Where Are You, Christmas? (2023) Movie Script

Research suggests
that our stress levels
rise during the holiday season.
I know mine does.
Our Christmas marketing
campaign relieves that pressure
while still giving people the
connection that they need,
as you'll see here in 3, 2, 1.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
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And then I saw the
glow of Christmas
just reflected in their faces,
and I knew my job was done.
Ah, the true joy of Christmas.
Hey, I'll take a Jack Frost.
Can I have a peppermint twist?
Honestly, I don't
know how I got here.
Christmas used to be my favorite
holiday when I was a kid.
Now that my job
is Christmas, you
know, prepping these
campaigns 24/7 all year long,
it's like there's
only so much holiday
spirit a person can muster.
Too much of a good thing?
This is why I go to the
Maldives every year.
It's where I find
my Christmas spirit.
Oh, yeah.
Nothing says Christmas like
a bungalow on the beach.
Doesn't your family
want you home, though?
Oh, they do.
But they don't understand
what I need right now.
What I need is a week-long of
nothing but sea, sun, and sand.
Are you gonna be texting
all through dinner?
I'm sorry, it's work.
As a doctor and
as your best friend,
who is a little
concerned about you,
I'm gonna prescribe you put
your phone down and be present.
OK, let me just send it.
So proud of you.
Oh, thank you.
Merry Christmas.
So, are you still stuck
going to Kyle's for Christmas?
You make it sound
like it's a punishment.
I'm actually really
looking forward to it.
We're doing Christmas
Eve with them.
And then we spend
Christmas morning opening
presents with my family.
Ugh, I don't know
how you do it, Suma.
Juggling a medical practice,
family, Kyle, his mother.
I mean, if you're gonna
swipe left on every guy,
what's the point of
being on the app?
OK, I'm putting it away.
I just want to make
sure you're happy, OK?
I know you want to answer that.
It's my brother.
It's probably his, "Please
come home for Christmas," call.
Hey, Connor.
I know you're not calling
me to try and convince me
to come home on the
one time of the year I
actually get a break from work.
- I know.
But this year is
different, I promise.
I've already
booked my bungalow.
I'm proposing to
Sienna on Christmas Eve.
And I want the whole
family here when I do it.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm sorry to
mess up your trip.
But if ever there
was a reason, right?
What did Mom and Dad say?
They don't know yet.
I want it to be a surprise.
Of course, I had to tell you,
otherwise you'd be on an island
Will you come?
Of course.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll make it work.
I love you, Addy.
I love you, too, Connor.
Oh, I was so close
to the Maldives.
What happened?
Oh, my brother's proposing to
his girlfriend on Christmas Eve
and he wants me to be there.
When was the last time
you went home for Christmas?
Six years ago.
I mean, I pop in every now and
then, just not for Christmas.
You've never been
to my home town.
"Red Lake Falls, where
Christmas is not just a holiday,
it's a way of life."
That's the town motto.
That is actually adorable.
Everyone's great.
It's just, a person can only
handle so much Christmas.
Yeah, but you're gonna
be with your family.
I'm really happy for my
brother, but I don't know.
Things with my dad, they've just
sort changed over the years.
OK, so Christmas
Eve is in five days.
Connor proposes
that night, which
means I should probably
stay an extra day
for my dad's charity event.
But by the 26th, I'm on
a plane to the Maldives.
Sounds like you got
it all planned out.
Have you met me?
Hi, Addy.
Hey, Mom.
I'm just coming into town.
There's even more Christmas
decorations than I remember.
Well, nothing out
of the ordinary.
Since when do we have a flying
reindeer and a Christmas store?
The Christmas store is new.
We've had the reindeer
for a few years now.
You just haven't been home
for Christmas in a while.
Well, I'm here now.
Yes, you are.
And I'm sure your father
will be happy to see you.
What was that?
Are you all right?
I've been so busy I
haven't had a chance
to get my car serviced.
I told you a million times.
I know, I know.
I'll be home soon.
I love you.
Oh, hi!
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Mom.
You look exhausted.
That's lovely.
Thanks, Mom.
Oh, sorry.
Work, work, work.
Where's Dad?
He's still at the office.
But your brother stopped by.
Connor, your sister's home.
There she is.
Hello, Officer.
Mmm, hi.
Christmas Eve is in
four days, and I've
got cookies to put in the oven.
So you two have a little
brother-sister time.
I'll be back in a sec.
I see some
things never change.
- I'm so excited.
- Come here.
I'll show you something.
OK, take a look at this.
[gasps] Connor,
it's beautiful.
You think Sienna will like it?
Oh, yes.
It's perfect.
Thank you for trusting
me with your secret.
Oh, well, it's the
only way I knew I could
get you home this time of year.
Plus, you think radio-free
Mom could keep this from Sienna?
You make a very good point.
Oh, I'm glad you two still
have your little secrets.
I don't what--
Speaking of, I
found your diaries--
when I was getting the
ornaments out of the attic.
I put them on your bed.
I thought you'd have
fun reading them.
So I can relive my
awkward teenage years?
No, thanks.
You used to love journaling.
Maybe you can find a
little bit of that joy
since you're finally
home for the holiday.
You're even the guest of
honor at your father's
Christmas Day celebration.
Does Dad know that?
What are you doing?
I'm doing work emails.
I've been in the
car for three hours.
I haven't had a chance to sit.
You've been
sitting in the car.
Besides, Christmas is upon us.
There's no rest for the weary.
I have a list of things I
need you to get me from town.
Thank you.
More than a few
things, apparently.
Mom, do we really
need more poinsettias?
There's a space.
It's every year.
I'd do it myself, but I
have my own list of to-dos.
And you--
- Oh, no.
I have to go back.
I'm going to the station, so--
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- Oh, interesting.
You have to go
back to the station?
Really, a lot of
important things to do.
If you leave now, you
can avoid the holiday rush.
All right.
Love you, Mom.
Love you.
I'm so glad you're home.
OK, I'm off.
Is that Addison Dean
back in Red Lake Falls?
Hi, Dana.
I'm so sorry.
I'm just finishing this up.
No, I heard you
were coming to town.
But when your mom told
us, no one believed it.
And I know you're busy
based on your social media,
but I can see--
So sorry.
It's just, it's a work thing.
No, I hear you.
Hey, remember when we
used to do the Christmas
pageants together in school?
I am in charge of them now.
You know, I love that it
brings the whole town together.
Please promise me
you'll try to come.
Oh, gosh.
I will do my best.
Right now, I have to go get
these flowers for my mom.
Oh, OK.
No worries.
Yeah, but I'll see you soon. Bye.
Addison Dean!
Mayor Matt.
Welcome home, Addy.
It looks like your
dad owes me $10.
What are you talking about?
At last night's
town council meeting,
he told me that you were
coming home for Christmas,
but he didn't think that
you'd go through with it.
He bet me 10 bucks on it.
Did he?
The gazebo looks wonderful.
It's like straight out of one
of those Christmas movies.
That's what I was going for!
It's all part of my Red Lake
Falls Christmas Campaign.
Since you're the expert,
how about you help
me with my campaign branding?
Oh, you know what?
I have a lot on my plate
right now because I--
I want our town to be
a year-round Christmas
destination where folks
can slow their fast-paced
lives and appreciate
the small things.
- But--
- Smile!
Oh, yes.
I'm going to post
this #Christmasville.
You can make this
go viral, right?
I don't think
it works that way.
That's great.
Let's catch up later, and I can
show you what I have so far.
- OK, perfect.
- All right.
Yeah, I'll text you!
Can't wait.
Just the poinsettia, please.
Addison Dean?
Dr. Rago.
Let me guess.
My mom told you I was in town.
Oh, you know no one
can keep a secret here.
Candy cane?
You still keep
these in your pocket?
Never leave home without
them at the holidays.
Well, those are
pretty flowers.
Thank you.
They're for my daughter, Gina.
Oh, how is Gina?
I haven't seen her
since we graduated.
She's good.
Well, at least I think she is.
We'll see.
Oh, is everything OK?
Oh, everything's fine.
We had a little
argument, something
about cooking lasagna.
And it escalated.
And then we haven't
spoken for a while.
You know how stubborn
we both can be.
I do.
I'm sorry.
Well, nothing a little
Christmas spirit can't heal.
In fact, she agreed to come
to Christmas Eve dinner,
where neither one of us
will be making lasagna.
Thank goodness.
Well, you know what my
mother always says, nothing
a Christmas dinner can't fix.
Knowing your mother, I'm
sure she's already given
you a million things to do.
Don't I know it.
Merry Christmas.
Is anyone here?
Excuse me.
How can I help you?
I'm looking for
Mr. Blakeman, please.
That is me.
Oh, no.
The one that owns the shop.
You can tell him it's Addy.
I wish I could.
I'm Hunter.
You're thinking
of my grandfather.
I took over the
shop after he died.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
When did this happen?
A few years ago.
How can I help you?
It's my car.
Obviously, it's my car,
because I came to an auto shop,
you know?
Can I just show you?
You know, you'd probably get a
lot more business if the pumps
outside took credit cards.
It's just so weird.
I haven't seen you
here before, you know?
Although I haven't
been back in a while.
How do you like Red Lake Falls?
It's fine, I guess.
I see you don't have
many Christmas decorations.
You know, your grandfather
used to love the holidays,
although you probably knew that.
Yeah, it was always
really fun growing up.
I mostly just stay
to myself now.
Another reason to have a
credit card reader on the pump.
You know, so people don't
have to come inside.
From what you describe,
it could be a motor mount,
it could be a
transmission mount.
I really don't know.
I have to dig a little deeper.
Can I start it?
Yeah, of course.
Sounds normal.
Do you hear it?
Sounds fine to me.
It does.
But the banging noise kind
of happens out of the blue.
Please tell me
it's safe to drive.
Yeah, you should
be fine for now.
You should definitely
get it looked at, though.
Unfortunately, I'm
swamped right now.
Everybody wants their car
back for the holidays.
If you can get it here tomorrow,
I can take a look at it
for you.
OK, as long as I'm back
in Chicago on the 26th,
because I literally have
a ticket to paradise.
Have you ever been
to the Maldives?
Just last week.
No, that was a--
Oh, you're making a joke now.
So do you think you
could have it ready by then?
I'm gonna try my
best, but no guarantees.
I'll be here tomorrow.
Hey, Dad.
- Oh!
Oh, gosh.
Be careful!
Oh, my.
Should you really
be up on a ladder?
What, you think I'm too old?
Oh, no, no.
I didn't mean--
Hey, kiddo.
I have been trimming these trees
since you were a little baby,
so I'm just fine.
Don't worry about me.
- OK.
Merry Christmas, Addy.
I'm glad you made
it in one piece.
Merry Christmas, Dad.
Heard I cost you 10 bucks.
I was just, you
know, playing the odds.
But, no, super glad that I
lost, because it's great to have
you home for the holidays.
Well, I was thinking maybe
we could go for a walk, or--
You know what?
Promised your mother
I'd help in the kitchen,
which will be a disaster.
But I'm gonna try.
Connor and Sienna are
coming over for dinner.
So anyway, why don't you go get
washed up, and then, you know,
we'll catch up later?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, OK.
The roast was perfect, Mr. Dean.
Thank you, Sienna.
I tried that new recipe you
sent me on that app thing.
Since when are you
on social media, Dad?
It's been a while.
And maybe if you were here
more often, you wouldn't--
Mom, how did you have time
to make us so many desserts?
Oh, it was nothing.
I can't remember
the last time we
were all together as a family
like this at Christmas.
As the head of this family
and a duly elected Town
Councilman-- that's important--
I would like to make a toast.
Oh, here we go.
Christmas is a time
where we come together
with family and friends.
And this year, it's even
more special because of all
the people around this table.
Sienna, you have become
like another daughter to me.
I haven't seen Connor smile
this much since, I don't know,
I feel like since I bought
you the first skateboard.
And Addy, even if it's
just for a few days,
I'm really happy you decided
to join us this year.
I know this is not
some fancy island.
But sometimes it's important to
remember where you came from.
Hear, hear.
Thanks, Dad.
Actually, Sienna and
I have some big news
that we want to share.
Well, we got us all tickets
to this year's Christmas pageant
on Christmas Eve.
We thought it would
be really fun to go together.
Yeah, Addy hasn't
been in a while.
So we wanted to go as a family.
Oh, that sounds lovely.
And you'll still be here
Christmas Eve, won't you, Addy?
Yes, Dad.
I'll be here Christmas Eve.
And I'll be here
on Christmas Day.
Well, I'm joshing.
I'm just joshing.
No, no, no.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
This will give me a chance to
make sure everyone signs up
for Operation Christmas Smile.
This year, it is all
for the veterans.
You know, I was thinking back.
I remember how hard it was
to be away from my family
when I served.
Well, we have got vets and
families right here in town
with loved ones who are
serving overseas right now.
And I just want them
to enjoy Christmas
as much as I know we will.
That's beautiful, Mr. Dean.
You know, I actually met Mr.
Blakeman's grandson, Hunter.
I met him at the auto shop.
I think he's a vet.
I saw his service ring on him.
I didn't know Mr.
Blakeman had died.
Well, life still goes on here
when you're not around, Addy.
Anyway, Mr. Blakeman,
he was a good man.
Oh, shoot.
OK, the game has
already started.
I think the Vikings are
gonna pull it out this year.
Let's go to the den
and figure that out.
Oh, I can handle that, honey.
Why don't you go watch the game?
Oh, I don't think
I'm wanted in there.
Of course you are.
No, I think I'll just go
upstairs and decompress a bit.
Addy, honey, your dad is
really happy that you're
home for Christmas, OK?
Just give him a little time.
Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
I see you found your diaries.
Yeah, I must've fallen asleep.
Oh, you're so lucky
to have these memories.
Once they're gone,
they're hard to get back.
Oh, look.
It's your Christmas gratitude
entry from senior year.
Oh, I'm not grateful
for that sweater.
Oh, please.
You're adorable.
"I am so grateful for my family.
Knowing it is my last
year living at home
makes me appreciate
them even more.
I'm gonna miss Red Lake Falls.
There's no place more joyful
and colorful at Christmas."
I wrote that?
Of course you did.
I thought that's why
you worked on all
those Christmas
campaigns, because you
love the holidays so much.
Yeah, maybe at first.
But now I see it
for what it really
is, which is just convincing
people to buy things.
OK, nonsense.
We've got a full agenda.
I need you to buy me a
tree for the front yard.
There's a space.
Mom, can I please bow out?
I just need one day where
I don't have to work
and I don't have to do anything.
It is not work.
It's Christmas.
Now, get up and go, go, go.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
Just four more days
till Christmas.
Have you told Santa
your Christmas wish yet?
Remember, the wishes
you make this Christmas
will last a lifetime.
Honestly, Santa, sometimes
I wish there was no Christmas.
I need a break.
Better get going.
Looks like there's
a storm coming.
I could have been on a beach.
Oh, not again.
Do we really need another tree?
Addy, are you OK?
Yeah, yeah.
- All right.
You had an accident.
I'm gonna get you out of there.
fine, I think.
Can you stand up?
I don't know.
What happened?
You had an accident.
I don't know if you
hit your head or not.
Why do you look so pale?
What do you mean?
I look like I always do.
No, you don't.
Nothing does.
- Addy.
- Why?
What's happening to me?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you OK?
How do you feel?
What happened?
You fainted.
Do you remember getting
in a car accident?
I remember I hit black ice.
After that, it's
a little bit hazy.
Do those-- do those trees
look different to you?
They look the same
as they always do.
They don't look a
little washed out?
Are you sure you're OK?
Maybe I should take you to
urgent care, just to be safe.
No, no, no.
I'm OK.
I'm OK.
I just, I've never seen
it so foggy before.
How did you find me?
Saw the storm rolling in
and I'm the only one in town
with a tow truck, so--
Those trees really don't
look different to you?
Must be the fog.
They took it all down?
Took what down?
The Christmas decorations.
The what?
The garlands and the trees and
the candy canes, it's all gone.
Thank you so much for your help.
I'm gonna walk you inside
just to make sure you're OK.
No, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Oh, hey. Hey.
I'll reach out to you
when your car is all fixed.
It's pretty banged up,
so it might take a bit.
Just take it easy, OK?
I keep calling and pressing
redial, redial, redial.
Hit it again.
She's got to be somewhere.
There she is.
Oh, Addy, thank
goodness you're home.
Oh, what's going on?
You have been gone all day.
We were calling and
you didn't pick up.
Yeah, I got in a car accident.
And I think my phone died.
I knew that knocking
sound was serious.
Are you OK?
Do you need to see Dr. Rago?
I'm fine.
And Hunter's-- he towed my car.
And he's gonna fix it.
Where did you go?
I went to get that
tree that you asked for.
Honey, why would I ask
you to buy me a tree?
For the Christmas
decorations, which
you've randomly taken down.
What is that?
Is that another one of
your branding campaigns?
Are you guys punking me?
What do you mean,
what is Christmas?
It's only your
favorite holiday ever.
Oh, don't be silly.
That is Thanksgiving.
Oh, your mother makes
an awesome turkey.
OK, you guys.
This whole, I don't
remember Christmas, thing,
I know I wasn't
very enthusiastic
when I first got here.
But I mean, every
joke has a shelf life.
This one has coded.
Honey, we're not joking.
You're starting to worry me.
Are you sure you're
feeling all right?
No, I feel fine.
Well, it's just that you
are acting a bit strange.
First you show up yesterday
out of the blue when, you know,
you rarely come home.
And now you're
going on errands we
have never sent you on talking
about some made up holiday.
It's not made up.
It's Christmas.
If you say so.
You don't feel warm.
Is there something
you're not telling us?
No, I'm probably just
rattled from the accident.
Well, why don't you go lie down?
I know how busy you are at work.
So a rest will do you good.
Are you sure you don't
remember Christmas?
I don't know.
Suma's a doctor.
Suma will know what to do.
Oh, just three
more days till Christmas.
Have you told Santa
your Christmas wish yet?
Oh, you're working.
Oh, my god.
I knew it was a dream.
the wishes
you make this Christmas
will last a lifetime.
I knew it was a dream.
PHONE): We're sorry.
Your call cannot be
completed as dialed.
OK, you got this, Addy.
You got this.
Oh, good morning, dear.
You slept right through dinner.
Are you feeling better?
You know, I did have
some weird dreams.
Dad, why are you eating cereal?
I think it's called breakfast.
I always have cereal
for breakfast, you know?
Well, of course you
would know that if you
were home more often.
I know you like cereal, Dad.
But it's Christmas week.
You know, Mom always makes
those big Christmas breakfasts.
Again with the Christmas.
Mom, where are all
the Christmas treats?
You know, like you were baking
up a storm the other day.
I don't remember
baking anything.
But if you want a cookie,
I'll go to the store for you.
Don't you mean that I should
go to the store for you?
Don't be silly.
You rest.
I got to go to work.
Wait, Dad.
What do you mean
you're going to work?
You always take this week
off to prep for the holidays.
If I didn't go
to work this week,
who would prepare the
end-of-the-year tax reports?
Accounting never rests.
Sweetie, I will be home
by 6:00 so we can begin
the New Year's movie marathon!
New Year's movie marathon?
Every year, they make like
100 New Year's movies.
And they start
airing them in June.
New Year's movies
aren't a thing.
Christmas movies are a thing!
Whatever you say, Addy.
Dad, please tell me you're
still doing Operation Christmas
Smile, you know, where you're
helping the veterans this year?
Enough with the
Christmas already, OK?
You know me.
I'm all about charity.
But with the way the
economy is right now,
it is enough just taking
care of my own family.
That's how business works, Addy.
And I mean, surely, you of
all people should know that.
You should see Dr. Rago.
Maybe you bumped your
head in the accident.
Hey, Dad.
What's with Dad?
He was in a mood.
Connor, someone sane.
Hey, I need your help in here.
- What's going on?
I know this is
gonna sound crazy.
Go with me.
Mom and Dad suddenly
forgot Christmas.
So I need you to tell
them it's a real holiday.
OK, you're acting weird
and I'm running late,
so I just got to--
What about helping Mom and Dad?
They seem fine to me.
You don't remember
Christmas either.
What about Sienna?
What about her?
Are you still proposing
on Christmas Eve?
What are you talking about?
Connor, this is the whole
reason that I am here.
You asked me to come home to
help celebrate your proposal.
OK, I don't know what
kind of game you're playing.
But you cannot just pop into
town every now and again
and cause all this craziness.
- No, no, no.
Connor, that's not--
There's not going
to be any proposal.
Sienna is great, but things are
fine with us the way they are.
Marriage, I-- it's way
too much commitment.
Can you tell Dad I
returned his tools?
Wait, wait, wait.
One more thing.
Do things look black
and white to you?
Everything looks
like it always does.
I got to run.
Everything seems fine.
All your tests look normal.
Because everything is still
in black and white, even you.
Well, there's
nothing wrong with you
medically far as I could tell.
You know, your parents
told me how hard you work.
Maybe you just need a
little rest and relaxation?
You have no idea.
You know, it's so weird.
I just-- I remember this town
being so much more colorful,
you know?
You always did have
a vivid imagination.
Never knew what was going
on in that head of yours.
I don't know.
Maybe you're right.
Everything ready for your
dinner with Gina tonight?
I don't know
what you've heard,
but my daughter and I will not
be having dinner anytime soon.
Oh, sorry.
Did something happen?
She was supposed to come
over for Christmas Eve?
Coming for what?
Until she apologizes,
my daughter
is not welcome in my house.
I don't suppose
I get a candy cane?
I didn't think so.
What is happening?
Everything is gone.
Hey, you!
Yes, you!
Get out of there.
You need a city permit
to be in the gazebo.
This is not your backyard!
Oh, Dana, Dana.
Hey, hey.
Do you know what's going on
with Mayor Matt over there?
- How should I know?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Please tell me the pageant
is still happening.
Pageant, like
a beauty pageant?
No, no, no, no.
Like a Christmas pageant,
you know, the one that you're
putting on at the school?
You begged me to be there.
Why would I spend my winter
vacation putting on a pageant?
No, I work so hard.
I even give up my weekends.
And I barely have
enough time for myself.
And now you're saying I
should put on some show
with the small break I do get?
- No, no, no.
That's not what I--
I am surrounded by
children and parents
and teachers all the time
needing something from me.
So in the short
time off I do get,
I just want to
shut out the world
and have some peace and quiet.
And you of all people should
understand that, right?
- OK, sorry.
- Good.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have
to go clean up my classroom.
Please work.
You worked for
Santa this morning.
Hunter, I can see that
the light is on in there.
I know you're in there.
You read the sign?
Yeah, I've read it.
I can read.
I'm not gonna leave here
until you open the door.
Please, it's very important.
I told you your car
is gonna take a while.
You notice all the
other cars in here
that were here before yours?
- Yeah.
But hey, did you notice
anything strange when you picked
me up from the accident, because
after that, everything changed.
The world lost its color.
People are acting
completely bizarre.
And no one remembers Christmas.
No one remembers what?
Look, I got a ton of
cars in here right now,
so you're just
gonna have to wait.
OK, sorry.
I didn't mean to bother you.
I just-- I really need
to get back to Chicago.
Here, it must have
fallen off when you were
trying to check out my car.
So then you had to
fix the whole thing.
Of course I did.
What else is new?
Hey, hand me the 18, please.
That's amazing.
I'm gonna miss you, Pops.
I'm proud of you, Hunter.
And you'll be back
before you know it.
And I'll be here
waiting for you.
But until then, I
want you to have this.
Your service ring?
It's a Christmas gift.
No, I can't take that.
Yes, you can.
No matter how far away you are,
I want you to look at that ring
and know that I am
always with you.
I love you, Pops.
I love you too, kid.
I've been looking
everywhere for this.
I found it on the
floor of my car.
This was my Pops'.
He served in Vietnam.
He raised me after
my parents split.
When I deployed to Afghanistan,
it was at Christmas time.
Pops gave me this
ring so I would
know that he's always with me.
Excuse me.
Did you just remember Christmas?
How did I forget Christmas?
What's going on?
Why is everything
in black and white?
So you see it!
Of course I see it.
How could I not see it?
What happened?
That's what I'm
trying to figure out.
Everyone in the whole
world lost their color
and no one remembers Christmas.
And you're the only one
that's changed back.
- Oh, this is--
- Wait, I don't understand.
Why have you turned to
color and I haven't?
I am not OK with this.
Look, I came here
to disappear, not
stick out like a sore thumb.
Why do you want to disappear?
Can we just focus on
figuring out what happened?
Right, OK.
So did everyone lose
their color and then
forget Christmas,
or forget Christmas
and then lose their color?
I mean, either way,
everyone's lost their joy.
Yes, that's true.
I've started to
resent this place.
And I love this shop.
Some of my best memories are--
are fixing cars with my Pops.
But you changed back
when you put on his ring.
Wait, so what were you thinking
about when that happened?
I was just suddenly flooded
with all these great memories
of my Pops, especially
the Christmas
when he gave me the ring.
- So maybe that's it.
Maybe we just have to
get people to remember
the good times they
had at Christmas,
and then they'll change back.
It can't be that simple,
because you remember Christmas.
If that's all it took,
you'd be color, too.
I can't stay
like this forever.
Occam's razor.
I just-- I just trimmed
it this morning.
It's a theory that says
all things being equal,
the simplest answer
is the best one.
We just need to get people to
remember the joy of Christmas.
Let's go.
- Sorry, wait, wait.
What do you mean, we?
No, I'm not going out
there looking like this.
- Why not?
- Hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Please, stop.
You don't know me, but I just
came back to Red Lake Falls
to get away from people,
not to stand out.
What happened to you?
Look, I just need to fix this so
I can get back to my old life.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
How hard can this be?
I mean, getting people
to remember Christmas,
that's my actual job.
Oh, hello, Sir.
I would love to help
you remember Christmas.
What did you wish for when
you were a little boy?
Did you ever sit on Santa's lap?
I'm still talking.
Excuse me.
They say that music
jogs the memory.
What was your
favorite music carol?
How about, oh,
We wish you
a Merry Christmas,
we wish you a Merry Christmas.
What is she doing?
I really don't know.
Excuse me.
Is it coming to you?
Is it coming to you?
Come here.
Oh, what about "Jingle Bells"?
Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way.
Hey, Addy. Hi.
What's going on?
- Oh, Connor.
You're here.
I'm just trying to get
people to remember Christmas.
Oh, we're back to that.
All right, hey,
move along, folks.
There's nothing to see here.
It's not working.
No one remembers.
It's OK.
We can figure it out.
Oh, god.
I don't know how to fix this.
All right, let's start
by getting you home.
Do you remember
"Jingle Bells"?
Oh, it's such a good one.
Addy, thank god you're home.
All my Bridge friends
have been calling.
She's OK, Mom.
People have been
calling about me?
Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to
ride in a one horse--
Oh, no.
I'm worried about you.
Wait a second.
Your phone works.
- Of course it does.
- Why didn't I think of that?
Mom, can I use this
to talk to Suma?
Thank you.
PHONE): We're sorry.
Your call cannot be
completed as dialed.
Connor, can I use your phone?
Something's wrong
with your phone, Mom.
We're sorry, your call cannot--
None of my calls
are going through.
It was working
just a minute ago.
Let me--
Did you see Dr. Rago?
I did. OK.
And he ran all these tests.
And he said that I
was totally fine.
He doesn't know what's
happening to me?
What is happening with you?
Honestly, I do not know.
It's just everything
feels very empty.
I can't believe I'm saying this.
I think I miss Christmas.
I miss the carols.
I miss the-- the decorations,
your excessive amount of trees,
all of it.
Honey, I cannot help
you with your Christmas.
But if you want
some decorations,
they're up in the attic
where we always keep them.
The attic.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're all set for the Fourth.
Where are you, Christmas?
What was I thinking
with that hair?
Where are my Christmas entries?
Honestly, Santa.
Sometimes I wish there
was no Christmas.
The wishes
you make this Christmas
will last a lifetime.
Oh, no.
Hunter, are you in there?
Can you open the door?
Come on.
What are you doing?
Listen, I know you
want to disappear
for some mysterious reason.
But you are the only
person that can help me.
I am not getting
involved in this.
So sorry, but
you are involved.
And I need you because
this is all my fault.
What do you mean,
it's all your fault?
I made a wish that
Christmas would disappear
and it came true.
I just-- I didn't think how it
would impact everybody else.
I'm sorry.
But you're saying
that that's the reason
that I forgot Christmas?
Look around.
Nobody remembers Christmas.
It's like it didn't even exist.
Plus, the Santa app that
I use for my Christmas
campaign told me.
- Come again?
Santa is counting
down the days.
And if I don't fix
this by the 25th,
Christmas will be gone out
of Red Lake Falls forever.
That's crazy, Addy.
Any more crazy than
you being in color
while the rest of the town
is in black and white?
You have a good point.
OK, and you really
think that I can help?
Yeah, I do.
If you let people
see you in color,
then they'll know it's
real, along with Christmas.
No, not happening.
I am not gonna let
people see me like this.
Well then, if you won't, then
I'll just invite people here.
And then they can just
see for themselves.
Are you blackmailing me?
Well, I am in black
and white, so I'm
just running with what I got.
Hunter, please.
I don't know what else to do.
We only have three days left.
One time.
I'll do it once.
One time, I'm gonna go with
you to see if it works.
And if I show myself
and nobody changes,
then I'm gonna come
back here and I'm
gonna wait this out alone.
If it blows over.
Thank you.
I know what a big
deal this is for you.
I don't think you
do, but you're welcome.
Wait, so how are we gonna know
how to change people back?
Seeing me in color and
you remembering Christmas
hasn't changed you back.
I haven't totally
figured that part out yet,
but I will by tomorrow.
You're a lifesaver, Hunter.
Let's hope this plan
of yours works, yeah?
It has to.
I have a feeling you and I
are gonna make a great team.
I'll see you in the morning.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
Just two more days
till Christmas.
Have you told Santa
your Christmas wish yet?
Your act's getting
real old, Santa.
Remember, the
wishes you make this Christmas
will last a lifetime.
You ready?
Not really.
Don't suppose I can say no.
Do I look like someone who's
gonna take no for an answer?
What are you wearing?
I'm covering up.
I'm not really ready for the
whole town to see me like this.
What's so funny?
You look like a snowball
made of black ice.
Look, you're lucky I'm
even still here right now.
I had half a mind to run
off to my cabin last night
and weather this alone.
I'm glad you stayed.
So what's your big plan here?
I brought a bag of things
to help remind people
of their memories because
we both know I can't
just sing carols at people.
That's for sure.
Well, you did yesterday.
Got some good gifs.
I think you went viral.
That doesn't help me.
No, it has to be more
than that, right?
I mean, when you remembered
your grandfather at Christmas,
did you-- did you feel
anything specific?
It felt like he
finally forgave me.
Why would he have
to forgive you?
I let him down.
I enlisted in the Army and
I'm proud of my service.
But I saw things over there
that I'll never forget,
things nobody should see.
And when I got
back, I struggled.
I just didn't know how
to be around people.
Pops tried to help me,
and I wouldn't let him.
I didn't know how.
It sounds really hard.
It was.
And I couldn't do it.
So one day, I ran off to
this cabin that I know of
and I didn't answer his calls.
Then Pops died while I was gone.
I'm so sorry.
He still left me the shop.
You want to know why
I keep to myself?
It's just because I'm
not so good with people.
I let them down.
Your grandfather knew
what you went through.
I'm sure he understood.
When you gave
me this ring back,
I thought of Pops at Christmas.
And that was the first time
I felt like he forgave me.
Maybe that's it.
Maybe to fix this, we
have to help people
heal what's hurting them.
I mean, isn't that what
Christmas is about?
It's about forgiveness
and love and family.
I promised you that I would
give you one shot at this.
So let's do it.
Get your stuff.
I'm gonna drive.
All right.
Are you gonna be able
to drive with all that?
Just tell me
where we're going.
Back to high school.
All right.
Final papers on
my desk on Monday.
And please, do not forget about
office hours Tuesday, Thursday.
There she is.
I can't with that
scarf around your face.
Do you want me
to help you or not?
OK, sorry.
Addy, hi.
What are you doing here?
And why is your friend
bundled up like that?
It's not that cold out today.
I'm gonna get to
that in a second.
But first, I just wanted to
apologize for the other day.
I did not mean to upset you.
No, it's OK.
I'm sorry.
I always get in this
mood this time of year.
You know, you always
think about all the things
you didn't accomplish
and how much
people still want from you.
So I am looking forward
to some peace and quiet
over New Year's break.
You can take all that off.
We have the heat on.
Don't freak out.
Addy, I teach high school.
Nothing freaks me out.
Oh, god.
What happened to you?
I remembered Christmas.
Is that contagious?
No, Ma'am.
It's fine.
No, it's more than fine.
This is what we
used to look like.
This is what we
should look like.
I've never seen
anything like it.
But, may I?
Does it rub off?
It's beautiful, but
I don't understand.
It's because he's filled
with the Christmas spirit.
You keep talking about
this, this Christmas,
but I don't know what you mean.
Show her what's in the bag.
Christmas used to be
your favorite holiday.
You know that pageant
I was talking about?
It's real.
And your mom used to
do costumes for it.
And now you run it.
And you love that it brought
the whole town together.
We could sure use
something like that.
Parents have been
complaining so much lately.
Yeah, it's because
they forgot Christmas.
They've lost their joy.
Do you remember this?
It's a sweater.
Just look closer.
Why would I remember?
Wait, this is my
mom's stitching.
I love sewing with Mama.
She used to work nights, so
we never really got to spend
a lot of quality time together.
But every December, no matter
what, she would set aside
time for just the
two of us to sew
the costumes for the pageant.
She was so proud when
I learned her stitch.
And I remember
thinking, these sweaters
stitched this town together.
This is your sweater from
the Christmas pageant.
I remember.
Dana, look at you!
It actually worked.
It's all coming back.
Oh, god, I've been so
angry because everyone's
wanted something from me.
But really, they've just been
saying that they need me.
They need you and
they need their pageant.
Oh, no.
The pageant!
Christmas Eve is tomorrow,
and I haven't even
started on the costumes,
let alone the sets.
You don't have to do it alone.
You can ask for help.
From who?
Like you said, nobody
remembers Christmas.
Then you'll show them
like we showed you.
You'll help people heal
what's hurting inside of them
and find their joy.
That is the Christmas spirit.
I will try.
Now, go, go, go, go, go.
I can't believe that worked.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
You know, to be honest,
it felt really good to get
out there and help someone.
Your Pops would be proud.
I think so.
So, look.
If that creepy Santa
app of yours is right,
we've got two days
to figure this out.
Do you want to try
this on your family?
No, not yet.
Gosh, I've caused them
so much stress as it is--
I just want to make
sure that we're
right, because if we're wrong--
my Dad already doesn't want to
spend time with me as it is.
So, who should
we do this to next?
I don't know.
You and Dana changed
back because Christmas
healed something inside you.
Problem is, I've been
gone for so long,
I don't really know
anybody anymore.
I wouldn't know
how to help them.
I'm sure you know
more than you think.
Well, you know how it is.
I left town.
I got so wrapped
up in my own life.
And I just lost
touch with everyone.
Pops always said when I
needed to clear my head I should
go for a walk in the woods.
Fresh air helps you think.
I've got an idea.
I feel like
we're wasting time.
Maybe we should head back.
Oh, it's not gonna
kill you to relax.
He says, wielding an ax.
We're gonna figure
this whole thing out.
I smell the pine.
I missed that.
Do you like Chicago?
I do.
It has everything I want.
My friends are amazing.
My job is exciting.
There's never a dull moment.
Dull moments are underrated.
Sometimes there's nothing
better than quiet.
My life is anything but quiet.
I have a million
things to do every day.
But when I left Red Lake
Falls, I made a promise
that I would make my mark.
And I am.
What do you do?
I work in branding.
Christmas campaigns.
I help shape what
people think they want.
How do you know what other
people want when you don't even
know what you want yourself?
I know what I want.
Well, you said you work
in a job that celebrates
Christmas all year round.
But then the one thing
that you wish for is
a world without Christmas.
Says a man who hides from
the world in his auto shop.
That's fair.
I'm just saying, it
sounds like your life is
very busy like a hamster wheel.
And so you're always running
from one thing to the next.
But if you're always
rushing to the next moment,
you never really appreciate
what you have in that moment.
You don't know me.
I don't.
But I'd like to.
Since I remembered
Christmas, I also
remembered I don't have a tree.
What do you think of that one?
It's perfect.
Let's do it.
That's good.
- That's good?
Yeah, right there.
Locking it in.
Aren't you full of surprises?
I had nothing to do with that.
Hey, I got an idea.
Look at you, all inspired.
You know, I am.
Since you helped me
remember Christmas,
I'm really excited to
jazz this place up.
Jazz this place up?
Hold, please.
Ah, [hums].
Check this out.
So these were my Pops'.
I grew up looking at these.
Oh, they're beautiful.
And in color.
I think we started something.
I only got four
of them, though.
I don't think we're gonna find
any more ornaments in town.
It's OK.
Yeah, we can improvise.
We can make ornaments
out of these.
What are these used for?
Are these blinkers?
I got more of
those in the shop.
My mom and I used to
make handmade ornaments
all the time.
All you need is some
hot glue and some paint.
You got yourself a
fully trimmed tree.
OK, yeah.
It's like popcorn and string.
My mom would always say,
you know, that ornaments,
they don't have to be
shiny or expensive.
They just have to remind you
of good times you cherish.
We even have this little
stamp that we put on them,
our initials and the year.
That way, every ornament
would tell a family story.
I love that.
Hey, I've got an idea
how to change you back.
Really, what?
When Dana and I
changed back, it's
because remembering Christmas
healed something inside of us,
Now, you said you
feel like you've lost
connection with your family.
This kind of ornament seems
like a pretty important
memory for you and your mom.
Yeah, you might
be onto something.
Do you feel anything?
I'm running out of time.
It's almost Christmas.
We're gonna
think of something.
Merry Christmas, Hunter.
Merry Christmas, Addy.
Ho, ho, ho.
Just one more day
till Christmas.
Have you told Santa
your Christmas wish yet?
Remember, the wishes
you make this Christmas
can last a lifetime.
PHONE): We're sorry.
Your call cannot be
completed as dialed.
Good morning, sweetheart.
You're early.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
Is Dad up yet?
He had an early
council meeting.
On Christmas Eve?
Oh, right.
There's no Christmas.
You know I love you, right?
Of course I do.
What kind of question is that?
I don't know.
I've just been feeling
so disconnected lately.
And I didn't want you
and Dad to feel like I
was taking you for granted.
Oh, you don't have
to worry about me.
I'm tougher than that.
What about Dad?
Doesn't seem like he wants to
be in the same room with me.
Addy, your father loves you.
You're his little girl.
I just think sometimes he
feels like he lost you.
Because I moved away?
I built a life for myself?
I mean, I couldn't
live here forever.
Oh, you made that abundantly
clear even as a child.
There were bigger
things in store for you.
Just because you move away
doesn't mean you forget
about the people who love you.
I haven't forgotten about you.
You and Dad, you don't
understand the kind of pressure
that I'm under every day.
How can we if
you don't tell us?
Sometimes I think you're
embarrassed by us.
I can't remember the last
time you invited us to visit.
And when we did, you showed us
your office, your apartment.
But you didn't invite us to
meet any of your friends.
I was trying to
show you the city.
Well, we didn't
come to sightsee.
We came to be a
part of your life.
And it feels like
you don't want that.
I do want that, Mom.
Sometimes I don't realize
how I make people feel.
And I'm starting
to see that now.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
I made something for you.
Oh, what is it?
Is it a reflector?
Well, sort of.
It's a Christmas ornament.
Everything you've taught
me, I've kept with me.
Even our little stamp.
Are those our initials?
This looks so familiar.
OK, Addy.
Now put your initial
carefully next to mine.
Oh, that's so good.
Now, see?
They're hugging because no
matter where life takes you,
I will always hold you tight,
especially on Christmas.
Our Christmas stamp!
I remember Christmas!
Oh, my gosh.
Mom, you look beautiful!
Why is everything so dull?
That's a very long story.
Don't move.
I will be right back.
Did you--
Did you?
Do you think we started
something with Dana?
I mean, we told her to
spread the Christmas spirit.
And look, the entire
town's coming together.
Go, Dana.
It's taking on
a life of its own.
Pretty soon, everything's
gonna be decorated,
and then everyone
will be changed back.
I hope everyone.
I have one day left.
And I still don't know why
I haven't changed back.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Take that down.
You are defacing city property.
They're just
string lights, Mayor.
Tonight's Christmas Eve.
Again, with the Christmas.
You guys, I can explain
what's going on here.
Stay out of this, Addy.
You've done more than enough.
Because of your
Christmas nonsense,
half the town is acting
crazy, and the other half
is afraid of them.
That's not fair.
I see Addy got to you, too.
She didn't get to me.
She helped me remember
the joy of Christmas.
If you could just be
open to the possibility--
You are just like my daughter,
always so certain you're right.
Oh, my gosh.
That's it.
If you could reconcile
things with Gina,
then you could remember
Christmas, too.
My issues with my daughter
have nothing to do with this.
Pardon me.
It does.
You don't want to lose any
more time with your family.
If I could have even one
second back with my Pops,
I'd take that in a heartbeat.
I can fix this.
We had an emergency town
council meeting this morning.
Your father presided.
Public decorations
of any kind are
hereby prohibited indefinitely
until further notice.
You can't do that.
When your father saw the
chaos you caused in the town
that he loves, I've
never seen him so angry.
He wants nothing to do with
Christmas or with people
turning weird colors.
Where is he right now?
He went home to find you.
Oh, my god.
My mom's in color.
I have to get home.
I never meant for any
of this to happen.
Hey, how can I help you?
Just keep everyone
calm and keep
spreading the Christmas spirit.
Come on, over a fireplace.
Nick, please, just slow down.
This is not up for debate.
What's going on?
I want this stuff
out of my house.
OK, Dad.
Let me explain, because Mom--
- No, Addy.
I want things back
the way they were.
Yeah, that's what
I'm trying to do.
Did you do this
to your mother?
No, Nick.
I did this to myself.
I remembered Christmas.
If I hear that word
Christmas one more time--
you turned away from me, Sharon.
Just like Addy did, years ago.
Dad, no one's
turning away from you.
You can remember,
too, if you just try.
I don't have to try anything.
We live a good life here
in a town that we love.
Now, I am sorry that it's not
good enough for you, Addy.
But you cannot just come
home here and blow it all up.
It's not fair.
I never said that you weren't
good enough for me, Dad.
I love you.
I am trying to
make things right.
You want to make things right?
Well, then help your mother
get rid of this mess.
I want everything back
the way it was by the time
I get home from work.
Who ever heard of
putting a pine tree
in the middle of a living room?
Don't say anything.
I wouldn't even know
what to say if I did.
Where's Mom?
She's upstairs taking a nap.
Dad called and told
me what happened.
Apparently Mom's in color now?
She remembered Christmas.
- Enough with the Christmas.
- It's true!
She remembered all the great
memories that we had together.
You should she--
- Just stop.
You always have an
answer for everything.
But what you don't do is listen.
I'm listening.
You're hurting people, Addy.
People like Dad.
And you need to stop.
I'm not trying to
hurt people, Connor.
But we're running out of time.
You don't understand
what we're gonna lose
if Christmas doesn't happen.
I mean, for some people it's
the only time of the year
that they get to actually
see their loved ones.
And for others, it's
a time that they
can just put aside
their differences
and celebrate what
they do share.
I mean, even for
the community, it's
a chance for people to help
those that are suffering.
I have spent my entire career
trying to sell Christmas.
But I never really knew what
it meant until it vanished.
I just-- I don't
want you to lose
out on what's important to you.
I know what's important to me.
Maybe you should just
go back to Chicago.
You like it better
there, anyway.
- Connor.
- I got to--
I'm gonna go check on Mom.
Look, your brother
just doesn't understand.
But he will.
Don't give up.
I don't know.
Maybe Connor's right.
Ever since I wished Christmas
away, everything's ruined.
But it's not.
The Christmas spirit is
spreading like wildfire.
People are out there
celebrating and having fun
and remembering what's
special about the holidays.
Not everyone.
My dad and Connor think
I've blown up the family.
And once Christmas comes,
they won't change back.
Neither will I.
Not with that attitude.
What am I supposed to do?
Everything I've tried,
I've made worse.
Are you kidding me?
The people that
you have helped--
I mean, look at this place.
Look at this.
Look at me.
I want you to come
with me right now.
This is all because of you.
Well, it all disappeared
because of me, too.
Oh, come on.
You got caught up in your
stress and you made a mistake.
We all do that.
Look at how happy they are.
Everyone really
does look happy.
Because they are.
Look, I can't speak
for all these people,
but because of your wish,
I am a better person than I
was before Christmas went away.
Truly, I mean that.
I didn't think that I
deserved all of this,
to be a part of this
community the way Pops was.
So I stayed in the garage
and life passed me by.
And then you came, and you--
you reminded me of what
Christmas is all about.
For what it's worth,
you've changed me, too.
What if they never remember--
I can't imagine a world without
dads Operation Christmas Smile
or Connor proposing to Sienna.
I got you on this, OK?
You're not alone.
Take a deep breath.
Now tell me, what was the very
first thing that brought you
home for Christmas this year?
Connor's engagement.
He wanted me to be there.
He had the ring picked
out and everything.
So step one--
help Connor remember
his Christmas proposal.
What's going on?
Everyone looks
different here, Addy.
Is this another
one of your games?
I already told you
I don't want this.
And there's nothing more to say.
When you love someone,
there's always more to say.
I was wondering when you
were gonna turn up, Connor.
I've had this ready
for a few days now.
Thought you might be
getting cold feet.
Excuse me.
What do you have ready for me?
Your engagement ring, son.
You bought that for Sienna.
You were gonna propose on
Christmas Eve at the pageant.
Don't you remember?
some figgy pudding--
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
Are you headed to
the Christmas pageant?
I haven't seen you at
one of these before.
Yeah, I just moved
to town with my family.
I don't really know anyone yet.
Oh, well.
Now you do.
Maybe we could sit together.
I would love that.
All right, let's go.
I met Sienna at the
Christmas pageant.
I remember.
And the second she smiled
at me, that was it.
I knew she was the one.
Oh, I love
Sienna so much.
Addy, I can't believe I forgot.
Your love for her
brought you back.
Sorry I didn't believe you.
That's OK.
I wouldn't have
believed me, either.
Tonight is Christmas Eve.
I'm too late.
Not if I have
anything to do with it.
Dana's already
starting the pageant.
All you have to do
is get Sienna there.
I'll take care of the rest.
She's gonna be surprised
to see me in color.
She'll love you no
matter what you look like.
Thank you.
Addy, if it wasn't for
you, I would have missed
the biggest night of my life.
I should be thanking you.
For what?
For reminding me not to
take my family for granted.
I love you.
I love you, too.
What about Mom and Dad?
They have to be there.
- I'm gonna get them there.
Don't worry.
All you have to worry about is
sweeping Sienna off her feet.
All right.
Hey, Dad.
Is your mother home?
No, she actually went
to the Christmas pageant
that Dana put together.
And it starts in an hour.
Yeah, I heard
that was happening.
Even the mayor got on
board as of this afternoon.
Mayor Matt
remembered Christmas?
And that's supposed
to be a good thing?
I am just so sick
of all of this.
You know what?
I'm tired, Addy.
I don't want to fight again.
I don't, either.
I just want to talk.
What's the point?
No one's listening to me.
I'm afraid if we don't talk
now, we might lose each other.
OK, well, that
was your choice.
You're always too
busy to talk to me.
Now this whole Christmas
nonsense is just one more thing
getting all your attention.
Dad, please.
Why are you so afraid of
remembering Christmas?
Because everything's changing.
I feel like I'm
getting left behind.
Why would you think that?
Dad, you lead the town council.
I look different
than everyone.
People remember
things that I don't.
I just want things to go
back to the way they were.
But you can remember, too.
But what if I can't?
Then what?
Then the people that love
you will still love you.
You're my dad.
Nothing's gonna change that.
But it has already, Addy.
Things have been
changing for a while.
Since you moved to Chicago, I
feel like you're worlds away.
But even more than that,
sweetie, I don't know where
I fit into your life anymore.
I mean, that's why I
joined that crazy app,
just so I could
follow your campaigns
and just try to stay
connected to you.
Oh, Dad.
Since the second you were
born, I've been your dad.
Now I'm feeling like
there's no more room for me.
Of course there is.
I know when I am overwhelmed
with work, when I am stressed,
I tend to lose sight of things.
Even if we're black
and white forever,
I will always be by your side.
I love you, kiddo.
I couldn't be prouder of you.
And I want the world for you.
I never realized how much I
would miss my little girl.
I love you, Dad.
I miss you, too.
Hi, honey.
I'm so glad you came.
Me, too.
Here, Dad.
Gina, hi.
- Hi.
You made it.
Good to see you.
Dad and I just had
the best dinner.
I brought over my
famous lasagna.
And it was wonderful.
No, it wasn't.
It seems like most
everyone's changed except us.
We're in this
together, OK, Dad?
I just want to thank all of
you so much for coming tonight.
As you know, we had to pull this
together pretty last-minute.
But none of it
could have happened
without all of you coming
together and pitching in.
And that's what Christmas
is all about, right?
So give yourselves a very,
very big round of applause.
You all deserve it so much.
Now, before we begin the
pageant in the spirit
of the magic of Christmas,
we have something special
in store for you.
Connor Dean, can you come
up to the stage, please?
What's happening?
You'll see.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Thank you for indulging me.
You see, I met the
love of my life
at this very pageant years ago.
Sienna, will you
join me up here?
Come on.
Is he doing what
I think he's doing?
I hope he's doing what
you think he's doing.
If you would have told me
back then that the woman I met
that night would make
me happier than I
ever could have imagined--
because the second I
saw you, I couldn't
imagine my life without you.
He's doing it.
He's doing it!
Mom, inner voice.
I haven't done it yet.
Oh, my gosh.
I hope that you remember that
night as well as I do, because
on this Christmas
Eve, the only present
I want is to be with you.
Will you marry me?
I remember.
Yes, of course I'll marry you!
Dad, what's wrong?
It's a good thing.
No, I know it's a great thing.
I'm thrilled for Connor.
I'm just thinking that, if
watching my own son propose
to the woman of his dreams
can't make me change,
I don't know what will.
That's fine.
Excuse me.
Is that Mr.
Blakeman's grandson?
Yeah, that's Hunter.
He's cute.
Is he single?
Mom, shh.
Is this thing--
Yeah, that's on.
Sorry about that.
Hi, I'm Hunter.
I run the auto shop.
You all probably know me
as the guy from the gas
station, which is fair.
I haven't been the
most outgoing person.
I'm working on that because
the last couple of days,
I've really learned
how special it
is to be a part of
this town, the way
Nick Dean has always been.
Now, I don't think there is
a single person in Red Lake
Falls that doesn't have a story
about how Nick has helped them.
And believe me, I
know that because I
ran around all afternoon
talking to all of you.
According to Addy, Nick has
always celebrated the holidays
by helping others
through his charity,
Operation Christmas Smile.
Operation Christmas Smile?
Do you remember?
It's so familiar.
This year, when we all
forgot Christmas and donations
were low, it was looking
like the veterans' families
that Nick had planned to help,
they weren't going to have
much to celebrate, until you
all stepped up and you rallied
and you supported our
friend Nick for all
of his years of service.
All right, kids.
Bring it in.
Nick, would you please stand up
so that we can all acknowledge
you and celebrate you
for all that you've
given to our community?
Come on.
Welcome back.
Welcome to the family, Sienna.
Well, you know what this means.
We have an extra set of hands
to help out at the charity event
I would be honored, Mr. Dean.
I would be honored
if you called me Dad.
Oh, excuse me.
One sec.
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
It's Christmas Eve.
Have you told Santa
your Christmas wish yet?
Honestly, Santa, I wish I knew
why everyone else was in color
and I'm in black
and white still.
Remember, the
wishes you make this Christmas
will last a lifetime.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Creepy Santa app again?
Story of my Christmas.
Maybe I can add a little
more joy to your night.
Come on.
I meant what I said
earlier about you
making me a better person than
I was before I forgot Christmas.
You changed Operation
Smile all on your own.
No, no, no.
I mean, not that.
After Pops died and I just
gave up on all of this,
I gave up on Christmas.
But you came and you reminded
me what it was all about,
about being part of a
community and helping people
that you love.
And so now, I get to help you.
Thanks to Pops,
the one thing--
the one thing-- that I've always
been good at is fixing cars.
And so, yours is fixed.
It's parked out front.
You helped save the
charity and you fixed my car?
I'm a man of many talents.
I wish you could
change me back to color.
Please tell me you
don't think I'm
gonna stay like this forever.
I wish I could tell you that.
But Addy, no matter
what you look like,
you'll always be
beautiful to me.
Wonderful speech, Hunter.
And I am so glad the way
things turned out in the end.
It's like one of those
Christmas movies.
This is the perfect
story for my Red Lake
Falls Christmas Capital Blog.
Now we just need someone
to fall in love and kiss.
I really thought
that would work.
Wait, what?
Addy, it doesn't matter.
I did everything right.
I helped everybody
solve their problems.
And I still didn't
change back to color.
No, Addy, look at
everything you've done.
Everybody remembers
Christmas now.
No, not everyone.
Not everyone.
Not me!
Gosh, I even kissed you,
and I still didn't change.
Wait, what?
Is that-- that's
why you kissed me?
I don't know.
Well, when you figure it
out, just let me know.
What do you want from me?
I am running out of time.
I can't do this right now.
OK, I just have
to get to Chicago,
and then everything will
make sense once I'm home.
See ya, Red Lake Falls.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
I have to get out of here.
You got to be kidding me.
Why can't I leave?
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
It's Christmas Eve.
I have had just about
enough of you, Santa!
Your mom tells me you hardly
said a word since you got home.
I'm-- I just need a minute.
I'm fine.
Well, you don't sound fine.
You have a couple of minutes
for your dear old dad?
This has certainly been one
of our more unique Christmases
that we've had in a while.
Dad, I'm so sorry that I
started all of this chaos.
If I hadn't wished
away Christmas--
this is all my fault.
Oh, no.
Nothing, honey, is
ever one person's
fault. Everyone plays a part.
I mean, little by
little, people have
been losing their Christmas
joy all on their own.
I'm scared, Dad.
Christmas is tomorrow.
I don't want to be
like this anymore.
But I don't know what to do.
Well, I have never
known you to give up.
Well, what am
I supposed to do?
I've tried everything.
I have tried solving
people's problems,
spreading the Christmas joy.
I even kissed Hunter
like I'm supposed
to do at the end of
those Christmas movies,
and that didn't--
why are you laughing?
Because, sweetie, you've
always done everything
because you thought you
were supposed to, because it
would help you succeed.
Well, yeah.
I'm an adult, Dad.
I have responsibilities.
Yes, and being an adult isn't
just about accomplishing things
and then setting new
goals, because sometimes,
speeding through life
is a way of keeping
people at arm's distance
because they can never catch up.
My life can be so
overwhelming, Dad.
I mean, there's
days that I wake up
and I don't even like the
person that I've become.
Well, then, change it.
Oh, Addy.
You're a good person.
And I always knew you
would do great things.
I mean, look at all the people
in town that you've helped.
Now, you need to help yourself.
I don't know how.
Start by asking
yourself, are you living
the life that you want to?
Or are you living the life
you think you're supposed to?
I mean, take Hunter for example.
Did you really kiss him
because you thought it
would change you back to color?
Or is there a chance that,
just maybe, you care about him?
Do I have feelings for Hunter?
Yes, I do.
Yeah, I kissed him because I
thought it would turn me back.
So you weren't honest with
Hunter, or with yourself.
Open your heart, sweetie.
Let him in.
But after
the way I treated him,
I mean, he'll probably
never want to see me again.
Oh, come on.
Give yourself more
credit than that.
You are not easy to shake.
Talk to Hunter at
the charity event.
What if it's too late?
Doesn't matter.
We're gonna love
you no matter what.
For now, forever, for always.
As they say, it's not
over till it's over.
You've still got Christmas.
Thank you for your service.
More blueberries?
Ah, thank you, kiddo.
What was that for?
For being my dad.
I've missed you.
I've missed you, too.
And I'm so glad you're
here to share this.
Look at the smiles you have put
on all these people's faces.
This is all you, Dad.
I have been gone so
long, I forgot how
happy this town makes me feel.
Oh, I have missed that smile.
I hope I get to
see it more often.
You will.
I promise.
Thank you for your service.
success, as always!
Thank you.
Any sign of him?
No, not yet.
But it's still early.
Have a little faith.
Thanks for helping
with the stuffing.
It was like old times.
Oh, Mom.
It was so fun.
We need to do it more often.
Hey, when you come
to Chicago, would
you meet my best friend, Suma?
Oh, I would love to.
I am starving.
This smells so--
Slow your reindeer,
Santa Claus.
I'll put the food out soon.
Have you seen him?
I wouldn't give up hope.
It's no use.
I mean, after the way I
treated him last night,
he's probably back
in his auto shop just
shutting the world away again.
You may
be a good kisser,
but you don't have that
much power over me.
You came.
Of course I came.
Think I would miss Operation
Christmas Smile after I helped
pull the whole thing together?
Hey, can we talk
privately for a moment?
Oh, my gosh.
I thought you
might want this back.
It was on the street
outside of my shop.
How did you know it was mine?
So, I made a wish that
you would come back to me.
And I guess the Santa app
on there made it happen.
You saw it, too?
No, I'm joking.
It's still dead.
Your initials are on the case.
Kind of tipped me off.
I did make a wish that you
would come back, though.
Hunter, I'm so
sorry for what I said.
I should never have
run off like that.
You know, I've kissed a
couple of women in my day.
But I've never actually had the
kiss scare someone out of town.
No, your kiss
didn't scare me away.
Your kiss was great.
Your kiss was really great.
Your kiss was like, wow, great.
I just-- I got in
my own way again.
I was so focused on getting
things back to the way
they were that I didn't
stop to appreciate
what was right in front of me.
Thank you for saying that.
I appreciate that.
I appreciate you.
Hey, if I haven't
totally freaked you out
in all of my black and
white neurotic glory,
I have another Christmas wish.
What do you got?
I'd like to kiss you for
the right reasons this time.
You twisted my arm.
are you, Christmas?
Why can't I find you?
Yeah, it was pretty great.
I mean, yes.
No, it was a perfect kiss.
You're back.
I'm back.
I'm back!
You are beautiful,
whatever color you are.
Ho, ho, ho.
- Is that you?
- That's me.
Christmas, Addy.
I'm so glad you got your wish.
Santa, are you talking to me?
this one last a lifetime.
Oh, my.
Is everything OK?
I feel you, Christmas.
I just think I've had
enough of this phone
to last me a lifetime.
I'd like to be
right here with you.
I know I've found you.
You'll never fade away.
The joy of Christmas--
What's so funny?
I need to get out more.
I've never even really
been to Chicago.
You know, I know someone
who could show you around.
Fills each
and every heart.
Fill your heart with love.