What If (2023) Movie Script

[Billie] 39,600 seconds
That's how long it takes
to get from Camarines Sur to Manila.
Eleven hours.
A long ride
Especially when you're all alone.
And you don't have to be.
What if?
I'll stand by my choice.
I can do this alone.
By myself.
I believe that I'm doing the right thing.
I'm so sorry that I failed you.
I tried, I really did.
I did everything I could,
but it is what it is.
How can I bring you back to life
when it's over?
This is where it ends.
What's with that stare?
- I can't look away, Mrs. Cruz.
- "Missus", huh?
We haven't been married all that long yet.
We've just been married
for approximately 150,000 seconds.
Well, that's a long time.
Oh, yeah! That's 41 and a half hours.
Almost two days. Yeah.
What's with the math, huh?
Are you trying to impress me?
Why would I want to impress you?
I've already got you.
Hmm. Like
forever and forever?
You said so.
[chuckles softly]
Oh! There's an idea.
And he's writing, creating those pretty
little songs of his again.
Need some advice?
No, I'll let you know if I do.
- Oh, yeah.
- [song playing on stereo]
Oh, miss, miss, can you give me some
- [turns off]
- Oh, please. Sounds like a ringtone.
- You're mean!
- [song continues playing]
really I'm not a pervert
Hey, what's wrong?
That's our song. It's our song.
Why? Will you save me from my bashers?
Would you be okay
if my next song sounds like that?
What I'm just not required to save you,
but, I I sure won't judge you, I'm sure.
Give me a kiss, kiss!
[chuckles playfully]
[Jecs] You're not helping.
I'm working hard on this song.
I just can't get the right words out.
I told Will I'd have it ready
by the time we get home.
[turns off stereo]
Hey. You better not be writing your songs
while we're having sex.
What's with you?
I I don't get it.
Why are you You're so cute
- even when you're annoying me?
- [chuckles softly]
Oh, she liked that!
- What?
- You liked that.
Hey. Hey!
- [camera shutter clicks]
- Hey!
Don't post that.
I hate it when you do that.
[Jecs] It's done. It's posted now.
Mrs. Cruz, #PerfectWife.
Someone needs to make sure
the engine's still good.
I don't want to walk all the way home.
Don't be so mean to Scarlet.
She'll get upset.
I've known her for far longer
than I've known you.
Oh. Is that so?
Well, you and Scarlet
should have married instead of me.
Is that what you'd like?
- It's not too late.
- You're getting jealous again.
Oh, oh, let's go.
Take her with you on the boat, then.
Hold on, love.
Help me with the video, please.
What for?
I just need to promote
Travel City luggage.
Come on, please.
Hi, guys.
I'm Jecs Cruz.
We're in wonderful Camarines Sur.
- And, of course, I'm with my
- Hi!
It's our honeymoon.
Hi. [chuckles softly]
And having our honeymoon
would be tough without our Travel City
It's super light,
it's effortless to carry,
and I'm sure you can throw
just about anything in there.
I'm sure that all of your stuff
would be safe.
- Yes! Oh, fuck now.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Hello. What?
- [Will] Hey, Jecs. Don't forget your song.
Don't think I'd forget
just because you're on your honeymoon.
[Jecs] Is that it? Yeah. Okay, okay.
Is that it? Not so fast, shithead.
Studio's already booked
for when you're back.
- And what if I'd like to extend?
- Extend?
- [laughs] Are you crazy? Fuck you!
- Will?
Hi, Will!
- Hey, Billie!
- Hi, Will.
What can my husband do for you?
How's the honeymoon?
Hmm. Totally fine until you just phoned.
I was just checking in
Didn't I warn you to call
only if it's an emergency?
It's an emergency, right?
Uh, well, I just had a question.
So enjoy your honeymoon.
- Bye!
- Bye.
- What does he want?
- He's just following up on the song.
Hold on.
Uh, I'll just go live for Travel City.
- Okay. Hello.
- [chuckles]
I'm Jecs Cruz. Hi, everyone!
- Love? Can you say something?
- Yes?
I'm camera shy
And we're here at island of Panglao.
And with me, ladies and gentlemen,
the one and only Mrs. Jose Emilio Cruz.
- [laughs heartily]
Enough kisses.
Don't be camera shy, let them see you.
Yeah, fine. Hi, hi!
And our honeymoon would be impossible
without our Travel City bags.
They keep all our stuff safe
and secure, right, friends?
With these bags,
- our honeymoon is stress free.
- [Billie] Hi!
- Hello, sir.
- [mutters]
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Emilio Cruz?
- Hello. Hi.
- Hi.
- Our guide.
- Ah! Wait.
- Aren't you the singer?
- [both chuckle]
Jecs, if you please.
Jecs, please. This is my wife, Billie.
- Hi, sir.
- Hi. My name is Francis.
I'm the caretaker here at the Panglao.
Um, the boat's here.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
Wait Would you lift the sign
a little higher?
Oh, sure, sir.
See that, all you guys?
How good is that feeling, huh, guys?
Right, right, love?
Oh, sure, love. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
[Francis] I'll take care of your luggage.
- Hi, guys!
- [boat engine whirring]
Look, the island is beautiful,
just like my love.
- Oh, it's live? Hi! Jeez.
- Ah
Okay, guys. Shout out here to Will,
my manager.
Take care of yourselves out there.
I'm losing the signal.
So if you guys want
to watch my live streams,
if you want to know when the next one is,
just click the notification bell.
Follow me on Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, and of course YouTube.
So many, many, many thanks as always.
Sir? Sir?
- There it is.
- [Jecs] There it is!
- There it is!
- [Jecs exclaims]
- It's beautiful!
- [Francis] I'm sure you'll like it, ma'am.
[Billie] It's beautiful.
- Look at my followers.
- Babe.
You'll find lots of followers.
Don't worry.
You mentioned all the platforms,
you didn't forget anything.
Where else can your friends follow you?
- You're not on other platforms.
- No, that's it.
Perfect. Now, can you be here
honeymooning, dear?
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, of course?
But it can't be that hard, huh?
[Francis] Welcome
to the island of Panglao.
- [Billie] Oh, it's so pretty.
- You're lucky, ma'am.
There's no one else on the island.
- [Billie] Really?
- [Jecs] Oh, yeah?
You have it all to yourself.
- [Jecs chuckles]
- Hey, what's so funny?
- We'll have some alone time.
- [Billie squeals excitedly]
There it is, the island of Panglao.
- Island of Panglao.
- Island of Panglao.
- Welcome.
- Travel City really traveled, huh?
You can't stop, huh, babe?
Just take a picture before we leave.
Just let it go.
Okay, we're climbing on these big beach
- steps.
- [Billie] It's around 300 steps.
Three hundred steps, you think?
- [Billie] Mr. Francis?
- [Francis] Huh?
- Are you sure you don't need help?
- Oh, this is nothing, ma'am.
- You sure?
- [Jecs] It's really hot out today.
Yes, ma'am.
- [Jecs] But no worries.
- Ah, wow.
- We'll get there soon.
- [Francis] Yes, ma'am.
You have the entire island to yourselves.
Not bad, huh?
We've got the whole island to ourselves.
- Well, I think we're really lucky.
- [chuckles]
Timing is just great.
We're here.
Wow! What a view!
[Francis] Here's our piece
of Panglao paradise.
[Jecs] Check it out, guys.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Oh. Hello, Ma.
- Yes, Ma.
- [Francis] You're going to love it.
[woman on TV] the low pressure
we've been watching
- which has serious potential
- [Billie singing]
- [Billie] I'll leave my shoes outside.
- Why are you watching TV in here?
- I just thought I could watch the news.
- Hello, ma'am.
- [Francis] The news?
- My name is Billie.
Oh! Hello, Billie.
Good morning.
Welcome to the island of Panglao.
- It's so relaxing.
- Thank you.
This is my wife, Gina.
We're both caretakers here
at the island of Panglao.
We will take care of you.
- [Billie] So sweet. Thank you.
- [Gina chuckles]
- We hope you like your stay.
- It's beautiful. Thank you.
Wow, you've got a lovely plant there.
Picked it on our way.
Hope I keep it alive.
Yes, that's true.
It really is
Plants like that are very, very easy.
Just like me.
- Sorry?
- Yes! I'm exactly like that plant.
I'm able to survive just fine
without much attention.
- [laughs]
- [Francis] What are you talking about?
- Love, come on. get in here.
- Okay. Buh-bye.
- Wow.
- Hmm. It's nice, babe.
[Gina] Please have some refreshments.
Ah, sir, I'd like you
to meet my wife, Gina.
[Jecs] Hi, ma'am.
Hello, sir.
Hey, wait, aren't you that That singer?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yeah, it's you.
You are the singer of that song
- And what if it all
- If it all
[both] Changes tomorrow
- Yes!
- Oh, sir.
Let's take a picture.
Hey, take a picture of us.
- Hurry up.
- [Francis] I'm busy.
- Come on. Are you sure it's okay?
- [Francis] Yeah, I'm coming.
It's okay. She'll do it.
- Oh, no, please, I'm all sweaty.
- Look here.
All right. one, two, three, go.
- There.
- [Gina] Thank you, ma'am.
- Hey, come on with us.
- Over here. There.
- Smile.
- Smile.
Okay, one more.
Got it. [chuckles]
- Great.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
[Francis] I apologize for that.
My wife is your number one fan.
So when we, you know, go to the bar
for karaoke, where we sing,
she always sings your song, "What If".
You know, I always get a score of 100
there when I sing that song of yours.
Also, would you have any other music, sir?
So maybe I can sing
back to back in sequence next time.
There's one, "Heartbeat".
That was a hit?
[Francis] Ah, uh
By the way, tomorrow,
at 6:00 in the morning,
uh, we're going to go Go island hopping.
- I love it.
- That sounds fun.
- I'm into that.
- Island hopping.
[Gina] Ma'am, sir,
we live right over there.
You can see our house from here
if you look out the window.
So please, if you ever need anything,
just feel free to come over
and knock on that door to find us.
Also, if you'd like some help
with the cooking,
all the fish that's caught around here,
just call, that I can do for you
if you like to make your stay easier.
- Leave them alone.
- Nice to meet you.
They probably want to rest.
Okay, let's go.
- I was being nice.
- Enough! Enough.
- [Francis] Okay, ma'am.
- [chuckles] They're so cute.
- Yeah, but, hey, it's worth it, right?
- Worth it.
Eleven hours.
- Yeah, it's really worth it.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh. Yes.
- Uh-huh.
- Jose Emilio.
- Yes?
This girl Ella likes your posts a lot.
- What?
- Right there.
[Jecs] Oh.
- Ella, Ella, Ella.
- Ah! No, that's nothing.
No, she's She's trying to
get your attention with likes.
She does that with everyone.
Oh, but our wedding photo
didn't get a like, though.
- Hey, it's just
- What is it?
Well, she does that
because I went to see her show.
That's all it is.
What's with that reaction?
She wants you.
So what?
No, she's not my type.
You tried to pick her up before, Jecs.
She's not my type, hon.
What if she gets naked
in front of you, huh?
My eyes would shut.
- Promise.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Mmm.
- But if you strip down...
- [cell phone ringing]
- Wait.
- Hey.
It's Mama.
Hello, Ma.
[mom] I can't watch YouTube.
I think that my phone is broken.
- Broken?
- No, it's
Probably the
It's asking me for a password.
It's 0621, Ma, your birthday.
That's it.
I knew that was it. [chuckles softly]
Hey, we really need to pay the bill
for the electricity, Jecs.
I already gave the money to Dianne, Ma.
Oh, yeah.
For all my maintenance medicine too.
Oh, I left money for your grocery bill
as well, Ma.
I figured she would have said.
We barely see each other anymore.
After work, she goes straight to sleep.
I don't want to wake her up
if she's sleeping well, right?
Her shift begins after midnight.
Poor girl.
I'm just glad you always pick up.
Okay, if that's all there is, Ma,
I should go, bye.
- Hey, wait!
- What is it now?
Don't come back home
without a grandchild, okay?
[laughs softly]
- Okay. Sure, Ma. I got it.
- Mmm.
- Bye.
- All right. Bye.
- Give me your phone.
- Why?
I'll show you.
You know what?
But if you strip down for me
Oh, wait. That's Mama.
Hello, Ma.
- I'm not... [laughs]
- What's wrong?
- It's my honeymoon, though.
- It wasn't like that.
How are you?
I don't give a shit about Billie
to be honest.
I'm not like that.
- Who cares if she's butt naked anyway?
- [both laughing]
- I hate you.
- [both laugh]
- [Jecs] You're excited?
- Of course I am.
- I live for the water, remember?
- What are we supposed to do here?
Don't start with me.
- [man] Sir, you want some coffee?
- Thanks, we're okay.
[Billie] Hi. Thank you. Thanks.
Ah, wait. Who's this?
Oh, it's Hannah. Hold on, love.
I'll wait here.
- Yes.
- Francis!
- Hello.
- [Hannah] How's your trip, girl?
- It's good.
- [Jecs] How is everything?
We're island hopping today.
Oh, I'm so jealous.
Sounds great. Oh! Good job.
Yeah, your daddy called.
He's been trying to reach you
since last night.
But you're not picking up.
Yeah, I mean, Hannah I'm mad.
He didn't even make an effort
to go to my wedding.
And what kind of father is he?
Well, I get it. I get it.
I, oh [sighs] You're still pissed.
What should I do if he calls back again?
Nothing. Tell him it's too late,
and I'm on my honeymoon,
having a lot of fun.
- All right?
- Honestly, I don't blame you, really.
Your dad's always been like that.
You know, it's sad, like, your mom
wasn't able to fly in from Canada.
Plus, now you have this big fight
with your father.
Hang on. Wait.
Hello. I'll call you back. Okay?
I still need to cook. I have so much
to do. It's such a mess.
- [sighs] Gotta go. Call you later. Bye.
- Bye.
Daddy's bothering Hannah now.
- Why don't you just call him or text?
- Fuck that.
I won't talk to him until he apologizes.
- What's that on your face?
- Okay.
Can we just keep things happy
on our honeymoon?
[Jecs] Okay.
- [Jecs] Is it cooked?
- It's almost ready, sir.
- Really?
- Yes, sir. It won't be long now.
Ma'am, do you need any more firewood?
It's fine, Mr. Francis. It's the best.
- [Francis] All right.
- [Jecs] Wine?
Look at you!
- Giving me the luxe service.
- Of course.
- What else would you need?
- Everything.
- [chuckles] Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Mmm.
- [Gina] Wow!
[Francis] What a beautiful night, ma'am.
- [Gina] You're looking good.
- Like a beautiful synagogue.
- [Jecs] I'm a lucky guy, huh?
- [all laughing]
- I'll take a photo.
- For real? [chuckles]
["What If" playing]
- One, two, three
- [Billie] Wait.
- [Francis] Did I get lucky with you?
- [Gina] Of course.
[Jecs] see morning light
[Will] There.
- Post it now, okay?
- I'll do it later. I'm busy.
- Just do it now. Post it.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Did Caloy tell you already?
He can't make it
to your recording tomorrow.
It's his kid's christening.
Well, then find a replacement.
Screw Caloy.
He knows we're on a tight schedule
for your album release.
[sighs] I'm already neck deep
in serious problems.
Hold on. I need to fix something.
- Hey, Billie, how is it going?
- Hi, Will! Been good?
You're here right now
like an angel from heaven.
Why is that?
We're doing a session tomorrow.
I need a keyboardist,
and I was hoping you'd do it.
Ah! Well, for who?
That guy. See, Jecs,
my new artist, the one you're hearing.
It's his debut album, so.
- Oh. An album, huh?
- [chuckles]
- That's not bad.
- Oh, yeah?
Oh, shit.
Oh! Hi.
Oh, congrats.
I heard that you've been getting
"What Is" so much airplay.
"What If".
What "What If". Yes, exactly.
Jecs, this is Billie.
My man, Billie, Jecs.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Hey, she's good.
She's the daughter
of the famous Enrico Neri.
That's why you've got such high standards.
Hey, don't be an asshole.
So then, Billie, can you help tomorrow?
If you're not busy.
Either way, it's still a gig, right?
Uh. No, no, I'm not busy tomorrow.
[Will] All right. [chuckles]
You seem unsure.
Not a fan of my music or what?
Oh, don't be silly.
- No! I can lower my standards for you.
- [Will chuckling]
- See you tomorrow. Text me, Will.
- Okay. See ya.
- Thank you.
- I'll text.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice song, by the way.
- Yeah, it is. Take care.
- She's nice.
- [chuckles]
Dude, she's out of your league.
I told you,
she's the daughter of Enrico Neri.
[band playing]
[in Filipino]
You said I should find another
Since there are others out there
In my mind
There's nothing else to look for
Even when you're not with me
I smile at the thought of you
When you're in front of me
The world stops revolving
[in English]
Will, Will. Can we take five, please?
[Will] Okay, guys. Take five.
You want to smoke outside?
- How is it?
- Um, it's fine.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
Hmm. Okay. So it's
- [Billie] Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm.
Do you want my honest opinion?
I want you to be honest.
Okay, um It's okay
But, uh, from what I've heard
I feel like the general feeling
of the song is, um
Based on what I just heard,
it sounds exactly like "What If".
- Ouch.
- Yeah. It's okay,
but it's very much like
you've recycled your earlier song.
Sorry, you wanted honesty,
but it's fine in general.
I did ask for the honest truth,
but I didn't expect that it, uh, hurt.
[Billie] Uh
Will, can we reschedule the
The recording?
- What the fuck? Why?
- I need to fix this song.
[Billie] Excuse me.
[Will] What's going on?
[guitar strumming]
[in Filipino]
The world stops when I see you
[both] If only you could feel
The way my heart beats
When I'm with you
Should I keep these feelings hidden?
[in English]
It's beautiful. Yeah, it really is.
Why don't we write a duet together?
- Really?
- Hmm.
- I'm no singer.
- [chuckles softly]
- Besides, um
- And besides?
You'll think it's cheesy. Forget it.
- I'll lower my standards for you.
- [laughs]
I don't know. Maybe I'm not into it.
For me, singing is very, very personal.
Even if it's just a gig, it is unsettling.
I don't think I could.
So So if I do it one day,
it has to be with someone
or, you know, you know, be
Be something meaningful.
That's what I was talking about.
I told you it's cheesy.
Okay, fine.
Sure. I'm a basher. Yeah,
but, uh, I'm really scared
of being out there, so I won't try it.
Why don't you say something?
You're Hey!
[in Filipino]
You said I should find another
Since there are others out there
In my mind
There's nothing else to look for
Even when you're not with me
I smile at the thought of you
When you're in front of me
The world stops revolving
I wish you knew
How my heart beats differently
Whenever I'm with you
Should I hide how hard I'm falling?
The way you carry me
[in sing-song voice, in English]
Happy, happy birthday!
You are the breath of my heart
I just want to kiss you
I wish you'd know, my love
I wish you knew
How my heart beats differently
Whenever I'm with you
[in English] What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Should I hide how hard I'm falling?
[in English] And why are you staring?
[Billie laughing]
Fuck, yes. We have another hit.
- That was great!
- [Jecs chuckles]
- Nice one, Billie.
- Congrats.
- That was sick.
- You brought it for sure.
That wasn't me. It was you.
Where'd you come up with the [humming]
Just the cords you played.
- Really?
- Yeah. For real.
You're really something, Billie.
[Francis] Hey. Sir. Sir.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, sir.
Thank you very much.
That's a nice phone.
- Thank you.
- Do you play Mobile Legends?
- No, I'm no gamer.
- That's really too bad.
You have a cool phone,
but you don't use it for games.
Hey! What? Are you jealous again?
Oh, no. That's because all he does anymore
is play on his phone, sir.
He takes it everywhere with him.
Even when he's in bed.
[laughs] Cut it out, Gina.
You're jealous
of a little cell phone, huh? [laughs]
Jealous of a phone? No way, you jerk.
You always ignore me
playing those video games.
You know, sir, he's worse than his son.
He's addicted to that game. LM!
If you're If you're gonna scold me,
be right first.
- Huh?
- ML.
And it's the only vice I have,
I'll have you know.
Would you rather I drink or play games?
[Gina] Jeez, I want you
to pull yourself together.
You spend all your money on mobile data.
[Francis] I don't pay for data.
I connect to free Wi-Fi.
Oh, Miss Gina, you guys are so cute.
- This is how we show our love.
- How's that going?
- Sir?
- It's done.
- Try a bite.
- Do you mind if I bum a smoke, huh?
- [Gina] Francis?
- Give me a light, too.
No, it's okay.
[Gina] Have some shame.
It's okay, it's okay. No problem.
Oh, God.
These boys, they'll do
whatever they want, huh, Miss Gina?
You should be ashamed.
But, ma'am, you're so lucky.
- Why's that?
- Because you're able to experience this,
traveling on your honeymoon.
[Francis chatters indistinctly]
What about your honeymoon, then?
Where did you two end up going?
Didn't have one.
- No?
- I never experienced a honeymoon.
I was pregnant when I got married.
- Oh!
- Francis is a real sharpshooter.
You know what happened? Just one night,
he went right in, bam, pregnant.
- [laughing]
- [chuckles]
- [Gina] Francis?
- [Francis laughs]
- What, aren't you going to help me?
- [Francis] Yeah, I'm coming. Jeez.
We're playing ML.
[Gina] Let's set the table.
I'll be your harm
I'll be your charm
I'll be your panic
I'll be your rest
[both] I'll be your fortune
I'll be your poison
I'll be your shadow
No escape
And I'll be harsh, maybe too much
I'll be what's right and what is not
I'll be your habit, be your repair
Sometimes I'll fail to be fair
Try to be the cure
- [Gina] Ma'am!
- What?
- You're a good singer.
- [Billie] No.
Your voice is great.
I want a picture with you!
- No, I'm not. I'm not a singer.
- Please, one picture. You're so good.
- She's a singer. She's in denial.
- Come on, tell her.
She's a singer, all right, but she doesn't
want to be, so how about a duet now?
- Come on! Game, game, game! Duet!
- [shudders]
- I'll cheer for you. Please.
- All right.
[both] Try to be the cure
[Billie] True and pure
[both] I'll be your air, breathe me
And you can't leave, baby
I'll always keep you here With me
I'm your protection, your imperfection
I'm your rejection, your resurrection
Your definition of addiction
No contradiction, sit and listen!
I'll be your pain
- Make some stains
- [cheering]
I'll make you clean again
- Let's just dance?
- Mr. Francis, get up and dance!
- [Francis] I'll pass, sir. I can't dance.
- Come on! Have some fun!
Come on. I'll set the table. Let's eat.
I'll be your tease
I'll be your breeze
And all there is
And all there is
And all there is
- [Billie] Hmm.
- Wait.
[strumming guitar]
You are here with me tonight, babe
- Hey, won't you come a little closer?
- [chuckles]
- Not bad?
- Mmm.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why are you still working?
I got to capture the moment.
I just thought of something.
- And I thought we were gonna
- Wait, here, right now?
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
- Hold on.
- You're busy right now, husband.
You're capturing the moment.
You have to write your song.
So seize the moment, then.
Why wouldn't you say so sooner?
Now I've got a boner
It's your own damn fault
For working on our honeymoon, lover
What do you want?
Miss, miss
Please give me some kiss, kiss
Since we can't wait any longer now
I swear I'm not a pervert
We'll record it. Wait.
[laughs] This is how
our honeymoon's going.
This really is as intimate as we'll get.
All right, go.
Miss, miss
Please give me some kiss, kiss
Since we can't wait any longer now
I swear I'm not a pervert
Miss, miss
Please give me some kiss, kiss
Since we can't wait any longer now
- [indistinct chatter]
- [chuckling]
- Oh, hey. What's up?
- Ready for a take?
- Cool.
- Boys, are you ready?
- Ready?
- Ready.
Yeah. Let's go.
- [man 1 giggles]
- [man 2] Ooh.
Oh. Uh is there a problem there, babe?
- Depends on you.
- What did I do?
Whoa! [chuckles excitedly] Are you sure?
[men exclaiming]
Are you sure about that?
- Isabella Neri?
- Yeah.
- Will you Will you marry me?
- [Will] Say yes.
[giggles excitedly]
- As long as you're sure.
- [men exclaim]
- Isabella. [chuckles nervously]
- You're sure?
- Okay.
- [men exclaim]
[Will] Do it.
Oh, there it goes. Yeah!
[men cheering]
[men applauding]
[all cheering]
Yes! Congrats, Jecs and Billie!
- Play it.
- [man] Solid stone, baby.
Hey! Take a video.
- [Will] Okay, good.
- [man] Whoo!
- [man 2] That rock shine.
- [Will] Yes, baby!
[men whooping and laughing]
[Jecs] Billie, I know it's cliche,
I know it's cheesy,
but now I can finally say this to you.
You helped me become a better man.
And I promise you, starting now,
you'll never be alone.
No matter how hard things get
me and you
This is a journey
- that we chose to take together
- [sniffles]
however, it gets tough,
however, it gets rough. [chuckles softly]
Please remember that
our love is always enough.
[crying] Jecs
Thank you for being my rock.
Thank you for accepting me for who I am.
And most of all, thank you for your love.
I know we're just departing
on this journey together,
and our love is all we know.
We have a lifetime to go.
We'll discover so many things
about each other.
And like you said, when you were crying,
however, it gets tough,
however it gets rough.
I will always choose you,
and that's the choice
I promise to make for the rest of my life.
I love you.
- [woman 1] Yay!
- [woman 2] It's official.
- [woman 1] Yeah! [laughing]
- [woman 3] Come on. Kiss, kiss.
Do it all with you I might
Paint the sky with all desire
Let our hopes and dreams
- [indistinct chatter]
- [woman] One more. Take a picture
[woman] Here we go.
Beautiful. One more.
- This way. This way.
- [camera shutter clicking]
Oh, so beautiful!
Look at you!
[strumming guitar]
My starlight
Get lost in your lullabies
Angel in the moonlight
Running through the sunlight
I'll take all I can take
'Cause all this feels great
So pure
There's no getting away from you
Do it all with you I might
Paint the sky with all desire
Let our hopes and dreams
Cover our hearts
Light up the dark
[both humming]
There's no getting away from you
I like it.
So do I.
I feel so good, you know.
We're just chilling.
I'm not worried about making content
- [chuckles softly]
- Not thinking of my next song.
Why wouldn't you show
all of these songs to Will?
I mean, sure they're simple,
but there's room to rewrite and tweak.
I don't think Will will like them.
He has his style and so do I.
But can't you fight
for the things you really want?
I can. I just might lose my contract.
Then I'm back to selling insurance.
But you could.
But if you stop writing all of your songs,
then the whole universe would be sad.
- The whole universe?
- Mmm-hmm.
And your number-one fan.
- If I stop, what happens to us?
- [chuckles]
I won't have the money
to pay for a townhouse.
I'm still bound for years.
If ever, if we run out of options,
we can move into one of those apartments
- that your family rents out, right?
- No.
That's not an option.
Uh, where will I get the cash for Mama?
I'm glad she was able
to put my savings there at least.
I'll have another income
in case I don't get that many gigs.
But before you get so many gigs,
you would tour abroad so much,
and I just didn't ever see you, you know.
Did you miss me?
So much.
I didn't have anyone to tease. [laughing]
There's no getting away from you
[strumming guitar]
[both] Do it all with you, I might
Paint the sky with all desire
Let our hopes and dreams
Cover our hearts
Light up the dark
[both humming]
There's no getting away from you
There's no getting away from you
[Jecs] There's no getting away
From you
[Billie] There really isn't.
[both chuckle]
[Billie] There's no getting away
From you
- [rain pattering]
- [wind chimes clattering]
- Hey.
- What the
[Billie] Oh.
I got it.
Hey, love, be careful.
Let me get that.
Ma'am. Ma'am.
We'll take care of that.
Okay. Thank you.
What's going on?
Good morning, my love. [laughs]
It's all so wet.
[Gina] It must be
from the approaching typhoon.
- Oh, there's a typhoon?
- [Francis] Don't worry.
It's just a little rain, ma'am.
Don't go scaring them with typhoon talk.
[Gina] No, it's true.
I watched it earlier
on the weather report on the news.
Did it get wet, love?
- Yeah, it is.
- It'll be fine.
It'll dry.
- [Jecs] Love?
- [Billie] Hmm.
- Let me.
- In your dreams.
Here, hang these up. [laughs]
Thank you.
[cell phone ringing]
Yes, Ma. Hello.
[mom] It's pouring out there!
[exclaims] The streets are flooded.
It's raining here too.
How are you over there?
Oh, we're okay. I'm calling
because your Aunt Rita
has been telling me all about this
Dragon Oil, helps with pregnancy.
- For you?
- [laughing]
No. Don't be silly. For Billie.
I spoke a little about her condition.
Ma, why would you mention it?
Well, why wouldn't I?
Your Aunt Rita is family.
Besides, Dragon Oil's just
a herbal oil, isn't it? Harmless.
- Ma.
- Oh, never mind about that.
Just tell Billie,
I've got one for her right here.
[Gina] Hello, sir!
Here. Come and have some of the nilaga.
You'll love this for sure.
I let it stew for three hours,
the meat's falling off the bones.
- [Billie] Thank you.
- Oh, ma'am.
You look absolutely stunning, dear.
Your bundle of joy will have the most
precious face, I'm sure.
You're so beautiful.
Your husband as well.
- [Francis] Gina!
- What's the problem?
You make babies
when you're on a honeymoon, right?
Why are you
I'm happy
to bring you two bowls if you like.
Uh Maybe later.
Well, if the missus
doesn't feel like eating yet,
I can come back later.
Got it. That's fine. Thank you so much.
Come on.
Sorry. Mama was just joking.
Oh, my God.
Is this still a joke to you?
Or are you not comprehending
because you're not the one
that they're gossiping about?
She was speaking to my aunt.
Your aunt, that's what's wrong.
Now, both of these women
think that they can decide for me?
I'm aware.
That's why I told her to stop, right?
Yes, but I don't think
you explained it right.
Since she completely
doesn't seem to grasp that
we're on the same page about this now.
It's very hard.
I'm just not sure she believes I am fine
if we don't have children, you know.
Once we move to the townhouse,
why don't you move your store online
instead of setting up at bazaars?
[scoffs] No way.
I really love the bazaars.
I can interact with the clients.
Or make music again.
Why don't you ask your father for help?
- The Enrico Neri!
- Mmm-hmm.
The world renowned maestro
of Philippine music. No.
It's not worth it.
Even this condo, whenever we talk,
he always says that I owe it to him
like, "You should be thankful
I bought you a place to call your own."
If I ask him for help with music,
I'll never live it down.
Not ever.
Well. Yeah, it could be great.
[Billie] Hey, forget it.
I don't want any more swearing
directed at me, hon.
I'm so rattled whenever someone
swears near me, you know.
I know.
It's ironic, right?
They all just think he's amazing,
some wonderful guy.
But when it comes to me, he's just not.
Well, I want to think it's normal
for parents to be like that.
But Then
Well, I remember
what he pushed on you as a kid.
When you wanted swimming lessons,
he just tossed you in.
- It's mean.
- There were worse things.
But I learned how to swim, you know.
You didn't tell anyone?
Who could I tell? My mom was in denial.
What would I even say?
"Hey, guys. My father likes to hit me."
Yeah, right.
No. But I was thinking
when we're going to have kids,
I'd never do anything like that.
Well, I don't think you'll ever
need to worry about that.
What's this?
You had a check-up? Are you pregnant?
I'm not.
Premature ovarian failure it's called.
What? Cancer?
Do you need surgery?
When was your previous check-up?
Just one question at a time.
Why? What's the problem?
I don't understand.
No. But you know,
I don't get my period every month.
That's why you thought
Well, but when I spoke to Dr. Castillio,
because I'm not pregnant,
she said, I might have some problems.
So her diagnosis is that
That I have premature ovarian failure.
The name alone sounds depressing, huh?
I don't think I get it.
Me either.
I guess it's safe to say that,
um, that my ovaries suck
and I might never have my kids.
[Jecs] Let's find another doctor.
- Love, I've seen two doctors already.
- Let's find someone else, please.
I don't want to.
They said the same thing about it.
Hormone therapy,
and I don't want to do that.
But why won't you?
Because it's not 100% guaranteed.
And there's so many hoops you go through
and so many side effects.
What if I can't handle it?
Why couldn't you
I mean, if we'd never be okay
with getting a puppy or a nice plant.
At least we won't have a hard time.
Billie, come on.
We can still try IVF.
- We can't afford that.
- Then I'll save up.
Just don't. It's a waste of money.
UmAnd to be honest, I've made up my mind.
Made up your mind about what?
That, if ever
I'm okay with not being able to have kids.
Hey, you don't
get to decide that on your own.
I know. So as early as now,
I'm giving you a chance.
Would you like to put the wedding on hold?
- So maybe you can think about it.
- What kind of talk is that?
I don't want you to wait for nothing,
and I don't want that for me.
So you don't want any kids
or to get married?
It's not that I don't want, you know,
but this is the body that I have.
There isn't much I could do.
There is. You're not willing to try.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Just like I don't want to get hurt.
Can't we do something to try?
Well, yes.
- So there is something?
- Have them with someone else.
Oh, why would you jump to that?
Hey, don't get mad at me.
I'm giving you a chance to back out
in this moment.
You'd be getting what you want.
We're getting married, aren't we?
Are you doing it for the right reasons?
What better reason is there? I love you.
That's why we marry each other.
[Billie sighs softly]
- Gina?
- [Gina] Yeah.
You tell Mr. Jecs.
Go on, you tell him.
- Sir?
- Yes?
- My husband would like to say something.
- Oh, okay.
Uh Sir.
Uh Sir. Well, you see,
we're still able to go into the village
in this weather.
Well, we're out of gas,
so we're going to town
while it's still safe to do it.
Sure, um
Can you get me some cigarettes, too,
whatever you can get with this?
Uh, sir. How about Miss Billie?
She might want something.
Oh, no, I think she's still sleeping.
- Okay, then.
- Okay, sir.
Thank you.
[Jecs strumming guitar]
[humming softly]
She wasn't trying to be mean.
You know Mom, she wants grandbabies.
I know it.
She doesn't understand.
Because she's not living
in this marriage with us.
Don't worry, I'll speak with her
next time we see each other.
I should have done that already.
My point exactly.
- You're right as always.
- Always.
[Jecs chuckles softly]
[cell phone buzzing]
[Billie] Hmm.
It's Daddy.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, don't answer it.
He could want to apologize.
No! Daddy, apologize?
He'd never do that.
You saw how I was mistreated.
You were there.
- [Billie] Hi, Daddy.
- [Enrico] Hey.
Sit down.
- Hi, sir. Good evening.
- Jecs?
- You arrived pretty early.
- No.
- Everybody's just late.
- [both chuckle]
What would you like to drink, sir?
- Wine?
- Water's fine.
Uh, water, please.
Warm. Thank you.
- Water tonight?
- Uh, well, you know, your Aunt Tessie,
says I can't have alcohol.
Is she coming?
Ah, you know her.
I think she's still
in the meeting with the Rotary.
So What are we celebrating?
[Jecs] Um
Well, it's the third anniversary
of when I met Jecs,
and we wanted to wait
for everyone tonight.
- But since you're asking
- Billie has agreed to marry me.
[Billie chuckles awkwardly]
Yeah, so this is like a
semi engagement party.
Just us and friends.
Hmm. Right, right. Well
Just make sure
you get married in the States.
- So you may divorce.
- Seriously?
Daddy, that's really your advice?
Don't get me wrong, okay?
I like you.
I just don't trust you.
You're a musician like me.
And I know not everyone understands
what's expected of us.
That is why I do not like the idea
of you guys getting married.
Isn't that unfair to Billie and me, sir?
Trust me,
you're just setting yourself up
for failure.
Uh. Excuse me, Daddy.
Don't assume we'll end up
like you and Mommy.
What I'm saying is
Billie is exactly like her mother.
She can't be tied down.
I don't even know what career
Right now, what are you doing?
Would we call it a career? Musician?
Online sales?
You even taught English to Koreans, right?
Dad! At least I'm surviving.
Of course, your life is easy.
But you're still getting money from Mom.
And have you forgotten, I got you a condo?
Don't worry about your condo.
You can have it back.
I'm moving out.
I can support Billie just fine, sir.
What I'm saying is,
what I'm actually hoping for
is that you do not end up like us.
Because what we had
was a mistake from the start.
Excuse me. Okay? It was a mistake.
I was a mistake.
I was unwanted.
That's all you've said every day,
ever since I was young that I'm a mistake.
And now that I'm getting married,
you're still making me
feel like I'm doing a mistake.
Is this really
how you show your support, Daddy?
I didn't come in here to be called out,
fucking bitch.
- Excuse me.
- [Enrico] Thank you.
[Billie sobs softly]
Do you really enjoy making me angry?
You're just like your mother,
always provoking me.
And now if you're just gonna act
the same way
No. Excuse me. No.
When a mistake happens,
Jecs doesn't punish me.
He doesn't raise his voice,
he doesn't swear at me.
And the greatest thing
is he doesn't beat me.
[exhales deeply]
[elevator bell dings]
He's not here?
He's a no show?
So he found another way
I can be punished, huh?
[reporter on TV]
A warning to the residents
along the coastal areas
of regions 4 and 5.
The low pressure areas
are expected to stay at these places
for as long as it takes
to rectify the situation.
- [Billie squeals]
- Fucking hell.
- Love.
- Sorry.
I was going to shoot a vlog.
The power is going to come back.
Let me get a flashlight.
- Yeah.
- There.
I saw a candle somewhere around here.
Shine the light over here.
Thank you, love.
I got it.
Why isn't this lighting?
There. Give me a sec.
Let me just, um Where's your lighter?
- Let me get my smokes upstairs.
- Okay.
- [wind blowing]
- [waves crashing]
[Jecs] Such a hassle,
just when I was about to vlog.
Love, the wind is so strong, it's scary.
[Jecs] Come on, let's eat.
What's missing?
Power bank.
[Jecs] Ah.
Are you smoking?
You'll shoot a vlog, right?
Here's the power bank.
Your battery could die.
- Are you mad?
- I don't know.
Maybe. The power went out,
and the first thing
you think about is vlogging.
It's scheduled for today.
Even if the power's out
and there's no signal here?
Oh. I know why.
You're so eager to vlog
so that you can interact
with, what's her face
with the massive boobs?
- You mean Sunshine? My fan-girl.
- Oh. I like it.
"Sunshine", first name basis already, huh?
Come on. What's wrong with having her
tagging me in some of her posts?
It helps me out a lot.
Hmm. So you follow her, then?
Oh, yeah,
because her followers tag me too.
It would be rude to not like the post.
- You like her posts!
- I do, but it's nothing.
Oh, it's nothing? Didn't
Didn't you both have a thing? Back then?
- See, I remember.
- Food will be cold.
Ah, answer my question.
Stop laughing at me. Why are you laughing?
No, you're just very cute
when you're jealous.
[chuckles] This isn't jealous,
I just want to know the truth.
You're stirring up trouble
by bringing up the past.
Okay. So, what went on
with you and Sunshine?
All right, all right.
I guess we did flirt a little.
What went on?
Relax. I was just joking so drop it, okay.
Just eat. Your food's cold.
[laughing softly]
Hey, moron.
Why didn't you include
"What If" in your set?
- I've been singing it for three years.
- Yeah, that's right.
That's what your audience came to see.
Then I'll play it towards the end
if there's a request.
Of course, there'll be a request, asshole.
Get it over with,
play it at the beginning.
Okay, fine, fine, fine. I'll play.
- Hey, Shine. Looking good!
- Oh. Hi.
Long time since we've seen you.
When do you think it was?
At Konnichiwa, that bar of Angelo's
in San Antonio, am I right?
I don't know.
No, no, no. She's right.
Jagers is what we were chugging then.
We were all fucking wasted, right?
Just you. You drank yourself blind
at the bar.
As usual.
We drove you home too.
Right, Jecs?
- Were you together?
- I am not sure.
Oh, a gap in your memory?
Well, you drove to his house,
you drove me to
- and then we
- Wait, wait.
Before I forget,
can you both do a collab online?
I don't have time.
I should get back to setting up.
[Will laughs]
- Seems like he's upset.
- Let him be!
- [guitar strumming]
- [audience cheering]
- [in Filipino] Do you think of me
- [audience cheering]
The way I think of you?
- -[audience cheering]
- I'm falling for you
Can I come and see you?
[woman] What's happening?
- [man] He just stopped.
- [woman] Yeah, but why?
[woman] Is that the end of the song?
What if I never will?
Tomorrow won't be the same without you
I'll just sing my heart out
I don't really know, maybe I am
[wind blowing]
Hello, Ma. What's wrong?
[mom] Hello, Jecs.
Nothing. Mama's just worried.
Why is your video all blurry?
The typhoon's still there?
It's raining pretty hard here.
Can we not do a video call?
I'm trying to conserve the battery,
the power might be out for a while.
Oh, wait. Did you mention
the Dragon Oil to Billie yet?
I can send it over there if you'd like.
That's okay. She won't drink it.
We'll talk about it later, Ma?
A grandchild is all I'm asking for.
Out of all the women, you had
to fall in love with one that's barren?
- [laughing]
- Ma!
That's good.
[continues laughing]
I really need to go.
- Bye.
- Okay, bye! Bye, son.
- [Jecs] Love, let's have some snacks.
- [Billie] What do you have?
- Sardines, your favorite.
- Not in the mood.
And I brewed some coffee.
- I don't want to eat alone.
- I'm not hungry.
That was Mama?
Yeah, she's worried about the storm.
Mmm, yeah. The storm.
Why did you laugh earlier?
- When?
- On the call.
When she said "barren",
you laughed, right?
Ah [sighs]
No, it's nothing.
- I mean, it's not what you think.
- It's not what I think?
Yeah, that is insulting!
You know, this issue
isn't my fault, right?
Billie, why would you take it
so seriously?
Didn't I tell you not to get upset?
She wants more grandbabies.
I've been telling you that over and over,
you're being so
Being Say it. Being dense?
Is that the word?
I'm being dense?
Did I say you were being dense?
I didn't make any comments like that.
Why are you making me feel crazy,
like I did something wrong
when I didn't? Fucking hell!
[breathes heavily]
[breathing heavily]
I'm sorry.
Looks like you are like Daddy.
[chuckles softly]
I didn't swear at you, okay.
I feel really frustrated with all of this.
You're channeling your anger
in my direction.
But it was Mama who said it, not me.
That's why I don't get
why you're angry at me.
I didn't do anything.
That's it.
You didn't do anything.
- Is that a crime?
- Yes.
When your mother spoke to your aunt
about how I'll never get pregnant,
did you get mad?
When she said I was barren just now,
did you get mad?
When I asked you after why you laughed
You denied it.
I wasn't laughing at you.
I just realize how old school
my mom really is.
Why didn't you defend me against her?
I didn't need to.
So when will you start?
I'll start when
We can still have a baby,
the doctor said
there's still a chance, right?
We've been through this, Jecs.
I was very clear with you
before we got married.
I don't want to have kids,
and now all of a sudden we're married.
You said our love will be enough.
And now I need to have kids with you?
Would you love me more
if I give you a child?
That is not what I'm saying.
Then what do you mean?
Because you're still hoping for it
even now.
Why is hoping so wrong?
I'm not forcing anyone.
What I'm saying is, accept that
you're not completely optionless.
- Why can't we try something?
- Because I don't want to have a child!
We can't do this if you start yelling.
We just won't get anywhere!
[strums guitar in frustration]
[Gina sighs in exhaustion]
- Hi.
- [Billie] Hey!
You're finally here.
Hello. We're so sorry for taking
so long to get back, ma'am, sir.
- At least you're both safe.
- That's true.
The Coast Guard really wouldn't let us
sail back until this morning.
The waves were so enormous.
I was able to take a video, ma'am, sir.
We weren't supposed
to be back until tomorrow.
[Francis] We just asked permission
from the Coast Guard.
How are you two out here?
We're okay.
Well, the power went out,
yes, but it'll be back soon, I bet.
[Francis] The town's power
is already back.
Hang on, I'll check. Yeah, I'll check.
- There. We have electricity.
- [exclaims] The light's back.
- That's great.
- [Gina] Francis.
- Francis?
- Uh, sir.
Ma'am. Excuse us.
We have to inspect our house, you know.
- Our roof came off last night.
- Oh, really?
- It did.
- We'll be back shortly.
I just need to clean
some wet things there.
Do you need our help?
No, that's okay. No need, ma'am.
Let me put these groceries away.
I'll bring some food with me
when I get back.
Excuse me, ma'am.
- We won't be long.
- Okay, fine.
Electricity is back.
I know.
Charge your phone.
Sorry, Miss Gina.
This place is such a mess.
- I'm really sorry.
- Oh, no. That's fine.
- Ma'am.
- Hmm?
Not that I want to meddle here,
is there a problem
between you and sir Jecs?
Oh, no, we're okay. Just fine.
[both chuckle]
I know what those kinds
of looks mean, ma'am.
You know, it's normal for a married couple
to argue every once in a while.
It's not a big problem.
It's good that you're able to express
your frustrations with each other.
But let me tell you this, ma'am,
it all starts to feel so much lighter
once you have a child together.
- That's a fact, ma'am.
- [breathes deeply]
What's really going on?
You know what?
If you still don't get it,
then you likely don't deserve to know.
How would I know
what I don't deserve to know
if you won't tell me, huh?
Sit down.
First, um [clears throat]
I think, uh
We got married for the wrong reasons.
[voice shaking]
We had this idea in our heads that
a marriage is supposed to be this way,
but [sobbing]
you keep posting me with the #PerfectWife.
I'm not perfect, you know.
I can't even give you what you want.
How can you call that perfect?
And well, I said upstairs, I said this
I don't think you heard me,
but I said, I don't want to have children.
Because I don't remember being a child.
All I remember is my dad saying,
"You're so useless."
"I don't like you."
"You'll never amount to anything."
"No one will stay with you."
"No one will love you."
Now it's just the proof that you know,
maybe Dad was right.
I mean, look at this.
Even this little plant didn't last.
And maybe I don't really know
how to take care of anything.
Or maybe I just don't deserve
to be in any relationship.
I'm sorry.
[waves splashing]
[wind chimes chiming]
Sorry about earlier.
I don't know why I started crying.
Me, too.
I thought someone had died.
I threw out your dead plant
so you won't have to feel sad about it.
Thank you.
Are we good?
I said sorry, didn't I?
Sorry for it all?
[chuckles softly]
Sorry for it all, huh? [chuckles softly]
[cell phone buzzing]
[man on phone] Have you ever had sex
with a celebrity?
Or anyone famous?
-Who? [laughs]
- [exclaims]
-[squeals excitedly]
- Where did it happen? When?
Whoa, that's such a personal question!
- Go on, just answer it!
- You see, I've been a fan
of his from the start.
When he sings, oh,
the rest of the world fades. [exclaiming]
[man] Have you guys ever done the deed?
Did he take you out and everything?
Hey, don't be like that.
His wife could see this.
- Oh, no!
What happens if you mention his name?
Well, I'm just
being honest, you know.
What are you doing?
You okay?
[man] Have you guys ever done the deed?
Did he take you out and everything?
Hey, don't be like that.
His wife could see this.
- [laughing]
- Oh, no!
What happens if you mention his name?
[Sunshine] Well, I'm just
being honest, you know.
What does that have to do with me?
You tell me.
[laughs sarcastically]
- Yeah.
- Wow!
Can you just stop with this already?
So what if
What if all the followers
who view this video get that it's you
and you are the only one
who won't admit it?
What do I have to admit here?
She's just chasing fame,
getting viewers for her vlogs.
She's begging for your attention.
What if you're just being naive,
foolish, and wasting time
worrying about all these silly lies
and all that bullshit?
I thought "What If" was just a song.
Well, she never said
it was the song, dear.
- [sighs]
- [objects clattering]
[Gina] Okay.
- Morning.
- Morning, ma'am.
[Gina grunts softly]
I'll do it.
[door slams]
[Gina sighs softly]
[kettle clatters]
I got it.
[Gina] Ah
If you If you need anything else,
I'll be in my hut.
[kettle hissing]
Hey, Francis.
Hey, sir Jecs.
I was just fixing up the boat.
Sorry, sir. It's really dirty now.
I'll probably have some time
tomorrow to tidy all of that up
[chuckles nervously]
What's with you?
I've just been hiding out here.
I, uh wanted some peace and quiet
with my mobile games
without the constant nagging.
And you? Why are you alone?
I needed, uh, time to think.
Sir Jecs
I don't want to intrude,
but have you been fighting?
Is it obvious?
Oh, well, you know,
I'm no stranger to situations like that.
You can probably still smooth it over
with some sweet talk,
some tender soft touches later,
and that will do it.
She's just jealous.
- Oh, yeah? Jealous?
- Hmm.
Jealousy is like a shadow.
It creeps up behind us.
It's a curse when you're handsome.
- Sir Pour a drink for sir Jecs.
- [Jecs] Isn't it too early?
[man] Here you go.
- You know, sir
- [man] Hits the spot.
It's never too early
with that type of problem. [chuckles]
And besides, it's just one glass.
You know, sir, to tell you the truth,
I just come out here
for a break from the ball and chain
and her constant nagging in my ear.
She really is just like a radio
whose battery never dies.
- [men laughing]
- [Francis laughs]
It never ends.
It never does.
If she starts rambling on and on,
stop and listen to her speak.
Otherwise, you're just
digging your own grave.
- [chuckles]
- It's always back to you, huh?
[Francis] It all comes back to me.
And destiny sends us some women,
very difficult ones
simply to test our nerves and patience.
Because if I didn't love Gina,
I would have buried her in the sand,
along with the trash.
[all laughing]
Yeah. [sighs softly]
Ma'am, did my husband come here earlier?
Mmm. I haven't seen him.
May I beg a favor?
Can you ask sir Jecs
if he sent him on an errand?
Oh, Jecs left a while ago.
I don't really know where he's gone.
Where is that monkey?
You know, Francis said he was going to be
cleaning the beach and the boat,
but he's probably drinking with
the boatmen from the neighboring island.
- Miss Gina?
- Ma'am?
I'll come, too.
- Drop it! Drop it low
- [upbeat song playing]
- And like this.
- [Jecs] That's good.
Come on, sir. Come on. Get up.
Let's Let's drop it!
[all] Drop, boys, drop, boys
Drop it now
[man] Come on!
Drop, boys, drop, boys, drop it now
- Drop, boys, drop, boys, drop it now
- [Gina] Francis!
- [all laughing]
- [Gina shouts indistinctly]
[music stops]
[Gina] What the heck?
What is this bullshit?
- Just what did you say, dear, huh?
- [Francis mumbles]
You said you were cleaning
the boat and the beach.
You're here dropping your ass
while getting wasted!
You drive me crazy.
I swear to God, I was looking
all over for you, you know?
Gina, it's okay. Hey
A toast for our were-wives, you guys
except you.
Because you're perfect.
Really accepting me and how I've grown,
you've helped my family, too.
And you're very beautiful.
- You're so sexy
- [sighs]
Your boobs are small, but so sexy.
You're jealous of Sunshine?
Sure her tits are huge, but that's all.
She's got nothing on you.
You really want me to tell you
if something happened
between me and Sunshine?
I'll tell you, I'll speak the truth. Okay?
I'll be honest.
Did something happen? For the record,
nothing happened between me and Sunshine.
We didn't even make out.
Blowjob's all.
Thanks, boys.
There, you see? Did you see that?
Huh? See what you just did?
[cell phone ringing]
What now? Can't it wait?
[grunts softly]
[exhales sharply]
[stove lighter clicks]
[motor boat whirring]
[Dianne] Billie, Jecs' mom passed away.
Uh, what did you say?
[strumming guitar]
[cell phone chimes]
[line ringing]
- [Dianne weeping]
- Hello, Dianne.
What's going on?
- Jecs, Mama's gone.
- Huh?
- [wailing]
- Hello?
She was so stubborn.
She just,
she kept eating what she shouldn't.
Jecs, please, come home.
Please, Jecs.
Please! [crying hysterically]
[Dianne wails]
- [line disconnects]
- [weeping]
[breathing heavily]
She called last night,
but I didn't answer it.
Yes, but you didn't know
this was going to happen.
[voice breaking]
I feel like she's about to call
Ask how I'm doing.
Ask for the password to her cell phone.
[sobs] How's Dianne holding up?
Trying to be strong.
And you?
I'm drowning.
I don't know.
I'm sorry for the things I said
For everything I did to you.
I'm sorry, too, for leaving you. [sobbing]
I don't know why you came back.
I feel like
Like breathing is really hard.
Me, too. [breath trembling]
I feel like I'm drowning, too.
Let's go home.
Are we going to go back to the old us?
Diving head first through my senses
With a handful of burning hope
Like a drop in the ocean
Out in the open
I'm so far from what I promised to be
There's this fire in me
That no one can tame
If we stay this way
Will the stillness
May the ways of the truth
Get me to you
I don't I say
You know
No excuses
Our love will be enough
To keep us safe
However it gets tough
However it gets rough
For always
All the lost things we can trace
Nowhere near throwaways
For tools we have been given
Maybe we could be forgiven
Start by saying
Still waters run too deep
For now it's all we know
But we still have a long way to go
Praying Can be restored
Seeing things upon the shore
I say yours forever
Knowing we're gonna be fine
No excuses
I love it when you
To keep us safe and sound
However it gets tough
However it gets rough
I say yours forever
Knowing we're gonna be fine
No excuses
Our love will be enough
To keep us safe and sound
However it gets tough
However it gets rough
- For always
Oh, for always
For always
[guitar music playing]
My rainbow
Cloud against the wind blows
You're all that I can think of
You're the meaning of hope
You come in like a gentle song
Leaves me wanting more
You can be sure
There's no getting away from you
Do it all with you I might
Paint the sky with all desire
Let our hopes and dreams
Cover our hearts
Light up the dark
There's no getting away from you
There's no getting away from you
There's no getting away from you
There's no getting away from you
- There's no getting away from you
- Do it all with you I might