When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story (2017) Movie Script

They say, right before you
die, your entire life flashes
before you.
Well, right before you kill...
there ain't no flashes.
All you see is darkness.
Yeah, wasn't nothing wrong
with that man's shoe.
You just don't appreciate a good
Uh, if don't work the heel
out the back of them, hell no, I
Hey, Mama.
Where you think you going?
Just out with some friends.
Bye, Mama.
Bye, "Spoon."
Bye, "Tams."
See ya later.
With her fast self..
probably going to meet up with
some little boys.
And that's what I'm still
doing, child.
That's how I got
caught up with her triflin'ass
daddy, talkin' 'bout I was gonna
meet with my friends.
Child, I was busy getting
pregnant with her behind.
That's what I was doing.
Well, I ain't never had to
worry about that.
I love 'em, and when they act
up, as they always do, I leave
their triflin' behind.
Girl, all men ain't trifling.
Maybe it's just you two.
When the last time you had
Including your sister?
Child, don't be encouraging
this fool.
I'm 'bout to go get my knife and
cut him everywhere but under his
A hot mess.
Ooh, that was good, though,
You my dawg.
I love you, man.
Good to me
Now, would you...
Okay, come on.
We got to get in there early
sign up.
Come on.
Last week, I won $200.
Where'd you...
I don't got no I.D., and I
know they gonna ask for I.D.
Girl, we good.
My homeboy at the door. I thought I told
you to come with something cute and sexy.
What's wrong with this?
Not. Take this off.
Ooh, that is a cute bra.
What if somebody see me?
Ooh. The boys, honey.
That is a cute bra, yes.
Put this back on. Turn around.
Yeah! Got you.
Ooh, that is so cute.
Okay. Yeah.
Shorty, swing my way
Swing it over
Okay, come on.
You ready.
Okay, be cute. Come on.
Come on! Come on!
Shorty, swing my way
I got off the
floor, tryin' to find this man
Lookin' all around, doin' all
I can, damn
He sure look
By the end of the night,
he's gonna be
Go ahead, girl.
Take your blouse off. Get ready.
So far, everything is going
my way
I didn't say I was dancing
Come on, girl.
You got money to make.
I'm not ready.
Well, you better get ready.
Bam. Mm. Got to get up the
nerve to
get my swerve on
Gotta do it fast, or he'll be
'Cause of the beat, just my
That somebody else will scoop
him up
Can't have that, want to be
that girl that found herself a
perfect match
Didn't want to come off as
bein' too fly, got contact eye
to eye
Then I walked over to him
Said, "I know you don't know
But this might be my...
Hey, yo. Country girl.
'Cause a girl like you, I
can't resist
What up?
Wouldn't need no game, just
had to say
Shorty, swing my way
Shorty, swing my way
Sure look good to me
At first, it was weird.
I mean, I wasn't used to a lot
of attention.
And I definitely wasn't used to
guys looking at me like they
couldn't wait to touch me.
But it made me feel sexy.
It made me feel pretty.
And, eventually, I traded in my
minimum-wage checks for cash
I changed "Falicia" to "Summer,"
and I started getting paid.
...through the night
Anything that you want,
And then after awhile,
I met Robert.
That was it.
Just come to me
Swing my way
You know they got places that do
that for you, right? Yes. I know.
But I do just as good. See?
Mm. Let me take a look.
I'll take you and get 'em done
next time.
Oh, you think you funny?
You hit me with pillows then,
You gonna mess up my feet!
What? They already messed up.
Robert was so smart and mature.
He was my first real
And it was like he didn't see me
as a dancer.
He just saw me for me.
I want to tell you something.
So, you know how we've been
seeing each other for six months
and... like, we're really feeling
each other...
and I love you, right?
Well, I haven't been feeling
too well and... I'm pregnant.
I told Robert about the baby,
and he seemed to be okay.
We were still hanging out, were
still kickin' it, but then he
just started acted funny.
He stopped coming to the club.
He always had something else to
do, talkin' 'bout he
was already "in a situation."
I couldn't believe
And then, on top of that, one
day, he left me stranded, and
that was it.
I ain't seen or heard from him.
He was gone.
Ma. I need to talk to you.
What you got goin' on?
Well, I'm seeing this guy...
...uh, I was, anyway.
We broke up.
Oh, Lord, Falicia.
Ma, this is serious.
Okay, I'm listening.
I thought he really liked me.
Well, they all make you think
Ohh, baby.
You okay?
Listen, it's just that, every
We can talk about this later.
Okay? I promise you.
Okay. I love you.
I love you, too.
It's about time you gonna mosey
Where the hell you been at?
Girl, it is packed in here tonight.
I already made $350.
Girl, you shouldn't be leaving
out of here with less than $700.
I been tryin' to put you up on
game since you got in this club.
Take the niggas to the back and
get your money.
I don't do all that stuff,
I just dance.
One of these days
Walls come fallin' down
You know, you kno-o-w
One of these days
Walls come fallin' down
You know, you kno-o-w
Fine. More for me.
Let me go get this money.
Bumpin' in 'em, too, when
all I need to do
Was hangin' in my
But when I tried to call you
on the telephone
You too busy call me...
What's up, Dino?
What's up?
What's up with you?
Yo. Who that? I don't know, child,
but I'm 'bout to get up on that.
I know that.
Block it easily
Mm! What's up with you, baby?
Come here Yo. Blue, Blue, Blue.
Chill. Chill, man.
All right, man.
Let me get a double.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
Some girls like that kind of
What's your name, beautiful?
You gonna leave my hand here?
Walls come fallin' down
I wanna freak you,
I wanna freak you
I wanna freak you
I wanna freak you
Every freakin' night and
every freakin' day
I wanna freak you, baby, in
every freakin' way
Every freakin' day and every
freakin' night
I wanna freak you, girl, your
body's so freakin' tight
Every freakin' night and every
freakin' day
I wanna freak you, baby, in
every freakin' way
Every freakin' day and every
freakin' night
I wanna freak you, girl, your
body's so freakin' tight
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What must I say?
What must I do?
Can I prove my love?
To show how much
Lickin' you all over your
Ah, yeah, y'all get ready.
We got everybody's favorite
season coming to the stage right
It's Summer time, baby.
Come on, get your fine ass up
here, girl.
I got to go to work.
Nah, nah, stay here and talk
to me.
If I don't dance, I don't
make no money.
You're making plenty of money
tonight. Up to the stage, Summer.
I was finally able to buy nice things
for myself, name-brand designers that I
always admired.
Man, I was on top of the world,
and wasn't nothin' about to take
me off my high.
Ooh, baby
I was on my way.
To be with you
Ooh, ooh, baby
Get that money, girl.
Hey, Aaron.
You know what I like.
Summer, some guy left these for
Looks like somebody likes you.
Stop it.
It's from Dino.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I wanna kiss you, darlin'
You have a good night tonight.
Yeah, Robert disappeared.
But with Dino lovin' up on me, I
was hi-i-gh.
And Aaron at the bar, he always
had my back.
I wanna hold you, girl
I wanna kiss you, darling
And the girls, they was like my sisters.
I mean, I worked for about half
my pregnancy.
And then, before I could look
like the "baby mama stripper,"
I went on work leave,
got myself together so I could
take care of me and my baby.
But I knew I was gonna miss
them 'cause it's like we always
had the best times together.
Oh. Oy!
Am I the only adult in this
Can somebody get her?!
Trying to get ready for work!
Ma. Hmm.
I'm leaving, and she needs a
Okay, well, I'm busy, and you
need to call her daddy.
Now, why would you say
something like that?
You know I ain't speak to him
since Shawnee was born.
And I ain't beggin' nobody to
take care of me and my baby.
You standing here begging me.
Ma, I'll pay you.
What happened to the little
rich boy?
How come he don't come around no
Your smart mouth probably messed
that up.
I ain't messed nothing up,
Why can't you just help me?
Fine, Falicia.
I'll watch your baby...
so she don't end up like you.
Pump that booty
Pump, pump that booty
Pump that booty
Pump, pump that booty
Pump that booty
Pump, pump that booty
Pump that booty
Pump, pump that booty
Wait a minute. Hold up.
Where you think you goin'?
Q, I been over here for 15
I'm going to make some money.
Didn't you just hear me give
you a compliment?
Your compliments ain't gonna pay
my bills.
Hey, you always get a part of
my paycheck.
The smallest part.
Look, I know I'm not a baller,
but regular guys need love, too.
Come on. One more dance.
Q, we cool and everything,
but I got to get this paper,
You gonna leave me like this?
Dino? Yeah.
Pump, pump that booty
When did you get out?
About a week.
Blue told me he been checking
on you and baby girl while I was
He'd pick me up, take me to my
appointments, made sure the
bills was paid when I was out of
Now, you know where that
money came from, right?
Yeah, but he didn't tell me
why you got locked up.
Broke probation.
Stupid, right?
It don't matter now.
I'm back, baby.
Miss you.
Miss you, too.
So, what's up with you?
What you mean?
Come on.
You know what I mean.
I'm trying to make you mine.
But I got to know you want the
same thing.
What time you get off?
Look, I'm 'bout to go grab
something to eat.
Well, why don't you just stay
There's food here.
I want to see you, spend time
with my baby.
I miss you.
Nah, nah, nah. I'm good.
I'm good. I'm good.
Just hit me when you get off.
All right.
Make sure you hit me later.
I'ma hit you.
A'ight, babe.
Ohh, I miss you so much.
Look at you and all that ass.
Oh. What is you still doing up?
Grandma ain't really watching
you, is she?
Come here, baby. Come here.
You tired? Hmm?
You know you're Mommy's little
angel. And I love you so much.
I bought you something.
It's a giraffe. Keep you safe, okay?
It'll keep you safe, and it's
something you can remember me by
when I'm not here.
You like it?
Morning. Ugh.
How was your night?
'Cause I don't have to ask
how yours was.
Well, clearly, it wasn't as
good as yours, 'cause you look
worn out...
worn out and tired.
I keep telling you this fast
life gonna catch up with you,
but you don't hear me.
You think you're old now?
You're gonna wake up one day and
be old and wonder what
I'm telling you what I know.
Ma, you ain't never do
nothing for me unless I was
doing something for you.
So I don't need your advice.
I take care of you.
It's my damn house, Falicia.
And when I needed your
advice, you sent me to New York
to live with Grandma.
And don't keep throwing that
up in my face.
I'm so tired of hearing that.
Come on.
I mean, you can barely take care
of yourself.
Look at this.
That's enough, Falicia.
That's enough.
Ma, I work my ass off every
night to make a better life for
me and my daughter.
But you still living in my
house trying to do it, so you
not goin' disrespect me up in
You're not tired?
You got one more time.
And I'm not gonna say it again.
This is my house!
And how I'm supposed to leave
Shawnee here with you if, every
time I turn around, you drinkin'
or you got some new man coming
up in here?
Okay, well, don't do me any
favors, okay, Falicia?
Take Shawnee with you.
She right there in the other
I got my own stuff to do today.
Let me get a shot.
Maybe it'll give me some luck.
Hey, baby. How you doin' tonight?
Damn. It ain't working.
What's wrong with you?
That ho just took
my best tipper.
Oh, she better not try me,
'cause she know I cut her ass.
Ooh, what's up, "Big Dino"?
What's up?
Oh, this me?
Take that, yeah.
What's up?
I need to talk to you.
Come on.
So killer, so fine...
I'm tired of this club.
I been working here all night,
every night, all day, every day,
and I ain't making no money.
Well, I bought you somethin'.
It should put a smile on that
You want to play?
I'm serious.
You might want to go in this
Oh, my God! It's beautiful!
Like that?
Yeah. Is this mine?
Yeah, it's yours.
Turn around.
I can't believe this.
It's so nice.
Ain't never bought me a chain
Yeah. Let me see.
Yeah, you know what?
You and this necklace are too
classy to be working in this
Quit? You serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.
I'll do it for you.
Where your boss at?
Boss man!
You are crazy!
I can't believe you.
Did you see the way they looked
at me in there?
That's right.
All them hos want to be you.
That's right, baby.
Got you out that club.
Now I'ma get you out your mom's
Big Dino's got you.
You ain't got to worry about a
All right?
Let's get out of here. ...damn place.
Ain't none of your damn business
what's in my phone.
You believe everything Tam's
fool tell you.
Can't believe what your man
That's right I believe what
my friends say!
Oh, so you now you got a
oh, now you got a knife!
So you gonna cut me?
You know what?
Go ahead and cut me, then!
What is going on?! Ma!
You better get her before I
kill her!
I will cut your ass!
Ma, stop!
Get your ass out of here!
Get out of here!
Ma, what you, Come on, please.
Sit down.
Ma, give me the knife.
Give me the knife, please.
Who is that anyway?!
Stay in your place, Falicia.
You doing all of this
back-and-forth with him, and you
won't even do that for me!
I'm not trying to hear that,
I am not trying to hear what you
saying right now.
Everything is not about you.
That's what you don't
I'ma, You know what?
Let me go talk to him real
Just stop. It's okay.
Let my arm go.
I need to go see what he doing
out here.
There you go. So, what's up?
Let me tell you something.
So, what's up?
You still got your knife on you?
Let me ask you something.
You still got your knife
Let me ask you something.
What you need to ask me?
Tam done told me you was
around the corner.
That's what I'm saying.
You always believe Tam...
If a man finds a woman who's
desperate enough, a woman who
just wants something close to
love and don't care about
nothing else, he'll find out he
can treat her any kind of way.
Where you goin'?!
As long as he still acts like
he wants her, even a little bit,
she ain't going nowhere.
'Cause it ain't even about the
She just don't want to be alone.
It's crazy how time makes stuff
This is it.
Oh, oh. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
One second, one second.
This and this...
All right, make yourself at
This is it, yeah.
Got a nice little spot.
'Preciate that.
What's this? Come here.
I ain't gonna bite.
Why would you do that?
I'm playin'.
You play too much.
I'm playin'. Talk to me.
About what?
About you.
But you already know me.
That's bull.
I want to know Falicia, not
Summer, you know, stuff she
likes, stuff she don't like,
stuff that means something.
And why you want to know all
that, hmm?
Because getting to know you
is important to me.
Okay. We could start simple. What's
your favorite color? I don't have one.
And even if I did, I wouldn't
tell you.
All right, so, if you could fly
anywhere, where would you want
to go?
I don't know.
Somewhere hot.
Somewhere by the water.
So, if I was trying to be
your man, what type of stuff you
like your man to do?
Nice stuff.
Take me out to eat, come see me
I mean, the jewelry you bought
me, that was nice.
Why you asking me all this,
'Cause I want to make you
That a'ight with you?
Unh-unh. Nah, I need to hear you say
it. Say, "I want you to pamper me
and do whatever it takes to make
me happy."
I want you to pamper me and
do whatever it takes to make me
Look, I don't know what them
other brothers been doin', but
Big Dino's here now.
Why they call you Big Dino?
Why you think?
That was fun. High five.
You want to do it again? Yeah?
Go, go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
There's Mommy.
My baby have fun today?
She did.
We worked up an appetite.
How was your thing?
All right.
That was for some classes,
Just weighing out my options.
Well, whatever you want to
do, it's gonna cost money.
That's what I'm here for.
I'm gonna put together a plan
where we can stack that money,
then start over somewhere else.
I talked to my boy about getting
you a job at Blue Flame.
Blue Flame?
I thought you said I was too classy to
dance at the club? Nah, I said you was too
classy to be working where you
was at.
Don't get it twisted.
You got skills.
We can't let that go to waste.
Baby, you one of the baddest
chicks in the game.
Now, once we get this paper
then we can talk about options.
All right?
Yeah, it's a'ight. I get it.
Just hungry. That's all.
Well, let me take my girls to
get something to eat, then.
Let me take her.
Come on, baby.
You ready?
You ready to go get something to
Daddy's gonna take you to get
something to eat.
Come on.
Here. I'll give it right back.
You know I'm good for it, right?
I guess.
You guess? I ain't never asked
you for nothin'.
I take care of you, remember?
Yes. Yeah.
It's cool. It's cool.
You know what? Nah, it's okay.
Nah. No.
I want you to have it.
Nah. Take it.
No, no, I was trippin'.
Take the money.
No, I'm tr... Trust me, I was
just, Trust me, my head was
somewhere else.
I want you to have it.
I want you to have it.
I trust you. I trust you.
That's my baby. Come here.
You got my back. Yeah.
We're like a family...
me, you, Shawnee.
Let's get out of here.
Now, you making good money, but if you could
make a little more, we could get out of here sooner.
I asked for an extra night at
the club, but... they said
they got too many girls.
Too many?
Then why would you beg me to get
"Pumpkin" a job there?
'Cause that's my girl.
I don't know them other chicks
at the club.
Okay. Fine.
But you gonna have to figure out
a way to make more money while
you there.
You one of the baddest hos in
Look, you know what I mean.
You should be coming home with
$800 a night, at least $700.
Look, "Boo-boo," I don't want
you to have to work at that club
for too much longer.
I got my money coming in.
Now, if you get your paper
straight, I figure we could get
out of here in a few weeks.
That's what you want, right?
You know I do.
Then you know what you got to
Now, I figure if we get $6,000,
we can move somewhere nice, near
Now, look. Now, I got to run out.
I'll be back to take you to
All right.
She got that boom-boom
She got that "try to make a
swag" life
She got the hands on them
She got that try to make it
She got that loud, she got
that crunk
She got that givin' them what
they want
She out there, run, do her
thing like she wanna be freaky
At the beats, they bangin',
and her hips get to swingin'
And her... start to shakin'...
get to breakin'
They said, "Dollar for the
Ain't no frontin' or no
If you ain't got nothin' for
her, she ain't got no
If you ask her what she
drinkin', she'll be dancin' like
She was out there
like an earth quakin'
And the deejay played a song,
I don't know what he was
Then she took her shoes off,
and she had her eyes closed
Made a big circle just to
watch the mama, though
And get that bread up in their
hands just so her ass can hit
the flo'
And then she work it...
Hey, girl.
What's up, girl?
I love it here.
I'm making so much more money.
God, Dino hooked us up.
What, you don't like it here?
It's cool.
Girl, when Dino came and
swooped you up like Superman, I
didn't know where you was gonna
end up.
Should've knew that fool had
something up his sleeve, though.
You actin' like you know my
I do. They all the same.
Just tell him I said thank you
for hooking a sista up.
And take this fan with you
for your sweaty ass.
She got that try to make it
What's up, sexy?
It's a little crowded in
How much for a private dance?
And that don't include tips.
She got a wild streak in
her like she can't be tamed
I got $100 more where this
came from.
Till I drink it from the
Hell, I have it for the
Luckily, I'm 26...
You straight?
Yeah, I'm cool.
Come on.
...and they did 'cause
You just takin' it in 'cause
this is what she said
I'll make the rent, I'll
work the trap
I'll pay the rent
Say dip, and they did
because you so
You just takin' it in 'cause
this is what she said
I'll make the rent, I'll
work the trap
I'll pay the rent
You can run this...
Dip, and they did because
you so
You just takin' it in 'cause
this is what she said
I'll make the rent, I'll
work the trap
You got a condom?
Well, let me go get one.
I'll pay the rent
You can run this...
Hi, Daddy! What up, what up?
Hey, baby. How was your night?
It was all right.
How much we make?
Like $400.
That's it?
Parking lot full.
There was one guy in the
champagne room.
He wanted to give me $150.
And he ain't had no rubbers, so
I went to go get some but...
How you gonna let a payin' dude go?
You know what? No.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I'll make sure you have rubbers
next time.
All right? It's my fault.
It's all right.
It's that wallet you was
looking at the other day.
I-It went with the purse I
What purse?
Talking 'bout this purse?
Thank you.
Baby, thank you.
Thank you for putting up with
me. I love you.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.
"I... love you."
Ain't no man ever tell me that before.
And he'll do anything for me and
my baby.
And I ain't never had that.
Yeah. He's got a temper.
So what?
I just got to learn what makes
him mad and not do it.
He probably never had nobody
have his back, show him what
love is.
So that's what I'm gon' do.
Falicia and Dino.
I put a spell on you
'Cause you're mine
You better stop the things you
I ain't lyin'
No, I ain't lyin'
You know I can't stand it, your
runnin' around You know better, Daddy
I can't stand it, because you
put me down
Yeah, yeah
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
You're mine
Yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah
I love you, I love you
I love you
I love you anyho-o-w
And I don't care if you don't
want me
I'm yours right now
Ah, you hear me, I put a spell
on you
You're mi-i-i-i-ne
Look at this fool over here,
eatin' salad.
You watchin' your figure,
I'm tryin' to stay in shape.
How's your food?
It's all right.
Somebody at the club say you
be trickin' girls.
And... I told 'em you don't.
I got a few girls.
A few girls?
I manage them.
I mean, I don't make them do
nothing they don't want to do.
All I do is manage their money.
In fact, I was thinking about
putting you in charge of the
Hell yeah.
You'd make a good manager.
I mean, you like control.
Plus, you got a good heart.
They'll like you.
So that means that we would be
working together.
Like Bonnie and Clyde.
That's hot.
Bonnie and Clyde. Yeah.
I like that.
So, look, somethin' went
I had to use some of the money
we saved.
You spent the money?
don't start that whining.
All you got to do is take care
of the girls and still work the
We could get about a G a night.
Next month, we'll be straight.
We'll be all good.
'Sup, girl?
Hey, Q. What's up?
Yo, what's up, man. I'm Q.
My bad. Fool, I don't know you.
I'm sitting here, having a
conversation with my girl.
I don't appreciate you
interrupting us.
What you say?
You heard what he said.
Y'all trippin'. Falicia.
I'll see you around.
Q's my friend. How you know him?
Well...he used to be at the
I ain't never heard you
mention no Q.
He ain't about to walk in here
while I'm talking to you and
disrespect me.
Don't ever let that happen
Let's just get back to our
how I'm 'posed to be doing all
this running around with
I don't want to keep leaving her
with my mama.
I'll get you a girl.
I got the perfect one, Venus.
Your ex?
She's a babysitter.
You're a manager.
Everybody got roles to play,
Why you trippin'? I ain't trippin'.
I'm cool. As long as we get this money,
it's all good.
Bonnie and Clyde, baby.
Let's get out of here.
You done with your salad? Yeah.
Together we can make... The fact that he
put me over all of his girls, that mean he
trust me with his money, and
y'all know how important money
So that means that he must
really trust me.
So I just got to show him that I
could hold my own, make a little
money, and the quicker I can do
that, the quicker I can stop
doing this.
I mean, the champagne room ain't
that bad, especially if the guy
is kind of cute.
And if I keep just thinking
about this money, get a little
drunk, before I know it, it's
And, you know, I just got to do
what I got to do to make him
'Cause when he's happy, I'm
...all the money
'Cause I like to dream
about getting paid
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Together we can make
I know you wanted more money,
but these girls ain't making as
much as you think they are.
They playin' you like you
Oh, you... you're stupid now?
Maybe I should have you out
there working 'cause you ain't
managin' too well.
Come here.
I said you ain't managin'. I can
manage. Okay, okay. Manage then.
Show me how you gon' get my
It's two new broads back there.
Show me how you gon' collect.
Get my money. Go!
Get your
asses in here.
Get in here!
How much you got?
Come on with all this cute...
A'ight? Back up.
You did good.
Let's go.
So, you still usin', huh?
Get your ass out of here, bitch.
And don't come back here,
We don't need no junkies!
Come here.
Now, that's what I call a manager.
You like working here? It's okay.
Yeah. How much they paying?
Mm. They pay me enough.
You could always make more.
I'm sure.
Do you want to make more?
There's always room for more.
Yeah, a'ight. Well...
You good? I'm good.
This ain't even my debt.
You vouched for a man, and
he's missing.
You owe the debt.
Nice doing business with you.
Look, I... Whoa.
A'ight. Look, I ain't gonna be
paying you every week.
I've given you enough.
It's enough when I say it's
See you next week.
Falicia! Yes. Come here.
Close your eyes. All right.
I got something for you.
Oh, baby! I love it!
I love this.
It's getting colder outside.
I can't have you collecting
money without no coat.
And, plus, you my girl.
You deserve nothin' but the
Thank you, Daddy.
Oh, my God. This is like TV.
How do I look?
Good as hell.
But wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You missing something.
What is this?
This... lets the world know that you my
What, you ashamed to be mine?
No, no.
It's just... It's different, you
Here. Come here.
I need to talk to you.
I got something I need you to
Now, look.
In Miami, this weekend, they got
this big awards show.
Look, pay attention!
I'm sorry.
Look, if you so distracted by
that coat, I'll take it and burn
I'm listening. I'm listening.
All right, look.
I want you to go get one of your
girls from the club, someone
that drives.
It's gonna be nothin' but
I'm talkin' 'bout big money, all
Yeah. Miami.
I mean, but why can't we just
take one of the girls we got?
Them bitches look cheap.
The type of clientele I need you
to be going for, they don't want
no dirty-ass cheap tricks.
They want a lady like you.
Here. Take this. You gonna be
dealing with a different type of fool.
I want to make sure my Boo-Boo's
I don't know how to use this.
I'ma teach you how to use it.
Put it down. It's loaded.
Now, you need to come back here with
at least $3,000. You got a girl in mind?
Yeah. Good.
Now, you and that girl, y'all
gonna act like y'all together.
Once y'all get him to his place,
y'all gonna rob that dumb-ass
What? Rob him?
Y'all go in there, and y'all
find the loudest, blingin' fool
showing off.
You got this. It's easy.
All you got to do is show up.
Let's go!
Baby girl, you know you've got
the look
Baby girl, you know you've got
the moves
Oh, Lord, you look so good
You look so fine
I just got to know ya
Baby girl, you know you've got
the look
Baby girl, you know you got
the moves
I just want to
I just got to
Yeah, I'll take you home
Yeah, I'll take you home tonight
He broke.
He broke. Where the waitress at?
We need bottles in here!
This is my club!
That's him.
You think he a producer or
I don't know. Why?
You know I'm trying to be a
You never know, he could hook me
Girl, ain't nobody hooking
you up.
We here for business.
This is business, girl.
I got pipes.
Look, that's our mark right
We really gonna do this?
I mean, unless you got a
problem with it.
Ain't got nothing to lose.
Let's set it up.
Hold up.
There's too many people over
there right now.
He might try to show out.
We got to do this right.
Get him when he by hisself.
Let's just wait.
Let's just wait.
Hey. What's up, sexy?
Me and my girl was at the
bar, and we was talking about
you all night.
We both saw you at the same
time, but I guess I got to you
I'm Tangie.
Pleased to meet you, Tangie.
I'm Punch.
You from around here?
I'm just here for the weekend.
Well, I see you went ahead
and talked to him first.
No, he was talking to me
This my girlfriend Karen.
Your girlfriend or your
What's up?
Y'all tell me.
We tryna get out of here.
We going with you?
Let's make it happen.
Oh, we got to go.
Where you going?
We're just getting started.
Our clothes got stolen
yesterday, and my boy is
supposed to be giving us some
money so we can get out of here,
and if we stay here all night, I
mean, we ain't never gonna
We can't.
You got me all excited.
Baby, I want to stay.
Look, I'm going to the
Put your dress back on, and when
I get back, we leaving.
Baby, I want to
You got me excited.
If she don't get this money, she
gonna be mad with me.
You're fine.
I'll give it to you.
You ready?
He said he gonna give us the
money so we can get ready
He ain't got no money.
Y'all wouldn't be here if I
didn't have no money.
Give me the money.
Watch out, baby.
Is this enough for y'all?
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Oh, they real.
Don't worry about that.
Now bring that ass on over here.
Let's go.
Where the money at?
It's in the safe!
Get it!
I don't got the combination!
Check his pockets!
Get the jewelry.
I got the money. I got it.
Okay. Hey, what y'all doing?
Don't... Don't move!
Y'all bitches ain't going
Look, we not gonna hurt you.
"Look," my ass.
Y'all bitches ain't going
nowhere with my stuff.
That's my stuff!
Me and you worked it!
Ooh, I can't wait! How much did we get?
Like $200.
What you got?
Girl, I got his ring and his
chains and stuff, so I know that
got to be worth something.
Girl, I'm hype!
You set it off in there!
So, next time, all we got to do
is just make sure
Next time? You crazy?
I mean, what if somebody heard a
What if I shot him?
No. Mnh-mnh.
We going home now.
We're supposed to be here all
We going home.
I did bust my gun, though,
That's what I'm telling you!
You my hero! Yes! You did that!
Girl, you was like cleaning up
in there!
Uh-huh! Wasn't I?
You did! Girl!
I just feel so bad.
But I know Dino will be happy.
Girl, yes!
Girl! You leave me hanging!
Come on!
I'm sorry, baby.
Bonnie and Bonnie?
Bonnie and Bonnie!
That's right.
Girl, I got your back.
You know I got your back, right?
I know.
We did that.
We did that.
Now, I don't know what
happened back then.
I wasn't trying to hurt nobody,
but it did give me a sense of
Man, I was in control of
I know Dino gonna be proud of me
when I get back.
I just got to give Pumpkin her
That should leave me with like
$500 in two hours?
That's not bad.
Dino gonna be real proud.
So if you had put in 6 hours,
we would have got, what?
That's what you're telling me?
I didn't want to chance it.
I got scared.
Well, my woman don't get
I got to toughen you up.
Get your ass in the corner!
All right.
Get in the corner!
All right!
How about fire?
Look at me.
How about fire, then?
Does that scare you, baby?
When I tell you do something,
I expect for you to do it!
You was supposed to stay out
there the whole weekend!
Hit a lick!
How am I supposed to believe you
love me when you don't even
listen to what I say?
Turn your ass around.
Now get yourself together!
Get it together!
Stop that goddamn crying.
Now sit down. Sit down!
Baby, you know I wasn't gonna burn you.
I was just trying to free you of
your fear.
Now, we ain't got time.
We got to get this money.
Look, I wasn't gonna tell you,
but I got fools out in the
streets looking for me.
We got to get out of town as
soon as possible, or me and you
are in danger.
What did you do?
I didn't do nothing!
They set me up.
We got to get this money.
If we could just get $7,000
$7,000, we could move.
We could start over.
You could go to night school.
I thought we already had that.
You know what...
I'm gonna do you a favor.
I'm gonna pretend like you
didn't just question me, okay?
Babe, you got to do your part.
Can't you see I'm doing this for
us, baby?
Bonnie and Clyde, right?
Bonnie and Clyde.
Falicia, I love you.
I love you, too.
"When Love Kills" will be
back right after these messages.
What are you doing? Why are you touching
my stuff? Look, your ass is going with
I ain't goin' with you
Where's Dino? Baby!
Where's my daughter?
Is she with Venus?
Look, I don't know where your
daughter at.
I'm taking your ass to Dino.
Hurry up and get your ass
I don't have time to play around
I seen a lot of stuff in my
life before, but this was the
first time that I ever seen a
dead body.
I mean, one of the strippers got
her throat slashed outside the
club one night, but by the time
the police let us out, she was
already gone.
And I thought that was bad.
But seeing here there, with no
That was different.
Real different.
I told the ho, "Stop using."
But what I'm supposed to do?
I got to get this money.
Baby, are you okay? I'm fine.
Where's Shawnee?
She's with Venus. She's fine.
Listen, I'm getting tired of
We need to go and it needs to be
this weekend.
We could have been gone, but you
messed up that run in Miami.
Baby, I told you I was sorry.
I mean, I'm trying
Listen! Listen!
I got something in the trunk.
I need you to take it to this
Get your girl and y'all run game
on this rich fool.
Don't leave there with no less
than 5 grand.
Plus, he got a box that he keeps
stashed full of money.
Get that, too.
Don't mess this up.
Rob him and anyone with him.
I don't care who it is.
Hey, dawg.
I put her extra piece in her
All right, good.
Now, you go to your mom's and
you stay there until late
You be at that address by 10:00.
Take my car and meet me in the
I love you.
You gonna do this one right?
I got it.
Give me a kiss.
Look, if you mess this up,
I'm messing you up.
I mean that.
Look what the cat done drug
Well, I'm just here for one
I mean, if that's okay.
I guess.
I mean, your room is still here.
You hungry?
No, not really.
'Cause you look a little
hungry and a little skinny.
Not right now, Ma. Please.
I'm glad you're here. You know, I,
I know what you think about me, Falicia.
What are you talking about?
I was young when I had you.
I didn't really know what I was
That's why I sent you to live
with Mama.
Caught myself leaving, trying to
figure it out.
It ain't never really happened.
Eventually, you just end up
forgetting what you was even
searching for in the first
I was trying to survive.
What you telling me this for?
Because you need it.
I used to fall for every man
that showed me some attention.
A little, and I was hooked.
But what did that get me?
Some money and some toys for
What really is that?
That's something.
Some people don't do nothing for
they kids, Ma.
At least you did something.
I used to think that, too.
For what?
For making you just like me.
Ain't nothing wrong with you.
Ain't nothing wrong with you,
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
You're just fine.
You gonna be all right.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna make you some
It's been a while since we ate
together, and I'm gonna make
spaghetti... your favorite.
No. No, I can't.
I got to go. Maybe tomorrow?
Okay. Yeah. I mean, that's cool.
All right.
Oh, my God! Surprise, surprise.
What's up, girl?
Hey, what are you doing here?
You don't live here.
This is my boy's crib.
What you doing here?
We making a delivery.
Oh! What's up?
Ooh, you cute.
I got something I want to give
Is that so?
Yo, man, you got to watch
that one right there.
Hey, you got a bathroom I can
Yeah, it's right here.
All right.
Oh, oh! Where's my stuff?
All right. Rude.
Come on in.
Ease up.
Suckas Coming
somewhere in this
Suckas world where most cats cannot
The maker of the music playing
on your CD
The trees and the leaves mix
with pride in me
While walking off the stage, I
know some cats that ain't likin'
Hey, come over here, Falicia.
Talk to me.
It ain't no disrespect, I just
know what I say
What's up?
You good?
Yeah. Just grindin'.
That's all.
You know I got a mouth to feed.
You know how that is.
You know, I do.
I got two kids.
Yo, could you go get your boy?
I'm trying to get that money so
I can get out of here.
I got to go.
Your epidemic's smaller
than a grain of sand
Where you at?
I'm still here.
I can't do it.
You can't what?
Fine, I'm coming down there and
I'll do it myself.
And when I get there, I'm
cleaning house.
I'm killing all y'all!
Vice Versa
What? Yo!
Turn that joint up, man!
Yo, let me whup your ass...
I reimbursed ya
with the truth so you know my
And pray I die
I'm the... that they love to
I wanna make you use yo mind
God has sent a sign
And listen to these rhymes
Take your time
Pumpkin! Get the box!
What the hell?
What the hell is going on?
What the hell, Falicia?
Q, leave!
This ain't you, Falicia.
Give me the gun!
Dino's on his way right now, and
if come here, he gonna kill all
of us.
Please, just go.
Give me the gun, Falicia!
Give me the gun!
Falicia, we got to go now.
Come on!
Hey. About time.
Well, I had to switch up.
You count it?
It's like 10 grand.
Where you going?
I got business.
I'll be back, then we out.
I felt so stupid.
I mean, I did everything he
I got his money, and he act like
it wasn't no big deal.
And now he done up and
I can't believe this.
I mean, I got to get out of
I got to go somewhere and start
This is crazy.
I killed my friend.
I killed Q, and he gonna leave
me like this?
Where you been? Where you been?
I got robbed.
They took everything.
We can't leave.
But you promised me.
You promised me!
You promised me!
I know! I know!
They got everything!
The whole 10 grand.
Look... Look at me.
Look at me, baby.
Be my Bonnie.
You got to go get our money.
No! I can't! I can't. No!
No, no, no, no, no.
You can't let them go like that!
Not with our money!
I can't keep doing this!
Can't we just leave?
We could come back and get the
Let's just leave right now.
We ain't going nowhere
without that money.
Now, Venus is gonna meet us with
Shawnee tomorrow.
I want to see my baby.
You'll see her tomorrow.
You'll see her if you do what I
tell you to do.
If not...
...you won't ever see her
Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh.
Get the hell up.
Please don't do this.
Do what?
Now, go clean yourself up.
Come back out here naked and do
that thing I like.
Go over there and approach him.
Trick his ass.
Where's your piece?
I don't have it.
Get him to go back to his
place. I'ma meet you there.
What if I can't get him to
You are not gonna disappoint
I know that.
Yeah. I got you.
Yo, where that dude at?
I ain't heard nothing from him.
I need my money from that
cat, man.
I'm about to bang that cat up,
for real.
I've been wanting to give him
the business, man.
Just let me know when.
He had a brick for like three
months already!
Everybody talk about they can
move something till it's time to
move it.
He better stop playin' games,
'cause he gonna get it.
Look at this. Look at this.
Sweet dime piece right there.
So you just gonna walk by and
not speak? I'm sorry.
Do I know you?
You can get to know me.
You have a cigarette?
Nope. A blunt.
My type of guy.
So, what's up? You live
around here or something?
Why, you got something in mind?
Yo, I got to get out of here.
I'm going with you.
You know if you get in my
car, you know what's up, right?
Oh, I know what's up.
Hey, hold me down, fam.
For real.
I got you.
Let's go.
I don't be messing with that club
stuff too much, you know what I'm saying?
Lock that up for me, babe.
Get your fine ass over here,
Stop playing.
Good as hell, baby.
Come here.
Your eyes. Like baby eyes.
All wide-eyed and bright,
I'm far from a baby.
Oh, I know.
Only a grown-ass woman could do
what you just did, baby girl.
It was good, huh?
Get your punk ass up.
Yo, Dino...
Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh.
Just stand there like a little
Oh, you scared?
I came to collect.
Where my money?
I ain't got it.
You ain't got it?
Get the gun.
Oh, you didn't know?
Yeah, that's mine.
Dino, look. Look.
It ain't like that, man.
I got you.
I'll get your stuff, you know
what I'm saying?
Where is it?
The freezer.
In the freezer?
It was nice doing business with
Mm. Thank you.
Take care of him.
Come on, man.
Yo, yo, Dino.
It ain't like that, man.
Look, look, look.
It's different now. Or maybe it's the
same, and I just didn't want to see it.
Before you kill somebody,
it ain't black.
Just like your target, your life
flashes before you, too,
and you remember every painful
moment that brought you to this
point, and you think
"I'm not a killer."
And you believe it.
For real.
You believe you're the survivor.
But at the same time, you know
the truth.
You just choose to hide it.
In the case of The State against Ms. Falicia
Blakely, the jury finds the defendant guilty
of three counts of murder in the
first degree.
Do you understand the verdict
that has been read before you?
Yes, sir.
Sentencing will be set two weeks
from today. I love you.
And I'm sorry.
I don't know if life without
parole was better than the death
penalty they wanted.
And after my test, we learned
that I was HIV-positive.
So they decided to let me live
the rest of my days behind bars.
Man, these streets are so real.
And when you're in that moment,
to hit a lick, it ain't nothin'.
You're surviving, and you don't
think about the life you take
until it's too late.
Ma, I guess you was right.
The fast life does catch up to
you sooner or later.
I don't know if Dino loved me.
But I know I loved him.
And this may sound crazy, but
ain't nobody ever look at me the
way he did.
And that was real to me, and
nobody could tell me different.
Not even God himself.
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
Do, do, do, do-do-do, do-do,
You better stop the things you
I ain't lyin'
No, I ain't lyin'