When Billie Met Lisa (2022) Movie Script

[cell phone beeps]
"Can't do my work with all that racket.
Please move. Dad."
Wha-- [scoffs]
[saxophone squeals]
[discordant sounds]
Free us!
Can John Coltrane really
be playing under a freeway overpass?
No, he's dead.
It's a kid!
Younger than you?
Lots. Little stinker.
-[saxophone squeals]
I'm Billie Eilish.
Wanna jam?
That's a yes. [sobs]
[sign buzzes]
Uh, I'm sorry.
I've decided to go another way.
I am replacing you
with this kid I heard under a bridge.
-[musician 1] This sucks!
[musician 2] Some of us have a union.
[musician 3] Now I'm glad
I had three muffins.
This is crapola!
I haven't been paid yet
for that movie on Disney+.
-Uh, can you--
-See you later. Love you.
Okay, so, the first thing we do--
Hang on a second.
[retches, coughs]
[sighs] Let me give you a little tip.
[grunts] When you shoot a music video
with spiders in your mouth,
[whispering] make sure
they don't lay eggs.
Okay, bro, let me get this straight.
You spend your whole life
helping your sister?
-Your parents forced you, right?
-Mmm, no.
I'll never understand musicians.
[theme song plays]
This is, um, garbage.
[music notes gasp, groan]
But, um, I'll try.
-[music notes] Hmm?
-[music note] Hmm?
-[trumpet sounds]
-[music notes cheer]
The Simpsons
[theme song variation playing]
[Billie scatting]
[Billie harmonizing]
[Billie harmonizing]
[Billie scatting]
[theme song ends]
[sucks dummy]
My parents really support me in my career.
Is your dad supportive of you?
If you give him enough beer
and a pair of earplugs
and then tell him
that he can be in another room?
[saxophone plays]
[theme song variation playing]
[sign buzzing]
[Billie harmonizing]
The Simpsons