What Will People Say (2017) Movie Script

Come on!
It's not that late.
- Where are you going?
- I have to leave.
I have to run, OK?
- I went shopping.
- Was there a sale?
- I didn't go.
- I bought quite a few things.
- There was so much on sale.
- I stayed home.
- Your dress is pretty.
- You think so?
I bought it yesterday
for the birthday party.
- Did you go somewhere today?
- I got things ready for your visit.
Bring this to your father
and tell him to come home early.
- In those clothes?
- No!
What's the problem with these?
I've told you.
Don't argue in front of everybody.
Now button it.
Go on, all the buttons.
Happy birthday, Papa!
My daughter.
These are very delicious.
Very sweet.
He's going to have the white guy
taste. This should be fun.
Here, Nisha.
Thank you, Papa!
I love you!
Thank you!
- 1000 kroner?
- You're lucky.
- Now you can party.
- You bet!
- She's saving for her license.
- It's very expensive.
She can become a doctor,
engineer, lawyer...
- Yes, she has very good grades.
- That's great.
Where did you get that?
- Did you steal it?
- No, it's from dad.
Let me see.
Is it real?
You can take this one.
We almost got caught.
- I can't believe it.
- It's such an adrenaline rush!
- 3.5 million?
- Yes, he bought it for 3.5 million.
In Oslo you'd have to pay twice that.
Go eat some real food!
My daughter.
Where have you been?
Come greet everyone.
- Hello.
- Hi. You look good.
- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.
There's keema naan in the kitchen.
She sure has grown.
Mirza eats that every Sunday.
He left his country,
but not his habits.
And he has to dance
to his favorite song.
Not me, Mirza!
Come on, stand up!
In front of all these people?
Come, Asif!
Take a selfie.
That's enough for me.
Najma is so shy.
I am exhausted!
I'm too old for this.
Nisha, come here.
Mirza would dance to this song
every day, if allowed.
Your father made us all dance.
Now everyone will talk about
how vulgar we are.
Is it vulgar for a family
to dance together?
Dancing is bad.
People don't like it.
It isn't proper to dance
in the presence of other men.
I'm sure they're talking about us.
Don't just sit down, Nisha.
Come and help me!
I'm too tired.
I'm also tired.
If all the receipts aren't here,
we'll be fined.
I'll check in the drawer.
Let's send some money
to my mother and sister.
You sent some a week ago.
It's my birthday.
Let them enjoy it too.
You only care about them.
My family is also in Pakistan.
You could think about them too.
Nisha, come and help me.
I told you, I'm too exhausted.
Fine, we'll just leave it.
Why should I have to do it?
That was Emily.
She sent me a math problem.
4.5 times 17.6.
Do you know the answer?
It's a competition.
- 79.2.
- Thank you.
I'm going to bed.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I just lost count.
- You wrote 11 for 200?
- I'll correct it.
Have you asked my parents
if you can marry me?
- No way!
- No?
You haven't?
Then what are you doing here?
I wanted to see you, I guess.
Turn it off!
I can't find it.
You bastard!
Papa, no!
Shut your mouth!
I'll kill you!
How dare you bring him into my house
to do such things?
You shut up!
Shut up!
Do you want to talk about
what happened?
Don't feel guilty.
You haven't done anything wrong.
What do you mean?
- It's all my fault.
- What?
- It's my fault.
- No, it isn't your fault.
Your father is not allowed to hit.
It's good your neighbor
called the police.
Who knows what might have happened
to you and Daniel?
I shouldn't have done that.
You haven't done anything wrong.
Once you and your father have a chance
to talk, everything will be fine.
You haven't done anything wrong.
You should try to sleep.
That usually helps.
I'll be right next door.
In case you need someone
to talk to.
I'll be at work
until at least 7 a.m. tomorrow.
Come by anytime.
How are you?
I hate him.
If he touches me again -
- I'll kill him.
I can't do this anymore.
Hello, Papa.
Have a seat.
I hope you both feel rested -
- and are motivated
to solve this conflict.
We are all fond of Nisha.
But if she wants to return home,
we have some demands.
He says that they love me, -
- but that they have some demands.
This is an agreement.
It says that Nisha
has to marry her boyfriend.
They want you to sign this.
Have you read -
- this agreement?
What do you think about the demands?
Daniel and I broke up.
I don't love him.
You what?
How can that be?
You slept with him.
I haven't slept with him.
Don't lie to me.
- You're lying!
- No, I'm not.
You had sex!
- I don't want such a daughter!
- No!
How can you refuse to marry him
when you have had sex?
- I haven't had sex, Papa.
- Yes, you have!
I can't live with you.
I don't want a daughter like you!
But I haven't done anything wrong!
I haven't done anything wrong!
You know how easily children
are influenced at a young age.
They do what other children do.
We have to think about the future.
About other Pakistani children, -
- and how this might influence them.
If one child does this, -
- then a second, third and fourth
will do the same.
We won't be able to stop it.
Therefore we must nip such behavior -
- in the bud.
Or we can't show our face to anyone.
I understand
you don't want to be strict.
She's your daughter
and you love her.
Every father loves his daughter.
I also view my daughter with love.
But -
- I am also worried
about my other children.
If it were me,
I'd punish her in such a way -
- that no one would ever consider
doing the same thing.
- Nisha?
- Hi.
How are you?
I miss you so much.
I miss you too.
Why don't you come home,
so we can solve this together?
Yes, of course.
freat. I'll talk to your father
and have him fetch you.
Thank you, Mama.
Just come home to me.
- Hi!
- Hi. I'm going to see my parents.
Can't you wait till our next meeting?
We've talked.
Everything is OK.
You should wait
till after the meeting.
- But we talked.
- And?
- Everything is OK.
- Are you sure?
- When will you be back?
- Soon.
Did it ever cross your mind -
- what the effect of your actions
would be on the rest of us?
On your dignity?
On our dignity?
Everyone is laughing at us.
Did you even think about that?
Our relatives and friends
have stopped coming to our shop.
What were you thinking?
Nisha, honey?
Do you have any idea
how much your mother is suffering?
She has to lie
to make people think better of you.
What were you thinking?
You have no idea -
- the things we have done for you.
We left our country.
Went all over Europe.
Went to jail in Germany.
I did work Norwegians won't do.
Worked in a factory.
We had to work and earn money -
- so that our children, you,
could get a better life.
So that you could get
a better education.
And you do this to us?
Do you think about
anyone but yourself?
If you live like those Western idiots
you'll go mad.
The loneliness will kill you.
Do you understand?
Where are we going?
Papa, where are we going?
Asif, where are we going?
Where are you taking us?
Papa, where are we going?
Where are we going, Papa?
For a short drive.
I don't want to!
Asif, help me!
Answer me, Asif!
Answer me!
- I don't want to go.
- Shut up!
Shut up!
You shut up!
Keep your mouth shut!
Asif, where are we going?
Can't you answer me?
Why won't you answer me?
- Can't you just enjoy the trip?
- What kind of a trip?
- The city looks beautiful from here.
- It sure does.
- Look at the moon.
- It sure looks lovely.
See that car?
I want one of those.
That one?
It's outstanding.
What is that?
That's a BMW 730 diesel.
- You like it?
- Yes, it's very nice.
You know how much it costs?
1 .6 million kroner.
- That's too much. What is that?
- An E 220 diesel.
All the cars here are from 2017.
We'd have to work eight years
to get one of those.
Let me go, dammit!
Stop it!
If you do that again -
- I'll kill you.
Where are we going?
- I'm leaving now.
- OK.
Asif, where are you going?
No, Asif.
Where are you going?
- Aren't you coming?
- Nisha!
One word from you, -
- and you don't want to know
what I'll do.
Egg Lady!
Take it.
Five rupees.
Masha Allah, what beautiful hair.
- Your glasses look expensive.
- You are very beautiful.
- We don't want any eggs.
- You can have one for free.
Keep moving!
We don't want any eggs.
Move on!
Welcome, brother!
I had almost forgotten your face.
Dear mother!
Nisha, recognize me?
I sent you loads of photographs.
From the garden,
shopping, weddings...
- No, I don't remember.
- Are you kidding?
You little toothpick!
Aren't you going to greet
your grandmother?
Don't you get any food in Europe?
Why are you so thin?
- Amir!
- Yes, grandmother.
Bring some sweet paan for Nisha.
Do you like paan?
What is it?
- Let's eat.
- Yes, let's go.
- Please, this way.
- Don't you want to be carried?
I can carry you.
- Give some to Abid also.
- Yes.
Salima, send me some raita.
- Pass that to your uncle.
- Just a second.
- Too spicy?
- No, I made it for you.
- Give mother some pulao.
- She doesn't want any.
Tasty, but too spicy for me.
You're no longer accustomed to it.
He's been influenced by foreign life.
How can he like our food now?
You haven't stopped taunting.
With all our hospitality,
we have the right to taunt you.
Not only do you taunt,
you hit me with your shoe.
- How was your journey?
- Fine, but very expensive.
All the arrangements are done, Mirza.
What arrangements?
Give him some bread.
Mirza, have some bread.
Your father is leaving.
Come say goodbye.
Come now.
Come on.
I brought you some chocolate cookies.
I'm not sure you'll like them.
Come taste.
They're all different kinds.
They are all different.
Come and see.
There is this kind.
This one.
Don't you want any?
Please take care of her.
Only give her bottled water.
I will send an additional
20,000 rupees.
Goodbye, mother.
Have a safe journey.
Won't you hug your Papa?
Come to me.
Nisha, he is your father.
I only want -
- what's best for you.
Come here.
You mean everything to me.
We should leave now.
It's getting late.
- OK.
- Let's go.
Nisha, pull the sheet over your head
to avoid mosquitoes.
They will suck out
your European blood.
- You're an imported delicacy.
- There goes the power.
Pull your sheet up properly, silly.
Tomorrow I'll show you
how everything works here.
After school, I'll show you
how to make rotis.
And how to dance like Rihanna.
I'll show you both.
Who do you like best,
Rihanna or Beyonc?
I love Rihanna's style.
I don't know.
You must be tired.
You had a long trip.
You are my best friend.
Where are you going without us?
Come here!
The airport is 350 kilometers
from here.
Pretty close, huh?
Look out.
Have some turnips.
80 rupees per kilo.
It's a very suitable price.
Suitable for him or for us?
- How much?
- For you, sister, 15.
You call me sister, but still want 15?
I'll take three for 10.
How much are your lemons?
Have some carrots.
How much? One kilo?
Let's go.
- Is it heavy?
- Yes.
You are young.
Knead with all your strength.
Use more strength.
Didn't your mother ever feed you?
Knead it thoroughly.
Don't play with it.
That's not a toy.
Knead it properly.
You can't do it.
Cut the onions instead.
Salima, don't burn those bank notes.
What are you saying?
Do I look stupid?
You can take these with you to work.
Try harder.
This is the least you have to learn.
You have quite the tongue.
Didn't your parents teach you manners?
Come here, kitty.
What are you looking for?
My passport.
Have you seen it?
Ice cream?
- No, thanks.
- They're flying kites on the roof.
Come, let me show you.
I'll show you lots of kites.
Look at that red one. It's highest.
All the others are lower.
There are many, but they are all
lower than the red one.
Try this ice cream.
You'll love it.
- No, thanks.
- You'll love it.
- It's orange. You like orange.
- I said no.
Why does your bra look so strange?
Fine, let me taste it.
He's cute!
- He's OK.
- You like him, don't you?
Have you seen his face?
He looks like a prawn.
He's still hot.
- It's time to pray namaz.
- I'm not praying.
It would be good for you.
Nisha, come down!
I'm coming.
Take five of those.
Let's go.
Auntie, could we make eggplant today?
You would make
the eggplants happy.
Hold your tongue.
How much are they?
- Name your price, sister.
- I'd rather not pay you anything.
- 20 rupees per kilo.
- I'll give you 15. Enough nonsense.
Step back!
You bastard!
Why can't you behave?
Open the door!
Let me out of here!
Think good and hard before you ever
do something like that again.
Your father -
- will marry you off to a peasant
from some tiny village by Sialkot.
You'll be milking buffaloes
for the rest of your life.
Is that what you want?
You must learn to adapt.
Now -
- you are our daughter.
May the holy land stay glad
Beautious realm, stay glad
Thou, the sign of high resolve
O Land of Pakistan
Citadel of faith, stay glad
Order of the holy land...
Cosine cubed times nx is equal to -
- 3 over 4 sine times nx -
- plus 1 over 4 -
- cosine times 3nx.
Have you ever made the "ahh" sound
with a boy?
Have you ever sucked a boy's kulfi?
- No.
- Then why did you come to Pakistan?
We heard you came to Pakistan because
you were caught sucking kulfi.
I came to learn about
my parents' culture.
You mean yourculture.
Yes, my culture.
Did you live in an igloo?
No, I live in a normal house.
What is a normal house?
It's just normal.
- How much for the fenugreek?
- 10 for a half kilo.
10 for a half kilo?
For this rotten shit?
How much are the sweet potatoes?
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
What's happened?
Tell me.
Tell me.
Has something happened?
Are we expecting guests?
No one sleeps inside
in this heat, you silly fool.
Granny, what are you doing?
You know you're not allowed to smoke.
How many times must I say it?
If mother finds out, poor you!
Child, -
- smoking helps loosen my bowels.
- Understand?
- You never learn.
If I had even an inkling of an idea -
- that you would be
so useless and worthless, -
- I never would have let you
marry my daughter!
I'd rather have taken her
to a cemetery and buried her.
And if I had any inkling
you would be like this, -
- I'd have buried myself
and thanked Allah!
Then do it!
Now you know.
Every day
you talk a hole in my head.
Who do you think you are?
Such an idiot in this house.
Can you open this?
So fast!
- Want to eat something here?
- Panipuri!
I won't eat it. Let her try.
Nisha, have you ever tasted it?
Let us taste one.
Don't make it too spicy.
Take it all in one bite.
Open wide.
Look at that!
How about that one?
No, not that one.
- This one is nice.
- Yes.
- Will it hurt?
- Not at all.
- That hurt!
- You have to suffer for beauty.
You look lovely.
I want you to hear a song.
Come, Nisha.
What's going on here, mister?
Then do something.
Do it.
Do it, you motherfucker!
Where do you live?
- I'm from Norway.
- Oh, she's from Norway!
She can't stand the heat here.
- Where do you live here?
- With my aunt, but I'm from Norway.
Norway, Norway!
Stop lying. Shut your mouth
and take off your clothes.
Take them off
or I will tear them off.
Take them off!
Please, sir!
Show your face.
Take a picture.
Now take them off.
Please, sir!
Unhook it.
Sir, please, don't do that.
Keep going.
Come on.
Now take off your pants.
Do you refuse?
We'll show these photos
to your family.
Think about what you want to do.
Come on.
Hey, lover boy,
since you're so tough, come lick her.
Do it!
Touch her breasts.
Like that.
Now suck them like a fool.
Suck them!
Up with your head. These are
your neighbors. Do you know them?
She is a very shameless girl.
Keep moving.
Stand here.
Open the gate!
Come on.
Open it.
Hurry up.
You should keep an eye on them.
They are utterly shameless.
Calm down.
It's not that simple.
We have nude photos of both of them.
20,000 rupees,
or we'll post them online.
Don't you believe me?
I can show you.
Look at this.
Tasty, eh?
He didn't cry
when they were going at it.
- And look at her.
- She is a very shameless girl.
Hurry up!
What kind of an education
are you giving them?
Get her to hurry.
We are busy.
Give me that.
Go on home.
Keep an eye on them.
Let's go.
Tell your father what you have done.
Why so quiet?
Speak up!
I didn't do anything.
Didn't do anything?
Tell the truth!
Amir and I...
The police caught me and Amir.
Tell him the truth. And don't you dare
blame us for anything!
Or I'll make you pay.
Tell him.
We only kissed.
Only kissed?
They forced me to take my clothes off.
I didn't do anything wrong!
Your daughter seduced Amir
and forced him to have sex with her.
We can no longer show ourselves.
Come and get her within 24 hours -
- or we will throw her out
of our house.
You two, go get ready for school.
What are you doing?
- They should get married.
- Absolutely not.
That would be good for all.
Then people will stop gossiping.
- Take her away.
- Can she stay with her great aunt?
Amir, my boy?
Do you want to marry Nisha?
Do you?
I will do whatever
my father thinks is right.
Come here.
I'm hungry. Let's eat something.
Pull over here.
Stop here.
Where are we eating?
It's right nearby.
Do it.
I'm telling you to jump!
Do it.
- Jump!
- Forgive me, Papa. Please.
- Do it!
- No!
Why won't you jump?
Why won't you?
You have ruined my life!
Jump! Jump!
- Jump!
- No, please!
I'll go.
It isn'tjust a birthday party.
- I've never tasted a kebab.
- Never?
Did you have your nose pierced?
It's important we stand together
as a family.
We're giving you a chance.
You have to regain our trust.
I promise that I will never
break your heart.
Run away,
or become involved with another boy, -
- and we won't be able
to show our faces anywhere.
It's difficult to get into
medical school in Oslo.
It's difficult to become a doctor.
Patients' lives are in their hands.
Work hard,
and you can become a doctor.
- Then people will respect us.
- That's right.
- Do we have chili sauce?
- I can get it.
She isn't here.
I'm telling you, she's not here!
Hi, can I talk to Nisha?
- She isn't here.
- But someone saw her.
She isn't here!
What kind of manners are those?
Eat properly!
Show some manners.
- Nisha?
- What a shameless girl.
You are not allowed to open
the curtains or the door.
And if I catch you on the phone, -
- you don't want to know
what I'll do.
She has made my life a living hell.
We can't eat or sleep in peace.
If we had raised our children back
home, this never would have happened.
I can study medicine in Poland.
Their admission process
is very straightforward.
Yes, but it is more expensive.
Don't play innocent.
We know you too well.
I looked into it.
Nisha can prepare
for her final exams at home.
But Child Welfare
might get suspicious.
There is one other alternative.
If she changes schools.
- That could work.
- I'd rather not.
She is changing schools.
And, Mirza, you will drive her
to school and bring her back.
Take this.
From now on you will keep track
of time. Is that clear?
Ameena and you will share a room.
I love you.
This is Nisha.
She is new here.
Please welcome her.
There is a desk for you back there.
Have a seat.
Let me give you all an assignment.
She is finished at 2:15 p.m.
Feel free to come back then.
I'll be waiting outside
at 2:15 p.m. sharp.
Why did you go to school?
To study,
or to contact Child Welfare?
I didn't contact Child Welfare.
You didn't?
Then why did they send this letter?
They've summoned us to a meeting.
Do you plan to lie?
Tell them
your father and brother force you?
Don't make any mistakes there.
Behave yourself.
Do you understand?
We're curious
why you are here, Asif.
I'm here to translate.
Tell them we only want
what's best for our daughter.
My mother says we only want
what is best for Nisha.
We'd like to hear.
How are you?
I'm doing very well.
Is it true that you went to Pakistan -
- of your own free will?
I wanted to learn about my parents'
culture. It was wonderful.
You sent a Facebook message to Emily.
That isn't what you wrote there.
Nisha sent a message to Emily
from Pakistan.
I think we should have a word
with Nisha in private.
Would you mind waiting outside?
No problem.
Why do they want to talk to her
in private?
It's very important
that you tell the truth now.
Yes, when I wrote that message
I was very angry.
I didn't mean what I wrote.
I liked it there.
The tone in this message
was different.
Are you sure
you're telling us everything?
It's quite brutal.
You wrote that you had been kidnapped.
That you were locked up and beaten.
Isn't that true?
You sound utterly desperate.
It wasn't like that.
I exaggerated.
I was just very angry.
There can be grave consequences
when you send a message like that.
Especially when we know
what has happened.
I didn't think...
I wasn't thinking.
I was just very angry.
Everything was so new and different.
Are you the type
to send messages full of lies?
That isn't how I see you.
I don't remember.
It was a long time ago.
But I enjoyed being there
once I got used to it.
You know we're here for you, right?
We care about you.
Contact us if you need anything.
Our intent is not to hurt your family
in any way.
Or your parents.
Can I leave now?
How dare you send an e-mail
to Child Services?
I didn't send an e-mail to them.
You've put us in a position -
- where we can't face anyone anymore.
People no longer invite us
to weddings.
Don't create any more scenes.
Go sit in the car.
I wish you were stillborn.
Mom washed it in cold water,
but it shrunk.
- No! Even though she did it right?
- Yeah.
- Can't you just buy a new sweater?
- Sure, but I liked that one.
- There's a sale on now.
- Buy a new one at the sale.
We didn't see the groom.
I never saw Mirza.
Now it's like Adnan
is sitting in front of us.
Times sure have changed.
I first saw Mirza at our wedding.
- You didn't even see photos?
- No.
Sorry we're late.
This is my daughter. Nisha.
She just came from school.
- Hello, Adnan.
- Have a seat.
This is Adnan.
You already know Uncle and Auntie.
They are Adnan's uncle,
aunt and cousin. Greet him.
Your daughter is adorable.
Do you like her, Adnan?
Look at her beautiful hair.
Nisha, -
- how would you like
to live in Canada?
She'll love it.
Canada and Oslo are similar.
My daughter is very talented.
She cooks Pakistani food
and is good with household chores.
Adnan just got a job as a doctor.
We are planning his marriage.
And we like your daughter very much.
This marriage will be very good
for both families.
Adnan, you have completed
medical school?
- Yes, I have completed it.
- Asif also wants to be a doctor.
And Nisha may study over there.
Then she can work as well.
No, there is no need
for studies or work.
Adnan earns plenty of money.
She'll be busy enough
with children and the house.
A doctor's wife doesn't need to work.
- You are right.
- Yes, there is no need.
So, then it's final?
It's final from our end.
Adnan, what do you say?
- Yes.
- Nisha?
Do you like Adnan?
This is a moment of happiness.
Adnan, we'll come over next week, OK?
- But we have one small condition.
- What?
You have to take us sightseeing.
Yes, of course.
His house is your house, anytime.
OK, then.
Goodbye, see you soon.
Congratulations, Nisha.
This is a great moment for us.
Have some sweets.
I must say
we are grateful to you.
You helped us in such a hard time.
In hard times,
family is good to have.
And let me tell you,
after this wedding -
- everyone will stop talking.
Have some sweets.
Nisha, we are doing this
for your well-being.
Do you understand that?
All our wishes have come true.
We wanted our son to be a doctor,
now our son-in-law is one.
All the arrangements
will be taken care of.
Our daughter is so lucky.
May this all go smoothly.
Let us know if you have any wishes.
- Ask Nisha.
- The shopping is no problem.
Taking care of relations
is what really matters.
- I'm sure Nisha will manage well.
- We hope so.