we saw
her smile on the sonogram?
Your smile
on another little face.
And then when they...
When they said we lost her
and, um...
that the life we made
would not be born...
God, I still remember
that feeling.
I was overwhelmed
with love for you, W. Davis.
I knew you were
out there in the lobby
as solid as a rock.
And as sad as I was...
I thought my heart would
close forever,
but instead it opened
even bigger for you.
Cards on the table, right?
The birth certificate
that was in my wallet, uh...
A while after
you left Madison,
I had a little girl,
and I gave her up
for adoption.
And it's hers.
As soon as we found out
we were expecting,
the dad left.
No explanation,
but easy to guess, right?
He was a bass player
and I wasn't the center
of his universe either, so.
The, uh, really good news
is that I found
the perfect parents for her.
Or they found me,
or they found my little girl.
I don't know how the universe
works that out,
but it does.
Do you know where she is now?
Time will tell...
Wow, you changed.
Not enough.
Yeah, I was... I... I saw
a bar open down there
and somebody
handed me one of these, so.
-Hotel voucher.
Oh, hey. Lucky you.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Yep, lucky me.
Yeah, I... I did see you,
um, like, a year ago. April.
You were... You were changing
planes in Dallas.
-Why didn't you say anything?
-What would I have said?
-Same thing you said today.
-I couldn't, um...
There's something
about the way you were walking
with your head
up high. I just...
-Today was different?
Today you looked
a little lost.
Well, you know,
I'm always lost.
I could be wrong.
I've been wrong
about you before,
plenty of times.
Come here.
BILL: Um...
-Come on. Give me that.
-I don't know if it comes off.
-Why don't you take this?
-You take this.
-Oh, no.
-How about that?
-Where would you sleep?
Maybe they got two rooms.
Maybe they got
a room with two beds.
I mean,
it's a pretty nice hotel.
-Complimentary shuttle.
-Is that what it says?
Yes, it's a shuttle that
compliments you.
Oh, like...
You get on and it says,
"Have you lost weight?
-"I barely felt you get on."
-WILLA: Just hang up.
-No. No.
-Just... Just hang up.
-No, it's rude.
No, it's not.
You can't let
customer service beat you.
Sure, you can.
-No, you can't.
-Yes, you can.
-Ooh. What's that face?
The on-hold music.
It's punishing.
It's a tuba, a piccolo...
and a clavinet?
-On what?
-Pearl Jam. Daughter.
-No! No!
-Just hang up the phone.
-No. No. No.
-Hang that-- I'll do it.
-No. Yes.
-I'm gonna hang up.
-Just hang up.
-Oh, hey, hey, hey. Hello?
No, no.
Yes, I'm here. I'm here.
And I'm compelled to point out
that your music is an outrage.
It is a sacrilege.
I am serious about that.
Yes, Adam. I have a...
What's that?
Adam? Adam you're saying?
And how are you spelling that?
A-D-A-M. So that's...
that's very similar to Adam.
-Oh, I can't believe it.
-But, okay, your name is Adam.
Come on, Adam.
He's got a voucher.
I don't know why you're
giving him such a hard time.
Can we go back
to quiet time, please?
-I have a voucher.
-He's got a voucher.
And I need to know
if you have a room.
-Uh-oh, what?
-He has a room.
How many be...
How many beds in the room?
-Ask if there's a sauna.
-I'm not gonna...
-Just ask. Come on.
-Is there a sauna?
Stop it!
Adam, do you have a...
No, please.
I can't go back on hold.
-Oh, no! No. No.
It's a very particular
kind of hell.
-I'm serious.
I, I, I hear you.
-I always get dehydrated.
You were so dehydrated.
-Hey. Adam, I'm still here.
Bill. Bill here. Yeah. Yeah.
What? I... What's that?
You made a mistake?
Oh, no. Does he have
a sauna or not?
They don't have a room.
What fine print?
-Fine print.
-Oh, no.
Where? Is there any...
This whole thing
is fine print all over here.
-That hurts to try to...
-No. Yeah.
-"Subject to availabilities."
-"Rooms are not guaranteed."
-Not guaranteed.
There's a catch to everything
these days, huh?
Maybe this is
what getting old is.
You realize that the world
is no longer built for you.
That's kind of
a buzzkill, Bill.
I mean, just when
you reach the age,
when you have
something significant
or insightful to say
about anything, really.
-Nobody wants to hear it?
-No, no.
Who cares what old people
have on their minds?
-No one.
Not even old people.
-You can't hear that?
-That is so depressing!
-Where is that coming from?
-That's how it ends.
We're old and we're mute,
and we're savaged
by the pharmaceutical giants.
I don't accept that.
ANNOUNCER: Boston passenger,
Davis, first initial W.,
please see the gate agent
for immediate boarding
at gate 10.
Willa, is that your flight?
They're calling your flight?
-I don't know.
-BILL: Yeah, this could be
the window where
they can get some planes out.
Was that...
Did I detect optimism?
I said maybe.
Calling all passengers,
flight 394 to Boston
now boarding at gate 10.
Willa, I think that's...
Contraband, really?
Oh, relax. They haven't
caught me yet.
Yet? It's a felony.
Oh, yeah? In how many states?
That's tricky.
Though it's legal
in most states,
federal restrictions
remain in place.
Then I will take my chances.
And can you please turn
that down?
We can't even
hear ourselves argue.
-I know!
WILLA: Let me
ask you something.
How do you see it playing out?
Does my personality
overdose in prison?
ANNOUNCER: Time to hustle.
Come on, Willa. You gotta go.
-BILL: Come on. Willa.
-Willa, please...
Come on.
I'll get all this stuff.
You just... You just hustle.
All right? Go.
-Which way do I go?
-Gate 10.
-Gate 10. Gate 10.
-Which way?
-Gate 10.
-WILLA: Okay. Gate 10.
-WILLA: I'm hustling.
Boarding all passengers
flight 394 to Boston.
WILLA: I'm hustling.
-BILL: Willa?
-Hi. What are you...
Willa. Hey. Hey.
Where you going?
Come on. Follow me.
-Bill. Okay.
-Come on.
No, no. Straight. Here we go.
Yeah. Here we go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Oh, God!
No. No. No. Go!
-This way. Right?
-Go. Go.
-That way.
-Oh, God.
Don't look back.
No, go! Go!
Okay. You were right.
There's a window
before they close
the runways again.
Oh, good for you, Willa.
I'm happy for you.
They asked me
if I was traveling alone.
They said they needed my seat
for family on standby.
You gave up your seat?
Then they asked me
if I would be willing
to sit in first class.
-And I said,
I would take one for the team.
They just changed gate agents.
And you are a W. Davis,
just like me.
-What are you doing?
-Come on. Just take it.
They're in a rush to board.
They won't notice.
What's the worst
that can happen?
Oh, you really want me
to get into that?
It's against
federal regulations, for one.
-I don't know the statute...
-Uh, no. No.
But I'm sure you can get
arrested for doing
something like that.
-No. Don't tell me that.
-Why are you doing this?
You can't miss her recital.
Are you nuts?
ANNOUNCER: Attention
all Executive Diamond
Elite passengers,
please report to the gate
for immediate boarding.
Beth-Anne called
to say that...
Rosie doesn't want
to stay with you right now.
She wants to stay
at Beth-Anne's house
for a few weeks.
You weren't gonna tell me
your marriage was over?
Nothing to tell, really.
(EXHALES) She's tired of me.
And I don't blame her.
I'm tired of myself, too.
And you're just
gonna let her go?
You don't know anything about
the situation, Willa, please.
You're just gonna let
that happen? Come on.
Just for once in your life,
just don't think about it.
-Just get on the plane.
-Will you just listen
to yourself,
with your slogans
and your magical thinking.
You don't know anything
about commitment.
Everybody knows somebody
like you, Willa.
That person in their lives
who has the answer
to everybody else's problems.
But whose own life
is a total fucking mess.
You're right.
My life is a mess.
There's no reason for me
to take this flight.
all passengers, all zones,
flight 394 to Boston.
They're expecting you.
And I'll disappoint them.
It's happened before.
Everybody's used to it.
There is something about you
being sad, Willa.
Especially you.
You were gonna storm off
and I really wish
you would just do that,
'cause we both know
how good you are at leaving.
"Just try."
Could that be
for you from Ginny?
There it is. I mean,
the universe has spoken.
It wants you to just try.
The universe doesn't text.
Well, maybe it is
all hogwash, W. Davis.
Hogwash. Who says hogwash?
Maybe it isn't.
ANNOUNCER: Final call,
flight 394 to Boston.
Safe travels.
I didn't even get your number.
Thank you.
Boston passenger Davis,
please check your connection.
All flights are suspended
until further notice.
However, please do not leave
the gate area
since the situation
could change at any time.
No, I don't think it changes.
I don't think it changes
no matter what we do.
Dear Boston passenger Davis,
don't lose heart.
Yes, I'm trying,
but they just
canceled my flight.
When you invite me to...
All due respect, Kevin,
but when you say "We,"
do you mean you?
I'm just asking
because old people
have a hard time
with pronouns these days,
you know? So...
So "we" is you. Okay.
Hello? Hello?
an important announcement.
Look up.
Your attention is required.
Look up.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Bring that back.
Bring that back.
Hey. Hey, bring that back.
Bring that back.
Attention, travelers,
we warmly welcome you back.
Fuck off!
Fuck off, already!
I wanna talk
to whoever's in charge
because we are getting
completely screwed
around with down here!
You are doing a fucked up job!
Why? What's the joke?
Am I the joke?
What's the point?
Is anybody listening?
No one's listening.
ANNOUNCER: Your safety
is our priority.
Your happiness
is our priority.
Bullshit! Oh, bullshit.
My happiness.
Then do something
about the goddamn music!
Oh, God.
Where'd I leave my bag?
Where'd I leave that?
Really? You really took
away my stuff.
Really? Will you just stop
messing with me already?
Goddamnit! What is the point?
How I let you talk me
into shit I will never know.
How far did you get?
Flight got canceled
before I got my ass
in the seat.
Could have been good.
-If it worked.
-Yeah, it could have been good.
-If it worked.
-That's what I'm saying.
That's not what you're saying.
Oh, okay,
then that's what I mean.
I'll never make
Rosie's recital now.
Yeah, sorry about that.
At least you tried.
I'm gonna go
get some sleep, I guess.
Okay. Yeah, sure.
-No rooms, no beds, no...
I guess we were
given another sign.
Oh, right.
From the universe, huh?
Yeah. No shower, no rest.
the universe would rather
we were smelly and celibate.
-Okay, I'm gonna go.
-All right.
Off you go.
Well, we've already said
our goodbyes, W. Davis.
No, we didn't. I'm sorry
for what I said before.
Like Rosie says,
it was a bad bye.
-Look at that.
Look at that.
We're all cleansed up.
-All right.
ANNOUNCER: Attention, Austin
and Boston passengers Davis,
due to the current
weather emergency,
this facility will
now power down
to essential functions only.
-Oh, come on!
-Come on.
-You can't... you can't...
-I've never even heard of...
-What's that even mean?
-It's not a thing.
-Is that a thing?
-ANNOUNCER: Oh, it's a thing.
Further updates will be
issued when avail...
-It is a thing. It's a thing.
That is so messed up.
That is so messed up,
W. Davis.
-BILL: Mm-hmm.
-It is.
-I can... (CHUCKLES)
-Ah! Yeah.
-What are you doing?
-I'm surrendering.
I can only think
of one option.
-You want a drink?
Oh, we absolutely do not need
any more to drink.
I filched these from behind
the bar back there.
-Who says filched?
-BILL: This guy.
A little vodka
and a little gin.
I'm gonna filch
some gin from you.
Cheers, motherfucker!
-Here's you.
-Stop that.
Stop it. Stop. Don't do that.
It's not funny.
-It's not funny.
Night time slows
Raindrops splash rainbows
Perhaps someone you know
Could sparkle and shine
As daydreams slide
To color from shadow
Picture the moonglow
That dazzles my eyes
And I love you
Just lying smiling
in the dark
Shooting stars
around your heart
Dreams come bouncing
in your head
Pure and simple every time
Now you're crying
in your sleep
I wish you'd never
learnt to weep
Don't sell the dreams
you should be keeping
Pure and simple every time
Look at me with starry eyes
Push me up to starry skies
There's stardust in my head
pure and simple every time
Fresh and deep as oceans new
Shiver at the sight of you
I'll sing a softer tune
Pure and simple over you
If love's the truth
then look no lies
And let me swim
around your eyes
I've found a place
I'll never leave
Shut my mouth
and just believe
Love is the truth I realize
not a stream of pretty lies
To use us up
and waste our time
Lying smiling in the dark
Shooting stars
around your heart
Dreams come bouncing
in your head
Pure and simple every time
Now you're crying
in your sleep
I wish you'd never
learnt to weep
Don't sell the dreams
you should be keeping
Pure and simple every time
Look at me with starry eyes
Push me up to starry skies
There's stardust in my head
Pure and simple every time
Fresh and deep
as oceans new
Shiver at the sight of you
I'll sing a softer tune
pure and simple over you
Pure and simple
just for you
WILLA: If we could see
our memories in advance,
would we do
anything different?
BILL: Hmm?
Are you happy, W. Davis?
Please don't ruin this.
I mean, isn't that
the one question
we should really be
asking each other?
-Are you happy?
Here's the thing.
I used to dream
about my motorcycle.
You never had a motorcycle.
You're just messing with me.
Don't... Don't get ahead of me.
It's my story.
I used to dream
about my motorcycle.
Where I'd go,
who I'd be if I had it.
But it was too risky.
I got scared
of the paralysis statistics,
so I could never
pull the trigger.
No motorcycle.
You know what I do love?
-What I really, really love?
My leaf blower.
-Your lawn mower?
-No, my leaf blower.
Getting those leaves
in one big pile
and then blowing up that pile
to smithereens
and making order
out of disorder
and then disorder
out of order,
over and over again.
"This is my backyard."
I love my leaf blower.
I'm a leaf blower guy,
not a motorcycle guy.
(EXHALES) Well, so it seems
to me you're saying
everything works out okay.
It is what it is
and that's okay.
Most of the things
I worried about
never happened anyway.
Wait a minute. Who said that?
"Most things I worried about
never happened anyway."
-I did.
-No. No.
-You didn't say that.
-No. I just said it.
-No, it's Tom Petty said that.
-Well, Tom Petty said it.
That's who said it.
Tom Petty said it first.
And it seems to me
what he's saying is
-that we can relax.
-Yes, you can relax.
That's what me
and Tom Petty are saying.
-Me and Tom.
-Both of you?
So you're not disappointed?
Not really. No.
-Teeny tiny bit.
Guess we're
the only ones left.
WILLA: Yeah.
-There's something I...
-There's something I should...
You go. You go. You say it.
There's something
I should have asked you
before I left Madison.
Okay. Ask me anything.
How many were there?
How many guys?
You are not going to like it.
I'm not... I'm not gonna care.
It was a long time ago.
It's okay.
No. If you want, uh,
names or...
I don't want names.
I don't need...
I think I know the names.
No, you absolutely
don't know the names
because there weren't any.
-None at all.
-Willa, come on.
-I'm telling you the truth.
-I was there.
I watched it happen.
I know what I saw.
I know what you saw.
Just admit it.
-Admit there were
a lot of other guys.
-No, I won't admit it.
What? No. Hold on.
Just let me get this straight.
-You were faithful?
-That is so fucked up!
-I'm sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
-I cannot believe it.
-I know.
You weren't sleeping around?
No, no.
-You were faithful?
-I'm sorry.
-You were faithful?
-I'm saying I'm sorry.
-I'm saying I'm sorry.
-Do you know
how fucked up that is?
Yeah, I get it if I look at it
from your point of view.
I get that
it's totally messed up.
-It makes no sense at all.
-Oh. Thank you.
I'd like it
if you said something.
I left...
I left Madison
because I thought
you'd been with all...
I'll never forget
her little smile.
I loved her.
And I...
wasn't even sure she was mine.
And you're right. I, uh...
I was relieved.
But not because I didn't think
you'd make a great mother.
I knew you would.
I was just afraid that
you wouldn't commit
to a traditional life
like that.
To a...
To a traditional family.
I was ballast.
We always used to say that.
-Yeah. Yeah, we did.
The ballast gets
thrown overboard
when you wanna go higher.
I was afraid that
you'd resent me
for feeling tied down.
You were right.
You were right.
I'm sorry, W. Davis.
I'm sorry, W. Davis.
I'm sorry.
You know, she'd be
26 years old right now?
BILL: Twenty-five.
WILLA: Know what else?
She'd have your smile.
And my smile.
-WILLA: Um, can I just say?
You always kind of baffled me.
You know that?
-Well, I like that.
-I like baffling you.
-You do?
-It makes me mysterious.
The baffler. (CHUCKLES)
I thought you had
all the answers.
I do, but I don't
know anything.
-WILLA: Oh, neither do I.
-Nobody does.
WILLA: No, we are ridiculous!
You know, I thought
I'd leave you behind
in Madison,
and the next great thing
would happen to me.
And I would meet these people
that would make me
feel like you did.
But I never did again.
I never again met anybody
that made me feel
the way you do.
-Do you hear that?
Is that her? Is that Rosie?
-BILL: I don't know.
-Where's your phone?
You hear that?
(GASPS) I got it. It's her.
-BILL: Give me a sec.
Rosie? Hi.
I, uh, I've thinking about,
you know,
the dancing and, um...
You know, if you talk
about something,
it's a dream.
If you envision it,
it's a possibility.
And... And if you...
if you schedule it,
it's a reality.
(WHISPERS) Tony Robbins.
Look, honey, uh, just dance.
Just have fun, you know?
Don't worry about anything.
All right?
Just dance.
I love you.
Oh, and, um, you know,
the world will
break your heart.
And, and... Because
the world breaks
everybody's heart,
and no father has ever
been able to stop that.
But a good father,
he learns
how to live with that.
What the fuck was that?
She hung up
like 30 seconds ago.
-That was for you.
-WILLA: So, um, hey, W. Davis.
-BILL: Yeah.
WILLA: There's something
I should have told you before.
You're fucking kidding me.
Before when?
Just earlier before.
Really? Another...
another card on the table?
-Yes. Just one more.
-All right.
I'm gonna
hold you to it, though.
My daughter's name is Maggie.
She just turned 20.
She called to say that
we should meet,
and so I booked
a flight to Boston.
Man, oh, man, right?
You're going to Boston
to meet your daughter.
This is not a trip you're on.
This is a journey.
Yeah, yeah.
And I'm, uh...
I'm still really scared.
And so I texted her that
I'm not coming.
-She texted you back.
-"Just try."
That was your daughter
that texted you?
WILLA: Yeah.
-Her number's in your shoe.
-That's right.
There's no cleansing ceremony
for Ginny.
It was supposed to be for me.
Is that it?
I'm stuck. I can't stick.
There you are.
All cleansed up.
You can do this.
BILL: I feel it in my chakras.
I feel it in my bones.
-Come on.
Well, some say life
Will beat you down
Attention, travelers,
this facility is
now fully operational.
All runways are open,
all connections are restored.
Outbound flights
will resume shortly.
Thank you
for your good sportsmanship.
I guess I'll know
When I get there
I'm learning to fly
Learning to fly
Around the clouds
Learning to fly
What goes up
What goes up
Yeah, must come down
They just called my flight.
How'd you sleep?
-Poor to piss poor.
Like right in that area.
How about you?
Uh, I don't know what
to call my experience.
-Oh, sleep?
-Not the word for it?
-it wasn't sleep.
Is this small talk?
Are we doing the small talk?
Yeah. This is actual...
It's coming in handy.
Oh. Oh, I charged your phone.
There you go.
Thank you.
Hey, the music scene
in Austin is really,
-really good, right?
Because I'm thinking
about maybe taking
a client out one night,
and maybe
I'll even try to figure out
what baby Kevin
is trying to say.
-He's gotta know
something, right?
-WILLA: Mm-hmm.
ANNOUNCER: We are now ready
to board Boston Flight 394
-at gate 10.
-That's you, Willa.
At this time,
we'd like to welcome
all Executive Diamond
Elite members on board.
Hey. Oh, I know that look.
No, I know
what you're thinking
and don't you dare.
-Don't you dare
not get on that plane.
You don't have to stick.
You just have to get there.
I can't.
Yes, I know it feels that way,
but you can.
You can't quit now.
You're so close.
ANNOUNCER: Attention,
all departing
Austin passengers,
-last call.
-They just called your flight.
-No, you're not quitting.
-(CLEARS THROAT) They just...
You're so close.
You're not going to quit.
-And by the way,
this counts as another card.
ANNOUNCER: Now boarding
all passengers,
all rows flight 394 to Boston.
I don't know.
ANNOUNCER: Please have
your boarding pass ready.
-Hey, this is for you.
-BILL: Uh...
It's a little hit of magic.
Thank you.
I'm going to give you my card,
but it's an old card, so...
I'm going to write
my number on the back.
And then you're gonna
write that number
on the inside of your shoe.
And, uh, one last thing.
You got your power back.
ANNOUNCER: Final call
for flight 279 to Austin.
All passengers should
now be on board.
Hey, maybe we can, you know...
-Yeah. No.
But nice to have
an extra day, huh?
Oh, we got lucky.
Goodbye, W. Davis.
Goodbye, W. Davis.
ANNOUNCER: Final call
for flight 394 to Boston.
All passengers should
now be on board.
The doors are really
and truly closing.
No. Oh, no, no,
no, no, no, no.