When Darkness Falls (2022) Movie Script

It's a beautiful day.
It's cold is what it is.
Yeah, well, welcome to Scotland.
You finish cleaning the car yet?
Thanks for the help, by the way.
There's no rush, man.
Fancy the lie in
after last night.
Glad you had fun.
What, you saying you didn't?
I don't know, mate.
It's losing the appeal.
You just don't
like going second.
Is the car spotless?
CSI wouldn't find a thing, mate.
I'm doing this thing in a
bit then we can move on.
Where we heading?
Grab the map.
Could you not use your phone?
Tommy, if I could get a
signal in my phone out here,
I'd be on the toilet
having a wank right now.
You sure you can
read that thing?
Aye, I'm no woman, Thomas.
People have forgotten
We're too reliant on phones.
What if it dies or it breaks
or you have to toss it
so you can't be tracked?
What're you gonna do then?
It's Scotland.
It's not that big, mate.
The hills are over 16
thousand square miles, mate.
I've seen you get lost
in the supermarket.
So, Columbus, where are we?
we're here right now.
If we drive past this village,
past the next couple of jobs,
park up here,
we'll double back in the moor,
hit a couple of big country
houses, both remote,
nothing but a bunch
of rich, old inbreds
too cheap to set up
any decent security.
How much you reckon we'll get?
Yeah, we're going for cash only,
but I figure we're looking
at a hundred K, easy.
See, some of these old
boys are traditionalists
and they hate banks.
Always pissed of paper money
to hand if you need it.
Good, then that's
it for Scotland.
Yeah, we've walked
our way across
and we don't wanna
push our luck.
Park up at the new spot,
scout for a couple of weeks.
I'd say three or four
weeks and we're done here.
Good, good.
I could do with a holiday.
Get bit a sun.
You've got sun, mate.
Yeah but it's minus five.
Soft southern shit.
I just wanna get the
feeling back in my dick, mate.
we can hit a couple
of the villages
near the new parking spot,
look for some local tail
and that'll get it going again.
No, I don't think
that's a good idea.
Why is that?
Well look, the first couple
of times they were fun, yeah?
But this one could
really come back
to bite us on the ass, mate.
I mean, what if
we get found out?
And who's gonna find out?
It's a unnecessary distraction.
I've been traveling around
with you alone in the car
for three months.
Either we get some
fucking Scott,
I'm gonna start
looking at you funny.
Getting it is one thing
but it's how we're doing it.
You're growing a
conscience there, big man.
I could not give a shit,
mate, but we have to be careful.
I mean, what if one of these
women remembers something?
What then?
We've got heap of trouble.
And what are they
gonna remember, eh?
They ain't gonna know
the name of their dog
after the shit we've
pumped them full of.
Gobshot you may be, Nate,
but a doctor of
pharmacy you are not.
I just don't
don't like it when it, when
they're like that, you know?
What's to like?
You stick it in and that's it.
She wasn't even awake.
Yeah, but most birds fall asleep
when you're shagging
them anyway.
Look, we're not a couple of
saints here, man, all right?
The reason we've gotten
away with it for so long
is because we're good at it.
So where's that bird?
I put her in the bath,
she'd been spewing again.
She best not die.
She'll be fine.
We'll just double back,
dump her in the village,
someone will pick her up,
she won't remember a thing.
You use a rubber?
Aye, I'm not thick.
You sure about that?
For fuck sake!
Go on, get after her
then, clever bollocks.
I ain't got any
trainers on, man.
Come on, go after her, go on!
Come on, my nan
runs faster than that
and she's got a wooden leg.
Fuck me.
Let's skinny dip.
Are you crazy?
Yeah, you better believe it.
You go.
If you want hyperthermia,
be my guest.
It's about 10 degrees right now.
The water is probably
barely above freezing.
Come on, live a little.
That's my point, Andrea.
I'd like to live long enough
to finish this trekking holiday.
We've still got 80
miles left to do.
"We've still got
80 miles left to do."
Let's cover another 10 miles
today before we set up camp
and then we can wake
up early tomorrow
and hit another village
another 10 miles away.
Who died and made
you scout leader?
I'm sorry but we
have to be practical.
Look, I planned the trip.
I invited you but I want
you to let loose a bit.
I want you to go head
first into the unknown.
You need it.
I don't need it.
I need...
Three bounces!
take a look.
I reckon we're here.
We go across to here, save
four hours to make good time,
camp for the night
and then wake up early
to make it time for lunch
at this little village here.
Which is halfway
between where we are now
and that old farmland
you wanted to visit.
That sounds like a plan.
I'm sorry if I'm getting
a bit bossy sometimes.
I just feel like you
whisked me away for this
and I was reluctant,
kind of stuff-offish.
I just want to be involved,
not just follow you blindly.
Look, I get it, Jess.
Don't worry.
Just remember,
this is about having fun too.
I plan on letting go of all
my inhibitions on this trip.
I'm gonna let loose.
Fucking hell.
Calm down, babe.
This is why people have
sat maps and mobile phones.
- It's the 21st century.
- See,
that's a bullshit attitude.
People just don't wanna get
their hands dirty anymore,
engage their logic a bit.
I can't believe I
let you persuade me
into leaving my
fucking phone behind.
Because you can't
properly escape
and like switch off otherwise.
Anyway, you'd spend half
the time climbing hills
trying to get a signal.
Trust me, old school
is the best way.
If we get any problems,
we can use this.
You know,
if we need a helicopter
to wench us out of a
ravine or something.
That's reassuring.
I guess we better get walking.
We got a lot of ground to cover.
Thank you, Andrea.
For what?
For dragging me out of my
rut and bringing me here.
I didn't get why you picked
Scotland, of all places,
but now that I'm here,
it's pretty cool.
Once we set up
camp, we can toast.
Hey, when in Rome.
We're not in Rome.
Hey, do you see this?
There's a guy watching us.
Oh, that's creepy.
He's even got binoculars
by the looks of it.
Are you sure we should
camp here tonight?
Maybe we should double
back a half a mile or so.
Hell no.
It's just some nosy asshole
farmer or something.
Come on.
That's enough.
Enjoy the view, buddy!
Jesus, you're crazy.
He waved.
What a Dick.
Having fun?
What, I probably made his day.
Real classy, Andrea.
Hey, listen. If you've
got it, flaunt it.
I'll get used stripping off
before this trip is over.
Okay, well now I'm disturbed.
Let's head to lower ground
and set up the tent.
That'll put hairs on your chest.
That'll improve my love life.
It might.
Men are into some weird shit.
Suit yourself.
I'm sorry I've been caught
up in my own thoughts.
I've not even asked you if
you're enjoying the trip so far.
Of course I am.
I just feel like I'm
a stick in the mud.
Like I'm a third wheel.
A third wheel, when
there's two of us?
More scotch for me.
I just don't want you to
feel like I'm a burden.
I asked you here
for a reason, okay?
I want you here.
I wouldn't have
come without you.
I wouldn't have taken
no for an answer.
I don't get it.
What's to get?
Well, we recently
reconnected after high school,
but aside from partnering
up in study hall,
we didn't really
spend much time.
Yeah but, look,
you got me through.
Look, my ass barely scraped
through those fucking exams
enough to get me into college.
I know high school
clicks and politics
made things difficult before,
but now...
You see me in a coffee shop
and you know what you did?
You were just natural.
And you were warm.
You make conversation and
you didn't look down on me.
I saw people I
considered closer friends
from high school at my job,
and their fancy suits, and
they either look down on me
or worse
with pity.
Because, you know what?
People, people are shit.
Well, I thought
you were cool then.
And I still do.
I'm glad.
Everyone has two
faces, you know?
But I feel like you're
some without a nasty one.
You see the good in
people, pure of heart.
Okay, you've had
too much to drink.
Oh, fuck off, I'm serious.
Are you happy with our plan?
You know me, I like to wing it.
So as long as
we're not so rigid,
there's just that
one farm I wanna see.
The one you saw in the picture.
It was years ago but
it always stuck with me.
It's not the Hanging
Gardens of Babylon
but it's like a mission
I have to complete.
Should we go to bed?
A little long day
ahead tomorrow.
Okay, it's just past 11AM.
There's gotta be a
bar opening soon.
I'd Google it if I had my phone.
Dick head.
Why do you wanna bar?
Let's find a local Walmart
and grab some food.
Where do you think we are, babe?
This is rural Scotland.
You know what I mean,
like a grocery store.
I dunno about that.
There might be a small one
but there's gotta be
a bar opening soon
and I want to drink
and some local cuisine.
We're in, out and on our way.
Just a quick beer.
Oh Jesus.
You want some food?
What you after?
We don't do
cocktails here, ladies.
You do beer though, yes?
Do you do food?
There's the menu.
Beer is fine.
I'll have half
of something light.
We'll have two pints
of something local.
I've got Irish,
I've got Australian
and I've got English.
Just two pints of your cheapest.
English, typical.
You find a seat and
I'll bring them over.
All right, chief.
You want?
Couple of pints.
Forget it.
Come on now, Tommy.
Let's take them for
the charm offensive.
Oh charm, is that what
you're calling it now?
Six pound.
You're in, Tommy.
Don't even think it.
We ain't got the time.
Make time.
Look, we've got work to do.
That takes planning, mate.
We don't need a distraction,
not even a welcome one.
Mate, if anyone
needs it, it's you.
Uptight or what?
Fucking hell.
They're fit, aren't they?
All right, so let's
lay on the charm.
If that doesn't work,
we'll speed things along.
You in?
All right.
Relax, Jess.
mind, if we join you?
Looks like you already have.
Oh, you're American.
Good spot.
I'm Andrea and this is Jessica.
So I take it you boys are local.
Nah, well, yeah, I'm from
Scotland but from Glasgow.
Thomas is from London.
Yeah, well just south
of London, actually.
So, you American too?
So are you guys
just passing through?
That means, "yes".
Yeah, I got that.
So what about you two?
We are trekking
across the Highlands.
Wow, that's brave.
They're bigger
than people think.
16 thousand square
miles, apparently.
Is it just the two of you?
Just us.
So, you got time to
stick around for a bit?
We need to make time up.
No, we can stay a bit.
Me and Tommy travel
a lot for work.
Last few weeks we've been
across north of the Highland,
so it's nice to run into
a couple of human beings
that aren't half dead.
Yeah, we are the same so far.
If you don't mind me saying,
you are both
absolutely stunning.
I don't mind at all.
can I have a word quickly?
Just a second.
Okay, what's the problem?
These guys are a
pair of assholes.
We've just met them.
Yeah, well I know the type.
The type?
The type that invite themselves
to sit down at your table.
Come on, man.
She's gonna leave.
Oh, come on, just have some fun.
I wanna get walking again.
Let's go.
Look, you know which
way we're heading, right?
So, either stay with me
and scam a few free drinks
off these two morons
or go ahead and wait
but I'm staying.
- Andrea.
- I'm staying.
All right.
It's fine.
- You're staying?
- No.
I'll meet you at
Harrison's Viewpoint
and then we'll
head to the bothy.
So, handsome,
where were we?
Where's your friend?
Oh, forget her, she's
in a rush to get back
out on the fields, I guess.
I'm heading up the road.
Need to get some
oil for the car.
Be back in five minutes.
So she won't be coming back?
Probably not.
You may as well
have drink too then.
Lucky us, eh?
So, where you staying?
We've got a little
cottage about six miles out.
Just curious.
Just curious?
You'll see.
Oh, will I?
Oh yeah.
Where's that bird?
I put her in the
bath, she'd been spewing again.
She best not die.
She'll be fine.
Go on, get after
her then, clever bollocks.
I ain't got
any trainers on, man.
Come on, go after her, go on!
No way.
I swear.
You all right?
What the fuck is that?
It's a radio,
in case we get
caught in a ravine.
A ravine?
I need to get wenched out.
You do realize that "wenching"
means something
else in these parts.
Go on then, do tell.
Well, it means
a snog.
No bullshit.
if I need a wench,
I'll know who to radio.
Hey, come on, you
gotta keep pace.
I'm just gonna go
powder my nose.
Take it easy, babe.
How about you
take it easy, babe?
I'll keep pace with you.
What do you want?
You're following me, why?
It seems to me like
your friend and my friend
are getting on pretty well
together, so I figured...
Figured what?
That we'd double date?
Look, if you don't want
to chat, that's fine.
I just think you should stay.
I'm going.
You don't fancy your
little company, do you?
If you see any good
company around you,
be sure to let me know.
You're not as much
fun as your mate.
Stop it.
Just tell me
where you want to go
and I'll drive you
there, it's no trouble.
just come with me to the car,
save yourself the walk.
Leave me alone.
You okay, miss?
Just passing through.
I'm okay.
What's up with your friend?
I don't know him.
Watch yourself around here.
This isn't a tourist village.
Like I said, I'm
just passing through.
A lot of people just
passing through lately.
He's not local?
I've seen him and his friend
around the village the last
few days but they're not local.
Look like got the idiots.
Where you heading?
East, past here.
The old Norris Farm Estate?
There's not much
to see up there.
Not far, some nice lakes.
Quicker to go to
through the valley.
Watch though, it's quite marshy.
Keep on the outside of it,
through the old rail yard,
that should bring you back down
to the old Norris Farm Estate.
See you later.
I'll meet you
at Harrison's Viewpoint
and then we'll
head to the bothy.
Have you seen my friend?
Your friend?
How the hell would
I know where she is?
I left her here four hours ago.
She was with two guys.
Ah, left a couple of hours ago.
How would I know?
I was in back, came
in and they were gone.
Well, did you catch
what they were planning?
What, am I the fucking Stasi?
Do you have cameras here?
I ain't got no
cameras, miss, sorry.
Well, what can
I do, I'm worried.
Can I use your phone?
What do you want my phone for?
To call the cops.
After three hours?
Listen, flower,
you're beginning to
get on my nerves now.
Are you gonna order
a drink or not?
What about the cops?
The police?
The police are a waste of time.
They come up from
the nearest big town.
It's over 50 mile away and
that will not be till tomorrow.
See that guy over there?
John Beck.
He's a cop.
He's a cop?
Aye, go bug him.
Sorry to disturb you.
What do you want?
My friend's gone.
Aye, and I can help you how?
'Cause you're a cop.
Who told you that?
The bar man.
I'm not.
Well, why did he
tell me that you were?
I was a cop.
I left the force 10 years ago.
I'm worried.
I don't know what to do.
You're meeting her, right?
Harrison's Viewpoint.
Well, you're not gonna
get there before dark.
I'm worried about those guys.
The guys?
There was something
funny about them.
I saw them leaving
when I got here.
Was Andrea with them?
I didn't see her.
She must have left.
Wouldn't surprise me if
you passed her on the way.
Look, she'll get
to the viewpoint,
find that you're not
there and double back
when she can't find you.
Be dark in a couple of hours.
Where were you staying tonight?
Had you planned?
In between here and the farm.
Either in a tent or a bothy.
Have you got a map?
We'll get it out.
So there's the bothy here
and it's at the
midpoint between here
and where you're going.
All right, off you go.
Don't wanna still be
walking around up there
when darkness falls.
What if she's not there?
Well then it's best to
look again in the morning.
Chances are she'll get
to where you're going.
I don't suppose you
could give me a lift.
I'm meeting someone
here in half an hour.
I haven't got the time.
Thank you.
I hope you find her.
Hey, what's the problem?
These guys
are a pair of assholes.
We've just met them.
Yeah, well I know the type.
The type?
The type that invite themselves
to sit down at your table.
Come on, just have some fun.
I wanna get walking again.
Let's go.
Look, you know
which way we're heading, right?
So, either stay with me
and scam a few free drinks
off these two morons
or go ahead and wait
but I'm staying.
- Andrea.
- I'm staying!
- You staying?
- No.
I'll meet you
at Harrison's Viewpoint
and then we'll
head to the bothy.
Where are you?
Oh, you're American.
Good spot.
I'm Andrea and this is Jessica.
So, you're American too?
We are trekking
across the Highlands.
So, you got time
to stick around for a bit?
We need to make time up.
No, we can stay a bit.
Don't hurt me!
Don't worry,
- it won't hurt you.
- Can I have a word quickly?
- Okay, what's the problem?
- What're you doing?
- Help!
- These guys
are a pair of assholes.
- Let me go, please!
- I know the type.
- Please!
- The type?
The type that invite themselves
to sit down at your table.
Let me go first.
Oh, come on, just have some fun.
I wanna get walking again.
So, either stay with me
and scam a few free drinks
off these two morons
or go ahead and wait
but I'm staying.
- Andrea.
- I'm staying.
You're staying?
I'll meet you at
Harrison's Viewpoint
and then we'll
head to the bothy.
Where's your friend?
Oh, forget her,
she's in a rush to get back
out on the fields, I guess.
No way.
I swear.
Why did you leave me?
You fucking bitch.
I'm sorry I left you.
I'm sorry I left you.
Hi Tommy, mate, it's Nate.
I blew a fucking tire a
couple of miles up the road
so I'm running a
little bit late.
What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
head to the nearest garage
and see if I can get it
swapped out for another one.
And then I may as well
just go to the next target
while I'm here.
So I need you to make sure
that the girl's
dosed up, all right?
And yeah, text me back to
confirm once you've done it,
okay, as soon as possible.
All right, we need to
move on tonight, man,
so we'll clear up the cottage,
we'll dump her and that's it.
All right, see you a bit, mate.
What's going on?
Who did this?
I'm sorry.
Who did this?
Oh, fucking hell.
Oh, fucking hell, Tommy.
Surely not.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Step back.
Do you know how
to use that thing?
You fucking, stupid bitch.
What the hell did you do?
No way, that's not possible.
Where is she?
Where the hell is Andrea?
What did you do to her?
You tell me.
Stop playing around.
I'm not playing around.
What happened to the bag
that was under the bed?
Where's Andrea, did she take it?
The fucking money!
I don't know about your
fucking money, I just got here!
You just got here?
Yeah, bullshit.
So you didn't kill Tommy, that's
not his blood all over you.
He was already half
dead when I arrived.
There was nothing I could do.
Andrea did it.
She wouldn't.
Oh yeah, says who?
I don't think you
know your friend
as well as you think you do.
I'm warning you.
She was here when
I left, all right?
And now she's gone and
there's two dead bodies
and a missing bag
full of our money,
so you do the math
here, Jessica.
What did you do to her?
It's none of your business,
we were two consenting adults.
And what about her?
Looks like you knew her as well.
Yeah, I've seen her before
but I didn't kill her.
Neither did Tommy.
What I'm trying to work out
is how she ended
up in that wardrobe
when I last saw her
50 miles from here.
Bullshit, you killed her!
How do you even know she's dead?
Check her pulse, did you?
Don't move.
Of course she's dead.
Use your nose, you daft bitch.
Andrea mentioned
something about some farm.
What farm?
Fuck you.
I just want my money.
She still breathing,
she's still got my money.
You don't know.
Did you two know
anyone else around here?
Only explanation is there's
no Andrea and no money.
Now she may have seen
me or Tommy near the bag
and knew where it was.
She's gone, it's gone.
She may have made a run for you.
I'm not telling you.
So you got a
choice now, Jessica,
you can tell me where you
and Andrea were both headed
and when we find her,
I'll let you both go.
I might break her
fucking nose first
but I'll let you both go or...
Past an old rail yard.
All right, get in
the car, we're going.
Listen, I can't keep pointing
this gun at you, Jess,
but I'd like a little assurance
you're not gonna piss around
and try something stupid.
I'm not.
I just wanna find Andrea.
'Cause if we can be
civil about this,
it makes it easier
for both of us.
I'll get my money and
I'll get out of your way.
So where are we headed?
The rail yard is here
and the farmland is here.
What, and this farm
is vacant, is it?
That's what Andrea said.
You got any binoculars?
Either you're looking
at my gun or my dick.
Either way, I'm not in the mood
for you to make a grab for it.
You're a pig.
That's what they tell me.
where are you going?
We're playing the
trust game, remember.
I'm gonna get my binoculars.
It's truce, not trust.
Just remember that.
What did you and Tommy do?
To Andrea.
To the other girl.
Listen, I'm guessing
you've already come
to the conclusion I'm a no
good piece of shit, right?
Pretty much, yeah.
Yeah, good, so let's
just leave it that, yeah?
So what's your story then?
Of all places, why did
you guys come here?
It was Andrea's idea.
Christ, I'll be honest,
from my brief exchanges
with both of you,
you seem like the smart one.
Don't talk about
my friend like that.
So why did you go
along with it then?
We reconnected recently.
I've been wanting
to travel around.
I shouldn't have left her.
No, you shouldn't.
'Cause I'll be honest, two
girls would've been difficult.
Tommy knew to try to
talk me out of it.
And your winning personality
would probably have
killed the mood.
Fuck you.
What do you gain from this?
From any of it.
Listen, I'm not gonna say
anything that you'll understand.
I'm not gonna justify why we're
here and what we're doing.
What about your friend?
He's dead.
You don't seem cut up about it.
How do I know you won't be
looking to get back at Andrea?
'Cause if I was gonna kill
you, I'd just fucking say it.
I'm not gonna waste my
I'm sweet-talking you
into a false sense of security.
Do I blame her for taking
an opportune moment
to stick a blade in Tommy?
We're all humans, we'd all
do the same, so would you.
But if and when we find Andrea,
you best talk some sense into
her, I just want the money.
I've already got one fucking
dead body to dispose of
and that still would
need an explanation.
Why are we stopping here?
Why not go straight
into the farm?
Because what if she hears
a car approach and runs?
Maybe she's not alone.
Listen, I ain't going
anywhere near that farm
until we do a proper
scout of the area.
I know what we're going in to.
All right, come on, it's
just up beyond those woods.
"Please" would it be nice.
I don't see any signs of life.
Oh, wait, there's a guy.
Are you sure it's not Andrea?
Well, unless she's
put one 50 pounds
and grown a fucking beard,
I wouldn't have thought so.
I can't really see what
he looks like right now.
Get back.
What is it?
I thought he was looking.
He's gone back inside.
So what do we do?
We need to draw him out.
I've got an idea, all right?
You stay here and stay hiding.
When he comes out,
go up to the house and
trying to find Andrea.
What if he doesn't come out?
He will.
It's too dangerous.
Just do it.
All right, go in the
house, try and find Andrea
and get my money and then
double back to the rail yard.
I'll take care of this guy.
And don't do a
runner with my money.
I won't.
All right, stay hidden.
I don't know who you are
but you best turn around and
go back where you came from.
I know you're here.
I can see your car.
I know who you are.
I've seen you two around town.
Is it the pair of you?
Or just the one?
Put it down.
I don't suppose
you know anything
about a missing girl, do you?
No idea.
You tell me.
You best take it
easy there, pal.
I haven't got a clue what
you're talking about.
Well, it's about a coincidence.
You're hold up in a farmhouse
these two girls are headed to.
You're not interested
in the girls.
I bumped into your mate,
you barely even know them.
It was you at the cottage.
I met him in the road,
following that poor lass.
Turn around.
We're gonna take a little
of walk back to the farm.
You're making a mistake.
Andrea, wake up.
Oh, thank God.
Come on.
how'd you find me?
Where at the farm, Andrea.
Where's John?
He's at the rail yard.
He rescued me from,
from those two.
The guys at the bar.
Look, we need to go.
Why, what's wrong?
There's something not
right about this guy.
I just need to find
something first, okay?
Come on.
did you take a bag
from the cottage?
Well, have you seen one?
I don't remember.
I was drowsy.
Don't worry, okay?
We're going soon.
Oh God.
What are you looking for?
How, how the hell?
Are you crazy?
Yeah, you better believe it.
I can't believe
I let you persuade me
into leaving my
fucking phone behind.
I didn't get why you picked
Scotland of all places,
but now that I'm here...
Everyone has two faces.
I don't know what you're
hoping to find, mate.
All this nonsense and you're
just gonna end up dead.
I want to find my bag.
The one you took
after you killed Tommy.
You do that against, son,
I'll fucking kill you.
What happened?
He's dead.
We had a visitor.
What did you do?
I couldn't help it.
She found our letters.
She was mine.
You were supposed
to bring her to me.
- But it was...
- But nothing!
calm down.
Did you really think
that I wanted you?
You said you loved me.
You were so proud of yourself
about the way you
played Jessica.
You didn't realize
I was playing you.
I didn't have to do any work.
I get two little girls come
straight to my fucking door.
Get back!
Get back!
I can explain.