When Pigs Have Wings (2011) Movie Script

That's enough.
Get out!
Get out!
Storm warning for the Gaza coast
All fishermen are urged
to return to shore
and to secure their boats.
Come on!
The poor guy should earn something.
Super-fish on offer. Today
Special Price!
Fresh from the sea!
One kilo sardines for 20 shekels!
Come closer to the fresh fish!
The songs of theirs
make me sick and tired.
A nice tuna and three giant sea bream.
- And you got rid of it?
- Of course.
Really large critters...
You don't catch fish like
that every day...
What are we eating today?
How much?
- How much what?
- How much did you get?
- Almost 60 Shekels.
- Show me!
Why should I show you?
I only have three shekels.
He had no small change with him.
He'll pay tomorrow.
Good thing he didn't give it to me
in front of the others.
It avoids jealousy this way..
Yes, you're right.
Everyone envies us.
Is there tea?
I found a coffee pot.
And small drawings, like the Chinese do.
I gave them to my wife.
Man, you have some luck!
I found flip flops, in different colors
both for the right foot,
one big, one small.
Gave them to her anyway.
But you know how she is...
She still pulled a face.
But she's also quite right.
Just send her to Haifa.
Maybe she finds the left feet
then finally she can be satisfied.
Sheesh, what a pig sty!
My God!
God save me!
God forgive me!
Forgive me!
God, why do you test me so hard?
The soldiers on the roof?
I can't do anything about it.
They're positioned there,
because of the settlers.
What did you catch?
- What did you catch?
- Nothing to eat.
Not even a sardine?
No, nothing.
The Shopkeeper was here.
What did he want?
He wanted money.
Oh yes, it's possible.
How are you, Mr. Abbas?
Thank God, everything is fine.
And your wife?
Thank God, everything is fine.
- The soldiers on your roof?
- Thank God... all right.
- Life in Gaza?
- No problem.
Excellent. So what gives us the
honor of seeing you, Mr. Abbas?
There is very big problem...
Oh really?
- Well that is news...
- Mr. Schauerland...
Tell me, you eat "Big" in your family?
We eat what?
- "Big", you eat Big?
- Big?
Pig! Pig! With a sharp P.
Yes, people in the West do eat pork.
- Yes.
- Yes, oh yes.
But you eat little bit "Big"?
A little every now and then yes...
when I go home, I...
- I love sausage.
- Oh, sausage, very good.
Sausage is very good, very good.
Yes, yes!
Now you must feel, Mr. Schauerland
like you are home here.
- Like home!
- What do you mean?
I have..
- You have what?
- I have...
- A sausage?
- No.
I have "big" to sell you,
because I know you like to eat "Big"!
Mr. Abbas, what am I supposed to do
with a pig?
Well, do what you always: Eat!
- This is really out of the question.
- Give me a price.
I really don't want it.
- Tell me, price...
- No!
- 200 dollars
- Mr. Abbas, I really don't want it!
Well, 100.
No means no, do you understand?
No means, no!
- 2 dollars?
- No, no!
- No, not you...
- 2 Dollar...
No, listen. We ordered cement...
This is even cheaper than meat.
Am I supposed to make bricks
out of rice?
Boil them and build a house
out of them?
What is wrong here?
This is as bad as Mogadishu!
Get out of here!
I'm going crazy!
Get out!!
His fuse has blown.
Do you know Ibrahimovich?
Who's that?
One of our brothers in Sarajevo,
who was bumped off?
I don't know.
He plays for Juventus.
Ah, I see.
Yet another pig-eater.
- Do you like him?
- I don't care.
Milosevic hasn't bothered me.
Peace be with you.
What's that for a face?
Come here! Come on!
Caught any fish?
With that face I guess not.
No, that's not it.
Drink tea with me and
tell me everything.
Seriously, nobody is going to steal
your bike from here.
Come on, come on in..
You have to throw it back in the sea.
No, or I'll be stuck with
impure blood on my hands.
I'll get you a Kalashnikov,
if you want.
Tomorrow morning you come to me
in the store
Shoot it and throw it into the water.
I haven't touched a weapon
since the Six-Day War.
This is really very simple.
Anyone can use it..
Like hairdryers.
Come back tomorrow,
then I'll have it.
Then I'll show you how it's done.
But the pig must not remain on board!
You have to get rid of it quickly.
Take me with you.
I've never seen a pig.
Oh, sure. Come on.
My God, how ugly...
How can something like that eat?
You should have locked it up
in the hold.
I've never seen such a mess.
What a fucking animal!
I want go find someone buy for my meat.
- You're a fisherman?
- Yes.
And you're telling me you sell meat?
Yes, I sell meat fish.
It's like fish with meat in it.
- You can't enter.
- No enter, I want to go out.
- It's the same thing.
- No it's not!
- Yes, it is! - No!
- Yes it is!
If I go in or not I not care
but my meat must go in.
- I have to.. "big" for sale.
- What?
Very nice pig, very ugly.
Maybe I can find someone.
You good man, you understand.
Go away!
Come on, get out!
This is goat hair.
You like it?
Do you have ammunition?
Where would I get ammunition?
- Eat.
- No, thank you.
Touch anything you like, ok?
I'll go get you that.
Now, suddenly, you don't eat pork
any more, Mr. UN?
The Lord can only make calls
and eat kosher food.
Why not?
What's up?
Don't you like my pig?
But you have such a nice office!
And a nice hairstyle!
But now you grovel before Jafaar, no?
Are you afraid?
Now squeal like a pig.
Like a little gir...
What did you do?
This thing is loaded.
- Nothing happened.
- Nothing happened?
Everything is destroyed,
and you say nothing happened?
Do you think it can attack me?
What's the problem?
You're armed, not the pig.
Go ahead...
With men like this we will never
liberate Palestine.
Sorry, I'll be right back.
I'm relieved.
It's done.
Well, if you were a Jew,
you wouldn't have killed the pig,
you'd have made a profit.
How, h-how?
The Jewish settlers across the way
they breed expensive pigs
then sell them to Russian immigrants.
They sell them to Europe.
Yours is special;
It comes from far away.
- Where from?
- From Vietnam.
- Impossible!
- I swear! It comes from Vietnam.
But why Allah sends me...?
Why would Allah send me
a pig from Vietnam?
Do you think it bothers the settlers,
if the pig comes from Vietnam?
I thought pigs...
I thought Pigs were forbidden to
the Jews as well.
This is the only thing which the Jews
are not allowed to trade.
They aren't stupid.
They always find a solution.
- You know how they breed their pigs?
- No.
On wooden planks on the floor.
Because they are forbidden to
tread on Israeli soil.
We should do the same:
One floor for the Jews,
one floor for the Palestinians.
That's how to resolve the conflict.
Stop, stop, stop!
Stop, stop, stop! STOP!
- I want to...
- Stop!
I want see chief of village
to make business.
- What business?
- Good business.
Say to chief of village.. to come.
Rami from Shin Gimmel.
There's a native here.
He wants...
Yeah, okay.
Send him here.
- Good day.
- What do you want?
I have pig for you.
We don't take pigs here.
Don't say like this.
It's good pig.
Only one pig like this
in whole territory.
You will never see pig like this.
Pig, from Vietnam.
We do not need pigs.
Jafaar know you have pigs.
Jafaar smell pig.
Jafaar know everything.
If you see my pig, you like my pig.
Go back where you come from.
Come on, get out.
This where I come from!
I come from here!
You, you not come from here,
but I, yes!
I said get out!
Go on.
What have we done to deserve this?
You'd have been better off in Vietnam.
You poor swine.
There he is, there he is!
He's owed me 300 shekels
for three months!
Is this true?
Have you not paid your debts?
Man, there are no fish.
The Israelis don't let us let us fish
more than 4 kilometres off the coast.
We must be content with
tiny fish and garbage.
Listen, I can get you flip flops.
Left flip-flop, right.
Listen, I'll make it simple.
Tomorrow you pay your debts.
Otherwise you come to jail.
No problem. God willing,
tomorrow I pay it all back.
Please, please, there is no
"God willing"...
OK. No "God willing."
And no flip flops or sardines,
Let me through.
Let me through!
My name Jafaar.
I fisherman from Gaza.
I fish "Big" from sea.
And I sure you like because
is very nice Big.
Male or female?
Errr.. I don't know...
We only need males. The last we
had was killed by a rocket.
What a misfortune...
If my pig male, good for you?
I coming. I coming.
Male! Male!
Male! Male!
Shut up! Are you nuts?
- How much money you give me?
- Bring me his sperm.
A Palestinian pig can't come in here.
It is not Palestine, no.
It's from Vietnam.
I just need his sperm.
No, no!
I give you pig
- with everything...
- I'm not interested in your pig,
I only buy his semen.
Yelena, Joseph called.
Tomorrow at four I will be here.
I make you good price.
- The guard post was attacked?
- No,
that was your shopkeeper
who smashed the window.
He broke a light bulb.
If you don't pay tomorrow,
we go to jail.
What did you say?
It makes no difference,
we're already in prison.
It's gold.
Hey, that's my wife's dowry!
I need plastic gloves and a bucket.
The big one up there.
The big one. The big one.
Fine, then just the small one.
- The pig is sick?
- Yes, yes, it's good, strong.
But it's nothing!
No, yes, very good, many, many,
take, take, take...
How much money you give?
Bring me more tomorrow, otherwise
I don't pay any more.
You tell pharmacist
that you want the blue pill.
Cough drops?
I don't know.
Blue pills...
Blue pills?
For what?
- They're for my father.
- What's his name?
- I don't know.
- What you don't know?
- Eh, what's your name?
- Abdallah!
His name is Abdullah.
That's not your father.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
If you want Viagra, then say so!
It's not for me.
I swear.
You like that, eh?
She's pretty, what with her
brown spots?
Excuse me, may I use the toilet?
In Tel Aviv, I watched this
on telenovela
from Brazil.
The crazies bicker all the time.
Madness! This is very funny.
What dirty business are you up to?
What are you doing lurking
around the settlement?
I collect olive leaves.
My wife...
makes medicine for my
rheumatism and back pain.
I'm a fisherman, lifting heavy nets...
You have to pay a toll.
What's this?
Yes, that's the medicine for my back.
This is for old man problems
You're young and...
What's good for you is good for me.
You're late.
Jafaar have a surprise for you.
Your pig is better.
God punishes the muslim who eats swine,
and transforms them into pigs.
Sooner or later
they all stink exactly like pigs.
Because the pig is a sin.
The unbelievers are turned into pigs.
They can be recognized by their smell.
This means that the unbeliever
is a pig, and his smell is bad!
Since when do you listen to Abou Zoher?
Your last catch must have
been miserable.
- God is generous!
- Really?
I thought his sermon was very good.
He is a good preacher,
a spirit with a vision.
He was educated in England.
He is the best in all of Palestine.
I would have liked to have heard
more on the pig theme.
For example, what happens if you
come into contact with a pig.
This can't happen, thank God.
That would be bad.
All pigs are unclean?
Of course.
Are some less impure than others?
Is a pig from...
from Asia for example, equally impure?
Aren't the ones from Hindus
a bit more clean?
A pig is a pig, they're all the same.
Like men.
I'll take this dress.
And my wife's dowry.
And the bottle, the perfume!
That one!
- Did you catch red tuna?
- No, a 50 Kilo pig.
What's happened?
Have you liberated Palestine?
Where did you get it?
- Do you like it?
- Very much.
Wear these with it..
I completely forgot those.
- They are beautiful!
- Beautiful Yes!
How beautiful!
- Nice?
- Very nice.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
- It smells good?
- Very good...
Will you shut up?
Shut up!
Give us peace!
Pig breeder!
Shut up!
Stop being so, Walid!
Are you crazy?
What's up? Is there a problem?
You think that everything is ok?
We all have problems.
Everything is wrong.
Stop it, or they'll cut down
the olive tree.
My wife inherited it from her father.
Why don't you help us to
pick olives instead?
Come on, Walid!
Come on, you can have some.
Come on, they're good!
- Come on, these are for you!
- No thanks. I have to go.
Come, come!
Where is young woman?
- About your pig?
- Yes.
- Yelena?
- Yes, yes, Yelena.
Call her.
It did not work!
- What?
- The insemination, it did not work.
Why not?
Do not know.
Normally it's perfectly.
Come on, Yelena.
Don't talk to this terrorist.
We need natural reproduction.
I need your pig every day.
What do you mean, pig every day?
There's no choice.
Nobody must know about it.
- Bring your pig here.
- Here?
Bring pig? Here?
No, no, impossible!
Is very too danger. No.
If see me with big I dead.
Because it very dirty,
bad animal for us.
For us too it is an unclean animal.
Many people criticize me.
They want to get rid of my pigs.
If I can't make them reproduce,
they will get what they want.
Anyway, I have nothing to lose.
The colony is being moved.
The army will expel us.
I will be returned to my country.
Where is your country?
I'm Russian. I came here
because it was my father's dream.
- He wanted to emigrate to Israel.
- Yelena!
Bring me your pig tomorrow.
I will look for you.
Do you know Drogba?
I bet he's a footballer.
Is it true that you like pigs?
Now, what the... little rascal!
Go on!
Dirty rascal!
Get yourself ready, this is your party.
Don't disgrace me.
Thanks for your medicine.
It's given me real swing!
- I need more.
- Impossible. I have nothing left.
The olive tree is sick.
Otherwise I'll report you for
hanging round the settlement.
They'll arrest you as a spy.
I come to your boat
and get me the medicine.
What's this?
Socks. His hooves are unclean.
He can't contaminate Israeli soil.
So give to me.
He can also not touch Palestine.
Do you think Ivanna will forgive him?
It will be hard.
He really hurt her quite a lot.
She should turn a blind eye.
It's the only way they can
be together again.
- With his thick head...
- He's a scumbag.
Maybe, but she's no angel.
I wouldn't trust her.
If she had more respect
she would have nothing to hide.
And he feels constantly attacked.
Even though he's much stronger.
- It's morbid.
- She attacks him too.
We've already seen it.
He should leave her...
Then he would have to drive very far.
After the army I'm out of here,
straight away.
- To Brazil?
- No, to Tel Aviv
where my girlfriend lives.
I'm opening a restaurant.
I don't want to stay here.
We don't want you to stay here either.
He did it it at least seven times!
You're right: He's very good pig!
Very strong!
Yes, yes, very good, yes.
Yes, he is very good.
You have a cold again?
Yes, but it's ok, don't worry.
Seven times?
How do you manage, ugly as you are?
At least with you it's not
boring at night.
Your screams woke me up.
And he gave you a dress.
You're wrong.
I'm not like that.
I can't scream.
Since the first Intifada
my vocal cords are destroyed.
And again...
- Did you see that?
- What?
Oh, that.
It was in the net.
I don't know where to put it.
A pig!
It's a pig!
No, it's a...
A new species, apparently.
Jafaar! You've brought a pig
into the house!
Yes, it looks kinda like..
Like a pig, but who knows...
Have you ever seen a real pig?
Well, there you are!
The police!
Take the pig into the bathroom.
Take the broom and watch out,
otherwise we're dead.
Got it? You hide it,
I'll get rid of them.
For me?
Thank you.
You weren't on the boat,
so I came here.
I congratulate you.
Your product works very well.
Thank you.
- What's wrong with her?
- Oh, nothing, nothing.
- Do you need help?
- No, thank you.
It is because of the wall...
The soldiers, the resolution 242...
Now and then it hits her, that's all.
Stop squeaking!
Son of a... Pig!
We need to sew something,
to disguise it.
The police will hold us as traitors.
Why traitor?
Because the Israelis breed them
for their own protection.
Pigs can detect explosives.
That's why they keep pigs.
Who says so?
The soldier upstairs.
Since when do you talk with
the soldiers?
- I watch a soap opera with one of them.
- What did you say?
He watches a soap opera with you?
This is dirtier than a pig in the house!
Apparently we can use your toilet?
No, impossible, not now.
- Busy...
- I have time.
No. It's my wife.
Long time.
Come tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
That's enough. Today it comes back,
tomorrow it's gone.
In the center of Gaza
a demonstration is taking place
Against the death of a teenager:
"Walid is a great martyr.
We will avenge him, all right.
Trust me, this crime won't
go unpunished!
Those that committed these
ugly deeds have..."
There is only one God.
God loves martyrs.
We sacrifice our hearts and
souls to Palestine.
It's all your fault!
Allah is punishing us!
What's wrong with you?
You will not get my pig!
You lie on me.
The pigs are to protect you.
- It's true, it's why I can raise them.
- I help you against my people.
Is good, yes?
What do you think of I?
What I have to protect myself
against you?
- I must agree this?
- You don't have to get nervous.
The army is going to expel us.
We are going to leave.
Come on. Come with me!
Bring him!
Get him in the car.
I found him.
You infidel!
You deserve death!
But no, I've prepared an attack!
The pig will take them sky high.
And the money? Huh?
Where does that come from?
From selling my sardines,
for explosives.
And what is that?
And that?
And that?
That's how I motivate myself against
the excesses of the West.
When I see that, I want to
smash everything to pieces.
Fetch Abou Zoher.
Yes, I saw him the other day.
It suits you well.
You go home now and act
as if nothing had happened, ok?
And take this dirty sow with you.
We don't want that here.
Tomorrow you make your martyr video.
One, two, three, four...
So put that on him, then get rid of it.
Thank you.
Around 200 people were gathered,
to call hostile slogans...
You can...
You can put lipstick on a pig,
it's still a pig.
What's that for a...?
I love you.
I love you.
I lie...
Stop it stop.
I love you too.
Sleep, sleep, my love.
There's a sheep,
it's for the Feast of Sacrifice.
You ok?
Aren't you going to sleep?
Say, the feast isn't for six months!
Right... But but it was on offer.
So it's going to stay in the bathtub
for six months?
Uh... yes, maybe.
It was me,
with the Vietnamese pig bomb.
He has made this possible, here he is!
I give him fish.
He eats everything: Rocks, animals...
I even give him olives, ice cream,
No one's interested in that!
Say: I confess to the
attack on the settlement.
I confess to the attack on
the settlement...
Look into the camera
and stop with the grinning!
Oh, it must cause fear
like in the Egyptian movies.
Say: I confess to the attack on
the settlement Shirad.
I wanted to strike back at
the invader-swine
and blow them up like pigs.
I am the assassin?
I confess to the attack on
the settlement Shirad.
I wanted to strike back at
the invader-swine...
...strike back at the invader-swine
and blow them up like pigs.
It's ok?
The pig seems to really love you.
Go, wash yourself.
You're lucky, very many women wait
for you up there.
How many?
- More.
- 40?
- More.
- 45?
You'll be digging tunnels,
if you carry on.
Eat up.
Eat up.
You like it?
Listen, Jafaar.
Gone are the earthly pleasures,
from now on you'll enjoy eternity.
You ratted me out, right?
I said that it's a pig in the cart.
Damn jacket.
I can't breathe.
You don't want to die, right?
Not really.
Just say that you don't want to.
Too late.
I only I'd said no.
My father died like you.
For Palestine.
Are you proud of him?
Yes, but it would be better,
if he were still there.
If I had a child, I might not go.
Ok, old man,
take care of yourself.
I'm sorry, buddy.
Come on, come.
Make way!
Out of the way with your cart!
- Good day.
- Good day.
Come on!
Move! Go!
Move, my piggy!
I was sure you would come!
Why he's wearing costume?
No one must see.
Where is your carriage?
Don't bother, I'm leaving.
They're evicting us today.
You have a good pig.
Sure you will find someone to buy it.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Pig, come here!
Pig, come back!
Do not worry,
I'll bring him back to you.
Yelena, no! No!
Don't go near him.
No! Don't go!
Let me go, let me go.
Come here!
A terrorist!
Someone has to come!
I confess to the attack on
the settlement Shirad.
I wanted to strike back at
the invader-swine..
And blow them up like pigs.
- An attack?
- On the settlement.
Get out of this house!
Take a few things and go.
It couldn't have been Jafaar.
You must be mistaken.
He could flee.
We are still looking.
Do you know how our Soap ends?
In the end, they stop arguing
and live together.
It's how it has to end
with these stories.
It will pass.
Why would that work in Brazil
and not with us?
Come on in, come.
This pig had the explosives.
- Why didn't it explode?
- It dropped it.
Stop! Stop it!
Move! Get out of my way!
Stop trying to beat it!
Stop tormenting it!
This is the woman who
smuggled in the pig.
Get out! You idiots!
Get out or I'll arrest you.
- Come on, pig!
- Leave it!
Come here, come here!
Come back!
You're such a great martyr now.
A nice jihad.
Thank you.
It is a pleasure.
Eat. A martyr with such an appetite.
- This is rare.
- Thank you.
Just one little thing.
What's that?
Have you ever been shocked by something,
I've told you before?
How are martyrs usually?
A full beard?
Full beard often, yes, but what else?
Should I grow a beard?
You're a bit like them there, right?
Yes, like that.
What is the difference?
The pig?
You have to be a good example.
You have to leave us with our dreams.
When I see you eat like that
I see no more dreams.
When there is conviction,
a belief,
of course a belief,
there are always solutions.
You should be like the Mudjahedin,
who sacrifice themselves for the cause.
Otherwise you demotivate
the younger ones.
After you there'll be
a crisis of faith.
Do you want to take responsibility for it?
Our youth is our only hope!
There isn't even real work.
You're a good man.
You want to make amends
for your mistake.
Give me that.
Give me your hand,
goes here.
Put your finger
...on the trigger
No, no, not now, wait a minute.
Put your head up,
bend down slightly
that's it.
- Now, here?
- Yes, now!
I have a question about my jihad.
Do what you have to do for your people!
God will forgive you for sure!
Your finger here...
Can I stand?
If you'd rather.
I getting the beginnings of arthritis,
very painful.
Press it or I'll take over.
Press it!
Wait! Wait a minute!
When he grows up,
he wants to be a martyr.
You're his idol.
What do you want?
She was on our land with a pig.
She's trying to provoke us.
She is desecrating our land!
Yes, but she will also
desecrate our land
if the pig steps on our side.
- That's not true. You raise pigs.
- It's not our pig, it's from your side
The pig is a threat to our country!
And to our country too.
- What Country?
- Shut up!
We will catch the pig and kill it
and that will be that, OK?
We can agree to that.
And no more attacks with pigs, OK?
We sign an agreement with the
UN official in Gaza if you want.
You can even sign for us,
if you want to.
You live closer.
We got a real idiot here.
What a moron!
Yelena! Yelena!
What is it?
I'm looking for Yelena.
- Since the Explo...
- Better not to run around here.
If you hurt me,
you know what'll happen?
You should be ashamed.
Who taught you that?
Come on, I'll walk you to your people,
before something happens to me.
Come on.
Come. Come on!
The Palestinian, she protected me.
She didn't try to kill me.
Good day.
Look, over there!
Go! Quick! Go!
What's up?
Why are you sitting here?
It's the first time that we patrol
with Palestinians.
You think that's funny?
He wants the Nobel Peace Prize!
Shut it!
Hey, my pig!
Fatima, it's you?
Of course, who else!
There's the tunnel!
We need to get out of here.
- Where should we go?
- I don't know.
That way! To the sea.
Can I ask you something?
Yes, what?
Netzah! Are you crazy?
That's not so bad.
It's, Jewish humor.
I must get used to it.
Wait, wait: What do you mean?
- What do you mean?
- I don't mean anything!
- You don't mean anything?
- I don't know..
- You deserve more blows!
- I'm going!
The future resembles that night...
The future resembles that night...
A night, in which you get lost.
Together we break into a new heaven,
which will heal our wounds...
which heals our wounds...
And carries up to us...
The smell of new earth...
The smell of new earth...
Where are we?
Go to him!
Give him this!
We come from very far.
We are one family.
We had long difficult journey,
but we come in peace.
We like to stay in your land,
if you take us.
We make no trouble.
No war.
Your land is beautiful.
Together we break into a new heaven,
which will heal our wounds...
Heals our wounds...
And carries up to us...
The smell of new earth...
Dreams of a new country...