When Calls the Heart (2013) Movie Script

When Calls the Heart
- ... Yes it does.
- I can see that.
I would like to propose a toast...
For our Elizabeth!
You have chosen the profession more
nobler than a woman can choose.
I pray that the new mold
generation of our citizens.
- Elizabeth!
- Elizabeth!
- Thank you, Daddy.
- Enjoy.
Dear sister, I'm so
glad that we...
...celebrate you before
you go to New York.
Elizabeth Now what?
When you say where will occupy
teacher vacancy.
The superintendent Higgins
arrives tomorrow to discuss it.
Hear he's very handsome
and is not compromised.
Surprisingly, little sister,
is in the school where I can...
rather do... and more importantly
to me that looks like Mr. Higgins.
Well said!
Speaking of handsome, told me Helebord
Montclair Edward returns home.
- Where?
- From the Mounted Police.
Well his father thought he was
wasting your life, so...
persuaded... that, so
say, entering the academy.
Listen to the academy
It was hard on the young.
They can not be talking
Edward, the perpetual...
carefree... if there is one.
Just say shit about him
because it is the opposite of you.
He is free and you do not like
nothing you can not control.
This includes men,
at least in that aspect.
- Is not that true, Mom?
- Do not ask me!
Ask your father.
Your mother always tends
to dump all over me.
- No, it's not true.
- True and I appreciate it.
Without you, I would not have these
blessings and look at your...
... results. a
devoted wife and mother.
A devoted son and a
teacher and, god we...
help... our own
adventurous spirit.
Rather be an adventurous
Mom to finish as...
school... and not risk
in life and in love.
Julie Thatcher, please apologize.
We are celebrating your sister.
Dio 's speech
graduation as best...
... the class. graduate
in the best schools.
impeccable recommendations
all teachers.
Very impressive.
Thank you, and just so you know I know
all teaching methods,
from the basic to those
using poetry as...
Yes, yes, I trusted my,
I am very aware...
what... is well equipped.
What I mean is that I have a
Miss Thatcher confession to make.
I followed their aspirations
for some time.
Yes, I was at a conference
teachers at school...
a few months ago...
and I noticed you.
I hope you do not mind,
but investigate.
- I guess that signifi -
- Elizabeth, can I call you Elizabeth?
The truth is I am very pleased
how this opportunity...
enters your life... a
moment that can be helpful.
Thank you, Mr. Higgins.
Aside from its obligations,
have any distraction...
or hobby or something...
like so far?
There is a vacancy in the school
West End, a great institution.
West End? Oh, Mr. Higgins that
It is a school that cares...
children... much!
It has great students!
Not let you down, I promise!
- Please call me Tom.
- Thank you, Thomas.
Now, since I found you
an excellent place...
... there obvious favors
to show your gratitude.
Mr. Higgins, I mean, Thomas.
I will do my best to love
and learn from my students.
And be proud to hire me.
Actually that is not the kind
of gratitude I had in mind.
Oh, God!
Mr. Higgins, I'm just interested
in the position of teacher...
Not in...
Nothing more. Hope you do not have other
candidates for the position.
That depends entirely on you.
Maybe I should discuss with
my father's conversation.
I see.
Clearly we
misleading impression of each other.
I apologize.
Just out of curiosity, when children
your salon not behave as...
It must..., do you also call your
father to help you control them?
Oh, yes, yes, I think we
find the school...
Correct for...
person of... integrity.
Miss Elizabeth, a letter
just arrived for you.
Mr. Higgins.
- Yes, thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
Tickets? Train?
It is west of here, far to the west.
Oh, Coal Valley.
- Just west of the Rockies.
- All...
Look who I found in
the club. I have the pleasure...
to introduce you to...
Save Edward Montclair.
- Mrs Thatcher.
- Oh, God, you actually graduate.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, and I have become so boring.
It is very serious now.
Well congratulations, it's an achievement.
Thank you, sir.
Edward, now that you are part of
Nortwest the mounted police.
Can you explain to
my daughter to the west...
place... not to
refined ladies.
The Guard Review
Montclair stem is not required.
I can take my
own and still have not...
I decided to tell him...
accept Mr. Higgins.
Are you saying that Mr.
Assigned Haggins the west?
In a place lost hand
God, in the middle of nowhere.
Is hardly west
forsaken of...
... god. I have heard from many
people there. For example...
Cowboys looking for romance.
Outlaws, eager men
to get wives
that even steal
if they did so.
Miss, how do you know all that?
Because of the da-
You mean their
romance novels.
I'm not ashamed to open my
mind to world literature.
And not just jeans
and outlaws and police
mounted... there are Indians
throughout the west.
Sure, most are peaceful.
Although you may want to consider
haircut before...
any of them... feel
the necessity of fresh meat.
Julie, stop. What you say is true?
Well, obviously I can not speak
experience firsthand.
But I suggest that trained
West the dangers are real.
We all know that to Elizabeth
is afraid of his own shadow.
Not going anywhere, especially
if you can not walk home.
Are you serious?
Well as far as my
concerned, we have...
finished discussing...
is ludicrous idea.
Elizabeth is understood?
No, not you mother. this
take decision alone.
But I will take your position
into consideration.
Good night.
Does Aunt Elizabeth?
" When you get off the train in
Palm Streams, I was greeted... "
"... for a small girl
and precocious, Perlie name. "
" Along with his father Mr. Leverly. "
" Using lenses and gold
wearing all black, "
" Mr. Leverly, up my bags
Also in his black chariot. "
"As black as your horses. "
cavy doubt that was the
" While the horses were
riding through... "
"... the prairie Perlie
Leverly kept talking. "
" He talked about all
known issues. "
" From children's games
occupation until...
his father...
deal with the dead. "
" And all I had
between the two issues. "
We have many pickles,
Do you like pickles?
- Yes, I like
- If, while saltier better.
But I hate when it hits me in the
hair seem gelatin, do not you think?
I heard that when you
snag one, you do not stop screaming.
" finally arrived to the place
call home for the next year. "
" They referred to the place as
the house of the master. "
- That's all.
- Thank you for your support.
Good day Miss Thatcher
I see tomorrow
school, Miss teacher.
I 'm dying, Perlie.
Any teacher? She was a teacher.
In the West...
Only moments after they left,
eagerly ran to the new school.
To begin preparing
for my first day of school.
Hello children, my
name is Miss Thatcher.
And I am very pleased
be your new teacher.
Yes, go ahead.
That's a wonderful
question. A proportion...
... is a special form
in algebraic equation.
Let me give an
instance. Say...
We have apples and oranges.
In a ratio of 4 to 5.
We now have 7 blocks,
How many oranges - believe?
Excuse me, is anyone there?
Excuse me?
I went for some wood
to make a bonfire.
When he was talking between before
alone and did not want to disturb her.
I was just... practicing a little.
Thank you. I'm the new teacher, but
I guess I already had deduced.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm just not used
to a small town, thanks.
No, is that considered small,
is the city to which I refer.
Assuming all mess
in the affairs of others.
Forgive me, I 'm rambling.
No matter Miss...
Are there any supplements...
need...? me
turn to the city and why...
Oh, No, no, I'm fine.
- Thank you.
- Then I 'm on my way.
What I've got now?
Sorry to say that decline
very quickly their offering.
I'll be back on Saturday
around 8:00.
- Done?
- Sorry can not remember his name.
Wynn Delaney
Well, Mr. Delaney,
I would be pleased.
I see clearly
where it will stop this.
No wonder my
sister would be,
It looks just like a romance novel.
works until very late doing
a list of all...
supplements for school...
he had brought from the city.
preparing my first class.
wished with all
heart, give a strong...
first impression...
my students and their parents.
Please God help me.
I knew it! Where did you find that?
The question is, where
I find you?
- In the safe of our parents.
- Do they know?
- You really have to ask that?
- Then you stole!
We borrow and you stole me.
They'll be furious if they find out
you've been reading!
Really do not believe that
will feel more disturbed...
knowing your... small
adventurous read it first?
What is our secret?
What I do not understand is why it has to
be a secret if it was many years ago.
I know. How far have you read?
- Wolves.
- No wonder you shooing.
Just imagine you were there.
Do not you think that would be
the rise to the occasion?
If our aunt was
overwhelmed by trying...
teach... in the meadow,
you would be even worse.
Please! You do not have
idea of? What I 'm capable of.
I know what you're not capable.
For example sleep
with the lights off.
It's because they need light to
read and study at night.
And sometimes I fall asleep
and stays on.
You would not last one day
without a comfortable hunting.
Or without mom or dad
to keep you safe.
You are wrong!
Well, then try it.
How do you suppose to do that?
Spend the next week
Guest house in the garden.
Eats and sleeps there. kitchen
your own food, wash...
your own clothes... without
any help from the staff.
What if there is little gained
test, I...
'll be yours...
for the weekend?
My admission that I
mistake to underestimate you.
Along with my blessing
to accept this...
teaching position...
in the middle of nowhere.
" May your stay comfortable
and pleasant, sister. "
"I respect and admire, Julie. "
This is a surprise.
Okay, aunt, alone
we are you and me now.
My first days were filled
any possible disaster.
Starting with this pack of wolves
rabid that kept me...
up all night...
before my first day of school.
I'm coming!
- I did not go to church?
- Yes, I know.
Do parents are wondering
if you go to classes to give us today?
Jesus Christ! I... I...
Only, only, please
Please, tell...
Me... I 'll be there in a moment.
Thank you.
Good morning, my name is
Elizabeth Thatcher and... by...
... Of course, you can
call me Miss Thatcher.
I apologize for Directions
Later this morning,
that is something that no
will encourage school.
I slept very late last night.
I am very pleased
to be their teacher.
And I'm about to show you... anxious...
beneplcitos lot to learn.
This year at this school.
Let's start? Want?
Then I had to deal
with problem,
who rejoiced as Carl...
... make teachers
touch things they should not.
See? forests
they are full of things...
of interesting...
we can learn.
Well, I think you still do not have
three weeks, but we will.
Oh, I guess you're right.
How do you spell poison?
P -O -I -S -O -N
How poison ivy?
No, would not dare!
They to reject those who were
unfaithful to their wives.
- Miss Thatcher.
- Mr. Delaney.
Do you find it convenient if from
to take her to town on Saturday?
- Yes, of course.
- Ready to go home, son?
Phillip Delaney, of course.
Oh, Miss Thatcher
Phillip 's mother and
I are grateful...
this here...
teaching children.
I am pleased for the opportunity.
With permission.
And the plot gets tangled.
Where are the Adorable
flowers that leave you?
From now on I will call only
Carl, the Evil Carl, Carl renegade.
The cruel Carl.
Do integraras as
well, if you do not submit...
some of the...
Nature drawbacks.
Furthermore Ivy
Poison is confused...
perfectly with...
orchids. Do not you think?
Do not scratch or you
remain a scar.
Just came to gloat or
there is another reason for your visit?
Just wanted to let you know that
while your parents will dine boiled,
Fredererick is preparing
delicious food.
Just admit Elizabeth,
not worth it.
- Surrender and return to civilization.
- Never!
Remember that now as
I know your Aunt...
never gave up... or before
this sassy Delaney.
Do not be so sure about that.
Oh, please do not tell me
fell before her charms.
That would make it seem like a lot to you.
Like me, you'll have to find out.
What the hell are you doing?
Take away the itch while it heals.
Never thought you were
resourceful, do you?
As I said I will not lose
this test... Good night.
As I drove to town
Mr. Leverly, amused me...
... imagining as serious as
Mr. Delaney will find my note...
... at the door. successfully
have eluded the highlights...
this without shame...
believed so irresistible.
" My apologies for
drawbacks. "
All right.
Good decision aunt.
Once in the village,
my first priority,
was trying to scare
another kind of plague.
variety mouse.
I purchased several of these
catches rats, but...
arming resulted... more
difficult than I thought.
Sweet mercy.
It was not my intention. Was incidental.
I am a killer.
I was wrong it is not
romance is terror.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning dear.
Poison ivy was too.
- Did you go to see it?
- I have ways to monitor it.
I'll go to the office. Becoming one again
New York investor.
I'll be back in time for dinner.
Good morning, son.
Your father is too gentle with you.
I would like to prevent
scallops guys for a whole year.
Oh, mother, it was just a silly joke.
Scratching may
heal your beautiful shape.
Not possible, the mashed potatoes
will be as a cream curator.
In addition, they thank me someday.
Why is that?
He's talking about accepting
is teaching position.
Is this what this is about?
He is trying to prove worthy
your eyes and the eyes of a father.
This silly joke, is my attempt
which to reason.
I do not want you to leave
your mother 's house.
I fear that this goes on
serious than I thought.
Miss? Thatcher, all right?
No, do not do that, you can do that...!
It may cause the
combustione ash.
As the fire grows too can
move him down here and make...
a bit... but to turn it on, only
has to turn you in the opposite direction.
Thank you for explaining
their proper use.
Now if you'll excuse me...
I'm clean.
If I may, I could take her home
my horse. It would be faster.
I would not. Excuse me.
I can not believe the
master this on my horse.
Certainly. Oh, it will be
very romantic if I...
around with his arms...
Travel insurance.
- Sure what is right?
- If I'm perfectly fine!
Thank you.
Have a nice day!
This is Mr. Delaney
deserves to break the...
teeth... and I'm the
indicated to do so.
Oh, God!
I did not know, was...
I'm afraid you'll have to excuse
my daughter, all this deprivation is...
... to prepare for your trip
West has left her a little uneasy.
- And very flushed.
- Oh, yes!
No more need to deprive Ms. Thatcher.
I think you will find this opportunity more
according to their needs than the last.
Why change... Apparently?
Let's just say I saw the
error of my methods and me...
realized... qualified
candidate you are.
- Well, I need to think.
- What's to think about?
- It is not perfect and in the west.
- All right, Mrs. Thatcher.
I agree. it
need to review your options.
Good, bad advice does not sit.
No, no, no, I think
think we should leave.
Good morning Miss Thatcher.
I'm not sure
should do this.
I have.
It is your decision.
Yes, but it is very stubborn and does not
knows what is best for her.
But do you?
It would of mounted police
if given the chance.
Will you help to save a life
misery and perhaps even death?
That's what is supposed to
mounted, or police do?
All I know is that the old Edward
I had done this just for fun.
Broken window right!
Mission accomplished.
Farewell and welcome Weston Coal Valley.
Please help!
- They 're everywhere!
- That does not sound right.
Have fun.
- I was bitten!
- How many were they?
- Please help!
- Miss Elizabeth? Miss? Elizabeth?
Lots of rats!
- Oh, Daddy!
- What is it?
It was horrible they were
- What's up, what happens?
- What was everywhere?
Rats! The house was
infested with them.
Oh God, I thought it was worse!
Elizabeth, are you all right?
We hear you scream
and came running.
You gain little sister! I'm not
prepared for any of this!
I'll let Mr. Higgins
morning that...
accept the position...
teacher in Weston.
I'm not ready for these
things like my Aunt Elizabeth.
- Where'd you get that?
- I...
How dare you take something from our
safe without permission?
Elizabeth did not take it, I did.
- You have no right to steal it!
- Steal?
At least I feel proud.
What does that mean?
- Maybe I should go.
- I apologize, Edward.
- Thanks for your concern.
- I'm so sorry, Elizabeth.
I was just trying to avoid
you from making a terrible mistake.
Women What have you done?
I went to see Mr. Higgins
I offered him money if I offered a
position to keep you here.
Under my care.
The paid for
offered me a position.
I only did it to protect you.
Just 22, no
I can let you be...
somewhere out there...
side alone unprotected.
The world is very dangerous.
And it seems that I am not
apt to go West.
Or teach here either...
I was told you wanted
me young.
Yes, I think I've done a
terrible misjudgment.
And I have to confess something.
What happened to her dad?
With Aunt Elizabeth?
Why all the secrecy?
Did you have a tragic end?
The truth is we do not know.
Except for a brief visit after
started teaching in Palm...
Springs... my little sister
left home and never returned home.
But we are family.
A bed.
Sometimes life takes a young
person to go their own way.
Receive a larger call, one that
is more important than anything else.
Even the family.
Then mom fears
we lose ourselves in...
the world as a...
lost Aunt Elizabeth.
Exactly. nature
tends to separate...
Road... our parents.
Human emotions
are very complex.
By reading her diary,
I felt desperately...
... he must follow.
Perhaps it is no accident
you wear the name of Elizabeth.
But considering who I am I think
incompetent to attend the call.
The fear is becoming
stronger in me.
I wonder if all this
Riot is not only...
my way to prove...
I 'm not as vulnerable
Edward came to me
today, to confess...
he put his...
situations against you.
How so?
Julie persuaded him to release
mice in the cabin.
- So it has not changed.
- Actually yes.
I do not think the old Edward had
had the courage to face.
But that does not change the fact
I was terrified.
People who always lives in the
Fear tends to never accomplish anything.
Except deny themselves the
possibility of happiness.
I will not fear anymore
Then trust who you are.
Commit to something. A vision of
world, which is larger than...
... yourself. No I do not fulfill
God's purpose for your life.
I love you Beth.
Today I had to say enough is enough.
I thought we could use nature
to help us with our spelling.
For example this small shrub.
A- R -B -U- S -T -O.
Now try all.
A- R -B -U- S -T -O.
Right. Roca.
R -O- C -A.
- Yes Andy?
- Can I go to the bathroom?
Please remember children
go to the bathroom after...
we will not have school...
interruptions, okay?
How do you spell that
"accident, " as you know...
if someone had...
had an accident...
Carl, maybe you can spell
" Donkey of the class. "
Andy, you can go.
Children, their care here, please.
Maybe they can spell
synonymous with " accident "
as calamity or misfortune.
Or do not even know
what is a synonym?
Children are very easy humble about
others with words or other forms.
But everyone should try to
others as we would be treated.
With respect.
Now all Stay here
and look for anything that...
together... they can spell the
nature, back in a moment.
While searching Andy,
knew who was...
deeply hurt...
by being humiliated,
prayed for words
right to comfort.
Andy, are you all right?
I started happening two days ago.
I need you to go
home to change clothes.
- Did you tell the whole class?
- No, of course not.
Accidents happen to anyone.
In fact I have a
secret of my own.
When he was old used to wetting
bed because he was afraid of the dark.
So now you know something
others do not.
- It's a good teacher Miss Thatcher.
- Thank you, Andy.
It's what I love most.
- Julie awake.
- What is it?
- I 'm going.
- Go where?
It is the middle of the night.
I accept the position of
Coal Valley master -
No, you will not, now go
to bed and let me sleep.
I'm serious, I
that 's what I do.
No. Do not listen.
I do not want to go.
You odiare if you do, I
I swear. I hate you if you let me.
Julie did not lose. I'll write
to tell me everything that happens.
Thus, although this far,
neither will feel alone.
Julie, please.
- You have to follow my councils.
- Yes, Mom, for the hundredth time.
Shelter me well I promise not to get wet
and not go after dark.
With snow and
winter just around...
the corner...,
remember to wear socks.
Stay warm always,
I want a cold caches.
Forgive me, I must be brief.
Because if not, there will be nothing
that prevents you do not let go.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you too, my little girl.
All aboard!
My daughter, I want to give you this.
So you can cross
borders without fear of losing you.
And most important for
you can find the way home.
Very well. Now you can go.
Go find out what God
has in store for you.
Elizabeth wait.
I regret what I said. Yes I think
your story will have a happy ending.
You marry and have children
and adventures and challenges...
and more adventures...
in the years to come.
No one had ever told me this.
But I prefer to be an adventurer
an old school mom.
I can not believe you said that.
You're my best friend.
Well Aunt Elizabeth 's time
occupy ourselves more.
Teresa, you can approach us.
Yes, Miss Thatcher?
Andy is not having
Good day, do you?
No, ma'am.
I think we 'd better
accompany home, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
It is really sick and weak.
- His parents have taken him to the doctor.
- But no money.
Sounds like things are
difficult for him and his family.
Well, maybe. We should help them.
- How?
- We could make a contribution.
As they did for
Do school.
We could make bread
and circus activities.
We could sell food to the
People like a good meal.
- Why not do both?
- What do you think Mrs Thatcher?
Well, I think it's a fabulous idea.
We will play
You've had your fun, bye.
Miss Thatcher, haunted
know... Lydia
Delaney, Phillip 's mother.
I love having
Phillip in my class.
Not as much as him. Do not stop talking
when you return home.
Okay, people. People, meet.
It's time to do is
social fund.
Okay, people, remember that we
raising money to care...
hospital... Andy Child
Moran and empty their pockets.
Well, our first
auction is a lunch...
Prepared and company...
Professor of Thatcher.
Let's start with a dollar,
Who gives a dollar?
One dollar!
- A dollar, I hear both?
- Two dollars.
Two dollars. But two U.S. dollars
are good, what about three?
- Three dollars!
- Three dollars, do I hear four?
- $ 4.
- $ 4 Well, do I hear five?
- $ 5!
- $ 5 ladies and gentlemen!
Well done son, now
I hear $ 6?
$ 6.
$ 6, I heard six
dollars, boy, do I hear 7?
I hear 620 cents.
6.20? Someone?
Bucks 6 is everything
that bring people? Well...
Mr... Leverly, you are going to
one, you are going to both...
$ 7.
Well, who would
say, we have $ 7.
Do I hear 8?
I'm ready to give
all with $ 10.
Well, it seems that Mr. Delaney
can not exceed $ 10.
Do you have anything to say?
- $ 50.
- Oh, $ 50!
$ 50! $ 50 people!
Mr.? Levarley?
He goes to one, is
you are going to the two and...
Leaving for... Mr.
Delaney for $ 50.
Bring Yogurt, friend wanted
want to start with that.
I can not believe it.
- Miss Thatcher?
- If pass.
Edward, what are you doing here?
Making sure you're safe.
Yes, I am, but I return to
the same, why are you here?
- Did not your father tell you?
- Tell me what?
Open step.
I am your escort Elizabeth.
He asked me to got here safely Coal
Valley road to my first assignment.
And therefore had no right
I do not need an escort.
The other thing I think.
Clearly, but that does not change the fact
that I can take care of me perfectly.
So feel free
jumping off the train.
It moves really fast.
I did not mean right now,
but at the next stop.
Well, because until 11
arrive at the following...
save and transport...
lead us to Coal Valley.
- So, yeah, I left happy.
- I think I did not hear well.
I do not want or need your company.
Well, just pretend I'm not here.
Just to make it
I'll stay clear on that...
nice chair... and you
take you safely to your destination.
It rains or shine.
Goodnight, Elizabeth.
I have not had a chance to
apologize for the mice.
I do not feel
speaking, if we?
Of course, I understand.
Despite raised money for
Andy medical treatment,
Wynn Delaney was bothering
for giving so much money for me.
And now give me more choice
confront the fact that front.
However knew the
do that could destroy...
your heart...
lovely wife and family.
- Miss Thatcher.
- Mrs. Delaney.
Oh, I feel terrible for not having
invited to our meeting ladies.
I figured it would be busy.
In not all. not
I'm here for that.
Maybe I came at the wrong time.
I see.
Miss? Thatcher? is
here I was about to go...
to pick... let me
get my hat.
It would surprise
bringing it to a picnic.
That's why I'm here.
Ms. Delaney... I want
that... it is perfectly...
clear that I never...
you flirt with her husband.
Does my husband? What are you saying?
Sorry I intruded.
I 'd better go.
Explain Miss Thatcher.
I just came to confront this.
- Directly. For perhaps stop -
- Stop what?
Ms. Delaney has been safe...
I know no other way to tell.
Her husband has been
trying to fall in love.
How dare you tell me
such a thing?
My husband is the kindest
and noble in the land.
And the fact that this stop here
doing these terrible accusations...
is... while on a bed
hospital is disgusting and pathetic.
Is there a problem here?
Or your teacher is delusional
or have been drinking.
He has called my Phillip
a womanizer and accuses...
have feelings...
romantic to her.
- You're not the father of Phillip?
- Uncle.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, God, I do not know how...
- Please, join us.
- No, just...
- Let me give you something to drink.
No, I'm sorry. Do not know how...
I'm sorry, I'll go.
My huge embarrassment, without
But not I Stop Wynn...
... continue with what turned
a splendid picnic.
Thank you, I spend a great time.
Elizabeth. I mean,
Miss Thatcher, sorry.
Elizabeth, please.
I was thinking and not
I want to be presumptuous.
There is a very special dance
the following week...
and I wondered if...
you want with me.
If you already have your time
ready for anything.
- Must be a magnificent dance.
- Yes, it is.
Yes, you would have to take the train
and stay overnight in a hotel.
My intentions are
the most appropriate.
And so we want to see there.
It will give me opportunity to
Andy visit in the hospital.
Always thinking in your students.
- I agree.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Well.
So Wynn Delaney
You're not only a farmer.
- What then?
- A guy like you.
Mounted police. Dealt with the
his brother's wife and son while...
his brother...
recovering from injuries...
to meet...,
attending the farm.
Sounds like something someone
mounted police would.
And my aunt had no idea until it was
with him to a dance of the mounted police.
- I'm told it's an event.
- From what I read, it is.
I'll have to go some day.
I guess they have nothing
similar in Coal Valley.
Yeah, probably not.
May I have this dance, Miss Thatcher?
- I do not think that's...
- Please.
Just in case you do not get
the dance of the mounted police.
Suddenly I gave a lot of sleep. I want
rest before our trip tomorrow.
I'd like that.
Good night.
After accompany the
Dancing Mounties,
started nodding
as he walked away from me.
You must be relieved to have Mr.
Delaney home safe and safe.
Yes I could have done
without the help of Wynn.
You may wonder what will happen with Wynn
now that Phillip is home.
I have feelings for him and
I think he feels the same.
It's mounted police,
dear. Not only enjoy...
good... horses,
also a good wage.
You think I want to settle down?
Even the police
Mounties have the right to marry.
Like me, he believes strongly.
I can not believe that a woman
and devoted one man...
each other... not found
a way to make it work.
I agree, but if someone
You can prove it to him, it's you.
- Elizabeth.
- Wynn.
I settled for all
not forget anything.
Well, then wipe
and go home.
Are patrol
mounted afraid to fall in love?
Dreading? No. Why?
That happened to your aunt?
Yes, Wynn gave Delaney
my aunt his speech...
because... of a policeman
mounted can not marry.
Well, if you think about it, was
with the best intentions.
Raising a family,
settle in one place,
put your life in
constant danger
move from post to
position, do your duty.
Something is not right.
Your low here!
This can not be good.
Stay here.
Oh, God, please help us.
hands up
Put your hands up!
That is, any sudden movement.
What about them?
I think that belongs to me.
Believe it or not, I was the one
he pointed to his head.
Until that appeared.
Nothing but dresses. nothing
jewelry, just books.
Where is the money?
Are we stupid enough to believe what
Travel money?
- Please, that's mine.
- No more.
It is something that my dad gave me.
Its value is negligible.
- Where is the money?
- I'll give you the money.
It's in the seat, in
a small chest.
That's much better.
Let's go.
Please, my compass!
Sorry, miss, I need it.
It's easy to get lost here.
but -
Untie me.
I love that my father will
did come to protect me.
- Already Maestra or not, Elizabeth?
- Yes
If you count there were three
of them and just one.
There is only one you, what
would have happened if the comparison?
How could you get to Coal Valley?
I promised your father that I would
there safely and this does not change that.
Sorry, you're right.
- What do we do now?
- 's Move.
- How? Frightened horses.
- We have feet.
You help me a little, Elizabeth?
- Your load another.
- No, do not take the chests.
We can not leave here.
These things, Elizabeth,
they can be replaced.
No, I can at least need
take school materials.
My major teaching manuals,
my collections of literature...
Really sorry, but never succeed in
Directions to Coal Valley. They are very...
heavy... and we are far away.
The sooner
you understand better.
We will.
- I can not go on.
- Leave the trunk.
- I can not.
- You.
I do not speak the trunk,
I speak of my foot, I can not walk.
I hurt a lot.
Can I?
I'll have to carry you, but not
I can do it and bring the trunk.
All right.
- What is it?
- What was I thinking?
- I just want to go home.
- I know it's hard.
- But we have to follow.
- I'm not made? For this.
This province is our
connection to the west.
What lovely! Please explain.
The people here are becoming
stronger, tougher, and...
in Coal Valley... as if it were
your own basic training.
So that's how it was for you?
In the first
weeks I hate my father.
For getting me to the service. as you
said, I just wanted to go home.
Now I see the purpose of pain
and pressuring myself.
Growing up, I thought life
As was to get the world.
Got my hand, as if
it was my birthright.
And then one day, the
I light me providence.
We were in training
basic, going on...
a frozen lake... of
Suddenly the ice broke.
And before I knew it I started
to sink to the bottom.
Oh, my God!
I remember seeing forms
blurry, like comets.
Revoleteando around my eyes.
Then everyone went
and left me.
And as I was running out of air.
I realized how small
we are in this universe.
And every breath, every
moment is a gift.
- And how do you survive?
- My friends.
I refused to give only soon
me out of the ice that had fallen.
As I drew I realized
they all were risking...
for me... and all they could
drowning me.
Then I knew, I knew
what my purpose.
Risking my life for others.
Knowing your purpose. my father
more or less said the same thing.
I took the liberty of bringing
something, I hope you do not mind.
I would read it to you.
" consecrate all my energy
my dear students... "
"... but there is a deep
emptiness in all of us. "
"Despite the best efforts
doctors or our... "
"... collection was not enough
to save Andy. "
Why do I have to die?
Why not be improved?
To be a child was
really nice.
Why Miss Thatcher?
Andy was so nice.
- Why did not improve?
- For God did not care for it.
- That's not true, Carl.
- I agree with Carl.
We can not assume that
God does not care about me.
Just because he died.
What is assumed?
To assume is to believe something when
not have any proof.
Like when you took
my uncle was my father.
Yeah, like that time.
Sometimes we take many
things and not good to do that.
It's my fault, I should press it
more than going to the doctor...
when I realized...
I was sick.
Come, we assume, most of the time.
And we
that with God too.
So if we can not assume
that God does not care,
we can not assume
that God cares.
Yes, that's right Carl.
Everyone, including myself, need
accept what is true.
For example, I
care about you all.
And I love them both. And where
if that love is not God
And so are you.
If I learned anything in
Basic training is...
distinguish between...
good and bad people.
You're going to change the world, Elizabeth.
With your gifts, as
your Aunt Elizabeth did.
I guess it must have
some students waiting.
Elizabeth, here we are.
Seortia Thatcher.
Following equation 4X5X8 =
- Can I help?
- Yes, I'm Elizabeth Thatcher.
- Miss Thatcher? Comes two days late.
- Yes
You see were robbed on the way and
left stranded there for three bandits.
We had to come walking.
The Montclair guard, was brave
to bring me all the way here.
Guard, do you mind if I talk
with Ms. Thatcher in private?
Miss Stanton, could
join us, please?
Following equation 7x3x6 =
Miss Thatcher regret the
hard journey you have had.
- Abigail Stanton.
- Nice to meet you.
We are the owners of the bar.
Too young to be a teacher.
I realize that perhaps
I am not what they expected.
but to be honest I did not expect
that the city was so empty.
Or that the school
I was in a bar.
A house would be more appropriate
if it had not been burned.
Miss Thatcher, the super
Mayor Higgins,
told what happened here, right?
Tell me what?
Three months ago there was a terrible
mine explosion and several...
men lost their lives... and many
of these children lost their parents.
Yes, I lost my husband.
We asked Mr. Higgins
send us your best teacher.
And not recede before
the challenges of Coal Valley.
The teaching position is a
of the few things in the whole...
this city... it is not
company-owned Coal.
The mothers, all of us
we sustain.
And we will not let the
company is responsible...
education... our children.
So if you accept this work,
we pay their wages.
Miss Thatcher, for
Please understand something...
We are all proud of the work
our husbands and children...
made... in the coal mine,
but we knew it was a risk...
... in order to grow the
nation, but for many women...
in the city... our
children is all we have left.
And we want your dreams
guide you in what...
and... should be done, although
That means leaving this...
people... behind. Therefore, its
teacher should be reckless...
to help them...
fulfill these dreams.
I believe in the same ideals, ma'am.
We do not want just
taught to read and...
writing... but because
fight for their future.
To put it kindly,
Is enough...
woman to do..., Miss Thatcher?
Miss Thatcher.
I know I speak for all in saying
we are most grateful...
for having taught...
our children this year.
Thank you.
Children, do you I can have your attention?
My name is Elizabeth and Thatcher
be happy to be your new teacher,
I hope you never fear
to get closer to me with questions.
My first rule in my classroom is
there will never be bad questions.
Miss? Thatcher, I can
talk to you?
- Ready?
- Sorry for children.
The men we
stolen just out of town.
So if you'll excuse me I have
money to recover.
- It's three against one.
- I like those odds.
Edward, I do not care about money,
and I can live without a compass.
I know, but it is my duty to recuperrtelo.
Like yours teach these children.
If you remember, as I read more
than you, and some...
Mounties... in the end
settling down.
Excuse me again
children, be right back.
Edward, Edward!
I had no time to tell you...
Just wanted to say...
please come back safe.