What's Your Raashee? (2009) Movie Script

Here he comes. Finally.
-Praise the Lord.
-Praise the Lord. Give it to me.
-Just one letter? That's it?
-Here's your gift.
-Thank you!
Yogesh is the only one
who sends me a letter on my birthday.
He's in America these days,
completing his studies.
He never forgets to wish
me a happy birthday!
I have decided
that I am going to pass on
all my land and property,
to Yogesh!
Pragji, I'm sure you
have thought this through.
Though I have a question.
You have several grandchildren.
Then why would you want to
will everything only to Yogesh?
-Because the others are self-centered.
One must learn how to build selfless
relationships from this man.
My younger daughter's younger son.
He knows how to form and
maintain relationships.
My son Jitu has been embroiled
in a scam of half a million
in the share market.
He gave checks to the creditors,
but all the checks bounced.
He could be arrested any minute!
So the question is, will Jitu go to jail?
Please have a look.
Jitu is not destined...
to go to the dungeons!
-Jyotsna, light a lamp in the temple.
-Yes, mom.
Now the question is,
how will we repay such a huge amount?
Is there anyone else?
-Then, please study this one.
-Whose is this?
Our younger son, Yogesh.
Right. Why leave this one out?
Quiet. Listen carefully!
On the 20th of this very month,
Yogesh will be married!
Come again? Are you sure?
Mom, the phone.
On the wedding day,
Yogesh will be blessed by
the Goddess of wealth.
Really! Are you sure?
I have seen thousands of birth charts,
but none like this one!
Mark my words, Bharat.
The moment Yogesh finishes
going around the holy fire,
that very moment it will rain money!
He will receive so much wealth
that you'll hire people to count it.
I cannot believe this, Bhautesh!
He is right!
Dad just called to say that
the day Yogesh gets married,
all his wealth will be
passed down to Yogesh.
-I cannot believe you, Shakuntala!
-Congratulations, Bharat!
Your lives will change the day
he gets married!
But how can we convince him to marry?
-"Son, get married!"
-He surely won't, then.
What if we lie that you
had a heart attack?
Jitu, you make my life a living hell!
Hey Khodi.
Come on, wake up!
I'm going to India next week.
Should I get you something?
I'll let you know.
Hey, Yogesh!
Jitu! When did dad get the attack?
Which hospital?
Of course I'm coming. I'll call
you as soon as I get a ticket.
-Bless you.
Don't worry.
Brother Jitu, how's dad?
Son, he--
-Dad, you look fine.
-Yes, I am fine.
You've just suffered a heart attack
and you've come here to receive me?
Mom and Jitu, how could you allow him?
Yogesh, I didn't have an attack!
Thank God!
-But Jitu told me that--
-He lied.
Yogesh, we want to discuss marriage plans.
The 20th is your wedding day,
everything has been finalized.
The pandit, the time, the venue,
even the invites are ready.
Now all you need to do is select a girl.
Come home, we'll tell you everything.
Let's go, Shakuntala!
So, what have you gotten for me?
I was left with no choice but to lie!
Dad, let me get this straight.
You want me to get married
so that Grandpa will
give me his property,
and then you plan
to sell that land
and pay off Jitu's debts?
-I mean, I can't believe it! Jesus.
-Got it. Okay!
I have an idea.
Why don't I go to the village
and convince grandpa
to transfer the property
before my wedding?
Has my father-in-law
ever listened to anyone?
Would he listen to you?
He won't.
But dad, I don't want to get
married right now.
Not now? Then when?
After I settle well into my new job.
I mean, at least, after a year.
We'll go bankrupt precisely in a year.
will your sons ever learn responsibility?
Jitu, how could you?
What's for breakfast? I'm starving.
Come on Yogesh, let's get paan
before the breakfast is laid.
Paan? So early in the morning?
Then get some gum.
Yogesh, there is one more
thing you need to know.
-Jitu, tell me. What is it?
Beside the 2.5 crores,
I owe 1.5 crore rupees more!
To whom?
-A brother.
-A brother? Whose brother?
-I mean a gangster!
-Damn, Jitu!
You mean 2.5 crores in check
and the rest in cash?
-Total, four!
-Hey, Share Bazaar!
We were heading to your house.
To my house? Don't go there, please.
Where were you this morning?
Hasn't Brother asked
you to report everyday?
-And who's this?
-Your bodyguard?
-No, he's my brother.
-He's just come from America!
-Remember, Share Bazaar...
if Brother's doesn't get his money,
then you'll wish you went to jail.
Actually, we were going to meet Brother.
Brother is very busy.
Whatever you have to say, say it to me.
Alright, then please tell Brother
that on the 20th is Yogesh's wedding!
Just a minute. The invite is in my pocket.
Here's the wedding invite! Brother's
entire family is invited.
And of course you two as well.
And the money?
You will get it at the wedding itself.
You can count it while having dessert.
Let's see what Brother has to say.
He will call you.
Why is the bride's name not mentioned?
As soon as the girl is selected,
I will call you.
Please write it yourself.
If you're pulling a fast one on us,
we'll make you dance the Garba!
Let's move.
Don't forget to report tomorrow!
Please don't mention this at home.
They'll panic.
Jitu, you're unbelievable.
You've been sleeping all day!
Yogesh, I can understand
what you're going through.
But remember,
one cannot change one's destiny!
I don't want you to suffer
because of Jitu's misdeeds.
If you don't wish to get married,
just says so! Alright.
Don't worry too much.
Try to get some sleep, okay?
Why is this question necessary?
Every sun sign is known
by its characteristics.
To get to know any individual,
it's very important to understand
every characteristic of every sun sign.
This means that girls
are divided in 12 types!
So, what have you decided?
Yes, I will get married!
Dad, didn't I say he'd agree?
Come on now, get ready.
-Why? Where are we going?
-To Devu's place.
He has taken the responsibility
to find you a suitable bride!
Why don't we borrow
the money from uncle Devu?
This man... has already
taken forty lakhs from him.
So what? We'll return it.
And the money is Kanta's, not Devu's.
Listen, no one needs to know
about Jitu's problem.
-Not even Devu!
-Yeah, sure thing!
2.5 + 1.5 + 40?
Jitu, where have you brought me?
I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you that
we had to report to
the gangster today, let's hurry.
Please just back me up, okay? Remember,
Chand and Sooraj!
Did you call us?
Unless Brother says so,
you will not speak.
-Don't utter a word.
-Not even that much.
-Put your hands up!
It's my wallet.
This is a comb.
Move it!
Lost your finger?
Told you so! Take him away.
Both of you, please enter.
Neel Kamal. Stack these!
Brother, here is Share Bazaar.
And this is his brother, an NRI!
-You mean here?
-Sit down!
-Hey NRI, what's your name?
-Yogesh Patel.
Yogesh. You know what your name means?
The God of possibilities
and impossibilities, Yogesh!
-Yes, exactly that.
-It's a good name.
-Thank you!
You know my name?
Moolraj: the King of all he surveys.
Wow! You also have a nice name.
So, Yogesh. What are the chances of
getting my money back on the 20th?
-You will get it.
What if I don't, then?
Fingers will get chopped...
Whose fingers, Brother?
Good question!
Both of yours!
Okay, Brother.
Why did you ask whose fingers?
I just wanted to confirm.
Jitu, you amaze me.
-Bharat, come on in.
-Welcome, Yogesh!
-Hi, Devu.
Hey, get up and give me hug!
-Come, Jitu.
Devu, you've got yourself a nice office!
I know, right? I designed it myself.
Yogesh Patel. MBA, University of Chicago!
All set to get married?
The boy is shy.
Bharat, this boy is so handsome
that 176 girls have already responded!
-Absolutely, watch this.
See this.
No! Look there.
Here is your ad, designed by me!
But this photograph is quite old.
The photograph doesn't matter!
What matters is that
within the next 10 days,
you have to meet 176 girls.
-That means more than 17.6 girls per day!
And here are the resumes
of all the interested girls,
and my estimates
are in this column.
1 crore, 3 crores, 5 crores.
What's this?
How much each girl could give you.
The one who can give
5 crores is the best!
-You mean all this money in dowry?
But the advertisement said,
'No dowry, please'.
Oh, that's part of the protocol.
But I will not accept dowry!
-What do you mean?
-I mean, that's against my principles.
What do you mean?
If you don't accept any dowry,
then how will Jitu--
Bharat, every groom is like a king.
His wish is a command!
Okay, no problem. Don't accept dowry.
And one more thing!
I will not meet so many girls.
Then what?
I will meet only 12 girls,
one girl of each sun sign!
One from every sun sign?
Now what kind of reasoning is that?
Bharat, MBA has taught you a lot.
It's a good idea! But Yogesh, why?
First of all, it's very difficult
to meet so many girls in ten days,
and secondly, I've always
wanted a love marriage!
But everyone wants me to
get married right now.
And one can't fall in love so quickly.
Last night I read that
there are 12 types of girls.
12 sun signs...
and every sun sign has
its own characteristics...
so I thought...
Why not meet a girl of each sun sign...
and give myself 12 chances.
You know, to fall in love, maybe.
Good idea!
But Yogesh,
What if you don't fall in love
with either of these 12 girls?
I will get married to the best one.
I won't have any regrets.
But don't mention this sun sign
bull to anyone.
We'll become a laughing stock!
Yogesh, I'll select the 12 for you.
We commence tomorrow.
Anjali's father is one of the
biggest Isabgol farmers from Oonjha!
Here they are.
Why why? Be a Patel because
it is best thing in the whole world!
Anajli Kachar Patel! Speak top English.
Speak my child, speak!
-Heard that?
-Which village are you from? The fifth?
-The sixth!
Kokila, we have answers
to all your questions.
But first, let the kids chat.
Devu, Bharat.
So Anjali, what's your sun sign?
Aries, and I know you are a Scorpio!
Right, that's great! So what do you study?
What would you like to have?
Tea, coffee, something?
So have you been in a
relationship before?
Fasting, customs!
What are your hobbies?
Oh great! Who's your favorite star?
No, I like Jerry!
Yogesh, non-vegetarian food
is not allowed in my house.
-But nothing stops me from having it!
But only at Bhathiar street in Ahemdabad.
My parents don't know.
Oh, so you're a non-vegetarian.
Good! In that case, do you drink?
I love wine!
You drink wine?
With your friends? From Oonjha?
Oh yes I remember, fasting and customs!
But if you want to smoke, go ahead.
What's your sun sign?
What's your sun sign?
I'm sorry ma'am but you can't smoke here.
She won't smoke here.
She's destroying cigarettes,
please clear this up.
You've never smoked before, have you?
And you've never had meat
or alcohol either?
And you mugged up all
these English lines?
My father and I took a two day
crash course in English.
We thought that a NRI boy like you...
would like an English speaking,
smoking, drinking and non-vegetarian girl.
My mom is very old-fashioned.
She did not allow me go to college,
did not let me learn English.
And even after I get married,
she'd want me to continue
the fasts and customs.
She always interferes in my life!
There was only one way
left to escape from her...
to get married to a NRI boy!
My father is on my side.
Are you angry with me, Yogesh?
Anjali, you're cute
when you speak in Hindi.
Did you like me?
Take your time.
I'll leave.
it's snowing in Chicago right now,
isn't it?
did you like her?
-She has a pure heart.
-So shall we?
No, Devu.
How I can decide so soon?
Yogesh, I've been married for 15 years.
I still have not been able to decide
if I like your aunt or not.
Alright. Let's not reject Anjali just yet.
Lets meet the next girl... Aquarius.
Okay! Where are we meeting?
She is attending a wedding this
evening, we will meet her there.
Alright. That's decided then.
So, Trilok likes these two models!
Pack 50 crates of both.
-Sir, Mrs. Kantaben Patel.
-Oh, Kanta! Excuse us.
What brings you here? Please come.
I hope, all is well?
Yes Bharat.
I need to speak to you about something.
You should've called me over.
No, we could not have met at my place.
And I could not trust
anyone else with this matter.
What matter?
I think my husband is having an affair.
Affair! Whose! Devu's? Affair?
He was last seen at Khandala,
with her.
-With whom?
-That's what needs to be found out.
No this can't be,
are you sure of this?
That's why I want you to find out.
Once I have that
witch's name and address.
I can handle it from there.
You're asking me to spy on my own brother?
-Your cousin.
-Yes, but it's not ethical.
I am also willing to
forgo the 40 lakh Rupees
that Jitu owes me.
So ask me, what is your query?
I have a query, but it's
not related to astrology.
-Go on, sir.
-Do you know of any private detective?
What's the job?
Need him to tail someone.
Where he goes, which woman he meets,
keep a watch on him
and give me a full report of it.
Do you know of such
a private detective?
There is one. And you know him as well.
Me, Myself! Bhautesh Joshi.
So you're a private detective as well?
Well you've never given me
that business card before?
-Didn't feel the need to print it.
-Why not?
Detectives don't keep business cards.
Actually, this is my main business.
-So tell me, who is having the affair?
-This is the photo.
-So it's these two?
-But this is me!
Oh! I get it! Consider your job done!
Excuse me. Mr. Yogesh Patel?
I just met someone
who looks like you...
-Right. Is this Phalsa sherbet?
-Yes, ma'am.
And for you?
Tell me something I don't know.
Do you know how to make dhokla?
They are superb. And the chutney,
it's really tangy!
The dhoklas can wait. Lets chat first.
Right. Okay, it's like this.
I am 21. I was born in Aden,
brought up in Kampala.
-Let me at least finish first!
I am in love with someone else.
And is an African.
Worobu is coming to India next week!
-Worobu Kanakia, my boyfriend.
But my family is dead
against this marriage.
That's why they packed me
off to my uncles' in India.
And my uncle is forcing me
to meet 'suitable boys'.
But I don't think it's going to work out.
-And, if you want, you can help us.
-How is that?
By rejecting me.
-No, no Yogesh!
-I'll reject you for sure, I promise.
Yeah, thanks. But if you
walk away so quickly then...
my uncle and aunt will
suspect something is amiss.
They are with your uncle.
Let's go for a drive.
A drive after rejection?
There's just one problem,
I can't see your face.
How many boys have rejected you so far?
Wow, a DJ, a guitarist. Do you sing?
But only when I am by myself.
Oh, in that case you won't sing today.
Well in a way, I'm still alone. So I will.
The wind has begun to sing
Just for you
The skies have turned to silk
Just for you
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
The wind has begun to sing
Just for you
The skies have turned to silk
Just for you
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
Don't go away
This night won't come back
This season won't turn back
Who knows when we meet next?
Who knows what happens next?
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
Let the night become darker
Let the feelings melt some more
I know our paths part ahead
but let's walk along some more
I know you'll be gone soon
But stay a while
So I can keep some images
Of you in my mind forever
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
-Don't go away
Excuse me, excuse me? May I help you?
-Yes, I'm sorry?
-What are you doing to my car?
-Your car?
But this is car MH-04-BW8, right?
-Yes, that is correct.
-Great! Can you unlock it, please?
Sure, but is there a problem?
I've left my keys inside
and Devu's not answering his phone.
-Got it.
-Got it!
Sorry, but who are you?
I am Anila Kamdar.
I'm Devu's Yoga teacher.
-Yeah. Okay, so I'll be off.
Let's go.
Here they are.
We've looked for you everywhere.
I'm sorry, Mamaji,
we went for a short drive.
Nice. Both of you got to know each other.
Yes, but there is some bad news.
He has rejected me!
It's okay. No problem.
Is this true, Yogesh?
I know you will feel bad but...
I don't think we'll be happy together.
My nephew is crazy to reject
a beautiful girl like you.
If I were any younger, I would
have said yes instantly! Right now.
-You're sweet.
-Let's go, Sanjana.
I'm so sorry. Goodbye, Ramnik.
Let's go.
Doesn't she look like Anjali?
Not at all!
But one thing is for sure,
you need to get your eyes checked.
-You rejected such a nice girl.
-Sorry about that.
-Oh Devu, I met a friend of yours today.
-Who is that?
-Anila Kamdar.
I don't know an Anila Kamdar.
-She removed her keys from the car--
-Oh! Just forget about that.
Get ready to meet the next girl.
-Okay! Actually, no!
Since the time I arrived,
I haven't met grandpa.
So first grandpa,
then everything else.
Sir, Yogesh has arrived.
-Yogesh, my son!
-I seek your blessings, grandpa.
I've been longing to see you.
I was talking about
you only two days ago.
And Shakuntala mentioned that you
were coming here to get married.
-I was so happy to hear this!
And I received your birthday card.
You're the only one
who always remembers.
How could I forget, grandpa?
I really miss you!
-Lalji, get some more jaggery.
-Getting it Sir!
Yogesh loves it!
He would eat a slab of
it when he was a kid.
You know, grandpa.
Something really strange happened.
I met the first girl, then the second.
And the second girl looked
exactly like the first one.
Let me explain.
Now, at your age,
all the girls you see...
will look the same.
-Why is that?
you are looking for the girl of dreams
in every one of them.
That's why in every face,
you will only see that face.
Is that really true, grandpa?
And remember.
Every girl is capable of
being your dream girl!
Does this... happen to everybody?
Don't know about others...
but this is surely what
happened to your grandpa.
-So what's the next sun sign?
-Listen. Why don't we meet at my college?
My college's Social is going
on and it will be fun!
But how will I recognize you?
-My best friend Sanchita will get you in.
-And I'll recognize you!
-Kajal Khakkar!
-Any doubts?
-Not at all.
By the way, you look more handsome
in person.
A little bit.
C'mon swingin'
C'mon swayin'
C'mon dancin', wo-o, wo-o!
Let's get high
Paint the world
With your beauty, wo-o, wo-o!
Oh babe
Girl I really wanna hold you,
Oh come to me
I'm swingin', I'm swayin',
Losing it all, wo-o, wo-o!
I'm your hear-beat,
driving you crazy
Shakin' up your world, wo-o, wo-o!
Oh babe,
Girl I really wanna hold you,
Oh, come to me
I am an untold story, wo-o, wo-o!
That needs telling
Right now, wo-o, wo-o!
I am an untold story, wo-o, wo-o!
That needs telling
Right now, wo-o, wo-o!
No matter what happens, I'm the winner!
You better get that right!
No matter what happens, I'm the winner!
You better get that right!
Oh babe,
Girl, I really wanna hold you,
Oh, come to me
-Where did you learn this kind of dancing?
-By watching music videos.
You aren't bad yourself,
you're quite amazing!
Oh listen, I'll just change and come back.
-Careful, dear.
When I was in college here,
I had only one ambition.
To get good grades and get
into a good university for my MBA.
Which I did. So there
was no time for romance.
You mean you have never said
'I love you' to any girl yet?
No, I haven't.
So you also believe that once
there is romance in your life,
everything becomes magical! Isn't it?
-I don't think it's such a big event.
-Just don't feel it is.
Okay, picture this.
You love someone unconditionally and
you cannot live without her.
so you gather all your courage
and go up to her
and give her a rose!
What are you staring at?
So what should I do?
Give me the flower, here it is!
Now give it to me.
Is this how you propose?
Are you offering prayers or
are you proposing to a girl?
Then how?
-Okay, now say it.
-What should I say?
Why are you giving me this flower, Yogesh?
But I have never said this
to anyone before.
I know, but imagine it!
The girl blushes.
She puts the rose in
her hair, and says...
Okay, now imagine that you
have been waiting for me here...
for the past half hour, okay?
And the moment I arrive
you totally freak out on me.
And then I get upset.
And I say that I'm not going to
talk to you. Now win me over.
Well, when you get upset,
I feel like taking you in my arms!
-Well, kind of.
Can you hear what my heart is saying?
What is it saying?
Right now it's angry. It says,
Cool! Now you know
how every moment can
become magical with romance!
No! This was just us
pretending to be romantic.
I mean, if I were really in
love with you and you came late...
then I would get angry but I
would also be worried about you.
And on seeing you safe I
would be so relieved and happy...
that I would keep kissing
you and asking you if you're okay.
Now, this moment is magical!
I really like you.
-So, let's get married on the 20th then.
Whoa! Yogesh, I can't
get married on the 20th.
I mean for marriage,
One year? Why?
For love. To get to know
each other. To fall in love!
Yeah but we can fall in love
even after marriage, I'm sure!
I don't believe it.
If I say yes to marriage,
I will abide by it
for the rest of my life
whether I'm in love or not
and I can't take this risk.
If you like, we can get
engaged on the 20th.
But for marriage, definitely a year!
But how can we fall in love
if we're not together?
What's the hurry to get married?
Kajal's dad has extended
the offer to three crores.
-So, did you like the Gemini girl?
Nice girl but she argues a lot.
Of course, her parents are
well established lawyers.
-You won't argue after you get married.
Because you'll have learnt to shut up.
I wonder what is in store
for me after the wedding.
-Hello, Bharat?
-Who is it?
Got it, I got the woman's name.
Got it? What? Who?
Got the name. It's Anila Kamdar.
Listen mister, I can't hear a thing.
Hello, hello.
I got her name, Anila Kamdar.
Inamdar? Oh, Vanilla Inamdar?
Um, I can't hear you.
There is no network here,
you will have to go and find it.
It disconnected.
-Hello Bharat, it's me, Bhautesh!
-Anila Kamdar.
Okay, Anila Kamdar! Got it!
Got the name?
Yes. Got it.
-The network is better outside.
-Of course it is.
Instead of going around the city,
wouldn't it better to meet all the women
at once?
Don't worry about money.
The dowry will make up for...
Dad, you promised!
-I did promise but--
-Yogesh, I will make you a promise.
He will not even receive a penny in dowry.
-So, who is the next girl?
-Cancer. Hansa Parekh.
She lives in Bhuleshwar.
They are related to Jitu's in-laws.
Jitu will also be accompanying you.
-How are you?
-Greetings, Yogesh Kumar.
Please have a seat.
Sit down.
-I shall escort Hansa.
Listen, don't try to flaunt
your English here.
-No one here speaks English.
And don't be too blunt.
What do you mean?
I mean don't tell them you were
working as a waiter in America.
Why? Is it wrong to work
in the university cafeteria?
No it's not, but...
these people are old fashioned.
So? They'll find out eventually.
Let that happen on its own.
Once you're married, it doesn't matter.
Aren't we being dishonest?
If you're too honest,
you will remain a bachelor all your life.
I will not be dishonest.
I want an honest relationship.
Dishonesty is the key to a good marriage.
This is Hansa.
-She made the sweets.
-That's good!
Please, Jeetendra Kumar,
let me show you the house.
-Come with me.
Thank you, please sit.
The tea is very good!
Great! Are you working anywhere?
What are your hobbies?
Can we speak outside, in the open?
You know, the only other place
I get great sweets
is my grandpa's house.
It's really nice.
Yogesh, I have to tell you something.
My family has asked me
to hide it from you.
They believe that since
you are from America...
you would never find out about it.
But everyone here knows about it.
Know what?
About Hiten.
Who is Hiten?
My neighbors son.
I was to get married to him.
I loved him very much.
But he betrayed me.
He got married elsewhere.
Oh, I see.
And having been in love,
I broke all boundaries of virtue.
You mean?
Do you still love him?
Hansa, I really appreciate and
respect your honesty and courage.
Your past will not
influence my decision today.
But I want to ask you something.
Will you be able to feel
for me as you felt for Hiten?
I don't know.
But I will try.
Your hair is disheveled
You look lost
This moment too shall pass
You'll find love once again!
Your hair is disheveled
You look lost
This moment too shall pass
You'll find love once again!
Forget the moments that passed
They don't exist anymore
The moments to come
Will breathe life anew
look up with your moist eyes
And smile with the thought
That time will bring a season
When a fragrant breeze will blow again
A bud will blossom once again
You'll find love once again
Your heart will sing once again
-Hey, Share Bazaar?
-Brother. Your here?
So you're having a picnic
in Bhuleshwar with the NRI?
No, but how do you know I'm here?
On duty. It's collection time!
It's not much, just fifty grand.
A guy called Hiten Shah, you know him?
If he doesn't pay,
his fingers will be chopped.
Very good! I mean, very sad.
Why did you say that?
It's a long story.
So, what do you think about Hansa?
Don't know. She is a very honest girl.
-That's dangerous!
She'll always tell the money
lenders about your whereabouts.
-Come on, Jitu.
-Its true!
-Hi Devu!
-Welcome, Yogesh.
-How are you, son?
-I'm good and you?
-I am okay, come sit.
-Oh no.
Make him sit on the dining
table, serve him lunch!
-Hello, Bharat.
I have found the address of Anila Kamdar.
I am watching her through my binoculars.
Just a minute.
Let me make a conference call.
-Hello, Kanta.
-We know who she is.
My spy is on conference with us,
watching her.
-What does she look like?
She's... overweight!
-Bring the dessert.
-On it.
To be honest, Bharat.
I can't figure out why
your brother would like her.
-What is she doing right now?
-She is standing, holding a bowl.
-What is she wearing?
-A sky blue colored saree.
Bharat, please tell
your spy to stop spying on me!
Bhautesh! Are you trying to destroy me?
What? This is Devu's wife?
I don't have photos.
Well, click them yourself.
-The food was fantastic!
-Thank you.
-Whose call was it?
-It was a wrong number.
Wrong number? Women!
They even chat with random callers.
But you don't waste your time, okay?
You need to meet Rajni
Parmar at 4:00 pm at this address.
-She's the Libran girl.
-Are you not coming?
No, I have my yoga class.
Uncle Devu.
-Ma'am, Mr. Patel.
-Oh. Please have a seat.
So what? Remind them.
Parmar Associates has connections
right at the top! Okay?
No phone calls. Will you have something?
Tea, coffee, anything?
I'm Rajni Parmar.
Shall we begin the meeting?
Sure, but I would like it to be personal.
-Thakkar is my PA.
Whatever we discuss will be put
into the minutes of the meeting.
Thakkar will give me one
copy and email you the other.
Mr. Patel, we have not
come here for our comfort.
It's our life's most important decision.
Let's sit here.
Please get comfortable and
understand my entire proposal.
Sure, tell me.
Firstly, I know you are the groom.
But the venue selected by your
father for the 20th will just not do.
Listen, Rajni. I cannot
chat with you like this.
If you happen to be
free this evening,
-You are six minutes late.
Oh! This guy as well?
Don't tell me he's
coming with us to America!
He will leave in five minutes,
as soon as we finish our deal.
Contract. Marriage is a contract of sorts.
There was a time when our
parents used to negotiate this.
Now it's the new generation.
The boys and girls
settle it amongst themselves.
I'll send off Thakkar before dinner.
What will you have?
I'm a teetotaler.
-What is this?
-Prenuptial Agreement.
It doesn't matter in India
but quite important in America.
Is that so?
It says that the marriage
should last at least for two years.
After that either party
can opt for a divorce.
A divorce after two years?
Why would you want such a marriage?
I have hoarded a lot of money
through government contracting.
In order to save it,
my getting married and settling
down in America is very important.
Why get married?
You have a lot of money.
Apply and get a Green Card immediately.
Everyone else can get it immediately,
but not me.
You see Mr. Patel, the CBI is
conducting an inquiry on me.
Once the inquiry is over,
they will file a case
and confiscate my passport.
And after that even you know what follows.
Before that happens, I want to get married
and settle down in America.
It is also says that after marriage
we have to live separately.
I will be free to have
girlfriends and you, boyfriends?
Publicly, everyone should be convinced
we are a married couple.
But what if I fall in love
with you during this period?
If I reciprocate,
then a divorce won't be necessary.
What I can't understand is,
how could you assume that I would
be interested in such a proposal?
As soon as you sign this agreement,
you will get five crores in cash,
as a gift!
Wow! Five crores!
One more thing.
Are you a non-vegetarian?
-Sometimes I have eggs.
-That won't do.
You will have to become a vegetarian.
-Do you have a sweet tooth?
-Yes of course!
That won't do either,
I hate anything sweet.
Do you wear perfume?
You will have to stop it.
Perfumes give me a headache.
-Do you know how to massage feet?
You will have to learn it.
I can't sleep without it.
How many hours do you sleep?
Yeah, yeah I'll do just as you say
You make the gesture and I'll sway
I'll have no say
I'll live and die this way
Yeah, yeah I'll do just as you say
You make the gesture and I'll sway
I'll have no say
I'll live and die this way
I'll have no say.
I'll have no say.
I hold all your strings
I control all your feelings
The path I show you
Is your path forever
Yeah, yeah I'll do just as you say
You make the gesture and I'll sway
I'll have no say
I'll live and die this way
I'm your slave
Your wish is my command
I'm your slave
Your wish is my command
Without a thought
I'll do all you demand
Your only purpose is to make me happy
Even if you have to jump into a volcano
Make it snappy
Yeah, yeah I'll do just as you say
You make the gesture and I'll sway
I'll have no say
I'll live and die this way
Mr. Patel.
So, have the both of you decided anything?
Still deciding. What about you?
I've just been rejected.
-It must be your doing.
-No! Uncle and aunt are with me.
I didn't even get a chance to brief him.
He still rejected you?
What a fool he must be!
How can anyone possibly reject her?
Why not?
What's so special about her?
Don't they both look alike?
So Mr. Patel, what are your thoughts?
Is it a deal?
Oh yes, the agreement.
Need to think about it.
Please do, but remember.
Success comes to those who use their mind
more than their heart.
-Yogesh, I'm in trouble.
-What happened?
This Anila matter has reached Kanta.
And she asked your father to spy on him.
And find out who I'm meeting at Khandala.
And your father agreed.
He did it to waive the 40 lac debt.
Now if I'm going to be spied upon,
I will make a clever move.
This room has been booked under
my name but you will stay here.
And I will live in the room
that's been booked under your name.
Now get set to meet the Pisces girl.
She will be here shortly.
Sorry, I have to go.
There's an urgent meeting in my room.
-What's her name?
-Anila Kamdar.
Oh! You mean, the Pisces girl?
Khushal Jamnadas of Jamnadas Jewelers,
Zaveri Bazaar.
We have no branches.
-Oh yeah?
-And this is my prized jewel!
Come, my baby. Come in.
This is Chandrika Khushaldas.
Baby, show him what you have.
Don't be shy.
Just show it to him!
-It's really nice!
-My baby has made this herself.
-So, you're fond of painting?
-Yes, she is.
-How long did you take to make this?
-Two Days.
-Amazing, please have a seat.
-Sit down.
Have you finished college?
She's in her final year
at Ruparel College and scores 90%.
Besides this, she knows how to
cook and do all the household work.
She can cook for 20 people all by herself.
She is not obsessed with movies,
unlike other girls.
She is an ideal housewife.
What else do you expect from a wife?
Can I talk to her in private?
-In Private?
How very insolent of you.
Wherever my baby goes,
she will take with her 5 crores in cash
and ten kilos of 22 carat gold jewelery.
With this good a dowry,
I could get heirs of big families
for my daughter.
Without even showing her.
If I am standing here before you today,
it is because she saw your photo in the ad
and took a liking for you.
Otherwise why would someone
like us go to meet anyone?
Khushal Jamnadas never meets anybody.
People come to Khushal. Understood?
At Zaveri Bazaar!
Because we don't have any branches.
What else do you
expect from a father in law?
Enough is enough! Now listen to me.
Look at me, look into my eyes.
My name is Yogesh Bharat Patel!
I'm a man! A real man.
And I don't need no father-in-law
to help me take care of my wife.
I do not want any dowry.
Even a penny from my in-laws is
a disgrace for me. Say what?
-A disgrace.
-That's right!
Now take your crores of rupees
and your 22 carats of gold
and keep counting it forever!
Ask her. Ask her yourself.
Would she like to chat
with me in private or not?
Come on baby, we must leave.
Chandrika baby, let's leave.
Don't worry.
I'll be waiting for you in the lobby.
Take care of yourself, baby.
Please sit.
I'm really sorry Chandrika,
for being rude to your father.
Please tell me something,
about yourself?
What would you like to know about me?
So you do speak. Awesome!
I want to know everything about you.
I mean if we are considering marriage
then it's better to
get to know each other.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
No. Yes. No! Why do you ask?
Do you believe, that we
have a spirit within us?
Yes. Yes. Maybe. Never gave it a thought.
So what happens after death?
Who knows?
I've never experienced death before.
You haven't?
You mean, I have experienced death?
Don't you remember anything?
In your previous life,
you fell off a cliff and died.
You mean...
you mean both of us had a previous life?
I was thirsty.
You were going to
the stream to get some water.
Then you disappeared and never returned.
After three days your body was found.
Wow, my body?
Yes, right here.
Is that me?
Yes. Twenty five years ago.
I'm happy
that I recognized you
the moment I saw your photo.
Have you recognized me?
I've been observing you.
I think you have recognized me.
Why else would you
insist on meeting me alone?
Yes. No. I mean, I do recognize you
but as Chandrika Khushal.
You still can't remember anything?
To be honest...
This is what I was afraid of.
But the moment you hear this song,
you will remember everything.
Song? What song?
I'll love you
For a hundred lifetimes
Oh my love
Do you remember?
It's a great tune
but I've never heard it before.
This was our favorite song.
You use to play it so well on your guitar.
A guitar in my previous life too?
I'll love you
For a hundred lifetimes
Oh my love
Every moment, every step
We'll be together
Oh my love
I now remember
the forgotten tale of ours
Who you were, who I was
Where we were
I'll love you
For a hundred lifetimes
Oh my love
We defeated fate itself
And met
We traversed every distance
And met
-Be it sorrow, be it joy
-Be it death, be it life
We'll be together
Forever and ever
I'll love you
For a hundred lifetimes
Oh my love
Every moment, every step
We'll be together
Oh my love
Shall we go out? The room feels small.
I feel trapped in this body!
Please come, I'll walk you to the lobby.
Bhautesh? What are you doing here?
Oh! Yogesh. I'm also a photographer.
And I was called to room number 1740.
-This is the correct number.
-Then I must have made a mistake.
Yogesh, now that your uncle is here.
Can you ask him to
take a photo of the two of us.
I want to remember this day forever.
Chandrika, you remember everything anyway.
Of course, this is what I do best.
-Very good!
-One more!
Sure, very good!
-What's this? Invitation card?
Without the girl's name?
The wedding is on the 20th and
relatives have started speculating.
Anyway, did you like Chandrika?
She believes that we are
soul mates for eternity.
Maybe it is true.
Maybe, but I know one thing for sure.
That all the girls I've met are great!
All of them are ready to take
the biggest decision of their lives
in just ten minutes.
Aren't you also doing the same thing?
-So what's the next sun sign?
At the rhythm of heartbeats
My heart sings
Of breaking all bonds
Chains and strings
At the rhythm of heartbeats
My heart sings
Of breaking all bonds
Chains and strings
However far you are
However helpless
All chains will be melted
By the fire in my heart
My path is full of thorns
But I love you so I walk on
The night is deep and dark
But someone speaks, hark!
Set your mind and body afire!
In this flickering light
Make your dream come true
Would you wait for me?
I'll just change and come back.
If you want, you can become
a good dancer.
Anyway, how was the show?
Shall we go?
Oh! Before we go, I would
like to make one thing clear.
Tell me.
I was four years old when I got married.
-I'm so sorry.
-No no! Married to my dance.
I will continue my profession,
even after marriage.
The Haji Ali shrine looks beautiful.
You know Mallika,
you're such a famous dancer
that I'm really surprised
you responded to my matrimonial ad.
When one is inheriting 30 crores
on his wedding day,
he should not be surprised.
How did you know about the property?
My uncle is from your grandpa's village.
I see. Okay.
You see, Yogesh.
It's important for an artist like me
to get married to a wealthy man.
Because, to generate donations
that too through dance,
you end up spending
more money than you make.
-I see.
-For example,
today we collected six lakh rupees
for an NGO.
-If you don't mind, I must ask you.
-Go ahead. One moment!
Can I get an ice popsicle?
A mix of black currant and raspberry.
Tell me.
Just because I have money,
I mean when I have money,
only then would you want to marry me?
A lot of people have money, Yogesh.
But I don't wish to get married
to all of them.
Then, why me?
Your grandpa told my uncle
that besides having an MBA degree,
you are a talented musician,
and you can sing too!
-Is that true?
-Yeah, a little bit.
That's it! I thought I would
connect best with another artist.
-No thanks, I'll avoid it.
-Why not? It's very tasty!
I'm sure but I'm not sure about the water
used for the ice, you know!
You foreign return types
have a lot of problems.
You guys always walk around
with a bottle of mineral water.
It's good that I didn't see
you with one at the theater.
Otherwise I would've told you
right there, N.O. No!
They drink mineral water
because the water here doesn't suit them.
You guys are all the same! Typical.
For the longest time you'll
enjoy having ice popsicles.
But the moment you acquire dollars
your stomachs start getting delicate.
What do you guys think of yourselves?
Seriously, I want to know.
You think the girls here will
get attracted to your green card.
But I haven't got a green card yet.
So what? You think that
you will lead and all
the Indian girls will follow.
Even if you get a green card
you'll remain an Indian.
Start the car, Prabhu!
Don't call me.
Let's leave.
Sir, at least try it.
That'll be ten rupees.
Let me try it first.
-Hey Yogesh!
-Khodi! Dude, when did you arrive?
Arrived yesterday, I called your place...
Got to know you're here, so here I am.
I'm starving, will you
join me for breakfast?
-Come on.
Khodi, my parents want me to get married.
Marriage! Wow! Even I'm here for that.
So, what are you looking for in a girl?
I'll marry the girl whose father
gives me the most dowry.
In that case,
keep this card.
She's super rich.
Call her and give my name.
Rajni Parmar? Then why didn't
you seal the deal with her?
I think differently, Khodi.
I don't want to sell myself.
Your life, dude! Now tell me something.
What kind of a girl are you looking for?
I just wish to find a girl who I
fall in love with the first sight.
Oh, really!
Then you must meet my cousin.
I only want to meet twelve girls
which have already been fixed.
My friend, she may be
the 12th or 13th, whatever!
Nandini, Nandini Jassani.
And if you don't want a dowry,
then you can't get a better girl
than Nandini.
Is it?
But, it's better if you don't meet her.
She has a problem.
What problem?
She's a bit too sexy!
It's the job of a man to handle her.
A real man!
You let her be.
What's her sun sign?
If you change appointments
at the last moment
our schedule will go for a toss.
I had a tough time
explaining to the parents
of the Scorpion girl
why we are not meeting them.
I agreed because
Khodi said that Nandini is sexy.
-And a Scorpion.
-That's what I meant.
This can't be them.
-There he is.
-No, Devu. This is them.
They are coming towards us.
Looks like Khodi scammed you.
-Are you Devu?
I am Mansukh Jassani.
-Oh, greetings.
-My wife, Shraddha Jassani.
-My daughter, Nandini.
Devu, I am an orthodox man.
To bring up a daughter is
the toughest thing these days.
-The times are such.
You won't believe it.
Our daughter has never been
to a cinema hall for a film.
Neither has she been to a
co-educational school or college.
As soon as she completed her studies,
she wasn't allowed to leave home.
All day she sits at home on her computer,
and learns something.
-The times are such.
Even then when Khodi mentioned that
Yogesh wanted to meet Nandini alone,
-I agreed.
-The times are such.
No, we've already met, this is enough.
Actually, Nandini might want
to speak to you in private.
-The times are such.
-Please take a seat.
-Seems like you are not happy to meet me.
Not at all, nothing of that sort.
What are your hobbies?
I don't have any hobbies.
The only thing I possess is passion.
I don't understand.
Yogesh, my passion is to become
the world's top model.
Model? You mean a fashion model?
Yes. Now tell me, what's your passion?
What is it that you can
put your life at stake for?
Don't think. Just say what
comes to your mind first.
I can sacrifice
everything for my family.
This is an emotion, not passion.
Passion is what makes every
moment of your life meaningful.
What is it that you won't
do even for your family?
My father wanted me to
join the family business.
But I wanted to go to
America for further studies.
That's it. So that's your passion!
And this is, my passion!
So who is the real Nandini,
this one or that one?
This one, honey. This one!
This is the real Nandini.
The other Nandini was a pretense
for my parents
just to keep them happy.
But I thought if someone is
thinking of getting married to me,
then I better introduce him
to the real Nandini,
Delighted to meet you, Miss Real Nandini.
The world's top model agency
is in Chicago.
And there is so much demand
for fresh fashion faces that...
-You stay in Chicago right?
No. My dad says no marriage,
no Chicago.
But my best friend got married in Chicago.
I chat with her daily on the internet.
That's how I know everything
about Chicago.
Just by chatting, how much
can you know about Chicago?
Ask me what I don't
know about Chicago.
Now will you marry me?
-Will you marry me?
Well, I've not thought about it yet.
Take me away to the city of dreams
Let's go, just you and me
I'm the one you're hoping to find
Just take one look at me
Your touch will make me
Good as gold
The stuff of dreams
I'll get to hold
Awaken the magic
Give it wings
The princess of dreams I'll be called
You can write my name
On the skyline
Your name on the skyline?
Alright, sure.
Make my fame spread
Through the world
Fragrance will spread for sure.
If you give me the part
I'll sing from the heart
I'll show the world
What's state-of-the-art
Let it rain so much love
That I will shiver
What I ask for
The world will deliver
Take me away to the city of dreams
Let's go, just you and me
I'm the one you're hoping to find
Just take one look at me
Your touch will make me
Good as gold
The stuff of dreams I'll get to hold
Awaken the magic
Give it wings
The princess of dreams I'll be called
So, Yogesh.
What do you think?
You're really something, Nandini!
Only you understand me. Will you marry me?
You know, Nandini...
for you, marriage is a means
to achieve your passion.
I think, the best thing to do
is to tell your dad
what you really want to do.
Tell my dad?
-About the real Nandini?
I can't do that.
You will have to do it.
Some day, you will have
to show him the real you.
Yogesh, he won't understand.
He will not accept it.
Even then, what do you have to lose?
Either way you can't
do what you like, right?
But just imagine,
if he says yes,
you will be able to
achieve whatever you want.
-I won't be able to do this.
-You can do it, Nandini.
Wasn't it you who said...
that passion is what gives
meaning to every moment in your life.
Modeling is what
gives meaning to your life!
That's your true passion!
For which you can wager
everything in your life!
Nandini! What's this?
What happened to you?
Dad, I don't want to get married.
What kind of clothes are these?
-Did he make you wear them?
-No! Come with me, Yogesh.
No, dad. These are my own clothes.
Actually, I have been hiding
something from the both of you.
I want to become a model.
Let me explain.
A model, really?
Everything went smoothly because of you.
Mom and dad also agreed.
I see...
You're still meeting other girls,
after you met me.
It was already fixed, Kajal.
I really like you a lot, Yogesh.
And I hope, I really hope
that we get an opportunity.
What kind of opportunity?
To get to know each other.
To get to know each other?
But only six days are left.
Why are you in such a
hurry to get married?
What is it, Jitu?
Give him the phone.
No Chand,
I haven't decided as yet.
Tell Brother that before the wedding,
I'll reveal the girl's name.
Dr. Pooja Goradia.
-You first.
-You first.
-I was...
You are late.
We have set up a medical
camp in a village nearby and...
my team has already left for it.
-I'll have to leave soon.
Actually, I think it's strange
to meet a guy this way.
-I mean for marriage.
-Exactly! Me too.
I don't even know what to look out for.
Exactly! What can one
tell by just meeting someone?
What's that?
-What's what?
-No, there on your hand.
On my hand?
I haven't noticed this before.
Please have a seat.
-Please shut your eyes.
Dr. Pooja, even if you do
hurt me, I may just like it.
Call me Pooja and shut your eyes.
-What was that?
-A needle.
Pooja, girls usually interrogate the boy
but poking him with a needle?
-Please keep your eyes shut.
I want to know that when you
meet a guy for the first time
-do you poke needles into him?
-Of course not.
But today it's different.
Oh, really?
Shut your eyes.
-And if you feel anything, say so.
I am beginning to enjoy this.
Did you feel anything?
Please shut your eyes.
Tell me how do you feel?
Same feeling or a different feeling?
Both times I yelled the same way
which means it's the same feeling.
I was only making sure
that you don't have kusht rog.
-Kusht rog.
-Kusht rog?
-It means leprosy.
-Leprosy? Oh my God!
Don't worry. Today we have
antibiotics that can cure leprosy.
Give me! Give me all the antibiotics now.
But you don't have leprosy.
It's only a lack of Vitamin D.
Ever since I finished MD,
I only see cases everywhere.
I'm glad. At least I know
now that you have sharp eyes.
It's the nurse.
Hello, yes. I'll leave right away. Okay.
I have to go.
Well, then...
Will you come with me?
Alright then.
Meet me at the entrance.
Please come. Get on.
Let's go.
Beloved, you are different
Beloved, you are different
The way you are,
The way you speak
I've lost my heart,
You're unique
Beloved, you are different
Beloved, you are different
The way you are,
The way you speak
I've lost my heart,
You're unique
Beloved, you are different
You are different
My name is Pooja Goradia.
And today's medical camp
has been organized by
Sri Madhusudhan hospital.
We will give pulse polio
drops to all the kids.
They are our nurses who
will give you the drops.
Now stand up in a line.
Bring the kids back.
The moment we met,
My search came to an end
A gentle breeze blew,
The moment blossomed
Joyous flowers bloomed
In the garden of my heart
Beloved, you are different
Beloved, you are different
Beloved, you are different
Beloved, you are different
Now I don't want to meet any other girl.
Come on, Pooja.
Let's get married and fly to Chicago.
Just a minute, Yogesh.
I like you, but...
But what? You believe in reincarnation?
You want to get married after a year?
So you want a contractual marriage?
What is that?
-You're in love with someone else, right?
-Don't be silly, Yogesh.
-I only want to practise here.
-Here? You mean in India?
In these villages.
-Is there scope for profit here?
But I am needed here.
But if you go abroad,
you can super specialize, you know.
That's not the only factor.
All problems cannot be solved with money,
But didn't you know that
I want to settle abroad?
I was aware.
So then?
My father insisted that I meet you.
Yogesh, if a girl can leave her world
and go live in her husband's world,
then can't a boy do the same?
Especially if he really likes the girl?
Of course, he can. Why not?
But what will I do here?
There are more opportunities abroad.
In that case,
this decision is not in my hands.
-Dad, please sign this.
-What is this?
I'm applying for a survey map of the land
that Yogesh is going to inherit.
-Why? Do you want to sell the land?
We'll only mortgage a part
of the land to the bank.
And in a few years we can
earn enough to get it back.
You will earn?
-Checking out, sir?
-No, I'll be back tomorrow, thanks.
I don't understand what the urgency is.
I'll tell you. Load the luggage quickly.
Driver, let's go.
-Who is Mr. Zaveri?
-Mr. Zaveri! The owner of Freelance Group.
Yes, he is the kapasiya king.
-Cotton king! Cotton king!
His daughter Vishaka could be your wife!
She is his only child.
Yogesh, think about it.
if you marry this girl, you will
live in this palatial mansion.
Welcome to Indralok.
A welcome ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Zaveri
will be with you shortly.
You must be Yogesh Patel!
And you are Devendra.
People close to me call me Devu.
I'm Indravadhan Zaveri.
And you're known as the cotton king.
-And this is Jayvanti, my wife!
-Hello, Yogesh Kumar.
-Please sit.
It's Uttarayan, the festival of kites.
We are celebrating
with friends and family.
-Where is Vishakha?
We'll call her. But before that
we would like to speak to you.
Sure, go ahead.
The moment we heard that Yogesh
is not interested in a dowry,
we got in touch with you.
How did you know?
Khushal informed us.
Remember him? Jamnadas Jewellers?
They have no branches!
Yes, of course.
Yogesh Kumar. We respect your values.
But if we don't give
our fortune to Vishakha
then who else will we give it to?
You are absolutely right!
Yes, but if she gets married to me
I will not let her give me anything.
Yogesh has been a very stubborn boy,
right from his childhood.
And our daughter too!
She thinks that she has
a very simple lifestyle.
But in reality, she does not
know what a simple life really is.
That is why I would like to tell you.
That after marriage,
let Vishakha's bank accounts remain.
So that her simple lifestyle
does not bankrupt your family.
Do you agree with this?
I need to think.
Sure. Let's meet her.
Get to know each other.
Then you can decide.
Yes. Where is Vishakha?
In Vrindavan.
In Vrindavan?
Outside. In our garden.
She's expecting you.
-I see.
Why are you hiding your face?
Because you'll be shocked by it.
You might even get frightened.
Frightened? Why?
I am not beautiful, Yogesh.
So what? Beauty lies in
the eyes of the beholder.
Lift your veil.
No. Why don't you lift it?
Come a bit closer.
Is that so?
You know, Vishakha. What
I can't understand is...
What, Yogesh?
-You are so beautiful...
-That I am.
-You are so smart...
-Yes, that too.
-You are so wealthy...
-I know!
The are plenty of rich suitors out there.
Then, why are you meeting
someone like me?
Why? What's wrong with you?
Nothing. But I don't have anything.
Is that all?
You know, Yogesh. We have a lot of cars.
But I still like traveling by bus.
And we have four
elevators in our house.
Yet I prefer using the stairs. Ask me why.
-Because I prefer living simple.
So, how do you travel abroad?
-On horseback!
Dad's shipping company will
take our horses across the Atlantic.
I doubt it if anyone has
ever done this before,
but we will.
Double seat! On a horseback. How romantic!
-So it's fixed?
Yes. Fixed?
So, will you marry me?
-You will marry me! Yay!
You will marry me!
-What is it?
-It's time for the prayers.
-I'll be there.
Shall we go?
Daddy, Yogesh said 'yes' for marriage.
You said 'yes'?
-You said 'no'?
I need time to think.
What's it? What's it?
Tell me what's in your heart
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Why are you flying high?
I ask you from the heart
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Why are you so distant? Tell me
Are you true or false? Tell me
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Tell me what's in your heart
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Why are you so distant? Tell me
Are you true or false? Tell me
Dolly, I am fed up of your eccentricity.
Why do you do this?
Dad it's important, please don't stop me.
But this boy seems really genuine!
That's what I want to see. Wait.
What can I say? What can I tell you?
You're up in the sky,
I'm here on earth
I am what I am
You're different from anyone I've seen
We can't get on the same page
Even if we try
If what I say is true, tell me
If it's not, then too, tell me
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Tell me what's in your heart
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Why are you flying high?
I ask you from the heart
What's it? What's it? Tell me
Why are you so distant? Tell me
Are you true or false? Tell me
-Please have it.
-Thank you. Thank you.
We should get going.
What are you drinking?
When Indravadan Zaveri
offers a drink you can't refuse.
But I'm doing this for you. Cheers!
So, did you like her?
-She's raving mad.
She wants to go to Chicago on horseback!
Indu did what any other
smart businessman would do.
Defective goods are always
palmed off to out of town customers.
Dolly, you have made a
blunder by acting mad.
But daddy, if I didn't act
crazy then how would I know
if he wants to marry me or our wealth.
What do you think his
answer is going to be?
All I know is...
As soon as we get their refusal
I will tell them
that all of it was staged.
Our daughter is not crazy.
Bhautesh, once again you're wrong.
This is Jayuben Zaveri,
a wealthy and famous socialite.
Your spying contract has been canceled.
Shut the damn door.
Even if you cancel the contract,
I will not stop spying.
What kind of detective is he,
who leaves his case undone.
One more thing.
I have a niece, Bhavna Shukla.
Her sun sign is Sagittarius.
She also replied to your matrimonial.
Please cancel the girl selected by Devu.
And replace that girl with
my niece, Bhavna Shukla.
Let her meet Yogesh,
an heir to 30 Crores.
-This is my wish.
-But I have no such wish.
Then you will have to change
what you wish for.
Else I will have to inform
Devu that his cousin
is spying over him.
Hasmukh Shukla?
Hasmukh Shukla?
-Mr. Hasmukh Shukla?
I am Hasmukh. Greetings.
Greetings. I am Yogesh Patel.
Welcome. Meet Bhavna's grandmother.
-Greetings, please sit.
He has come to meet Bhavna.
We have been waiting
for you all morning.
We thought you'd come in the morning.
That is why we did not go anywhere.
It was I who told Pragna that
you would come this morning.
Yes. Got it, sir.
Pragna, let's call Bhavna.
Here she comes.
Bhavna, Yogesh Kumar has landed.
Bhavna's uncle Bhautesh had told us
you would want to meet her alone.
-Let's go, Pragna.
Let's go!
Now you can meet Bhavna alone.
Bhavna, first match your birth charts.
We are going to sit in the next room...
and listen to everything.
Yes, grandpa.
-Please sit.
Write your place of birth,
the time and date.
I'll prepare your birth chart.
-Just give me five minutes.
A Scorpio! The moon and Saturn
are in the first house.
You are soon going to
get a good fortune.
I'm also getting married soon.
Jupiter, Cancer.
You will earn a lot abroad.
If you do this in America,
you will earn a lot.
One does not take money for this.
This is a study.
Oh! Krishna!
-What happened?
-Venus is in an unfavorable position.
Show me.
See. The eighth house is in trouble.
This means you have Dwibhaarya Yog.
Dwibhaarya Yog?
It means, Venus will be happy
only after ruining your first marriage.
That means I have to get married twice?
Look, I'm sorry.
I cannot marry you.
Your first marriage is destined to fail.
-Jesus, man!
-Here, we believe in Krishna.
Don't you have some sort of mantra
that will reverse my fate,
save my marriage?
Well, I don't have any such solution.
If you've been in a
relationship similar to marriage...
Similar to a marriage?
I can only marry you...
if you've had a complete
physical relationship with any girl.
A complete physical relationship?
You don't know?
Actually, I do. I know a lot.
But it's not been 'complete' yet.
Actually, there could
be one more solution.
If you have a
complete physical relationship
with the girl
that you're going to marry
then you might just
save your first marriage.
With you?
-First, start with an embrace.
-An embrace?
To calm down planet Mars.
I see. And then?
After an embrace, a kiss.
And that is to calm whom?
To calm down all the planets.
You know what? My heart does not agree.
What are you doing?
Sweetheart, have you read
'The Art of Love?'
Sweetheart, have you read
'The Art of Love?'
Want to know what it feels like
To fall for someone
Want to know the whole story?
Want to know the whole story?
What fire lights up the lips
What smoke fogs the eyes
What fire lights up the lips
What smoke fogs the eyes
Why shadows begin to whisper
Why you want to stretch lazily
Why the unease, why the whimper
Why does desire blossom
Want to know the whole story?
O beauteous one, I did not know
Menaka takes birth
In each era
The bond of love is an embrace,
how do I tell you
The message of love is
A kiss, how to tell you
It is this option that causes confusion
What else can I say?
Want to know the whole story?
Want to know the whole story?
How was the girl?
What's it to you?
I may not have anything to do with it.
But it has a lot to do with your brother.
Now save your answers for my Brother.
Brother, here is Share Bazaar
and I also got the NRI.
So, have you decided?
The girl's name on the invitation card.
It will be decided by evening.
How can it, Brother?
The wedding is in two days and
he's still searching for a girl.
For all you know we will
be searching for them.
Yes, you have to tell us
the name right now.
But Moolraj, I have to meet one last girl.
I don't care how many girls
you're yet to see.
You will write the girl's name
on my invitation card right now.
She is a very good girl.
I am very happy with his choice.
So am I.
Alright, let them go.
Let's go.
-It's grandpa.
-Dad never forgets my birthday.
-Greetings, grandpa.
-Please accept my greetings, dad.
-Happy birthday Bharatkumar!
-Thank you.
-Greetings, dad.
-Greetings, dear.
-Greetings, grandpa.
-Greetings, grandpa.
Blessings to all!
-Yogesh, tell me something.
Do you want to sell the land
or mortgage it?
Mortgage the land?
Then why did your father call for the map?
The map?
You see, Yogesh will soon leave
for America.
We have to help you
take care of the land, right?
I wanted to know how big the land is
and where it lies.
So you should've asked me, Bharatkumar.
What made you think I would
not answer your questions?
So you are trying to estimate
the value of the land?
Now, let me make myself clear.
Neither will this land
be sold nor mortgaged.
And any attempt to do so
would be breaking the law.
Dad, we want you to
come for Yogesh's marriage.
At the moment, he will
not listen to anyone.
Why were you in such
a hurry to get the maps?
Dad, I had to submit it to the bank.
It's all over now.
No one can save you now.
Start packing!
We will have to empty this house.
Please take care of your blood pressure.
Here, have some juice.
Dad, were we going to mortgage the land?
No! We were going to grow
wheat and clear Jitu's debts.
You're not even taking any dowry.
-Will you take a dowry now?
-Hey, what happened?
-Hey, is your marriage fixed yet?
-Not yet.
-Oh good, thank God.
I was hoping to talk to you in private.
I have a room upstairs,
I have to pack as well.
So do you want to go there?
Yogesh, you're the only
one I trust in this city.
Despite knowing I have a boyfriend,
a stupid guy agreed to marry me.
And my uncle is so fond of the guy
that he called mom and
dad down from Kampala.
Then you say 'no'.
I already did that, Yogesh.
They will forcibly get me married to him.
Damn! What now?
Here is the plan.
You say 'yes' to me for marriage.
-Yeah! Agree to get married to me.
We are checking out.
Please have our luggage taken out.
I think I forgot my wallet.
And my cellphone too.
Devu, you always forget. I'll go get it.
And please have my nephews room cleared,
But he just went back to his room.
Yogesh? I thought he was at home.
If I had four Crores on me,
I would've instantly
said 'yes' for marriage.
Now you can call whoever you have to.
Despite all I've done,
you want to help me.
Now don't think I'm falling for you.
-I thought you were alone.
-No, Devu.
You didn't even tell me
you made up your mind.
It's not what you think.
We're just good friends.
I didn't see anything.
-Oh! No, uncle.
Yogesh, your uncle has
completely misunderstood us.
Don't worry. Let him be.
No, I need to clarify
his misunderstanding.
I'll tell him,
it's not what he thinks.
So she's pregnant with his child!
Who's this?
Now don't tell me
it's a friend or relative.
I've never seen her before.
Come and see for yourself,
how cozy they're getting in public.
But this is Sanjana. Sanjana Shah!
She had come here to meet me.
You think so because
you are very naive and innocent.
If she had come here to meet you,
why would she go to Khandala
with someone else?
To Khandala with Devu?
He's rejecting such a
beautiful girl like you.
If I were any younger, I would
have said 'yes' instantly! Right now.
This is the dark modern age.
And your uncle is the doer.
Look at your father.
He never gets off the phone.
Congratulations, Bhautesh!
The mission is accomplished.
Kanta has left for Khandala
to catch them red-handed.
You proved to be a very good detective.
Yogesh, this is his new identity.
-Where's the bonus?
-We shall settle it in office.
Bhautesh uncle, please send me
the pictures on my phone.
Do you remember me?
I don't know where Devu is.
I had gone to get his wallet and mobile.
Khandala. With my friend.
Khandala! With your friend?
Yes. Take a look at this.
Do you recollect?
Are you sure they
have gone to Khandala?
Which room is Devu in?
Devu, who is this?
She's, let me explain.
She's Sanjana.
-Who is she?
-Anila. Sanjana.
I'm not...
-And who is she?
And who am I?
Kanta, my wife!
Neither can I convince dad
nor will you take a dowry.
What will happen to Jitu?
Mom, do you believe in astrology?
Yes, but I trust destiny more.
Then nothing can stop this marriage.
Now even I'll do what you do.
-I will trust my destiny.
Today I'll marry whoever I meet.
How was Khandala?
-Very crowded! I couldn't stand it.
-Why, what happened?
It really hurts when
your own people betray you.
You are absolutely right, Devu.
It does hurt a lot when
your own people betray you.
-How did I betray you?
-Didn't you take Sanjana to Khandala?
Yes I did take Sanjana to Khandala.
So now you're falling in love with her?
Don't even talk about her to me.
I tried her number several times
last night, but she never answered.
That's because...
she doesn't wish to talk to you.
Now shall we meet the Capricorn girl?
Jhankhana will be here soon.
Here she comes.
-This is Jhankhana's mother.
This is our daughter, Jhankhana.
-I see.
Serve them the tea, my dear.
Why does the girl
Suffer behind her veil?
Why does the girl suffer behind her veil?
Thank you.
No one knows
Thank you.
Why does the girl suffer behind her veil
Won't you have some tea, Manhar?
How does she take two steps
Come sit here.
As if she is chained
Why does the girl
suffer behind her veil
The tea is nice.
No one knows
Which college are you studying in?
No one knows
No one knows
What happened, Jhankhana?
What happened, Jhanakana?
I think she is getting nervous.
She's a bit nervous.
The burden of tradition
How long will she carry
The burden of tradition
How long will she carry
When will things change for her?
Will you step out, please?
-Please excuse us, Manhar.
When will the chains break?
-What's the matter?
-You should not have done this, Devu.
What shouldn't I have done?
Didn't you know that
this girl is underage?
-This girl?
-Don't try and play innocent. You knew it.
Now you are taking revenge
for what happened in Khandala.
Yogesh, how can you
think so low of me?
I had no idea about this girl's age.
Devendra. Yogesh. Is everything alright?
Manhar, how old is your daughter?
-19 years old.
-Stop lying, Manhar.
-She's 15.
-You should be ashamed.
Please forgive me.
All my savings were spent in
my eldest daughter's marriage.
I am still burdened with three
more daughters. That's why I lied.
Please forgive me.
Manhar, I understand your feelings.
I'm younger than you but
I'd like to say something.
Jhankhana is a nice girl.
It's not her age to get married.
Don't deprive her of her childhood.
Nobody has the right to
deprive her of it. Not even you.
Thank you. I want to study more.
You have seen all the girls by now.
So what have you decided?
I don't know.
I can't understand what's going on.
Do this. Shut your eyes and...
Think about all the 12 girls you met.
And her face will emerge.
The faces I've seen
Are all winsome
Can't say I've lost
My heart to only one
At times I want this one
At times I dream of that one
Looks like my stars are
On a merry-go-round
This one speaks so sweet
That one's doe-eyed
Maybe it would be smart
To not say much, and just ask
What's your sun sign? Tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Just tell me, please
What's this magic?
All girls look magical
How do I tell you what I feel
As I go around asking
What's your sun sign?
Tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Just tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Just tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Just tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Just tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Tell me, please
What's your sun sign?
Wake up, son.
Yogesh, today is a very big day.
I know, mom.
I have selected the girl.
Do you like her?
No, but it's alright.
it doesn't feel right
forcing you to get married.
Dad, don't worry,
we'll get the money.
Who is the girl?
-Ma'am, Mr. Patel.
-Hi Rajni!
I hope I'm not disturbing you?
-Hey, Yogesh!
You see, I'm all set here.
Yes. Thanks to you Mr. Patel that
I got my perfect marriage partner.
Now tell me, how can I help you?
Please say 'yes' to Mr. Indravadan Zaveri.
I want to marry Vishakha.
With that crazy girl?
Devu, I know what I'm doing.
Please make the call.
As the groom desires!
Hello, Indu! It's Devu.
Sir, Yogesh is getting married tomorrow.
All of you have to be there.
I'll fax the invitation to you right now.
Sorry, it couldn't
work out with Vishakha.
But please try to come, thank you.
Devu, how could you do that?
Yogesh, I could have gotten
beaten up because of you,
and I was even humiliated.
But I will not let you pay
for your brother's mistake.
-What mistake?
-Four crores.
Who told you?
Oh. Sanjana did.
You're so close to me.
You couldn't share your problems with me?
I know my brother is a fool
but I didn't know you were.
What did you think?
I'll ask for the 40 lakhs?
If you'd asked me for four Crores,
I could've only managed half.
But it would've saved
the expense of spying.
Devu, but what do we do now?
I've met Moolraj.
And if we don't pay him tomorrow,
-He will chop off our fingers.
-Nothing will happen to your fingers.
Then, will you clear the debt?
If I had four crores you wouldn't
have to sell yourself like this.
Then how?
All the debts will be cleared.
But you will have to
agree to what I say.
Agree to what?
You will have to marry
the girl I ask you to.
Which girl?
You almost agreed to marry
a crazy girl like Vishakha.
So how does it matter now?
Trust me on this.
All your questions will be answered
at the marriage hall tomorrow.
Bhautesh, are you sure
it's going to rain money today?
Bharat, you be rest assured.
I have checked my own horoscope
and reconfirmed it.
I am destined to get a bonus today!
Now you tell me,
if it doesn't rain money for you,
how will I get my bonus?
Devu, tell me the girl's name now.
What's in a name?
Both of you have met before and
had a liking for each other.
Welcome. Welcome.
I think it's the first girl, Anjali.
What do you think?
Whoever she is,
Let them complete four circles
around the holy fire
and let it rain money!
It'll be good if it's Chandrika.
She is homely and is the only child.
And Khushal has no branches.
Greetings. Welcome!
You will get your check today.
Else, I will have to call the police
That will not be required.
Please take a seat.
As I said, it will be done today. Sit.
-Please come.
-Where is the NRI?
There he is.
Here comes the bride.
This cannot be Anjali.
She walks differently.
Sanjana is in love with someone else.
Kajal wants to wait
a year for marriage.
Rajni is getting married to Khodi.
Nandini wants to become a model.
Vishakha has already been rejected.
Pooja doesn't want to leave India.
Bhavna's planets are a problem.
Mallika has rejected me.
Jhankana is underage.
This can be either Hansa or Chandrika.
But I can't see either of their fathers.
This is Rasik and Hemaben Shah
from Kampala.
They're Sanjana's parents.
And this is Bharat Patel!
-Hi, Yogesh!
Who else?
And this is my wife, Kanta.
-Devu, can you step aside?
-Yes, please excuse me.
But Devu, this is Sanjana.
But, she...
Likes Worobu, right?
-And even you.
-It's not what you think.
The other day she met
me in the hotel lobby.
She tried to convince me that
there's nothing between both of you.
And to prove that she showed me a photo.
-I was shocked to see that photo.
It was her boyfriend, Worobu's photo.
He's the same guy who I had seen
with another girl in Khandala.
So I told Sanjana that Worobu is
not in Kampala, he is in Khandala.
So I took her to Khandala
to prove it to her that Worobu
is with some other girl.
But in the meantime Kanta
and Anila got there.
I had a long discussion
with Sanjana after they left.
I figured out that
she is exactly like you.
Like me?
Deep within she likes you
but doesn't know it.
So when I told her to marry you,
she instantly agreed.
-Don't you like her too?
-Yes of course, a lot.
So go, get married.
It's happening, Brother.
I would've reached on time,
but the train got late.
I can't believe that you are here.
-I am very happy.
-Yes, we are very happy.
It's good that Devu called me
and told me about everything.
Devu. Here it is.
It's four crores.
1.5 in cash and 2.5 in check.
What is this, dad?
My dear, I know that my son-in-law
has a lot of self respect.
It's a good thing,
the way a man should be.
But he is a little immature too.
He hides his problems from
the elders of the family.
Thankfully Devu called
and told me everything.
Otherwise, it could've been disastrous.
Don't worry, all of Jitu's problems
are solved.
I made a big mistake, grandpa.
Please forgive me.
It's alright now.
God bless you.
So is this the face you've
been searching for, in every face?
God bless you.
It's my grandson's marriage,
where are the sweets?
-I will go get it!
Here's your money.
Do you want some ice cream?
You checked everything. Are we good?
Yes. I like the way you deal.
Am I right, Brother?
Yes. If you need anything else,
you can call us any time.
Your work will be done.
Let's go.
Wish the NRI a happy marriage, got that?
Finally, my grandson Yogesh is married.
Yes, but one question is
still left unanswered.
What's your sun sign?
What is my sun sign, Yogesh?
I don't know!
What's your sun sign? Tell me, please