When Everything's Gone (2020) Movie Script

Where to begin.
I guess.
I'll explain how
it all went down.
There was a plague of
biblical proportions.
An epidemic that devastated
the world as we knew it.
People died,
thousands at a time.
Overnight, everything
had changed.
It was like one of
those old zombie films,
except, no one was coming back.
They were all gone.
An entire planet
of people, dead.
Except for me.
I'm the last of us.
Well, there you have it.
Welcome to the new world.
Are you scared?
No, why would I be?
It's just a bunch
of wood and bugs.
Yeah, bugs.
How are we gonna find
our way home, Rory?
It's our first
adventure of our own
and you already wanna go home?
God, you're such a baby.
I'm not a baby.
Where are we?
I don't know, but I know
which way we came from.
We just have to leave
some sort of like trail.
Like Hansel and Gretel?
- That way?
- That way.
Are you sure?
Look, we're men
of the forest now.
We gotta use our surroundings
to find our way home.
Use it how?
You know? Using the
dirt, the trees, the sky.
Everything that
the explorers used
when they explored the
world, we can use it too.
I don't see anything.
What were you expecting? A map?
Be patient.
I'm not sure where I am anymore.
Or where I'm going.
I've been out here for months,
and the days, they're
starting to blur together.
I can barely sleep.
And whenever I do,
I see his face.
I hear his voice.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are there no more
monsters out there,
hiding in the darkness?
Is it all really gone?
Take care of your brother.
I'm not gonna abandon them.
Are you scared?
It's all right. Calm down.
Just take it easy young man.
Are you one of them?
One of...
You can't be.
You can't be real.
- You can't be real.
- Put the knife down.
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
I got something, man.
Shit, it's a fighter.
Oh, look at that.
That is a beautiful fish.
Yeah, just beautiful.
Yeah, you got lucky, dude.
You wanna get me a towel
or something to wrap this in,
or are we throwing it back?
Want a drag?
Yeah, why not?
The world's gone to hell.
I might as well.
How much farther?
Another a mile, maybe two.
This is fun, isn't it?
It's kind of like when we went
camping as kids, you know.
You couldn't catch
fish then either.
Yeah, I just don't
have the patients
to sit there and
wait for a bite,
I'd rather do something
more proactive.
Proactive, huh?
Well, if you wanna do
some more proactive,
why don't you go
get some firewood
so we can cook up
this here fish?
It really is the end, isn't it?
You must've been thirsty.
Where am I?
You're in my home.
You've seen better
days, young man.
Who are you?
My name is Casper.
You're lucky I found
you when I did.
I had to give you an IV drip.
You were pretty dehydrated.
You were running a fever
for a couple of days.
You were passed out
from exhaustion.
Do I have it?
You're clean. You're immune.
We all are.
How can you be certain?
I tested your blood.
So, you're a doctor?
Well, I was.
After this happened,
I grabbed as much lab
equipment as I could carry,
that, which allowed
me to test our blood,
to be sure, to be certain.
This is my daughter, Rosie.
Rosie meet our house guest.
What's your name?
It's Rory.
How much do you know
about what happened?
I thought I was the last one...
Hey, it's okay.
It's fine.
You're one of us.
The lucky few.
How's that possible?
Well, we were all exposed,
but somehow our immune
systems created antibodies
and our cells didn't break down.
They fused with it,
and we survived.
What would make that happen?
We're not sure.
Natural selection.
Fate, luck.
Governments fell,
societies crumbled,
people hid, scavenged,
whatever it took.
And here we are.
Come with me.
I wanna show you something.
Is it...
No, she has an inoperable tumor.
We're all lost people.
I'm sorry about the knife.
If I frightened you.
You were delusional.
Dehydration and exhaustion
those things can
mess with your head.
I'll be out of your
hair before you know it.
Take as long as you need,
unless you have somewhere
else you need to be.
My dad's shutting off the
generator for the night.
I thought I was gonna die.
I had that knife.
I thought I was
gonna kill myself.
Why are you telling me this?
I don't know.
You saved me.
I just wanted to
thank you for that.
Why were you going
to kill yourself?
Well, I figured it
was all over anyway.
So, why delay the inevitable?
You could've left me for dead.
Sent me back out there
instead of inviting me in.
The world's gone to shit.
The least we can do
is be decent, right?
We used to go to
this diner back home.
Me and my brother.
We'd always ordered
the same thing.
Frenh toast and chicken pot pie.
We'd stay there for hours
just drinking chocolate milk.
He was back from
school when it hit.
We drove as far as we could,
until we hit the blockades.
It was a brilliant idea to
put up massive barricades.
Keep everyone grounded.
Quarantine it, keep
it all in house.
Didn't matter.
The disease went airborne.
Once it spread, they
couldn't stop it.
How long were you
out there on your own?
I don't know.
Seven, maybe eight months.
Has there been anyone else?
Once this thing
has its teeth in you-
- There are others out there.
What others?
How do you know?
Here, check this out.
Can't reach anyone, but
we have heard from others.
What do they say?
Different things, pleas
for help, last words.
People trying to reach
out to whoever they can
before the end.
There have
been other messages too.
About a place of
hope and salvation.
What place?
They call it Eden.
It's a tall tale.
Delusions of desperate people.
I've seen it out there.
The word Eden.
What is it?
A colony.
A new civilization.
People are coming together
to rebuild what was lost.
It's a pipe dream.
That's all it is.
Wishful thinking.
People are scattered.
They're lost.
No better than us.
Excuse me.
Eden is real.
Sometimes I think he just
wants us to stay here
and act like
nothing has changed.
What are you doing with that?
Maybe I can fix it.
We've tried.
We can't find all the
components we need to fix it.
I'll give it a try.
And if I can fix
it, we can find it.
What if there's no
one left to hear us?
At least we tried.
Hope is a funny thing.
How are we today?
Good enough to drink margaritas
while we lie in the sun.
We will, soon.
Everything you know,
everything you've ever believed
could be gone forever.
But for one brief moment,
it can all come back
and you can believe again.
Home sweet home, huh?
Do you remember the last
time we came up here?
You were a kid.
We both were.
It looks like we're gonna
have to clean up a bit
before mom and dad get here.
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Come on, help me unpack.
What if they can't make it?
They said they found a way.
The blockades, the quarantine,
I mean they're so far.
How can they get
through all that?
They'll make it.
They'll find a way.
You just gotta
believe that, man.
And when they do,
they're gonna have a
lot of stuff with 'em.
So we better get
this place ready.
I guess we gotta
clean up for real, huh?
Yeah, we should
probably clean up a bit.
You know, maybe we could
just leave it, right?
Give mom something to
do when she gets here,
keep her busy.
Mom's really gonna
appreciate that.
Clean something.
Right. Right.
Be careful around him, Rosie.
I'm not sure we
can trust him yet.
He hasn't given
us a reason not to.
Well, he tried to stab me.
Well, he was probably
suffering from heat stroke.
Rosie, he tried to stab me.
Yeah, I've thought
about doing that myself
a couple of times.
Just be careful.
When are you going
back out there?
Well, I think we're pretty
well stocked right now.
Why? Is there anything you need?
I'm thinking that
we could help him.
I'll get back out
there in a few days.
Maybe I can find some
supplies for the radio.
- I know, he-
- That's not what I meant.
I know what you meant, Rosie.
Look, my priority
is to make sure
that you, me and
your mother are safe.
We're going to
need more supplies
if we're gonna get out
of here before winter.
Dad, mom is not
gonna be able to-
- We can make it.
The three of us.
And where would you have us go?
Why, paradise, of course.
Do me a favor.
Speak with your mother.
She misses you.
It really is the end, isn't it?
How are we gonna find
our way home, Rory?
What are you doing?
I thought I'd say
good morning to her.
What's it like out there?
And you saw the blockades?
Are they as massive as they say?
Walls built out of cars
that were burnt by thousands,
maybe millions of drums
of oil and gasoline.
Yeah. They were pretty big.
How did you get out?
We ran.
My dad, he tried to
tell us how bad it was.
We had no idea.
representatives are expected to vote
on more extreme measures to
combat this ongoing threat.
- Some of the...
- It can't be that bad.
Look at me.
We have to move, right now.
Pack as much as you can carry.
And once you're done,
help your brother.
Still, as
leaders search for solutions...
We'll figure this out, right?
We're gonna be fine, aren't we?
Yeah, yeah.
I just need to know the
two of you are safe.
Angelos has more,
as she speaks with
one of the followers
- of these so called 11th.
- Go help your brother.
We are all but one.
And would you like to send a
message to the folks at home?
What would you like
to say to them?
We're chosen, chosen to end.
We're branded and we
cannot ignore the signs.
We thought we could
just hide out in the woods
and wait for it to blow over.
There's no hiding from
this, not from any of it.
Before my mom got sick, we
would fight about everything.
My dad and her were always
worried about finances.
My education, all the
things that seemed important
at the time.
I wish we could go back and
have a few more hours with her,
where we didn't fight
because we were so stubborn.
I wish we could say all
things we should've said.
Maybe you still can.
All that's left
is to say goodbye.
- This you?
- Yeah.
You were a cute kid.
Remember the last time
you'd fart in a crowded room
and just hoped no one
would know it was you?
My mom.
She looks really happy.
Yeah, we were.
I really miss her.
I just can't.
So, you wanna watch TV?
- TV?
- Yeah.
There's no cable.
Okay. All right.
Do you have any movies,
Blu-ray, DVD, VHS,
Betamax, laser disk?
- DVDs.
- DVDs, okay.
Well, let's watch a DVD.
I got some popcorn in my bag.
It might be a little stale,
but what isn't these days?
Okay, sure. Why not?
Hey, stranger.
We should be getting back.
Why? It's so beautiful out here.
We can't take that risk.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, can we just
take a trip into town?
I mean, if we're in a safe zone,
it should be all right, yeah.
I told mom and dad we're
staying near the cabin.
That's what we're gonna do.
What are we even running from?
I mean, what if they figured
it out at this point?
What is it?
Oh, shit.
What do we do?
Holy shit!
Head back to the cabin.
We're just gonna leave him here?
We have to.
No, I'm not leaving
him like this, Rory.
He might be infected.
We have no choice.
We have to leave him.
No, we should Bury him.
That's the least we can do.
Who is he? What does he matter?
It doesn't matter, okay.
I don't care who he is.
I don't know who he is.
He's a person.
It doesn't matter who
he is or what he did.
Fuck it all.
If the world's really
coming to an end,
I'm not gonna lose
my humanity with it.
Give me a hand.
What is that?
A wound.
From a knife.
An arrow maybe.
Come from over here.
He wasn't alone.
How do you know?
They're all different.
It's like he was hunted.
I need your help.
Meet me downstairs in a minute.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. Why?
You seem like
something spooked you.
No, no, I was some place else.
It's right over here.
All right, see if you can
see something we can use.
I thought maybe I
can use these tools
to start a garden.
Winter's coming.
Hoping to be on
the move before then.
You three are leavin'?
Yeah, once Lily's well enough.
Heading south? Some place warm?
That's the plan.
Well, maybe you can use this.
Help you find a good spot.
What about you, Rory?
What are your plans?
I don't know.
I'll figure
something out though.
I always do.
You know, Rosie really
believes in this Eden place.
She thinks of it as
something bigger than us.
Maybe it is.
You've heard that static
on the two-way radio.
Ever since we told you about it,
you've been looking hard,
trying to find something.
I respect that.
What's best for us as a family
is if we go down south.
You can understand that, right?
Maybe you can come with us.
We can find a spot in the Keys,
make our own rum,
live off the sea.
That sounds great.
I know that Rosie would
be glad to have a friend.
Hey, Casper.
What do you think about this?
Let's take it.
Throw it in the wheelbarrow.
All right, can I look?
What is this?
It's a Halloween party.
It's Halloween?
Well, it could be.
- Why not?
- Sure.
I got this for you.
Try it on.
I'm gonna go check
in on your mother.
Was this your idea?
- No.
- Okay. Didn't think so.
It's beautiful.
You're a beautiful butterfly.
Thank you.
I have some honey.
So you are a bear?
Is it November already?
The holidays are
right around the corner.
I'll be sure to
make a Christmas list.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
I'm still gonna have
to catch us a Turkey
if we're gonna have
Thanksgiving dinner this year.
I'm tired.
I'll let you get some sleep.
Have a good time.
I'll take them
trick or treating.
This is the kind of stuff
I wanna make on the beach.
- For you.
- Thank you.
For you.
Alright, here's to humanity.
One, two, three.
Oh, that's bold.
Yeah, man.
Tastes like magic.
Is that okay, Rosie?
I've been saving these
for a special occasion.
So why not post
plague Halloween?
How long have you had these?
Long enough?
It's time to taste the myth.
The boy in a bear costume.
The boy in a...
Butterfly girl.
It's not alliteration.
Hey, to Rory.
It's good to meet you.
Thank you for
gracing us in our...
Thanks, Rory.
To the best people
I know in the world.
To the only people you know.
It's delicious.
You wanted to be-
- I was a scared child.
I know.
You were not a scared child.
I would be scared. Yeah.
You wouldn't be scared.
After I wanted everybody.
Well, here you are.
One of only few people
left in the world.
Remember the first time
me and mom took you
trick or treating?
And I cried because
I was so scared.
And you were dressed
like a skeleton.
That thing was so scary.
Hey, guys.
Say, cheese.
Oh, you're last.
Drink, drink.
Drink it.
You know, when I was
a kid, we just drank.
We didn't need a
reason or a game.
Just drink, come on.
Look at me.
Drinking games with my
22 year old daughter.
What's this world come to?
Guys, I'm out.
- Oh, are you sure?
- You're really good at it.
I just wanna watch
you guys play.
I'm enjoying it.
So many cards left.
You want another one?
Yeah, sure. Thanks.
Roman Lee, in search of Eden.
Please respond.
I repeat, this is Roman
Lee, in search of Eden.
Please respond.
Hello. Hello, come on.
We can hear you. We hear you.
Please respond, over.
- You're not alone.
- What is it?
You're not alone, we're here.
This is Eden.
We copy, Roman Lee.
Hello, Eden.
Roman Lee, in search of
Eden, please respond ASAP.
Repeat, Roman Lee.
Eden responds.
What does that mean.
I need something to write with.
Write it down.
We repeat, Eden response.
We're bringing you home, man.
That's it.
They're gone.
These numbers, what are they?
It's like a code,
sort of an encrypted...
It's coordinates.
Here, it has to be here.
Why? How do you know that?
These are just numbers.
It's the most viable option.
No, no, no, no.
That's north.
We can't go north.
It'll be too cold.
The cold will kill us.
I'll go at it alone.
No, you won't.
I'm sorry, but I have
to know what's there.
So do I.
What about your mother?
She's getting better.
No, she's not.
She's not getting better.
I know you wanna
believe that, but dad...
- No.
- This is our only shot.
It's right here. I
can almost touch it.
No, we are staying here
for a few more months
and then we're going south.
South is our best chance.
South is our best chance, Rosie.
This is our best chance to live,
and I need to live.
I need to know there's
more out there.
What about the life that
I've built for us here?
What about it?
Is that not good enough for you?
- Casper.
- Shut up!
Rosie, is that not good enough?
No, it's not.
I refuse!
I'm not gonna lose you!
I'm not gonna lose her!
Casper, come in here.
I'm losing it, man.
I gotta know what the
hell's going on out there.
I can't.
I gotta know what's out there.
What do you want
me to do, Chris?
We can't go back
out there again.
That body we found, there
are more, a lot more.
There's gotta be
some way to know.
Our cell phones have
been out of commission
since we left home.
What can we do?
Any luck?
I found a pack of playing cards.
We'll keep looking.
Find anything?
Yeah, an old notebook.
Must be one of
dad's old journals.
Oh, what does it say?
The pages are blank.
I got it.
Turn it on, man.
The dial's busted?
At least we have music now.
You gotta pump up my jam, son.
Come on.
Oh, come on. That's no fun.
Come back.
Come dance with your brother.
It's not weird at all.
Nothing wrong with it.
Gotta feel the move.
Shake the beat!
Gonna be a good time.
You sure?
All right.
I'll have a party myself.
It's a small house, Casper.
We don't have secrets here.
The walls are too thin.
It's time.
You know that.
I'm not leaving you.
Oh no.
I'm leaving you, my love.
I'm living in a borrowed time.
And before I go, I need to know
that you and Rosie are
gonna be okay without me.
You must be that young man
that's making our Rosie so
happy these past months.
You stumbled into our lives
and you've changed everything.
Please, take care of them.
Make sure they're safe.
Find this place.
What about you?
Let me go.
You know we'll meet again.
If we do this, can you
promise you can find it?
I can find it.
We'll make it.
I'm so sorry.
I should have come earlier.
It is okay.
We have a lot to talk about.
I know.
We're gonna put
off making that rum.
I guess so.
Thank you.
My girls.
I knew this day
would come for so long.
Now that it's here...
You're never prepared
for something like this.
At least I got to say goodbye.
You got to say more than that.
You got back those hours that
you wish you had together.
So that's something.
Yeah, it is.
Goodbye, my dear.
We should probably get going,
if we want to find a water
source before sundown.
Where are we?
Used to be a small town here.
This is what happens
after years of neglect.
One day, the world's
greatest cities
are gonna resemble this.
Yeah. Everything
falls apart eventually.
It's sad.
It's life, Rosie.
Where's the skillet?
There should be one in my bag.
Where did you get this stuff?
These things...
Where did you get it?
Some of it is from
my home, the cabin
and some other stuff like
that camera, I found.
This abandoned house.
There was something in there.
In the laundry room, I couldn't
bring myself to look inside.
When my dad found you,
where were you going?
Were you looking for something?
I don't know.
I was just surviving.
That's all I thought I
knew how to do anymore.
Just wandering in hidden places,
nowhere else to go.
If only you knew
what you'd find.
Well, if I knew I'd find you,
I might have gone the other way.
Rory, that's not nice.
It was a bad joke.
That thing you told
me about the knife,
I know things were hard on
you before you found us.
You should know that
there's more to this
than just surviving.
Even if we don't find Eden,
maybe we were
chosen for a reason.
And just surviving isn't enough.
Before I met you and Casper,
I thought I was alone.
I'd never speak to
anyone ever again.
Solitude was all I
thought I had left,
but you changed that.
Filled those up.
Rory, how far we get today?
Ah, 20, 30 miles maybe.
It's pretty good for first day.
We can do better
tomorrow, I think.
How do you think
she's holding up?
She seems fine.
What about you?
- Ask me tomorrow.
- Maybe I'll tell you.
Hey, we got a saucepan in this?
I got one.
All right, that's yours, hurry.
Let's make some dinner.
You wanna make it?
What, we're doing some brioche?
Mm-hmm, chef Rory.
Get used to it.
Maybe I'll make a nice flan.
I don't think you know how.
I'm not sure.
All right, beans it is.
What's so funny?
You want some
ice for that, baby?
This message has been initiated
by National Alert and
Warning Authority,
in coordination with emergency
alert system participants,
including broadcast,
cable, satellite
and wire line
participants in your area.
My fellow Americans,
I address you tonight in
a time of great tragedy.
Our country, our world, faces
an unprecedented epidemic.
We face an enemy now, a disease
that has spread so fast,
caused so much panic and killed
like a ruthless predator.
It is our darkest hour,
but we must not lose hope,
because we will fight.
Right now, our brightest minds
are working around the clock
to find the answers, to
find light in the darkness.
We will find a way
to win this war.
However, we must take
precautions to maintain our safety.
I have declared martial
law on a federal level.
A curfew is now in effect,
and we are under quarantine.
Do not leave your
homes, do not panic,
and avoid contact with
anyone who has been infected
at all costs.
This plague is silent and swift.
It kills instantly and
with remarkable precision.
It is imperative that
every one stays inside
unless absolutely necessary.
Together, we can survive this.
And all I ask is for you to
trust in your government,
and we will-
- Your turn.
Seriously? Again?
- Sorry.
- Damn!
Slow reaction time.
The Lord, he sends 11 ends
11th comes to end your pain
11 deaths for foe and friend
11 deaths to bring our end
The Lord, he sends 11 ends
11 deaths for foe and friend
The first 10 plagues
from Bible days
The last it kills
those who remain
I can't wait to get this food.
Hey, I think we got something.
Check the cabin.
It's a wood cabin.
We can burn it down.
If there are people
in there, they'd die.
You need therapy.
Talk to me, Hank.
There ain't nothing in
there, except a bunch of boxes.
Go fish.
Come on that buck's around here.
It's about day break.
I wanna get breakfast.
We have to stay here.
It's weird.
The silence.
I miss the sounds of the city.
When you dream,
do you still see
things as they were?
When I dream, if I dream,
I try to forget it soon after.
There's nothing useful about
seeing the world as it was
through closed eyes.
I know that this is
something you believe in.
I'm trying.
My dreams don't matter to me.
I believe in yours.
We should probably
keep going into the hills
for a few more hours.
Find a good spot, get some
firewood, set up camp.
You do realize it's gonna
start getting cold soon?
We'll make do though.
We'll use whatever
we can to stay warm.
It's not too late.
You can still go back.
No, she needs to know.
We all do.
Come on, let's make
up some ground.
What are you doing?
Come on!
- Come on.
- No, go. Go.
Run. I'm buying us some time.
Do you think we can make it?
We'll make it.
We'll find a way.
You just gotta believe that.
That body we found,
there are more.
A lot more.
Those hunters, they could
just be the beginning.
We weren't meant for this world.
You found me.
Come on.
Let's put more distance
between us and them
before it gets dark.
Who were they?
I thought they were gone.
I saw this symbol,
a long time ago.
The 11th.
They're religious fanatics.
What are you talking about?
They were a cult.
After the plague went global,
they believed they were
destined to cleanse for world.
Cleanse it of what?
Come on.
I think we have to go this way.
Can we stop for a minute?
Okay with me.
I'm gonna walk ahead a bit
and see what it looks like.
I'll be fine.
You all right?
What you did,
what you had to do,
thank you.
So, was there anyone
special in your life?
Are you asking if
I had a girlfriend?
That's a weird way to put it.
No. Never really
had time for that.
You never had time?
What were you so busy with?
I was working
retail at the mall.
And you didn't
have time for anyone?
Between that and law school...
Law school.
Wow, you were gonna be a lawyer.
If I'm honest though, my
heart was never really in it.
Chris, now that was
a man with a plan.
He was a talent.
Top of his class.
He wanted to go
pre-med, save lives.
I mean, you must
really miss him.
We used to go on
these camping trips.
This one time, we got
lost just me and him.
We were out there for days.
But we made it together.
My father, he found us
and he was going crazy.
He probably thought
we were dead.
We were great.
He gave me this just in
case we ever got lost again.
It helped me guide our way home.
True north.
I wonder what that's about.
Go check.
Oh, I don't want to.
I'm coming.
So now what?
I don't know.
We can't just stay here?
We need to make a decision.
You need to figure this out.
You didn't see this?
All those maps you followed?
You didn't see a river anywhere?
After the attack, we
got so turned around.
I must have missed it.
You led us here.
My life, my daughter's
life are in your hands.
Fix this.
I don't know how.
I'm sorry.
I lost my wife,
my life,
everything I know.
It's all gone.
I was gonna head down south
and maybe live
quietly, I don't know.
Die peacefully.
But we made a choice together.
It can't all be for nothing.
We are gonna get
across that river.
We have to.
Now, you and Rosie may believe
in some Eden, but I don't.
I believe in her, and
I believed in you.
Don't make me regret that.
They're out there, man.
We can't just sit here.
Yeah, well, that's
what we're gonna do.
They should be here.
We have to find them.
They could be out there
stranded and alone.
We're gonna wait here.
Just wake the fuck up, man.
The world is falling apart.
We can't just leave
them out there.
We could be their last chance.
You need to face reality.
- Don't you fucking say it.
- We're staying.
We can't go back out there
again, it's not safe.
I'm not gonna abandon them.
Wake up! They're gone, Chris.
No, they are not and
I'm gonna find them.
There has to be another way.
We already talked about this.
We can't go around,
it'll take too long.
And with them out there,
we can't take a chance.
Look, you're gonna be fine.
We're gonna find your Eden.
What about those hunters?
What if they find you? Huh?
What then?
Hey, I'm not letting
you go out there.
You're my responsibility.
- Get off me.
- No.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't-
- I have to go.
I have to.
We could be their last chance.
Mom's lucky scarf.
I gave it to
her on our first date.
Thank you.
For what?
For this.
For believing in me.
We don't know what's
out there, what's changed.
Those hunters, they could
just be the beginning.
They're our parents.
I couldn't live with myself
if I didn't at least try.
I know.
I'll help you.
Okay, come on.
Rory, help...
You all right?
It wasn't so bad.
We made it.
Yeah, you want some water?
Hurry up, slow poke.
We don't got all day.
What, are we cracking jokes now?
I'll see you on the other side.
It wasn't that bad.
You want some water,
you know for drinking?
- Water, not rum.
- Okay.
Come with me.
I can't.
One of us should stay here
just in case they make it back.
You're sure about this?
Just go two, three
miles down the road.
And if there's no sign,
I'll turn right back.
You're all set.
Be careful, all right?
Don't worry.
I'm just going for a walk.
Take this with you.
It's loaded.
Tear your place up a bit?
Yeah, bring back some Chinese.
Some moo shu, some
pork dumplings.
- No.
- None of that.
Forget that, no.
Just the good stuff.
Oh yeah, I'm sure
they got plenty
that is still around.
I'll do my best.
The river flows the time.
And fast-forward, a
day becomes a week,
which becomes a month.
We inch along its banks,
slowed by the cold
emptiness of winter.
We're lost.
Our maps, only blurred
lines on faded paper.
I've failed him.
How do I live with that?
My brother.
My father.
I've failed 'em all.
Goodbye, my dear.
What's best for us as a
family is if we go down south.
You can understand that, right?
We're gonna have to put
off making that rum.
I guess so.
I deserve to be haunted
by their memory.
She's stronger than me.
She sits by that
river day after day.
Remembering her father,
her mother, her purpose.
And I fear I'll fail her too.
Maybe this is our Eden.
Our last hope.
Or maybe, maybe this is our end.
At least we have each other.
What happened to your brother?
How did he die?
I never should've let him go.
Where was he going?
My parents, they never
made it to the cabin.
So he decided to go looking
for them on the roads
to see if they were stranded.
Oh, fuck.
Stay back, man.
Stay there. Okay?
I just need some water.
I'm asking you please, stay.
I just need some water.
Stay there.
He shot this guy.
I'm sorry.
Oh God, I'm so sorry.
He was a hunter.
A monster.
One of the 11th?
He told you all of this?
There was a note.
I'm sorry.
Chris, no!
He was already dead.
There was nothing I
could do to stop it.
He took his life to save yours.
His note, his will,
it's all I have left of him.
He wrote, that he'd tell
my parents that I love 'em.
What's in the notebook?
I've been writing in this
since the day he left.
Just writing, marking the day.
I never thought
I'd get this far.
I've been using
this as a bookmark.
His letter.
Maybe we need to let
go, forgive ourselves.
For better or for worse,
you're all I have now.
I'm all you have.
My dad, your brother, they
gave us a chance to live.
Let's make sure they
didn't die for nothing.
I saw a picture in the
house, of a place like this.
It was your parents.
Looked like their wedding day.
I wish you could've seen it.
I thought they would
renew their vows,
so I can see my mother
in her wedding dress.
She was so beautiful.
I wish I could've
known her better.
She liked you.
You have a drive, a purpose.
She always wanted me to have
a plan, sense of direction.
My dad was actually
the laid back one,
before all of this.
He used to take me to the
movies on the weekends
when I was a kid.
And he'd buy this huge
tub of popcorn and a soda.
And then after the movie,
we'd just spent hours
playing arcade games.
He acted like it
was some big secret.
Like my mom didn't know, but
she totally knew.
They're together now.
I know they're so happy.
They deserve that.
Yeah, they do.
When my brother and
I got lost as kids,
I told him it'd be okay.
If we follow the bread crumbs,
we'd find our way home.
There was this old tree.
After my brother died, I'd
just go there every day
and I'd Mark it up.
Like a little tally.
I went there day after
day, and I never saw it.
Saw what?
My mother used to say
the home isn't a place
but the people in your life.
She said it's a
sense of belonging.
A sense of purpose.
And that's what
we carry with us.
Home is that sense of
belonging, that purpose
that we get from those
people and those places.
That's what makes us whole.
- That way?
- That way.
He knew.
He knew I'd have to
find my way back.
Feels like deja vu, doesn't it?
I mean, just like
we're kids again.
I took some of dad's
good scotch for the trip.
You want some?
Why not?
That's smooth.
Yeah, well, might
be the last time
we get drinks on so good.
I mean, if the world is really
coming to an end, you know,
we'll have all the
scotch left for us,
and it only gets
better with age.
What you close it for?
I thought you had enough.
You know, I was scared shitless.
What are you talking about?
When we got lost on
that camping trip as kids,
they were looking for
us for like three days
and I was terrified
the whole time.
You seemed fine.
Oh yeah, I was hiding it.
I couldn't let you know.
I mean, you'd never
let me live it down.
Can I tell you a secret?
Yeah, sure.
I was scared.
I was really fucking scared.
But, if you're not scared,
you're not really living, right?
You know,
I love you, man.
I just want you to know that.
I love you too, bud.
Even if you're a colossal pussy.
Thanks, asshole.
Still better than a
pussy like yourself.
We gots to go.
Come on.
Where to begin.
I'm finally home.
Because of her.
Hello, down there.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm just a weary traveler
just like yourselves.
What brings you here?
I'm who you've
been searching for.
I know a place.
It's where I'm from.
There's peace there.
We call it...
We found it.
It's real.
It's real.
It's real.
If it's Eden you seek,
I can take you there.
Are you afraid?
The world is new.
We've all suffered and
been through so much,
but we've survived.
I guess this the beginning now.
A new lease on life.
We've survived
so we can finally have
another chance to live.
Here we are
the lucky few.