When Sun Meets Moon (2018) Movie Script

It seems no more young female
writes science fictions
thus not many fabulous romantic
science fictions like this one.
Moon, tell me...
Which is your favorite part,
in prince kidding
and Princess serious?
I was really touched by the part...
When prince kidding
goes against his father's will.
Hop into the spaceship and
dash away with Princess.
That's why I believe no matter what
as long as they
truly love each other
god will look after them,
and united them at last.
Moon, was that your own story?
How is possible that
I am from 3500 ad?
but considering that Princess serious
waited for prince kidding for 20 years.
Are you waiting for someone too?
What a heavy rain today!
It's likes cats and dogs!
True, that's remarkable...
For people in Hong Kong.
That's right!
As they showed it from news,
almost the whole new
territories in flooded.
I also heard,
most of the power
substations are in flood,
a lot of areas in blackout tonight.
Candles and matches are in surge.
Infrastructure damaged
by the flooding,
leaving rocks and mud aside
on the roads and walking paths.
Drivers need to stay alert.
Yes? How's it?
Haven't I told you?
You use the witness statement
to defend the case.
Prepare well then
talk to me next time.
Here you go.
Dace in black bean sauce!
Awesome, mum!
It ain't healthy.
Just because we're in a blackout.
I wish they're more to come.
You wish?
Do you know how inconvenient?
Dare not to work tonight.
Street lights are gone.
Not much choices we have.
What's wrong with you?
Don't you know I hate tomatoes?
how long the candles can last?
10 minutes. I guess.
What? Last for 10 minutes?
Hurry up then!
Your favorite luncheon meat!
You should have some more!
I can't eat them all!
You are silly.
Let's finish it quickly.
I got our police
clearance certificate.
I'm arranging a body check.
I said if everything goes well.
We can go America in next August.
So? Never said I will go.
Here you go again.
You better think through.
What's your future in Hong Kong?
Tons of us would die for leaving.
I don't care what
they would die for.
Me leaving? No!
You always like this
when we talk something serious.
What are you doing in the darkness?
Rain stopped and the air
becomes fresh outside.
Do you have a sudden urge
for stargazing outside?
Since there are no
street lights tonight
if you try look up to the sky,
perhaps you can catch the stars
that can't see normally.
It's alright.
Lights are gone,
why don't we just make out here?
No way!
This is a rare chance.
I feel embarrassed.
Embarrassed? Since when?
What's up?
You're interrupting me stargazing.
Stargazing? Hal!
You're interrupting me having fun.
Please turn off the
lights and your music.
Hey dude, looking for trouble?
Don't bother!
Stargazing is for old folks.
Call the police if you want.
How illegal for keeping
my headlights on?
Idiot! No need to
care for what he said.
Dare a fight? Step outside!
He's serious! Let's beat it!
Okay, you win!
You're nuts!
Thank you.
I just want to be quiet.
On a far-away planet...
One day...
Prince kidding sneaks
out of his palace
and sees Princess serious being
bullied by some tramps.
The prince then draws
out his trusty sword
and tells the tramps
"dare a fight? Step outside!".
For some reasons, Princess serious
has a crush on prince kidding
when they first met.
"Chapter 18th may."
Sorry, uncle Ming. I'm late.
Why you look so exhausted?
Am I?
What have you done last night?
Last night?
During the blackout I mean.
What have I done last night?
Yes, tell me in detail.
I was writing stories last night,
when prince kidding and serious...
Lovely! He's still alive! Great...
Finish it for me,
I still got a box of it.
A whole box?
Do you have star maps for sell?
Sink? Yeah.
It's star maps.
Sinks? Find it at the hardware shop
across the street.
I mean the map for the stars.
Someone used it
to identify the stars last night.
Alright... for stargazing,
yes. But I'm not sure
where did I put those, let me check.
That's funny. You've eyes,
why still need maps for stargazing?
Where is it?
Kiddo, do you know
where the star maps are?
You're looking for this?
That's it!
Were you by the sea last night?
"Dare a fight? Step outside!"
That was you!
How this works?
First, you need to know
the direction you're looking at.
Then turn it to
today's date and time
then use your hand to measure
the distance and angle of the stars.
Don't forget to
straighten your fingers.
This is 1 degree.
And this is 20 degrees.
I got it.
How come you are so good at it?
Not many girls are good at that.
When I was small, my dad left
suddenly and never came back.
Mum said he went to outer space.
Since then,
I look up to the sky every day.
Imagining which star my dad went to.
Eventually, I learned about stars.
How about you?
I'm moving to America next year.
I want to look at the sky of
Hong Kong while I still can.
Sometimes I feel relief
when looking at the stars
they are far away,
yet seems so close.
That's true.
Especially interesting when meet up
with astronomical phenomena.
Right! There is a moon-Venus
conjunction in two days.
How about we watch it together?
I can't, I promised my mum
I will be home by 8 every night.
Sounds like a jail to me.
Not really, my mum works
double shifts everyday
and prepare dinner
when she gets home.
I don't mind spending
more time with her.
Time to go. Bye.
Um... sun chow
moon Wong.
Johnny, where are we go for lunch?
Whatever you say, Lorna.
You are the one who
meet the target today.
You can also meet it
if you work harder.
Be a man and stop whining
about being tired.
I'm not you, I need to rest.
Let's talk later, I have a fare.
Hey, where did you learn to drive?
What? Such an arrogant kid
with a fancy sports car.
Where to?
Hong Kong - Macau pier.
Get in.
Go where?
I promised we'd watch
the moon-Venus conjunction together
Quick! The sky's just getting dark.
We're going to Cape d'Aguilar!
I can drive you home after a while
you may still get home before 8.
Cloudless sky today,
it's gonna be great.
Hurry up! Or else you
won't get home on time.
I like stargazing as well.
Just go. Why can't I see a thing?
Safety belt.
Take precaution for everything!
Safety first, kiddo!
I bought a professional
tool for tonight.
Cool right?
Also an Equatorial mount!
You know how to use it?
That's why I asked
you to come along.
Where did you get these?
Somewhere close by my place.
I see.
Is it expensive?
The price is reasonable.
With discount?
I don't need one.
How's it?
were you just honked me?
Moon, why are you with him?
Who are you?
It's the middle of the road!
What did you say?
She's my mum.
Oh, auntie.
I thought you are
working at the bookstore.
Why are you here?
Um... I am going to...
We are in a rush to go stargazing.
How romantic!
Aren't you studying
in a girls' school?
When did you two meet?
We met at blackout while stargazing.
During the blackout?
When did you go out?
Sorry, I'm leaving soon.
Right, how old are you?
Reaching 17 next month
almost 17! Where do you live?
Hong Kong Parkview.
My bad. I've bought food
for dinner tonight.
Moon won't have time
to hang out with you
get off.
I bought a lot of food. Come on!
You have to be careful, moon.
Don't you know there are
lots of bad guys out there?
It's very dangerous
for you to get in a stranger's car.
I'm just making friend.
That's all, mum.
I'm a grown-up.
You always a little girl to me.
You need to make friend carefully.
I meet a lot of people in my life.
I can definitely tell
you that kid is bad.
How dare you took my
car and drive around?
Someone tattling on me?
We're leaving.
Why still making trouble?
If you get caught,
will get jailed for
license-less driving?
Someone has complained about you,
still don't care
expelled from school.
what is that attitude?
I'm clueless about you!
I'm telling you. I've
made a decision for you.
You go boarding for a year.
Better learn self-discipline,
how to take care of yourself!
No one will bother you anymore.
Hi, is moon here?
How dare you look for her again?
She got scolded by her mum
for what you did last time!
She is doomed by you.
Just a few words. That's it.
Just a few words?
Tell her tomorrow.
She is really not here.
I can't.
I soon be gone.
Can't wait for tomorrow.
You're early today.
Shower first,
dinner will be ready soon.
Did you do that, mum?
Do what?
Went to my friend's
school and complained.
Oh, that kid?
I did. So?
You got him expelled from school.
Ain't that great? That
kid need to be punished.
He's moving to America next year.
Even better. How dare he drove
without a license?
Without his present, we
can work money safely.
He's nothing but trouble.
What? I told you, moon.
That guy is a trouble-maker.
Trust me.
I don't want you getting
any hurt from him.
"Chapter 231st August."
Listen, dinner time is
from 18:30 to 19:15,
you stay at your room
and study after dinner.
Besides breaks, you only stay
at your room and study.
And not allowed to go to other dorm,
you may go home every
Friday after 18:30.
But remember,
you must return to the
dorm by 18:30 on Sunday.
For any delay, you must inform
dormitory master before.
The office is inside.
I understand newcomers get
homesick and want to call home
but students are
not allowed to use the telephone.
Rules are rules, so do school.
This's the boys dorm.
In you go.
Also, take the jacket off.
School rules,
only school uniform is
allowed in the campus.
Hi, I'm yip chi Ming.
Everyone called me Ming.
I heard you're sun chow.
How about I call you sun.
I'm not sure is it
my problem or what.
But none of my roommates stay long,
Alan headed to Australia
after one month.
We went to England all of a sudden.
And him,
went to Canada 3 months ago.
I heard you will only stay here
for 1 year, right?
How about I sing you a song?
Wake up sun!
Dorm master ding is coming.
You are the newcomer? Name?
Sun chow.
First of all, it's 08:05.
Every student must wake up and
make their bed before 8 daily.
Then go for breakfast
after lining up here.
I'm not used to eat breakfast.
Why can't I sleep
for 10 more minute?
I tell you this,
there are rules here.
It's not your call.
Your parents sent you here.
They expect us
to train you to learn discipline.
And follow the rules.
I know, even eating and toilets
got rules right.
I hate rules the most.
Say that again?
Sun! Don't! Stop fighting back!
He can forbidden you to
go home even weekends!
That's fine, I don't
want to go home anyway.
Sun chow, you better watch out.
I got my eyes on you.
Be careful sun.
Master ding can be cruel.
I'm not scared of him.
Ming! Kiss her kiss her!
Lucky you!
Tell you something.
Ignore that master ding,
trick miss lo instead.
That's right! She never gets angry.
She has been teaching
here for 20 years,
no one has ever saw her boyfriend.
But she always claims that
she has one overseas lover.
I'm not buying it.
Since she lives here,
and never leaves on weekends.
How can she has a boyfriend?
That's why she always says
her boyfriend lives at overseas.
I'm pretty sure that's a lie.
But still, she is hot.
She is coming.
Let's place the bet.
Raw color, 1:1. Black, 1:3. Anyone?
One soy milk, on black.
Lemon tea, on black.
How about Ming?
Lemon tea, on raw.
Seriously? She wears raw color for
the whole week but never washes it?
Good morning class!
Good morning miss lo.
Please be seated.
Before the lesson starts.
I have an announcement to make.
You are not feeling well,
and we can have free lesson?
Be quiet.
We have a newcomer today,
his name is sun chow.
We know him already!
Sun, stand up and
say hi to everybody.
I hope everyone can take
care of the newcomer.
And help him to blend in quickly.
Sun, according to the school rules.
Every student has to join a club,
in order to develop your talents.
Rules again.
Even having fun got rules.
Hey sun, join the singing club.
Lots of female members.
Join bridge club. We're
just playing big two.
We gamble on horse-racing
with the younger member's club fees
We never meant
to force students to do anything.
We just want you can find
your interests and talents.
You have any hobbies?
Seriously? Stargazing?
Did you mean "soulgazing"?
We don't have any
astronomy activity yet.
But we can discuss about that
after class at my office.
Quiet down please
may I ask the class
monitress to come over here
and help me distribute
these papers, please?
Thank you.
Now, as we previously discussed,
society nowadays places great emphasis
on education and school work.
So today I want you
to write an essay
regarding your opinion whether
or not girls and boys
should start a romantic
Have a bite.
I don't want it.
10 more minutes.
Hey sun, join us!
So handsome!
Princess serious never
thought prince kidding
loves stargazing like she does.
But unfortunately,
prince kidding has to go to another
planet for a mission next year.
And prince kidding has also being
grounded in the palace by his father.
Princess serious started missing prince
kidding after she heard this news.
I understand.
What do you understand?
One called sun,
the other called moon,
mixed as Ming.
And I'm uncle Ming! That explains.
Even names are that match, right?
That's why you're so in it.
Miss him? Write a letter to him.
I'm talking about Princess serious.
I know, and I'm talking
about prince kidding, yes?
The prince kidding who
got stuck in Stanley.
But I'm afraid there are lots of temptations
surrounding your prince kidding.
It's horrifying enough even
for just imagination.
Sun chow.
The sky here is so
beautiful, isn't it?
this school feels
like a jail to you?
So you do know about that.
I know there are lots of rules here,
and you can't get out.
But in fact,
there are lots of
things that you can do.
Anything you would like to do?
I saw you are so into stargazing.
Why don't you join astronomy club?
So that you may introduce this
beautiful sky to the whole school.
Didn't you say there
is no astronomy club?
Create one if there is none.
Are you going to help me,
if I can manage that?
Let's see how.
Great! We've a deal.
Hey, you serious?
Hurry up, back to your dorm.
I won't be able to save you,
if master ding saw
you here this late.
We can go in. He is our mate.
Seafood flavor? You've good taste.
Hey master ding's room gone dark
for an hour already.
Are we moving together?
Of course!
Or else what are we waiting for?
Let's bet,
your friend will get us exposed.
He won't.
Let's go adventure, sun. Join us.
For what?
You will know. It will be
more exciting here at night.
Come on, stop eating.
Don't push.
Keep quiet.
Sun, this way.
Hurry up!
Come closer.
Sun! Hurry up. It's haunted here.
Who are you?
You don't choose the heaven way
but the highway to hell, kid.
Is you again?
He is the janitor here.
Everybody calls him ghost.
He loves to tell ghost stories,
so that we would be
scared to go around at night.
Just ignore him.
You thought I was making those up?
It was a war zone here,
pretty haunted I can say.
Here beneath our foot was a grave,
and somewhere around
there was a morgue.
Every school got tales like that.
Wait! Listen! You hear that?
Their game is on again!
I can tell it's an Ace.
That's true!
At 12 every night, you can hear the
sound of somebody playing tennis.
But you never see anyone there.
That's why we never dare
to go there at night.
I am not afraid with these.
Sun! Don't!
Watch out! You may get drag
to play double with them.
Hey! Don't you know
what time is it now?
Stop playing! You nuts!
He really did it.
The sound was gone.
Where do you guys want to go?
To check out the girls of course.
Boys are prohibited here.
Get down! Hurry!
Someone coming out!
Let's run!
What are you guys doing!
Why don't you run?
Why do I need to run?
Didn't you come here to peek on us?
That's funny.
I'm lost while returning to my dorm,
don't frame me.
What happened? Hey, what
are you doing here?
Don't you know it's the female
dorm here? You can't be here.
I said I'm lost.
What? Is that the
best lie you can tell?
What's your name?
Which class are you in? Where...
He wasn't lying.
It has been two weeks,
I can't see any changes in sun chow.
Just another spoiled kid.
Stay here for a year just for fun.
That's why we have to help him
while we still can
remember our school motto?
Lead them to the light,
not bringing them into the dark.
As people said, no matter
how different our paths are
at the end we will all
go to the same grave yard...
It's you again.
How come you show up
both day and night?
Day time is human,
night time is spiritual.
Tell you something.
It was a war zone here during the war.
A lot of people... you understand?
What do you want again?
Someone from underworld
looking for you
I heard you know a
girl named moon right?
Why do you know about her?
She is the one looking for you.
At the gate.
She is now at the gate!
Why don't you say so just now!
Why are you here?
Just visiting you. How are you?
Fine, I guess.
You sleeping well? Do
you get enough to eat?
It's alright. How about you?
Me? I'm fine as well.
Oh right! I bought you a gift
from the book store.
Thank you.
You better go back now,
or else you may get punished.
I have to go home as well.
I'm sorry that I
can't walk you home.
Be safe.
Sun chow, I'm not sure
if I spell your name right.
How are you? I don't know
why I'm writing this letter to you.
How's your life in
the boarding school?
I want to say sorry, for
getting you in "jail".
I hope you will like this hourglass.
The time will magically go faster
when you stare at it.
By the way, I'm listening to a song
while writing this letter.
It's pretty nice, there is one line
I like it so much.
"Although you are not with me,
my feelings stay the same.
In all these nights, who
is your only love?"
P.S. My mum got her eyes on me.
If you want to send me letter,
you can send them to the book store.
Regarding a television program.
That contains many violence scenes,
hey, give it back to me.
Your job now is to...
Pay attention in class,
get it back after class.
So now your job is to draft out a
statement and respond to this matter.
Please be clear and concise,
and use example to
support your argument...
What's the punishment this time?
I never thought of punishing you.
What do you want then?
I just want to help you.
I never thought I will
write a letter to you.
Not to mention, my class
teacher is the one...
Who encourages me to
write this letter.
Seems writing letters
is the only way,
for us to communicate now.
Letter for today.
Thank you,
moon you've got...
Boss, I want to make copy...
Life here is so boring,
there are rules everywhere.
All the things here seems to be meaningful,
but to me it feels like a jail.
The most weird thing is
nobody think that's a problem.
And they all seems idiots.
Didn't expect you actually
wrote a letter to me.
Although we live in the same city.
We seems like living in
two different places,
it feels interesting.
Just like,
the story that I'm writing.
Prince kidding and serious,
they live in the same planet.
Because of the difference
in their social status
they can't see each
other most of the time.
But they don't need to
write letters like we do
all they need to do is send signal
to each other with their mind
to let them know how much
they miss each other.
How did you send out the letters?
That's a good question.
"You don't choose the heaven way
but the highway..."
How about this.
I will buy you a science magazine.
That's why, you can feel free
to send letters to my school.
I will have my way to get it.
Besides ghost, I've also
met a really special person.
My class teacher that
I mentioned before.
We called her miss lo.
I still can't believe she actually
established an astronomy club for me.
She appointed me as chairman too.
You help me get rid
of the horrific tennis court.
That's why I came
here to support you!
This is it, since there is
a meteor shower coming.
Let's organize an evening
stargaze party on 18th Dec.
That's great!
What do we need to prepare?
One more thing.
There is a girl here,
love stargazing like you do.
Letters for today, thanks.
You scares me!
So? Any letters today?
What's that?
I heard there's a girl
having a same hobby like yours...
That's a good strategy.
Is it gonna work?
Trust me, just do it. He will definitely
get scared after hearing this.
I'm so glad to hear that you have a
girl sharing the same hobby as you.
You can do more stargazing
with her in the school
and communicate more.
Miss, why women always
like being jealous?
Why are you asking this?
She doesn't mean what
she said for sure.
I'm wondering
why the style of her
writing changed a bit.
Not quite similar to the last one.
Maybe she have a teacher behind her?
What should I do then?
If she chose to play defense.
Let us do attack.
Uncle Ming,
you got letters for today yet?
Not yet.
It has been 4-5 days
since the last letter he sent me.
Is it because of the girl
he mentioned in the letter?
You are the one who told him
to do more stargazing.
Now he is stargazing with that girl.
Exactly the way you've told him to.
You were the one who taught me
to write that, it's all your fault.
Sorry about that then, I was trying to
tell you to be more straight forward.
And tell him you like him.
Never mind then.
Why not?
I barely know him...
And he is leaving soon,
what's the point?
That's exactly the point.
This is long distance relationship.
So romantic.
I had a girlfriend back then.
She went to Hawaii,
and we were in love for 10 years.
Communicated for 10 years.
What happened next?
No next, that's it.
You've got mail.
Thank you.
By the time you received this
letter, I'm afraid I've already...
There is nothing
between me and Sophie.
Trust me.
If you really believe in me
just step outside the store.
And look at the sky,
I can feel that.
Oh, so you meant to trick me.
Nope, I was trying to
give you a surprise.
That's lame.
I don't feel any surprises.
It's Friday, let's have fun today.
Where are we going?
Yes! It's Jacky, I'm taking it!
This is the one.
This one? This song is good.
What is the story
that you are writing?
You really want to know?
I started this story
when I looked at the sky one day.
On a planet so far away,
there are two kinds of people,
the pure blood and the half blood.
These two kinds of people are
not allowed to date with each other.
One day, the pure blood prince
kidding went out of his palace.
And he met a half blood
girl called serious.
They fell in love at first sight,
but there were lots of people
against this relationship.
So they have to find the
way to see each other.
What happened to them afterwards?
I haven't thought about
the next chapter yet.
The place you are moving to
next year, is it far away?
Yea, so far away that
my day time is your night time.
My night time is your day time.
Just like the sun and the moon.
Will you write me letters then?
Of course I will.
But it may take a week to reach you.
How about... I invite you to come
to our school evening party?
Your school?
Our club is going to hold an evening
stargazing party on 18th Dec.
That night is...
Gemini meteor shower!
I've waited for so long
this is the first time
of our club holding an event.
Can I invite you to come?
But... can I get in?
I will figure that out.
Mom, what happened to your leg?
Maybe I worked too long recently.
Just feeling a bit tired after work
and I am putting this medicine on.
Visit the doctor if you feel unwell.
No worries, I can take care.
How's the delivery going?
What delivery?
I was at the book store
trying to pick you up,
but uncle Ming said
you went to deliver for him.
Right, I went to
Kwun-tong for delivery.
That's not usual,
why is that so urgent?
Nothing much,
just some exercise books.
Let's get change first.
Dinner's almost ready.
"Chapter 318th December."
Why are you at home so early today?
My leg feeling a bit unwell again,
so I took off earlier.
Where are you heading to?
Um... uncle Ming asks me for help...
Still lying?
Are you going to
meet that kid again?
No, I'm not.
You lie to your mum because of him?
We have a date tonight.
He's leaving soon.
He can't be serious to you.
Why are you so into him?
You're grounded for tonight.
Get changed, I'm cooking now.
Looking good! Keep going.
Thank you miss lo.
Hello everyone,
welcome everybody to
this evening's stargaze party.
Please welcome our principle
to say a few words right now.
Merry Christmas to everyone.
Let's not talk about Jesus tonight.
It's so romantic to see
so many students stargazing here.
Makes me think of a story
from "song of songs" in Bible.
Once there was a couple,
they loved each other truly
but they didn't choose
to have remarkable relationship.
Nor did they choose to control each other.
Instead, they sacrifice for each other.
Tell the one next to you.
The true love is to sacrifice.
It's the love of sacrifice.
Can also be seen from Jesus.
That's why I hope everybody
can have this kind of love.
And live it out,
merry Christmas again.
Merry Christmas!
What's wrong there?
Seems like some kind of accident.
I will get off here.
I'm here.
Finally! Waited for you so long!
She is here! Do it!
Come in.
Such a beautiful night
tonight isn't it?
Right, I just realize the stars are
so beautiful here.
It's because you only look at the
students not at the sky before.
Sun chow, you two...
It's lovely here.
See this is Orion, Lepus,
Canis major, a bit further is.
Monoceros and Canis minor.
How about that one, you know it?
Yes. And there're two
stars between the Gemini.
There is one more beside those two,
and you won't know it.
I don't know about it?
It's called "sun moon
star", you know it?
"Sun moon star", how come
I never heard of it?
It's because,
the star just got name today.
I bought you a star.
You are lying.
See, I got a certificate for it.
I use our names sun and
moon to name that star.
That's why it's
called sun moon star.
From now on,
this star belongs to us.
After I left,
when you see this star.
Hope that you will think about me,
I can feel it.
"Chapter 47th January."
Uncle Ming, where is moon?
Moon? How can I know?
If you found her, tell
her come back quickly.
Haven't seen her for weeks.
Where did you go?
I went to the book store looking
for you a few times as well.
But I couldn't find you.
Uncle Ming said he doesn't know
what have happened to you too.
Why can't you tell me?
Did I do something wrong?
Or... you got other issues?
I don't even know
where I should send this letter to.
Can you understand how I feel?
I'm sorry. There are lots of things
happening in these few weeks
I'm so confused, and I don't have
the courage to let you know.
The night when I sneaked out and
stargazed with you.
When I went home, mum had gone out.
Have a bite, mom?
Its fine, I'm not hungry.
She was worried about me,
then she went out and
drove around looking for me.
Her leg wasn't feeling well
then she got an accident.
You have to eat more to recover.
I'm fine, just go out and
look for your boyfriend.
Just let me be.
I'm sorry, mum.
Don't do this to me, alright?
She won't get into accident if I didn't
sneak out to meet you that night.
I felt so selfish.
She has raised me by herself
in all these years.
She really needs me now.
I'm afraid I won't able
to see you for a while.
I hope you can wait for me.
I will let you know when
I can see you again.
I'm sorry. I want to stay by
your side right now.
But I really can't come out.
There is nothing I can do...
Besides saying sorry again.
I'm done!
Sun chow
what are you doing?
Leave me alone.
Do you really think you are
solving the problem right now?
It's not me who don't want
to solve the problem.
The fact is I can't solve
the problem with her!
It was great before.
Come with me.
Have a seat.
So that's true.
What are these?
The letters he wrote to me.
All of them?
This amount is normal
for seven years
the letters I wrote him are
way more than these.
Why don't you call him then?
It's expensive for him
to call me from America,
I don't want him to
waste money on it.
He never return in all these years?
Don't you want to see him?
We have no choice.
That's why we need to
learn to be patient.
I'm showing you these
to let you know.
That true love can concur anything,
including time and boundaries.
You will learn to be patient when
there is something you want to wait.
There is hope after the Patience.
What hope can I have?
Your hope is, even when you two
can't see each other.
You still find a way
to maintain this relationship.
And find a way to encourage her.
The most important thing is,
is it worthy to do all these?
Yes it is.
No one understand me
more than she does.
That's it.
If she means so much to you.
You must not lose hope.
What's your hope then?
He will come back to
meet me in a few months
as we have promised in our letters.
I can wait for seven
years, why can't you?
Buying food for dinner tonight?
Why are you here?
What's this?
It's prohibited...
Your mum do cares for you.
It's prohibited!
Moon, at the time you
received this letter.
Uncle Ming should've
given you a gift.
I won't give up.
Why don't we try to use pager?
We can communicate
through this pager.
You can tell me
anything immediately.
Do you like my gift? I
miss you, please reply.
Thank you for your
gift, I like it so much.
Miss Chan, I want to
borrow the phone again.
You look so pretty today!
That's true!
Thank you.
Paging service.
Hey! Hello! Please call 2668.
2668, yes, what's your name?
S... S... sun.
S... S... sun.
No, just sun.
Just sun. Yes.
Please leave a message.
"What are you doing?"
"What are you doing?".
A bit more lovely.
And "I miss you so much".
"I miss you so much".
Yep, that's it.
Okay. Bye.
Thank you miss Chan,
you look really lovely today.
I miss you as well,
when can we meet?
Ask him...
what is he doing at school?
Count to three after
receiving the message,
then we look at the star together.
The stargazing party was
quite successful last time.
But we better organize more events
as soon as possible
or else people may
complain about us.
We don't really have that
much membership fee for that.
I told you all to use
those fees to make profit
a moon travel can also
be done if we did.
We only have $60.
That's enough.
Besides stargazing,
what else can astronomy club do?
It'd be great if there is a machine that
can deliver message to prince kidding.
There are lots of
equipments nowadays
that can improve their performance
through multiple lens
in order to produce...
Is radio wave able to go through
the whole universe infinitely?
Theoretically, yes.
this is a model of a lung.
This is the trachea.
These are the veins and arteries
for blood flow. In our body.
Why a human brain can't
receive any radio wave?
I'm preparing a surprise for you,
you are going to be
so happy about it.
Thank you! What's it?
It's on!
Hey thanks, Gho...?
Does that mean it works?
Uncle Ming.
You are back?
Is mum doing alright?
Not fully recovered yet,
but I was afraid
you cannot handle these all alone.
I'm the one who is worrying,
so how's it going?
When is he leaving?
Him? Leaving in the coming summer.
Pretending that you
are fine with this?
Ask him to stay if you don't want
him to go. He will stay for you.
But no...
his dad has decided to leave.
How can he stay here alone?
Wait, what if I break your leg.
If your leg is broken,
he is going to stay. That works.
Wait, no. You two won't get
to the college eventually.
And your mum won't like him, and
you will still suffer. That's sad!
Maybe it's hard,
but love can concur everything.
Just like kidding and serious,
stop telling that
kidding stuff to me.
It kills me.
We are talking about emigration now,
do you understand?
It means he is going to stay there,
then he will never return.
Then you two will
start writing letters.
You write one then he replies one.
But eventually no one
will keep writing, then that's it.
Don't you see? You will
end up just like me.
Think carefully.
That's right,
he is more handsome than me.
You two are so matched,
and you like him so much.
Look! It's miss lo, so pretty!
Look so beautiful!
Hey! Miss lo, where are you going?
You look so beautiful!
Why are you still here?
I have nowhere to go.
You two got into a fight?
No, it's useless to go out. She
can't come out and meet me at all.
You're in a rush?
Yea, I'm kind of hurry.
Let's talk when I'm back. Shall we?
Miss lo, you going out?
Sun, what did you say?
I got something to do!
Where to?
Sun! Don't you hang out with us?
Hey, where is miss lo?
I don't know.
Miss lo is sick today,
I'm here to substitute.
You will have
self-study lesson today.
Why don't you come to
lesson today, miss lo?
Nothing. I'm just a bit sick,
maybe I caught a cold.
And I don't want to spread
it around the class.
Is it because... your
boyfriend didn't return?
I thought I will be pretty upset.
But I want to tell you, I'm fine.
In these few years.
He has been writing
less and less to me.
I sort of know the ending already.
Just that I still have
a glimpse of hope.
You really not mad at him?
After all these years,
he didn't return.
From the other point of view,
I should be thanking him.
If not because of this relationship,
I could never know
I can have that much of endurance.
Doesn't matter if it's
a good or bad ending.
What really matter is
I have tired my best.
"Chapter 525th march."
Mum will go out
the day after tomorrow, can we meet?
See you there.
Why can't you leave
my daughter alone?
Moon has been a good girl
since she was a kid.
She has changed, after you shown up.
She lied to me because of you.
Why you've to destroy
our relationship?
I never mean to do so!
I'm serious to moon!
You know you are going to leave soon,
why you still have to start it anyway?
I know you are wealthy,
you can do whatever you want.
But can you have mercy on us.
I don't want my
daughter to get hurt.
I will surly come back.
You aren't physically here,
how can you be with her?
Who can assure that you will return?
I beg you, I only have one daughter.
I work so hard all
these years alone.
Can you see the
wrinkles on my hands?
I worked so hard hoping that
my daughter can get a better life.
I don't want my daughter
to waste her time
waiting for someone
who may never return.
Do you understand?
I beg you again,
give me back my daughter. Please.
I'm on the way, wait for me.
When you were a kid,
you always asked me why there were
no pictures of your dad at home.
Yea, you never told me.
It is because your dad will only show
up in another family's pictures.
I was young and naive,
I used to think,
love is everything to me.
I insisted to stay with him, even
though my family was against it.
Turns out, he went to drink and
having fun every night.
And I waited for him day by day.
Until one day,
he decided not to come back.
You are a grown-up now,
I can't look after you forever.
All I want to let you know is,
don't go on the same
old path as I did.
Maybe you think I'm so strict,
but one day when you look back,
you will understand
what I've said today.
"Chapter 67th July."
It has been a year already.
Be good when I'm gone.
We will.
You have to work hard as well.
The astronomy club is
in you guys' hands.
Thank you, miss lo.
Take care. There is no
one to help you anymore,
remember to work hard okay?
Here's a pen for you, to remind
you to keep writing letters.
No one had ever given
me a pen as a gift.
They all think I
cannot write anything.
Thank you.
Why are you only thanking miss lo?
We all prepare this for you.
Take good care of it,
don't waste our effort.
What's it?
You will know when you open it.
I guess he can't even stand three
months there then come back to us.
Believe it or not?
Hey, don't write letters
to your girlfriend only.
Remember to write to me too...
Don't get sentimental on me.
Sun chow.
What's it, master ding?
Not letting me go again?
Don't waste your time
when you go there.
Learn how to be a good person,
don't focus on relationships only.
How about we take pictures together?
Yeah sure.
Hey, it's me!
Is your mum here?
She is not.
Your boyfriend want to see you
one more time before he leaves.
It has been a while.
6 months already.
Let me take you to a place.
I'm not coming home tonight.
Don't worry,
I will go to America with you.
Is it here?
When I first knew you,
you taught me how to stargaze.
Now I bring you to
the best place for it.
It's awesome, I never
know this place before.
Thank you for bringing me here.
We can finally look at our star
clearly this time.
It's pretty.
Sun moon star! Can you see us?
We are looking at you!
Anybody home?
This is for you.
It's lovely, you made it?
Thank you.
Is this the surprise
you said before?
Yea, now you can talk
to prince kidding.
It can actually send messages
to the outer space?
Ghost said it works.
Green light flashes
when sending signal.
If it's receiving signal from the
space, the red light will blink.
It's moon Wong, over!
Do you have a prince called kidding?
Answer me please.
Prince kidding,
send a spaceship and take us away
with you, if you can hear us.
So that we don't need to separate
from each other anymore.
Is sun moon star far away from us?
When will the message arrive?
But no matter how many years,
I will wait.
Don't wait for me.
After I leave,
I don't know when I will return.
Letting you wait for
me alone is selfish.
After today, please forget about me.
Live your life and start over again!
It is because I love you so much,
that's why I can't
let you wait for me.
I'm sorry.
Welcome to our show
tonight, I'm Wallace Kwok.
Welcome to call us by 3385234.
Let's hear what the last audience
of tonight want to say.
Hey! What's your name?
Is it me?
That's you. What's your name?
My name is kidding.
Who do you want to
dedicate the song to?
I would like to
dedicate it to serious.
Which song do you want?
"I still find you the best"
from Jacky Cheung.
A lot of audiences
like this song as well.
Would you mind to turn it louder?
Why choose this song?
Because serious introduced
this song to me.
What do you want to say to serious?
I want to tell her, I
don't want to let her go.
Although we won't stay
by each other's side,
but we're still living
under the same sky.
When I see sun moon star,
I will think of you,
I hope you will think of me as well.
Lots of your fans know.
This story has been
written almost 6 to 7 years.
And a lot of publishers
have turned you down.
It's not easy to get this
book published today.
It must be so meaningful to you.
I would like to know, if you
want to give this book as a gift.
Who would you want to give?
I guess,
it's going to be my mom.
Besides school,
I spent all of my time with my mom
in these few years.
This story contains a lot of
memories between me and my mom.
Moon, was that your real life story?
How is possible that
I am from 3500 ad?
True, but considering that serious
waited for prince kidding for 20 years.
Are you waiting for someone as well?
What do you think?
After all these years,
the sky of Hong Kong
still remains the same.
No matter how pretty
the sky overseas is,
it's no match with the sky here.
Hi miss, would you like
to stargaze with me?
Such a long time,
your letter writing papers!
Here you go,
I saved it for you.
It's alright, thanks.
I stopped writing letters.
Finally achieve what you want!
Don't have to write anymore?
I'm looking for an ink
pen, any suggestions?
Oh, for male or female?
For a male teenager.
For teenager,
this one? Parker, cool right?
Kids nowadays don't
really write anymore.
Not to mention using an ink pen.
I'm not selling these
anymore after these.
I'm trying to encourage
him to write more.
Knowing how to write, better
than knowing how to get girls.
This one then.
Let me fetch you a box.
Sure, thank you.
Great, be nice.
You've got yourself a new owner.
Instead of putting at
home and get rusty.
Thank you, I believe he will use it.
Can I have 200 copies? Please.
I got no mood, no prints!
What did you say?
You like someone but you
didn't let him know.
Now he got company,
and you don't like it as well.
What contradictory? Maybe
she's difficulties.
That's why she doesn't
start with that guy.
What then? Give someone you
love to somebody else?
If not, what else can I do?
Teach her,
to retreat in order to advance.
Teach her!
Oh right! I got it! Thanks!
What did you get?
Hey, you forgot something!
Wong Ka-yan?
Hey, I know one. The accountant.
Is that her?