What Jennifer Did (2024) Movie Script

[static crackling]
[ominous music playing]
[detective] I'm making sure our recordings
are on. Just give me one second.
Good to go?
Okay, start at any point in time.
Wherever you feel comfortable,
and then we're gonna move forward. Okay?
[rubbing hands]
[inhaling deeply]
Take a deep breath, Jennifer.
And tell me about what happened tonight.
- [ominous music rises]
- [phone ringing]
[phone beeps, connects]
- [operator] 911. Do you require...
- [Jennifer] Help me, please.
- [operator] Ma'am.
- I don't know where my parents are!
Ma'am, calm down. What's going on?
[Jennifer] People broke into our house
and stole all this money.
[operator] Okay, ma'am...
[Jennifer] My parents are yelling
downstairs. Please send help!
[Jennifer crying] Then I heard two pops.
My mom screamed.
I yelled out for her.
Then a couple more pops.
[detective] Take your time.
Take your time.
- [operator] Where are you?
- [Jennifer] Avenue.
[operator] Avenue Road? Can you spell
the street name for me, please?
- [Jennifer] Dad?
- [man yelling indistinctly]
- [Jennifer] I'm just calling 911!
- [operator] Ma'am. Hello?
[Jennifer] I'm okay! I'm all right!
- [police sirens wailing]
- [dramatic music playing]
[man 1] This case was something
we'd never seen before.
[camera shutter clicking]
[man 2] It was a situation
that I could never have imagined.
[Jennifer] All I could hear was my dad
screaming on the street.
I was yelling to him,
but he wouldn't come in.
I don't know if he didn't hear me.
He wouldn't come in.
[sirens wailing]
[woman] This quickly developed into
something that nobody ever saw coming.
[operator] You know what?
Just stay there. Okay?
[Jennifer breathing deeply]
[operator] Jennifer?
[police sirens approaching]
[music fades out]
[detective] Give it the best you can,
given what you're dealing with.
Remember, we're here to help you.
[woman] You okay?
You know what? You can't worry about this.
I mean, we learn.
But you did what you had to do, right?
That's the bottom line.
[Jennifer sighing deeply]
- [static crackling]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[police sirens approaching]
[indistinct chatter on police radio]
[dog barking]
[music fades]
[man 1] It's late. I'm in bed.
I've just fallen asleep. Phone rings.
I'm thinking, "You gotta be kidding me."
[mysterious music playing]
I mean,
Markham's a very family-oriented area.
Very low crime rate.
I mean, less than you would see
around the rest of Canada.
But now they're telling me,
"We've had a double shooting."
"It's a very violent scene."
"And you're gonna be
the primary in the case."
The call came in about 10:30 p.m. tonight.
Uh, it came from a resident of the house.
It is a confirmed homicide.
We have one person deceased.
We have a second victim
that's been shot as well,
uh, and then hospitalized.
Um, other than that, I don't have a lot.
[man 2] Our first task is to identify
what has actually happened in the house.
This is a violent crime
that has taken place.
We have one deceased female, Bich Pan,
and we have another male, Hann Pan,
who's suffered injuries to his head.
[reporter] The Pan family had immigrated
from Vietnam years ago,
and were simply described
as hardworking people
with nothing obvious about them
that explains why they'd be targets
for such a horrendous attack.
[Courtice] We start receiving reports back
from the hospital.
Hann has been transported there
by air ambulance.
He's actually sustained
a gunshot wound to the eye,
that traveled into his skull
and down into his jaw and neck.
And he's been put into an induced coma.
We are worried Hann Pan
is not going to survive his injuries
and that we're only gonna have
one witness that we can interview.
And that is his daughter, Jennifer Pan.
[somber string music playing]
[police siren wailing]
[chatter on police radio]
[music fades]
[static crackling]
[officer] Thank you.
[detective] Please be silent.
Just close that door for me.
[door closing]
Okay, Jennifer.
My name is, uh, Randy Slade.
I introduced myself to you
at the hospital,
I'm from the York Regional Police
homicide unit.
[Courtice] As the lead investigator,
this does rest on my shoulders.
It can't be a shoddy job,
it can't be a surface check.
It has to be a full analysis
of the Pans' life, really.
I mean, what may have precipitated this?
Did they have enemies? Uh, who knows?
[Slade] So, I want you to sort of
take yourself back to earlier on today.
Tell me what happens from there.
So, my mom had prepared dinner
'cause she was heading
to go dancing that night.
Line dancing.
She does it every Monday.
So, her and I sat down for dinner first,
and then I... upstairs in my room,
called it a night.
Put the TV on, talking on the phone
with a friend of mine.
And then, shortly after,
my mom came home,
and I believe that was around 9:30 or so?
Suddenly, I just heard
my mom calling for my dad to come down.
And that's when I peered out
of my bedroom door.
A guy was there, and he came at me and
tied my arms back and said,
"I have a gun behind your back."
"Do what I say. If you do what I say,
then no one will get hurt."
"Where's the money?
Show me where your money is."
Then three men,
they dragged me down the stairs
and asked my mom where her purse was.
My mom kept trying to get up,
and they kept telling her, "Sit down."
And so, I didn't want her to get hurt.
I told her, "Mom, sit down."
They tried to find her wallet,
but she... her English isn't good,
so she kept saying, "Purse."
They kept pushing her down onto the chair.
[Slade] Okay.
Take your time.
- Take your time.
- [somber music playing]
All this is very important,
so take your time.
At that point, they had taken me
and tied me to the top of the banister.
I could still move, but... I was afraid to
because the one guy had that gun...
Next thing I know,
I hear my parents going down the stairs,
and my mom was asking him
for me to come with them.
[crying] And he wouldn't
let me come with them.
And... after they said...
The last things I heard them say was...
"You lied. You lied to us."
"You lied to us."
And then I heard two pops.
My mom screamed.
I yelled out for her.
Then a couple more pops.
[crying softly]
Take your time.
Take your time.
[shuddering breaths]
[Courtice] Trying to get someone to talk
about a traumatic event is very difficult.
She may want to repress the memory.
It's critical that, first and foremost,
to make sure she's fine.
But, as well, I want her
to continue speaking to our investigators.
[tense music playing]
[Slade] And just... take a minute.
[detective] I am the point of contact
for the victims.
If they're having a difficult time,
at any point in time,
you're always on call for them.
If they're struggling with anything,
you're that person they reach out to.
- [dark music playing]
- [muffled voices in distance]
[Gladding] But at the same time,
it is so traumatic.
I could not imagine experiencing
what Jennifer is going through.
So, in my mind, I'm thinking,
"Just keep it slow and steady."
You know? "Just monitor her statement."
"Keep her talking
about what had happened."
[music fades]
[Slade] Okay, so let's back up again.
Other than your parents,
can you hear other voices down there?
I think I heard my mom say
or moan or something,
and then they did one more pop
before they left.
And then one of the guys said,
"We have to go now. It's been too long."
And then they ran out the door.
And I think...
[Gladding] I'm watching Jennifer,
and I feel for her.
I mean, she's been tied up
and separated completely from her parents.
[Jennifer] Help me, please.
[operator] Ma'am, calm down.
What's going on?
[Jennifer] They had guns, and they were
holding my parents at gunpoint.
[operator] Can you lock your door?
[Jennifer] I can't.
I'm tied. My hands are tied.
She is unable to go and help them,
to be of any assistance to them.
[Slade] I know this is tough, but you know
the importance of this statement.
Tell me about the guy who tied you up.
Can you describe his race to me?
[Jennifer] Yes, he was Black,
with dreadlocks.
[Slade] Okay, and number two guy?
He had a hoodie,
but I could tell that he was darker than
the first guy.
So, he's a male Black as well?
- But thinner build.
- But thinner build.
[Jennifer] And then another one
with a Jamaican accent.
[Slade] Okay.
[Slade] Did you ever hear
how they got into the house?
- No.
- Doorbell ring?
- No.
- Kicked door?
Nothing like that?
I don't remember how they got in.
I didn't get to see anything.
[Slade] Okay.
What about your parents?
What, in your opinion,
would cause people to target them?
Are they known to keep
large quantities of cash in their house?
Do they have...
a large quantity of cash in their bank?
I wouldn't say that
it was large enough to raise flags.
It's enough to pay bills.
[Slade] Okay.
My mom's very diligent on making sure...
Just enough.
[Slade] Just enough.
Okay, and what about your dad?
What type of car does he drive?
He drives a Mercedes,
and he loves that baby.
[Slade] Is that right?
So, your mom drives a Lexus,
your dad drives a Mercedes.
[dramatic stinger]
[Courtice] These are
fairly expensive cars.
They're not cheap.
Here's a family
that came from Vietnam to Canada.
They worked hard, had a modest lifestyle.
[Courtice] Bich was a supervisor
at a car part company,
where Hann was employed as a machinist.
[Gladding] Their home was, albeit nice,
it wasn't luxurious.
But it was paid off.
[Cooke] Hann Pan,
what's his lifestyle about?
I mean, is he involved in
some sort of nefarious business deals?
Was this, you know,
a hit with regard to gambling debts
or weapons or drugs?
Or a dispute with a neighbor?
Something that has triggered him
to become a victim.
They said to my father,
"You lied to us. You lied to us."
"You just had to cooperate."
And then they shot him.
[ominous music playing]
[camera shutter clicking]
[Courtice] I'm looking at
a room that's ransacked.
It's typically
what a room would look like.
Some bloody clothing.
The area where Bich was soaking her feet
after line dancing.
But there's also stuff
that ought to have been taken,
some valuables that weren't touched.
There's a safe
and a very expensive camera in the closet.
There's a wallet with 20-dollar bills
that certainly would've been taken
if it was cash-related.
I mean, by all accounts, it sounds like
the Pan family
were a fairly normal family. Um...
But outward appearances are one thing,
what actually happens
inside the house or the goings-on
are something completely different, right?
[Slade] Is there anything else you can
think of that might help us right now,
in this investigation?
Not off the top of my head.
[Slade] Okay.
So, the recorder's being shut off.
It is now 4:30 in the morning. We're done.
- Can I use the washroom?
- Of course you can.
[static crackling]
Once the interview was over,
I take Jennifer outside
and we walk out rather silently.
We don't really say too much
to each other.
And I'm thinking to myself,
"Wow, your mom has been murdered,
and your dad is in the hospital
in a coma."
How do you recover
from something like this?
[train horn sounding]
A woman is dead, and her husband injured
after a home invasion in Markham.
Police tell us there was a knock
at the door at this couple's home,
then three gunmen burst inside.
Why the Pan household?
Why so violent?
Questions detectives say
they don't have answers for yet.
[mysterious music playing]
[Courtice] It's now 8:00 in the morning,
and I'm giving a full briefing
to homicide uniform investigators.
We have a violent crime scene,
so there's really no time to wait.
[office phone ringing]
[man] There's nothing normal about murder.
But this one is particularly unnerving.
I immediately start
thinking about my own family,
and about how things can change,
um, in a moment.
And change forever.
The first assignment
I'm tasked with is conducting
the large-scale canvass of the area
in and around where the Pans live.
We're looking for eyewitness information
or any other pieces of evidence
that might become relevant and important.
[distant police siren wailing]
[man on radio] If you have
any information, useful or not,
if you could just
please call York Regional Police
or call your local police service
or call Crimestoppers.
It might be that one tip,
that one piece of information
that gets three very violent individuals
off our streets.
[Gladding] We don't get a lot of homicides
in Markham.
I mean, it's a very safe area.
Very diverse cultural background.
There's people from the Caribbean,
from Asia, Southeast Asia.
It's just a very quiet neighborhood.
When it comes to
something like this happening...
it's like a grenade going off.
[mysterious music continues]
[speaking Vietnamese] I couldn't
understand why Bich was killed.
I was very emotional.
I could not believe this had happened.
There were times
that I came to her house to hang out
and often eat dinner with them.
[somber music playing]
They were very hospitable.
Very generous people...
who loved their friends.
Hann works five days a week
and some overtime.
He certainly isn't involved in the Mafia
or gambling or drinking.
He's just a humble, down-to-earth man.
They were just really quiet people.
They didn't bug anyone.
Yeah, it's really sad.
The randomness really scares me. It's, uh...
If there was a motivation
or if there's reason,
then we can all say,
"Oh, it's... They had the reason why."
I promise you we'll leave
no stone unturned in our efforts
to identify and to bring to justice
the suspects
who brutally murdered Bich Ha Pan
and terrorized her husband
and daughter last night.
Mr. Pan remains in serious condition.
Thankfully, the daughter
was not physically injured in this ordeal.
We are appealing to anyone
that may have information,
might know who the suspects are,
to please come forward.
[mysterious music playing]
The canvass has been going on
for about six hours.
At first, we're not getting
anything helpful.
[indistinct police radio chatter]
But then we finally get some information.
And learn about this person
that's associated to the Pan residence.
His name is Danny Wong.
He is a drug dealer.
And he's recently been in a relationship
with Jennifer Pan.
[Courtice] An ex-boyfriend with some
shady dealings is a significant detail.
She should've provided information
about that.
[Cooke] Now we're thinking,
this Danny Wong...
He may be the reason
why this family was targeted.
Is it something to do with drug dealing?
[detective] Okay? I'll go through it.
Come right out.
[detective] Okay. Let me go through
the form. The radio recording's on.
I'll read through this form with you.
This is a sworn video statement form.
"You understand the criminal consequences
of making a false statement?"
- Yes.
- So, just take your name and say...
- My name is Daniel Wong...
- Just speak up a little louder.
My name is Daniel Wong, and I give consent
that this is being taped.
[detective] Okay. Good.
[mysterious music fades out]
[detective] The night this happened,
what were you doing?
- I have to ask...
- [Wong] I was at home sleeping.
[detective] At home.
What time did you get home?
It was Monday.
Monday, I got home at about nine...
Nine to 10:30, somewhere around that time.
You've been in trouble with the police
for drugs?
I've been in trouble
with possession and trafficking,
but, um, I stopped.
Like, as soon as I got in trouble,
I didn't really do anything else.
Uh, okay. So, tell me
about your relationship with Jen...
- I'm actually her ex-boyfriend.
- Oh, okay.
Yeah, we had a relationship
near the end of high school.
[detective] Okay.
And we sort of continued it
until about, uh, two years ago.
- Okay.
- So, then we just... couldn't really...
We actually... We didn't...
We were planning to stay together,
but... there was a big issue
with her parents... sort of thing.
- [detective] What was that?
- Her parents were very strict.
They drove her to the path
where there's no time for a relationship.
- Um...
- Was there other reasons?
Um, probably because
I didn't make enough money.
I was working at Boston Pizza.
And they didn't approve of that.
We've been together for seven years,
and I haven't formally sat down
and ate dinner with them,
anything like that.
[detective] Okay. So...
And then she wanted
to continue the relationship,
and I told her,
"Well, you know,
your parents don't want us
to be together."
"And there's nothing we can do about it."
And we just... I just moved on.
[detective] Okay.
And do you have a girlfriend?
- Sorry?
- New girlfriend?
- Currently? I'm seeing someone.
- [detective] Okay. What's her name?
- Christine. Yeah.
- [detective] Christine. Okay.
- But you and Jen still talk regularly.
- She tries to call me.
Once in a while, I'll call her,
just to see how she's doing
because we were actually both
getting harassed by private phone calls.
- [detective] Who? You and Jen?
- Yeah, me and Jen.
[ominous music playing]
Okay. And you've received those
over the last...
Like... up to, actually, two days ago.
Two, three days ago.
They just call, and then I'd answer,
and it'd go quiet for about ten seconds,
and then they'll hang up.
And it would happen over and over,
and it got ridiculous.
It was like 100 times. Up to 100 times.
Then it went from hang-ups to...
- Text messages.
- Text messages saying what?
Saying, "We're watching you."
[ominous music playing]
[detective] And Jen was
getting crank calls too?
[Wong] Yes.
She would have come to visit me at work,
bring me lunch, sit, talk to me.
We were friends, right?
And... they'd often say,
"What is she doing here?"
- "We told her to stay away."
- Right.
The last few that I received was,
"Bang, bang, bang."
- So that's important. Right?
- Yeah.
- It was a message?
- Yeah, a text message.
- Oh, a text...
- "Ha, ha. Bang, bang."
"Ha, ha, ha." Some pretty messed up...
- Yeah, pretty messed up.
- Yeah.
[detective] Okay.
It seems Danny Wong's been
the subject of hundreds of crank calls
over the last few months,
as well as Jennifer.
[phone buzzing]
[notification dinging]
This unknown source has sent,
"Bang, bang, bang."
And then a week later,
Jennifer's parents are then shot
in the house.
[detective] So, do you feel
that what happened the other night
has something to do with you?
Right? Because it's...
I'm more than 95 to 99% sure
that has nothing to do with my drugs.
That's a bold statement.
- Yeah. I'm pretty sure...
- How can you say that?
Because for marijuana,
no one's gonna shoot you for a gram.
Or even a piece of it.
Like, that's it. Like...
- Let me just... I'll leave for a second.
- Yeah.
If you can think of anything,
go over the story.
- Make sure you get dates and times.
- Yeah.
- I'll ask you again, okay?
- Okay.
I'm gonna go out for a minute
to wrap my head around it too.
[door opening]
[Courtice] Something's not right
about this interview.
I mean, there's more questions
than there are answers.
Is Danny Wong the target?
[Wong sniffles]
[Courtice] Or is it Jennifer?
[Cooke] We now need to learn
everything we can about Jennifer Pan.
Who she hangs out with,
what are her circle of friends doing?
Is there something in her background
that would shine light on
why this incident took place?
[birds twittering]
[kids chattering]
[man] I met Jennifer
when I was around 13 years old.
We went on a lot of school trips together,
and sometimes we'd go skating
or catch a movie with a group of friends.
She was great to talk to.
[melancholy music playing]
[Nguyen] Jennifer, you know, was bubbly,
happy, confident, and very genuine.
She talked about Daniel
every now and then.
They seemed happy, um, at first,
but there was a lot of drama
in the relationship as well.
Somebody's always high and low.
Someone's always heartbroken,
breaking up, getting back together.
To be honest, I don't think that
Daniel was the best boyfriend.
I remember when Jennifer had been working
for the entire summer
to scrounge up some money.
And she said she spent it all
on a paintball gun for him.
I couldn't even fathom
spending a couple of thousand dollars
on one piece of equipment.
But she said she felt like she had
no one better to spend it on.
Including herself.
[reporter] York Regional Police
are still searching for clues
in Monday's violent home invasion
that claimed the life of a Markham woman.
At this point, investigators
are not ruling out any scenario,
including the possibility
the men were confused
and broke into the wrong home.
John Vennavally-Rao, CTV News.
Markham, Ontario.
[Cooke] So, at this point, we're fielding
calls from neighbors and the community
and they are in somewhat of a panic.
They are worried that they may be victims.
[press chattering]
Sorry. One question at a time.
[Cooke] They want answers.
[LaBarge] We're scratching our heads as to
why they would shoot this innocent woman
and try to kill her husband,
and steal a small amount of cash.
It just makes no sense.
York Regional Police
are appealing for witnesses tonight.
So far, there's only one clue
to work with.
That clue comes in the form
of some grainy security images.
Images that police managed to seize
from a neighbor's security system.
There are also images
that police hope might help
identify the three armed suspects,
who literally terrorized a family here.
[tense music playing]
[Courtice] This is a big moment
in this case.
The video is from across the street
and points directly at the Pan residence.
As luck would have it,
we could just about see
three suspects coming into the house.
And then, around 30 minutes later,
we could see them exiting.
One exited very quickly,
then a short time later,
two run out of the house as well.
All three suspects entered
through the front door.
[police sirens wailing]
[Courtice] But what's critical to me is...
[dramatic note playing]
...there was no forced entry.
[sirens wailing]
[operator] Someone invaded
your home, ma'am?
[Jennifer] Someone broke in,
and I heard shots, like pops.
I don't know what's happening.
I'm tied upstairs.
[operator] They just broke in
and tied you up?
[Jennifer] Yes.
[recorder clicking]
[Slade] Did you ever hear
how they got into the house?
- Doorbell ring?
- No.
- Kicked door? Nothing like that?
- No.
Is there anything else you can think of
that might help us?
[Courtice] I now need to get
Jennifer in for another interview,
and ask her
some of the more difficult questions.
I want to know who she's involved with.
What's going on with Danny Wong.
Not off the top of my head.
I want to know everything about her.
[mysterious music playing]
[Slade] Good to go?
Okay, Jennifer. We're now being recorded.
This is not new to you.
We've done this once before.
There's no one else in the room
other than you and I,
and monitoring this statement
again is Deborah Gladding.
[Gladding] I can see
Jennifer is struggling
with having to come back in
for a second interview.
But we hope this is a safe room for her
to speak to us one-on-one and candidly.
And that it gives her an opportunity
to tell us what is actually going on.
I'm just a little nervous.
Don't be nervous. Okay?
I know that's tough to say.
The truth is always the best way
to relieve anxiety. Okay?
Tell me about your relationship
with you and Daniel.
It... was a really tough one.
- We went to high school together.
- Yeah.
It lasted about six years,
but I wasn't supposed to have a boyfriend.
[Slade] You were dating him essentially
without your parents' knowledge
and consent.
Did you ever figure
if Daniel stopped being a drug dealer...
Couldn't that have drawn
bad people to your house
looking for large sums of money?
- I...
- Which is an obvious question.
I don't...
I've asked him what he's up to,
and he says running. Like, doing runs.
But I don't ask him into detail.
I just went blind ear
'cause I'm not with him.
[Slade] Have you been
experiencing anything,
what you'd call in the last little while,
any type of threatening behavior?
- Yeah.
- Tell me about that.
Um... His... I don't...
Well, he says it's just a friend,
but everyone says it's his girlfriend.
Um, she has messaged me,
telling me to back off,
to leave Daniel alone.
[Slade] What did you equate it to?
Just jealousy.
[Slade] You still are equating it
to the girlfriend.
Well, I don't want to...
I don't know 100%,
so I don't want to point fingers.
[Slade] If you're not 100%,
and you don't want to point fingers,
why do you believe it's her?
Because she has personally messaged me
on Facebook, telling me that I'm stupid.
And sometimes, when I text him,
um, she texts me using his phone,
telling me that
he's with his girlfriend Christine
and to leave him alone.
[Slade] Now, why didn't you tell me
about that last...
When I spoke to you the other day?
I... Everything had just happened.
I didn't think too much of it at the time.
[Courtice] Jennifer is now suggesting
Danny Wong's new girlfriend
is somehow involved in this.
[notification dinging]
That perhaps the harassing phone calls
to him and Jennifer
are being generated from Christine's end.
To get her out of the picture.
Is this a possible love triangle
that's going on?
And if that was the case,
how did the parents become the victims?
[Slade] Did they find out
you were dating Daniel?
- [Jennifer] Eventually.
- And how did that go over?
Not well.
[Slade] Explain to me
what "not well" means.
Like, who was against you
having a boyfriend?
My father.
[Slade] Your father?
Okay, tell me about that.
Well, he gave me an ultimatum.
To either choose Daniel or to choose them.
And I chose to stay home with my family.
But... even though he had moved on...
I... We still wanted to be friends.
[Slade] Okay. So then what happens?
Well, at first,
I continued phone contact with Daniel,
but I got caught.
That's when they took away my cell phone.
And they said that they'd drive me places.
And so, pretty much,
I'd wake up, I'd do my piano studies,
um, I may go see my teacher for lessons,
but that's pretty much it.
[teacher] Jennifer was coming to my home
for weekly classes,
and it was her father who actually
drops her off outside my door.
As a young pianist, she was exceptional.
She was winning all the competitions,
year after year.
She was the best of the best.
I mean, the dedication
that her parents put behind her,
the thousands of dollars a year
spent on all the competitions
was just incredible.
[somber music playing]
Then one day, at one of the lessons,
she just started to sob.
She started to break down.
And I had never seen that from her.
And she says, "Fernando,
my parents, they don't trust me."
"Where I go, they follow me around."
"They don't want me
to go out with my boyfriend."
"He's not acceptable to my father."
"He won't allow me to waste time."
"To go out with a cook."
"They are just driving me... crazy."
[Slade] What kind of judgment
did your father pass on him?
He said that, you know,
he wasn't a good match for me.
He wasn't going anywhere in life, and... um...
he wouldn't be able to support a family.
[Slade] Okay, tell me more about him.
Tell me what you're feeling right now.
[Jennifer] He helped me through
a difficult time in high school,
when I was younger.
I have asthma,
and when we went over to Europe,
it acted up over there,
and he took care of me there.
[Slade] You still have
feelings for Daniel, don't you?
[Slade] So, how was your home life?
You finish high school,
then what do you do?
I was...
I wanted to do... kinesiology,
but my father was very adamant
on doing something in the medical field
that was a little bit more successful,
I guess you can say.
He knew I didn't have the stomach
for being a doctor,
so he wanted me to become a pharmacist.
[in Vietnamese] Bich Ha said that their
daughter had studied to be a pharmacist,
but after graduating,
she still couldn't find a job.
She worried and talked a lot about it.
All she wanted was
for her to be successful.
And not be looked down on by society.
[Nguyen] When you look back
at our high school,
everybody was expected to be a doctor,
a dentist, a lawyer, or an engineer.
There's no other choice.
Maybe an accountant.
I mean, we had
a lot of immigrant families,
people from Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Vietnam, all over the place.
And we all had the same
kind of pressure from our parents.
That's hard enough already,
but for Jennifer...
she was not anywhere close
to being top of class.
Not even in earshot.
This was a school
where getting straight A's is a standard.
[Slade] Did you go to school for pharmacy?
Did you get into university for pharmacy?
- No?
- No.
And how is this going with your dad?
How is the...
He didn't know. I lied to him.
- What did you lie to him or tell him?
- That I was going to school.
For... Just premed...
Not premed, sorry. Science.
- [Slade] Science.
- Bachelor of Science.
[Slade] And, um, did your mom know
that you weren't going to university?
Both parents thought
you had gone to university.
[ominous music playing]
You gotta be shitting me.
- [Slade] What school?
- [Jennifer] Ryerson.
[Slade] Okay.
[Jennifer] They would
drive me down to Toronto,
and they thought I was going to class.
[Slade] Yes.
[Jennifer] But I wasn't.
[Cooke] This is huge.
This is of the same level
a covert operator would use
as a cover story.
[Slade] And how did you feel about that?
How did you feel
about having to lie to your parents?
I felt guilty,
but every time I tried to bring it up...
There was just so much...
So much expectation.
[Nguyen] Expectation is definitely not
specific to the Vietnamese culture.
But it is definitely
a hard style of parenting,
and it can definitely
make or break a child.
If you're in an environment
where you're expected
to come out on top every single time,
and you're failing
to meet that expectation,
I think that could lead
to disastrous results.
[Cooke] We discovered not only is
Jennifer lying to her parents
about attending university,
but she's continued this life
for over four years.
She's also forged a false degree
from the University of Toronto.
This is shocking.
[Slade] They never
questioned you about this?
[Courtice] If Jennifer is truthful enough
to say, "Look, I've lied for four years."
That's a foundation
to the rest of the story.
I mean, what other lies
hasn't she told us yet?
[Slade] So, let's talk about
the call to 911.
- Okay.
- Okay?
[phone ringing]
[call connecting]
- [operator] 911. Do you require...
- [Jennifer] Help me, please.
Ma'am, calm down. What's going on?
[Jennifer] Someone broke in,
and I heard shots, like pops.
I don't know what's happening. I'm tied...
We listen to the 911 call several times.
[Jennifer] I'm tied upstairs!
I'm tied upstairs!
We went over it frame by frame,
listening to it, playing it back,
and dissecting what had happened.
- [operator] Can you lock your doors?
- I can't.
I'm tied! My hands are tied
behind my back!
I had my cell phone in my pocket!
All the time, what bothered me
was the fact that
how is she able to make a phone call
while her hands are tied
behind her back to a banister?
[police siren wailing]
[Slade] So, how did the hands
get behind your back?
He told me to stand up
so he could tie my hands together.
And I was trying to...
make it loose so I could...
I could do something,
but he had pulled them so tight.
And he made sure I squealed before he...
Before he let go.
[Slade] So, they're tight
and behind your back.
And that's when he grabs me
and starts leading me down the stairs.
[Slade] Does he pat you down
or search you or do anything?
Thank goodness, no.
'Cause if he'd pat me down,
he would've found my phone.
[Slade clears throat]
[Slade] You're now bound to this...
to the railing.
Can you show me?
Stand up and turn around and tell me...
Just show on the camera
how your hands are bound.
Can I just tell you?
[Slade] Take it out of
a traumatizing event, which it is,
and put yourself
into a more clinical position.
Because I want to see
how you could get your phone
out of your waistband.
Just stand up
and focus in on how you did it.
I want you to stick that
in your waistband as an example.
Okay? So, just take your sweater off
and make the call.
[Gladding] I could see
that this is taking a toll on her.
She doesn't want to relive that part
and have to reenact that.
But at the same time,
we need to know how she was able to do it.
[Slade] Stand up and turn around.
Put this in the side
that you believe it was in.
Great. Turn around so that...
Only... You're looking away from me.
You're looking exactly like...
Now, here is where the banister is.
Put your hands back behind your back.
Now... Are you restrained from movement?
How far can you move your hands
from the banister?
- They tied my upper arm.
- Yes?
- Around the banister.
- Yes.
- But my hands were bound together.
- [Slade] Bound together.
This is the arm
wrapped around against the banister?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
So now, how can you get to the phone?
How do you make the phone call?
- 911.
- [Jennifer] Mm-hmm.
[Slade] And do you talk down like that?
Yes, I'm yelling at the phone with this.
[Slade] And how can you hear?
I turned the volume on max.
So, that's exactly the way
you're talking to her against the railing.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, that's good enough. Sit down.
Put your sweater back on.
Yeah. Just put your sweater on. Yeah.
[Cooke] The fact that she's able to
pull out her phone
and make that phone call
is very interesting to us.
But not enough that it redirects us
from the other theory we're looking at.
[Slade] So, why would
they leave you alone?
The elephant in the room is,
why would you leave a witness?
It's not... It doesn't make sense.
If you shoot two people,
you're going to shoot the third.
[Slade] Why would
they not do the same to you?
The only thing I can say is
he said I cooperated.
[Slade] Now the question obviously stands,
Jennifer, is you admittedly lied.
You've lied to your parents
about going to school.
I'm saying to you right now,
is there anything throughout
the course of your statement today
where you've lied to me?
From your interaction with Daniel?
From your "I'm not involved in drugs,
and I don't have anything to do with them,
and we don't have large sums of money"?
What about life insurance?
Do your parents
have life insurance policies?
I think. I don't know.
- [Slade] You don't...
- I know they had a...
- I have one on myself.
- [Slade] Yes.
And my mom...
They used to have one
for me when I was younger.
- [Slade] Okay.
- But half of that went to education.
Half went to life insurance,
and when they found out I...
I didn't go to university, they...
- They asked for the money back.
- [Slade] So, hang on a second here.
You told me that they never knew
you didn't go to university.
When did they find out
you didn't go to university?
I told them that I graduated
but I never went to university.
That I went for two years,
but I never finished.
[Slade] Okay.
And they wanted the money back
as a result?
So... back to
another very difficult question.
The resentment that you may have had
towards your parents
for the interference
in your relationship and your life
and essentially locking you down
in your house.
At the end of the day, I love my parents,
and I chose to be with them.
And if I wanted to,
I could have just left, but I didn't.
I wanted to stay with them
and take care of them.
[Slade] So, no interaction, no belief.
You had nothing to do with this?
- No.
- [knock on door]
- You don't engage in illegal activity?
- No.
[Slade] Okay. I heard a knock.
Bear with me.
[door closing]
[exhaling deeply]
[door opening]
[Gladding, softly] It's just me.
You're okay still?
Everything's going... Okay.
Do you need a bathroom break?
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
[Jennifer] Sorry.
I'm just a little rattled.
[Gladding] Okay. Yeah. You're doing fine.
[Jennifer] I'm just trying my best. Maybe
the choices I made haven't been the best.
[Gladding] Mm-hmm.
But you can't worry about that.
I mean, we learn,
and you did what you had to do, right?
And it was something
that you felt that you needed to do.
[Jennifer] It's just like pieces here
and pieces there and...
I don't... I don't want to say...
something wrong.
[Gladding] Yeah, but I mean, you know,
all the pieces are gonna come together,
and it's all gonna fit.
Because what you're saying
is the truth, right?
[exhaling deeply]
[Courtice] It's pretty clear
she's not telling us everything.
You know, the grooming.
The nervousness.
The touching on her stomach?
I firmly believe that she knows something.
But there's only one other eyewitness,
and that is her father, Hann Pan.
Obviously, we can't interview him
at this point because of the coma.
So, until that happens,
everything's still on the table
as far as possibilities.
[Gladding] Let me just clear the hallway,
and then I'll escort you out. Okay?
Jennifer is very quiet
on the car ride home.
She's been lying.
She didn't go to university.
It's all been a web of lies
that she spun for the last four years.
But I can relate to that demand
and that need to succeed.
My parents came from the Caribbean,
and came to this country,
and there's an expectation
to always be able to be better
than the next person.
So, in my mind,
it's not just black and white.
[Courtice] For me,
the first thing that comes to mind
is how pissed I'd be
if I were her parents.
I mean, it is somewhat shocking
that someone's led that life.
And what was she doing for the four years?
That's a question
that needs to be answered.
[reporter] York Region Police has set up
a command post in the neighborhood
to try to ease residents' worries
and to take in tips.
Jack Heath is deputy mayor of Markham.
[Heath] It's important to know
that this was random,
and they're not happening very often.
And Markham is a safe community.
We've got an extraordinarily good
police department,
and they're doing their job.
[somber music playing]
[Courtice] There's an adrenaline flow
initially with homicide cases.
Then that fades as people get tired.
But it's important to keep that energy up,
not only for myself...
but for my team.
So, we checked with the hospital.
- [dramatic stinger]
- [machine beeping]
[Courtice] And learned that
Hann Pan's being taken out of his coma.
[dramatic music playing]
This is the moment in the investigation
where everything changes.
It's the chance to actually understand
what happened in that house.
[camera shutter clicking]
And this is something from a person
who looked death in the face and survived.
- [siren wailing]
- [dramatic music fades out]
[machine beeping]
[MacDonald] All you can hear is the buzz.
The buzz of Mr. Pan's machines.
[tense music playing]
One of the first things that I notice is
his right eye is bruised
and there's a very small... dot
right beside his nose.
Uh, and that's where he was shot.
Mr. Pan then recounts
what happened on that night.
He went to bed early.
[clock beeps]
His wife had been line dancing.
And Jennifer was at home.
[discordant, unsettling music playing]
[MacDonald] Mr. Pan is then awoken
by a man with a gun,
who tells him to get up
and to come downstairs.
He sees his wife in the living room.
She's hysterical.
She kept saying over and over again,
"We don't have any money."
"We don't have any money.
Can you let us go?"
One of the men in the house
just told her to shut up.
- [music ends]
- [phone rings]
[Courtice] Detective MacDonald rings,
and he says to me, "Are you sitting down?"
[tense music playing]
[MacDonald] Mr. Pan tells me that
he was on the couch being pistol-whipped.
Mrs. Pan was sitting in a separate couch.
Begging for her life.
And while this is happening,
Jennifer walks down the stairs
in the company of one of the suspects.
She's without bindings on her hands
and appears to be
in friendly conversation.
- [Jennifer] Help me, please.
- [Operator] Calm down. What's going on?
[Jennifer] Someone broke in
and I heard shots, like pops.
I don't know what's happening.
I'm tied upstairs.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
[camera shutter clicking]
He told me to stand up,
so he could tie my hands together.
And that's when he grabs me
and starts leading me down the stairs.
[crying] Then I heard two pops.
My mom screamed.
Lie, lie, lie.
Take your time.
- Take your...
- [VCR clicks]
At this point,
I'm absolutely convinced that
she's involved in the murder of her mother
and the attempted murder of her father.
So, I'll post uniformed officers
at the hospital immediately.
Under no circumstances
is Jennifer going to be
in the same room with her father alone.
[MacDonald] I go back to speak with
Mr. Pan again just to make sure that
there's no other information
that he wants to tell us.
This time, he leans in, and he says,
"Use your police techniques."
"Use your police techniques
to find out what Jennifer did."
[train horn sounding]
[static crackling]
[detective] All right. Come on in.
Have a seat over here.
Sit down here, if you don't mind. Yep.
[Cooke] This third interview of Jennifer
is paramount to the investigation.
[detective] So, just to let you know
right away...
[Cooke] Which means we are no longer
watching this on a screen.
and audiotaped. Okay?
That's actually for your protection
and mine. If anybody ever asks...
[Cooke] We're now in the monitored room,
basically glued to the window
waiting to see
how this interview is gonna unfold.
[detective] Of course, you don't have to
give a statement if you don't want to.
Do you understand that?
I want to do it.
[man] Okay. Just hold on a second.
We've seen Jennifer demonstrate
this sophistication of lying
to cover her tracks,
to lie to her family and friends
for years.
[detective] Okay, we're having
technical difficulties here. [chuckles]
What we're gonna do is
I'll move my equipment to the other room.
Okay? And then we'll move over there.
Next door, okay?
[Cooke] But now
she's going up against Bill Goetz,
a detective who is trained
in identifying and detecting lies.
In him, Jennifer's met her match.
[Goetz] Okay.
Now, let's go across the way, okay?
So, tell me about the piano.
When did you start with piano?
When I was four.
[Goetz] Wow.
Yeah, I took it in grade school too.
I still remember "Swans on the Lake."
I knew how to play that, that's about it.
Um, now, your parents.
Do you ever feel that it's pretty tough
to live up to their expectation?
- [Jennifer] Yeah.
- I get that feeling.
That maybe you weren't as smart
as what they thought that you were.
[Jennifer] Yes.
[Goetz] What else did you do
to pretend you were in school?
When they asked for something,
I'd try to make a document for them.
[Goetz] Okay.
So, what type of documents did you...
- Student loan... and report cards.
- [Goetz] Okay.
Okay. And how did you do them?
[Jennifer] Using Photoshop.
Photoshop. Okay.
And did they ever question it?
- Not really, no.
- No?
I'm sure there were days
when you actually planned that,
"This is the day I'm gonna tell 'em,"
and then... you just couldn't spit it out.
All right. Um...
Well, if your parents had let you,
would you still be with Daniel?
If they didn't interfere.
What would have happened?
Maybe I'd still be with him. I'm not sure.
But he'd already moved on.
[Goetz] Okay.
And how did that make you feel?
Hmm. He was the person who would just...
filled an empty void for me.
So I felt that a part of me was missing.
I wasn't happy with any parts of my life.
My friends were moving on
with their lives,
and it felt that I wasn't going anywhere.
I was kinda being left behind.
[Goetz] Okay.
And what was the worst that things got?
I cut myself.
[Goetz] We're gonna have to deal with it
one step at a time. Okay?
Now, the reason why I am here today
is that I'm an expert
in what we call truth verification.
Okay? I'm not a homicide detective.
[Courtice] What Jennifer doesn't know
is that in Canada,
police are allowed to lie.
So long as we're not bringing the
administration of justice into disrepute,
then we can do that.
So, my job, in any case, is to go over
all the forensics of that case.
I mean, they're going over that house
with a fine-toothed comb.
Now, do you know what satellites can do?
[Jennifer] No.
Okay, do you watch
any of these war programs on TV,
where you can see
the satellite honing in on buildings?
And basically, if people are moving
around in a house,
um, it's like an X-ray, okay?
Are the people in the positions that
the witnesses are telling us they were in?
Or are they different?
Bill Goetz is introducing a theme,
using the satellite information.
This is obviously a trick,
um, to get Jennifer to realize that
maybe what she's saying has been false
and she may need to produce another lie
to cover up for those lies.
[Goetz] Do you know
who was in that house that night?
I don't know.
You do, Jen.
There's no question about that. Okay?
The issue here is this,
and you have to look at me.
Your dad wasn't supposed to be a witness.
That's where this whole thing went wrong.
Okay? Your dad wasn't supposed to live.
You gave a description
of a Black guy with dreads.
There was no Black guy with
dreads in there. Okay?
He gave a good description of the guy
that you were with,
and he's not even Black.
- [Jennifer] But...
- Why did you say that?
- That's what I remember.
- [Goetz] No.
You're involved in this.
[unsettling music playing]
[Goetz] What happened?
What happened?
You didn't think this far ahead, did you?
And those guys didn't show up there
to take your money.
They came there to shoot your parents.
And they didn't get there randomly.
This was set in motion.
But once they started, once they came in,
you couldn't stop it, could you?
Could you?
- [Jennifer] I wanted it to stop.
- I know.
Why didn't they stop for you?
[Jennifer] I didn't know who they were.
[Goetz] But you were part
of the planning, right?
You're sorry, aren't you?
[Jennifer] Mm-hm.
[Jennifer whispering indistinctly]
[Goetz] Pardon?
[Jennifer whispering indistinctly]
[Goetz] It's okay.
It's very faint, so I have to lean up.
[Goetz] I can't hear you here.
[Jennifer whispering indistinctly]
[Goetz] They were supposed to take you?
[Jennifer] I needed them to kill me.
At this point, I'm almost in disbelief
as to what I'm hearing.
[Goetz] Why?
[Jennifer] I didn't want to live anymore.
Is what she's telling us now the truth?
[Goetz] They're supposed to
take the whole family out?
[Jennifer crying] No, just me.
[Goetz] What went wrong?
[Jennifer] I don't know.
[Goetz] Okay. What do you know?
How come it was supposed to be you?
[Jennifer] Because I didn't
wanna be here anymore.
[Goetz] Why not?
[Jennifer] Because I was
such a disappointment.
[Goetz] Okay,
so how did this play out then?
It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
[Goetz] Okay, I appreciate that.
How did it happen?
What was your request?
[Jennifer] Come in.
And take me out.
[Goetz] And how much was he gonna charge?
[Jennifer] Two thousand.
[Goetz] Okay.
And what's his name? What did he go by?
[Jennifer] Homie. Homeboy.
[Goetz] Okay.
He's not gonna show up randomly.
You're gonna have to know
exactly when he's coming.
How did that play out?
[Jennifer] He texted me.
- [Goetz] Pardon?
- He texted me.
[Goetz] Okay. What was the agreement?
I told you, $2,000.
They were supposed to kill me.
Then they called me
to make sure they had access.
[Goetz] Okay.
So, how did they do that, though?
What was the question on the phone?
Was it a text or a phone message?
[Jennifer] A text. "VIP access."
- [Goetz] What does that mean?
- To make sure there was a way in.
[Goetz] So, after your mom got home,
what did you do?
[Jennifer] Went down, said hello.
Pretended to check the door.
[Goetz] You have to sit up
because I can't hear you here.
How did you get in contact
with Homeboy in the first place?
[Jennifer] I asked a friend.
[Goetz] Okay. Which one?
[Jennifer] One I can't find anymore.
[Goetz] What's his name?
[Courtice] It's clear that we need
a warrant to get into Jennifer's phone.
To find out who she's associated to, um,
and how did she make this happen.
[Goetz] Jen?
[phone clicking on]
[phone dinging]
[Courtice] We quickly identify
the content of her texts.
Immediately, we can see
she's received one from Homeboy.
[phone dinging]
[Courtice] This is pretty telling.
But it's really just the beginning.
What is particular of interest
is the text message conversation
between Daniel Wong and Jennifer.
[phone dinging]
[phone dinging]
[phone dinging]
"Jennifer: What do you mean?
What are you sorry for?"
"Can you please answer?"
Daniel responds,
"I don't know how to say this."
"I feel the way you feel,
but about her."
[phone dinging]
"Jennifer: So, you feel for Christine
what I feel for you?"
[phone dinging]
"Then call it off with Homeboy."
"Daniel: Call it off with Homeboy?"
"You said you wanted this
with or without me."
[phone dinging]
"You said you wanted this for you."
And then Danny gets pissed at her.
[phone dinging]
[phone dinging]
I mean, this is the nail in the coffin
for Danny Wong.
[phone ringing]
He's clearly assisted Jennifer
in contacting Homeboy.
[phone dinging]
The information here is gold.
We now have one of the conspirators.
[tense music playing]
We need to find this guy.
We assign a surveillance team
on Danny Wong
and investigate one phone to the next.
[Cooke] We look at multiple phones
left, right, and center.
Systematically, we were able to pinpoint
who our suspects are.
We were able to identify Eric Carty
as one of the suspects,
David Mylvaganam as a suspect,
as well as Homeboy, Lenford Crawford,
as the third suspect.
[phone dinging]
[phone dinging]
[phone dinging]
[Courtice] Lenford was an associate
that Danny hangs around with,
who also deals drugs.
They're going to be arrested.
[man 1] Shit. Okay.
So, you know the kid, right?
[man 2] Yeah.
- The police came for him today at work.
- And took him?
[man 1] Yeah.
They're placing him under conspiracy.
[man 2] Wow. You got to be kidding me.
[man 1] Fuck.
I don't know what's going on, man.
Unreal. Unreal.
[Goetz] It's all gonna come out, okay?
And we need to have a resolution here
because this wasn't for you.
Okay? The request was for your parents
and your parents only. Okay?
[Jennifer] Is that what you want me
to say? But that's not...
[Goetz] Tell me what happened.
I want you to tell me that
you made the plan for your parents.
[Jennifer] But that...
[Goetz] We're going to get
to the rest of it anyways.
Okay? We already...
The interview's gone on
for three-plus hours.
Jennifer's described
how this is a suicide by hit man gone bad.
Yes, criminals aren't that smart
some of the time, but I don't think
they could get this whole plan mixed up
and kill the wrong people.
Total bullshit.
She set this whole thing up.
[Goetz] It doesn't feel good
to have secrets, does it?
[Cooke] Now the cards are gonna fall.
[Goetz] Jen?
[knock on door]
Give me a second.
[Courtice] This is the moment where,
based on the evidence
as it presents itself...
we can now understand exactly
what happened that night.
[phone notification dinging]
[Courtice] Jennifer received a text
from Homeboy, saying, "Game time."
[intriguing music playing]
Then she waited until her mom
came back from line dancing...
and came down to say good night
to her mom.
And then she walked over to the door
and unlocked it.
[lock clicking]
Effectively leaving her parents as prey.
And then went back upstairs,
where she continued to text
with the suspects.
We believe that
she then turned the lights on and off...
[light clicking]
...signaling for them
to come into the house,
and then she went back to her bedroom,
to wait for it to unfold.
If you can imagine the shock or the horror
that Bich and Hann must have experienced
when these strangers entered the house.
- [Jennifer] Dad?
- [Hann yelling]
- [Jennifer] I'm just calling 911!
- [operator] Ma'am.
[Jennifer] I'm okay! I'm all right!
It's evil.
It's as evil as it gets.
[unsettling music playing]
[Goetz] Okay.
I need you to listen close to me.
Okay, Jen?
At this point in the investigation,
I'm going to be arresting you for murder.
Also, attempted murder,
and conspiracy to commit murder.
Do you understand that?
Just tell me
if you understand those charges.
- Yes or no.
- [Jennifer] Yes.
[Goetz] Yes, okay.
It is my duty to inform you that
you have the right to retain and instruct...
Police have made an arrest
in the deadly home invasion in Markham,
and tonight, in a stunning twist,
the daughter of the victim is charged
with orchestrating the crime
that caused her mother's death.
[reporter 2] Police now say the victim's
daughter Jennifer Pan is the mastermind
behind the killing
of her mother Bich Ha Pan
and the shooting
of her father Huei Hann Pan.
[dramatic music playing]
My wife and I looked at each other.
We simply just couldn't accept it.
Is there something that I missed?
Was there something that I didn't see?
People are horrified and confounded
by the very idea of someone
killing the people
who brought them into this world.
[Nguyen] I immediately flashed
back to the moment
that I hugged Jennifer
at her mother's funeral.
I had been so genuine
and so emotional at that point,
that I felt like
everything I said was hollow,
and I just felt, you know,
betrayed somehow.
[discordant note twanging]
So, I come back in the next morning,
and I'm in shock.
When did this h... How did this happen?
When? What? What is going on?
I mean, I had actually
felt sympathy for her.
You're okay.
How could she have done
something like this?
[Cooke] After the arrest,
we found her diary.
Which led to some interesting reading
as to the frame of mind she had.
It showed that Jennifer complained
that her parents were restrictive,
but only because they didn't want her
dating a drug dealer.
In Jennifer's own words, they worried
that he would bring her life down.
Everything else is about Daniel
and being with him.
She would draw butterflies and puppy dogs.
[Courtice] She wanted to have this
fairy-tale relationship with Danny Wong.
That was her end goal.
And she was going to do her damnedest
to make that happen.
[phone buzzing]
[Cooke] We now believe
all the hundreds of text messages,
the hundreds of threats to Daniel Wong...
It was Jennifer.
It was Jennifer constantly contacting him,
trying to make her way back into his life,
and move Christine out.
[VCR clicking]
[Cooke] This is excessive behavior.
Over-the-top behavior,
that she just wants to be with him.
[Nguyen] For me, Jennifer was
just looking for love and validation.
She probably thought Daniel's the only one
who really understands who she is.
So, if she loses that, then what's left?
You know?
[Cooke] But why would
Daniel want to get involved?
He's already in a relationship
with another female
and had cut it off with Jennifer.
[Courtice] There's the financial gain.
The insurance, the house,
a part of that was going to be hers.
Jennifer was going to come into,
reasonable, half a million dollars.
[detective] Just right down there.
[Cooke] And Daniel probably thought
he can influence Jennifer
and have access to this money.
[detective] Okay, good.
I believe, to possibly further
his drug activities.
[reporter] When Hann Pan found out,
the ultimatum.
"I told Jennifer that she has to cease
the relationship with Danny Wong."
"If not, you have to wait until I'm dead."
[unsettling music rises then ends]
[VCR clicks on]
[Jennifer sighs deeply]
[Cooke] Much to our surprise,
we discovered that
this was not her first attempt at murder.
And that she had approached
a friend of hers, around 10 months before,
and asked him to kill her father.
She even went
as much as paying this person.
This plan obviously
didn't come to fruition.
But this just shows you
the intent that she had.
The cold and calculated plan
that she put in place.
Not once, but twice.
[in Vietnamese] That happened?
I don't think so.
So, she had planned this before?
She should pay the price.
[siren wailing]
[Courtice] The most heartbreaking part
is that on the night of the homicide,
uh, there was
a gunman pointing a gun at Bich.
Bich's put on her knees,
and her last words were
"Don't hurt my daughter."
[dramatic note plays]
A Toronto-area jury
has found a woman guilty
in a hire-to-kill plot
that targeted her parents.
Jennifer Pan has been convicted of
the first-degree murder of her mother
and attempted murder of her father.
At first, she had no reaction,
but as the news sunk in,
she broke down and started to sob.
[Gladding] In the end, she chose Daniel.
And was determined to be with Daniel.
At any cost.
For her, this was a love story gone wrong.
This, um... This was important.
Uh, what we do is important.
[breathes deeply]
[chuckles softly]
There needed to be something good
that came out of it. And this, um...
This was not gonna help
bring anybody back, but...
I think we did right by Mrs. Pan,
and we did right by Mr. Pan.
[mysterious music playing]