What You Wish For (2023) Movie Script

(indistinct PA announcement)
(plane roaring in distance)
(phone buzzes)
(foreboding music playing)
Taxi Driver:
(speaks Spanish)
No Espanol.
- Do you speak English?
- No, no.
Ten bucks.
Ten bucks,
take me near the rainforest.
(taxi drivers speaking
in Spanish)
That's okay.
Thank you.
Mr. Ryan Mosley.
I'm your driver, please.
Thank you.
(dramatic music playing)
Driver: Mr. Jack left
a message for you.
(dramatic music continues)
(gravel crunching)
- Gracias.
- Thank you, sir.
(mysterious music playing)
(keypad beeps)
(door slides)
(eerie music playing)
- Hey.
- (chuckles)
He's here.
- In the flesh.
- (laughs)
- How you doing?
- Oh, man.
You got old.
You look just the same.
Jack: Yeah,
I feel like I'm 100.
- You drink?
- Yeah.
Is that from your cellar?
Found your wine cellar
over there.
'61 Petrus. '82 Latour.
Yeah, I wouldn't know.
It's not for me.
I'm catering a dinner here
next week.
The agency that I work for,
they stock all this.
This is their place.
I'm just here for a few weeks.
Wow, nice gig.
You need a sous-chef?
Jack: Bro, I wish.
No sous chefs, no cooks.
It's just me.
So what man, tell me everything.
It's been 12 years?
12 years.
Jack: Twelve years.
That's fucking crazy.
- You working?
- In Dallas.
Jack: All right.
What restaurant?
Just at the Marriott.
In the kitchen.
Lotta roast chicken.
Well it could be
a hell of a lot worse.
(clicks tongue) Oh, yeah.
So where you been, man?
I know you were in Italy.
Yeah, and then
after Italy, ah...
Shit, I worked in Spain
for a while and then ah...
Then Turkey. And then
after that, the Balkans.
And you work for an agency?
They're Slovenian.
A catering company,
I guess you'd call it.
They just sending you
to places like this, huh?
Pretty much.
Real upscale shit, you know?
It's the full experience.
You're not even cooking
until next week.
Well I gotta get here,
and get set up
and find the produce, you know?
Make sure everything's tip top
and ah...
I just do the gig and I leave.
Man, I'm telling you,
if you need a sous chef...
- (chuckles)
- I'm a good one, all right?
The pay must be great, huh?
It's about the only thing
that is.
Are they assholes or something?
Nah, it's just ah...
Lotta rich people,
they just want a--
extraordinary experience,
you know?
It gets old.
I... probably couldn't do this
- all the time.
- (laughs)
(eerie music playing)
Good. You're awake.
You're a size 10, right?
(dramatic music playing)
(birds chirping)
I guess after the house,
there was nothing left over
for the car?
Seriously, why?
We're not in
the developed world here, man.
Gotta blend in.
Ryan: Still wearing the watch,
I see.
This is a classic.
Classic always blends in.
It looked better on me.
How'd you even rent this thing?
Jack: I didn't rent it.
I bought it.
You can't rent a car
like this, bro.
(engine whirs)
(eerie music playing)
(foreboding music playing)
So what? You're in Dallas.
You got a girlfriend?
You got a wife?
Got kids?
Just me.
Oh, man.
Fucking awesome.
You just do whatever you want.
Yeah, it's mostly ramen noodles
and '80s movies these days.
I'd give my right arm
for a little bit of that
right now.
My life's not all glamour, man.
Some parts of it
are really fucked up.
Did you fly first class
to get here?
Yeah. That spiel's not
working here, all right?
(speaking in Spanish)
So, what happened?
I quit.
Jack: Wow. Really?
Saved up enough money.
So, now I'm just gonna travel
the world,
going to places
I know nothing about.
Why's that?
Do I really need to shuffle
through the Sistine Chapel
or stare at the Taj Mahal
for 10 minutes and take photos?
Aren't you worried
about traveling alone?
'Cause I'm a woman?
I've done my research.
So what's the deal?
Are you guys together or what?
We haven't seen each other
in 12 years.
Ah, reunion.
How do you know each other?
- Roommates.
- Culinary school.
Culinary school?
So you're both chefs then?
- Yep.
- Yeah.
Who's better?
- Ah...
- Ah?
You wanna find out?
What do you mean?
Jesus, Jack, what a dump!
All right,
what's the challenge?
With saffron?
- (Ryan groans)
- (Alice groans)
Do you have any peas?
Come on.
Ryan: Thank you very much.
Mm, smells good.
(phone rings)
Ryan, your phone buddy.
Don't try to distract
me with your tactics.
I'm all over you.
You see this?
Sounds important.
(phone continues ringing)
(tense music playing)
You boys can really cook.
If I have to choose one.
- Ryan: Yes!
- It's incredible.
- Ryan: I knew it.
- (chuckles)
You know,
I always suspected this,
and now we have proof.
- It's one meal.
- Ryan: It's proof.
Victory is mine!
I think it's just the peas.
(Jack whoops)
Do you happen to know
what time it is by chance?
- (chuckles)
- That's not your watch.
What's the story with the watch?
He lost it in a card game
to me about 15 years ago.
Look at it.
Look how it hangs on my wrist.
Sadly, he's never accepted that.
I mean it looks...
It looks so good on me.
The watch.
I've lost watch privileges.
You're never getting it back.
- Ryan: Ah, come on, man.
- Never ever.
Can I see?
- You wanna see the watch?
- Alice: Mm-hm.
You can see the watch.
Oh, it's nice.
It suits you.
It does.
Hey, we'll see you
in the morning.
Night, Ryan.
Good night.
(ominous music playing)
(phone buzzes)
Hey man.
Where's Alice?
Oh, I dropped her off
at the hotel.
That's cool, huh?
Is this good? I can never tell.
I don't know if it's good,
I'm sure it's expensive.
Is it abstract expressionism?
I don't know, what's--
What's abstract expressionism?
I never finished
high school man.
And how-- how has this happened?
Huh? I mean...
How have you managed all this?
You know, I just--
I go with the flow, kemosabe.
That's the secret, huh?
Hey, you gonna be all right
here by yourself today?
Ryan: Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you gotta work
or something?
Yeah, I can't avoid it forever.
I gotta... you know.
I'll see you later.
Later man.
(ominous music playing)
(ominous music continues)
(vehicle rumbles)
Ryan: You all right, man?
You know,
you just spend the whole day
with some of the poorest
people you could ever meet.
Then have to fuck 'em over.
You know, I read something
Ryan: Really?
I read now.
No, I read somewhere that...
The reward always matches
the atrocity.
Sounds like some light reading.
Part of me just thinks
the world's really fucked up.
It's a greedy place.
The planet's dying.
10 years, they think.
I don't have kids, so why
should I give a shit, you know?
Just go with the flow.
There's another part
of me that's...
I'm glad you're here, man.
I've been seriously
missing home a lot.
I'm glad I came too.
(birds chirping)
(rope straining)
(eerie music playing)
(tense music playing)
Forgive me.
(tense music playing)
Instructor: (on video)
Hi, guys. In this video,
we're gonna reset
your login password.
To do this, you'll need
to go into recovery mode.
And to do that,
you have to press restart
and then hold down Command+R.
Then, click on utilities...
UK Banker: (on phone)
West Branch,
how can I assist you?
Hi, I have an account with you,
and I have completely forgotten
my username and password.
UK Banker: (on phone)
No problem.
What's your name
and debit card number?
Yeah, it's Jack Adney.
And the number is 415 8463 9876.
UK Banker: (on phone) And your
four-digit banking code?
Yeah. I don't remember.
That's why I'm calling.
I've been in an accident.
UK Banker: (on phone)
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
It's no problem.
We can email you
a temporary password.
Well see, the email
you have is an old one,
so I don't use it anymore.
UK Banker: (on phone)
What's your new email?
It's jackadney42@email.
UK Banker: (on phone)
So I need to ask you
a few security questions
to make that change.
Mother's maiden name?
Yeah. I have no idea.
Like I said,
I'm having memory problems.
I have a brain injury.
UK Banker: (on phone)
well if you came into a branch
with some identification,
we could assist you
with anything you like.
Like a driver's license?
UK Banker: (on phone)
Yes. Either of those will work.
Okay. Well, I'm traveling
overseas at the moment.
Do you have any branches
outside of the UK?
UK Banker: (on phone)
No, we don't. Sorry.
(foreboding music playing)
(camera whirs)
(phone buzzes)
(insects chirping)
(ominous music playing)
(water splashing)
(foreboding music playing)
(phone buzzes)
(ominous music playing)
Friend: (on phone)
What are you doing down there?
Are you calling from a casino?
Listen, just listen to me.
This is not a gambling thing,
I swear to you.
Friend: (on phone)
So I give you 10 grand now,
and you give me 20 next week?
Yeah. You gimme more
than 10, I'll triple it.
Friend: (on phone)
Ryan, you gotta stop man.
What you need to do
is leave that place right now
before things get outta hand.
Things are outta hand.
Friend: (on phone)
I'm hanging up now.
(gravel crunching)
The garden's in good shape.
Love that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Imogene: Hi.
- I'm Imogene.
- Hi.
- This is Maurice.
- Hey.
So everything all right?
Produce chosen? Menu set?
Yeah, mostly.
Produce is ah...
it's in good shape.
I haven't completely
locked in the menu yet.
I love this house.
You haven't been here before,
have you?
No. This is my first time here.
I'm excited to work with you.
I've heard some
interesting things.
I had a question
for you actually.
Hmm. Please.
It's about payment for this job.
There's been a financial
mix up at my bank,
and I was hoping to wire
some money this week.
Yeah, no problem.
We can advance you.
How much did you need?
I've made different
amounts with you guys before.
So how much am I clearing
again for this one?
How much can you advance me?
How much do you need?
Where do you want me to wire it?
Sent. All done.
Confirmation is 7H4XQ.
So, Jack...
The produce is in good shape
then, is it?
Ryan: Yeah.
So what, vetted?
Good shape might be
a bit of an exaggeration.
Yeah, I had a couple questions
for you.
How many dining?
Ryan: Okay.
And how many courses?
Okay, so where are we
actually then?
I haven't chosen
the produce yet.
I was waiting for you
to get here
to kinda steer me
in the right direction.
You haven't vetted the meat?
What have you been doing?
I was taking inventory and ah...
scoping things out.
The dinner's tomorrow.
I mean you do know that, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But this is one dinner, right?
Yes, of course
it's just one dinner.
Look, the whole point
of you coming here early
was to make a proper
It's the language.
That's the issue.
See, I don't speak Spanish,
so it's just been
a lot more difficult
than I thought it would be.
Sorry, you don't speak Spanish.
What are you doing here
on this detail?
(indistinct chattering)
Imogene: There's no way
to vet anyone
for drug use
and poor diet in a day.
This is our best option.
At least there's a chance
that some of these people
might take care of their health.
It's too late now.
You and Maurice will have
to come back here
for Sunday morning mass.
If we're gonna have any success,
it'll be then.
And we'll need two cuts.
Two cuts?
Of meat.
You mean-- like?
Two people?
One might be off.
What's the problem?
I can't--
What? Do your job?
Look, they said that
you were problematic,
that your conscience
was getting the best of you.
But they didn't mention
One mediocre dish
will completely destroy
the agency's reputation.
I mean, you understand that?
Perhaps not. Okay.
Um, how's this?
A bad dish from you
and your life will end.
Is that clear enough?
So you and Maurice will come
back here tomorrow morning
for mass and everything
will be fine.
Won't it?
There's clothes in that one too.
I thought you were in there.
I've been using both.
I'll just get my stuff out.
(indistinct chatter
and laughter)
(dramatic music playing)
(dramatic music playing)
Are you heading out?
No, I was--
I was having trouble sleeping.
And I was thirsty.
Do you know
how much our guests pay
to dine with us?
1.5 million.
That might seem like a lot but,
when you factor
in the private jets
that take our clients
to and from the event,
the risk that we incur,
the fabulous location,
and the limited amount
per dinner...
Well it really isn't.
We kill on average 50 people
a year,
plus 25 in the clean up.
So 75 deaths a year,
and we generate over
100 million dollars.
We funnel 10% of our profits
back into the communities.
The farming, the infrastructure.
We ensure clean drinking water
for the entire population.
You might say that
that's simply self-interest.
But we don't eat everybody.
Not even 1%.
Now, you tell me what company
makes that amount of money,
has global presence,
assists more than 99% of the
people in the communities
within which it operates,
and their footprint has only
ever killed 75 people a year?
Oil companies kill on
average 110 workers a year.
Farmers are on about 250.
truck drivers, roofers...
They all thrash us
in fatalities.
I thought you said
you were thirsty.
Hey, Jackie.
Come on. We'll be late.
(foreboding music playing)
(indistinct chatter in distance)
Hey, Jackie.
Come on. Pick one.
Maybe them.
I don't know.
(engine starts)
The old woman
will be disgusting.
Not her then, just--
just the girl.
Yeah, but we need two.
You know that fear and stress
will change the taste
of the meat, right?
You think I don't know this?
That is my whole job, Jackie.
They never see it coming.
(ominous music playing)
(ominous music playing)
(tool clanks)
(speaking in Spanish)
(in English) Turn the engine on.
(speaking in Spanish)
What now? What we do?
Now we pull him out.
(speaking in Spanish)
Officer Gallo:
(in English) And who are you?
I work for him.
Is there something wrong,
I mean, I don't know.
You tell me.
Why were you following
these women?
What? No, no, we weren't.
We were working here.
- Officer Gallo: Are you sure?
- Yes, for sure.
You have some ID?
Of course.
May I see it?
There you go.
Officer Gallo.
- Officer Gallo: Gallo.
- Maurice: Gallo, s.
And you are Maurice?
Yes, sir.
So a hotel.
- That sounds good.
- (chuckles)
- Yes.
- We need one over here.
(chuckles) That's for sure.
What about the second body?
Now that the police
are involved,
we will have to make do.
I hope for you
that he's not rotten.
Only one?
Yeah, I had to give a property
card to the police.
Did you pick him?
How long ago was the kill?
Twenty minutes.
Better get a wriggle on then.
Now it's your turn, Jackie.
(labored breathing)
(door creaks open)
(mechanics whir)
What are you waiting for Jack?
(tense music playing)
(blood pouring)
Great. Dinner is in five hours.
So once you are done here,
I'll need to know the menu.
Oh, and make sure that
you harvest the tongue.
There's been a request.
(dramatic music playing)
(leaf blower whirring
in distance)
Yes, please tell Mr. Nishiharta
that we have invoked
the property scenario.
Yes. Yes.
There's a booklet on the jet
if he wishes to brush up.
Okay, thank you.
No, no, no.
(speaks Spanish)
(tense music playing)
Everything's good?
It's all on the tray.
There's some mail for you.
I left it on your bed.
(tense music continues)
(flame hissing)
(tense music continues)
(dramatic music playing)
(unzips bag)
(distant leaf blower)
(leaf blower)
(engine starts)
(dramatic music continues)
(thuds, screams)
Are you all right?
So sorry.
(speaks Spanish)
- You okay?
- (speaks Spanish)
Hey. What have you done, Jackie?
Man, this piece of shit.
The handbrake
must have given out.
It rolled down into this ditch.
I saw it. I saw it rolling back.
I tried to stop it.
If you run, they will find you.
And you know this, right?
(flat tire crunching)
How long you been
with the agency?
Almost five years.
(both grunt)
How do you deal with it?
What do you mean?
The produce, the dinners,
all of it.
Doesn't it get to you?
Don't you ever feel like
you're doing the wrong thing,
Do you feel sad for a pig...
when you eat the bacon?
Ryan: So you've never wanted
to leave then?
Maurice: Why?
They look after me.
I get to travel.
I really like the people,
you know?
Has anyone left, like,
you know, legitimately left?
Like who?
Like a chef?
Greta left.
They let her leave.
Maybe there have been more.
She was a chef?
(pulls handbrake)
There you go.
How'd she do it?
Man, the work was making her sad
for a long time, I think.
But then something changed.
She started to cook
better than she ever had.
She made a big effort, you know?
Everyone love it.
Agency wanted to give her
a bonus, but she refused.
She refused all payment.
She said that
instead of payment,
all she wanted was a meeting
with the agency.
- And?
- They agreed.
She met with them.
Greta sent me an email one month
after that from Majorca.
Spanish island.
Now she's a personal chef
for a wealthy family.
I never heard
from her after that.
(tense music playing)
All right.
Four courses.
First course, carpaccio.
Well keep in mind,
they want tongue for dessert.
Imogene: Sashimi.
Both the Belgian and the
Slovenian have requested it.
Okay, so how about pozole?
The Mexican soup.
Very good. Second course?
Course two,
turnip spaghetti carbonara,
cured egg yolk,
and sage beurre noisette.
Third course,
thigh Bordelaise and beets.
And final course,
the tongue sashimi
with, I don't know...
Pear sorbet.
This is Maria and Roberto.
They don't speak English,
but they'll be your
servers for this evening.
And how long 'til service.
First course is in three hours.
Let's do it.
(crickets chirping)
(ominous music playing)
(ominous music continues)
- Good evening.
- Guest: Good evening.
May I offer you a drink?
- Guest: Yes, please.
- Yeah?
I'm gonna pick up the rest.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(ominous music playing)
How's it coming?
- No problems.
- Good.
We have a Belgian
coming tonight.
Man likes a drink.
(man speaking Spanish on radio)
(in English) Good evening.
Detective Ruiz.
This is Officer Gallo.
And I apologize
for the late hour,
but we are looking
for Maurice Savidies.
Oh, he's not here right now.
Can I help?
Well, maybe.
May we come in?
Of course.
Thank you.
We're having a little
dinner party here tonight.
With private security?
Well, can't be too careful.
I'm Imogene, by the way.
Maurice, he works for me.
In property development?
That's right.
Yeah, my clients are considering
developing a hotel
somewhere near here.
Please, sit down.
How can I help you?
This is Jose and he is missing.
Your employee
was with another man.
An American.
In his neighborhood
this morning.
They spoke with this officer,
and ah...
I would like to talk to them,
if possible, about Jose.
Sure. Uh,
well, when Maurice gets back,
I could have him call you.
Oh, what time will
that be, do you think?
In an hour?
90 minutes.
It's been a long day, and...
Your couch is extremely
Perhaps it would be okay
if I wait for him.
This is rather an important
work event for us.
Anywhere is fine for me...
but I would like to wait.
Can I ask you why you think
he's missing?
It's only been a day.
Perhaps he took off.
A spontaneous adventure.
Jose is my nephew.
He is a responsible
and proud new father,
and today was
his daughter's baptism.
There is no spontaneous
this I am sure of.
Is the American,
does he work for you?
But he's cooking.
Imogene: Jack...
This is Detective Ruiz.
And I'm sure you recognize
the officer
that you spoke to earlier
this morning.
So, you are the cook?
Yes. Uh, for tonight.
It's a hobby of mine.
This morning before you
spoke with this officer,
what were you doing?
I was at church service.
And after?
Maurice and I continued to work.
We were searching for locations.
And what do you do
for the business?
Oh, Jack's our architect.
Oh, you are the architect.
Okay. Oh! (scoffs)
I have a real interest
in architecture.
Actually, at one time
I wanted to be one myself.
But, well...
So what style
is your hotel going to be?
It's modern.
Modern or contemporary?
No, no, modern.
It's mid-century modern.
Oh, yes. This is very popular.
Yeah. You know,
it's a discreet place.
It's sophisticated.
You know, it's, uh...
I don't know, like a good
restaurant that you walk into.
It's visually pleasing,
but it's comfortable, you know?
I see.
Sounds wonderful.
So you and Mr. Savidies
are looking for locations and...
Yeah. You know, and I think
we frightened a couple women
because they told this officer
that we were following them.
But you were not?
No, we hadn't even noticed them.
And then?
And then, uh, nothing.
We came back here.
Well, I wonder if at
all during this time,
you saw this man.
Is everything all right?
Yeah. He reminds me
of an old friend.
He was a close friend...
and he passed away.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
But you did not see Jose?
No, I'm sorry.
What material are you
using to build your hotel?
Well, there's a lot of wood.
What? Does that sound odd?
You know,
we have hurricanes here and...
wood's not ideal for that.
Wood's low-thermal material,
It keeps the heat in.
And we are very close
to the equator.
But I'm sure you know
what you're doing so.
Well, Jack doesn't mean
real wood.
No, that would attract termites.
Yeah, no, we're looking
into modified wood
- and concrete and glass.
- Ryan: Yep.
Detective Ruiz: I see.
So what are you cooking?
Because it smells incredible,
right, Diego?
Pozole soup.
Oh, pozole.
You know about pozole?
- Wow. You really are a chef.
- (Imogene chuckles softly)
Officer Gallo:
Is this pozole?
Yeah. Okay.
I mean, it smells good but...
little weird. Don't you think?
(speaking in Spanish)
What kind of meat
do you use for the pozole?
It's a mixture.
It's pork and lamb.
And there's chicken stock.
You know, that always helps.
I apologize. I know you
are having a work dinner,
but I really do need to
speak to Mr. Savidies
and I would like to wait.
That's okay.
Have you eaten, Detective?
- Not since breakfast, no.
- Imogene: Oh.
Well, perhaps you give them
some of your soup, Jack?
That would be very generous.
- Hi.
- Hi.
The men in the kitchen
are police.
So we are now officially
a property development company.
And you are the investors.
- I trust you know what to do.
- Of course.
Are they asking
about the produce?
They are.
Detective Ruiz: You know...
I think you may have
chosen a wrong profession.
Your architectural
knowledge is...
You have a long way to go,
I think.
But this soup!
Glad you like it.
I hope you don't mind my phone.
No, no, no, no,
of course not.
Thank you.
So who do you love?
I imagine from
what you described that it's...
Van der Rohe
or Lloyd Wright.
So who else?
You know, actually--
Maurice: Okay, guys,
let me introduce you.
Oh, that sounds like them now.
There's no rush.
Enjoy your soup,
and I will have Maurice
come and talk with you
in a few minutes.
Thank you.
- Jack, do you have a moment?
- Yeah.
so there are three scenarios
when the police get involved.
Property development,
movie production, tourism.
Our clients and employees
are expected
to memorize the rudimentary
workings of all three.
No one's told you this?
You're an architect.
You need to know
about building materials,
architectural styles,
actual architects.
- Okay.
- Okay?
You sounded like
a complete fool.
I know.
Just get your shit together,
(ominous music playing)
Hi, welcome.
I'm Imogene.
I'm so pleased
to welcome you all here.
Please take a seat and I'll
bring some drinks over to you.
I'm sorry.
I do hope that
we've been helpful, Detective.
You know what I think
is interesting,
is what you said earlier.
Oh, what did I say?
About Jose,
taking a spontaneous adventure.
That choice of words.
Spontaneous adventure.
You wouldn't know about this,
but here in this area,
about every nine months,
one or two young people
leave their homes
completely without warning.
There's a few weeks of silence,
then a letter or an email
explaining to their families...
they're leaving to try
life in the big city.
Or even sometimes
to go overseas.
Can you imagine?
And always spontaneously.
And here I am...
my young nephew also missing.
And a suggestion from you
of a spontaneous adventure.
Oh, it was just the first
thing that came to my mind.
Would you, uh...
Would you like a glass of wine,
No, thank you.
I must say that I knew nothing
about these disappearances
until Officer Gallo
told me this morning.
This town is not my
jurisdiction, you understand?
I work in the city.
And I'm only here
for my grand-niece's baptism.
But now I have another reason
to stay.
How's the soup?
These are our investors,
Who is he?
He is Jose, my nephew.
He's missing.
He lives in a town
not far from here.
None of us have been
into town yet.
We only came this afternoon.
What do you think we know,
I am not sure...
but I have looked and talked
to everyone I can today.
And it has led me here.
To an architect
who's a better cook...
being paid to build something
far beyond his ability.
And to another
spontaneous adventure.
We are very sorry
to hear about your nephew.
If there is anything
we can assist you with,
just let us know.
Well... (sighs)
...thank you
for the accommodation, Senora.
And... we may be in touch.
Akira: Would you like
to join us, Detective?
We have room,
and our expectation is high
that this will be
an outstanding meal.
I have to confess,
I tried the soup earlier
and it was very good.
Please sit.
Can I have a word?
Are you married?
Uh, no, I'm not.
I've been married for 22 years.
Want to know how I do it?
I cheat on her.
Do you know the best part
of cheating?
It's the possibility
that we will be caught.
The adrenaline floods
the mind
like nothing
you could ever imagine.
And it always makes...
the sex better.
What about the others?
They didn't seem
too keen on the idea.
There are other people
who are going to be affected
by this, Mr. Nishiharta.
Don't worry about the others.
Leave that to me.
Jack has a guest.
What do you mean a guest?
She said she was a friend.
Well, have you told her
to go home?
Actually she's waiting
at the back door.
Oh shit, it's tonight,
isn't it?
The big dinner.
Hi, I'm Alice.
I'm a friend of Jack's.
what can I do for you, Alice?
I just wanted to pop in
and say hi,
but I'm guessing that
Jack's busy.
Yeah, sorry, it's not
a great night for a pop in.
Hey, it's taken me forever
to get here.
Do you think I can maybe come in
and just get a glass of water?
Use the restroom?
Look, I don't mean
to be an inconvenience,
but I also don't wanna
piss in your garden.
I'm not kidding.
Ah, yes.
Okay, come in.
Can't talk now. Critical stage.
We have another guest.
- Is she staying for dinner?
- No.
No. Detective Ruiz.
You need to get rid of her.
Very nice to meet you too.
Do it now, Jack.
Why's she calling you Jack?
I'm filling in for him.
They think I'm him.
It's-- it's complicated.
- Good night, ma'am.
- Ah, you're not staying
- as well?
- No. I-- I have to get home.
Ah. Okay, well, good luck
with your search.
(foreboding music playing)
So what's going on?
There are cops
and you're swapping identities.
Do you think you could feed me?
That hotel room's
totally doing my head in.
Oh my God,
this is incredible.
You don't want this.
Bullshit, I fuckin' do.
No, Alice, you don't.
So tell me...
Is it profitable
to finance hotels?
Depends on the project.
There is always a risk
that it won't be,
even if you have all
the elements you need.
And what elements are those?
A strong design,
great location,
sensible price structure.
What percentage
of hotels are successful?
Less than a third.
So why do you continue
to finance them
if there is such a large risk?
Akira: The risk...
is the best part.
Without risk,
life isn't worth living.
It's true.
When a risk is taken
and it works,
there's no better feeling.
Alice: Is that blood?
My God. What kind of crazy shit
are you making here, Ryan?
Okay, look, Alice,
I'm in the middle
of the most important meal
that I've ever cooked
in my life,
all right?
You gotta get outta here.
Where's Jack?
Jack's gone.
Jack-- he went back to the UK.
- Is he coming back?
- Ryan: No.
No, he's not. I don't think so.
Do you need a ride?
Nah, bought a real shit box
like Jack's.
It only cost me 350 bucks.
So, I think I'm gonna
drive outta here tomorrow.
Okay. Well...
This, uh...
He gave me this, before he left.
It was like a thank you,
you know, for filling in
for him like this.
I'll see ya.
See you.
(foreboding music continues)
(breathes deeply)
(engine sputters)
(engine turns over)
(engine dies)
Who the fuck
are you gonna call, Alice?
- (Maurice knocking)
- (gasps)
Won't start?
Think it's dead.
Oh, no.
So what do you think has
happened to Jose, Detective?
I hope it is
something minor but...
I fear it is more than that.
I'm sorry, Detective.
Alvin is a rude person.
And drunk.
Don't take it personally.
(moans, chuckles)
(speaking in Spanish)
(speaking in English)
Are you enjoying it, Detective?
Immensely, yeah.
Detective Ruiz:
(speaking in Spanish)
Hey, sorry about Alice.
Yeah, I didn't love that.
Ryan: They're enjoying the food?
Seem to be.
I was gonna ask you something.
If I wanted a meeting
with the agency,
would I go through you?
Yes, I suppose. Why?
Maurice told me about Greta,
about how she left.
You remember Greta?
Yes, of course I remember Greta.
But she didn't leave though.
Ryan: He said she's in Majorca
cooking for a family.
No, she isn't.
Maurice received an email.
That I wrote.
Greta's last dinner was about
a week after that meeting.
But she wasn't the chef.
She was the ingredient.
What-- There's--
There's just no way...
There's no way out?
Look, no one likes it
at the beginning.
But after a while,
it does stop bothering you.
You need to focus
on the positives.
Make the dessert, Jack.
(speaking in Spanish)
- Imogene: Go on, Jack.
- Maria: Mm-hm.
Come on.
Your audience awaits.
We have had
many similar meals, Chef,
but this is a cut above.
Top three of all time.
Well done.
Thank you.
But it's not over yet.
I have a dessert for you all
that I need to finesse.
The tongue?
The tongue of what?
It's the same produce
as the entree.
And what was that?
I couldn't tell.
It was delicious,
but unfamiliar to me.
It didn't taste like pork.
Not like any pork
I've had before.
That's the talent of our chef.
So dessert is a pig's tongue?
Tongue sashimi with sorbet.
No dessert for me,
thank you. (laughs)
(guests laugh)
Everything's gonna be all right,
so give me five minutes
and I'll be back, okay?
- Alice: Yeah.
- Okay.
She can't stay away from you,
What's going on?
Her car is dead, so I'm gonna
drive her back to her hotel.
What is she doing back here?
Car broke down.
Maurice is gonna give
her a ride back to town.
(whispers) Fuck.
Think he's...
He's got herpes or something.
Well, can you find something
else and disguise it?
It's sashimi.
We can't disguise it.
This is a big fucking problem.
I'll just-- I'll have
to make something else...
something better.
This was a request.
There is nothing else.
No excuses.
Though I take it,
you don't have herpes.
Sorry... I'm thinking that maybe
I could just call a taxi.
I don't wanna put anyone out
and seems like Maurice
is pretty busy here.
Is there no one to pick you up?
No, I'm traveling alone.
Ryan: No tongue.
Just sorbet.
And a spoon.
Bon apptit.
(suspenseful music playing)
Lock the door.
Look, I realize
what I'm gonna tell you,
it's not very good for me,
but I'm past that now.
I know what happened to Jose.
What happened to him?
They killed him.
I cooked him.
And you all ate him.
That's why you didn't
recognize the meat.
(vomiting, coughing)
Imogene: Detective,
are you all right?
Yes, I'm okay.
I'll-- I'll be right there.
Is there anything I can do?
No, I'm okay.
I'll be right there.
- Are you feeling better?
- Yes.
I'm not used to such rich food.
I have a simpler palate,
I think.
Well, I'm glad
you're feeling all right.
If you like,
we can finish
our conversation
about your nephew.
No, you've told me everything
I need to know.
I'm quite tired
so I'll say goodnight.
- Imogene: All right.
- Thank you, everyone!
It was a very
interesting dinner.
You're leaving?
I hope your nephew turns up.
good luck with your search.
Thank you.
I'm sure everything will
come to light very soon.
Do you see?
Much more fun.
(indistinct sports commentary
over phone)
(eerie music playing)
(eerie music continues)
They do this...
all over the world.
It's a whole network.
(breathes heavily)
(gasps) Mierda.
I left my phone
charging in the kitchen.
Who do you want me to call?
Officer Gallo.
What's his number?
I don't know. It's in my phone.
I'll call the local police then.
They'll just call Gallo.
It will be faster if you go get
my phone and bring it to me.
Okay. You'll wait here?
I'll go wait in my car.
(eerie music playing)
They're right out front.
You'll be seen.
You're gonna have to wait here.
I'll be as fast as I can, okay?
(indistinct chatter)
Oh, yeah.
(indistinct chatter)
Yeah, I suppose as if you're--
Chef, what a meal!
You are an artist.
I have already called
the agency
and asked to be
at your next table.
What have you been
doing in the dark, Jackie?
Just having a cigarette.
Oh, your drivers are here.
should we see our guests out?
(eerie music playing)
(indistinct chatter)
(eerie music continues)
You pulled it off.
Well done. They loved it.
(metal clinks)
Did you get it?
(chainsaw buzzing)
(suspenseful music playing)
Hey, Jack.
I found him in here.
He was just waiting.
Would you get Imogene please?
We have a long night ahead now.
Detective Ruiz:
My dear Camilla...
I'm writing this
on an airplane.
Things happened
so fast last night
and there hasn't been
a moment until now
to let you know
what this situation is.
Detective Ruiz:
Last night I learned that Jose
was not the man
we all thought he was.
The responsibilities
of new fatherhood seem
to have ignited fear
and panic in him.
It seems Jose's
been having an affair
with a young woman from Bogota.
I find this hard to believe.
I'm certain
there is another explanation.
I'm on my way to Bogota now.
Imogene: I have an address
for Jose there
and will try to find him
and get to the bottom of this.
I'm sure you are worried,
but I am determined
to set this right.
Will write soon.
Love, Gabriel.
Is that an email from Ruiz?
To his sister.
You have her email address?
We have everything.
Someone in Colombia
will send it to her
from their IP address.
In case the cops check.
All the Is and Ts.
You look exhausted.
It's 'cause I am.
(dramatic music playing)
Hey, Jackie.
How was your sleep?
I've had...
a non-stop stream of emails
this morning.
The word is out on you.
Requests have been coming
in to be on your table
from all over the world.
You're gonna be so busy.
And so rich.
Oh, and we wired
the remaining 250K
from last night's job
into your account.
There's some more bacon
and eggs on the stove.
I can make you a plate.
No, thanks.
It's okay.
I'm sorry,
we have to do that again.
I was told
that the GPS would work
so long as the host was living.
You're not dead, are you, Jack?
Yeah, just a little bit.
What are you doing now?
Are you going home?
Oh, yeah.
I'm flying there this morning.
Me and Maurice will be with you
on the African job next month.
Should be a good one.
Are you sure that
you don't want?
No. Not hungry.
(birds chirping)
Hey, have a nice flight.
(PA announcement in Spanish)
(speaking in Spanish)
You're starting early.
Yeah. I am.
Where you headed?
No, I live there now.
That's cool.
What do you do?
I'm a chef.
In London?
No, I... cook for rich people
in different places
around the world.
No shit. How does that work?
Well, they fly me in.
Put me up at an amazing house.
I do the gig and then...
either home or...
straight on to the next place,
I guess.
Living the dream, bro.
I'm in textiles manufacturing.
Make this trip twice a year,
stay at the airport hotel
to save money.
Sounds fucking great, man.
So you come in,
you do your thing,
and they pay you well?
Incredibly well.
Should have been a chef,
I guess.
I'm Barry.