When Eight Bells Toll (1971) Movie Script

(Rotors whirring)
- Hello.
- well, Philip Calvert.
You look well. How was Malta?
A bloody sight warmer than here.
How are you?
You look smart.
Good clothing allowance in intelligence.
we get an allowance
for pens and paper clips.
Ah, danger lurks
behind every filing cabinet.
How's it feel to be at Headquarters?
The Mediterranean fleet
will be floundering. why am i here?
- All right, sir.
- That was my idea, actually.
we've got this sort of problem, you see,
and you being so clever with nautical
things, underwater and all that.
- You mean if it's wet, i'm your man.
- So to speak.
So am i going to be the world's
first underwater spy?
That's funny. i like that. No.
it's about these ships. Bullion vessels.
Hijacked off the face of the earth
or rather the high seas.
- who by? Human exiles?
- Philip, please.
it is, as they say,
a matter of national importance.
i doubt the nation gives a damn.
it's not their gold.
The same story each time. Crews
put ashore in some place in ireland
then released, by which time
the ships are taken to God knows where.
what are we supposed to do
to save the nation for democracy?
Between the two of us, Philip -
with my organisational genius
and your physical talents -
we must evolve a master plan
to take before the chief.
- which is whom?
- Sir Arthur Arnford-Jones KCB etcetera.
Yes. Quite an impressive record...
i suppose.
i see that like all men employed
in highly-specialised branches,
you have a questionable attitude
towards authority.
i don't know that i care for that.
it says here,
''Unsuitable for routine investigation.
''Operates best under extreme pressure.
''At this level, he's unique.''
Do you suppose that's true?
- it must be if it's on the file.
- i'm not happy about this...
Yes. Do sit down.
i'm not happy about this, Calvert.
i should have preferred my own men
with the assistance of Lord Charnley
and Lloyds, of course.
i have everybody
breathing down my neck.
The Admiralty, the government,
the Americans
and the insurance assessors -
grubby little men with gabardine
raincoats and dandruff.
i don't have dandruff, sir.
You don't need to demonstrate
your questionable attitude to authority
quite so early.
well, what have you and Mr er...
- Hunslett, sir.
- Hunslett.
what have you come up with?
Right. it's this.
Let's conceal two men with
a transmitter on the next bullion ship,
so if she's hijacked
we'll know where she is.
The men can send signals at
prearranged times and frequencies
and we can take bearings.
it may be that Mr Hunslett and myself
could then shadow the ship.
Could men be concealed like that?
it seems rather far-fetched.
i don't like it. it's too dangerous.
Too many ifs and buts.
with all due respect,
you haven't had an if or a but.
The next ship is the Nanceville.
Eight million quids' worth
of gold bullion.
Surely that's worth a risk or two?
- i insist on using my own men.
- OK.
i met them. They should be able
to take care of themselves.
They're excellent men.
They can certainly look after themselves.
- Show them in, Mr...
- Hunslett.
Come in, gentlemen.
- Henry! Up here, quickly.
- Voltec. You go round the back.
Come on!
Pick him up.
How did it go?
Not good.
- Let's get out of this armour.
- what was not good about it?
- Too strong an opposition.
- They were good men.
- The enemy were better.
- Uncle Arthur won't like this.
- Do you think i like it?
- So much for our plan.
They were able to transmit
and we were able to follow.
it was all justified -
if you discount loss of llfe, that ls.
- Do you?
- No, l don't. That's the trouble.
Here. i made something to drink.
- You've been having a hard night.
- i'm intelligence, aren't i?
i have to stay in and think
while you go out and implement.
i get half strangled and kicked to death
while you sit here making...
bloody cocoa.
it's what i do well.
Let's have some whisky.
You'd better bandage my leg.
we don't want blood
all over the floor, do we?
- Do you want some?
- No.
The Nanceville will be halfway
to God knows where by now.
Yes, i know. But they did come here
in the first place,
so we could assume
that the area's significant
and they could have people in the area.
And we're new arrivals in Torbay.
God Almighty! You're hurting me
more than that bastard on the ship.
Sorry. we didn't learn first aid
in intelligence.
- is that tight enough? OK?
- Yeah.
what time is it?
6:25. we have
to radio Uncle Arthur at eight.
He does get to work early.
- Good morning, sir.
- Any news from Buttercup?
- Buttercup?
- Daisy.
Oh, you mean Caroline, sir.
Any moment now.
'This is Annabel calling Caroline.
Use the scrambler procedure.'
Good morning. This is Caroline.
May i speak to Annabel?
Good morning, Caroline. This is Annabel.
Location 481 .281 .
'west of Scotland.
A place called Loch Huron.'
i have you.
Have you located the missing vessel?
- 'i have.'
- where is it?
where was it, you mean.
Could be a hundred miles away by now.
Different colours, different markings,
different flags.
'what about our friends?'
They won't be coming home.
i've been aboard but i was expected.
'i warned you about this, Caroline.'
Phil! Someone's coming.
- 'You've messed up the whole thing.'
- Must pack up.
Any usefulness or effectiveness
you might have had has been dissipated.
Can't talk now.
we've lost two friends.
we've lost the vessel.
- we've lost the secrecy.
- we've lost him, sir.
Calvert? Calvert!
Morning, gentlemen.
Have you brought the milk?
Morning. i'm Sergeant MacDonald
from Torbay police station.
- These gentlemen are Customs officials.
- Are they? That's an interesting life.
- is this your boat, sir?
- Yes, it is. Or rather it's my employer's.
- And who is that?
- The government.
- The government?
- Yes. Didn't you see the flag?
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
Marine biologists.
we're a kind of floating laboratory.
All sorts of odd specimens.
we're looking for chemicals that were
stolen from Ayrshire last night.
Apparently they came north by sea.
This is the third port we've checked
and the 13th boat.
Just routine, you see.
You must be exhausted.
why don't you come below -
my friend makes very good cocoa.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
- Might i photocopy these?
- Sure.
- Yes, i have a portable photocopier.
- OK.
- You're welcome to look around.
- i don't think that's necessary.
i'd like to see the engine rooms.
Perhaps Mr Hunslett will show
the Sergeant the living quarters?
This way.
You carry a lot of batteries.
why all the power?
we've got eight electric motors
in the lab for when we're in harbour
which means we can't use the engines
to supply the juice for them.
Then there's the central heating,
hot water and the electric winches.
And, of course, my electric toothbrush.
Yes, of course.
Boats aren't really my line.
The law were genuine. You can't
imitate coppers as good as that.
The Customs weren't.
They said they'd been on 13 boats.
They look like they've come
from the cleaners.
One said, ''Boats aren't my line.''
what sort of remark is that?
it's like Uncle Arthur
saying he's never heard of cricket.
i'll tell you something else.
They didn't have a photocopier.
Ah. No respect
for other people's property.
There's blood all over it.
He must have hurt himself.
That's why he didn't take his gloves off.
He hurt his hand.
- Did he?
- Yes. i shoved a knife through it.
Last night on the Nanceville.
- Did you?
- Yes.
- See you later.
- OK.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You've no' brought
very nice weather with you.
May i use your phone? Long distance.
- None of the phones are working.
- where's the nearest phone?
The mainland. But the boat's sailed.
it won't be back for four days.
well, i'd better stock up on
some tobacco. Could be a long winter.
(Car approaches)
You'll not find many marine specimens
up here, Mr Calvert.
Just getting some exercise, Sergeant.
Cooped up on that boat,
i just want to stretch my legs.
it's a long stretch from Torbay.
Good for one, though. wonderful air.
Pity about those wires.
Didn't know it was stormy last night.
Surely you felt it if you were in that boat?
- By the way, our radio was smashed.
- was it? So was the Shangri-la.
- we'll be looking into it.
- That is reassuring.
- who's on the Shangri-la?
- Sir Anthony Skouras.
Skouras the shipping man?
Big olly Cyprlot?
SiR Anthony. There's not
a kinder man sailed into Torbay.
No offence. Good old Skouras.
You'd be as well not to offend his name,
especially in front of me.
i lost two sons tragically last year
and Sir Anthony was most kind to us
in our time of grief.
Good day to you.
That's for openers!
we'll be watching you.
i hope you learn something!
Haven't i found out some things!
How long have you been in the pub?
i had to. i needed a few whiskies
to get the locals to loosen up.
i'll claim expenses.
Not full of Scottish hospitality, are they?
what did you find out?
Firstly, it's an accident-prone area.
Disasters at sea, deaths,
disappearances - boats, yachts.
Exactly when, i wonder. what else?
A lot of personal tragedy ashore too.
You know who that boat belongs to?
- Skouras. i know.
- Oh.
what have you discovered?
why are you so messy?
i bumped into this wild gypsy girl
in the heather, that's all.
Phil, look.
- what are they signalling?
- Um...
They didn't teach us that in intelligence.
Let's see...
(Hunslett) what's the message?
Message reads...
drinks at ten o'clock.
That's fine. Thank you.
- it's like Sotheby's afloat.
- How do people get this rich?
- Maybe they hijack bullion ships.
- (Door opens)
we're on the wrong side, aren't we?
There's only one side to be on -
the winning one.
My apologies, gentlemen. My apologies.
we were combining business
with dinner,
which is not only lmpollte
but bad for the digestion.
- i'm Philip Calvert.
- How do you do?
- This is my friend Roy Hunslett.
- How do you do?
we thought it was time
to meet our new neighbours.
May i introduce Mr Lavorski,
Mr Macullum...
Oh, and Lady Skouras.
i should have
introduced you first, darling.
You should have
but you rarely do.
- Charlotte.
- Lady Skouras.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
Ahem. would you chaps
prefer to stay wlth whlsky
or would you llke a brandy?
we'll stick to whisky, thank you.
we've dined on my friend's
beans on toast and frozen beefburgers.
The brandy wouldn't stand a chance.
i'll stick to whisky too.
But out of chauvinism.
How do you like this part of the world?
is it wet enough for you?
well, we're working,
so it doesn't very much matter.
- They're marine biologists.
- word gets round very quickly.
Sir Anthony knows everything
that goes on in Torbay.
He's been cruising here
for several seasons.
The South of France and the Aegean
can't hold a candle to these waters.
That's true.
who wants to cruise around the
Greek isles in all that boring sunshine
when you can have a month
of freezing wind and rain up here?
Charlotte's idea of yachting
is an expensive floating wardrobe
permanently moored to a quay.
- Preferably on the Cte d'Azur.
- Preferably.
with a lot of bronzed young men
flexing their hairdos.
Excuse the bitching. we're having
one of our generation gap evenings.
Come along, Charlotte.
it's only a few weeks a year.
- You know how Anthony loves it here.
- He does too.
Sir Anthony has done many fine
and charitable things in this area.
Yes. So i hear.
Good works and public services
are very easy for the rich.
- As easy as signing a cheque.
- Charlotte.
- i think that's rather unfair.
- Fetch me that picture.
You see, gentlemen,
despite Charlotte's cynicism,
my motives were completely genuine.
My wife...
Um, that is, my first wife, Anna.
My wife and i grew attached to this
part of Scotland on our honeymoon
many years ago.
And it's never easy to sign a cheque,
Mr Calvert.
Especially when you're rich.
it's always good to see
how the other half sail.
it's nice to see the other half
seeing the other half.
Perhaps we should drink
to those in peril on the sea.
- Are we in peril?
- There's always peril in these waters.
Good health.
Good wealth.
Calling Carollne. Caroline.
This is Station SFPX.
Repeat, SFPX. Are you receiving me?
Repeat. Are you receiving me? Over.
You should have radioed Uncle Arthur.
The wait won't hurt him. He can have
another bottle of port at the club.
- is that rope tight?
- i think so.
i'm not awfully good at knots.
i know, they didn't teach you that
at intelligence.
Bloody fellow.
North of England grammar school.
''working his way
through the ranks of life'' type.
- No background.
- Perhaps something's gone wrong.
we needn't have rushed dinner.
i hate rushing dinner.
Maybe he's in some danger.
i might have tried some of that Stilton.
Mind you, you never know... what?
i said he may be in some danger.
- Got hurt or something.
- Let's hope it's nothing trivial.
Now we know why scruffs like us
were asked over for drinks.
Better get on the blower.
Excuse me, sir. Caroline calling.
it never stops. Come on.
There's a boat here
with a definite connection.
They had their transmitter smashed too
but that could be a cover.
They had us over for drinks.
Anyway, they searched the Firecrest.
Strange setup. A husband and wife
who can't stand each other
and a man who presides over them.
'The husband's name is Skouras.
Sir Anthony Skouras.'
Don't you know who he is?
- 'A man with his record...'
- All right, all right.
it's not all right.
He's a distinguished member
of my own club.
He's on the wine committee!
with all due respect, Annabel, sir,
there's no need to go into cardiac arrest
because i don't share your faith
in the probity of your fellow members.
That'll be quite enough of that.
Report here at noon tomorrow.
A helicopter will pick you up at five.
Sir, let me stay on until i can at least...
i think not, Buttercup.
The sooner you stop chasing
red herrings, the better for all of us.
At least check some facts for me.
- Very well, if they're valid.
- Here.
Hopeless fellow.
Comes of not going to a proper school.
where's the paper? You do it.
Carry on, Caroline.
Oh. Caroline.
Fire ahead.
- No second thoughts?
- No. it's worth a chance.
All i've got to lose is my job.
i hope that's all you lose,
you mad bastard. Cheers.
- Morning.
- Lieutenant williams. You Calvert?
- Commander Calvert.
- Oh, i'm sorry, sir.
That's all right. i'm pulling rank
because i'm changing your orders.
- You know this area well?
- Very well.
- But i'm meant to take you to London.
- Sir.
Yes, sir.
we'll go to London some other time.
i take full responsibility. OK?
OK, sir. i mean - yes, sir.
- Have a cigarette. Forget about the sirs.
- Thanks.
i need an excuse to search the area.
Can you put out a false Mayday
on your radio?
- i want the BBC to pick it up.
- You're kidding?
- Lieutenant.
- Yes, sir. it can be done, sir.
(Radio) '..could the quality of
the Clyde shipyards be maintained.
'A boat is in trouble
near the island of Skye.
'A distress signal was picked up
this morning from the TSDY Moray Rose,
'reported not under command
and making water fast.
'Air sea rescue services
have been alerted.'
Let's go.
i'm looking for a hide-out.
Probably a boat as well.
A motor launch or something.
Might be a big boathouse.
Might even be a tiny harbour.
Somewhere between islay and Skye.
Can't be more than 1 ,000 miles
of coastline. what do we do after lunch?
- Let's have a look at that over there.
- OK.
(Macullum) Royal Navy helicopter.
That helicopter's not spying.
it's Air Sea Rescue.
i heard something about a missing boat.
Perhaps he'll rescue me
from this monotony.
i could suggest many ways you could
rescue yourself from this monotony.
Shut up! Both of you.
Craigmuir Harbour.
- Are they whale hunters?
- Sharks.
For the liver oil. i've been there once.
i'd vouch for them.
Boss goes by the name
of Tim Hutchinson.
Let's go and say hello.
- Are you Hutchinson?
- Aye.
My name's Calvert, Air Sea Rescue.
Any of you lads want to be rescued?
No. i don't think
anyone wants to be rescued, thank you.
- Even from that smell?
- what smell?
Listen, can you help me?
Have you seen any strange boats
in the area over the last few months?
Half hidden or moored?
- No, but we'll keep our eyes open.
- Thanks.
- Any news of Calvert?
- i'm afraid not, sir.
what's happened to the bloody fellow?
All i Know is we haven't heard
from the helicopter.
- Haven't you any proper biscuits?
- Pardon, sir?
Proper biscuits with cream inside.
Never mind.
- what's this?
- The information you asked for, sir.
Look at this place.
it's called Baile nan Ul.
Balle nan Ul. it's Gaelic.
it means the ''mouth of the grave''.
Loch Huron.
That castle there is called Du Skea.
Home of Lord Kirkside.
Be back in a minute.
- Have you got engine failure?
- Air Sea Rescue, Miss..er?
This isn't sea, this is private land.
why are the natives so hostile?
i only want to ask a few questions.
- where's your old man?
- i assume you mean Lord Kirkside?
if you're the daughter, yes.
where's your old man?
The old man's over here. Kirkside.
Calvert. There's a boat
called the Moray Rose...
i heard the news.
There's no sign of her round here.
No flares. i took a look round
the cliffs myself this morning.
- OK. Sorry about dropping in.
- You see...
My son and Sue's fianc...they
disappeared recently in a flying accident.
There's been a lot of press men
always dropping in.
i understand. Sorry.
we're running out of daylight.
Fly over the northern end
of the island and then home.
it's getting a bit dark.
The ground should be soggy.
So i'll hover, you jump, sir.
Keep down.
- My God, you move fast.
- Yeah...
He won't be coming up now. Let's go.
- i've got a gun.
- Let me up!
You could be a dead man.
On your right, there's a light switch.
Very slowly, switch it on.
Thank you, Mr Calvert.
i've already got you for insolence,
lnsubordlnatlon and dlsobedlence.
Now lt's armed assault. Do you
always greet your guests like this?
i don't have guests. i don't have friends.
i only have enemies.
Don't stand there.
Get me a whisky and soda.
i came by RAF plane and launch.
All the bloody people offered me
were tea bags. where's Hunslett?
The last time i saw him
was this morning.
i hope nothing's happened. we can't
afford to lose any more personnel.
He's not personnel to me. He's been
my friend for the last ten years.
And i'll tell you another thing.
You can add another statistic
to your deaths in the line of duty.
The helicopter pilot.
it's only by the grace of God
you're not adding mine to it.
You were ordered to return.
You disobeyed.
i used my better judgment.
As the person on the spot,
i considered my judgment more relevant
that that of people
sitting in elegant whitehall offices.
Calm down. i understand your feelings.
You're right about the area.
Those wheels you asked me to set
in motion, i've come up with answers.
- it's still your job, Calvert.
- Thank you, sir.
Now then. You wanted to know about
missing vessels around these coasts.
September 4th. Pinto - cruiser.
Left the Kyles of Lochalsh
for Arran. Vanished.
Aril 6th. Evening Star. April 10th.
Jenny Rose. Both fishing boats.
May 1 7th. Saillng boat with highly
experienced crew from Londonderry.
A few weeks ago, the Kingfisher,
on a night cruise from Torbay.
what about the dates?
All within 48 hours of the disappearance
of the bullion ships.
There've been
too many accidents on land.
A policeman and his family,
the local squire and his family.
And a Lord Kirkside. Do you know him?
i read about that.
i think we met once, vaguely.
Grouse shooting in Peebles.
what about the names -
Lavorski and imrie?
Nothing came up before i left.
i say, do you have anything palatable
to eat on this boat?
what about sleeping accommodation?
i don't think we will be sleeping.
if we assume they've got Hunslett,
they'll assume they've got me.
if they see lights, they'll come visiting.
- what are we going to do?
- we'll manage.
They're coming. Get ready.
- where's the other one?
- About 20 fathoms below.
You can't go round like a one-man
execution squad. This is England.
lt's all very well for you sitting
in an office.
People like me are just pins on a map.
That's what it's all about.
it's either him or me.
i appreciate your point
but not your manner.
- what do we do with him?
- Hand him over to the police.
He's making a terrible mess
of the carpet.
why don't you get something to eat?
i'll check up on the lord.
- You won't kill anybody else?
- Good Lord, no.
Good. i must get
some hot food inside me.
Bloody RAF with their damn cheese rolls.
if you got yourself a walkie-talkie,
you wouldn't have to row across.
The Shangri-la.
How about these boys of yours
that died recently?
who are you? Police?
Sort of. i think you'd better
come and see a friend of mine.
They said they would kill my boys.
i had no choice.
i just have to string along with them.
Like bringing them as Customs men
to your boat to smash the radio.
Like keeping silent when i see all
the criminal goings-on around here.
People and boats disappear, you know,
and some boats get smashed up
if they go in certain places.
it's incredible. Skouras.
Yes, sir. There's a Captain imrie
sometimes and a man called Quinn...
Sergeant, let me give you
some harsh facts of life.
My colleague is missing, a pilot was
killed today and i should have been.
48 hours ago, two of Sir Arthur's
agents were murdered
on a boat out in Loch Huron.
They may or may not have your boys
in safe keeping
but you can't afford
to take promises from them.
- You've got to help us, and fast.
- what do you want me to do?
it's the dawn.
i've seen the dawn before, thank you!
Duck shooting, was it?
Don't be so bloody insolent!
Especially at sea.
Especially before breakfast.
- Hey, who's that?
- i've no idea. Come on.
All right. Come on.
All right. You're safe. Give me your hand.
Come on. Up you come.
Come on.
i wanted to warn you.
Last night, the policeman -
MacDonald, i think he's called -
came aboard.
Go on.
when he left, they -
i mean my husband and the others...
- They decided you must be stopped.
- Stopped?
You know what i mean.
i've known for ages
something was wrong.
- Strange journeys. Strange men aboard.
- why did you want to warn us?
- That's obvious.
- Shut up!
Go on.
You were the only one around.
And i had to get off that boat.
- Again, why?
- i wanted to see how the other half sail.
You must forgive Mr Calvert.
He has naturally bad manners.
Let me help.
You took a great risk coming here,
my dear.
i had nothing to lose.
we've still got a lot to lose.
Let's go.
we've wasted enough time already.
Are you sure it's Loch Huron?
Du Skea. Must be
by process of elimination.
The castle's a natural base. Someone
radioed that i was in the helicopter.
if there's more intimidation,
it fits in with the Kirkside situation.
The daughter's attitude.
Ah, we've got company.
They're coming for me.
Open the wheelhouse door,
keep it back on the latch.
Take the wheel. when i shout,
turn it about, then cut the engine.
Look out. He's going to ram us!
Stop engines.
The ranks of the ungodly
are being depleted.
That killlng lsn't necessary
just to protect me.
Nelther do l.
That was to square thlngs for Hunslett.
why are we going to Du Skea?
Or do i mind my own business?
i can't take much more of this.
we're going to prove
Britannia rules the waves.
we're onto them and it doesn't give
them much time to unload their bullion.
- They can't unload bullion here.
- Yes. Loch Huron.
You can't hide a freighter the size
of the Nanceville in Loch Huron.
it's easy to hide a ship.
Just open the sea cocks.
They're not in Loch Huron.
They're under it.
The young woman made this.
it ought to be drinkable.
- Did you get through?
- Yes.
Food for thought.
There was a Captain imrie in charge
of a Skouras Line ship -
a liner on a luxury cruise in 1963.
She went down with 70 lives.
There would have been a big stink
but imrie took the whole rap
for pilot error. lnteresting.
i don't quite know what you're
getting at but never mind. Go on.
i've told them that Annabel
is enjoying the cruise.
Did you?
Tell me about the first Lady Skouras.
when did she die?
About a year ago.
- Devoted couple?
- i always thought so. why?
i'm wondering
about the present Lady Skouras.
i wonder when she met him.
i must have a word
with the blushing bride.
what are you doing?
Taking this boat to Loch Huron
and trying to figure you out.
- i don't know which is more difficult.
- why bother?
i want to put my mind at ease.
There's nothing to know.
i married a multi-millionaire
who turns out to be a crook.
That would be all right
so long as he stays a rich crook...
but i don't like being caged in
with all those other villains,
i don't like being kicked around
and i can't stand the Scottish weather.
- So you walked out?
- i swam out. Remember?
No regrets
about leaving anything behind?
Yes. A very expensive wardrobe.
Maybe you joined the wrong side.
Maybe we won't come out on top.
i can always swim back.
He wants to see you. God, you look
terrible. i hope it's not my coffee.
Boats would be wonderful if only one
didn't have to go to sea in them.
Keep her running up and down outside.
Don't get any nearer than we are.
Fall out of your helicopter?
Sorry about being so informal.
Think nothing of it.
But next time bring a woman.
Haven't you got enough?
There's no pleasure
in just looking at them.
That's like eating chocolate
with the paper on. Here.
No, i'm driving. Listen. i need your help.
i'd better tell you who i am
and what i want you to do for me.
Not if you don't have another drink.
Look at that boat.
it's coming here.
Here we go again.
Take the wheel, will you, dear?
what are you trying to do?
Repel all boarders?
Bring that gear aboard.
Take it back to Torbay. Keep in sight
of the mainland till midnight.
(Hutchinson) it's a hell of a story,
Sir Arthur, but we'll help.
Anyhow, it make a change
from shark fishing.
This boat's well known in the area.
Tim will take us to Du Skea.
First we'll go to that place...
i can never pronounce its name.
Mouth of the Grave.
You'll never sail through there.
Of course i will.
After a few more of these.
wish you hadn't come?
This is it if you're sure
it's this 14-fathom ledge.
it must be. it's the only logical
place where you can sink a ship.
Here at seven fathoms,
the sea bed is too flat -
no place to hide masts or funnels.
But beyond that, over here - 35 fathoms,
too deep, too much pressure.
- 14 fathoms. The only logical place.
- Good luck.
- it's the Shangri-la!
- Get below, you two.
Oh, it's Hutchinson's boat.
Yes. The local shark fisherman.
No panic. it's all right.
is it?
Because nothing
has been all right so far, has it?
i can't see them unloading
that bullion before tomorrow.
Maybe they'll take what they've got
and get out.
They don't know for sure
that we know about the bullion.
Anyway, i was lucky.
Quinn's death looks like an accident.
Are we going in or not?
My lads feel like a bit of exercise.
First we go back to your place.
They'll get all the exercise
they need at midnight -
after i make sure other people are safe.
You should get some beauty sleep.
what did you mean about making sure
other people are safe?
You look pale.
You're losing that jet-set tan.
You don't trust me one bloody inch,
do you?
Does it feel good
to be a woman of intrigue?
And mystery?
- Do you want to make love to me?
- Yes.
- wanted to see how the bruises were.
- They're still there.
Do you think i put them on
with make-up?
i'm still not sure how they got there.
i was beaten.
Maybe you bruise easily.
Then you'd better be
very gentle with me in bed.
i will. i'll even take my boots off.
i still haven't worked you out yet
and i don't trust you one bloody inch.
Anyway, just for the record.
You've been a long time at sea,
haven't you?
This always worked in those war movies.
Aye. it'll hold. See you at midnight then.
Eight bells. Cheers. Good luck.
- And to you.
- Thanks.
(Faint snoring)
wake up. Room service.
i want to see Miss Kirkside.
That's right. That's my boy. Move!
That's better.
- what do you want? what's going on?
- Get dressed.
- what's happening?
- Move, girl. Move.
- i'm your knight in shining armour.
- You're the man from the hellcopter.
Have you got a belt?
A cord or something? wake up, girl!
will this do? who are you?
Don't ask questions.
Get some clothes on.
what are you doing here?
Strangely enough,
i'm one of the good guys.
which means i'm on the side of law
and order and i haven't much time.
Right? i want some answers
and i want some help.
No. Please. You mustn't do anything.
You mustn't.
There are prisoners here, aren't there?
Hostages. Aren't there?!
They'll be in danger if you do anything.
They'll be in a bloody sight more
if i don't.
Things are going to happen tonight.
i'm here to get these people away.
Your brother and boyfriend.
MacDonald's sons. Anyone else?
Some fishermen and the woman.
what woman?
Lady Skouras.
Lady Skouras?
- where are they?
- in the dungeons.
- But they're guarded and locked.
- Come on.
- You've got to distract the guard.
- How?
- Don't do that!
- what do you expect?
The last thing i need is that,
especially on the staircase.
- Just distract the guard.
- what do i do?
- Just appear. Lust will do the rest.
- what if he doesn't fancy me?
All we need is a guard that's queer.
Please. Go on.
Have you...?
Have you got a drink or something?
i could get some.
whisky would be nice.
Feeling the heat, are you?
is it loaded?
Yeah. it sure is.
Sins of the flesh, my friend...
never pay.
''is it loaded''! You must learn more
than deer stalking in the Highlands.
why don't we go upstairs?
it's much warmer. Lady Skouras.
Good evening.
Take everyone to your room
and lock yourselves in.
- what are you going to do?
- There are compllcatlons.
l dldn't realise Skouras was
a blackmail victim. He's one of us.
- They've got one of theirs with us.
- who's he?
it's not a he, it's a she.
You should know, Mr Hutchinson,
how much i appreciate your help.
Your loyalty, sense of duty
and public spirit
one doesn't meet with often
in this day and age.
Your mate told us how much the
insurance companies would cough up.
Did he? Mr Calvert is not my ''mate''.
He and i have little in common.
Have you been there before?
Do you know the boathouse?
Do you know how big it is?
Aye. Boathouse door is 1 7 feet wide.
- And this boat?
- A 15-foot beam and no beacons.
we can never take it in
without ending up on the rocks.
(Gun clicks)
There's only one way to find out.
Besides, your mate
would never forgive me.
(Faint shouting)
Take it.
i've got it. watch it.
Take the weight.
Bring it up. Careful!
All right. Stop.
Hold everything. Get ready.
Get out of sight! Quick!
Hurry up!
(Hutchinson) There it is. Du Skea castle.
Don't move! You're covered on all sides!
Put down those guns!
That's it. Thank you.
i'm so sorry. i'm afrald we're trespassing.
Yes, you are. i believe Calvert
is loose somewhere in the grounds.
My wife left her last radio message
rather late.
- Your wife?
- To love, honour and obey.
You know how it goes.
Get out of the way, darling.
i don't want you to get hurt.
No! Please!
- You're making a terrible mistake.
- All right.
- Charnley. Get Charnley!
- Lord Charnley of Lloyds?
My God, there's nothing sacred.
Hutchinson, stop him!
Oh, you got him then? well done.
i was just coming to lend a hand.
- He had nothing to do with it.
- Nothing?
Of course.
That's what i always said, wasn't it?
where's the girl?
i wonder if she knows she's a widow.
Excuse me.
Ah, there you are.
what are you doing?
You don't think you're going
anywhere, do you?
You didn't kiss me goodbye.
i would have written. Every day.
- From sunny Acapulco or somewhere.
- Or from prison.
You do keep rather bad company.
i was only being a loyal wife.
And now you're going to be
a loyal widow.
Then i can make a new start in life.
Perhaps with you and...
And what?
Some of that gold down there.
Perhaps. who knows?
Calvert had the idea...
Calvert and i had the idea
of finding out the underwriters
of your shipping disaster.
- i never thought of Lord Charnley.
- Yes. it was Charnley.
i was being blackmailed.
They needed my finance
and they needed my cover.
But when they took Anna, my wife,
i had no choice
but to go along with them. No choice.
I knew it. One has an instinct
about these things.
A member of our wine committee.
I told Calvert but he wouldn't listen.
The trouble with Calvert
is he's not really a gentleman.
where did he get to?
- Only one?
- Have you felt the weight of them?
That'll keep you in luxury
in a hotel Acapulco for five years -
so long as you don't use room service
too much.
where are you going?
It's all yours. I don't like the sun.
- Gives me hay fever.
- Do you want me to stay?
I didn't want to make
an honest woman out of you.
I don't see us living
in domestic bliss. Do you?
No. The nights would be good
but the days would be a drag.
well, bon voyage.
Don't spend it all at once.
what chance have I
of getting out of here without you?
Not much, but a chance.
All you're worried about is your job
and you do it right.
That's all you do.
You're just a professional bastard.
In the words of a late friend of mine...
it's what I do well.