When It Melts (2023) Movie Script

And now kiss.
That's great.
Yes. Eva?
A bit higher, please. A bit more.
That's enough. Let's take a look.
That's pretty.
If I hadn't stopped them,
they'd have done it in front of us.
Want to go out for a drink?
No. I can't.
I'm meeting up with my sister.
Is this sister real?
Or is this just another excuse?
She's real.
I've started thinking I'm the problem.
...with a book, my phone, everything.
It was incredible.
But it means it works
because we laughed so much.
Right, I'm off then.
I thought you were staying over.
No. Sorry.
We got the keys to our house today.
But why don't you come?
Mum and Dad will stop by, too.
Just so you know.
Don't be like that.
I can see our parents
if I want to, can't I?
Or are you angry
because I'm not staying?
You must understand
that we want to sleep in our new house.
Eh, sis?
- Are you angry?
- No. It's okay.
No, you are angry.
No, it's okay. Sorry. It's fine.
I'll see you on the moving day, hm?
Oh, Molly.
Will you miss me, Molly?
I will miss you, too.
Will you bring the rest on Saturday?
I can't carry it all.
- Sure.
- OK.
So Molly stays with me?
Yeah. She's used to this place.
I'll stay over next time and we'll
watch a movie and do something fun.
- I want a kiss.
- Bye.
Give me a kiss.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
See you on Saturday.
New invitation from Tim Goethals
Opening of the De Ferm
memorial event for Jan
We'll be there!
We'll provide the nibbles.
How time flies! Eva,
Laurens and I, the three musketeers!
Eva! Are you ready?
I want to go now!
Faster. Faster, faster!
- Ah, hello, darlings.
- Hi, Marie.
Laurens? Eva is here.
Are you happy school's out, girls?
I'm sure you are.
Come here.
Do you know what I've heard?
That you had such a good school report?
I have something for you. Don't tell.
- Here, put that away.
- Thank you.
Oh dear.
This one's getting too small, darling.
Ask your mum for a new one. Hm?
- Hm-hm.
- Right.
- He's letting you wait.
- Here I am!
Easy. Easy.
- Laurens!
- What's this?
- Look. My eyes have changed.
- Who are you then?
- Peekaboo.
- Are you new here?
We're not taking that.
- Take my picture.
- Flash.
And now like this. Like a beard.
Right. Be back by four?
Don't hang out there all day.
He and his dad will have
a lot of catching up to do.
And don't go near that cesspit.
Eva? Did you all hear me?
Stay away from the cesspit.
Where's my kiss?
Have fun, guys.
Enjoy, Three Musketeers.
- Right.
- Bye, Marie.
Bye-bye. Have fun.
Here. I'll give you a push.
So the one cherry
said to the other cherry:
'If we weren't so sweet,
we wouldn't be in this jam.'
Look, what a big pool!
And there's
a dolphin in it. Look. A dolphin!
Where is he?
Don't know.
His mum's car is here.
Come, come.
- Don't scratch.
- It itches.
Shit, it's on top of the cesspit.
Do you think there's
still poo in there?
Creepy, isn't it?
- Where is he? Tim?
- Tim?
Maybe he's inside?
- No, stop! My radio will get wet.
- Ah, his radio.
- Look, Tim. I have new eyes.
- Is that a moustache?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Cut it out.
- Come. I want to get in.
- Jump in.
I'm off.
Help out, yeah? It's a lot of
work for your dad on his own.
It's only for a month, hm?
Call me if anything.
Bye, kids.
- Did you have to put it here?
- What?
- The pool.
- Does it matter?
Your brother died here.
Of course it matters.
I'll leave your bags here.
Show some respect.
It's hard enough as it is.
So we're finally
having a drink together.
- It's busy in here.
- Yes.
It's always busy here.
My cousin showed me this place once.
- It's nice, isn't it?
- Hm-hm.
It's my favourite place.
The landlady is crazy. I love her.
What do you think of me?
I think you're interesting.
Interesting, but exhausting, right?
Yes, a little bit.
I'm kidding.
I'm sorry. That was silly of me.
I didn't mean to offend you.
Do you want me to suck you off?
I... I...
- I'm sorry.
- No, no. Don't worry.
- No, it's... erm...
- No worries.
I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't know
what to say, so I say silly things.
We're just having a drink.
All right?
I need to go.
We just got here.
I don't know...
I don't know what to say.
- I'm sorry.
- It's nothing. It's...
It's not you. It's me.
- This one?
- Yes.
Careful. It's heavy.
Eva. Are you leaving?
What are they doing here?
I asked them to come and help.
OK. You don't need me then.
- If I told you, you wouldn't have come.
- Yes.
So I'm leaving.
OK, leave then.
What do you want me to say?
Just come and help.
I got you a present.
So you'd think of me once in a while.
Eva, you're doing this to yourself.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Papa
Happy birthday to you
Hip hip, hurray!
Hip hip... Hurray!
Hip hip... Hurray!
Hip hip hip hip...
Hurray! Daddy, daddy...
- Daddy, I've got a present for you.
- Oh, a present.
Do you know where
cheese fondue comes from?
- Schweizerland.
- Switzerland.
- Right?
- Correct.
Yum yum yum.
- And do you know what it was?
- Sorry.
- Food?
- Poor people's food.
- Hey. I did my best, you know.
- Yummy poor people's food.
Oh, sorry.
Poor people ate it because they would put
all the leftover bits of cheese in a pot
and they melted it. Hence the word
fondue. Fondue in French means...
- Fondue.
- ...melted.
Wine was also very cheap.
They added it to perk everything up.
- Ay, caramba!
- Ol.
Fondue Sauvignon.
Mussels were also very cheap.
They're expensive now, but back then...
- Thanks.
- Sorry.
That's all right.
- What else is there?
- Pigeon.
But they used to
eat them in the war. No...
- Chips?
- Yes, but they're still cheap.
- Chips!
- No, caviar.
- Mum!
- Sorry.
- Mum...
- Oww, my bum.
Dad, what else used to be expensive...
Thanks. That's enough.
Go on. What else used to be cheap
that's expensive now?
Mum? Tess is scratching again.
Help her, Eva.
She can't do it herself.
Yes, I can do it. Look.
- You put it on your skewer.
- I want to pretend to be a boat.
Yes, let's dive in.
No, Mum.
What have I been saying the whole time!
Eat properly!
- Can't you laugh for once, Johan?
- Laugh? You bray like a donkey.
- You whinge and whinge all the time.
- All right, Tine. We heard you.
You're boring.
Boring and empty and emotionless.
- You want to talk about emotions?
- You don't have any.
I don't have emotions?
Emotions, emotions, emotions.
Neither do you.
It's just the wine seeping out of you.
- Bloody hell! Tine!
- Molly...
Grab something for the turtle.
Sit down. Shut up and sit down.
OK, Tess. Sit still.
This is the last dollop.
We're going to
kill the poopy lice.
- Definitely.
- What are you doing?
We're killing the poopy lice monsters.
There. This is how they used to do it.
With mayonnaise and cling film.
- Mum? Can I have a new swimsuit?
- That's new from last year. It's fine.
The straps are cutting into me.
- I'm sure it's not that bad.
- No, it's true. I've grown.
Goddammit. What a...
Help me. You
wrap it round so no air gets in.
I'm going to get
some eggs. Nanook, come.
Hi, Molly Bolly.
Did you know chickens
only lay one egg a day?
Our chickens lay more.
Why do you think that is?
Because we have really good chickens.
- Shall we do something?
- Like what?
Truth or dare?
Everyone always
picks truth. It's boring.
You suggest something then.
- Ding Dong Ditch?
- Ding Dong Dick, more like.
- Eva can't play that.
- Right.
I know a game. From boarding school.
- But you need girls for it.
- I'm a girl.
Other girls.
- It's not a guinea pig.
- I have a guinea pig and it can't jump.
There's only one animal that can't jump
and it's not a guinea pig.
Then what is it?
- Take something off. We were right.
- No, give me that money. I was right.
No, we won. Take something off.
Get lost, you little brats.
She's only a 4 out of 10 anyway.
- It didn't work?
- No, but that's fine.
She was only a 4 out of 10.
So what was it? Which animal can't jump?
An elephant.
That's a stupid riddle.
- You come up with one then.
- I can look for one.
A better one. No one
will guess the answer.
- Deal.
- Look at the two besties.
Look at her.
We need her for the game. Come.
Hi. Do you want to play a game with us?
You can win 50 francs.
- I count in euros.
- I've got some.
- What's your name?
- None of your business.
- OK, guys. Scores out of ten?
- Seven. What an arrogant cow.
No way. Did you see her fat head? A six.
Did you see her boobs? A nine.
How much would you score me?
Nothing. You're our friend.
Let's grab a burger.
Mum, can we have a burger?
- Take that, sweetie.
- Thanks.
Here. This is the one.
A man hangs from
a rope in an empty room.
There is no furniture. Nothing.
So the man hangs there and under
his legs is a big puddle of water.
How was the man able to hang himself?
That's a really hard one.
- Did he use a ladder?
- No. No furniture. Nothing.
That's a puzzler, eh.
But you asked for a difficult riddle.
You do need to make an effort.
And by the way...
What do you need the riddle for?
No reason.
You don't have to tell me.
Right. A man hangs from a rope
in an empty room.
No furniture. There is nothing.
Just a puddle of water under his feet.
What happened?
Did he pee himself?
Who pees themselves when they're dead?
It's possible.
- OK.
- OK.
Go on. Take something off.
Hang on.
You have to take something off.
- Why?
- You're the one guessing. Not her.
You should've said that sooner.
You weren't supposed
to bring your cousin.
You were going to come alone,
guess alone and undress alone.
She likes it, so she'll get undressed.
Eh? You like that, don't you?
- Yes.
- See?
Yeah, right. She has no choice.
Take something off.
- No, she's going to undress.
- We don't need to see her.
- Just let her undress, OK?
- No, you are going to!
- I don't want to!
- Those are the rules!
She's going to do it.
I don't care what you say.
- Then she'll get the ten euros.
- They won't guess it. It's too hard.
It will be her turn soon anyway.
Go on. Guess.
Was someone else
in the room, who left after?
He was alone.
Take something off.
Has the puddle got something
to do with his death?
No. We got it right.
Don't take anything off.
- I'm hot.
- I don't care. Keep your shoes on.
- I want to get undressed.
- Later.
Did the man... well...
try to drown himself first
and when that failed,
did he hang himself? Is that it?
Go on.
Yes, that's it.
You guessed right. That's the answer.
It can't be.
You're lying.
- Come. Quickly.
- Eva. That can't be the answer.
- Through the passage.
- That can't be... My money!
- Go, go, go.
- Give me my money.
- Let me through!
- Whoa, man. Calm down.
- Why are you doing this?
- I felt sorry for that girl.
You're pathetic. It's a game. Move.
OK, sorry.
I'll sort some money for next time.
There won't be a next time. You're out.
Let me through.
We're not doing anything wrong.
It's just a game.
We just think those girls are pretty.
He's beautiful.
- I know.
- What's his name?
- What about you?
- What about me?
What's your name?
I've never seen you around here before.
I'm not from here.
My dad dumped me here.
Luckily, I've got you, Twinkle. Yes.
- Elisa?
- Yes?
- Dinner's ready.
- OK.
- Is Agnes your mum?
- Are you mad?
My great-aunt. Or something.
Hey. Hi, Twinkle.
Do you like that?
Yes. That's yummy.
What's wrong?
Can I have a bikini?
Why? You don't have anything.
You've got no chest.
Hand me a blanket, will you?
Won't be much longer.
- What are you doing?
- Ssh. Mum is looking for me.
Found you.
- You're not Mum.
- Come.
- Let's rinse it off. Come.
- OK.
You need to sit still.
Mum, I look like a boy. Stop. Please.
- Mummy, no.
- Sit still for a second, sweetie.
Mum. Please. Stop.
Come on. It's not
that bad. Just sit still.
- Mum, stop.
- Sit up straight.
- It looks ugly.
- No, you're so beautiful.
- What are you doing?
- I'm delousing her. Can't you see?
Stop that.
You should've left the mayonnaise in.
They'd have been dead after three days.
- Stop.
- Hey, Eva! Be careful.
Be careful with the scissors.
- Watch out.
- She doesn't want it.
- It's for her own good.
- Stop it.
No. Careful. Those lice aren't hygienic.
- I'll leave if you do it.
- Fine.
- I'll run away from you.
- You do that. Glad to be rid of you.
Such a shame they left without you.
There are three musketeers, not two.
What's that about?
If they shut you out
or they do anything stupid, let me know.
All right?
- Hm?
- Can I come and live here?
Oh, darling.
If I had a daughter,
I would want her to be just like you.
You know you're always welcome here.
- Mum?
- Hm?
Sorry about yesterday.
I shouldn't have shouted like that.
You're more like me
than you'd like to be.
We're both very sensitive, so it's
normal we need to vent sometimes.
If other people don't like it
or they can't deal with it, then...
Then that's their problem.
You're great just the way you are.
We're just
sensitive creatures, you and I.
Is that why you drink?
Do you drink
because you're so sensitive?
What did you say?
Bugger off. I'll finish it by myself.
Bugger off.
Bugger off!
- Hi, Elisa.
- Hi, Eva.
- Hello.
- You again?
So you know each other.
Why don't you show her your room?
She does smile sometimes. Go with her.
Do you like it?
You can have it.
I'm bored of it.
- How old are you?
- Thirteen.
You look ten.
- But that's good. For later.
- Oww.
Don't be a wimp.
Your hair. It's so short.
Do you always
wear your hair like this?
I can't do anything with it.
All done.
Go like this.
Push them out.
Go on. Do it.
Come on.
Have you ever had an orgasm?
Of course not.
I had one on my horse.
Because of the rocking.
Close your eyes.
Eyes closed.
- Do you know Tim?
- Which Tim?
Tim Goethals.
Is he your boyfriend?
He's just a friend.
But you'd like it to be more.
We'll take care of that.
Get lost!
- Are you okay?
- What are you doing here?
Are you thinking of Jan?
Do you miss him?
I hate him.
They wish I had fallen into that pit.
My mum wishes she hadn't had me either.
No, that can't be.
- Don't touch him. Don't touch him.
- Easy. Ssh.
What could have happened?
It could be anything. It's hard to say.
Did he eat those yellow flowers?
Not that I know of.
Those are toxic for horses.
They damage their liver.
Twinkle. I have nothing else.
I only have Twinkle.
Hello, madam.
- And who's right?
- Wow.
- It's a nightmare.
- Yes.
Anyway, I'm off. Thank you.
See you tonight. Bye.
Madam, what can I get you?
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
I'm listening.
- Luncheon meat.
- Sure.
- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.
- I've put the meatballs in.
- Yes.
How much would you like?
- 100.
- 100 grams. Sure.
Eva. Darling, I didn't recognise you.
Long time no see.
It's been ages.
Time flies.
Right. Will that be all?
That's 1.56 euros, please.
Are you here for the party tonight?
Oh? Nice.
- Will you serve this man?
- Yes, sorry. What can I get you?
Erm, yes...
100 grams of amricain prpar.
Here you are.
See you tonight, I guess.
- Yes. Bye.
- Bye.
Hi, sis. It's me.
Erm... I haven't
heard from you in a while.
Why aren't you replying to my messages?
Call me back, please. Love you.
Eva, come and look for me.
Eva, I'm hiding.
Eva, come and find me.
- Eva, come.
- Stop.
Let's play hide-and-seek.
- Eva, come and find me.
- Stop! Learn to play by yourself!
Come on. More. There you go. Come on.
Swallow. Swallow.
- Come on, man.
- OK, Eva. Welcome back.
Truth or dare?
- Truth.
- Boring.
- Depends on the question.
- Even so.
OK. What is the worst thing
you've ever done?
I killed a horse.
- By accident.
- What?
- Whose horse?
- The girl at the flea market.
- The cute one?
- What?
- How did you kill a horse?
- Do you know her?
She's my neighbour.
- How did you...
- Hang on.
- Bring her here.
- How do you kill a horse?
I fed it a plant.
- Horses don't die from that.
- It was poisonous.
- Hello?
- They're here.
- Who is that?
- Over here!
- Through the passageway.
- Who is that?
- Come this way.
- Come on. One more time.
Don't be lame. Come on.
They chicken out without you.
- But I'll come up with the challenges.
- Deal.
- Why are you wearing so many clothes?
- No reason.
- You'll be too hot.
- So what?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you know?
Because of the rain?
Sorry, what?
He walked in the rain
before he hung himself.
- Take something off.
- Yes, go on.
- Shoes count as one item.
- We've taken off so much already.
- Let's stop. We don't know anyway.
- Yes, we quit.
We quit.
If you quit, you
need to do a challenge, too.
You didn't say that. It's
cheating. You wore a lot of clothes.
- You would've been naked by now. Right?
- Yes.
- What kind of shit game is this?
- Does it matter?
Just tell us what we need to do.
- Put your finger up your bum.
- That's absurd.
- No, sorry.
- I'm not doing that. I'm really not.
OK. I have a better idea.
- We can touch you for ten seconds.
- That's too long.
- Yes, let's do five.
- Five seconds.
Ten seconds.
- Or a finger up your bum.
- Five.
Five. Not any longer.
Ten seconds isn't long.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...
All right, I get the point.
OK then.
OK, ten seconds.
- One, two...
- Wait. I haven't started yet.
Go on.
Yes. You can start.
- One, two...
- Slow down.
- Three, four, five, six...
- Slow down.
Seven, eight, nine, ten.
What's wrong?
- What has he done?
- Nothing.
What have you done?
- You perv.
- I just touched her. You said we could.
You're both pervs.
And so are you. You're the biggest perv.
You're a nasty bitch
for letting your friends do that.
Why don't you play your game with her?
She knows the riddle.
And we don't want
girls under 4 out of 10.
You're very quiet.
Are you all right?
The boys are shutting me out.
It's good of you
to come and tell me that.
You shouldn't
let that weigh on your mind.
Take this.
You look so nice. Lovely.
- Hello, madam. How can I help you?
- Yes. 150 grams of prpar.
Yeah, yeah, but why, why, why?
Guess how much I love you.
No, you do deserve it.
That's hard, said Big Nutbrown Hare.
Who's the idiot here?
I don't think
I could guess that. How much?
This much.
Hello, sweeties.
We won't be eating eggs for a while.
- Oh, why not?
- Just because.
- Not with soldiers either?
- Not with soldiers either.
Where did you get to?
- Here.
- Yes.
This much.
Little Nutbrown Hare stretched out
his arms as wide as they could go.
Don't cling, sweetheart.
It's annoying. It's too hot.
And I need my hand to turn the pages.
Big Nutbrown Hare had even longer arms.
'But I love you this much.'
That is a lot,
thought Little Nutbrown Hare.
I love you as high as I can reach...
Good night.
Yes, good night.
Not good.
Twinkle is dead, Dad.
I don't want
a new horse. I want Twinkle.
Dad, just come and get me, please.
I want to get out of here.
All right. Asshole.
What do you want?
I brought you something.
I feel bad for you about Twinkle.
My dad's getting me a new horse.
Do you want to play a game?
It's with boys.
Duck, duck, goose or what?
It could be fun. Look.
I can help you win.
- Did my mum see you?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. She was serving a customer.
Leave them over there, behind the bin.
- Hurry up. Put it behind there.
- Yeah, yeah. Stop nagging me.
Push it in. My mum will see them.
Put that one in front.
- It's nice that you came.
- I guess.
Come on. Open that door.
Welcome. Welcome.
Thanks for coming, everyone.
It's a pleasure to welcome you all.
Are you coming in, madam?
We've had some fantastic times here.
Happy times.
Especially silly times.
I've just seen it's started to snow.
We could have a snowball fight.
Fun times.
But also less fun times.
My brother Jan's death
left a huge void with all his friends,
with his family, and with me.
But on that void, on that loss,
on that ruin,
we've tried to build a new house.
I dare say we've done it.
Hi. Lente.
- Remember me?
- Yes.
Wow, you've changed.
It's been so long. How are you?
- All right.
- Good?
- Do you still live in Bovenmeer?
- No. In Brussels.
Wow, exciting.
Come and tell us
your beautiful stories about Jan.
Thank you.
Brussels. That's mad.
I got stuck here. You know how it goes.
I met a man.
I started my own business. A hair salon.
I've got two little ones...
Dear guests, family members, friends.
I first met Jan at our school.
I had just started teaching there.
Jan was a quiet boy, withdrawn.
What you call a dreamer.
In the morning,
before the first period...
Did the puddle get there
because he peed himself?
No. Eh, Eva?
Go on. Guess.
Did the room fill up with water,
did his head get into the noose,
did the room then empty out
and did he die that way?
No, I guess?
Let me think.
He did it himself,
no flood, no pee.
Could he...
have stood on a block of ice,
put the noose around his neck,
waited until the ice melted and died?
A block of ice?
I win.
That's impossible. You'd slip off.
Yes, it can't be done.
- I can choose a challenge now, right?
- Hm-hm.
- Get undressed.
- What?
I'm not doing that.
Can't we do something else?
- Massage you maybe?
- Or get undressed.
Come on.
What about her?
Eva didn't invent the game.
- She thought of the riddle.
- I won.
And I want you to
take your clothes off.
I'm not doing that.
No, no.
- Just do it.
- No.
- Do it.
- No. I won't.
Did you tell her the answer?
- No.
- It's written all over your face.
- No, I didn't.
- Shut up and undress.
You do know who killed your horse?
She did.
Your little friend didn't tell you that,
did she?
- Is it true?
- No.
- It is. You fed it a poisonous plant.
- Horses don't die from that.
- It seems they do.
- And she called you ugly.
- I didn't.
- Yes. You said she has a fat head.
Get undressed.
I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't know
about the plant. I really didn't.
- Get undressed.
- You have to believe me. I didn't know!
- Undress!
- Ssh. My mum.
Take everything off.
Your knickers, too.
What shall we let your friends do?
You didn't think
you'd get off that easily, did you?
- For me, they don't have to.
- I think they do.
Your friend's going to do you
and he's going to help him.
That's what you wanted, isn't it?
Shall we leave?
And if you can manage that,
you can do me. In turns.
Marie! Marie!
Come on. You grab her.
Do you want your mum to hear this?
- Cover her mouth.
- Let go of me! Stop!
- Let go of me!
- Calm down.
- Be quiet.
- Let go of me!
- Can't do it?
- Yes, I can.
- Let go of me!
- Ssh.
Use this if you can't do it.
Come on. Eva. Come on.
Please... Eva...
Hi, Eva.
Are you okay?
Oh darling.
What's happening?
- I'll come back later.
- Yes, thanks. Sorry.
Come. It's okay. Come. Sit down.
What happened?
Did you fall, darling?
She's lying.
- What happened to you?
- She did this. With a shovel.
- You're lying, Laurens.
- I'm not, Mum.
- Tell the truth.
- I'm not lying.
- Mum! I didn't do anything!
- You did!
- No, I'm not lying.
- Shush. Please.
Go upstairs, Laurens.
- Mum...
- Hold that on there.
- Go upstairs. I mean it.
- Mum.
- Go to the back.
- I'm not lying.
- Yes. Go to the back, Laurens!
- I didn't do anything!
It's probably your period.
These things happen.
You ought to go home.
Have a warm bath.
Go on then.
Come on.
Come on. Come. You need to go.
You're probably not entirely innocent.
Come. Get out of here.
Walk slowly, darling.
You can do it. Come.
Thank you.
I am Eva... Eva De Wulf.
I am a childhood friend of Tim.
And of Laurens Van Den Broeck.
We were the Three Musketeers,
for those who knew us.
We were best friends.
And Jan, Tim's older brother,
always hung out with us.
We were twelve when Jan died
and after that, everything changed.
But Jan was great.
He always knew
what to do when we got bored.
And he made sure
we didn't do anything stupid.
I remember going swimming in the pond
because we wanted to cross it.
And Jan came along to watch us.
There was a rumour that the
pond had muff eels and cock pikes.
And that they could drag you under.
I was scared of them,
but I wanted to measure up to the boys,
so I went in.
Halfway across,
I got a cramp in my legs.
The boys had reached the other side
and weren't even looking back.
Boys, eh.
I went under.
I swallowed water.
And I remember thinking
how I'd left the house that day.
My lunchbox was still in my book bag.
It had been all summer.
My place at the table.
My underwear in the laundry basket.
My clothes by the side of the pond.
And I wondered if Tim or Laurens
would take them home that night.
Then I felt something touch my legs.
I thought
one of those muff eels had got me.
But it was Jan.
Jan had turned back.
He came swimming behind me
and he was pushing me along.
Jan saved me that day.
He was there when
things got dangerous, too.
He wasn't there when we started
to play the game with the girls.
Tim had come up with a riddle game.
I provided the riddle. A very hard one.
It went like this.
Someone has
hung himself in an empty room.
No furniture. Nothing. Under him,
there is just a large puddle of water.
What happened? Eh? What happened?
Can anyone guess?
- Tim? Laurens? What happened?
- Eva?
Do you remember? I...
Marie? Marie...
You definitely know.
You knew everything. Hm?
Hang on, Tim.
We aren't here today to talk about me.
We're here for Jan. To remember Jan.
Jan, who fell in a pit and who
we'll dig up after all these years.
Hang on, Tim. This song is for you, Jan.
We'll never forget you.
And when I die don't cry.
I am not really dead you know.
It's nostalgia I've left behind
I will only be dead
when you forget me.
And when I die don't be sad.
I am not really dead you know.
It's only a body I've left behind.
I will only be dead
when you forget me.
So the game...
The girls had to take something off
if they guessed the answer wrong.
And Elisa was a 10 out of 10.
They wanted to see her naked.
What are you doing?
I'm paying homage to Jan.
I'm paying homage to Jan.