What the Jatt!! (2015) Movie Script

- God bless us.
- God bless us.
Hail the Lord.
- Remove them here.
- Yes.
- Lord!
- We have your support only.
Our true Lord.
- Keep your grace 0n your children.
- Oh Lord.
Oh Lord.
Bless them.
Hail the Lord.
Oh Lord, fulll all the dreams...
...of my innocent and
lovely and loving son.
He is a loving good sou.
0 10rd, give such a son t0 everyone.
0 10rd, give some sense to my useless,
lazy and weak son.
Wonder why he is lost
all day in his thoughts)
Bless us, 10rd. Bless us.
Hail the Lord.
"What the Jatt."
"What the Jatt."
Oh wow! Amazing, brother.
That's why I always
get my hair cut from you.
No problem.
I will set up a big showroom for you.
Okay, I'll leave.
Brother, my money.
- What did you say?
- My money.
- Tell me one thing, Bunty.
- Yes.
If Salman Khan had to
some and get his hair cut...
- ...w0uld you take money from him?
- N0.
- Then? Why are you asking me?
- Huh?
Understand the whole matter.
Have patience,
you will get everything.
From when did he become Salman)
Ifhe comes the next time,
I will make him bald.
He says, give me money.
If I give you money,
what will I put in this)
"What the Jatt."
"What the Jatt."
Oh wow, lovely" what a scene.
- Wow, very nice.
- Hey, wait.
- Wait, wait.
- What happened)
Where are you going
dressed like a bomb?
- 100k this side also.
- He'll get me into trouble.
Stupid! You d011t have any shame
teasing girls on the street.
Dmft you have a mother
and sister at home?
Mother and sister)
They have gone t0
Amrimar to the fair.
Wonder where such boys come from?
From where?
I have not come from America.
My house is near the Panchayat lane.
- If you tell me I will show it to you.
- Stupid.
Tell me. Beauty!
- Donkey, quickly sit behind.
- What happened?
- You will get us beaten up.
- She was s0 beautiful.
I can visualize her
as your sister-in-law.
Since moming, you have made
a dozen girls my sister-in-law...
have some shame" you
are teasing a girl om the village.
You will get 11s beaten.
Come 0n. Quick.
Aunt must be waiting for us.
Aunt must be waiting for us.
Uncle of Juliet!
- Sweelhealt!
- Why did you give the address
of my house? - Here...
"Raj and Fateh, g0 around together."
"Useless in the city.
"Sman in our village."
"Raj and Fateh, g0 around together."
"Useless in the city.
"Sman in our village."
She was such a pretty girl.
It was great fuu.
You will get 11s beaten.
I will tell mother.
0h gosh!
Come 0n.
- Come son.
- Give me some buttermilk to drink.
- Come, sou.
- Give it to me.
- Aunt, bless me.
- Live long, son. Stay happy.
- You both must be tired.
- Quickly.
- Brother, buttermilk
- Don't worry.
Take this.
- Give me.
- Drink it.
Give him also t0 drink.
- A little bit.
- I am giving.
- AunL a little bit.
- Take it.
- Son, drink it.
- Amazing.
Wait a minute.
I had gone t0 the Gmudwam today...
...to pray for your success.
S0 that God will give
you success quickly...
...I have brought offerings. Take
Wow, mother. Give me.
May God set you.
Oh Lord.
AunL don't worry.
He will g0 t0 the mom
and get set light now.
What did you say, sou?
N0, mother, he means t0 say
that the room is very lthy inside.
We were thinking since
long that we should set it.
- We will set it.
- Yes, son. The room is veIy lthy.
You clean it up.
Mother, I am very hungly.
Make it mom.
Sou, I have not made mom.
I have made 0km.
Okay, I will make four breads for you.
- AunL you are making bread?
- Yes.
Then do one thing,
make l5 breads for me also.
The thing is, I thought
I will also have a bite and g0.
Sure son,
I know your one bite is of 15 breads.
- I will make them.
- Come, I will make you eat some bites.
Come on, you idiot.
Why are you laughing?
Will you get me killed?
There you are saying, will get set.
- I was saying the right thing.
- He will get be beaten.
Now we will get set.
Now remove the Red Faily.
Where are you hidden?
Here it is.
Pour in this quickly.
Pour in this quickly, brother.
Pour it. Pour it.. Enough. Enough.
The bote is amazing.
Come 0n.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It was great m.
- N0 ies or anything?
- Fries?
0h gosh!
- D011t get me killed!
- Let's watch TV.
Amazig girl-
Raj, just look.
Beautiful eyes. And beautiful hair.
And beautiful walk.
Such a beautiful girl, buddy.
See the girPs attitude.
Raj, see the lips like roses.
They go like this.
Raj, seeing her I feel something.
Are you listening to what I am saying?
Look, Fateh. ..
...there.. there is s0
much love in that girl's heart.
Look. Look there is
so much Imth in her face.
See her emotions.
See the depth of her eyes,
Fateh. 100k.
Soui died because 0f Mahiwal.
Laila got beaten by
stones because of Majnu.
Shilin Farhad. Heer Ranjha,
Mirza Saheb and Tinka Plik...
"everyone had died.
- Hey Raj...
- This is called Inle love.
This is called emotion.
Fateh, when someone falls in love...
mthen they cannot see
anylhjng other than their lover.
The whole world seems lonely to them.
The whole world seems lonely to them.
The nights seem longer
and the days don't pass.
One feels like just
running and going...
wand meeting their
lover and hugging them.
Look, look at the emotions.
Raj, what are you saying
I don't understand.
How did you like my acting?
- Acting?
- Yes, acting.
Fateh Singh, that day is not far
when the whole village...
...why village. the whole
world will be saying Raj! Raj!
Everywhere there will be Raj! Raj!
And your brother will be clicking
maps with people like this.
Acting is in my blood.
Not acting,
there is fanning in your blood.
Your gIandpa did fanning-
Your father that means
my uncle also does farming.
And son, you will also do farming.
- Hail the farmer!
- You have spoilt my whole mood.
When an actor is in a mood...
...y0u shouldrft talk
about fanning in front 0f him.
And neither should you
talk about father. Got it)
Ifyou feel you are
such a big actor...
mlhen why don't you do
something t0 become an actor.
I am a village boy.
And my father is a J an falmer.
He wants me also to be covered in mud.
And he himself is also covered in mud.
He does not let me live.
He doeslft know" he doesn't
know of the hidden talent in me.
That's hue.
Wonder what happens to him when he
heaIs 0f me wanting to be an actor.
- I don't lmdetstaud.
- Quiet!
He dneslft know that there is
an artist in me which is snuggling.
Wonder what his problem is...
mwhenever he heaxs
about me being an actor.
Raj, you shouldn't talk like that.
Uncle is a very good man.
A very good man.
From where did you
see his good qualies?
The man who does not recognize
the diamond in his house.
The man who wanm t0 mix
this diamond into the mud...
...y0u are praising him?
You should be ashamed.
That man's small thinking.
Wonder what his problem is...
...he is always aer
me like an angry bull.
Whenever you see, he is aer me.
N0, no, Raj.
You shouldrft say such things, Raj.
Look, listen to me carefully.
What am I saying...
...like this is the sun..
this is the sun.
In front of the suu, is uncle.
And in front of uncle are you.
Uncle is standing like
a shadow behind you...
wand you are in front of uncle.
Why are you getting me and
the sun and your uncle together?
Where is the sun.
where am I and where is father.
What happened?
- Behind y0u..
- Oh gosh!
- Uncle.
- I am a raging bull?
I am narrow minded.
There is nothing in me.
Father, I was not saying this.
- I was saying it to the bull.
- Where is my stick?
- Where is my stick?
- Uncle, forgive us.
Uncle, forgive us.
Raj, run! Run! Run!
Raj, run! Run! Run!
You will come home in the night,
then I won't spare you.
Brother, lake the bike inside.
Today I wmft get a meal at home.
Father must be waiting t0 scold me
because ofwhat happened in the aemoou.
Come, let's have tea
and satiate ourselves.
You make anlazing tea.
It is a pleasure t0 have steaming tea.
Thank you.
Chotu, get me a special tea. Quick.
Iam bringing.
Take it.
- Where is the snack?
- In the box.
What ale they doing in the box)
G0 and bring some.
They won't come here..
First clear the earlier payments...
mthen taste the snacks.
G0 inside, boy. Just roaming here.
You give us tea of stale
milk and you ask 11s for money.
Have some shame.
Hey, just because I asked for money...
.. .y0u found the
tea to be 0f stale Inilk)
Then what)
Your snacks are of olden ems. Got it?
You dolft wash the vessels for
six months your milk is also smelling.
Stop it.
You make this tea from
the water 0f the gutter?
Wait, I will show you.
Ku.. Ku.. Kuku bmthen.
- Brother" brothen.
- You are acting as an inspector)
- Brother, sit down.
- What are you saying?
Why are y0l1 gemgfmglfl?
Raj was only actmg.
Tell him, not to act here.
Shut up, othelwise I will
throw the tea 0n your head.
Raj, my brothen. sit here.
Brother Kuku, you calm down.
r11 wk m Raj.
Fateh, what is happening?
Everything in the
world has come t0 know...
...0f the hidden talent in me,
only my father is not aware.
Wonder what will happen?
Dmft worry. I am there.
I have solved your problem.
- Take this.
- What is this?
Take a look.
Whose number is this?
Shahrukh Khan?
The one who made Shahrukh Khan.
This is my frienzfs number.
He is a producer.
He makes Punjabi lms.
You take my name and talk to him.
- This is a lm producefs number?
- Yes.
- Its a lm persmfs number?
- Yes.
From where did you get the number?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Baljinder Singh. Film producer.
Wow, my buddy,
you are come of use to me.
A brother is usell to his brother,
what else)
I will call Mr.
Baljinder Singh in the moming.
- Take my name.
- Now we will get to read Raj Singh Star.
- We'll have tea?
- Yes, lefs have tea.
- StaL. Stan. brother Kuku, 51am.
- Yes.
Brother Kuku, your tea is amazing.
With cardamom.
- Its veIy tasty.
- Thank you.
Now alleast get the snacks.
- Bring it, Chotu.
- Bling it.
- Give them, Chotu.
- I'll just bring.
I am coming, Mr. Baljinder Singh.
And with that is.. Excuse me.
- Hello, greetings.
- Greetings.
- Is it Baljinder Singh speaking)
- Yes Baljinder Singh speaking.
Film producer Baljinder
Singh speaking?
Strange guy..
you are making me doubt myself.
Yes, I am lm producer speaking.
Greetings, sir.
I am Raj speaking. Raj.
I am Fateh's friend. Fateh Palwan.
Incase you remember Fateh Palwau.
Sir, he has given me your number.
Sir, I want to tell
you something about myself.
Sir, I am an actor.
Sir, acting is stuffed inside me.
Sir, I want to become an actor.
Sir, when I pass in the lane,
people g0 to their terraces to see me.
But I don't take plide.
Sir, when I move around in the village
I have a lot 0f respect.
Sir, I have worked
in Ram Leela also.
Sir, sometimes they make me Laxman,
somemes they make me Ram.
Somemes they make me Ravan too, sir.
Sir, girls say the
Ravau looks s0 cute.
Sir, I have all the
qualities to become a hero.
Then should I consider
my role as a hem conrmed?
Sir, don't worry about my payment.
We will sit together and discuss that.
Then should I come
to meet you in the moming?
Fateh had told me the work
will be done immediately...
...just go there and lake my name.
Fateh Palwau.
Is your news reading over?
Brother, I don't know any Fateh
who are you?
Sir, Fatah Palwan. Fateh Palwan.
Sir, I don't know any Fateh.
Sir, that... You don't know Fatah)
N0, I don't know any Fateh.
Sir, I have got your
number with great diiculty.
Six, please give
me chance in your lm.
Sir, I want to become a hem.
I want t0 increase
my respect in the village.
Sir, when I walk dawn,
everyone says...
"Look, there goes the actor.
My father" I want to do
something and show my father too.
Sir, please.
sir please give me a chance.
Sou, a hero is not made like that.
It will cost you 20 lakhs.
We will make you a hero.
Bring 20 lakhs in l0 days,
you will become a hem.
Sir, from where will I bring 20 lakhs?
I don't have Rs. 20/- in my pocket.
Sir, my father will kill
me if he comes to lCIJOW...
mthat I have to pay
money and become a hero.
Sir, please I request
you with folded hands.
Sir, see I have folded my hands.
Maybe you cam see them
but I have joined my hands, sir.
Sir, please give me a chance.
You can make me stand
in the background.
Please sir.
Understand the state of the actor.
Please give me work.
Look, sou. it will cost 20 lakhs
Il1 make you a hem.
- Aer that as you wish.
- Sir, sin. one...
Fateh Singh,
Baljinder Singh is your friend)
Wait, brother. Where are you)
Fateh Palwan!
You are going to nestle with him?
He is my brother.
Have you seen his body)
Like a new Truck whose
every part is shinning.
See the muscles. Look at this.
Like a new rubber is
put 0n the truck wheels.
Today we have to tighten
all the nut bolts of Palwan.
Come 0n everyone...
mwhoever has had the
oil of branded companies.
Come wrestle with my brother.
May you win.
- Come 0n everyone.
- Today we will not lose.
Come on, we will win.
Come, ght with him.
Very good. Very good. My tiger. Come.
Come. Fight.
- Elder Palwan, now you ght.
- Hey!
Listen to me, take me with you.
Take me along with you.
I have just nished my oil.
My body is like a small car,
these bulldnzers will put...
...s0 many dents on me
I wmft be repaired all my life.
- Take me along, Fateh.
- You had taken 0n this, light)
Now pay the price yourself.
Hit him!
Hey, Fateh!
Hey, listen.
Dont get tangled with me.
- Otherwise I wil1..
- Olhetwise what will you do?
Otherwise I will shoot you
Fateh, may you be doomed.
There he is sitng the scared Palwan.
- Buddy.
- Yes.
- Is your wrestling done)
- Yes.
I overpowered them.
Look how they are
sitting with long faces.
How are you all?
Your muscles" amazing. wonderll.
You made a good body.
These l5 bleads that
you eat at one time...
- ...Lhey are all building up here.
- What else?
What else is happening!
A11 ne.
Okay, Fateh.
That special iend of yours
that producer.
- That same one. Did you Iemembe
- Yes, the producen.
Shall we call him?
- Hey, you have not yet called him.
- N0.
Take the phone" dial right 110w.
And aer you dial just take my name.
Then you see how your
work is done in minutes.
Just remember one thing...
...tell him that Fateh
Palwau has given the number.
Okay. Fatah Palwan
has given the number...
- ...I just need to say that much)
- What else?
- In that much the work will be done?
- 0f course.
- Sure?
- Absolutely sure.
Hey, my name goes fastet
than a bullet tmjn also.
- om
- Like this!
What ale you doing)
I have put the itching
powder in your uuderanns.
Now you will also
run like a bullet train.
- What)
- Yes.
Buddy, what have you put on me?
Tell me one thing, why did
show off that you knew the producer?
He said I don't know any Fateh Palwan.
Have some shame.
- Listen.
- N0.
Listen, brothen.
"when you had fallen sick...
...the family had sent me
to the aunt in the other village.
There I met this crazy producer.
I thought I will take his number...
...s0 that it will come of use t0 you.
But why did you show off.
why the show o)
D0 you know what the guy say? ThaL.
But one thing good
happened in all this.
He showed us the path...
...he said bzing 20 lakhs
and I'll make you a hero.
20.. 20.. where will
we bring the 20 lakhs om?
That will be amauged by father.
Take this. see this"
check it.. show the lawyer...
...they are genuine.
This is ne"
This is also ne.
Here you are, son. 20 lakhs.
I have collected the
money with a lot 0f hard work.
Within six months you
have to return 30 lakhs.
Return it.
'Eveu today I don't pick
up money which is thrown dovm.
But I need this a 10L Sardalji.
You don't know, Sardarji, you are
going to give India a very big actor.
You have helped me a
lot in my struggle days...
...I will remember that.
- Should I leave 110w?
- Okay.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Where are you, Fateh?
You are here.
Come, let me show you something.
- What is this?
- See it.
Look at this.
The preparation to become a star.
20 lakhs.
- 20 lakhs?
- 20 lakhs.
- There are 20 lakh rupees in this bag?
- Yes.
- Where did they come from?
- Father has come to some use.
- Come 0n quick.
- Father has come to use?
What do you mean)
Meaning I've mortgaged the
property and I've taken 20 lakhs.
And now I will become a siar.
I am leaving.
Stal? Have you gone clazy?
Are you in your senses?
- You have mortgaged the property?
- Nothing will happen.
Within four months
Iwill become a star...
wand we will return his money.
- Come on, come on quick.
- Listen to me Raj.
- Come on quick.
I have the money.
Leave from here quickly.
Before someone sees us.
Come on quick.
- Tonight just drop me at bus stop.
- You are going tonight?
- Fateh, listen.
- Yes.
Take care of my parenm.
That is your responsibility.
- Don't worry.
- Come" 001m...
Rj" Iwas saying"-
mwhat do you think?
What you are doing is right?
Why do you WQTU?
Look Fateh Singh, to do big
...0ue has to take big risks.
The way you are behaving
as ifI am going t0 war.
Nothing will happen.
You just watch.
Your friend will g0 to Chandigarh...
...wil1 meet the producen.
make a lm...
...will become a star and
then everything will be amazing.
- Sta: is ne" buL.
- You do one xing...
...listen t0 me..
you g0 0a.. someone will see us.
- I will leave.
- Okay leave.
Come 0n.
- G0 slowly and carefully.
- Okay. Bye.
- Call me.
- Okay, I will.
- Take care of yourself.
- Sure.
The bus will come at 5am.
Let me lie dnwu here.
Chandigarh. Chandigarh.
Get on. Get 0n.
Chandigarh. Chandigarh.
Come on, Chandigarh.
- Come on, Chandigarh.
- Come 0n.
Come 011.. come on. Get on.
Get a ticket and get on.
- How much is the ticket for)
- 200.
Take this.
Take the ticket, brother.
- Just keep my luggage inside.
- I will keep it. You take your seat.
- I have branded clothes in this.
- N0, 110.. you sit. Coming.
Lord, I have taken 0n trouble...
...but keep your grace on me.
Okay guys, going for lake.
1,2, 3.
Roll, sound. Action.
I say, listen,
I did not appreciate your eyes."
"My hean is waiting
for you patiently."
I lake my hean on
my hands and roam about.
"I say, listen,
don't pull your lovely gure."
"It is the nigger of my heart.
You have aacked
as much as you had to."
"Give me your heart."
"Keep my hem.
"Let's exchange hearts. I say..."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
Ifs not chilled?
Sit. Sit. One should respect women.
Bring umbrella for madam. VeIy good.
"Your ego... make it zero.
"Can't tolerate it."
"I am your only hero."
"Don't show me attitude, girl."
"Your ego... make it zero.
"Can't tolerate it."
"I am your only hero."
"Don't show me attitude, girl."
"I say, listen,
1ets keep a class of girls.
"Enough of this.
"Don't spoil my image."
"Give me your heart."
"Keep my hem.
"Let's exchange hearts. I say..."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"Let's play hide-n-seek."
"I say, listen."
"I say, listen."
"I say, listen."
We are stopping here for 20 minutes"
mthose who want to have
refreshments can get off here.
- How many minutes?
- 20 minutes.
You want to use the washroom, go now.
Come on, brother. Get off.
Come on, quickly...
Come soon, brother.
Run, Raj Singh!
- Did anyone see my bag?
- What happened, brother?
I had a bag... grey color.
I d0nt know, brother.
I had gone t0 have tea.
My... did anyone
see my grey color bag)
- I was sleeping.
- You continue to sleep.
Brother, what happened?
My bag... my bab-
...I had kept a grey
color bag here and I forgot.
N0, brother... Ihad...
gone to have stuffed bread.
There is robbery
happening in your bus...
wand you are busy
having stuffed bread)
Brother, 100k behind.
What is written there?
The traveler is responsible
for his own luggage.
And if you had to g0 dovm...
...y0u should have iaken
the grey bag yourself.
I folgog
I forgot to take the bag with me.
There was 20 lakhs in my bag.
20 lakhs)
Look at his face...
the guy with 20 lakhs.
And he is taking 20 lakhs
and roaming about in buses.
Why? Is there a board on your bus?
That n0 one can get
0n the bus with 20 lakhs.
Listen t0 me,
the bus will not move from here...
...ti11 I don't nd my bag.
Brother, we are already late.
100k for the bag quickly.
- Hey, show your bag.
- What is it, brother)
Show your bag.
Brother, I will not
allow you to check my bag.
Whose bags will you check?
Look, the thief is sitting here.
Show me.
Brother, my undetgalments are there.
Ifs underwear with owets.
Brother, why ale you getting troubled.
There it is.
What all is coming out? You smoke)
- What is this sticky thing?
- Brother, this is Jalebi
Shall I tell you what it is)
Ifyou have two of this aet
intoxication... its great ui.
You have no life in you
and you are into intoxication.
My bag... where is my bag?
Show me your bag.
There is nothing in it.
Listen to me...
...there are only clothes in this.
- Show me the bag.
- There is nothing in it.
Listen to me.
Your clothes are there.
What is this?
Enough, brother. We are getting late.
Allow us t0 leave.
And the one who has stolen the bag...
...w0uld not be sitng
in the bus, brother.
He must have Iun away.
You d0 one thing, you g0 to
the police station and le a report.
Dmft delay us. Brother, let 11s g0.
My 20 lakh rupees are stolen.
I am doomed.
What will I do)
Now what will I d0? Move aside.
Come on, let's leave.
We will meet again.
Everything is over.
Whom should I g0 to?
Where should I go?
Neither can I g0 home,
nor can I stay here.
Lord. ..
Lord. ..
Lord. ..
Lord, I cant g0 anywhere now.
They took away my money.
Ihad s0 many dreams.
A11 is over.
Show me some path, Lord.
Show me some path.
What should I d0?
A11 my money was stolen
right in front 0f you.
Show me some path.
Fulll my dream.
Raj Singh, you are doomed.
It was great fun yesterday.
- It was great fuu.
- Some...
Show me some path.
Show me some path.
- There is a phone call.
- There is a phone call.
Take the call.
There is a phone call.
Mr. Gurbaksh Singh...
...yes tell me. What)
Have t0 look for your loin cloth)
What? Oh I see... have to look
for your gtanddaughter?
We will nd her. N0 problem.
This is our job.
Mr. Gurbaksh Singh, no one
has escaped from my sight ll 110w.
We can see a ying eagle and
tell you if it has a kidney stone.
It is crooked like this.
We will nd her.
N0, we are very
experienced in this job.
We cannot tell you.
Mr. Gurbaksh Singh, you just keep Rs.
We will nd your granddaughter.
Just give us the address.
Just give us the address.
One minute, let me write.
- Wlite the address.
- 0n my hand)
- Where to write?
- One minute... wait.
- Hello, brother.
- Brother.
Come, brother,
we are talking t0 you. Come.
Come here, for a minute. Come.
Brother, come hem.
S0 much attitude you are showing.
One minute, hold on Mr. Gurbaksh.
He is coming.
Now he will write the address.
Yes, Sir, one minute.
- Sit, please sit. Sit.
- Please sit.
Sit, please sit.
Yes, please write an address.
We are little bit dmuk.
- Wlite the address.
- Give me paper.
- Give him a paper.
- Remove it om this pocket.
There is a pen with it.
Dmft tear my coat.
Yes, Mr. Gurbaksh, tell me now.
- Wllage Goda?
- Goda?
- Dodda. Wllage Dodda.
- Dodda.
- Mandi Dhaxanlkot.
- Dhammkot.
- Distlict Mogga.
- Mogga.
Write District Mogga.
Hello... yes, Gurbalsh...
Hello... Mr. Gurbaksh is not speaking.
Hey, the phone is here...
the phone has fallen.
Pick the phone and keep it on my ear.
Yes, keep it.
Yes, Mr. Gurbaksh...
- Sir, you just keep the gate open...
- 301akhs.
And consider your grauddaughtet
will reach shortly.
- 30 lakhs.
- And keep 30 lakhs ready.
And your granddaughter...
We cannot tell you
how many jobs we have done.
Fine... ne...
Mr. Gmbaksh... okay, okay.
We have found a job.
- Hail Sherlock Holmes.
- Sherlock Holmes?
Oh, you are also
fans of Sherlock Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes is our master.
- Master...
- Master.
Oh I see, s0 you are detectives)
Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.
- Wait a minute.
- One minute.
- Amazing... wonderful.
- It was great fun.
Okay, what company phone is this)
This phone... that...
Check which company it is.
This is a very nice phone.
- Ifs mine.
- 100k, it is destiny.
Wonder from where the sun rose today?
"Phat I got t0 sit with
such aluent people today.
- That is true. That is tme.
- I love you, brother.
- Love you too, brother.
- Why are you drinking this foreign liquor)
- wmn
- wmn
I will make you drink
the local liquor. Drink that.
- Local?
- There is nothing in foreign liquor.
- Incal liquol?
- Hey Chotu!
Thank you, 10rd.
Hello, Fateh.
- This is the house. Be strong.
- Okay.
- We have reached. Dont get scared.
- Okay.
Dmft get scared at all.
We will lake care 0f everything.
Dmft get scared.
Watch out!
Be condent.
Sir, they have come to meet you.
Yes, who do you want t0 meet)
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
We want t0 meet Gurbaksh Singh.
- What is your name?
- Fateh.
Hail the Lord. Glory to the Lord.
Myself Detective Hany
and he is detective Lany.
N0 one can do anything wrong with us.
- A111 1 righL my?
- Yeah, light... lighi.
N0 one can escape from our eyes.
- Myself Larry.
- This is Sardar Satnam Singh.
And he has called you here.
And I had spoken to you on the phone.
I see... spoken to you. Okay.
Look, if you can
nd my granddaughter...
...I will give you
as much money as you want.
- Has she Iun away from home)
- She did not mu away.
- My niece has never come home.
- Oh no!
She has never come home.
N0 problem.
You tell 111e, how she looks.
We have not yet met her till date.
How is that possible, Iany?
How is it possible that
an uncle has not met his niece)
A grandpa has not
met his granddaughter.
A brother has not met his sister.
- Vely Stingq
0h, yes!
- You are doing over.
- It is a very long story.
Oh no!
- It is a very long story.
- N0 problem.
Ask him.
You tell me whether
you have any photo ofhers.
If we had a photo,
we would have found the girl by now.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Some sign 0f that child s0 that we can
nd her and present her in front of you.
- Her father's name is Tejpal Singh.
- Tejpal Singh.
Larry, note this,
the father's name is Tejpal Singh.
Five yeaxs back,
she was seen with her parents...
...in a big restaurant in Jalandhar.
Five yeaxs back she was
seen in some area in Jalandhar.
In a big reslaumnt.
- Was seen in a big restaurant.
- Am sony.
- WIite... write... - And her parenm
were killed in a car awident.
Sou, there is no tlusting my life too.
Wonder when it will end.
I just want t0 meet my
gtanddaughter befole dying.
- I want to embrace her.
- Embmm.
Any other sign of the child)
There is a mole 0n
the le side of her body.
A mole 0n the le side of her body.
- Wlite this. This is a very imponant sign.
- Yeah.
A mole 0n the le side.
Okay, will you nd
my sister with these signs?
Find her)
Find her)
This is nothing, brother.
This is nothing.
We have solved big cases... like this.
- How big?
- We told you can't tell.
This is our right hand job.
We will nd her like this.
That is not the right hand,
but le hand job.
No but I do all these
things with my right hand.
This job will also
be done with the light.
You just nd my niece.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Sure.
- Now start you! work.
- Sure.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Shall we leave?
- Wait.
Kartar- - .
Take this, it will be of use to you.
Just nd my granddaughter quickly.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Shall we leave?
Allightl Bye! See you!
Alright! Bye!
We have taken the money,
110w what should we do?
I have a plan.
Ifwe g0 awarding to my idea...
...we can present
a fake granddaughter...
...in front 0f Satnam Singh and...
And we can get 30 lakh rupees.
Forget 30 lakhs...
where will we get the girl from?
- Girl?
- Yes.
Where will we get the girl from)
- I have thought 0f that too.
- I see.
- What?
- You watch.
Yes, Daljeet.
Uncle, I don't trust them.
Gurbaksh, have some patience.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- You have some)
- Yeah.
Did you nd our niece...
...0r have you come to
say that you couldn't nd her.
I knew earlier that you guys
are not capable of doing this job.
You have le the eld s0 quickly.
Sir, we have not le the eld,
we have conquered and come.
Mr. Satnam Singh,
we have brought your niece with us.
If you have brought her along
then why didn't you bring her here.
She was doing her make-up.
- N0, he means t0 say
she was making up her mind. - Yes.
She is meeting the family
for the rst time...
mhence she is
building her condence.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Call her.
- Yes, we will call her.
- Yeah!
she is your granddaughter...
...this is your grandpa,
cousin and uncle.
Come dear.
- Mr. Satnam Singh...
- Greetings.
Any questions?
- Greengx
Yeah, yeah... ask.
Dear, what is your name?
- Simmu.
- Simmu?
Did your father ever talk about me?
He would always talk about you.
That your grandpa is a very rich man.
He is a veIy aluent landlord.
And he is respected
a lot in the village.
Then dear, you must know...
mwhat your father would call me.
That... daddy.
- Ask...
- Continue...
By the way, what time would your father
get up every day in the morning)
Somemes at 7am and somemes 8am.
this is not my gtanddaughten
Uncle, I had told you earlier...
One minute... one minute, listen to me.
Six, look... trust us.
This is your granddaughter.
We have found her.
Her fathes name is Tejpal Singh.
And she has a mole on
the le hand side of her body.
Iflhere is any lady at home,
you can call her.
There is no need for
me to 100k at anything.
I have said that this
is not my granddaughter.
Uncle, I had told you earlier...
...they are not capable
of doing this job.
- They look like auds from their face.
- Brother!
Jam can be anylhjng,
but they cam be auds.
Brother, what was I saying...
mmaybe there has been a mistake
to recognize the girl.
I know your cunning ways.
You think you guys are very smart?
You will bring any
girl to our house...
...and we will agree
that she is our niece.
Sir... why are you saying any girl...
...l00k at her...
her father's name is Tejpal Singh.
And she has a mole on
the le hand side of her body.
We saw and brought her.
Sir, we have made a Inistake.
Now what should we do)
Sir, we did our level best
to nd the girl and bzing her.
But we have made a mistake.
Give us one more chance, please.
No, no, no more chance.
The money that you
took as advance from us.
Return that.
And get lost from here.
That is nearly getting over.
Sir, sir...
give us one more chance aeast.
Sir, see the honesty
0n these innocent faces, sir.
Sir, we have done our level best.
Sir, we have made a Inistake.
Give 11s one chance.
We will nd the real girl, sir.
- Sir, one chance. One chance.
- Okay, ne.
I am giving a last chance.
Just get me my granddaughter anyhow.
Uncle, I have told you s0 many times
they are not capable of doing this job.
Gurbaksh, n0 problem.
Wonder why...
I nd these two boys veIy honest.
- Thank you.
- I am giving you the last chance.
- Yeah.
- Got it?
Thank you sir,
for recognizing our honesty.
Now we shall leave. Greengs.
And now we will lazing the real girl.
- Yes.
- Greetings.
Madam, come on.
- Greetings. See you.
- Greetings.
We have given our word
that we will nd the girl.
But from where)
I don't think we will
be able to fulll our promise.
A Jatfs word will tum into a lie
Even I am worried that
from where will we nd the girl.
0n top of that Jalaudhax
is not a small city.
We have never seen the girl.
How does she look?
What does she do?
We don't know anything.
We will nd the girl and bring her.
James Bond.
- Oh God, what have you got me into?
- Idea!
Got the idea.
Where there is a Jatt...
the work is done quick.
With me...
with me around there is a problem...
...Ihe work stops... it's not possible.
Now I have an idea
how we will nd the girl.
Tell me the idea you have got.
Raj, I don't understand
what is going on in your head.
Will you tell me?
We will make a lm.
We will make a lm? Oh!
I think you are dmuk.
Let me keep the glass here.
Hey, I am not dnmk.
- Shall I tell you my plan?
- Tell me.
- We will make a fake lm.
- Oh! Fake lm.
What a great idea.
Listen to me... that girl
must be about 19-20 yeals old.
That means she must
be studying in some college.
And they are saying that
she was seen in some area...
...in Jalandhar ve
years back that means...
...she must be studying
in some college in Jalandhar.
S0 we will do one xing,
for this fake lm...
...we will d0 a fake
audition in Jalandhar.
Many girls will come there and
...if we are fommate
that girl will also come...
...t0 give an audition there.
And if I am destined
to get 30 lakh rupees...
mthen we will nd her.
I don't think we will
nd the girl in this manner.
Thousands of girls will
some for the audition...
...h0w will we know
that this is the girl...
...Sama | 11 Singhs granddaughter.
I don't think your idea is good.
Hey, you don't think the idea is good
there is 110 other option besides this.
I have thought a lot about this.
Nothing else can be done.
I was thinking,
when we do the audition...
wand thousands ofgirls will come...
...beautifu1 girls...
hot sexy... 0h... 0h...
...it will be a pleasure to see them.
I was thinking that...
okay no problem...
If you say, then let it be...
even I dmft think it is proper.
I will agree t0 what you say...
let it be...
Hot girls? Beautiful stuff.
Iwas thinking...
I/et it be.
N0, n0...
you have thought 0f a good idea.
You are elder, you have thought light.
Raj, suddenly I think
your idea is good.
I think if we take good auditions...
mthen we will nd the girl.
N0, no, let it be.
N0, no, let's do it. We will do it.
- Done)
- Done... done.
- Shake hands on that.
- Okay.
Then you are the producer
of this fake lm.
- Fateh Singh Garg. Producer.
- Fake producer.
- Yes.
- And I am the director.
- But you know what the problem is?
- What?
We need two more people.
One will be the writer
and one the cameraman.
From where will we get those?
Two people one writer
and one cameraman.
Hey, you don't wony about anything
when Fateh is around.
Everything will be set.
You say this, don't you...
Where there is a Jatt...
the work is done quick.
Let me see where he is.
Lefs see, he must be here somewhere.
You convince him properly.
Brother, where is Daljeet?
- Yes.
- Brother, what is happening)
Come oumide.
Look, brothers...
in front of you we stay in big cars.
Not in big caxs but below big cars.
What do you mean)
- What d0 you mean?
- N0, no don't get angry.
You may stick the
screwdriver into his stomach.
Brother, he is joking.
I don't like jokes.
Whenever anyone jokes with me,
I become very dangerous.
Yesterday a dog had barked at me.
I became veIy dangerous.
Ibit his tail.
Seven injections were given.
- What?
- Not to me... to the dog.
But shall I tell you something,
Along with dangerous
I nd you very sweet.
See... see his smile is s0 cute.
First tell 111e,
will you have tea made by me)
- Sure.
- Sure.
- Are you sure?
- Sure.
Okay, then come tomorrow.
Today the sugar is over. Come on. G0.
Hey, where should we g0)
You don't know, we have
brought such a big offer for you.
- Big...
- I know your offers.
Your lst offer did not work.
You told me ifs a imported mobile
and you gave me a China one.
S0 China is not near the local market.
That is also a foreign country.
We have to g0 by plane.
We had brought the phone by air-plane.
- It was imported. Undersmnd.
- Listen.
Otherwise you guys don't come
close t0 me. Now you are hugging me.
Tell me, what is the work?
- Listen... come here...
- Get lost. There is n0 work.
Hey, you are our friend.
Whether there is any work or no,
you ale our friend.
- Come give me a hug.
- G0, go... there is no work. Get 10st.
Hey Daljeet.
This is the situation between us?
Buddy, today my healt is broken.
My own people did not
come of any use to me.
Raj, I told you. Lefs g0
and ask for help to some stranger.
I had told you not to expect anything.
Come on, enough.
- Come 0n.
My mscal -iends,
tell me what is the job.
- It is a small job, brother.
- What?
If you give 11s this
big car for a week.
Okay, the car job is done.
Tell 111e, what will
you d0 with it for a week.
We will tell you that too.
Along with the car, if you
also give us your dates for a week...
- ...Lhe job will surely be done.
- How)
Brother, the thing is,
we are making a lm.
And we want to do auditions
of beautiful girls from Punjab.
Look, this is a simple thing...
...I know you don't
want to make any lm.
You are trying to fool people.
But tell me, what will my
job be among the beautiful girls.
You will make a movie
of them with a camera.
- Wow!
- Yes, think brother Daljeeg think.
When beautiful girls will
some and stand in front of you...
...they will shyly ask you...
Daljeet, please tell
me how does my hair look.
Are my expressions ne?
Think, Daljeet, think.
What a sight it will be...
Lefs g0 right now.
Dmft be s0 impatient.
Not so impatient.
We are still on the planning stage.
Everylhing is not conrmed.
We need one more thing.
We need a writer too.
That is n0 problem.
We get everything from the ration shop
we will take it from there. Come on.
Hey, by writer I mean
I need someone who writes.
The one who writes scripts 0f movies.
We are making a lm,
we have t0 keep some impzession.
Okay... I got it...
...there is one guy I know...
Sometimes there is
a thought in my mind...
wand I sit to think
from where does it some?
- D0 you want to get him married?
- Yes, yes.
- Yes, yes.
- Will he agree?
When I agreed on
healing about females...
...he will run and come.
We will talk to him light away.
Shall we g0?
- Yes, come.
- Come.
Now why should we g0 walking?
-We will g0 in abig car.
- Come, let's g0.
-We will g0 in abig car.
- Come, let's g0.
"What the Jatt..."
"What the Jatt..."
"The monkey trainers ale
going to fulll their dreams.
"Applied cream and
powder and bought shoes."
"Applied cream and
powder and bought shoes."
The key to success,
they have grabbed it."
"They will do anylhing
0n their own standing.
"l, 2, 3, 4. They don't
get scared of anything."
"5, 6, 7. They tell everyone."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"Sometimes, front, back...
Sometimes, up, down.
"They have taken their
luck in their underpants..."
"mand they are moving ahead."
"What the Jatt..."
"What the Jatt..."
"What the Jatt..."
"Sometimes, front, back...
Sometimes, up, down.
"They have taken their
luck in their underpants..."
"mand they are moving ahead."
"N0 tension... vension...
they don't mention anything."
"N0 tension... vension...
they don't mention anything."
"They d0 what they feel like
and they get attention."
"l, 2, 3, 4. They don't
get scared of anything."
"5, 6, 7. They tell everyone."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"What the Jatt..."
"What the Jatt..."
The stain on your head,
folget promises...
...will not be washed away even
with the water of Ganga and Jamlma.
How will you ght with the society?
What will you do of
the hunger in your stomach)
What will you do of
the hunger in your stomach)
G0, Meena.
Your friend must be waiting for you.
G0. G0 away from here.
G0 away.
Please come.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Welcome, welcome.
Sit. Be seated.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, my name is Raj Galewal.
And I am Fateh. Fateh Singh Vuk.
Myself, DS J alota.
Who can nd out in a
minute who is true and false.
Who can nd out in a
minute who is true and false.
Talk to him.
Mr. Jalola,
we had told you 0n the phone...
mthat we want to make a lm here...
Yes, yes. You have chosen
the absolute light place.
Very big lms shootings have happened
in our University.
Very big lms shootings have happened
in our University.
- I see.
- I see.
Sou, you'll not have
any kind of problem here.
Very good.
The studenm of our Univetsiql.
"have worked as camera man,
director and actors.
V913 good.
' D Y0" lmow?
V913 good.
' D Y0" lmow?
- I have also acted in many lms.
- Good.
By the way,
who else is working in your lm)
Daljeet and Gippy.
- Daljeet... Gippy...
Daljeet and Gippy...
...will come here?
They will come here)
Will come? They have already come.
They are sitng outside.
Can I meet them?
Iueed to talk to them
for only two minutes.
You know...
You know...
mthat I have worked in lms.
Why two minutes,
meet them for two hours.
They are our children. Please come in.
Come... The principal wants to meet.
Come, please come.
Come, please come.
Where are Daljeet and Gippy?
This is Daljeet and this is Gippy.
Respect t0 you.
- They look like regular guys t0 me.
- Sit.
Mr. Jalola,
we had told you 0n the phone...
Mr. Jalola,
we had told you 0n the phone...
...that we want t0 shoot
a lm in this University...
...a small portion...
Oh... 0h... why a small ponion...
...I would say shoot
the whole lm here.
"Phat... Mr.
Raj... for the auditions...
...h0w many cameras will be needed?
Why do you wony about the cameras?
We have all kinds of cameras here.
We have all kinds of cameras here.
We will provide all the lights too.
Mr. Raj, I was thinking,
which hotel should I book?
- Taj, Annada, Raddisson?
- Sou, forget the hotels.
Sir, we have a guest house...
ifs very good.
I will have it opened for you.
- Tell me more... Tell me mole.
- Sir...
Brother, I just got
the call ofthe heroine...
...she says her dates are not free.
How d0 we do that?
...she says her dates are not free.
How d0 we do that?
Ifyou d0nt get dates, let it be.
I will slap you... if you...
I was saying that... sit... sit.
There is a lot of
talent in our college.
- But... Ihave one condion.
- What?
- But... Ihave one condion.
- What?
These students we have here
you'll surely have to adjust them.
Here in our college,
we have a lot 0f talent.
Very famous... adjust them.
- You don't have to tell we know.
- Adjust.
- You don't have to tell we know.
- Adjust.
Gmsevak, send Seemt madam.
- Okay sir, I will call her.
- Tea and snacks too.
Seemt... she is mine.
The lm project is conrmed.
- Seerat, come.
- Hello, sir.
This is our director.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Raj Galewal.
- Okay.
And this is the producer.
Fateh Singh Virk.
And this is the producer.
Fateh Singh Virk.
- Hello.
- She is saying hello, please reply.
Producer, she is SeemL
she coordinates the activities...
mofdmma and stage in our college.
- She is a very ialented girl.
- Okay, very good.
Seem, they are making
a lm in our college.
Seem, they are making
a lm in our college.
What is the name of your lm?
- Name.
- Name.
First we had thought we will name it
Yaarana but someone used that title...
...s0 we thought we will
name it Yaa: To Yaar Honde.
- Yes, yes...
- This name is amazing...
'Yaar To Yaar Honde
- It is very nice.
- Yes, it is veIy nice.
- It is very nice.
- Yes, it is veIy nice.
This name is also very nice.
Seerat, you take
them around the campus.
- I will take the media class. Okay?
- Yes, sir.
- Shall we go?
' Okay Feng t0 you.
- Okay, thank you.
- Greetings.
- Keep a role for me too.
- Sure.
Come, brother.
G0, go don't talk nonsense.
D0 something special about my status.
There is no knowledge of the future.
Put something in the mouth...
no sense.
N0 sense. No sense.
N0 sense. No sense.
Please come.
Come 0n.
Madam, one minute.
- Where is the bathroom?
- There... this side.
G0 later... g0 later outside.
G0 later... g0 later outside.
Let it be...
we will meet in the media room.
- Okay, we will meet there.
- I will bring him.
Please come.
You keep talking about girls...
mtoday she is in from of you...
g0 talk t0 her. Go.
What did we think and
what she tumed out to be.
What she tumed out to be.
What she tumed out to be.
I had thought,
when we g0 to the college...
...we will get hot
and tip-top type girls.
What is this? What is this?
The Pammi from our village
is more fashionable than her.
Come 0n.
Look, Palwan, when you love
someone with great eamest...
Look, Palwan, when you love
someone with great eamest...
...the whole universe
tries t0 make you meet her.
- Hello.
- Come here... here...
Dmft g0 on Seerafs face,
g0 on her nature.
Look at this spectacled girl. Amazing.
N0... what should I see)
She has wom an Indian dress.
She has wom an Indian dress.
Rascal, you had said
we will nd hot girls.
Where are the hot girls)
You are showing me Hema Malini
in the times of Katina Kaif.
What ale you doing, buddy?
Everyone has their own destiny.
- Now she is in your destiny.
- What?
I mean, this loving
girl is in your destiny...
...we cant do anything.
You go and talk to her and
ask her where she is taking us.
You go and talk to her and
ask her where she is taking us.
- G0.
- N0.
- G0 and talk to her.
- N0.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Where are you taldng us?
- In the theatre.
- In the theatre.
Will you show us
a lm in the theatre?
N0, n0...
our rehearsals take place there.
N0, n0...
our rehearsals take place there.
Ms. SeemL
Ilhink, the type ofgirl we want...
- Yes.
- ...we will nd that girl here.
Sure you will get.
The girls here are s0 beautiful...
wand s0 open minded.
wand s0 open minded.
Yes. Because our Principal
is very open minded.
And he loves the students a lot.
- I see.
- Amazing.
What a principal you have.
0n one hand is your pzincipal.
And on the other hand
was our school teacher.
He would not talk with
anylhjng except his stick.
Every place... sticks... sticks...
Every place... sticks... sticks...
- Shall we g0?
- Yes.
- What else should I say?
- What nonsense are you talking?
- I fmget the whole world.
- I also don't like it without you.
- What are you doing? We will stalt again.
- This is our college auditolium.
- Now do it carefully.
- And these are our college students.
You can do your audition here.
You can do your audition here.
Very soon we have
an annual luction...
- ...Lhe reheaxsals for that is going on.
- Okay.
And that girl on the stage,
her na | 11e is Sapua.
What is the next line...
tell 111e, buddies.
- This is the linlit.
- Sorry, Sapna.
Sony, friend. There was n0 fuu.
Did not get the feel. N0.
What is the matler, brother?
It is easy to stand
there and pass commenm.
It is easy to stand
there and pass commenm.
Ifyou have the guts, do it and show.
He gotang1y. Buddy,
I didn't like it hence I said s0.
Excuse me, if you know
of the feeling of Raujha...
mthen why dmft you do it and show.
We should also know about
the feeling 0f the real Ranjha.
- Okay.
- Hey!
Give me just one chance.
Meeting you...
...is a beautiful feeling each time.
...is a beautiful feeling each time.
By the way, I cant compare
this beautiful feeling.
But come,
today I will try and compare.
...it is like fairies
who are shiveting...
...aud the next moment suddenly...
mteadng the clouds apan,
the way the sun rises.
It tears the soul apalt. Maybe...
Oritis like...
...the heat which pops out
the eyes of even crows and eagles...
...aud the next moment...
...sit1jng under the Peepal tree...
...the feeling you get
when a c001 breeze passes by.
That cools the soul... maybe.
That cools the soul... maybe.
Oritis like...
...the feeling of the rst drop
ofmin that falls on the ground...
...and tums into petfume and
spreads in the whole atmosphere.
That perfumes the soul... maybe.
Oritis like...
...lhe spring that
comes aer autumn...
...and the new leaves
that come on the trees...
...it is new each time.
It is something like that,
the feeling 0f meeting you.
Fm sony.
Raj, you were amazing.
- Who are you?
- I will tell you.
He is director Mr. Raj.
He is director Mr. Raj.
And he is looking for
a heroine for his lm.
And for this reason, he has come...
- ...t0 our college for auditions.
- Oh.
But you 100k less of a
director and more of an actor.
Your acting was amazing...
"which we have already seen.
But my father didrft see it.
- Did you say anything?
- N0... I didn't say aylhl-
- Did you say anything?
- N0... I didn't say aylhl-
...I was just saying that
you are praising me a bit too much.
I don't know any acting.
100k, every director has
some actor hidden within him.
It sometimes comes out.
Mine also came out.
Now you get that actor out...
...and please do the role
of Ranjha in our annual function.
...and please do the role
of Ranjha in our annual function.
N0, no, mzfam, what are you saying?
Sir, I am working here since
ve yeaIs in the theatre...
"but I have never seen
such acting of Ranjha ll 110w.
But mafam, how will I do it)
Just the way you did it now.
You did a very good
role and engraved it here.
Please play the Heer-Ranjha
for us once again.
Please play the Heer-Ranjha
for us once again.
N0, six. Please I can't d0 it.
Please don't...
You w0nt agree to easily, will you)
Ifa pretty girl asks you t0 d0 it,
you'll immediately agree.
Sapna, you too must tell him.
Tell him.
Please d0 it.
Fine. If everyone is foming
me s0 much, Ill d0 it.
Fine. If everyone is foming
me s0 much, Ill d0 it.
Forget about everyone,
you're just doing it for Sapua.
Stand here till the
class is dismissed.
You too must know what
punishment you get...
...if you argue with your teacher.
Excuse me, sir. May I come in?
Come in, Seem.
Please come. Come in. Come in.
- Hello.
- Hello. Hello.
- Hi.
- Hello, sir.
This is Raj. This is Fateh.
They1e making a lm in our college.
They need very good actors.
They have found some
good actors already...
...but they are still
looking for some more.
Fateh, I was telling the studenm
how a camera is operated.
S0 now that youre here...
...y0u can give them some
louywledge about the cameras.
Tell the students that
when the camera starts recording...
...how do you know whether
the recording is going on or not?
- What) I have t0 tell them)
- Yes. You tell them.
- You... You know everything.
- Yes.
Actually sir,
there's a slight ulisundersmnding.
- What?
- I'u1 the producer.
The director,
he is the technical director.
- Raj, tell them.
- I have to tell)
Yes. Yes.
- Yes, you tell them.
- I will tell them then.
- Yes, please d0.
Daljeet is our cameraman.
He will tell everyone.
- Come on, tell them.
- Round 0f applause!
Where have you got me stuck?
Excuse me) Did you say something)
N0, no. Actually, ifs very simple.
- You're asking about the camera right?
- Yes, yes.
Ifs very simple.
What should I tell them?
Oh Lord! Please help us.
- Why is the red light on?
- VeIy good!
Did you see that)
They are called expem.
He could gure it
out even from a distance.
- Wow!
- Great! Round of applause!
Thank you 0h Lord!
- Were heading to the canteen. Okay?
- Come.
- Come, some.
- Thank you s0 much, sir.
- Come, come.
- Come, I'm very hungry.
- Come, come.
- Okay bye.
Okay, so students...
- Wow!
- We should sit there.
Yes, sure. Come.
- Walk carefully.
- Keep walking.
Please sit here.
Sit. Come on, sit. Very good.
- Hello.
- Hello
Raj. Raj! Sapna is greeng you.
- Hello. Come.
- N0 problem, I'll sit here.
Sit dovm.
I wanted to thank
you and apologize to you.
Thank you for helping
us and doing this.
And sony for misbehaving
with you on the stage.
N0 problem, dear.
When pretty girls misbehave...
...they look even prettier.
No problem.
You may shake hands and resolve it.
We helped you 110w,
you may help us later.
Actually Mr. Raj, this mcon
is very important for me.
And because the college
is celebrating silver jubilee...
...0ur tmstee will
also be coming from UK.
As I'm the cultural
secietaly of the college...
...Ihe entire responsibility is on me.
I'm very tense.
First of all, don't call me Mr.
Raj, Ms. Sapna.
I mean Sapna.
My name is Raj.
And when it comes to
your annual function...
...this time your annual
function will be gIeat fanfare...
- wand everyone will be stunned.
- Yes.
Just wait and watch, Sapna.
This time our annual
function will be maxing.
Sapua, people are right
about the university campus.
What do people say about our campus?
They say there is
no compalisou to LPU.
The libraly here,
the playground, canteen...
"everything is world-class.
Just like you.
- Did you say something?
- N0. I didn't say anything.
Fateh. Fatah! Fateh, g0 and nd out
about Gippy and Daljeet.
Where are they? I think
they must be at the guest house.
- Okay, 1'11 nd out.
- Yes. - Okay.
- Fateh.
- Yes.
I will come along with you.
Okay. S0 we will meet
you both at the guest house.
- Please come.
- Okay bye. - Bye.
- Okay.
Bye, bye. Bye.
- Shall we?
- Yes.
- May I say something?
- Yes, sure.
- I think you must become an actor)
- Actor!
N0, no, Sapna.
Acting is not my cup oftea.
I just react aer
the other person talks.
The better my co-actor,
the better is my acting.
By the way,
it was all because of you, Sapua.
- Oh! Thanks, Raj.
- Why are you thanking me?
Ifs because you agreed
to play the mle 0f Ranjha.
0h, okay. S0 Ranjha can
do anylhing for his Heer.
But I have a condition.
It doesn't 100k good when Raujha
keeps conditions with Heer.
What is the condition?
Okay, so consider
it as a request please.
The auditions that I'u1
doing please help me in that.
- I'u1 doing it alone.
- "That's it) Done.
Sure? Thank you. Thank you.
- Its time. I have t0 leave.
- Is it necessary to leave?
- Yes.
- Okay s0 lefs g0. - Okay.
"The stupid love for
you is growing in my hem.
"I always want to talk to my love."
"My darling lives in my eyes."
"Why do I feel that she
blushes when she sees me?"
"I wait for her every moment."
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"I just want to keep
looking at her all the time."
"Touch her with my eyes,
and share breaths.
"My hem obeys love,
it reads the holy books 0f love.
"My hem obeys love,
it reads the holy books 0f love.
"I'm crazy for love.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"You got me to realize love..."
"...I10st all my senses."
"I can't nd myselfin me anymore."
"I have gone crazy."
I can die for my beloved.
I can do whatever she asks me to."
I can die for my beloved.
I can do whatever she asks me to."
"It's useless living without her."
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"The stupid love for
you is growing in my hem.
"I always want to talk about love."
"My darling lives in my eyes."
"Why do I feel that she
blushes when she sees me?"
"I wait for her every moment."
"My darling is as lovely as God.
"My darling is as lovely as God.
Very good! Good job!
- Great!
- That was amazing!
- Conglatulatious.
- Great job. Congratulations.
Mr. Jalota, the show was great today.
Raj, he is the chief guest...
wand the trustee
of this college Mr. Jindal.
- He wanted t0 meet you.
- Hello, sir.
Where did these two monkeys come from?
I hope they didrft reveal my secret.
Sou, you did an amazing
job today. Amazing!
You have performed s0 well!
You reminded me of my childhood
when I was a siage perfonuer.
- I'u1 so thankful to you.
- Thank you, sir.
Not to you. Iwas thanking Raj...
...who chose Lovely Professional
University for the shooting of his lm.
- Raj.
- Yes.
Our studenm will get
to leam a lot from you.
Sir, this is all my God's grace.
Raj, Mr. Jindal is a
big fan 0f lms just like me.
They are the real Hany and Iany.
Come here. I have seen him somewhere.
We're doomed.
Just one minute back
he was performing here.
That's why I was
wondering where I have seen him.
- I was confused.
- I don't lmow. I was looking there.
Forget about all this.
People get confused
just by looking at me.
They tell me,
"m. B. N. Shanna please autograph."
Then I explain to them that
Fm Pliipl D. S. Jalota...
...aud not B. N. Shanna.
People are s0 strange sometimes.
That's a great story. But whatever
it is this man here is a bom actor.
- "Ihafs tme.
- Sir, a photo please.
Yes, I'm ready. Take the photo.
N0, no. N01 with you.
I wanted to take a photo with him.
- You please click the photo.
- Shut up!
Okay, so you click it.
- I will take a photo with him rst.
- What?
I will take a photo rst.
I told you that Hany
will take a photo rst.
Let's make a deal.
Please tell him that 1'11 g0 rst.
- Okay, done. I'll g0 rst.
- Hey!
Why are you arguing?
He will g0 xst whose mobile it is.
His phone was stolen, isn't it?
I gured it out. You're Joshi, light?
N0, we're Virk.
Then ifs ne.
Please take the photo.
- Okay.
- Lefs take the photo. Come.
Take it from hem.
Keep this camera at eye level, okay?
At eye level.
I know it because I
have worked in lms before.
Dont look at the director. Look here.
Smile. Li your chin up.
Keep your hands dovsm.
- Snlile.
- Put your hand dovm.
Alright, Raj. Ill leave now.
- We shall meet again.
- Okay, sir.
Come, six. Please.
I have seen him somewhere else before.
Actually I was saying...
My phone. N0 problem. We
can walk together while you give it.
Which class are you in? Come. Come.
- Were doomed.
- Yes.
- I wanted to speak to you, can you come?
- Come.
- Can we talk about it here, Sapna?
It's just been a
few days since we met...
...but it feels like we know
one another since a long time.
From the rst day, I have
a strange comfort level wiih you.
Wonder why,
but whenever you're around...
...I feel more condent.
You deserve all the credit for today.
Without your help,
this wasn't possible.
Thanks, Raj.
Thanks for being my friend
and for fullling it.
Your parents must be so
proud to have a sou like you.
- Oh Lord!
- Oh tme Lord!
Give us your blessings. Oh true Lord!
- Please take care of my son.
- Oh Lord!
- Oh L0rd!
- Always bless him.
Oh Lord!
Oh true 10rd, please keep blessing us.
Sou, you have grown up now.
You have t0 take care.
You have more Iesponsibilities now.
Did you undersmnd?
Take these stuffed fries.
What happened?
What happened? Why does
brother Raj have such along face)
The days are just passing by...
wand we have no clue about the girl.
- Okay.
- "Ihafs why he is so tense.
- Okay, so that's the problem.
- Yes.
What happened?
- I'u1 going to meet Sapna.
- wmrz
- Hey!
- Hey, Raj.
Where are you gig?
- Where are you going)
- I'u1 going to meet Sapna.
Have you gone crazy?
Ifs two in the morning.
If you g0 to the girls hostel
at this hour, our plan is doomed.
Then we're done compleng the lm.
And do you how strict
the security guard there is?
And youre thinking
of going t0 the hostel.
To meet Sapua.
- Come on.
- Eat your stuffed fries quietly.
Grab it.
Give him one piece.
He's just sitng there.
- What happened)
- What is this?
You bought Coke that has been expired.
Ifs not Coke, it is coke.
I was wandering
what all they add t0 Coke.
- Brother, give me some too.
- Take.
- Hey! Wait.
- Where are you going now?
At least let me g0 to pee. I
hope that doesn't stop your lm too.
Okay, okay. Fine. Cheers.
Take some.
I was wondering where
he's planning to g0 now.
Take some masks.
Sapna, the pair 0f Heer and
Ranjha was looking s0 nice, light)
SeemL tell me one thing.
How do you think Raj is?
He's a lite naughty,
but good at heart.
But tell me,
why are you asking about him?
- Just like that.
- Tell me.
Has Heer really fallen
in love with Ranjha)
Tell me. Tell me.
Oh my Lord! The girl is in love!
- Where have you been)
- Just here.
I have seen you aer s0 long.
Had you gone back home?
- N0, I was just here.
- Tell me, what's going on in your life.
- She's really hot.
- How did your exams g0?
- Not so good.
- Its really hot.
That's nothing. Look at your
sister-in-law there. She's very hot.
Which one)
- She's the one in black.
- Isn't it?
- She's really hot.
- Keep quiet.
Dmft disturb me.
These atbreads are s0 oily!
"The healt has become s0 oily.
What do I do?"
"The healt has become s0 oily.
What do I do?"
Dmft make your heart very oily.
It may just slip
and reach your stomach.
Keep quiet.
What do you know about all this)
The heart is deeper than the ocean.
Who knows about the hem?
Enough, enough!
Dmft behave like a poet.
- Hi, Daljeet.
- Hi.
- Hello, Gippy.
- Oh hello.
- Hi, Gmpreet.
- Hi.
You have put us in trouble.
- What if the girl tells her about us?
- How are you?
- All ne.
- How would I know she will feel bad)
Why wouldn't she be upset?
Look at her carefully.
She's like a sports car
and you're like a cheap car.
Whatever I may be,
but my output is good.
- I'll talk t0 him. Come.
- She's coming here.
- He's Daljeet. She is Gurpreet.
- Hi, I'm Gmpreet.
- And he's Gippy.
- Hi.
- Gipvy-
- Hello.
Please have a seat.
- Oh Lord!
- Daljeet, she is Gurpreet, my classmate.
She's very fond of modeling.
Please guide her a little.
N0 problem at all.
Please give me some tips.
I want to become a supermodel.
That's n0 problem at all.
D0 one thing, lake my number.
- Okay, tell me.
- My number is 9-8...
- 9-8...
- s-s
- And then many sights.
- What?
I mean the rest of
the number has just sights.
- The rest are eights.
- Yes.
Okay. I'm leaving now.
It's time for my class.
- We will have many classes later.
- What!
- G0 to your class. Sure.
- Alright. Okay, bye.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye, Sapna. Bye, Seerat.
Bye. Bye-
- Sapna, thank you s0 much.
- Why are you thanking me?
Fliends are meant to help one another.
If you say,
we will get your job done too.
Where are Raj and Fatah?
- Yes.
- They were with you.
By the way,
how are Raj and Fateh personally?
Dmft you lmow?
I mean, they are wonderful people.
There is no one on ealth like them.
- They are just like wax.
- "Ihafs why they just melt.
. Really?
. Really?
- Theyre great. Really, they're
wonderful people. - Wonderful people.
What happened? Why do you look s0 low?
Actually, the thing is
we only have a few days le...
...t0 nalize the heroine.
Ifwe d0nt nd her, we may have to
cancel the dates of the hem.
We may also have
to discontinue the lm.
That's why hes so tense.
Dont wony.
This is Sapmfs promise...
mthat you will nd
the heroines for your lm.
Are all the cameras in place)
Done, sir.
What is this?
These are forms. It's useful.
Okay, listen to me. Stay in control.
Okay? Everyone must feel
that we're here for auditions.
- Okay ready?
- Yes, sir.
- Are we ready?
- Yes, sir.
- Call the rst one in.
- Yes.
- Hello, sir.
- 100k at her, she's s0 beautiful.
Aer looking at her,
I feel the re buming in me.
The burn is not because 0f her
it's because 0f the chili chutney...
- ...y0u ate with the stuffed ies.
- Daljeet.
Please have some shame.
Y0u1e here to take auditions.
At least think of how old you are.
What do you think my age is?
It is 18 years and few months.
18 years along wiih 180 mouths, right?
Please look in front.
Yes, what's your name)
My name is Kamlesh
and people call me Kam.
- Oh Ka | 11.
- Who calls you with that name?
Bittu, Ricky,
Mouu, Babu, everyone calls me that.
Where is everyone? Tell me.
- Sit. Sit.
- Sit, sit. Control yourself.
S0 tell us what else you like?
- I really like romantic music.
- Oh, Kam likes romantic music.
Okay, so can you sing
a romantic song for us?
"Gmb your revolvers. We need
to take control over the ries."
"Gmb your revolvers. We need
to take control over the ries."
Great! Great!
Was this a romantic song)
I really liked your petformance.
We have a lot in common.
Even I like Jessi B's romantic songs.
I really like them.
S0 I will give you one point extra...
...in my personal score.
In my personal score.
- Thank you, sir.
- Ms. Kamlesh.
- Thank you very much, you may leave.
- Thank you, sir.
- Bye, Kam.
- Next one, come in.
0n the stage there.
Look at that girl! Like mixed pickle.
Ididu't even imagine such
beautiful girls exist on eah.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What ale you doing)
Fm not doing auyfhig-
It's just happenmg.
Yes, what are you
going to petform for us?
Whatever you say.
Can you please show
us what you have prepared?
Sir, can I play the role
of a witch and show you?
You may play any role, just d0 it.
- Why did you call me?
- Great!
Fm troubled since last night.
- I'u1 craving since a long time.
- Gorgeous!
Now that Fm here,
I will drink your blood.
Great! Blood! Great!
Daljeet, d0nt talk too much
0r I'll stab you and kill you.
I wish such a witch
is bom in every home.
Imeaut to say that
people don't fear God...
...at least they'll fear the witch.
Brother, 100k at this witch.
She is perfonnjng so well.
Yes, yes.
She's so talented. Let her continue.
Look at her form.
There's no name in this.
Anyway witches dmft have a name.
- Okay. Okay.
- Thank you, sir.
Very good. It was very good.
D0 you want to get beaten up?
We're here to audition and you all
are just joking around.
Be calm.
Brother, your girl is here.
Ask her.
- What is your name?
- Halpreet.
what are you going to do for us)
I will sing for you.
Okay, so begin.
"She has awaist 0f 28
inches and her weight is 47 kgs."
"She calls me near her,
she hugs me.
"I had been waiting for that girl."
"She has awaist 0f 28
inches and her weight is 47 kgs."
Well done.
Well done. Mind blowing. Great!
Thank you, sir.
Madam, one minute.
What do you see in her...
mthat you nd mind blowing?
Look here... look at the name.
Tejpal Singh.
- Well done. Wow!
- Thank you. Thank you, sir.
Bye, sir.
Next please.
This is what you call a girl.
- Fateh.
- Hello, sir.
Yes, s0 what are
you going t0 d0 for us?
- Sir, you tell me.
- D0 a good romantic scene.
But sir, how will I perform
a romantic scene alone?
Fm here.
When Fm here, you dolft
have to worry about anything.
Its my job to make
the actor extra comfonable.
- And t0 give extra comfon.
- Thanks, sir.
Not sir. It's Fateh.
Fateh, can I hold your hand?
Yes. You may hold both hands.
- Baby, close your eyes.
- Baby? N0, 110.
Please do it, baby.
Baby, I want to tell you something.
- Tell me.
- I really love you.
I gured that out.
Even I love you a 101.
- A lot!
- Oh baby, you make me g0 crazy.
. Really?
. Really-
. Really?
. Really-
Fateh, come here now.
- Enough, enough.
- Okay enough now.
- Your romantic scene is done.
- You may g0 now.
But sir, the scene
hasn't been completed yet.
Yes, give her some time.
Her talent was popping out.
N0, please come here.
Y0u1e done, you may leave.
- Come here.
- Come here.
- Come here soon.
- Come soon.
Okay then. We shall meet later.
- "Thanks, sir.
- Not sir, ifs Fateh.
Bye, Fatu.
- Oh my Fatu! Bye.
- He has gone clazy.
What happened to you)
Nothing happened, Sapna.
But your eyes speak differently.
Nothing happened, Sapna.
Fm absolutely ne.
Just wait till the auditions ale done.
IfFateh doesn't pick you,
Ill change my name.
Smile now.
Smile. Cheer up.
At least one of them will
be the one we're looking for.
This one. This one. She is mine.
N0, mine.
- Brother, the mixed pickle one.
- Great.
Raj, how were the auditions today?
The auditions went well.
We have selected 7-8 girls.
- Seerat.
- Yes.
The next rounds that we'll
be conducting tomorrow...
mwhichever girls we
have shortlisted for that...
mask them all to
wear saris and come.
- Okay.
- Fateh, share the list with Seemt.
You can give the script t0
all the girls that are selected.
- Ahight.
- G0.
Come on, let's g0.
We will g0 and infonu
the girls about the audition.
Very good.
Boys, won't you come with us?
I will take her with me.
Yes. This one.
I mean, us too)
What else are you going to do here)
N0, actually we were thinking
about the next auditions.
- Think... think.
- I know what all you're thinking.
Just keep quiet and come with me.
Think about it while going there.
- Film makers)
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Come on. Please come.
- Come on.
- You keep this one.
Should I tell her or not?
- Ill leave too.
She is leaving.
Sapna, I wanted to say...
From the day I have seen you, Sapna...
...I feel as if I have
found a purpose to live.
A stranger whom I like to call my ovum.
I don't know what you think about me.
But I dolft know how
to express what I feel.
I can just say that this
Jatt has fallen for you.
I love you.
The rst time you
held my hand as Ranjha...
mthat veIy day I became your H661.
That very moment I fell for you too.
I love you too, Raj.
Thanks for coming into my life, Sapna.
There is no thanks in love.
Just a lovely hug.
My girl is a bomb!
"Remove the bomb, my beloved..."
Shall we g0 ahead?
Shall we g0 ahead with the auditions?
- Sure.
Thank you.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Did you read the script?
- Yes, sir.
- Good. Very good. Begin.
Grandpa, I'u1 your granddaughter.
Look at this.
What happened?
Why did you stop? Show us.
- I'm feeling shy?
- But you aren't losing anything, right?
- Continue. Show us.
- 100k at my binhmark.
- Okay, thank you. You may g0.
- Yes, sir.
- I nd this girl a 1it1le pretty.
- Yes. Zoom it.
Y0u1e late.
I'm sony, sir.
I was practicing my dialogs.
We're hereto help you with dialogues.
Stay there, Daljeet. Stay there.
Show us what you have prepared.
We just have to see
the bixthmaxk anyway.
- What did you say, sir?
- He means to say...
mthat we just want
to see your effon.
We want to see your
emotions while petformjng.
Please begin.
Yes, sir.
Uncle, I'u1 your niece.
I'm your niece, uncle.
Please, dmft cry. It happens.
Daljeet, let us see her petformance
lst then we will watch yours.
Yes, please.
Uncle, Pm your niece.
Look at this bixthmark.
She doesn't have one.
Even she doesn't have a binhmark.
Just one girl is le.
If she dneslft have the binhmaxk too,
we're done.
That's not possible.
Evetylhjng about her
is matching the information...
...0fSatuan1 Singlfs granddaughter.
Pm saying that we dolft
even need t0 audition her.
The girl that is going to enter
is Samam Singh's granddaughter.
It's a challenge.
I guarantee you she is the one.
- Okay, let's see. Next!
- Call her.
Why isnt the next girl coming in?
- Wonder what has happened.
- I'll g0 get her.
- Daljeet.
- Sit... what are you doing?
She's coming.
- Hello, six.
- Hello. Hello.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
Have patience.
Your hel10s' will get over.
What do I d0 about him?
Yes, do you remember the dialogs?
- Yes, sir.
- VeIy nice. Please show it to us.
- Yes.
- Wait for some time.
At least let me have
a good look at the girl.
- Yes, please.
- Uncle, I'm your niece.
- 100k at this birthmark.
- Where is it?
- Okay, you may g0.
- Okay, sir. Thank you.
How is that possible?
Even she doesn't have a binhmark.
- What do we do 110w?
- Its a pack-up.
We worked very hard...
...we snuggled a101,
but nothing is going to happen.
The project is shut 110w.
Okay? Thank you.
- Come on.
- Raj.
We just have a few days le.
I don't think we will
be able to do something.
There's no girl
nothing is happening.
I don't think this lm will complete.
The project is shut now.
But what is the
problem in these girls?
They are s0 beautiful and talented.
But these girls don't
have what we requile.
What do you require)
- A birthmark on the waist.
- What?
Everyone has something different.
They must have the heroine material.
Aer looking at her, one must feel...
mthat she knows her
job and she is the heroine.
Ifs been s0 long we
have been snuggling...
N0. This project wmft nish.
We won't get any money now.
The chapter is over.
You just keep talking about money.
Raj means to say that
we require the girl...
...wh0 ts in our character.
Till we don't nd the right girl,
the lm won't start.
Umjl a good lm isn't made...
...the producer w0nt
get his money back, isn't it?
When a good lm is made,
only then a producer cams.
"Ihafs why Raj is talking
about the money in stress.
Isn't it?
Raj, everything will be ne.
You will nd the girl
you're looking for in a few days.
We will think about the rest tomorrow.
Lefs just lake a break today.
Ill take you all to a club today.
No, no.
N0, please come along. Don't worry.
We will think about
everything else tommrow.
Will you show us
around Chandigarh 100?
I will show you the
beauty 0f Chandigarh.
- Come on. Cheer up. Come 0n.
- Come on.
Hello. Hello.
Who is it?
Why isnt anyone saying anything?
Who is it?
Ilcnow it's y0l1, R31-
Mother even recognizes
her chi1ds breathe.
Raj. Are you ne, son)
At least tell me what happened, son)
Raj, my dear, please come back home.
We will nd a way together.
Come back my sou.
Why dmft you say something)
R11], Say Something my son.
Hey, what ale you doing)
Why aren't you ready yet?
We have to g0 around
Chandigarh today...
Hey! What happened?
Dmft worry. God will x everything.
Come on, get ready quickly.
The girls must be waiting.
We'll party.
- Let's g0.
- Shall we?
Come 0n. Come on I'll x your mood.
Seem, are you ahight)
Yes, I'm absolutely ne.
Then why have you wom these clothes?
Why? Whafs wrong with my clothes?
We are going to a club,
not a place of WOIShiP.
If you wear such clothes,
you will have to forget Fateh.
But I have only these
types 0f clothes.
Okay. Don't worry.
I will get you ready today.
Where are they?
I hope they some
soon 0r we'll be late.
Raj, please don't ask me
t0 sit with Seemt. Fm telling you.
Listen to me, that girl loves you.
She's anice girl.
Be her palmer. Make her yours.
She'll keep you happy.
Oh great! You have Sapna
and I have to setlle with Seerat.
I don't want such a girl.
Iwant such a girl...
mthat aer looking at her,
the whole tovm says...
mthat she is Fateh
Singh Virk's wife.
Ihope you didn't
have to wait too long.
Ifs our old habit...
...t0 wait for pretty girls.
- Come.
- One minute, Sapna.
One minute. Seem, come here.
- Come. Get in.
- Thank you.
- You drive the car.
- I...
Come, Sapna.
Please keep your eyes
0n the road while dliving.
Drive carefully.
Watch out, my brother.
Sapna, I need t0 tell you something.
Shouldn't we try to make
Palwau and Seerat a couple?
I mean, they both...
You noticed it too)
Seem! likes Fatah from way before.
Even I want them to come together.
D0 you lmow, because of
what Seemt had wom tonight...
...Fateh has 10st him mind.
We are going t0 get
Fateh engaged and manied.
But who d0 we talk to about Seerat?
Seem! doesnl have any family.
Aer uncle TejpaPs
death ve yeals back...
- ...she lives with me.
- Okay.
She's like my sister.
- Uncle Tejpal. Who is he)
- Her dad.
- You look s0 beautiful.
- Okay, her dad.
What ale you both gossiping about)
It wasn't gossip.
We were talking about you two.
- Mine and...
- You're great!
IfFateh wants to marry Seerat...
will have
to come to Sapna rst.
Please do it.
Give me your hands. It's done.
- Shall we g0)
- Anyway we're already in line for that.
- Shall we g0 for the pany?
- Yes.
"Your top is cool.
"Your attude is maxing."
"Your top is cool.
Your attitude is amazing.
"When you wear high heels,
how can I control myself?
"My hean is already booked for you."
"My hean is already booked for you."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me cmzy, baby."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me cmzy, baby."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me s0 crazy."
"Your top is cool.
Your attitude is amazing.
"When you wear high heels,
how can I control myself?
"My hean is already booked for you."
"My hean is already booked for you."
"You make me cmzy, baby."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me cmzy, baby."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me s0 crazy."
"When I see your slim waist,
my blood pressure drops."
"My eyes are always on you.
Look towards me too."
"When I see your slim waist,
my blood pressure drops."
"My eyes are always on you.
Look towards me too."
"You steal s0 many heam.
You steal so many hearts."
"You make me cmzy, baby."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me cmzy, baby."
"Your look has made me crazy."
"You make me s0 crazy."
GreaL my Lord!
Your ways are s0 different.
The girl is with us and we
were looking for her everywhere.
- Hello.
- Mr. Gurbaksh, hello. I'm Hany.
- Hany? Hany who?
- Hany the detectives.
Have you forgotten? I met you.
Your girl had to be found.
Oh boy! I thought you ran
away with the advance money.
Okay tell me where
did you nd the girl?
I can't tell you,
but we have found her.
We're coming tomorrow.
Just keep the payment ready.
Listen t0 me, brother.
I forgave you for your mistake once.
But if you made any n1is1ake again...
...I won't spare you, alright?
D0 you think I want
to get killed by you)
You just keep the payment ready.
We'll meet tomorrow.
If the girl is with you,
why are we meeting tomorrow?
Come right now.
Ifyou want, I can send a car.
Why are you being so impatieng Mr.
We have the girl as well as a car.
You just have to
keep the payment ready.
Okay tell me one thing,
where are you right 110w?
We're leaving from Chandigarh now.
- From Chandigarh? Alright.
- Okay, sir.
Who are you talking to?
Nothing, I was just...
If you both have nished talking
shall we g0 and eat something, Fateh?
- You're right. Pm very hungry.
- Yes.
- Can we eat something?
- Y0ure always hungly.
- Come, let's feed them.
- Yes, lefs g0.
Eat some cottage cheese.
Eat the cotiage cheese.
What happened to you)
Excuse me.
What happened?
- I'll check on him.
- Okay.
Raj, what happened)
Is everylhing alright?
Why are you s0 quiet?
Fateh, there's something
I've kept a secret from you.
Secret? What's that?
Seemt is Samam
Singlfs granddaughter.
Fateh, dmft Inisundersmnd me.
Dmft worry, I'll x everything.
Everything will be ne.
Just trust me.
Fateh. Fateh. Fateh, listen to me.
Fateh. Fateh.
Fateh, one second. Listen to me.
There's nothing le
to talk about now. Enough.
Fateh, listen...
Fateh, just hear me out.
Once we g0 back to our town
I will speak to Seerat about it.
And what will you tell her?
Why didn't you tell me this before)
Why didn't you tell me before that
Seerat is Satnam Singlfs granddaughter?
You kept such an
imponaut thing from me.
Such an imponant thing!
- Buddy, y0uve hun me.
- I didn't...
Enough. I don't want
to hear anything om you.
I'm leaving now. I don't
want Seetat to g0 away om me.
Imk, Fateh.
Ifyou g0 and speak to Seerat...
...she will never be yours. Trust me.
Let her meet her grandpa once...
...I will talk to Seem!
about everything personally...
Let it be, brother. Let it be.
There's no need fOI
you to talk to her.
I will tell Seemt evetylhing myself.
Fateh. Fateh, d0nt d0 that.
Fateh, listen t0 me. Fateh...
Seem, I. . .
- Sapna. Sapna.
- Seerat.
- Sapna, listen to me.
- Seerat.
- Sapna.
- Seem. Seemt.
- Sapua.
- Seem.
- Sapna.
- Seerat, one second.
Sapna. Sapna. Sapua, listen to me.
Please just hear me out. Please.
N0. I don't want t0
listen to anything now, Raj.
What I thought was love,
was actually betrayal.
It was your plnl-g-
Sapna, listen t0 me.
I will tell you what happened.
Let it be, Mr. Producer.
You make fake lms
but you also betlay people.
You fake love too.
Why do you need actors?
You yourselves ale actols.
You did not let anyone lmow.
Sapna, just give me
a chance to explain it.
- I will explain everything...
I Imsted you s0 much.
Wonder what all I was imagining.
I loved you.
But the healt is only meant to break.
One day it had to break.
- Sapua.
- Seem.
- Seem.
- Sapua.
- Raj! Leave me!
- Hey wait. Sapna.
- Hey, wait!
- Hey, wait!
- G0 get the car, Fateh.
- Yes.
"Oh Lord! My beloved!"
"Unite me with my beloved."
"Oh 10rd, unite me wiih my beloved."
"Unite me."
"My tears are drying up.
I'm getting breathless.
"Why does the heart have
t0 break before uniting?"
"My tears are drying up.
I'm getting breathless.
"Why does the heart have
t0 break before uniting?"
"Oh 10rd, give me my beloved back.
"Don't keep us apart."
"Oh 10rd, give me my beloved back.
"I just have your memories."
"I have folgotteu
the rest ofihe world."
"Without you, I only feel pain."
"I just have your memories."
"I have folgotteu
the rest ofihe world."
"Without you, I only feel pain."
"Your memories don't g0.
I'u1 not at peace."
"Your memories don't g0.
I'u1 not at peace."
"Your love will lake my life away."
"- Oh lord, give me my beloved back.
- Oh 10rd! "
"Don't keep us apart."
"Oh 10rd, give me my beloved back.
"Oh 10rd!"
"Oh 10rd!"
"Oh my 10ve!"
Hey, come here.
I asked you t0 kidnap one gill.
And you kidnapped two.
Which one ofthem is
Satnam's granddaughter)
I don't know about that, boss)
Then who does?
I remember now, boss.
She has a birthmark on her waist.
Why didn't you tell me this before)
- Boss, that...
- Quickly take a 100k.
Who is that?
What happened?
Take him down. Come on.
Come 0n.
Grab him. Grab him.
Get him. Hey! You le this one alone.
Why did all of you g0 there?
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
This is where you should be.
What's this? Whds this)
Look at him carefully.
Hes your person.
I don't know him.
I havexft even seen him before.
Really? S0 get the other one too.
Come 0n.
You must know him, don't you?
You had sent them to kidnap Seerat...
...s0 that she doesn't
meet her grandpa, Gurbaksh.
Sapna. Seerat.
Sir, this is your granddaughter.
Seem dear, do you know
what your father used to call me?
Father. That's what he used
to call you, isn't it grandpa?
Y0u1e right, dear.
"Ihafs what your
father used t0 call me.
She's the one. She's my granddaughter.
Seem! dear, I was dying t0 see you.
Aer seeing you Pm feeling so good.
A11 this is youxs.
Gurbaksh, what are you doing?
Great, old man.
You're asking me as
if you don't know anything.
From the past 20 yeaxs,
I have been serving you.
And now when you're
0n the verge 0f dying...
...y0u're only thinking
about your granddaughter.
The granddaughter whom
you hadn't even seen.
20 years back, I manipulated you...
...t0 kick your son
Tejpal out 0f this house.
Iwas the one.
I can do anything for the inheritance.
I can g0 to any extent.
- Raj, are you ahight)
- Hey, move back.
Its ne. It's ne.
These small wounds don't affect me.
Are you alright?
Are you just going to stand here?
Call the cops...
...0r else someone
may just shoot me dead.
- Call them, light now.
- I'll call them. Inspector!
- Come soon.
- Raj.
- Get all of them.
- I'u1 ne. Pm ne, Sapna.
- Brother.
- Come on, take them along.
- Are you ne)
- Yes, P111 ne. Why ale you pressing it?
Come 0n. Come on get up. Come.
- Come on.
- Come.
Sou, g0 and get the money from inside.
N0, one second.
We don't need the money.
I... Fateh.
Fateh, I'm sorry. Folgive me.
Dmft be. What was that you said?
- Dude, be cool. Chill, chill.
- Shut up.
I didn't do right with you.
Please forgive me.
I will folgive you
only aer Sapua does.
Sapna, whatever I did was a plan.
I accept it was my mistake.
But {herds one thing very true...
mthat I really loved you,
I still d0 and I always will.
Please forgive me.
You don't apologize in love.
You just hug it out.
N0, six. Its not Harry Lany.
Ialso want to tell you that I...
Fm Raj Garewal and
he is Fateh Singh...
wand he really loves
your granddaughter.
Sony, I completely folget.
Sony. I'u1 sony.
- What?
- Come here, sou.
Fm talking t0 you. Come here.
Sir, he really loves
your granddaughter.
Forgive me, sir.
Dmft call me sir.
Call me grandpa.
- I love you, gIandpa.
- Grandpa.
Be happy and enjoy.
- Where had you been?
- Mother.
Didn't you think about your mother)
D0 you know how much your father
used to cry thinking about you)
Father, don't cry. Please.
There's someone else with me too.
Who is it?
- Your to-be...
- To-be what?
She's your to-be...
I am feeling shy)
Yes. I gured it out
as soon as I saw her...
mthat she is my
to-be daughter-in-law
- Greengs.
- Bless you, dear.
- Aunt. Uncle.
- Bless you. Bless you, son. Be happy.
Aunt. Aunt, she is Seemt.
You must have gured it out.
- Greengs.
- Bless you, dear.
- Greetings.
- Bless you.
I gured it out as soon as I saw her.
Now we two will make
these two better. Okay?
Hello, Mr. Raj.
- Sir. You're here?
- Naseebkaur.
I think they have done
something wrong again.
Mr. Raj, would you like
to be the hero of my next lm?
- What?
- Delft you want to do it)
Why are you staring at me? Say yes.
Yes. Yes.
Yes, he will do it.
Take this cheque
as a signing amount...
wand the agreement. Sign on it.
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
- Sir, is this true)
- Absolutely.
Thank you, sir.
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"What the Jatt..."
"What the Jatt..."
"Sometimes, front, back...
Sometimes, up, down.
"They have taken their
luck in their underpants..."
"mand they are moving ahead."
"What the Jatt..."
"What the Jatt..."
"Sometimes, front, back...
Sometimes, up, down.
"They have taken their
luck in their underpants..."
"mand they are moving ahead."
"N0 tension... vension...
they don't mention anything."
"They d0 what they feel like
and they get attention."
"l, 2, 3, 4. They don't
get scared of anything."
"5, 6, 7. They tell everyone."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."
"- What the Jatt can do...
- You don't know."