What Remains of You (2016) Movie Script

My sister.
What does she want this time?
She's making Christmas plans.
Is she crazy?
It's only September.
She wants Alexandre and me
to spend the Christmas Eve with her,
but he's at his Dad's this year.
And she's sulking?
And she is sulking.
What about staying here,
just the two of us.
We'd put a little tree
in the living room,
you'd cook us a tasty meal,
and we'd get drunk on good wine.
First she doesn't see you,
then she doesn't see your kid,
she's gonna go mental.
My sister is a bitch.
Still, she's your sister.
Yeah she is.
When are you leaving?
Tomorrow morning.
My meeting's at 2pm.
And when will you be back?
On Thursday I guess.
Alexandre will be here
on Sunday night.
Either way, with my promotion,
I'll have to move closer
to the neighborhood soon.
It'll make things easier.
Isn't it beautiful?
I love it.
It looks as if you're dreaming.
Did you finally mention
your photos at work?
They don't like them?
But you can't show your photos
at the gallery you work for.
I should have known that.
I like them.
Especially this one.
It's my favorite.
But it's not mine.
Perhaps it's for the best since
they only show crap anyway.
My darling sister was right.
I'm a high-class cashier!
What a success.
You should try elsewhere.
Why not show in a bar?
A bar?
That's just cute.
Good evening
ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to...
my very first exhibition!
Well, untitled for now.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Are you OK?
Ouch, I hurt myself.
Come on, don't laugh at me.
Sorry, it's really funny.
Are you gonna be alright?
I don't know.
- I'll go get you some arnica.
- No, wait, wait.
I'm really glad you are here.
But now that you said
you were moving closer,
I just want us to be
on the same track.
I don't know
where this is going.
remember that
when Alexandre is home,
he's the only man in my life.
Even if you live next door.
I know.
- Are you hungry?
- I am.
Would you like some pasta?
Pasta served with what?
With butter!
I'll make you
a real home cooked meal
when I'm back.
I'm off to catch the train.
Someday she'll set the house on fire.
Hi, it's me. Hope you're OK.
Look, I need you to
take the kid tomorrow night.
Something came up,
a big meeting I can't get out of.
I need an answer now.
And your sister keeps calling me
about Christmas plans.
I can't take it anymore
can you just take care of it.
Talk to you later, bye.
Come by tomorrow morning,
without Alexandre.
Darling sister,
where I'm going
where it will lead me
[...] to find my beloved sister.
Traduction et sous-titrage
Lela Izrar et Maeve Duval