Where the Scary Things Are (2022) Movie Script

[ominous music playing]
Bran here with another Bran-tastic video.
Today, we're doing another episode
of Bum Fites.
[whispers] He's in there.
Get 'em, get 'em!
Hey, guys? You want this 20?
Well, come and get it!
Fight each other!
[Bran on video] Yeah, come on!
- Keep an eye out for that security guard.
- On it.
I wanna fire up some of the effects
and stuff, like the lights.
- [Bran indistinct]
- Wait, you can do that?
- I can do that.
- [Bran] Roll on each other.
- [Ayla] That'd be so cool.
- This is gonna be Monday!
[sighs] You mean money, Bran.
That's what I said, dingus.
Yeah! Get up and fight now!
Hey, where'd you find these guys?
That doesn't look like our bum.
You know, you should
really blur out those faces.
They can sue for not giving permission.
[Bran] These guys don't have money to sue.
They're homeless.
[Snack panting]
Our... [coughing]
Our guard buddy's working.
- Let's go.
- [Snack coughing]
I don't get it.
I don't get it.
He has such a hatred for them.
I mean, Ted--
- Dude, Ted's a legend here.
- [laughs]
Do you remember
the groundhog stuffed animal?
- Oh, my gosh. I love Ted.
- You little perv! I swear to God!
Don't even think about dokking me.
I'm just messing a little. Chill.
- What did you say to me?
- [Bran] Chill.
Don't tell me to chill.
- [Bran] All right.
- Got it?
Bran, I swear to God,
if you're still filming my ass,
- I'm gonna kill you.
- [chuckles]
[security guard] Hey, you kids!
- Shit.
- Run.
[upbeat rock music playing]
- [security guard] Stay right there!
- [Mighty] Come on, Bran, go!
- [Bran] Come on!
- Run!
[metal clanks]
- Get to the Dokking Station!
- No kidding!
[footsteps bang]
[security guard] Stay right there!
[upbeat rock music continues]
[birds chirping]
- [security guard sighs]
- That to make sure we can't
- prove you shot at us?
- You a lawyer?
No, but his dad is.
You little boys making big boy smut
with her and that camera?
Wouldn't you like to know.
[security guard] This is private property
and this is closed until fall.
You're trespassing. You know that, right?
- We didn't see any signs.
- Yeah, right, kid.
I call the police or your parents.
Which is it?
Why don't you catch your breath first,
[chuckles] What a dick.
All the way out from the city
to deal with this shit.
The place is closed, Snack.
How hard is that to understand?
You get hurt out there,
we could lose everything.
- The guy shot at us!
- Knock it off with that shit!
I got you and this Dokkers thing
all figured out.
That Ayla girl, she doesn't like you.
She's using you, son.
Girls like her don't like guys like you.
[woman] I work tonight,
and Mike's coming over
before I get home, so you know.
[papers crinkle]
How about a goddamn thank you?
No boyfriend. You hang out
with these loser Kids.
Where is that gonna get you in life?
Wasting what God and I gave you. [sighs]
Yeah, because Mike's some prize.
You think you're better than me? Hmm?
You little bitch!
I should have let that guy call the cops.
[ominous music playing]
[chip crunches]
[woman] You didn't eat
anything through this.
You're lucky that cop let you go.
You need to make better choices, Mighty.
- He wasn't a cop, Ma.
- [insulin pump beeps]
Turn the sounds off
your insulin pump, baby.
[sniffs] That thing smells.
[soft music playing]
[Bran] I got it all on video!
He shot at us, but he erased it!
[soft music playing]
- [music stops]
- I can't prove it,
but it would have been huge online!
It would have blown up my channel!
I'm gonna moneltize my channel, you wait!
[soft music playing]
[Bran] Ma!
- Ma! You even listening?
- It's monetize.
It's monetize your channel.
That's what I said! Monetize!
Yep, John, just stall them.
Yeah, I'm 20 minutes out.
I know, I had an emergency with my son.
I gotta drop him off real quick.
I'll be right there, 15 minutes.
You come home
right off the bus from now on.
No Field of Screams,
no Dokking Station, no Dokkers.
No more of that nonsense.
Your mother and I will discuss
what to do with you.
- What's there to discuss?
- That place is closed for the season.
You keep trespassing there.
You know that's a crime, right?
The man shot at you, Max.
Is any of this sinking in?
Wait. You believe he shot at us?
You know why? Because you stopped.
Only a gun would make you idiots stop.
We also need to talk
about this dokking shit.
- What's there to talk about?
-Yes or no?
You and your friends are blackmailing kids
online with dirt you get on them.
That's dokking, right?
You call yourselves The Dokkers?
Can't even spell it right.
Go ahead. Defend it, Max.
Not with Max facts.
Defend the indefensible.
I sue, Max. I don't get sued.
[crickets chirping]
[keyboard clatters]
What were you doing, Scribble?
Did I just see student records
on your screen again?
[chuckles] No.
Did that ten-day suspension
and fine teach you anything?
Check with the tech department.
They can see what I do in there.
I want your things searched.
- I know what I saw.
- So do I.
What's with the wink?
You know what I learned from last time?
I got my ass beat
and my best gaming computer sold
to pay for that fine.
You screw me again,
and I'm gonna screw back.
Now you're threatening a teacher?
I'm promising.
Maybe you get dokked
and the district gets some pics
I found of you back in the day.
Some reefer with the frat boys...
drinking beer
from some sorority chick's vag.
All right, another example.
You kids, I believe, if I'm not mistaken,
have all grown up with the urban legend
of the Halloween candy spiked
with razors and needles.
Anyone here ever heard of that?
Heard of that? Show of hands.
Show of hands if you've heard of that.
Yep. Yeah. Me too.
Even when I was a kid. Question:
Who here knows a single person
who that's actually happened to?
- Yeah, it, um...
- [teacher] Max.
...it happened back in the '70s.
Yes, back in the '70s.
A father poisoned his son.
That was a single isolated case, Max.
Well, there have been more,
you know, copycats.
Okay, well, prove it. Find me one.
No, right now. I want you
to get your phone out,
that's fine, you have my permission.
Go ahead and find a single case
other than the '70s guy.
I don't think you will.
What I believe happened
is that the media sensationalized it.
Blew it up until eventually...
it became fact.
How many of you have seen this character?
This school,
just like all over the country,
received a warning that this image
could show up along with text,
urging children to kill themselves.
Yeah, and it's true.
I mean, they embedded
that message into online videos
and then they used apps
to send it to kids.
I mean, are you saying this isn't true?
No, no. What I'm saying is that no one's
provided any evidence, Max.
That's the key component.
This missing evidence.
Lockjaw, that's the urban legend
around here, right?
The creepy guy that supposedly lives
in the sludge ponds.
Anyone here ever actually seen Lockjaw?
Ooh, boogeyman's coming. Be afraid.
No evidence, no reason to be scared.
- Yet, this and all the others...
- Just look at it.
- It's not that scary.
- ...spread like wildfire
because of social media.
- [girl crying]
- These are what I like to term
your "razors in the Halloween candy"
urban legends.
They're not just urban legends, Mr. Lewis.
It's true. I've read it in the news.
This stuff is all real.
Unfortunately, real suicides do occur.
However, not a single one of them
is in any way proven
to have any correlation
or connection to this,
Red fish, bulgy-eye guy
or any other suicide challenge
or any other urban legend.
Which is why...
you all are going to, drum roll...
You're gonna create
your own urban legends.
I want you to create an urban legend
to see how false information
- becomes accepted as fact...
- [crying]
...without proper diligence.
Why is she crying?
She's always crying about something.
[crying continues]
Jeni? Jeni, look at me.
Jeni, are you okay?
You need to see the nurse?
- You do?
- Mm-hmm.
[teacher] Okay, that's fine.
Go ahead and close your books.
That's fine. Come on.
This... this stuff scares me.
- Everything fucking scares her.
- What's that, Ayla?
- Nothing, Mr. Lewis.
- [Jeni cries]
Uh, everyone,
go ahead and get a head start
on picking your urban legends.
I want you to try to write five right now.
It's ridiculous.
You're the only one other than me
who knows how to hold a camera.
Besides, this one's gonna be big.
Dude, you've been saying that
for every video.
Just get Mighty to hold the camera.
- I don't wanna hold the camera.
- Hold the goddamn camera.
Mighty's a watcher, not a doer.
Well, besides that, I'm grounded,
and I'm tired of Bum Wars
'cause it's stupid.
No, it's not. People love it.
Yeah, and by people you mean you.
Yeah, check the comments, Bran.
Nobody likes your Bum Wars.
[Bran] It's Bum Fites, idiots.
[Snack] You know, guys,
I think my dad's right.
We should probably find a better hangout.
I mean, what if the guard comes back?
Get the sand out of your Gina.
[both] It's vagina.
- [knocking on door]
- [door opens]
Mr. Lewis. Do you have a moment?
Come on in, boss lady.
So I understand you
had an incident in class today.
Jeni Lynn.
Oh, yeah, she gets scared super easily.
- I let her leave class a little early.
- Well, someone filed a complaint, Brent.
Complaint, really? Was it her parents?
No, uh, a student. Someone in your class.
Uh... can you say who it was?
I removed the name.
Can you read that
in here in these dim lights?
Okay, I gotta say, Principal Gress,
this... this sounds like a complaint
against the school, not me.
Yeah, well, we called her down.
She said it happened right after you
showed another scary picture in class.
Um, all of that was included
in the lesson plan.
Now, what you're referencing
was central to the lesson.
Suicide is central to a history lesson?
We need to revisit your lesson plans.
- You approved them each week already.
- Yes, but to be fair, Brent,
this isn't the first complaint
we've had about you.
No, that's not fair.
This one is not about me at all.
It doesn't seem to be
about me or my content.
No, no, this person is upset and wondering
why Jeni Lynn is allowed to be
in a regular education classroom.
"Jeni holds back the entire class,
and Mr. Lewis can't teach for 15 minutes
without having to stop
and see if she's okay."
- That's true.
- It's certainly about you, Brent.
You're an out of the box teacher.
[both sigh]
- Talk tomorrow.
- [Brent sighs]
[hand slams]
[ominous music playing]
Aren't you worried about that
security guard coming back?
He ain't coming back.
Max's dad talked to him, I bet.
- Well, if you say so.
- Ooh, that's a good one.
- [Mighty] How did you get these?
- You don't wanna know.
If she finds out, we're both dead.
She ain't gonna find out.
[Mighty and Bran laughing]
[Mighty and Bran laughing]
What the fuck are you guys laughing at?
Ayla, they were probably just laughing
about, you know, Jeni Russel.
Like how she freaked out in class today.
- You know, she's a baby.
- It's pathetic.
She doesn't belong in that class.
I filed a complaint
about her today in the office.
We are in the same class as a girl
who stops us every ten minutes...
because she's scared of something.
- Is Mr. Lewis in trouble now?
- No, I don't have any issue with him.
It's not his fault she's in there.
I'm just sick of her.
You know why she's in that class?
Because her parents want her in there.
It's a joke.
I'm offended as someone
who gets the same grades as her.
Aren't you?
Not sure complaining was cool.
Mr. Lewis made you
look like an idiot today.
- I'm down for dokking Lewis.
- [Ayla] No, I...
I want this urban legend project to rock.
We make it way more scary.
Like really scary.
And then we make our own online challenge.
You're not talking about
like getting kids to kill themselves,
like, for real, are you?
[ominous music playing]
We will go right to the edge.
Yes! I'm in!
[Ken] You're listening
to Where the Scary Things Are.
I'm your host Monster Mash Ken.
And with missing people, where do they go?
You see all these different cases.
What are you thinking?
[woman] Alien abductions,
mass disappearances.
I mean, you know, the rapture.
Has something religious occurred?
! have no idea, but I can't imagine
what the families are
going through, it's crazy.
[Ken] It's hard to believe
that people still disappear these days.
With all the technology out there...
Hey, Vector, come here.
[Vector beeping]
How do I disappear?
[Vector beeping]
Haven't you ever wanted to disappear?
[Vector beeping]
[Vector] Nineteen.
- Another card?
- No.
[Vector] Nine... 14.
[beeps] Eighteen. You win.
[beeps and whirs]
[knocks on window]
[door knob clicks]
[floor creaks]
[man coughing]
[door creaks]
Come on.
Dude, you can't knock
on my window so damn loud.
- You're gonna wake up my parents.
- So?
Okay. Why would I expect you to get it?
Where are we going?
Follow me,
Mr. "My Parents Are Gonna Hear Me."
[mocking] You're gonna wake up my parents.
- Holy shit, shut the hell up.
- No!
Just follow me, idiot.
- [Bran] Don't cut off heads.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
Just record the video.
I can file my face out in post.
You mean, tile your face, Bran.
Wait, why do you need to tile your face?
Bran here with another Bran-tastic video.
Welcome to the first episode of Bum Wars.
- [Snack] Dude, bring it down.
- Shut the hell up and shoot.
[ominous music playing]
[snoring, muttering]
Bran, what the hell?
[intense music playing]
[Snack] Bran, what the hell?
Jesus Christ!
- Ta-da!
- [man screams]
- Go, go, go!
- [screaming]
[toilet flushes]
[door opens]
[students chattering]
[Snack on video] Bran, what the hell?
Jesus Christ!
- [Bran on video] Ta-da!
- [man screams]
- Go, go, go, go!
- [man screaming]
[crickets chirping]
[Snack] Hey, guys, my parents said
I can't be in The Dokkers anymore.
I'm sorry. I can't do anything about it.
Hey, guys. My parents said I can't be in--
- [loud bang]
- Shit!
Shit! Oh, my God!
[ominous music playing]
Oh, Jesus Christ.
[snarling and snorting]
- [loud splash]
- Shit!
[intense music playing]
Guys, guys, you're not gonna believe this!
There's something in the pond!
[crickets chirping]
Nothing could live in there, Snack.
Okay, well, I heard it over there
and it jumped in there.
Get off the weed, Snack.
[insulin pump beeping]
Mighty needs to be fed.
My blood sugar's low, dumb-ass.
[beeping continues]
Can somebody fart and liven this up?
- [growling]
- [suspenseful music playing]
What the hell was that?
[Snack] Is that the guard?
[Ayla] No.
[body thuds]
[Max] What the hell is that thing?
Ew, be careful.
[flesh squishes]
[Snack] It can't be human.
[Bran] It's covered in crockamoley.
[all] Guacamole, dumb-ass.
We need to find a place
to hide this thing.
At least until we figure out
what the hell it is.
[creature snorts]
- [intense music playing]
- [body scrapes]
[Snack grunts]
- [Mighty] Keep it moving, guys.
- [Max] Ah, dammit.
Guys, let's just get it in there.
Max, find something
to restrain this thing for the time being.
I mean, I know, but just...
There's gotta be something around here.
I mean, this place is littered with shit.
Just ropes, chains, I don't know.
- Whatever will hold it.
- On it.
I mean, it looks so human.
What if it can talk?
- [bat whacks]
- [flesh squishes]
Speak softly, carry a big stick.
[Snack sighs]
We need to get it food and water.
- How do you know that?
- I mean, it's alive, isn't it?
I mean, it has to eat and drink.
Well, hey, kangaroo rats
can go their whole lives
- without drinking water, so...
- Max, look at me.
Does that look like
a goddamn kangaroo to you?
[insulin pump beeping]
- [sighs]
- [Ayla] Oh, Jesus, Mighty.
Can you turn that damn insulin pump off?
[Mighty] Everybody shits
on the diabetic kid.
- [body thrashes]
- [intense music playing]
[creature snorts]
Well, at the least
the restraints are holding.
Yeah, for now.
- [creature sniffing]
- Why the sniffing?
- Guys, what the hell is it smelling?
- Dinner.
[creature sniffing]
[Ayla] Bran, hold up.
Give me the camera.
- No.
- [Scribble] Give me the camera.
[Ayla] You'll get it back when it's time.
Delete those perv shots
he's got of me, too.
Al right.
I won't post anything. I swear.
That's right, you're not. Bye.
Guys, get him outta here.
We'll catch up.
- It'll be fine. Relax.
- [Bran] Shut up.
If it gets loose, we're dead.
[crickets chirping]
How long have we been coming here?
I don't know.
A few years, I guess. Why?
And we haven't seen
this thing until today.
I mean, it's gotta be new here.
- I've sure as hell never seen it.
- Exactly.
What happens when this place
opens up for Halloween?
We can't have this thing
going nuts on customers.
- That would be bad.
- Yeah.
For me.
I can't lose this place.
This is my escape.
I mean, you know that.
Better than anybody else.
[creature growls softly]
[creature roars]
[Scribble] So we're really gonna do this?
I think I need this.
So do I.
[motorcycle approaching]
My house is just as empty.
I'm gonna hang out
until your mom gets home.
You should get inside.
[Ayla sighs]
Thanks for walking me home.
You should come to my place.
You could stay over if you want.
Good night.
[bottles clink]
Wanna hang out?
- When's my mom getting home?
- Whenever.
I'm the babysitter.
Where's the remote?
[woman on TV indistinct]
[man on TV indistinct]
[ominous music playing]
[indistinct chattering on TV]
- [Vector] Tomatoes.
- [beeps]
[dramatic music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[creature sniffs and snorts]
Four, five, six, seven, eight...
[coughs, panting]
[creature snorts]
- [panting]
- [creature growls]
[slurps meat]
[package thuds]
[Snack breathes heavily]
[creature growling]
I've gotta get you tied back up.
Hey, Dad, um,
have you ever heard of Lockjaw?
Yeah, it comes from tetanus or rabies.
Why, are you feeling sick?
[sighs] No, I'm talking
about the weird guy
people say used
to live by Field of Screams.
Yeah, there was this one guy.
I remember people said he
was a molester, crazy or something.
A lot of homeless people out that way,
which is why we don't want you
hanging out there.
One of the reasons, anyway.
Well, I mean...
I mean, did you ever see him?
- Was he real?
- I work with facts, Max.
Not Max facts.
And, no, I never saw him
or know anyone who has.
All right, all right. Cool.
Cool, cool. Thanks.
I'm less worried
about homeless child molesters
than I am this Ayla girl you like.
[sighs] Oh, goddammit.
Okay, Dad, I don't like her.
Especially like that, so...
Your mother says your underwear
in the laundry says otherwise.
Facts, Max.
[dramatic music playing]
So who taught you how to shoot?
Here, like this. Both hands up.
It's not like the movies.
Just relax your shoulders... then shoot.
I wanna scare people.
[ominous music playing]
I mean...
this could be great.
Does it scare you?
Only if it gets loose.
Let's make sure that doesn't happen then.
Seriously? No raw hamburger?
Monsters always go
for raw hamburger in the movies.
- We didn't have any.
- Who doesn't have hamburger?
- That pump thing smells.
- It's Phenol.
It's a chemical they use in his insulin
or something like that.
- Is that a Max fact?
- Look it up, ass hat.
And that's why, Max,
you're going to be writing
all the online content for this.
Once Scribble has a page up,
Bran, you get the footage.
But everything you do
goes through me first, all right?
I don't want you posting none of this.
And don't show anybody who's not a Dokker.
- Got it?
- Got it.
Scribble will be able to see
everything that you do remotely.
Just so you know.
[ominous music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[creature breathing heavily]
[creature sniffs]
[creature snarls]
[creature breathing heavily]
- Do it. Please.
- [gun cocks]
[Ayla gasps]
- [intense music playing]
- [ears ringing]
[creature growling]
It... it can smell fear.
Is that Max fact or is that real?
- [Bran screams]
- Motherfucker!
- You son of a bitch!
- Bran, what is wrong with you?
[overlapping chatter]
Where do you think you're going?
- You think this is--
- You think this is funny?
- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Waste of space!
Everybody shut the hell up!
Shut the hell up!
- [Ayla] We're done with you now!
- [sighs]
Okay, it's not just a Max fact, okay.
As soon as the thing
starts sniffing, it goes nuts.
It's Mighty's insulin pump setting it off.
- It's not me.
-Yes, it is.
- Come on.
- [Max] It's not the insulin pump.
It's not the insulin pump.
It's the insulin.
All right, that thing
gives off a smell, right?
So maybe it thinks it's the smell of fear.
- [laughs]
- [Max] What?
How can anything smell fear?
Um, no, I believe it.
I mean, a few years ago before I moved,
there was a dog, it was a... a big dog
a couple houses down from me.
And, man, I swear to God,
like, if you showed that you
were even a little bit afraid,
- it would go crazy.
- Maybe...
Maybe it's like... a bear.
You know how people say...
it can smell when a girl...
Okay, come on, Bran.
- I don't have my period!
- [Max] Come on.
- [Ayla] What the hell?
- Prove it then!
- [indistinct yelling]
- Get outta here!
- I swear to God! Take him out!
- [Max] Everybody settle down.
Let's just sit down.
All right?
What now?
Guys, this is what
we're gonna do, all right?
You and Max...
figure out whatever you can.
Snack, you and Bran,
you guys have to get
as much coverage on this as possible.
We need that proof.
Guys, what the hell are we doing?
We need to call the cops
or at least our parents.
This thing could be an alien
for all we know.
We are in over our heads.
- [ominous music playing]
- [Ayla] You okay, Snack?
I need to talk to you
once everyone leaves.
[ominous music playing]
[Ayla] You haven't told anyone?
No, Ayla.
And I swore I wouldn't, didn't I?
I mean, yeah, but...
you seem kinda sketchy, Snack.
Do you still wanna tell?
[sighs] No.
I hope not.
Got monster shit on me.
Everything good with Snack??
Yeah, it's fine.
Come here.
Something to cheer you up.
Bran's perv pics he got of you.
- Thanks.
- But wait...
there's more.
Jeni's personal cell.
- You didn't?
- [chuckles]
This is gonna be great.
Thank you so much.
[gentle music playing]
Wait, I have something
I wanna show you first.
Why don't you change then?
You smell like monster shit.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[rock music continues]
[rock music continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[rock music continues]
[no audible dialogue]
I called you both here because,
well, obviously you
get A's on the project.
I mean, yeah, that video's incredible.
[chuckles] Ten thousand views
in just over two weeks.
You definitely hit the objective.
This thing, how'd you do it?
Well, it's Crockamoley.
I'm sorry, Crock-- Crock--
Crockamoley? Not Lockjaw?
That's the urban legend around here,
It's not Lockjaw, it's...
it's Crockamoley.
Okay, all right. Well, Crockamoley
is one scary special effect, let me say.
Well, it's actually kinda funny
that you say that.
Yeah, we have a... we have a friend.
- Tom.
- Yeah, Tom.
He, uh, you know, he does makeup
and special effects for movies.
Not anything major, but indie.
Well, let me tell you to tell Tom,
I think he's gonna win an Oscar someday.
This project is incredible. He went above
and beyond and so did you both.
But I have to ask you
to take this video down.
Um, uh, why?
- Well, gun violence for one thing, Max.
- They're digital effects.
[Brent] I know that,
we've had complaints.
Parents are very upset over the content.
They're describing it as disturbing.
They're saying it's scary.
They're saying the content
in this video is sick, Max.
You both did...
a little too good of a job, I'm afraid.
How can you tell it's us?
You can't see our faces.
Well, because it's a high school
class project and you're teenagers.
You can't keep a secret.
All the kids know, Max.
They're probably just jealous 'cause
their crappy little Photoshop projects
didn't turn out nearly
as good as ours did.
Look, between you and me,
I understand that,
and I couldn't agree more, Ayla.
Now, but this project
has gotten me in more hot water
with administration
than I care to touch on.
- Did Jeni lose it again?
- Punish us for doing a great job.
- Yeah, I get it.
- No, Max, you're not being punished.
You still get the A's, okay?
It's just you made it
a little too lifelike.
- It's a little too realistic.
- How is that our problem?
Mr. Lewis,
you can't connect it to the school.
You can't tell who's in the video.
I mean, we even spoofed the IP address
to make it look like
it comes from New Mexico.
Look, we have thousands of comments.
This is how things spread.
That's what you told us.
"Oh, my God!" "This is so good."
"It looks so real."
"Show us more Crockamoley."
The comments just keep going.
It says, it says...
[ominous music playing]
- That...
- [Brent] What? What does it say?
Look, I'm asking you both...
with massive respect
for all of the hard work
that went into this video,
please take the video down.
Mr. Lewis, with all due respect
for everything you've taught us
about free speech,
standing up for ourselves
and censorship...
So I'm guessing
you're gonna fail us now, huh?
- [ominous music playing]
- [insects chirping]
Well, it started out great.
Now everyone thinks it's fake.
I mean, Ayla, that's the internet.
People shit on everything.
Ten thousand views is pretty good.
It was a good run.
You wouldn't know a good run
if it hit you in your fat ass.
The views have died off.
It's because of these haters.
These losers!
God, I hate people!
People are over it. It's boring.
How the hell are we supposed
to do the Crockamoley challenge
if everyone says it's fake?
Guys, we risked our lives for an A.
And then we are told to take it down.
Another lie!
Another person screws us over!
Nothing ever turns out
like you're promised.
God, I'd like to throw
one of those haters in there!
Yeah, record that.
And then we'll post it.
I mean, that's what we should do, right?
Come on! We should do that, right?
[insulin pump beeping]
Um, sorry, guys.
I figured out why it's beeping.
It's got a leak or something.
I'll just fix that.
[Crockamoley growls]
Shut the hell up!
- [Bran on video] Ta-da!
- [man screams]
[man screaming]
[Bran on video] Ta-da!
[gentle music playing]
Why are you doing this? Why?
We can't do this. We can't...
Get off. Stop!
[Scribble] So what?
You gonna fucking tell?
Is that it?
You swore.
Why are you scared of us?
I'm not.
[clicks tongue]
What would Crockamoley think?
[sniffles] I have to get out of here.
So go.
[dramatic music playing]
[Mighty] This is messed up.
I mean, what if he flips out?
What do we do? What then?
Shut up, you blubbering baby.
This is great.
All right, you have my attention.
I haven't eaten in a few days.
All right, man. Well, you're in luck.
All you gotta do, come with us.
We'll give you like... a hundred bucks.
You! You're the one
who set my hat on fire.
Hey, hey, man. You're good.
All is good. He won't touch you.
We promise.
Come on. It's only a short walk.
[ominous music playing]
Do you wanna see?
See what?
You want me to go in here?
We're gonna go in with you.
Oh, good, 'cause for a second
I thought you guys
might leave me the fuck alone.
What's in there anyway, huh?
Are you guys buying me a car?
[Scribble] Just go, man.
What the hell is wrong with you kids, huh?
- Why are you doing this?
- [Bran] We're shooting a video.
We just wanna see your reaction. Come on.
[ominous music playing]
The last time
I starred in one of your videos,
you set me on fire
while I was asleep, you little shit.
[Scribble] Just go!
[ominous music playing]
[Crockamoley sniffs and snorts]
What the hell is that?
[Crockamoley sniffs and snorts]
Is this some sort of joke?
What the hell is this?
[Crockamoley snorts]
[Crockamoley snorts]
Is this some sort of prank video, huh?
This shit is awful.
[intense music playing]
[body thuds]
[intense music playing]
We just killed that guy!
There's another Crockamoley video
or whatever the hell it is.
Did you see it?
The shit looks real.
- [girl] Damn. How'd they do that?
- I know, right?
Oh shit, we're already late to class.
[homeless man] Is this
some sort of prank video, huh?
This shit is awful.
[ominous music playing]
So what time do you
think you're gonna get here?
[Scribble on phone]
Give me, like, ten minutes.
All right. So plan on an hour then.
- [Scribble] I always come on time.
- Yeah. We'll see.
I came to get something.
I'm not as stupid as you think.
I need to get it.
[Mike] I can't believe you guys
hang out in this shit hole.
[Ayla] That's what I say about home.
-Is it in there?
- In there.
Does your boyfriend in there
think he's gonna jump me?
[chuckles] No.
Definitely not.
Come and get it.
[ominous music playing]
You think I'm fucking stupid?
[intense music playing]
Where's my fucking gun?
[gasping softly]
[body thuds]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Mike screams]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Mike screams]
- [Crockamoley growls]
- [Mike screams]
[Mike screams]
[Ayla] Shut up!
[ominous music playing]
Hi. Jeni?
It's... it's Ayla.
No, please, don't hang up.
I... I just wanted to say
that I'm so sorry...
for the way I've treated you since...
I wanna make it up to you.
Is this all part of the project, hmm?
Convince the teacher this is real?
It is, Mr. Lewis, I swear.
Everything you saw
on that channel is real.
No, it... it looks real.
It looks real, I'll give you that,
but, look, I still think
y'all are trying to punk me or something.
Are you recording this right now?
- No.
- Are you recording this?
No, no, please. No.
You know, Max, he came and told me that
you guys have a friend who does effects.
- Is that not true?
- No, those are his Max facts.
- It's not true?
- No.
So I'm supposed to not believe
his reasonable story
for yours about a monster
that feeds on homeless people?
Yeah, okay.
I'll take you there.
[Jeni sobbing]
[Scribble] Why? Is it for the likes?
Because I hate her.
[Jeni sobbing]
- Aw, you scared, Jeni?
- [sobs] Please!
Please, just let me go.
- [Crockamoley snorts]
- [Ayla] Since first grade,
you've cried, pissed your pants...
...dragged every class we're in to a halt.
We get told, oh, you're just different.
But you get the same grades as me!
We're not the same, bitch!
[Jeni whimpers]
see the difference between you and me.
Do it.
[Jeni] Stop it! No, stop!
[Crockamoley snorting]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [screams]
- [growling]
[bones crack]
[ominous music playing]
[Crockamoley shrieks]
- [knocks on window]
- [gasps]
[breathes heavily]
What the hell is wrong with you?
It's on foot from here. Come on.
[crickets chirping]
Y'all have permission to be here?
[sniffs] Come on.
Mr. Lewis...
You can't be scared.
It... It can smell fear.
It'll go nuts.
- It smells fear?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yes.
[scoffs] Okay, I tried, Snack.
- I tried.
- Mr. Lewis--
- Have you lost your mind?
- It's not a trick, okay.
Would I bring you down here
if it wasn't so important?
Please, you have to believe me.
[suspenseful music playing]
Yeah, we're all clear.
I still got some water in here.
- [sighs]
- [coughs]
Oh, it stinks in here.
All right, where's this boogeyman?
[Crockamoley snarling]
What the hell is this?
[gulps water]
That's Crockamoley.
This... this isn't a guy in a suit?
- Seriously?
- No.
- [gasps]
- [Crockamoley snorts]
Oh, my... Oh, my...
- Oh, my God.
- Mr. Lewis-- Mr. Lewis, calm down.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- [bucket clanks]
- [Snack] Calm down.
[breathing heavily]
[Crockamoley snorts]
What the hell did you kids do?
Hi, Mr. Lewis.
This... this thing.
This is real.
Sure is.
[Snack] Calm down.
Why'd you bring him here, Snack?
[Crockamoley snarling]
[Ayla] You lied.
You guys Killed somebody.
- You're murderers!
- So are you.
Is that why you brought me here?
- No.
- To fucking kill me?
[Snack] No. Mr. Lewis, no.
- [Crockamoley growls]
- [gun cocks]
Whoa, whoa, whoa... He's a teacher.
Hey, hey, hey, just...
- No, stay! Hey, hey, hey!
- Let us go, or I let it go.
I can't let you do that.
- Relax. Okay?
- You wanna see what happened to Jeni?
[Crockamoley snorts]
Come on.
[intense music playing]
- [screaming]
- [flesh squelches]
[ears ringing]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Scribble] Get out of the way!
[intense music playing]
- [screams]
- [Crockamoley snarls]
[Mighty whimpering]
- [flesh squelches]
- [Mighty screams]
[intense music playing]
[ride clanks and whirs]
[Snack] Ayla!
- [Bran screams]
- [roars]
[intense music playing]
[Crockamoley snarls]
- [screams]
- [flesh squelches]
[Crockamoley roars]
[intense music playing]
[Crockamoley growling]
- [Crockamoley growling]
- [Ayla sobbing]
Open up!
[Crockamoley growls]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Snack sobbing]
[Crockamoley snorts]
[Snack sobbing]
[Crockamoley growls]
[Ayla screaming]
[screaming continues]
[Snack screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
[Snack screams]
[eerie music playing]
[Ken] Good evening, boys and ghouls.
You're listening
to Where the Scary Things Are.
I'm your host, Monster Mash Ken,
and with me is the Mistress of Darkness,
the Queen of Fright,
the Lady of the Night, Muse.
Also joining us
is Crista Creature and Whirl.
All right, so we got something
special as always.
I came across this found footage film
called The Legend of Lockjaw.
I wanna read the description
to our audience.
Uh, we've watched this film and we're
gonna talk about that in a second,
but here's the description:
"Three years ago,
seven children disappeared
without a trace.
This footage was found by a security guard
for some Halloween haunted attraction.
Were they were taken by Lockjaw,
a local monster urban legend,
or something worse? This is their story."
Muse, what did you think about it?
[Muse] Well, yeah,
like you said, we watched this
and honestly, I gotta say
I think this is bullshit.
Um, I wanted to believe it, but it's
so fake. You can see how they did it.
[Ken] Yeah, you know,
I'm a schmuck when it comes
to anything technical
involving the computer,
but even I on my own laptop
could do a better job.
You know, if you wanna fool us,
and we're horror experts,
you better show something
a little bit more
than bargain basement effort here.
[Whirl] Yeah, I am so with you guys.
Hard pass for me.
This found footage died so, so long ago.
Man, it's fake, fake, fake.
[Ken] We have a guy online
who claims to be Snack.
Allegedly, one of the kids
in this footage.
So let's welcome Snack
to Where the Scary Things Are.
[Crockamoley roars]
[ominous music playing]
[soft rock music playing]