What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire? (2018) Movie Script

(lively drumming music)
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em
(tambourine rattling)
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
- I'm the Spy Boy!
I'm the fucking Spy Boy!
I'm the Spy Boy in the morning!
I don't give no warning!
I've got the wild, man.
Fucking wild, wild, man!
Fucking wild, man!
(shouting indiscernibly)
- [Ronaldo] Come on.
What you being scared for?
Just come on.
- [Titus] Just walk, just walk!
- Back up!
(evil cackling)
Come on!
Let's go!
- I don't wanna do this.
I don't wanna do this.
- [Ronaldo] Come on!
Come on.
(Titus crying)
Come on, I got you!
I got you!
(Titus sobbing)
Oh my god!
(evil cackling)
(lively drumming)
(tambourine shaking)
- Big Chief!
Big Chief!
(people chanting excitedly)
I got a beautiful gang!
I got the Spy Boy!
(distant police sirens wailing)
(horn honking)
- Black power!
(horn honking)
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
(horns honking)
(horn honking)
(horns honking)
(honking repeatedly)
- What?
Wait hold on, let
me try that again.
Let me try that.
Let me try!
One more time.
Can you pass it on me?
- Like off me?
- Yeah, like pass it.
- Easy.
- [Titus] I don't know.
- [Man] Hold this.
- [Michael] You're going
to the second line Sunday?
- Yup.
That's about the size of it.
Give it here.
- [Michael] Hey,
she gonna be mad ...
- [Man] Huh?
- [Michael] Judy's
gonna be mad if you--
- [Man] If I don't hurry up?
- [Michael] Yeah.
- [Man] These lights are
complicated, that's all.
- [Michael] Yeah, I know.
- Let me see that one.
- Don't do this.
- [Michael Why Not?
- Don't do it because I'm
not gonna be here.
You wanna go here
so you can hook.
- [Michael] Okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, see if I had
got on the ladder--
- [Judy] Get here.
- If I had gotten on
that ladder that way
you wouldn't be fussing.
Because you gotta turn
the ladder around.
- [Judy] Michael, be careful.
- Yes ma'am.
- [Judy] Now, don't put
that right over your head.
- I know.
- You go get this
out of the way,
then I go get
together for tonight.
Keep the things close.
Be careful.
- Umbrella.
- [Ashlei] What time
I say be inside?
- [Titus] Seven.
- [Ashlei] When the what?
- [Titus] When the
streetlights come on.
- When the streetlights come on.
You got that, Ronaldo?
- [Ronaldo] Yes.
- What happened last week?
- [Ronaldo] Five
people got shot.
- What happened the
week before that?
- [Ronaldo] They had a
shootout at the gas station.
- Mama, if the
streetlights come on
and we still outside, like--
- [Ashlei] If the
streetlights come on,
and y'all still outside,
then you're punished.
- I was just about to say that.
- [Ashlei] You're punished.
- For how long?
- [Ashlei] Till I say
you come off punishment.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Your brother gets punished,
you're gonna get punished too.
- [Titus] But what if I stay
inside, and he's going out?
- Then he just get punished.
7:00, 7:30, whatever time
you see streetlights come on,
that mean you have to
come inside, Ronaldo.
And you already know when
you have your brother, to--
- Come inside?
- Come inside.
The people next door,
across the street,
round the corner, no.
Around the corner we be at,
that's close to where
that shooting happened at.
- [Titus] Mama--
- [Ronaldo] It was
right on that block.
The orange house.
- It was right on that--
- [Ronaldo] The orange house.
- Well, I don't know what house.
- [Ronaldo] It was
an orange house
right down the street from it.
- Five people got shot,
I come to find out I
grew up with the girl.
Her and her baby got shot.
Baby smaller than your brother.
- [Ronaldo] Six, I think.
- Yeah.
- [Ronaldo] And got grazed.
- Yes.
Grazed in the head by a bullet.
If you go out,
don't go around that corner.
Go in front of the
door and play ball.
- [Ronaldo] All right.
- [Titus] Yeah, but
we ain't got no ball.
- We could play like
it or something.
- Yes you do.
You've got that
football in there.
- [Titus] Which one?
- [Ronaldo] We have a football?
- Yeah.
So you all be good.
If you go outside, what time,
you got your house key?
- [Ronaldo] Oh, yeah.
- All right.
What time to be inside?
- [Ronaldo] Seven.
Before the streetlights come on.
- Before the streetlights
come on, okay?
- [Titus] Could we
go by our cousins'?
- [Ashlei] Who?
- Elaine's children.
- [Ashlei] Who?
- Elaine's children.
- [Ashlei] Elaine's children?
- We gonna talk about
it when she come back.
- [Ashlei] We're gonna talk
when I come back, okay?
- [Titus] Yeah.
- [Ashlei] All right.
Bye, Ronaldo.
- Bye, mom.
- [Ashlei] Bye, Titus.
- [Titus] Bye, mama.
[mumbles] We could probably play
football when it stop raining.
- I lost my key.
I gotta get a new one.
- [Titus] Oh my gosh!
- Gotta get a new one.
Don't think you're lucky now.
- Oh, okay.
- Eight on me.
- All right.
Wait, hold up!
- Nine.
- Oh yeah.
- Just get it.
- All right, come on.
Oh, I got it.
- Check on you.
- Mm-mm.
- Five on me.
Three on you.
Seven on me.
(horns honking)
- We're coming up on
the one year anniversary
of Alton being viciously
murdered right here
where we stand, and the
New Black Panther Party,
the Resistance, Stop the
Killings, Black Lives
the family of Alton Sterling,
all the people who believe
in freedom fighting,
all the people who believe
in basic human rights
and justice, for us to be able
to stand up for what's right,
it's an honor to be here
fighting for justice
for Alton Sterling.
- [All] Justice
for Alton Sterling!
(horns honking)
Justice for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- [Man] Black power
for Alton Sterling!
- Black power for
Alton Sterling!
- We're not gonna forget!
We're not gonna forget you.
We're gonna get justice.
We're gonna get it when?
- Now!
- We gonna get it when?
- Now!
- When?
- Now!
- When?
- Now!
- When?
- Now!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Somebody, hurry give
him the flyer, hurry up!
Hurry up!
(horn honking)
Down here!
- [Woman] Black
motherfucking power!
- Fuck the police!
- Fuck the police!
- Fuck the police!
- Fuck the police!
- Fuck the police!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Keep it going,
y'all, keep it going!
All power to the people!
- All power to the people!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Justice!
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling
- We was fuckin' doomed a
long time ago as black people.
I'm talking about from
years when my grandmother
was a young girl,
we was conceived,
everybody in the world
is conceived into sin
in God's eyesight.
None of us is perfect.
But as black people, we've
been pushed out long time ago.
I read a book called
"How to Break a Slave."
It's written by Willy Lynch.
You know where
I'm at, youngster?
- [Man] Willy Lynch.
- And I remember an
episode in his book,
and it brings me back
to when my grandmother
used to tell me
all these things.
I used to always
stay in the house
and listen to all these songs
and sang it for my
grandmother and them,
and listen at every
word they spoke,
I ate it with a spoon.
And I remember that,
thank God for it.
And there's in an
episode in his very book
where this man said,
he told the guy
go get, I'ma show you what to do
with these niggers.
They don't wanna act right,
I'm gonna show you what to do.
I want you to go
get me two donkeys.
Put a donkey here,
put one here.
Tie that nigger's
legs to them donkeys.
I want you to go get his wife
and his son,
don't bring his daughter.
Get his wife and his son
and put them in front of it.
He said, I want you to slap
that donkey on his ass.
And split that nigger apart.
Once that black woman see
what happened to her husband
with her son, she gonna let
that fucking nigger boy know,
don't fuck with us.
And that's how
they broke slaves.
And that's why we
always had to respect,
even today, we see the
police, we see white people.
Oh, let's get over here.
Them white people are gonna
think we're gonna steal.
It's in our DNA.
It's already in us to
respect the white man.
You heard me, Terry?
It's already in us, my baby.
But we, at one point,
we want to get over it.
We want to.
We don't wanna live like that.
And no, we've been set free,
but we still being fucking
slaves, goddamn it.
- [Man] Modern slaves!
- We still slaves
because at the end of the day
that woman, when she
breed more children,
she breed fear.
When she was pregnant,
she was scared.
So they were born to
be fucking scared.
- Everything is a system.
In the 80s, then they put the
drugs and guns on the street.
You know what I'm saying?
- [Man] That's true.
- They got us
addicted to the guns,
and that's how we started
killing each other.
We weren't killing each
other when we was marching,
with Martin Luther
King and Malcolm X.
You see what I'm saying?
- Yeah!
- Right.
- So like you say, it's a
psychology warfare going on.
- We ain't had guns in the hood.
How'd guns get in the hood?
- So many black people
have gotten jipped
out of their work.
They ain't had the,
we created over the years,
over centuries,
and white people have
capitalized off of it.
Even during slavery times.
Black people give all of
that work for nothing,
and got the hell
beat out of them
while the white people
live high on the hulk.
It ain't fair.
And today we still not
getting our just reward.
Even you look at all of these
black men getting killed,
these white policemen
killing them,
and the law is not on our side.
- How could you, you can
kill a man in cold blood,
but if it was one of
us, if he was black,
we automatically got murder,
but you, they trying to
find the lesser sentence
that they could,
which is man-slaughter,
and manslaughter's really
beating somebody with the bat.
- Right, exactly.
- [Man] Ain't no gunplay.
- Right.
- A dozen murders.
- But they wanna shoot you,
because you got dreadlocks,
but look how intelligent you is.
- That's right.
- He don't wanna know
what's inside you,
he wanna judge the book
before you open it up!
You know?
He look at you, but look
how intelligent you is.
- That's right.
- In 2017, you that
brother, that brother.
- Young brother.
Young, young.
Young generation--
- But he wanna check
your style out.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Because he don't
like your style,
but this has been
like the sister said.
This been a long time ago.
Why they don't respect us?
Because we were never
considered a people
from the beginning.
- No.
- We was already
considered animals.
- [Woman] Yeah.
- We don't get no justice!
We get just-for-us.
- [Judy] That's it, that's it.
- We don't get justice, huh?
- [Judy] That's it, my boy.
- That what y'all
are calling it?
We don't get no justice.
That's why the brother
crossed the river
didn't get no justice.
That's why the brother
over in Baton Rouge
ain't getting no justice.
- It's hard being a black person
because I mean you gotta
think about it every day
is almost our last.
We pray to God and hope that
we live and wake up everyday,
but to wake up and
be able to go outside
and not know that that
could be your last time
seeing your kids, or
waking up to your kids,
I mean, it's difficult.
I mean, I have six
kids of my own.
It's scary.
- Thanks for talking, everybody.
- It's been a struggle
with me since--
- [Judy] Talk to me.
- I was younger.
I never thought I was
gonna make it to see 23,
let alone 40, you
know what I'm saying?
- [Judy] Oh my.
- I never knew I was
gonna make it this far.
- Yes.
- But I have a greater
understanding of life,
just in general.
And I have hope now, you know?
I don't fear anymore.
- Great.
Give me a minute, drummer.
At the end of the
day, all that we
see if we stick
we will run this very
There is nothing better than us.
- [Man] If you don't
stand for something
you're gonna always
fall for something.
- And we keep
falling for nothing.
- [Man] You're gonna
always fall for nothing.
- We keep falling for nothing.
- [Man] We could
break our fingers,
but all these fingers
together is harder to break.
- That's right.
They said Mardi Gras
morning, ran to the queen
See Mardi Gras
morning, Katy La Joan
The Indians howling,
do like you want
Tell him call all
Indians on the telephone
Tell him get his shit
'cause we're leaving home
I said Mardi Gras morning
by the break of day
We got tambourines
ringing, we on our way
Well I called my
Indians on the telephone
- Five.
One, they're only
for decoration.
So, what you think we're
gonna do for the Fourth?
- Oh.
- [Judy] What you wanna do?
- I don't know.
- [Judy] So this
is May, June, July.
That's coming up, I guess.
What you wanna cook?
- Anything.
- [Judy] What you thinking?
- I like okra gumbo.
- [Judy] You like that,
you wanna do okra?
Why you wanna do okra gumbo?
- Okra, it's too hot for filet.
- It's too hot for the filet.
What you think, what you want?
What kind of,
we just had smoked
sausage and hamburger.
Maybe we can do barbecue?
And from there we're
gonna go to the bar.
I'm gonna do the Fourth
of July party up there.
- [Dorothy] By the beach?
- Yeah, up there by the bar.
And I'm gonna have
food there too,
but I'm gonna do
red beans and ribs.
We'll have a big party,
I'm gonna perform,
the band gonna perform.
Windex Pete, everybody
gonna be there.
You gonna be able
to drink next week.
- [Man] You take the
wheel off, you push it.
See the valve on the inner tube?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Man] You just push it up.
You take the inner tube
out from the valve,
but this one's been
in there for a while
so you gotta kind of work it in.
- There for like two years, no?
- Yeah.
I'll work it out somehow.
We might have to wait
til we'll be able to cut
the compressor back on though,
because I might have to
change that other tire first.
It's a little bigger
than this one.
It came off another bike,
and I had put it
on my girl's bike, but
it was too small for her.
We're gonna ride Thursday.
- [Man] Yeah, we
riding Thursday.
- [Man] Yeah.
- Oh, shoot.
(lively drumming music)
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Hooray when the Indians die
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Chief in the morning,
will he be there
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Run call the Indians,
knock 'em off their feet
Where we from we
dance in the rain
We're moving, hollering,
doing everything
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Got the tambourine ringing
And we're gonna sing it loud
Where we're from we
dance in the rain
More Indians coming
from downtown
Where we from we
dance in the rain
We dance in the rain,
do it on a boat
Where we from we
dance in the rain
The Indians holler,
they better not choke
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Call another big queen
before I knew her name
Where we from we
dance in the rain
Hello Indian Chief,
say what you see
Where we're from we
dance in the rain
Go little Chief,
come rock with me
Where we're from we
dance in the rain
Oh they say Ironheart
couldn't be beat
Where we're from we
dance in the rain
Running and jumping, and
they think they slick
Where we're from we
dance in the rain
- Look at that park up there!
- Hi!
- Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
- [Ronaldo] Come on.
You got it?
- [Titus] Yup, right.
- Let's go.
- [Titus] I'm gonna fall.
- Come on.
You got it, come on.
Come on, you got it.
- One, two. One, two.
I got it, I got it.
One, two. One, two.
Don't step in the ant pile.
- [Ronaldo] Why do you
always bite your nails?
I'm about to get in there.
No, for real.
I'm about to get in.
I'm about to get in.
T, just come right here.
Just come right here.
- No.
- [Ronaldo] Just right here.
- No!
- [Ronaldo] Why you scared?
- I'm not!
- [Ronaldo] Yes you are!
- Stop, 'cause that
part's slippery.
You gonna slip and fall,
and you gonna fall in the river.
- Oh, look at the dragonfly!
Look at him!
Look how blue it is!
- Poisonous.
You've got two of 'em.
No, bro.
- Just come on.
If you fall, all
gonna do is just
- That's maybe not a good idea.
- Just come on.
- Oh no.
Come on, slow and steady.
Slow, slow.
Walk, walk, walk.
Walk, walk, walk.
Walk, walk, walk.
Good, come on.
Good. Good. Good.
- I'll take responsibility,
but I got so many
enemies around me
that, and it's the very
people that I love.
Nobody else not gonna
fuck with me in a bad way,
because I'm not gonna allow
nobody up on me like this.
You see what I'm saying?
I'm not gonna do that.
It's the same fucking
people that I love
and wanna embrace,
and wanna help,
and I'm not trying to
act like I'm a baller.
I ain't got no goddamn money.
I told you, I opened the
bar with pennies, you know?
I opened the damn
bar with pennies,
now I got it, I got it started.
I made a good name for myself.
My reputation is awesome.
But it's no doubt,
maybe I don't know
how to manage money.
I'm pretty good with the bar,
but if I can get me
some goddamn help
then I can hold onto the bar.
But I can't do it
by my own self,
and that's what I
was trying to do.
I said I'm gonna get
the bar no matter what.
I told you about
Brian, my ex-husband,
told you about his ass
well he helped me to
open the goddamn bar,
we opened a bar, he helped
me with some money.
I was saving some
money and I decided
Brian I wanna get a bar.
He didn't like the fucking idea.
I went on and done it,
because I needed
something for me.
Some type of security.
So I did that.
So now I have this
I made this big power move
and opened a bar, and knowing
I don't know nothing about it,
but I'm not afraid.
I'm not scared.
I'm not fucking scared,
and I need your support.
I'm going through a whole lot.
I'm going through
so fucking much.
Well, shit.
I gotta pay the rent.
I don't own the bar or anything.
I don't own nothing.
It's just, shit I
gotta pay Victor.
I gotta give Victor,
I guess, now $2200.
I gotta give him $2200.
I gotta do it in the
next month and a half.
That's all I got.
That's all I have.
I hope I make it.
If not, then I'm gonna
have to ride out.
It's just business.
It's just business.
- "We want full
employment for our people
and we demand the dignity
to do for ourselves
what we have begged the
white man to do for us.
Three, we want tax exemption
and an end to robbery
of the black nation
by the capitalists."
- "We wanna end the
domination of Africa
in all of its
forms, imperialism,
criminal settler colonialism,
sexism, Zionism,
apartheid, and
That's the part you have to
remember, it's a bold point.
But we want you to
also internalize,
we believe that this wicked,
racist government has robbed us
and now we are depending
the overdue reparations.
A form of reparations
promised 100 years ago,
40 acres and a mule.
As restrictions
for the
as restitution for the
genocide of our people,
and to meaningful
measure to repair
the damage from the
African holocaust,
which we call the Maafa.
The American white man
owes us reparations.
England owes us reparations.
France owes us reparations.
Spain and all of
Europe owe reparations.
You know, giving a job
is not reparations.
Getting a mortgage
is not reparations.
A settlement, when the police
just killed your children,
is not reparations.
It's restitution.
But reparations is
supposed to be to repair,
to put you back whole,
to put you as a people
back in the condition
you were before
this holocaust took place.
- We do need better education,
because even now,
our generation of babies,
they're not teaching our babies
what they were teaching us then.
They were teaching us
that we were slaves,
now that they teaching
us that we came here
for a better living.
They're not even, I don't
believe they're even
really just getting
down and dirty about how
true evil and decadent
this American society is.
- We have to have
our own schools.
The state pays $3000 a
month to educate a child,
but $5000 to incarcerate.
They said they built the prisons
based on how many
people can't read
by third grade.
So they make sure that
can't read by third grade.
But how long are we gonna
keep going to the people
who enslaved our
ancestors, our grandmother.
My great grandmother
was killed by the Klan.
- "A Panther must be
a vanguard example
for African people
at all times.
In order to accomplish this
great and divine mission,
here she must be
spiritually, culturally,
and politically conscious,
respectful and
courteous to all people,
and demand the same every term,
militant, always
engaged in a war in mind,
and war for the minds
of hearts," excuse me,
"of African people,
while carrying oneself
in an organized and
orderly fashion."
- Go back.
Say it again.
- "Militant, always
engaged in war
for the hearts and
minds of African people,
while carrying oneself in an
organized and orderly fashion.
Humble, willing to release
any arrogant attitudes
and superior ideas of oneself,
and discipline,
one should sacrifice
your lower personal desires
for the greater
good of the mission."
- Black power.
- Black power.
- Of course, there's
no cookie cutter
solution to revolution,
or we'd already be free.
But we are in the game.
And we in it to win.
So we don't have
no option to fail.
We really don't have
an option to fail.
To even be a Black
Panther is an honor.
It's a privilege.
It's not a social club.
It's not a religion.
We can't promise you no sweet
pie in the sky when you die.
That's not gonna happen.
You know what I'm saying?
We can't pay you
like the US military.
Which is basically mercenaries.
You have to put in on this.
Just like Harriet Tubman.
Nat Turner.
And any other freedom fighter.
They got their freedom.
Whatever you perceive
can be done.
If we think we can't, we won't.
We have to change our, whatever
you conceive, you can do.
And people's hearts believe
what their eyes see.
We have to each one show,
or we're gonna go to jail, yeah.
Or somebody gonna kill you.
Or people gonna betray you.
Or people gonna lie to you.
So what?
We gotta keep going.
We gotta deal with
the consequences,
bury our dead,
and keep fighting.
- [Ronaldo] Who did
you fight with--
- Somebody in school.
- [Ronaldo] Who?
- It was a boy.
- [Ronaldo] What his name is?
- Kevin.
- [Ronaldo] What?
- Kevin.
- [Ronaldo] I can't hear you.
- Kevin.
- [Ronaldo] Oh.
Was he white or black?
- He has my skin.
- [Ronaldo] I'm
talking about his race.
- Mm-mm.
- [Ronaldo] His race.
You don't know
what your race is?
Black, white, Latino, Asian
Mexican, Puerto Rican, what?
What he was?
Black, white, what?
- Um, he was--
- [Ronaldo] He was black, right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
So say black.
Just so you know
race is you black, white,
that's what your race is.
So he's black.
Your color is like if
you're light-skinned,
caramel, chocolate, brown, or
like that's your skin color.
But not your race.
So you could be light-skinned
and people will still know
that you're black.
People know that
you're still black,
so whatever color you
are, it doesn't matter.
It's what race you are.
You know how you try
to follow me sometimes?
- [Titus] Mm-hmm.
- That's why I be so mean to you
when you try to be following me,
because when you're
always following me,
say when I go off to
college or something,
who you gonna follow then?
You ain't gonna have nobody
to follow but your friends,
and here you go--
and they're gonna try to
get you into bad stuff
because if they end up
doing the wrong stuff,
like some of our cousins doing,
we have three of our cousins
that's in jail right now,
including my dad.
My dad in jail.
Hit me, man.
When you hit me twice,
hit me hard too.
No, like this.
So you gotta.
Like, so, put your ...
- [Titus] I know!
- Boom, boom.
But look, don't do this.
Don't do this, look.
Don't do this.
Do this.
You all right.
Come on.
You should know why I'm
teaching you how to fight.
- [Titus] 'Cause I
should get better?
- No.
To protect yourself.
But you won't always fight.
You don't always fight,
because nowadays
people don't fight.
They like to shoot.
But not people your age.
Not people your age.
People who are my age.
Nobody nine years old
about to come up to you
with no gun and shoot at you.
You still have a
little time to fight,
but fighting's not good
unless you have to do it.
All right, now swing
with your left.
Now hit it with your
right leg, switch.
Yeah you keep doing that.
Hit me.
- [Titus] I'm trying to.
- You gotta hit me.
What'd I say?
Come on.
- Stop, you're hurting me.
- No, no.
- Stop, you're hurting my jaw!
- We gotta go, come on.
Come on.
- You're hitting me too much!
- [Ronaldo] No more fighting.
- Oh!
- Oh lord!
- Oh my god!
That's deep!
Wanna go in there again?
I would.
- We'll wait for the train.
That's what we've
been waiting for.
The train.
- You can't see
the rock no
- You know what we should do?
- What?
- Jump on a train and go
all the way to Florida.
- No!
I wonder if the train's coming.
- I wonder if that's the train.
- Yeah.
That's the train.
'Cause I know it's the train,
'cause it's gonna come around,
it's gonna come around,
and then it's gonna come.
The train gonna come.
- That's not a train.
- Mm-hmm.
- Why the noise going then?
- Bag.
- [Man] Red.
- We need to catch them
with that Farmer's Market.
Fold it with the drinks up.
- Black people, we gotta
deal with race and class.
You throw a black woman
into the equation,
you gotta deal with racism,
sexism, and classism.
So it's pretty much what it is.
But that's all that it is.
The homeless, we're in the
greatest country in the
and that's like,
how could you be in the
greatest country in the world,
and one of the
contradictions of that
is you have this
mass homelessness.
To me, don't add up right.
But I think the problem is,
when you talk about
black people
and I'm really cautious
about using this term, black,
because everybody who
black ain't black,
but if you tell my black people,
and you start
yelling black power,
like motherfuckers
go oh wait, hold up,
you know, that's reverse racism,
you're like, in what way,
shape, or form or fashion is
And see the thing is,
white people don't have to
say white power.
They don't have to do that shit,
because they know they'll
be called racist in a flash
so they don't have to do that.
What they do is they legislate.
I am saying,
they control the power.
The corporations,
the Fortune 500,
they control the power.
So they don't have
to say white power.
- When you go down Saint
Bernard you start seeing them.
Then we go to Earhart.
- They need water.
- So we knocked on the tents?
All right.
- Water.
- [Krystal] How
you doing, sister?
- [Man] We gonna
bring it to you.
- Thank you brother.
God bless you.
- They look at you
and they keep going.
Like they don't have
nothing, or they cuss you out
like they don't care.
- [Krystal] Poor people,
just general people?
- Yeah.
Now some of them
do give you money.
They give you a
dollar, ten dollars,
$20 or whatever
they wanna give you.
- How long you been out here?
- [Jamie] I've been out here
for almost three weeks now.
- Three weeks?
- Yeah.
- Where were you at first?
- I was staying with my auntie,
but I got here.
- Well, we're trying
to get some exposure
what's going on, and also
trying to bring something
instead of just coming.
We're gonna do our
part to do more.
- All right.
- [Krystal] You know,
we wanna do more.
- Well, if you ever
need help or whatever,
let me know.
- [Krystal] Give
her information.
- I don't have no
phone right now.
- [Krystal] We gonna
give you our number.
What's your name?
- [Jamie] Jamie.
- Sister Jamie.
- [Jamie] Yes, ma'am.
- [Man] We brought you
some waters and food, man.
We're trying to take care.
- [Man] We want to
make sure you get it.
Black power.
- What's up?
Black power, man.
That's right.
All right.
Right behind you, bro.
What's up?
How you doing?
You all right?
We out here just trying to
feed the people today bro.
We the New Black Panther
Party of Self Defense.
- [Krystal] Hello.
- Sandwich?
Sandwich, anyone?
- [Krystal] Hello.
Want some water?
- water
- [Man] Cold drink?
Want a cold drink?
- [Man] Soft drink?
- [Man] Some water?
A sandwich?
- Cold drinK?
Sandwich, want a sandwich?
- I do.
- [Man] We'll get
you a sandwich.
Y'all got all of
them over there?
- Just wanted to
make sure we come
show a little love to y'all.
- Normally we would have
just walked out there.
- Normally I don't
wanna get run over.
- But we got the force.
But we should do
that shit that we do.
(speaking indistinctly)
("Don't Make Me Beg" by Tucka)
That'll be a day
I'll truly miss
- Yeah!
- Work out, goddammit!
Work, work!
'Cause now you're gone
Girl don't you miss
me just a little bit
Baby please
I don't know if I
can live like this
Don't make me cry
Don't make me cry
Don't make me cry
Girl don't you miss
me just a little bit
Don't make me cry
I don't know if I
can live like this
Things ain't been right
ever since we split
- Work out, work it out!
Work it out!
You're making me beg
Baby do I have to
break down and beg
Girl you're making me beg
Just to get you to come back
Just need you to say
it's gonna be okay
Tell me, baby do I have
to break down and beg
Oh yeah, just to get
you to come back my way
All right, just
need you to say
- Nice going, Nay-nay!
It's gonna be okay
Don't tell me I have to beg
'Cause on my knees,
lord I will stay
Stay wiping the
tears from my face
- Maybe we can put
this one here?
What you think?
- [Michael] No.
- No?
- [Michael] No.
- Well where am I gonna put it?
I want it to be seen.
And somebody drinking,
Picture that.
Stand up and cut
they fucking head.
- [Michael] You're right.
- All right, so I
was thinking here
for my daddy's picture board.
Ernie K-Doe's dead.
Allen Toussaint died last year.
- [Michael] And I knew him.
- Yeah, and Jessie Hill in 1989.
- [Michael] Right.
- '98, '98, '89.
It's been so long.
- [Michael] Right,
'cause I was gone then.
- You was incarcerated.
- Right.
- [Judy] All that time.
You weren't here
when Jessie died.
- Wasn't here.
- [Judy] You was here
when your mama died?
- Nope.
- [Judy] Goddammit.
- I wasn't here
when nobody died.
- [Judy] Yeah.
I thought you was home
when your mama passed.
- They wouldn't let me go.
- [Judy] They ain't let you out?
They usually let people
out when their mama dies.
- Well, I'm a
threat to security.
- [Judy] You broke away before?
- No, I fight the police.
- [Judy] Oh Lord, Michael.
Yeah, I remember.
- Do you remember.
For your mama's funeral.
For your mama's funeral,
your mama died in what year?
- I don't know.
I don't know when she died.
- [Judy] Put this down.
Wait. Wait, wait.
I need you to help me
to understand something.
Put this here.
Your mama died, and you don't
remember the year, honey?
- I don't remember the year.
Don't know where
she's buried at.
- Fuck.
Why you didn't
been told me that?
- [Michael] Because I
didn't want anybody to know.
It's kind of embarrassing.
- No, you don't be
embarrassed with me.
- [Michael] Well, I remember.
- You keep it 100 with
me like I do with you.
Now if you'd have
told me you don't know
where your mama at, ain't
no fucking way in the world
I would have let you
wander around like that.
I would have put you in my car,
and I'm going to do it.
I'm gonna show you exactly
where your mama's grave is.
You gotta find some
kind of closure.
And maybe that's why you're
not doing what you should do
as a man in life.
But I know your
heart is sincere,
and I know what
type of dude you is.
Whether you're
clean, or running.
But you've gotta find
some kind of way,
whatever kind of demon
you got on your back
that's driving you to
live the way you live,
it's got to be
something that can help.
And all I can do, you
don't know where she's at,
I'm gonna bring you.
We're gonna get in the car,
we're gonna go right there.
Maybe you can go
ask for forgiveness,
whatever you feel you need to do
to get some closure
with your mama, man.
I didn't know you didn't
know where she was.
- Sorry it's taken me so
long to come see you, too.
Man, man, man.
I gotta go, Judy.
I gotta go.
I remember the day,
I didn't make his bed
up and he told me
to make his bed up,
I said I don't
sleep in that bed.
And then he beat me
like I was a grown man.
Do you know what my mama said?
Then you shouldn't
have made him mad.
- You remember them pipes
you put the mattress on?
Them big old long
pipes for the bed?
- Yeah, I remember.
- Remember he used to
beat you with that?
That pipe.
I remember that.
I used to be in
your mama's house.
Because I'd come down
there to hang out with
- Yeah, the worst thing is
everybody says it's love.
- Love don't love like that.
- Yeah.
- Love is not abusive.
Love don't cause
problems for the mind.
Love don't break hearts.
Love don't wrestle
you down like a dog.
Love don't lock the
food in a closet
and not feed you.
See, I remember that.
I was there.
I was there.
Michael, the only way you
can succeed in life first,
take what you've got in here.
Do good man, Do good.
If you keep on misusing people,
your lifestyle's gonna be worse.
You might wind up
crawling on your
like a snake,
over people, boy.
You cry for your mama, so
that means you have a
You gotta think
about other
Them people you fighting,
got family that love them.
I've been bullied.
I feel the same way you feel.
I hate motherfuckers
that fuck over people
'cause I've been there.
I couldn't even read a book.
That's why I
read and write.
You know who educated me?
I didn't listen to
the teacher had to
I had no time,
because I'm worried about
these five motherfuckers
behind me gonna whip my ass
when I got out of school,
so I can't think,
and I want to learn,
I want to write, and I
want to be able to spell
cat and bat and all this shit,
but I can't stay focused,
because these motherfuckers
are already going to fuck
me up outside.
So I can't wait, at three
o'clock I'm running home.
And I didn't have to,
'cause the family's big
and they got people in the
family that wanna fight,
but I was too embarrassed to
say I was scared in school.
I always was humble.
And I'm saying that
to say, Michael,
you gotta calm down, my boy.
You got to.
You got to, or just 'cause
people smoking a pipe,
shooting heroin, snorting
coke, taking pills,
they got people that love them.
And guess what?
On top of that, they got
some of those motherfuckers
who come back.
Because they've probably
been in your same situation,
got fucked up, beat up, bullied,
motherfuckers taking and
going in their pockets
and stealing shit.
Can't do it.
Can't do it.
Look at our situation.
We lost some family
members from gun violence.
Five children dead from
gun violence in here.
- Right.
The Indians coming with
a feather in their crown
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Mardi Gras morning,
nobody don't kneel
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Big Chief coming from
the top of that hill
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
I'm a seventh ward
Indian till the day I die
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Mardi Gras morning,
I'ma set 'em on fire.
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Who dat Flaming
Arrows from '64
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
We the Flaming Arrows
everywhere we go
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
My flag boy been
rockin' for 22 years
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Tell 'em call all the
Indians on the telephone
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Tell 'em get their
shit together
'cause we're leaving home
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
I say Mardi Gras morning
before they kneel and pray
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Got tambourines ringing,
we on our way
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
On Mardi Gras morning,
they better treat me right
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
They got 'em old school
Indians from the olden days
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
Tell the other Big Chiefs,
tell 'em what I said
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
We're screaming and
hollering, face painted red
Somebody gotta sew, sew, sew
- Put your hat back on.
I don't know, has he got
tattoos on his neck too?
- [Ronaldo] Yeah, you know.
Like right here.
- I haven't paid
attention to it.
I haven't seen your
daddy in years, Ronaldo.
- [Ronaldo] Oh man, I ain't
getting that many tattoos.
I'm not getting like him.
- You're not getting none.
- [Ronaldo] I'm getting one.
- No you're not.
And I'm gonna tell him that.
I'm gonna talk to your daddy.
- [Ronaldo] He already
know I got this tattoo.
- What did he say?
[Ronaldo] He said
don't do that no more.
- That's what he said?
- [Ronaldo] Or he
gonna hit on me.
- That's what he said?
Your grandma told
him about it, huh?
- [Ronaldo] Yeah.
- What she told him?
- [Ronaldo] She was like
that, this little boy
went and snuck and got a tattoo.
- (laughs) That's what your
grandmother said, Ronaldo?
What Big Ol' say?
- [Ronaldo] He just
say you're wild now.
- That's what he said?
- [Ronaldo] Mm-hmm.
- [Ashlei] He mentioned
something to me
about you staying with him.
- Me?
- [Ashlei] You staying with him.
So I mean, if you
do stay with him,
you're gonna have to,
you're gonna come
by me on weekends.
- Yeah.
- [Ashlei] Okay.
So how do you feel about that?
- Good.
- [Ashlei] Okay.
So you don't have a
problem with that?
- No.
- [Ashlei] All right.
What did he say about
the driving school?
- I think he supposed
to be helping with that.
- [Ashlei] Okay.
- I thought, like,
yeah, he'd help me.
I don't think he's gonna
give me like a brand new car.
I think he's gonna
get me a used car.
- Okay, and didn't
he mention something
about when he's on work release,
he's gonna be sending money?
- [Ronaldo] He's gonna
be saving up money
and sending me money.
- Money. Okay.
- Right at the cup.
The reason I don't
really like want to move
with my dad is because,
I don't know
if he's gonna get
in trouble again,
so I probably won't see
him for a little minute
if he gets in trouble again,
since he's been
getting in trouble
and he said he was gonna stop.
It's like he addicted to that.
- [Ashlei] Well, they say
sometimes there be a curse
upon you.
- I don't know if it be a curse.
It be, probably he
wants to change,
but he just--
- [Ashlei] I sure
hope you don't follow
in his footsteps, Ronaldo.
- I'm scared to do crimes!
After the experience
I had with the police,
I don't want to
do no more crime.
Well, I never did a crime.
I just don't wanna
do nothing dumb
that's gonna put me in jail.
- [Ashlei] That's just right.
That's right.
You see, that's a
lesson learned too.
You just so happened
to be with them
and they so happened
to break into a school.
- Don't.
- Look what happened.
And you were scared.
- [Ronaldo] To death.
Thought I was going to
jail for a long time.
- Mm-hmm.
She called me up on
the phone, the lady,
and said this is the New
Orleans Police Department.
- [Ronaldo] I was so
scared that you was,
I thought you were
gonna hurt me.
- Yeah, I was gonna hurt you.
- [Ronaldo] Wait,
what did they say?
- She said this is the New
Orleans Police Department.
I have your son.
Then I said, you have my son?
She said, wait calm down.
She said he's not
in any trouble.
She said he was with some guys,
and they broke into a school.
They broke into Dillon.
But I had to send
someone to come get you.
- [Ronaldo] I was so scared.
- I know you were scared.
That's a lesson learned.
And guess what?
How old are you?
You're 14?
- [Ronaldo] Yeah.
- Your daddy was around that age
when he first started
getting in trouble.
Maybe 13.
12, 13 years old
his first time going to jail.
- When he was like 13?
- [Ashlei] Yeah.
- For a long time?
- [Ashlei] I don't know,
you'll have to ask him.
- Well my grandpa
said that he was
skipping school and stuff.
- You don't wanna follow
in his footsteps, Ronaldo.
You don't.
- [Ronaldo] Well yeah, man.
- So you better
stick to the books.
If you go stay with
your daddy, okay?
I don't need you picking
up no bad habits.
- [Ronaldo] I know
what you mean.
Like smoking weed.
- My point exactly.
- [Ronaldo] Yeah, all right.
- What else?
- [Ronaldo] Selling weed.
- [Ashlei] Not them
bad habits, Ronaldo.
- I'm not smoking
or selling weed.
I'm not doing either one,
'cause I'm scared to do
Well, I'm not scared to smoke,
but I'm not gonna smoke.
Not scared to smoke, but.
- [Ashlei] Well, okay.
- You look like you
got a little, ah,
you look like you got
little twisties right
My hair higher than yours?
Chill, chill, chill.
Ow, now it burns!
Is it bleeding?
- [Ronaldo] Let me see it.
No, let me see it.
I'm doing a good job.
- Don't peel it, bro.
- [Ronaldo] Well
your hair's straight.
You've got the good hair.
- I know.
I like this one.
Wait, but where do
you put the key at?
Come here.
Where do you put the key at?
You should get this one.
- [Ronaldo] I don't know.
- That's what I'm
trying to find out.
Which one you looking
at, the black one?
Oh yeah, 'cause that one's
got tinted windows on here.
It's gray.
- They got TVs?
- I'm trying to see.
- Nope, they don't
got TVs on this one.
- No.
That one looks cool!
Got the engines.
- [Ronaldo] Oh,
look at the cage.
Look at it.
- Yeah.
- [Ronaldo] Ah, get this.
- Oh my god,
look at the two things!
Get this car.
Oh my gosh, it, oh never mind.
- Hopefully I'll get it
when my dad gets out of jail.
If he don't have enough money,
he's gonna get me a used car.
I don't really care if it's
a used car or a new car
because I'm gonna be
able to get around in it.
But if it's a stolen used
car, I'm not having it.
- So that's what happened,
and that's my conversation.
That happened yesterday!
What do you want
with this gin, baby?
- [Man] I'll be a
grass cutting clown.
- But my whole thing is
like being in a boxing
Long as we know
what kind of ring,
we ain't kickboxing,
we ain't shadow boxing.
We ain't knocking
motherfuckers out.
We straight fighting.
We're going toe to toe, for
about ten minutes straight.
That's what kind of ring we in,
and as soon as we believe that,
we can get past that.
And I understand,
I mean I hate it,
I hate to speak it,
I love everybody,
I don't discriminate, man,
but I can't fucking forget
what it's hitting for.
And that's what it is.
In Jackson, Mississippi,
even in New Orleans,
the South was racist
from the beginning.
Come on, help me!
- I mean, you know we have
been dealing with this,
but it's just still
kind of frustrating
to see that somebody's
head was amputated
in a state that's just
basically a racist state.
And it's 2017, and
they're like in denial.
I mean, we can
read the newspaper
and see what we think.
- [Judy] But the
only thing about
we've been having a hard time
since my mama was a little girl.
My mama's 87.
- The newspaper article said
they're trying to find out
if this is a gang
related incident.
- You know that ain't
no goddamn gang related!
But guess what happened?
- [Man] Did this
shit in there, 2017?
- [Woman] A black guy hung
himself on a magnolia tree?
- And yesterday.
They cut this black
man's neck off
and put it on the porch.
- You bitch!
I mean, that would,
now I've got to go
into some crazy shit.
Now you've got me in
a real fucked up mode.
If you cut somebody's head off.
- But the thing about it,
I'm sure it wasn't no
black on black crime.
Because black people
don't kill like that.
They'll shoot your ass 900
times and keep it moving.
They ain't got no time
to cut your fucking neck
because police gonna pop up,
or somebody gonna see it.
So with that being said, I know,
I know, it was racist,
and cruel, and fucked up.
And it's sad that
we still live there.
Whether we wanna
believe it or not.
We can't pretend
that it don't happen
because it do everyday.
- [Krystal] Go ahead,
knock on the door.
- Hello?
- Bang on it like the police.
- Hello, is anybody home?
- Come on, brother.
Somebody coming?
- How are you doing?
My name is Jonathan.
I'm a representative of the
New Black Panther Party.
I just wanted to ask
you a few questions.
- Hello. Hi.
- Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
- [Krystal] Are you afraid?
- [Woman] No, I just
don't wanna do it.
- [Krystal] We'll just give
you information just in case.
So you don't have to be afraid.
You can call us on your own.
You wanna talk to
me off the record?
You wanna give me your number?
- No.
I'll call if I do
wanna talk about it.
- [Krystal] Okay.
- I'm not ...
- [Krystal] That's okay.
I understand.
- All right.
- Black power, sister.
Shit, I'd be afraid too,
a fucking head was
next door in my
And she got children.
You saw the babies,
there was a kid in there.
I wonder if it were the
kids that found the head.
Come on, brother.
Double time.
Mike, come on.
- Sir!
- [Krystal] What'd he say?
- Give him a second.
Yes, sir?
Is it okay if I speak with you?
I'm a representative of
the New Black Panther Party
for Self Defense.
- [Man] Of the what?
- [Krystal] Black Panthers, sir.
- Black power.
- [Krystal] How
you doing, brother?
- Black power, brother.
- Hi.
How you doing?
All right?
- [Krystal] Excuse
me. I'm sorry.
They're with us.
- Okay.
- I'm Krystal
the National Chair
of the New Black Panther Party.
- Right.
- This is our chief of staff.
And we were trying to find out,
we're doing like a
people's investigation
trying to find out what
happened to Jeremy Jackson
and if anybody's heard anything,
I know this is a terrible
thing that happened.
Especially across the
street from your house.
So would you like to
speak about anything
that you know, or how you
feel about what happened,
or anything that you might
be able to tell us to help,
because we're not
trusting what the police
and the FBI are saying.
- All I can tell you is that
it happened Saturday morning.
One of my tenants came
over and told me about
Said there was a
head over there.
I saw it from here, but I
over there and looked at
but other than that.
- We don't want
people to feel like,
that this kind of
thing can happen
and don't nobody
else care about it.
- I understand that.
- [Krystal] We don't want
people to think that--
- It's a tragic thing.
But like I said,
I didn't know
- [Krystal] Right right.
I can tell it's bothering
you right now, right?
- Huh?
- [Krystal] It bothers
are right now, right?
- Of course.
- Yes, sir.
I'm gonna give you my number.
All right, thank you.
- [Man] This is my cell.
- Thank you brother.
Sorry about that.
- [Man] That's all right.
- All right.
- [Man] Okay.
- You have a good one.
- [Man] Black power.
- All right.
Black power.
- I don't hear no dog barking.
Now I hear the dog barking.
- All right, come on.
That house is vacant.
So these cowards
gonna mark niggers
on the elementary school sign
across the street where they put
the swastika sign and the KKK.
And the fucking police
gonna have nothing to say,
this is some kids?
Even the Klan let
you know it was KKK
because they put KKK.
The same day that Jeremy
Jackson was decapitated.
This is some bullshit.
(dog barking)
How are you all doing?
Would you mind talking
about what's going on here?
How you doing sir?
Black power.
- [Man] Black power, brother.
- Police came.
Like you said, they
don't want you to talk.
- No, they didn't do nothing.
They just gave us a
card and went off.
- [Krystal] That was it?
- Yeah, so.
I mean, it's a mess.
It's a big mess.
And now I'm stuck with trying
to get everything handled,
the insurance, you
know how they is.
It goes on.
What they're gonna give,
and that's it.
So, they toe out
all the vehicles
so now I've gotta
start all over again.
- [Krystal] So on the way
over here, where we left,
we found where to
body was burnt.
- Right.
- That's nothing but
the damn Ku Klux Klan.
- [Man] Yeah.
- We know it's the Klan.
- [Man] Right.
In their nature--
- That's why we're doing
out own investigation.
- [Woman] You Know, we just
seen on Facebook today
about somebody in New York,
they caught them same way.
- [Man] Same way.
- Same stuff.
- Well they're very
aggressive out here, clearly.
- [Man] Yeah.
- And they're trying to
basically intimidate the
- [Man] Yeah.
- [Krystal] This is Klan.
- And imagine how they try to
explain this to the children
what all this is.
I don't even know
how to first of all
break this down to them.
They ask everyday,
Mama what's KKK?
- [Man] If it was just for me,
I'm very sure they
wouldn't have took the time
to get to school.
- Well that's the thing
about the Ku Klux Klan
in the past, they would
target the strong man
to intimidate the
not strong man.
You're a deacon in the church.
You have a family.
You've got money,
You've got houses.
So they do this to you,
when somebody who
don't have money
don't stand a chance.
- See right here?
They've got the little symbol.
Right there.
- Oh, they put the swastika
symbol on the tree.
- Right.
- [Krystal] Well I'm glad
you're all strong people.
Sorry this happened to y'all.
- Thank you.
- Don't be scared of no KKK.
Y'all got the Black Panthers.
Black power.
- [All] Black power!
- Black power.
- [All] Black power!
- [Man] I'm gonna give it you,
I'm gonna give it to
you and you give it
right back to me.
Come on, come on.
- [Ronaldo] And do it again now?
- [Man] Let me see.
I gotta come through.
- [Ronaldo] There,
we've got it now.
- [Man] Yes.
Pull that.
- [Ronaldo] Do I
keep doing that?
- Go again, yeah.
Go again.
Go again.
I'm gonna try the little
bitty ones after this.
- [Ronaldo] Right, this way?
- So we're riding to
take our city back
from all the
violence, and crime,
and gentrification and all that.
You know, when I ride
in my neighborhood,
or I'm riding on my bike,
or riding in my car,
I don't know half of the
people in my neighborhood,
then you know, everything
is being gentrified now,
and we're being kicked out
because we can't afford
rent in our own neighborhoods
that we grew up in.
So we light it up
with our bicycles.
You know, letting them
know that we're not afraid,
and we're gonna ride.
I'll ride for whatever's mine.
Because I grew up
in the hood, too.
So with the bikes, and with
the lighting up the city,
it's a sign of unity.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, these people are
standing for something.
- We'll do like you
said, ride our bikes,
and ride for the cause.
And show them that
we're not afraid.
But it's gonna
take more than us.
You know?
Our group is pretty large,
but it's pretty small as
So if we get another thirty,
forty, fifty more people
that feel the same
way that we feel,
- make a rule.
- maybe we can make a change.
- yeah.
- You know what I mean?
- [Man] Yeah, I say so.
I think it's time now to
take it to the street,
and let's ride for our city.
- [Woman] Yeah.
When we riding bicycles,
we take our time
Indians, riding bikes
Got old people with
the second line
Indians, riding bikes
And that 8th ward
crew party on the way
Indians riding bikes
Indians downtown,
rolling 8th Ward lane
- Oh hey, you're about
to crash into me, bro!
- I'm not crashing into nobody!
(speaking incoherently)
- [Ronaldo] What?
No there's not.
- Oh there's not?
It looked like it.
We riding bikes and
we done got right
Indians, riding bikes
See I don't need no company
Indians riding bikes
I remember that morning
Indians riding bikes
They had two bad boys
That they call Merk and Son
Indians riding bikes
On the way downtown
in the 7th Ward
- [Man] Don't get
in the circle, now.
- Don't get in the
circle you don't know
what you're doing, man.
Come on now, Come on now.
Come on now!
Come on now!
- [Man] Whoa! Whoa!
- Get out of here, boy.
Get out of here.
You don't know
what you're doing.
(shouting indistinctly)
- Keep going.
Keep going.
Don't worry about him,
Don't worry about him.
- [Man] Hold up, let me
show you how it's done.
Now, watch this.
Let me have it.
- watch out.
- Let me have it.
That's it, now let me have it.
Let me have it.
That's it, now.
- Come on. Come on!
- Look.
(all chatting excitedly)
- [Titus] You're cheating!
- [Man] Come on!
Come on, now!
- Other way with it.
Other way with it.
- [Man] Look at
this circle, boy.
(lively blues music)
Roll with me baby
Come on and roll
with me baby
Roll with me baby
Roll with me baby
And you roll and you roll
I said roll with me baby
And you roll and you roll
I said roll
- We tried to hold onto it,
but we about to pack,
every musician in here
gonna help me to
pack some shit up
and we've got to get up
outta here, unfortunately.
But we gave all we had.
We gave everything we
did, we gave it all.
From the rooter to
the fucking tooter.
- [Man] That's right.
- We gave it.
And we gotta get up
out of here, y'all.
- [Woman] That's all right,
we ain't going nowhere.
- And if God's willing, maybe--
(man cheering)
(all cheering)
Hey yeah
Hey I'm from the
ooh poo pah doo, bar
Say uptown rulers
to the downtown crew
And the Ooh Poo Pah
Doo got Indian blues
- Like this.
Hey-Ya na-na-na na-ha-na ney
Handa Wanda little mama
Say y'all be ready
Mardi Gras day
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Big Chief be ready
and I'll be right
Handa Wanda lil' mama
The Ooh Poo Pah Doo
is in here tonight
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say ah nah nah
nah ha nah ney!
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say ah get away
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Well nobody kneel
and nobody wrong
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say Handa Wanda ha na ney
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say ha nah no ha nah nah no
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say we beat them
boys everywhere we go
Handa Wanda lil' mama
I remember one morning
on Mardi Gras day
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Then we meet everybody,
just let them pass
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say I got a gang on Monday
Handa Wanda lil' mama
I told them that morning,
say let them come
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say I'm a big Chief,
I'll take you out
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say on Mardi Gras morning,
I'ma bring that fire
Handa Wanda lil' mama
They remember that number
all over the street
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Say y'all be ready
Mardi Gras day
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Big Chief be ready
and I'll be right
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Big Chief be ready
and I'll be right
Handa Wanda lil' mama
Big Chief be ready
and I'll be right
Handa Wanda lil' mama
The Ooh Poo Pah Doo
is in here tonight
Handa Wanda lil' mama
- [Man] I look like an old man.
- [Michael] Hmm?
- [Man] I look like an old man.
- [Michael] Yeah.
How do you feel
about it though, bro?
- [Man] Straight back.
- [Michael] I gotta go to work.
That woman don't care about
nothing but partying no more.
It's all she wanna do.
- Very good.
Get on back.
Go straight back with it.
- It's all dirty
from last night too.
- Yeah.
- [Michael] I wanted
to ask you, man.
You know where the girl that
was with you last night?
- [Man] I don't
know where she at.
- [Michael] It's
all she wanna do.
- Shawn, how you doing?
Good lord sweetie.
Yeah, but don't put
me on hold, please.
I've been on hold,
I'm almost about to pass out.
Yeah, 1931, electricity off.
That's all I need.
1931 Orleans Avenue,
it's under Ooh Poo Pah Doo.
I need the electricity
off under that name
because the bar is shut down.
Shutting the bar
completely down.
Under Ooh Poo Pah Doo.
I was maybe 18, scoring,
buying drugs, smoking like a
motherfucker, stealing every,
if it weren't nailed
up, I stole that bitch.
- [Woman] Took it with you.
- I took it with me.
But I learned.
And I wound up going to jail.
I was with this man
that was a dope dealer.
I met this man, I used to
take credit cards sometimes,
and I met this man, and
I was asking everybody
who got some good crack?
And he said, shit,
Big Boy got the crack.
I ain't gonna use his name,
but he was a big dude.
And I said all right, I'm
gonna go holler at him,
and I brung the shit
over there, my jewelry.
I had some pearls worth $4,000
with a chain and two
rings worth about ten Gs,
my right hand to God.
I brung it to Big Boy,
as time went on,
he was my sugar daddy.
I rolled with this motherfucker,
I rocked him all night.
He was a big old dude.
He has sleep apnea.
- [Woman] Apnea, So he was
going all night sleeping?
- So, but he had
all kind of coke.
So sometimes when he fell asleep
he'd keep the coke under
his big-ass stomach.
I rubbed that fucking dick,
rocked him to sleep
to steal that coke.
- [Woman] That's right.
- That crack.
He used to wake up,
bitch I hope you
left me something.
I ain't got nothing
on this motherfucker.
You done smoked all
my motherfucking shit?
I was where you was, and
I've been clean since.
I've been clean,
because I didn't like
the way I looked.
And I didn't like
the way I felt,
and I didn't want what
happened to me in my past
to take over me.
I did, girl from age of 15,
I was shaking like a '57 Chevy
with a motherfucking coke habit.
My mama and them didn't know.
My mama and them didn't
even know I was being raped
in the house.
But I were.
And fuck.
- When I was young,
I was molested and all that.
Right now I'm like, yeah,
I was my molested by my brother.
My oldest brother,
and my mother told me,
when she found out
she told me,
she sent us in a room.
She told us not to tell nobody.
She wasn't going to
the board or whatever,
but he still was doing it.
My little girl was
one years old, okay?
And he was staying at my mama's
at the Holy Place apartment,
and he wound up, I
never told nobody this,
but he wound up
doing my daughter.
And I went to smoking
crack more and more.
Forgetting about my daughter,
worrying about the crack,
but I was worrying about her
pain and what I'd been
- Is He still woke?
Is He still woke?
I can only pray that
God is still awake.
I can pray that
He's not sleeping.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I been there, and I
know what the fuck
you're talking about.
You'd be quiet.
Back in the days,
you'd be quiet.
- You never say
anything, be
- I was there, my
He finger-fucked me
till the whole sheet,
the whole bed was full of blood.
How about that?
How about that?
But nobody wanna hear us.
I gotta do, when I'm dating,
he better not touch me
when I'm sleeping.
I dare him.
And I love him,
because he don't.
He waits till I'm woke.
Wide awoke.
Because if he touch
me when I'm sleep
I'll shoot him,
because I keep my gun,
my little Derringer
on his house,
on the end table.
And I told him, I don't
tell him where I come from,
but the motherfucker told me.
He said Judy, I don't
know what the fuck it is
you went through, but
you went through trauma.
- Hmm.
- And I keep the gun.
He said why you got the gun?
I say in case somebody
come through the door.
But my whole focus,
don't touch me.
Don't put your hand here.
I go to bed buck naked.
Don't motherfucking,
don't touch me.
I feel you.
I feel you.
And if it's a drug you need,
if it's crack you need, smoke.
Smoke one on me.
Smoke one for me.
Little bit of powder,
snort on me.
See that dope.
Shoot that motherfucker.
Whatever it takes to
make you feel good.
Go for it.
Go for it, go for it, mama.
- [Man Over Radio] Black Power.
- [Krystal] Black power.
Justice for Jeremy Jackson!
- [All] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- [Krystal] Justice
for Phillip Carroll!
- [All] Justice for
Phillip Carroll!
- [Krystal] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- [All] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- [Krystal] Justice
for Phillip Carroll!
- [All] Justice for
Phillip Carroll!
- Freedom to the people
of the Jackson community!
- Freedom to the people
of Jackson community.
- Death to the oppressor!
- [All] Death to the oppressor!
- Freedom to the people
of the Jackson community!
- [All] Freedom to the people
of the Jackson community!
- And death to the oppressor.
- [All] And death
to the oppressor.
- In all his forms.
See, this is not something
to be taken lightly.
We don't have one good
reason to fear anybody!
We have been the
oppressed people
all over this Earth.
And you can't go nowhere,
and you can't go anywhere
and not see the
black on the bottom
and the white on the top.
This is a goddamn case
of ethnic cleansing,
genocide, murder, and
a government coverup.
That's right.
- [Man] We gotta go to
the ground level, sir.
- Hold on one second.
Keep going.
Y'all see this bullshit up here?
This fucking hypocrisy.
This building right here
was built by slaves.
Our ancestors.
This marble was built
on our ancestors' back.
Right here in Mississippi.
They're in the district
attorney's office.
They're in the judge's office.
- Come on, tell that truth!
- The goddam Klan is
in there right now.
In suits!
- That's right!
- Fucking governor!
- What do we want!
- Justice!
- When do we want it!
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- [Krystal] Justice
for Phillip Carroll!
- [All] Justice for
Phillip Carroll!
- [Krystal] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- [All] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- We know goddamn well they
didn't commit no suicide!
And this ain't drug-related!
We know who did it, and
y'all know who did it.
So we suggest the
state of Jackson
go arrest the motherfuckers
that killed Phillip Carroll
and Jeremy Jackson, or
we're gonna take care of it.
- [Man] That's right!
- There you've got a governor
whose aunt is responsible
for Emmett Till dying.
You think we're stupid?
That we don't know what
kind of racist, no-good
devil dogs we're dealing with?
You lie, you steal,
you cheat, you
murder, you coverup.
- [Man] Open
the door for her.
Go ahead.
- Justice for Jeremy Jackson.
- [All] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- Justice for Phillip Carroll!
- [All] Justice for
Phillip Carroll!
- The world is looking
at Mississippi.
We live streaming in Europe.
We live streaming in Houston.
We want justice now!
- [All] Now!
- We want justice
right goddamn now!
- Right goddamn now!
- Justice for Jeremy Jackson!
- [All] Justice
for Jeremy Jackson!
- Justice for Phillip Carroll!
- [All] Justice for
Phillip Carroll!
- In seven days, you
motherfuckers got nerve enough
to come into a
black neighborhood
and hang a man,
then cut another
black man's head off
and set his body on
fire down in the woods.
And y'all thought this here
was fitting to go away?
You better laugh now, cracker.
I swear to God.
It'll be flipped upside
down in just a few days.
Redneck devil.
- [Man] That's right!
- We ain't got nothing to lose!
You're so bold, step out here!
- [Man] Come on!
- No weapons!
Exercising our
freedom of speech!
We ain't got no weapons.
What you gonna do,
take us to jail?
Kill us?
You motherfuckers are
already killing us!
- [Man] Black power!
- [All] Black power!
- Killing our people!
- I'm about to find you!
Where are you?
Titus if you don't
come out right now,
I'm gonna get real angry.
Titus, I said come
out right now!
Titus, where are you?
The game is over!
Get up, get out of here.
- [Titus] Stop!
- I told you I wasn't playing.
Get up, get up.
I got you.
- [Titus] Ow!
- [Ronaldo] Get up, get out.
Don't do that.
I was scared!
(Titus whimpering)
Huh? Huh?
I could have got in trouble
if you would have got hurt.
Now we've gotta go home.
Come on, come on.
I told you, I wasn't
playing no more.
I know you heard me.
(Titus whining)
Come on.
Come on, stop.
Come on.
- [Titus] Leave me alone!
- You have to be over here.
Come over here by me.
You're not going nowhere.
- You're choking me!
- I'm sorry!
- Get off of me!
- [Ronaldo] I'm sorry.
Come on, we gotta go.
- [Titus] Get off of me!
- That looks like
Tonya's tow truck place.
- Tonya, who's Tonya?
Oh, Tonya.
- [Ronaldo] Look
at the tow truck.
- Yeah.
It's got to have a
hook on the back.
Oh snap!
Good thing, four of
them things right here.
- [Ronaldo] You've gotta go
home and take a bath soon.
- Huh?
- I said you gotta go
home and take a bath.
- I'm about to.
- Put your feet on there!
Want me to grab you?
- I'm good.
I've got you.
I've got it.
- It's about to go!
Let me out!
I wanna hop on there!
- When?
- Can I hop?
- Yes!
- You sure?
- Yes, go ahead!
Hurry up and run!
Run before it's coming!
Go, go, go, go!
- (laughing)
Now jump, now get off!
Get off!
Get off!
I'm about to get right here.
You did it!
That was cool.
- But next time
I'm gonna stay on.
I'm gonna stay on next time.
- [Titus] I'm trying it,
I'm trying it.
- You gonna try it?
- I'm trying it next time.
It looked like
it was easy to you
so it must be easy to me.
- [Ronaldo] It is!
All I did was get
on the first ledge.
Like the first ledge--
- No!
- Landing of stairs, that's it.
It's not really nothing.
Why you looking at me?
- Because I could.
- You don't have
to look at me about.
Turn your face.
Turn your face.
Turn your face.
- I know I came a long way, boy.
And I always got to
express it, mama.
You know I did,
I came a long way.
- [Dorothy] And I raised
every one of them.
- You did.
You raised all of us.
- [Dorothy] That's
a pile of cooking.
To feed my grandchildren
when they come.
- Yeah.
- [Dorothy] What you cook?
They do not cook and
their mama either.
- Nobody can cook.
- [Dorothy] I did
all the cooking.
- Boy but I was just thinking,
I came a long ways.
And I endured some crazy things.
- [Dorothy] I had
a beautiful life.
And if I died and come back--
- I didn't.
- [Dorothy] I would love
to live the same life.
- The same life.
That's a blessing, ma.
I would make changes in mine.
I'd do things better.
I mean, I did what I,
I always pulled through for you.
I hope they don't make you move.
But do whatever I can
to help you to stay
around here somewhere,
- Yeah.
- [Judy] I know you don't
wanna be nowhere else.
- Nowhere indeed.
Too dangerous.
I know everybody.
- I was comfortable at the bar.
When they told me
I had to leave,
I was shaking in my boots,
'cause that was my space.
That was Judy's space.
And this yours.
No matter what you have in here,
you ain't got the best,
or too much,
but it's beautiful,
it's gorgeous,
and it's lovely.
- I feel comfortable.
- [Judy] It's homey,
and we all come here
'cause we feel it.
We come here right by
you to eat, and live,
and breathe, and take a shower.
We're getting showers
in your house.
Some of us have nice spots,
houses and comfortable,
and we wanna be here.
And you don't wanna
be nowhere else.
It's not good for your health.
But they're gonna
do some things.
They had their client
out there today.
I saw it.
- [Dorothy] They didn't tell me.
- They ain't gonna tell you!
It ain't about you no more.
It's about paper.
They ain't gonna tell you.
The landlord's daughter.
His niece.
She running the show.
She ain't gonna tell you
that she's got somebody
out there about to buy.
The people that took my
bar, they ain't tell me
who was getting my bar.
They lied and said I
ain't paying my rent.
And you know better than that.
The rent was nothing but $1,200.
I made that in four days.
Two sometimes.
But when it is
about money, mama.
It's all about paper, man.
People are doing bad, ma.
All we gotta do.
- [Dorothy] I'll find me a job.
- [Judy] No, you
don't need a job.
You can't work, mama.
- [Dorothy] I've
gotta do something.
- You worked all your life.
You ain't gotta--
- [Dorothy] I ain't
worked all my life.
- I ain't got the bar no more,
so I can't do much as I used to,
but I tell you what.
You know one thing.
When I come up, you come up.
And you told me, when
they took the bar from me,
you know I paid my
rent every month.
I paid all my bills every month.
They took the bar from me,
and you told me, you
said Judy slow down.
It's just business.
It's just business.
- [Dorothy] Well baby, I'm
gonna get myself together,
because they did that,
they're showing the people
the house so they can sell
- Well, we got the wrong
kind of people coming in.
They wanna take our culture,
they wanna take the
breath that we breathe.
Everything we say,
they eat it up,
and I'm worried now.
- [Dorothy] They sold three
houses down the block.
- Oh no.
Don't worry about it.
It's gonna be just--
- 'Cause I sure ain't
going in the East.
- [Judy] You ain't
going in the East.
They kill for
recreation in the East.
You ain't going out there, baby.
Not long as I'm breathing.
You ain't going out there.
But don't let it
get the best of you.
- I didn't even know.
- [Judy] Don't worry about it.
You got a daughter with
a whole two-bedroom.
So don't worry.
All is well.
- [Ashlei] So why they
had to call me from school
and tell me you didn't
understand this?
- I do understand it.
- [Ashlei] What's funny?
- Nothing.
- [Ashlei] So when I
come to that school
tomorrow, what, then?
- I'ma understand it.
- [Ashlei] So why'd they
have to call me on the phone?
- 'Cause I wasn't doing it.
- [Ashlei] Why?
- It was boring.
It was.
- [Ashlei] What
you mean, boring?
School is not boring.
- They don't give us no answers,
I mean, no questions
or nothing about it.
All they do is tell us read.
- And you're not
playing football,
all the activities is cut
until you get your
schoolwork together.
What's the problem
you and the teacher?
- I don't participate.
- Why?
- I don't like that teacher.
He always like
tell me something.
- [Ashlei] So he
picking with you?
- Yes.
That's what I feel.
He's picking with me.
- [Ashlei] No.
- Yeah.
He always say he liked me.
He wanna tell you that.
Ronaldo thinks I
has it out for him.
- [Ashlei] He told me that.
I told him, Ronaldo do thing
you have it out for him,
he said it's not true.
So you just want
all your teachers
to be nice to you like
you're in kindergarten.
- I want them to be nice to me
because once they're nice to me
I'll be able to
cooperate with them.
- [Ashlei] Wrong.
Nobody gonna be puppying
and babying you there.
That's what you want
them to label you?
Their little pet?
- They ain't gonna
label me that,
because I'm gonna make a
statement when I go there.
Just 'cause I'm in ninth grade
doesn't mean that y'all
can think I'm an underdog.
Everybody tell me that
someday I'm gonna be
an underdog, just like--
- [Ashlei] What they
mean, you gonna be--
- Just like, the fifth
graders and sixth graders
and seventh graders
are underdogs,
I'm gonna be an underdog.
I don't care.
- [Ashlei] What they mean
you gonna be an underdog?
- They mean they gonna
be able to mess over me.
- [Ashlei] Nobody's
gonna try to mess,
I'm talking about your teachers.
- Oh, well.
- Nobody trying
to mess over you.
It's you.
You're the problem.
You have to do
what you need to do
to get out of that school.
You've got to do your homework.
You got to study.
You gotta do your classwork,
you gotta listen
to your teachers,
you cannot play with
them clowns, Ronaldo.
You think, you're not
listening then what you think
Titus is gonna do?
What do you think your
little brother gonna do?
- [Ronaldo] Not listen.
- He's gonna say, well
Ronaldo's getting away with
I can get away with it, too.
You have to listen to them.
They want to see you fail.
They want to see you fail.
And you're falling
right in their trap.
You fall in their
trap every time.
So what you gonna do?
As far as your work,
I'm talking about.
- My work?
- [Ashlei] And your mouth.
Your mouth.
- I'm gonna start doing it.
- [Ashlei] What
I told you to do?
To do what?
- Ignore them.
- [Ashlei] Ignore them.
If they something to you, okay.
Yes ma'am, yes sir.
You have to go back and forth.
That's what got
you in trouble now.
(casual hiphop music)
- What do we want?
- Justice?
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Justice!
- When do we want it?
- Now!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
(horn honking)
- [All] Justice
for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- [All] Justice
for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- [All] Justice
for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- [All] Justice
for Alton Sterling!
- No racist!
- Police!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No racist!
- Police!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- [Krystal] Everybody back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
This is not private property!
This is a public building
during business hours!
- [Man] Black people do
not have the same rights
as the rest of
European Americans!
- [Krystal] When did
this become private?
Are you getting paid
by private citizens?
Are you getting paid
with private taxes?
You scared of justice?
You scared of the
Black Panthers?
(police sirens wailing)
(all shouting)
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- [All] Justice
for Alton Sterling!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
- No discriminating against
people who pay taxes!
Whether we're one,
two, three, or four,
we are the people!
We have civil
liberties, as you say.
- [Krystal] You're
violating our rights.
- According to the
white man's law.
- You take our tax dollars.
I will sue each and
last every one of you
for your individual pensions.
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
- [Krystal] Don't touch us!
You are trying to
violate our rights!
We don't give a fuck!
This is public property!
You can't violate our rights!
We talking too!
You're violating our rights!
If you want us to stop, go
arrest Salamoni right now!
This is a public building!
This is public, you know it!
(people shouting)
(talking over police radio)
We are not listening
to no house nigger,
we're not listening
to no cracker.
This is public property.
This is public property!
- [Man] What do we have
to do to get justice?
- Hold up Alton's
picture, everybody.
Hold up Alton's picture.
- [Man] Let's see Alton!
- Pull up Alton's picture!
- Let them see Alton!
Let them see Alton!
- That's why we're here!
- [Man] That's right!
- Y'all the ones,
it's your own fault we're here!
- [Man] We got a
reason to be here!
- It's your fault we're here,
because you won't
do what's right!
It's y'all fault, because
you won't do what's right!
Y'all brought us here!
- [Woman] Why aren't
y'all doing something?
- Y'all brought us here!
You are an accessory
to a murder!
You are all culpable!
- [Woman] You'll arrest
me for standing up
for my sister's child?
You'll arrest me for
standing up for my nephew?
And yet you won't
stand up for us?
I still say, no justice!
- [All] No peace!
- [Woman] No justice!
- [All] No peace!
- [Woman] No justice!
- [All] No peace!
- [Krystal] Your seed is
the one that's cursed.
- We wanna bring
our people together.
We want our people together.
We don't want our people
on separate property.
- [Officer] Move behind the
fence, or you will be
- [Krystal] This
is public property.
This is public!
- Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
Justice for Alton Sterling!
(shots firing)
(woman screaming)
- [Man] This is public hours!
- [Krystal] This
is public hours!
- You see?
This is what we deal with!
This is what we deal with!
This is the mighty black nation.
You see?
Stay in line,
Don't fall out.
Everybody, remember your orders
and hold your posts.
Do you understand?
Listen! Listen!
Don't worry.
This ain't the first time
we went through this.
That's why I'm telling
everybody come back now
because this is what
we had to do last year,
you understand?
Now we have to do what we do.
We come down here
for the people.
Now, like last year,
we have to work on our people.
You understand?
We are here for
justice for our people.
It didn't have to
be Alton Sterling
or Philando Castile, or
Mike Brown, or Trayvon.
It's any of our people!
We must be self-determined!
We must gain our independence!
- Free my comrades!
- Free our comrades!
- And let the people go!
- And let the people go!
(police sirens wailing)
This is a new day
and age, and we know
we got much work to do.
We are not the
in this nation.
We have waited on these
crackers hand and feet
for over 400
and we still got
taxation without representation.
100 years of Jim
the back of the bus,
you can't eat only white pies.
We are the New Black Panther
Party for Self Defense,
so in self defense of our
people and our nation,
because we need each other
in this day and time,
and if we do not have
each other right now
and we sit down and lay down
there will be no more us.
There will be no more us.
Black power!
- Black power!
- [Man] Man We got work to do.
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Let's go.
- [Man] Black power!
- [Woman] Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- Black power!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No justice!
- No peace!
- No racist!
- Police!
- Fuck the police!
- Fuck the police!
- Free the Black Panthers!
- Free the Black Panthers!
- Fuck the black police!
- Fuck the black police!
- Free the Black Panthers!
- Free the Black Panthers!
(gentle whistling)
- Ow!
- [Man] Oh, do you feel it?
- Yes!
- [Man] Sorry.
- [Girl] Why are you
doing it that way?
- [Woman] Girl you
a G, you got this.
No pain, no gain!
gotta say it!
- [Man] We're training
you to be tough.
- [Woman] Say it, Taj!
No pain!
- [Girl] No gain!
- [Woman] No pain!
- Gain.
- [Woman] No gain!
No pain.
- No gain.
Oh no pain
- No gain.
No pain.
- No gain.
- Watch your hand,
watch your hand.
Sew, sew, sew
It was early that morning
when they got that news
Sew, sew, sew
And they got a Big Chief
coming with Big Chief blues
Don't stop him from working,
let him do his thing
Don't stop them
Indians, the way I saw
So Mardi Gras morning,
when we ribble and run
Mardi Gras morning,
they cross the bridge
I remember one morning,
one mighty fine day
(tambourine ringing)
When they got Spy
Boy on the corner
Flag Boy on the bridge
In the wild that morning
He gonna take their wigs
Hooray that morning
say, we let 'em know
We screamin' and hollerin',
and the Indians sew
(lively drumming)
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
What they say,
let's go get 'em
We gonna get 'em anyway
Let's go get 'em, let's
go get 'em, do our thing
Let's go get 'em, y'all
our name, let's go get 'em
Hooping and holler,
let's go get 'em
Mardi Gras, let's go
get 'em, Mardi Gras
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em.
Let's go get 'em,
we will not quit 'em
Let's go get 'em, ain't
near me, let's go get 'em
Ain't nobody wrong,
let's go get 'em
We gonna have our fun,
let's go get 'em, Mardi Gras

Let's go get 'em,
what they say
Let's go get 'em, get
the hell out the way
Let's go get 'em, Indians,
let's go get 'em, Indians
Let's go get 'em, going
up town, let's go get 'em
I'm gonna take my
kids, let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
mama, let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em, I
said let's go get 'em,
Let's go get 'em, I
said don't quit 'em,
Let's go get 'em, Mardi
Gras, let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em, get
the hell out the way
Let's go get
'em, do as I say
Let's go get 'em, Indians,
let's go get 'em, Indians
Let's go get 'em, they
hoopin' and holler,
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em
Let's go get 'em,
let's go get 'em