Where Are My Shoes? (2016) Movie Script

The hands touching Reza Kianian's
hands belong to his wife
Where Are My Shoes?
- Mr. Kaveh
Mr. Kaveh it's me...
-Oh yeah, sorry
- Open the door please.
- Hello, sorry
- It's alright, how are you?
Happy new year to you!
I've brought you the fish and rice
for New Year's Eve.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
The fish is boneless, don't worry.
- Good night.
- Bye.
No... No.
Hi Mr. Mehdi.
Can you send me a few things?
A few.
A few drinks please.
Thank you, yeah
I'm coming.
- Hi Sir
- Hi
Here you are.
It'll be 5,000 tomans.
There you go.
This is 500.
- 5,000 tomans please
- Oh.
Here it is.
5,000 tomans.
Keep it.
Thank you
Happy New Year.
I have to wash the neighbour's dishes.
And give it to her.
What was her name?
I forgot.
Do I have Alzheimer's?
Doctor said when you lost your
way home
That's when you have it.
He said you don't have it.
I should go.
With an excuse.
Ask her name with an excuse.
Come on.
You go to toilet
ten times a night.
A few times in toilet every night.
And here is my father's legacy.
When did father passed away?
Constitutional Revolution day.
Was it 4th?
Or 14th?
These two.
I keep mixing these two.
Whom should I ask
at this time of the night?
Who's awake?
Why calendars are made?
For this.
The auspicious birthday
The disgraceful coup d'etat.
Constitutional Revolution date
isn't written.
Did we even have it?
I don't know.
Why did I came downstairs?
For my medicine.
Two yellows.
I forgot to take them today.
I forgot everyday.
I forget everyday.
I had to take this...
After dinner.
Hot flushing in my feet...
Is because of blood lipids.
And fizzy drinks are bad for it.
But who knows.
This noise was more interesting.
You're not close...
To come here and we'll together.
I'm glad no one is here to see me...
Doing rude things.
Hello! Uncle Habib
Hi, It's Bahareh
Where are you? We are worried
You didn't come to Kish
We miss you
Call me please
Please feed the fish
-I'll feed the fish
-Love you
The food is in a small box
Behind the mirror
Did you remember?
Love you loads
- Goodbye
- Bye
Call Bahareh.
Don't forget.
You forgot again.
There is a hole in it.
This one is fine.
Hello Mr. Kaveh.
- Hello,
- Happy New Year!
- Where are you going?
- I am going for a walk.
Mr. Kaveh...
You put on your shoes
the wrong way.
- You may fall down.
- Sorry.
I left the keys...
And I forgot my mobile phone...
To call Bahareh.
She'll be worried.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, I've lost my way home.
- Where is your home?
- I know it.
I've got Alzheimer's.
Nothing, nothing.
Doctor said...
When you lost your way home...
It means you have Alzheimer's.
Two years later.
My beautiful Cousin!
- How are you?
- I'm fine, how are you?
- I'm alright
- Did you have a good journey?
It was difficult,
I got tired.
- You need some rest, Welcome.
- Thank you.
Let me call my dad.
He made me bald.
Made you bald?
You're such a Biq...
It means he made me crazy.
What does Biq mean?
Low IQ, IQless.
I'm not a Biq.
- You're a Biq.
- OK I am.
Hi dad.
Why don't you answer?
Do you know what time it is?
Dad, I told you.
It's my friend's birthday.
Is it in the airport?
No, I mean...
What are you doing there?
I came to welcome my friend.
We didn't have any secrets.
Who is your friend?
- Uncle Habib's daughter?
- Yeah
Is there any other Bita?
You're kidding me.
Why is it so odd to you?
I can't believe my eyes.
After Steve Jobs...
You shouldn't be surprised
by anything.
You're killing us with Steve Jobs.
Why has she come to Iran?
To see her dad.
She should have come earlier.
When they made him depressed
and crushed.
Don't count her as them.
Bita was only eight
when they left.
She has come alone now.
- Come home and we'll talk.
- OK.
And don't trust her much.
You don't know a lot of things.
Can you give me a tour
while I'm here in Iran?
I'd like to see Iran.
If you see your dad...
You'll realize there is no time
for that.
- Why?
- You'll see.
I'm going to go to Canada.
Before you go back to America.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I've received my offer
to study there.
My mom is there too.
My brother went to Canada
three years ago to study,
and my mom went
to check up for her illness.
I didn't know she's not well.
Ask the reception
to call a taxi for you, right?
- Did I gave you the address?
- Yeah.
Don't go there without me.
OK, just...
Do you have any pain-reducer pills?
You mean pain killers idiot.
This means you
like me very much.
I'm learning idioms idiot.
Well done.
Tell me everything straight away.
She had put one of our childhood photos on facebook
and added me there.
I accepted her.
Why didn't you say anything
until now?
You didn't say it to me.
Why didn't you tell your mom?
Because you both hate her mother.
Since I was a kid you didn't
say good things about her.
Do you know how your mother
is feeling over there?
Mom's illness, you're situation.
The factory problems.
These were the reasons
I didn't say anything.
I counted her as a Facebook
friend, just like others.
You don't really know them.
She wasn't coming until
a few days ago.
How come she remembered
her dad after ages?
Her grandfather died of cancer.
And told her something
before he died.
Like what?
She didn't say what.
Just that it made her curious.
Why are you so worried, dad?
I can't bare fights.
Not at all.
I'm old
If you're old
She's old too.
I'm worried that her mother
will appear too.
She's full of hatred.
If she comes.
- She'll bring fights and revenge
- Dad
Bita's engaged.
She's getting married soon.
She has a good job.
She got this month off,
with difficulties, to come to Iran.
You should be scared
of a wounded person.
Can I ask who made
them wounded?
Good night.
Bahare was nice to me
but her dad wasn't happy.
- Did you see him too?
- No
He was talking on the phone
to Bahareh.
He's such a lizard.
- Wicked.
Both him and his wife.
I know this family.
Don't trust Bahareh too.
Bahareh is the only one who could
help me see dad.
Did you call Carlo?
No, I'll call him.
Honey, you should call
your fianc first.
Remember to mention him
as your 'fianc' over there.
Who is it?
Groceries delivery.
Who is it?
Are you Habib Kaveh?
I am Habib Kaveh
Who are you?
Dad it's me!
Go go go.
- Dad I'm Bita
- Shut up and get lost
I know you came to
steal things.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Help me.
Don't worry Mr. Kaveh.
- I'm here
- Take her out
She is the thing.
- Take her out
- Sure, I'll beat her too
Who are you?
Hi, I'm his daughter.
- Really?
Are you that little girl...
Who is on his back
in that photo?
His back... Yes.
Are you his caretaker?
His nurse?
No, he had a maid.
Her son had an accident
and she went to see him.
I'm the upstair's tenant.
Bahareh gave me the keys...
For emergency cases like now.
So I could get down here.
Mr. Kaveh, it's your daughter.
She's lying. She's a thief.
She's come to steal from me.
- Hello Dad
- Stop lying
Don't lie to me! Get lost!
- Dad it's me, Bita
-Take her out
Take her out of here.
Take her out.
OK, I'm sorry. Please go.
You see he doesn't
recognise you.
Whenever he remembers
his little daughter...
He starts crying.
Didn't I tell you to not
go there?
I couldn't.
I couldn't wait.
I didn't get a chance
to see him this week.
His nurse also told me that.
Apparently she's away
for a few days.
She'd left her phone
and couldn't tell me earlier.
How was he?
I felt bad when I saw him.
It's fine.
You're going to take care of him.
He's going to be good.
He'll love you more than me
in a few days.
He called me a thief.
He'll forget.
Don't worry dear.
He forgets me now...
It means his illness is advanced?
Not yet.
But it is getting severe.
He can clearly remember
things from far past.
But he quickly forgets
things that happen now.
Do you remember these?
Yeah the eggs.
Surprise eggs.
Where is he?
You wait here, I'll be back.
Dear uncle.
Hi darling.
It's cold, very cold.
Are you cold?
I'll bring you more cloths,
I have good news for you.
Come on in.
- He'll be mad at me
- He's forgotten
Just don't call him dad.
I've brought you...
A new servant...
Hello sir.
Just Bahareh.
- Just you
- I'll be too
She's your Baharek .
I'm Bahareh.
She's so different to
the previous ones.
See how kind she is,
I'll go get some cloths.
Give them to him.
Here you are.
It's for you.
You like surprise eggs.
Yeah yeah.
She likes surprise eggs.
Bita likes surprise eggs.
Bita likes them.
Yeah she does.
Which one should I give him?
One of the green ones,
and one of blue.
Why does he take so
many pills?
I've written on them
for his heart, blood lipid.
Blood pressure.
Stress, hallucinations, insomnia.
Here you are.
Have it dear uncle.
She calls me dear uncle.
Because she likes you.
Have it.
Have it, no no put it
in his mouth.
Open your mouth please.
Well done dear uncle.
Why have you covered the mirrors?
He fights with them.
He sees someone else in them.
My dad, his dad, someone else.
- It's overflowing
- Oh dear uncle.
It's ok
It's fine.
No problem.
No problem at all.
It's over.
Don't worry.
It's fine
keep calm.
Keep calm.
It's over.
Dried and done.
It's done.
Don't worry.
OK ok.
No problem.
It's not working.
Not working.
Have your lunch uncle.
Bring me the thing.
That thing
Give me that.
- What? Ketchup?
- No no
That thing which is for.
- Yeah... No
It's on table
you add it to food.
- Yogurt?
- No no
Not that one too
This thing.
- You pour it
- French mayonnaise?
No no
You pour it on.
- Pour pour
- Olives?
- No
- Tomato puree?
- No
- Lemon juice?
- Yeah yeah that one
You can't even guess this.
- She says no
- I'm sorry
I couldn't tell too.
He only eats food with lemon juice.
- More please
- No
It's enough.
Have your food uncle.
Bahareh, your phone is ringing.
Bring it to me please.
Go... Go... Go.
Go... Go.
Bahareh! Bahareh!
What's happened?
I'll call you later.
Dear uncle
It's over.
They're gone.
They're not here.
Bad guys are gone.
You see?
Get up and sit.
Get up please
It's me.
Get up please.
They killed him.
Sit down dear uncle.
There is nothing.
Nothing. Nothing.
He believes the violence
in films and he gets scared.
They're not here.
There is nothing dear.
They're gone
It's over.
It's over.
- Over
-They're not here
Drink your water.
It was comedy though.
It was the ad in between.
- I'm going
- Could my dad play this?
People who have Alzheimer's.
Get to forget poems and music.
As the last things.
By the way.
- My dad is coming to see you tonight
- Really?
He hates me.
My mom always says that.
Mommy says.
And you repeat it like a pirate.
No one is an absolute.
After a few months...
Bita and her mother left for
the Netherlands.
Your uncle talked to Parinaz
on the phone everyday.
Until, suddenly she stops
answering his phone.
Her father told your uncle.
She won't be a wife
to him anymore.
Didn't uncle talk to Parinaz herself?
He insisted that Parinaz herself.
Should tell him
she didn't like him anymore.
But her father had said:
She is too shy to speak to you.
What would someone
think of that?
That she's with someone else.
Your uncle was so obstinate
and stubborn.
He didn't want
his dad to pay him.
He wasn't even accepting
his pocket money.
But he was the finance
manager of the factory.
Since my father became unwell.
We knew he's going to die.
Your uncle became less stubborn, and kinder.
Then dad wanted him
to come and help me.
He accepted.
Have it.
Well done.
What was your name?
Bahareh is Bahareh.
I'm Baharak.
Bahareh this is...
This thing.
Piano lessons.
Bita shouldn't be
late for her lesson.
Shouldn't be late.
Shouldn't be late.
Your uncle and Parinaz
always had problems.
Then when, Parinaz family went abroad.
They kept telling her.
Get divorce from Habib
and save your life.
And they stayed
there eventually.
Parinaz loved your
uncle so much.
Your uncle was planned to join them...
When the work was done.
What was the main reason
that they broke up?
No one ever found out.
Didn't Bita tell you anything?
No. I asked her once.
She avoided answering
and I didn't chase it up.
Your poor uncle got up
every morning crying.
He was writing letters to Parinaz.
- Bless him
- He never got replies
He didn't know.
His letters weren't reaching her.
Is this when he got
Sever depression.
Doctor said to keep him busy.
Dad said to take
him to his house.
It was busy around him.
But he was alone amongst everybody.
You didn't shave your
face dear uncle.
The t-thing.
- I should shave
- Let me do it
- No no
- Let me do it
- No no no
- Please
Let me shave it for you.
Please let me do it.
- Shall I?
- Yes
No no.
No I can do it.
Go out, go.
Go out.
I'm not here.
I'm not here.
Hi dear Bita.
Welcome darling.
Where is my lovely brother?
How are you beautiful?
Touch wood you're fresh.
I want to take you, for a shower tonight.
- No shower please.
He had a shower today.
I was going to take him.
- Dear Bita
Baharak darling.
I've asked for a
very good nurse.
You'll see her until
you're here.
You'll be sure of her
before you leave.
Thank you.
You're staying here
for a month, right?
Yeah, I have to leave soon
there is so much work.
Yeah yeah
so much over there.
I know it.
Bahare dear.
Did you find your uncle's
birth certificate?
No I couldn't.
I need it for insurance.
Do you know how much
this medicine costs?
I'll look again.
Baharak darling.
Haven't you seen your dad's birth certificate?
- Me?
Dad it's not even twelve hours since she's arrived here.
There is nothing wrong with asking.
Take your cousin out
for a ride.
I want to take care of my lovely brother.
The factory is granddad's heritage.
That'll be shared between our fathers.
Since Uncle Habib got unwell...
My dad became
your dad's guardian.
Since you've come...
All my dad worries about,
is that you'll become his guardian.
He is not actually worried with you,
it's more about your mom.
Poor mommy.
That's why he looked for
you dad's birth certificate.
Look If you tell me where your birth certificate is,
we'll go out together...
To collect little Bita from
her mother...
And bring her here.
Bita... Bita.
Little Bita.
Now tell me.
- Where is your birth certificate?
- There
He keeps saying
"here" and "there".
- Where is your birth certificate?
- There there
Over there.
Don't beat me dad.
- Hi Dad
- Bahareh
Where did you look for
the birth certificate?
The drawers.
I've looked everywhere.
- There is nothing here
- Don't worry dad
I'll find it in a few days.
I don't want it
to be that late.
There is so much you can
do with that, do you understand?
Look, dear Habib.
Since your ex-wife has realised
you have Alzheimer's.
She wants to take revenge...
Do you understand?
- Yeah, I do
- Look
If we don't do anything...
They'll take everything from you.
Do you understand?
- I do
- Dear Habib
I'm stuck...
Very much so.
Really bad, do you understand?
- Yeah
- Well done
Where is your birth certificate?
Bring it to me.
That you take for marriage?
Well done.
That's it.
My lovely brother.
Bring it to me.
Well done.
Good boy.
Where was it?
Are you making fun of me?
Is this birth certificate?
Don't you understand?
Birth certificate.
Thief. thief.
No I've come to
take care of you.
To do your works.
What's your name?
Why did you come here?
To help you with
your works
Any kind of works.
What's your name?
Then why you're here?
I've come to have breakfast with you.
What was your na?
I forgot to ask her name.
Dear uncle
I've put this photo here.
Bita on his dad's shoulders.
Is it good?
I asked this.
In Persian:
Tufts of hair...
Which makes you...
Handsome dad.
Dear uncle, breakfast is ready.
Breakfast is over there.
It's not this one.
This isn't breakfast.
This is...
This needs to eat breakfast.
I see.
Wait here.
Have it.
You got to know him.
His mood.
You've made good progress
in a few days.
What happens after?
We'll think about that later.
I want to tell my dad...
Bita invited you for dinner.
- Oh no
- Don't worry, we'll order it
You can give him the
birth certificate.
So he is assured before
leaving to Canada.
How is your mom?
She's not very well.
That's why my
dad's going there.
She'll be fine
God is kind.
I went with you...
And returned without you...
From her place...
- Your pills.
- Oh poor heart.
Well done.
Who are you?
I'm Baharak.
Bahareh went.
Bahareh went
It's night time.
Go to yourself.
Your place.
I'm your caretaker.
I'll stay here for the night.
- No no
No no one.
- OK I will
- Go
I'm going.
- Go
- I'm gone
Go go!
You read...
From my face...
A secret...
From my impatient heart...
Your look...
Your laughters...
My nights' silence...
Seeing you...
Your glamorous eyes...
Bring me...
A smile...
Throw it.
All six.
Throw it.
All five.
Win it.
All three.
Both three.
This one.
You won!
You go to.
The game.
You throw it.
I know it.
I know.
You don't even know walnut?
I'll do the walnut game.
You won
- You'll win, throw it
It's over.
You won.
I have to play the walnuts.
Come to me.
Here is the birth certificate.
You were looking for it.
Thank you dear.
Where was it?
In the cupboard.
Let's play backgammon, with my lovely brother.
Who won when you played?
I have to play with the walnuts.
Uncle won.
He gets angry when she calls
him dad.
He only remembers the
sad things now.
Who brought those sad things, to daddy?
I was only a kid.
You were a kid.
God won't forgive the adults.
Who were those adults?
We don't have problems
with each other.
No it's not a fight.
It's just out of... 'curiosity'.
I'm curious to know,
who were those adults.
That made daddy like this?
Everyone and no one.
That doesn't make sense.
Granddad used to say:
reality is not what everyone says.
You should have asked him.
What is the reality?
He said that he didn't give
daddy's letters to mommy.
But granddad and grandma
are both dead.
And you are alive.
And you're standing here.
I am curious dear
uncle to know.
What did you,
your wife and your dad do.
To that daddy?
How did we know.
Your dad's letters were
delivered to your mom or not?
Don't do it dad.
Don't say it.
Dear uncle.
Dad shouldn't say anything.
He won't say anything.
- I want to read you poems
- Dad shouldn't say
My dad said...
Get divorced from Parinaz.
If she doesn't like you
she'll be happy about it.
If she does love you...
She'll say something...
He got divorced and she
didn't say anything.
Didn't you ask your granddad,
why they wanted them to separate?
Yeah. But what did you
want from it?
What did you want
dear uncle?
We wanted them to separate.
That life was full of troubles.
Big troubles.
Daddy got divorced
What about his second marriage?
The wedding photo
wasn't even a real one.
You sent it to my mom to hurt her...
To make her think she has lost him forever.
Your mom hurt your dad and your dad took revenge.
I wasn't the man
of the family.
My dad was telling
me what to do.
That's it.
The nice son of the family.
Your dad said hurt her.
You said ok
and you did it really well.
I hope your dad, meets my granddad in hell.
And they play backgammon there.
- Dear Bita,
We respect the dead
people here.
Bad guys aren't
worth respecting.
Regardless if dead or alive.
Daddy never got married.
It was a fake one.
Are you sure?
What was that photo then?
It was to make
you hate him.
Daddy was forced by his dad.
To get ready and
go for the engagement.
He didn't want it though.
The woman was coming to daddy everyday.
Daddy was on his own.
In the end poor woman
asked for divorce and left.
It wasn't a marriage at all.
They're making things up.
Bahareh was only a child.
I saw dad's birth certificate.
It was only five months or less
between marriage and divorce.
I'll send you a photo of it.
So you believe me.
I swore so much to uncle.
So much!
I told him I wish
your dad rest in hell.
Just this?
I thought of worse things.
No. No. No.
- Give me some tea
- No
Juice is first.
Did you see how your cousin
spoke to me last night?
Bless her.
She was really regretting
it afterwards.
Damn her.
I'm only dealing with her for a month.
Then she can get lost.
- Dad
- I can't stand arguments
Excuse me.
- But
- Bahare darling
I've said all about
the past.
Whenever you find out why your aunt
suddenly stopped answering your uncle.
You'll find all the answers.
Hi, dear uncle.
Hi sweetie, are you ok?
I'm fine.
Miss Narges is the
caretaker I spoke about.
- She's perfect
- Hi
- I have to leave
- Yeah sure
- Can you open the door please?
- Yeah
Ice cream.
- Eat
- You eat
No you have it.
Will you take care of him?
Yeah sure
don't worry at all.
- Here you are
- Thank you very much
Also, the rock
candies you asked for.
We're going out
and will be back in the evening.
- At night?
- Yeah we have a lot of work to do
It won't be finished by then.
Ma'am if you're coming back late...
Let me know about
his medicine.
Yeah sure.
Just remember to
give him the pills with juice.
- It's in the fridge
- I know it
Ma'am what time
you'll be back?
How long could you stay?
I just need to let them know.
Why did you say
we'll be back at night?
We don't have much to do
- I wanted to assure her
that she's alone, she's an addict
I see.
- How did you know?
- The rock candies
Her yellow fingers
and bruised lips.
Keep her busy when we're back,
and I'll find out how deep it is.
- Why are you such a Biq?
I know what Biq means
you're a Biq.
And booq too.
Don't do it.
Push the horn.
Uncle is sleeping.
No, he's wearing headphones.
Be quite.
No no no.
Dear uncle.
Get sleep.
- Why?
- Because...
She does thingy...
Gets angry.
No no.
If she dares to
I'm here.
Where is uncle?
You're here ma'am.
He's asleep.
- We came for a tea
- That's good
Let me pour you some tea.
The car had problems...
We called the servicemen.
We were close,
so we came home.
You have 50?
Sorry she's come from abroad,
and can't speak Persian well.
Touch wood,she is
so sweet.
- Are you 50?
- No I am over 60
You look much younger.
I thought you
meant my weight.
No, your age.
Thank you.
Do I look 50?
No you don't.
What do you say?
How much tea
do you drink everyday?
A lot.
Do you like it?
Shall I give it to you?
- No thank you
- Honestly, take it
I took these cloths from
the clothing channel.
- Clothing channel?
- They call it Fashion TV
Mrs perfect caretaker
- Yeah
- Get up
Take your bag.
Get out!
Why? what's wrong?
I read your text messages.
My phone?
Where is my phone?
In the toilet.
Take it and go out.
You took my phone
without permission.
Get lost.
Well done.
What's happening?
She wanted to
give drugs to uncle...
To make him sleep
and bring people here.
My husband made
me an addict.
He left me with two kids.
I have to pay for them.
But where from?
A widow...
Without anyone.
Imagine a cold drink...
That remains out in hot weather.
All men give
themselves the right to drink it all at once.
Burp afterwards.
Throw the
can in the bin.
And leave.
I like to have the last night memento
from you all.
On the tree leaves...
We wrote memories...
Kisses on your lips...
Let's sing a happy song.
The little bird on grasses...
Her happy songs...
Has made me in love...
Nightingale sings love song...
We're all honest people...
God's special creatures...
Source of kindness and loyalty...
We're all honest people...
God's special creatures...
Source of kindness and loyalty...
I know one too.
Shall I sing?
Well done.
The night when...
I heard you...
Playing flute...
I started running after you...
Like a thirsty gazelle...
.Reached the spring while running...
I didn't see a sign...
Of flute and its sound...
Where are you a fairy?...
Why don't you show your face...
This is the song
that he cries with.
Is it?
Why don't you open
the heaven doors to me?...
We can't cut him off.
Let him sing, it's ok.
It'll help him.
Where are you fairy?...
I looked everywhere...
For you...
I've asked about
you from everyone...
I heard your smell...
From the flowers...
Where are you fairy?...
Where are you?
Where are you?
The blade is loose.
Is blunt.
It is blunt.
Bahareh? Bahareh?
Where is Bahareh?
Bahareh went.
She'll be back.
- Went?
- She'll be back soon
She'll come.
She should come.
Bahareh should come.
Oh dear.
Are you missing her?
- Hi
- Hi
- Mr. Kaveh
- He is not here
Mr. Habib Kaveh.
Hi Mr. Kaveh.
Sorry I didn't recognise you.
Honestly he was very kind.
When he was here.
He kept the factory,
really well through his management.
No no
I don't want this.
Let's go back.
The press cut his finger.
- It's over
- It cut it
It was his abilities that saved the factory
from those financial issues.
The hall.
There was a press,
His hand.
Once we didn't have the raw materials.
Mr. Habib went to see the deputy Minister.
Really serious.
He came out successful.
Touch wood.
No no. The press.
Cut it.
His hand.
I remember.
I was working here.
Morteza's hand was under press machine
and cut his finger.
In ambulance that came.
- His hands
- You took him to the hospital
You stayed with
him over the night.
I'm telling you it was cut.
Take him out.
The press machine
His fingers were cut.
It was cut.
Take him.
Take him over there.
Go go.
20 years or more
He has worked in this factory.
A lot of memories...
Have all been merged to a worker's
fingers being cut.
It's Alzheimer's.
Shouldn't you have told me...
You were going
to bring him here?
You wouldn't let me...
If I had said it before.
Of course I wouldn't.
You don't know
what's happening here.
They either make
fun of him or pity him.
No not at all.
You're not aware.
You don't understand
these things.
Please, please.
Let me know when
you want to do something.
But I asked his doctor.
If I can take him to a trip.
To the factory or anywhere
She said ok.
You want to take
him for a trip.
Let me know
I'll book you a driver.
With a safe car
for you.
I have money.
Who talked about
money, darling?
I'm paying from
his own share.
Half of this factory
belongs to him.
Eventually will be yours.
It got to the point
I was afraid of.
Why did you ask
for a longer break?
To be your uncle's
free caretaker?
Not my uncle.
My dad's caretaker.
- Did you see the films I sent?
- I did
All people with Alzheimer's
become sensitive like that.
He cries like this.
Because of you
I've lost my whole life to him once.
I can't do it again.
I don't have the
ability and patience.
Maybe you have.
Bita don't make me confused.
If he loved me.
Why didn't he reply
to any of those letters?
He got married soon after.
Even if it was a fake marriage.
Didn't he think how
humiliating it was.
To send that photo?
Do you want to
know the answer?
Your dad can't support
a woman anymore.
But if...
But what?
- No tell me
- Nothing
Go to find the answers
to your questions.
I'll go to find
my answers.
- We're going for a trip
- No don't take it Parinaz
Don't go Parinaz. Don't.
Stop packing Parinaz.
Don't go!
Stop packing!
Stop it!
Don't go!
Come to me honey.
Come here sweetie.
I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.
Maybe your similarities
to your mother.
But more importantly
the same situation...
Got him to think of you
as your mother.
In these times,
it's better to act that role.
So I have to play
my mom's role?
But you should come here.
We'll talk more about it.
OK, thank you
See you soon.
Let us know if
you need anything.
OK thank you.
- Toilet, toilet
Daddy and I have
come to the north for a trip.
This is the same hotel.
When I was a kid
I came with daddy.
But it has changed a lot.
Dad stop shouting at me.
Stop. Understood?
Am I a kid?
The belt.
You want me to say I'm full...
To eat it all yourself.
Am I a kid?
No I'm not
No not Parinaz.
I love Parinaz.
I love her.
Yeah. You and Hadi.
Make tricks.
To shut me up
Hadi should shut up.
You should.
I won't let Parinaz.
I want her.
Sing the life song.
I'm gloomy.
I'm gloomy.
The sad sound of this sorrowful guitar...
Is the tears of thousands...
Of homeless birds...
Sing sing.
My daughter...
Sleep my darling...
Hello daddy.
Hi dear Bita.
I love you.
Don't call me dear Bita.
- Jerk
- Bita?
I wish you die soon.
I saw your photo with
that woman.
Bita why are you talking
like this?
You just wanted to send
my mom abroad...
To get married to
that ugly woman!
Shame on you,
you don't deserve my mom.
I wish you become
paralyzed in an accident.
Both of you.
I wish you die, jerk.
You won't see me ever.
Go to hell.
Bita darling.
- Daddy
- Bita Bita
Bita's swearing.
She does thingy.
I didn't get married.
She should know that.
Bita should know it.
Dad please.
I know it
I know.
- Bita should know
- I know
I know.
I hope granddad rests in hell.
He showed me
daddy's wedding photo...
To make me upset.
He wrote some stuff
and practiced with me.
So I would continuously tell them and daddy
won't have time to say anything.
All swear words.
- Really bad ones
- Bita dear
What shall I say?
Shall I wish them hell too?
They're my parents.
I don't care about
dead ones...
But daddy is alive now.
He needs me.
I should be here.
He forget things
in one minute.
Because he lives
at present.
I know. But think wisely.
Don't get emotional.
It wouldn't be me.
If I don't get emotional.
I'm no more Bita Kaveh.
You shouldn't spend
your life on daddy.
He needs a caretaker.
A caretaker.
She doesn't have any
memories with him.
But he doesn't
know you at all.
Mommy do you remember
A Separation?
He doesn't know
I'm his daughter.
But I know he is my dad.
These are just unnecessary words.
I should be here...
To make daddy's time sweeter.
The person whom
his family...
Your family has been very cruel.
I have to be here...
To make his moments sweet.
He got thrown back to the past...
When the phone rang...
When I was a kid.
He cried a lot, really sad.
Mommy I'm going to stay here...
To fix the problems the adults
I have to stay.
- What colour is it?
- It's yellow
Not yellow.
What colour is it?
Give it to me.
Give it.
Green. Blue.
Clap your hand.
Well done.
Give me one.
No no.
Round of applause.
Give me.
It's fine we'll fix it.
Hang on.
We'll fix it
- Hi Bita
- Hi mommy
I call you later.
You can't call me later.
I'm in a taxi.
Coming to you from the airport.
You're kidding me?
I'm seriously in Tehran.
I got lost,
everything has changed.
I pass the phone
to the driver.
You're in Tehran?
I came to see your uncle first...
To go through some stuff.
Secondly, which is
the most important...
You should return
to your normal life soon.
I had a hard time raising you.
You became such a lady.
I can't let you ruin your life.
Your dad will be scared...
If this comes any closer.
Go check on him.
Who is it?
Daddy it's a thunderstorm.
- Take him out
- He is going out
It's over.
It's going.
Look, what a beautiful rain.
It's over.
Get some sleep.
Dear daddy.
Can you give me
a hot drink?
You're tired.
Parinaz dear.
When did you come?
When did you come?
Didn't you bring Bita?
Don't you see.
It's raining. She'll be scared.
She'll get wet and catch a cold.
Is it good if it happens?
We have to go get her.
Wait wait.
Hurry up.
I've called for a taxi...
To bring her here.
Can you give me the phone,
my daughter?
Calm down a minute.
Is it Bita's school?
Are you her deputy head?
Bita's left at school.
I've sent a car.
Bita shouldn't stay outside.
She'll get wet.
Take care of her.
Until the car arrives.
Come here.
Who is she?
She's Baharak.
Who are you then?
I'm Parinaz.
Where is Bahareh then?
Bahareh's coming soon
Who is she?
She's a thief.
She wanted to steal
my clothes.
No she won't steal them.
She isn't a thief.
It's time for his medicine.
Come here.
Do the massage and I'll go.
Do your job honey.
Come here.
Come here.
Ice cream.
Bring Ice cream too.
Are you still an ice-cream lover?
You used to be like this.
Have some.
It's okay.
Don't worry. There's nothing.
- What is it?
- She is a thief
- A thief
- No
- No she's not
- Let me give it to him
- She's my relative
- Which one is it?
- Red one
Give me your hand.
- She is my mom
No no no, in mouth.
OK, you give them.
It has stages mommy.
Here you go.
Well done.
Well done.
She's not a thief.
He is always like this.
I know him.
I'm going to buy ticket.
Call me if you
need anything.
- Go go
- Bye
Who is it?
- You have a letter
- Throw it in
I can't
You need to sign it.
I'm coming.
It's the postman.
He's brought a letter,
I'll be back soon.
Letter arrived?
It arrived.
Give it to me.
It's mine.
It's my letter.
He was raising his hands.
- He was almost beating me
- What was the letter?
I don't know
an official letter.
He was waiting for
my letter all these years...
Even with what he's received.
I think he's still waiting for it.
God won't forgive them.
How many times you said 'yes'
that night?
Let's go, let's go.
Let's go.
Where to?
- Home
- Here is home
No, grandma's.
-You want to go to
grandma's house?
- Kiss her
- Are you missing her?
- But grandma's
Bring me the phone.
We'll take a taxi
to her house.
She's going to
get the phone.
Hi, Could I have a taxi please?
For grandma's house.
Habib is missing her.
- wants to see her
- misses her
Yes, thank you
It's coming now.
I made it ok.
It's Kollah Ghermezi.
He forgot.
Mommy what
happens at the end?
Of Alzheimer's?
Alzheimer's is exactly the contrariwise
to a newborn growth.
A newborn cries
when he's born.
Gives his first smile
after two months.
But the person with Alzheimer's.
First he forgets to smile.
But daddy never smiles.
That's because of
his depression.
But he cries well.
But at the end
he can't even cry.
And at the very end.
He can't keep
his head straight.
Just like a newborn.
Mom, this is lemon.
Take it.
I'll take them both.
Where is daddy?
He's gone to get
ice cream.
Sorry sir.
It's cold. It's cold.
It's cold.
Don't eat the ice-cream then.
It's cold.
Your feet is cold.
Bita bring a pair
of thick socks.
For your daddy
- Your feet is cold
Your feet.
Dont' say 'Bita' and 'Dad'.
Bita Bita.
Change the topic.
Where are your socks?
- Over there
- Where is that?
There that.
Say it.
That that.
It's hanged.
- Shelves
- Well done
What is it called?
you hang it.
Yeah you hang it.
- What is it called?
- You hang it
You don't even know
Now I'm going to clean.
Father Dad's cupboard.
I'm going to tidy it up.
Shall I go?
Go go.
Go to your own dad.
Ask him.
But you're my dad.
Why don't you know it.
For my beautiful Bita
Spring 1996.
Wear your socks.
You'll be warm.
You'll be calm.
Get some sleep.
But I haven't read...
In the Alzheimer's book...
What kind of dreams you have.
Get some sleep.
Let's sleep.
Hey Girl.
What is it?
What do you need?
Play it.
- What?
- The dream
I had a dream.
There was a song.
- Yes mommy
- Come here
No no.
What's wrong?
Daddy wants you to play the song
he heard in his dream.
The one you were listening to.
I don't know if he knows
he wrote the poem himself.
Well done.
Right, I sing.
Shall I sing?
My only daughter...
You are the light of my home...
Without you, I'm impatient always...
No one becomes like Bita...
Bita Bita.
Trousers and shoes and belt...
- Bita Bita
The hair comb...
The school bag...
Books and notebooks...
Bita's eyes are...
Full of sleep...
So she should sleep now...
Bita's scent is like tuberosa...
Dad gets to sleep too.
Clap your hands.
Hi, dear uncle.
Hi darling.
Are you back?
Yes dear, are you okay?
Thank you,
how is your wife?
We came back together.
Finger's crossed
see what happens.
Did she get chemotherapy?
We'll talk later about it.
I'm coming to
see you tonight.
Can you come
tomorrow night?
Are you going anywhere?
Mommy is here.
It's better if you
come tomorrow.
I knew she would come soon.
Alright dear.
I'll see you tomorrow night.
Get up.
Listen. Get up.
You have to take a shower.
Tell Habib...
To go for a shower.
Your brother is coming.
You should be clean
- Parinaz?
Get up.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Come here.
Get inside, I'll come.
No no
Go go.
- Go go go
- Wait wait
- Only your cloths
- No no one
- No one
- OK ok
- I'll make the shower ready
- No no one
- No no
- Don't lock the room
- Parinaz
- Don't lock it
Parinaz take her out.
- Parinaz
- Oh God
I'm burning.
Move out.
Close the tap.
- Habib
- I'm burning
Move away from it
Close the tap.
Close it.
I'm burning.
- Hi mommy
Do you have flour at home?
I think we do.
I've seen it in fridge
What do you need it for?
Hang on.
You'll be fine soon.
It hurts.
- Hi
- Hi
Look what he did to himself.
He's badly burnt.
Where were you?
It's hot.
It burnt me.
This side.
I couldn't find those shoes.
He can wear another one.
No he he only wears those.
Where are your shoes?
Where did you put them?
- She's a thief
- No
He made me a real thief.
He has put it somewhere.
If that's the case it should
be somewhere unusual.
- Where is he the most?
- Here
On the bed. Bookshelf.
Where did you put your shoes?
I don't believe.
I don't believe how...
he burns under the shower
but doesn't move out
Because the curtains were shut.
And also.
He doesn't know.
He can draw the curtains
and come out.
Here it is.
As easy as that.
- Hi dear
- Thank you
Has he slept?
It's been an hour.
We made him all ready.
Mom made him look cool.
- and he slept
- Cool?
Why should he be in our fight?
- Hi Ms
The brother who had
a horrible life with me.
You made him happy
We see.
Did you know that sever depression
caused his Alzheimer's?
And got us all involved.
Ms. Parinaz.
Put yourself in Habib's shoes...
Your wife's left the country
- Spouse
- Sorry?
Don't say wife.
Your spouse.
Right, your spouse.
Your spouse has
left the country.
You speak on the phone
every night...
With all those
issues at the time.
All of a sudden
your wife
Sorry, your spouse
gets dismissed.
She doesn't answer the phone...
Nor replies to the letters.
And everything gets cut off.
What would you think
in that situation?
I was stuck.
I was in such trouble,
I couldn't even believe myself!
I didn't want to write letters.
I didn't want to make calls.
I asked my dad to
somehow explain it to Habib.
But I received the
letter of divorce.
I wrote a letter
straight after...
Every other day.
Then once a week
and it went on.
Until the last day I was stuck.
34 letters.
Ms. Parinaz.
The proscription.
I mean...
Wait. What proscription?
Dear uncle.
- What proscription?
- Leave it
Say it
It seems.
Only you have read my letters.
As you know about
the proscription.
Mr. Hadi.
I realised accidentally
a few days ago.
My poor husband...
Waiting all
these years for my letter...
And he still is.
What happened to
those 34 letters?
Mr. honourable.
Mr. venerable.
Mr. respectable.
The well know Hajj Kaveh.
Habib didn't receive
any of those letters.
When I was in jail.
I didn't know what to say.
I didn't know how to explain
I was ashamed.
When the divorce letter came...
I came to reality.
I loved Habib and my life so much.
I had written everything in my first letter.
I wrote that I'm
working in a big shop.
To pay our expenses.
Until one day...
The employer gave a couple of us a commission
with good money.
It wasn't an unusual job.
we had to take some cloths
suitcases to Cologne.
The third time we went.
They checked the suitcases at the border.
Large amounts of Hashish...
Grass. All hidden in it...
And it was jail after that.
Mommy told them she
knew nothing about it.
The judge didn't believe it.
Maybe he did...
But he preferred to sentence a migrant...
Rather than a European.
Six months in jail...
For the crime of carrying drugs.
I used to come to see
Habib every week.
Once I saw a letter from you...
I was scared you had written something
that would mess him up again.
I took the letter to my dad.
Dad said...
I still can't coped with my
daughter-in-law's betrayal.
What do I do with this one now?
Hajj Kave's daughter-in-law...
Is in jail...
For carrying drugs.
He said Habib can't bear this.
He'll do anything to see her.
But there is nothing
he can do over there.
He said that he's already hopeless.
This will make him worse.
It's better to not
tell him at all.
Didn't you care about me?
That I was innocent?
Ms. Parinaz.
Do you expect us to think like you at the moment?
Twenty years ago.
The fact that a kid
needs parents.
Is the same now and twenty years ago.
It doesn't have
to do with anything else.
It needs a bit of love.
That didn't exist in your and your dad's heart.
We weren't your enemies.
Anything we did.
We thought it was the best.
I need a dad.
He is my dad.
He doesn't know
I'm that little girl...
Who was sitting
on his shoulders.
I didn't have a father
since I was eight.
Why? Why uncle?
He is here but I don't
have him.
I have to cry to death.
Because of you and your dad...
You ruined our life.
I'm paying it back.
I'm paying it back.
My wife is at the end stage.
I returned her here.
Now I can only sit there...
To watch her die day by day.
My dad died.
Because of what
happened to Habib...
Don't cry dad.
Don't cry.
Don't cry dad.
OK, divorce her.
Divorce her.
Tell him I didn't cheat.
Can you tell him?
Tell him I was in jail.
Tell him you didn't
give him my letters.
Can you? Tell them all
those things you told me.
You can't.
You can never
say anything to him.
It's set in his mind forever.
That I am the woman that betrayed him.
The woman that had stolen his child.
He can't forgive
me to become calm.
He has all these hatreds forever.
You can do nothing.
It's irreversible.
This bitter story.
Like death.
Like Alzheimer's.
Mommy you were really waiting.
For me to leave
so you'll be alone.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Stop it girl.
Yeah, she smiled.
Happy new year.
Happy new year to you too.
Happy new year daddy.
Kiss her.
Mommy you know better
than me about Alzheimer's.
Touch, hugs.
Really helps.
No I won't forget.
Taste our new year fish too.
Thank you very much
Wait a second please.
I can't return it empty.
Do you remember we always sit
together in the new year?
- By the Haft Sin
- Yeah yeah
Little Bita.
Dear Habib.
I'm being very kind to you.
I am telling you as much.
There is no more little Bita.
No more?
No more little Bita.
No more.
I don't have a doubt in science.
Or what is said about Alzheimer's...
But miracles can happen too.
Let the Alzheimer's do its job.
I'll do mine.