When Geek Meets Serial Killer (2015) Movie Script

"The chapter of Geek"
Congratulations, you have been chosen
as Twinko...
Do you think I believe this is real?
Who's that?
I still have hope.
Luckily, it's just a dream.
I'm so hungry, what is the time now?
If you wake up and
found a dead body beside you,
what will you do?
This is the end of my boring life
and the begin of my battle!
Who am I?
I am Zhang Jian He, a comic artist.
I started to draw comic after my high school,
and I like to be alone
And I'm a geek.
I love to draw comic.
I rented an unit at industry area
Because it's cheap, spacious, away from city,
and enable me to get more inspiration.
I hope to become
a successful comic artist one day,
publishing my own comic.
Your comics look as bad as this.
You think everyone is Eric Cheng?
You are Zhang Jian He
You have the same given name,
but you're not him.
Take these back, don't waste my time!
Leave now!
Everyday, I'll chat with someone online
After chatting, I will use the
delete function to remove the messages.
Mary: You haven't sleep yet?
Wolf: I usually sleep after dawn
when I have completed my job!
Mary: What is your job?
Wolf: I'm a comic artist! You?
Mary: Seeking for job...
I use my savings
to buy my favourite Twinko's collectible
And looking at them daily.
This is how my life was supposed to be.
I'm just
an ordinary person.
But now...
Firstly, I need to calm down
I need to recall what had happened.
I remembered already
He is Cheng Jun!
- Bro
- Huh?
Could you lend me some money?
I don't have any money to borrow you.
Please, just once more!
Please, just once more!
Please, this will be the last!
I really don't have any money to borrow you.
- Stop drawing!
- Hey!
Stop drawing anymore!
But you haven't return back my money!
What now?
You think I can't pay you back?
Hey! How dare your threw
my drawing away!
So what?
So what? Are you looking down at me?
You think I can't pay you back?
Are you OK?
- I didn't mean it!
- Go away!
I just want to borrow money from you,
why did you hurt me?
Do you know what is brotherhood?
Why is it so complicated for you?
Let me go!
I remembered how it happened.
He felt down and land onto my drawing board
And my sharp drawing pen
Stabbed through his neck.
That was the truth, I'm not lying.
Life is just that dramatic.
Anyway, that's how it happened.
Are you OK?
I help you to call an ambulance.
Darn you!
That's how I killed him.
What should I do?
Should I surrender myself?
If I am lucky, I would be charged
as involuntary manslaughter.
Even if I behave well,
I will still be imprisonment for 8 to 10 years.
I will lost my greatest years of youth.
And the worst is...
Hey bro!
Let me get out of here!
They will hurt me badly.
My gerbera "daisy"
will turn into a "sunflower".
No! I don't want to become a prisoner!
I have to find a solution,
it's not even my fault.
This is an industrial area with full
of offices.
No one...
will notice Cheng Jun.
Hey bro!
I knew you will be at home anytime I come.
Further, no one knows he came
and look for me.
So, no one will know he died here.
All I need is to make his dead body disappear
Then, I will be free from this case.
How to manage a dead body? Enter.
Dismember, bloodletting or eat the dead body?
That's impossible, I can't do that.
Zhang Jian He, if you are so scared of blood
How can you become a doctor?
You should give up
Hey! Zhang Jian He!
That's the reason why I choose
to become a comic artist.
Asking me to bloodletting and dismember
I can't!
Who can help me?
Wolf: I have killed someone, what should I do?
Haha really?
Me too!
I'm not kidding!
Wolf: I'm going offline'
need to finish my work!
Looks like I have to find my own solution.
It's been more than 7 hours
since Cheng Jun came this morning
I have to get rid of it before it smells.
I can't dismember, bloodletting
or eat it.
How can I dispose it? It is so heavy.
According to netizen,
human body is mostly made up of water.
Once the moisture has gone,
it will be easier to handle.
How can I remove the moisture
within a short period?
Human will be dehydrated
after excessive exercise.
Yes! Excessive exercise! Dehydration!
I just have to make him dehydrated.
It's better to clean up the place first.
From now, I have to fight for my life!
Let's clean up the evidence now!
I can't burn it, but I can dry it up.
Based on Cheng Jun's height and weight
with the current heat level
Probably 4 to 5 days can be done.
Fortunately, my house has high ceiling
and it won't trigger the fire alarm.
Further, there are exhaust fans here.
Looks like the luck is still on my side.
Ya Shi?
Hello, Ya Shi.
Sorry, I'm not free this week,
I have work to do at home.
I'm really not free, I have to finish my work.
I'm sorry, Ya Shi.
Ya Shi, I miss you so much.
Ya Shi, I'm sorry.
For the sake of you, I must not be charged!
My life battle is starting soon,
and now is the time.
If I were to make a mistake,
I will ruin my life.
I need to be focus!
Now that I found a solution,
I can calm myself down.
Mary: Was it true that you have
killed someone?
Wolf: Of course not!
It was just my comic's conceptual idea.
Will she believe when I reply like this?
Mary: If you don't mind,
I can brainstorm the idea with you!
This girl is so adorable!
Wolf: Sure! I always have sucks idea!
I'm glad that you can help me!
Wolf: I got to go, chat later!
Is it dangerous to work as a cop in Hong Kong?
Not really.
Sorry, sorry!
For this long-term battle,
I must not rest and leave my house
I should buy more as backup.
Excuse me miss, do you still have any charcoal?
I need a lot of it!
I need a lot of charcoal.
Alright, I will help you.
It's so covenience,
the supermarket is below my house.
Do you know what are you doing?
Young man,
is life so meaningless to you?
Why you don't appreciate your life?
Do you actually know what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Honey, by one glance,
you know what is his motive.
He has rope and charcoal,
definitely he is planning for something big.
I didn't do it on purpose.
He wants to commit suicide!
You continue your work!
Bro, your parents brought you up
and why are you not appreciating your life?
You look talented and have bright future.
I'm not...
I'm not, what?
You should make a remarkable success
while you are still young!
I know you have conflict with your girlfriend.
If you end your life like this,
do you want your father to be sad?
- Hey sir!
- Please don't interrupt us
Just continue counting!
I'm so dissapointed with you
We are no longer friends.
Think about it yourself.
Bro, we only have a chance to live once!
Baby, why did you pay yourself?
Stop always doing like that!
Next time, don't let her pay.
Otherwise, people would think
that Hongkie guys are stingy.
Come, let me take stuffs.
What a weird Hongkie!
I spent too long outside,
I need to go home fast!
Crap, no service.
What a bad luck. I meet a police!
I need to be calm.
If I avoid his sight, he will suspect me!
I must look at him confidently,
and walk forward.
Hold on sir
I need to check your identification card.
Why do you smile and look at me like that?
Nothing. It's just a smile.
- Identification card please.
- Alright.
You are Zhang Jian He?
Yes, I am.
You may leave now.
Thank you.
Hold on!
You dropped a can of drink.
Never mind, it's my treat.
Already two days, everything is smooth so far,
and the dead body is drying up.
Your face expression looks so stupid!
Cheng Jun, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to kill you!
We grew up and had fun together
We are good brothers, forever.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry.
Oh no!
This time, I am the king!
A brother of mine is in trouble recently,
I must go there to help.
- Wow! it's so small!
- Are you kidding me?
I heard that the guy is a great person
It might be more troubling this time.
What do you think about mine?
Sounds dangerous.
I will show my brotherhood spirit
when they need help.
Aren't you my brother as well?
- My God, it's so big!
- Really?
Yours is the biggest one
that I have ever touched!
Do you have 20,000 dollar?
This is the balance for you.
I have reserved one for you.
Let's go!
Let me see.
I only have 3,000 dollar.
Just give me the balance later.
I don't mind small.
Even so, he is still my only best brother.
Whose phone is that?
That's not my phone ringtone,
could it be Cheng Jun's phone?
I heard that people can track
someone's current location via phone.
I must off it quickly,
and take the battery off.
Ya Shi?
Why did she call Cheng Jun?
Ya Shi is my girlfriend,
we have been together for three years.
She is a genuinely good girl,
and she accompany her mum everyday for dinner.
She is an angel of my heart.
Jian He, you can go first,
since you need to finish your work.
Oh, alright!
Thank you.
I almost forget
Take this and buy something for your mother.
Jian He, you're so caring!
Ya Shi sent a message to Cheng Jun?
Why did she message and call Cheng Jun?
Hubby, where are you?
Hubby, I miss you.
Hubby, I miss your big penis.
Big penis?
You're so naughty.
Baby, are you there yet?
I can't wait anymore!
I have prepared honey and candle.
I want to kiss you.
I want to suck you
And use my tounge to lick it slowly.
Then, I want to enjoy the "honey".
Baby, do you feel good?
Hold on hubby, I'm cumming soon!
- Cheng Jun
- You want me to fuck you?
- Cheng Jun!
- Dear, do you feel good?
Zhang Jian He!
What are you doing?
Didn't I say before
that we can only "do" this after marriage?
Sorry, I didn't mean it!
I shouldn't do that, sorry.
Why don't we just chat?
Why do you treat me like this?
He had even fuck you
Then why couldn't I touch your breast?
This is unfair!
You, go to hell!
We are not brothers!
How dare you borrowed money from me
to have fun with my girlfriend at oversea!
You are such a scumbag!
You have sex with my girlfriend
while I have to fap
with my Twinko's collectible.
Do you know
that I'm still a virgin?
Who's that?
What took you so long?
Are you with another woman?
I'm just kidding, why so serious?
Have you been staying at home past few day
drawing comic?
Why didn't you open the blinds?
It's so dark and it will hurt your eyes.
Your house is so messy!
And why didn't you open that blinds?
It's not good for you without ventilation.
What is a stove doing here?
Are you roasting meat?
And there are lots of cup noodle.
You must be not having healthy meal
these few days.
Never mind, let's continue with your drawing
after having this, OK?
I can't wait to see your new comic.
I haven't finished it yet.
Never mind, let us eat first.
Ya Shi
You said you're going to Hong Kong for holiday
with your mum in September
Can I follow?
I also hope you can follow us.
But, it's too sudden for my mum to see you.
I worry she may not be happy.
I really want to follow both of you!
Jian He, what's wrong?
Ya Shi, can I request one thing from you?
No matter what, you have to promise me.
Alright, I promise you.
Can I have sex with you?
What are you talking about?
You seem weird today, are you sick?
I really want to have sex with you!
Are you crazy?
Why do you have such dirty thought?
But you admitted yourself in the phone,
saying that you feel great!
Zhang Jian He, do you know
what are you talking about?
Stop being so perverted!
Am I?
In these three years time, I did not mind
that you are poor and ugly.
Knowing that you are useless,
but I'm still with you.
I am useless?
Yes! But now, I have enough of it!
I don't want to be with a perverted,
immature, uncaring person
And a person whom isolate himself at home
drawing comic everyday,
fap with the Twinko's collectible!
Think about it yourself!
Me, think about myself?
Am I really that wrong?
How careless are you,
Cheng Jun, leaving your phone behind
You better watch out!
I need to leave, I have a date with my mum.
You continue with your drawing, see you.
Keep it up, bye!
Ya Shi
Ya Shi! Ya Shi!
Over there!
She is so heartless to nail me out!
I'm hopeless,
the truth will be revealed soon!
Is here!
- He is alone at home?
- Yes.
Be careful.
My plan
My life
Are going to vanish!
"The chapter of Serial Killer"
"The Divorce Agreement"
"15 years old teen stabbed
his father 30 times to death."
"He chopped of his dad's penis
as a revenge of his mother death."
"Mental report"
"The Parole"
Hope you will change for better.
I'm a caring, good listener,
and understanding netizen
Wolf: I'm bored!
Mary: Hi, my name is Mary! What's wrong?
Wolf: My girlfriend is going for holiday
with her mum!
Mary: You trust her?
How long have you been together?
Mary: Three years now. She is a simple girl.
Shouldn't have any problem.
He is so innocent.
Mary: Both of you have intimate relationship?
Wolf: No! Not even a kiss yet!
How is that possible?
Mary: Not even a kiss in three years?
Wolf: She said only after marriage.
I'm going to propose to her next year!
Mary: Wish you all the best
Wolf: Thank you.
Change for better?
I should continue
with my long-awaited ambition.
Come, let's have one more drink.
I want to go home.
Let me send you home.
It's OK, I will go home myself.
Come, let me send you home.
I already said I go home myself!
Your time is up, what else you want?
Darn you!
You know who am I? I am Western Eagle!
What do you want?
Your license please.
Go away!
- Hey! Stop there!
- Please move now.
Do you know
who am I?
Who am I?
You don't know?
I call your superior now!
I am West...
Mum, I have put another irresponsible man
whom abandoned his family to rest.
Also, there will be less one womanizer
in this world.
Wolf: Hi Mary, are you there?
I have killed someone, what should I do?
Is he suspecting me?
Wolf: I'm going offline,
need to finish my work!
Going offline? Is he really joking?
It's already two months
you have left the prison
Are you adapting well?
I'm fine. I met new friend.
My life becomes more meaningful.
Do you still need
any help in other areas?
For example
Mentally or
Can you help me one more time?
Your sister asked me
to give you a job position.
My sister?
Mei Xue, your sister.
Yes. My sister Mei Xue.
Coincidentally we are in need of people,
so I do her a favour.
Although you are a convict
You need to work harder.
- Thank you.
- You shouldn't thank me so early.
Even though your sister and I
are intimate friends...
I meant good friends,
but you are equal with others here.
If you make mistakes, I will take action.
- Understood?
- Understood.
- Maggie
- Yes boss?
You will work with her.
- Bring him to his workstation.
- Follow me.
I'm currently very busy.
I don't have time to teach you.
Here's your place.
This is the information for you.
Hold on!
There are no clues yet
for the serial killer case?
If there was clue, the police would have
arrested the killer.
You are really different
from other kids, right?
Don't worry, I knew it.
It is injured and doesn't look happy.
So, it's better for it to die.
I understand,
I know you are a kind-hearted boy.
But you have
to promise me one thing, can?
If you have such impulse again,
you have to withold it.
Besides this dog, there are lots of animals
found dissected in this area.
Not everyone can understand you like me.
Mum, everytime I saw a wound with blood,
I would want to dissect it.
Sweetheart, can you promise me
That you will withold your impulse?
Promise mum.
Now, let us bring the dog
to the veterinary, OK?
Mum, I promised you that I would withold it.
But now, you are no longer here.
Hello! Hold on! Hello!
Sir, hold on.
I need to check your identification card.
Mary: What's your name?
Wolf: Zhang Jian He!
Are you Zhang Jian He?
Done, you may leave.
He really killed someone?
Wolf: Hello! Why do you look for me just now?
Mary: Nothing, just want to know
where do you stay.
Wolf: Industrial area!
Mary: Which block?
Wolf: Ninth floor, Hong Li Building!
What a coincidence.
He is just staying above me.
Sir, please help!
Sir, please help!
There is a murder here!
There is a murder here!
My friend killed someone!
Over there!
Alright, bring me there.
It's here! It's here!
- Is he alone at home?
- Yes.
Sir, be careful.
Who's that?
Sir, what can I help you?
Someone reported a murder is happening here.
A murder? Here?
Yes, right here.
Come on, how is that possible!
It must be a prank report!
I saw it!
There is a dead body inside.
Miss, who are you?
I don't know you. Please do not accuse me.
Zhang Jian He, are you kidding?
You don't know me?
Sir, I really don't know her.
I don't know what is she talking about.
Sir, I didn't lie!
Let me go in and have a look.
Sorry, my house is in a mess.
It's not convenience for you to come in
Sir, you look suspicious.
Sir, you can't enter my house
without a warrant.
Oh my gosh! Is Cheng Jun?
What happened?
Why did you kill him?
No! I didn't!
Sir, I'm not guilty!
It was an accident!
Let me explain
The drawing pen and the toy car
were the ones who killed him!
I did push him
And he stepped on the toy car,
then he hit onto my drawing table.
Later he fell off onto the floor,
the pen stabbed him from the back of his neck.
He pulled out the pen, and he died.
This was how it happened.
Enough! How can that be possible!
You are indeed a comic artist,
creating such a fake story!
You must have discovered
my relationship with him.
Thus, you killed him!
I didn't! Sir!
You must trust me!
You, murderer!
Sir, arrest him!
He is the murderer!
I did not lie!
Well hit!
What's wrong?
How can a refrigerator
without ice-cream?
Another murder case happens.
A young man dressed up like a police
to disguise himself to murder.
The victims were killed without warning,
and he left the scene immediately thereafter.
The police is trying to arrest the murderer
with the help of CCTV footage.
The police believe that the recent cases
are committed by the same person.
In other word,
the murders are conduct by a serial killer.
At the moment, the police conclude that
There are no relationship
between the killer and the victims.
The police is still investigating
his actual intention.
It's confirmed
that he is a solo killer.
Judging on his way of muder
This is a young
cruel serial killer.
Public is reminded to stay alert
and beware of him.
Looks like I need to dress up differently.
- Sir
- Stop calling me like that.
I dressed up like a police
just to avoid being suspect.
So I have chance to execute my job
I have killed two people.
And now, both of you know who am I.
Therefore, I need to kill both of you.
I didn't see anything!
Let me go!
I can't just die like this!
Actually, you have to die.
But I found
a similarity between us
You have also killed someone.
So long we don't reveal each other
Then we will be the same
- As partners.
- Partners?
Yes, partners!
If you kill her, I would not kill you.
Why do you want me to kill her?
To become partners,
we have to build trust between us.
I will only trust you
when I see you kill someone.
Don't do it, Jian He.
If we can't build trust between us
Then I should kill you.
Jian He!
It's not hard for you to kill her, right?
Since she's the one who revealed you.
- Who asked you to be so cold-hearted just now?
- Jian He
No! Jian He!
You can't blame me on this.
Jian He!
What are you waiting for?
OK, how hard is to kill someone.
Are you kidding?
This is a human life!
Though she is a bad,
but is human life!
How can we kill her just like that?
I can't do it!
You are really crazy and sick!
You want me to kill her
and become your partner?
That's impossible!
Let me do it.
"The chapter of Goddess"
I can kill Zhang Jian He.
Hello, where are you guys?
Alright! I'm coming over, wait for me.
Alright, bye!
Sorry, I'm late.
Never mind.
Hey, I really don't understand
What's good about that geek?
He is good!
He follows what I instruct him to do
He praises me like an angel.
Yes, angel!
You still believe of true love?
Come on, time has changed!
Didn't you hear of "Wang Ba" philosophy?
What's that?
All men are the same
Age 15 love age 18,
and the 18 love those age 18.
Age 25 still love age 18.
Age 40, 60, 80
still love age 18!
You are so dirty! What's wrong with you?
Every man wants a perfect woman
And now women need to ensure
that they satisfy the men on the bed.
Being a woman, you have to play
eight different roles. isn't it tired?
Women are different, they need eight men
One to have fun with, one for intimate
One to obey orders, one to be shown off
One for financial, one for contigency
One is for you to achive your life goaI
And the last one for marriage.
My Hongkie friend is really knowledgeable.
As a Taiwanese girl, I've Iearnt a lot.
Now I have known the meaning of "Ba"
in "Wang Ba" philosophy.
Then, what's the meaning of "Wang"?
Come on, you still don't know?
Every man has more than one woman,
same goes to a woman.
How will the character be
once you add the line in the middle?
It's "Wang".
- Get it?
- Get it!
Women nowadays have to know
how to use the men.
Look, our men are here.
Let's order champagne.
- Order the most expensive champagne!
- Good idea!
Quick, keep these things!
I create my own fate.
Sir, let me become your partner.
So long you let me go,
I will follow your order.
Sorry, not everyone can become my partner.
But, didn't you just say that
You just need to witness the killing
in order to be your partner?
I will kill Zhang Jian He
if you let me go!
Ya Shi, you...
Hey, don't promise her!
But, you could claim that it was me
forcing you to kill him.
You can use your handphone
to record down the killing process.
I will torture him
till dead!
If you still do not trust me,
I will record down my own conviction
As a proof that I'm doing it on my willing.
I can satisfy all your needs.
Sir, let me become your partner.
Both of you stop!
Hey! Didn't you ask me
become your partner just now?
Why did you change your mind?
You said that I'm crazy and inhuman,
and don't want to be my partner.
Thus, I would not want to force you.
Actually, I don't meant it that way.
Since you are so kind for offering
Let me try it again.
Hold it.
Let's see how you can become my partner.
Thank you, I will do my best.
You have forego your opportunity!
You indeed a loser!
You're just useless!
- You should die!
- Ya Shi, please don't.
Hey! This is so unfair!
Opportunity is for those who are ready for it.
Zhang Jian He, accept your fate!
You deserve to die!
Ya Shi, you are crazy!
You really want to kill me?
I'm not crazy, only one of us would survive.
As a favour of our relationship,
just let me kill you!
If you do it, your mum will be very sad.
My mum has already passed away!
What a fool!
You have been cheated by me for so many years!
I treat you so welI
Why did you do this to me?
You are too much!
You go to hell!
Ya Shi!
Ya Shi, are you OK?
What you have said is true...
I'm sorry.
I can't breath
Hurry, help me pull out the pen.
Ya Shi, are you OK?
I'm sorry.
Ya Shi
Ya Shi.
Is this real?
Is this how you plan
to kill her at the right moment?
You have killed two people.
Hence, our relationship as partner begins.
You go away!
Ya Shi.
Zhang Jian He, we're partners now.
If you don't want to be a prisoner
Faster settle her body.
Ya Shi.
Never knew that you're so good
in handling the dead bodies.
Female body is lighter than male.
Even though is three days later,
the process can be completed at the same time.
They look so artistic
You're really an artist.
What's the next step?
Hey, make sure all parts
are crush properly.
If it can't be crushed, then use other tools.
Especially the teeth and nails,
you need to crush them carefully.
- We must not let anyone recognize them.
- Alright.
Why do you kill?
Then, why do you draw comic?
Earn money or to buy house?
Have you ever feel lost in mind?
Do you ever feel emptiness in life?
Is norm.
Then, why can't I kill?
Since life is so unhappy
and no one is in need of you
Then there are no rules to follow.
You can do what you like.
Killing isn't that hard.
You just need to make the first move,
thereafter will go naturally.
You still have not answer question,
why do you kill so many?
When you kill someone,
the society will be influenced.
You will be on limelight
No one will dare to look down on you
Your life will not be empty anymore.
Further, those whom I have killed
deserved to die.
I did it right.
Killing will not affect
your current job.
Let me ask you
ls there anyone that you hate
and you wish him or her disappear?
Yes, his name is Huang Xiao Di.
He used to bully me
when I was in secondary school.
He scared me with blood
although he knew that I'm afraid of it.
Then, use him as your practice.
Where does he stay now?
Just forget the past.
Revenge must be done for fairness
The bullies are to be responsible
For their doings.
I heard that he's staying nearby the harbour
Let me check it out.
Let's revenge together.
After working throughout the night
We succesfully crushed Ya Shi
and Cheng Jun's body into ashes
And flushed it away.
When I last pressed the button
I stared at the water in the toilet bowl
And I felt relief.
But this is not the end.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
These drinkers
are so irresponsible!
By the way, if you hear any updates
on the serial killer
Please let me know as I'm following the news.
- Can?
- OK.
Son, I'm sorry
Because of me, you and your mum
have been suffering.
It was me, she died.
We really miss you.
Take care and be tough
as we aren't with you.
Don't be like me, being control by desire.
Hey! Are we bad guys?
Depends on how you look at it.
Aren't we bad guys since we have killed people?
But when you killed a lot of people,
then you become a hero.
It's just the same like history, right?
So, you want to be a hero?
I just want to be myself and do what I like.
Do you know
How things stay alive
in this world?
No idea, probably love?
It's desire.
All living things
rely on desire to stay alive.
A blade of grass
A dog
A child and an old man
Have their own desire.
You'll have sexual desire when you see women.
When women see me, they'll have sexual fantasy
And I feel excited when I see blood.
I promised my mum
that I will withold my impulse.
But now, she isn't here anymore.
I miss her.
She is my angel.
My online buddy (Mary) is my angel.
She's the only one that I trust.
I can freely share my feelings with her.
How long do we stay as partners?
Maybe a day
A month
Or a year.
No one will know the future.
Hurry up!
- Keep your phone!
- Chill!
This is not photography expo, let's leave now!
Huang Xiao Di!
- Yes?
Go to hell!
Is you?
It's so disgusting!
Are you kidding me?
That's enough, let's go!
Hurry up!
That's enough! Quick, someone is coming!
Hold on.
- Alright.
- OK, let's go.
Wolf: I'm going crazy!
Help! My angel Mary!
Mary: What's wrong, my comic artist?
Wolf: I have committed a lot of crimes!
Mary: What have you done?
Wolf: I can't tell you...
But, I can share with you secretly
That I have killed lots of people!
Mary: You killed someone
Or are you brainstorming idea
for your comic again?
Wolf: it's true!
Mary, you must trust me this time!
My friend is an insanity killer,
whom likes women older than him.
He forced me to commit crimes!
Mary: You're an adult.
How would it be possible for him to force you?
Wolf: You won't understand. He is a sick guy!
Mary: Why don't you report to the police?
Wolf: I can't because I have
killed someone too!
I will be arrested too!
Mary: Then, what you plan to do?
Wolf: I'll kill him!
Wow! That's cruel!
Mary: Oh? How will you kill him?
Wolf: I discovered his weakness
He likes to eat dessert
Especially ice-cream!
Mary: Agreed!
Wolf: I plan to put the poison
into his ice-cream!
Mary: When will you
execute it?
Wolf: I have already done it!
Hubby, can you stop drawing?
I'm hungry. Let's go to eat.
Alright! You go and change first,
I'm coming.
You better be quick!