Where Children Play (2015) Movie Script

(bee buzzing)
Belle, come here.
Belle: Look, it's so skinny.
Belle: Look at
all these flowers.
I want to pick them.
Pick me up!
I want to pick these flowers.
Tyler: Bills, bills
and more bills.
Rent's due.
I know you can
hear me, Belle. Rent?
I heard you
the first time, Tyler.
I don't get my paycheck
till next week.
Well, you're pretty much
living here rent free.
-I do pay rent.
-No, you don't.
-Shut up.
(crickets chirping)
-(seagulls squawking)
-(waves splashing)
(alarm beeps)
So what are we gonna
do about rent?
I'm late for work.
-Well, what?
Look I paid
the full rent last month.
I can't pay it again
this month.
My fees are coming up,
you know that, Belle.
I don't know why you even
go to that expensive school.
Don't change the subject.
It's more than just the rent.
I don't know--
Okay, okay.
I will get you a check by
the time I get home today.
-(keys jingling)
-Cashier's check?
Nia! Thank you for
clocking in for me.
-Which door do you have?
Why you always late?
I swear it will
not happen again.
-Yeah, we're gonna get caught.
-We're not.
How's your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend.
That's what you keep saying.
Shut up! He's my roommate.
-Ms. Peterson: Nia?
Rooms 212, 213, 214
have bathroom issues.
Put them out of order.
And we need to stop
checking in party crowds.
There's always something
broken when they leave.
For how long, Ms. Peterson?
I could get them all fixed up
by noon tomorrow.
That sounds good.
Thank you, Melt.
Full house tomorrow?
What time did you
get here, Belle?
-Good Morning, Ms. Peterson.
-I know it's a good morning.
I want to know what
time you got here
because you were not here
when I got here at 7 AM.
I-- I...
Man: Do you all honor
the AARP card?
We sure do so, sir.
Welcome to the Highgate Hotel.
My wife and I, we were
visiting our granddaughter.
She goes to that big
old college you have here.
-Oh, she goes to SCAD?
-Both: Yes, yes.
-She's studying fast.
-Oh, that's wonderful.
Are you looking into
a single or a double room?
Woman: Uh, a double please?
-Woman: He snores.
-Nia: Okay. (laughs)
-Nia: Here you go.
-Helen: Hello, Bellissima.
-Nia: Please fill out this form.
-Aunt Helen.
What are you doing here?
-I came to see you.
How did you find me?
It's not like you'd run off to
Africa or something, Bellissima.
(laughing nervously)
Can you not call me
Bellissima, please?
That's what
your mother named you.
Just Belle.
My name is just Belle.
Look, I can't be doing this
with you right now.
I'll meet you wherever
you are after work.
I gotta work right now.
Run like you always do.
I'm not running.
If you all hadn't been
so busy living your lives,
maybe you might have shown
up here much sooner.
Well, you don't have to worry
about that any more.
Your mother is dead.
Did he kill her?
He couldn't even if he tried.
When did she die?
Two nights ago.
The funeral's next week.
You need to be there.
Ten years, huh?
Ten years and not
one word to your mother.
I didn't have
anything to say to her.
Or to anyone else.
How about, "Hello"?
How about, "How are you doing"?
How about, "How was dinner"?
How about you start from there?
How did she die?
She just died in her sleep.
She just died.
-(videogame playing)
-Come on. Go, go, go.
-Move forward, you idiots. Fuck!
-(door opens)
-(videogame playing)
-(door slams shut)
Can you turn that down?
-Tyler: You're in my house.
-Nia: Shut up! Turn it down.
And what is that smell?
-Is that smoke?
-Shit, my lunch.
What's wrong with Belle?
You need to clean this place up?
It is disgusting.
-Tyler: Did you not hear me?
-Oh, did you not hear me?
Tyler: Belle?
Are you gonna go?
I don't think
I can go back there.
No, you should go.
I'll cover rent.
Gayle: We're moving
to California sweetheart!
A whole new city!
A new life!
-Are you excited?
-Thank you.
-God bless you, sister.
Welcome, brother.
Welcome, brother.
God bless you, sister.
Helen: Your mother would
be so proud of you.
(tranquil music
playing in the distance)
Welcome, brother.
Hey. Welcome.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Welcome, welcome.
-Uncle James.
-How are you holding up, hon?
-I'm not sure.
-Well, welcome home.
-We're here for you, okay?
-Thank you.
Come on, let me
take you to your mama.
(tranquil music playing)
Today, we are not here to mourn,
like people have no hope.
We have hope.
We are a people of hope
because my Bible tells me
that Jesus went before us.
Before Sister Gayle
to prepare a way...
-Will you stop it?
-Where is he?
Rev. James: Mmm-mm.
He didn't even come
to her funeral.
So, Gayle will not be
roaming around aimlessly,
without hope.
Why don't you bury
your mother first
and I'll talk
to you about him later?
He better be dead too.
So we will not cry,
we will not mourn,
we're gonna celebrate
the life she lived.
The life she lived in Jesus.
-All: Amen.
In the sweet
By and by
We'll meet on
that beautiful shore
In the sweet
By and by
We'll meet on
that beautiful shore
In the sweet
By and by
We shall meet on
that beautiful shore
In the sweet
By and by
We shall meet on
that beautiful shore
Rev. James: Let us pray.
Father God, as we come
to rest our sister, Gayle,
our hearts are burdened
but our spirits are happy,
for we know she is
in your presence.
We know we must
all pass this way at some point,
so we don't begrudge
her happy day.
Sister Gayle,
until be meet again.
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
may the Good Lord
keep your soul.
-Rev. James: Amen.
-All: Amen.
(people chattering)
Hi, Jay.
(clicks tongue)
Do you have a ride back?
Aunt Helen.
How you feeling?
Not how I imagined
seeing my mother again, but...
I'm sorry.
She was a good person.
Everyone's a good person
when they're dead, aren't they?
Come on.
I'm surprised you're still here,
in Compton.
It's home.
You're like some local
champion, aren't you?
-Ex-pro ball player?
-I'm just giving back.
Let me guess,
you have some youth club thing.
I manage a youth center
at the YMCA.
Local Champion.
Better a local champion
than no champion at all.
Belle, let's go.
I have to go to the reception.
-You coming?
-Sure. I'll be there.
-Let me get your door.
-Helen: Belle, let's go.
-What are we doing here?
-Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Nothing's changed.
Helen: David...
David. Hey...
-How long has he been like this?
-Helen: Too long.
Kidney failure.
And mama was nursing him?
Well, he was her husband.
It's too much.
Your mother was taking care
of your father until she died
so you cannot go back to
Georgia, you have to stay here.
You're not asking me to stay
and nurse that man?
He is your father.
He lost the right to be
my father
a long time ago,
Aunt Helen.
-Well, there's nobody else.
-Well, find somebody else.
A nanny, a nurse,
anybody, not me.
There's no money
for anybody else.
What are you doing in Savannah,
some crappy $7.25 an hour job?
-I'm happy.
-That happiness is self-serving.
This is duty.
You're gonna start here
in this house with your father.
Don't talk to me
about duty--
-Aunt Helen.
-(shuts the door)
I'm tired, I'm hungry and I have
been travelling for days.
I don't want to discuss
this anymore.
(keys jingling)
(motor engine revving)
(people chattering)
Hey, Helen, how are you?
I'm fine.
Hey, Helen, I'll take those.
-Thank you, Jeremy.
-No problem.
(water running)
(footsteps approaching)
Your aunt asked me
to drive you home.
And you agreed?
You don't have
to be nice to me, Jay.
I'm not.
That's more like it.
(clicks tongue)
Are you ready to go?
Say it.
Say what?
Don't talk about him.
I know what buttons to push.
I'm not gonna do this
with you, Belle.
Why not?
Give it a rest, Belle.
-(Jeremy sighs)
-(Belle sniffs)
This is what I love
about Los Angeles.
Nice and cool, every night.
So what's the weather
like in Savannah?
-You want to talk about weather?
-Hey, safe.
-(keys jingling)
-(alarm beeps)
-This is your car?
Get in.
You don't have to take me
to my house, Jay.
I'd rather not go there
if I had a choice.
Uh, you don't, Belle.
You don't want it?
-(keys jingling)
(motor engine revving)
(police sirens the distance)
(swing creaking)
(singing distantly)
(swing creaking)
Ruby: Hi, Belle.
It's been lonely here
without you.
Helen: Belle?
-(shrieks and grunts)
-Did you sleep on the floor?
Good morning to you too.
Did you sleep
on the floor out here?
(sighing) What are you
doing here so early?
Someone has to change
and feed your father.
Feed and change him?
Helen: Sheets don't change
themselves. Help me.
David: Who is that?
Helen: It's your daughter,
-My daughter?
-He doesn't remember me.
He goes in and out.
These need to be washed.
He needs a nurse.
Helen: You're gonna pay
for that, Belle?
Doesn't he have like
health care or something?
You know, last time I checked,
you were his daughter.
Your parents take care of you,
then you take care of them.
That's how it's supposed to be.
Hey, baby.
How was your day?
I lost my job.
You lost your job?
Well, I thought your company
agreed to take you back
once your arm healed.
Gayle, this hand
used to pound steel.
What good is it if I can't
ever straighten it again?
What about
the insurance company?
Benefits! We could do
something with the settlement.
There is no settlement.
$3,500, that's it!
Thirty five hundred dollars?
Wh-- Wh--
What are we supposed
to do with that?
Okay, all right. Let's get
a lawyer. Helen knows about--
Fight their army of lawyers?
I asked them what good
is it for me
to be paying into
the insurance all these years?
You know what they said to me?
"Mr. Mccain, we always
encourage our customers
to carefully read the evidence
of courage."
It's within the guidelines
of their policy.
I know that that's not right.
There has to be something
that the company can do.
What if we ask for
another position?
You think I didn't try?
They're not a charitable
company for the disabled.
That's not funny, David.
You see me laughing here?
-I'm sorry.
-We should have never came here.
Oh, don't say that.
We did it for the girls.
And how am I supposed
to take care of them now?
-It's all your fault.
-My fault?
-We had a good life in Georgia.
No, you wanted more.
I didn't want our children
growing up on a farm.
They had a good education,
food on the table,
a warm bed, what more is there?
Well, you know what?
If you didn't think
that it was such a good idea,
why did you agree to start
looking for new positions?
Huh? When you
were making all the money
it wasn't my fault, was it?
Don't you talk to me
like I'm your boy.
-(door slams)
-Belle: Mommy, is Daddy okay?
Yes, sweetheart.
(laughs nervously)
Daddy's fine.
He's just a little upset,
that's all.
Come on.
Give Mommy a hug.
Helen: Belle?
Help me change the sheets.
I can't.
(birds chirping)
(bicycle wheel clicking)
(wheels squealing)
Hey, Belle, you remember me?
Should I?
-Yo, it's me, Azariah.
-A who?
Yo, used to kick it with
my brother
back in High school, man.
Don't act like you don't
know me. It's me, Azariah.
-Ain't that like a girl name?
-No, man. It's from the Bible.
Okay. How nice for you.
-Dude, you struck out, man.
-Man, I don't care.
-Man, I think you suck.
-Y'all niggers weak.
(mumbling indistinctly)
Let's hustle, let's hustle.
Come on, Eli.
I need more focus.
Here we go.
Here we go, Jimmy.
Faster, fellas.
Faster! Come on.
You want to hit Varsity
this year? You gotta hustle.
Come on, Eli,
where's the concentration?
Stay down on it.
Come on, Eli, hustle.
You're getting slower.
I believe in you.
Let's go.
Here we go, Zach.
Here we go.
Stay down, Billy.
where's the concentration?
Come on.
Remember, you gotta stay down.
Those turf monsters
gonna jump up and bite you.
That's gonna happen,
that's gonna happen. Let's go.
Eli, seriously?
What's going on, Eli? Y'all
partying last night? What's up?
-Where's your focus?
-I was distracted.
Why are you distracted?
I thought you said,
no girls in here?
-And where do you see a girl?
She got in my head, Coach.
Just like you say they do.
-You want to make Varsity right?
Leave the girls
till after practice, all right?
-Jeremy: Three laps!
Y'all can thank Casanova
Don Bishop Magic Eli over here.
Let's go.
Let's see some hustle.
-How'd you find me?
-You're easy to find.
-What are you doing here?
-Looking for you.
Look, I have a meeting
but if you wait for me,
I could finish up here
and we can talk in my office.
(whistle blows)
Bring it in!
-Belle: Where you going again?
-(sighs) Raising money.
To take the team to Australia.
Meeting two potential
investors for dinner.
-I thought you were rich.
Um, not really.
Uh, I mean,
we're a private club.
So we need to raise
all the money in house.
And I need all the help
I can get.
So, tell me, what have
you been up to?
(clicks tongue)
I manage Queen Latifah.
You bring me up
to your big fancy office
and ask me
what I've been up to?
I was just making conversation.
-Just catching up.
Well, I don't have
a big fancy life like you.
I work in a hotel,
I make minimum wage.
Can't rent an apartment
so I room with this white kid,
and sometimes I have sex
with him to avoid paying rent.
Couldn't go to college
'cause just not smart enough.
What else?
Oh! Right now,
I'm being ordered
to stay in Compton
and change my dad's diapers.
Yeah, that about sums it up.
So, pardon me, if I'm not
so eager to discuss my life.
I'm sorry, Belle.
It's okay.
I've had time
to get used to it.
-I didn't mean to remind you--
-Of my failures?
Of your hurts.
What floor is this anyway?
It's nice.
I'm proud of you.
Who are you?
(speaking Spanish)
English. English, please.
My name is Adriana.
I look after the man,
the sick man.
-Oh, you come every day?
-No, no. I have other job.
Senora Helen, call me, "Come".
-Can you come every day?
-No, no. I have other job.
And a small child. I go now.
I may come tomorrow, early.
-I need the money.
-Thank you.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(bag drops)
-David: Get over here!
-Gayle: David, stop!
-David: Get over here, I said!
-Gayle: David, stop! David!
-Get over here! Get over here!
-David! David! David!
-(screams) Please, I said stop!
-Shut up! Get over here!
-Get over here!
-(screams) Enough!
-Get over here! Get over here!
-(sobbing) David!
-(crying loudly) No! No!
-David, I didn't do anything.
-Shut up and take this!
-David, you're hurting me.
(sobbing and whimpering)
No! Get off of me, please.
No! No! No!
-David: Stop it! Stop it!
-(sobbing) Get away!
(sobbing and whimpering)
Get away. Get away, Belle.
(crying and groaning)
(beads chinking)
(David groaning)
(David groaning)
David: (groans and whispers)
I need to be changed.
(traffic sounds)
David: Please...
Ruby: That's not gonna help.
-(David groaning)
-He's helpless.
Gives you ideas, doesn't it?
(David groans)
-Rev. James: Okay, okay.
-Is Aunt Helen home?
-Oh, good morning to you too.
Come on in.
Is that Grandpa?
Rev. James: Yes, it is.
I thought he died.
You need to watch your mouth.
Rev. James:
It's all right, Helen.
The girl's been gone awhile.
She just needs time
to catch up.
Thank you.
See you later, honey.
-Bye, Belle.
Be good.
Bye, Uncle James.
Does Grandpa
stay here with you?
Now he does.
Nursing home is too expensive.
And all the Medicare dried up.
Among other crisis.
I think that house is haunted.
You'll say anything
to get out of this.
And my sister's not a ghost.
Not her. Ruby.
You know the people
that lived here before,
their son drowned in the pool,
I bet you 50 bucks
he haunts my garage.
It's not funny.
He needs a nurse.
There is a nurse.
She can't work full time.
She works a couple of hours,
a couple of days a week.
What about
the woman from yesterday?
I had to bring her
because you weren't there.
Did you change him
by the way?
I'm not touching him.
You let the poor man sleep
in his wet diapers?
I told you, I cannot touch him.
The church is having
financial challenges,
I haven't worked in awhile.
We can't afford anything
but home care.
It doesn't look like
you're struggling.
He's not my father.
(honks horn)
-Hop in.
-I'm already home.
-(tires screech)
-I'm not taking you home.
Come on, I'll take you out.
Why you being so nice to me?
I'm not sure.
Were you going?
Are you gonna stop talking
and get in this car, woman?
-Oh, oh.
-Oh, oh. Okay.
-All right.
-Oh, wait, wait.
I should change
my clothes, shouldn't I?
No, you're all right.
Belle: (laughing)
We're going fishing!
Come on.
I doubt this creek
has fish anyway.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Jeremy: Ghosts?
Bell: Yeah.
Jeremy: I never really had
a reason to. Why?
You seeing things?
I guess I'm just paranoid
or something.
Thought I saw Ruby.
-Ruby, your sister?
-Belle: Yeah.
Have you been thinking
about her lately?
I guess.
You want to talk about it?
Nothing to talk about.
(reel whirring)
All right, well...
Better luck next time
with the fish.
Time to head back
to the campsite.
How did I let you talk me
into this?
-(laughs) But it's fun, right?
-Maybe for you.
What are you gonna
do with all those fish?
Are you serious?
We have stood in this hot sun
for hours
and you're just
gonna throw them back?
The fun is in the sport
not the reward.
What is with you
acting all white?
As opposed to what other color?
Hmm, I don't know.
Black, maybe?
The only thing
I'm trying to be is happy.
How far is this?
I have heels on.
Jeremy: You can handle it,
Compton. Come on.
Belle: Shut up!
How often do you do this?
Not as often
as I'd like.
I don't know you don't live
your big fancy life
off at the youth center, though
Do you?
I'm sure you got a big paycheck
after your football days.
So what you do now?
Well, first of all,
I manage the youth center.
-It's not even a paid position.
But I own a sporting goods
store in Miami.
That pays the bills.
Why Miami?
Good weather, tourists.
You've done really well
for yourself.
You will too.
I don't know.
Tried school...
Couldn't concentrate.
Now, that's gotta be the lamest
excuse I've ever heard.
-It's not an excuse.
-Sure, it is.
Belle, you kinda make
an excuse for everything.
Shut up! You don't know me.
You dated my baby brother
when you were barely legal.
Okay? I know you.
And I know
you'd like being depressed.
(stammers) All the drama,
the hate, it feeds you.
-You love it.
-That's easy for you to say.
I don't have anything
to start with.
-Keep telling yourself that.
And here I thought,
you'll be the one person
who would actually understand.
Hey, Belle, I understand, I do.
It is not enough to just sit in
your past and refuse to move on.
Move on where?
Well, what is all
that anger doing for you?
I survived because
I remember everything.
So I don't become like them.
Like Ruby.
People on the streets survive.
Your mother, she survived.
Your father's surviving,
hooked up to all those gadgets.
Belle, you're just like these
things you don't want to be.
'Cause it's not enough
to want to just survive.
Surviving is not living.
It's no life.
I think you have
too much faith in me.
Maybe that's because I can see
more about you than you can.
I'm not Derek.
Derek is dead.
I've accepted that. Have you?
I'm sorry.
There's nothing
to apologize for.
-Sorry about Derek.
-There's nothing to apologize--
Shut up! Just stop
being so perfect.
We stole your bike.
We crashed it.
He died and I ran away.
Derek and I,
we were so young.
And stupid.
He was my best friend.
And when he died,
I had no reason to stay here.
I was so upset when Derek died.
But I wasn't upset at you.
I was at the situation.
Belle, don't.
I've loved you forever.
-Why not?
-You're vulnerable.
No, I'm not.
You want me.
-I can feel it.
(breathing heavily)
-Jeremy: Oh God! Oh, Belle!
(breathing heavily)
(crying softly)
Hey, what are you doing?
Belle. Hey, stop.
-Belle, stop!
-(crying) Leave me alone!
Belle, stop. Belle!
All she ever did was
make excuses for him.
All the fucking time!
It was just her
and her husband!
"He's your father,
he's your father."
She should have taken him
with her when she died.
Belle, hey, hey--
No! No, no, no. No, no, no!
No, no! No more sex.
No more sermons,
no more pep talks.
I'm going back to Savannah.
What about your family?
You're not listening, okay?
No one's fucking listening.
If you don't change your mind,
I'll pick you up.
-What time is your flight?
-I don't fly.
-I'm taking the bus.
-What time?
-I'll call you.
-Just come by in the morning.
Are you sure you won't leave
before I get here?
I'll need a ride.
(wind blowing)
David: What you doing looking
for a job without telling me?
Gayle: I was going
to tell you, baby.
Listen, we don't have
any money.
David: You're lying.
Gayle: It's been three years
since you got a job.
David: You're liar.
Gayle: I'm just trying
to help us.
David: You think you
the man of the house?
You think you the man
of the house, huh?
-Would you listen-- Stop!
-I'm the man of this house.
-I'm the man of this house.
-(screaming) Stop!
-(seagulls squawking)
(bell rings)
Belle, would you
just let me explain?
What are you gonna explain?
How you just gave my space
away without a word?
-You were gone for two weeks!
-A week and a half.
Okay. A week and a half
and I wasn't sure you
were coming back.
-So you couldn't call?
-Your phone's been disconnected.
You know what? Shut up.
Because you've had this plan
from the beginning.
Belle: You were just waiting
for the right moment
to give my space away
to some fat idiot.
Another video game junkie
pretending to be an art student.
(videogame playing)
Tyler: Belle,
you never paid rent.
-Yes, I did.
-No, you didn't.
-Shut up.
-What're you gonna do?
-Give me my deposit back.
-I can't.
-Why not?
-Because it went towards rent.
If you say rent one more time...
I have to leave my stuff here
until I find some place
to stay tonight.
-No, you can stay--
-Shut up!
Don't touch my shit.
What you gonna do?
Can I please stay with you?
Where you gonna sleep?
I'll sleep on your couch.
Your floor, anywhere. Nia!
Belle, you know you're my girl
and I want to help,
but you know my roommate
don't allow no houseguests.
We seem to be getting along fine
and I want to keep it that way.
I could kill that white boy.
Hmm. I thought
you guys were cool
You know, like, Cool!
-No, I told you that.
It's just like fun stuff.
Yeah, seems like
he wasn't having much fun
since he kicked your ass out.
-Shut up!
-You think he care?
Nia! None of this is actually
helping me right now.
It's almost dark and I still
don't have no place to stay.
You know what
you need to do?
-You need to get with Simon.
I'm not doing that.
He gotta a crib,
you need a crib.
I don't wanna stay
in no drug house.
It's not for long,
just temporary.
-I brought you a present.
Oh! What do you want?
I need a place to stay
for a couple of days.
-(sighs) So you got any money?
-Money for what?
Come on, Simon.
Belle's your girl.
She used to be my girl
then she ran off and left me.
Found herself
a new little white toy.
What happened?
He kicked you out?
You know what? Forget you.
Come on, Simon.
You know what it is,
if you ain't got no money...
I'm not having sex with you.
Well, I guess
I can't help you then.
So what's it gonna be, huh?
-Fuck you!
Girl, why you do that?
I didn't want to have sex
with him for a bed.
-Please, you've done it before.
-Not any more.
I don't want to do it anymore.
All right.
So, what you gonna do?
Because you know
Ms. Peterson's
not gonna
give you your job back.
Bitch, I know that.
And you were gone for
almost two weeks, girl.
(laughing hysterically)
Okay, should I be worried?
I'm going back to California.
I did not want to go back there,
but somehow,
the answers I need,
they just aren't here.
I gotta go back.
All right.
This should help you
to at least
get some
sleazy hotel for the night.
-I'm not taking your money.
-Yes, you are. All of it.
-Take it.
-I'm gonna miss you.
-(both laughing)
-Don't do that.
-Will it change your mind?
That's my house.
Oh, you must be Bellissima.
-Belle. Right, Belle it is.
I'm Paige. Paige Watson.
-Are you his nurse?
Are-- Are those your things?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I just moved
back here from Georgia.
Oh. Would you want me
to help you bring them in?
-Yeah, sure, if you don't mind.
-I don't mind.
You must be beat.
That's a long ride.
Hi, sorry to bother you.
Can I use
the bathroom over here?
Your aunt said the one
downstairs is being fixed.
-Yeah, sure you can.
You going out?
Yeah. A date, I think.
Oh. Well, the tan one's nice.
(car horn honking)
I come bearing gifts.
You're just gonna
leave me out here?
What? What's wrong?
When did you get back?
You look nice.
What's wrong?
What are you doing here, Belle?
I came to see you
and I brought champagne.
No, you shouldn't be here.
Why not?
Belle, I can't do this with you.
This little game of yours,
"Make me feel better",
"Oh, I hate my family,
I'm going back to Georgia",
"No, no wait. I'm back".
I'm not ready for all that.
You think I'm using you?
No, no, no, no.
I don't think you're using me.
You are using me.
You want something meaningful?
Maybe a kiss? Hmm?
Or two?
Or three?
You need help.
That's why I'm here.
You want something meaningful,
I want the same thing.
-I'm not a replacement.
-I never said that you were.
Look, it shouldn't have
happened the first time.
You know what, Jay?
You're the one playing
games right now.
Not anymore.
See, I don't want
to be your drug.
It wasn't just sex, Jay.
It was more.
You want more?
I don't know.
But I would like to find out.
You're not ready.
What if I were?
Would you be here?
I don't know.
(door closes)
-Oh, hey, how you doing?
-Where you going?
-Hey, where you going, girl?
-Hold up.
Do you want to hang out
with us for a little bit?
Come back!
Hey, girl, come back here.
(breathing heavily)
Ruby: Do it.
He ruined our lives.
Ruin his.
Do it.
(coughing and crying)
(screaming and crying)
-Ruby: Stop! (crying)
-Shut up!
-Get over here!
-(screaming) Stop!
-Shut up!
-(crying and whimpering)
(crying and whimpering)
-Shut up!
-Ruby: Stop! You're hurting...
-Get down!
Stop it!
(crying and whimpering)
-David: Stop crying!
-Ruby: Please!
-(grunting and moaning)
-David: Get down!
-Ruby: (crying) Please...
Ruby: (crying) It hurts...
(moaning and grunting)
Ruby, he's gone.
You can come out now.
Ruby! He's gone.
-Gayle: Girls?
Gayle: Ruby, Bellissima,
dinner's ready.
Bellissima, what are
you doing down there?
It's Ruby. She won't come out.
-Ruby's in the closet?
What are you doing in there?
What's the matter with you?
What happened to you?
Ruby, what is it?
Bellissima, what is
going on with Ruby?
I saw Daddy hurting her.
(deep breath)
What happened?
He wouldn't stop.
I kept begging him to stop.
Who wouldn't stop?
How many times have I told you
to stop messing around
with those neighborhood boys?
-How many times?
-It was Daddy!
-Shut up!
-I saw him!
-Oh, you be quiet!
-Go downstairs!
-Belle: I saw him!
Gayle: I said, go downstairs!
(breathing heavily)
(sobbing softly)
(water dripping)
(elevator bell rings)
Five hundred dollars!
The man makes
half a mill a year!
Now, please...
Push for 5,000.
Yes, please.
Hey, look, I'm gonna have
to call you back okay?
Thanks, man.
-All right.
-(phone beeps)
Hey to you too.
Can I get you anything?
I need a job.
So how do I come in?
You have friends.
Have you at least tried
the Classified section?
I don't want a low paying job.
I want a real job.
Okay, well, what can you do?
Let me rephrase that.
What are you qualified to do?
I have a year
of community college.
Why didn't you
complete school, Belle?
That's none of your business.
Is that the kind of answer
you're gonna give
on a job interview?
Is this a job interview?
Can you help me?
Maybe the church can help you.
I don't wanna talk
to Aunt Helen.
You should.
She's family.
I don't even know why
I even came to talk to you.
I don't know why
you came to talk to me either.
I might have a job for you.
What kind of job?
is a list of all
the potential donors.
You pretty much call them
and you beg for money.
How much do I get paid?
Not much.
Ten bucks an hour.
But you can do this part time
until you find
something permanent.
Or complete school.
(door opens)
Belle: Paige?
-Were you waiting for me?
He's not doing that well.
What's wrong?
Paige: It's part
of the treatment.
Some days
he's weaker than others.
You should sleep upstairs.
-There's rooms up there.
-That's okay. Thanks.
I need to stay close to him.
What are those tubes for?
One tube carries the blood
with the waste into the tank,
which purifies the blood,
and then, the other two
carries the purified blood
back into the body.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-Oh, hi. Good morning.
Belle: Good morning.
-You need help doing that?
-Yeah, I'd appreciate it.
(David groans)
-You do his side.
You should have used old sheets,
not new white ones.
White's a good color.
It's cool, it's comforting.
And it's a lot easier to see
when it gets dirty.
It's a waste.
You know in Africa,
they use the color white
to symbolize new beginnings.
Even the widows wear white.
Can you imagine that?
This around the sick
with the pureness of white
in the hopes that one day,
they'll be better.
You've been to Africa?
Yes, I used to volunteer
in Nigeria.
It was a few years back.
You look nice.
-Thanks. I got a job.
-That's great!
But I don't want to keep you,
it's your first day.
I don't want you to be late.
You need help getting him
back into bed?
I think I can manage.
Here we go
One, two, three...
That's it. You got it.
Almost there.
Almost there.
That's it. Lie back there.
-That was easy.
-(breathing heavily)
(door closes)
(phone ringing)
-Woman: Hello?
-Belle: Hi.
My name is Belle Mccain
and I'm calling
from the youth.org
fundraising office.
Woman: Is there something
I can help you with?
Yes. Do you have a minute to
talk about helping us raise--
-(line goes dead)
(phone beeps)
(punching numbers)
(phone ringing)
Woman: Jane, hello.
How may I help you?
Hello. This is Belle Mccain
from youth.org
fundraising office.
-Woman: Okay.
-How are you today?
-Woman: I'm doing well.
Um, well, I was wondering
if you would like to help us,
by donating any amount,
whatever you choose,
to helping us get our youth
to Australia.
Woman: I'm so sorry.
What organization are you with?
Are you a telemarketer
or something?
No. No, no. I'm not a--
Woman: Where did you say you
wanted to send these kids again?
Woman: Australia? Y
you're joking right?
Yeah. No.
Why do you need to send
them to Australia for?
That makes no sense.
You need to--
Hi. This is Belle Mccain
from youth.org
fundraising office.
Hi. This is Belle Mccain...
Uh, hi. This is Belle Mccain...
...Belle Mccain. I'm calling
from youth.org fundraising...
(phone ringing)
Man: Hello.
Peter Samuel's office.
Hello. My name is Belle Mccain.
Would you like to donate
to the youth.org--
-Man: No, thank you.
-No? Okay.
(hangs up)
(coins clanging)
(punching numbers)
(phone ringing)
Nia: Hi. It's Nia.
I'm not here.
You know what to do.
It's me.
Call me on my cell
when you get this.
I'll have some minutes by then.
I miss you.
All right.
How was your first day?
I think I made
a fool of myself.
Oh. Well, don't be
too hard on yourself.
First days are always hard.
No, you don't have to do that.
Did you eat?
Not really.
is such a pretty name.
Why don't you like it?
Junior High was a nightmare
having a name like that.
The boys just made
so much fun of me.
I hated it.
Well, the name Paige Watson,
sounds like a really,
really fat woman,
from Little Rock Arkansas
with 15 cats.
(both laughing)
Why'd you go to Africa?
There's so many people here
in America who need help.
There are people helping here.
The government helps here.
I just wanted to be somewhere
where there was a greater need.
How long were you there?
Fifteen years of my life I spent
in the third world.
I loved it.
It changed me.
The strength of the people there
in the face of so much struggle.
I didn't want to leave.
So why did you?
(clicks tongue)
My mother became ill.
I had to nurse her.
Hmm. I know the feeling.
That's one thing you and I
have in common.
How is she?
(clicks tongue)
She died, few years back.
Was she nice?
She was my mother.
(both laughing)
You can't choose your family,
can you?
(laughs softly)
Gayle: (screaming)
David, no! No!
I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Paige: Here we go.
One, two, three...
That's it.
Go that side...
(phone ringing)
-Rita: Rita Miller.
-Mrs. Miller.
-Yes, this is she.
-My name is Belle Mccain.
-Rita: Hello, Miss Mccain.
Uh, I was wondering
if you would give me
a few minutes of your time
to speak with you
about youth.org.
-Rita: Youth.org?
It's a charity here
in the city of Compton
that helps support our local
youth sports teams.
Rita: Oh, tell me more.
Belle: Ten thousand dollars!
It is only 2 PM
and I have raised $35,000.
Mrs. Miller just donated
-$35,000! Oh, my God!
-(shrieking and laughing)
You are amazing!
Hey, Belle, what is this?
Hey, Belle. Hey, Belle,
let me talk to you.
Belle: How dare you
look through my things?
Helen: Belle!
You're too late!
-What does that mean?
-What does it look like?
Did your father touch Ruby?
Don't you stand here and pretend
like you didn't know.
Is that why Ruby killed herself?
-(water running)
I did this everyday
because I couldn't
have any kind of life.
He stole my identity
in every way possible.
That's how you knew
where to find me, isn't it?
He had this whole financial
life set up in my name.
I found out
from an apartment manager
who had pulled my credit
just how bad my credit was.
How did that happen, Aunt Helen?
-I've never had a credit card!
-(breathing heavily)
-So I began to dig.
And I dug up some horrible,
horrible things.
He was having an affair.
Affairs... Multiple affairs!
-He cheated on her.
And yet she stayed
after all these years.
-Don't you dare deny of it!
-Not again.
You knew! My mother knew!
Belle, Ruby was my daughter!
Helen: Ruby was my daughter!
We had a hard life.
I was in college
and I got pregnant.
The white man
and his family didn't want me.
So I didn't want the baby.
And Gayle was married
so she took her.
And then I forgot about it.
I forgot about her,
I forgot about all of it.
And we never spoke about it.
-Ruby knew?
-Only your parents and I knew.
I was just so grateful to David,
for taking her in,
You left your child
in the same house with him!
Gayle was my sister.
You knew what was happening
in this house
but you had to keep up
your perfect image!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Say it to Ruby. You're no
different from your sister.
You're no different from him!
She seemed so happy.
She was so happy
and I didn't think it was
good to tell her the truth.
-And she was so young.
-We were both young, Aunt Helen!
We were both young.
We were both
young, Aunt Helen!
-Gayle: Bellissima...
You stayed with him...
You stayed with him
knowing what he did to her.
I had nowhere else to go.
-Gayle: I had no choice.
-There's always a choice!
You should have taken
your daughters and run!
-Run where?
-Belle: Anywhere!
I did!
He was my husband.
And we were your daughters!
You were...
So you used her
to protect your marriage!
No, no, no. Everything I did,
I did for you, Bellissima.
So that you could have a home.
-Two parents.
-Two parents!
I'll rather one parent
who would protect me,
then two who would
ruin my life!
-I didn't ruin your life.
-Yes, you did!
Do you not think
that my life was ruined?
Gayle: My life was
ruined, Bellissima!
Do you have any idea
what it took
to stay in this house,
to live with him
and protect you?
If I'd left him, they would
have taken you from me.
I didn't want that.
-I died when Ruby died.
-Belle: (yells) No, you didn't!
You died from guilt!
Because you failed.
You failed...
Well, here you are...
Here you are,
right back where you started.
But I didn't come back
because of you,
I came back because of me.
You have ruined my life once,
you will not do it
a second time.
-Wait, wait. Wait, wait!
(clicks tongue)
You're not that much
different from me, Bellissima.
And you will never win
because you are afraid.
I'm nothing like you.
I am nothing like you.
I'm nothing like you.
(sniffles and sobs)
-Gayle: Open up!
Go away! Go away!
(Ruby singing)
(swing creaking)
David: Be careful now, okay?
The paint is still wet.
-I want to go up to the sky.
(David and Gayle laughing)
-This is so much fun.
This is where
our children will play.
-Hmm. I love you, baby.
-I love you, too.
-Go higher!
-I want to go up to the sky.
-Oh, really?
-Yes, this is so much fun.
-And I want Daddy to play.
-I want to go up to the moon.
-(excited chattering)
-Now, I can go up!
-You're like a rocket ship.
-Yes, rocket ship.
-(both laughing)
-We're going on a vacation.
You ready to go real high?
To the sky. Yeah!
Up to the sky,
I want to fly high to the sky!
Okay, get ready to fly!
-David: You ready to fly?
-Belle: Yeah!
David: All right. Here we go.
(swing creaking)
I'm sorry, Belle.
Your aunt's on her way.
Can I get you anything?