What Rhymes with Reason (2023) Movie Script

- Look at the
view, look at the view!
- I'm not afraid of heights.
- Why are you so scared?
- I'm not afraid of heights.
- Why are you so scared?
- He's a tough guy.
- He's scared, he's scared!
He's scared, right?
He's scared!
- He's trying to
hide it, not good.
- The people on the
other side, other side.
- Ah ha ha!
Look at the view.
- What's up Wolves Nation?
As you know, the most
epic meteor shower
in history will happen
this Friday night!
All Wolves are invited
to the football field
to view this thing.
Also, my band will be
providing some tasty tunes!
I'll see y'all there!
- Anyway, let's turn that off.
Try not to compare
yourself to others.
It's good if it
motivates you, I guess?
But it's not good if it like,
tears at your confidence?
- Yeah.
Let's get it!
Wolf step on fire, baby.
- Come on, man
just give it back!
- Hey.
It is time for my solo!
- Give it back.
- Or what?
- Excuse me, sorry.
Pardon me.
Oh, nice kimono.
Uh, yes, uh, Cal I
think that's plenty.
Shows over everyone!
- Boo!
I mean, woo.
- Mind your own
business, Brandt.
- Hey, I'm trying to help you.
Because if you start a fight
with your track record,
that's suspension.
Do you really want to
spend a whole 'nother year
in this dump?
- Whatever.
Have fun singing to dead kids.
- Oooh.
- Uh-oh!
- Did I hurt
somebody's feelings?
- Zack stop!
- Come on, Jesse.
It can't be that bad.
- It's not great.
Whoa, babe alert.
- What are you doing?
- I can't let her
see me like this.
I look deformed.
- What about the plan?
- It'll have to wait.
- Maybe she'll find it hot.
- Jesse, do not delete the plan.
The Haley Davis' of this world
get taken off the
prom market fast.
This is like your last shot.
- I know, I know.
- You wanted this
girl since what?
Ninth grade?
- Seventh, actually.
- Seventh grade?
Are you kidding me?
- Okay, Billy.
You just want an in with
the volleyball team.
- Wow!
That's offensive.
Honestly, you think
I'm that selfish?
- Yes.
- I want us all to have
an in with the volleyball team.
- Where are you going?
- Away from this conversation.
- We've been spotted bruv.
Do something.
Do something!
- What, no, I don't...
- Okay, she waved.
She waved, you're good.
You're alive.
Look, if it's
bothering you so much,
just put some make-up on it.
- Really?
- It's the 21st century, Jesse,
check your toxic masculinity.
We have a job to do.
- Hey, does it hurt?
- Mom.
I just got punched in the face.
- Zack, Mr. Hughes
wants to see you.
- Yes, sir.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Look at me son.
You're better than today.
You agree with me?
- It's just a setback, sweetie.
It won't stop the sunrise.
- You and Reena need
anything, you give us a call.
- Thank you, sir.
- Alright, well, we
are running late,
so see you at home, Rocky?
- Actually babe, I think
Rocky, he won his fights.
- Bye, boys.
- Jesse.
I'm sorry.
- I know.
- Sorry, I didn't mean
to sneak up on you.
- It's okay.
Is Zack done yet?
- He's talking to
Hughes right now.
What song was that?
- Oh.
Uh, it's something
I'm working on.
He was my stand partner in band.
I used to show him
all of my song ideas.
I always felt like he got what
I was trying to do, you know?
- It sounded really good.
You're way better
than I expected.
Not that I expect
you to be good, bad!
I didn't expect to be bad.
You're, you're really good.
- Thanks.
I think.
- Yeah.
- Ah, thank you,
by the way, you know,
for, for earlier.
- Yeah.
It's nothing.
- I think it's something.
Everyone is so ready to
believe the worst about Zack.
Especially Zack.
He's not a bad person.
He just gets mixed up sometimes.
- I think we can all
get mixed up sometimes.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Well, I'm this way.
- Right.
Yeah, uh, I'm over here.
- Um,
I guess I'll see you around.
- Yeah, I guess you will.
Peace and hair grease.
- Savannah?
Hey, I need to talk to you.
- What?
- I was wondering
if maybe I could...
What's that smell?
- Incense.
They help me relax.
- Well, you might want
to light another one.
Okay, oh wait, oh
wait okay, hold on!
Um, can I borrow some makeup?
For my eye?
- Borrow mom's.
- Your shade is closer to mine.
- Okay fine.
But leave me alone.
I'm busy.
- Wait.
How do I use it?
Okay, I can probably figure it
Mom said you needed me?
- Yeah.
Hey uh, come on in.
- Dad, can we talk later?
I got to get to work,
and I know you're going
to show me something
that's crazy.
- Hey, we always say we're
going to talk about it later.
Give me two minutes?
Come on.
- What are we looking at?
- It's our summer trip.
I know we talked
about doing this
after graduation, but I
started thinking about it.
What if we do it during the
meteor shower?
- I was going to go
to the watch party,
at the football field.
My friends-
- This is so much better!
This is the perfect
place to view this thing.
I mean, no light pollution.
There's nobody else out there.
An epic event.
At an epic place.
- Which you still haven't
told me the name of-
- That part's a surprise still.
- Dad, I don't know.
I'd have to miss school and-
- We leave on a Wednesday,
we're back on a
When my Dad brought
me on this trip,
it ignited my love
for adventure.
Finding what was beyond
that beaten path.
It's something I
think we've lost.
this is once in a lifetime.
Let's make it count.
What do you say?
One last hurrah
with your old man
before you head off into
the real world?
- Dad, I,
I really got to go.
But maybe we can talk
about this another time.
Like when you get back.
- Yeah, yeah, another time.
- Here we go.
Hailey, I need some
more unicorn crunch.
Uh, right, right.
Forgot about that.
Here you go.
Hey, do you have any plans
for the meteor shower?
- Oh!
I was supposed to meet
with a friend tonight.
I totally double booked.
Do you think you
can cover for me?
- What, you mean, like, now?
Can't wait just like, a minute?
Or two?
- Well, the rush is over
and you don't mind closing?
- No, um, I guess not.
I mean, I was just, I was just-
- Thank you so much, Jesse!
You are the best.
- Did you give her all the info?
- Mm-hmm.
- I got it.
Have fun signing autographs
or whatever you do
at these things.
- Any big plans
while we're gone?
- Uh, fleeing to Mexico?
- Oh, okay
Hey, you're beautiful.
Try to get outside,
hang with a friend.
Share that lovely sense
of humor you have.
- Hm, okay, maybe.
- I love you.
Tell your brother.
- That you love him.
Got it.
- All right.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Miss you!
- Miss you.
- Hey, it's pizza
time for Hailey?
- Uh, yeah, that's me.
- Bro.
You don't look like a Hailey.
Hey, whatever floats
your boat, man.
- What?
- Jesse,
there was an accident.
Mom and Dad,
they're gone.
- Jesse,
You good?
- Uh, yeah.
- And what about this?
- Um, I'm not sure.
- I wouldn't be too sure either
So what's Sav going
to do now that-
- Bro, will you quit
simping for Sav?
She's not gonna date you man.
- That's not even why
I'm asking about S-
- You guys need a hand?
- Gran made you lunch.
It's pozole.
Kind of her specialty.
- Thanks.
- What are you doing?
- I need to see what's in here!
- Yeah, why?
- Because it's who I am.
- Whoa.
I guess it's safe to say
you have the coolest dad
of any of us.
I, uh, I'm sorry.
I don't really know
the right words.
- No, it's okay.
I, I don't either.
- Jesse?
- "To my son,
Happy graduation."
- I don't think you mind
if you opened it, cuzzo.
- "It is the glory of God
to conceal a matter.
The glory of Kings
to seek it out."
- "Follow the compass
roses to Zion Point.
And etch your name
amongst the generations."
- No way.
- It couldn't mean-
- Yo, can you guys
stop doing this?
I hate it when y'all do that!
What is going on here?
- Zion Point.
- It's an old
Worthington Acres legend.
Cap. Worthington was this
rancher dude from the 1800s,
he got lost out
hunting once and-
- He was
looking for a lost cow.
- No, this is the
Scout's version.
Anyways, he had no food,
no water, and no hope.
Alright, he thought
he was going to die
so he found refuge at some
crazy overlook in the moonligh-
- It was a cave!
- Okay, can I tell it?
Thank you.
Worthington believed that this
overlook gave him a vision.
Led him out of the forest
and back to his cabin.
He called it Zion Point
point because he believed
that it was hallowed ground.
He want to protect it.
So he hid clues.
He made waypoints
throughout the forest,
and he left them only
for his sons to find.
- What did he leave 'em?
- Nobody knows.
I mean, they say that Zion
Point was never charted on a map
because Worthington wanted
his Sons' to earn it.
So whatever his clues were,
they're the only way.
At least, that's the legend.
- Dude!
Peak Goonies vibes right now.
- It's just some
dumb kid's story.
Worthington was a loon.
It hasn't been found
because it isn't real.
- My dad planned this trip,
some adventure he
wanted to share with me.
We were supposed to
go after graduation,
but he said to be
the perfect place
to watch the meteor shower.
"If yee seek a path to roam,
first depart from
hearth and home.
To a fortress of
forgotten Kings,
and stories hidden
'neath the wings.
For treasure given faithfully,
Spafford's Bliss
conceals the key.
Ascend the head of the lion
There you will find my Zion."
What if this is the missing
piece Worthington left behind?
I mean, it fits, right?
We got to do this.
- Do what?
- Go on the adventure
my dad planned.
Watch the meteor
shower from Zion Point.
- Jesse, the meteor
showers in two days.
- Well it's a three
day round trip.
We leave today, we'll
be back by the weekend.
- Yeah, but we have
school tomorrow.
Can't we find another time?
- We don't always
get another time.
Okay, look,
I know there's a
million reasons not to,
and I don't blame you
guys if you say no.
But I'm watching that
shower from Zion Point.
- Look, alright, so let
me get this straight.
Uncle John planned
a trip to see a once
in a lifetime cosmic event
from a mythical location
in the middle of nowhere
that can only be found
by finding symbols left
in the woods 150 years ago
by a backwoods rancher?
- Pretty much.
- It's classic Uncle John.
Rest in peace.
I'm totally in.
- Me too.
- You're not going.
- It's Jesse's trip.
- My Dad said this
trip changed his life.
I'm not turning anyone down.
- You guys are insane.
I'm in.
- Oh, baby, I'm getting chills!
- We could use a Scout.
- Alright!
Fine, fine.
Alright, alright!
I'm in.
Look, we just got one problem.
We don't even know where to go.
We don't have the
first waypoint.
- "First depart from
hearth and home."
Worthington left this
clue for his kids, right?
Well, maybe it's as simple
as starting from home?
Their home.
Which is?
- Worthington Acres.
No, but it's been
closed for years.
- Then we shouldn't have
anyone to bother us.
- We jammin' up right now?
We're jammin' up!
Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd.
Yo, what's up, guys?
It's your boy, Billy
coming at you with
another video.
I'm here with the squad.
We thought we could
have another normal day.
Or we could travel
into the unknown
on a quest for the
ultimate story!
Now, if you look out the window,
you see a lot of
grassland, a lot of trees
out the other window...
I see you!
I love the energy!
There's Eli being a
walking first aid kit.
- Keep playin',
scrape your knee and I'm not
going to give you this bandaid.
- Paging Dr. Scrub,
paging Dr. Scrub.
Come in.
- Does anyone have
the exact time
of the meteor shower tomorrow?
- Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Uh, It's expected
tomorrow at 8:24 pm,
Central Standard Time.
- Told you Jesse,
right after sunset.
- Guys, I'm filming here.
Captain Jesse, our
fearless navigator.
To where you might ask?
That is the question,
ladies and gents.
We must follow the
clues to Zion Point.
A mysterious location
that cannot merely
be found on Google Maps.
Trust me, I've tried,
and it all starts out
Worthington Acres, baby!
- Shut up!
- Nice.
- Thank you.
- Yo!
Yo, where'd you get that thing?
- The only useful thing
my Father ever gave me.
- What about a sister?
- Well, watch it.
Because I don't have the
gear to reattach limbs.
Jesse, just saying it now, it
was a bad idea to invite Zack.
- It's a little late in the game
to question the roster, bro.
- Listen, I get that
he's your friend,
and I respect that,
but I don't trust him man.
- Well do you trust me?
- Yeah.
- Well, good.
I trust Zack.
- Dude's Dad
murdered somebody.
- He's not his Dad, Eli.
- - Yeah, but he's
also not not his dad...
Why is he always so mad?
- I don't know.
- You're gonna talk
to him about that.
- Okay, let's put your bag on.
- Yo, Jesse!
We doing this or what?
- Yeah.
Yeah, let's do it.
- Alright.
Let's get it!
Yo, I'm here with the squad.
We thought we could
have another normal day,
or we could travel into
the unknown on a quest
for the ultimate story.
We must follow the
clues to Zion Point,
a mysterious location
that can not merely be
found on Google Maps.
Trust me, I tried.
And it all starts at
Worthington Acres, baby!
- You have got to be kidding me!
My car?
Oh, Son of a...
- Well, I mean,
it's not as inviting
as it used to be.
- Yo!
What are you doing?
- What's it look like?
- Trespassing?
- Only if you get caught.
- Yeah, I'm not sure
that's how it works, Zack.
I mean, we haven't seen
anyone in miles.
- Yeah, Jesse but-
- Once we find what we're
looking for, we're gone.
In and out.
Got this?
- It'll be fine, Eli.
Come on!
- Oh, y'all crazy.
- Alright, let's get it.
Come on.
Yo guys?
What's a good hashtag?
uh, Epic Escapades?
Zion or bust?
Or go retro with Squad Goals?
- Try Hashtag me before someone
throws my phone off a cliff.
- You know, that kind of
slaps, but it's a little long.
Ugh, alright.
We're criminals!
- All right.
It'll be fun, come on.
- That's not enough.
- Hey guys, wait,
I think we should pray first.
- Oh my God.
- Okay well,
everybody grab hands.
Bow your heads.
Our dearly Father, we thank
you for this beautiful day.
Thank you for your
unyielding glory...
What are you doing?
- What?
I'm generating prime content
for the greatest post
thread in history.
Which I'll be tagging
you all in, by the way.
You should be
thanking me in advance
for the follower boost, Mr. 220
Besides, that's like
the most clich prayer
I've ever heard,
and I'm Catholic!
- Okay, well, you want to do it?
- Don't mind if I do.
- Okay, well go ahead then-
- Don't mind if I do.
- Go!
- Okay, gentlemen and lady.
Bow your heads in reverence.
Dear God,
thank you for this chance
to do something epic,
something important.
We come
before you today
with this thick rock.
And this rock will
weigh us down,
for it is like the many
burdens we carry today.
Very heavy.
Okay, come on.
- We drop this rock
as a gesture of leaving behind
all that weighs us down,
from the weight of a pebble,
to the weight of Eli's Mother-
- Okay.
- Bro, bro!
I'm just joking.
You know how fine I
think your Mom is!
- Leave my Momma alone.
- Come on bro,
that's a good one!
- This is gonna be fun.
- Eli?
Why do you always take
everything so seriously?
- Leave me alone Billy.
- He didn't mean
it, Eli, come on.
- Your Mom's literally
a 10 out of 10!
- Okay, Billy that's enough.
- Sorry!
- There it is.
Just like old times.
- Yup.
- How you doin' bro?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
Since, you know, there's a lot
of stuff haven't gotten
to talk through yet.
It would help to talk.
- Eli.
I said I'm fine, okay?
- I know you're fine,
but I just wanna-
- I'm guessing these guys
aren't camp counselors.
- I say we run for it.
- Jesse, are you nuts?
Spoiler alert, you are.
- I don't even see them.
In and out, remember?
- Jesse, stay.
- Crap, crap, crap, crap crap!
- Zack!
- No, no, no!
This is a crime!
This is an actual crime.
We're criminals!
- Think of it more
as hooliganry.
It's more fun that way.
- Charming.
- Billy?
Keep look out.
- Why me?
- Because you
weren't a camp kid.
You don't know about this stuff.
- Alright, fine.
- What are we
looking for exactly?
- I don't know.
Something Worthington
would have left behind.
- All this stuff looks new.
Well, newer than the 1800s.
- Yeah.
This camp was
updated decades ago.
- But the clue would be part
of the original house, right?
- "You weren't a camp kid.
Oh, you don't know
about this stuff."
You're such a nerd, Jesse.
- "Depart from hearth and home."
Guys, I think I found something.
- No way.
- Eli, can you show me
how to work this thing?
- Yeah.
- Whoa.
Yeah, my name's Jesse.
I went to camp, I'm so cool.
Like, literally grow up, dude.
I bet you the clue
is right, here!
- Then we line up our index
with this weird
looking pitchfork thing
which is 290 degrees northwest.
Okay, so turn it to 290 degrees
and then we go.
- Wait, what happened
to the gunshots?
- Guys, we got to go right now.
- Billy, I thought
you were looking out?
- My bad.
- Oh!
- I locked that
door before we left.
- Do they not see him?
- I can't tell.
- Hey!
What the hell are
you guys doing-
- Shut-
- What are you doing here?
- What do you think
I'm doing here?
I saw your dumb
story on my feed!
- Ugh!
Why am I so famous?
Can you get down, please?
- What are talk, oh!
- Quiet!
Hey, quiet!
- What?
- Shut up!
- What are you going on about?
Paranoid S.O.B.
- Let's go.
- I gave you a beer, hey!
The cans are going to shoot
themselves or something.
I forgot my beer!
- You guys.
We did it!
We frick...
- You.
- Follow me.
- Alright, enough!
We are leaving!
- Oh, no, Savannah, we
just found the first-
- You stole my freakin car!
- I did not steal your car.
And plus, I left you my keys.
Okay, that's not the point,
what I'm trying to say-
- No, that's kind of the point!
- Look, it's real, Savannah.
- What's real?
- Zion Point.
We're going to watch the meteor
shower there, at Zion Point.
- Jesse-
- Dad left me this trip, okay?
He has this old
map from the 1800s.
And this compass that
we've been using-
- Would you just listen to me?
Dad had a way of making
people believe in anything.
But this is just another story.
- Why are you even here?
- Jesse?
- You're hearing things,
My beer is spilling,
It's just like my stories
on the Discovery Channel.
- House ain't haunted, Ellroy.
- You're an idiot.
Do not project your
intellectual insecurities
on me, brother.
I am not the one that's afraid
to confront the mysteries
of the metaphysical universe.
- Wait.
Don't shoot.
- Run!
Go, go, go, go!
- Yo.
That was crazy!
That was crazy!
Those guys like, like real guns.
I feel so alive right now!
- I feel so out of shape.
- I thought they had
you back there man!
I'm proud of you!
- Thank you.
- Okay, do you guys
think this is a joke?
Because we could literally
all die out here.
- Dad wanted me to do this.
- Dad?
Dad's not here!
- You're not going to stop me.
- Fine.
Then I'm coming with you.
- No, I don't need a babysitter!
- Okay, clearly,
that's not true.
- Well, we don't
have enough supplies.
- I brought some extra!
I mean, just let me check.
I'll check.
- Fine!
- Fine.
- Great.
- Good.
- Zion Point, party of six?
- Thank you!
- Um, are they always like this?
- Pretty much.
- Savannah.
Are you good?
- Yo!
Come on, Romeo!
We don't got all day!
- I'm right behind you.
- Yo, gnarley!
- No, Billy, we
don't have time for this.
- No!
No way, man.
I'm three miles into
this Okie jungle trek.
I almost took two shots to the
dome, and I need a breather.
- Okay, We have a schedule
that we need to stick to.
if you want to make it-
- Bro!
this is the forest cuzz, there
ain't no schedule up in here.
- Yes, there is!
Dude, we have a schedule
that we need to stick...
Zack, get back here.
Don't take off that,
let's go, Zack!
Alright, thank you.
I'm not...
- Whoa.
Okay, that's at least a 6.5.
- Ha ha-haa!
- Who's next?
Ladies and gentlemen,
Jesse Brandt.
- No, mmm-mm.
- Yeah, oooooh!
So you're too scared?
- Nope!
- I'll do it.
You know, since
Jesse's too chicken.
- Ooooh!
Snap, bro!
You just gonna
take it like that?
- Hey, Zack!
Take notes?
- You wish!
- Yes!
That's at least an eight!
Come on!
- Alright, One jump.
- In and out.
Let's go, baby!
Let's go Jesse!
- Come on, baby!
Let's get it!
- Jesse, Jesse, Jesse!
- Whoa.
- Jesse?
- You got us!
- Now are we
doing this or what?
- Oh, let's go!
- Come on!
- Come on Savannah!
Get in here!
What are you doing?
- Come on!
- Hey, your shoe's untied.
- What?
- Yeah, the right one.
- My right shoe is
not untied, Billy.
- So interesting
trip so far, huh?
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Interesting female dynamic,
- What?
- Come on bro, you and Reena?
- Me and Reena what?
- Dude, sparks are flying!
Alright? You still don't have a
prom date. Let me wingman you.
- No no no, absolutely not.
- Give me one good
reason why not?
- Because you're terrible at it!
- Why you shouldn't ask
her to prom you dipstick!
- Oh, I don't know.
Reena's not really-
- Hailey Davis!
She's not Hailey Davis.
Oh, bro, let's get
one thing straight. Okay?
No one female out there
is going to check off
every little box of
what you think you are.
Not even Hailey Davis.
So just open up your
mind, live a little.
- She's also Zack's sister.
- Yes, that is
moderately terrifying.
But so what?
Eli hits on Savannah
all the time.
- What?
Okay, no.
I'm not going to
prom so drop it.
- Alright, I'm dropping it!
- Thank you.
Eli hits on Savannah?
- Well, He's not great at it.
- Hey, guys!
- Whoa!
You alright?
- I'm good.
- That giving "Fortress
of Forgotten Kings" vibes
to anyone else?
- Yo.
- This is insane.
- Alright.
We need to find a clue to the
next waypoint before sundown.
The map said "Stories
hidden 'neath the wings."
So let's fan out and search
every level of this thing.
Savannah, Reena.
You go lower.
Zack, Eli, middles.
Billy, you and I will go up top.
Yes, Billy?
- What if the stories
don't mean stories
like in a building, but
like tales or legends?
That's, that's kind
of a good suggestion.
- Yeah.
No, you're right.
Um, let's just keep
our eyes peeled
and report anything
that makes sense.
Billy, you don't have
to raise your hand.
- Um, I think I should
go with Savannah?
We haven't done
enough cousin bonding.
- Uh, okay, yeah, uh sure.
If you find anything, radio.
- I guess we're partners.
Race ya!
- Wingman.
- Alright well, I think we
should designate search zones.
So how about we go this way and,
and then we can get...
Okay, I'll meet you back up.
- Jesse.
Earth to Jesse?
You okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay.
- Makes you think, huh?
- Yeah.
About what?
- How old this all is?
What came before us.
What comes after?
How small we are.
We're all here for you.
You know that, right?
- Yeah, I know.
- I just,
I've lost a father too.
I know that it's different, but,
I guess what I'm
trying to say is,
all this weight
that you're carrying
doesn't have to be on you.
- Thank you, Reena.
- Oh.
- Okay, have you ever
considered looking at things
like a normal person?
- Translation: You desperately
want to be in some of these
super sweet selfies so
you can check later if any
of my followers asked
"Who's that baddie with Billy?"
- Yeah.
Yep you guessed it.
- Yo, hold the phone!
Check this out, "Stories,
'neath the wings."
Yo, I bet you money
the compass rose is
in one of these books.
- You don't have money.
You were saying?
- Yeah.
What are you, 12?
What have we here?
You were saying?
Alpha Bravo, this is Charlie.
We found a secret door.
I repeat.
A secret friggin' door!
- Let's go
- Yeah!
You can call me Billy
Holmes from here on out.
- I won't be doing that.
- Please?
- Billy.
- Ugh!
- Whoa.
There they are.
How far back does it go?
- I don't know.
Who's the camp kid now, huh?
- Everybody clap for Billy?
Good job.
- You know, I don't
appreciate your tone.
This is the last time you guys
will ever underestimate
good ol' Billy Holmes.
Hey, whoa, whoa!
- Billy!
- Just
push on the stone!
Just get the book!
- Come on!
I don't think they can hear us.
- Ugh!
- Oh, it's jammed.
Maybe there's an exit this way?
- Great.
I love cobwebs and secret
underground chambers.
But if a Basilisk eats me,
I'll never freaking
forgive you, dude.
- Deal.
Come on, man!
- Move.
- Come on!
It's not working.
Come on dude!
Its not working!
- Okay.
What if we use, like,
a stick or something,
you know, to pry it open?
- Yeah, that could
probably work.
- Right behind you, 'cuz.
- I thought you said
you were right behind me!
- Well, technically, I am.
Jesse, I do not like this.
- I think
we're almost there.
- You remember I
said I love cobwebs.
These might not qualify.
Just, breathe dude!
- I can't.
- Just relax!
What about the next waypoint?
- You go!
- No way man, this
is your thing!
My Dad's going to write
me a check for graduation,
like a normal person.
- They're not moving man,
I don't think they
care that we're here,
just try not to touch anything!
- Okay, okay.
- You've got
this, that's right.
Just go.
I'm on your six, okay?
In case they attack from behind,
or above,
or the side,
sweet Sally Field,
they're everywhere!
- Billy, shut up!
- I'm sorry, man.
I can't help myself!
Let's go.
- This has got to be it.
- Yo!
Oh, we 'boutta be rich!
Open that piece up.
You kidding me?
This Worthington dude
is seriously chaotic.
- Oh, no, no, no.
This, this can't be it.
- Jesse?
- A little help?
- Yeah, hold on,
- What the...
- We found it.
- Jesse.
- What?
- Jesse!
- Oh!
- Yo, dude,
I'm outta here!
- Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go!
- Okay!
Please, somebody help!
Open the door!
Go, go, go!
Oh, come on.
Come on, Jesse!
- Savannah?
You want a Jacket?
- Oh!
No, it's okay.
- Nah, you're cold,
here take my jacket.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Yo!
Nice going on the roasters, Eli.
I always wanted to try
glizzies la splinters.
- Goodness.
- Oh, no, thanks.
- You're not hungry?
- Not for hot dogs.
- Oh!
Well, don't worry about it.
I got you.
I've got some uh,
got some pork rinds.
- So uh, Reena?
How's your prom shaping up?
- Fairly normal.
- If someone were to ask you,
you know,
hypothetically speaking,
would you consider saying yes?
- What if someone
were to hypothetically
shove your head up your a-
- Trail mix!
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Uh actually, Principal
Hughes is letting me
do a song at prom.
- Is that the one
you played for me?
I mean, that, um,
that I heard you play?
- Yeah, it is.
- Is that what you want
to do with your life?
- Well, it's what I do now.
- Yeah, I mean like, is
that what you want to do
when you go to college?
- I don't really
think college is in the cards,
but music did get me through
the darkest days of my life.
You know?
It showed me how to make
something beautiful out
of all the ugly.
If can pay even a
part of that forward,
it will be worth figuring out.
What about you?
What are you going to
do, after you graduate?
- Take over the family business?
- Yo, that's not funny.
- Dude, your parents
have the mega church
all other little churches
want to be when they grow up.
You're like a prince.
- Yeah, and I assume
you're going to live off
of Tik Tok the
rest of your life.
- Oh you're so funny, Eli!
You know what?
You're going to be
begging me for my tithe
when I'm driving my McLaren
back to my Malibu mansion
with Ariana Grande.
Sitting shotgun.
Feeding me pitted olives,
while she serenades me
with her latest hit!
- So, you can't land
a date to the prom,
but you can land Ariana Grande?
- That's Mrs. Brandt to you.
And I don't have a
prom date by choice.
Going stag means
my evening options
will not be tied
to the whims of a single female.
You know what?
I don't need to explain
myself to you guys.
How about you, Zackary?
You got a you got a dream
we can take a fat dump on?
- I...
Forget it.
- Come on
man, you can tell us.
- I want to be a dad.
- Sorry.
- Our dad wasn't around much
growing up and when he was,
I just want to do
better, I guess.
- That's a good dream.
- Oh.
No, I'm not part of this.
- Come on, dude.
Are you kidding me?
- Oh come on Sav.
- You suck!
- All right, all right!
Um, I don't know.
I thought about becoming
a counselor, I guess.
- Savannah, you would
be a great counselor.
- Yeah, you'd think she'd
make a great anything.
- Billy, shut up.
- I just,
I know what it's like, you know,
to have those days,
weeks, where I feel like, I
can't even get out of bed.
Everything just seems too scary.
And I missed out
on football games,
birthday parties,
my own prom,
It's just, it's held
me back from so much.
And, you know, dad invited
me on this trip too,
when I graduated High School.
But the only thing I
could think about was
what if I have a panic attack
in the middle of the woods?
So, I didn't go.
Truth be told,
the only reason I even came
out here was because my pills
were in the backseat of the car,
and I can't go two
days without them.
But you had the keys
and then we got shot at.
So, here we are
in the middle of the woods.
- Is that why you left school?
- I guess so.
Maybe one day
I'll have to figured it out,
and hopefully I can help
others figure it out, too.
- You will.
- Well, Jesse's had
his life mapped out
since the day he was born.
ou on a swim scholarship-
- Study sport entertainment.
Become a sports manager,
white picket fence.
Married, two kids.
- Right, Jess?
- I, uh,
I don't know anymore.
I've been thinking
a lot about that kid
that killed himself last fall.
Your friend?
We had a few classes
together, and uh,
he never had a pen,
so he'd always
borrow one of mine.
I saw him every day,
and then he was just gone.
My Mom used to say this thing
when something bad would happen.
She'd say, "It won't
stop the sunrise."
When she said that,
it always helped.
You know?
It meant tomorrow
we get another shot.
And I used to wonder,
how could anybody hurt so bad
that they thought it
could never get better?
And now I think,
maybe they just can't
take another sunrise.
I started getting these
thoughts, they, uh,
they just kind of pop up
in my head and everything,
everything gets so dark.
It feels like nothing
will ever get better.
Everything I thought
mattered doesn't anymore.
Because we're all
just going to die.
And we could it any second.
So, I mean, what's the point?
You know?
What are we hurting for?
And like, I know it
sounds stupid, but,
getting to Zion Point and
seeing that meteor shower, it's,
it's the only thing
that makes sense to me.
I just don't wanna feel
like this anymore.
I miss them so much.
- Jesse,
you know, God has a plan-
- I don't want his plan!
I want my life back!
- Can't sleep?
"Spafford's Bliss"?
I mean, any Idea
what this one means?
- No clue.
- You know who might?
- Don't say it.
- Reena!
She's smart and like, "bliss"
is like her whole thing.
Solid girlfriend material.
- Billy!
Please drop it.
- Alright, whatever.
I just think it
would work, is all.
But I've never really
had a girlfriend
so I guess I can't talk.
- You date girls,
like, all the time.
- Yeah, but I've never
had, like, a serious girl.
- I mean, that's fine.
We're in high school.
You don't have to be serious
about that stuff yet, you know?
- Yeah.
This is gonna sound stupid,
but do you think I'm weird?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Hey.
You said that way too fast.
- No, no, no, I,
ha, no, no, I mean,
that's a good thing.
We're all weird.
- I guess,
But like, I guess I just
always hoped my brand
of weird was marketable.
- I think it has been.
I mean, you have more followers
than the whole school combined.
- Yeah,
but you take all that away,
and then what's left to love?
- Billy?
Dude, you are loved by
more than your likes, okay?
I love you.
- I love you too, bro.
Jesse, last night,
you weren't saying
you could actually...
'Cause bro, I don't know what
I'd do if you weren't around.
Hang out
with Eli all the time?
You'd seriously do that to me?
And if I'm the one that
has to keep Zack out
of fights, like, I'm
gonna get rocked, bro.
So get rocked!
- And, Savannah.
- So I'd have to
be her brother now?
- Yeah, I think
that's how that works.
- Yeesh,
what an ugly view!
- Oh, it's the worst.
- So what now?
- "Treasure given faithfully,
Spafford's Bliss
conceals the key."
Maybe we need a key?
- Keys.
- What's a "Spafford?"
Or who's a Spafford?
- It's not a Biblical figure.
- Let's
search everything.
- Hey, Eli!
You wanna double check?
- No, no, no, no, no.
Yo, that ain't funny.
That's mad disrespectful!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Zack, may offer a suggestion?
Clearly, you've got some
pent up negative energy.
I mean, who doesn't, right?
But maybe instead of insults or,
you know, Mike Tysoning
people in the face,
just do what I do.
Dance it out.
Five, six, seven, eight!
Wolf ears.
Wolf ears.
Step bounce, step bounce!
Flex bicep, claw, claw.
Go, Wolves baby!
All day!
Every day!
I'm just saying, you know?
- Guys, check this out.
- What is that?
- Looks like an offering box,
for tithes and
donations and stuff.
- Noice.
Maybe there's treasure in there.
- Well we've got a lock.
Now we just need a key.
- About that, look.
- "It Is
Well with My Soul?"
- No, no, no, look at the names!
- Spafford and Bliss!
Can you play it?
- Piece of cake.
Do you hear that?
- Hear what?
- Yeah.
Something's off.
D Flat.
The key of the
song is in D-Flat.
The key to "Spafford's Bliss."
- You did it!
That, that was great!
- Thanks!
Here goes nothing.
- Next stop, Zion Point
- Jesse?
Can I talk to you for a second?
We need to go home.
- What?
We're almost there.
- Jesse, this game
that you're playing.
- No, no, no!
I swear, it's not a game.
- Jesse, What you said last
night, it's really serious,
and it's not going to go
away just by taking a hike
and getting some fresh air.
We, we need to go home
so we can work this out.
- There's nothing
back there for me.
But out here, there might
actually be something
for the both of us!
- What do you think
you're going to find
if you get to Zion?
Okay, I get that you think
that it's going to be some,
some magic moment, but
there's nothing here!
You need to go back home,
where you can get actual
professional help.
- Right.
Yeah, so they can
load me up on pills,
and hope it all goes away.
- That's not fair, Jesse.
- Oh?
You know what's
not fair, Savannah?
You closing off from everybody
to make yourself feel better.
Leaving me with Mom and Dad
to see how it affected them,
to see how much they
hurt to have a daughter
that wouldn't talk to them,
to me!
I thought things could get
better when you got home, but,
you don't get better, do you?
You just make
everyone else worse.
You know, for a
second, I thought
you might see this through.
But I should know better.
If you want to bail, bail.
I don't care.
- Hey, you good?
Yo Jesse, what's going on?
Where's Savannah?
- She made her choice!
Are you coming or not?
- Let's go.
- Wait, guys wait, uh, wait up!
Oh, the water.
- Whoa!
Oh, my gosh.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm great.
- Jesse, We've been
walking forever, man.
- We don't have time to stop.
- Jesse, we got to stop.
- Look, look, look!
- Jesse, stop!
Enough, okay?
We've got to stop!
So we can relocate our
steps so we can get bac-
- No!
You've got to trust me.
We've just got to
stick to the plan.
- No, Jesse, the plan is out!
So we, We are lost
and exhausted.
And you...
Give me the compass.
I can get us back.
Give me the compass-
- What are you
trying to do, man?
If Jesse says we're close,
we're close!
- He's trying to make sure
we don't die out here!
- Yeah?
I think he sounds like
a self-righteous coward.
- What did you say?
- Hey guys!
We're supposed to be jammin' up.
- No one asked you.
- No, no.
Don't talk to him
like that, talk to me.
- Just let it go, Zack.
- Come on preacher boy,
- What is your problem?
Push me again and
see what happens,
Push me again!
Push me again and
see what hap...
- Stop!
Guys, stop!
- Jesse?
Oh my God!
- Every time you do
something stupid,
he's always the
one who gets hurt.
- Zack!
- Dude, just relax, bro!
Come on!
Calm down!
- Let go!
- Zack stop!
Zack stop!
- I'm sorry.
- You get away from me!
No, no!
- Jesse!
- Hey, Savannah, Savannah.
Hey, hey.
Come on.
You need to come
back to us, okay?
Please, Savannah!
- What do we do?
- I don't know.
She doesn't have her medicine!
Breathe with me.
Out, slow, slow.
In, out.
In, out.
That's right!
You're doing good,
you're doing good.
Good job, good job.
You're breathing
That's it, that's it, that's it
- Eli, help!
- That's it!
You're good.
You're good,
You're good, you're
good, you're good.
You're good.
- Hey!
- I'll take care of this,
while you help them find Jesse.
- I'm not leaving.
- I'll be okay.
- Not leaving Zack.
- They need you more right now.
- Hey, wait!
Let us know as soon as you find-
- I will.
What happened?
Come on, we have to go.
We've got to find him.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- Hey, guys, I'm with
Billy and Savannah.
No sign of Jesse yet.
I'll be in touch, over.
- Okay.
Uh, thank you, Reena.
Uh, be safe.
- You should go.
- Yeah, almost finished.
- This is my fault.
Just leave me.
- Zack, it's
not your fault.
- Will you stop the
Pastor's kid crap?
- What are you talking abou-
- Please?
You were right.
People have told
me my whole life
that I'm just like him,
that I have his eyes,
his temper.
You know, I thought
I could be different,
better than my dad,
but every time I
ever try to help,
I always end up hurting the
people I care about most.
I'm poison,
just like him.
You know, last night by
the campfire, you said,
God has a plan for everyone.
You really mean that?
- Yeah.
- Yeah well, maybe
that plan isn't good
for everyone.
Maybe for every winner,
there's a loser too.
I always hated people
telling me about my destiny,
but maybe they were right.
- Yeah, I know what you mean.
You know, me and my folks,
you know, we always gotta
act like we know what's up.
I mean, we're the
Pastor's family, right?
I mean, if we don't
got it together, then,
you know, what hope
does anyone else have?
You know, every Sunday, my
Father tells thousands of people
that if they walk with God,
then they can have
it together too.
And every Sunday, I feel like
my father is lying to me.
Because I have been walking
with God my entire life,
and I still don't
know what I am doing.
You know, everyone wants
me to take up his mantle.
You know, be like him.
But I'm not.
And he knows it.
You know, it kills
me because I just,
you know, I just want
to make him proud.
Just because I follow God
don't mean I'm perfect.
I just, I wish I could just-
- Step out of his shadow,
Let's jam up.
- What does that look
like to you guys?
- "Ascend the head of the lion."
- Guys, we found the lion head.
We think Jesse's
headed up the mountain.
We're going to follow.
- I found it.
- Jesse, where are you?
- He was right.
- We were almost here.
- Sav, it's time.
- Eli.
- Come on.
Where are you?
No, no, no, this,
no, this can't be it.
No, no, no!
This, this can't be it!
No, no!
- Jesse!
Take my hand.
- You were right, Savannah.
There's nothing here.
- Jesse, I know how you feel.
I know you don't think
that's true, but I do.
I know what it's like
to feel paralyzed,
for your mind to betray you.
And honestly, you know, I don't
know how this gets better,
but I do know
that Mom told me
to look after you,
and I haven't done a
very good job of that.
Jesse, you are
the bravest, most hard
headed person that I know.
You never give up.
And this time,
I'm not giving up on you.
But you have to fight.
- I can't.
- Yes.
Yes, you can.
You have to!
- You guys made it.
- We wouldn't miss it.
- Alright!
Name carving time!
- Nah, Billy.
That's for them.
- No, that's, that's
for all of us.
The whole family.
- What is it?
- Is that a date or a code?
- Or a combo.
It could be a, I
forgot the compass.
- I got you.
- Four, two, three.
- Okay.
Hold on!
You're telling me that
we could open this
with a hammer the whole time?
- "To my future progeny,
I don't know when
you'll read this.
But I assume you'll be about
the age I am as I write this.
Pretty trippy.
I don't know you yet.
But I can tell you
that being your father
is a dream come true.
Because in this moment
it is merely that,
a dream."
- I write
having just completed
the same journey as you,
a journey that has
shown me many things.
Pain and bliss.
Beauty and terror.
Forces beyond our
control or comprehension.
It's poetry.
Every piece and perfect
rhyme with its reason.
It's a path that leads us
through our darkest days.
For without darkness,
how could we know light?
Without pain, how do
we know ourselves?
The journey is hard.
But it's where we
discover who we are,
and what's worth living for.
It calls on our courage
like a lost treasure.
Daring us to seek."
- You're going to regret it.
- Is it like super
spicy or something?
- Not going to prom.
We have to start our
life again sometime.
I don't think they would
have wanted you to miss out
on this adventure.
- It's never going
to stop hurting,
Is it?
- Maybe not completely.
Jesse, This darkness,
it is a part of us,
but it doesn't
have to define us.
- Savannah, I'm sorry.
At the Church, I said some-
- I know.
Me too.
- Even if I wanted to go,
I don't have anything to wear.
- I think we can fix that.
- Is it me
or did going stag sound way
cooler than it actually is?
- It never sounded cool.
- What even is a stag?
- It's a deer.
- Hey, guys, over here.
- Stupid deer.
- I don't look that bad!
Keep that.
- No heckin' way!
- Guys look, it's John Cusack.
- Yeah, alright,
get it all out now.
- Did they ban dancing
in your town, too?
- Hey!
I thought you said
you weren't coming?
- Change of plan.
- If you're looking for Molly
Ringwald, you just missed her.
- Actually, believe it or
not, Savannah got to come out.
She's still out there.
So we jammin' up or what?
- Oh shoot, son!
- I'm gonna get some punch.
You guys want to any?
- Dude!
- What are you waiting for?
- You serious?
- Yeah!
- I love you guys so much.
Thank you so, alright.
- Ah,
They grow up so fast.
- Yeah, they do.
- Alright, alright!
Wolves Nation, we've
got a very special guest
coming up next.
Please turn your attention to
the stage, for our very own
Reena Jones!
- Savannah!
- What are you doing here?
- Oh, I'm just, uh...
Savannah, I like you.
I don't mean like a
little crush or anything,
I mean like I, I care
about you like, a lot.
And I know it's probably weird
because I'm your
brother's best friend
and we're same age,
and you probably think
that's really weird
because you like-
- Eli.
I know.
- Oh.
Listen, what I meant to say
was that I know that we always
don't get a second chance,
but everybody deserves a prom.
Savannah Brandt,
may I have this dance?
- You may.
- Wait.
You gotta have the
prom attire first.
You look great.
- That was crazy.
That was crazy, bro-
- Oooh!
- Hey!
- You do know you're
supposed to drink that,
not wear it?
Come on, baby, make my day.
First shot.
Let's get it.
Come on.
- Five, six, seven, eight!
- Wh-what is this?
- Yeah, he's
dancing it out baby!
Let's get it!
You wanna come dance?
Time to shoot your shot, cuz.
Make seventh grade Jesse proud.
Go get em'.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- You uh, you sounded
great up there.
- Thanks.
I like your suit.
- Oh, thanks.
It was, uh, it was my dad's.
- You wear it well.
- I thought they'd
be here for this.
I guess I kind of thought
they'd always be around, y'know?
- Yeah, I know.
Nothing lasts forever.
That's why it's important.
- Get closer.
You two!
- Should we-
- Arm around.
- Okay.
I'll just sit right over there,
I just gonna-
- Yeah.
- Such a cute couple!
- Oh, uh, no, no,
we're, we're just, um,
- Reena, Jesse!
- You, uh, you wanna dance?
- Let's jam up.
Together we are better, better