What the Fish (2013) Movie Script

International airport. My foot!
They make you walk
for three kilometers.
Stand in a queue
for hours for a taxi.
And, you end up in this jalopy.
I don't get it.
Why can't you keep
the luggage in the trunk?
Madam, this is a CNG.
It won't fit.
What if it falls down?
It's tied to the carrier.
Why will it fall down?
You don't expect
it to float in midair.
It can start raining!
Anything's possible.
I won't pay a single
penny if they're damaged.
Madam. It's prepaid.
- So, drive me up a tree.
Do you know how to
get to Vasant Kunj..
...or do I have to tell you?
- I know.
Come on. Drive faster.
Misti's waiting for me.
- Hello.
Hello, sister.
- Bless you.
You're my sister.
So, you should call sometimes.
...to find out whether
I'm dead or alive.
Oh, God.
Can't say about others,
but he'll certainly kill me.
Sorry, madam.
That breaker came out of nowhere.
So will the police station.
Drive carefully.
Sorry, madam.
Who are you yelling at?
- My luck.
What's wrong?
How did you return so soon?
How's Bu nty?
- Bu nty.
Good for nothing.
His actions...are disgusting.
At least he's settled down.
- All rubbish.
Have you ever heard
a decent person say..
"Papa New Delhi." Disgusting people.
He's quit his nice job, and..
...working at the same
place as that wretch as a chef.
He's a cook now.
Now, he wears that white hat around..
...and calls himself "Mr. Chef".
- Yes.
Just wait and watch. These
people who use beautiful girls..
...to trick boys,
run out of luck soon. - Hello.
Sister, I can't hear you.
Look ahead and drive carefully.
Sorry, madam.
Seems like a bad day today.
It's never good for anyone.
What's grandpa got
to do with the theft?
If he isn't,
then it isn't our business isn't?
It means, we're specialist.
...Into crimes against
senior citizens, only.
We'll have to file a report
and submit it to our superiors.
You're worried about your job.
I lost 2 lakhs.
30,000 in cash
and the rest in stock.
Stock? What do you stock?
Sir, this is an aquarium.
So, I won't store motor-pans here.
Sir, I didn't know..
"There's such huge
profits in fish business.
How much were you insured for?
Since when did fish
started getting insured?
Do you get it done?
No need to feel offended.
People often set
their factories ablaze..
...for the insurance money.
- That's true.
By the grace of God,
business was picking up.
I made a profit of 35,000 this month.
Madam, the Metro
construction's up ahead.
Are you giving me a tour of Delhi?
It won't cost you extra.
It's prepaid.
- You just try charging me extra.
Take a right.
Take a right.
Fine. Fine.
Are you blind!
Sorry, madam.
Tuck it in!
Tuck it in!
No, aunty. What are you doing?
No, aunty. You cannot do that.
If I see you again..
- Never.
You'll land in the Emergency room.
Never, aunty.
Who's going to take
the luggage inside?
Don't leave out here.
Why isn't it opening?
Mistu, my baby.
Come to mama.
Mistu, mama.
Hello, Suman.
- Yes, aunty.
I won't spare that fool.
- What's wrong, aunty?
I checked. Everything's okay.
Nothing's fine.
How did Misty get fat?
What did...he feed her?
- Aunty, please.
We did just like you instructed.
Misty's food.
Water the money-plant.
He even kept the house clean.
This isn't Misty.
She has more dots.
- Aunty. Don't talk rubbish.
Are you wearing your glasses?
First of all,
Sumit looked after your house.
And, you're taunting him instead.
You've grown so audacious.
"Are you wearing your glasses?"
You will never stop taunting, aunty.
Well...the truth always hurts.
But, what's the problem?
- Your relationship.
- There's no trust, or faith"
- Nor commitment.
It's so dirty.
- What?
And this so called "Falling
in Love" of your generation.
It's not love,
it's simply falling in bed.
Sumit looked after your house
for an entire month, aunty.
And still he's not
good enough for you.
It's not that difficult.
"Feed the fish."
"Water the plants."
A half-wit who
can't handle basic chores..
...won't support you for long.
Once you get to my age..
You will know what's right"
Thief! Thief!
"Problems sneak-in
through backdoor."
"Disgrace in disguise."
"Depression's full on high."
"Fly takes a nosedive."
"The mind's in a dilemma."
"They all say one by one."
"The worlds no place to live,
everyone's got bad intentions."
"Fish is looking for food, and
the plant's looking for water."
"Aunty, the world's a tug-o-war."
"Aunty, help me out."
"Aunty, the world's a tug-o-war."
"Aunty, help me out."
"The fish in the water is thirsty.
"Why's the witch so emotional?"
"When bad luck hits.
Tension follows."
"When the crow s,
how can it be good luck."
"You've run out of luck,
life's a cheapskate."
"Misfortune's eating my brain."
"The mind's in a dilemma."
"They all say one by one."
"The worlds no place to live,
everyone's got bad intentions."
"Fish is looking for food,
and the plant's looking for water."
"Aunty, the world's a tug-o-war."
"Aunty, help me out."
Puneet, please preview
this tape for me.
I've to rush for a shoot. And
it needs to be submitted urgently.
- No chance.
I don't have the time.
- Please...
Hey, Ash. I'll do it.
No. Let it be.
Guys, can anyone preview
this tape for me, please?
- Can someone else do it?
Guys, please. Can you..
Sumit. Fine, you do it.
But, please be careful.
Last time the entire
blackout tape went on-air.
Babes, was it my fault
that India won the World Cup?
Anyone can get distracted
for few moments.
Human error.
Fine. Submit it only
when every-thing's fine.
Fine. Just chill.
I'll do it.
Sum. Are you busy'?
- No.
Finance Minister. Live. MCR.
Will you give me the cue, please?
Why not?
Five minutes, MCR. Okay.
Go ahead, I'll join you.
Hey, Su..
- I am stuck.
What's wrong now?
Farooqi just gave me conformation
for a calendar shoot.
I've to go to Punjab for a month.
- Tomorrow?
But, it's Ankit's birthday on Sunday.
To hell with his birthday.
What about aunty?
- Who?
You mean Monster aunty?
I had to look after her house.
She's travelling
out of town tomorrow.
So what? I'll do it.
How can you say it
so coolly "I'll do it"?
Think before you say.
I always do, Su.
That's howl handle
so many responsibilities.
It's just a house.
How difficult can it be?
It's not just a house,
its aunt's house.
And I swear, Sumit.
If anything happens..
...I will be dead,
and so will you.
If you can marry me,
so at least trust me.
Okay, fine.
I'll see you tomorrow, 9am.
Nine? In the morning?
Yes. Tomorrow morning, 9am sharp.
Her flights at 2pm and mines at 4.
Okay, okay, relax.
- I'll be there on time.
Pankaj, submit this.
I've done the preview.
Hello, sister.
I wish you had imbibed some culture
in your daughter as well.
Why? What happened?
What happened?
She posed nude for a photograph.
Sister... She isn't nude.
That's her job.
You should feel proud.
Because my niece posed
almost nude for a photo?
Sister, you're too much..
Our family honour
is being tarnished.
- And you're supporting her instead.
Aunty. This is an.
- Shut up.
Sister. It's a popular magazine.
Thank God her father's dead.
What's wrong with her accent?
- Hey. Wake up.
You're late as usual.
- No, I am not.
It's just 9:15.
Forget that"
Sumit, listen"
What are you doing?
Who is this person?
- Aunty. Sumit.
My fianc.
I did tell you about him.
Get back.
Get out.
Take your shoes off.
Who are you talking to?
Your daughter's choice
is so pathetic.
Sumit's arrived.
See, the consequences
of giving too much liberty.
Our family..
Loo? - Do you know anything about
our family history"
Down the hall,
on the left. Be quick.
She's introducing
her boyfriend like..
She's her fianc.
But they aren't married yet.
We'll see when they get married.
Why did you send him there?
There's a visitor's toilet outside.
Mom, we'll call you back.
Aunty, don't you have to leave?
Couldn't he have done it at home?
Mister, lift the seat
up before you do it.
Yes, aunty.
And, don't soil the seat.
- Yes.
'Aunty washes her
notes and sticks them.'
'She says, God knows
who have handled these notes."
'And if we wash the notes,
we won't get leprosy."
Don't touch the money,
they're all accounted for.
You should've totalled them up too.
Flush before and afterwards.
- Okay.
This is the first time"
...I'm leaving my
home for a long time.
So, whoever you are.
This house is now your responsibility.
- Yes.
I want the toilet neat and clean.
Yes, aunty. Don't worry.
I am worried because you're here.
And, don't sleep her.
And, if you have to..
...then, take the extra
mattress below the bed..
...and sleep in the hall.
If anyone sleeps on my bed,
I develop an allergy.
Get that.
- Yes.
I always keep telling Suman, that
we shouldn't share a bed.
This is Misty.
Are you retarded?
Misty is scared of strangers.
Don't mess with her.
This is her fish food.
See, it's written here.
"Fish food."
Feed her half a spoon every night.
- Remember, only half a spoon.
More or less upsets Misty's stomach.
Right, Misty?
Your stomach gets upset, right?
Do you?
Hello! Siphon the
water every five days.
And pour half a cap
of chlorine in clean water.
Too much of it can lead to poisoning.
Don't worry, aunty.
I'll handle everything.
I love fish.
Stop it.
This is the money plant.
My money plant.
Five years ago I stole
it from Sheila's house.
Water it every day at 8am.
Talk to if for an hour.
Could be romantic stories.
Nursery rhymes will do as well.
"Fish is the queen of the water."
"Water is its life."
"Touch it and it gets scared..
- Take it out and it'll die."
That's how it goes?
You can rest easy, aunty.
Your house is in capable hands.
I am not your aunty.
Why don't you have a carrier?
You can't stuff all that in there.
Don't be scared, she doesn't bite.
- If you break anything".
...I'll have your car impounded.
Suman. Remember.
Feed the fish.
Water the plants.
Don't worry, aunty.
Let's go.
I think aunty liked me.
Just feed the fish
and water the plants, okay.
Don't touch anything else.
Sumit, this not for a day.
It's for a whole month.
You're worried about the house.
What about me staying
all alone here for a month?
And absolutely no friends.
No even one.
Why will my friends come here, Su?
You're just"
Cheers. Thanks.
You're drinking again.
- It's his birthday.
Just one drink.
Look. If you drink,
I'm not going home with you.
Fine. There you go.
One more bites the dust.
What's wrong with all of you?
Everyone's doubling up.
Except for you.
- "Except for you."
Can't you see me happy in life?
There's just one rule in my life.
Always a new partner.
- Let's start.
"At sun down the boys start jamming."
"At sun down the boys start jamming."
Come on, hurry up.
What are you doing?
"As the sun's set,
the boys start jamming."
"Everyone's shaking a leg,
and dancing a storm."
"As the sun's set,
the boys start jamming."
"Everyone's shaking a leg,
and dancing a storm."
"Your charm's so strong.
Without a drink."
"I'm going to break
the dance floor."
"Your charm's so strong.
Without a drink."
"I'm going to break the dance floor."
"At sun down the boys start jamming."
"At sun down the boys start jamming."
"As the sun's set,
the boys start jamming."
"As the sun's set,
the boys start jamming."
Birthday boy.
- You're here too.
Happy birthday, buddy.
- Thank you.
She's Gopa.
- Hi.
Hi, Gopa. - Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
Nice house.
Nice house, but not mine.
I was about to cancel the party.
My house is getting repainted.
No cash in the pocket.
I asked Sumit "Do you have a place".
He said "Do it here,
it's my aunt's place".
I said "Why not".
He's our batch mate.
I'll introduce you to him as well.
Just because I'm a bit senior..
"Doesn't mean you
won't introduce me to her.
Big brother.
You've hit the jackpot.
What's the secret?
She's Gopa.
Gopa, he's Ravi.
- Hello, Gopa.
How are you?
I am Ravi.
Aren't you having anything?
We will, first let
me introduce her to Sumit.
Of course, go ahead.
Gopa. GOP?'-
Excuse me.
- Relax. I will do it.
Sumit. Hi.
How did you make it here?
Weren't you in Dehradoon?
Saharan pu r.
Gopa. Sumit.
Sum. Gopa.
- Hi.
Nice house.
- Thanks.
It's my aunt's.
She's gone for a month.
You need to help us.
Just a minute.
Yes, tell me.
I need a place for Gopa to stay.
She's eloped from home.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
With whom?
- Me, of course.
It all happened so soon,
I couldn't do anything.
Just for few days.
Only for a few days.
Later, I'll handle everything.
Please don't say no.
- No, no.
You can stay.
But, you'll have
to take special care.
- The house.
Yes, of course.
It's just the two of us.
No need to worry.
There are just two conditions.
- What?
Suman shouldn't find out.
Or she will kill me.
You've the feed the
fish and water the plants.
That's all? - Yes.
It's not a problem,
I will handle everything.
I'm not worried because it's you.
And, listen.
Feed half a cap of fish-food everyday
And change the water every 3-4 days.
And pour some chorine as well.
I've handled fishes before.
Cake. Come on everyone.
And this money plant.
Don't forget to water it.
- Yes.
Last thing. Don't sleep inside.
There's an extra
mattress under the bed.
Spread that out and
sleep on it. - Okay.
Will you clean the house
before you leave? - Yes.
And, don't use the loo inside.
- Why?
Sumit. Come quickly.
Sing the happy birthday song.
Cut the cake first,
instructions later.
Happy birthday m you.
Happy birthday"
As soon as I opened the door,
she stepped out growling.
Her face was covered
with her tresses.
I screamed "Witch".
Sister, it must be a thief.
What happened?
I sprained my neck.
Take some rest.
You will feel better.
I knew the moment
I stepped in the house..
"That, something's wrong.
Don't tell anyone.
- What?
I found hex stuff.
Beggar's bowl.
Torn mattress.
And a strange odour
in the entire house.
I'm sure Jaidev's behind this.
Even his belongings are back.
But, brother-in-law is in America.
So what?
They practise voodoo there.
What are you saying?
That ashtray.
Remember that ashtray?
- Which one?
His ashtray,
the one for his pipe.
I asked you to throw it out.
You didn't tell me, sister.
I didn't.
Then...who else did I say it to?
You can't remember
everything at this age.
I say forget the past"
...and go back to brother-in-law.
Look. Give me a good idea,
if you have one.
Otherwise, I don't want
to hear your useless crap.
I will never go back
to that cheat again.
And if he comes here..
...I will throw him
out of the house.
My God. How can any woman
say such a thing about her husband?
Of course she can.
He's my husband, not yours.
Fine. Calm down.
Do as I say.
Burn few red chillies
and fume the house.
If there's any evil spirit,
it will come out.
My mother-in-law used to do this.
What if Sumit hadn't agreed?
I've other friends.
Someone would've said yes.
That's because you're so sweet.
Everyone likes you.
When are you going
to tell at home?
Tomorrow, sweetheart.
Do you have a home like this?
- It's bigger.
- Yes.
Remember, the first time we met.
In the bus heading for Haridwar.
I boarded from Saharanpur,
with my friend.
And, you were on your official tour.
We met me drinks stand.
The bus started moving
and, I spilled the drinks on you.
I apologised,
but you didn't seem to be upset.
In fact, you got me another drink
at the next stop.
I'll get you drinks all my life,
Will we stay together forever?
Yes, dear. Always.
You love me?
- Switch off the light.
Don't do it.
Move aside.
It's an emergency.
What are you doing here?
Thank God you told me.
But, why come here at this hour?
Where else could I go?
Switch on the exhaust.
- I was planning to buy a house.
I was in the neighborhood..
...when I had to go urgently,
what to do?
Something was definitely
wrong with the fish yesterday.
Why do you hog so much?
- What's it to you?
Hurry UP-
It'll take time.
I've to go too.
The fish..
Hurry up, Ravi.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Who are you arguing with?
- Ravi.
Don't go in there.
Sumit said that's off limits.
I don't have an option.
Good morning, sir.
Nirav, you're still in Delhi?
Yes, sir.
- Good.
You've to leave for
Madhurai in the evening.
Today evening, sir?
- Yes.
Pfizer's holding a
conference tomorrow morning..
"And, I can't attend it.
So, you and Kocher have to go.
Sir, I'm getting married..
Wow! Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
Nirav, are you quitting
after marriage?
No, sir.
That is good.
Collect your travel
details from Anuradha.
All the best, son
- Our meeting should not suffer.
Now, carry on.
I'm making tea for Ravi.
Would you like some?
Make me some bread and butter too.
- Ankit.
I needed an urgent favor.
- Yes.
' Who?
Gopa. My girlfriend.
Girlfriend? Yours?
Ankit, Gopa my girlfriend.
I introduced you to
her yesterday. - Yes..
- Hold on..
I think he's having a hangover.
I'll try Dinesh.
You already called him.
Sumit isn't answering either.
Why can't I come along?
It's a business trip.
- Let's have a feast.
Hey handsome, you're really lucky.
What now?
I finalized the deal
and got an advance as well.
Gopa, you're lucky as well.
- So what?
I've brought fritters
and chilled beers for you.
And sweets for Gopa.
And you're making such a sad face.
The situation is tense.
He has to go to Madhurai
on a business trip.
And, he cannot take me along.
I see, so that's the problem.
This is why I never took up a job.
My line of work is the best.
Profit, loss, gain, all mine.
And anyway,
these 10-5 working people..
...have a middle-class mentality.
Not you.
Don't feel offended.
My advice is..
Take her along.
How can I take her
along on official business?
I see.
Will she...stay here alone?
No, no, not alone.
I've talked to An kit.
But, Ankit wasn't in
a condition to recognize him.
He had just two pegs.
That's how the kids are these days.
Don't tell me.
- What?
To stay back.
He's got a bad habit of requesting.
Hold on.
Sumit, where are you?
- I was sleeping, is the home okay?
Yes, It's fine.
- And the money plant?
The money-plans okay too.
- Is the fish okay?
Everything is okay..
- Are you crazy?
Why do you keep calling so
many times? I will call you later.
He's busy. He'll call back later.
Hey handsome, have a sip.
You're my younger sister.
I will look after Gopa.
Don't worry, okay.
Stay at home.
There are the no to
few home delivery numbers.
I've written the
shopkeeper's as well.
Watch before you open the good.
And don't forget
to feed the fish.
Don't worry, I'll do that.
Gopa, I love you.
You're mine.
I'll leave. - Okay.
You? He just left.
- I know.
No, I didn't"
I mean, he left?
He must have left
through the back door.
he always tells me that he's leaving.
I guess...l was wondering..
I just wanted to see
whether you need anything. - No.
Looking nice?
Are you wearing a perfume?
I mean...are you scared?
Compared to the reputation of Delhi
this is a safe area.
Only 4-5 rapes were committed
here in the last 25 years.
And just one murder, last month.
Otherwise, this is a posh area.
- I see..
And...when a guy
like me is with you..
...you've nothing to worry about.
After all, you're my responsibility.
Right, Gopa.
24 karat, pure gold. That's me.
You can trust me
with your eyes closed.
That's why they never let go of me.
- Girlfriends.
- I see.
My parents showed me so many girls.
But...I've so many
girls standing in line..
"Sometimes I wonder...
Whether I should listen
to my parents...or my heart.
I see.
I just met one candidate right now.
And anyway...
These days marriages and culture"
...are not that important these days.
They all just want one thing.
- What?
At first...they all want it.
And...and then you know..
How about some water?
Not everyone's lucky to find..
...a beautiful and
cultured girl like you.
You know,
I'm really jealous of Nirav now.
I mean...not a single
hair on his body.
Yet he found you.
And...there's no one..
...to slip and slide
on my soft-hairy chest..
...and show true love.
Give me water.
- Aren't you getting late?
You can keep another beer,
if you like. - No.
Is that all?
Ravi, you're always
looking for a thrashing.
If you want to succeed,
then make a foolproof plan.
"Formula of blood... Gopa."
"Chicken Lollypop... Gopa."
"Ice and Cola... Gopa."
How about this house?
Yes, let's go in.
Listen. Let's go inside.
If we find anyone, we'll kill him.
Missing me already, darling.
I've boarded the flight.
Have you fed the fish?
- Listen to me, Nirav.
- Somethings wrong here?
I am scared.
Why did you leave me alone?
Baby, just relax.
Tell me what happened?
Someone's outside.
- Outside?
I can hear voices.
- Oh no! Oh no!
What do I do?
- Just stay inside.
Bolt the doors and windows.
I'll call Ravi right now.
- Nirav.
"Gopa's sweetheart's out of town."
"He's calling me over the phone."
Hello. - Hello, brother.
Were you sleeping?
What else do you expect"
...a decent man to do at this hour?
- Correct.
Can you pay a visit to aunt's house?
Gopa was feeling scared?
If you could just go take a look, I..
- Really?
- Of course.
You're my brother.
I've got to help you out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll call you later.
The flight's taking off.
O Kay; bye'
Play safe.
Ravi. -What happened, Gopa?
Nirav called.
There were men outside.
I heard their voices. - Where?
Towards the bedroom or hall.
Stay inside. I'll go take a look.
Who was it?
- There's no one there, Gopa.
- That's the problem with you girls.
You panic too soon.
Go get some sleep.
Don't be scared.
And, goodnight.
Lock the door. Bye.
Can you stay here?
I am scared.
Actually...I've to
visit the temple tomorrow.
It's a Tuesday.
Please, please, please..
- Fine.
You can sleep inside..
"And, I'll sleep in the hall outside.
- Thank You.
It's okay.
- Sorry.
That's fine.
Ravi. Ravi. Ravi.
What happened?
I can hear voices again.
Gopa...why are you so scared?
It's okay.
I am here now.
What are you afraid of?
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I mean...
Lock the door from inside.
- Yes.
No. I'll sleep out here.
- Here?
You sleep here...
And, I'll sleep there.
On the chair.
Sonia. Please, Sonia.
Don't leave me, Sonia.
No, Sonia. Please. No!
What happened?
I sprained my neck.
Wait. I'll fix it.
Thank you.
Gopa, I'm bothering
you...at this hour.
Yes...yes...that's it.
Don't mind...
but, can I ask something.
Of course.
Who is Sonia?
It's personal.
Feeling better now.
I'll go sleep inside. Alone.
- Where else?
Sleep here, please.
I'll bring the mattress out..
...and sleep here.
- Okay.
What happened?
Gopa, what happened?
I am scared, Ravi.
- No, Gopa.
No need to be scared.
I am with you.
Don't cry.
I won't let anything happen to you.
I am with you.
I won't leave you.
Don't leave me, Gopa.
Please, don't go.
"Fish is the queen of the water."
"Water is its life."
"Fish is the queen of the water."
"Water is its life."
"Food and water."
"Food and water."
Only 5000 this month.
Daddy, its exam time now.
This is not the season.
But brother, I've my vacations.
You didn't do too well in studies.
At least do something useful here.
One message, Kusum.
Sir, can I get this fish?
I want same to same.
Parrot fish.
You might? - Might.
We've many varieties.
Fishes are all the same.
Come with us.
Isn't that what you want?
Parrot fish.
Doesn't that look a little bigger?
One, two, three, four, five, six..
It's got less spots too.
Look, they are all the same.
There's always a little difference.
And this is the only one we've left.
Spotless gem.
Fine, give it.
How much?
Its 2..
- 2000 for a pair.
But, 1000 for you.
Isn't 1000 too much?
Inflation is on the rise.
Petrol prices have gone up.
And this is an imported one.
This one's from Canada.
Fine. Fine. Give it.
1000 is fine.
Times are bad.
You can't tell fake from real.
I could've bought 3 kilos
of fish with that money.
That's how you make a sale.
Order more from Mahipalpur.
When there's supply,
there will be demand too.
Let's go, Chinky.
Pammi, Kusum wants to know..
"Whether your father's left or not.
What the fish!
Where did you go
so early in the morning?
I had to show the house to a client.
You work so hard, don't you?
That's true.
- How about a head massage?
Yes. You don't need to ask.
Don't stop.
Why will I stop?
A wife's duty is to
look after her husband.
Hold on. Stop.
- What happened?
Did I accidentally
pull your hair? - No.
Gopa, when did we get married?
Last night.
Last night?
- You were right now.
For a girl,
holy matrimony is, when she..
...surrenders herself
completely to her lover.
And anyway, a true companion
always protects his love.
That's the true bond.
- Stop joking.
I am not joking.
Weren't you supposed to marry Nirav..
But we aren't married.
We shouldn't keep him in the dark?
I will tell him
everything about our love.
So that we can start a new life.
- Statue, Gopa.
Don't ever do that.
He's on a tour.
- So?
These tours can kill him.
You see...Nirav's
already a depressed soul.
- Yes.
Back in college, if he
ever scored low in any subject"
...he would say "I want to die.
Commit suicide".
That's how he is.
Even I felt he was strange.
- Exactly.
Think, Gopa.
What if he passed away
in front of the client?
He won't crack the deal either.
Forget the deal.
Dead body.
He's in Madhurai, isn't he?
We'll have to get it from Madhurai.
And then,
there's the hassle with the police.
And the police never spares anyone.
I never thought about that.
Thank you.
It's okay.
- I love you.
I love you.
- Yeah...okay.
You know, our home...will be white,
with pink curtains.
Hold on.
I just remembered.
I've to meet a client.
Show him a house.
I'll be right back.
- But, breakfast.
Stay here.
- Statue.
What the..
What is it, Gopa?
What is this?
Here you go?
- What do I do?
You don't eat it, stupid.
Keep it in your purse.
Fortune will smile over you.
Can I go?
I am getting late.
Keep your phone. Please.
Ask the priest for
an auspicious time"
...for the marriage.
- Okay.
Don't forget to eat your lunch.
- Yes.
And I've no traits.
- But, I do.
To copy this caller-tune,
press star..
- Sumit.
I handled things last night.
But, Nirav's your friend as well.
Now you take care of her.
She's such a bore.
No way, brother.
Ash has been fired.
Why do people take responsibility
if they can't handle it?
Now, I'll have to
rework her entire story.
But, she's clinging on to me.
Listen, is the house okay?
What can happen to the house?
- And the money plant?
The plant behind the fishbowl.
Is the fish okay?
- It is okay.
Don't start boring me.
Aunt's special instructions.
I'll call you later.
- Listen" - Okay, bye.
Bloody selfish.
You've a message your royal sexiness.
Yes, Mr. Flirt?
How are you, darling?
Listen to me.
I am in big problem.
And I think only you can help me.
Enough with the preface,
get to the story.
"The heart's selfish."
"It's slipped out
of my hand...yet again."
"Until now it was hers."
"But now.."
You did it again.
When will you learn?
- What?
You directly opened the door.
And, there's no chain
installed here either.
Thankfully, it's just us.
you could've been in big trouble.
But, I took a peek
before opening the door.
Madam, there's a
gang on the prowl here.
The commit robbery in broad daylight.
Madam, no need to worry.
Delhi Police assures extra-safety"
...to women,
children and senior citizens.
Right, sir?
- Yes.
Crime against senior
citizen is on a rise.
So, we're collecting
data from every home. - Yes.
Is there a senior
citizen in this house?
Sir...there's some Sudha
Mishra who lives in this house.
See, it's written here..
She's my aunt.
She's gone on a pilgrimage
for a month. - I see.
Who else lives here?
Me and my husband.
What does your husband do?
He's...an estate agent.
Where's he now?
- He's gone to meet a client.
When will he be back?
After two days...
He's gone to Madhurai.
Meeting with a client in Madhurai.
Sir, I guess he's a well-known agent.
Where do you hail from?
- I... Saharanpur.
We're from Saharanpur as well.
I was just telling Sompal.
- Right.
Saranpur's such a small place.
Lali confectioner's sweet
taste out of this world.
No, no. You mean Chandosiwale.
Yes, yes.
The three of us would
gobble up a kilo.
Sir. Time to take your diabetes pill.
I forgot all about it.
Don't you have a servant?
To get water.
No. I'll get it.
- No, no, no. Sompal will get it.
You're from Saharanpur. You..
Where is he?
The rascal ruined my sister's life..
Where is he?
Who are you?
I'll get you fired..
Don't be mistaken.
What have I done?
Did I steal your
buffalo or your wife?
Brother. Don't spare him!
You fool. He's not the one.
He was one in a million, rascal.
What's the matter?
Who are you?
Who are you looking for?
The rascal who promised to marry me..
...and got me pregnant.
- Pregnant?
Where's the child?
The bump doesn't show
in two months, officer.
I mean...whose child.
He must have a name.
I heard that now he's
ruining someone else's life.
So, it's you...Ravi's next prey?
But, the other night.
Do you know each other?
We do, but I didn't have a clue.
That, after loading this gun..
...he's firing somewhere else.
Sir...it's a case of
sexual harassment.
Should I charge him
with 954 and 509? - Yes.
And, he cheated on
a girl from Saharanpur.
This isn't done.
This isn't possible.
Poor girl.
She's completely shattered.
Her life's ruined.
Who will marry her now?
- I will..
I'll keep her really happy.
Why don't you keep
your first wife happy?
Shall I call her?
Look, dear. You can lodge
a complaint if you like.
We'll arrest her as soon
as he sets foot in Delhi.
My advice is let's
send her back home.
She's a girl after all.
If anything goes wrong...
And think,
if people find out in Saharanpur..
...they won't let her live peacefully.
She'll be humiliated.
- No.
My father will strangle me.
Crazy girl.
If you stay here,
you will have to suffer like me.
At least you can apologies to them.
Things will cool down after a while.
And anyway...girl problems
are a little sensitive.
So, what do you say?
Sir, she's right.
This is a personal matter.
So, let it stay that way.
And anyway, she's junior.
We could've taken an action
if she was a senior.
Dear, she's right.
It's the question of
Saharanpur's reputation.
you know what we're capable of.
So, who will take her back?
- He will.
Help her board the
bus heading for Saharanpur.
And listen... nothing more.
The bus leaves at 4pm.
That will be right.
Sompal, let's go.
- Come on.
We've to survey the entire
neighborhood. - Let's go.
The house belongs to Sudha Mishra.
Her niece is from Sudha Mishra.
And the property dealer, Ravi.
He's in Madhurai.
He's...taking two girls for a ride.
Sir, this is nothing.
I was taking my rounds last year.
With Rana.
And what we came across
was just too much.
We caught a man running nude.
In his underwear.
Hey...why are you so worried
about that rascal now?
No need to get too emotional.
Pack your bags.
I still can't believe
he can do this with me.
Are you unique?
All men are the same.
And now...l can't go back
to Nirav either. - Yes.
If he finds out,
he'll commit suicide.
Were you in the same college as him?
She's such a stupid girl.
He's ruined my life.
I wonder how many
more lives he has ruined.
Let him come.
I'll beat the living
daylights out of him.
Or else my name isn't Minal.
What are you standing there for?
Do you need extra?
- No.
Take her to the depot.
Get it?
Come on. I'll help her pack.
Did you find it?
- Yes, I did.
I'm getting it.
- Sister.
See you.
- Yes, of course.
Take care.
Don't spare that rascal.
- No, don't worry.
And, look after yourself.
- Yes
Here are the keys
to the house. - Okay.
Don't move until
the bus doesn't leave.
Get it?
Now, go.
Sister. The house is really nice,
isn't it?
It's a museum.
What's good about it?
I was saying..
Gopa's gone.
So, why don't I stay
here till the trials?
I mean...only for the fresh air.
And you know,
these government hostels.
...can get you under-nourished.
Never a champion.
Forget it.
You can never take care of it.
Sister, at least
ask Ravi for my sake.
Do it.
What happened? Can't get through?
- Let him answer.
Did you get the job done?
- Yes.
I've never met a
bigger rascal than you.
You never told me
the police are involved.
What? Police?
- Yes. Police.
I swear I didn't know
she'll get the police involved.
Rascal, you would've
been in deep trouble"
...if it wasn't for me.
But you handled it now.
Otherwisemyou would've
landed behind bars..
...and they would've
cleaned your clock.
Did she leave?
- She cursed you while leaving.
Thank God she left.
What will you like, scotch, whiskey..
- Forget that.
- Remember our deal.
Well, Mr. Bhalla
is the current chief..
...of the Boxing Federation.
And, I'll definitely
get your brother"
...on the Indian Boxing team.
And I mean it.
He needs me.
So, what's the scene with the house?
Raj wants to stay here few days.
He'll leave after trials.
that's a big load of my back.
I was quite worried,
"See this, see that".
Consider it your own house.
Don't forget to feed aunt's fish.
- Yes, don't worry.
And water the money plant.
- Yes.
- See you later"
What did he say?
The house is yours.
But listen,
don't forget to feed the fish.
And water the plant.
Get that?
You're the best sister ever.
Save it...for Bhalla.
Don't worry.
And I want no complaints.
I'll go change.
Drop me at GK later.
Hurry up then.
The door opened up..
...like it was door
to a moving aeroplane.
And out came a witch.
She had long nails.
Red eyes.
And there was blood
dripping from her nails.
And she dashed out of the house.
Come on, mom.
You must be jet-lagged.
These are new terms.
You can ask your father.
I've travelled around the world.
I never get jetlag.
Mom. Don't get upset.
The witch is gone now.
Don't know.
I'm preparing for her.
So...where's that witch Suzy?
She's working.
She's working night-shift today.
And what are you doing?
Find out what night-shift.
Forget it, mom.
It's all about trust.
You won't get it.
Mom, do you have a sore throat?
Don't you dare give
me any suggestions?
I am not like you
or your father. - Mom..
...who flee from their
responsibilities. - Mom..
Mom. Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Father and son were
always after my life.
And now,
your aunt's joined them too.
Mom, listen"
Vashudha. What did I ever do to you?
"No one understands...no one knows."
"Only the heart understands love."
"No one understands."
"I console my heart...all day."
"I can't share this secret either."
"Someone take me to my beloved."
"Someone take me to my beloved."
"With any effort or excuse."
"No one understands...no one knows."
"Only the heart understands love."
"No one understands."
Raj pal.
You forgot.
I found out only after
I visited your hostel.
You didn't pay me
a visit for a week.
What are you saying?
I sent you the money.
I am not asking for the money.
I helped my brother out.
Now, I need your help too.
Come in. Let's sit.
I heard...you're trying
to get in Bhalla's good books.
Look, Hooda.
Your career's come to an end.
You don't listen.
You always interfere in between.
I am not talking about myself.
I've a friend.
- Friend?
Is she a girl?
Family friend.
Nothing much.
She only wants transfer
in the Delhi team.
She's in the Manipur team.
But, there's much
growth out there.
That's all.
Look, Hood a.
I know we're close.
But this isn't an easy job.
And, it's either her or me.
And, what's the real truth?
She doesn't look
like a family friend.
Forget it.
Well, have you seen that MMS clip?
Which one? You mean DPS?
- Yes.
I've found another one.
Want to see.
- Of course.
Take a look.
"No one understands...no one knows."
"I can't share this secret either."
What did I ever do to you?
Why are you doing this with me,
you dog?
Are you going to talk to Bhalla?
I will. I will.
Remember...your life's in my hand.
"Touch it and it'll be scared,
take it out and it'll die."
Sonny. Can I get this one?
- Yes.
Great. Pack me one.
What are you staring at?
How much for it, sonny?
The name's Pammi.
2500 for a pair.
1500 for single.
1500 for one?
What are you saying?
Be reasonable.
It's greatly in demand.
Fixed price.
Let me know if you want it.
Don't get angry, Pammi.
I want that fishbowl as well.
How much is that for?
- Rs.750.
Why don't you be reasonable?
It's beyond my budget.
Take the small one.
Rs.1750 for the fish and bowl.
Want it?
Fine, pack it. Deal.
Sonny. Where can I get this plant?
It's not for sale,
you need to steal it.
That's how it flourishes. Get it.
I see.
Hail Lord.
You rascal..
Mrs. Hoollar.
The door opened up..
...like it was door
to a moving aeroplane.
I was thrown back.
Bumped into the table.
And a witch came out.
Her face was covered
with her tresses.
She was growling.
She had long nails,
and blood was dripping from it.
Her head was turned around.
What about her neck?
It was long and round.
- I see.
I said she was a witch.
- Okay, okay.
Did you expect me
to invite her for tea?
And asked "How are you Ms. Witch".
"Why take the trouble of coming
here?" "You could've called me.
- Will I lie to you?
Well, I've heard.
Witches have a negative influence..
...on everything around them.
- Exactly.
I'm tired of explaining
the same thing.
But, no one's prepared to listen.
Jaidev's stuff are back.
Ashtray. Pipe.
Even the cushion covers
which I threw away last year.
Sudha. Everyone would've know..
...If you had thrown that cover out.
I guess you're getting
forgetful everyday.
Mrs. Hullar.
Misti's bowl has shrunk too.
You see, Sudha.
It's said that,
if these ghosts and witches"
"have a good nature,
everything returns to normal.
And, if it's bad,
everything turns bad.
How would
I know what her nature was?
You will know.
Remember Meena who
lives at Lodhi Road.
Her home was infested
by an evil spirit as well.
See.. - She went to
Kedarnath the same night.
She met a sage out there.
He made an entire list immediately"
...of people who could've
cast this spell on her.
What happened then?
What else?
It turned out to be her neighbours,
the Malhotras.
I'll make a list too.
Mrs. Gill.
Mrs. Malhotra.
Mrs. Punya.
Mrs... Hello.
Mrs. Hullar, are you listening?
Who else can it be?
I mean...do you know someone.
- Yes, I do.
Do you want me to send him over?
- Of course.
Send him over.
Please help yourself, sir.
Fish fritter, especially for you.
- Of course.
Look. You can't actually know..
...a boxer by sitting here.
A boxer's tested in the ring.
Sir, you know his record.
Look. - Forget the records.
Who has the time to
look at records?
What record did Viju
have when he came to me?
I just knew that
the boy has potential.
And I blessed him with my grace.
He's got the Midas touch.
He can make anyone's life successful.
Sir, please bless me your grace too.
I could...but such decisions..
...should be taken carefully.
After all, it's the question
of the country's honour.
And my reputation.
He's got a great reputation.
Sir, I assure you.
He'll never disappoint you.
I see.
Trials are starting two
days later in my academy.
Come see me. Bathroom.
- What?
Where is it?
Sir...this way.
Take his blessings.
Fine, fine.
He's got a fine academy.
You'll have to pay
a small donation fee.
5 lakhs. - Sir,
can't you be a little reasonable?
Bhalla sir.
He's asking for a discount.
What are you saying, sir?
The money's ready.
Here you go.
Sir...is there a place
vacant in the women's team?
Women's team?
The position depends
on supply and demand.
If the supply's good..
...Bhalla sir will definitely
make a position for her.
He's so talented.
Sir, how much?
Half donation and the rest later.
I didn't get you, sir?
He's new at this.
He won't get it so soon.
Send the girl over.
Bhalla sir will
explain her everything.
He explains so well.
- How was the meeting?
I'll get it done?
- How much?
Say something.
He was saying 2.5 and..
- And?
What else?
She'll be admitted if..
She's got the talent.
You're amazing.
When are you joining the team?
I'm joining the camp
day after tomorrow.
It's in Gurgoan.
- Great.
Day after tomorrow?
Are you leaving tomorrow?
Why? Do you want something else?
- No.
If you're leaving,
let me stay in the house.
And...it's your decision.
Call me.
See you. Bye.
Eat. Eat all you want.
- Still sleeping.
If you don't practise
your efforts will be in vain.
Just watch.
Ravi was saying that
Bhalla was all praises?
About me?
No. The fritters.
He was saying you will
definitely be selected.
And listen.
Be on time for
the trials tomorrow.
Can I get the number
of Vijender's manager?
You know...I'll start
receiving offers for ads.
- Hello. Hello.
Oh no! What now?
Here you go.
Now this is your house,
and so is the fish.
Go in and get it changed.
That Sardar's a difficult man.
I've a beef with him.
It's dead.
He won't exchange it.
He's a cheat.
Of course he will.
It was ill...not well..
or was run-over..
At least he'll
give you a discount.
He's robbing people.
Fine, let me see.
The dead never speak.
And, where's the bill?
I never saw you before?
- Acting smart, are you?
The SHO is a close friend.
You won't swim either.
The customer is always right.
Sir, let me take a look.
I get it.
It's not your fault.
You took a single fish,
didn't you?
Yes. So?
So what? Must have died
in three days.
Yes: SC)?
Pammi. Get the pair.
Sir, the fish never lives alone.
Buy a pair.
No extra-charge.
Rs. 1500.
What for? It's your son's fault.
Why did he sell a single fish?
Sir, I just exchanged your dead fish.
But, you need to
pay for the other one.
Fine, Rs.1250 for you.
It's the first sale of the day.
Shall we?
- Yes.
Consider this your own home.
Whose photo is this?
My uncle and aunty.
They passed away five years ago,
in a car accident.
Mother's asking,
whose house is this..
"And, where are your parents?
My parents passed
away in an accident.
...when I was just a kid..
After that, aunty raised me.
But, you never told me this before.
May your soul rest in peace!
May your soul rest in peace!
May your soul rest in peace!
The door opened with a loud thud.
I crashed on the table.
And banged my head against the wall.
The witch came out growling.
Blood was dripping
from her long nails.
Her head was on the backside.
And she swooped out of the house.
She was very scary.
Come out!
She was wearing a white dress,
drenched in blood.
And a black mark on her forehead.
And, I don't think
this local black-magic.
I think its Voodoo.
And she was laughing at me.
I can see it clearly.
- Then tell me.
It's a spirit from the past life.
It's hard to find one these days.
And, she's been following
me from my past life.
She wants revenge.
- Revenge?
Something terrible
is about to happen.
Absolutely terrible.
Very, very, bad.
Very. very. very bad.
The second one's missing too.
There's another one missing today.
Yesterday you said it's dead..
"So, I threw it out.
- Yes.
Has the other one gone
out for a walk?
I'm sure he's behind it.
He's made my life hell.
Next time you touch anything,
I won't spare you.
Don't get furious over him.
You invited us here.
I didn't know they'll
come along as well.
I was just saying..
I can't keep buying
fishes every day.
Each costs 1500.
All I'm asking is where's the fish?
What did she say?
It's gone back to heaven.
What the..
Hey. The fish is dead again.
You sell fake fishes.
Stop laughing.
Why do you bother me every day?
Get lost.
I don't know what's going on.
But the next fish
shouldn't disappear.
Don't touch me.
This time I'll give you fish..
...which will never disappear.
Go on.
Vicky, give him the fish.
Now I got you.
I was wondering how the fishes
were disappearing every day.
Rascal. This is not food.
Leave him!
I knew this will never happen.
I thought you're different.
You all are same.
I am going.
- But, I am not asking you to leave.
This is the city.
Try to understand.
Are you dead?
Open the door. Open.
Father. Father.
Stay away.
Stay away from that rascal.
- Laxmi.
Listen to me.
- He has no shame.
Are you crazy?
What have you done?
How dare you flirt with my husband?
I will gouge your eyes out.
You said my secret will be safe.
That MMS ruined my life.
The world's laughing at me.
I will break your bones.
Get up!
Don't fret now.
How many times do I tell you..
...I didn't send that MMS to anyone.
Take a look.
You're behind all this.
- Stop it!
Don't you dare touch him.
You're a liar and a cheat.
We're leaving.
Where will you go?
- Sport's hostel.
I've talked to Bhalla sir.
What happened to its spots?
Mrs. Hullar sent me.
ls Sudha Mishra at home?
Lovely, baby.
Just lean back for me.
Now, look left. Left.
Right, I got it.
Can somebody cover-up please?
Ma'am, phone.
- Bh!
What'? Aunty!
I can't stand that bh!
Who? Who are you talking about?
Who else?
Call her daughter-in-law
or something else?
I don't get it.
She's made my life hell.
Aunty. You scared me.
She's not Indian.
Give her time to adjust.
She isn't human either.
She's a witch.
She belongs to a local tribe are.
This boy's ruined his life.
I can't stand this anymore.
I am coming back.
- Yes, fine.
Just five more days left.
- I'll be dead in five days.
My flight leaves day
after tomorrow night.
Anyway, forget that.
How's everyone at home?
Mom and dad are okay,
and Sumit..
Don't waste my time...
How's my home?
Is Misty and the money-plant okay?
- Yes, aunty.
They are fine.
What can happen to them?
- Hey, love. How's the shoot?
Aunty's coming back in three days.
Is the house okay?
What can happen to the house?
You ask every day.
It's fine.
- Thanks, love.
I'll call you after
I pack up. Okay.
- Okay, bye.
Two Rajnigandhas.
Sumit, how are you?
What's wrong with Nirav?
- What happened?
He was yelling over the phone.
He was cussing you.
That boy gets sentimental easily.
It's nothing.
Aunt's coming back
in two days. - Okay.
Is the house okay?
- It's in great condition.
Spic and span. Don't worry.
Come see me tomorrow.
- Okay, bye.
Show him the dance,
I'll be back.
Tell Rocky to vacate the house.
Aunt's coming back in a day or two.
Raj. Ravi wants the house back.
Her case is really strong.
And the court normally
gives the decision..
...In the favour of women.
Aunt's coming back.
- Look. I'm in a bad mood.
What about the house?
- That's not my problem.
Good bye.
Yes, Su.
- Where are you?
At home, where else?
I thought let's feed aunt's fish
and water the plant one last time.
It's only 5pm now,
I thought you said 8.
Yes, I was there so..
- Double-check everything.
I remember.
When I was a kid,
I spilled syrup on aunt's carpet.
She didn't let me in
the house for four years.
anyway, is everything okay?
Hello. Hello.
- I'll call you back.
Raj wasn't picking up, so I called.
I just arrived at aunt's house.
Sumit's inside.
Yes. Everything's fine.
Curse your brother.
What have you done?
This isn't why
I gave you the house.
I didn't do it..
Listen to me.
Don't talk like a kid.
You gave the house to Nirav.
I'll deal with him later.
Just you wait.
Listen to me.
Don't do it.
I'll get hurt.
Phone. Phone.
- Wait.
Call for you.
Yes, Su.
What happened?
You disconnected the call abruptly.
And didn't call back.
I thought I'll call you
after tidying up the house.
Clean the place.
- It's all fine.
I'll do it.
- Okay, bye.
Call me later.
Love you. - Love you.
- Stop you..
You don't know the game..
Fastso" - Don't call me fat.
Here you go, ma'am.
Copy of the FIR.
What was the police doing
when I was being robbed?
What do I do with this now?
Make a pickle.
Look, madam.
No point on getting furious on us.
You can ask your niece.
We kept regular watch on your home.
When did you meet
that insolent kid?
Right here,
last month during our regular rounds.
She's a nice girl.
- Yes.
But...she made a mistake
in choosing her partner.
But, that poor girl's very cultured.
I said it on our first meeting.
The boy's an imbecile.
Take my advice, don't live alone.
Go live with a kin.
You'll feel safer.
- Yes.
"Mind's stuck up."
"We're in a big mess."
"God...help me just this once."
"Mind's stuck up."
"We're in a big mess."
"God...help me please...
just this once."
"Life's a devious game."
"Always ready to humiliate."
"Everything's come
to a standstill."
"My ship sank in shallow waters.
Luck just flew out the window."
"My heart's got me in a big mess."
"Little scoundrel, insane.
Fights, spats and big trouble."
"Who's pushing whose can?"
"Mind's stuck up."
"We're in a big mess."
"God...help me just this once."
"Mind's stuck up."
"We're in a big mess."
"God...help me please...
just this once."
"Been running around
since the sun rose."
"Disaster strikes
without any warning."
"The heart only
sells fake dreams."
"The heart draws a line in a frenzy."
"Wonder why the heart...
looks for peace."
"The heart still
looks for hope."
"Mind's stuck up."
"Fake, bogus or sham."
"Only the heart
knows what it wants."
"Why does it make life hell?"
life's completely derailed."
"Cheating is the only way out."
"Little scoundrel, insane."
"Fights, spats and big trouble."
"Who's pushing whose can?"
"Mind's stuck up."
"We're in a big mess."
"God...help me just this once."
Give me this one.
Take it.
Give him an ocean's special.
Saddy. Give me
this money-plant too.
It's urgent.
I can't go looking
for another one.
You don't buy..
Fine. Take it.
But it'll cost you Rs.1000.
- Done.
Vicky. Pack this one too.
Move aside.
With the grace of
Lord...you'll be successful.
You will flourish.
Business will bloom.
Left...a little higher.
A bit lower.
Lowe r.
Lowe r. Lowe r. Lowe r.
Keep it on the ground.
Done. Done.
Au nt's here.
Let's go.
Out the back door.
What for?
Thank you.
Hurry up!
Take a left down the hall.
Yes, Su.
- Where are you?
Aunt's house, where else?
Did you..
- Stop.
Just relax.
Everything's okay.
Surprise. Hi.
Su. Where did you come from?
- Hello.
Thanks, love.
I knew you could do it.
You proved aunty wrong.
Like I said...I'll do it.
Can we go?
I feel suffocated her.
But first, let me check
all the windows and doors.
I can't give aunty
a reason to yell at me.
Can we go?
- Yes.
Ha aunty!
I made a profit of
35,000 this month.
This isn't my Misty.
And a half-wit who
can't handle basic chores..
...won't support you for long.
...you will know what's right"
"Sat around and had fun."
Please tell me line...sorry.
- "They worry for the entire world."
What the.. - Pardon.
"Sat around and had fun."
What the..
- "They worry for the entire world."
"Life will continue."
"Problems will always grace you."
I'll get you fired.
Don't be mistaken.
Brother, who are you?
What have I done to you?
You're haunted by a evil spirit.
- What?
We're from Saharanpur as well.
"Take the chance when you get it."
"Your luck will keep changing."
Yes. Witch.
Her face was covered
with her tresses.
She was growling like an animal.
She had long nails.
And there was blood dripping
from the nails.
Her clothes were covered in blood.
And a black dot on her forehead.
And she flew out...
"We'll need a bed again,
we'll get in trouble again."
"Something will pierce the heart
again. Two hearts will fall again."
He doesn't have a single..
He doesn't have a single.. again.
"We'll need a bed again."
- Fall.
"We'll get in trouble again."
- Fall.
"Something will pierce the heart again.
- Turn around
"Two hearts will fall again."