When Evil Lurks (2023) Movie Script

Did you hear?
Is that our land?
No, it's in the forest.
Maybe Ruiz?
Or some poacher?
No, a poacher
doesn't shoot so much.
- Should we take the dogs?
- No, they'll see us.
I counted three.
Then it stopped.
And two more.
They are not hunting.
It's not a rifle.
It's a revolver.
Get a coat.
Was it here or at Ruiz's?
It was near.
We'll leave at dawn.
A puma?
There was a big one
stalking around.
It ate Ruiz's goats.
Isn't this Ruiz?
He was hunting the puma.
He lost to the cat.
This guy was cut
with something sharp.
What do we do?
We have to report it.
These are pieces of something.
I've seen this somewhere.
What is it for?
I don't know, brother.
We are at Ruiz's now.
We have to tell him.
Or the police?
What if the killer is Ruiz?
He caught him stealing
and killed him.
Ruiz wouldn't cut
someone in half, shut up.
He cuts him up,
making him disappear,
feeding him to the pigs...
What happened with Ruiz?
Did something happen with Ruiz
that you are not telling me?
He doesn't like us.
He doesn't like you!
He was going...
or coming.
He was taking a shortcut
to the hill.
To Maria Elena's house.
Was he a relative?
What's this language?
I've seen this.
- Russian maybe?
- Russian?
Look, Maria Elena Gomez.
What's going on with these dogs?
Hi, Maria Elena.
How are you?
Long time no see.
We are here
about last night's gun shots,
did you hear them?
We looked around
with Jimmy and the dogs,
We found someone you may know.
Were you waiting for someone?
Because he...
he won't make it.
He had a problem.
When will he arrive?
He must have arrived long ago.
We are waiting for him.
For him to deal with my son.
He has to kill my son.
He has to kill Uriel.
He is possessed,
he's been rotten
for a long time.
We were waiting for them
to dispose of him.
It's my fault.
I thought that by praying
we would be able to heal him.
We lit a candle to the Saint-
Churches are dead, ma'am.
We were afraid of speaking.
Afraid of getting kicked off the
land by Ruiz and the neighbors.
We have nothing.
We have no place to go.
We thought we could heal him.
We took care of him
so he didn't die.
So they can kill him.
But it's taking too long.
Have you reported this?
A year ago, or more.
A year?
Who did you tell?
The lady's son?
Yes, the older one.
She didn't speak to me.
And to you, Superintendent?
Did you see him?
What did you see?
Tell me.
Have you ever seen
a rotten before?
How do you know?
As they say, Gutierrez,
when you see one, you know it.
And we knew it, easy.
You are under the influence.
Many cases of possessed ones
are fake.
And we are here,
in the middle of nowhere-
Uriel is dying!
He is swollen,
he is a ball of pus.
Bring the Mayor.
Give me the phone.
Call him.
Give me the number,
I'll do it, no problem.
He must face this.
Nobody tells me what to do.
Especially you, Yazurlo.
Especially you.
It took a year.
A whole year passed and you only
sent the cleaner yesterday.
Don't raise your voice.
Nobody spoke to me about this.
You'll have a hard time, again.
You don't believe me, do you?
Leave him.
Give me an excuse
to lock you up.
You won't get out
easily, lunatic.
Easy, brother.
We found the cleaner dead.
We found him in pieces,
don't you get it?
There's a protocol
for cases like this.
We call, Public Health comes
and they solve it.
That's what we'll do.
Do as you like.
Why was the cleaner killed?
Ruiz killed him?
I doubt everything.
We are at the end of the world.
Why would there be
a possessed one here?
What are you saying?
They won't come
and see the body.
Not even the rotten,
they told me.
They said
it's not their problem.
They washed their hands.
But someone killed him, Ruiz.
Someone trying to prevent
the cleaner
from reaching Maria's place.
And the Mayor?
They called him.
He knew, a year ago.
He just let it pass.
He said he thought
it was already solved.
They asked us not to speak,
or we'll be marked and
this place will be worthless.
A ghost town, Ruiz.
We lose everything.
They suggested we leave until
they send a new cleaner from...
the Ministry.
They didn't say.
There's no time,
Uriel is about to die,
we can't wait for a cleaner.
close our mouths
and leave.
We'll have to arm ourselves.
Arm ourselves?
Against what?
My dogs left a month ago.
The four of them.
First they make
the animals go crazy, they say.
Then they even make
the deceased crazy.
What shall we do?
Something, we have
to do something.
Maybe we have
to auction everything off.
Leave before this goes viral.
The naive brothers.
This was a set up.
It was the State.
They want my land.
That's why they abandon us,
they don't care about us.
A possessed one here.
I never imagined this.
Armando, where are you going?
Don't do something stupid.
Holy Mary!
Mr. Ruiz.
God, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
look what they brought.
They brought the foulest thing
to my land.
Don't shoot.
Mr. Ruiz,
don't shoot, please.
I have to do it.
You don't kill evil like that,
it will be worse.
If you kill him, you die.
It will take our bodies,
it will take our souls.
Don't do it, please,
it will make it worse.
It has to be done
by a professional.
Shut up, fucker.
I should have
burned your house down
when you came here,
with your filth.
You contaminate everything.
Kill me, Ruiz.
you coward, kill me.
Before I move to Jimena's belly,
and posses the life
growing inside of her.
You'll be the first I will visit
when I'm released.
What have you done?
Tell me you didn't hurt anybody.
He's playing, that's all.
He can do what he wants,
He plays with us.
Open the window.
He taunts us.
He is alive, he didn't do it.
You have to leave.
We are thinking about leaving.
Fuck everything, Ruiz.
No, he has to go.
We have to take him away.
Two or three hours from here.
As far as we can.
- It's too risky.
- Risky is having him here.
- We don't know how to do it.
- Cowards.
I'll do it with you,
or I'll do it myself.
This is my land.
The rotten must be removed
before it rots the rest.
You have a family, Pedro.
Don't you?
Do it for them.
Take the risk.
What are you doing?
Mr. Ruiz.
Don't harm him.
What are you doing?
Don't harm him.
He's too big, he won't pass.
I'm not touching him.
Bring a rope, we tie his feet
and drag him like a pig.
What are you doing?
Taking him away.
Take him away?
They are taking your brother.
Go grab a rope
or a strap to tie him.
A rope? Let's lift him
using the sheets.
Grab the sheets.
- They will break.
- They won't.
He is right, hold his feet
and let's lift him.
At the same time.
One, two, three, now.
Come on, together.
Harder, harder.
Wait, look.
Nasty fucker.
You are killing him.
Get out, you brat,
or I'll kill you.
Grab it, pull.
Here, pull.
Come on, come on, pull.
It's stuck.
It's full of shit.
Don't touch him!
Let's pull together.
Grab it.
Be careful with the steps.
Pull, shit.
There, at the same time.
I'm tired, he's falling.
Harder, hold it there.
He's falling.
Grab it, fuck you!
We need a blanket.
Go fetch a blanket.
Hurry up, asshole.
One, two, three.
Shall we throw him
here or farther?
How far are we?
Three hundred kilometers.
Let's go farther,
a hundred more maybe.
Let's check him
and drive another hundred.
What a smell, damn it.
- Did you touch him?
- No, no.
We have to burn the clothes.
We did alright.
You did well.
This was the right thing to do.
Careful. Careful!
Did you hit him?
No, I didn't
where did the brat come from?
The asshole was going to school.
just what we needed.
So dangerous.
God damn it!
Shall we drop him here?
And if he drowns?
It's kind of dry.
Damn it!
What happened?
Did he jump?
He can't move.
No, it happened when we swerved,
when he almost hit the kid.
I asked you to watch him, Jimmy.
I didn't see it.
How did you not see that?
I didn't.
I saw that we almost
killed a kid.
How long since the kid?
Twenty minutes.
- Sure?
- More or less.
It's back there.
Shall we load him again?
It's over.
It is far enough.
It's not our fucking problem.
That goat.
Leave, motherfucker.
Don't do it, wait.
Don't shoot the beast
with a firearm.
You'll condemn us, love.
We will be parents,
don't do it, please.
Get out!
Leave, fucker.
I went to Ruiz's.
He was dead.
And his wife, too.
My mother disappeared.
What do you mean?
Where is she?
Something happened,
you did the wrong thing
by taking Uriel away.
Did you see Ruiz dead?
Let me stay here,
I don't want to go back alone.
You can't stay, leave.
Please, I'm freezing to death.
Please, Mr. Yazurlo.
Stay in the saddle room,
you'll find something
to stay warm.
I don't want him to stay.
You leave at dawn.
He is armed, you know that?
Are you armed?
Yes, Sir,
I have a .38.
Give it to him.
You leave as soon
as the sun comes out.
You never come back.
Yes, Sir.
I must tell you something.
Don't use electric lights.
Its shadows call in the evil.
Why did you let him stay?
- He is scared, Jimmy.
- Don't say.
Do you believe him?
His mother won't abandon him.
Why would she?
He is lying.
We won't take anything
from the house.
Nothing that was here,
in this place.
No clothes,
no memories.
We go to town,
I pick up my kids,
and we get out of here.
Open up.
It's me, Pedro, we have to talk.
What's going on, Pedro?
We have to talk, let me in.
Does Sabrina know?
She hasn't said anything.
I need to talk, let me in.
You can't enter.
Wait what?
Come on, let me into my house.
What are you doing?
Wake up Sabrina
and the kids, too.
Bring two changes of clothes,
for me and my brother,
I'll explain.
What are you doing?
What the fuck?
if you are in trouble
don't involve my family.
Bring the clothes,
it's for everyone's sake.
Bring them, hurry.
What the fuck?
Sabrina, we need to talk.
Is he drunk?
I don't know,
you can see for yourself.
Why are you doing naked?
Leave immediately.
We need to talk.
Why are you in my house?
What's this?
We need to talk,
things are happening.
You are insane.
There will be a disaster.
You can't be here,
leave immediately.
Do you hear me?
I need clothes.
Give me that.
- Don't look at me like that.
- You are insane.
I'll explain.
Let's go inside.
No, you are not coming in.
You're violating the restraining
order, are you aware of that?
What's this?
You woke up Jair.
What's this madness.
Leonardo, let's go inside
and I'll explain.
Santino, go inside, it's cold.
Yes, let's go inside.
Do something, take him away.
Coquito, prepare a bag
with clothes, toys,
and something warm,
we'll hit the road.
What? Santino
isn't going anywhere.
You are the one leaving.
We all will leave.
There's a rotten in the town.
A possessed one, Sabrina.
I think it is free.
This town will turn
into hell quickly.
Shall I call the lawyer?
Call the police, take him away.
He's scaring the kids.
Dad, can Roger come with us?
Yes, go prepare a bag, hurry up.
Make him leave, please.
I'm hitting the road.
He's scaring the kids.
Dad, can Vicky come?
Yes, we will all go,
go wake up your brother.
Vicky isn't going anywhere,
Santino neither,
you are leaving.
I'll call the police.
I made the decision, I'm sorry.
wake up your brother,
we are leaving now.
What can't you understand?
I make the decisions here.
They aren't going anywhere.
Have you heard me?
You are scaring my family.
A fucking rotten in the town.
Fuck you two.
I saw him, I was with him.
We have to leave, all of us.
- Where are the car keys?
- What keys, you idiot!
I don't want to argue.
Stop, where are they?
You are lying.
You are just lying.
Why are you screwing me?
Can't you see me happy?
You come here
to make me feel bad,
scaring the kids.
Fucking crazy.
You disappeared for four years,
not a single dollar,
and now you come back.
I let you see the kids
like a fool, and what for?
You come and screw with my life.
Crazy fool.
What have I done
to deserve this?
Start a new life, loser.
I don't want you here.
Stop yelling.
Stop yelling!
Leave, you hear?
There's a restraining order,
come to your senses.
What can I do
to make you understand?
You must understand,
I'm telling you
there's a rotten,
how can't you understand?
You are insane.
Are you conscious of your words?
Mom! Dad! Leo!
I saw him myself.
How must I tell you?
What's up?
Roger bit Vicky,
it's hurting her.
No! Vicky!
Get him! Get him!
No, no.
Get him!
My daughter, where is she?
Help me.
Help me, where is she.
Where is she?
Pedro, what happened?
Where is she?
Where is my daughter?
Santino, son.
Santino, we'll leave,
stay here, yes?
Jair, son, it's dad.
Son, son, look at me.
It's dad, it's dad.
No, don't bite yourself,
calm down.
Jair, son.
Son, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
It's dad.
Don't bite yourself,
don't do it.
Jair, it's dad, I'm here.
It's dad.
Calm down, Jair.
Calm down.
Calm down, Jair, calm down.
We are leaving,
hurry up, son.
Where is she?
Call the police.
Where's the girl?
Call the police.
Calm down.
Leo, don't use guns.
Help me
find my daughter, fucker.
Don't use gun powder, Leo.
It's your children's sister, asshole.
Help me find her.
You won't find a dog,
you'll find a demon.
Leo, drop the gun.
Don't use the gun.
Damn it.
Yazurlo, what's going on now?
A dog.
It attacked my ex's daughter.
A big, brown dog.
You called for a dog?
It took her, Gutierrez.
It took her.
Call base.
What happens, Yazurlo?
What's up?
Another mistake?
I'm talking to you.
You heard me.
You can't be here.
You know you can't
get close to your wife.
I'm talking to you,
what have you done?
Don't shoot the dog,
don't do it.
You are ok, love.
Thanks, where is Leo?
Tell him she is ok.
Tell him.
You are ok, love.
Vicky is back, she is back.
Love, look at me.
Does it hurt?
Where is Leo?
Tell Leo Vicky is fine, please.
Are you ok?
Look at me.
Does it hurt?
Go tell Leo, please.
Vicky is fine, tell him.
The car keys.
Where are they?
Son, Jair, it's me, it's dad.
Listen, where are the keys
of mom's car?
Do you know?
- Go fetch Jair's bag.
- He doesn't have one.
- What then?
- A drawing.
Bring it, where is it?
- Where is it?
- He is holding it.
Do you want ice-cream?
Let's go have ice-cream.
Apple ice-cream?
Let's have one.
I can't find the car keys.
I can't.
I'll go.
I'll go, Santi,
I'll get the car.
When I find the keys
of the grey car in the garage...
Dad will kill you.
What are you saying?
will come home
in the car
and pum!
Dad, what happened?
Dad, what was that noise?
Leo, Leo.
Are you ok?
Call the ambulance, he is hurt.
It's ok, easy.
What's this surprise?
I can't believe it,
they gave you the kids.
What happened?
What a nice surprise.
I don't know...
I Don't know
Pedro, so nice.
Don't they have school?
Isn't this Sabrina's car?
What have you agreed with her?
Have you talked with Jimmy?
No, I didn't tell her.
What happened?
Did someone die?
Nobody died, don't?
We aren't going to a wake.
We are too far away
for that to happen.
That things happen
in the cities.
You saw anything
you didn't understand,
got scared
and manipulated.
It's happening, mom.
Grandma, what's a possessed one?
I see you are sure,
but you may be wrong.
We are sure.
- Grandma.
- Stop, Santino.
Are you sure, too?
Yes, Jimmy too.
Possessed, possessed.
- Grandma.
- Stop, Santino.
What did you agree with Sabrina?
What did she say?
We are leaving town.
Sabrina knows, doesn't she?
Have you ever witnessed this?
Do you know someone
who saw a possessed one?
No, never.
I don't, except from you two.
You are making a fuss.
Grandma, what's a possessed one?
Something really, really bad.
It goes into a person
and uses it's body to be born.
Like a disease?
There's a song, do you know it?
It's famous.
They get into your body,
they infect your mind,
they take the most valuable
thing in your life,
your body is no longer
your body.
That's really bad.
it's not that bad
if you take precautions.
Look, there are
seven rules to follow
and remember
when there's a possessed one.
For what?
So they don't get into your head
and make you do stuff
you don't want to do.
Don't use electric lights.
Don't stay close to animals.
Don't have to take anything
that was close to them.
Don't hurt them.
And a very important rule,
never, ever name the evil
by its name.
Evil has a name?
Of course.
- Lucifer...
- Mom.
- Azrael...
- Mom.
You are naming them.
Yes, you are right.
There's a very important rule, too.
Don't shoot them with fire arms.
Stop, mom. Stop.
What else.
That's it.
There's one missing.
- Haven't I told the seven?
- No.
That should be a rule.
Don't forget the rules.
A simple apple ice-cream.
They don't have apple.
This is not enough, though.
Do you have money?
It's all I had with me.
I'm telling you, I don't have.
You didn't ask me to.
I thought you were paying.
I want to go home.
We need to get more money.
How are we going to eat?
I want to go home.
What about Jair?
Where is a fucking
apple ice-cream...
Jair won't stop.
Well, we can go back to town,
we buy the ice-cream.
Mom, no.
How long could it take?
No, mom, we can't go back.
What are you doing
with the phone.
- I told you to leave everything.
- I didn't.
No, it's mine.
It's mine.
It's Sabrina.
Talk to your mother.
Dad, I want to talk to mom.
It can't be her.
Dad, I want to talk.
Santino, it's not mom.
Shall I answer?
I want to talk to mom.
You took my children.
I want them back.
The kids are alright.
Jair can't be far from home.
He has to take his medicine,
bring him back!
Jair will decompensate!
The kids are fine, Jair is fine,
they are fine with me.
Realize your sons
don't love you.
They can't see you.
They never want
to go to your house,
they don't want
to live with you.
Don't you get it?
That's why I cheated on you.
That's why I fucked everyone.
You are no one.
A little man, a little man.
You gave me a broken kid.
You wanted to get rid of him.
You are a bastard.
And a murderer.
Everyone knows it.
I know where you are.
I'll come get my kids
and get them back.
You don't know
what I'm capable of.
Sabrina, I saw you die.
I'll get my kids, do you hear?
I'll get-
Brother, what happened?
What happened?
Sabrina is dead.
Her husband hit her
with the truck, he killed her.
That wasn't Sabrina.
What do you mean?
What? What happened?
She is dead, Jimmy.
I saw her die, I saw her.
I'm not even sure
of what's going on.
I'm going crazy.
I'm a coward.
I can't handle my life,
I'm a coward.
I doubt this is the right thing.
I took the evil to her,
I almost killed them all.
We should have left
as soon as we knew.
I should have never
come back to this town.
Easy, don't say that.
I'm proud of you.
Come on, brother,
the kids are watching.
They will get scared.
Come on.
You didn't see what I saw.
Come on.
I know someone
that may be of help.
She lives half-way to the city.
What will you say?
I'm not sure,
but I think she lived
something similar to this.
She can lend us money, too.
Jair won't stop.
He won't until I get him
apple ice-cream I promised.
Brother, get your head together.
Get up.
Mom will get upset.
She is Mirta.
How are you, ma'am?
I have no electrical power,
but there's room for everyone,
stay as long as you want.
No, we are going to the city.
Thank you, anyway.
Pedro, are you sure
we'll be better in the city?
Will she give us money?
Let's stop for a while.
We are tired.
Jair needs changing.
Mirta is ok with this.
It's better for her,
she is alone.
We can't, Jimmy.
We are going to the city,
don't change the plan.
tell her that...
we'll give her the money back
because we are good people.
That's an issue,
she has the money in the bank.
It's there until Monday.
We can meet her there.
Jair needs changing.
Dad, Jair pooped.
He pooped.
The kid looks rotten.
He is autistic.
Yes, you told me.
You saw a real possessed one, right?
Why do you ask?
You told me.
When you lived in the city.
You were close to one.
Did I?
Long ago.
That you got used
to living among them.
I don't know why I said that.
I'm good at getting secrets out.
What did you come here for?
I think we saw
a possessed one for real.
In town?
You got scared.
It seems so.
If you saw a possessed one,
you wouldn't say "I think".
You wouldn't doubt a bit.
I'm not sure what we saw.
Babies who don't cry?
Shadows that move on their own?
Animals doing stuff
they'll never do?
I don't know what we saw.
Maybe it was
my brother's imagination.
But maybe not.
Maybe it's real
and I can't understand.
Is that the brother who plugged
the heater outtake?
That was a lie his wife told
to keep the children.
He suffered a lot.
People from town are bored
and like talking shit,
after all, it's free.
It's ok, darling.
Well, well.
Close your little eyes,
don't open them...
He won't sleep.
Are you staying up
another night?
I'd rather mom tucks Santino in
and I'll look after Jair.
He won't leave the car.
Let's take turns.
So, this is the famous Mirta.
Why are you smiling?
Why are you smiling?
I'm not.
It was long ago.
I was younger.
She was, too.
Of course.
You were always a lovebird.
Always a lovebird.
Every year you cried like a pig.
You said
you missed the teachers.
I love you, brother.
I'm here, son, I'm here.
It's dad.
I'll take care of you.
Nothing will happen to you.
Is that you?
I'm happy you are here.
I'm a bit drugged.
I took my sleeping pills.
I came for my children.
Because they need me.
I'm taking my children
to a place where no one
can harm them.
Mom, I'm cold.
Something's going on.
I can't say what I saw,
but it wasn't her,
I thought it was Sabrina,
but I don't know.
Calm down.
I can't say,
but there's someone
with Santino.
I'm not sure.
Calm down, mom.
I came down to tell you,
because I'm afraid.
I'm afraid.
I didn't know what to do.
Calm down.
- I was too scared.
- Calm down.
- I didn't know what to do.
- Easy.
I came for my children.
Because they need me.
I'm taking my children
to a place where no one
can harm them.
No, no!
She jumped, that fucker.
She jumped with Santino.
She took him.
Where is he?
He has to be here.
Look over there.
Jair, son.
Jair, son.
It's dad.
Son, son.
Son, open, open.
Jair, son, are you ok?
Are you ok?
It's dad.
Jair is fine.
What's this blood?
- Where did it come from?
- I don't know.
Go get some flashlights.
We need flashlights.
Are there more flashlights?
Something to light.
Jaime, there's a demon.
It took my nephew.
It's inside the kid.
No, he is like that.
No, Jaime.
He is like that.
Shut up, Jaime, listen to me.
Come over here
and look at the kid.
Look at his feet and hands.
A demon got into his head
and is trapped.
I saw this in autistic people.
They invade their bodies but
can't figure out their minds.
They can stay lost
in that limbo for a long time
without untying the knot,
and then they possess them.
The kid can be possessed,
do you get it?
Jimmy, I need you,
the flashlight.
Go get your brother,
we need to get inside.
I can't leave him alone.
It took Santino,
it must be near.
It is near, it is everywhere.
Listen to me,
both of you.
You have no idea
what you're dealing with.
The song says so.
If you are afraid
of falling into a hole,
It will put a hole under you.
There's people like us,
whose thoughts It can't control.
But It can manipulate us,
because in here,
I'm sure that it is here,
It was, some time,
It was and it got information.
It's the seventh rule,
don't be afraid of dying.
She wouldn't be here
if you weren't afraid
she would take the kids.
You can't go get your kid.
You must understand why.
Your fear of losing him
helps the demon.
Evil knows more about your fears
than you do.
Then I'll go, I'll get Santino.
I promise I'll find him.
I'll go, too,
she must be near town.
No, we have to find the rotten.
Kill the man to stop
the beast from being born.
The rotten is dead
or this won't be happening.
No, no.
This is what we call
"the birth process".
For now, It just
freed its essence.
It may not be physically born,
so we have to kill it, to
abort it as soon as possible.
We know where he is.
We do know.
It's near General Piran.
That's far from town.
How are you so sure?
moved the man
and took him there.
You moved a rotten?
Knowing he was possessed?
You idiots.
The town lights.
They are off.
They cut the power,
they activated the protocol.
Who knows what's going on.
It's dangerous to go back.
Don't use lights.
Be careful.
My husband was a shepherd,
we had a church.
We were frauds.
The first possessed one
in Buenos Aires
appeared in our church.
At first, I thought
it was an actor we hired,
until he puked over all of us.
He puked up the rest
of the family
he had eaten the previous night.
God is dead,
and the times of churches
ended quickly.
Then the cobras appeared,
those monks who taught us
there was a way
of killing them before
they were born.
That's what we did
for twelve years.
We took responsibility for
the damage we did to faith.
Ambushes started
growing in number.
It's no surprise
they killed the cleaner.
That's why everything turned...
We had to be too careful.
We were old for this.
You lose your reflexes.
One night, my husband...
didn't come back
from a cleaning.
Then I left town.
From evil,
you only escape
leaving everything behind
and running away
to a place
even you don't know existed.
That's what I did.
Such a coincidence, you here,
in the middle of nowhere.
What if evil finally found me
inside Jaime's head?
What if It infected the town
just for me?
Why didn't It take you
instead of my son?
Because you are the one
who is afraid.
We'll have to continue on foot.
If he moved or was moved,
it will be impossible
to find him.
He must be there.
Evil likes children,
and children like evil.
You told me you loved me.
I'm hungry.
And cold, grandma.
Can you prepare
something hot to drink?
Tea or something.
I don't want to get sick.
Turn the lights off.
How do you know
it's not too late?
Because what Evil eats first
when born
is the sound of nature.
Birds and crickets
are still chirping.
No more lights.
No more lights.
Don't use electric stuff.
Where is it?
Is it here?
Are you hiding it here?
Can you tell me where it is?
We came to help you.
What happened?
What happened?
Didn't you smell it?
The breath of the kids.
They won't help us.
But you said it was here.
Or they are hiding it.
I've never seen such a thing.
I don't know
if I can deal with this.
All those kids together.
Is he coming here?
Kids protect the rotten.
This is crazy.
Don't scare him.
Are you going to school?
Listen to me.
Do you know about someone,
or maybe your friends do,
about someone hurt,
injured near here?
Did you find someone sick
or injured near here?
Yesterday or the day before.
I'm talking to you!
Answer me!
I'll go inside
and make him talk.
It's not a good idea.
Is there any other idea?
Any good idea?
I'll make him talk no matter
how, I don't give a damn.
We can't make mistakes.
Not one, our lives are at stake.
Let me think.
We shouldn't rush now.
We have to keep an eye
on each other.
Are you looking for Uriel?
Yes, yes.
He's at teacher Cortez's house.
Where is that?
Don't you know?
No, I don't.
Near the traffic circle.
Traffic circle, yes.
An entrance with trees.
On the traffic circle?
Can you come with us?
Let's go.
Mirta, come on.
It may not be like that,
and there's someone
waiting for us.
A trap?
We have no time,
we have to find out.
Let's go.
It's a lie.
A lie, don't go where he said.
He is not there,
Uriel is in my house,
in my house, in my house.
My father wanted to help
and cure him.
I live there, in the hill,
but please be careful.
stop lying, fuckers.
They took my son,
I want my son, fuckers.
It is here, Pedro.
It is here.
If they send us somewhere else,
it's because they have him here.
the adults.
I have never seen this.
Did the kids do it?
Those aren't kids anymore.
Go get my stuff.
Don't run.
Don't hurry.
It's possible It is down there.
I told you not to run.
Be careful.
We found you, motherfucker.
We found you.
You have to leave,
he wants to kill you.
He wants to kill you,
don't you see it?
The parents and teachers are
dead, they are there inside.
Don't move.
Don't even move.
They covered the bodies
with lime to hide the smell,
so they can't be found.
Please, you have to leave.
They are bad, you will die,
you have to leave.
You will die.
We have to take him out. Hurry.
We have no more time.
Go away, you still have time.
Go away.
No, no, no.
Come on, Pedro.
Pedro, don't waste more time.
No, please, no.
One is alive.
It doesn't matter,
take the rotten.
We have no time.
You'll die, leave, please.
You'll die, leave.
we have to take him out now.
You're gonna get infected.
It's here.
Is it alive?
I don't know.
He is moving.
Kill me.
Kill me now.
Don't think about it.
The only way to kill him
is using this.
Take him out.
Get this over with
Hurry, Pedro.
His nape,
I need to see his nape.
I can't.
I can't lift him.
This goes into his nape,
I need to see it.
I can't.
Come, help me.
I can't do it alone.
Keep her away.
I have to dismantle the stage.
Do it then.
You wanted to kill yourself,
with your kids,
you can do that to me.
Shut up, fucker.
Shut up, shut up.
There's an axe
in the director's office,
the axe for the fires.
No, she is lying.
In a red cabinet.
She is lying.
I saw it.
all of this is your fault.
Don't listen,
don't let him manipulate you,
take the rotten.
Do it for Santino,
don't let him die.
You can still save him.
Yes, yes, bring the axe.
No, Pedro.
Kill me.
It's a trap,
don't leave me alone.
Don't leave me alone.
No, no, no!
There was...
a voice in my head,
which forced me
to kill the person
who was going to help Uriel.
I cut his body into pieces,
I fed it to the pigs.
I also ate,
I ate from that body.
And your mom?
What happened to her?
The same that happened
to your mother.
Slowly, son.
Come on.
Don't bite.