Where the Devil Hides (2014) Movie Script

For blessed are the dead who die
unto the Lord, for my enemies...
The Devil has been invited
into New Bethlehem
under our watch.
The signs of the Drommelkind
are clear to all with open eyes.
Six girls born on the sixth day
of the sixth month.
Their 18th birthdays approach.
One will emerge.
Get another cloth!
It's another girl.
The prophecy.
Push! Push! Push!
I need scissors! Thank you.
Bear down!
Almost here. Push.
It's a girl.
Oh, please, Elders, don't.
Midnight approaches. The
rapture is at stake.
Number five.
It's a girl.
Step aside.
Please let it be a boy.
Elder Beacon.
These births are an abomination.
I will not let you do this.
Six girls.
These births are a miracle, Elder.
He is here. I can feel his presence.
The prophecy is being fulfilled.
Step aside, Jacob.
You are not killing these babies.
Are you insane?!
Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, little Rose
Go to sleep...
I'm so sorry, sweet Rose.
But I can't let this
prophecy come to light.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
Go to sleep.
Oh, my God. Catherine, what have you done?
This is the only remedy.
Hey, what are we doing about our birthday?
- Oh, I don't know.
- Something fun.
What about a pony ride and a banquet lunch
like when we were children?
- What?
- What's so funny about that?
Pony rides and a banquet lunch?
We're turning 18, Sarah, not eight.
All right, we're just
throwing around ideas.
Yeah, let's just have another
horribly boring birthday.
Wait, wait, I got it.
How about a moonlit dinner
with long tables and candles...
And you seated between
Warren Adler and Lucas Finch.
Come in. The water feels great.
What the hell are you doing?
Going for a swim.
You're such an asshole.
Get out!
Come on, we have to leave!
Abigail, come on!
Abby. Abby.
Abby, come here.
Abby, come here, put this on.
What happened?
Come on, you can do it.
Oh, God. Come on. Come on, Mary.
Come on.
She's going to be okay.
She's going to be okay.
She's going to be okay.
Oh, come on, Mary.
Yeah, get it all out.
You're gonna be okay.
You just swallowed a little bit of water.
We need to go. Now.
We should've never come here.
We can't tell anyone about the boys.
Elder Beacon will shun us.
I said we shouldn't go to the lake.
Really, Sarah, they were just boys.
They were town boys and naked.
- No one needs to know.
- But we can't lie.
Don't they talk about us enough as it is?
You're sure you're all right, Mary?
Yes, I'm fine.
Good night, then.
Well, bye.
Your fits always scare me.
I gotta get home.
I have chores to do.
Elder Stone on patrol.
Are you sure about supper?
Well, then I suppose
we'll just have to talk
about your first kiss tomorrow.
What are you talking about?
What first kiss?
No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No!
No, please!
No! No!
No! No!
Mary, where have you been?
I'm sorry, I had another
one of my episodes.
Have some water. Come sit down.
Are you all right?
How bad was it this time?
They're getting worse.
They're not getting worse.
She hasn't had one for years,
and then she had one three days
ago and another one today?
- Where were you?
- The lake.
The near side or the far?
I'm not quite sure what
the difference makes.
Mary, watch your tone.
I'm sorry, Rebekah.
The far.
Have you nothing to say to this
that she insists on defying rules?
I hardly think a swim
is tantamount to treason.
- Mary, Mary...
- Thomas, be quiet.
- It was your idea to go off...
- Thomas, shut your mouth.
- Mary!
- He's the one being impolite.
Jacob, please.
Don't talk to your brother like that.
You wipe that smile off your face.
I'm not hungry.
You are not excused from the table.
Rebekah. I'll deal with this.
I wish you would.
She and those girls run around
with no repercussions.
They're best friends.
Try not to get so worked up like that.
Especially so soon after...
You always take her side.
You didn't let me finish.
She hates me.
Rebekah does not hate you. She doesn't.
I'm trying to be a good daughter.
She treats me differently.
I miss Mother.
I know.
She died, and I never got to know her.
There are some things
over which we just have no control.
But I do know that she'd
be very proud of you.
You are just like her, you know that?
But lovely.
Try to get some sleep.
Like so, providing a clean edge.
Put the labels on straight, Louisa.
- A word, Rebekah.
- Yes, Elder Beacon.
It seems Hannah Smith has gone missing.
She did not return home last night.
Can someone tell me why it is
we live here in New Bethlehem,
why we live as we do
while all others embrace the path of ease?
To remain in the light.
This is so, Mary Brown,
for New Bethlehem is a beacon of light
in a dark world.
And for this, we are glad and give thanks.
Abigail Beecher,
what is it that Satan craves most of all?
You know it, child.
I can read it in your face.
The fiend craves young flesh.
And he is more cunning
than you will ever foresee.
He tempts our young women
to the outside as he has with Hannah Smith.
I say this not to frighten you,
but to help you.
Do you understand?
Yes, Elder Beacon.
That is good.
Elder Beacon, if I may speak.
With all respect,
I do not believe Hannah would have fled.
We were with her until dusk,
and she would've spoken to one of us.
Yes, you were with her.
At the far side of the lake.
There are reasons for our boundaries.
Work quietly.
It doesn't make sense.
We watched her go home.
Maybe she went to go see the boys.
She could have. She's done it before.
- We have to look for her.
- But we can't.
Sarah, this isn't the time for rules.
We have to do it ourselves.
Father, may I please go to
Ruth's house after I've cleared?
At this hour?
We're all really worried about Hannah.
We'd just like to be together. Please?
All right. Not too late.
Thank you.
Not that way.
How else do you expect to go to town?
We're not going to town.
Where are we going?
You just have to trust me. Come on.
Your daughters' 18th birthdays
will arrive in just days.
We all know the dangers
that could befall us.
The signs of the Drommelkind
are clear to all with open eyes.
Six girls born on the sixth day
of the sixth month.
Yet you, Jacob Brown,
declared it a miracle.
Even now, with this disappearance,
you think it a coincidence?
These are normal girls,
and they've lived their whole lives
with the whispers of something
they know naught of.
As we speak, they are together
at Ruth's house worried sick.
Ruth spoke of the girls
convening at Abigail's.
You see?
They break covenant at every turn.
You are losing your tether on them.
Your own flesh deceives you,
and yet you doubt
the Prince of Lies could do the same.
Dear Elders,
is there a remedy we may speak of?
You are all aware of the remedy.
The remedy?
These rumors are running out of control.
Satan has been invited into
New Bethlehem under our watch!
Their 18th birthdays approach.
would you just tell us where we're going?
One will emerge.
We're here.
I'm really not sure about this.
- Abby, what are you doing?
- Blending in.
We can go in there. It's forbidden.
What if Hannah's here and we turn back now?
Come on.
Dope record, go call Guinness
This moment, let's own it,
yeah, we all in it
Let's get busy, yeah, who's with me?
All these lights and they,
oh, so pretty
Just one night to live like kids
See, I'm on fire, and this my city
Let's get busy,
come on, who's with me?
All these lights,
and they, oh, so pretty
Just one night to live like kids
See, I'm on fire, and this my city
You see, the night is on my mind
Making music is on the table,
I'm able to do the limbo
Get low and get on the Maybelline
Makeup girlies are dancing,
not on the pick up...
Hello, commune girl.
What are you doing here?
Looking for our friend.
She has reddish hair.
You met her at the lake.
I might know where we could go find her.
Wanna go take a look?
Let's go.
We'll check this way.
We should go home. We need to go home.
Is that her? Is that her? Hannah.
Long time no see.
I save your life, and I don't get a hello?
Trevor. I'm surprised to see you here.
- We're not supposed to be here.
- Hey, where's your bonnet?
That doesn't bother you?
Should it?
You want to take a walk? Come on.
- Hannah?
- Hannah?
- You want a beer?
- No.
Yeah, I'm not thirsty either.
Look at that.
It's a new moon tonight. They're all out.
The little dipper, Ursa Major.
That... that's not Ursa Major.
That's Cassiopeia.
That's Ursa Major.
I should've known you'd know
more about that stuff than me.
Well, I'm not supposed to,
but my father taught me.
Well, way to impress a girl, right?
I didn't mean...
I'm not trying to impress you.
Sorry, my language.
Stupid me.
You make me nervous.
I make you nervous?
I-I have to... I have to go.
Abby? Ruth!
Another of our flock has disappeared.
Abigail Beecher did not return
to her family yesterday eve.
And like the disappearance of Hannah Smith,
I believe this is the work of an evil
we have known for years.
Those of you who know of what I speak
know the mortal danger
New Bethlehem is now in.
I fear that only sin and transgression
can breach our walls,
for are we not good soldiers?
Will we not be as bold as lions?
Hey, Mary.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
What are you doing here?
Hold on a second. I need to talk to you.
I can't, not here.
Frank's missing.
Ever since the party.
Do you know anything about that?
No, I... just...
Look, sorry if I came on too strong,
but it's important.
Can I help you, young man?
Hi, I'm Trevor.
Do you two know each other?
Oh, no, I was just asking
if anyone here knew anything
about the accident last night
out on the interstate.
My dad's the sheriff, and so sometimes
I help him collect information.
I don't think they would,
but if you must inquire,
Elder Beacon handles such matters.
Okay, well, thanks,
sorry for the interruption.
Mary, you should eat.
Father, what does Elder Beacon speak of?
This evil we have feared for decades,
what is that?
He speaks of the Drommelkind.
- Please?
- What is the Drommelkind?
Is that what people whisper of us?
Oh, it's just an old tale, a myth.
Please tell me.
For once, Mary and I are in agreement.
Answer the girl's question.
Thomas, will you take your
siblings upstairs, please?
- But I want to hear.
- Now.
When the six of you were born,
Elder Beacon declared
that the prophecy was being fulfilled
and a great evil would enter our world.
But there are only five of us.
Little Rose died when she was a baby,
but the remaining five of you,
you all grew up together like sisters.
And our 18th birthday,
what significance does that have?
The prophecy is that on that day,
only one would remain.
She would become the Devil's hand,
the Drommelkind.
That cannot be true.
Most certainly not.
But there is something you should know.
On the day you were born,
Elder Beacon wanted you all killed.
Not many people know this.
I would not let him.
And he's hated me ever since.
He does not hate.
He only loves and is loved.
That's because he leads with fear.
How can you be so sure it's just a myth?
It's been handed down from mouth to mouth
through generation to generation.
It's born of the occult.
It was invented by man.
Man is fallible.
The Devil exists. Does he not?
Hey there.
You okay?
It's okay.
I'm gonna let you go.
I finished my chores.
May I go pick up some yarn?
You're dressed so nicely.
Thank you.
All to run errands for yarn?
Very well.
Hi, Sarah.
Hi, Mr. Maker.
You look pretty.
What is it?
Just everything.
hey, it's okay.
My father always sides with her.
Rebekah thinks I'm the Devil.
No, really, she thinks I'm the Devil.
You know that whole story
is totally ridiculous, right?
I mean, the Devil?
It's just crazy talk.
And I hate to say it, but I don't know
what kind of mother would talk
about her daughter like that.
She's not my mother.
She died when I was five.
I knew we had something in common.
I was seven.
You have the hands of a worker.
Some dirt under the nails, that's good.
Thanks, but it's grease, actually,
from the gas station where I work on Oak.
That's still work.
I found Abby and Hannah.
They've been murdered.
Father, she found Abby and Hannah!
They're dead!
Forgive me, Sarah.
- The Lord in whom we trust.
- Bless your soul, child.
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
I know it is hard to see
and even harder to accept.
Our children have been violated.
I stand before you in
great pain and anguish.
We must also mourn the
loss of Tobias Maker.
He gave his life to protect his daughter.
At your command.
I commanded him nothing, Jacob Brown.
At least take your own
responsibility in this matter.
He knew that his sacrifice
could give deliverance to his daughter.
Sarah Maker, Ruth Warren, Mary Brown,
stand before the community!
You tell him, Mary.
Tell me, children.
Were you with Abigail Beecher
on the last night she
was seen in this world?
Where did you go?
- Speak!
- We were taken to a party.
There was drunkenness
and lewdness and blasphemy.
These girls have broken the covenant.
They caroused with temptation!
From now on, they must be within sight
of another member of the
flock at all times.
And there will be no further
contact with the outside.
No exceptions!
And those who work evil.
For blessed are the dead
who die unto the Lord,
for they will see the kingdom of Heaven.
Let the Lord descend upon me
and deliver me from my enemies.
Lord, strengthen me and protect me
from those who rise up against me.
Lord, cast out my enemy
and deliver me from those who work evil.
It's in you!
It's in you.
- Ruth.
- Oh, God, Mary.
What happened? Are you okay?
My mother last night,
she was trying to kill me.
Spare my daughter!
This is the only remedy!
Mother, no! Mother!
No! Mother!
Mary Brown?
It's time for your examination.
Daughter of Christ,
have you cast your eyes upon the abyss,
the land of bedlam,
where Lucifer sits upon his dark throne?
No, never.
Have you felt yearnings
that were beyond the
measure of your control?
You know of what I speak.
Have you felt these stirrings?
Answer me, child,
or you will find yourself
shunned like your mother.
Rise, child.
Lower your dress.
Put modesty aside.
You must be examined for signs
of the Drommelkind.
All of it.
Take this glass of water.
Hold it.
And do not spill even the merest drop.
Our bodies are the receptacles
of our eternal souls.
So it is there that the Devil will hide.
Do not be alarmed if you feel...
Slow down, Mary.
I have to find my father.
Elder Beacon said my mother was shunned.
- He should be shunned!
- Ruth.
He found no signs of the
Devil on any of us.
Sarah, he wasn't looking for the Devil.
Yes, he was. He was testing our humility.
Oh, is that what he was doing?
Our birthday approaches, Ruth.
We must let him help us,
no matter how queer it seems.
You call what he did in there queer?
If we hadn't dropped the glass of water,
he would know our modesty had been breached
and we had laid down with Lucifer.
He's a lech using this as an excuse
to touch our bodies.
This is not the first
exam for either of us.
No, Ruth, no.
- Open your eyes!
- Ruth.
He has this entire community
quivering with fear
so he can do exactly as he pleases.
- Stop it.
- Sarah...
Abby and Hannah are dead.
You know what Abby told me
the day before she died?
He threatened her life when
she refused his perversions.
He killed Abby to keep her silent,
and I believe he did the same to Hannah!
No. No!
Let her go. She's hopeless.
We have to stop him, Mary.
And you need to be quiet.
Be sensible, Ruth.
You'll get us into even more trouble.
I want to know the truth.
What about?
My mother.
Elder Beacon said she was shunned.
Do not lie to me!
It's true.
That's not important now.
It is to me. Tell me.
She summoned the Devil.
She invited the Devil into the commune
hoping to sway the prophecy.
That is why she was shunned.
This is between me and my daughter.
Would you leave us, please?
She never died, did she?
You have to understand
that in our community,
shunning is akin to death.
Where is she?!
She stayed right in Greenville.
You let me believe all these
years that she was dead!
- Mary, please...
- Stay away from me!
Come now. Go in. Go.
What could they want?
Why are they here?
Listen, they found blood
near where we had the party.
Okay? A lot of it.
This is my dad. You can talk to him.
Mary, please, anything.
Frank is like a son to me.
After I came...
How can I help you, Sheriff?
The young lady can answer for herself.
Answer what, exactly?
You're as gracious as ever, Eli.
You come here unannounced and uninvited.
I'll remind you I don't need an invitation.
Piece of property is right
in the middle of my county.
Now I got a boy missing, and I understand
that you've got two girls missing as well.
I'm sorry for your loss, Sheriff,
but my girls are accounted for,
and unless you come here with
evidence that they are related,
I don't see how we can be of assistance.
See, here's what I don't get, Eli...
you live this wonderfully wholesome life
in the service of God.
So why wouldn't you want
to be of assistance?
The fact is, boy,
I'd hate to see how a couple of murders
could impact people running
to buy your jams and quilts.
So let me ask my questions,
I'll be on my way.
Mary? Mary!
If you wish to question our community
or enter our private property,
I'm sure your courts will
give you the proper permission.
Then I'll be back with a warrant, Eli.
You can count on it.
Stop! He's a liar!
He's a molester! Stop! Stop! Come back!
Please! Stop! Let me go!
Stop, please, come back!
For turning her back on
the holy city of New Bethlehem,
for attempting to bring
lies into our midst,
from this moment forth,
Ruth Warren shall be shunned
- by the children of the light.
- No.
Your very family will consider you dead.
You shall not be spoken to.
You shall not be seen.
You shall not be heard.
You killed them both, didn't you?!
You killed them both! You're a liar!
Ruth Warren, in the name of God the Father
and his son Jesus, you are renounced
by the holy city of New Bethlehem.
- You are shunned!
- No!
Shunned! Shunned!
Father, help me! Father, please!
He's a liar!
He violated Abby and Hannah!
He's a liar! He's a liar!
The punishment for giving
shelter to the shunned
shall be eternal banishment
from the heavenly womb of New Bethlehem.
This is the word of the elders.
This is the word of God!
Trevor, I'm out of here, man.
See you, Pete.
What are you doing here?
What's going on?
Hey, Mary...
you're safe, okay?
How am I going to find Ruth?
I got a couple ideas.
She wouldn't be the first shunned communer
to walk into town with no place to go.
Are you okay?
Trevor's gonna help us.
He knows where my mother lives.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'll be here.
Thanks, Trevor.
- This is Ruth.
- I know.
Please, come inside. Come.
I've been watching you all these years.
That's why I never left this town.
I wanted to be able to see you grow up,
even if it were from afar.
And I see it in your eyes.
You're waking up to the charade
that's New Bethlehem.
Why didn't you talk to me?
Why didn't you let me know?
I wanted to. I tried to take you with me.
But they... they stopped me.
No, not your father.
Elder Beacon.
He's an insecure man who will lie and cheat
to keep whatever power he has
over New Bethlehem.
Even murder?
I wouldn't be surprised.
Does anyone know you're here?
- Who is it?
- Elder Stone.
Where are they?!
The window.
Get out!
Where is she?
What are you talking about?
You're a liar!
It's stuck.
- Mary?!
- You can't do this!
As long as the Lord governs my actions,
I can do no wrong.
You're only making it
more difficult on yourself.
There's no one here, Eli.
Get in.
Come in?
I made up a bed for you in the guest room.
My dad's working tonight.
He won't be back till morning.
I think your friend Ruth is already asleep.
Are you feeling better?
What are all these?
They're from swim meets
and track and field,
stuff like that, you know.
No, we never really had competitions.
Commune. Stupid me.
You say that a lot, call yourself stupid.
You shouldn't. You're not.
I guess when you hear something enough,
it kind of sticks.
If you told your father everything,
what do you think he would do?
I think he would raid the commune.
He wants to shut it down.
You don't have to go back there.
You found your mother. You can... stay.
I wear a poker face so well
That even Mother couldn't tell
And my baby's so vain
- She is almost a mirror
- Are you sure?
And the sound of her name
Sends a permanent shiver
Down my spine
Down my spine...
- You did what?
- I thought they'd be safer here.
Bringing them here like this?
I'm in the middle of an investigation.
- What was I supposed to do?
- Stay away from them, that's what.
They're witnesses, Trevor,
and I'm bringing them in.
Where are they?
I don't know.
Mary, I don't understand.
We weren't safe there.
As angry as I am at my father
and as much as I detest Rebekah,
we still have brothers and sisters here.
And you think we'll be safe there?
Mary, I can't go back there.
My father will protect us.
He did so long ago when we were born,
and he will do so again.
I'll see to it.
Come on.
Mary, thank goodness you're alive.
Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- Where were you?
It does not concern you.
Father, for all the deceits
I may have foisted upon you,
yours to me remains the greatest.
But I will forgive you because
the Bible tells me to do so.
And now you shall do the same for me.
- No.
- Mary...
- Father...
- Get out.
By harboring this girl,
we could all be shunned.
Ruth is my friend,
and we will not turn our backs upon her.
You will listen to my word!
I speak for both of us!
Whenever you stand praying, forgive.
If you have anything
against anyone, forgive,
because your Father who sits in Heaven
forgives your transgressions.
And if you cannot forgive,
neither will the Almighty.
If you're truly sworn to the Bible,
now's the time to start acting like it.
You'll stay up here for the night.
Make sure you don't leave the room.
I've just never heard anybody
talk to their father the way you did.
Tomorrow's our 18th birthday, Ruth.
We're not kids anymore.
If you choose to wake with the Devil,
so be it.
But my children and I will not.
If you utter one word
of their presence here...
The barn.
Ruth, what are we doing?
Looking for proof.
Ruth, this is crazy.
I have already been shunned, Mary.
What else is there?
If I could expose him as the killer,
my family will take me back.
Oh, God. He's coming.
He's coming. Let's go.
Don't. No, come on.
Come on.
Mary Brown.
The Devil still haunts your soul, child.
Ruth Warren!
The eye of God sees you!
Please let me in! Father, let me in!
I can't.
Please open the door!
Please open the door, I'm begging you!
I can't send you away.
Leave me alone!
The day of reckoning has arrived.
The Drommelkind has struck openly.
It is Mary Brown.
Her birthday arrives tonight
at the stroke of midnight.
Summon all the God-fearing to the chapel.
prepare the horses.
Rebekah, what are you doing here?
We're staying here tonight.
The children are sleeping in the loft.
Jacob and I have quarreled.
I have no time to discuss your marriage.
Now where is Mary?
Her soul is in grave danger,
as is yours and your children
and all of New Bethlehem.
I do not know.
She did not return home last night.
You lie, I have already seen her
with the glint of the Devil in her eye!
Where does your allegiance truly lie?
Where would Jacob take her?!
If he had her in his possession,
I would say Sarah Maker's.
Oh, Mary.
are you all right?
I'm afraid.
Don't worry, I'm here.
Mother Maker!
Jacob Brown. You cannot be here.
Look at her. Her seizures
are getting worse.
They've just been here looking for her.
Good, then they won't be back again,
will they?
- But I can't...
- But nothing!
18 years ago, I protected your daughter.
Now you will repay the favor.
She needs a doctor.
I must go into town and get some help.
I fear evil spirit's
taken this girl's soul.
- Look at her.
- There are no evil spirits,
And there is no Drommelkind!
It's a fairy tale!
Now I have a daughter who
needs serious medical help.
I'm not going to stand
by and watch her die.
Now you, you go to the church
so as to allay suspicion.
Sarah, you stay with Mary.
I'm going for help.
- But she needs to be purified.
- No, she needs a doctor.
Elder Beacon would let her die.
Now you stay with her.
Mary, can you hear me?
I want to help you.
You're in danger of the Dark One.
I'm going to find you the help you need.
Is anyone there?
We must act now.
Time is sh...
Mary is at our house.
Our faith has been rewarded.
The Drommelkind has been found.
Circle the house!
As long as you stand firm,
the evil within cannot escape.
As for the Drommelkind,
I will face it myself.
Sheriff Stevens,
we've got a 911 call from New Bethlehem.
From the abyss you came,
and to the abyss you shall return.
You shall not enter our world,
beast of Satan.
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
Praise be to the Lord...
The bargain which you struck for this flesh
is rendered null and void
by the power vested in me by God Almighty.
You cannot fool a soldier of Christ
with your fair face, Drommelkind!
Slither back into the slime
from whence you were spawned, demon!
Praise be to the Lord in whom we trust.
Do you know why New Bethlehem follows me,
They follow me because they know the sound
of their master's voice.
The people outside are like dogs, Mary.
The greatest gift you can
give another human being
is the sound of their master's voice.
Look out.
- Mary!
- Hold him!
Our father who... who art in...
Is there something you want to tell me,
Hallowed be thy name.
Come on.
You're insane.
Hi, Mary.
You remember me?
I know what you've been through.
But it would really help
if you could tell me
anything you remember about what happened.
25 minutes.
25 minutes what?
Until I become the Drommelkind.
My birthday's at midnight.
It's when Satan will take
possession of my soul.
No, no, no, no.
I'll become one of his soldiers.
I'll become unimaginably powerful.
No, that's not gonna happen.
- You have to kill me.
- Mary.
You have to kill me before it's too late.
Relax, relax, okay?
I'll be right back.
You're almost free.
Stay away from me. I'll hurt you.
No, you won't.
You were weak, Mary.
You are sickly, plagued by your fits.
The prophecy said only one
of you six girls would live,
only the strongest would survive.
I prayed for God to heal you.
He turned his back on me.
What did you do?
I cursed his name, renounced him.
And then I was offered
the chance to keep you alive.
My beautiful Mary.
You changed the prophecy.
I made sure you were the one.
- Yes.
- No.
I've been in service to you.
You are not gonna need my help any longer.
You will finally be free,
your power complete.
No. No.
- Oh, yes, Mary.
- No.
You have a visitor.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
- What is it?
- Shh.
It's almost over.
What are you talking ab...
I guess there's some things
that don't change.
You really are stupid.
Please, sir, please, sir,
we need to begin an exodus
from New Bethlehem.
God, our Father in Heaven,
protect me from this evil.
My fire is wild
My rage is deep
One black eye
Busted teeth
Feel my fury
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
You really light me up
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
Last but hardly least.
Feel my pulse
My heart beats
But the cancer's deep
It's time for your examination.
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
You really light me up
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
Feel my fury
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
You really light me up
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
And when you lied before
You broke our tie before
And then I tapped into a feeling
That I could not ignore
And when you lied before
You broke our tie before
And then I tapped into a feeling
That I could not ignore
Feel my fury
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
You really light me up
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
Feel my fury
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
You really light me up
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh oh-oh
Fury, oh, fury,
don't you misguide me
I need my wits to set me free
Oh, fury, oh, fury,
don't you misguide me
I need my wits to set me free
Oh, fury, oh, fury,
don't you misguide me
I need my wits to set me free