Where Danger Lives (1950) Movie Script

So there was little Elmer the Elephant
with all these wild men...
...chasing him through the jungle.
Guns booming
and tanks rumbling after him...
...airplanes dive-bombing at him
from overhead.
Pretty tricky situation.
The only way for Elmer to escape
was across the big river.
The river was all flooded...
...and swollen from the rain,
like the rain we had yesterday.
If he tried to swim, he'd be
washed over the waterfall...
...great big, high waterfall.
High as the bridges
here in San Francisco.
Things looked pretty bad
for Elmer, so...
Don't excite her too much, doctor.
Excite her?
- She's asleep.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Poor little mite hasn't slept
since 3 this morning.
Well, so much for Elmer the Elephant.
Probably been drowned anyway.
You'd better tell yourself
a bedtime story.
- It's all very well to work 15 hours on...
Annie, stop bullying me.
If you don't sleep
straight through this weekend...
Hello, Dicky, how's the pulse?
- Here it is.
It's fine. Ticking just like a clock.
Better check him out.
He's here under false pretenses.
Annie says you're going away.
I told him you were leaving
the hospital, doctor...
...to go into private practice.
Oh, that.
I won't be going for weeks.
The way you're coming along...
...you'll be out of here before I am.
- Then I'll come and visit.
Fine, you do that then.
We'll have another session
about the Yankees and the Dodgers.
- I'll be seeing you.
- Okay, doc.
- Good night, kids.
Good night, doctor.
I'll tell him.
The book,
Dr. Cameron's checking out.
That's what you think.
You're wanted in Emergency.
- Oh, no, I'm off duty.
- You were.
- I've got a date with Julie.
- She's working too.
- We have a lot of traffic here.
- They can't do this.
There you are, Cameron.
Sorry to hold you, an emergency case.
Think you're pretty smart.
Isn't there anyone else?
Pogue and Fletcher are snowed under.
This one looks like another
suicide attempt.
Another one?
That's the third guy within 24 hours.
This is a woman.
You're just in time, Jeff.
We're headed for Emergency 3.
Everything ready?
It should be by the time
we get there.
Who is she?
We don't know yet. The man
who brought her in is waiting outside.
All right, Joe, wheel her into 3.
How is she?
Dr. Cameron is in charge.
- Doctor, how is she?
- You her husband?
- No.
- Are you related?
- A friend. When I saw she was ill...
- How did it happen?
I wouldn't know, doctor.
As I said, I'm just a friend.
Stick around,
I'd like to talk to you later.
Yes, doctor.
Your gown, doctor.
Shall I take the rose?
No. I'll deliver it to Julie, personally.
Tube all ready?
In three shakes.
Oxygen all set?
It's almost 8:30.
I'm afraid we're gonna miss that show.
Now I know what to expect
if I marry a doctor.
You should have known that by now.
- Can you make it tomorrow night?
Same time, same date, doctor.
And same rose.
All ready.
All right, let's go.
I think she's responding.
- No.
All right, take it easy.
How do you feel?
Who are you?
My name's Jeff. What's yours?
So he sent me a flower.
I like roses.
- But I like them red.
All right. Take it easy.
Am I going to be all right?
Why did you do it?
I had nothing to live for.
- Why should I live when I...?
All right, all right.
You pulled me through.
It's part of the service.
You'll thank me for it in the morning.
I'll thank you now.
Yes, doctor?
I think she'll rest all right now,
but keep an eye on her.
I will.
You know something?
I think she likes you, doctor.
I hope she likes herself
in the morning.
Are you ready to make out
the report, doctor?
Yes, but I'd like to talk
to that fellow that brought her.
Oh, he left just after you saw him.
He wouldn't leave any name.
Uh, did he say who the lady was?
He wouldn't tell us a thing.
Really stubborn.
- Good night, doctor.
- Good night.
Good morning, Dr. Cameron.
- Good morning, Dorothy.
Oh, Dr. Cameron.
- This wire just came.
- Thank you, doll.
James, how's the lady
who's partial to red roses?
- Oh, you mean the Jane Doe.
- You mean she's dead?
Oh, no, doctor. She left two hours ago.
Then why did you call her
the Jane Doe?
The damsel gave her name as Miss
Margaret Locksley of 3164 Lake Street.
Lake Street ends in the 2900 block.
Well, she gave a phony name
and skipped, eh?
- Try the phone book?
- It's all been checked.
The name Locksley
is conspicuous by its absence.
Hello, kitty.
Hello. Is this 112 Sea Cliff?
- Yes, sir. Dr. Cameron?
- Yes.
Will you please come into the library?
Does the cat come in too?
- No, sir.
She lives next door.
She isn't allowed in.
This way, please, sir.
Dr. Cameron?
Good evening.
I'm glad you got my telegram.
I think I am too, Miss, uh...
My real name is Lannington.
Margo Lannington.
- It's a beautiful place.
- Surprised?
Well, you said
you had nothing to live for.
I wouldn't exactly call this nothing.
I guess I do owe you an explanation.
No, you owe one to the police.
An attempted suicide
must be reported...
...even under an assumed name.
But I couldn't give my real one.
You've just given it to me.
Isn't that putting an awful lot
of trust in a stranger?
Somehow I...
- I don't think of you as a stranger.
That's nice.
Then maybe you won't mind
answering a few questions...
...about that other vanishing character.
The fellow who brought you in.
He's just a friend.
And your parents wouldn't
let you marry him, so...
No, it wasn't that.
He meant nothing to me.
Well, offhand, I'd say your life
isn't as bad as you'd imagined.
Maybe not.
I know it sounds silly, but I'm lonely.
Please try to understand.
It's been that way
ever since my mother passed away.
I see.
I'm sorry.
I suppose it's selfish of me
to think only of myself.
Father suffered the real loss.
Someone he'd lived with
and loved so long.
But you almost caused him
another loss.
Thank heaven you saved him
from that.
Where is your father?
Canada, fishing. Doctor's orders.
He'll be hurt when he hears
what I've tried to do.
But I want you to do
what you think is best...
...if you feel you should report
to the police.
How do I know you won't
do this again?
- You don't.
- Miss Lannington, for heaven's sake...
But I'll probably be all right.
Well, not by moping around here.
You ought to be with someone
you're fond of. Haven't you any friends?
No one who really cares.
- Well, I'll have to tell somebody here...
- To watch me?
There are only servants, and I'll send
them away when you've gone.
Well, I can't have you
doing anything silly again.
If you're sending for the police,
I won't blame you.
Hello. Hello, this is Dr. Cameron.
- May I speak to Nurse Dorn, please?
- You can't send for a nurse...
You're hurting me.
Then stay away from the phone.
Hello, Julie?
I'm awfully sorry,
but I can't make it tonight.
Oh, Jeff, not another emergency?
I think so.
I'll explain it to you in the morning.
I have to hang up.
Of course.
I understand.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
Thank you for being so understanding.
You're the kindest man I ever met.
I'm just a doctor, that's all.
You broke your date...
...and it was with someone special.
Very special.
Signing out, Batesy.
Let's have the book.
I got you a wagon ride, doc.
But they can't wait much longer.
I'm practically there.
- Oh, doctor, telephone for you.
- I haven't got time.
It's Julie. She says it's urgent.
- All right. Be right with you, Cosey.
Make it snappy, we're in a hurry.
Yes, Julie, what is it?
Oh, doctor,
the Cartwright girl's awake again.
Oh, no.
Oh, she'll go back to sleep...
...but not until she's heard
what's happened to Elmer the Elephant.
Look, Julie, I hated Elmer the Elephant.
Just give it a happy ending,
you know how.
Do I?
Well, sure, elephant gets elephant.
You can do it.
I'll try.
Thanks. Goodbye, Julie.
Hey, step on it, will you, doc?
All right, gentlemen, let's go.
Hi, doc.
- Where to?
Pogo Pete's again, huh?
- Used to be Waikiki Joe's.
- And it used to be Julie.
Now let's lay off Julie, huh?
Fasten your safety belts
and ready for takeoff.
You guys on an emergency call?
Heck no. Gonna pick up
some halibut for my wife.
Hello, Betty.
- Here's the rose, doctor.
The lady's at the same table.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
You've been waiting.
I told you I couldn't get here until later.
There you are.
My red rose.
You never forget, do you?
- Say you love me, Jeff.
- Honey, you know it.
It's funny. We've known each other
for such a short time...
...and yet somehow,
it seems like it's been forever.
I don't know.
When we're not together...
...I feel like I'm suspended in mid-air...
...with nothing down beneath
except the end of the world.
I love you so much, Jeff.
Honey, your cheek is burning.
You're a bundle of nerves.
Don't be my doctor, not tonight.
Let's dance.
All right.
Would you like to order dinner now?
- No, thank you. Just bring some drinks.
- Yes, sir.
Hold me tight.
So tight I can't get away from you.
You're not about to get away from me.
I'll never let you get away.
- What are you thinking?
- You.
That's all I think about all day long.
You, here, like this.
What time is it?
What difference does it make?
Evening's just beginning.
I've gotta go now.
Look, Jeff, I haven't told you,
but tonight's not like the other nights.
I'm going away.
You're kidding.
- For a trip.
- For a trip?
- Let's go through that again. Where?
- Nassau.
Nassau. Where did you get
this bright idea?
It wasn't my idea.
- Father came home from Vancouver.
- Didn't you tell him about us?
Yes. The answer was Nassau.
I only got out tonight...
...because I said I had a few
last-minute things to do at the drugstore.
Hey, you're a grown woman.
Yes, but without a penny
if he says so, Jeff.
Look, I want you, not the money.
Money can help. Would be awfully tough
for a young doctor, Jeff.
I've aged considerably
in the last five minutes.
Poverty's sordid.
- If you were broke...
- I will be, I promise you.
What do you know about poverty?
I know enough to know
you can't mix it with a career.
- And loving your work the way you do...
- Oh, listen.
Darling, you're just beginning.
Your life and your heart's in your work.
I know what you want.
How you feel about helping people.
I want you.
All right, so I start it out
with nothing. So what?
We can get along
without any help from your father.
If you're going any place,
you're going with me.
Of course.
Oh, of course, darling, but not yet.
My father needs me,
he's old, on borrowed time.
You can't ruin your life for...
Let it work out.
It will if you keep on loving me.
- You know what I mean.
- I don't know what you mean.
I only know
that I'm not gonna let you go.
You're right.
Of course you're right.
I'll talk to him again tonight,
but it'll have to be tonight.
Please understand, Jeff,
and get my coat.
I'll call you later.
Don't come with me to the door.
Here you are, sir.
- These things are like water.
- They creep up on you.
- Bring me a couple more.
- But, sir, you have four.
We are only allowed
two to a customer.
That drink makes a guy talk back
to his mother-in-law.
- What about his father-in-law?
- I suppose so.
You've given me an idea.
- Nice place, huh?
- Are you all right, fella?
The doctor's as well
as could be expected.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
Hello, kitty.
Remember me?
Why did you come here?
This week, madam, we offer one red rose
with each year's subscription...
...to the medical journal.
- Oh, no. Please, you've got to go.
Well, my dear...
...I see you have company.
Come in, sir.
Come in.
Any friend of Margo's is welcome.
- Thank you. I must apologize...
- Jeff...
...please leave.
I'm afraid we haven't a servant
in the house.
I let them all go for the weekend.
Did Margo tell you
that we're flying East tonight?
- That's why I'm here.
- Indeed.
We're to have the pleasure
of your company?
No. I don't know how to say this...
...and I hope you understand...
...but you're not going to have the pleasure
of your daughter's company either.
We'll explore that remark
over a drink. Come along.
Won't you sit down?
- Thank you.
Or won't that mix
with what you've had?
- That'll be fine, thanks.
- Jeff, please leave.
Don't be so inhospitable, my dear.
And where did you two meet?
At the drugstore tonight?
Oh, no.
We've been seeing each other
every night.
Seeing each other every night?
So you must be the young man.
Mr. Lannington, there's no sense
beating around the bush.
- I'm in love with your daughter.
- That's quite apparent.
Can't you see he's had
too much to drink?
Yes, I can see it.
And is Margo in love with you?
Well, hasn't she told you?
As a matter of fact, she has, yes.
Well, that's quite...
...romantic, Mister...
- Doctor.
- Dr. Cameron.
- Not a psychiatrist?
- No.
And, uh...
...not a very substantial practice,
as yet?
Well, I think we can manage
to get along without any help from you...
...if that's what you mean.
- It is what I mean.
- Jeff, I...
- Be quiet, Margo.
Do you mind being not quite
so demonstrative in my presence?
So you're quite sure of your feelings.
I mean, you know,
people sometimes get...
...carried away.
Come to their senses again with a jolt.
Mr. Lannington,
I wanna marry your daughter.
I wish you'd stop calling her
my daughter.
She happens to be my wife.
I was afraid to tell you.
Afraid I'd lose you.
I'd always hoped
he'd give me a divorce.
If I lost you, I'd have nothing.
I'd have nothing.
- She's your wife?
- Yes...
Oh, I concede...
...the conspicuous difference
in our ages.
Margo married me for my money.
I married her for her youth.
We both got what we wanted...
...after a fashion.
Where are you going?
- I think I'll go out and get some fresh air.
- Not without me.
You lied to me.
"My father's old...
...on borrowed time. "
I lied because I love you.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
I don't understand.
I never loved him.
I tell you, I never loved him.
Of that there was never any question...
...my dear.
But I can assure you, she's had many
very good reasons for being grateful.
...you're bowing out.
Well, I think that's wise.
A scandal can be quite damaging
to a career.
You don't think that's why I'm going.
The point's irrelevant.
Good night...
...Dr. Cameron.
...tonight, when I came back...
...he told me
I could go away with you.
- He told me tonight.
- That's true...
...up to a point.
Well, the bags are packed.
If you want her,
you can have her.
Only first, you should know
what you're getting.
Tomorrow's too late to repent.
Jeff, don't listen to him.
He'll say anything, do anything.
Jeff, don't go.
I'm bleeding.
He tore the earring.
He tore it from my ear.
You must be mad.
So the little clinging vine brings out
your protective instincts.
- Get your things, Margo.
- Yes, get your things, Margo.
But before you go,
there's something I have to say...
...that will intrigue him enormously.
If you take her, it's a long road.
There's no turning back.
Oh, Jeff, take me away now.
Now can be a long time,
Dr. Cameron...
...but time passes...
...and then there's the end
of the road.
- We're leaving.
- Not until he's heard the rest.
- Let's go, Margo.
- Margo...
Appealing, isn't she?
He's out.
Are you hurt?
He got me right here.
You put a pillow under his head,
I'll get some water and bring him around.
I wish you'd stop
calling her my daughter.
She happens to be my wife.
I wish you'd stop
calling her my daughter.
She happens to be my wife.
Jeff. Jeff!
What is it, Margo?
I think he's dead.
No, sometimes people look dead when...
What will we do?
We have to call somebody.
- First, call the police.
- You can't.
You can't. Not after what...
Better answer it.
Answer it.
Hello. Yes.
Oh, yes. Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Who was that?
The airport.
Confirming the plane reservations.
The plane.
We can take that plane.
No, we have to call the police.
But, Jeff, they'll call it murder.
It was an accident, you know that.
Yes, I know that, but who'll believe you?
You've been drinking, husband, wife...
- I'm still a doctor.
- Who'd want a doctor who killed a man...
...even if you went free?
Jeff, don't you understand
what I'm saying?
I don't know, I think I...
The hospital.
When do they expect you back?
Tonight or...
Jeff, concentrate.
The weekend. Mon... Sunday.
Sunday night.
Two days.
He won't be found for three, not until
the servants come back on Monday night.
- We can leave a car at the airport.
- We must try to...
I don't know. My head's
throbbing so much I just can't think.
Oh, Jeff.
You'll never know
how much you mean to me.
How much I need you now.
Passengers for
Flight 88, Chicago and New York...
...please go to Gate 4.
Passengers for Flight 88...
...Chicago and New York,
please go to Gate 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Lannington,
Flight 88.
Here are your tickets.
Gate 4, please.
- Thank you.
- Surely.
May I have your tickets?
We're all right.
You'll be sitting down soon.
- Margo, I...
- Don't talk, come on.
Will Mr. Frederic
Lannington please report to the desk?
Mr. Lannington, please...
...report to the desk.
You wait here.
I'll see what's the matter.
What is it?
The police.
We can go out the side entrance.
- I don't think we...
- Come on, they haven't seen us.
Will Mr. Frederic Lannington
please report to the desk?
Mr. Lannington, please.
The millionaire?
- He's on Flight 88.
- Did you ever see his wife?
- Boy, is she a dish.
- She's with him.
Would you give him this message?
Somebody phoned to wish him good luck.
Are you feeling any better?
- Jeff, are you feeling any better?
- Mm-mm.
My head hurts.
Feels like it's exploding.
Aren't we going pretty fast?
We need to go fast.
I thought if we got to the border
and got across into Mexico...
And we can. It's only 500 miles.
We'll be there before daylight.
Jeff. Jeff.
Everything's quiet.
It's too quiet,
I can hear the crickets.
What's happened?
What are we doing here?
He hit you. He tried to kill you,
and then you hit him back.
You had to.
He... He fell and hit his head.
Oh, darling, you must remember.
Yeah, I remember.
What I can't figure out is,
what are we doing in this place?
But I just told you,
we're getting away, I...
- I thought if we could reach the border...
- Are you completely crazy?
You let me take that wheel.
- You're not fit to drive.
- I'm fit enough.
We're going back.
- No, we can't.
Move over.
We have to.
We have to go back.
Don't you realize that by running
I'm admitting guilt?
I'm admitting I killed your...
I wish you'd stop
calling her my daughter.
She happens to be my wife.
You were his wife.
Yes. Why go into that now?
You were his wife.
Oh, what a mess
I've made of everything.
What a mess
we've both made of things.
What road are we on?
What road are we on?
You must have really blacked out.
We came south out of San Jose
after they asked for you at the airport.
Asked for me?
Well, no, but we'd given his name...
...the police were there.
It was a trick to get you back.
So we just ran, huh?
In a car that every cop
is gonna be looking for.
No. This is my car, not his.
- Can't we get the police calls on this radio?
- It's broken.
Oh, my darling.
What's gonna happen to us?
My head feels like a...
Like a giant racer.
Up and around, over and down.
Aching and pounding.
But sometimes the aching stops
and everything's perfectly clear.
Just a few hours ago,
I thought I was on top of the world.
- Now look at me.
- All I wanted was your happiness.
Our happiness.
You're right.
We have to go back.
Funny end to it, isn't it?
You wanted to be a doctor.
I wanted to help make you
the biggest doctor in the country.
Well, maybe it's not the end.
Maybe we'll still love each other...
...after we've both paid
for what we've done.
When I tried to make you board
that plane...
...I signed both our names
to a murder confession.
- But you didn't do it.
- I'm just as guilty.
- Say you love me.
- But you didn't do it.
Jeff, do we have to go back?
Do we have to?
- How far south are we of San Jose?
- Ten miles.
Highway 152 hits Fresno.
We might stand a chance
through Bakersfield and Phoenix.
Slip across into Mexico at Nogales.
I still don't know
if I'm doing the right thing.
- It's a roadblock.
- What'll we do?
There's no choice now.
Some car's turning off
on that side road.
- A rancher, I guess.
- Yeah.
Okay, folks.
This is an inspection point.
I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you
to open up your trunk.
Do you have any fruit, citrus...?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Why were you looking at your eyes?
Honey, if you'll take my advice,
you'll ditch me. Right now.
Why do you say that?
I've got a concussion.
I was afraid of it last night.
For a while I hoped I'd be wrong...
...but the pains in my head...
...and the slow respiration...
...dilated pupils...
Will it get better?
Well, perhaps...
...but not before it gets worse. You're
gonna have to watch me pretty carefully.
I may talk rationally, but my decisions
may not make much sense.
I'll make the decisions.
- Is that the worst that'll happen?
- No.
No, a slow paralysis
of the extremities sets in.
You know, fingers, hands, feet.
Maybe one entire side.
Well, that's the diagnosis.
Do you wanna hear any more?
Go on.
It will probably end
in final collapse and coma.
That usually happens anywhere
between 24 and 48 hours...
...after the cause.
It's a form of compression
on the brain.
During the unconscious period...
...I may die or I may come out of it.
I've seen that happen.
- Isn't there some medicine we can get?
- No.
No medication will help.
There are things to keep me awake.
We need a prescription.
But you're a doctor.
Prescription by Jeff Cameron, M.D.,
wanted for murder.
Oh, Jeff, what will we do?
We'll just have to keep moving,
I guess.
Try to get you across the border
before I pass out.
I won't leave you.
- I'll be with you always.
- Yeah.
Well, always won't be for long
if we don't get rid of this car.
Yes, we can.
This is Honest Hal's used-car lot.
We have the best buys in town.
We have a very nice car
over here, 875.
Okay, I'll give you 450 and the truck...
...but that's only because
I like convertibles.
And this is a real fine truck.
Five hundred.
- Ha-ha-ha.
Sorry, friend, that's it,
take it or leave it.
- Okay.
- Well, congratulations.
You made yourself a smart deal.
You will never go wrong
with Honest Hal.
Step over to the office,
we'll complete a little business.
Betty, bring out the papers
for another satisfied customer. Ha-ha-ha!
Another deal, another dollar.
Uh, the name, friend?
Rogers. Frank J. Rogers.
Rogers, huh? A fine name.
I knew a widow once by that name.
- Address?
- 936 West Maple, Santa Clara.
Splendid town.
I had a cousin who lived there.
Let's see your pink slip.
Paper, that is. Ha-ha-ha!
Your pink slip,
certificate of ownership.
- Just a formality.
- How stupid can you be?
Do you know I forgot it
and left it home.
If I can just sign something,
a transfer title...?
Sure, but before you transfer title,
you must prove legal ownership.
Why don't I do this?
I'll call my brother,
have him ship it to me airmail.
Well, you can use my phone.
No, I'll call from the hotel.
I'll see you in the morning.
Hi, Joe.
- Hi, Hal.
They all know Honest Hal.
Hey, friend...
...I want to ask you something.
Kind of private.
That car wouldn't be hot
by any chance?
What do you mean hot?
I didn't set out to sell the car.
I don't carry my papers all the time.
I reckon you don't...
...but the way I figured,
a guy with a hot car...
...might think himself lucky
to meet up with Honest Hal Halloran.
Of course, no pink slip
kind of changes the deal.
We'd have to figure it
a little different.
Kind of for my own protection,
you might say.
You want to talk?
Sure, you do.
I've been scared to death.
- Relax, will you?
Everything's all right up to now.
You got a new outfit.
I had to in case the police
put out a description.
Better take those dark glasses off though,
that's a dead giveaway.
- What's in the papers?
- Nothing.
- You sure?
- See for yourself.
I got cigarettes, sandwiches, apples,
and a thermos of hot coffee.
I can't understand this.
Thought it'd be front-page news.
- Maybe these went to press before the poli...
- Oh, Jeff, this thing is filthy.
Look, just get in, will you?
It might not be too clean,
but it's got four tires and a motor.
The police aren't
going to be looking for a truck.
How much did you get
for the convertible?
- I had to swap even.
- Even? But my car was worth...
Where's my mink coat?
- It's in the convertible.
- Are you crazy? That coat was worth...
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna get my coat.
Well, not now,
the man's wise to us.
He knows we had to get rid
of that car fast.
Besides, when you're running,
50 gallons of gas...
...is a lot more useful than a mink coat.
We also have this.
- A radio.
- It works.
We can keep abreast of the times.
I don't wanna hear it.
I'm not exactly bursting
to hear it either.
We've gotta know
what's going on.
And that concludes the day's news...
...until 9:00 this evening, same station.
This is Howard Fitch signing off
with a reminder...
- Well, I guess we missed the news.
- Yes.
Static. Nothing but static.
Can't you turn it off?
We won't get another station
until we get out of this desert.
Here, take this wheel, will you, please?
Margo. Stop it.
You're trying to kill me,
trying to suffocate me. I can't breathe.
- Let me go. Let me go. Let me go!
- Stop it.
Stop it.
You're all right.
I'm sorry I had to hurt you.
I was dreaming. I couldn't breathe.
- It's just the heat.
- This awful heat.
- You're all right now.
- Oh, Jeff...
...what's going to become of us?
We're gonna get across
that border somehow.
Do you think we'll have any trouble
getting across?
We'll worry about that
when the time comes.
There's one thing
we ought to consider.
If, by that time,
you're on your own...
...if I've passed out...
Look out.
See what you've done. You could've
missed him. Why didn't you turn?
- Why didn't you...?
- He hasn't moved. Hey.
- Hey there.
- No, don't get out.
- If we get away quickly...
- Leave him dead like Lannington?
I'm supposed to save lives.
Hey, are you all right? Are you hurt?
Hey, it's Pablo.
Is he dead?
He's out cold.
It wasn't our fault.
- He was on the wrong side.
No, don't touch him.
Here comes Dr. Maynard.
- What's all the shenanigans about?
He's coming to now.
Hey, Pablo.
- What have they done to you?
- Seor doctor, me not to blame.
Me no drink.
How many times have I told you
gasoline and alcohol don't mix?
You hear that?
He's drunk. We can go on.
No, no, I'm sorry.
We can't let you do that.
As a matter of fact,
our friend here...
...looks a shade
under the weather himself.
Look, doctor, I'm all right.
We're in an awful hurry.
- If we could settle this...
- Come into the house.
- You too, Pablo.
S, seor.
How are you, doc?
Hello, Joe.
- Are these the people involved?
Yeah. I wanna take them
and have a look at them.
You go right ahead,
I'll be in in a minute.
He's all right.
There's no reason for me to go in.
Well, Joe will want to see you too.
He's our local cop.
We haven't had an accident
in this town since 1908...
...and Joe will want to make
the most of it.
Come on now, you kids,
run along home.
Be right in, doc.
Pablo, you better give me that bottle
before Joe gets here.
And get ahold of yourself.
Joe's got an empty cooler
for drunken hombres like you.
Yeah, but, doc, I'm all right.
- It's the car.
We can take care of that.
Look, here's, uh...
...20, 30, 42 dollars.
Forty-two dollars.
Let's just keep this between ourselves.
Nobody has to know about it.
Just between ourselves.
Oh, doc.
Is there anybody hurt?
No. Pablo's a little shaken.
If that's the worst ever hits him,
he'll live to be 100.
You're the driver of the other vehicle?
Yes, it's all right,
everything's taken care of.
You don't say.
Well, I'm not making out any case,
and neither is he.
No, no, seor. No case.
My car fine shape. I get fixed.
Well, I'm glad to see
you both so happy.
Ain't you heard accidents
have to be reported?
- But there's no trouble.
- That's beside the point.
Come on in here
and we'll talk this thing over.
The first thing I want to see
is your driver's license.
Officer, look, nobody's sworn out
any complaint.
The law specifically states
that all accidents must be reported.
Whose name
was the vehicle registered?
We interrupt this program
to bring you a news bulletin.
Following the disappearance
of Mrs. Frederic Lannington...
...and her unidentified companion
at the San Francisco airport...
...it is now believed the two may have fled
across the California border.
Police of four states
are asked to watch...
...for Mrs. Lannington's
1949 gray convertible.
License number, 2J 1673.
Say, a gray convertible came
through here a couple hours ago.
- They filled up at Lew's place.
- Yeah?
- This is big stuff. Gotta use your phone.
might have remained
undiscovered until Monday...
...had it not been
for the meowing of a cat...
...which had been shut up
within the Lannington residence.
- A neighbor investigating came in...
Phoenix police.
...a kitchen window and found...
- Turn that radio down.
As previously reported...
Hello. Yeah, that's what I said,
Phoenix Police Department.
This is Joe Borden talking.
This is an emergency.
Oh, nothing but murders, holdups...
You don't know
what the world is coming to.
Say, young fella...
...your eyes look pretty bad.
Come down in the daylight.
Let me have a look at them.
No, they don't look good at all.
Well, I feel fine, doctor.
I know what's wrong with them.
Well, you're the doctor.
Hello. Give me Sergeant Haver.
If you're feeling okay,
why don't you get moving?
- You mean we can go?
- Well, you see, it's this way.
Pablo is an old buddy of mine.
Always a little high.
But Borden is just looking
for a chance...
...to toss him in the clink
and throw the key away.
But if you're not around
for Joe to bother with...
...maybe he won't bother
with Pablo either.
- Well, thank you very much, sir.
- I'll explain to Joe.
And you better let
the lady drive, son, if she can.
- I can drive.
- Thank you.
That cat.
It had to be that cat.
They found him four hours ago.
We could have flown to New York.
We could have gotten to Tijuana.
They weren't looking for us.
Well, they are now.
Here's where we turn left.
You gave that old man a lot of money.
How much have we got left?
About 13 bucks.
Is that all?
That's the bankroll.
You keep the engine going.
I'll try to get all the papers.
Hold it, lady.
Reach for the sky, pal.
- Hey, what's your name?
- Carter. Herbert Carter.
- We haven't done anything.
Tell that to the sheriff.
- Sheriff?
- Where are your whiskers?
- Yeah.
- Can't you read?
Again I say, the charge is
wearing no beard, no costume...
...driving through Postville...
...without due respect to or observance
of the customs of said city.
The judge agrees, 25 bucks
for the Postville Cottage Hospital.
- We're from out of state, we didn't...
- Ignorance is no excuse.
Twenty-five bucks for the cause.
Look, I'd like to pay it,
but we just haven't got $25.
We'll settle for 20. Ha-ha-ha!
We've got $ 13,
and we need that for something else.
Okay. We're reasonable folks.
You need it for what?
- We need it because...
- Because we're getting married.
- Tonight in Mexico.
- Congratulations.
Son, you don't need to go to Mexico.
Never heard
of Postville Honeymoon Lane?
It's a national institution.
- We're meeting friends...
- Pay or get hitched in Postville.
Pardon me. Telephoto picture
just came in, the Lannington woman.
Put it on the table.
We got everything possible
for a complete hitching.
Justice of the peace, finest honeymoon
cottages west of the Pecos.
Hey, no beard.
Everybody gotta have a beard.
Make up your mind, folks.
All right then, marriage it is.
To Honeymoon Lane with them.
Honeymoon Lane. Away we go.
- Down to Honeymoon Lane.
Treat them kindly.
Keep them going. Honeymoon Lane.
"By the authority vested in me...
...according to the laws
of the sovereign state of Arizona...
...I hereby pronounce you
man and wife. "
Ten dollars, please. Ten.
Son, ain't you gonna kiss the bride?
- Well, I...
- Here's the bride, right here.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
And may all your troubles be little ones.
- Take them to the bridal suite, Mary.
- Bridal?
Cottage number four. Real private.
And all-inclusive.
Well, we'd sort of
thought of driving on tonight.
On your wedding night?
Mrs. Carter don't wanna
drive on, I'll bet.
Give them a guard of honor
and throw the rice.
No extra charge.
If you ask me, that guy
was none too anxious to get hitched.
How many of them are?
How many songs
do those maniacs know?
We've got to get out.
They've got a picture.
Maybe they won't recognize it.
Oh, shut up, will you?
- Is your head aching again?
- Yeah.
Are your eyes all right?
They seem to be, so far.
...do you realize we're married?
We're man and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Carter.
Oh, darling, I want you to hold me.
I need you to hold me.
I need you to tell me
you still love me...
...in spite of everything
that's happened.
This wasn't the way
we planned it...
...but it'll be all right
once we cross the border.
Once we cross the border.
It's a long road,
there's no turning back.
- There's a radio.
- Oh, no.
- We can find out what's going on.
- Not again.
They've got your picture.
They know we're here.
You're only making yourself worse.
Why don't you put a cold towel
on your forehead?
You'll feel much better.
- I'll listen. If there's any news, I'll tell you.
- All right. All right.
- Now, you tell me if you hear anything.
- Yes.
The strange murder of Lannington...
...remains as great a mystery as ever.
The search for the millionaire's wife
has been intensified...
...following this evening's disclosure...
...that Mrs. Lannington
had undergone psychiatric treatment...
...in the care of doctors Lee Symes
of San Francisco...
...and Gottfried Berger of New York.
- Who is it?
It's only me, Mrs. Carter.
I hope I'm not disturbing,
but I forgot to put any bath towels.
- I think there are hand towels...
- Yes.
- I'll take them.
- Good night, Mrs. Carter.
Lots of happiness.
- Thank you. Good night.
- Good night.
According to Captain John Voight
of the San Francisco Homicide Squad...
...the startling disclosure
of Mrs. Lannington's mental illness...
...has thrown a new light
in a murder which, until now, has been...
What did they say?
Did you hear anything new?
Well, answer me. What did you hear?
- How did this happen?
- I couldn't bear it anymore.
So you tore it out?
What'd they say?
Do they know we're in Arizona?
- I don't know.
- You fool, answer me.
Only the same old stuff, Jeff.
Why are you looking like that?
Why are you trembling?
I tell you, there was nothing new.
I can't believe you.
You heard something.
You've lied to me once,
maybe you've lied a hundred times.
All right, if you've got to hear it,
ask for another radio.
Here's a phone.
Why don't you ask for it?
And let the people here know
that you've broken this one?
Do you wanna be caught tonight?
- Jeff.
- Julie.
Oh, Julie, I don't know what I'm saying.
Who's Julie? Who's Julie?
Someone who was very kind to me.
And you can't forget her.
Not even tonight.
If she was so kind,
why didn't you marry her?
- Oh, Margo.
- Maybe I am crazy.
I must've been to have gotten
mixed up with you in the first place.
Look at you.
Are you just going to lie there?
What about me? You promised
you'd get me across the border.
Or are you thinking of turning back?
No turning back. No turning back.
No turning back.
Somebody drew a beard on her.
Yep, that's the woman.
I wouldn't know
when they blew out of here.
You don't expect a honeymoon couple
to check out in the night.
Hello? Nogales border patrol?
- Give me Andrews.
- Why'd they tear out the radio?
A wacky dame
is liable to do anything.
Hello, Andrews.
We've seen that Lannington dame
and the guy she's with.
Yeah, they're headed your way
in a truck with a California license.
Yeah, sure, that's okay.
Well, let me know
when you pick them up.
What's that?
- Well, that is something.
- What is it?
Lannington was smothered to death
with a cushion.
Two of them.
Sure, that telephoto picture.
The police must've called ahead.
We can't go into the town.
Well, we can't go back.
We'll have to follow along the border
and somehow walk across into Mexico.
And die of heat and thirst
in that desert?
Even if we do duck the border patrol.
Oh, what'll we do?
We're so close, less than a mile.
We'll just have to buy
our way across.
How? With three dollars?
I don't know, you said your decisions
mightn't be so good.
Your eyes do look terrible.
It's been 25 hours
since all this started.
- I can make it, I think.
- What'll we do for money?
I've got a watch.
It's not worth a great deal...
Oh, Jeff, how stupid of me.
We've got money.
I forgot, my diamond bracelet.
Enough to buy our way to China.
It's worth...
Nine thousand dollars.
- You say this cost you $9000, eh?
That's right.
Yes, ma'am.
Worth every penny of it.
Today, with higher prices and all...
...this item would run to more.
- Certainly should.
- How much will you give us?
I'll go to...
Seven-fifty? But I told you it cost...
It's the best I can do,
that's my solemn oath.
I think we better try somewhere el...
What's the matter?
I like this piece.
I'll give you $ 1000,
round sum.
You better take it, my friend.
All right, we'll take it.
A thousand dollars, but now.
Okay, okay.
A thousand dollars it is.
- Take hundreds?
- Anything.
Eight, nine...
Thank you.
Thank you, lady, gentleman.
- What happened to your hand?
- It's paralyzed.
- It's that chief of police.
- What will we do?
Let's try the side street back here.
Hey, better get in the theater,
the both of you.
In the theater?
Sit in the back, on the left and wait.
- Get going.
Come on, Jeff.
They're okay.
- Wait for what, the police?
- What can he gain from them?
I'm making the decisions now.
Go on in.
Come on, lady.
Come on, lady.
Oh, come in.
Come in.
Make yourselves comfortable.
I haven't a very fancy place here.
My name is DeLong.
I hear you two are hot.
Yeah, as I say, it isn't much
of a layout, is it?
Do you like accordions?
This is a good one from Italy.
Imported, you know. Genuine Capello.
Yeah, I hear you two are hot.
What do you mean hot?
You and the young lady,
what's your problem?
We're not hot.
We just wanna take a little trip.
Oh? Across the border, huh?
American citizens, all you have to do
is walk through the gate.
- Well, uh, we had planned...
- You're hot.
- How much dough you got?
- How much do you want?
Five hundred.
American dollars, cash.
- How can you get us across?
- Oh, I can do it.
Show goes into Sonora tonight.
Scenery, costumes.
The whole bag of tricks in three vans.
You'll be in the one in the back.
What if we're stopped?
Of course we'll be stopped.
You think I'm a fool?
I've got 14 border passes,
but two of the troupe will be sick tonight.
Fourteen passes, 14 people.
Get it?
Do we stay here till you go?
You'll stay in a hotel here
in the back of the theater.
Don't you worry.
Nobody will bother you.
Just go out that door, across the alley.
A friend has a room, and no questions.
- Do we wait there until you come?
- Mm-mm.
Wait until the vans come
under your window.
When the third one goes by,
we'll honk the horn.
That's the one that'll pick you up.
All right.
All you gotta do is hand over
a thousand bucks.
You said 500.
- Apiece?
- That's what I said.
- What kind of a shakedown is this?
Young fellow...
...how are things back home
in San Francisco?
What time is it?
- Hm?
I think my whole left side
is beginning to get numb.
I said what time is it?
It's just 10 minutes
since the last time you asked.
- After 4?
- Yeah.
The show must have been over by 2.
How do we know the vans
even come this way?
We don't.
He's got my bracelet, $9000 worth.
Oh, why did we trust him?
What else could we do?
What else? Stop sounding so vague.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to sound
like a nagging woman.
But it's almost daylight.
If we'd walked along the border...
It still wouldn't have worked.
It might have.
At least we'd be in the open,
instead of rotting here like a pair of...
I'm being bitter.
I'm sorry.
But you had to have your ideas.
It was your ideas
that got us into this whole mess.
It's the van. The first van.
It's passing, do you hear?
Darling, there's nothing more
to worry about.
We've got everything to worry about.
What, Jeff? Money? You don't know.
There's thousands for us
in a bank in Mexico City.
In my name, Margo Lyncott.
My maiden name, Jeff.
And it's my signature.
I don't understand this.
It was his heart. His heart was so bad,
and he was working against me.
You saw that.
I was afraid he'd change his will.
So I put his money away,
every week, every month, for years.
- Everything's breaking for us now.
- You mean...?
You mean you put his money away?
It's the second van, Jeff.
We're on the next one.
We've gotta go down.
You're going without me.
I can't. You know I can't be alone.
Well, I'm not going.
I can't walk anyway.
But you've gotta walk. You have to.
What are you staring at?
There are no police down there.
The sign.
White rose.
Oh, Jeff, come on.
You've only got to make it to the border.
Oh, no.
Go on, Margo.
Jeff, please. If you love me,
you'll make the effort.
- For what?
- For what?
Then you don't love me,
is that right? Answer me.
All right. All right, you're right.
I don't think I ever loved you.
You put away his money.
But don't you see how funny that is?
I hated him, but he pays off.
He'll support us
for the rest of our lives.
So horribly sick.
- You are?
- No, you are. You, Margo.
It all fits in. All the symptoms.
I didn't fall in love with a woman.
I fell in love with a patient.
Then you heard the radio,
what they said over the radio.
Those doctors, Symes and Berger.
What do they know?
Symes and Berger?
Why did you pretend
you hadn't heard?
So that's what Lannington
was trying to tell me.
Of course he was trying to tell you.
Do you think he didn't tell
all the others?
Yeah, there are always others.
Do you think you're the only man
who found me attractive?
You said...
You told me you were very lonely.
You're a pathological liar.
I should have known.
Why didn't I see it?
I told you the truth.
I had to search, didn't I?
Yes, you had to search.
Man after man, lie after lie.
You tried to kill yourself
over the other one, didn't you?
What about the earring?
Did Lannington tear it off
or did you?
I couldn't let you go without me.
It was another lie.
An act, it was just an act.
Don't you have any feeling?
Yeah, I...
I feel... I pity.
Nobody pities me.
Lannington tried
and look what happened to him.
It's the third van, Jeff.
We've got to go.
Stay here.
- You're hurting me.
- You said Lannington...
Wait a minute.
He was still breathing
when I went for water.
How did you kill him?
I didn't... I didn't do it.
I should've known you killed him...
...because he was gonna tell me
you were insane.
How did you do it? How?
You won't tell either.
Nobody pities me.
I'm coming.
There's three more of us,
myself, the driver, and a woman.
There's the passes.
- Are you the only one back here, lady?
- Yes.
Okay, DeLong, sign here.
Jeff, stop.
Don't come any further.
Don't make me shoot.
Don't make me shoot.
Stand back.
- Don't touch her till we get a doctor.
It's that Lannington woman, all right.
Let him through, boys.
All right, son,
your little stroll's finished.
He's the accomplice.
Do you think he could kill a man?
I did it. I did it alone.
He didn't even have
the sense enough to know.
Nobody pities me.
- Yes, son, you're going to be all right.
- Thank you.
I'll look in on you later.
Meanwhile, anything I can do for you?
Yes. Can I send flowers
to San Francisco?
I think so.
Wait a minute, here's the address.
This should be
an easy prescription to fill.
- How is he, doctor?
- Well enough to send you flowers.
- Flowers?
- Just one.
A white rose.
Is he well enough to have visitors?
Just one. You.