Where the Skin Lies (2017) Movie Script

What are you reading?
- Quantum Computing Algorithms.
- [SAT NAV] Right turn ahead.
- It's Eddy's book.
- Sounds complicated, mate.
- I think I've got it.
- [GIRL] They're cool people.
- You so don't have it.
[GIRL] Yes, Mum,
I'll behave myself.
[WOMAN] Mike,
tell us how it's done.
Not a chance. You can
figure it out for yourselves.
Yeah, we're all here.
No, it's not weird.
[SAT NAV] You have reached
your destination.
- [GIRL] Hello? Mum?
- [EDDY] I think this is it.
- Recalculating route.
- [EDDY] Oh, hang on, hang on.
- Please turn around.
- [GIRL] We're breaking up.
- Hello? Hello?
- [EDDY] What the hell?
[GIRL] Mum, if you can still
hear me, I'm hanging up. OK.
Well, I suppose
this is the place.
Looks a bit different
than advertised.
It looks great, Eddy.
- Oh, sorry. Are you alright?
- I give up.
[GIRL] Mum, we just talked.
Sorry? What?
Can you repeat that?
Who is this?
- Guys, a hand, please.
- [WOMAN] Yeah, sorry, John!
- It's Jaan.
- [GIRL] I think wrong number.
- Bye.
- [JAAN] Hello?
I'm here.
[JAAN] Thanks, Ray.
Is Ray your real name,
or is it short for something?
- Sunray?
- Moonray?
- Don't you guys know either?
- [RAY] No, not even close.
What, you thought,
she looks like a hippie,
she must have
some silly hippie name?
- [MIKE] Yeah.
- Nah, it's Rainbow.
[MIKE] Oh, so much better.
Not hippie at all.
[WOMAN] Much better.
- [JANN] Cheers, mate.
- [WOMAN] Everything OK, Eddy?
Edward. My name is Edward.
I told you all before.
Only my wife calls me Eddy.
Much to my chagrin.
Ladies first?
- [WOMAN] Edward.
- [JAAN] Watch it.
- Careful, Mike, careful.
- This place is huge!
- No shit, Miss Marple.
- And very... '70s.
- It's vile.
- Yes.
- Yes, it is.
- [EDWARD] Drafty too.
- [RAY] Well, I like it.
Hey, didn't the leaflet say that
this place was accessible to...
Um, I don't know. Did it?
- I don't remember.
- Well, why would you?
But, yeah, I'm sure
it said so in the leaflet.
[EDWARD] Yes, it did,
as a matter of fact.
I think the brochure exaggerated
in quite a few ways.
Exaggerated? It's called lying
where I come from, Eddy.
[MIKE] Right, none of the rooms
down here are suitable for you.
We'll figure it out, mate.
[WOMAN] The kitchen
and living room are up here.
- [MIKE] A bedroom for Jaan?
- [JAAN] And a bathroom?
[WOMAN] Yeah, both.
And there's a terrace.
Wicked. Cheers, Elsie.
Right, let's do this, then.
- Teamwork, right?
- Yeah, absolutely.
Even though only one of us
is putting his back into it.
OK, ready? Two, three.
- Whoa.
- [WOMAN] Careful.
- [JAAN] Hold on!
- [MIKE] No, that's not working.
Oh! I'm sorry. More to explore.
At least you smell nice.
It's alright,
take your time, guys.
- Coming. Sorry.
- That's helpful.
Mate, I tell you what,
I don't care what happens,
you're stuck on this floor
for the rest of the weekend.
- Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot.
- No problem at all.
[ELSIE] There's even more
bedrooms and bathrooms up here.
- Really nice ones, actually.
- Dibs!
Oh, you are so immature.
- Really?
- This way for you.
I can handle a level floor,
you know.
[RAY] And at the far end,
your chambers.
- [THUD]
- Oh, sorry. Let's see.
- I forgot how big this is.
- Well, don't worry.
You'll soon get used
to how big it is, saucepot.
Stop it, Jaan.
I'm sorry.
And here's me thinking that
you're all serious and stuff.
Yeah, well, don't tell anyone.
I thought it would be
a good idea
if we could toast
our weekend together.
I brought champagne, munchies.
Well, I'll get a bowl
for whatever's in there,
and glasses.
[MIKE] Sweet.
- The curtains are great.
- [EDWARD] A bit garish.
[ELSIE] Mike?
[MIKE] Can I help?
- [RAY] No, she's got it.
- Did anybody...
- [RAY] Whoop!
Oh, cheers.
Ah, thanks, Elsie,
for organizing all of this.
Um, today marks a year
since the events
which brought us together,
um, and brought us to
the wonderful, capable doctor
and group therapy.
Um, and a year since, um...
since Joey.
So may he rest in peace.
Now, we've been through a lot,
but this weekend is about
putting all that stuff behind us
and just having a good time.
- So, cheers, everybody.
- [ALL] Cheers.
To no more group therapy.
[WOMAN] To no more
group therapy.
- [RAY] To Joey.
- [MIKE] Joey.
He had his whole life
ahead of him.
Yeah, which he wasted trying
to stop a bullet with his face.
Come on, Edward.
The kid was brave.
[ELSIE] Eddy isn't mocking.
He's just...
I'm just pointing out facts.
Well, the fact is, Joey died
saving us. Sometimes...
Sometimes you feel guilty,
like the doctor said.
On a lighter note, look at this.
- Come on, show them, Eddy.
- Oh.
It's meant to be symbolic
of you surviving the situation.
You see? Six. For the hostages.
I know I wasn't
directly involved, but...
- [WOMAN] I can't believe this.
- [EDWARD] It's just a tattoo.
- [ELSIE] Have I offended you?
I didn't mean to intrude
or minimize your experience.
- I just thought...
- No, it's not that.
- Then what's the problem?
- Well, I got one too.
With a six in it. Look.
that is a mad coincidence.
[RAY] You think
that's a coincidence?
[EDWARD] Oh, my God, you hippie.
Didn't we talk about this
in therapy?
tattoos didn't come up.
Do you wanna
see something creepy?
Yeah, alright, then,
what are the odds?
- No, I mean...
- That is so...
I mean, no, quite literally.
So what are the odds
of this happening?
I mean, you know,
it's the exact same style.
- I mean, it's the same six.
- What are you getting at?
Well, this is some kind
of joke, right?
I mean, what,
trick the scientist?
Well, go on, then, mate.
Show us yours.
No, I'm too old for a game of
"I'll show you mine
if you show me yours," mate,
and for tattoos.
So you're trying to tell me that
apart from Elsie and I,
who got this done together,
the rest of you
decided independently
to get this particular tattoo
done in this style, hmm?
Well, apart from Mike.
- Serendipity.
- Yeah, right.
Now, I'm not stupid.
OK, I'm going to get the rest
of my luggage from the car.
Here's to a delightful weekend
in the country.
You know the weird thing?
I didn't even want a tattoo.
I get talked into it
by some bloke in the pub.
And this never did come up
in therapy, did it?
Reunion, yeah. Tattoos, no.
- Are you OK, Edward?
- What?
Oh, sure.
Oh, cramp.
Or carpal tunnel or something.
I don't know.
This is all so bizarre. Why
would we all have the same idea?
The place we got the tattoo,
what was it called again?
I can't remember. It was
some awful pun with "inks."
[ALL] Jinx!
'Cause we all said
the same thing at the same time.
So, we all got the tattoo
at exactly the same place
and dare I assume with the same
unsavory tattoo artist?
She was rather creepy.
Right, well, that's it.
I'm calling this lady.
I'm all for practical jokes...
Actually, I'm not.
Well, what does it matter?
It's nice, no?
Damn. It's... It's dead.
I... Did I forget
to charge the phone?
[RAY] Well, I just charged mine.
Oh, weird. It's dead too.
So's mine.
What a day.
I told you
we should have stayed at home.
This is getting ridiculous.
Well, I'll just go get
my charger from the car.
- Didn't you get the bags, Eddy?
- What?
No, I, um, must have forgotten.
The doorway effect.
You forget things when...
Don't play amateur psychologist.
It is drafty in here, isn't it?
- What is it?
- What happened?
- It's my back. It hurts.
Uh, it felt like
a whole bunch of,
I don't know,
needles or something.
- [WOMAN] Take a look.
- Ray?
- Does this hurt?
- No.
I thought you had a tattoo
with a six in it.
- Yeah.
- That's a five.
Don't be ridiculous.
I mean, tattoos don't change.
- This?
- No, it doesn't hurt anymore.
- It was just a sudden pain.
- But...
She may have asked for a six,
but the woman drew a five
and we all got confused,
you know.
Observer-expectancy effect.
Cognitive bias?
I'm really looking forward
to reading your book, mate.
It's just strange
that we didn't notice it before.
- [EDWARD] No, it's not.
- Mike?
Look, I can't remember
what I saw,
but, I mean,
that's clearly a five, so...
[EDWARD] Look, I don't even see
why this is a conversation.
It's a bloody tattoo. It's five.
It always has been five.
What the fuck's going on down
there? Talk to me, somebody.
Nothing. Everything's fine.
Oh, yeah, great, OK, fine.
Don't tell the fucking cripple.
Just let me know
if the pain comes back.
- [RAY] I'm OK.
- Let's go upstairs.
I know you are.
I guess I'll go get the charger.
No, no. No. Um...
I'll do it. You stay inside.
Fuck. Oh, God,
this can't be happening.
[ELSIE] Eddy, are you alright?
What's going on?
Did you hurt your wrist?
For God's sake, Elsie,
I'm not a child!
Just stay in the house.
Yes, darling, why don't we
go away for the weekend
with some people I met
in a hideous situation
where someone fucking died?
Fuck. Fuck!
Not that one!
There's my smile.
I smile at everyone, Jaan.
It doesn't mean you're special.
Oh, God.
[MIKE] Edward, what's going on?
- What's happening to me?
- [MIKE] Edward!
Show me your wrist, mate!
- I'm not your mate!
- Edward!
I'm gonna find a nice hotel
and empty the fucking minibar.
[JAAN] I'm sorry I... Sorry
I made things weird earlier.
[RAY] Look,
can you just, like...
I feel like you're crowding me.
I'm trying to help you.
- [RAY] Help me?
- [MIKE] Beth!
- [RAY] You're no hero, Jaan.
- [MIKE] Beth!
[RAY] Elsie? Elsie.
What's wrong?
No. No, no, no, no.
His... His face.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
So are we stuck here?
[RAY] It's like the robbery.
Well, that's a year of therapy
down the drain, then.
Do you think this is funny?
Do you think making jokes now
is a good idea?
I don't know. Maybe it is.
It's not like anyone's told me
what the fuck's going on.
I'm the one who got a bullet
in the back from that day,
so I'm allowed
a bit of dark humor.
That's what you get for running
away like a little bitch!
Shot in the back like a coward.
And Joey was shot in the face
like a hero?
It's thanks to him you're alive.
And Beth and Mike who dragged
your worthless piece of...
- You weren't even there!
- [BETH] Hey!
[BETH] It's not helping.
Let's just focus...
Did anyone check the house
for a landline?
Elsie, are you gonna be OK
just for a bit? Yeah?
OK, great, let's go look
for a phone, get some help.
I found it.
[MAN] Please remain calm, sir.
Oh, not a sir, and I am calm.
Why don't you take
a deep breath?
OK, I'm good now.
OK, that's better, sir.
You're doing alright.
Uh, I'm not a sir,
and we have a situation here.
I did what needed
to be done, alright?
That's not what Eddy said.
You just took care of yourself.
- Is that what he told you?
- Yes.
That's bullshit.
I was trying to raise the alarm.
No, stay put. How many
are there on the other side?
What other side?
What do you mean?
No, leave them inside, sir.
It may be harmful...
But he... he's not inside.
You did very well, sir.
The officer in charge...
Hang up.
Um, sorry, I'm not a sir.
What? Hello?
Just hang up.
OK, what the fuck was that?
I'm gonna try again.
- Ow!
- What is it? What...?
- Your back again?
- Yeah.
- [MIKE] Oh, my God.
- [BETH] What the hell?
I didn't see your precious Eddy
do anything.
He didn't get Joey killed.
You did. You did.
You didn't even know Joey.
- You're all a bunch of cowards.
- You weren't even there!
[RAY] But I didn't go outside.
I don't get it.
[BETH] Something must be
triggering this countdown.
You're all cowards!
Eddy died. He died. Horribly.
And you all let him die!
You all left him out there!
- Well, so did you.
- Mike.
You have nothing to hide.
[MIKE] Elsie, you really need
to just...
You. You did this, all of this!
You need to relax!
Because you're starting
to lose your marbles.
[JAAN] What's going on? Ray?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm...
Rainbow, look at me.
It's OK. Alright.
Mike, get me a towel.
[JAAN] What happened?
Ray? Ray? What happened?
Let me see. OK, don't worry.
I've seen a lot worse.
No, no, it's my back.
I felt it sting.
- It's down to three.
- Why is this happening, Beth?
I don't know yet,
but we will figure this out.
- Guys, you need to see this.
- Shut up or I swear I will...
I'm down to three.
We have to figure this out now.
OK, this needs stitches.
Mike, can you see if there's
a first-aid kit here about
or something else
that can serve as bandages?
- Guys, this is important.
- I told you to shut up.
Jaan. Come over here.
I need your help. Come on.
OK, just put pressure here.
[RAY] Is it really that bad?
[BETH] No, no, it's not that.
I can fix this.
I just really need
my suture kit.
[ELSIE] Beth.
Elsie, I need you
to come back down, OK?
It went up.
My number.
It went up.
I can't. Eddy's out there.
He's just... lying there.
Maybe I don't really
need stitches?
- You need stitches.
- Well, then, we need your bag.
And it's in the car.
[JAAN] OK, so go get it.
What? What have I said?
Nobody tells me anything
and I'm supposed to know.
It's the tattoos, Jaan.
Going outside
makes them go down.
- It's my arm. I'll go.
- No, you're down at three.
It's not only
the doctor's bag, is it?
Everything's still in the car,
including all the food
for the weekend.
There's fuck all to eat
in the kitchen.
Someone needs to go down there.
OK, so she goes.
She slashed at Ray.
Somehow she managed to get
an extra point.
- She can afford the loss.
- [MIKE] Nice.
We're calling them
points now, are we?
Hang on a minute. You don't have
a tattoo. Why don't you go?
Because you've all got
six chances
and I might not have any.
I don't see you
fucking volunteering.
Do you wanna carry me down
the stairs and wheel me out?
Yes, I'll happily
carry you down the stairs.
And you can bring all the stuff
in on your fucking lap.
Joey would do it.
- Fine, I'll go.
- No, I'll go.
No, no, it can wait.
First let's figure out
what's causing these countdowns.
I'll be quick.
Does anyone need anything
that's important from the car?
- OK.
- Beth...
Oh, fuck.
- You don't...
- [JAAN] Yes, she does.
- We've been through this.
- [RAY] Jaan, I'm sick...
It's OK. He's right.
Go on, then.
Are you OK?
[RAY] It's five. I'm sorry.
[BETH] It's not your fault.
And we knew that would happen.
You're not gonna try
and stab me again, are you?
Alright. I'll leave you be.
[BETH] There was a guy who...
who came to hospital,
I think a few months ago,
claiming he was pregnant.
He was referred to us
by the psychiatric department.
Did he have a belly?
A pregnant belly?
He did have a belly.
Was he alright?
Um, yeah, he was fine.
It was just a cyst.
- Is Elsie gonna be alright?
- You're worried about Elsie?
You're not?
I think she's gonna be fine.
The group just needs
to stay focused, stay together.
Do you think Joey
is getting back at us?
Joey is dead, sweetheart.
You have to get your head
around that.
- You sound like Edward.
[BETH] I'm sorry.
I think we are going to get to
the bottom of whatever this is.
- If we don't?
- We will.
What if we're not?
There you go. Good as new.
Oh, come on!
It's a closed system.
- You what?
- Nothing.
Don't suppose there's any beer
in there, is there?
Apparently not.
What's a closed system?
Nothing. I'm just being silly.
- Sorry.
- It's alright.
It's not like
I can feel anything.
Any beer?
- Apparently not.
- Really?
We should probably
ration the food.
We don't know how long
this situation is gonna last.
There's only so much
to go around.
[MIKE] Yeah.
Are you OK? Because you look
like you've seen a ghost.
Of course not.
No such thing as ghosts.
Eddy was onto you.
Champagne it is, then.
Fuck it.
It's a poor excuse for a bottle
of beer anyway, innit, mate?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, what do you say we...
we get everyone together
and think this through?
Yeah, OK. How's Ray?
Oh, she'll be fine.
She'll be fine.
She'll be down in a minute.
She's gotta get
her head together,
around all this, like we all do.
OK. Alright,
I'll be down in a second.
OK, I'll get Elsie and Jaan.
- Beth?
- Yeah?
- Are you alright?
- Yeah.
What if the, uh...
What if the tattoos go up
when you hurt someone?
What do you mean?
Come here.
We're not a good match, Mike.
Isn't that the beauty of it,
The doctor-patient thing.
Hang on. I wasn't the patient.
- Well, group therapy, then.
- Right.
It's not always about you, Mike.
That's better than therapy,
Better than therapy.
Hey, you wanna join us?
Yes, please.
I'm sorry... about Ray.
I... I don't know what...
Listen, it happened.
You lost control, huh?
Well, us girls
need to stick together, right?
I'll see you in there.
Come on, you know I was right.
Don't act like
I pissed on your chips.
I'm not. I'm thinking.
I'm just trying
to get a grip on this.
We're gonna calmly discuss this
and work it out step by step.
I'm here. Just two seconds.
- Is something wrong, Elsie?
- Yes. No.
Can we get on with this, please?
We're waiting for Ray.
She'll be down in a minute.
She had to get something.
I totally didn't think of this.
I carry this thing
everywhere with me.
- And?
- I'll connect to the internet.
- No!
- What?
- No.
I felt it. The number went down.
[JAAN] Fuck. You knew
that was gonna happen.
- You've figured this out.
- No, I haven't.
[JAAN] Did you see
the way she reacted?
You're acting
like you know something.
Are you kidding?
- It was a feeling.
- [JAAN] Feeling?
Well, every time we reach
for help, we get... punished.
Yeah, but it wasn't us that got
punished, was it? It was Ray.
Because you didn't share your
feelings with the rest of us.
She's on two fucking points.
You're gonna get us all killed.
Or is that what you want?
Yes, Jaan,
that's exactly what I want.
- Relax.
- Relax? Fuck off!
- Don't tell me what to do.
- [RAY] Stop it, Jaan, please.
We just need to work this out
together, before... before I...
before something...
Well, I don't know anything,
but it seems as though
there are rules to this.
Well, enlighten us.
Leaving the house
or attempting to contact
the outside world in any way
gets penalized.
Yeah, seems about right.
OK, well, that's one.
- What's next?
- OK. Two.
And this is highly conjectural.
It seems as though,
for lack of a better word,
the tattoo points form
some sort of limited resource
that we may be able
to redistribute.
Now, the keyword here
is "limited."
[RAY] What?
We can't afford to lose
any more from the pool.
Wait. Turn back.
Redistribute? How?
OK, this is just guesswork.
But when Elsie hurt your arm,
it looks like the point you lost
wasn't actually lost
but transferred over to her.
So you're saying it's possible
to get Ray's points
back up, then?
- Yes, but...
- At the cost of someone else.
It's the tragedy of the commons.
So how do we proceed
from here, then?
[RAY] I think we need a leader.
If you're right
about these rules,
then we need someone
in control of the points.
[JAAN] Why?
Maybe if we'd had someone
in charge before,
I would have asked
about the tablet
and I wouldn't be
in this position.
OK. So let's... let's vote.
[RAY] No.
It should be you.
It has to be Beth.
You're smart and you know
how to deal with stress.
Her? She's been
keeping things from us.
Jaan! I don't want to die.
You're not gonna die.
We do need a leader.
I accept Beth.
I'll follow your lead.
Have you all lost your minds?
Please. For me.
- [MIKE] What?
- What do you mean, what?
Are you on board or aren't you?
Like I said before,
I'm too old for games
and that includes
Follow the Leader.
I think we should
approach this as adults
capable of making decisions
for ourselves.
But whatever works for you lot.
Were you born
a complete fucking prick?
[BETH] Stop it!
Enough of this bickering.
I'm done with it.
We're all done with it.
Now, are you putting me
in charge or not?
Yes. Yes, we are.
- Yes.
- Of course.
OK. Alright.
Then I take the lead.
It's back to six.
Ray, she's...
[BETH] Ray?
It's back to one now, isn't it?
Show us.
You bitch!
She's trying to kill Ray.
- [BETH] That's not true.
- [JAAN] She's lying.
She's manipulating all of us.
- How could I have known?
- You're not so smart.
Hurt her. Ray, hurt her! Come
on. You'll get your point back.
- What? No.
- [BETH] Get off me!
- [ELSIE] I'm not stupid.
- [JAAN] Yes, she's right.
- It will transfer.
- No. I can't.
- I'm not like that.
- [JAAN] Then become like that!
[BETH] Have you all gone crazy?
- Mike.
- [JAAN] Better that than dead.
- [BETH] What are you doing?
- Use this.
[BETH] What are you doing?
This is not all about you, Beth.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Come on, Ray! Get it over with.
[BETH] Please, not my hand!
[JAAN] Please, hit her.
I don't want you to die.
Hit her, please.
I can't do it.
It's wrong! It's wrong!
She took your point.
Take it back. You're on one!
I don't want to die, Beth.
I'm scared.
[JAAN] Hit her or you will die!
- [RAY] I'm sorry...
- Please, not my hand.
- Hit her!
- [BETH] No!
- Harder!
- [BETH] Don't. Don't do it.
[JAAN] Do it!
Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray.
I'm sorry.
Hit me. Hit me.
Take one of mine.
- [MIKE] Come on.
- Get off. Get off.
- Come on.
- Get off me.
Supply and demand, Eddy.
So you're helping me now?
- It was nothing personal.
- Nothing personal?
- Yes.
- What was it, then?
You taught me how to rationalize
and find a solution.
Now, we have to find out
how these tattoos work,
so... we needed an experiment.
[BETH] We?
That's cold, Mike.
Well, it's supposed to be cold.
You're hilarious.
[MIKE] You got
the most points, Beth.
You know I made the right call.
[BETH] Maybe.
[MIKE] I'm sorry.
I really am.
So did it work out the way
you expected, this experiment?
No, it didn't.
It really didn't.
But it was educational, I guess.
Was it educational?
- Jesus, Mike.
- Oh, come...
And only, what,
one more of us had to die?
You know what I mean.
None of us
wanted Rainbow to die.
so let's talk numbers, then,
see where we stand.
- Elsie is at her original six.
- Yeah.
I have seven, and, well,
assuming Jaan got my point
and Ray's last one,
he's at seven too.
[MIKE] No, he's at eight.
What? How?
'Cause he took your point when
he forced you to go outside.
[BETH] Is this true?
You hypocrite.
Tell me everything you know,
and don't you dare
leave anything out.
I don't have to
tell you anything.
You're not the boss of me.
That stopped when Ray died.
It clearly stopped
before she died.
- What?
- That's why she died.
You said you were gonna
listen to me, but you didn't.
So you killed her.
- You did.
- Fuck you.
You call me a hypocrite.
He lied about his tattoo.
He doesn't have one.
Then why is he still here?
Why don't you just go home?
You can't.
Because he has a fucking tattoo
just like the rest of us.
[BETH] Is this true?
[MIKE] I'm still on six.
Why do you lie to me?
I should never have got
a fucking tattoo.
After everything
we've been through.
Oh, come on, Beth, you know why.
Now, I'm gonna go
and take care of...
- [BETH] Go.
- Wait.
You need a sheet...
to cover her body.
Yeah, I'll get one from my room.
What are you doing?
Means and opportunity.
- What are you talking about?
- The robbery.
- You're a security tech.
- I never hid anything.
You were in on it.
All this time, all this therapy,
all this reunion.
And motive.
A cancer kid.
- That's mine.
- I know, yeah. I know it is.
We're onto you, Eddy and I.
Eddy thought you were
just an electrician,
but you were there for
the alarm systems, weren't you?
I know. I know.
Case solved.
How is this relevant?
It's motive.
You needed the money.
And Beth?
Is Beth in on this?
- Beth was...
- You'll die here, like Eddy.
Or I'm gonna get you arrested,
both of you.
Beth has nothing to do with it.
- This was after.
- Aiding and abetting.
- Hostage taking.
- No.
- Accessory to murder.
- No, please.
Grievous injury
with disability as a result.
- Stop it.
- You lost.
- You lost the game.
- Oh, my God.
- This is why Eddy hated you.
- I outsmarted you.
They said
no one was gonna get hurt.
And how did that work out
for you?
And now you have to help me.
We need to collect more points,
you and I.
If we get enough, we can get out
of the... out of the range.
- How big's this range?
- I don't know.
The tattoos
only started behaving...
We need as many as we can.
You didn't
think this through, mate.
What do you...
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You alright?
- Yeah. Are you?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
- I don't...
- I got the sheet.
For Ray.
- OK.
- I'm gonna go do that now.
- I'm gonna go freshen up.
- Yeah, good. Cool.
Shit. Fuck.
Well, you ballsed that one up,
didn't you, Beth?
You can walk? You sick...
What you said to me
- Say it again.
- What are you talking about?
Come on, say it again.
I dare you!
Here's J...
You wanker.
It was an accident.
He attacked me.
I'm so sorry.
But this is the only way.
Oh, come on, open the door.
You've got nowhere to go, Beth.
Come on. Open the door, Beth.
You've got nowhere to go.
Fuck you, Mike!
Fucking lunatics.
- [WHISPERS] 14.
- Fucking prick.
Come on!
You're making this so much
harder than it needs to be.
Do you really think
Lilly would want this?
A coward for a father?
[WHISPERS] You fucking bitch.
Oh, fuck.
See if you can stop this,
Come on. Come on.
[GROANS] Shit.
OK. I get it.
OK. Good. Good.
Oh, shit the bed.
Can you speak slower?
There's one man down.
Two men down.
...possible spinal injury.
He's been shot in the back.
[MAN] Do you need
medical assistance?
[BETH] Yes, yes, yes.
We're gonna need
immediate attention to...
Hang on...
No. No.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Beth,
you really are a piece of work.
It's OK.
I've got you.
I've got you.
I've got you. It's OK.
I need to get out of this house.
I need to get home to Lilly.
And I need your points.
So that I can get
far enough away from this house
before they run out.
Do you understand?
Oh, my God.
I'm coming home, Lilly.
I collect all the pieces
of my scattered dreams
They get sewn into a blanket
by my sentient machines
It keeps me warm
Keeps me warm
As long as it's dry
It keeps me warm
When I gaze into the night
But I'll pack up my things
and go
And I'll feel
the silence grow
Before the storm
Come see
the water rise below
Smell the rain from long ago
Before the storm
Before the storm
I can sit with you
In our palace
of ten thousand screens
We get catered on
at our beck and call
By artificial means
It keeps me warm
Keeps me warm
This digital life
I think this is the place.