What the Waters Left Behind (2017) Movie Script

It's 1:00 p.m.
across all of Argentina.
This is a direct transmission from our
country's Armed Forces Naval Observatory.
4:00 p.m. GMT.
to the most recent information,
the number of people evacuated is
approaching 700.
264 homes have been abandoned.
Unfortunately, projections suggest
that lake water levels
are expected to rise
a further 12 to 15 inches
and if so, the number of
evacuees may reach a thousand.
It was a flood in 1985,
saw the result of Epecuen
disappear under water.
Known for the curing
powers of its salty lagoon.
But in the 1980s, the water that kept
that town alive, swallowed it whole.
As the flood receded,
it left behind
a lunar landscape...
They get here
by hitchhiking or by foot.
It's attracted
a lot of people to the area.
This has been
the worst flood disaster to strike
in the history of the
Argentine Republic.
Who remembers Epecuen?
A huge event forgotten by most.
They do. They remember. It used to be
their home. Today there are only ruins.
Epecuen looks like the scene from a movie.
A horror movie...
Ah, but that's nothing. You
should hear what happened to me.
I was cruising down Route 25 as I had
to cross into Venezuela from Colombia.
It was hot as hell.
Suddenly, I spot two babes hitchhiking
at the side of the highway.
I slam on the brakes. Two babes,
just your type Vasco...
Two back packers. One blonde, the
other brunette. Unbelievable...
It was crazy.
"Where you headed?" I asked
them. "Venezuela."
I told them to get in, so they both
climbed in the back with their backpacks.
I saw the blonde was carrying
a rather strange package.
Weird, but what the heck,
in for a dime, in for a dollar.
We got moving and after
about a couple of miles
I look in the rearview mirror...
And I see them
all over each other kissing.
I thought, "Well,
if that's the way we're starting
"I can't wait to see where this
is going."
When we got to the border
The girls say, "We're going to the
restroom and will be right back."
They left with the two
I stayed where I was. There was a
line of cars about two blocks long.
The tailback starts to move and
the chicks are still not back.
When I reach the border check I
look in the rearview mirror
and right there, right where
you are sitting Vasco...
I see the package.
Up to my armpits.
A cop with a dog approached me and
asked for the vehicle documents.
I hand him the papers...
And immediately he asks
"What's that you've got there?"
"Don't know, it's not mine,
I've no idea."
He asked me
to get out of the van.
As I'm getting out I see that
the dog is going crazy...
It goes running and attacks an old
lady in a skirt. He rips it off her.
She had forty bags of cocaine!
Amazing, right?
Another cop up ahead signaled
for me to move forward.
I crossed the border and
was already in Venezuela.
My ass was saved.
No clue about the girls...
And the package?
I've got it here!
Oh... you are so out of line...
I honestly have no idea who
I'm working with.
Nice one.
Hey dude, could you turn down
the music a bit?
We're trying to make a documentary here.
Don't know if you had noticed...
No shit...
Okay, Carla...
What are your memories from
before the flood?
Not a lot really. I was only little at
the time, I just have some vague images.
Like what?
I remember the lakeside resort.
I always went there with my mom.
I didn't like the idea of the
lake because I couldn't swim...
But one day I decided to jump
in. I was just floating.
What happened was that the water was so
salty that it was impossible to sink.
A salty lake?
Yes, Epecuen was unique
that way.
Are you filming me, Erica?
Yes, take it easy... You look
gorgeous on camera.
I'm impressed...
Oh, wow, wow, wow!
Sorry, what can you remember
from the night of the flood?
I was in my room, sleeping.
I remember being wakened
by the sound of a siren...
And I heard a lot of screaming.
When I got out of bed the water
was up to my knees.
My mom came into the room in a total
panic and lifted me up in her arms...
I remember she kept saying,
"We have to leave, we have to
leave." Over and over again.
And when we left, she locked the door
so that nobody would rob the place.
Poor her... she thought we would
come back...
Sorry for the interruption... Do we have
long to go? I need to go to the restroom.
Could you please stop
asking crappy questions?
Can't you see
we're recording here?
Why don't you pay attention
to what's going on?
We're recording! What's
wrong with you people...
Thanks, darling.
What a place, eh...
Girls, will you come
with me to the restroom?
Okay, sure. Darling, I'm
going to the restroom.
I take one shot here, another there, and
here you have her butt in close-up.
What an ass she has!
Pity she prefers scissoring...
Yeah, scissoring... You know,
girls on girls. Scissoring...
Why don't you go shooting the
Birds, crickets. We need
that stuff, come on...
There seems to be nobody here.
I'm coming...
How are you?
Hi there. How are you?
What would you like?
Could I use the restroom,
Yes... Over there, through that door.
Right at the back.
You're not from around here,
are you?
No, no.
We're from the capital.
Ah, from the capital...
I thought so... Do you know
what capital means? Head.
So, what can I get you?
What's going on? Is there
nobody serving around here?
What is that, Vasco?
Ahh... that's a nice little gadget
you've got here! Does it have a GPS?
Yes, it comes with
a jerk detector.
Look! It tells me there's a real
big jerk close by right now.
That was a good one...
I can offer you
a few meat pies.
No, no, it's okay ma'am.
What? Are you not
going to have anything?
No sweetie... You must
have something to eat.
I'm not just here to clean up
the shit after the tourists.
So have a think about
how many you'd like, okay?
So you come from the city...
I had a cousin who lived in the
capital. Her name was Olga.
She used to come every summer.
One time she slept with
Another time she went
to bed with Pedrito...
Until one summer she
bedded a married man.
And do you know what
happened to the poor thing?
They found her
floating in the lake.
Poor little Olga...
Poor little Olga...
Even though she was Miss
Hey girl!
You look just like Olga!
That's incredible!
It is true...
She really looks like
little Olga.
How many are you going to eat,
damn it?
What are you doing?
What have you lost?
What are you looking for?
We're looking for the boss...
In the grease pit?
Let's take a look...
You know there's nobody
down there...
Do I look like a jerk?
I'm the boss!
No sir... So what have you taken?
Tell me what you stole! Nothing sir,
nothing at all...
I was just kidding...
What are you looking for?
Gas? Gas. We need to fill up
Okay, just let me finish something
and I'll be right there.
Great, thanks.
What are you doing here?
Let's go.
They're waiting for us.
Girls, you have no idea about
the state of that restroom...
No. And you have no idea about those meat
pies I bought for your lunch, my darling.
Sorry. Could you give us a hand with
the windshield? It's a bit dirty.
If you could...
What's up stupid?
Okay, okay... That's
it, it's over.
Don't worry about it.
What happened? WOMAN: Nothing, nothing...
Vicky... Looks like you
have a new admirer...
Please... how gross!
You realize why I
don't go in for men?
Okay, shall we go?
Yes, we're close.
Are you not going to pay?
Sorry, I forgot.
How much?
For you...
With that look,
a thousand pesos.
A thousand pesos?
Listen to me, fat boy...
First I caught you stealing
from the garage...
Then you tell me to clean the windows
like I was a maid or something...
And now you tell me how much
I should charge you?
Let's do this...
Why don't you stay in the garage and
I'll go partying with the bitches?
Pay him and let's go...
Pay him, Nachito...
You see how people understand each
other by talking things over?
Stay cool, ha...
Here are your
meat pies, you old hag!
Check it out!
What a location!
We're going to make
one hell of a documentary.
Yes, it's good.
Okay, are we ready
to shoot?
Let's get ready
to start shooting.
We don't have much time.
Okay, Okay... Vasco, calm down. Let's
set up the equipment and get started.
Try to relax a bit
now we're here.
Are you okay?
Yeah... Really?
That was my grandmother's house.
Are we good to go? Sure, let's get moving.
Time to work guys! Set up
the gear and let's shoot!
Well, this used to be
my room...
And the dining room
was over there...
All of this area
used to be the kitchen.
Hold it... Let's stop
for a bit, Carla.
Come here, Diego. I don't know but
this scene doesn't feel right to me.
Not enough dramatic pause,
climax, tension...
If you think so, I don't
know, maybe you're right.
Yes, you don't feel it?
A bit more, all right, let's do it.
You know what Carla?
You seem tense...
A bit stiff. Relax,
take it easy...
Visualize your memories and let them speak.
Will we try it? Let's go!
When the flood struck there were
people who didn't want to leave.
Some of them stayed until
the water was waist high.
The firefighters had to use
force to get them out...
When they realized there was
no other way...
Now we're talking!
Very good!
Excellent, bravo!
That's it, Carla!
That's the right tone! Great!
Ladies and gentlemen, the documentary has
begun. This is what I'm looking for.
- Let's take a five-minute break
and chill. - Way to go Vasco!
Sure, but let's stay on track.
We got this.
Very good!
It was really good, great.
If you need anything
let me know.
What a total jerk you are!
It worked out great.
Really? Yes, you looked fab.
where's Vicky?
No idea Vasco... She's your
girlfriend, how should I know...
Look! There she is.
Come here, come here,
come here...
Where were you?
Taking some photos
of the ruins.
Ah... you could've told me and we
could have taken some together.
We'll get some later.
Ah, later...
Later when?
Hi, baby,
what's up with my baby?
Hello, hello,
hello everyone...
Hello Vasco...
What are you doing
with my phone?
Take your phone! You were supposed
to be taking photos of the ruins.
That's your job.
You're so unprofessional.
Now what's wrong?
What is it? What's going on?
What's going on with this piece
of crap?
Hey Nacho, was this vehicle
not meant to have
taken you through the whole
of Latin America?
Quit the bad vibes.
Me, giving bad vibes? It's the first time
I've spoken and I'm sending bad vibes...
You don't know anything
about teamwork...
Fucking great.
What's going on?
Bloody fucking great!
Well done,
you asshole.
Fucking great...
Didn't I tell you that this
crappy van wasn't up to the job?
Why don't you stop breaking my
balls and give me a hand, idiot?
Look where we are!
Why don't you help me?
Guys, don't you smell
something strange?
Yup, it's leaking gas...
the hose is cut.
What's that?
What do you mean hose?
The fuel hose, Vasco!
I'm not a mechanic,
I'm a film director!
Hold these, don't fuck with me,
hold onto these, come on.
Where do you want me to go?
Hold them, damn it.
I can't believe it...
Come here Nacho...
Do you have anything to fix the
hose? I can fix it.
The problem is we need gas.
Do you have any?
None. They'll have to tow it.
We need something
to fix the hose.
A spare gas can?
It looks like
someone's coming...
What are you doing around here?
Nothing... We had a problem
with the van.
It gave up on us. Yeah?
I think it's the fuel hose.
Let's have a look...
How did you say it broke? No idea...
Because this isn't broke.
Someone cut it...
What do you mean
someone cut it?
Yep, they cut it.
If you want I can take you
to a gas station.
You need to get the hose
We can go together
if you want, Vasco.
Sure. No, not you. You come.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'll go.
Erica take a few shots in the
cemetery to save us some time.
Listen up. If you touch a hair
on the head of my girlfriend
I'll rip your head off, okay?
Carla, is the cemetery
too far to walk?
Twenty minutes
more or less.
Shall we go?
Yeah, let's go for it.
Wait till I get the camera.
Get my backpack, too,
will you?
Go on, I'll stay here
and look after the van.
Diego, I'll stay too
and wait for Vasco.
Whatever you want...
Do you still have
any friends from Epecun?
Yes, some, a few...
Do you still see them?
No, we don't meet up.
Listen, let me know if you're
not comfortable with anything...
Sure. It's all good, it's cool.
You set your own limits, too, right?
Sure, no problem.
We can break and take it to
another angle.
No, I'm okay with it.
Sure? It's weird to come back...
Yeah, I can see it's very
I can tell
you're remembering a lot.
Was it hard for you to adapt to a new
place, to move again? Is your family okay?
Yes, it's all good.
It wasn't so hard.
Sorry, would you like some?
It's hot.
You have a mustache...
Is there far to go?
Hot, isn't it?
Would you like some water?
I didn't know
you could draw so well...
Well, thanks. Still, have a long way to go
though... But yes, it's turning out nice.
What a heat... It's the
humidity that gets me...
We're making a documentary
about Epecuen.
The plan is to present it
in Berlin next year.
There's a lot of lobbying to go.
Well, that's the idea anyway...
Don't touch that.
Leave it there.
Watch your step as you go...
Okay, Carla,
tell us where we are.
Are we starting now? Yes, whenever you like.
This was the cemetery.
Epecuen cemetery...
Wait, can we start over?
I stumbled a bit.
Relax. Pretend neither the camera nor us
are here. Just talk about what you know.
When the water reached
the graves people panicked
because they wanted to recover
the bodies of their relatives.
Some of them started to take
advantage of the panic.
The divers that were charging
to find the bodies...
Actually just brought up
the first ones they found.
I remember my neighbor asked
them to bring back
her three brothers
who were buried together...
They actually brought back four bodies.
She had to bury all four...
She ended up bringing flowers to
the grave of dear knows who...
Shall I continue?
No, hold it. This is great. We're good
with this if you'd like to take a break.
How's it looking?
She looks great...
Yes, I know...
What happened?
Holy shit! It bit me,
a snake bit me!
Give me the scarf! Wait!
It bit me... Take it easy...
Go get the stuff! Christ, it hurts!
We have to get to the van.
It hurts... Easy, easy...
There you go...
Can you walk? Yes...
Come here... That's it, keep calm...
Let's take it slowly, nice and easy...
Vicky, no offence, but what do
you actually see in Vasco?
Why are you asking?
I don't know... You look like the type
of girl who can pick any guy she likes.
But you're with that
I don't know... He buys me
things, he takes me places...
He's also smart
and I look up to him.
He promised me a role
in his next movie.
He's a good guy.
"He's a good guy."
I'll be right back.
Kiki, where are you?
Come here Kiki!
Come here my darling...
Where are you?
Nacho, have you seen Kiki? Nope, no idea!
Shitty dog...
What's that?
What is this?
Stay here.
Keep going,
a little bit further...
You can do it, Carla. There's
the van, there it is!
Come on Erica,
help me please.
Nacho, Vasco!
Where the hell are they?
There you go...
Easy, easy...
Grab her, grab her... Careful.
Take her arm... There you go...
Nacho, Vasco!
Vasco! Where are you?
Nacho, Vasco!
Where are you?
Fucking hell! Nacho!
No, no, no...
We have to go now, Erica.
Hey, are you listening, Erica?
Look. What? Easy, Carla...
What's happening?
Hold this.
Keep calm, everything's going to be okay.
What do you want to show me?
Did you see that?
Let's see... rewind it.
Must have been the guys...
it must have been.
Take it easy... Listen.
Keep calm, calm, calm, Erica!
It's nothing, it's nothing!
Hey, hey, hey.
Calm yourself down please...
I'm going to check it out.
Diego. No, no, wait, wait!
Don't go. Eh, just relax...
Don't go. It'll be fine,
you'll feel better.
Get me out, Diego,
get me out! I can't, I can't do it!
Don't leave me here,
Diego, don't leave me!
Come on, kid. We have
to get out of here.
Let's go...
The documentary, right?
You want to make the
documentary, right?
Let me introduce my family.
This is my little brother.
My oldest little brother...
I'm the oldest. But he
used to be the oldest...
A puppy...
A puppy...
It was a little puppy
for him.
This is my nephew.
Little nephew...
And this...
This is Tito's.
Tito plays here...
And these are my things.
Nobody touches them.
The camera is getting it right?
It looks good, right?
Nobody touches
any of my things!
So you want to make
a documentary...
You want to make
a documentary?
You want to make
a documentary?
You know what the documentary
is going to be called?
"Lessons by Chimango."
Don't scream.
Keep still!
Lesson one:
"Rural wiring"
Keep still, bitch!
Listen, please.
Just listen...
Lesson two:
"Typical Argentine cuts."
Please, listen to me...
You know how many little
fuckboys like you...
I've nailed in the ditch?
You feeling cold?
Calm neighborhood from my
past, like a sad sunset
I return, old, to your
street corner
I return older, life has
changed me
On my head a little silver
it has painted
I was a traveler of pain
and in my dreamer's wandering
I understood my life's
And every kiss, I erased with a drink
in a game of illusion I dealt my heart
I come back beaten
to my parents' little home
Everything is a remembrance
that is turning in my memory
I went away when I was twenty...
Youthful madness, lacking advice
There is a deep and cruel sullen
silence, and when I knock on the door
Like a stranger. I'm greeted
by the old servant me
I must have changed completely,
that only by my voice
The old man
he recognized me
Poor old mother, I found
her very sick
I spoke to her
and she looked at me with those eyes
With those eyes clouded by her crying
as if saying why did you take so long?
I will never leave again
and at your side
I will feel the warmth
of a great love
Only a mother forgives us in this life,
it's the only truth, all else is a lie
I come back beaten to my
parents' little home
Everything is a remembrance
that is turning in my memory
I went away when I was twenty...
Youthful madness, lacking advice
There is a deep and cruel sullen
silence, and when I knock on the door
Like a stranger I'm greeted
by the old servant me
I must have
changed completely,
That only by my voice
the old man he recognized me
The freak fell in love.
I'll take care of
this little bitch.
Get out.
Go now,
mom's calling you.
Stay here,
stay here.
Everything's going to be okay, right?
Will you wait for me here? Okay, Vicky?
What the fuck
did you do, kid?
Drop the knife.
Drop the knife.
She is so cute...
Drop the knife
or I'll kill her...
Drop that knife!
Diego... Wake up, Diego.
You have to go now.
You have to go...
We're going to have dinner prepared
by Chimango. This is an appetizer...
Here you go. You've got a
drink, and everything you need.
No, no, no! I beg you
please, slowly, slowly.
Be very careful. Be careful...
Shit! I'm going to make you
crap, I'll make you crap.
Get out of my sight! Get out of
my sight you piece of shit!,
Well... Nothing going on here,
everything's okay here.
What's wrong, baby? Water...
Water? You want water? Sure,
we'll give you some water.
We don't want to
treat our guests badly...
Because we want them to
come back and recommend us.
And we also depend on you
for our food.
You retard,
get some water.
You want water too?
We'll give you water.
Nobody's going to miss out
on anything.
You know what
we're going to do now?
We're going to have a little meat
pie as you're looking very weak...
And need to eat something.
Let's see...
Open your mouth, baby.
Come on, come on.
Look... a little plane.
Come on, open your mouth,
open it, baby.
Are you not going to eat?
I'm treating you well and giving you a pie.
Aren't you going to eat it?
Come here,
take her, please.
No way... You have to eat or you'll
make yourself ill, my darling.
There you go... there you go...
Look how I'm eating the cookies.
Clean her up a bit. Look how
those guys left you...
They treated you very badly and
that's not on. That's not fair.
See, it's only a little, right?
Does it taste good? Is it tasty?
Tell me if it tastes good.
Yum, yum, it's good.
Do you know what
the pie is made of?
Twelve home-made meat pie
recipes for all the family.
Poor little girl...
Give me that...
Tito, don't let him get away!
Don't let him get away, Tito!
No, no, leave him! Please leave
him alone, don't hit him again!
He doesn't know what he's
doing, he doesn't understand.
Just do what my grandma says.
Please leave him.
Your grandma?
Your grandma?
You let them kill everyone.
You know nothing.
We lost everything...
We lost it all and
nobody came to help us.
Nobody came to help us!
They left us
to die in oblivion.
And that's why
you're killing us all?
There are things
worse than death...
Stop! Let him go! Let him go, I tell you!
Let him go
Forgive me...
Where are you going?
To Epecuen.
This constantly rocking boat
is passing over a cemetery.
A cemetery that is buried here below,
at an approximate depth of 12 feet,
from exactly seven years ago.
Yes, the caskets came floating
out and were discovered
over there by the banks
of the lagoon.
What happened back in '85? What
exactly was it that happened?
Well... The water struck quickly, and
we didn't have time to do anything.
We're traveling across
the city of Epecuen by boat.
Look at the state of it.
It has been flooded since 1985
The water levels here
will never go down again.
Look how the water, which
has already covered
many of the Carhue cemetery
vaults, keeps rising.
Or rather, what used
to be the cemetery.
The current is really very strong.
There is a strong south-easterly wind
blowing and whipping
across the city of Carhue.