What Lies West (2019) Movie Script

Downloaded from YTS.MX (uplifting guitar music) Official YIFY movies site: YTS.MX (crowd applauding) (inspiring music) (graduates talking indistinctly) - Oh, there's me. (graduate whooping) I'll see you later! - See you later, bye! - [Andrew] Hey, sweetheart. - Hey! Oh Dad, I'm all done! (laughter) - Look at you, you did it! - Yeah! - Your mom, she's been putting your room back together for weeks. - Oh yeah, we had it repainted, but we put all of your posters back up. - Every one of your old posters back up. - Well, I'm not gonna be there that long. - Well, just in case, and I mean, you can change it if you want to. - Well, I won't want to, I'm not gonna be there forever. I mean, you know- - Listen, you know what? We need to be getting to dinner. Those reservations were hard to get. - Oh, um, actually I was gonna stop by a friend's party. Just for a little bit. Is that okay? - Well of course it is, I mean, you're an adult now. - [Andrew] Mm hmm. - But we should go. I hear they do have a really good egg plant Parmesan. - Great. (laughing) (upbeat rock music) Hey now We are undeniable Hey now We're gonna take some moves away Hey now We are undeniable Hey now We are undeniable We're gonna take the paint Once you get it off You're never gonna forget Hey now, hey now Shout it out loud Hey now, hey now - Hiding? - (laughing) Yes. Graduation and parents and party, it's just ugh. Overstimulated. - You need to drink more. - Probably. - Okay, let's do this one more time. - No. - Why are you moving back in with your parents? Come to LA with us! Moving back home is so cliche. Is this about the- - No. - So you're not gonna see him? - I, I can see him, we're friends. - Gross. - Look, he's sort of important, okay? - I knew it, this is a big secret plan of yours. That dude. - No, it's, he's a connection, okay? Networking. If I go with you guys, I'm just gonna be doing the same thing I've been doing. Competing for the same roles, ending up fourth in the chorus line. Nobody gets famous doing plays in LA. - This is so stupid, though. We have a spot for one more roommate. I am begging you. - No, I have a plan! It's Hollywood, gotta think outside the box. - Yeah, well you have to go to the box first. - No, that's where my plan is right and you're wrong. - Okay, well, enjoy your wild goose chase. - You know what? Enjoy living in a closet with rats for roommates. - Hey, it's an upgrade over the dorms. (both laughing) Cheers. Hey now, hey, hey, hey now Hey now, hey now Hey now, hey now We are undeniable - [Kelly] Nicoletty? - Yeah? - Here honey, you're gonna get dehydrated. - Oh. Thanks. - So, enjoying your day off? - Applied for seven jobs today, Mom. - Honey, you haven't left the house. - Because the internet exists. - Right. (laughing) So, um, what kind of jobs? - (sighing) Uh, spa hostess, VIP receptionist, but I'm still waiting to hear back from that woman. - [Kelly] That one from that boy? - Mom, he's just a friend. - I just don't wanna live through last year's tragedy again. I can't take it. - Seriously Mom, can I just have one week to figure it out? It's summer. - Honey, summer is for kids. (phone meowing) - What is that? - A text. Oh, Anne is here. - Who's Anne? - [Anne] Kelly? - Oh, over here, Anne. Hey, did you bring your suit? - Oh, no. What a lovely pool. - Oh, thanks. We just had it switched over to saline. - You weren't worried about brain amoebas? - No! (laughing) - Is this Nicolette? - Yes, yes. - Hi, here. This is for you, happy graduation. - Wow, thank you. - We sell them at my shop, they're organic paper. People are into that kind of thing. I hear you're looking for a job. I have a suggestion, my daughter Chloe, there's this whole sob story, but the moral is don't have a kid with a self-absorbed asshole. - That seems understandable. - I work about a thousand hours a day, and- - [Kelly] Oh, and she manages that yoga supply shop, the one on the square in Hampstead. - Yeah, her father was supposed to take her for the summer, and I didn't have time for all the camping club sign ups, and I called them all, crazy alpha mom, but no one was willing to help, so. - Listen, I really don't have a lot of experience with babysitting. - Oh, there's no need, she's 16. I know, I know, who needs a babysitter at 16? But it's insane to leave a kid alone this day and age, right? - Oh sure, I totally get that. - Wow, um, I really appreciate the offer, like, so much. Thank you for thinking of me, but I just got my acting degree, and I need to save up, like, a lot for my career, so... - Nicolette, honey, it was really nice of Anne to- - What price range were you thinking? I get child support for another two years, I might as well use it. - Well, I was hoping for 20 an hour, but that's as an assistant the winery. - I'll give you 25. - Anne, that is way too much. - I don't trust just anybody with Chloe though, I mean, do you know how many babysitters are charged with abuse these days? So are you, are you in or out? - Sure, that's... That's amazing. - I leave for work at 8:30, so I need you there by 8:15. She goes back to school August 15th thanks god, I just love these longer school years. I'm feeling so slowed down, can I get a cup of coffee? - Oh, sure, I was just gonna ask. - What is wrong with this kid? (peaceful guitar music) - Hi, come on in. I was expecting you earlier. - Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, 'cause it's 8:19. - Chloe? Sorry, I just can't be late. - [Nicolette] No, my fault, no problem. - [Anne] Chloe? - So what exactly do you want me to do? - Chloe, can you get out here? I'm gonna be home at six, the shop closes at five, but I've gotta stay and take a class. Listen, Chloe has a vitamin D deficiency, so for lunch, if she- - Oh, would she like a cheese sandwich or something? - No, no, no, no, no, no. We're not doing dairy right now, it causes Parkinson's. So for a snack, she can have the non-GMO ancient grain raisin flax with some almond milk. - Okay. (footsteps plodding) - Chloe, weren't you gonna brush your hair? - I did. - Honey. Okay, Nicolette, this is Chloe, Chloe, this is Nicolette. She's gonna be your friend this summer. So just do whatever Nicolette tells you. Okay. Be safe. See you tonight. No dairy. (door banging) - I like your T-shirt. - Thanks. - So, er... Are you excited for summer? - No. - Do you like video games? - No. - Comic books? - No. - Music? - [Chloe] No. - Boys? - No. - Well, is there something fun you wanna do? I'm up for whatever. - I have... Homework, I'm gonna do it in my room. - Okay. Broken tactics Getting out the fact sheets Lifelong statistics Blink And you'll miss it You know, I don't mean to dis it I'm sure it's worth your ticket But I'm just sick of this (knocking) - Chloe, it's lunch time. Wow, you must have a lot of homework. - Thanks. - Wait, don't forget the healthy part. (Nicolette sighing) Calorie counter. One. Two. - Hi. - Hey. - Where's, where's Chloe? - She's doing homework. She must be really great in school. - She is. A bit too great. You know, I'm concerned that she doesn't have any friends. - Oh, well, you know how girls are. - 8:15 tomorrow? - Yeah, yeah, got it. Chilling with a pimp and shaking with the lowdown Come on chilling with the pimp and shaking with the - Hello? - [Alex] There's that perfect voice. - You're so creepy. - [Alex] Flattery's a lost art. So, how was the big graduation? - Eight days ago? - [Alex] Oh shit. Sorry, I got the dates mixed up. I thought it was last night. - Why were you even keeping track? - [Alex] Couldn't help myself. So, summer at your parents', or have you run off on an adventure? - Yeah, I'm staying with them, but I'm actually in Santa Rosa a lot. - [Alex] Oh really? Isn't that convenient? - It's for work. - [Alex] I'm only teasing. - It's a nightmare though. I'm babysitting this weird kid, I don't get teenagers anymore. She spent the entire day in- - [Alex] Hang on. Yeah? Yeah, honey, it's just Dad. Okay, Dad. See you Sunday. (phone beeping) (Nicolette sighing) - Everything okay? - Yeah, I just, I had a phone call. - We'll see you tomorrow. - Okay. Not a single word all day. I bet she's autistic or obsessive compulsive. (Andrew laughing) - Maybe not jump right into mental illness, okay? Look, she's just a kid. - Yeah, but it's the first day of summer and she spent it all in her room. - Maybe it's a nice room. - Dad, there is something wrong with her, not to be un-PC. - Some kids just aren't social butterflies. - Weird kids, I was never like that. - What, quiet and in your room? Unfortunately not. (Kelly laughing) - Well, maybe she just likes quiet things. Reading, drawing. Oh, you could see if she wants to go to the library. - There you go. - It could be very soothing. - Do I have to keep doing this? - Yes. (Nicolette sighing) - But wouldn't you rather have me here all summer? - No. (Kelly laughing) - Mom had to leave early. - Oh, well, it's 8:14. So, if you don't wanna do homework today, I thought we could get library cards. I mean, it's like old and dusty, but maybe it's your thing? Seriously, we can do whatever you want. Is there something? I'm up for whatever? - Anything? - I mean, it's not like you wanna murder anyone, right? (uplifting guitar music) Where are we going? Is this, this like a random hill? Wow. This is really pretty. So, do you wanna go home now? (geese honking) (Nicolette sighing) Damn. Hang on. Catch my breath. Look, I know it must suck to be 16 and stuck with a babysitter. But don't worry, you can do pretty much whatever you want this summer. Think of me like a personal assistant like celebrities have, hmm? This place is really pretty, isn't it? (duck quacking) A duck! Let me take a picture. (uplifting guitar music) Wait! Isn't that the main path? - That's where the campground is. - So? - How's it going? - Good thanks, how're you? - Ballet flats? That's gonna hurt. - I know, I'll know better next time. - Have a good one. - You too. - That was mean of him. - What? - About your shoes. - No it wasn't, I thought he was nice. Did you know him? - No, he's a stranger. - Right, don't talk to strangers. Smart for kids. Teenagers. Good thinking. Hey, are you on Insta? - No. - I just liked that lake so much, maybe we could take pictures. I could put them on mine. We could do a fashion shoot. It'd be so summery! But, you know, like, a feminist one. You know, hiking gear. Oh, we could make it '50s, like, retro you go girls hiking. - Why? - 'Cause... It's fun, retro's fun. (door rattling) - Hi hi! What you guys get up to today? - Oh, we took a walk. - A walk? Where? - Over in that park, at the lake. - Uh, it's poison oak season, I just was up there and it's everywhere. - Oh, we stayed on the main path. - There's a lot of traffic to get up there. - Okay, Mom. - Oh, I'm glad you guys had a good day. Chloe, why don you just go wash up for dinner? Nicolette, between you and I, I just, I think I'm more comfortable paying you at the end of summer. I think it's just best, is that okay? And then you can just keep track of your hours? - Oh, um- - I think it's best for the situation. - Okay, sure. (Nicolette sobbing jokingly) Damn it, ow. (gentle guitar music) Mom gone again? - Yep. - The lake. - [Chloe] Yep. - Hang on. I had a feeling. (geese honking) I figured it out. - What? - This is an exercise regimen. Are you doing Couch to 5K? - What's that? - Well, when you don't work out, it's how to train to do a race. - Oh. Sure, that's it. - Okay, excellent, coming around. I've been freaking out about gaining weight now that I'm not in all my dance classes. So there are totally apps we can use to track our progress, and by the end of the summer, we could do a race. - Why? - To prove how good we've gotten. I'm sensing that's a no. - We don't need to have common ground. - Sure we do. We're stuck together all summer, right? I'm just trying to make the best of it. - Okay, but you don't have to pretend to like me. - I'm not pretending. - Yes, you are. - No, I'm not. - Okay then, how about this. You're name is stupid, everything you say is stupid, and races are as dumb as... As fuck. - Hey! That's it, we're going home or I'm telling your mom what you just said. - That you're stupid? - No. Yes, that too, now come on. (door slamming) Oh my god, that little prat. - How was today? - Fine. - What's this dish doing on the floor? Chloe? (door banging shut) Hey. Hey, did you abandon my daughter at the lake? - No, I was- - Do you know how many kids drown up there every year? Do you not think it's hard enough that her father ditched her for the summer and now you can't even go a single week without- - Wait wait wait, we were nowhere near the lake. Chloe threw a fit and I was just trying to be- - Hey, you don't get to take that tone about my daughter. You tell me what happened. - I'm not sure. - Listen, I know Chloe's just a little bit... Quiet. - No, I'm quiet, she's a stone wall. - Hey. That is completely unacceptable. Your behavior is completely out of line. You were supposed to keep her safe, that is your job. Okay. Okay, this isn't working out. I need Chloe to have a good summer, I can't spend my whole time, I can't quit the job, I can't, I can't- - Hang on, hang on, wait, like, like, I'm trying really, really hard here, she's just a little, just, just give me a little more time. - Nicolette, I, I need someone I can depend on to be adult supervisor, okay? I can't spend my whole day worrying and wonder what she's- - Wait, wait, she's a teenager, right? She's testing limits. You know they do that, I did that. Look, I got about eight feet away from her at the lake before she came with me, seriously, ask her. She was in no way unsafe. Please just give me a little bit more time. I cannot lose this job. - I'll ask Chloe. - Shit, shit, shit, shit. - I don't have time to find another replacement on top of everything else. Chloe's willing to give you another week. (peaceful music) If I couldn't have your heart I would have you - Didn't think you'd come. - Slipped out. Do you wanna walk? It's beautiful here. - God, no. No, I, er... It's been weird, being back in town after last summer. Didn't wanna just run into you in the store or something. Wanted to cut the awkwardness. So... That worked. (laughing) - (laughing) No, no, it's really good to see you. - You too. - I only said we should stay friends. - I know. - What? What? Come on, I know that face. - It's just you hang up whenever she comes- - Yeah, well I don't need to rub her face in it. Look, I do mean what I say, you are really important to me. That hasn't changed. Listen. End of next week, let's get dinner. (Nicolette scoffing) Just as friends! I wanna know what you've been up to. - You follow my Insta, you like all my photos. - Okay, well, I want more than just the social media you. I want the real you. Platonically. - Well, you totally ditched me about that job, but you promised you'd get in contact with that woman. - Yeah, and I will. - I have to be really smart about this. You only move to LA once. - So you're really gonna move? Come to dinner and I will give you all the gritty details. Next Saturday? - You promise? - I gotta run, and I promise. Finn Cafe, 9:30? Be there? - If this kid doesn't kill me first. - You're stronger than you look. - I didn't have time to make breakfast this morning, so if you could just throw something together. - Yeah, of course. - [Anne] Bye baby, I love you. Don't forget what we talked about. - Good morning. - Morning. - Want to go get ice cream? - For breakfast? - Either that or non-GMO ancient grain raisin flax. (peaceful guitar music) - Mom says I need to tell you what I want from this relationship. - Ah, that's what that talk thing was about. - I want you to stop trying to be friends with me. - Why? - Because it's fake. - But it isn't. Listen, I'm not that much older than you, why couldn't we be friends? - See, that's what I mean, you're always lying. Last night you told my mom I'm just a teenager testing limits. - Well, of course I told her that. That's how you deal with grown ups, you make them think you're one of them. - You are one of them. - No, I'm not. - Didn't you just finish college? How old are you? - 22. - So shouldn't you have stuff figured out by now? - Yeah, I guess, probably. I have a plan. But seriously, I'm not faking. I like being friends with everyone. - Why? - Why? Don't you like having friends? - I don't wanna be friends with everyone. - Trust me, it's just easier. If you can get everyone to like you, you don't have to deal with drama. - Not for me. - Well, you're eating ice cream with me at nine o'clock in the morning. Like it or not, this traps you into being my friend. - Does not. - It really does. - Can we just call a truce. - I'll take it. How's your orange? - It's really good. - Can I have some? - No. No. - What? - Twice around today. - Twice? - Yeah. - Ugh! Kids today have too much energy. - Glad you like it here. - So pretty. - Yeah, it is. - What made you think of it? (tense music) Hey. Why'd she look at you like that? - Beats me. - Do you know her? - No. - But you say hi to everybody. - I didn't know her. (somber music) I heard a voice in the middle of the night (camera clicking) I saw your ghost (phone ringing) Come on, chilling with the top down Shaking with the lowdown Come on, chilling with the top down Shaking with the lowdown Come on, chilling with the top down Shaking with the lowdown - Stop calling me. - You blocked me on Facebook, are you serious? - I can't handle this. - Nicolette, come on, I didn't know we'd run into you. - Maybe you didn't, but I don't wanna feel like this anymore. - Like what? - Like I wanna puke constantly. - Fine, but dinner this weekend. - No. - Okay. You wanna cut off all contact, fine. I get it. But from a business standpoint, you have to be more mature. We'll meet on Saturday, I'll give you Sherri's number, and tell you all about her. This contact could make your career. Do you really wanna risk that? - Just business? - Absolutely. - Fine, but that is it. - We have to go to the lake today. - I don't wanna go there today. - I need to. - Not today, Chloe, I'm sick of it. - I don't care. - Look, what if I promise we'll have more fun. - It's not about having fun. - Okay, you really don't understand summer. - You really don't understand anything. - So the only place you wanna go is the lake. All summer, that's it? Not even to the fair? - The fair? - There are funnel cakes. (upbeat music) - Hey Chloe. - Hi. - Oh my god, that looks so good. Are you gonna eat the whole thing? - No. - Oh don't lie. I go to school with Chloe, and she's famous. She has the biggest appetite. Like, she can eat our whole cafeteria dry. I'm taking AP bio, and I think it might qualify as like, a scientific wonder or something. - Wow, that is impressive. I only hope our cafeteria can match up. - What? - You know, at Stanford. I'm a recruiter. Chloe's been identified as one of our top candidates. - But she's only a sophomore. - I know, most of the Ivy Leagues help cultivate the students they really think have the chance of getting in. Chloe's definitely one of the coolest people we've met. - You know, our school has a lot of great people. Um, I'm not only taking AP bio, but two other AP classes, and I do track. - You're gonna be a senior? - Yeah. - Oh, that's too bad. You're a little past our cultivation stage. Good luck in AP bio though. Come on, Chloe, these funnel cakes won't finish themselves. What a brat. - Can we go to the lake right now? - What? No, the Ferris wheel. - You know how many people have died on those? - No. Do you? - Well, no, but Mom says a lot. Please, can we go to the lake? - Chloe, I really don't want to. - I promise it's important. - Fine. Shall we throw this out? - No. (peaceful guitar music) - [Nicolette] Wait, is this the right way? - Come on. I snuck out once when my mom was working all the time, but she came home for lunch and freaked. That's why since then... - You tend to slip out when you can? - Would you eat these? - [Nicolette] Aren't you stuffed? - Well yeah, but hypothetically, would you eat these? - Well, yeah, are you nuts? Can't you smell them? This is like wonderland. - Mom says I couldn't ever come back here, and to never touch wild berries. That foxes pee on them, and they have diseases, or I might get poison oak, or there might be some sort of blackberry poison. - Blackberry poison? - She just worries about me. But you said we could eat them. - Well yeah, I mean, maybe listen to your mom, but I don't think there's blackberry poison. - We can go home now. - [Nicolette] Now? - Mom will be back in 20 minutes. Oh, and don't tell her about the fair. - [Nicolette] Why? - She says it's full of gang members. - [News Reporter] According to CDC officials, more than 30 people have been hospitalized and two have died following an E. coli outbreak that has now spread to five states. The culprit may be a salad ingredient that could be in your home right now. - Mom? - Hey. You scared me. Why aren't you asleep? - Sorry. - What's going on, honey? You okay? - I was just wondering, what did you do during summer? - When? - When you were my age. - Oh, we didn't... My grandfather had a cabin up in the cold country, and we'd spend a couple of weeks there every year. There was no indoor plumbing, and I'd take baths in the river, and my parents would drink these spiked ice teas all day, and we'd swim, and... - Was it fun? - Yeah, at the time. - What do you mean? - 'Cause it was dangerous. I know you think I'm crazy. But seriously, I was younger than you, and they just let me, they just let me roam around. There's rattlesnakes and bears and forest fires. If I had gone missing, they wouldn't have even, they wouldn't have even noticed till nightfall. One time I... I got this fever once, it was scarlet fever, and... It took them two whole days to realize that I was sick enough to go home. God, I, I'd forgotten about that. - Why do you ask? - Oh, I was just... Wondering what to do this summer. - Well, definitely no cabins. There's a spider in 'em. Go to bed. - Okay. - [News Reporter] While authorities say the outbreak is limited, they stress that consumers should be vigilant at all times and be sure to discard any... - Oh, hey, Nicolette. How's it going? - Um, well... - Come on! - Okay, bye Anne! (uplifting guitar music) - Bye. - [Chloe] Yes, quick, come in! I have to show you something. I wanna show you something. - Oo, neat bear. - It's about two old guys who hike the Appalachian Trail. That's what I wanna do. - Hike the Appalachian Trail? - No. - I'm clearly missing something here. - This is what I wanna do this summer, have a real adventure. - But we've been hiking every day... Oh, that's why, you've been training. - We're up to three times around, that's six miles. - Yeah, my tan's getting insane. - Just listen. My mom is going away on a yoga retreat next week. She'll be gone for four days, and she wants you to stay here. - Oh, we could go then, we could go up to Sugarloaf, oo, maybe up in Ana, take a picnic. - No. - No? - Those are just like the park, they don't go anywhere. - Who, did you draw this? - Paper making class, two summers ago. - Taught you how to make maps? - No, I used Google, but here's where I wanna go. - Hike at the ocean? - No, I don't wanna hike at the ocean, I want to hike to the ocean. - From where? - From here. - Right. - No, I'm serious. I'm serious. - But that's like 50 miles. - It's almost 40 miles exactly. - 40 miles? Look, aside from that, I don't know that I can stay with you when your mom's gone. The reason why I took this job is because someone's gonna get me in contact with an image consultant, and I've made enough now that I can afford her. - What's an image consultant? - You know how like, Kylie Jenner is famous even though she really doesn't do anything? - Yeah, she's dumb. - Okay, but what if she could do something? See, I'm on Instagram, and I'm working on gaining more followers, and once I get enough, brands might ask me to be a sponsor, and then I'll get famous, and then I can get acting jobs that way. - But that doesn't have anything to do with acting. - It's just the way it works now, I'd be stupid not to take advantage of it. - So an image consultant gets you followers? - They tell you how to look and what to say to get them. - They tell you where to go get photographed, and what to wear... - You want to pay someone to tell you where to go and what to say? - Chloe, do you know how many people go to auditions in LA? This is a smart way to do it, I'm gaming the system. - So you need to stand out. - Yeah. - Well, people on social media like fun stories, right? - Yeah. - Well, what if you document our whole hike, start to finish. You can make yourself look really glamorous, and it'll be like... - Oh, glamping. - Yeah, whatever, but real. A real trip. To the ocean. - That could totally go viral. - My mom's not even on any kind of social media so she'll never know, and besides, every step we take, we'll actually be getting closer to her, because her yoga retreat's in Bodega. - You know, I could get arrested if something goes wrong. - I've read that book about the old guys hiking like 12 times, I have a route exactly planned out, and I took orienteering. Nothing will go wrong. And if you don't help me, I'll tell my mom about the ice cream. - Hey! - And the fair, and she won't pay you. - Oh my god, why do you always resort to blackmail? - Because it works. (Nicolette laughing) And after that if you want, I can throw a huge fit and say I hate you, and mom will fire you, pay you what she owes you, and you can go to LA early. - You know, you're making really convincing arguments for a 16 year old? (uplifting guitar music) How come you haven't ever just taken off on your own? - Because, I need a partner. - A babysitter. - An accomplice, and if people are telling you what to do from now on, wouldn't it be fun to do something cool first? (upbeat guitar music) You wanna do it, don't you? - No. - You totally do. - No! - Come on, we have four laps to finish. (sophisticated music) - Need a few more minutes? - Sorry, I know you guys are closing soon, and my boy- business partner, he's running late. - It's okay, Mr. Ray called and we're happy to stay open for as long as you two need. - He called? - Mm hmm. - Do me a favor? - Of course. - Do not let me drink more than one of these. I'll actually bribe you to take- - So sorry, I am so sorry. The grilled asparagus and trout. - Of course, Mr. Ray. - And she'll get the salad, trust me. - He's right. Just the house, no dressing. - Oh and, er, keep these coming. - Oh, actually your business partner is taking part in our safe driving program. We donate to charity every time somebody only drinks one glass. - You limit people's wine. In wine country. - Safety first, right? - I'll be right back with that asparagus. - Why don't you just order for me, Mr. Ray? - Oh come on, you know this place. They all think I'm my father. - You are keeping them open this late. - I wanted the chance to really talk. - Or you didn't want anyone to see us. - Okay, I have here a Google Doc with all the information you could ever need on Sherri Taylor, image consultant to the stars. Plus her number, plus I'll call her and talk you up. But... I have a better offer. You said you're stuck with some nightmare kid this summer? - No, she's, she's fine. - Come work at the winery. - (laughing) That was the original plan. You never called me. - I know, but I really wanna help. Think of how many movie people we get through there. Multiple Coppolas, Bob Iger, what better place to get discovered? - Than a winery in Sonoma? LA? - But I would introduce you, really talk you up. LA is noisy and smoggy and full of beautiful girls. - Really? - I know you think you know what I'm saying, but you don't. You're too good for that place. They want flashy, you're not flashy. When they really see you, they're gonna fall in love with you. Can't help it. And there's the selfish reason. - What? - I just can't bear to have you that far away. Love (upbeat electronic music) - Don't go. - It's 11, I have an hour drive. - No, I mean don't go to LA. Stay here. - Alex. - What? It's obvious we can't get away from each other. I'll talk to my dad, get you out of that job in no time. - Let me think about it. - Hey, you're talking to a feminist, you need time to think, you take it. - (laughing) Confident much? - You're easy to talk into all kinds of things. - I gotta go. Gimme the Google Doc. - Oh fine, take what you came for. - You did. - Yeah, I did. (laughing) And I'm texting Sherri now, and to hit send, I just need one more kiss. And send. See? Forever at your service. All we do all of these days Just go home to get some And so he rode to her house In the night of the winter Say, why not Why not, why not, why not babe - I'm being vague here, but I suck as a human being. I suck. (laptop whooshing) - Hello, Nicolette, Sherri Taylor. - Hi Sherri, I'm sorry to have to call so- - Uh uh uh, don't ever open with an apology. Puts you at a disadvantage. Try this. Thank you for being flexible on time. - Thank you for being flexible on time. - You're welcome. Now, I've been looking at your social media, and please don't be offended, but I'm not quite sure who you are. - Oh, well I just graduated from Chico State with a degree in acting. - No, no, no, no, no, no. Who are you? Are you a Kendall Jenner? Are you a Hathaway? Your photos on here look like a million others. - Oh, well, I was just trying to copy what everyone else was doing. - And that's a great idea, but you're copying from all over the place. Ah, this photo with the cat is super Kendrick, but here you are with a dog, and I'm not quite sure about a multi-pet vibe for you. - Okay. - From what I gather, you're midway between a Kristen and an Amy, (laughing) and we wanna veer away from Amy, huh? - Oh. - How soon can you get here? I'm pretty sure I can fix this, but what I need from you is to send me something that makes you stand out. - Stand out, got it. - Something unique, but not, you know, weird. I'm all about being yourself, but it's gotta be an image of you that works. - Yeah, I totally get it. Thank you so much for helping me. - Ah, don't mention it. (laughing) I owe Alex 50 favors, you know how he is. - Yeah. - Call my sec with your CC number, and send me something that makes you pop. And then we can get to work. But kiss Alex for me. - Oh, um, he's married. (Sherri laughing) - Yeah, (laughing) start dreaming of the stars. (laptop whooshing) - Now, I don't want you to think this is some, like, lavish vacation, I need to do this for work. I need to get my yoga teaching certificates, this is required. - It still sounds nice though. - Yeah, it's gonna be, it'll be four days starting on Monday. I would have asked you sooner, I just, um, I didn't know if the timing was gonna work out. So it would require you staying here, like a, like a sleepover. Cooking and, um, or you can order pizza if the oven scares you. - Absolutely, it's not a problem. - Really? - [Nicolette] Yes. - Are you sure? - Yes, we'll have fun. Girl movies, popcorn. - Oh, there's an anti-choking device in the closet, and fresh fire extinguishers. - Great. - And you'll take care of her, right? - Yes. - Okay. Great. This is happening. Great, okay. I love you. - I love you, mom. - What is that, like, from the 1980s? - I don't know, it was my dad's. Oh, this is a list of stuff you have to carry. - Okay, this is a lot of stuff. - Well, all I have is my school backpack. - So what, like I'm a pack mule now? - There's a canteen, it's vintage. - Oo. (Nicolette screaming) There's a spider. It's okay, it's fine, everything's fine. So are you sure you wanna do this? - Yes. - Four days we could spend on the couch, and movie fest, all the popcorn you could want. - No. - Why not? - Because, this is my dream. Don't you have a dream? - Well yeah, I wanna be an actress. - You already are an actress. - A successful actress. - Okay, well I wanna be this. I wanna be an adventuress, and I'm not already that. - Why not? - Because to go on an adventure means you have a plan, and you make it happen yourself, and then you get to the end and you feel good. I want that. - But isn't an adventure about the journey and finding yourself? - No, that's stupid. - I have no idea what a carabiner is. Let's go shopping. (upbeat guitar music) Forks. Deodorant. Canteen. Knives. - You're not gonna back out, right? - Chloe. - Promise you won't. - Of course I won't. Plus, this is my ticket to internet fame and fortune, right? - Right. - See you Monday. - Eat lots of carbs this weekend. - Are you kidding? I'll end up like a puffer fish. (car engine revving) - Where is she? It's 8:20, my first session's at 10:30. - You can go, Mom, she'll be here any minute. - And leave you alone? What if she got in a car accident? What if she never shows up? (car horn beeping) Oh thank god. Okay. Only one night of pizza, okay? - Okay. - Honey, this is, this is really, really important, okay? - Yeah, it's for work. - Yeah, it's also, yeah, it's for work, you're right. - Mom? - [Anne] What? - Just, try not to worry, okay? I'll be fine. - Of course you will. You're gonna be safe, right here. (door clattering) - Sorry, had to stop for snacks. - Okay, I've gotta head out. - Okay, have a great trip. - [Chloe] Bye mom. - Bye, girls. Have a good time, and no cheese on the pizza, okay? - Okay. Chloe if you're freaking out or anything, we- - We have 12 and a half hours of daylight left. - Something unique, stand out, stand out, stand out. Hey guys, we're setting out on an adventure today, and you're coming too! This is gonna be ridic fun. Like look, I even have a canteen! This is my adventure buddy Chloe. This is gonna be hashtag super fun. Bye! You ready? - Yeah. - Great. (uplifting guitar music) (Nicolette talking quietly) Well you can't see it now, but... (birds singing) - These are the best cupcakes in the world. - What are those? - Cookies and cream. - My god, gimme. Mm. Oh, I've never been so hungry in my life. - Excuse me, where'd you guys get the cupcakes? - Oh yeah, there... Chloe? - They're a block down next to the bookstore. - Thanks. - Why do you get like that? - What? He was a stranger. - Well yeah, but he was looking for cupcakes, not to kidnap you. - That's what kidnappers would say. - You sound like your mom. - Shut up, no I don't. (phone ringing) Shake it with the lowdown - Is that your boyfriend? - [Nicolette] He's just my friend Alex. - Is he that guy from the lake? - You mean one of those strangers you're afraid of? - Let's go. - Where are you going? The road's that way. - That's why we're not going that way. - What? - I don't wanna just follow the road the whole time, that way we're just driving, but slower. - But that's where the ocean is. - Look, this is my plan, that means we're going this way, through the woods, past Occidental. - Are you sure? - Yes. - Okay fine, that way. That's right guys, we're heading off road. Anyone can hike along a highway, but I'm up for a real challenge. Something unique. (bird squawking) Wait, we're going in there? - Yeah, that's where the hiking trail is. - But it's... Dark. - Adventure. (bird squawking) - Shit! - What? - The reception's all crappy, my video cut out. - Oh, fine. - Are you sure you know where we're going? - Yes. - [Sat Nav] At the end of the road, make a legal U-turn. - Is that GPS? - No, it opened accidentally, I was trying to reopen my app. Hey guys, just checking in. We're in the backwoods now, hopefully we don't run into mountain lions or bears- Hey! - This is not an adventure. - Chloe, give me back my phone. - No, you need to actually be here. - I am here, I just wanna make sure we don't get lost. - We are not lost. We're following the stream and it's right here. - Okay fine, you know where we're going. Now gimme back my phone. - Why, so you can shoot more stupid videos and text Alex? - So I can do whatever I want, I'm still your babysitter. No! - You tried to grab it! - Because you stole it! Where is it? Do you think it rolled into the stream? - It could have. - That's it, we're going home. Come on. - Go ahead. Do you even know how to read a map? - No, I live in the 21st century. (calm guitar music) (water babbling) You think there's a way down? - [Chloe] I don't know. - [Nicolette] Well, let's look. - No, we have to get going. - We need to get water. - Er, we can't get water there. - Why? It's fine. - Um, have you heard of giardia? Brain amoebas? - Animals drink it. - That's what makes it dangerous. - Okay then, where are we gonna stop for water? - We have enough. - Well, why'd you drink so much? - Because it's 170 degrees outside. - I thought we'd have enough. - You didn't plan a water stop. You thought we'd go all the way to the beach without one. - I thought we'd have enough. - Huh, great. - You can share mine. - [Nicolette] Do you think we can get giardia amoebas from wading? - [Chloe] I don't know. - Ugh, god. Whoa, oo, it's freezing. Chloe, you gotta get in. - I'm good. - Chloe, what's even the point of all this if you don't try anything you're afraid of? - I'm not afraid, I'm just sticking to the plan. (gentle guitar music) - What's the difference between a granola bar and a fitness bar? Like, do they have more granolas? - What do you mean, granolas? (laughing) - Well, it's a granola bar, it has, like, granolas in it, right? - The plural of granola is granola. It's like fish or moose. - How would you know that? - My mom says that fitness bars can give you tumors. (peaceful guitar music) So turn left at the road. - What road? - The road right in front of you. - Are you sure you know where we are? - Yes. - Well, there's no road. - Hang on. (owl hooting) (bugs buzzing) (animal yapping) - All set? Chloe? You do know where we are, right? Are we lost? Er, it's gonna be okay, I'll figure something out. Here, gimme your phone. - I don't have a phone. - You didn't bring your phone? - We had yours. - Chloe, I promised your mom we'd call to check in. Oh thank god. There must be a house, we can call a ride home. - What? No, we're not going home. Please, we can't go back. - We have to. Hide out here if you want. (knocking) Hello? (knocking) Hello? (door creaking) - No soliciting. - No, no wait, please, please. Look, I was hiking and we got lost, please can I use your phone. - Look, you think that's gonna work? I watch the news. That's the thing now, huh? You go around, asked to be let in, and then when I open the door, the whole gang jumps me. - There's no gang, seriously, do I look like I'm in a gang? - You might be the pretty one they keep for this. - Seriously, we're just hiking through the area, we ran out of water- - Ha, we! - Yes, me and, and, and my friend. - Get out of here. I have a gun. - No, wait, wait, please, this is serious. We are lost and I don't have a phone. - Then stay lost! You hipsters are always heading into the hills and getting lost and dying. No common sense. (door slamming) - What are you doing? - She wouldn't let me in to use the phone. Come on, let's turn around. There has to be a road somewhere, we can follow it and hopefully we can get back. - I'm not going back. (knocking) - Oh, so they're taking them in the gangs that young. - Here is my compass, we are hikers, we need to use your phone and refill our canteens or we will call the police on you. - What for? - Child endangerment. - All right. One phone call. - Can you bring the phone out here? - The cord doesn't stretch that far. - She's with me. - All right then. You can fill up your canteens in the sink. (water gushing) - Hey, Anne? Hi, yeah, I'm just calling to check in. Yeah, we're just gonna watch a movie, get to bed pretty early. PG-13 only, I promise. Yeah, we're fine. Okay. All right, have a great night. - You kids runaways? - No ma'am, we're just hiking. - What kind of kids go hiking nowadays, huh? - Weird ones. - Crazy ones. You know, anything can kill you out there? - Then why do you live out there? - I don't. I live in here. You need a map? - You have maps? - Now, where should you be? (melancholy music) You ain't far off. We're here, Pepperwood Gulch. - Oh, so we didn't get turned around, we just hadn't gotten here yet, to the creek road. - Right, missed it by a quarter mile. - Why do you have all this? Are you a cartographer? - No. Not exactly. I study the land. How it was. You know, the native Americans used to tend all of California like it was a park once. Helped the trees, grazed animals where it was safe, added to the land. I try to find out where and what they did. - Why? - When the Spaniards came, they called it a wilderness. Now it's a wilderness. My only way out is to look back in time. It ain't safe to step outside. You'll see a broken stop sign about a quarter mile. That's the road. - Thank you. - Yes, thanks so much. - You aren't pot smokers, are you? - No, no ma'am. - Too bad. I could use a doobie. (Nicolette and Chloe laughing quietly) - Now what? - Now we light it. (twigs snapping) - I was wondering... - What? - Because you've read all those books and stuff. - [Chloe] Yeah? - If I were a bear or a mountain lion or something, wouldn't I be drawn to the fire because it's unfamiliar? - I really wanna light a fire though. (twigs cracking) But our lantern's fine. - You know, I don't think I've ever slept outside before. - Well, we could go back and ask that lady if we could sleep there. - You did really good talking to her. You know, you don't have to be afraid if everyone. Most people are nice. - You're afraid too. - No I'm not. - Well, what about your big plan to hire some person to tell you exactly what to do? - That's being smart about my career. - No, it isn't. You said all your friends are going off to auditions. If your way is so smart, why aren't they doing it your way? - Well, let's go to sleep. - Fine. - I'm not pretty enough to be an actress. That's why I need that image consultant. I'm not pretty enough, I'm not good enough at acting. I need some kind of advantage, something to make up for it. - But... How will it matter? - How will what matter? - How will it matter if someone else just does it all for you? - It doesn't have to matter, it has to work. That's what being an adult is, right? - I don't know. (birds singing) - Do you just wanna start walking now. - Yes. I'm sorry about last night. I'm sorry I freaked out. And kind of hoped that old lady would murder you. (Nicolette laughing) But I just don't think you need to worry about how pretty you are. - I do though. That image lady told me that I had to make myself stand out because I'm so nothing. - Well, maybe it only seems like that because you try and get people to like you all the time. Maybe the next time someone says something like that, you should yell at them. - Yell at them. - Nic, I talked to that lady back there because you said I needed to talk to strangers more. - Yeah, no, it only took near death by thirst. - Okay, well it's your turn. - Maybe. Come on. (upbeat guitar music) Wait, listen. (waves crashing) - Are we... - We're here! (lively music) What's the matter? Don't you wanna go in? Chloe, after all that, jumping in the ocean is kind of important. - [Chloe] This is Salmon Creek, isn't it? - Yeah, that's what the sign said. No! Chloe, the whole point of this is that she'll never know, remember? She could have me arrested, she'll definitely fire me, and- - Oh, is that all you ever care about? - I just hiked 40 miles with you. - Well then don't tell her that. That's the yoga studio. - Are you sure? That doesn't even look like a yoga studio. You could be barging into someone's house. Seriously, this is insane. We got here, we can get back. She'll never know, now please, let's just go. - You go home. - You had my phone the whole time? - I kept it in case of emergency. - But we were lost, we didn't have any water, that crazy lady was- - Why does everyone wanna just run away all the time? So fine, go call your boyfriend to rescue you. (phone ringing) Come on, chilling with the top down Shaking with the lowdown Come on, chilling with the top down Shaking with the low (beeping) - [Anne] I feel like she's just sitting at home, and I've got this other girl, and I feel she's not having a good summer. And then I'm here, right? And that- - Whoa, excuse me, we're in a session. - Chloe, what is going on here? - What are you doing here? - Where is Nicolette? What happened? Why are you so dirty? - Excuse me, Anne, let's slow down. - Are you serious right now? This is my daughter. What happened? Why are you, are you, are you hurt? - No, I'm fine, what's wrong with you? What is this place? This isn't a yoga studio. - How did you get here? - I... I walked. - What? - I walked here. - You walked here. You walked here, you walked here from where? - Home, Mom. - Are you serious right now? - Yeah. - We're going, you need to see a doctor, let's go. - No, I'm not going. - Yes, we are. Excuse me. - Wait, no. - Everyone take a breath and slow down. - Is this some kind of joke? - No. - You took my 16 year old hiking without my permission. You lied about where you were. - Yes, I know, I am so, so sorry. - Do you even know CPR? - I know, I shouldn't have lied. - Do you know how many ways she could have died out there? - I know, we shouldn't have lied, but- - Yes, we should've. You lied, Mom, you lied to me. - What I'm doing here is private. - That doesn't matter. - Look, you have every reason to be mad at me, but Chloe is right. - Don't talk about or to my daughter ever again, and I can promise you this, you're not seeing a cent of that money, and you're lucky I don't call the police. - Fine, go ahead and call the police, but listen to Chloe first. - Mom. I know you work too hard, and I know you're scared all the time about me, but I had to find out if I was scared too. I had to find out if there was anything I could do that I wasn't scared of and I did. Do you really want me to be that afraid? Like you? - Anne, why don't you at least tell Chloe why you're here right now? May I? (Anne sobbing) - The fight that I had with Nicolette, about you guys up at the lake. Like something just broke. And I, I knew that nothing had happened to you. But I couldn't, I couldn't stop but feel like you had nearly died. And I knew you hadn't. And... - This is an intensive therapy program, Chloe. Your mother is here to work on managing her anxiety for a few days, and then she'll be doing follow up once a week. - Why didn't you tell me? - I thought it would scare you. - I'm not scared. I'm glad you're getting help, and I would have told you that if you had told me. - And I would have lost it if you'd asked me to hike here. Did you guys really do that? - We did. Here, look. (gentle guitar music) Anne, if it's okay with you, Chloe and I are gonna hike back. I know I should have told you, but we were safe. You know, I kept Chloe safe, she's really good at this. Plus, now you can check in. Apparently we have a phone. - Sorry. - You wanna hike all the way back? - Yeah, is that okay? - You'll check in every hour? - Two hours? - Hour. - Okay. It's really brave that you did this, Mom. - Thank you. - Oh, and our sandwiches are peanut butter, so no dairy. (seagulls squawking) You really couldn't have let her drive us home. - Yeah, it was dumb. Were you always planning on telling her? - No. That was dumb too though. - Really, really dumb. Are you sure you don't wanna walk in the water? - Yes. - Mom gone already? - Yep. - Hmm. So she didn't change her mind about the money, huh? - Nope. - Ah, she's right, I've been a terrible babysitter. - Pretty much. - But she's letting you stay at home by yourself now? - This week she is. Who knows about next week. Oh, I made you this. It's a map, in case your GPS stops working or something. - Wow. Thank you. This is an insane plan though. Sleeping on a couch in LA and going to a million auditions. - You scared? - Yeah. You? - Yeah. (uplifting guitar music) - Want a ride? Summer songs are playing in my ears Putting me in a good mood 'Cause I haven't been away for a long long time So needless to say I'm slightly excited When the sun goes out of sight And I know that it's time to go home Till next summer Till next summer Sunrise is in my kitchen window Sunset's in my back door She shows her finest colors when she hangs out I got a feeling she wants to show me more What lies west Woo hoo let's head west Woo hoo yes her signal in my window Has me in a new zone Ain't nothing here for you girl Head west Well I never used to wish I had a sister No, I never used to call upon my friends But when she sank below the hills You know I miss her You and me gonna bring her back again What lies west Woo hoo let's head west Oh oh gives her signal in my window Has me in a new zone Ain't nothing here for you girl Head west And I promise not to be Surprised by you If you promise not to be Surprised by me too Shadows next to crooked trail We walk hand in hand Why should we be scared of what we don't know I'm beginning to understand What lies west Woo hoo let's head west Oh oh gives her signal in my window Has me in a new zone Saying nothing here for you girl Head west What lies west Woo hoo let's head west Oh oh gives her signal in my window Has me in a new zone Ain't nothing here for you girl Head west