When Time Got Louder (2022) Movie Script

[mellow piano melody playing]
[Abbie] Dad, come on.
Kay and I are ready.
[Mark] Okay, coming.
Let's go see what Santa--
-[Tish] Come on, honey. Come on.
-[Mark] Okay. [chuckles]
Okay. [sighs]
All right, here we go.
-Well, Merry Christmas, Mom!
-Merry Christmas.
-[Mark] Hey, what the heck?
-Okay, honey, it's [indistinct].
-[Mark] Are these presents?
-Let's just get right to it.
-[Mark] Okay, okay. Hey, guys.
-[Tish] Okay. Okay.
All right, say hi, Abbie!
Hi, Kayden!
Dad, Dad, look at
the presents Santa left us.
-Can I open one now?
-[Mark] Wow.
Whoa, bud. Wait, wait.
Do you-- do you want
to hold the camera?
-[Abbie] Can I try, Dad?
-Yeah, here you go. Be careful.
["Jingle Bells" playing]
Oh, what fun it is to ride
[both chuckle]
[Abbie] Wait, Kayden--
[rhythmic beeping]
[somber instrumental playing]
[hospital din]
[indistinct conversation
in background]
[Mark] My son clearly
did nothing wrong!
[Claire] Mr. Peterson, please.
I also want
what's best for Kayden.
I-- I still--
I still don't understand why
we need to do this right now.
We need to provide
an evaluation to the police
as soon as possible.
As Kayden is still 17,
it's important that
I speak with both of you
-so I get a better sense--
-No, but listen.
He's gonna wake up...
and he's not gonna know
where he is, and he is-- [sobs]
He's not going to understand.
He will be so scared.
I need to be there
when he wakes up, Mark.
I need to be there
when he wakes up.
I need to be there
when he wakes up!
-[Mark] Okay.
-[Tish sighs]
-[phone vibrating]
-[Claire] Abbie?
Sorry, what was the question?
How often did your father work
those weekend shifts?
Why does that matter?
Abbie, all of my questions
are to help me
get a better sense
of your family's situation.
As you're not
Kayden's legal guardian,
you don't have to speak with me
if you don't want to.
No, I want to answer
your questions
to help my family.
I just wasn't expecting you
to be passing judgment on--
No one here
is being judged.
[Abbie sighs]
My dad rarely
worked weekends.
We spent tons of time
together as a family
and no way
did that impact Kayden.
Was that the real question?
[phone vibrating]
Will anything I say here
even matter?
Of course.
Your parents spoke
a great deal
about how you were a major part
of your brother's life.
What I'm trying
to understand is...
how in the last few months,
in light of your absence,
how it may have impacted Kayden
as to where he is today.
So you think
this is my fault?
Not at all.
But you're sitting here
asking us questions
-like we did something wrong.
-I'm just trying to--
Like something we did
could have changed it.
I'm hoping to understand
how this incident happened today
so that
we can help him.
Can I go
to the bathroom?
[phone vibrating]
[Karly] Hello?
Abbie, are you there?
[Abbie] You were calling me?
I've been trying
to get a hold of you.
You were starting
to worry me.
[Abbie sniffles]
I'm sorry.
It's just not
a good time right now.
I just want to talk, please.
How are you?
-I miss you.
-[Abbie sobbing]
-[Abbie breathing shakily]
I'm sorry, it's just really
not a good time right now.
Abbie, what's going on?
You can tell me.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
I'm sorry, I gotta go.
-Mom's calling me.
-Abbie, wait--
[Abbie sobbing]
[melancholy music playing]
[Abbie breathing heavily]
I'm sorry.
Kayden was diagnosed
when he was three.
Abbie was five.
You know, they've always been
best friends,
ever since the day
she first held him.
That's wonderful.
In many of my cases,
the sibling dynamic
can be quite challenging.
They always had
a special bond over art.
Um, drawing, painting,
whatever they could get
their hands on.
That's what, uh, Abbie,
uh, went to school for
in California.
[Tish] This is incredible.
Oh, Abbie,
we're so proud of you.
Full ride-- what exactly
does that mean, full ride?
It means my tuition
is paid for.
-Um, o-- okay, Mom.
Okay, tuition's paid for,
but not
books or housing, probably.
Books are expensive, housing--
California's not cheap.
I'm just saying.
Yeah, but the California
Design Academy
has one of the top programs
in animation.
It's basically
the Harvard of arts.
Well, Harvard
is also very expensive.
Okay. We can make it work.
-We'll make it work.
We'll make it work.
-Good job, kiddo.
-[Kayden hum talking]
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
[Abbie] Hey, Kay.
-What's you doing?
-[hum talking]
-[hum talking]
-Ooh, a sea lion?
-[hum talking]
-Why a sea lion?
[hum talking]
Hey, you wanna see
something funny?
[hum talking]
[sea lion barking]
[hum laughing]
[automated voice]
This is funny.
-It is funny. Good job.
-[Kayden laughs]
[hum talking]
[pencil scratching]
[calm piano melody]
Your drawings
are the best, Kay.
Seriously. [chuckles]
We're gonna make
an awesome TV show one day.
But I have to go away
for a bit to make that happen.
I have to...
go to school for it.
You know,
like how you go to school?
[Abbie breathes shakily]
[hum talking]
[hum talking]
-I love-- I love you so much.
-[hum talking]
You know that, right?
[Abbie sniffling]
[hum talking]

[pencil scratching]
[hum talking]
-[Abbie sniffles]
-[hum talking]
Make his nose
a bit smaller.
He's starting
to look like Grandpa.
[Kayden laughs]
[hum talking]
[hum talking]
[Tish] Mark.
What's wrong?
[sighs] I don't know.
I'm just worried.
[sighs] About Abbie?
Or Kayden?
[sighs] Both.
This is a big change.
It's not ideal,
but this is
what we wanted, right?
This is what
we worked so hard for.
For Abbie
to have her own life.
Of course.
Of course, but...
this is all Kayden knows.
And now
he's gonna be alone.
I mean, Abbie is
the only friend he's ever had.
Well, he is capable
of adapting...
and I'll be able
to spend more time with him.
And what are you gonna be
doing after school now?
The same thing I did
when she was a kid.
Take it one day
at a time.
You know, I really...
think that it's time that
we talked about assisted living.
[emotional piano music playing]
You're something else,
you know that?
-Assisted living?
Look, it's an option
that we haven't explored.
Hell, we haven't
even talked about--
-Because we don't need to!
-We don't need to yet.
I'm not-- No. Mark.
I'm not talking
about this with you.
I'm not talking
about this tonight.
[Mark] I'm sorry, okay?
But today
was a big wake-up call.
This discussion is over.
[Tish sobbing]
[Mark] We always knew
Abbie was going to leave,
and we always knew he was
going to have this problem.
I just didn't think it was
going to happen this sudden.
You and I both know that
he is not going to understand.
How many hours a week
did Abbie look after Kayden
when she was home?
Hard to say.
I-- I mean, Abbie would...
hang out with Kayden
while I ran errands
or did things
around the house.
Weekend outings were always...
as a family.
Abbie always wanted
to spend time with Kayden.
That's quite the commitment
for a young girl.
She's quite the girl.
Can you tell me more
about the transition?
Abbie leaving home?
Well, it was hard
on all of us.
Technology helps, I guess.
[Winnie the Pooh]
No, let me see.
Oh, yes.
it's not much of a tail...
but I'm sort of
attached to it.
[Winnie the Pooh]
I've got an idea.
Hey, Eeyore's in my spot.
-Stupid thing's broken.
-What's wrong?
Well, I'm trying
to set up the FaceTime
so we can all
video chat together.
[Abbie chuckles]
It's FaceTime,
not the FaceTime.
Kayden, pass this
to your sister, please.
[hum talking]
[hum talking]
Can you pass it to me?
[high-pitched groan]
Kayden got it.
[Eeyore] No song and dance.
No "here we go round
the mulberry bush."
Thank goodness I have you
to take care of me.
[hum talking]
Abbie, I can see my face.
I don't want to FaceTime
with my face.
Yeah, you--
you have to FaceTime me
if you wanna--
Okay, let's do it.
Um, what's your phone number?
No, I know.
Hold on. Okay. And go.
[door opens]
[Mrs. Thompson]
Kayden, Look who's here.
[Kayden hums excitedly]
[automated voice] Abbie.
[chuckles] Hey, buddy.
You ready to go?
[hums excitedly]
I hear
someone's going to California.
Your mom could not stop raving
when she was here.
Yeah, I'm pretty excited.
We'll sure miss seeing you here
every day after school.
I think it's Kayden's
favorite part of the day.
[hum talking]
[Abbie chuckles]
You want your headphones
for the hall?
[hum talking]
[hum talking]
[soft piano melody playing]
-[pop music on radio]
What did I say yesterday?
It's too loud.
Seat belt.
I don't have time for this.
I have to go home
and pack.
[hum talking]
-[Kayden groans forcefully]
[hum talking]
[hum talking]
On our last day.
[hum talking]
-[Kayden groans forcefully]
[somber tone building]
[hum talking]
[hum talking]
[both] Four.
[whispers] Thank you.
[pop music playing]
Love whatever journey
we're on
Being so free
Looking at the road
ahead of me
One, two, three
Let's let this be
the moment we will seize
Tigger, I'd be happy
to tell you
my secret for winning
your Pooh sticks.
Oh, you would?
[Abbie] Mom, have you seen
my sketchbook?
She's upstairs.
[automated voice]
I like Winnie the Pooh.
[chuckles] Nice.
I like Winnie the Pooh too.
Who's your favorite?
You know, the only reason
that he is your favorite
is because your sister
used to carry Eeyore everywhere.
-You all packed?
You didn't
overpack though, right?
Because they will charge you
if your bag's overweight.
No, it's barely even full.
[Mark] Good.
Well, make sure
you text us when you land,
and when you get to your dorm.
-You know where it is on campus?
-I think so.
I've been talking
to my roommate, Jen.
She explained it to me.
She seems really nice.
-[Tish] Kayden?
-[hum talking]
[Kayden grunts excitedly]
-[whispers] Give this to Abbie.
-[hum talking]
[hums excitedly]
-Mom, no.
-I know you said,
"No presents, Mom,"
but it's not every day
that your baby girl
goes off to California, so.
[hum talking]
[Winnie the Pooh] That's funny.
I dropped it on the other side,
and it came out
on this side.
Eeyore, what's the matter?
[Eeyore] What makes you think
anything's the matter?
Well, you just seem so sad.
[hums excitedly]
[hum talking]
Oh, Kayden,
did you write this?
[hums excitedly]
It's-- it's awesome printing.
I had to steal your book
so I could tape
his drawings in.
We thought
it would be nice for you
to have it with you always.
[calm piano music playing]
-Thank you.
-[hum talking]
[engine starts]
-[Tish] You have your phone?
-[Abbie] Yep.
And all the numbers
are programmed in?
-Okay, so.
Text when
you get through security,
and then text
before the plane takes off,
and then when you get there,
you should--
Get in the first person's van
that offers me a ride?
Mom, relax.
Well, you know,
it may be hard to say no
if they offer me candy.
I'm just kidding, Mom.
All right. Well...
-Work hard and stay safe.
-I can do that.
I love you so much.
Will you please come back to us
even after you're famous?
[chuckles] I'm only gonna be
gone for four months.
-You'll barely notice.
-[hum talking]
No, uh,
bud, remember Dad said that
Abbie is going on the airplane
and-- and she's going
to school,
but she'll be back
to see you soon.
We'll mark it off
in the calendar,
on the fridge, okay?
[automated voice]
I will go on airplane.
Just Abbie is getting
on the plane today, buddy.
[hum talking]
But I'll be home
before you know it.
[hum talking]

[hum talking]
I'll be on soon, okay?
[hum talking]
Just make sure
you send me lots of pictures.
-Oh, no, not now.
-[camera clicks]
-[Kayden laughs]
It's time to go, kiddo.

[hum talking]
Love you guys.
I will go
on airplane.
-Come on, bud.
[woman on PA] Flight 2826,
service to Los Angeles,
is now inviting passengers in
Zones 3 and 4 to begin
Please have your boarding pass
and passport...

["Missing June"
by Miki Ratsula playing]
Now my heart's
a little heavy
Missing June
Hey! You must be Abbie.
Nice to finally meet you.
Nice pictures.
Damn, you came prepared.
Well, my mom used to be
an interior designer,
so I guess
I got that gene.
-Is that Kayden?
-[chuckles] Yup.
Oh, so cute.
Okay, so, uh, my friend, Robbie,
that I was telling you about
I guess knows
this guy Brooke,
and they're throwing
this insane party
for the beginning
of the semester.
They invited me. It's on Friday
if you wanna come.
Uh, I don't know.
I'm gonna have to see--
Oh. [scoffs]
Uh, did I phrase that
as a question?
Because it's actually
not optional.
[Abbie chuckles softly]
Okay, fine.
I'll go.
Cool. Yes, you will.
All right. [sighs]
[Jen sighs]
When did you move here
from Bluewater?
[Mark] I don't know. 2002.
-And the reason for the move?
I'm a construction foreman.
I imagine it's very long hours
in construction.
I manage just fine.
How long have
the two of you been together?
Uh, 24 years.
Can I have a tissue, please?
I'm sorry.
[whispers] Could we--
[clears throat]
Could we please
do this later? [sobs]
I would really like
to be there when he--
when he wakes up.
I know this is hard.
No. [sobs]
Hard doesn't even
begin to cover it.
I know that you think
that you understand,
but you don't.
It's-- it's...
prepares you for it.
You-- You just--
You just hit
the ground running.
[automated voice] Abbie.
Abbie. Abbie.
-Abbie. Abbie.
-Kayden, calm down.
All right, all right.
-I want to see Abbie.
-Kayden, calm down, buddy.
Sweetheart. Kayden.
She's not here.
[Kayden groans forcefully]
Kayden, enough.
-[Kayden groans forcefully]
Kayden, look at me.
I have an idea.
[hum talking]
Thank you.
That's the last
of the eggs.
I'll pick some up
on the way home from work.
Hey, Kayden,
do you want anything special
for dinner tomorrow?
Chicken strips.
All right.
Chicken strips it is.
-[hum talking]
-Is that good?
[hum talking]
Okay, that's enough, bud.
[hum talking]
[Claire] Did Kayden seem to be
affected by Abbie's absence?
Well, I mean,
we did explain to him
that she was
going away to school.
It's hard for him to gauge
what that time is,
as you can imagine.
Yes, but over
the last few months,
did you notice a change
in his mood or behavior?
I saw in his past charts
that he had
some previous incidents
at his high school.
If you're implying
that what happened today
had anything to do
with Abbie's absence
affecting my son's behavior,
you are way off.
I mean, of course we missed her
while she was gone,
but that had nothing to do
with what happened today.
My son did nothing wrong.
Mr. Peterson,
I am just trying to get
a better understanding
of Kayden's trajectory
over the past year.
He was fine.
I mean, of course he missed her,
but what do you expect?
Mom, you have to tilt
the camera up, I can't see you.
-What? Oh.
-[Kayden groans excitedly]
So, how is your roommate?
Are you getting along?
Uh, yeah, I mean,
it's only been a week,
but she's nice.
-Um, she invited me
to a party that's tonight.
I don't know
if I'll go though.
-[Kayden groans excitedly]
Kayden's touching noses
with you.
[Kayden groans excitedly]
I should head
to class now.
Well, let us know
if we can talk to you tonight.
Kayden put in a special request
for chicken strips.
No fair.
I never get chicken strips.
-Okay, I should go.
-Uh, okay.
Um, Kayden,
uh, say bye to Abbie.
-[Kayden groans excitedly]
I love you guys.
-[hum talking]
-Yeah. It'll be okay.
I think
I'm gonna pull Larry
and his three from that job
after the fourth.
They can finish off
the molding.
Well, I'll see you
at Whitestone next week then.
-Yeah, sounds good.
-Hey, uh, how's the family?
Good. Good.
Abbie's getting settled in
in California.
I mean, ten grand
a semester room and board.
Can you believe that?
-Ooh, ain't that a mess.
You know, I could use
a few extra hours
if you have anything.
Uh, we got the build on Fraser
as long as you
don't tell Ms. Tish
that I'm the one
taking you away on Saturdays.
She's expecting it.
-Thanks, Henry.
-All right, take care.
Are you serious, Mark?
I'm sorry.
We ended up working late on site
and I must have forgot--
[automated voice]
I want chicken strips.
Kayden, stop.
Hungry. Chicken strips.
Why didn't you just cook him
something else?
I told you I was busy on site.
No, you didn't tell me anything.
I didn't hear anything
from you all day.
That would require you
to actually pick up your phone!
[Kayden groaning]
Change your tone.
He's been talking
about this all day.
We were gonna call Abbie.
-It's a thing.
-Fine, fine.
I'll go get some.
It's not that big of a deal.
[Kayden groaning]
Yeah, forget it.
go upstairs to your room
and draw while mom cooks dinner.
Kayden, please.
[Kayden groaning softly]
No? Great.
Cheese toast it is.
["Keeping Secrets"
by KANDY & Madison Rose playing]
Losing by keeping secrets
Can we erase
every rhyme or reason?
Throw me a line, it's our
let's seize it
You gotta know,
you've got to know I need it
Tired of losing
by keeping se--
All I did was cough!
You bounced.
[Tigger] Oh, dear,
I didn't bounce him.
[Eeyore] He bounced me.
[Tigger] Oh, I didn't really!
I, uh-- Well,
I just had a cough, you see,
and I happened to be
behind Eeyore and--
Good movie, huh, Kayden?
[coughing & laughing on TV]
That's what I call bouncing.
[Tigger] I didn't bounce.
I coughed.
How about Mom makes us
some hot chocolate?
[hum talking]
Oh, well, it was just a joke.
[loud pop music playing]
Just be you, you, you
Just be you, you, you
And it's true, true, true
And it's true, true, true
Just be you
[melancholic music playing]
Why didn't you just let him
watch a movie like I said?
He needed a break
from electronics.
He was fine.
Dr. Palmer specifically
said less electronics.
So now we have
to start that tonight?
Well, maybe if he wasn't
so glued to his screen,
he would be having
a better night.
-This-- That is not why--
-No, Mark.
The reason
that he's having a bad night
is because his dad
couldn't be bothered
to pick up
the fucking chicken strips!
Enough with the fucking
-chicken strips!
-[Kayden groaning]
Hey, Kayd.
You want to play a game
on your phone?
[blasting sound effects]
Hey, Kayden.
I have an idea.
How about we call Abbie?
[automated voice]
I will see Abbie.
-[Tish] Okay.
[electronic music playing]
Move your body, baby
I have to pee.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
[girl] Karly, come on!
Do you need to go?
Hey, hey, don't be that guy.
-No, I just need to--
-Hang up and hang out.
New rule, if you're not peeing,
you're dancing.
Let's go, okay.
Excuse us, thank you.
[hum talking]
She's not picking up.
Well, try her again.
Maybe she's already gone to bed.
Yeah, we should have just
let him be.
I know. I thought
it would help distract him.
[Kayden groaning]
Kayden, calm down.
We're going to have to try
and talk to Abbie tomorrow.
-[grunting angrily]
[grunting angrily]
I'm so encaptured
Got me wrapped up
in your touch
Feel so enamored
Hold me tight
within your clutch
How do you do it?
You got me losing
every breath
What did you give me
To make my heart
beat out my chest?
Not a fan of Brooke?
The guy you just blew off.
This is his house.
Uh, no, um...
I just didn't feel like dancing.
Oh, that's too bad.
Um, well, I was gonna
ask you to dance,
but you don't feel like it,
so it's fine.
I actually
really do like this song.
-[Kayden grunting]
-[Mark] Kayden!
[grunting angrily]
-He's gonna hurt himself.
-Kayden, she's not here.
[Kayden grunting angrily]
-[Kayden wailing]
-Kayden, sit down.
[wailing continues]
Kayden, listen to me.
Hey, listen.
Listen, listen, listen.
[both] Three.

I feel we're close enough
I wanna lock in your love
I think we're close enough
Could I lock
in your love, baby?
Now I've got you in my space

I won't let go of you
Got you shackled
in my embrace
I'm latching onto you
Latching onto you
I didn't wanna let go
I won't let go of you
I'll check it
before I go to bed next time.
I'll FaceTime Kayden
after class.
I love you too.
[both giggling]
I'm guessing
you had a good night.
Hey, you know, um...
it was almost as good as yours.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Okay, so, "tall, sultry woman"
doesn't ring any bells?
She's a friend of Brooke's.
So, when's the first date?
There isn't gonna be
a first date.
It was just a kiss.
Well, I am seriously starving,
so can we please
get some brunch?
don't worry, it's just brunch.
I am hungry.
-Then get up, let's go.
-I'm tired though. I'm tired.
-It's mimosa time.
So tired.
That sucks.
Will you pick me out an outfit?
Absolutely not.
I'm so tired.
I will drag you out of bed.
I take spin classes,
I'm very strong.
Just wear that, let's go.
Up and at them.
Let's go, come on.
-Hi, Tish.
He wouldn't sit with me.
So, did Emily
give you the details?
Just that he gave
someone a push.
Yeah, another student
reached for his headphones.
So my son was being bullied?
We-- we believe
it was a misunderstanding.
Kayden apologized.
Didn't you, Kayden?
these things happen,
but Mrs. Thompson
has her hands full as it is
and she just can't manage.
So, maybe you could
just take him home for the day.
[locker slams]
-[Kayden grunting softly]
Not now, okay?
Let's get you home.
Let's go home.
It's time to go home, bud, okay?
Kayden. Kayden.
[melancholy music building]
Did you talk to Abbie
this weekend?
Yeah, she seems
a little homesick.
I wish we could
have her home for Thanksgiving.
You know we can't afford that.
Awesome, bud.
Just go grab some pasta
down the aisle.
[hum talking]
I was thinking that maybe
we could ask the Robertsons
to look after Kayden on Sunday.
Just one. Just one.
Thank you, big guy.
Okay, tomato sauce next.
[automated voice] Sauce.
Just down the aisle.
[hum talking]
And we can go see Greenville.
It's a group home in Barleton.
Maybe we can get
some extra help.
I can ask if-- if there's-
It wouldn't hurt to go look.
One day at a time, right?
[calm instrumental playing]
What else did you do today?
Mom told me that you did
some more drawings today.
Can you show me?
[hum talking]
Kayden, can you show me?
Kayden, can you show me?
[sighs] Okay, bud,
I gotta go, but I'll--
I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?
Love you.
Hey, stranger.
Hey, what are you doing here?
I part time TA
for a journalism class.
How you been?
Good. You?
Pretty good.
Except I-- I did have
a rough past couple weeks
'cause I met
this really awesome girl
and she never texted me back.
Yeah, I'm--
I'm sorry about that.
I've just been
a little bit overwhelmed
with the first couple weeks
of school
and catching up on assignments.
Did you draw that?
I'm in the animation program.
Shut up, you're so cute.
Oh, I'm cute?
[hopeful instrumental building]
I really am sorry though for...
not texting you back.
Well, there is a way
you could make it up to me.
Any plans Friday?
What's that for?
Just going on the beach.
-Someone's got a date!
-Jen, come on.
Please tell me
it's the girl from the party.
Just drop it.
Okay, I think
we're a little past
the point of roommate deception.
It's not like
you haven't seen me coming in
at 3:00 a.m.
from Brooke's, so.
Seriously, is it her?
Oh, my God, you really like her.
Maybe a little, yeah.
This is too great.
I'm so excited for you.
Very nice.
Okay, I got this.
Make good choices.
[door closes]
Or not.
The latter is more fun.
[engine starts]
[Tish sighs]
Hey. Um, I'm Cooper.
-You must be the Petersons.
-Yeah, I'm Mark.
-My wife, Tish.
Um, I'm actually
head of admin,
but they needed an extra hand
on the weekends,
so you got me. [chuckles]
Jackie said
you wanted to see the space.
this is Mark's only day off,
and our son
is with a family friend.
Got it.
Uh, come on in.
So, um,
this is the main floor.
It's mostly common area,
and over here
we have the kitchen.
Whoa, whoa.
Who whoa, whoa, Daniel. Daniel.
Please take a seat.
No more coffee until
you have your medication, okay?
[sighs] Um, sorry about that.
As I said,
shorthanded on the weekends.
Uh, the kitchen
is just this way.
[TV playing
in background]
Meanwhile, downtown we're
seeing a lot of congestion
because of the road closure
on Adams and Jefferson.
Some unusual backup southbound
on I5 due to a broken-down bus.
["grocery store"
by Miki Ratsula playing]
Now I'm lifted up
into the ceiling
She makes me feel
like I'm dreaming
And I never ever
wanna come down
So I swore
I'd never know this feeling
caught up in believing, yeah
Now I never
ever wanna come down
This is the, uh, backyard.
[sighs] We like to engage
our residents in, um, gardening
and other outdoor activities.
Um, I think
that woman needs help.
Oh, Maggie, not again.
Maggie, we don't pick our scabs.
Okay, I'll--
I'll be right back.
[somber instrumental building]
Ooh, that doesn't look good.
Want a BAND-AID? Yeah?
As I said,
we're here to help,
and so we'll do anything we can
to accommodate Carl's needs.
Uh, Kayden.
Kayden. Uh, right. Sorry.
I'll follow up
with you both.
There's a lot more logistical
questions having to do
with the health insurance
and whatnot.
And, uh, next time you
can bring Kayden by
and he can take a look
at the place.
Okay. Um...
it was good meeting you.
[Claire] Did you ever
consider a group home?
No, because Kayden
can only live in our home.
And how would you
describe your home?
More than just a home.
I mean, for Kayden
it's more than just
a roof over his head.
It's his whole world.

[Mark] Thanks again.

[both sighing]
[Tish sniffling]
[engine starts]
They don't do anything.
They just
sit around all day,
and when you get home,
they don't even care.
You might
as well have a fish.
I'm sorry,
but what did cats do to you
to deserve such animosity?
No, they didn't.
Dogs are just inherently better.
You can take them for walks
and you can play with them.
Okay, we're gonna have to agree
to disagree on this one.
So, do you want food now
or food later?
And who ever said
chivalry is dead?
Hey, food is the foundation
of any good date.
So it's food now
or food later.
It's that simple.
So, this is a date?
Do you kiss
a lot of girls at parties?
Then it's a date.
[waves crashing]
Is there enough?
[chuckles] I think so.
So, what brought you
down to LA?
The program.
I like their animation track.
There's nothing
really like it back home.
And what's home like?
Uh, you know, the usual.
Overworked dad,
overstressed mom,
and my brother is
in his last year of high school.
Oh, nice.
Does he know
what colleges he's applying to?
Um, actually,
I'm-- I'm not sure.
So, what was it like
growing up in LA?
It's all I know.
It was just me
and my mom.
My dad left
when I was seven,
came out when I was 14,
she threw me a party.
-She's a good mom.
-Yeah. I'm lucky.
My friends
were all so cool about it.
I even brought
a girl to prom.
So, what about you?
Any ex-girlfriends I need to
worry about stealing you away?
No, definitely not.
I mean, I've-- I've been
with a few girls before,
but nothing serious enough
to call a girlfriend.
So, no, you have nothing
to worry about. [chuckles]
[waves crashing]
So, how long did you and that ex
from prom go out for?
About a year and a half.
When we graduated, she got
into this college in New York,
and she broke up with me.
Said she didn't want to do
long distance.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Look where I am now.
What was that for?
Oh, you got
a little something right here.
Oh, uh-huh. Yeah?
-You have a little something--
-Yeah? Yeah, where?
Right here. [laughs]
by Miki Ratsula playing]
Fell sick with oblivion
So the sun has set and now
the moon is back again, oh
Hello, my friend
How many times
has this happened now?
I lost track
when I was stressing
'Bout those thunderclouds,
Those thunderclouds
I've come way too far
to not know
That I've been in the dark
And, oh,
time's been slipping on me
But when I find it, oh
When I find it
Who left
the headlights burning?
Oh, falling
but never could sleep
But when I find it, oh
When I find it
Who left
the headlights burning?
Fell sick with oblivion
So the sun has set and now
the moon is back again, oh
Hello, my friend
How many times
has this happened now?
I lost track
when I was stressing
'Bout those thunderclouds,
Those thunderclouds
I've come way too far
to not know
That I've been in the dark
And, oh, time's been
slipping on me
But when I find it, oh
When I find it
Who left
the headlights burning?
Oh, falling
but never could sleep
But when I find it, oh
When I find it
Who left
the headlights burning?
And, oh, time's been
slipping on me
But when I find it, oh
When I find it
Who left
the headlights burning?
Oh, falling
but never could sleep
But when I find it, oh
When I find it
Who left
the headlights burning?
[phone vibrating]
[door unlocking]
[giggling] Well, well, well.
What do we have here,
Miss This Isn't A Date?
Very funny.
Uh, Jen, this is Karly.
Uh, well, don't mind me,
love birds.
Uh, I'm just gonna go meet
Robbie at the campus center.
I just have to change clothes.
I'll only be a few minutes.
I should probably take this.
[phone continues vibrating]
Hi, Mom.
Hi, sweetie.
[Abbie] Sorry,
I missed your call last night.
That much homework.
Even on the weekends?
-We're really proud of you.
-Thanks, Mom.
We're really,
really proud of you.
So, what's up?
Oh, not much.
Just tidying around the house.
Uh, Kayden went to see a movie
over at the Robertsons.
Oh, that's nice.
Did he have fun?
Uh, I'm not sure.
I-- I-- I think so.
Your dad and I didn't stay.
We went to tour Greenville,
a group home.
I-- I don't...
see him there,
but we thought it was best
to at least do the research.
Did you call
just to tell me this?
I-- I just--
You don't bring up care homes
our entire lives,
and then I'm gone for, what--
like two months
and you start shopping
for a place
to send Kayden off to?
Sweetheart, no.
this has nothing to do with you.
Kayden is almost 18 and--
How can you say
it has nothing to do with me?
Abbie, please.
You know, you have always--
I can't do this right now, Mom.
I gotta go.
Abbie. Abbie.
[somber instrumental music
Mom, Dad said that
Kayden and I could paint
in our coloring books
after the movie,
but now he's saying
Kayden's going to bed.
Well, he's probably going to bed
'cause he's really tired.
Do you want me
to paint with you?
No, it's okay.
I'll wait for Kayden tomorrow.
Okay. [sniffles]
What's wrong, Mommy?
Come here.
Do you remember when we talked
to Kayden's doctor and--
Yeah, when you thought
Kayden was sick.
Is Kayden sick again?
No, honey, he's not sick.
Kayden has
a special thing called autism.
It means that sometimes
it's going to be harder for him
to do things
like school or chores.
And sometimes he's not always
going to be able
to tell us what he needs
or wants, so...
we're gonna have to pay
extra special attention to him.
What it really means
is that he is going to need
a lot of extra love
from his big sister.
-I can do that.
-I know you can.
You are the best big sister
there is.
And sometimes Mommy and Daddy
will need your help,
and Kayden
will need your help too.
In school Mrs. Mitchell
was telling us about
the special parts
of your body that help us live.
This is my heart, my lungs,
my stomach,
and my two kidneys.
Wow, you are so smart.
What if I gave Kayden
my kidney?
Would that help
make Kayden better?
You know, sweetheart...
...I think that that's not
that's not gonna help
with this.
What Kayden needs from you
is a lot--
of love and hugs,
like you already do.
He's pretty dependent
on me and my family.
He won't be going to college.
We actually don't really know
what he's going to do
after high school.
There aren't many options
for him.
-Why didn't you tell me?
-I don't know.
I guess it's kind of
a lot of background
to share on a first date.
Wait, we were on a date?
[Abbie chuckles]
But seriously, um,
I'm really glad you told me.
My mom told me they went
to visit a group home yesterday.
They're insistent that
I don't have to be his caretaker
when I'm older, even though
I've always said I want to.
They think it's going to ruin
my life, so...
now that I'm gone,
they've already started
looking at options
as if
I'm no longer an option.
Sounds like your parents
just want you to be happy.
I know it's tough for them.
When my brother
was first diagnosed,
the doctor
told my parents to...
go home
and love your other child.
Can you imagine that?
Because they just assumed
that he would have no future.
See, that was a lot.
This is why I shouldn't--
Abbie, I'm really happy
you told me.
I mean, you must be
close with your parents.
I'd say so.
Have you come out
to them yet?
I-- I want to though.
I just don't think
it's the right time yet.
So, what kind of stuff
does Kayden like to do?
He is the most amazing artist.
More inventive than me,
Not bound by any rules
or styles like they teach here.
We love to draw together.
We're gonna make
a TV series one day.
[Claire] Were you and Kayden
always this close?
Some siblings struggle
to connect at a young age.
Did you ever
find it difficult?
It just always worked.

[FaceTime ringing]
[ringing stops]
[line ringing]
[Mark] Hello?
Does Kayden have his phone?
I just tried FaceTiming him.
No, he forgot it at school.
Do you want me to grab him?
Uh, yeah. Okay. Sure.
Hold on. Kayd!
Hey, bud.
How's it going?
How was school?
Did you make some art today?
Did you make some art today?
[quietly hum talking]
Okay, bud, I should go,
but I'll talk
to you later, okay?
I love you.
[Kayden smacks lips
and grunts]
Why didn't you guys go
to the school to get it?
I don't know.
I didn't have time.
I'll grab it
Kayden needs his phone
so him and I can talk.
It's not the same
without FaceTime.
Abbie, I don't know
what you want me to say.
Do you want me to grab him?
He can use my phone.
Dad, you don't get it.
My brother and I
need to be able to talk.
He needs his phone.
Okay, Abbie,
no one gets it more than I do,
but I can't just drop
["in the middle" by
Miki Ratsula playing]
Would be the way
it's always been with you
Since I was a kid
No matter what I did
I had to choose
Who I'll hurt
Without trying to
It's heavy on my shoulders
but it's all I ever knew
Either way I'll be fine
'Cause I've been
in the middle my whole life
How are you?
Good. You?
What's wrong?
Nothing, I'm...
just really missing
my brother.
I'm sorry, babe.
I just feel
so guilty being here.
being here helped you meet me.
We all know that's the highlight
of your university experience.
[Abbie laughs]
I really like you, Abbie.
I really like you too.
Hope so, 'cause that
would have been really awkward.
[both laughing]
[engine starts]
Kayden, hold out your hand.
-Okay, one.
That's how much it costs
for one bus ride.
you're gonna get on the bus,
you're gonna put that
in the slot,
you're gonna take your seat,
and you're gonna get off
at the grocery store.
Like we did before,
Do you remember
what the bus top looked like
at the big grocery store with--
with the doughnuts you love?
[automated voice] Dad. Bus.
No, no, no, no, Kayden, Dad's--
Dad's gonna follow the bus.
This is just for practice.
For you to be able
to do it by yourself.
[automated voice]
I will ride the bus.
Yes, Kay, you will ride the bus.
All right, look,
everything's gonna be okay.
Dad's going to be
right behind you.
-[hum talking]
-Hey, kid!
Kayden, the money.
Your headphones.
In your backpack.
Well, we should probably be
productive today.
It is already 4:00.
I would say
this is very productive.
-You wanna study?
Can I ask you a question?
Have you mentioned me
to them yet?
Not yet.
Is it 'cause I'm a girl?
[Abbie chuckles]
My dad would be intense
if you're a guy or a girl.
So, you're just
not gonna tell them?
I just thought that...
maybe since we're more serious
that you'd want them to know.
I do.
I want to, it's just with...
everything going on with Kayden,
I don't want to put more
on their plate.
I'll tell them
when the timing is right though.
I promise.
I'm not going anywhere
if that's what
you're worried about.
[Abbie moans]
I say...
we go get cupcakes
and go for a walk.
-Oh, so you went from the gym...
-...to cupcakes?
Or doughnuts.
We have options.
-[Kayden hum talking]
-[Mark] Hold on. Hold on, bud.
Do you have the card
I gave you?
[hum talking]
Okay, good.
So this is an ATM,
and what you're gonna do
is you're gonna put
the card into the machine,
follow the instructions,
and you're gonna
get out cash.
Here we go.
[ATM] Please insert
your card to begin.
[automated voice] Hello.
Kayden, it can't talk to you.
It's just waiting for your card.
[hum talking]
[phone vibrating]
-[Mark] Hey.
So I'm looking into flights.
We better move quick here
before the prices move up.
Uh, I've got December 17th.
I have my last final
on the day before.
Can I get a couple of days
to say goodbye to my friends?
Okay, um, how about--
how about December 20th?
Do your friends allow you
to leave then?
[chuckles] Yeah, thanks.
Are you happy with how
the first semester went?
Yeah, it's been good.
Good group down there?
I wouldn't call it a group,
but, yeah, some friends.
Any boys?
No, Dad.
I'm just curious, you know,
why you needed the extra days.
I just want to say sorry
for getting upset with you
the other day.
It's just been tough
being away from Kayden.
I understand, kiddo.
It's okay.
All right. I got your itinerary.
I'll send it to you.
Thanks, Dad.
All right. See you soon.
So, the winning assignment
gets to shadow Professor Watts
for a weekend.
I mean,
there's a lot of competition,
but I think I have a chance.
[Tish] What are you gonna do?
Uh, I have an idea,
I've started sketching, but--
Hey, babe.
[Tish] Is that Jen?
Oh, it's Abbie's mom. Hi!
Abbie's told me
so much about you.
Uh, no. No, Mom.
This is Karly.
She's a-- a friend from class.
I don't think
I've mentioned her before.
Hi, Karly.
Abbie's been telling me
all about your class.
Nice to meet you,
Mrs. Peterson.
Okay, Mom, we should probably
start studying.
I'll talk
to you tomorrow, okay?
-Say hi to Kayden for me.
-Okay. Talk to you tomorrow.
How are you? How was class?
Which class?
My journalism class
or our animation class?
I'm sorry.
It's just Kayden's struggling
with me being gone,
and my dad taking
an extra shift, I just--
-I didn't wanna--
-Tell them about me?
No, put more stress
on my mom's plate.
Didn't realize
I was that stressful.
No, I'm just saying that
the idea of us
might be stressful.
I don't--
I don't know
how they'll feel about it.
Yeah, well, I don't know how
I feel about it anymore either.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I--
I just don't think
it's the right time yet.
It's not the same for me
as it was for you.
It's not that simple.
I just thought
we were more serious than this.
But I guess I was wrong.
We are.
You should want people
to know we're together.
You should be proud of me.
I am proud of you!
Oh, yeah?
Well, it doesn't show.
Me walking in on a call
with you and your mom
is the perfect time
for you to be like,
"Hey, Mom,
this is my girlfriend."
it's not the perfect time.
You don't understand anything
that my family goes through.
You never will.
So then what?
You just never tell them
about me?
What about
when you're done with school?
Then what?
I don't know.
It depends--
It depends on
if you're gonna stay or not.
Stop. You know exactly
why I would have to go home.
So, is it just like
a fun little experiment to you?
How convenient.
You know that's not true.
Or would it be
more convenient for you
if we never met
in the first place?
I think you don't mean that.
You don't mean that.
Yeah, I can't do this, Abbie.
Karly, please don't.
Please don't. Please don't go.
No, I really can't.
No! [sobbing]
[door opens, closes]
[objects clanking]
-[Kayden humming angrily]
Kayden? Stop.
Stand over there.
Stand over there.
[murmuring angrily]
Hey. Hey, it's okay.
It's okay, buddy.
Kayden, it's okay.
[Kayden groaning]
Kayden, stop.
Mom's got it.
[Kayden screams]
Kayden! Sit. Now.
[Tish] Kayden.
Mark, I got it.
[hum talking angrily]
[hum talking]
[Tish] There's Eeyore.
It's okay, sweetie.
[Kayden sobbing]
How am I supposed to function
for the next three weeks
without you?
Well, you've survived
for the past 20 years,
so I'm sure three weeks
will be fine.
Hmm. We'll see.
Also, how did you get stuck
with me
instead of your girl
taking you to the airport?
I didn't ask her to.
I think we might be done.
Shit. I'm sorry.
Does she know
you're leaving today?
Well, she knows
I'm going home for Christmas,
but I don't think so.
Right. Well, her loss.
We'll find you a cutie
in the spring.
[Abbie chuckles]
Hey, Kay.
That looks great. [chuckles]
How's it going, buddy?
Hey, can you flip the camera
back to your face, buddy?
[hum talking]
Mom, Dad, can you help Kayden
flip the camera back?
[hum talking]
Hey, so guess what?
Abbie is getting on a plane
to come home and see you.
we can have chicken strips.
All right,
I gotta get on the plane,
but I can't wait to see you.
I love you.
[phone vibrating]
so have you boarded yet?
Yeah, I'm about to.
Thanks for helping
with Kayden.
-With what?
-Our FaceTime call.
What call?
Our FaceTime call?
Weren't you in the room?
[grunts] Hold on.
Hey, Tish?
Were you in Kayden's room
when he was talking to Abbie?
[Tish] No, why?
No, no one was in his room.
We just had
a great conversation.
Best one
we've had in a long time.
Felt normal,
like we were together.
That's really great.
[Tish] Mark!
Can you come up here?
Hey, uh, kiddo,
your mom's calling.
Why don't you text me
when you're on the plane?
Okay. Talk to you soon.
Love you. Bye.
Mark, why didn't you wait?
[automated voice] Pick up Abbie.
That's right, bud,
today's the day.
-[hum talking]
-[Mark sighs]
What do you think we should do
for dinner tonight, Kay?
[automated voice]
Chicken strips.
I think Abbie
would be happy with that too.
I will ride the bus.
Chicken strips. Abbie.
I will ride the bus.
Chicken strips. Abbie.
-Oh, really, bud?
-Oh, no sweetie.
-Hey, now.
-Hey, now, what?
We've been working on this
for a while,
and-- and-- and the store's
just a few stops down.
No, Mark.
This is a big deal,
him initiating it.
-No. Look,
-Look, I'll follow the bus.
-I'll follow the bus.
-I'll follow the bus.
-Hey, bud.
-[hum talking]
-Tell you what.
Why don't I give you
some money
and you can buy Abbie
some chicken strips?
I will ride the bus.
Chicken strips. Abbie.
Oh, very smart, kiddo.
All right, go up and grab
your jacket and your wallet.
[Kayden humming in excitement]
You are really
pushing it today.
He had another meltdown
just yesterday,
he's having more
and more problems at school,
and now you're letting him
ride the bus?
-I'll be right behind him, Tish.
-No, Mark, it's--
Let's go, bud!
I will ride the bus.
Good job. So just like
you did before with Dad, okay?
-That's right.
Three dollars. You got it, bud.
Now I'm gonna be
right behind the bus,
and I'll meet you
at the store.
-[grunts in excitement]
-Kayden, slow.
A-- and you have your headphones
in your backpack, okay?
All right.
You better get going.
I'll see you
at the store.
Oh, hey, hey,
why don't we get Abbie
some donuts?
What do you say?
I will see Abbie.
[sighs] Abbie is going to be
so proud of you.
[car door closes]
[engine rumbling]
[machine beeping]
[machine buzzing, beeping]
[pop music playing]
[girls laughing]
[indistinct conversations]
[engine revving]
[boy] Excuse me. Your bag.
Hey, could you
move your bag?
-[humming nervously]
[laughs] Calm down, buddy.
What's that you got there?
What, you just come from a
construction site or something?
Or is the bus
too loud for you?
[boys laughing]
[humming nervously]
Hey, I'm talking to you, man.
What's your problem?
-[humming nervously]
-What's your problem?
Hey, settle down
back there!
Hey, listen to me
when I'm talking to you, man.
Why don't you take those
stupid things off your head
and talk to us, man?
[panicked grunting]
Hey, Dispatch.
[panicked grunting]
-[woman screaming]
[siren wailing]
Hey! Stop!
[angry grunting]
Sir, calm down.
Please stop.
-Stop that.
Sit down.
[Kayden yelling]
[handcuffs clicking]
[Kayden crying]
[phone ringing]

[line ringing]
Where is he?
Look, he's in surgery.
Your-- your mom
just got here.
I've got to go back to her.
Some social worker's
asking us questions.
-What? Why?
-Look, just grab a seat.
I'm-- I'm gonna come with you.
Come here. Come here.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
Just let me help, Dad.
Just let your mom
and I talk to her first.
Maybe you can
talk to her later.
All right?
Just grab a seat.
[monitor beeping]
[somber melody playing]
I can see that you love
and care for your son,
but due to your situation
and his previous reports,
I'm concerned
that you are not able
to manage Kayden's needs
at this time.
W-- what does that mean?
Well, Mrs. Peterson's
sole supervision
during the day of Kayden
puts both her and him at risk.
And after today's incident...
I have concerns.
I think
that a supervised care facility
would be a better fit
for Kayden's current needs
and your home situation.
I'll give you
some information,
and then you can look it over
and conduct your own research.
I'll touch base
with you both
once you've had time
to discuss this,
but if she'd like, I would like
to speak to your daughter.
[Tish sobbing]
[Tish sighs]
He's a good boy.
We're here to help you
find a safe solution for Kayden.
No. We make it work.
Uh, autism isn't easy,
but we-- we make it work.
-I understand.
-No. No.
I don't think
that you do.
If you understood,
you would never suggest
what you're suggesting.
He-- he is my baby.
We-- we make it work.
We make it work.
He is my baby.
He is my baby.
You can't take him
out of our home.
You can't take him
away from us.
[sobbing] He's my baby.
He's my baby.
He's my baby.
My daughter...
her name was Jackie.
She was seven
when she passed.
She had cerebral palsy.
So, I want you
to know, Tish,
that I do understand
what you're going through.
That's why
I got into this work.
I'm sorry.
Please give this some thought.

I think that's all
I need from you, Abbie.
Thank you.
What's gonna happen
to my brother?
We'll help assess the care
that your brother needs.
I've given your parents
some suggestions.
-And we're here to help--
-We're the best care for him.
I don't know
what my parents have told you,
but I'm coming home
to take care of Kayden.
He'll be staying with us.
I appreciate
your concerns, Abbie,
but right now
we're trying to find a solution.
We need solutions
for a lot of things.
Programs for Kayden,
employment opportunities.
We need for people
to not give up on him.
He-- he's just
a smart, talented kid,
and he deserves opportunities
just like anyone else does.
No one is ever gonna be there
for him more than me.
by Miki Ratsula playing]
La, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da
La, da, da, da, da, da, da
Every once in a while
when the cries get too loud
And hurt is all we see
Call out the wrongs
at the top of our lungs
We have the right to be
You okay?
Peterson family?
You can see Kayden now.
He's waking up.
It shouldn't be much longer.
I'll check in with the doctor.
Let me go and grab
his discharge instructions
to go over with you, okay?
Thank you.
You okay, Dad?
-I failed him.
-Dad, don't say that.
I was right there.
I was right
behind the damn thing.

How're you doing, buddy?
Sore? Come here.
[hum talking]
Shh, shh.
-[Kayden crying]
It's gonna get better, okay?
I promise.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
[both crying]
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
I promise.
It's gonna be okay.
I love you.
[Kayden whimpering]
[Abbie] What are you doing?
A little research.
Additional care
that we can get for Kayden.
Can we afford that?
We'll see.
[Mark sighs]
I never should have left.
None of this
would have happened.
-Abbie, don't.
-It was selfish to leave.
Don't put what is happening
to Kayden on yourself.
How can I not?
Because teaching him
to adapt to the world
was always going to happen.
It's not your fault
that the world
can't adapt to him.
But if...
if I come home,
we can go back to our routine.
Mom could go to work.
I can go to the art store.
-And then--
-And then what?
That's your solution
for the next year?
Then what?
Do you really think
you're helping Kayden
by going back to work at that--
that art store
for the next ten years?
You worked hard,
you got into a good school,
so stick with it
and have a good career.
That is how
you will help your brother.
I don't want
to hear anything
about you giving up
and coming home.
Your mother and I did not
raise you and your brother
to give up
when things got tough.
Okay then.
We'll just...
we'll take it
one day at a time.

Wow, you've taken over
breakfast duty
since I've been gone?
That's concerning.
Why aren't you at work?
Well, I took the day off
for the next
little while, actually.
The social worker said
her main concern was
for your mom's safety
to care for Kayden,
so until we come up
with a more long-term solution,
I will be
staying here with Kayden
and your mom will be going back
to her work for a while.
I could get
a part-time job down in LA.
There's a coffee shop
in my building.
Help out,
pay for books and stuff.
cheers to that. [chuckles]
These clients have been looking
to switch designers for weeks.
They keep asking me
for referrals.
I can't wait to tell them
you're back at it.
Thank you, Mary.
I really appreciate you
helping me out so last minute.
[shower running]
-Hey, you good, bud?
-[Kayden] Good.
[phone vibrating]
-[Karly] Hello?
You know who this is?
Okay, good.
I-- I just wanted to make sure
you didn't forget
about me already
or delete my number
or confuse me
for your other girlfriend.
No, my other girlfriend's
calling later.
I wanted to say
I'm really sorry.
I shouldn't have
gotten upset with you
and I shouldn't have
made it about me.
I didn't mean
to push you away.
I'm a bit
of a shithead, huh?
I'm not sure
what else I can do,
but I hope that one day
you can forgive me.
I think
I can do that.
I'm glad you called.
Actually, I've been...
thinking about you
a lot lately.
Sorry I led you to believe
that I was gonna tell them
when I wasn't ready yet.
Anyways, we're about
to go grocery shopping
for Christmas dinner.
Can we talk later?
Are you at your mom's now?
Oh, no problem.
Yeah, I-- I am.
-So, you'll be back in January?
Uh, I have to look
for a job and stuff,
but I'll be around.
does that mean
I'll see you soon?
Yeah. You-- you will.
Okay, good.
See you later, shithead.
We're gonna have to work
on some new nicknames
when you get back.
Oh, I don't know.
It's got
a bit of a ring to it.
I'll talk to you soon.
-Good shower?
I was just on the phone
with this girl.
[hum talking]
[Abbie chuckles]
I like her a lot.
I think
she'd like you too.
She'd love
to see your drawings.
-[humming in excitement]
-[Abbie chuckles]
Thanks for listening.
-[hum talking]
-[Abbie chuckles]

So, what do we want
to do after dinner?
Anything's good.
Kay, what do you want to do?
-[hum talking]
-[hum talking]
-This was a good idea.
[Tish] Okay,
I got it working again.
Say "Merry Christmas,"
Mom and Dad!
Oh, yeah.
Okay. Hold on.
[Tish chuckles]
Merry Christmas!
[laughs] Okay.
Uh, hold on. And I'm back.
-Say "Merry Christmas," Kayden.
-[hum talking]
Kayden, say "Merry Christmas."
[Tish] Abbie, it's okay.
[Abbie] Okay.
Merry Christmas, Kayden.
You can go first.
[Tish] Abbie, do you want
to help your brother?
[Abbie] You want me
to help you, Kayden?
Wow! Eeyore.
-Can Kayden and I share this?
-[Mark] Of course!
[Abbie] Merry Christmas, Kayden.
Merry Christmas, Kayden.
[automated voice]
Merry Christmas. Abbie.